CHANGES   [plain text]

Version 1.7.19
(15 Dec 2014, from /branches/1.7.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * rm: display the proper URL in commit log editor (r1591123)
    * diff: fix invalid read during suffix scanning (issue #4339)
    * fix crash in eclipse IDE with GNOME Keyring (issue #3498)
    * checkout/update: fix file externals failing to follow history and
      subsequently silently failing (issue #4185)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * svnadmin dump: don't let invalid mergeinfo prevent a dump (issue #4476)
    * mod_dav_svn: reject requests with missing repository paths (r1643409)
    * mod_dav_svn: reject requests with invalid virtual transaction names
    * mod_dav_svn: avoid unneeded memory growth in resource walking
      (issue #4531)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * properly generate a version resource when building on Windows (r1542610,
      r1564576, r1568180)
    * fix a problem with the unix build that could result in linking to the
      wrong Subversion libraries at build or at run time (r1594157)
    * use a proper intermediate directory when building with Visual Studio
      2003-2008 (r1595431)
    * fix LIBTOOL_M4 and LIBTOOL_CONFIG variable not be evaluated properly
      during a unix build (r1637826)
    * allow the use of libtool 2.4.3 (r1640862, r1640873, r1643793)

Version 1.7.18
(11 Aug 2014, from /branches/1.7.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * guard against md5 hash collisions when finding cached credentials
        (r1550691, r1550772, r1600909)
    * ra_serf: properly match wildcards in SSL certs. (r1615211, 1615219)
    * ra_serf: ignore the CommonName in SSL certs where there are Subject Alt
        Names (r1565531, r1566503, r1568349)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * fix ocassional failure in test 12. (r1496127)
    * disable building ZLib's assembly optimizations on Windows.

Version 1.7.17
(07 May 2014, from /branches/1.7.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * log: use proper peg revision over DAV (r1568872)
    * move: fix errors when moving files between an external and the parent
      working copy (r1551579)
    * copy: fix 'svn copy URL WC' on relocated working copies
      (r1580626, r1580650)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * mod_dav_svn: blacklist building with broken versions of httpd; 2.2.25,
      2.4.5 and 2.4.6 (r1545835)
    * mod_dav_svn: detect out of dateness correctly during commit (issue #4480)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * fix libmagic detection with custom LDFLAGS (r1577200)
    * fix a missing null byte when handling old pre-1.4 deltas (r1587968)
    * support building with Serf 1.3.x (r1517123, r1535139)

  - Bindings:
    * javahl: fix crash from resolve callback throwing an exception (r1586439)

Version 1.7.16
(26 Feb 2014, from /branches/1.7.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * copy: fix some scenarios that broke the working copy (r1560690)
    * diff: fix regressions due to fixes in 1.7.14 (issue #4460)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * mod_dav_svn: prevent crashes with SVNListParentPath on (CVE-2014-0032)
    * reduce memory usage during checkout and export (r1564215)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * fix failure in
    * support compiling against Cyrus sasl 2.1.25 (r1404912, r1413402)
    * support compiling against neon 0.30.x (r1566320)

Version 1.7.15
(Not released, see changes for 1.7.16.)

Version 1.7.14
(25 Nov 2013, from /branches/1.7.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client- and server-side bugfixes:
    * fix assertion on urls of the form 'file://./' (r1516806)

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * upgrade: fix an assertion when used with pre-1.3 wcs (r1530849)
    * ra_local: fix error with repository in Windows drive root (r1518184)
    * fix crash on windows when piped command is interrupted (r1522892)
    * fix externals that point at redirected locations (issues #4428, #4429)
    * diff: fix incorrect calculation of changes in some cases (issue #4283)
    * diff: fix errors with added/deleted targets (issues #4153, #4421)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * mod_dav_svn: Prevent crashes with some 3rd party modules (r1537360 et al)
    * fix OOM on concurrent requests at threaded server start (r1527103 et al)
    * fsfs: limit commit time of files with deep change histories (r1536790)
    * mod_dav_svn: canonicalize paths properly (r1542071)

  - Other tool improvements and bugfixes:
    * mod_dontdothat: Fix the uri parser (r1542069 et al)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - Bindings:
    * javahl: canonicalize path for streamFileContent method (r1524869)

Version 1.7.13
(29 Aug 2013, from /branches/1.7.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - General
    * merge: fix bogus mergeinfo with conflicting file merges (issue #4306)
    * diff: fix duplicated path component in '--summarize' output (issue #4408)
    * ra_serf: ignore case when checking certificate common names (r1514763)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * svnserve: fix creation of pid files (r1516556)
    * mod_dav_svn: better status codes for commit failures (r1490684)
    * mod_dav_svn: do not map requests to filesystem (r1512432 et al)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * support linking against gssapi on Solaris 10 (r1515068)
    * don't use uninitialized variable to produce an error code (r1482282)

  - Bindings:
    * swig-pl: fix SVN::Client not honoring config file settings (r150744)
    * swig-pl & swig-py: disable unusable svn_fs_set_warning_func (r1515119)

Version 1.7.12
(Not released, see changes for 1.7.13.)
Version 1.7.11
(23 Jul 2013, from /branches/1.7.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - General
    * translation updates for Simplified Chinese

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * mod_dav_svn: fix incorrect path canonicalization (r1503528)
            See CVE-2013-4131, and descriptive advisory at

  - Other tool improvements and bugfixes:
    * fix argument processing in contrib hook scripts (r1485350)
            See CVE-2013-2088, and descriptive advisory at

 Developer-visible changes:
  - Bindings:
    * javahl: fix bug in error constructing code (r1405922)

Version 1.7.10
(30 May 2013, from /branches/1.7.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * fix 'svn revert' "no such table: revert_list" spurious error (issue #4168)
    * fix 'svn diff' doesn't show some locally added files (issue #3797)
    * fix changelist filtering when --changelist values aren't UTF8 (r1475724)
    * fix 'svn diff --git' shows wrong copyfrom (issue #4294)
    * fix 'svn diff -x-w' shows wrong changes (issues #4133 and #4270, r1427278)
    * fix 'svn blame' sometimes shows every line as modified (issue #4034)
    * fix regression in 'svn status -u' output for externals (r1434750)
    * fix file permissions change on commit of file with keywords (issue #4331)
    * improve some fatal error messages (r1465975)
    * fix externals not removed when working copy is made shallow (issue #3741)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * fix FSFS repository corruption due to newline in filename (issue #4340)
            See CVE-2013-1968, and descriptive advisory at
    * fix svnserve exiting when a client connection is aborted (r1482759)
            See CVE-2013-2112, and descriptive advisory at
    * fix svnserve memory use after clear (issue #4365)
    * fix repository corruption on power/disk failure on Windows (r1483781)

 Developer-visible changes
  - General:
    * make compatible with Solaris /bin/sh (r1451678)
    * fix infinite recursion bug in (r1421541, r1424977)
    * fix uninitialised output parameter of svn_fs_commit_txn() (r1461743)

  - Bindings:
    * fix JavaHL thread-safety bug (r1476359)

Version 1.7.9
(04 Apr 2013, from /branches/1.7.x)
 User-visible changes
  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * improved error messages about svn:date and svn:author props. (r1440620)
    * fix local_relpath assertion (issue #4257)
    * fix memory leak in `svn log` over svn:// (r1458341)
    * fix incorrect authz failure when using neon http library (issue #4332)
    * fix segfault when using kwallet (r1421103)
  - Server-side bugfixes:
      See CVE-2013-1845, CVE-2013-1846, CVE-2013-1847, CVE-2013-1849,
      and CVE-2013-1884, and descriptive advisories at
    * svnserve will log the replayed rev not the low-water rev. (r1461278)
    * mod_dav_svn will omit some property values for activity urls (r1453780)
    * fix an assertion in mod_dav_svn when acting as a proxy on / (issue #4272)
    * improve memory usage when committing properties in mod_dav_svn (r1443929)
    * fix svnrdump to load dump files with non-LF line endings (issue #4263)
    * fix assertion when rep-cache is inaccessible (r1422100)
    * improved logic in mod_dav_svn's implementation of lock. (r1455352)
    * avoid executing unnecessary code in log with limit (r1459599)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * fix an assertion in dav_svn_get_repos_path() on Windows (r1425368)
    * fix to correctly download zlib (r13520131)
    * doxygen docs will now ignore prefixes when producing the index (r1429201)
    * fix on freebsd (r1423646)

  - Bindings:
    * javahl status api now respects the ignoreExternals boolean (r1435361)

Version 1.7.8
(17 Dec 2012, from /branches/1.7.x)
 User-visible changes
  - Client- and server-side bugfixes:
    * Fix typos in pt_BR, es and zh_TW translations (r1402417, r1402421)

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * fix crash with --username option on Windows (r1396285)
    * add missing attributes to "svn log -v --xml" output (r1398100)
    * fix svn patch ignoring hunks after no trailing newline (r1399174)
    * fix hang with ra_serf during error processing (r1403583)
    * ignore file externals with mergeinfo when merging (r1401915)
    * fix "svnmucc cp" segfault with a missing last argument (issue #4079)
    * fix conflict handling on symlinks (issue #4091)
  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * properly detect threading availability (r1398325)
    * fix "svnadmin load --bypass-prop-validation" (r1237779)
    * fix parsing of [groupsfoo] sections in authz file (issue #3531)
    * add Vary: header to GET responses to improve cacheability (r1390653)
    * fix fs_fs to cleanup after failed rep transmission (r1403964, et al)
    * fix mod_dav_svn to complain about revisions > HEAD (r1403588)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * fix incorrect status returned by 1.6 API (r1403258)
    * fix compilation with g++ 4.7 (r1345740)
    * fix svn_uri_get_file_url_from_dirent on Windows (r1409146)

Version 1.7.7
(09 Oct 2012, from /branches/1.7.x)
 User-visible changes
  - Client- and server-side bugfixes:
    * fix memory read bug (r137614)
    * update Chinese translation

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * fix issues with applying Git patch files (r1374800, et al)
    * fix status does not descend into dir externals after upgrade (issue #4016)
    * fix file externals don't update with old mod_dav_svn (issue #4224)
    * fix external diff tool duplicates Index: lines with 'svn diff' (r1380697)
    * fix GNOME keyring library fails with very old glib (r1378847)
    * fix unknown password stores in config file cause error (r1375052)
    * fix assertions in ra_serf running against server root (r1365519, et al)
    * fix ra_serf checkout/export aborts early on Windows (issue #4174)
  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * fix an assert with SVNAutoVersioning in mod_dav_svn (issue #4231)
    * fix unbounded memory use with SVNPathAuthz short_circuit (r1387943)
    * fix svndumpfilter exclude --targets requires leading slash (issue #4234)
    * fix connection ttl for memcache should be 50 seconds (r1391641)
    * stabilize order of paths in dumpfiles with APR 1.4.6 (r1344864, et al)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * print "All tests successful" at the end of 'make check' (r1375089)
    * fix sandbox violation in a test (r1371282)
    * fix tests fail when running within a format 30 WC (r1391188, et al)
    * fix return value of svn_client_update4() incorrect (r1380295)
    * fix make check summary missing test failures (r1390965)
    * fix build does not fail when apache httpd is not available (r1374198)

  - Bindings:
    * fix swig-pl build fails with swig 2.0.7 and newer. (r1389658)
    * fix swig-py runtime problems with swig 2.0.5 and newer (r1351117)

Version 1.7.6
(15 Aug 2012, from /branches/1.7.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client- and server-side bugfixes:

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * Fix "svn status -u --depth empty FILE" (r1348822, r1349215)
    * Fix example output of 'svn help status' (issue #3962)
    * propset of svn:eol-style might not notice related text changes (r1353572)
    * sort output of 'svn propget -R' (r1355699)
    * sort output of 'svn proplist' (r1355698)
    * sort output of 'svn status' (r1341012)
    * avoid a filestat per working copy find operation (r1340556)
    * optimize 'svn upgrade' performance on large working copies (r1342984)
    * allow 'file:///C:\repos' style arguments on Windows, like 1.6 (r1346765)
    * fix ra_serf against Subversion 1.2 servers (r1349367)
    * fix 'svn upgrade' on working copies with certain tree conflicts (r1345482)
    * avoid workqueue references to system temp dir (r1367854)
    * allow non-existent canonical paths (r1367853)
    * fix 'svn revert --depth files' to operate on files (r1365554)
    * fix ra_serf XML namespace handling against malicious server (r1337441)
    * fix relocate with server-relative externals (issue 4216)
    * change two asserts into errors for TortoiseSVN (r1368128, r1368065)
    * don't attempt to anchor an operation outside a wc root (r1361341)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * partial sync drops properties when converting to adds (issue #4184)
    * replaying a copy and delete of an unreadable child fails (issue #4121)
    * allow svnlook to operate on r0 (r1362508)
    * make FSFS revision files independent of APR hash order (r1367498)

  - Other tool improvements and bugfixes:
    * move mod_dontdothat to install-tools (r1307177)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * fix running tests against httpd 2.4 (r1291594)
    * use constant struct initialisers for C89 compatibility (r1352068)

  - Bindings:
    * JavaHL: Don't assert on some invalid input (r1354626, r1354652)
    * JavaHL: Add missing new in 1.7 notifications (r1351772)

Version 1.7.5
(17 May 2012, from /branches/1.7.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client- and server-side bugfixes:
    * http: report deleted-revision upon delete during update (r1327474)

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * avoid potential segfault when canonicalizing properties (r1296369)
    * improve memory and file-handle management with externals (issue #4130)
    * serf: convert assertions to "MERGE failed" errors (r1302417)
    * fix undefined behaviour during multi-segment reverse merges (issue #4144)
    * fix potential use of already freed memory during diff operation (r1311935)
    * improve performance of scan for the working copy root (r1306334)
    * cmdline: fix segfault during 'svn diff' argument processing (r1311702)
    * fix regression from 1.6 in update with --depth option (issue #4136)
    * propset: avoid undefined behaviour in error path (r1325361)
    * reset sqlite statements, partly for sqlite-3.7.11 compat (r1328846, et al)
    * fix assertion during 'svn diff -r BASE:HEAD ^/trunk' (issue #4161)
    * notify upon 'update' just removing locks on files (r1329876)
    * neon: fix potential use of freed memory during commits (r1329388)
    * 'status --xml' doesn't show repository deletes correctly (issue #4167)
    * fix assert on svn:externals with drive letter on Windows (issue #4073)
    * fix 'svn update --depth=empty' against 1.4 servers (issue #4046)
    * handle missing svn:date reported by svnserve gracefully (r1306111)
    * fix merges which first add a subtree and then delete it (issue #4166)
    * fix a regression with checkout of file externals (issue #4087)
    * don't add spurious mergeinfo to subtrees in edge-case merge (issue #4169)
    * improve performance of status on large working copies (issue #4178)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * fix non-fatal FSFS corruption bug with concurrent commits (issue #4129)
    * mod_dav_svn: raise an error on MERGE of non-existent resource (r1298343)
    * mod_dav_svn: support compiling/running under httpd-2.4 (r1232267)
    * mod_dav_svn: forbid BDB repositories under httpd's event MPM (issue #4157)

  - Other tool improvements and bugfixes:
    * emacs support: updates to dsvn.el and vc-svn.el (r1200896, et al)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * windows example distribution scripts: include svnrdump (r1295007)
    * fix running the test suite with jsvn (r1335555)

  - Bindings:
    * swig-py tests: avoid FAILs on APR hash order (r1296137, r1292248)
    * swig-rb tests: avoid FAILs on APR hash order (r1310535, r1310594)
    * swig-pl: Improved perl detection in (r1291797, r1291810)

Version 1.7.4
(08 Mar 2012, from /branches/1.7.x)

  User-visible changes:
    * fix 'svn log --diff' for moved paths (r1210147, et al)
    * fix ra_serf problem with reading directory entries via HTTPv2 (r1238121)
    * prepend "sqlite:" to error messages from SQLite (r1245738, -817)
    * fix randomly missing "Merged via" notifications in 'svn log -g' (r1293229)
    * fix spurious conflict when merging deleted symbolic link (issue #4052)
    * fix URL-to-WC copy of externals on Windows (issue #4123)
    * improve an FSFS sanity-check error message (r1294470)
    * fix regressions with symlinks pointing at externals (issue #4102)
    * fix 'svn log --diff' output ordering issue on Windows (r1295671)

  Developer-visible changes:
    * don't build mod_dontdothat if not building with httpd (r1243976)
    * fix the testsuite to avoid FAILs on APR hash order (r1230714, et al)

Version 1.7.3
(14 Feb 2012, from /branches/1.7.x)

    * ship mod_dontdothat with the standard release

  User-visible changes:
    * fix segfault on 'svn rm $ROOT_URL' (issue #4074)
    * replace a couple of assertions in favor of errors (r1207858, -949)
    * fix a server assert after being upgraded (r1210195)
    * fix segfault on 'svn mkdir svn://localhost' (r1211483)
    * make 'svnadmin recover' prune the rep cache (r1213331, et al)
    * make svnmucc use values from --config-dir option
    * update and clarify the merge help text (r1154121, et al)
    * replace wc assertion with informative error (r1222521, -693)
    * copy permissions correctly for FSFS dirs (r1229252)
    * improve 'svn log --with-all-revprops' over ra-dav (issue #4082)
    * fix segfault when remapping a file external (issue #4093)
    * fix segfault caused by obstructing unversioned dir (r1229677)
    * fix regression on first update of external dir with '-r' (issue #4053)
    * fix various EOL-handling problems in 'svn patch' (issues #3814, #3991)
    * fix segfault in 'svn revert' (r1229303)
    * improve correctness of 'svn patch --dry-run' (r1231944, -5)
    * enforce revisions given in 'svn:externals' (issue #4053)
    * fix potential corruption on 32-bit FSFS with large files (r1230212)
    * make 'svn status --xml' show new files (issue #4097)
    * fix 'svn mergeinfo' correctness (issue #4050)
    * return the correct status for non-present nodes (r1232202, -07, -21, -22)
    * improve SASL error messages (r1236343, et al)
    * improve server cert error code for ra_serf (r1232413)
    * fix SVNParentPath listings for parent path symlinks (r1221767, -80)
    * fix mod_dav_svn's handling of POST errors (issue #4086)
    * log some mod_dav_svn errors, rather than ignoring them (r1237720, -9596)
    * relax requirements for canonicalization in mod_dav_svn (r1236173)
    * fix a rare source of FSFS corruption (r1240752)
    * allow committing the result of some copy operations (issue #4059)
    * prevent one-byte buffer overflow in base64 decoding (r1242337)

  Developer-visible changes:
    * JavaHL: Add missing notify action, fixing an exception (r1221793)
    * fix swig-py memory leak (r1235264, -296, -302, -736)
    * fix spurious test suite failure (r1220742, -50)
    * allow running tests on UNC shares (r1225491)
    * bindings: see platform-specific password providers (r1242660, -1)
    * skip 'svnrdump dump' tests over ra_serf (r1242537)
    * convert a few ra_serf assertions to errors (r1242607)

Version 1.7.2
(02 Dec 2011, from /branches/1.7.x)

