task_suspend.html   [plain text]

<strong>Function</strong> - Suspend the target task.
<strong>kern_return_t   task_suspend</strong>
                <strong>(task_t</strong>          <var>task</var><strong>);</strong>
<dt> <var>task</var> 
[in task send right]
The port for the task to be suspended.
The <strong>task_suspend</strong> function increments the suspend count
for task and stops all 
threads within the task.  As long as the suspend count is positive, 
no newly-created threads can execute.  The function does not return until all 
of the task's threads have been suspended.
To resume a suspended task and its threads, use <strong>task_resume</strong>.
If the suspend 
count is greater than one, <strong>task_resume</strong> must be repeated
that number of times.
Only generic errors apply.
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<a href="task_resume.html"><strong>task_resume</strong></a>,
<a href="task_terminate.html"><strong>task_terminate</strong></a>,
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