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<TITLE>Prerequisites and other notes
<h1>Prerequisites and other notes

<P>The following programs and/or packages are <b>required</b>.

<LI> <b>libsasl</b>, version 2.1.7 or higher.  To obtain libsasl, ftp
it from <a
Earlier versions of SASL will not work; please get the latest one.
Configure SASL so that it supports whatever authentication method your
site uses.  Please pay careful attention to the SASL
configuration. This is the biggest problem that most people have.

<li> <b>Berkeley DB</b>, version 3.0.55 or higher. Berkeley DB can be
obtained from <a href="">Sleepycat</a>.  It is
strongly recommended that libsasl be compiled with Berkeley DB
support, using the same version of Berkeley DB.  (If you have a
Berkeley DB version mismatch, somewhat perplexing crashes result.)

<li> <b>GNU Make</b> is required.  Get it from <a
href="">the Free Software Foundation</a>. It is
probably easier to find it via <a


The following programs and/or packages are required for specific
features.  If you don't have them, certain features of the IMAP server
will be disabled.

<LI> <b>makedepend</b>.  A version is included in the
<TT>makedepend</TT> subdirectory of the distribution.  Try and install
it before installing the Cyrus IMAPd.  If it fails, the configure
script will use a dummy shell script instead of makedepend, and you
should be sure to always give the command "<TT>make clean</TT>" before
"<TT>make all</TT>". If you don't mind builds taking longer, this
isn't a big deal and you can ignore any makedepend errors.

<LI> <b>Perl</b>, version 5.  To obtain Perl, see <a
href="">the comprehensive Perl archive</a>.  This
is required for <tt>cyradm</tt> (written by Brandon Allbery).  It is
also used for some installation scripts: you don't need it but it may
make your life easier.  We recommend at least version 5.00502.

<li> <b>OpenSSL</b>, version 0.9.4 or higher.  Required for STARTTLS
support and for IMAP/POP3 wrapped in SSL (the imaps/pop3s ports).
Available from <a

<li> <b>libwrap</b>, from Wietse Venema.  This will allow one to
control who is accessing what service, based on IP address.  Available
from <a
in the <tt>tcp_wrappers</tt> package..

<li> <b>Net-SNMP</b> (formerly UCD-SNMP), version 4.2 or higher.
Required for SNMP monitoring of the IMAP server.  Available from <a

<LI> If you use AFS PTS support for groups, Cyrus still depends on
Kerberos and AFS.  If you successfully compiled SASL with your
Kerberos library, it's likely that it will work well with Cyrus.

<LI> We recommend using an MTA (mail transfer agent) that supports
LMTP (local mail transfer protocol).  We use Sendmail and recommend
version 8.12.8 or higher, available from <A
HREF=""></a>.  Others
have reported success with
<a href="">Postfix</a>.

<P>The following programs and/or packages are recommended:

<li><a href="">flex</a> - libsieve has
two different lexical analyzers, and that's hard to do with
traditional lex.  

<li><a href="">gcc</a> - we build using gcc
	  and the compiler options <tt>-O2 -g</tt>.

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