  User-visible changes:
   * fix working copy corruption after interrupted update/switch (issue #4040)
   * avoid segfaults against pre-1.5 servers (r1186928)
   * improve configure error message if apr-util uses old or no bdb (r1186784)
   * make 'svn patch' ignore '/dev/null' targets for compat with git (r1197998)
   * fix 'svn patch' segfault on patch that skips and deletes files (r1199950)
   * omit "Committed revision N." output from 'svn commit --quiet' (r1200837)
   * fix authz denial when svnserve root is a repository (issue #4060)
   * fix uninitialized memory read in client diff code (r1201002)
   * avoid potential segfault during merges (r1202807)
   * fix an assertion failure when a symlink is updated (r1186944, -81, -83)
   * make working copy operations fail if nodes have no base checksum (r1202630)
   * fix nested <Location>s when using v2 protocol (r1203546, -651, -653)
   * make mod_dav_svn ignore non-Subversion POST requests (r1187695)
   * avoid reading freed memory (r1204478)
   * recognize empty (only byte order mark) UTF-8 files as text (issue #4064)
   * fix 1.7 client regression when operating against a 1.0.x server (r1199876)
   * remove empty parent dirs of removed externals on update (issue #4044)
   * make 'svn diff -c N' work for files added in rN (issue #2873)
   * plug a memory leak in the bdb backend (r1205726)
   * fix 'svn import' with native eol-style and inconsistent EOLs (r1205193)
   * fix reading beyond the end of a string in bdb backend (r1205839, -48)
   * don't assert when committing an incomplete directory (issue #4042)

  Developer-visible changes:
   * JavaHL: allow 'status -u' to function properly (r1189190, -395)
   * don't put '\r' characters in our generate sql headers (r1189580)
   * properly define WIN64 on Windows x64 builds (r1188609)
   * better adherence to C89 in enum definitions (r1189665)
   * bump copyright year in Windows DLLs (r1189261)
   * log a better error when opening rep-cache.db fails (r1204610, -73)

Version 1.7.1
(24 Oct 2011, from /branches/1.7.x)

  User-visible changes:
   * improve performance of 'svn info' (r1164386)
   * improve hash table sorting performance (r1167659)
   * update bash completion for 1.7 (r1177001)
   * make 'svn ls' continue to work with 1.0-1.3 repos (r1154278, -379, -82)
   * improve handling of error messages generated by Cyrus SASL (r1179767)
   * update INSTALL documentation file (r1182115, and others)
   * error instead of assert when upgrading corrupt WCs (r1182904, -9)
   * improve memory usage in merge (r1176915)
   * fix an invalid assertion in merge (r1149103, -35)
   * improve performance of 'merge --reintegrate' in edge-case (r1167681)
   * fixed: 'svn mergeinfo' shows wrong revisions for added nodes (issue #3791)
   * make 'svn add --parents D/file' work if D is deleted (r1185222)
   * improve performance of trivial text file merges (issue #4009)
   * add FSFS sanity check to prevent corruption seen in the wild (r1178280)
   * improve correctness/performance of recursive info and proplist (r1164426)
   * fix memory leak in 'merge --reintegrate' (r1180154)
   * fix handling of directories after 'update --set-depth=empty' (r1185911)
   * fix 'checksum != NULL' assertions in some upgraded WCs (r1177732)
   * fix upgrading of WCs containing authz-restricted dirs (r1185738)
   * make the server tolerate svn:mergeinfo with malformed paths (r1182771)
   * fix some erroneous warning messages from the svn client (r1185746)
   * fix WC upgrade with replaced nodes in edge-case (issue #4033)

  Developer-visible changes:
   * fix object lifetime issues in the JavaHL bindings (r1175888)
   * fix org.tigris JavaHL wrappers to avoid double finalize (r1179680)
   * don't write to const memory (r1177492)
   * improve zlib configuration (r1174761, -98, -806)
   * improve SQLite runtime init for OS X 10.7 compat (r1181666)
   * improve test suite correctness (r1174111)
   * fix potential segfault seen by TSVN (r1183263)
   * fix backward compat crashes in JavaHL (r1183054, -347)
   * fill in repos_* fields of svn_wc_status3_t for repos-only nodes (r1181609)
   * disable the SQLite shared process cache (r1185242, r1185280)

Version 1.7.0
(11 Oct 2011, from /branches/1.7.x)

See the 1.7 release notes for a more verbose overview of the changes since
the 1.6 release:

 User-visible changes:
  - General:
    * No longer including contrib/ in the release tarballs (r877798)

  - Major new features:
    * Less verbose HTTP-based repository access protocol (issue #1161, #3371)
    * Rewritten working copy metadata storage (issue #3357)
    * New 'svn patch' subcommand (issue #511)
    * Rewritten FSFS in-memory caching for better performance
    * New remote repository dump/load client 'svnrdump'

  - Minor new features and improvements:
    * Better handling of HTTP redirects (issue #2779)
    * Improved and much more consistent path handling (issue #2028, and others)
    * 'svnadmin load' rewrites changed revnums in mergeinfo (issue #3020)
    * Error message and help text improvements
    * 'svn log' can print unidiff of changes made in a revision (issue #2909)
    * 'svn diff' can print git-style unidiff annotations 
    * svnsync can now steal locks on a mirror repository (issue #3309)
    * display the wc root in the output of 'svn info' (issue #3355)
    * add 'svnlook filesize' (issue #3509)
    * add 'svn upgrade' command for upgrading working copies (r877675)
    * add 'svnsync --disable-locking' (issue #3545)
    * subtree merges don't unconditionally stop reintegrate merge (issue #3577)
    * 'svn relocate' replaces 'svn switch --relocate'  (r1026475)
    * 'svn relocate' updates relative externals (issue #3597)
    * allow svnsync users to specify the source repo (issue #3637)
    * remove redundant mergeinfo notifications for 2-URL merges (issue #3671)
    * 'svn export' into the current directory (issue #3727)
    * added '--parents' to 'svn update' (issue #3748)
    * allow configurable connection timeout in ra_serf (r876161)
    * add digest authentication in ra_serf (r876405)
    * add extensive caching support to servers (r1067669, -75, -72302)
    * add configurable caching to svnadmin (r1078357)
    * make server-side network data compression rate configurable (r1072288)
    * added support for auto-detecting mime-types with libmagic (r1131120)
    * 'svn rm url1 url2 url3' uses single txn per repo (issue #1199)
    * don't leave unversioned files when reverting copies (issue #3101)

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * 'svn cp A B; svn mv B C' is equivalent to 'svn cp A C' (issue #756)
    * revert fetches missing directories from the server (issue #1040)
    * allow subdirs of moved dirs to be moved and committed (issue #1259)
    * improved performance of 'svn mv' with whole directories (issue #1284)
    * 'svn rm B; svn cp A B' now works (issue #1516)
    * 'svn diff URL1 URL2' now reverse of 'svn diff URL2 URL1' (issue #2333)
    * error if relocating to an unused URL (issue #2531)
    * 'svn blame -rWORKING' is now supported (issue #2544)
    * improve correctness of commit on a relocated wc over ra_dav (issue #2578)
    * add early error to 'svn add --auto-props' with mixed eols (issue #2713)
    * allow 'svn diff' to accept symlinks as targets (issue #2716)
    * don't lose props for replaced items (issue #2743)
    * handle mergeinfo for subtrees removed outside of svn (issue #2915)
    * add ability to force 'svn diff' to use internal diff (issue #3701)
    * correctly recover a schedule-for-delete rm'd outside of svn (issue #3106)
    * don't create self-referential mergeinfo from own history (issue #3157)
    * improve 'svn log -g' handling of bad mergeinfo source paths (issue #3270)
    * better conflict stat printing (issue #3342, issue #3594)
    * 'svn update' restores excluded files (issue #3544)
    * allow reintegrate merges into WCs with missing subtrees (issue #3603)
    * more gracefully error when given back cmdline input (issue #3620)
    * update exit codes to reflect command failure (issue #3622)
    * don't double-update file externals (issue #3665)
    * improve output of multi-target update (issue #3693, #3746)
    * make 'svn up --set-depth=exclude FILE' work (issue #3736)
    * return correct error code for 'svn cat' on nonexisting file (issue #3713)
    * support svn:externals on locally added directories (issue #2267)
    * use installed GSSAPI lib for Kerberos in ra_serf (r877381)
    * allow 'svn info' to run on an excluded item (issue #3792)
    * improve 'log -g' output with reverse merges (issue #3176)
    * don't print error message if stdout is a pipe and is closed (issue #3014)
    * removed special copy-handling during updates added in 1.5.0 (issue #3711)
    * fix warning about copies committed with non-infinity depth (issue #3752)
    * can now commit multiple wc paths lacking a common parent (issue #2381)
    * 'svn export --depth $WC' now works correctly (issue #3800)
    * added support for case-only renames on Windows (issue #3702)
    * 'svn delete --force' removes tree conflicts (issue #3805)
    * don't throw an error when skipping tree conflicts in update (issue #3329)
    * don't break commits of wc->wc copies with file externals (issue #3589)
    * allow 'svn info' to work on symlinks to working copies (issue #2305)
    * allow 'svn st --show-updates' to work across symlinks (issue #3117)
    * 'svn revert' shouldn't loop on symlinks (issue #3972)
    * fixed: wc-to-wc copy of a switch source (issue #1802)
    * fixed: 'svn st' reports symlinks as obstructed items (issue #2284)
    * fixed: 'cd e:\; svn up e:\' fails (issue #2556)
    * fixed: svn aborts on commiting from root dir on windows (issue #3346)
    * fixed: removing a dir scheduled for deletion corrupts wc (issue #2741)
    * fixed: 'svn cleanup' fails on obstructed paths (issue #2867)
    * fixed: case-only renames resulting from merges don't work (issue #3115)
    * fixed: 'svn mergeinfo' ignores peg rev for wc target (issue #3180)
    * fixed: unable to merge to wc of deleted branch (issue #3221)
    * fixed: move via merge leaves behind versioned move source (issue #3324)
    * fixed: ra_serf does not honor http-proxy-exceptions (issue #3428)
    * fixed: 'svn mv A B; svn mv B A' loses history (issue #3429)
    * fixed: ra_serf doesn't support http-auth-types config (issue #3435)
    * fixed: merge sets incorrect mergeinfo on skipped paths (issue #3440)
    * fixed: ra_serf inconsistent handling of cached authn creds (issue #3450)
    * fixed: ra_serf sefault with using NTLM or Negotiate auth (r876910)
    * fixed: excluded subtrees are not detected by svnversion (issue #3461)
    * fixed: submitting a changelist while obstructed item exists (issue #3484)
    * fixed: crash when changing an external's URL (issue #3530)
    * fixed: target moved after branching breaks reintegrate (issue #3640)
    * fixed: potential race condition in svnsync (issue #3546)
    * fixed: spurious merge conflicts with pre-1.7 mod_dav_svn (issue #3657)
    * fixed: repeat merge is not a no-op (issue #3564)
    * fixed: inheritance results in self-referential mergeinfo (issue #3668)
    * fixed: inheritance results in nonexistent mergeinfo sources (issue #3669)
    * fixed: memory leaks in ra_serf (issue #3684)
    * fixed: corruption of 'svn pg' output for large properties (issue #3721)
    * fixed: 'svnsync copy-revprops' doesn't sync revprop dels (issue #3728)
    * fixed: executable flag not correctly set on merge (issue #3686)
    * fixed: 'svn rm' fails on multiple URLs with encoded spaces (issue #3839)
    * fixed: children of replaced dirs cannot be deleted (issue #3468)
    * fixed: executable flag of binary file lost during merge (issue #3686)
    * fixed: merging a symlink-turned-regular-file breaks the wc (issue #2530)
    * fixed: can't remove file externals (issue #3351)
    * fixed: 'svn unlock' attempts to unlock wrong token on DAV (issue #3794)
    * fixed: forced DAV 'svn unlock' results in 403, not warning (issue #3801)
    * fixed: rm -> ci -> cp = missing directory (issue #2763)
    * fixed: 'svn info' returns parent info on missing dirs (issue #3178)
    * fixed: spurious prop conflict with 'merge --reintegrate' (issue #3919)
    * fixed: 'svn --version' fails with non-existent $HOME (issue #3947)
    * fixed: unforced export silently overwites existing file (issue #3799)
    * fixed: reverse merge which adds subtree mergeinfo fails (issue #3978)
    * fixed: 'svn up -r{R>HEAD}' hangs client over ra_svn (issue #3963)
    * fixed: 'svn up' updates file externals in target siblings (issue #3819)
    * many other minor bugfixes, optimizations, plugs of memory leaks, etc
  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * mod_dav_svn is less strict about auto-merging for commits (issue #1704)
    * allow SVNListParentPath to be used with authz (issue #2753)
    * allow nav to repo list from repo top with SVNListParentPath (issue #3159)
    * allow repositories in the root of a drive on windows (issue #3535)
    * don't destroy mergeinfo with 'svnadmin load --parent-dir' (issue #3547)
    * fixed: 'svnadmin hotcopy' does not duplicate symlinks (issue #2591)
    * fixed: post-revprop-change errors cancel commit (issue #2990)
    * fixed: mod_dav_svn runs pre-revprop-change hook twice (issue #3085)
    * fixed: mod_dav_svn doesn't return stderr to user on failure (issue #3112)
    * fixed: hotcopy may corrupt target rep-cache.db (issue #3596)
    * fixed: mod_dav_svn can cause spurious merge conflicts (issue #3657)
    * fixed: DAV can overwrite directories during copy (issue #3314)
    * fixed: 'svn log' returns log of unrelated path (issue #3931)
    * match paths against authz rules in case sensitive way (issue #3781)
    * svnserve can now force usernames to upper/lower case (issue #3726)
    * reduce duplicate log messages in 'log -g' (issue #3650)
    * svnserve: don't crash on shutdown with SASL in inetd mode (issue #3664)
    * disallow arbitrary HTTP headers from committers (issue #2872)
    * limit FSFS memory consumption (issue #3478, #3593)
    * many other minor bugfixes too numerous to list here

  - Other tool improvements and bugfixes:
    * svnsync now takes the '--config-option' argument (issue #2027)
    * svnsync can translate non-UTF-8 properties to UTF-8 (issue #3817)
    * svnadmin now errors on non-UTF-8 revision properties (issue #3755)
    * svnadmin verify now errors on non-UTF-8 paths (r1129641)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * improved output of 'make check'
    * introduce scratch_pool/result_pool parameter paradigm
    * improved error tracing (r877208, -736)
    * improve building with sqlite on Windows (issue #3364)
    * allow mod_dav_svn to compile against Apache 2.4 (issue #3548)
    * support running tests against older servers (r876016)
    * notification of unversioned obstructions (r877344)
    * removed virtually all abort() calls (issue #2780)
    * don't include client-specific suggestions in error msgs (issue #3887)

  - API changes:
    * don't crash svn_client_copy if ctx->log_msg_func is NULL (issue #3234)
    * much improved ra_serf error handling (issue #3375)
    * provide clients with old and new revision on update (r876515)
    * close both files, even on error in svn_stream_copy3() (r887262)
    * added 'work-in-progress' XFail test status (r876549)
    * notifications sent when mergeinfo changes (r877588)
    * add information on text and property mods in log APIs (r877688)
    * fixed: svn_ra_local__get_file() leaks file descriptors (issue #3290)
    * svn_ra_neon__get_dir() returns correct dir set for URLs (issue #3093)
    * swig-py: always set ChangedPath.path (also for deletes) (issue #2630)
    * improve conflict resolver API for a specific direction (issue #3049)

  - Bindings:
    * New JavaHL package: org.apache.subversion
    * Deprecate the SVNClientSynchronized class in JavaHL (issue #2755)
    * fixed setting binary properties in JavaHL (issue #3770)
    * fix type mapping of svn_txdelta_window_t in python bindings (issue #3688)

Version 1.6.23
(30 May 2013, from /branches/1.6.x)

 User-visible changes
  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * fix FSFS repository corruption due to newline in filename (issue #4340)
    * fix svnserve exiting when a client connection is aborted (r1482759)
            See CVE-2013-2112, and descriptive advisory at

  - Other tool improvements and bugfixes:
    * fix argument processing in contrib hook scripts (r1485350)

Version 1.6.22
(Not released, see changes for 1.6.23.)

Version 1.6.21
(04 Apr 2013, from /branches/1.6.x)

 User-visible changes
  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * mod_dav_svn will omit some property values for activity urls (r1453780)
    * improve memory usage when committing properties in mod_dav_svn (r1443929)
    * fix mod_dav_svn runs pre-revprop-change twice (issue #3085)
    * fixed: post-revprop-change errors cancel commit (issue #2990)
    * improved logic in mod_dav_svn's implementation of lock. (r1455352)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * fix a compatibility issue with g++ 4.7 (r1345740)

Version 1.6.20
(04 Jan 2013, from /branches/1.6.x)

 User-visible changes
  - Client- and server-side bugfixes:
    * Fix typos in pt_BR, es and zh_TW translations (r1402417)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * add Vary: header to GET responses to improve cacheability (r1390653)
    * fix fs_fs to cleanup after failed rep transmission (r1403964, et al)
    * fix an assert with SVNAutoVersioning in mod_dav_svn (issue #4231)

Version 1.6.19
(10 Sep 2012, from /branches/1.6.x)

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * handle missing svn:date reported by svnserve gracefully (r1306111)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * fix possible server hang if a hook script fails to start (r1330410)
    * fix write-through proxy commit regression introduced in 1.6.17 (r1088602)
    * partial sync drops properties when converting to adds (issue #4184)

  - Developer-visible changes:
    * fix the testsuite to avoid FAILs on APR hash order (r1230714, et al)

Version 1.6.18
(29 Mar 2012, from /branches/1.6.x)

  User-visible changes:
    * reject invalid svn:mergeinfo at commit time over DAV (issue #3953) 
    * fix reintegrate merge regression introduced in 1.6.13 (issue #3957)
    * make the stderr output of the post-commit hook XML-safe (r893478)
    * fix a rare source of FSFS corruption (r1240752)
    * plug a memory leak in the bdb backend (r1205726)
    * server-side performance fix for "log -g" (r1152282)
    * fix description of svndumpfilter's --targets option (r1151911)
    * fix datastream corruption during resumed transfer in ra_serf (r1154733)
    * fix a crash in ra_svn SASL authentication (r1166555, -678)
    * fix potential corruption on 32-bit FSFS with large files (r1230212)
    * make website links point to (r896893, -901, r915036)
    * fix non-fatal FSFS corruption bug with concurrent commits (issue #4129)

  Developer-visible changes:
    * fix sqlite distfile retrieval in (r1134734)
    * fix swig-py memory leak (r1235264, -296, -302, -736)
    * allow passing --with-jdk to on Windows (r966167)

Version 1.6.17
(01 Jun 2011, from /branches/1.6.x)

  User-visible changes:
    * improve checkout speed on Windows (issue #3719)
    * make 'blame -g' more efficient with large mergeinfo (r1094692)
    * avoid some invalid handle exceptions on Windows (r1095654)
    * preserve log message with a non-zero editor exit (r1072084)
    * fix FSFS cache performance on 64-bit platforms (r1103665)
    * make svn cleanup tolerate obstructed directories (r1091881)
    * fix deadlock in multithreaded servers serving FSFS repositories (r1104093)
    * detect very occasional corruption and abort commit (issue #3845)
    * fixed: file externals cause non-inheritable mergeinfo (issue #3843)
    * fixed: file externals cause mixed-revision working copies (issue #3816)
    * fix crash in mod_dav_svn with GETs of baselined resources (r1104126)
            See CVE-2011-1752, and descriptive advisory at
    * fixed: write-through proxy could directly commit to slave (r917523)
    * detect a particular corruption condition in FSFS (r1100213)
    * improve error message when clients refer to unknown revisions (r939000)
    * bugfixes and optimizations to the DAV mirroring code (r878607)
    * fixed: locked and deleted file causes tree conflict (issue #3525)
    * fixed: update touches locked file with svn:keywords property (issue #3471)
    * fix svnsync handling of directory copyfrom (issue #3641)
    * fix 'log -g' excessive duplicate output (issue #3650)
    * fix svnsync copyfrom handling bug with BDB (r1036429)
    * server-side validation of svn:mergeinfo syntax during commit (issue #3895)
    * fix remotely triggerable mod_dav_svn DoS (r1130303)
            See CVE-2011-1783, and descriptive advisory at
    * fix potential leak of authz-protected file contents (r1130303)
            See CVE-2011-1921, and descriptive advisory at

  Developer-visible changes:
    * fix reporting FS-level post-commit processing errors (r1104098)
    * fix JVM recognition on OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) (r1028084)
    * allow building on Windows with recent Expat (r1074572)

Version 1.6.16
(02 Mar 2011, from /branches/1.6.x)

  User-visible changes:
   * more improvement to the 'blame -g' memory leak from 1.6.15 (r1041438)
   * avoid a crash in mod_dav_svn when using locks (r1071239, -307)
            See CVE-2011-0715, and descriptive advisory at
   * avoid unnecessary globbing for performance (r1068988)
   * don't add tree conflicts when one already exists (issue #3486)
   * fix potential crash when requesting mergeinfo (r902467)
   * don't attempt to resolve prop conflicts in 'merge --dry-run' (r880146)
   * more fixes for issue #3270.

