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<title>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server</title>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.3.7</h1>
<li>Added <tt>improved_mboxlist_sort</tt> option which fixes LIST/LSUB
problem with characters like <tt>'-'</tt> and <tt>' '</tt> in mailbox
names.  See <tt>imapd.conf.5</tt> for details</li>
<li>Fixed problem with mupdate randomly spinning.</li>
<li>Fixed problem with DELETEing mailboxes with split metadata
<li>Fixed compatibility problem with RFC 4314 ACLs and mixed 2.2/2.3
<li>Fixed problem with replication and COPYing \Seen messages.</li>
<li>Fixed problem with replication and XFER.</li>
<li>Added options to reconstruct to preserve cyrus.expunge and to
synchronize changes to a replica server.</li>
<li>Removed (broken) support for proxying of pipelined IMAP commands.</li>
<li>Added new <tt>cyr_dbtool</tt> utility for manipulating Cyrus
databases (courtesy of</li>
<li>Better sanity checking of IMAP URLs.</li>
<li>Fixed miscellaneous bugs and build issues.</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.3.6</h1>
<li>Fixed problems with replication and virtual domains.</li>
<li>Fixed problems with newer cyrus.index files on 64-bit
<li>Added '<tt>-p &lt;ssf&gt;</tt>' option to services so
that PLAIN authentication can be used without TLS in secure
<li>Added <tt>munge8bit</tt> to control whether unencoded 8-bit
characters in headers are changed to 'X' or are left alone.</li>
<li>Added <tt>sieve_allowreferrals</tt> option to control whether
<tt>timsieved</tt> issues referrals or proxys traffic to backends.</li>
<li>Fixed miscellaneous bugs and build issues.</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.3.5</h1> 
<li>Fixed COPY code so that clients display new messages (added MODSEQ).</li>
<li>Fixed imtest to be compatible with SASL 2.1.22.</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.3.4</h1> 
<li>Fixed append/delivery code so that clients display new messages.</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.3.3</h1> 
<li>Added support for BINARY APPEND (including CATENATE).
<i>Based on contributions from Tom Esh &lt;;</i>.</li>
<li>Added support for CONDSTORE (must be enabled on a per-mailbox
basis with the <tt>/vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/condstore</tt> mailbox
<li>Fixed bug in reconstruct using bad name for cyrus.header.</li>
<li>Fixed bug with replication and default partition.</li>
<li><tt>ctl_mboxlist</tt> now dumps/undumps the mailbox type flags,
making it useful for remote mailboxes.</li>
<li>Better logging to facilitate message tracking (Wes Craig
<li>Implemented CAPABILITY response in banner and after authentication.</li>
<li>Fixed miscellaneous bugs and build issues.</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.3.2</h1> 
<li>Fixed broken berkeley (btree) backend.</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.3.1</h1> 
<li>Added more extensive output to arbitron.</li>
<li>Allow responses of any length from backend when proxing
IMAP/POP3/NNTP traffic.</li>
<li>Properly handle timeouts when proxying.</li>
<li>Added plaintextloginalert option.</li>
<li>Fixed segfault in deliver.</li>
<li>Only allow mbpath to be run as Cyrus user.</li>
<li>Added nntptimeout option for nntpd.</li>
<li>Added berkeley_hash and berkeley_hash_nosync cyrusdb backends
(seem to perform better under heavy loads).</li>
<li>Added TLS support to cyradm.</li>
<li>Fixed miscellaneous bugs and build issues.</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.3.0</h1> 
<li>Updated ACL code to RFC 4314 (separate rights for message delete,
mailbox delete, and expunge).</li>
<li>Fixed IDLE to use idled for local mailboxes.</li>
<li>Fixed miscellaneous build issues.</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.x</h1>
<li>Added support for "unified" and "replicated" Murders.  A Murder no
longer has to have discrete frontend and backend servers; any one
"unified" server can both proxy and serve local mailboxes (proxy
functionality in <tt>proxyd</tt> and <tt>lmtpproxyd</tt> has been
merged with <tt>imapd</tt> and <tt>lmtpd</tt> respectively), or all
"replicated" servers can serve the same mailboxes from a shared
filesystem.  The new <tt>mupdate_config</tt> option in
<tt>imapd.conf</tt> is used to determine whether a Murder is using a
"traditional", "unified" or "replicated" configuration.</li> 
<li>Ported/rewrote/integrated David Carter's mailspool replication
code.  <i>Development sponsored by Columbia University</i>.</li>
<li>Added support for "delayed" expunge, in which messages are
removed from the mailbox index at the time of the EXPUNGE (hiding them
from the client), but the message files and cache entries are left
behind, to be purged at a later time by <tt>cyr_expire</tt>.  This
reduces the amount of I/O that takes place at the time of EXPUNGE and
should result in greater responsiveness for the client, especially
when expunging a large number of messages.  The new <tt>expunge_mode</tt>
option in <tt>imapd.conf</tt> controls whether expunges are
"immediate" or "delayed".  <i>Development sponsored by FastMail</i>.</li>
<li>Added support to place some/all mailbox metadata files (cyrus.*
files) on a separate (probably high-speed) partition.  See the new
<tt>metapartition</tt> and <tt>metapartition_files</tt> options for
details.  <i>Development sponsored by FastMail</i>.</li>
<li>Added support for accessing subfolders of INBOX via POP3.  See the
new <tt>popsubfolders</tt> option for details.  <i>Development
sponsored by FastMail</i>.</li>
<li>Added support to <tt>lmtpd</tt> to do "fuzzy" mailbox matching
on user+detail addresses.  See the new
<tt>lmtp_fuzzy_mailbox_match</tt> option for details.  <i>Development
sponsored by FastMail</i>.</li>
<li>Added new <tt>sieve_extensions</tt> option to allow individual
Sieve extensions to be enabled/disabled.</li>
<li>The Sieve "include" extension is now supported.  This also allows
for global sieve scripts.  See the new <tt>sieve_extensions</tt>
options to enable it.</li>
<li>The Sieve "body" extension is now supported.  See the new
<tt>sieve_extensions</tt> option to enable it.  <i>Development
sponsored by FastMail</i>.</li>
<li>The $text$ variable for Sieve notify messages is now supported.
<i>Development sponsored by FastMail</i>.</li>
<li>The MIME structure of a new message destined for multiple
recipients is now only parsed once rather than once per delivery,
resulting in better performance.  <i>Development sponsored by
<li>Support 64-bit quota usage (both per mailbox and for the entire
quotaroot), based on a patch from Jeremy Rumpf.  <i>Development
sponsored by FastMail</i>.</li>
<li>Added new <tt>flushseenstate</tt> option which causes imapd to
immediately flush changes in \Seen state to disk rather than caching
them until the mailbox is closed.  Enabling this option may fix \Seen
state weirdness with MS Outlook, at the expense of
performance/scalability.  <i>Based on a patch by John A. Tamplin
<li>The Sieve "copy" extension is now supported.</li>
<li>The IMAP "CATENATE" and "URLAUTH" extensions are now supported.</li>
<li>Updated Sieve "vacation" extension to draft-ietf-sieve-vacation-04.</li>
<li>Added support for Sieve scripts on shared mailboxes via the 
/vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/sieve annotation.</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.13</h1> 
<li><tt>ctl_mboxlist</tt> now dumps/undumps the mailbox type flags,
making it useful for remote mailboxes.</li>
<li>Added <tt>sieve_allowreferrals</tt> option to control whether
<tt>timsieved</tt> issues referrals or proxys traffic to backends.</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.12</h1> 
<li>Allow sieve scripts to be run on shared mailboxes (via <tt>sieve</tt>
<li>Updated <tt>nntpd</tt> to be compliant with latest draft (soon to be
<li>Updated IMAP UIDPLUS extension to be compliant with latest
specification (RFC4315).</li>
<li>Performance improvements to <tt>quota</tt> utility.<li>
<li>Fixed possible race condition in IMAP IDLE.</li>
<li>Made <tt>ptloader</tt> runtime configurable.</li>
<li>Added more extensive output to <tt>arbitron</tt>.</li>
<li>Allow responses of any length from backend when proxing
IMAP/POP3/NNTP traffic.</li>
<li>Added <tt>plaintextloginalert</tt> option.</li>
<li>Only allow <tt>mbpath</tt> to be run as Cyrus user.</li>
<li>Added <tt>berkeley_hash</tt> and <tt>berkeley_hash_nosync</tt>
cyrusdb backends (seem to perform better under heavy loads).</li>
<li>Added <tt>lastpop</tt> mailbox annotation.</li>
<li>Added subscribe/unsubscribe support to <tt>cyradm</tt>.</li>
<li>Fixed miscellaneous bugs and build issues.</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.11</h1> 
<li>Revert index change which wasn't supposed to make it into 2.2.11</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.10</h1>
<li>Fix possible single byte overflow in mailbox handling code.</li>
<li>Fix possible single byte overflows in the imapd annotate extension.</li>
<li>Fix stack buffer overflows in fetchnews (exploitable by peer news server),
backend (exploitable by admin), and in imapd (exploitable by users though only on platforms where a filename may be larger than a mailbox name).</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.9</h1>
<li>Fix 0 termination in mysasl_canon_user.</li>
<li>Check for imap magic plus buffer overflow in proxyd also (CAN-2004-1015).</li>
<li>Only send an over quota ALERT on SELECT if the quotaroot is different
from the last ALERT, or we haven't sent an ALERT in over 10 min.</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.8</h1>
<li>Change ACLs correctly when renaming a user</li>
<li>Do not abandon std{in,out,err} file descriptors; syslog assumes it can 
use stderr if syslogd isn't running.</li>
<li>Clean up imap magic plus to avoid buffer overrun (CAN-2004-1011)</li>
<li>Fix lack of bounds checking in PARTIAL and FETCH (CAN-2004-1012, CAN-2004-1013)</li>
<li>Do not attempt to reuse a freed connection in lmtpproxyd.</li>
<li>Allow login without authentication with -N switch in proxyd.</li>
<li>Fix use of xrealloc and fold pointers in lmtpengine.</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.7</h1>
<li>Fix a double-free bug in the notify code</li>
<li>Fix a problem with idled and an empty mailbox list</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.6</h1>
<li>Fix handling of PARTIAL command and partial body fetches</li>
<li>A large number of portability fixes supplied by Albert Chin
<li>Added <tt>client_timeout</tt> option to control connect() timeouts
for proxy code</li>
<li>Added <tt>popuseacl</tt> option</li>
<li>Fix a number of issues with the <tt>quota -f</tt> tool</li>
<li>Fix thread safety issue in saslserver()</li>
<li>Fix possible stage file leak in append code</li>
<li>Fix bugs in handling of MULTIAPPEND introduced in 2.2.3</li>
<li>Fixed regression bug in Sieve vacation</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.5</h1>
<li>Fix a bug in the proxy code where a backend connection might get closed
<li>Improved consistancy checking in <tt>chk_cyrus</tt></li>
<li>Fix segfault in APPEND code</li>
<li>Fix a bug with an interaction between sieve and unixhierarchysep</li>
<li>Fix a file descriptor leak in the quotadb code</li>
<li>Fix a triggered assertation in service-thread services</li>
<li>Add a number of internal consistancy checks to the skiplist code</li>
<li>Allow <tt>mbpath</tt> to handle virtual domains</li>
<li>Fix various MANAGESIEVE client authentication issues</li>
<li>Other minor fixes</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.4</h1>
<li>Bug fixed in hash table code that could sometimes cause crashes with
the quotalegacy database</li>
<li>Net-SNMP compatibility</li>
<li>Significantly improved com_err detection</li>
<li>Assorted minor NNTP improvements</li>
<li>Assorted other minor bugfixes</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.3</h1>
<li>Quota now uses the cyrusdb interface (<tt>quotalegacy</tt> by
<li>All incoming messages are now staged to disk before locking the
destination mailbox (locks are no longer held during a network
<li>Fixed off-by-one error in <tt>fetchnews</tt> (articles are no longer
<li><tt>nntpd</tt> now uses the Followup-To: header (if exists) instead of
the Newsgroups: header when constructing post address(es) and adds them
to the Reply-To: header instead of the To: header.</li>
<li>Added <tt>berkeley_locks_max</tt>, <tt>berkeley_txns_max</tt> and
<tt>berkeley_cachesize</tt> options.</li>
<li>Added <tt>imapmagicplus</tt> option.</li>
<li>Substantial work on afspts/ptloader canonicalization code</li>
<li>Much improved LDAP ptloader code (no more internal OpenLDAP dependencies)</li>
<li>Fixed a number of IPv6 related bugs</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.2</h1>
<li>Berkeley DB 4.2 Support - note that the Cyrus Berkeley
enviroment needs to be reset (db_recover) before
a Berkeley DB version upgrade or you need to remove all berkeley dbs.
Special care needs to be taken when berkley db is used for mboxlist.</li>
<li>Runtime configuration of the Cyrus databases.  The cyrudb backend
used for each database can be specified with an <tt>imapd.conf</tt>
option.  <b>NOTE:</b> You MUST convert the database using
<tt>cvt_cyrusdb</tt> BEFORE changing the backend in <tt>imapd.conf</tt>.
<li>Sendmail socket map support (<tt>smmapd</tt>) for verifying that
mailboxes exist and are deliverable before accepting the message and
sending it to Cyrus.</li>
<li>New <tt>userid</tt> mode for virtual domains, which does NOT do
reverse lookups of the IP address.</li>
<li><tt>nntpd</tt> now supports the Xref header.</li>
<li><tt>nntpd</tt> can now use the POST command to feed articles to
upstream servers.</li>
<li><tt>fetchnews</tt> can now be used with NNTP servers which don't support
the NEWNEWS command.</li>
<li><tt>lmtpd</tt> now initializes <tt>duplicate.db</tt> only when it
is necessary (when using Sieve or <tt>duplicatesuppression</tt>).</li>
<li>Sieve now verifies that text strings are valid UTF-8.</li>
<li>Sieve now verifies that address tests and envelope tests are done
on headers which contain addresses (can be disabled with
<tt>rfc3028_strict: no</tt>).</li>
<li>Services will now notice that a new binary has been installed and
will restart using the new binary once the existing connection is

