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<TITLE>Administering Mailboxes
<h1>Administering Mailboxes</h1>

The "<tt>cyradm</tt>" command (see the <tt>cyradm</tt>(1) man page for
complete documentation) manages the creation of, deletion of, ACLs on,
and quotas on mailboxes.  To get an overview of the command, type
"<kbd>cyradm <var>&lt;host&gt;</var></kbd>".  Once "<tt>cyradm</tt>" has started,
the user prompt is replaced with the name of the host followed by a
"<tt>&gt;</tt>".  Type "<kbd>help</kbd>" at the new prompt.  The
following information is displayed:

   createmailbox, cm        create a mailbox
   deleteaclmailbox, dam    delete an ACL on a mailbox
   deletemailbox, dm        delete a mailbox
   help                     get help on commands
   listaclmailbox, lam      list the ACL on a mailbox
   listmailbox, lm          list mailboxes
   listquota, lq            list quota on root
   listquotaroot, lqr, lqm  list quota roots on mailbox
   quit                     exit program
   renamemailbox, renm      rename a mailbox
   setaclmailbox, sam       set an ACL on a mailbox
   setquota, sq             set quota limits

<b>Note:</b>It's not necessary to run "<tt>cyradm</tt>" on the same
system as the IMAP server.

<p><b>Note:</b>If you run "<tt>cyradm</tt>" on a system not using
Kerberos for authentication, you will be prompted for your user name
and password before you can issue any "<tt>cyradm</tt>" commands.  Use
the "<tt>-u</tt>" option to specify a particular user.

<p>The mailbox naming convention requires that the primary mailbox (inbox)
for anyone must be named "<tt>user.<var>&lt;userid&gt;</var></tt>".
To create a mailbox, type:

<kbd>   createmailbox user.<var>&lt;userid&gt;</var>

For example, to create a mailbox for the userid "<tt>smith</tt>", type:

<kbd>   createmailbox user.smith

To limit "<tt>smith</tt>" to 10,000 kilobytes of mail, type:

<kbd>   setquota user.smith 10000

Once the inbox is created, users can create their own additional mailboxes 
from a mail program.  If Smith created a work mailbox and a play mailbox, 
the full names of the mailboxes would be:


<p>Access rights are discussed in detail in the <tt>cyradm</tt>(1) man pages.
Note that the administrator must grant herself create/delete access
explicitly before she can delete a mailbox:

<kbd>   setaclmailbox <var>&lt;mail_box&gt;</var> <var>&lt;admin_userid&gt;</var> c
   deletemailbox <var>&lt;mail_box&gt;</var>

Once you have created mailboxes, your IMAP server installation is
done.  You must then configure a mail interface, such as <a
href="">Pine</a> or <a
href="">Mulberry</a>, to work with the
IMAP server.

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