  Developer-visible changes:
   * ensure report_info_t is properly initialized by ra_serf (r1058722)
   * locate errors properly on a malfunction (r1053208)
   * fix output param timing of svn_fs_commit_txn() on fsfs (r1051751)
   * for svn_fs_commit_txn(), set invalid rev on failed commit (r1051632, -8)
   * fix sporadic Ruby bindings test failures (r1038792)
   * fix JavaHL JVM object leak when dumping large revisions (r947006)
   * use Perl to resolve symlinks when building swig-pl (r1039040)
   * allow Perl bindings to build within a symlinked working copy (r1036534)
   * don't overwrite the LD_LIBRARY_PATH during make check-swig-pl (r946355)
   * improve unit tests for some fs functions (r1051744, -5, -3185, -241)

Version 1.6.15
(26 Nov 2010, from /branches/1.6.x)

  User-visible changes:
   * hide unreadable dirs in mod_dav_svn's GET response (r996884)
   * make 'svnmucc propsetf' actually work (r1005446)
   * limit memory fragmentation in svnserve (r1022675)
   * fix 'svn export' regression from 1.6.13 (r1032970)
   * fix 'svn export' mistakenly uri-encodes paths (issue #3745)
   * fix server-side memory leaks triggered by 'blame -g' (r1032808)
            This has been tracked as CVE-2010-4644
   * prevent crash in mod_dav_svn when using SVNParentPath (r1033166)
            This has been tracked as CVE-2010-4539
   * allow 'log -g' to continue in the face of invalid mergeinfo (issue #3270)
   * filter unreadable paths for 'svn ls' and 'svn co' (r997026, -070, -474)
   * fix abort in 'svn blame -g' (issue #3666)
   * fix file handle leak in ruby bindings (issue #3512)
   * remove check for 1.7-style working copies (issue #3729)

  Developer-visible changes:
   * improve some swig parameter mapping (r984565, r1035745)
   * improve test accuracy over dav (r991534, r877814)
   * create fails.log for test runs (r964349)
   * improve detection of 'svnversion' when building (r877219, et al)
   * don't violate API layering in dumpstream logic (issue #3733)
   * don't report working copy installs as switched (r1033921)

Version 1.6.14
(Not released, see changes for 1.6.15.)

Version 1.6.13
(01 Oct 2010, from /branches/1.6.x)

  User-visible changes:
   * don't drop properties during foreign-repo merges (issue #3623)
   * improve auto-props failure error message (r961970)
   * improve error message for 403 status with ra_neon (r876615)
   * don't allow 'merge --reintegrate' for 2-url merges (r959004)
   * improve handling of missing fsfs.conf during hotcopy (r980811, -1449)
   * escape unsafe characters in a URL during export (issue #3683)
   * don't leak stale locks in FSFS (r959760)
   * better detect broken working copies during update over ra_neon (r979045)
   * fsfs: make rev files read-only (r981921)
   * properly canonicalize a URL (r984928, -31)
   * fix wc corruption with 'commit --depth=empty' (issue #3700)
   * permissions fixes when doing reintegrate merges (related to issue #3242)
   * fix mergeinfo miscalculation during 2-url merges (issue #3648)
   * fix error transmission problems in svnserve (r997457, -66)
   * fixed: record-only merges create self-referential mergeinfo (issue #3646)
   * fixed: 'SVNPathAuthz short_circuit' unsolicited read access (issue #3695)
            See CVE-2010-3315, and descriptive advisory at
   * make 'svnmucc propset' handle existing and non-existing URLs (r1000607)
   * add new 'propsetf' subcommand to svnmucc (r1000612)
   * warn about copied dirs during 'svn ci' with limited depth (r1002094)

  Developer-visible changes:
   * make ruby bindings compatible with Ruby 1.9 (r957507)
   * use the repos verify API in JavaHL (r948916)
   * teach ra_serf to parse md5 checksums with update editors (r979429)
   * let ra_serf work with current serf releases (r879757, r880320, r943796)

Version 1.6.12
(21 Jun 2010, from /branches/1.6.x)

  User-visible changes:
   * further improvements for issue #3242
   * allow deletion of uris which need character escaping (issue #3636)
   * fix errors with 'svn mkdir --parents' (issue #3649)
   * update address to which crash reports are sent (r901304)
   * check for server certificate revocation on Windows (r898048)
   * disable custom file mutexes on Windows (r879902, -16)
   * fix handling of peg revision'd copy targets (issue #3651)
   * more improvements to 'svn merge --reintegrate' (r935631)
   * allow copying of broken symlinks (issue #3303)
   * improve rep-sharing performance on high-concurrency repos (issue #3506)
   * fixed: added subtrees with mergeinfo break reintegrate (issue #3654)
   * fixed: assertion triggered by tree-conflicted externals (issue #3469)

  Developer-visible changes:
   * give windows devs more flexibility with sqlite versions (r944635)
   * allow the pack tests to work with low file descriptor limits (r937610)
   * improve exception handling on Windows Vista and 7 (r878447, -910, -916)

Version 1.6.11
(19 Apr 2010, from /branches/1.6.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * fix for repositories mounted via NFS (issue #3501)
  * enable TCP keep-alives in svnserve (r880552)
  * tighten restrictions on revprops for 'svnadmin verify' (r904594)
  * make ra_serf give better out-of-date information (issue #3561)
  * improve error message upon connection failure with svn+ssh:// (r922516)
  * allow 'svn log' on an uncommitted copy/move destination (r901752)
  * make 'svnadmin hotcopy' copy the fsfs config file (r905303)
  * mergeinfo improvements with non-inheritable mergeinfo (issue #3573)
  * make mergeinfo queries not require access to the repo root (issue #3242)
  * update URLs to refer the new repository (r904301, -94)
  * update relative externals during a switch (issue #3390)
  * fix 'merge --reintegrate' with self-referential mergeinfo (r892050, -85)
  * improve wc-ng working copy detection (r929382)
  * improve handling of mergeinfo when using serf (r880461)
  * fixed: 'svnlook plist --revprop' with '-t TXN_NAME' (r917640, -8211)
  * fixed: file external from URL cannot overwrite existing item (issue #3552)
  * fixed: potential memory error in 'svn status' (r923674, -9)
  * fixed: merge records mergeinfo from natural history gaps (issue #3432)
  * fixed: theoretical possibility of DB corruption (r926151, -67)

 Developer-visible changes:
  * disable checks for wc-ng working copies when running the test suite
  * on Windows, don't ignore move operation error codes (r896915)
  * more precise reporting of errors occuring with sqlite init (r927323, -8)
  * ensure rangelist APIs are commutative (r923389, -91)

Version 1.6.10
(Not released, see changes for 1.6.11.)

Version 1.6.9
(25 Jan 2010, from /branches/1.6.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * allow multiple external updates over ra_svn (issue #3487)
  * fix a segmentation fault when using FSFS (r881905)
  * support Berkeley DB 4.8 (r879688)
  * various autoprop improvements (r880274, -5)
  * improve usage of svn+ssh:// on Windows (issue #2580)
  * teach 1.6.x to recognize 1.7 working copies (1.6.x-future-proof branch)
  * update help text for 'svn update' and 'svn switch' (r886164, -97)
  * make 'svnadmin load --parent-dir' create valid mergeinfo (r888979, -9081)
  * tolerate relative merge source paths in mergeinfo (r889840)
  * teach mod_dav_svn to support the Label header (issue #3519)
  * fixed: svnsync leaves stale sync-locks on mirrors (r884842)
  * fix applicability of 'svn resolve --accept=theirs-conflict' (r880525, -6)
  * fixed: segfault in 'svn resolve' (r896522, -47)
  * fix commit failure against an out-of-date mirror (r900797)

 Developer-visible changes:
  * update ruby bindings test expectation (r880162)
  * don't allow rangelist and mergeinfo API to modify input args (r879093)

Version 1.6.8
(Not released, see changes for 1.6.9.)

Version 1.6.7
(Not released, see changes for 1.6.9.)

[ Note: All revision numbers for versions prior to 1.6.7 reference the
  original repository on  For more information see: ]

Version 1.6.6
(22 Oct 2009, from /branches/1.6.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * fix crash during 'svn update' (r39673)
  * respect Apache's ServerSignature directive (r40008, -21, -31)
  * don't add a file with mixed line endings, and then abort (issue #2713)
  * support Neon 0.29.
  * fix a crash in 'svn rm --force' (r37953)
  * handle tree conflicts involving replacements (issue #3486)
  * allow non-threadsafe sqlite if APR has no threads (r39301)
  * print newline before plaintext SSL cert / password prompts (r38982, r39302)
  * improve merge performance with implicit subtree mergeinfo (issue #3443)
  * fix "libsvn_ra_svn/marshal.c assertion failed (opt || cstr)" (issue #3485)
  * make file externals work for binary files (issue #3368)
  * perform MIME type matching case-insensitively (issue #3479)
  * do not treat non-existent revisions as HEAD in 'svn export' (issue #3400)
  * revert r36720's default MIME type change back to "text/plain" (issue #3508)
  * improve "tree conflict already exists" error message (r38872)
  * fix failure to commit replacement of a directory (issue #3281)
  * fix mod_dav_svn parent dir links to preserve peg revisions (issue #3425)

 Developer-visible changes:
  * fix 2 failing tests in ruby bindings (r38886)
  * do not require GNU grep for build (issue #3453)
  * use '$SED' instead of 'sed' in build scripts (issue #3458)
  * add svn.client.{log5,merge_peg3} to python bindings (r39635, -6, -7)
  * include the time of a test run in tests.log (r39887)

Version 1.6.5
(22 Aug 2009, from /branches/1.6.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * fix mod_dav_svn directory view links to preserve peg revisions (r38021)
  * do not error on Windows when ALLUSERPROFILE dir nonexistent (r38053, -5, -7)
  * properly escape lock comments over ra_neon (r38101, -2)
  * allow syncing copies of '/' over ra_neon and ra_serf (issue #3438)
  * make 'svnlook diff' show empty added or deleted files (r38458)
  * fix building with Apache 2.4 (r36720)
  * fix possible data loss on ext4 and GPFS filesystems (issue #3442)
  * resolve symlinks when checking for ~/.subversion (r36023)
  * don't let svn+ssh SIGKILL ssh processes (issue #2580)
  * allow PLAIN and LOGIN mechanisms with SASL in svnserve (r38205)
  * fix peg revision parsing in filenames like 'dir/@file.txt' (issue #3416)
  * fix detection of Apache <2.0.56 (r38290, -3, -4)
  * don't pretend to do tree conflict resolution (r38799, -801, -805)
  * fix data corruption when syncing from svnserve to mod_dav_svn (r38686, -7)
  * fix GNOME Keyring with '--non-interactive' option (r38222, -3, -61, -410)
  * fixed: false "File '...' already exists" error during commit (issue #3119)

 Developer-visible changes:
  * avoid referencing uninitialized variables (r38388)
  * plug a couple of error leaks (r38572)
  * improve windows test output (r38616, -7, -9, -49)

Version 1.6.4
(06 Aug 2009, from /branches/1.6.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * fixed: heap overflow vulnerability on server and client
           See CVE-2009-2411, and descriptive advisory at

Version 1.6.3
(22 Jun 2009, from /branches/1.6.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * fix segfault in WC->URL copy (r37646, -56)
  * let 'svnadmin load' tolerate mergeinfo with "\r\n" (r37768)
  * make svnsync normalize svn:* props to LF line endings (issue #3404)
  * better integration with external merge tools (r36178)
  * return a friendly error message for 'svn diff' (r37735)
  * update dsvn.el for 1.6 (r37774)
  * don't allow setting of props on out-of-date dirs under neon (r37745)
  * improve BASH completion (r36450, -52, -70, -79, -538)
  * always show tree conflicts with 'svn st' (issue #3382)
  * improve correctness of 'svn mergeinfo' (issue #3126)
  * decrease the amount of memory needed for large commits (r37894, -6)
  * work around an APR buffer overflow seen by svnsync (r37622)
  * ra_svn clients now use TCP keep-alives if available (issue #3347)
  * improve 'svn merge' perf by reducing server contact (r37491, -593, -618)
  * stop propagating self-referential mergeinfo in reintegrate merges (r37931)
  * fix NLS detection where -liconv is required for bindtextdomain() (r37827)
  * don't delete unversioned files with 'rm --keep-local' (r38015, -17, -19)
  * bump apr and apr-util versions included in deps to latest. (r37941)
  * avoid temp file name collisions with ra_serf, ra_neon (r37972)
  * fixed: potential segfault with noop file merges (r37779)
  * fixed: incorrect output with 'svn blame -g' (r37719, -23, -41)
  * fixed: bindings don't load FS libs when module search enabled (issue #3413)
  * fixed: DAV RA layers not properly handling update/switch working copy
    directory to revision/place in which it doesn't exist (issue #3414)
  * fixed: potential abort() in the working copy library (r37857)
  * fixed: memory leak in hash reading functions (r37868, -979)

 Developer-visible changes:
  * improve memory usage in file-to-stringbuf APIs (r37907)
  * reduce memory usage for temp string manipulation (r38010)

Version 1.6.2
(11 May 2009, from /branches/1.6.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * vastly improve memory usage with 'svn merge' (issue #3393)
  * make default depth for merge 'infinity' (r37156)
  * make 'status --quiet' show tree conflicts (issue #3396)
  * allow '--set-depth infinity' to expand shallow subtrees (r37169)
  * return an error if attempting to reintegrate from/to the repo root (r37385)
  * don't store bogus mergeinfo for '--ignore-ancestry', foreign merges (r37333)
  * don't allow merge of difference between two repos (r37519)
  * avoid potential segfault with subtree mergeinfo (r36613, -15, -31, -41)
  * recommend sqlite 3.6.13 (r37245)
  * avoid unnecessary server query for implicit mergeinfo (r36509)
  * avoid unnecessary server query during reverse merges (r36527)
  * set depth=infinity on 'svn add' items with restricted depth (r37607)
  * fixed: commit log message template missing paths (issue #3399)
  * fixed: segfault on merge with servers < 1.6 (r37363, -67, -68, -79)
  * fixed: repeat merge failures with non-inheritable mergeinfo (issue #3392)
  * fixed: another memory leak when performing mergeinfo-aware merges (r37398)
  * fixed: incorrect mergeinfo on children of shallow merges (issue #3407)
  * fixed: pool lifetime issues in the BDB backend (r37137)

 Developer-visible changes:
  * don't fail if an embedding app has already initialized SQLite (issue #3387)
  * resolve naming collisions with static stat() function in svnserve (r37527)
  * fix an expectation for a failing dirent windows test (r37121)

Version 1.6.1
(9 Apr 2009, from /branches/1.6.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * recommend Neon 0.28.4. (r36388)
  * improve performance of 'svn merge --ignore-ancestry' (r36256)
  * improve 'svn merge' performance with subtree mergeinfo (r36444)
  * correctly proxy LOCK and UNLOCK requests (r36159)
  * prevent a crash when updating old working copies (r36751)
  * don't let delete a nonexistent property (r36086, -767, -769)
  * don't fail when upgrading pre-1.2 repositories (r36851, -7)
  * allow escaping of separator characters in autoprops (r36763, -84)
  * improve tempfile creation robustness on Windows (r36442, -3)
  * fix for 1.6.x working copies (r36874, -5)
  * improve configure's detection of Berkeley DB (r36741, -2)
  * don't allow foreign merges to add foreign mergeinfo (issue #3383)
  * improve performance of 'svn update' on large files (r36389, et. al.)
  * fixed: error leak and potential crash (r36860)
  * fixed: parent directory handling on Windows (r36049, -50, -51, -131)
  * fixed: uninitialized memory errors (r36252, -3)
  * fixed: potential working copy corruption (r36714)
  * fixed: working copy upgrade error (r36302)
  * fixed: pointer dereference error (r36783)
  * fixed: error diff'ing large data with ignored whitespace (r36816)
  * fixed: potential hang in ra_serf (r36913)
  * fixed: problem with merge and non-inheritable mergeinfo (r36879)
  * fixed: repeated merging of conflicted properties fails (issue #3250)
  * fixed: excluding an absent directory segfaults (issue #3391)

 Developer-visible changes:
  * ensure svn_subst_translate_cstring2() properly flushes data (r36747)
  * make serf report a base checksum to apply_textdelta (r36890)
  * syntax updates for strict C89 compilers (r36799)
  * update RPM scripts for RHEL4 (r36834)
  * allow tests to be run with Python 2.6.1 on Windows (r36149, -50, -51, -56)
  * allow building JavaHL with Visual Studio 2008 (r36954)
  * stop setting default translation domain in JavaHL (r36955)
  * fixed: warning with Python 2.6 and ctypes bindings (r36559)
  * fixed: undefined references to svn_fs_path_change2_create() (r36823)

Version 1.6.0
(20 Mar 2009, from /branches/1.6.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - General:
    * Now require Windows 2000 or newer on Windows (r33170)

  - Major new features:
    * identical files share storage space in repository (issue #2286)
    * file-externals support for intra-repository files (issue #937)
    * "tree" conflicts now handled more gracefully (issue #2282, #2908)
    * repository root relative URL support on most commands (issue #3193)

  - Minor new features and improvements:
    * pre-lock hook can now specify lock tokens via stdout (r32778)
    * svnmucc: support '--with-revprop' (r29492)
    * merge: log include-descendants in operational log (r30426, r30428)
    * improved operational logging for 'svn switch' (r30517)
    * new 'Header' keyword, similar to 'Id' but with full URL (r35386)
    * warn/disallow when storing plain-text passwords (r31046)
    * support KWallet and GNOME keyring for password storage (r31241, -337)
    * client now caches SSL client cert passphrases (issue #2489)
    * add '--prefix-file' option to 'svndumpfilter' (issue #2697)
    * add '--ignore-externals' option to 'svn cp' (issue #3365)
    * add '--with-no-revprops' to 'svn log' (issue #3286)
    * new 'svnadmin pack' command to compress FSFS filesystems
    * new SVNAllowBulkUpdates mod_dav_svn directive (issue #3121)
    * new public mod_dav_svn URI syntax:  path?[p=PEG][&r=REV] (r34076)
    * new 'svnsync info' command to show synchronization information (r35053)
    * conflict resolver supports display-conflict, mine-conflict and theirs-conflict