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.1</h1>

<li>Major bugfixes in murder altnamespace/unixhierarchysep/virtdomain
support (Thanks in large part to work by Christian Schulte &lt;;)</li>
<li>Improved master process accounting (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh
<li>Significantly improved message header caching (based in large part
on code supplied by David Carter &lt;; from
the University of Cambridge)
<li>The sieve bytecode format has been updated once more, to correctly
handle short-circuiting of the allof and anyof operators</li>
<li>Support for warning quota based on absolute mailbox size</li>
<li>Correct handling of annotations during XFER operations</li>
<li>Simple support for IMAP BINARY extension</li>
<li>Support for Automake 1.7 and Autoconf 2.57</li>
<li>Support for IMAP initial SASL response (the SASL-IR extension)</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.2.0</h1>

<li>The improved directory hashing (fulldirhash) is now a runtime
configuration option.</li>
<li>The netnews.db has been integrated into deliver.db.</li>
<li>Full r/w ANNOTATEMORE support, including more annotations that
allow the control of operations such as message expiration.
ANNOTATEMORE is also always enabled now.</li>
<li><tt>expirenews</tt> has been replaced by <tt>cyr_expire</tt> which
uses annotations for fine-grained mailbox expiration.</li>
<li><tt>squatter</tt> can now use annotations for fine-grained mailbox
<li>Many nntpd enhancements including: reader-only and feeder-only
modes, support for LIST NEWSGROUPS (via mailbox annotations) and
gatewaying news to mail (via mailbox annotations).</li>
<li><tt>fetchnews</tt> can now authenticate to the remote server.</li>
<li>Removed deprecated LAST command from pop3d.</li>
<li>Sieve Bytecode is now stored in network byte order, meaning that
bytecode files can be freely moved between different platforms</li>
<li>Sieve relational extension now working again.</li>
<li>Sieve vacation now uses the correct subject.</li>
<li>A large number of bugs involving virtual domain support have been
fixed, including issues with the Murder, and with Sieve.</li>

<h1>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.x</h1>

<li>There have been extensive performance and consistancy changes to
the configuration subsystem.  This will both ensure greater consistancy
between the documentation and the code, as well as a more standard format
for specifing service-specific configuration options in imapd.conf.  Important
changes are detailed here:
  <li> The tls_[service]_* configuration options have been removed.  Now
use [servicename]_tls_*, where servicename is the service identifier from
cyrus.conf for that particular process.</li>
  <li> Administrative groups (e.g. admins and lmtp_admins) no longer union,
service groups completely override the generic group. </li>
  <li> lmtp_allowplaintext is no longer a defined parameter and must
be specified using the service name of your lmtp process if you
require a specific value</li>

<li> libcyrus has been split into libcyrus_min and libcyrus, so as to allow
sensative applications (such as master) include the least amount of code
necessary for operation </li>

<li> Virtual domain support.  See the <a
href="install-virtdomains.html">virtual domains</a> document for

<li> Users can now be renamed (even across domains).  Note that this
is not atomic and weirdness may occur if the user is logged in during
the rename.  See the <tt>allowusermoves</tt> option in
<tt>imapd.conf(5)</tt> for details.</li>

<li> The <tt>db3</tt> and <tt>db3-nosync</tt> database backends have
been renamed to <tt>berkeley</tt> and <tt>berkeley-nosync</tt>
respectively (to avoid confusion over whether or not db4 is supported).</li>

<li> The default mailbox list and seen state database formats have changed
to skiplist from Berkeley and Flat, respectively. </li>

<li> ptloader is now a regular cyrus service.  This has several implications,
see <a href=install-upgrade.html>install-upgrade.html</a> for more details.</li>

<li> NNTP support.  Usenet news can now be fed to and read from Cyrus
directly via NNTP, without the need for a local news server.  See <a
href="install-netnews.html">netnews</a> document for details.</li>

<li>IPv6 support, provided by Hajimu UMEMOTO &lt;;</li>

<li> Sieve scripts are now compiled to bytecode to allow for faster
execution (and lmtpd no longer needs lex or yacc).  See
<a href=install-upgrade.html>install-upgrade.html</a> for more details.</li>

<li> The functionality of pop3proxyd has been merged into pop3d.  Be
sure to update <tt>cyrus.conf</tt> on your frontend machines accordingly.</li>

