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<title>outstanding questions in cyrus documentation</title>
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questions we really should answer.  if you feel like doing us a favor,
sit down and answer one.

<li> why is it so hard to get <tt>imapd</tt> working with redhat's
shadow password implementation?

<li> When does <tt>imapd</tt> advertise PLAIN?  when does it accept
plaintext logins?

<li> What are the advantages of LMTP?  

<li> How do I configure Sendmail to use LMTP?

<li> How do I configure Postfix to work with Cyrus?  To use LMTP?

<li> How can I run LMTP over TCP?  Why should I want to?

<li> What are the performance implications of single-instance store?
(in effect as of 1.6.22)  How should I configure partitions to deal
with a large number of users?