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * faulty reflexive merges (issue #2897)
    * buffer overflow on a 0 byte string buffer (r35968, -74)
    * conflict resolver needed more useful 'diff' option (issue #3048)
    * disable username assumption (issue #2324)
    * more accurate usage message for 'svn log' (r30449)
    * do not repeat merge if target has explicit mergeinfo (issue #2821)
    * corruption when filtering self-referential mergeinfo (r30467)
    * filter empty mergeinfo with self-referential mergeinfo (r30510)
    * pay attention to partial replay from the server in svnsync (r30440)
    * improved property name handling in svnsync (r30480)
    * properly recognize the file:/// in repository with svnsync (r30482)
    * svn+ssh SIGKILLs ssh processes (issue #2580)
    * 'svn up'/'svn co' early abort with svn:externals (issue #3148)
    * improve tempfile names for conflict resolver (issue #3166)
    * ra_serf: 'svn merge' aborts (issue #3212)
    * 'svn cleanup' failed on non-ASCII characters (issue #3313)
    * 'svn update' fails on moved, modified file with local mods (issue #3354)
    * easier use of NTLM for proxy with ra_neon (r29874)
    * 2-url merge from DAV-accessed foreign repo makes bad wcprops (issue #3118)
    * can't add .svn (and children) to your wc via '--parents' (r35819)
    * improved performance removing unversioned directories (r36111)
    * 'svn cp --parents' had path URL encoding issues (issue #3374)
    * support shell quoting rules in externals definitions (issue #2461)
    * new SVN_LOCALE_DIR environment variable for localization (issue #2879)
    * scheme and domain name in urls handled case insensitive (issue #2475)
    * merge: pick default revisions with peg revision in single url (r30455)
    * many other minor bugfixes, optimizations, plugs of memory leaks, etc
  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * mod_dav_svn runs pre-revprop-change twice (issue #3085)
    * mod_dav_svn ignores pre-revprop-change failure on delete (issue #3086)
    * mod_dav_svn prevented lock breaks from being propagated to client (r29914)
    * non-UTF8 filenames could enter repository (issue #2748)
    * 'svnlook proplist' xml output (issue #2809)
    * don't let mod_dav_svn hide errors from client (issue #3102)
    * ra_serf failure during update (issue #3113)
    * ra_serf comply with RFC 2617 in handling authentication headers (r35981)
    * use both SHA1 and MD5 in the FS backends (r34388)
    * many other minor bugfixes too numerous to list here

  - Contributed tools improvements and bugfixes:
    * Deprecated; use instead (r31755, -67)
    * migration tool munged svn:mergeinfo ordering (issue #3302)
    * And other random sundry stuff

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * serf 0.3.0 required, when building with serf (r35586)
    * require SQLite 3.4.0 or newer (r33520)
    * allow the use of an in-tree SQLite amalgamation (r35263)
    * svn_log_changed_path_t now includes a 'kind' field (issue #1967)
    * BDB `changes' table inconsistency when APIs are misused (issue #3349)
    * configure should prefer apr-1 over apr-0 if both are present (issue #2671)
    * make 'Not Found' errors consistent between RA layers (issue #3137)
    * fix a potential buffer overrun (r34374)
    * many bug fixes and improvements to the test suite

  - API changes:
    * notification system for properties and revision properties (issue #783)
    * make ra_svn's merge commit-revprops public (r30462, r30453)
    * mod_dav_svn operational logging compatible with svnserve logging (r30518) 
    * improve speed of svn_client__get_copy_source() (issue #3356)
    * if fsfs commit fails return SVN_INVALID_REVNUM (r35950)

  - Bindings:
    * new: ctypes python bindings
    * many improvements to all bindings (Java, Perl, Python, and Ruby)
    * respect CFLAGS in SWIG bindings (r35879)
    * fix building Ruby bindings with Ruby 1.9 (r35852, r35883)

Version 1.5.9
(06 Dec 2010, from /branches/1.5.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * fix proxying of LOCK and UNLOCK requests with WebDAV proxies (r36159)
  * improve performance of --ignore-ancestry merges (r36256)
  * avoid crash with when using subtree mergeinfo (r36613, -13, -31, -41)
  * improve merge correctness with non-inheritable mergeinfo (r36789)
  * fixed: repeated mergeinfo of conflicting properties fails (issue #3250)
  * fix segfault in wc->URL copy (r37646, -56)
  * make 'svn up --set-depth infinity' expand shallow subtrees (r37169)
  * resolve symlinks when checking for ~/.subversion (r36023)
  * make default depth of 'svn merge' infinity (r37156)
  * don't allow foreign merges to add foreign mergeinfo (issue #3383)
  * error if attempting to reintegrate to/from the repo root (r37385)
  * let 'svnadmin load' tolerate mergeinfo with "\r\n" (r37768)
  * improve memory performance in 'svn merge' (issue #3393)
  * fixed: 'SVNPathAuthz short_circuit' unsolicited read access (issue #3695)
           See CVE-2010-3315, and descriptive advisory at
  * prevent crash in mod_dav_svn when using SVNParentPath (r1033166)
  * limit memory fragmentation in svnserve (r1022675)
  * fix server-side memory leaks triggered by 'blame -g' (r1032808)
  * perform MIME type matching case-insensitively (issue #3479)
  * respect Apache's ServerSignature directive (r880082)
  * error early if attempting to use Serf >= 0.4.0 (r1041545)

 Developer-visible changes:
  * fix pointer dereference (r36783)
  * fix error leak (r36860)
  * make basic_tests 12 compatible with Windows and Python 2.5+ (r35930)

Version 1.5.8
(Not released, see changes for 1.5.9.)

Version 1.5.7
(06 Aug 2009, from /branches/1.5.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * fixed: heap overflow vulnerability on server and client
           See CVE-2009-2411, and descriptive advisory at

Version 1.5.6
(26 Feb 2009, from /branches/1.5.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * allow colons within mergeinfo path names (r35040)
  * make it impossible to add .svn to wc via 'svn add --parents' (r35143, -5)
  * copy properties of added but uncommitted files (r32448)
  * speedup JavaHL bindings on Windows (r35733)
  * improve performance of log operation on < 1.5 servers (r35566)
  * allow commits over Neon of files >2GB (POSIX only) (r34919, -24)
  * allow serf from behind MS ISA proxy servers (r35981)
  * prevent from committing bogus mergeinfo (r35516)

 Developer-visible changes:
  * fix error handling in mod_dav_svn (r35250, -86)
  * support --server-minor-version in windows testsuite (r31393)
  * fix 23 on Windows with a BDB repo (r34875)
  * allow svn_mergeinfo_parse() to tolerate unordered mergeinfo (r35297, -367)
  * allow overlapping rangelists into svn_mergeinfo_parse() (r35466, -712, -713)

Version 1.5.5
(22 Dec 2008, from /branches/1.5.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * allow prop commits on dirs with modified children (r34487, -92, -94)
  * make Cyrus auth implementation always prefer EXTERNAL to ANONYMOUS (r33866)
  * do not create mergeinfo for wc-wc moves or copies (r34184, -585)
  * do not autoupgrade old BDB filesystems to 1.5 or 1.4 format (r34653, -6)
  * return mergeinfo to prior state during reverse merges (r30257, r33024, -6)
  * remove mergeinfo deleted by merge (issue #3323)
  * make proxy slaves pass through txn GET and PROPFIND requests (issue #3275)
  * merge can now use targets with inconsistent newlines (issue #3262)
  * don't allow empty-string changelists (issue #3344)
  * remove false positive ra_neon mergeinfo errors (r34822)
  * improve performance of 'svn merge --reintegrate' (r34091, -4, and others)
  * fixed: foreign merges keep UUID of foreign repository (r34050, -1, -3)
  * fixed: properly encode diff headers used in conflict resolution (r34171)
  * fixed: segfault in 'svn cp --parents' (r31311, -4)
  * fixed: mergeinfo for '...' maps to empty revision range (issue #3312)
  * fixed: segfault in BDB backend node-origins cache (r34506)
  * fixed: broken merge if target's history includes resurrections (r34385, -93)
  * fixed: invalid mergeinfo created on a subtree during merge (r34560, -2)

 Developer-visible changes:
  * fixed: svn_repos_get_logs() chokes on some revision arguments (r33873, -4)

Version 1.5.4
(24 Oct 2008, from /branches/1.5.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * Properly handle explicit mergeinfo added in merge source (r32968, -75)
  * fixed: merging of paths containing spaces (r33641, -44)
  * fixed: regression in mergeinfo-aware merges against 1.5.3 (r33693, -704)

Version 1.5.3
(10 Oct 2008, from /branches/1.5.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * Allow switch to continue after deleting locally modified dirs (issue #2505)
  * Update bash_completion to be compatible with 1.5 (r32900, -11, -12)
  * Improve 'svn merge' execution time by 30% on Windows (r33447)
  * Reuse network sessions during 'svn merge', improving performance (r33476)
  * Improve temp file creation time on Windows (r33464)
  * Greatly improve merge performance (r29969, r32463, r33013, -016, -022, -112)
  * Improve file IO performance on Windows (r33178, -85)
  * fixed: merging files with spaces in name (r33109, -121, -369)
  * fixed: incorrect relative externals expansion (r33109, -121, -369)
  * fixed: 'svn mv' hangs and consumes infinite memory (r33201, -12)
  * fixed: correctness regression in 'svn log -g' (issue #3285)
  * fixed: current early bailout of 'svn log -g' (r32977)

 Developer-visible changes:
  * Allow the tests to run as non-administrator on Windows Vista (r31203)
  * Allow out-of-tree build of bindings on BSD (r32409)
  * Translate messages in svn_fs_util.h (r32771)
  * fixed: bindings test for Perl 5.10 (r31546)
  * fixed: building bindings and C API tests with VS2008 (r32012)
  * fixed: svn_ra_replay API over ra_serf (r33173)

Version 1.5.2
(30 Aug 2008, from /branches/1.5.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * Set correct permissions on created fsfs shards (r32355, -7)
  * Pass client capabilities to start-commit hook (issue #3255)
  * Disallow creating nested repositories (issue #3269)
  * Support Neon 0.28.3
  * Properly canonicalize URIs with an empty hostname (issue #2116)
  * Improved merge performance for superfluous ranges (r32643)
  * Better error message for 'Malformed URL for repository' (r31867, r32365)
  * Improved svn:externals parsing (r32672, -673, -674, -739)
  * fixed: improper ordering in 'svnlook diff' output (r32019)
  * fixed: mod_dav_svn memory leak with 'SVNPathAuthz short_circuit' (r32360)
  * fixed: duplicate svn:externals targets fail on co/up (issue #3246)
  * fixed: 'svn merge --depth' inconsistencies (issue #2825)
  * fixed: ra_serf test failures (1.5.x-ra_serf-backports branch)
  * fixed: memory leak and crashes in FS (r32545, -58, -82)
  * fixed: core dump with relative externals (issue #3237)
  * fixed: 'svn copy' working copy corruption (r32467, -70)
  * fixed: perl bindings errors in non-English locale (issue #3258)
  * fixed: 'svn merge' incorrectly reverses previous merges (r32494, -522, -523)
  * fixed: 'svn merge' errors with subtree mergeinfo (issue #3067)

 Developer-visible changes:
  * make libsvn_ra_neon initialization thread-safe (r32497, r32510)
  * respect LDFLAGS in SWIG bindings (r32416, r32421, r32442)
  * fixed: test failures in non-English locales (r32491)

Version 1.5.1
(26 Jul 2008, from /branches/1.5.x)

 User-visible changes:
  * mergeinfo on switched subtrees should elide in repos (issue #3188)
  * Add support for --config-dir to (r31727)
  * improve performance of bdb post-commit deltification (r31820, -59)
  * return faster when there is nothing to be merged (r30748)
  * don't commit an add of a missing item (issue #3198)
  * don't create unneeded self-referential mergeinfo (issue #3157)
  * support 'http-library' (if --enable-runtime-module-search) (r31425, -722)
  * support Berkeley DB 4.7 (r32017, -29)
  * fixed: make serf usable with root-level authz (r31464)
  * fixed: 'svndumpfilter' partial-path matching bug (r31833)
  * fixed: crash on invalid dates in 'log' and 'blame' (issue #2721)
  * fixed: 'svn status --xml' outputting invalid XML (issue #2887)
  * fixed: 'svn merge' prints incorrect range (r30746, -47)
  * fixed: using neon/serf, can not replace branch (issue #2939)
  * fixed: 'file not found' error when merging to a broken symlink (r31159, -79)
  * fixed: using serf, crash or endless loop fetching authn data (r31619)
  * fixed: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in JavaHL bindings (r31719, -806)
  * fixed: authn password lookup used wrong username (issue #2242)
  * fixed: unbounded memory usage in wc-to-wc copy and move (r31868)
  * fixed: subtree merges broken for non-intersecting ranges (issue #3199)
  * fixed: invalid XML from 'svn log --xml' against pre-1.2 servers (r31875)
  * fixed: 'svnlook diff' ignores --diff-copy-from for properties (issue #3248)
  * fixed: 'svnlook diff' doesn't report that binary files differ (issue #3249)
  * fixed: bogus results from commits to subtrees added by merge (issue #3240)
  * fixed: non-existent subtree in destination breaks the merge (issue #3067)
  * fixed: serf merge bug too complex to describe here (r32056)
  * fixed: 'svn log -g' correctness and speed (issue #3220, issue #3235)
  * fixed: merge chokes on renamed subtrees (issue #3174)

 Developer-visible changes:
  * export svn_path_is_url() to the bindings (r31603)
  * don't clobber LDFLAGS in configure when given '--with-zlib' (r31825)
  * make libsvn_ra depend on libsvn_delta unconditionally (r31852)
  * correctly set the peg revision for copy in JavaHL (r31994)
  * 'svn mergeinfo' handles wc paths (r31023, -873, -874, -929, -930, -038)
  * fixed: crash when when svn_ra_open3() is passed a bogus URL (r31223)
  * fixed: JavaHL compilation on Windows (r31737)
  * fixed: crash in calling apr_pstrcat (affects TortoiseSVN) (r32080)

Version 1.5.0
(19 Jun 2008, from /branches/1.5.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Major new features:
    * Merge Tracking [foundational] (issue #820)
    * Sparse checkouts (see new '--depth' option) (issue #695)
    * Interactive conflict resolution (r25670 et al)
    * svn:externals handles relative URLs (issue #1336) and peg URLs
    * Changelist support
    * WebDAV transparent write-through proxy
    * Better support for large FSFS deployments (via sharding & partitioning)
    * Cyrus SASL support for ra_svn and svnserve (issue #1144)

  - Minor new features and improvements:
    * 'svn resolve' (with '--accept' option) replaces "resolved" (issue #2784)
    * 'svn move file1 file2 ... dir' now moves the files into dir (issue #747)
    * 'svn mkdir' and 'svn copy' now take '--parents' option (issue #1776)
    * 'svn delete' now takes '--keep-local' to not remove working copy files
    * 'svn copy', 'move' now support peg revisions (issue #2546; also r26484)
    * 'svn copy A B ; svn move B C' now the same as 'svn copy A C' (issue #756)
    * 'svn copy -rBASE' now works in a working copy (issue #1643)
    * 'svn import' now takes '--force' (issue #2806)
    * 'svn status -u' now shows of locally deleted directories (issue #2420)
    * 'svn switch' now takes '--force' (issue #2392)
    * 'svn switch' now takes '--ignore-externals' option (issue #2189)
    * 'svn switch' now supports peg revisions (issue #2545)
    * 'svn checkout' now takes '--force' option (issue #1328)
    * 'svn proplist' and 'svn propget' now support peg revisions (issue #3070)
    * 'svn propget' now takes '--xml' option (issue #2696)
    * 'svn propedit' now support URLs (issue #2238, but see issue #2923)
    * 'svn proplist --quiet' no longer prints extra info (issue #1547)
    * 'svn diff --summarize' now takes '--xml' option (issue #2967)
    * 'svn diff -x' now takes '-p' extension option (issue #2995)
    * 'svn log' now takes '-c' option (r27933)
    * 'svn log' now takes '-l' as short form of '--limit' (r25829)
    * 'svn log --xml' now takes '--with-revprop' option (issue #2850)
    * 'svn diff'/'svnlook diff' now show property actions better (issue #3019)
    * 'svn merge' now has informative messages on reverse merges (issue #2848)
    * 'svn merge FILE' now honors '--ignore-ancestry' (issue #2853, r25891)
    * 'svn merge' handles multiple notifications for single items (issue #2828)
    * 'svn merge' handles skipped path better (issue #2829)
    * 'svn merge' handles merges from foreign repositories more completely
    * 'update', 'checkout', 'switch' now handle obstructions gracefully (r22257)
    * 'svn update' now takes '--force' (issue #2392)
    * 'svn update' now sometimes copies or moves local files, for efficiency
    * 'svnadmin lslocks' now accepts path within repository (issue #2965)
    * 'svnadmin recover' now supports FSFS repositories (issue #2992)
    * 'svnadmin verify' now has '-q' and '-r' options (r22103)
    * 'svnadmin setrevprop' command added (r21736)
    * 'svnadmin setuuid' command added (r28511)
    * 'svnsync sync' now shows commit progress like 'svn commit'
    * 'svnsync' now takes '-q, --quiet' option (r26465)
    * 'svnsync' now supports separate authn for source/target (issue #2717)
    * 'svnsync copy-revprops' now supports revision ranges (r23498)
    * 'svnsync copy-revprops' now supports "HEAD" revision alias (r23500)
    * 'svnmucc' is new name for contrib tool formerly called 'mucc'
    * 'svnmucc' now has propset and propdel subcommands (issue #2758)
    * 'svnmucc' now has more authentication options
    * 'svnmucc' now now takes '--non-interactive' option (r25977)
    * 'svnmucc' now takes a global base revision, for extra safety (r23764)
    * 'svnlook' now takes '--extensions' option (issue #2912)
    * 'svnlook' now takes '-N' option (issue #2663)
    * 'svnlook history' now takes '-l' / '--limit' option (r25843)
    * 'svnserve' now takes '--config-file' option (r24119)
    * 'mod_dav_svn' now uses Apache default mime-type for files (issue #2304)
    * new '--with-revprop' option on all commands that commit (issue #1976)
    * now accept "peg dates" (URL@{DATE}), behaving like peg revs (issue #2602)
    * easier to try out experimental ra_serf http:// access module
    * select ra_neon vs ra_serf on a site-by-site basis in config (r25535)
    * client-side post-commit processing now more efficient (issue #2607)
    * windows binaries now use a custom crash handler (issue #1628)
    * add vim swap file patterns to default global-ignores (r24348)
    * add "*.pyc" and "*.pyo" patterns to default global-ignores (issue #2415)
    * add unix/libtool library patterns to default global-ignores (issue #2415)
    * naming scheme for conflict files is now configurable (issue #2474)
    * removed svn-ref.tex as it's extremely out of date (issue #2762)
    * improved cancellation response in many situations
    * support Neon up to 0.28
    * character set conversion now uses native API on Windows (r25650)
    * HTTP authn protocol now configurable (for Neon 0.26 and higher) (r21531)
    * http:// (over Neon) supports HTTP redirection / relocation (issue #660)
    * support PKCS#11-provided (smartcard) SSL client certs with Neon (r29421)
    * authz now supports aliases (r21982)
    * authz token rules for authenticated-only, anonymous, and inverse (r23750)
    * now supports properties in commit messages (r21684)
    * ra_serf now supports NTLM/SSPI authentication (issue #2900)
    * warn if try to turn off boolean property via propset/propedit (r25486)
    * display repository basename in XML and HTML index views (r25837, r25838)
    * config 'http-auth-type' can be overridden to force BASIC auth (r23900)
    * translation updates for all languages, as usual
    * Revamp mod_dav_svn logging; see tools/server-side/
    * misleading configure arg --enable-dso now --enable-runtime-module-search

