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Using the MPGL Suite

In addition to the main headerDoc2HTML and gatherHeaderDoc scripts, the HeaderDoc suite contains additional utilities for generating manual pages (using the mdoc macro set).

The Man Page Generation Language (MPGL) suite contains two utilities: xml2man and hdxml2manxml. The xml2man utility converts an mdoc-like XML dialect, the Man Page Generation Language (MPGL) into manual pages. The hdxml2manxml utility converts HeaderDoc XML output into a series of files that can then be processed using xml2man.

Both commands have a very simple syntax. Neither takes any arguments.

hdxml2manxml filename1 filename2 ... filenameN
xml2man inputfile.mxml [ outputfile.1 ]

In the case of xml2man, the output filename is generally left blank.

The remainder of this chapter describes the XML dialect used by these utilities.


Man Page Generation Language (MPGL) Dialect
A Simple Function Example
A Simple Command Example
A Multi-Command Example

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