mach_rpc_return_trap.html   [plain text]

<strong>System Trap</strong> - Real-Time RPC trap return location.

<strong>mach_rpc_return_t   mach_rpc_return_trap( void )</strong>
The <strong>mach_rpc_return_trap</strong> is the system entry point
used by the reply side of the Mach RPC service and is used by RPC
servers to return control to invoking clients.
For a complete description of this functionality, refer to: Burke,
Edward, Michael Condict, David Mitchell, Franklin Reynolds, Peter
Watkins, William Willcox, "RPC Design for Real-Time Mach," OSF
Research Institute, Cambridge, MA.
This interface is experimental and therefore subject to change.
The return value is specific to the server function actually executed
via the  <strong>mach_rpc_return_trap</strong> call.
<a href="mach_rpc_trap.html"><strong>mach_rpc_trap</strong></a>.