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * 'svn revert' of missing scheduled addition broke wc (issue #2425)
    * 'svn export' should export svn:externals from local copies (issue #2429)
    * 'svn status -uN' should show status of files (issue #2468)
    * 'svn update' overwrote if local timestamp unchanged (issue #2746)
    * 'svn update -N' errored when receiving a deletion (issue #3039)
    * 'svn merge' would delete locally modified props (issue #2857)
    * 'svn log --xml' could output invalid XML (issue #2866)
    * 'svn copy' on URL with spaces made wrong WC file name (issue #2955)
    * 'svn diff' was failing w/ large diffs on Windows (issue #1789)
    * 'svn delete' no longer deletes locally-modified files (issue #1808)
    * 'svn move' moved files to wrong directory on Windows (issue #1869)
    * 'svn revert' mistakenly used leftover .svn-revert files (issue #2927)
    * 'svn diff' output now shows relative paths (issue #2723)
    * 'svn diff' wasn't ignoring all EOLs (issue #2920)
    * 'svn cleanup' no longer fails on a missing .svn/tmp dir (r23370)
    * infinite loop in UTF conversion in non-C locale (issue #2577)
    * interrupting "svn status" could make svn crash (issue #2623)
    * date header output now RFC2822-compliant (issue #2633)
    * authz write access to folder wasn't permitting locking (issue #2700)
    * stop complaining just because $HOME is unreadable (issue #2363)
    * do not display unescaped characters in error message (issue #2471)
    * propchange received on subdir merge causes conflict (issue #2969)
    * revert replaced-with-history files should restore checksum (issue #2928)
    * catch improper arguments to diff (issue #2996)
    * handle URLs like http://hostname (i.e. no path part) (issue #1851)
    * config autoprops honored regardless of case of entry (issue #2036)
    * "Cannot replace a directory from within" error now rarer (issue #2047)
    * handle _svn/.svn as part of a path (issue #3026)
    * make permissions changes on symlinks a no-op (issue #2581)
    * error usefully if asked to update a URL (r22296)
    * fixed infinite loop on Windows if fail to find repository root (r22483)
    * 'svn info $REPO_ROOT' now supports pre-1.2 svn:// servers (r26264)
    * be more resilient in the face of faulty .svn/entries files (r26482)
    * 'svn diff -x --ignore-eol-style' failed to ignore all EOLs (r27094)
    * rare property dataloss bug now fixed (issue #2986, see also r29538)
    * fixed faulty status reporting for some missing directories (issue #2804)
    * 'svn diff --summarize' showed wrong output paths (issue #2765)
    * propset and move interaction could cause property weirdness (r25833)
    * 'svn propget <propname> .@HEAD' now works (issue #3012)
    * 'svnsync' had bug with replaced+modified rev over serf (issue #2904)
    * 'svnsync --config-dir' sometimes ignored, thus tunnel agent bug (r27056)
    * update/merge safely receives file on top of schedule-add file (r23506)
    * http:// (over Neon) reports progress while disk-spooling delta (r26271)
    * print "Out of memory" before dying from memory shortage (issue #2167)
    * warn when used on old checkout without a repository root entry (r25168)
    * merge to missing file target wrongly appeared to succeed (issue #2782)
    * 'svn merge URL PATH -cX' could cause property corruption (issue #2781)
    * URL parsing now consistently checks for error earlier (issue #2207)
    * security hole: files could be created above cwd (r26047, CVE-2007-3846)
    * local property mods to replaced-with-history file could be lost (r26364)
    * revert of replaced-with-history path left copyfrom info (r23452)
    * character encoding translation could hang (r23492)
    * un-substituting keywords was buggy ($Id$ vs. $Id:$) (issue #2640)
    * ra_neon and ra_serf lost pre-revprop-change hook output (issue #443)
    * merge of non-empty subdir could be committed incorrectly (issue #1962)
    * many other minor bugfixes, optimizations, plugs of memory leaks, etc

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * segfault in svnserve and svnversion commands fixed (issue #2757)
    * segfault when stopping httpd (if BDB repository) fixed (issue #2732)
    * 'svnadmin dump' had a path ordering bug (issue #2641)
    * better FSFS support for NFS v3 and lower (r24470)
    * better FSFS support for some buggy NFS clients (r29448)
    * authentication and authz bugs w.r.t. anonymous access (issue #2712)
    * inconclusive authz result should deny, not allow (r23815)
    * better reporting of problems parsing authz files (r22329)
    * set svn:date revprop even if dumpstream does not (issue #2729)
    * http:// commit can now create empty files properly (r25471, r25474)
    * squelch not-a-directory errors in both FS backends (issue #2549)
    * segfault on update-report response without base revision (issue #3023)
    * 'svnserve --root PATH' checks that PATH exists (r22580, r22701)
    * 'svnlook propget -t TXN_NAME' reports errors better (r22772)
    * make location of mod_dav_svn activity database configurable (r24873)
    * select only paths that are proper children of requested path (r25231)
    * http:// commit error could leave empty transactions behind (r23594)
    * 'svn switch --relocate' now works against unreadable repos root (r23848)
    * many other minor bugfixes too numerous to list here

  - Contributed tools improvements and bugfixes:
      - Support global-ignores list (issue #2470)
      - Allow "@" in filenames (r22203, Debian bug 359145)
      - Add -no_auto_exe option (r26399)
      - fixed: Always get end_rev from source instead of target (issue #2863)
      - fixed: 'init' now chooses a better default revision range (issue #2810)
      - fixed: Consider revs changing blocking status as reflected (issue #2814)
      - Performance inmprovement (issue #2812)
      - initialized revisions can be excluded (issue #2851)
    * new 'svn-populate-node-origins-index' tool (issue #3024)
    * new '' to assist in merging vendor branches (r23030)
    * '' is now called ''
    * svn2cl: New release 0.9 (r24498)
    * various improvements (r22971, r22589)
    * commit-email.rb: various improvements
    * psvn.el: too many improvements and new features to list them all here
    * dsvn.el: improve XEmacs compatibility (r24337)
    * make NEWAUTHOR argument optional (r24387)
    * And more stuff that we just didn't have time to list.  Enjoy.

 Developer-visible changes:
 * General:
   - libsvn_ra_neon is new name for libsvn_ra_dav (to accommodate ra_serf)
   - many abort() calls removed, replaced with error returns
   - client and server now do capabilities exchange (r29358 et al)
   - auto-detect the path to the JDK on Windows (r24333)
 * API changes:
   - many, many new APIs and types as part of the new features in 1.5.0
   - APIs to allow retrieving multiple revprops in one fetch (issue #2850)
   - basic progress reporting for ra_svn (issue #901)
   - new APIs for creating and using iterators (r26533)
   - svn_fs_node_origin_rev finds line of history origin (issue #3017, #3024)
   - svn_revnum_parse for parsing revision numbers (r26195)
   - svn_path_is_canonical for validating paths (r26481)
   - new API svn_fs_txn_root_base_revision() (r22610)
   - pass individual arguments rather than config objects (r25182, r25190)
   - clients can now extend HTTP User-Agent header (r28613)
   - SVN_ERR_RA_DAV_PATH_NOT_FOUND is deprecated and no longer raised
 * Bindings:
   - Many improvements to all bindings (Java, Perl, Python, and Ruby)

Version 1.4.6
(21 Dec 2007, from /branches/1.4.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * fixed: unbounded memory use in "svn cat" over ra_svn (r26964, -8)
    * fixed: 'svn diff --summarize file' displays erroneous output (issue #2765)
    * fixed: 'svn status' wrong on previously-reverted deleted dir (issue #2804)
    * fixed: 'svn up' can delete unversioned symlinks (issue #1808)
    * fixed: use correct properties for locally replaced files (issue #2743)
    * fixed: 'svn info -R $REPO_ROOT' w/ pre-1.2 svnserve broken (r26264)
    * fixed: svnsync ignores '--config-dir' (r27056)
    * datestamps can be localized (r26156)
    * fixed: text base not updated when merging a replaced file (issue #2698)
    * fixed: inverted 'switch --relocate' error message (r22355)
    * fixed: sporadically failing file and directory removal on Windows (r25520)
    * fixed: property file handling for schedule-delete files (r25833)
    * fixed: allow invalid svn:eol-style values (r28331)
    * fixed: 'svnadmin rmlocks' should error when no path provided (r28431)
    * support neon 0.26.4 (r26077)

  - Server:
    * fixed: authz granted if calculation inconclusive (r23815)
    * fixed: svndumpfilter crashes on Windows (r23494)
    * fixed: wrong pointer type used for memset (r27263)
    * fixed: invalid FSFS directory cache can corrupt repository (r27256)
    * fixed: dir props on FSFS filesystem root never conflict (issue #2608)

  - Client and Server:
    * fixed: "No newline at end of file" message translated (issue #2906)
    * use compressed delta encoding for 'svn blame' in svnserve (r26115)
    * translation updates for Simplified Chinese

 Developer-visible changes:
 * script is executable (r23942)
 * add RHEL5 RPM (r25593)
 * test suite passes with trunk servers (forwards-compatibility) (r25607)
 * javahl bindings:
     - improve error reporting from native code (r25208)

Version 1.4.5
(27 Aug 2007, from /branches/1.4.5)

 User-visible changes:
 * fixed: file placement vulnerability (Win32 clients only)
          See CVE-2007-3846, and descriptive advisory at

Version 1.4.4
(30 May 2007, from /branches/1.4.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * fixed: 'svn up' of replaced file without history fails (issue #2618)
    * fixed: 'svn export' succeeds on non-existent URL (r23191, -3, -5, -200)
    * fixed: 'svn diff' fails writing large hunks to Win console (issue #1789)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' shows 'G' notifications for unchanged files (r24483)
    * fixed: svnsync cannot sync unreadable modified dir copies (issue #2705)
    * fixed: ra_dav litters empty transactions if initial setup fails (r23594)
    * fixed: inconsistent expansion of revision number keywords (issue #1743)

  - Server:
    * fixed: rare dirprop dataloss leading to BDB repo corruption (issue #2751)
    * fixed: race condition when changing FSFS revprops (r23439, r23440)
    * fixed: 'svnadmin load' invents svn:date if none exists (issue #2729)
    * fixed: svnserve can't commit locked file if root unwritable (issue #2700)
    * fixed: 'svnadmin dump' output invalid for non-ASCII paths (issue #2641)
    * fixed: security flaw in 'svn prop*' commands [CVE-2007-2448] 
          (r25095, -099, -104, -105, -10)

  - Client and Server:
    * fixed: hang during character translation (r23491, r23492)
    * translation updates for Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Norwegian

 Developer-visible changes:
 * new "make svnserveautocheck" testing target (r23558)
 * fixed: ra_serf fails checkout if access to repos root is forbidden (r23846)
 * fixed: svn_client_cat2() doesn't accept WORKING as a revision (r23556)
 * javahl bindings:
     - fixed: potential segfault in initialisation (r23383)
     - fixed: SVNClientSynchronized.logMessages() isn't synchronised (r23978)
     - fixed: SVNClient.info2() misreports itself as unlock in errors (r24219)
 * SWIG/perl bindings:
     - fixed: ra_do_{update,switch,status} don't work with Perl delta editors
           (r20667, r22311)
 * SWIG/python bindings:
     - fixed: memory leak whenever C APIs returned errors (r23521)
 * SWIG/ruby bindings:
     - fixed: typos in method Svn::Wc#merge_prop_diffs and docs (r23405, -6)

Version 1.4.3
(18 January 2007, from /branches/1.4.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * fixed: crash using automatic auth protocols with Neon 0.26 (r22440, -61)
    * fixed: cannot import file names containing '@' (r22203)
    * fixed: error when committing replaced directories (r22991, -8)
    * fixed: inability to change file perms due to existing file perms (r23018)
    * include newest version of (r22969)

  - Server:
    * fixed: incorrectly reporting authz circular dependencies (issue #2684)
    * fixed: potential filesystem memory leak in commit finalisation (r22729)

  - Client and Server:
    * fixed: crash in character translation, particularly on Windows (r22417)
    * fixed: potential string corruption when resizing string buffers (r22689)
    * translation updates for Korean, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese,
          and Japanese (fixing issues #2649 and #2681)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * support Neon 0.26.2 (issue #2666)
 * update (experimental) ra_serf repository access module for DAV (r22872)
 * Windows installer improvements (r21516, r22155, r22224)
 * fixed: svn_{ra,repos}_replay() doesn't send checksums (r22346, -51, -52)
 * fixed: error when calling svn_repos_replay2() with a txn root (r22609)
 * fixed: Solaris packaging script broken (issue #2669)
 * javahl bindings:
     - fixed: auth cache is created in the current directory (r22780)
     - fixed: SVNAdmin's setLog() method always fails (r22387)
     - fixed: target dependency order in generated build scripts (r22209)
 * SWIG/perl bindings:
     - fixed: memory leak when calling methods on a Perl commit editor (r22332)

Version 1.4.2
(2 November 2006, from /branches/1.4.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * new "notes/svnsync.txt" file explains common svnsync usage
    * install a manpage for svnsync (r21403)
    * install/package svnsync on Windows (r21387, r21424)
    * translation updates for all languages
    * dramatically speed up commit of wc-to-wc copy (r21471)
    * fixed: support 'svn co URL@{DATE}' (issue #2602)
    * fixed: cannot access repositories with spaces via svn:// (issue #2612)
    * fixed: passing full URL in some DAV requests, breaking proxies (r21526)
    * fixed: history-tracing can fail for renamed directories (issue #2600)
    * fixed: crash if interrupted while opening a working copy (r21792)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' should notify about conflicted files (issue #2584)
    * fixed: 'svn revert' should notify about prop-only reverts (issue #2517)
    * fixed: 'svn status -u' not showing props changed on wc root (issue #2533)
    * fixed: 'svn status -u' fails in a read-only working copy (r21904, -19)
    * fixed: 'svn up' failing with checksum mismatch error (issue #2618)
    * fixed: 'svnsync sync' copying missing implicit revprops (issue #2613)
    * fixed: svnsync unable to synchronise copies of URL-unsafe paths (r22092)
    * svnshell tool: support "setrev head" (r20992)
    * include newest version of

  - Server:
    * FSFS: improve detection of disk write errors (r21346)
    * FSFS: prevent API violation from corrupting repository (issue #2467)
    * improved error checking when running hook scripts, etc (r21483)
    * new commit_url option links to web page for a commit (r21333)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * support Neon 0.26.0 and 0.26.1 (r21289, r21293, r21956)
 * support current CVS versions of libtool (post-1.5.22) (r22120)
 * now compiles on architectures without APR_HAS_DSO (e.g. RISC OS) (r21473)
 * fixed: build error on FreeBSD due to missing svnsync manpage (r21403)
 * RHEL3 RPM package requires correct version of Apache httpd (r21974)
 * numerous improvements to coverage of the test suite
 * javahl bindings:
     - compile Java bytecode for Java 1.2 VM (r21765, -7, r21814)
     - fixed: crash if using 1.4.x bindings with older libraries (r21316, -429)
     - fixed: crash when empty destination path passed to checkout (r21770)
 * SWIG/ruby bindings:
     - fixed: accept nil for Svn::Repos#load_fs's parent_dir argument (r21793)
 * SWIG/python bindings:
     - fixed: crash when using an apr_hash_t typemap (issue #2606)
     - fixed: in tests, use URLs that work on Windows (r21392)
 * SWIG/perl bindings:
     - fixed: ra_replay works with Perl delta editors (r20666)

Version 1.4.1
(Not released, see changes for 1.4.2.)

Version 1.4.0
(10 September 2006, from /branches/1.4.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * new 'svnsync' commandline tool for repository replication
    * numerous working copy improvements (WARNING! upgrades to new format!):
      - improved performance when detecting modified files (r18628 -56)
      - new property storage is faster and uses less disk space (r17583)
      - internal wcprops take up less space (r19433 -37)
      - large file commit speedups (r17861 -73 18867 -918 -29 -44 -45 -48 -49)
      - reduce memory usage for large working copies (r19183 -538)
      - increased working copy stability with merge, copy and move:
            (fixes issues #845, #1516, #1553, #2135, #2144, #2148)
    * new switches added:
      - 'svn blame --force' (issue #2509)
      - 'svn diff/merge -c/--change' (r17054 -6 -68 18568 -741)
      - 'svn diff --summarize' (issue #2015)
      - 'svn merge/blame -x' (r18716 -20) (r18602 -857)
    * 'svn log' now supports peg revisions (issue #2287)
    * 'svn export' now creates intermediate directories if needed (r20030)
    * use switch/relocate when svn:externals updated (issue #2209)
    * internal diff can ignore whitespace and eol style changes (issue #2121)
    * conflict markers now match the file's eol style (issue #1325)
    * new svn2cl, svn-viewdiff and svn-resolve contrib scripts
    * numerous improvements to, vc-svn and psvn
    * translation updates for all languages
    * Mac OS X: store cached passwords encrypted in Keychain (r17619 -43)
    * fixed: 'svn ls' slow over ra_dav (issue #2151)
    * fixed: 'svn import' not handling eol-style correctly (issue #2433)
    * fixed: 'svn blame' should default operative rev range to peg rev (r18400)
    * fixed: 'svn blame' ignores eol-style (issue #2431)
    * fixed: 'svn checkout' should default operative rev to peg rev (r18422)
    * fixed: 'svn diff' supports all eol styles (r17624 -8 -61 18195 -392)
    * fixed: 'svn diff' multi-target memory leak (r17518)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' showing wrong status with external diff3 (issue #1914)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' not merging added dir into deleted dir (issue #2515)
    * fixed: 'svn rm' of non-existent item should fail (issue #2440)
    * fixed: 'svn status' should skip unversioned files (issue #2030)
    * fixed: 'svn status' shows added and conflicted files as added (r20382)
    * fixed: 'svn switch --relocate' may set wrong repos root (r17031)
    * fixed: 'svn switch --relocate' memory leak (r19535)
    * fixed: 'svn switch --relocate' not caching passwords (issue #2360)
    * fixed: 'svn info' not showing locks sometimes (r19777)
    * fixed: incorrect merge of add of binary file already in WC (issue #2403)
    * fixed: possible dataloss if editing immediately after merge (r20609 -12)
    * fixed: lots of diff wc<->repos bugs
    * fixed: unfriendly error message on propget on nonexistent path (r19399)
    * fixed: spurious revert report after manual conflict removal (issue #2517)
    * fixed: don't allow -rPREV on schedule add path (issue #2315)
    * fixed: keywords with dollar signs cause badness (issue #1780)
    * fixed: really revert file with locally modified keywords (issue #1663)
    * fixed: deleting schedule add file leaves working props file (issue #2419)
    * fixed: svn:needs-lock and read-only-ness not always in sync (issue #2306)
    * fixed: post-commit error output not sent to the client (issue #443)
    * fixed: not locked error on commit of switched path (issue #2353)
    * fixed: should trim whitespace from props (r20790)
    * fixed: show locking notifications in local path style (r20927)
    * fixed: encoding error on error messages from invalid options (r20883)