<li> The functionality of <tt>ctl_deliver -E</tt> has been moved to
<tt>cyr_expire -E</tt>.  Be sure to update <tt>cyrus.conf</tt> on your
machines accordingly.</li>


<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.14</h2>
<li>Correct a potential DOS attack in the fud daemon.</li>
<li>Arbitron now works again</li>
<li>Telemetry logging for mupdate</li>
<li>Duplicate Suppression logging for redirect sieve actions</li>
<li>A number of bugs in reconstruct have been fixed. also added the -p and -x
<li>Better stubbing out of user_deleteacl</li>
<li>No longer log any shutdown() failures</li>
<li>Improved IPv6 support (for systems with two getnameinfo implementations)</li>
<li>Misc Documentation Improvements</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.13</h2>
<li>Be more forgiving in the parsing of MIME boundary headers, specifically
    those generated by Eudora where the outer boundaries are substrings of
    the inner boundaries.  This feature can be disabled by enabling the
    <tt>rfc2046_strict</tt> option.</li>
<li>Allow cyradm to handle aggregate mailbox sets for ACL and DELETE
<li>Add a lmtp_downcase_rcpt option to force the lowercasing of
    recipient addresses (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh &lt;;).</li>
<li>Include more MIME headers in sieve rejection notices</li>
<li>Add an mbexamine command for debugging purposes</li>
<li>LMTP will now fatal error if we cannot initialize the duplicate
    delivery database.</li>
<li>Continued audit by Security Appraisers and Bynari</li>
<li>Correctly terminate the processes by calling service_abort even on
    successful exit (helps to fix a db3 lockers problem)</li>
<li>Fix some murder+altnamespace/unixhiersep issues</li>
<li>Fix imclient's handling of literals.</li>
<li>Add support for the windows-1256 character set</li>
<li>Don't log 'could not shut down filedescriptor' messages when the
    socket is already not connected</li>
<li>Now include a script to convert sieve script names to the altnamespace
<li>Added a <tt>--with-extraident</tt> configure option to make it easier
    to set the extra version information that is compiled into the binary.</li>
<li>Minor build fixes.</li>
<li>Minor other bug fixes.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.12</h2>
<li>Add maxfds= option in cyrus.conf</li>
<li>&quot;The shutdown() Patch&quot; by
Henrique de Moraes Holschuh &lt;; and
Jeremy Howard &lt;;</li>
<li>Now report both built-with and running-with OpenSSL versions</li>
<li>Misc other small bugfixes</li>
<li>Security Appraisers and Bynari review of the majority of the modules
in <tt>imap/</tt></li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.11</h2>
<li>Master now will forcibly exit if a service is not executable</li>
<li>Master now has a daemon mode and pidfile support (-d and -p options)</li>
<li>Berkeley DB Configuration methods have changed.  Hopefully they're
more generic now.  You can still use --with-dbdir, or you can use
--with-bdb-libdir and --with-bdb-incdir</li>
<li>timsieved now handles usernames with dots (when unixhierarchysep is active)</li>
<li>tugowar has been removed from the distribution.</li>
<li>Squatter now has an option to skip unmodified mailboxes.</li>
<li>Properly hash username to remove a user's sieve scripts when their INBOX
is removed.</li>
<li>Reset output buffer when prot_flush returns EOF.</li>
<li>Minor Makefile improvements with use of $(srcdir)</li>
<li>Remotepurge improvement for empty mailboxes</li>
<li>Fix for AFS overwriting the canonicalized username in ptloader</li>
<li>Security audit of imapd.c performed by SecurityAppraisers and Bynari</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.10</h2>
<li>Fixed some potential buffer overflows in the sieve code, as well
as a pre-login buffer overflow in the IMAP parsing code.</li>
<li>ipurge can now skip flagged messages</li>
<li>Fix a problem with the flat backend and tracking new files</li>
<li>Fix a problem with the memory pool routines on 64-bit machines</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.9</h2>
<li>support Berkley DB 4.1
<li>more portable use of errno throughout
<li>timsieved now does telemetry logging
<li>libcyrus.a no longer supplies fs_get() and fs_give()

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.8</h2>
<li>Fix a strlcpy() off-by-one error.
<li>Better handling of errors in connecting to LMTP servers for deliver and
<li>Fix bug in pop3proxyd's pop3s handling.
<li>Fix Exim install documentation.

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.7</h2>
<li>Fix a severe locking problem during failed CREATEs</li>
<li>Change default locking method to fcntl from flock</li>
<li>Don't cleanup the original mailbox during a RENAME while holding the
mailbox list lock</li>
<li>Quoting fixes in cyradm</li>
<li>Small pathname fix in rehash script</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.6</h2>
<li>Correct some minor version number errors.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.5</h2>
<li>Better locking of the mailbox list during mupdate operations for
<li>Permissions fixes for annotations.</li>
<li>pop3proxyd now does telemetry logging</li>
<li>Cleanup a number of leaks in the murder code</li>
<li>Correct semantics of our provided strlcpy().  Fix places where strlcpy()
was being used incorrectly.</li>
<li>Correct a significant memory leak in the memory pool routines</li>
<li>OpenSSL is now handled correctly for the perl modules</li>
<li>Small documentation cleanups</li>
<li>The normal assortment of small bugfixes</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.4</h2>


<li> Sieve is no longer dependent on duplicate delivery suppression
(it still uses the duplicate delivery database however). </li>

<li> Sieve now supports <tt>draft-segmuller-sieve-relation-02.txt</tt></li>

<li> <tt>imtest</tt> now includes all the functionality previously
kept in pop3test, lmtptest, smtptest, and mupdatetest.  imtest will
notice if it is invoked with one of these names and do the right
thing.  The -P  flag can be used to force a particular protocol.  As
part of this, the default install location for mupdatetest has changed
to be the same as the other test utilities.  <tt>imtest</tt> also
includes new MANAGESIEVE functionality (sivtest) as well as the
ability to reconnect to the same server multiple times (useful for testing
SSL/TLS session caching and DIGEST-MD5 fast reauth).</li> 

<li>snmpgen generates stubbed out code so we don't waste resources on
something that just doesn't work. At some point in time, we'll make it
work again as it would be useful to gather aggregate statistics on
what commands are being used so we can better tune the server.  This
change closes bug #1191. New bug 1267 opened to re-enable the feature.</li>

<li>Added the chk_cyrus program to help point out missing message
files and/or mailboxes</li>

<li>ANNOTATEMORE improvements.  Server annotation support has been added.
We are also now using the /vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd hierarchy.
The "info" command in cyradm now returns annotations for the given mailbox
(provided that ANNOTATEMORE support is compiled into the server)</li>

<li>The RENAME command has been almost entirely rewritten.  Now we rely
on mailbox-level locking instead of locking the entire mailboxes file
for the duration of the rename.  <tt>ctl_cyrusdb -r</tt> now also
cleans up "reserved" mailboxes that may appear in the event of a crash.</li>

<li><tt>ctl_mboxlist</tt> can now dump only a particular partition</li>

<li>The configuration subsystem now uses a hash table to speed up lookups
of options.  Additionally, the hash table implementation has been updated
to possibly take advantage of memory pools.</li>

<li>Many bugfixes related to the Cyrus Murder.  Includes improvments to
subscription handling as well as correct merging of seen state on
mailbox moves.</li>

<li>Can now configure an external debugger (<tt>debug_command</tt> option
in imapd.conf.</li>

<li>Misc. autoconf-related fixes (most notably those related to sasl_checkapop
and O_DSYNC).</li>

<li>Misc. locking-related fixes.</li>

<li>Security fixes related to handling large literals in getxstring(), as
well as correct usage of layers in timsieved.</li>


<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.3</h2>

<li> All "MAIL" and "SIEVE" notifications are now handled by
<tt>notifyd</tt> which is a daemon that supports multiple notification
methods.  The <tt>mailnotifier</tt> and <tt>sievenotifier</tt> options
have been added to <tt>/etc/imapd.conf</tt> to configure
notifications. (Ken Murchison) </li>

<li> Many feature enhancements and bugfixes for the Cyrus Murder.  The
code now supports live (but not transparent) moving of mailboxes from
one server to another. </li>

<li> Some warning fixes. </li>

<li> <tt>fdatasync()</tt> is no longer required. </li>

<li> Fixed a bug in <tt>imap/append.c</tt> that would show itself if a
message was being delivered to five or more different
partitions. </li>

<li> Deliveries now don't create a redudant temporary file using
<tt>tmpfile()</tt>; the staging directory is used instead. (Ken
Murchison) </li>

<li> Fix a possible crashing bug in <tt>squatter</tt>.  (Ken
Murchison) </li>

<li> Deleting a user now also removes their Sieve scripts. </li>

<li> <tt>cyrusdb_skiplist</tt>: release locks during iteration.
Should prevent denial of service attacks and possibly increase
performance. </li>

<li> <tt>cyrusdb_skiplist</tt>: introduce a new mode using
<tt>O_DSYNC</tt> writes which is possibly faster on Solaris.
Currently off (it seems to hurt performance on Linux). </li>

<li> <tt>master</tt> has preliminary code to avoid forking
storms. </li> 

<li> <tt>sieveshell</tt> should now loop through all available SASL
mechanisms before conceding defeat. </li>

