processor_set_max_priority.html   [plain text]

<strong>Function</strong> - Sets the maximum scheduling priority for a processor set.
<strong>#include&lt mach/mach_host.h&gt</strong>

<strong>kern_return_t	processor_set_max_priority</strong>
		<strong>(processor_set_t</strong>	<var>processor_set</var>,
		<strong>int</strong>	<var>priority</var>,
		<strong>boolean_t</strong>	<var>change_threads</var><strong>);</strong>
<dt> <var>processor_set</var>
[in processor-set-control port] The control port for the processor set whose maximum scheduling priority is to be set.
<dt> <var>priority</var>
[in scalar] The new priority for the processor set.
<dt> <var>change_threads</var>
[in scalar] True if the maximum priority of existing threads assigned to this processor set should also be changed.
The <strong>processor_set_max_priority</strong>
function sets the maximum scheduling <var>priority</var> for
<var>processor_set</var>. The maximum <var>priority</var> of a
processor set is used only when creating new threads. A new thread's
maximum <var>priority</var> is set to that of its assigned processor
set. When assigned to a processor set, a thread's maximum
<var>priority</var> is reduced, if necessary, to that of its new
processor set; its current <var>priority</var> is also reduced, as
needed. Changing the maximum <var>priority</var> of a processor set
does not affect the <var>priority</var> of the currently assigned
threads unless <var>change_threads</var> is TRUE. If this
<var>priority</var> change violates the maximum <var>priority</var> of
some threads, their maximum priorities will be reduced to match.
Only generic errors apply.
<a href="thread_assign.html">thread_assign</a>.