  - Server:
    * support for new 'svnsync' repository mirroring utility
    * support for BDB 4.4, including automatic recovery (issue #2449)
    * new contrib hook scripts:
      - enforcer
    * new tools script
    * new tools hook script
    * svnserve improvements:
      - can now run as a native Windows service (r18855)
      - new option --pid-file (r17836)
      - allow the password database to be read-only (r16840)
    * mod_dav_svn improvements:
      - fixed: error conversion crash (r19516)
      - fixed: unfriendly error when locking already locked path (issue #2275)
      - fixed: xml escaping bugs (r19760 -85 -86)
    * authorization improvements:
      - new mod_dontdothat apache module (r19531)
      - new mod_authz_svn directive AuthzSVNNoAuthWhenAnonymousAllowed (r18680)
      - error out when authz rules contain unexpected characters (r19471)
    * support .wsf hook scripts on Windows (r18972, 19076)
    * lots of improvements to and
    * FSFS back-end performance improvements (r17125 19119 -456 -58 -59)
    * fixed: 'svnadmin verify' output not in native encoding (issue #1997)
    * fixed: uuid file in FSFS could be destroyed on write error (issue #2193)
    * fixed: FSFS path encoding bug (r17774)
    * fixed: don't crash on corrupt repositories (r17625)
    * fixed: expect error output from hook scripts in native encoding (r17101)
    * fixed: catch errors starting hook scripts (r16891 17041 -81)
    * fixed: svnserve and authz can cause broken WCs (issue #2566)
    * fixed: the default hook script templates should be vanilla sh (r20796)

  - Both:
    * delta compression improvements:
       - new delta encoding reduces size (r18363 -94 -66 -78 -98 -99 -457 -950)
       - xdelta algorithm speed improvements (r18986, 19047)
    * don't bail on invalid locale (r19445)
    * improve speed of non-verbose svn ls (r17067 -71)
    * fixed: delta combiner reading past EOF (r17743)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * require APR >= 0.9.7 to improve error detection for FSFS repos (r19915)
 * require zlib, for svndiff1 delta encoding (r18363)
 * support SWIG 1.3.29 (r19968)
 * support autoconf 2.60-dev (r19919 20632 -36)
 * removed no-longer-supported Red Hat 7.x RPMs (r20462)
 * add support for building RPMs for x86-64 architecture (r20548 -552)
 * numerous improvements to build system, especially on win32
 * removed Visual Studio.NET APR 0.9 project files (r20170)
 * numerous improvements to the test suite
 * new public APIs:
     - keyword / eol translation helpers and generic streams (see svn_subst.h)
     - new generic stream helpers (see svn_io.h)
     - authn providers made available to other clients (see svn_auth.h)
     - svn_cmdline_setup_auth_baton
     - svn_dso_initialize, svn_dso_load
     - svn_client_diff_summarize and svn_client_diff_summarize_peg
     - svn_client_list
     - svn_config_has_section
     - svn_txdelta_compose_windows and svn_txdelta_apply_instructions
     - svn_txdelta_stream_create
     - svn_diff_file_options_create and svn_diff_file_options_parse
     - svn_err_best_message
     - svn_compat_wrap_commit_callback
     - svn_uuid_generate
     - svn_user_get_name and svn_user_get_homedir
     - svn_io_get_dir_filenames
     - svn_ra_reparent
     - svn_ra_replay
     - svn_wc_revision_status
     - several rev'd APIs, see doxygen docs
 * flush stdout after each status/notification line (r19476 -656)
 * new (experimental) ra_serf repository access module for pipelined DAV
 * .svn/entries use a less verbose non-xml format (r19420)
 * make recursive 'svn ls' streamy (issue #1809)
 * remove svn-config script
 * empty-file and README.txt removed from WC admin areas (r17181 -268 -364)
 * replace cmdline client XML DTDs with RNG schemas (r16379 -80 -93 -571 17248)
 * fixed: log --limit against old svnserve leaves unusable session (r19638)
 * fixed: Solaris build problems (r19636)
 * fixed: blame of WORKING revision shouldn't give BASE (r19558)
 * fixed: svn_client_copy and _move should fail if target exists (issue #2188)
 * fixed: svn_io_file_rename and readonlyness on Windows and UNIX (r17366 -69)
 * fixed: ra_dav memory leak when reusing session (issue #2247)
 * fixed: console character encoding problems when built with VS2005 (r20108)
 * fixed: various problems with --enable-dso and global pools (r20996, r20999)
 * fixed: installer file syntax error in new versions of Inno Setup (r21022)
 * SWIG bindings:
     - SWIG/python bindings:
       - new support for svn_client_info (r19413)
     - SWIG/ruby bindings:
       - full support for Subversion 1.4 APIs, including :
         svn_ra_replay and svn_diff_summarize
       - numerous bug fixes
       - add ruby documentation (make install-swig-rb-doc) (r20166)
       - add APIs for adding a provider (r21079)
     - SWIG/perl bindings:
       - new support for svn_client_info (r18758)
       - minor corrections to SVN::Fs (r19312)
 * javahl bindings:
     - APIs to get version info for the native libraries  (r17604 -07)
     - API for path validation (r18989, r19079)
     - C++/Java code refactoring, cleanup, and consolidation
     - fixed: handle possible errors from date/time conversions (r17213)
     - fixed: SVNClient username/password JVM crash on null input (r19803 -13)
     - fixed: specify default UUID load action (r18030)
     - fixed: compile error on Visual Studio 2005 (r18054)

Version 1.3.2
(23 May 2006, from /branches/1.3.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * fixed: 'svn st -u' crash on missing subdirs (r19348, -71, issue #2551)
    * fixed: leaving stray working copy locks on cancellation (r18893)
    * fixed: trying to import .svn and _svn dirs (r18549)
    * symlink support (issue #2478)
    * translation updates to Japanese, Traditional Chinese.

  - Server:
    * fixed: mod_dav_svn memory leak when listing large dirs (r19528)
    * fixed: mod_dav_svn crash on valid request (r19520)
    * fixed: svnserve protocol error in lock, causing client hang (issue #2548)
    * add Content-Transfer-Encoding header (r19319)
    * fixed: named substitutions incorrectly ignored (r18114, -681)
    * fixed: authz requires read access for root for writes (issue #2486)
    * svnauthz-validate: add config file validation tool (r18504, -09)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * fixed: tests don't catch repository creation failure properly (r19149,-51)
 * support SWIG 1.3.28
 * support APR 0.9.x >= 0.9.10 (r19039, -57, -60)
 * python bindings:
     - fixed: link error on OpenBSD (r18983)
 * ruby bindings:
     - fixed: memory leak (r19493)
     - fixed: NULL argument conversion bug (r19543)

Version 1.3.1
(25 March 2006, from /branches/1.3.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * fixed: segfault moving unversioned files (issue #2436)
    * fixed: verbose list broken over ra_dav (issue #2442)
    * fixed: 'svn ci -m path_name' not requiring '--force-log' (r17956)
    * fixed: crash on mixed-case https URL scheme (r18042)
    * fixed: crash in status with ignored directories (r18291)
    * fixed: strip peg rev from default checkout directory (r18416)
    * fixed: diff crash with non-recursive checkout (r17231, 18539, -41)
    * fixed: 'svn ls' URL encoding bug with locks (r18665, -68)
    * fixed: unlock circumvents lock token check (r18691, -94)
    * fixed: repos-to-repos copy crash (r18451)
    * fixed: 'svnmerge' utility improvements (r18811)
    * translation updates for German, Swedish and Norwegian

  - Server:
    * fixed: set svn:date at the end of commit in fsfs (r18078)
    * fixed: don't wait for hook script background jobs (r18146)
    * fixed: mod_dav_svn should log the whole error chain (r18211)
    * fixed: uncomment section headers in repos config files (r18247, -50)
    * fixed: log scalability issues with many paths (r18395, -404)
    * fixed: better path input validation in mod_dav_svn (r18660)
    * fixed: assert in copy in fsfs and bdb (issue #2398)
    * fixed: RPM package bad interaction with NFS servers (issue #1456)

  - Both:
    * fixed: copyright years updated to include 2006 (r18021, -127)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * fixed: missing #include (r18065)
 * fixed: allow building with Neon 0.25.5 (r18215)
 * fixed: error leaks (18196, -249)
 * javahl bindings:
     - fixed: compile error on Visual Studio 2005 (r18054, -55)
 * python bindings:
     - fixed: libsvn_swig_py link problem on Solaris 10 (r17910)
     - fixed: pool lifetime bug (r17992)
     - fixed: memory leak (r18230)
     - fixed: race condition during application pool initialization (r18721)
     - fixed: Make pool parameters optional (issue #2444)
 * ruby bindings:
     - fixed: pool management issue (r17795, -811)
     - fixed: protect baton from garbage collection (r17627)
     - fixed: conversion bug (r17726, -925)
     - fixed: compile errors with SWIG 1.3.24 (r18456, -58)

Version 1.3.0
(30 December 2005, from /branches/1.3.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * 'svn ls -v' now shows remote locks (issue #2291)
    * 'svn status' speedup (r15061, r15103)
    * 'svn blame' speedup on files with long history (issue #1970)
    * 'svnversion' now assumes default argument of '.' (r14892)
    * support for neon 0.25.x, which fixes http:// control-c bug (issue #2297)
    * support for more ISO-8601 date formats, compatible with GNU date (r14428)
    * support for single-digit date components (r15459)
    * on Windows, '_svn' admin dir now toggled by runtime env. variable (r16244)
    * working copy size with empty propfiles reduced (r16855, see releasenotes)
    * new switches added:
       - 'svn blame --xml [--incremental]' (r14690)
       - 'svn status --xml [--incremental]'  (issue #2069)
       - 'svn info --xml [--incremental]'
       - 'svn add/import --no-ignore'  (issue #2105)
       - 'svnlook tree --full-paths'  (r13976)
       - 'svnlook diff --diff-copy-from'  (r14855)
       - 'svnlook changed --copy-info' (r16681)
    * fixed: 'svn copy wc URL' might include deleted items (issue #2153)
    * fixed: 'svn copy wc wc' allows cross-repository copies (issue #2404)
    * fixed: 'svn up/merge' major property-merging bugs (issue #2035)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' insisting on write access to '.' (issue #2411)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' cross-device move problems (r16293, -329, -330)
    * fixed: 'svn diff' outputs headers in wrong encoding (issue #1533)
    * fixed: 'svn proplist/add/cat' dies on unversioned items (issue #2030)
    * fixed: 'svn add' not honoring svn:ignore property (issue #2243)
    * fixed: 'svn log -rN:M --limit X' error over http:// (issue #2396)
    * fixed: 'svn switch --relocate' failure on 'deleted' dir (r16673)
    * fixed: 'svn info' not always showing repos lock (issue #2276)
    * fixed: 'svn info' might show lock on wrong path (r16626)
    * fixed: 'svnlook' chokes on logs with inconsistent newlines (r14573)
    * fixed: 'svnlook propget --revprop -t' failure (r15203)
    * fixed: 'svnversion' wrongly traverses into externals (r15161)
    * fixed: incorrect URI encoding passed to svn+ssh:// (issue #2406)
    * fixed: properly handle filenames containing '@' (issue #2317)
    * fixed: '--non-interactive' now suppresses launch of $EDITOR (r15277)
    * fixed: conflict markers not in current encoding (r14621)
    * fixed: commands ignoring extraneous -m or -F switches (issue #2285)
    * fixed: poor error-checking when using revprops (r15542)
    * fixed: stack-smashing bugs (r15948, r16037)
    * fixed: incorrect parsing of mod_dav_svn XML responses (r17589)
    * translation updates for all languages

  - Server:
    * svnserve improvements:
       - can now restrict read/write access by path (see releasenotes)
       - undeprecation of the --read-only (-R) option (r17614)
    * mod_dav_svn improvements:
       - 'SVNListParentPath on' shows all repositories in web browser (r16158)
       - ability to log high-level client operations (see releasenotes)
       - sets svn:mime-type on autoversioning commits (r14359)
    * 'svn log' performance improvement (r14722)
    * fixed: fs history algorithm might return wrong objects (issue #1970)
    * fixed: repos deadlock when hooks output too much (issue #2078)
    * fixed: mod_dav_svn displays errors with sensitive paths (r14792)
    * fixed: anonymous reader could create empty commits (issue #2388)
    * fixed: possible segfault to callers of trace_node_locations() (r16188)
    * fixed: BDB-style locking actions on FSFS repositories (r16295, r16297)
    * fixed: numerous bugs running BDB commands on FSFS (issue #2361, r16388)
    * fixed: svndumpfilter incorrectly remapping dropped revs (issue #1911)

  - Both:
    * faster multiple (un)locks in a single svn:// request (issue #2264)
    * the Subversion Book is no longer bundled (r17466)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * reorganization of automated tests, including ability to run on ramdisk
 * lots of Doxygen/API documentation cleanup
 * numerous improvements to build system, especially on win32
 * working copy is now storing repos_root as separate field (issue #960)
 * keywords are now stored in an internal hash (issue #890)
 * client status APIs now makes more server-side info available (r16344)
 * new public APIs:  
     - new transfer progress callback for DAV (r15948)
     - svn_ra_initialize(), svn_client_open_ra_session()
     - svn_fs_closest_copy(), svn_fs_type()
     - several rev'd APIs, see doxygen docs
 * SWIG bindings: No more compile-time or runtime SWIG dependencies
     - SWIG/python bindings:
        - automatic memory management: APIs no longer require pool arguments!
        - improved stability, as shown by our new testsuite
        - better error messages
     - SWIG/ruby bindings:
        - complete API coverage!
        - automatic memory management
        - greatly expanded test suite
     - SWIG/perl bindings:
        - new accessors for svn_lock_t, svn_fs_access_t
        - a number of bugfixes
 * javahl bindings:
     - add streamy API for fetching file contents (r15584) 
     - fixed: let tests run before bindings are installed (issue #2040)
     - fixed: lock command not raising errors properly (issue #2394)
     - fixed: ignored errors from svn_client_blame2() (r16434)

Version 1.2.3
(19 August 2005, from /branches/1.2.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * fixed: 'svn status -u' fails against pre-1.2 mod_dav_svn (r15359, r15423)
    * fixed: 'svn export' segfault (r15516)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' memory leak (r15233)
    * fixed: horrible rename-tracing performance against 1.0 servers (r15315)
    * fixed: 'svn cat' over file:// -- small leak  (r15253)
    * fixed: crash with "svn lock" and authentication (r15703)
    * improvements to 'svnmerge' utility (r14008,-458,-587,-632, r15329,-340)
    * translation updates for French, German, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish,

  - Server:
    * fixed: mod_authz_svn being overly restrictive (r15463)
    * fixed: fsfs directory caching bug (r15705, r15742)

  - Both:
    * fixed: crash when >50 options passed to any commandline app (r15251)
    * fixed: memory leak in character translation handle caching (r15379,-398)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * fixed: crash when calling svn_client_(un)lock with no targets (r15734)
 * rhel-4 RPM bugfix for python bindings (r15616)
 * missing #include in SWIG bindings (r15683)
 * javahl bindings:
     - fixed: JNI library loading bug (r15552)
     - fixed: JNI stack-name cut and paste error (r15337)
     - fixed: crash when revisions have no dates (r15737)
 * perl bindings:
     - now compatible with SWIG 1.3.25 (r15248)
     - allow SVN::Pool to be used as pool parameter (r15450)
     - make SVN::Delta::Editor friendlier for debugging (r15609)
     - fixed: wrap svn_ra_stat properly (r15713)
     - fixed: bug in SVN::Core::Stream's read function (r15698, r15700)
 * ruby bindings:
     - now compatible with SWIG 1.3.25 (r14980, r15361)

Version 1.2.2
(Not released, see changes for 1.2.3.)

Version 1.2.1
(5 July 2005, from /branches/1.2.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * fixed: 'svn lock' on switched file locks wrong thing (issue #2307)
    * fixed: 'svn (un)lock' errors on multiple targets (r14736, 14775)
    * fixed: 'svn (un)lock' problems with URI-unsafe names (issue #2314)
    * fixed: 'svn (un)lock' not caching authentication (r15088)
    * fixed: 'svn unlock' loses executable bit (r14859, r14923, r14939)
    * fixed: 'svn unlock URL' segfault (r14893)
    * fixed: 'svn commit' failure on XML-unsafe locked paths (issue #2335)
    * fixed: recursive directory copy bug (issue #2343)
    * fixed: don't initialize RA library in 'svnversion' (r14755)
    * fixed: svn-push segfault (r14732)
    * various translation updates for localized client messages

  - Server:
    * fixed: 'svn log' performance regression, general (r14116, 14772, 14759)
    * fixed: 'svn log -v' performance regression, FSFS-specific (r15016)
    * fixed: mod_dav_svn bug sets content-type incorrectly (r15046)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * fixed: win32 innosetup's add/repair/remove features (r14830)
 * fixed: OBOE with 'limit' parameter of svn_repos_get_logs3(). (r15119)
 * redhat RPM fixes (r15050)
 * perl bindings:
     - accessors for svn_lock_t (r15082)
     - call utf_initialize, adjust global pool usage (r15076, r15080,
                                                      r15081, r15117)

Version 1.2.0
(21 May 2005, from /branches/1.2.x)

See the 1.2 release notes for a more verbose overview of the changes since
the 1.1 release:

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * add peg-rev syntax to co/blame/cat/ls/pget/plist/export (issue #1093)
    * 'svn info' now works on URLs (r13123, 13144)
    * 'svn* --version' now shows available repository back-ends (r13761)
    * new fixed-length keywords (for placement in binary files) (issue #2095)
    * on Windows, disk-cached passwords are now encrypted (r13888)
    * performance improvements:
       - 'svn status' does much less disk parsing (r11677, 11704)
       - 'svn st -u' no longer asks server to generate textdeltas (issue #2259)
       - 'svn revert -R' doing much less work (r13883)
       - utf8<->native conversions are faster now (issue #2016)
    * new switches added:
       - 'svn commit --no-unlock           - retain lock in wc upon commit
       - 'svn log --limit N'               - show only first N log messages
       - 'svn info --revision'             - show info on older object (r13265)
       - 'svn list --xml'                  - output listing in XML
       - 'svn propset --force'             - allow unusual propsets (#2065)
       - 'svn diff --force'                - show diffs on binary files (#2099)
       - 'svn co/up/st --ignore-externals' - skip over externals (#2189)
       - 'svn export --non-recursive'      - don't export subdirs (issue #2228)
       - 'svnversion --help'               - show help (r13128)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' fails to add symlinks or expand keywords (issue #2064)
    * fixed: 'svn merge --dry-run' shows spurious 'skip' messages (issue #1943)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' file-not-found' error (issue #1673)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' of propchanges into deleted file (issue #2132)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' on implicit target with space (r13010)
    * fixed: 'svn merge/diff URL URL' can cause httpd timeout (issue #2048)
    * fixed: 'svn switch/update' failure might corrupt wc (issue #1825)
    * fixed: 'svn up' should rm before add, helps case-insensitivity (r12616)
    * fixed: 'svn up -rX' causes file to be unrestorable (issue #2250)
    * fixed: 'svn copy wc wc' should keep .svn/ hidden (issue #1739)
    * fixed: 'svn copy wc wc' of deleted=true doesn't delete (issue #2101)
    * fixed: 'svn copy' shouldn't copy into schedule-delete area (issue #2020)
    * fixed: 'svn copy dir dir' infinite recursion (issue #2224)
    * fixed: 'svn log' throws error on unversioned target (issue #1551)
    * fixed: 'svn log' in r0 working copy shows r1 log msg (issue #1950) 
    * fixed: 'svn export' bugs on deleted dirs or nonexistents (#2226, r13226) 
    * fixed: 'svn export' on single file from working copy (issue #1708)
    * fixed: 'svn import' creating an empty revision (r14293)
    * fixed: 'svn commit' ignores --encoding when editing externally (#2244)
    * fixed: 'svn commit' log message lost if utf8-conversion failure (r13230)
    * fixed: 'svn diff' output encoding bug (r11461)
    * fixed: 'svn diff' showing prop-diffs on repos root dir (r13381-2)
    * fixed: 'svn diff' label reversal (issue #2033)
    * fixed: 'svn propget' prints extra newline in --strict mode (r14505)
    * fixed: 'svn propset' should skip unversioned files (#2030)
    * fixed: 'svn rm URL1 URL2 URL3...' huge memory usage (issue #2218)
    * fixed: 'svn mkdir' cleanup after failure (r11883)
    * fixed: 'svn status -u' crash in non-recursive wc's (issue #2122)
    * fixed: 'svn revert' should skip unversioned items (issues #2030, 2133)
    * fixed: 'svn revert' should suggest --recursive (issue #2114)
    * fixed: 'svn add/import' better detects invalid paths (issue #1954)
    * fixed: 'svn cleanup' should repair timestamps (r12012)
    * fixed: 'svn cat -rBASE' contacts repository (issue #1361)
    * fixed: fuzzily escape control-characters when sending over dav (#2147)
    * fixed: prevent client from manipulating svn:wc:* properties (r12523)
    * fixed: allow portnumber in svn+ssh://user@host:port/ URLs (r14373)
    * fixed: xml-escaping bugs over dav (r11090)
    * fixed: store symlinks as utf8, always work in non-utf8 locale (r11358-9)
    * fixed: bug in special-file detranslation (r11441)
    * fixed: show paths in local-style where we weren't (issue #1538)
    * fixed: detect invalid propnames better (issue #1832)
    * fixed: entire error stack not being printed (issue #1822)
    * fixed: improper utf8 conversion of revision strings (issue #1999)
    * fixed: use-commit-times timestamp bug (r12906)
    * fixed: don't comment out section-names in default config file (r11771)
    * more support for user-cancellation (r13083-4, 13086)
    * improved error messages (r12920, 11392, 11599, 11913, #2154, #2214)