<li> <tt>sieveshell</tt> can now upload a file to a different name. </li>


<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.2</h2>

<li> fud now runs from the Cyrus master process; more generally, the
Cyrus master process can deal with UDP services. (Amos Gouaux, 

<li> Sieve has been updated to be compliant with RFC 3028 and
draft-martin-sieve-notify-01.  All <tt>notify</tt> actions and any
<tt>fileinto</tt> and/or <tt>redirect</tt> actions using stringlists
will have to be updated/changed. </li>

<li> added <tt>cvt_cyrusdb</tt> for quick conversions between
different cyrusdb backends. </li>

<li> fixed a bug in the Sieve header cache, where legal header names
were being rejected. </li>

<li> many Murder-related fixes </li>

<li> suppress a bogus TLS session reuse DBERROR message </li>

<li> make the list of acceptable TLS ciphers configurable in
<tt>/etc/imapd.conf</tt> </li>

<li> <tt>cyrusdb_skiplist</tt> fixes; it's now suitable for using in
production environments though there are still performance problems
outstanding </li>


<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.1</h2>

<li> now compatible with Berkeley DB4 (Larry M. Rosenbaum,
<tt></tt>) </li>

<li> timsieved now supports proxying via <tt>loginuseacl</tt> (Amos
Gouaux, <tt></tt>) </li>

<li> Sieve <tt>vacation</tt> now does a case-insensitive comparison of
<tt>:addresses</tt> </li>

<li> Warning-related bug fixes from Henrique de Moras Holschuh

<li> automatic archival of db3 files so that filesystem backups are
always consistent (Ken Murchison, <tt></tt>)</li>

<li> added a skiplist database backend, still needs more testing </li>

<li> further work on the Cyrus Murder </li>

<li> fixed bug in <tt>remotepurge</tt> dealing with mailboxes with
characters that need to be escaped inside quoted-strings </li>

<li> Cyrus::IMAP::Admin now supports referrals </li>

<li> <tt>cyradm</tt>, via Cyrus::IMAP::Shell, now can remove
quotaroots </li>

<li> <tt>timsieved</tt>, <tt>sieveshell</tt>, and the MANAGESIEVE
protocol extended with referrals </li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.1.0</h2>

<li> now compatible with Cyrus SASL 2.1.0 </li>

<li> fixed a problem with LMTP AUTH and unix domain sockets </li>

<li> make deleting users faster </li>

<li> add a "-n" switch to <tt>remotepurge</tt></li>

<li> cyradm now does implicit SASL authorization </li>

<li> fix for Sieve <tt>:matches</tt> comparator </li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.0.16</h2>

<li>migrated to SASLv2 (Rob Siemborski)</li>

<li>altnamespace: it is now possible to display user mailboxes as
siblings to the INBOX at the top-level (Ken Murchison)</li>

<li>unixhierarchysep: it is now possible possible to use slash as
the hierarchy seperator, instead of a period. (Ken Murchison,
inspired by David Fuchs, <tt></tt>)</li>

<li>SSL/TLS session caching (Ken Murchison)</li>

<li>support for IMAP CHILDREN &amp; LISTEXT extensions (Ken
Murchison, work in progress)</li>

<li>check recipient quota &amp; ACL at time of RCPT TO: in
<tt>lmtpd</tt> (Ken Murchison)</li>

<li>support for LMTP STARTTLS &amp; SIZE extensions (Ken

<li>unified deliver.db, using cyrusdb interface, hopefully
improving concurrency and performance (Ken Murchison)</li>

<li>fixed STORE FLAGS () bug (Ken Murchison)</li>


<li>users without an INBOX can have subscriptions (Ken Murchison;
noticing a trend here?)</li>

<li>added cyrusdb_db3_nosync backend, used for duplicatedb and
session cache, to postpone non-critical writes. (Ken

<li>support for STARTTLS and AUTH=ANONYMOUS for timsieved (Ken

<li>do setgid and initgroups in master (as urged by several

<li>added more config info to IMAP ID (in a vain attempt to improve

<li>configure now checks for DB3.3</li>

<li>SQUAT (Rob O'Callahan, <tt></tt>)</li>

<li>change SEARCH HEADER <i>x</i> to SEARCH <i>x</i> utilizing
internal cache where possible (Rob O'Callahan,

<li>an improved directory hashing option (Gary Mills,

<li>use of EGD for SSL/TLS (Amos Gouaux,

<li>separate certs/keys for services (Henning P. Schmiedehausen,

<li>ability to force ipurge to traverse personal folders (Carsten
Hoeger, <tt></tt>)</li>

<li>fixed zero quota bugs in cyradm (Leena Heino,

<li>ignore trailing whitespace in imapd.conf</li>

<li>Received: header (with TLS and AUTH info)</li>

<li>added '-i' switch to sendmail command line for SIEVE reject,
redirect and vacation</li>

<li>small fixes to notify_unix</li>

<li>added "<tt>duplicatesuppression</tt>" switch to imapd.conf for
enabling/disabling duplicate delivery suppression (Birger Toedtmann,

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.0.15</h2>

<li>fixed a longstanding bug in <tt>quota</tt> that would affect
people with unusual top-level hierarchy, fix by John Darrow,

<li>some important fixes to db3 interface code, by Walter Wong
<tt></tt>, prompted by complaints from Scott Adkins

<li>fixed some memory leaks in imclient and in the Perl IMAP
module, prompted by Toni Andjelkovic <tt></tt>.</li>

<li>fixed a longstanding authentication error in the Perl IMAP
module, should remove pesky extra Password: prompt.</li>

<li>fixed some allocation bugs in the managesieve perl module.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.0.14</h2>

<li>fixed memory management bugs in <tt>imapd</tt>, <tt>lmtpd</tt>
that were being hit due to the connection reuse code and causing
subtle and annoying problems.</li>

<li>we now clean up better when deleting a user</li>

<li>fixed an endian bug in <tt>ipurge</tt></li>

<li><tt>pop3d</tt> now can also reuse processes.</li>

<li>fix a bug in <tt>imclient</tt> that would strike when
<tt>cyradm</tt> specifies a mechanism on the command-line. (SASL
mechanism names aren't case sensitive.)</li>

<li>fix some bugs in handling SIGHUP in <tt>master</tt></li>

<li>fix a couple of goofs in <tt></tt></li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.0.13</h2>

<li>fixed a silly bug with reusing SSL connections</li>

<li><tt>lmtpd</tt> can now service multiple clients in sequence,
hopefully improving performance</li>

<li>changed how Berkeley db databases are opened, hopefully
lessening the chance of deadlock and improving performance</li>

<li>fixed a couple of memory leaks</li>

<li>lessened the chance of a race condition during

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.0.12</h2>

<li>refactored code so less duplication</li>

<li>added alternate config file for partial virtual domain

<li><tt>pop3d</tt> can now disable USER/PASS commands.</li>

<li>STARTTLS now accepts a SSLv23 hello but doesn't allow SSLv23 to
be negotiated.</li>

<li><tt>imtest</tt> no longer buffers to aid use as an automated

<li><tt>master</tt> now supports maximum number of service
processes via the "maxchild" modifier.</li>

<li>fixed a bug in the Sieve string lexer.</li>

<li>one <tt>imapd</tt> process can now service multiple clients in
sequence, eliminating a large number of forks.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.0.11</h2>

<li>portability fixes involving <tt>setrlimit()</tt></li>

<li>fixed compiler warnings</li>

<li>the STARTTLS command will only accept TLSv1 now, not SSLv2/v3.
The <tt>imaps</tt> port is unaffected by this change.</li>

<li><tt>timsieved</tt> no longer returns garbage strings.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.0.9</h2>

<li>some small memory savings</li>

<li>the "fud" daemon once again works correctly</li>

<li>the IDLE extension now uses signals correctly</li>

<li>problems with libwrap have been resolved</li>

<li><tt>imapd</tt> and <tt>pop3d</tt> now log connections protected
via TLS.</li>

<li>efficiency improvements when searching for a particular

<li>fixed an envelope-parsing bug affecting SORT and THREAD</li>

<li>made RENAME keep the same mailbox uniqueid, preserving seen
state across renames</li>

<li>STOREing flags to multiple messages in one command is now more

<li>RENAME now preserves the ACL</li>

<li>LIST is now as efficient as Cyrus v1.6, modulo Berkeley DB

<li>Sieve zephyr notifications are now correct.</li>

<li>crash in <tt>reconstruct</tt> now fixed.</li>

<li>man pages added for <tt>cyrus.conf</tt>, <tt>master</tt>,
<tt>lmtpd</tt>, <tt>idled</tt>, <tt>ctl_mboxlist</tt>, and

<li><tt>master</tt> can now listen on specific interfaces</li>

<li><tt>master</tt> can now reread <tt>/etc/cyrus.conf</tt> on

<li><tt>timsieved</tt> now uses symlinks instead of hard

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.0.8</h2>

<li>remembered to update this file</li>

<li>bug in <tt>Cyrus::IMAP</tt> perl module affecting cyradm's
setquota fixed</li>

<li>portability fix with <tt>socklen_t</tt></li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.0.7</h2>

<li>preliminary implementation of the IDLE extension (Ken
Murchison, <tt></tt>).</li>

