HeaderDoc Unfettered
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Introduction to HeaderDoc: API Documentation From Header Files
  What is HeaderDoc?
  Organization of this Document
HeaderDoc Tags
  Introduction to HeaderDoc Comments and Tags
  Multiword Names
  Automatic Tagging
  Tags for Frameworks
  Tags for All Headers
  Tags Common to All API Types
  Tags for All Languages
  C Pseudoclass Tags
  Tags for C++ Headers
  Tags for Objective-C Headers
Using HeaderDoc
  Running headerDoc2HTML.pl
  Running the Scripts Using MacPerl
  Cocoa Front End
Using gatherHeaderDoc
  Running gatherHeaderDoc.pl
  Creating a TOC Template File
  Using Multiple Landing Page Templates
  Example gatherHeaderDoc Template
Using the MPGL Suite
  Man Page Generation Language (MPGL) Dialect
  A Simple Function Example
  A Simple Command Example
  A Multi-Command Example
Configuring HeaderDoc
Symbol Markers for HTML-Based Documentation
HeaderDoc Class Hierarchy
HeaderDoc Release Notes
  Languages Supported
  Major Features
  New Tags
  Additional Notes