   - Server:
    * mod_dav_svn autoversioning feature now complete (see release notes)
    * 'svnadmin create' now creates FSFS repositories by default (r13624)
    * new pre/post-revprop hook argument to describe propchange (r12162)
    * mod_authz_svn groups can now contain other groups (issue #2085)
    * 'svnadmin recover' now creates default svnserve passwd file (r11589)
    * increase default BDB cache size in DB_CONFIG (r13030)
    * new switches added:
       - 'svnlook diff --no-diff-added'        - suppress added files (#2180)
       - 'svnlook propget/proplist --revprop'  - show revision props (#2181)
       - 'svnadmin load --use-pre-commit-hook'  
         'svnadmin load --use-post-commit-hook'- invoke hooks when loading
    * fixed: FSFS race condition on posix platforms (issue #2265)
    * fixed: change FSFS revprops atomically and safely (issue #2193)
    * fixed: FSFS should verify checksums (issue #2253)
    * fixed: FSFS crash bug (r14333)
    * fixed: 'svnadmin create' should clean up when it fails (r13200)
    * fixed: 'svnadmin load' compatibility on pre-0.14 dumpfiles (r12075)
    * fixed: 'svnadmin load' crashes on contentful rev 0 (issue #1674)
    * fixed: 'svnadmin dump' should write in console encoding (issue #1997)
    * fixed: check for null-streams in dump/load code (r10510)
    * fixed: hook script ignored when symlink is broken (issue #1700)
    * fixed: hook script may inherit server's stdin stream (r12155)
    * fixed: potential svnserve segfault (r13199)
    * fixed: svnserve handling mutually-exclusive options (issue #2251)
    * fixed: mod_authz_svn should log errors to httpd errorlog (issue #2182)
    * fixed: 'svnadmin hotcopy' failed to copy format files (r14678, r14683)
    * add win32 compatibility, plus other bugfixes

   - Both:
    * new 'locking' feature (issue #1478, see release notes for details):
        - new: 'svn lock/unlock', 'svnadmin lslocks/rmlocks', 'svnlook lock'
        - new: 'svn:needs-lock' property to enable communication         
        - 'svn st [-u]' shows local or remote lock overview
        - 'svn info wc | URL'  shows local or remote lock details
        - 'svn commit' sends locks, 'svn up' removes stale locks
        - new hook scripts: pre-lock, pre-unlock, post-lock, post-unlock
    * speedups for 'svn blame' and other commands (see xdelta in release notes)
    * fixed: make both svnserve and svn:// urls work with IPv6 (r13235-6)
    * fixed: updating xml-unsafe dirname over http (issue #2268)
    * new translation of localized messages: French
    * continued improvement of localized message translations:
        - German, Spanish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian Bokmål,
          Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese
        - more localized messages in all svn-related binaries

 Developer-visible changes:
 * binary diff algorithm now defaults to xdelta instead of vdelta
 * huge number of new APIs:
     - new locking APIs in svn_client.h, svn_ra.h, svn_repos.h, svn_fs.h
     - new 'flattened' svn_ra.h API, which imitates svn_fs.h  (issue #1931)
     - new notification API in svn_client.h, svn_wc.h
     - has all API changes
 * fs now has its own 'format' file, independent of repos 'format' (r13387)
 * improve efficiency of delta combining algorithm (r13016, r13063)
 * make all BDB apis take explicit pool parameters (r13198, r13205)
 * remove libsvn_fs_base caching of node revisions (r13299)
 * libsvn_repos commit editor can now take incoming txn (r13733)
 * fixed: mod_dav_svn sending illegal editor-drive (issue #2258)
 * pool usage improvements (r12954, 12852, r13386, issue #1310)
 * SWIG bindings:  better API coverage overall.
     - new ruby bindings!
     - remove bitrotting swig-java bindings
     - perl and python bindings:  numerous improvements, see their own logs.
     - bindings tests now within svntest framework
 * javahl bindings:   numerous improvements, see its own logs.
 * many improvements to and
 * rewrite/improvements to gen-make build system, including VS.NET support
 * many improvements to the automated python testsuite (issue #2257)
 * book moved to separate repository (

Version 1.1.4
(1 April 2005, from /branches/1.1.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * fixed: win32 not ignoring versioned symlinks (issue #2173)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' can cause broken working copy (issue #2222)
    * fixed: 'svn commit' fails when schedule-delete dir has local mod (r11980)
    * fixed: 'svn st -u nonexistent_file' segfault (issue #2127)
    * fixed: 'svn cp wc wc' utf8 conversion error (r13111)
    * fixed: confusing error message about "wc not locked" (issue #2174)
    * many translation updates for localized client messages

  - Server:
    * fixed: nasty (though unusual) performance bug in FSFS commits (r13222-3)
    * fixed: FSFS memory leak when auto-merging large tree (r13193)
    * fixed: FSFS memory leak in 'svnadmin hotcopy' (r13218, 13465, 13468)
    * fixed: FSFS segfault when encountering empty data reps (r13683)
    * fixed: two dataloss bugs in svndumpfilter (r12630, r12636)
    * fixed: wasteful memory usage in svndumpfilter (r12637, r12640)
    * fixed: mod_dav_svn segfaults when client sends bogus paths (issue #2199)
    * make work on win32 (r12499, r12542, r12670)

  - Both:
    * fixed: (win32) retry file operation if sharing violation (r12983, r12986)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * add SWIG 1.3.24 and .25 compatibility (r12551, r12717-9, r12722, r13504)
 * fixed: JavaHL run-time link error (r12576), path/url cleanups (r13090)
 * fixed: python bindings log_receiver failure with SWIG 1.3.24 (r13487)
 * build system tweaks: add install dependencies for fs & fs_base (r11050)

Version 1.1.3
(14 January 2005, from /branches/1.1.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * translation updates for localized client messages.
 Developer-visible changes:
 * Fix a compile error in the Perl bindings.

Version 1.1.2
(20 December 2004, from /branches/1.1.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * fixed: 'svn switch' interruption can break working copy (issue #1826)
    * fixed: 'svn switch' memleak over ra_dav (issue #2106)
    * fixed: 'svn blame' algorithm bug (r11527)
    * fixed: invoke external diff/diff3 with local-style paths (r11689)
    * fixed: 'svn status' handling of missing subdirs (r11936)
    * fixed: 'svn ls -v' encoding bug (r11740)
    * fixed: 'svn ls "file with space"' bug (r12273, r12393)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' should URI-encode copyfrom URLs (issue #1905)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' deletion output formatting (r12100, r12111, r12114)
    * fixed: 'svnversion --version .' crash (r11438)
    * fixed: UNC paths on Cygwin (issue #2108)
    * fixed: win98 iconv bug -- uninitialized variable (issue #2091)
    * improved 'svn status' performance:
        - do fewer check_path calls (r11592)
        - 'svn status file' shouldn't recursively lock tree (r11439, r11669)
    * translation updates for localized client messages.

  - Server:
    * fixed: 'svnadmin load' race condition (r12327)
    * fixed: fsfs memleak in commit finalization (r11706)
    * fixed: fsfs memleak in inefficient directory removal (r11701)
    * fixed: fsfs commits use insert-only perms on db/revs/ (r11665)        
    * fixed: fsfs creates lockfile at creation time, not at 1st commit (r12172)
    * fixed: svndumpfilter mislabeling output as version 3 (issue #2142)
    * fixed: 'svnserve -h' encoding bug (part of issue #1997)
    * fixed: prevent cross-repository copies (r12003)
    * fixed: increase log-region max size in default DB_CONFIG (issue #2159)

  - Both:
    * fixed: 'svn switch' quietly corrupting working copy (issue #2124)
    * fixed: canonicalize paths sent by ra_svn/svnserve (issue #2119)
    * fixed: memleak into UTF8 translation routines (r11689)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * add support for BerkeleyDB 4.3 (if using a compatible apr-util)
 * add support for any apr/apr-util 1.X
 * disallow incompatible SWIG versions (r12450)
 * fixed: slight API/ABI incompatibility between 1.0.9 and 1.1.x (r12102)
 * fixed: perl bindings pool usage & object refcounts (r11451, r11630)
 * fixed: perl bindings pool usage and potential memleak (r12397)
 * fixed: javahl crash trying to fetch nonexistent property (r12184)
 * fixed: javahl build can fail due to missing dirs (issue #2032)
 * fixed: RPM build breakage (issue #2111)
 * fixed: i18n issues for windows installer (r11685)
 * allow build system to update single .po file (r11763)

Version 1.1.1
(22 October 2004, from /branches/1.1.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Client:
    * fixed: 'svn status' win32 performance regression (issue #2016)
    * fixed: 'svn ls' dying on non-ascii paths over DAV (issue #2060)
    * fixed: allow URI-encoded colon or pipe on win32 (issue #2012)
    * fixed: broken win32 UNC paths (issue #2011)
    * fixed: memory bloat when committing many files over DAV (r11284, -321)
    * fixed: eol-style translation error for 'svn propget' (r11202, -243)
    * fixed: 'svn propedit' does EOL conversion properly (issue #2063)
    * fixed: 'svn log --xml' shouldn't be locale-dependent. (r11181)
    * fixed: 'svn export' of symlinks with 'use-commit-times' (r11224)
    * fixed: 'svn export -rBASE' when WC has added items (r11296, -415)
    * many translation updates for localized client messages.

  - Server:
    * fixed: 'svn ls' HTTP performance regression (r11211, -232, -285)
    * fixed: make it possible to set "SVNPathAuthz off" in httpd.conf (r11190)
    * fixed: fsfs validating revisions when accessing revprops (issue #2076)
    * fixed: 'svn log -v' hiding too much info on 'empty' revisions. (r11137)
    * fixed: encoding bug with 'svnlook log'/'svnlook author' (r11172)
    * fixed: allow mod_authz_svn to return '403 Forbidden', not 500 (r11064)
    * fixed: XML-escape author and date strings before sending (issue #2071)
    * fixed: invalid XML being sent over DAV (issue #2090)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * fixed: IRIX compile error (issue #2082)
 * fixed: error in perl bindings (r11290)
 * fixed: error leaks in mod_dav_svn (r11458)
 * fixed: javahl should use default config directory (r11394)

Version 1.0.9
(13 October 2004, from /branches/1.0.9)

 User-visible changes:
  - Server:
    * fixed: 'svn ls' HTTP performance regression (r11211, -232, -285)
    * fixed: 'svn log -v' hiding too much info on 'empty' revisions. (r11137)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * fixed: make redhat 7/8 rpm scripts build the book correctly (11143)

Version 1.1.0
(29 September 2004, from /branches/1.1.x)

See the 1.1 release notes for a more verbose overview of the changes since

 User-visible changes:
 * new non-database repository back-end (libsvn_fs_fs)
 * symlinks can now be placed under version control (unix systems only)
 * cmdline client now supports psuedo-IRIs and autoescapes chars (issue #1910)
 * 'svnadmin recover' no longer waits forever for a lock (new '--wait' option)
 * new $Revision$ synonym for $Rev$ and $LastChangedRevision$
 * new runtime option 'store-passwords = ' gives finer control (r10794)x
 * fixed: working copies now shareable by multiple users (issue #1509)
 * fixed: diff and other subcommands correctly follow renames (issue #1093)
     - new 'peg' syntax for diff/merge:  'svn diff -r X:Y TARGET@REV'
     - now able to compare working copy with URL: 'svn diff --old WC --new URL'
 * new framework for localized error/info/help messages, initial translations:
     - German, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian Bokmål, Traditional Chinese,
       Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese.
 * speed improvements:
     - faster 'svn up' on complex working copies -- no more repos txns (r8840)
     - faster 'svn status' -- fewer stat() calls (r9182)
     - faster 'svn checkout' -- fewer sleep() calls (r9123)
     - faster 'svn blame' -- new RA->get_file_revs() func (issue #1715)
 * new switches added:
     - 'svn blame --verbose'            - show extra annotation info
     - 'svn export --native-eol TYPE'   - export using TYPE line-endings
     - 'svn add --force'                - recurse into version-controlled dirs
     - 'svnadmin dump --deltas'         - include binary diffs in dumpfile
     - 'svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs' - create fs_fs repos (default is bdb)
     - 'svnserve --tunnel-user=NAME'    - assume authenticated NAME over tunnel
     - 'svndumpfilter [cmd] --quiet'    - less chatty dumpfiltering
     - 'svnserve --version'             - show program's version
       'svnversion --version'
       'svndumpfilter --version'
 * svnadmin dump/deltify now understand -r{DATE} (r9805)
 * allow update of non-existent target entry (partial issue #1902 fix)
 * 'svnadmin create' now sets sgid bit on repos/db/  (unix systems only)
 * increase default neon (ra_dav) timeout from 120 to 3600 seconds (r9568)
 * print verbose BDB error messages (r10557, r10566)
 * fixed: don't bail when 'svn up' refuses to delete local mods (issue #1806)
 * fixed: process svn:externals in defined order (issue #1788)
 * fixed: pass new propval to stdin of pre-revprop-change hook (issue #952)
 * fixed: svndumpfilter logic/memory/display bugs (r8691, 8831, 9061)
 * fixed: 'svnadmin hotcopy PATH .' (r8659)
 * fixed: copy crash bug (r8863)
 * fixed: 'svn st -u' crash bug (r10841)
 * fixed: 'svn commit' segfault (r10676)
 * fixed: allow cleanup on .svn/ dirs containing KILLME file (r8891)
 * fixed: 'svn revert' detects corrupted text-base (r8897)
 * fixed: 'svn status -N' no longer locks entire tree (r8906)
 * fixed: several different 'svn switch' bugs (r9192, 9203, 9238, 9698)
 * fixed: some 'svn copy' bugs (r9193, 9274)
 * fixed: obscure update-deletion bug (r8976)
 * fixed: utf8 conversion 'hang' (r9233)
 * fixed: missing UTF8->native recoding in 'svn log' output (r10652, 10673)
 * fixed: 'svn blame' now defaults to  rev (r9440)
 * fixed: 'svn blame' closing files before deleting them (issue #1969)
 * fixed: 'svn diff' shows truncated paths (r9693)
 * fixed: 'svn diff --notice-ancestry' bug (r9699)
 * fixed: 'svn subcommand -r{DATE} URL' works if URL not in HEAD (issue #1840) 
 * fixed: 'svn blame' on non-ascii path truncation (issue #1770)
 * fixed: svn:external 'wc not locked' bug (issue #1897)
 * fixed: proper mod_dav_svn html/xml escaping (issue #1209)
 * fixed: memleak in 'svn propset -R URL' (issue #1928)
 * fixed: stop 'svn up' from deleting schedule-add target dir (issue #1793)
 * fixed: 'svn merge' adding a directory already 'deleted' (issue #1769)
 * fixed: excessive memory use when fs deltifies revision 2^N (r10070)
 * fixed: disallow non-recursive directory commit (issue #1797)
 * fixed: allow propget of props with colon in name (issue #1807)
 * fixed: 'svnadmin load' computation of copyfrom-rev (issue #1795)
 * fixed: runtime config files created with proper line-endings (issue #1803)
 * fixed: make svnserve's authn work on usernames with spaces (r10385)
 * fixed: have svnserve use repos UUID as default authn realm (r10394)
 * fixed: segfault when history-following hits 'empty' revision (r10368)
 * fixed: overzealous out-of-dateness checks in 'svn cp wc URL' (issue 1994)
 * fixed: don't URI-encode path in mod_dav_svn XML listings (r10461)
 * fixed: 'svn info' should refuse URL targets (r10760)
 * fixed: incomplete-directory handling bug (r10956)
 * fixed: allow cancellation between files during recursive dir add (r10894)
 * general improvement and normalization of error messages
 * many improvements to contributed tools:, psvn.el, etc.

