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New Tags

This section attempts to list all of the new tags added in HeaderDoc 8 (some of which were actually available, but undocumented, in HeaderDoc 7).

Text block describing the overall design of a class

String describing a class that this class was designed to work with

String describing a class upon which this class depends heavily

String describing an exception thrown by a function/method/class

Tag for grouping functions and methods; this takes priority over the @group tag with respect to functions and methods

Tag for grouping data, functions, and so on

(Note: the @functiongroup tag takes priority over the @group tag for functions.)

String telling what helper classes this class uses

For helper classes, string telling what sort of classes this class was designed to help

Text block containing the size of an instance of this class

See @functiongroup.

String describing what class instantiates the current class (for example, I/O Kit nubs)

Text block to describe performance characteristics of a class (for example, “This class is not appropriate for use in high-performance environments”)

Text block to describe security considerations when using this class

Adds superclass info to a C pseudoclass; also can be used to cause members of the superclass to be merged into the subclass

See @exception.

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