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<TITLE>Sending Feedback on the Cyrus IMAP Server</TITLE>

<h1>Sending Feedback on the Cyrus IMAP Server</h1>

<P>Feedback on and fixes for the software or on the document may be
sent to <a
Unfortunately, we can not guarantee a response but we'll try the best
we can. As usual, a high quality and complete message helps us

<p>If you submit a patch, please send unified diffs (-u) if your diff
program supports them, or context diffs (-c) if it doesn't.  Plain
diffs are very difficult to evaluate. <a
href="">GNU diff</a> can do this.

<p>When reporting problems, be sure to include the relevant
information. For example, you must include:
	    <li> the version of imapd 
	    <li> the version of libsasl
	    <li> your system type (<tt>uname -a</tt> often provides
	    the right information.
You should also include:
	    <li> the options you passed to <tt>./configure</tt>
	    <li> the errors from <tt>make</tt> (if any)
	  <li> the <tt>config.status</tt> file generated by

<p><b>NOTE: </b>If you are able to connect to the imap server, all of this
information can be gathered by using the <tt>version</tt> 
command in <tt>cyradm</tt>.  If you can not use <tt>cyradm</tt>
because you are having perl problems, you can connect using
<tt>imtest</tt> and then run the following IMAP command:
<tt>a ID NIL</tt>

The <tt></tt> mailing list exists for the
discussion of this server and other Cyrus software; more information
is available in the <a href="mailing-list.html">mailing-list</a>
document.  You may get faster/more responses by posting to this
list instead of to cyrus-bugs, as there are more readers here.

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