processor_set_destroy.html   [plain text]

<strong>Function</strong> - Destroy the target processor set object.
<strong>kern_return_t	processor_set_destroy</strong>
		<strong>(processor_set_t</strong>	<var>processor_set</var><strong>);</strong>
<dt> <var>processor_set</var> 
[in processor-set-control send right]
The control port for the processor 
set to be destroyed.
The <strong>processor_set_destroy</strong> function destroys the specified
processor set.  Any 
assigned processors, tasks or threads are re-assigned to the default set.  The
object port (not the name port) for the processor set is required.
<dt> <strong>KERN_DEFAULT_SET</strong>
An attempt was made to destroy the default processor set.
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<a href="processor_assign.html">processor_assign</a>,
<a href="task_assign.html">task_assign</a>,
<a href="thread_assign.html">thread_assign</a>.