<li>THREAD=REFERENCES now part of the normal build.</li>

<li>tweaks to the installation documentation and suggested Sendmail

<li>portability fixes and other small bugfixes</li>

<li>added "<tt>-a</tt>" flag to <tt>lmtpd</tt></li>

<li>master process can now export statistics about running
processes via UCD SNMP AgentX</li>

<li>many fixes to Cyrus Murder-related code</li>

<li>fixes to perl code, especially the Sieve interface. added an
IMSP interface to the perl code, but it still needs work.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.0.6</h2>

<li>some number of random static variables eliminated, to save on
memory footprint</li>

<li>recursive RENAME was a little to eager; fixed. RENAME will also
give the client a hint that a sub-RENAME failed. (mostly probably
useful for cyradm, but cyradm doesn't take advantage of it

<li>THREAD=X-JWZ has turned into THREAD=REFERENCES (Ken

<li>DELETE wasn't failing cleanly in database code; fixed.</li>

<li>off-by-one bug in seen_db fixed.</li>

<li>starting/committing/aborting transactions now logged more
correctly in cyrsudb_db3</li>

<li>master will now accept port numbers instead of just service
names in cyrus.conf. also logs even more verbosely (see bug

<li>libwrap_init() is now inside the loop, since i don't quite
understand the semantics of libwrap calls.</li>

<li>setquota in cyradm now behaves more sanely (and gives correct
usage message).</li>

<li>bugfixes to the managesieve client perl api. (still needs

<li>small fixes in timsieved.</li>

<li>added a "make dist" target so i won't dread releases as

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.0.5</h2>

<li>APPEND now honors the \Seen flag.</li>

<li>mailboxes file can once again be a flat text file.
(compile-time choice)</li>

<li>subscriptions file can be flat text or berkeley db. likewise
for seen state.</li>

<li>unfortunately, the format of the mailboxes file has

<li>implementation of "JWZ" threading, a first pass on the
forthcoming THREAD=REFERENCES.</li>

<li>bugfixes in libacap.</li>

<li>bugfixes in other Murder related functionality.</li>

<li>removal of dead code.</li>

<li>will now look in CYRUS_PREFIX/etc/imapd.conf if there's no

<li>more paranoid implementation of ID.</li>

<li>more descriptive lmtp errors.</li>

<li>finished implementation of LMTP 8BITMIME.</li>

<li>fixed minor bugs in pop3d.</li>

<li>small test suite for cyrusdb backends added in

<li>added <tt>-DPERL_POLLUTE</tt> to the perl compilation to deal
with Perl 5.6.</li>

<li>small additions to the Sieve library.</li>

<li>As usual, owe lots of thanks to Ken Murchison for his hard work
and awesome implementations.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server SINCE 2.0.4</h2>

<li>Now should work with Berkeley DB 3.1, but does <b>not</b>
auto-upgrade 3.0 databases (and, in fact, I haven't written any
upgrade software yet).</li>

<li>SORT and THREAD should now function correctly.</li>

<li>Some configure fixes.</li>

<li>Some fixes for possible race conditions in initializing
services and database structures.</li>

<li>Some non-gcc compile fixes with structure initialization.</li>

<li>Some non gcc compile fixes with structure initialization.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server SINCE 2.0.3</h2>

<li>fixed <tt>mbpath</tt> and <tt>ipurge</tt>. Thanks to Alain
Turbide for the bug report.</li>

<li>configure: removed <tt>mmap_private.c</tt>; it was buggy, and
not worth supporting.</li>

<li>configure: improvements in detecting libwrap, typos fixed in
detecting libsasl.</li>

<li>Merged the acapsieve library into libacap.</li>

<li>improvements to the ACAP API.</li>

<li>invariant checks added to the skiplist code.</li>

<li>bugfix in TCL cyradm.</li>

<li>acapmbox.c: bugfixes in handling acap connections.</li>

<li>fix the size given for a unix socket address (changes
throughout the code), patch thanks to Vladimir Kravchenko,

<li>rewrote <tt>deliver</tt> to use the generic LMTP API in
lmtpengine.c. Likewise, implemented the client-side API in
lmtpengine.c. (Still need to implement AUTH.)</li>

<li>added SORT and THREAD support (Ken Murchison,

<li>In checking an APPEND command, we were rejecting valid system
flags and accepting invalid ones.</li>

<li>minor bug fixes to <tt>proxyd</tt>.</li>

<li>large amount of debugging code added to

<li>build fixes to Perl programs.</li>

<li>allow plaintext authentication to <tt>timsieved</tt>.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server in 2.0</h2>

<li>The mailboxes file is now a transaction-protected Berkeley

<li>The core delivery process has been moved to <tt>lmtpd</tt>.
<tt>deliver</tt> is now a simple wrapper to create an LMTP

<li>master process, responsible for spawning services
(<tt>imapd</tt>, <tt>lmtpd</tt>, etc.) and for routine
housekeeping. Optionally, it can use <tt>libwrap</tt> to allow or
deny connections.</li>

<li>ACAP (Application Configuration Access Protocol) support for
Cyrus Murder: IMAP Aggregator.</li>

<li>Sieve enhancements: regular expressions, notifications,
automatically setting IMAP flags.</li>

<li>SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) support for
monitoring usage (e.g. number of users logged in) as well as for
instrumenting protocol usage (e.g. number of times CREATE has been

<li>Perl version of <tt>cyradm</tt> contributed by Brandon Allbery
(<tt></tt>). Eventually we expect to transition
to the Perl version away from the TCL version.</li>

<li>Bugfix in modified UTF-7 processing (for mailbox names). Bugfix
in <tt>index_searchcacheheader()</tt>.</li>

<li>Implemented the extension MULTIAPPEND.</li>

<li>RENAME is now hierarchical.</li>

<li>The right that controls whether a mailbox may be deleted is now
"c". (It used to be "d".)</li>

<li>An additional backend for seen state has been created,
<tt>seen_db</tt>. It stores seen state in a per-user database.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.6.20</h2>

<li>Some fixes to the TLS support to gracefully degrade

<li>Sieve now correctly re-sieves messages that are received with
identical message-ids, but different envelopes. It also obeys
plus-addressing on keep actions. (Fixes by Ken Murchison,

<li>The server wasn't correctly calculating the percentage of quota
used when deciding whether or not to issue a warning.</li>

<li>Implemented single-instance store: deliver, when using LMTP,
will only store one copy of a message per partition, and hard link
it among multiple users. Sites with a large number of partitions
could see a performance decrease.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.6.19</h2>

<li>Added STARTTLS support; requires OpenSSL.</li>

<li>Sieve now uses MDNs to reject messages instead of DSNs,
conforming to the latest Sieve specification. (Ken Murchison)</li>

<li>The duplicate delivery database expiration (deliver -E) was
deleting all entries; fixed.</li>

<li>imtest is now a little smarter about parsing the protocol to
avoid synchronization errors prior to authentication.</li>

<li>timsieved's parser is now written in C; should be no noticeable
changes, but should make compiling it much easier.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.6.16</h2>

<li>Fix to enclosed message parsing (thanks to John Myers).</li>

<li>When trying to skip over non-synchronizing literals during
error recovery, the IMAP server never stopped eating. Fixed.</li>

<li>Added <tt>with-sasldir</tt> as a configure option.</li>

<li>Fixed a bug in cyradm when it got the CAPABILITY list.</li>

<li>Fixed bugs relating to the incomplete SASLfication of

<li>Fixed bugs in deliver relating to duplicate delivery
suppression and Sieve vacation functionality.</li>

<li>Fixed a memory leak in deliver.</li>

<li>When looking for SASL options, imapd wasn't defaulting to the
option without the plugin name requesting it. This caused PLAIN
authentications to incorrectly fail.</li>

<li>Changed the expiration time of pts entries to 3 hours; only
affects sites using krb_pts as the authorization method.</li>

<li>Fixed some bugs in imclient; mostly affects cyradm.</li>

<li>Fixed a bug in the Sieve lexer and improved the usefulness of
the Sieve test program.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.6.13</h2>

<li>An annoying memory management bug in imclient was fixed and
it's efficiency was improved somewhat.</li>

<li>Added the sieve client (<tt>installsieve</tt>) and server
(<tt>timsieved</tt>) for getting sieve scripts onto the server and
managing them once they are there.</li>

<li>The default Sieve script layout has changed to
sievedir/u/user/default; this supports multiple Sieve scripts per
user with the ability to switch between them.</li>

<li>Fixed the kerberos-to-local-host bug (patch by Greg Hudson,

<li>Started changes to deliver to support LMTP AUTH.</li>

<li>Improved the error messages logged when authentication

<li>Fixed a bug dealing with argument processing in the arbitron

<li>pop3d now correctly supports SASL AUTH.</li>

<li>imtest will no longer prompt for authentication or
authorization names; instead, it defaults to the current Unix user.
Override on the command line.</li>

<li>Likewise, cyradm will no longer prompt. It now accepts "-m" to
specify what SASL mechanism to use, and the pwcommand option to
authenticate should once again work when used

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.6.10</h2>

<li>Changed the sieve option in the configure script to

<li>Updated reconstruct and quota to check for hashed imap spool
directories correctly.</li>

<li>deliver now will not use Sieve if duplicate delivery
suppression is disabled. There was also a bug that caused the
duplicate delivery database to be checked even if dupelim was

