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<TITLE>Installing and Configuring the Cyrus IMAP Server</TITLE>

<h1> Installing and Configuring the Cyrus IMAP Server</h1>

<P>The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is an Internet
standards-track protocol for accessing messages (mail, news, etc).
The IMAP server stores and provides access to messages.

<P>The file <a href="questions.html">doc/questions.html</a> contains a
list of questions we'd like to answer but haven't gotten to yet; <a
href="faq.html">doc/faq.html</a> contains some answers that we have
thought of.  Please feel free to contribute!

<p>Please refer to <a href="feedback.html">Sending Feedback</a> if 
	  you would like to submit a bug, feature request or patch. 

<p>For detailed changes, refer to the file <a
HREF="changes.html"><TT>doc/changes</TT></a> in the distribution. 

<li><a href="install-upgrade.html">Upgrading From Previous Versions</a>
<li><a href="install-prereq.html">Prerequisites</a>
<li><a href="install-auth.html">Authenticating Users</a>
<li><a href="install-compile.html">Compiling the IMAP Server</a>
<li><a href="install-configure.html">Configuring the IMAP Server</a>
<li><a href="install-testing.html">Testing the IMAP Server</a>
<li><a href="install-admin-mb.html">Administering Mailboxes</a>
<li><a href="install-sieve.html">Installing SIEVE</a>
<li><a href="install-snmpmon.html">SNMP Monitoring</a>
<li><a href="install-netnews.html">Cyrus and Netnews</a>
<li><a href="install-virtdomains.html">Virtual Domains</a>
<li><a href="install-replication.html">Cyrus Replication</a>
<li><a href="install-murder.html">Cyrus Murder: The IMAP
<li><a href="os.html">Operating System Specific Notes</a>
<li><a href="install-perf.html">Performance Notes</a>

<h2>Other interesting stuff</h2>
Here's some software that you may want to run with Cyrus.  This
software isn't maintained or supported by CMU, so please ask the
maintainers for support.
<li><a href="">Websieve</a>, a web-based
front-end for Sieve script management with Cyrus.
<li><a href="">Sendmail</a>, the most popular
MTA around.
<li><a href="">Postfix</a>, a popular
competitor MTA.

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