MO_default_server.html   [plain text]

<strong>Function</strong> - Handle kernel operation request targeted for the default pager.
<strong>boolean_t	memory_object_default_server</strong>
		<strong>(mach_msg_header_t</strong>	<var>request_msg</var>,
		<strong>mach_msg_header_t</strong>	<var>reply_ms</var><strong>);</strong>
<dt> <var>in_msg</var> 
[pointer to in structure]
The memory manager message received from 
the kernel.
<dt> <var>out_msg</var> 
[out structure]
A reply message.  Note that no kernel messages to a 
memory manager expect a direct reply.
The <strong>memory_object_default_server</strong> function is the MIG generated server
handling function to handle messages from the kernel targeted to the default
memory manager.  This server function only handles messages unique
to the default 
memory manager.  Messages that are common to all memory managers are
handled by <strong>memory_object_server</strong>.
A \*Vmemory manager\*O 
is a server task that responds to specific messages from the 
kernel in order to handle memory management functions for the kernel.  The 
<strong>memory_object_default_server</strong> function performs all necessary argument
handling for a kernel message and calls one of the default memory manager
<dt> <strong>TRUE</strong>
The message was handled and the appropriate function was called.
<dt> <strong>FALSE</strong>
The message did not apply to this memory management interface and 
no other action was taken.
<a href="SMO_default_server.html"><strong>seqnos_memory_object_default_server<strong></a>,
<a href="memory_object_server.html"><strong>memory_object_server<strong></a>,
<a href="memory_object_create.html"><strong>memory_object_create<strong></a>,
<a href="MO_data_initialize.html"><strong>memory_object_data_initialize<strong></a>,
<a href="DP_object_create.html"><strong>default_pager_object_create<strong></a>,
<a href="default_pager_info.html"><strong>default_pager_info<strong></a>.