<li>deliver now uses tm_gmtoff if available to check for the local

<li>The default format for reading information from INN has
changed. If you use INN to feed imapd news, you must change your
"<tt>newsfeeds</tt>" file to contain 


<li>The dohash script now takes a "<tt>-i</tt>" option to run
interactively and the "<tt>-f</tt>" option to issue warnings
instead of fatal errors.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.6.1-BETA</h2>

<li>cyradm should now work with all mechanisms (it now handles
empty challenges and responses).</li>

<li>Fixed deliver to deal with arbitrarily long headers</li>

<li>COPY for non-existent sequence numbers returns NO; this
contrasts to UID COPY, which always returns OK.</li>

<li>FETCH for non-existent sequence numbers returns NO; this
contrasts to UID FETCH, which always returns OK.</li>

<li>Fixed a misleading BAD responses to commands that take

<li>Added UIDNEXT untagged response to a SELECT (from

<li>pop3d now correctly passes SASL configuration options to

<li>imtest now correctly flushes the server's output to the

<li>Added more hashing using a simple but stupid algorithm. Now
whenever there is a mailbox access, quota access, or subscription
access, it goes through a hash function. this is done to help
reduce the number of files/directories in any given directory.</li>

<li>Added the binary <tt>mbpath</tt>. Given a mailbox name, this
binary will print the filesystem path to that mailbox. This way if
you have multiple partitions and hashing turned out, you don't have
to spend as many mental cycles figuring out where the actual
directory is.</li>

<li>deliver now checks <tt>sieveusehomedir</tt> and
<tt>sievedir</tt> in the config file to determine where to look for
sieve scripts.</li>

<li>ptloader now has a workaround for afs 3.5.</li>

<li>clarified an error message in message.c when an unexpected end
of file is encountered.</li>

<li>fixed some random memory leaks in deliver.</li>

<li>fixed a fairly major bug in prot_fill. it was performing
incorrectly when reading only a single character.</li>

<li>fixed a bug in how imtest looked for OK or NO.</li>

<li>fixed a memory leak in imapd.</li>

<li>imapd now allows any user (or member of a group) listed in
"proxyservers" to proxy.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.6.0-BETA</h2>

<li>fixed stupid bug in imapd</li>

<li>fixed sasl/config.c interaction</li>

<li>fixed use of stat in imtest</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.5.24</h2>

<li>ANSI C is now required.</li>

<li>imtest's interface has changed, to allow for SASL
authentication. Sorry, but it had to happen. It now also includes a
timing test (-z) which we use to test the SASL layers.</li>

<li>imtest no longer uses a non-synchronizing literal with LOGIN,
so it should work against all IMAP servers.</li>

<li>The prot layer now uses SASL for encryption and authentication.
This changed a large amount of code, and some build

<li>As a side effect of SASL, --enable-static-libraries now doesn't
do anything. We are considering compiling cyrus with libtool to
change this.</li>

<li>Error codes returned by programs have changed, and programs
return EX_TEMPFAIL far more than they used to. This is because
Sendmail considers most not-EX_TEMPFAIL errors permanent; now, if
it may not be permanent, EX_TEMPFAIL is returned. (See

<li>Two bugs fixed: UID FETCH's with no messages in range now
return OK, not BAD. And an obscure bug in LIST case sensitivity is

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.5.19</h2>

<li>Most of the charset.c code (and mkchartable.c code) has been
replaced thanks to John Myers).</li>

<li>Bug fix in message.c to look up headers in the cache when
they're in the cache correctly; thanks to Chris Newman for the

<li>Code cleanup here and there (thanks to Bruce Balden).</li>

<li>Annoying (and confusing) lines in syslog every time a message
was delivered if deliver was compiled using dbm saying that deliver
was "unable to fetch entry" have been removed.</li>

<li>Content-Disposition lines were being parsed improperly. If they
had no optional arguments, they were being ignored as if they were
syntactically incorrect. This is fixed, but imapd will continue to
serve wrong information unless cyrus.caches are rebuilt (with
reconstruct) for any message that was added to the mailbox before
this bug was fixed.</li>

<li>The arbitron program now takes a mailbox pattern argument for
the mailbox to run on. The manpage always said it did anyway.</li>

<li>Uninitialized variable fixed in imapd.c with the shutdown file

<li>Minor tweaks to purify build config.</li>

<li>Fix minor memory leak in proc.c where procfname wasn't being

<li>Fix brain fart in auth_krb_pts.c where a CLOSE() was done to a
DB handle BEFORE we access the data read from the DB database. This
means we were copying free'd memory into the groups list. Note this
only affects people using DB, AFS and ptloader.</li>

<li>Committed minor syslog log level changes in ptloader and

<li>make distclean now does what it's supposed to.</li>

<li>Possibly misnamed experimental --enable-static-libraries switch
that tries to do a good job of building binaries with whatever
static libraries are availible. If you use this, you do so at your
own risk, and if it fails, we will disavow all knowledge of you and
your team. Good luck, Jim.</li>

<li>Add optional third argument to imtest for it to take input from
a file. This is a gross hack.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.5.14</h2>

<li>LIST now honors the reference argument. 

<p>This behavior can be turned off by a configuration option
imapd.conf--which may be desirable because of certain clients that
ask for a "mail directory" setting for IMAP which will now cause
problems when it was ignored before. (The default is for the
reference argument to be honored.)</p>

<li>The <tt>arbitron</tt> program now takes a mailbox pattern
argument for the mailbox to run on. The manpage always said it did

<li>Added --disable-server switch to optionally prevent compilation
of server to help sites that just want client libraries (so cyradm
and libcyrus can be compiled on remote systems without installing
stuff into /usr/cyrus/bin, etc.) For now, the server is still
configured in this case, and a Makefile is generated. This could
change in future versions.</li>

<li>Fixed a mmap leak in index.c in index_search_evaluate that
caused problems on complex searches. Thanks to Jeff Schiller for
pointing this out. Fixed a potential leak in mboxlist.c that
happened if a rename went awry. Thanks to Chris Newman for pointing
this out.</li>

<li>Fixed a bug in LIST and LSUB code so that user.* mailboxes will
be printed on every LIST instead of just the first one.</li>

<li>Implemented the <i>POP3 Extension Mechanism</i>, RFC 2449, in
order to advertise the capabilities already supported.</li>

<li>Fixed a bug in mailbox.c that disallowed MUTF-7 representations
of ASCII characters when it shouldn't have. (Thanks to John Myers
for providing a fix and to Per Steinar Iversen for telling me that
I didn't do it before.)</li>

<li>More cleanup the ptloader/auth_krb_pts code. If you use
Kerberos and IMSP, you *MUST* pick up cyrus-imspd-v1.5a6 (or

<li>A few configure tweaks.</li>

<li>Duplicate delivery changes: 

<li>Split out duplicate delivery elimination to multiple files.
This should help reduce the lock contention that normally occurs
with this file. To not clutter <i>config_dir</i>, the files will be
located in a subdirectory named <tt>deliverdb</tt>, for example
<tt>/var/imap/deliverdb</tt>. If you don't make this directory,
nothing bad will happen (other than duplicate delivery elimination
will not work).</li>

<li>The time value is now stored as an integer in native byte order
as opposed to converting it to a string before it is stored in the

<li>checkdelivered() now obtains a read lock instead of a write
lock when trying to check for duplicates. Only markdelivered()
grabs a write lock.</li>

<li>Added logic to cause cyradm to abort more cleanly if not given
command line arguments in an interactive session. This gets rid of
the dreaded <tt>application-specific intialization failed</tt>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.5.11</h2>

<li>The CREATE command now ignores a trailing hierarchy delimiter
instead of ignoring the CREATE command.</li>

<li>UIDPLUS is now always advertised in CAPABILITY and is always
availible. The UIDPLUS extension is a set of optimizations using
UID values instead of sequence numbers and is described in RFC

<li>Cyrus no longer rejects messages with 8-bit characters in the
headers. Rather than reject the message, characters with the 8th
bit set are changed to 'X'. Internationalization in headers is
supported by the mechanism specified in RFC 2047 (and RFC

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.5.10</h2>

<li>If ENABLE_EXPERIMENT is set, the server no longer claims to
support OPTIMIZE-1; instead, it claims to support UIDPLUS. The
Getuids command has been removed since it is not in the UIDPLUS
document (draft-myers-imap-optimize-03.txt).</li>

<li>The checks for Tcl in configure are much smarter. The configure
script asks tclsh where its configuration lives, then consults the
shell scripts that have that information. This should work with 7.5
or better, which is what the server requires anyway. (All the
previous checks to look for Tcl libraries are gone; now, configure
runs tclsh and asks it where the Tcl libraries are, then runs the
shell scripts that are in that directory. Since the
script may not be in that directory, it looks in .. as well.)</li>

<li>The checks for com_err in configure are a little smarter and
look to see if all the pieces are there before trying to use

<li>Added support for the NAMESPACE extension (if
--enable-experiment is supplied).</li>

<li>Added a "reject8bit" switch to imapd.conf. If set to "true",
messages containing 8-bit-set characters in the headers are
rejected (the previous behavior); if set to "false" or left to the
default value, messages containing 8-bit-set characters have these
characters changed to a constant character ('X').</li>

<li>Added the "fud" program. This is an interm hack designed to
allow allow finger information to be retrieved for cyrus users.
This is experimental and it is not recommend that services be built
arround this feature, since it is likely to be removed in a future
release of the IMAP server.</li>

