i386_io_port_list.html   [plain text]

<strong>Function</strong> - List the devices that permit target thread to invoke operations.
<strong>kern_return_t   i386_io_port_list</strong>
                <strong>(thread_act_t</strong>                        <var>target_act</var>,
                 <strong>device_list_t</strong>                      <var>device_list</var><strong>);</strong>
<dt> <var>target_act</var> 
[in thread send right]
Thread whose permission list is to be returned.
<dt> <var>device_list</var> 
[out pointer to dynamic array of device send rights]
Device ports
permitting I/O.
The <strong>i386_io_port_list</strong> function returns a list of the
devices named in the 
thread's I/O permission bitmap, namely those permitting I/O instructions to be
executed against them.
Only generic errors apply.
<a href="i386_io_port_add.html"><strong>i386_io_port_add<strong></a>,
<a href="i386_io_port_remove.html"><strong>i386_io_port_remove<strong></a>.