clock_set_time.html   [plain text]

<p><strong>Function</strong> - Set the current time.
<strong>kern_return_t   clock_set_time</strong>
                <strong>(clock_ctrl_t</strong>                     <var>clock_control</var>,
                 <strong>tvalspec_t</strong>                            <var>new_time</var><strong>);</strong>
<dt> <var>clock_control</var> 
[in clock-control send right]
The control port for the clock.
<dt> <var>new_time</var> 
[in structure]
New time
The <strong>clock_set_time</strong> function sets the time kept by a
clock.  Setting the clock 
time will cause all pending clock alarms and sleeps to be terminated with
timestamps set to the current clock time just prior to the new
time being set with a
return code of <strong>KERN_ABORTED</strong>.
The use of this function is \*Vstrongly discouraged\*O since it could affect the
monotonically increasing nature of the clock.
Only generic errors apply.
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Data Structures:
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