<li>Bug fix: User defined flags now work properly.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.5.2</h2>

<li>Fixed a bug with word alignment on Solaris using Kerberos
compiled with Sun's CC. (Several patches were submitted; thanks to
everyone who did so.)</li>

<li>Patches from John Myers, including more glob fixes.</li>

<li>Use the default hash function from DB. Note that this means
that the existing <tt>delivered.db</tt> and <tt>ptscache.db</tt> is
<b>NOT</b> compatible with this release. These files should be

<li>Provide two debugging programs that dump the databases:
<tt>ptdump</tt> and <tt>dump_deliverdb</tt>.</li>

<li>Multiple changes to ptloader. added a bunch of flags; let it
reauthenticate on its own; added support perl wrapper; added bunch
of debugging information/output; bunch of other cleanups</li>

<li>The mailboxes file is now closed if it isn't likely to be
referenced, hopefully preventing old mailboxes files from hanging
around in memory as frequently.</li>

<li>Added a patch from Eric Hagberg to work around a possible
deadlock condition in mboxlist.c where rename isn't atomic.</li>

<li>Patch from John Myers to get rid of cyrus.seen corruption in

<li>Patch from John Myers and to allow ISO-8859-1 characters in
mailbox names.</li>

<li>Makedepend still runs, and still generates warnings, but these
are squirrled away in makedepend.log.</li>

<li>On mailbox delete, the server will no longer try and unlink
".." and "." as we got a report that it seriously breaks one file
system (even as non-root).</li>

<li>Added some support for Netscape's very misleading "Administrate
My Mail" menu option in Communicator. Allows for a URL to be set in
imapd.conf for the page to refer users to; needs to be turned on
with --enable-netscapehack at compile time to enable it.</li>

<li>Bug swap: imtest quotes password with a non-synchronizing
literal in order to allow weird characters like ) in passwords. But
it doesn't look to see if the server supports non-synchronizing

<li>If the file "<tt>msg/motd</tt>" exists, the first line is now
sent to clients upon login.</li>

<li>Bug fix: to handle BODY[] properly when fetching news articles
(truncation no longer occurs). (thanks to John Prevost)</li>

<li>The makedepend supplied should now run on Solaris Intel.
(thanks to Chris Newman)</li>

<li>Added some hacks to pwcheck.c for Linux and Digital Unix where
the default protections on the socket don't allow the cyrus user to
read it. (thanks to Lyndon Nerenberg)</li>

<li>Bug fix: Flags beginning with \ are system flags and users can
only create the defined flags. The code to do this before was

<li>The configure scripts and makefiles have some random

<li>Added a contrib directory for reasons of laziness in collecting
patches, not all of which should be in the distribution.</li>

<li>ptloader can now renew its AFS authentication by reading from a
srvtab file.</li>

<li>The configure script now looks for a libcom_err and can use an
installed one if one exists.</li>

<li>Other small bug fixes.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.5</h2>

<li>Bug fix: RENAME corrupted mailboxes if they had been EXPUNGEd.
(may have only happened with INBOX, which Pine tickles once a

<li>Bug fix: auth_newstate now initializes its structures.</li>

<li>Bug fix: pop3d.c, a printf was changed to prot_printf.</li>

<li>Cyrus now sends X-NON-HIERARCHICAL-RENAME to alert clients that
it is not handling RENAME in an IMAP4rev1 compliant manner. This
will be fixed in a subsequent release.</li>

<li>Bug fix: imclient_autenticate now does resolution on the
hostname before authenticating to it. This caused problems when
authenticating to an address that was a CNAME.</li>

<li>Bug fix: LIST %.% (and other multiple hierarchy delimiter
matches) works properly. Several other glob.c fixes are included as

<li>Bug fix: a fetch of exclusively BODY[HEADER.FIELDS...] should
now work properly.</li>

<li>Bug fix: reconstruct now considers a nonexistant INN news
directory to be empty; this makes reconstruct fix the cyrus.* files
in the imap news partition.</li>

<li>Added a manpage for imclient.</li>

<li>Fixed a few other minor bugs.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.4</h2>

<li>Implemented the "<tt>IMAP4rev1</tt>" protocol commands. (The
hierarchical behavior of RENAME, which was added late to the
IMAP4rev1 specification, is not implemented.) Changes the minor
version number of the cyrus mailbox database format to 1.
<b>IMPORTANT:</b> it is necessary to run the command
"<tt>reconstruct -r</tt>" as the cyrus user after upgrading the
Cyrus IMAP software from version 1.4 or earlier.</li>

<li>If the file "<tt>msg/shutdown</tt>" exits in the configuration
directory, the IMAP server will issue the first line in the file in
an untagged BYE message and shut down.</li>

<li>Permit SPACE in mailbox names.</li>

<li>Permit the "modified UTF-7" internationalized mailbox name

<li>"User opened mailbox" messages are now logged at the DEBUG
level instead of the INFO level.</li>

<li>Added <tt>-q</tt> (ignore quota) switch to

<li>New "<tt>krbck</tt>" program for diagnosing common kerberos

<li>auth_unix no longer requires users to be in the passwd

<li>AUTHENTICATE command now reports the protection mechanism in
use in the text of the tagged OK response</li>


<li>Use the header cache for SEARCH HEADER</li>

<li>Use "unspecified-domain" instead of server's hostname to fill
out RFC 822 addresses without the "@domain" part.</li>

<li>Make "reconstruct -r" with no args reconstruct every

<li>The configure script now defaults to using unix_pwcheck instead
of unix if the file /etc/shadow exists.</li>

<li>The location of the pwcheck socket directory now defaults to
"<tt>/var/ptclient/</tt>". It is controlled by the
"<tt>--with-statedir=DIR</tt>" option, which defaults to

<li>Bug fix: by using an certain address form, one could deliver to
a user's mailbox bypassing the ACL's.</li>

<li>Bug fix: un-fold header lines when parsing for the

<li>Delete quota roots when deleting the last mailbox that uses
them. Doesn't catch all cases, but should get over 99% of

<li>Implement plaintextloginpause configuration option, imposes
artificial delay on plaintext password logins.</li>

<li>Implement popminpoll configuration option, limits frequency of
POP3 logins.</li>

<li>Implement AFS PT server group support.</li>

<li>Remove persistence of POP3 LAST value and remove Status:

<li>Support the new ACL command set in the IMAP server.</li>

<li>Bug fix: Have to initialize reply to 0 in pop3d. Was causing
POP3 server to occasionally drop the connection during

<li>Bug fix: The COPY command wasn't issuing a [TRYCREATE] when
appropriate for sub-mailboxes of INBOX.</li>

<li>Bug fix: Renaming a mailbox wasn't correctly changing its

<li>Bug fix: Renaming a mailbox to itself, in order to move it to a
different partition, was not working correctly.</li>

<li>Update the AUTH support in pop3d to conform to the latest draft

<li>Update cyradm to use Tcl 7.5 instead of Tcl 7.4</li>

<li>Re-implement large sections of the netnews support. It no
longer requires modifications to INN, as it now expunges the index
entries for expired/canceled articles upon select of the

<li>Implement newsspool configuration option, for separating the
directories for the news spool and the various cyrus.* IMAP server
index files.</li>

<li>Bug fix: permit empty flag list in APPEND command</li>

<li>Bug fix: deal with truncated Date: header values.</li>

<li>Bug fix: memory mapping code, deal better with 0-length maps,
since mmap() appears to crap out on that boundary condition.</li>

<li>Portability fix: if no strerror, have to define

<li>Bug fix: used append instead of lappend in cyradmin, preventing
use of any port other than IMAP.</li>

<li>When the client is streaming its commands, the IMAP server
attempts to stream its tagged responses.</li>

<li>Modify zephyr support to compile without Kerberos support.</li>

<li>Add a bunch of prototype declararations to the code.</li>

<li>In deliver, change the MULT support to instead use the LMTP

<li>imclient: support tagged intermediate replies and a default

<li>Implement some experimental protocol extensions for optimizing
disconnected use resynchronization. Most extensions are disabled by
default. Client authors should contact if
they wish to experiment with these.</li>

<li>In Makefiles, change $(AR) to ar -- HPUX make is

<li>In deliver, use HAVE_LIBDB to select use of db over dbm</li>

<li>Add map_stupidshared mapping module for older versions of
Digital Unix. It's not quite as bad as HPUX, but...</li>

<li>Bug fix: in imclient.c, don't free NULL pointers and don't call
htons() on the output of getservbyname(). Have to abort sending the
command if you get a tagged response when sending a literal.</li>

<li>The auth_xxx routines now create/take a state argument instead
of maintaining internal static state.</li>

<li>Solaris mktime() is buggy in some releases. Create and use
mkgmtime() for parsing date strings.</li>

<li>Message parsing routines now use memory mapping, though they
still copy data around in line-sized buffers.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.3</h2>

<li>Implemented the "<tt>reconstruct -m</tt>" command, for
reconstructing the <tt>mailboxes</tt> file. <b>IMPORTANT:</b> it is
necessary to run the command "<tt>reconstruct -m</tt>" as the cyrus
user after upgrading the Cyrus IMAP software from version 1.3 or
earlier. We recommend you make a backup copy of the
<tt>mailboxes</tt> file in the configuration directory before
performing the conversion.</li>

