device_reply_server.html   [plain text]

<strong>Function</strong> - Handle incoming data from kernel device driver.
<strong>boolean_t	device_reply_server</strong>
		<strong>(mach_msg_header_t</strong>	<var>request_msg</var>,
		<strong>mach_msg_header_t</strong>	<var>reply_msg</var><strong>);</strong>
<dt> <var>request_msg</var> 
[pointer to in structure]
The device driver message received from the 
<dt> <var>reply_msg</var> 
[out structure]
A reply message.  No messages from a device driver
expect a direct reply, so this field is not used.
The <strong>device_reply_server</strong> function is the MIG generated server handling
function to handle messages from kernel device drivers.  Such
messages were sent in response to the various
calls.  It is assumed when using 
those calls that some task is listening for reply messages on the port named as a 
reply port to those calls.  The <strong>device_reply_server</strong>
function performs all
necessary argument handling for a kernel message and calls one
of the device server functions to interpret the message.
<dt> <strong>TRUE</strong>
The message was handled and the appropriate function was called.
<dt> <strong>FALSE</strong>
The message did not apply to this device handler interface and no other 
action was taken.
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