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--- unzip60/man/unzip.1	2009-04-19 17:33:10.000000000 -0700
+++ unzip60-fix/man/unzip.1	2019-03-31 10:30:27.000000000 -0700
@@ -307,9 +307,6 @@
 with the default \fB\-D\fP to do what an explicit \fB\-DD\fP does on other
-.B \-E
-[MacOS only] display contents of MacOS extra field during restore operation.
 .B \-F
 [Acorn only] suppress removal of NFS filetype extension from stored filenames.
@@ -321,11 +318,6 @@
 (When the stored filename appears to already have an appended NFS filetype
 extension, it is replaced by the info from the extra field.)
-.B \-i
-[MacOS only] ignore filenames stored in MacOS extra fields. Instead, the
-most compatible filename stored in the generic part of the entry's header
-is used.
 .B \-j
 junk paths.  The archive's directory structure is not recreated; all files
 are deposited in the extraction directory (by default, the current one).
@@ -334,10 +326,6 @@
 [BeOS only] junk file attributes.  The file's BeOS file attributes are not
 restored, just the file's data.
-.B \-J
-[MacOS only] ignore MacOS extra fields.  All Macintosh specific info
-is skipped. Data-fork and resource-fork are restored as separate files.
 .B \-K
 [AtheOS, BeOS, Unix only] retain SUID/SGID/Tacky file attributes.  Without
 this flag, these attribute bits are cleared for security reasons.