<li>Mailbox names are now case sensitive, not case insensitive.
"<tt>INBOX</tt>" is the exception, and is treated as being

<li>Personal mailboxes now appear to their owners as being under
the "<tt>INBOX.</tt>" hierarchy. For example, the mailbox
"<tt></tt>" appears to the user "<tt>bovik</tt>" as
"<tt></tt>". The user may still refer to the mailbox with
the name "<tt></tt>".</li>

<li>Previously, the code used "<tt>anybody</tt>" as the name of the
group that all users are in, but the documentation used the name
"<tt>anyone</tt>". Changed the code to match the documentation. The
name "<tt>anybody</tt>" will be canonicalized to the name

<li>The install document now gives different recommended locations
for the server databases. The recommended location of the
configuration directory changed from "<tt>/usr/cyrus</tt>" to
"<tt>/var/imap</tt>" and the recommended location of the default
partition directory changed from "<tt>/usr/spool/cyrus</tt>" to
"<tt>/var/spool/imap</tt>". It is <b>NOT</b> necessary to change
the locations of these directories when upgrading from version 1.3
or earlier of the Cyrus IMAP server software. If you do wish to
change the locations of these directories to match the new
recommendations, simply rename the directories and change the
appropriate values in your <tt>/etc/imapd.conf</tt> file.</li>

<li>Created a "<tt>make install</tt>" rule. See the <a
href="install.html">installation</a> document for all the new
corresponding <tt>configure</tt> options. Note the recommended
location of the "<tt>imapd</tt>", "<tt>pop3d</tt>", and
"<tt>deliver</tt>" programs has changed, this change needs to be
reflected in the "<tt>inetd.conf</tt>" and "<tt></tt>"

<li>New "<tt>login_unix_pwcheck</tt>" module and "<tt>pwcheck</tt>"
daemon, for improved shadow password support. See the
"<tt>pwcheck/README.pwcheck</tt>" file in the distribution for

<li>Renamed the "<tt>login_unix_shadow</tt>" module to

<li>Added a mail notification mechanism, using Zephyr.</li>

<li>Added a feature to automatically create user IMAP accounts.
Controlled by the "<tt>autocreatequota</tt>" config option.</li>

<li>Added the "<tt>logtimestamps</tt>" config option, for putting
timestamp information into protocol telemetry logs.</li>

<li>Beefed up the Kerberos checks in Configure to ensure the DES
library routines exist.</li>

<li>On some systems, the "<tt>echo</tt>" command with no arguments
emits a newline. Changed the installation document to instead use
the "<tt>true</tt>" command to create the "<tt>mailboxes</tt>"

<li>Store a redundant copy of a mailbox's ACL in the
<tt>cyrus.header</tt> file, so "<tt>reconstruct -m</tt>" may later
use it as a backup.</li>

<li>Had to remove the declaration of <tt>tcl_RcFileName</tt> for
the latest version of Tcl.</li>

<li>Make much more extensive use of memory mapping. Replace the
binary search module with one that searches a memory mapped

<li>Replaced the yacc-based RFC822 address parser with a hand-coded

<li>Replaced the et (error table) libary with a version that
doesn't require lex or yacc. Remove the lex/yacc checking from

<li>Safety feature: most programs now refuse to run as root.</li>

<li>Bug fix: Issue [TRYCREATE] tag on COPY command when

<li>Bug fix: The quoted-printable decoder wasn't ignoring trailing
whitespace, as required by MIME.</li>

<li>Bug fix: Don't spew cascade errors if the server gets an EOF
during/after reading an APPEND literal.</li>

<li>Bug fix: gmtmoff_gmtime.c was returning results with the wrong

<li>Bug fix: imclient_send was appending spaces to %d and %u and
the response parser was not handling responses that did not contain
a space after the keyword.</li>

<li>Bug fix: rmnews wasn't removing some (un-indexed) article files

<li>Completely disabled the dropoff code for now. It will be
completely replaced when IMSP integration is implemented</li>

<li>Added workaround for the Linux mkdir() problem.</li>

<li>In Configure, use a more direct test for a working
shared-memory mmap</li>

<li>In collectnews, avoid O(n**2) behavior when processing articles
that have already expired.</li>

<li>Bug fix: append_addseen() would screw up if no messages were
previously seen.</li>

<li>Added the CMU-specific amssync and cmulocal directories.</li>

<li>Use memmove instead of bcopy.</li>

<li>Implemented the first pass of SMTP/MULT support in

<li>Added cacheid parameter to auth_setid(), for AFS PT server

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.2</h2>

<li>Fixed bug in character set code that broke text searches. Sites
which care about searching headers need to reconstruct their
existing mailboxes.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.1-Beta</h2>

<li>Add support for <tt>UIDVALIDITY</tt> special information

<li>Add <tt>syncnews</tt> and <tt>arbitron</tt> programs.</li>

<li>Redo duplicate delivery elimination in <tt>deliver</tt>.</li>

<li>Bug fixed: Must re-read files after acquiring a lock. Cannot
trust the mtime of a file to increment when writing the file--file
could be written to multiple times in the same second.</li>

<li>Bug fixed: <tt>EXAMINE</tt> command should not affect
<tt>\Recent</tt> status.</li>

<li>Update the user's <tt>\Recent</tt> high-water-mark when we
report new messages.</li>

<li>Portability changes</li>

<li>Upgrade to autoconf 2.1</li>

<li>Allow privacy to be turned off at compile-time with
<tt>--disable-privacy</tt> configure switch.</li>

<li>Fix typo in <tt>cyradm</tt> preventing "<tt>all</tt>" from
being recognized.</li>

<li>Include <tt>map_private.c</tt> memory mapping module for
systems like HPUX which have half-working <tt>mmap()</tt>

<li>Switch to using UTF-8 for internal search format. Sites which
care about internationalized searching of headers need to
reconstruct all their existing mailboxes.</li>

<li>Fix some errors in the iso-8859-* tables.</li>

<li>Add and correct a bunch of case-independence mappings in the
character tables.</li>

<li>First pass at implementing the <tt>STATUS</tt> extension;
disabled for release.</li>

<li>First pass at implementing IMAP/IMSP server integration. Not
ready for general use.</li>

<li>Add <tt>new_cred</tt> and <tt>free_cred</tt> mechanisms to
authentication modules.</li>

<li>Don't complain when doing "<tt>reconstruct -r foo</tt>" and
<tt>foo</tt> isn't a mailbox.</li>

<li>Add <tt>IMAP_QUOTAROOT_NONEXISTENT</tt> error code.</li>

<li>Bug fix: Avoid divide by zero when quota is zero</li>

<li>Bug fix: In an error case of the ACL handling code, we have to
restore tab before breaking out of loop.</li>

<li>Fix file descriptor leak in quota system.</li>

<li>Change a bunch of int variables to unsigned.</li>

<li>Better error reporting on reads that end up short.</li>

<h2>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server Since Version 1.0-Beta</h2>

<li>Improved <a href="install.html">installation</a> document.</li>

<li>New "<a href="cyradm.1.html"><tt>cyradm</tt></a>"
administrative client.</li>

<li>Changed the syslog facility from "<a
href="install.html#syslog"><tt>local4</tt></a>" to

<li>Removed the <tt>renounce setuid</tt> check in "<a
href="install.html#deliver"><tt>deliver</tt>"</a>. The
"<tt>deliver</tt>" program must now be <b>non</b>-executable by

<li>Fixed a typo in the parsing of <tt>SEARCH DELETED</tt>. (This
bug constantly got tripped by newer C-clients.)</li>

<li>Redesigned the implementation of <tt>SEARCH CHARSET</tt>.<br />
 Sites that wish to search for non-ASCII characters in the headers
of existing mailboxes must run <tt>reconstruct</tt> on all their
mailboxes after upgrading to this version.</li>

<li>Added AUTH and KPOP support to the POP3 server.</li>

<li>Added search support for the ISO-2022-JP character set.</li>

<li>Replaced the search engine with a partial Boyer-Moore

<li>Special-case optimized searching US-ASCII text.</li>

<li>Fixed a bug which caused the message parser to spin-loop on a
particular degenerate invalid-MIME case.</li>

<li>Fixed a performance bug in the message parser.</li>

<li>Tracked last-minute changes to the IMAP4 protocol.</li>

<li>Fixed a bug in <tt>UNSUBSCRIBE</tt> which caused too many
subscriptions to be removed.</li>

<li>Added a bunch more "<a
href="install.html#configure"><tt>configure</tt></a>" options.</li>

<li>Ported to HPUX.</li>

<li>Fixed a bug in the <tt>LIST/LSUB \Noselect</tt> code.</li>

<li>Fixed bug in the globbing code which caused the "<tt>*%</tt>"
pattern to work incorrectly.</li>

<li>Client-side Kerberos support is now conditionalized on
<tt>HAVE_ACTE_KRB</tt>, which is set by configure.</li>

<li>Fixed some invalid buffer-alignment assumptions in the Kerberos

<li>Made the lexers compatible with flex. Configure now looks for
and prefers to use <tt>flex</tt> and

<li>Made the IMAP server check for the existence of the mailboxes
file upon startup, in order to give a more informative error
message for this common configuration error.</li>

<li>Fixed other minor bugs.</li>

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