 Developer-visible changes:
 * libsvn_fs now loads either bdb (libsvn_fs_base) or fsfs (libsvn_fs_fs)
 * new console-printing API:  svn_cmdline_printf() family checks for errors.
 * new library-version querying API:
     - new svn_[libname]_version() in each library
     - svn_ver_*() family of functions
 * 2nd generation APIs, from svn_foo() --> svn_foo2().  old APIs deprecated.
     - svn_wc_adm_open2() & friends, svn_wc_export2(), svn_client_add2()
       svn_wc_parse_externals_description2(), svn_hash_read/write2(),
       svn_repos_dump/load_fs2() & friends, svn_wc_diff2(),
 * other new APIs:
     - svn_stream_copy(), svn_txdelta_target_push(), svn_opt_parse_path(),
       svn_io_file_flush_to_disk, svn_repos_trace_node_locations(),
       svn_repos_get_file_revs(), RA->get_locations(), RA->get_file_revs,
       RA->get_version(), svn_sort_compare_paths(), svn_utf_initialize()
 * SVN_REVNUM_FMT_T usage replaced with %ld (r9691)
 * cache mod_authz_svn authz file per connection (r8867)
 * validate hex digits in % escape (issue #1947)
 * hashes now written to disk in sorted order (r9910)
 * do cancellation checks before loops, not after (r8918)
 * fixed: bug in svn_repos_dir_delta replacement logic (r8078)
 * fixed: tiny memory access bugs (r8229, 8230, 8313)
 * fixed: several commit buglets (r8955, 9658, 9757, 9855)
 * fixed: don't recursively lock all prop commands (r9172)
 * fixed: svnserve memory usage on many-file commits (r9185)
 * fixed: close svnserve child's listen-socket after forking (r10050)
 * fixed: 'svnadmin hotcopy' integrity improvements (issues #1817, #1818)
 * fixed: only verify media type of svn:mime-type, not encoding (r10126)
 * fixed: handle '//'  and '..' in svn_path_canonicalize (issue #1779)
 * fixed: double URI escaping (issue #1814)
 * fixed: editor-driver bug (don't delete before every copy) (r10851)
 * fixed: potential mod_dav_svn crashes/memleaks (r10478)
 * fixed: better 'svnadmin verify  verification (r10508, r10509)
 * fixed: encoding of get_repos_url_result (r10353, 10375)
 * fixed: prevent canonicalized URIs from ending in '/' (r10317)
 * stop using -std=c89 gcc flag (r11054)
 * sync with apr 1.0's find_apr.m4 and find_apu.m4 files (r10560)
 * win32 installer improvements (r10978)
 * huge improvements to python, perl, java bindings
 * huge changes to win32 build system

Version 1.0.8
(22 September 2004, from /branches/1.0.8)

 User-visible changes:
 * fixed: mod_authz_svn path and log-message metadata leaks.
          See CAN-2004-0749, and descriptive advisory at 

Version 1.0.7
(17 September 2004, from /branches/1.0.x)

 User-visible changes:
 * fixed: win32 'file not found' error [issue #1862]
 * fixed: 'svn st -u' crash (r10841)
 * fixed: potential repos corruption; ensure stdin/out/err always open (r10819)
 * fixed: allow propnames containing ":" to be fetched via http:// (r10190)
 * fixed: allow user to interrupt between authentication prompts (see r11014)
 * fixed: work around +t directory-creation bug in APR (r10616, 10638, 10642)
 * various small fixes to Book

 Developer-visible changes:
 * fix library dependencies for bindings (r9338, 9340)
 * java bindings: fix a crash and other bugs (r9883, 9905, 8027)
 * perl bindings: various fixes (see r11023)

Version 1.0.6
(19 July 2004, from /branches/1.0.x)

 User-visible changes:
 * fixed: crash in status command, caused by race (r10144)
 * fixed: crashes when deleting a revision-prop (r10148, r10185, r10192)
 * fixed: mod_authz_svn allows COPY method on repos with space in name (#1837)
 * fixed: mod_authz_svn COPY security hole:  authorize whole tree (issue #1949)
 Developer-visible changes:
 * neon 0.24.7 now required (fixes wire compression bugs) (r10159, 10176)

Version 1.0.5
(10 Jun 2004, from /branches/1.0.5)

 User-visible changes:
 * fixed: security bug in svn protocol string parsing. (CAN-2004-0413)

Version 1.0.4
(21 May 2004, from /branches/1.0.x)

 User-visible changes:
 * fixed: 'svn up' can delete unversioned data on win32 fs (issue #1854)
 * fixed: pool leaks in 'svnlook diff/changed/dirs-changed'
 * fixed: insecure script example in pre-commit-hook template
 * fixed: inability to do a checkout to '/'
 * officially recommend neon 0.24.6 in all docs.

 Developer-visible changes:
 * fixed: RPM build for Fedora & WBEL3/RHEL3
 * fixed: SWIG-java building problem
 * fixed: javahl bug which can crash JVM
 * fixed: change formatting codes in svn_swig_pl_callback_thunk
 * fixed: properly wrap svn_txdelta_parse_svndiff for perl

Version 1.0.3
(19 May 2004, from /branches/1.0.3)

 User-visible changes:
 * fixed: security bug in date parsing. (CAN-2004-0397)

Version 1.0.2
(15 April 2004, from /branches/1.0.x)

 User-visible changes:
 * fixed: segfault when remotely deleting svn:author property.
 * fixed: mod_dav_svn accepting too many authors. (issue #1786)
 * fixed: create runtime config files with native EOLs. (Issue #1802)
 * fixed: recursive propset can corrupt .svn/entries (issue #1794)
 * fixed: allow shared working copies [mostly working now] (issue #1509)
 * fixed: mod_authz_svn should ignore uri on MERGE request (partial #1821)
 * fixed: svnserve assertion failure on empty error messages
 * fixed: commit/update memory leaks when working on many targets (issue #1635)
 * fixed: don't display repos-paths or URLs with '\' on win32.
 * new example script:  svnserve 'sgid' wrapper.
 * minor book fixes, new 'best-practices' doc.

 Developer-visible changes:
 * fixed: deprecation warning from SWIG 1.3.20_
 * fixed: broken win32 python-swig bindings compilation.
 * fixed: bug in libsvn_fs changes-table change-folding code.
 * fixed: perl bindings: wrap root->paths_changed, apply_txdelta return values
 * added VC7 support and defines for including debug symbol files.

Version 1.0.1
(12 March 2004, from /branches/1.0.x)

 User-visible changes:
 * allow anonymous access checking in mod_authz_svn
 * fixed: mod_authz_svn now works with SVNParentPath (issue #1588)
 * fixed: potential segfault in mod_dav_svn. 
 * fixed: improper BDB cursor shutdown in libsvn_fs, which can wedge repos.
 * fixed: allow checkout of repository with space in path. (issue #1694)
 * fixed: make 'svn propget URL' work correctly over svn://. (issue #1752)
 * fixed: failed 'svn merge URL' when URL contains user@host. (issue #1759)
 * fixed: invalid REPORT response when updating a deleted wc. (issue #1721)
 * fixed: allow deletes below copied wc dirs.
 * fixed: merge --dry-run bug on added-files with props. (issue #1738)
 * fixed: svnlook no longer requires write access to '.'
 * fixed: ensure 'svn blame' fails on files marked as binary. (issue #1733)
 * fixed: make failed direct-URL commits clean up their fs txns. (issue #1726)
 * fixed: obscure bugs in time/date string formatting. (issue #1692)
 * fixed: svn export doesn't export svn:externals. (issue #1750)
 * fixed: svn import doesn't handle EOL or keyword translation. (issue #1756)
 * fixed: svn status -v shows unwanted status of externals (issue #1741)
 * fixed: allow revert of schedule-replace file that has no props (issue #1775)
 * fixed: svnserve segfault on invalid --listen-host argument.
 * fixed: switch bug which caused wrong URL to be left in wc.
 * detect invalid UTF8 filenames when native locale is UTF8.
 * improve presentation of directory property conflicts.
 * improve presentation of errors from svnadmin & svnlook.
 * clarify output of 'svnadmin help deltify'.
 * augment copyright notice to --version output.
 * more book updates.

 Developer-visible changes:
 * remove obsolete auth provider examples.
 * prevent potential ra_dav commit race-condition.
 * fix svn_io_dir_walk 'dot-first' ordering required by 'svnadmin hotcopy'.
 * fix error leaks in dav_svn_convert_err()
 * upgrade win32 innosettup tools and redhat RPMs.
 * fix compile warning:  compressed streams on LP64 architecture.
 * use cpio to generate tarballs instead of GNU tar.
 * tweaks to
 * fix bindings on win32.
 * fix perl bindings build on OS X.
 * fix perl bindings:  bug which rejects string revnums.

Version 1.0.0
(branching 23 February 2004, from /branches/1.0.x)

 User-visible changes:
 * fixes to the shbang lines in tools/hook-scripts/.
 * vast improvements to  (NOTE: now a separate project!)
 * general documentation cleanup:
     - clarify built-in help text for 'svn switch' and 'svn status'.
     - fix docs within the hook templates.
     - cleanups to README, INSTALL, HACKING, svn-ref.tex, bash_completion.
     - bring www/ pages up-to-date for 1.0.
     - many changes to the Book

 Developer-visible changes:
 * updates to the win32 installer packaging code.
 * cleanups to SWIG bindings:  
     - disable svn_io_* functions.
     - svn_filesize_t and apr_time_t fixes.
     - remove debugging print statements and various warnings.
     - make svn_repos_dir_delta() function correctly
     - add support for repos authz callback.

Version 0.37.0 [Beta Interim 2]
(branching 24 January 2004, from /branches/1.0-stabilization)

 User-visible changes:
 * bugfix: buffer overflow for AIX client
 * 'svn merge' now notices ancestry by default. (r8390)
 * bugfix:  double Ctrl-C on windows no longer wedges repository.
 * New date formats (see API change: Rewrite of date parser below)
 * bugfix: Errors in authentication when --no-interactive is turned on (r8139)
 * bugfix: Fix some 'access denied' errors on Windows (r8341, r8352)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * API change: Rewrite of date parser (r8327, r8328, r8329) (issue #408)
 * bugfix: svn_fs__bdb_changes_fetch() fouls up change ordering (issue #1695)
 * require SWIG >=1.3.19 (issue #1690)
 * numerous changes to language bindings, to keep up with C API.
 * fix: apr build issues (r8279, r8280, r8318) (issue #1666)
 * changed the auth-provider C API to use 'realmstring' on all funcs
 * check the ra plugin ABI versions.
 * fix: ABI problem with blame.  (r8494) (issue #1705)
 * remove svn_io_file_printf from public API. (r8492) (issue #1653)
 * extensive changes in the perl client bindings. (r8270)
 * too many big and small internal code cleanups and fixes to mention here

Version 0.36.0 [Beta Interim 1]
(branching 13 January 2004, from /branches/1.0-stabilization)

 User-visible changes:
 * add cancellation support to svnadmin and svnlook (r8222)
 * runtime 'store-password' option renamed to 'store-auth-creds' (r8014)
 * 'svn blame' changes:
    - now shows correct revision info (r8035-6)
    - responds to cancellation better (r8129)
 * svnserve changes:
    - added '--inetd' option;  now required to speak with stdin/stdout (r8205)
    - added '--listen-port' and '--listen-host' options  (r8001-2)
    - removed '-u' option (r8003)
    - ignore SIGPIPE (no more repos lockups when you terminate a pipe) (r8140)
 * lots of Book work (many newly-documented Apache and svnserve topics)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * bugfix: svnserve network crash (r8142)
 * bugfix: return result_rev from svn_client_checkout correctly (r8096)
 * bugfix: fs history harvesting code (r8154)
 * bugfix: memory leak in mod_dav_svn (r8223)
 * bugfixes in edge-cases of status and update (r8114-5)
 * make 'svn blame' work with 18n and uri-escaped filenames (r8023, 8030, 8040)
 * small bugfixes to authentication system (r8006, r8235)
 * standardize error message formatting (r8218)
 * load RA modules as, not  (r8098)
 * various core API changes:
    - use constructor for svn_client_cxt_t (r8053-4)
    - anchor/target may use NULL for target (r8216)
    - stop using apr_ symbols (r8219)
    - rename to 'svn_repos_authz_func_t' (r8213)
    - add pool parameter to finish_report and abort_report (r8215)
 * numerous changes to Perl and Java bindings, to keep up with C API.

Version 0.35.1 [Beta] (branching 19 December 2003, from /tags/0.35.0)


       This release is to correct for the problems in the 0.35.0
       release and affects Windows users only:

       * fix: file handle leak (r8048)
       * fix: UTF-8 path problem (issue #1660)

Version 0.35.0 (branching 12 December 2003, from revision 7994)


    1. As of this release, Subversion once again does deltification
       automatically.  This means that the deltification step most
       repositories introduced into their post-commit hooks as of
       release 0.33.0 should now be reverted.  Look for a line with
       "svnadmin deltify" in hooks/post-commit, and remove it.

    2. We now recommend using Berkeley DB 4.2.52 or higher for SVN
       repositories.  See

 User-visible changes:
 * BDB log files are automatically pruned, with BDB 4.2.50 and higher (#1615)
 * deltification is automatic again (issue #1601)
 * fix: svn diff -rX:Y wcpath' may lie (issue #1616)
 * fix: URI-decoding problem on 'svn import' (issue #1622)
 * many other enhancements, minor features, and bugfixes not listed here

 Developer-visible changes:
 * misc. improvements on Perl and Java bindings
 * improved diff handling (r7985)
 * many other changes not listed here

 Merged revisions after release branching:
 * r8009, r8010 and r8011 - Java bindings
 * r8041 - typo/bugfix

Version 0.34.0 (released 3 December 2003, from revision r7859)

##                                                                 ##
## This release makes  an incompatible  change  to  the Subversion ##
## database.    Repositories created with versions  of  Subversion ##
## prior to 0.34 will not work with Subversion 0.34.               ##  
## To  upgrade,   first  use  'svnadmin dump'  with  your existing ##
## Subversion binaries.   Then upgrade your binaries to 0.34,  and ##
## use  'svnadmin load'  to  create  a  new  repository  from your ##
## dumpfile.                                                       ##
## Don't  forget  to  copy any custom configuration/hooks from the ##
## old to the new repository.                                      ##
##                                                                 ##

 Please see notes/repos_upgrade_HOWTO for documentation on migrating
 pre-0.34.0 repos to 0.34.0.

 That document is also located here:

 User-visible changes:
 * fs schema change (#1578, #1595) **NOTE: repos dump/load cycle required!**
 * Berkeley DB 4.2.50 is now the recommended Berkeley version
 * Fix: 'svn status' thought replaced items were unversioned (#1609)
 * SSL server cert error prompt improvement (r7849)
 * many error message improvements (r7745, r7763, r7824 and 7827 - #897)
 * don't show update-completion message until all wc work completes (#1556)
 * many other enhancements, minor features, and bugfixes not listed here

 Developer-visible changes:
 * public client APIs changes (r7799) after fixing #1556
 * many improvements and fixes on Perl bindings (perl => 5.8.0 are required)
 * improvements, fixes on misc. test scripts
 * many other changes not listed here

 Merged revisions after release branching:
 * r7868 - Java bindings
 * r7888 - Security fix for svnserve

Version 0.33.1 (released 17 November 2003, revision r7782)

    NOTICE: This is a bugfix release.  The bug is fixed if *either*
            the client or server uses the new code.

User-visible changes:
* major performance fix for updates

Version 0.33.0 (released 13 November 2003, revision r7737)


    1. This client may be incompatible with ra_dav servers <= 0.31.

    2. In order to make commits more responsive, repository
       deltification is no longer automatic.  However, you may want
       to run deltification as a background process in your repository
       post-commit hook.  For example, the new post-commit.tmpl file
       recommends 'nice -2 svnadmin deltify "$REPOS" -r "$REV" &'.

 User-visible changes:
 * now require APR/APU 0.9.5 (ships in Apache 2.0.48)
 * lose automatic deltification, but recommend it in post-commit (r7695, #1573)
 * new configuration and authn/authz support in ra_svn (r7604, r7601)
 * much faster checkouts and updates, over both svn:// and http:// (#1429)
 * new partial-authz feature: checkouts/updates just skip unauthorized items
 * new 'use-commit-times = yes' config option to use commit-time timestamps
 * new 'svnadmin hotcopy' command, like (#1567)
 * fix Win32 "access denied" error in renames (r7598, #1576)
 * unnecessary working copy tree locks now avoided, to save time (#1245)
 * Compatibility changes:
    - lose ra_dav compatibility with servers 0.31 and earlier
    - lose support for working copy format "1" (not created for over a year)
 * 'svn diff' and other read-only actions now work in read-only working copies
 * 'svn blame -rX' now does the intuitive thing
 * 'svn log' output headers now say "rXXXX | " instead of "rev XXXX:  "
 * 'svnversion' no longer stymied by svn:externals
 * new 'svn pd' alias for 'svn propdel'
 * '-rCOMMITTED' keyword now works on more commands
 * minor changes to output of 'svn ls -v' and 'svn st -v' (r7530)
 * 'svn log --xml' now obeys the '-q' flag (r7555)
 * bugfixes, especially issue #1440
 * book and documentation updates
 * removed server config options ssl-ignore-invalid-date and
   ssl-override-cert-hostname (r7644)
 * many other enhancements, minor features, and bugfixes not listed here

 Developer-visible changes:
 * repair text- and prop-time in .svn/entries if spuriously wrong (r7565)
 * speed up keyword translation (r7502)
 * two new editor functions, absent_file() and absent_directory()
 * ra_dav checkouts/updates no longer do O(n) number of GET, PROPFIND requests
 * new svn_io_temp_dir function, will morph to apr_temp_dir_get soon
 * new svn_io_file_close wrapper for apr_file_close
 * tools/test-scripts/svntest/ scripts now support ra_dav and ramdisk
 * many other changes not listed here

Version 0.32.1 (released 23 October 2003, revision 7497)

 NOTICE: This release is to correct for the problems in the 0.32.0
         release.  There are no user or developer changes in this release
	 other than the subversion/include/svn_version.h now reflects
	 the correct version number.

 NOTICE: This release of Subversion causes an ra_dav client/server
         compatibility break with Subversions older than 0.28.0.

Version 0.32.0 (released 22 October 2003, revision 7480)

 NOTICE: This release of Subversion causes an ra_dav client/server
         compatibility break with Subversions older than 0.28.0.

 User-visible changes:
 * new 'svn blame' subcommand. (r7389, 7438, #508)
 * fix huge ra_dav 'svn import' memory leak. (r7381)
 * other bugfixes: proper line endings in diff headers (r7450, #1533),
   stop auto-props from removing all whitespace (r7358), 'svn st' UI
   consistency fix (r7364), various 'svn switch' fixes (r7366),
   mini-manpages for svnadmin, svnserve, svnversion (r7421), remove
   'P' field from 'svn ls -v' (r7432), 'svn merge' double-notification
   bug (r7447), prevent 'svn:externals' infinite loop (r7459), 'svn
   merge' segfault (r7458).

 Developer-visible changes:
 * 'svn diff' is now reasonably streamy. (r7393, 7439, #1481)
 * fix many ra_dav pool abuses. (r7370-3, 7380, 7368, 7400, ...)
 * fix mini leaks:  clear unused svn_error_t's. (r7378-9, 7405, 7408, 7429)
 * tons of code, doc, API cleanup. (from julianfoad!)
 * new RA->get_repos_root() API. (r7428)
 * swig/python, swig/perl and native JNI updates and improvements.
 * more work on build depenedency generator. (r7412-8)
 * svn_repos_finish_report() now aborts txns on error. (r7424)
 * remove crufty old ra_dav compatibility code (r7466, 7468)
 * other changes: new SVN_DEBUG_ERROR tool macro, new 'davautocheck'
   and 'contrib' makefile targets, new --enable-gprof configure option
   (r7437), new testing tool, auth provider
   reorganization, make RA->get_dir fetch props correctly over ra_dav
   (r7431), notice permission error when creating unique tmpfile (r7434).

Version 0.31.0 (released 08 October 2003, revision 7355)

 User-visible changes:
 * new 'svnlook history' command (and removal of 'svnadmin lscr').
 * new 'auto-props' feature can set file properties during 'svn add/import'
 * win32 client now properly converts UTF8 to console-locale. (r7168, #872)
 * 'svn up' now notices when svn:externals value changes. (r7256, #1519)
 * authentication changes:
     - client caches auth-creds in memory for a single session (r7292, #1526)
     - SSL cert caches keyed on host+port, not any SSL connection. (r7174)
 * faster 'svn log' (see new fs-history algorithm) (#1499)
 * faster repos read-operations (caching gives ~20% speedup) (rXXXX, #1499)
 * faster updates (fewer entries-file writes gives ~20% speedup) (r7170, #1490)
 * more work on psvn.el and
 * more cvs2svn bugfixes
 * obsolete manpages truncated to point to 'help' and book URLs. (r7340, #1508)
 * other bugfixes:  no more revision keywords "FIRST" or "CHANGED" (r7250),
   fix 'svn cp URL URL' $EDITOR msg generation (r7264), fix regression
   bug in 'svnadmin load' (r7273), 'svnadmin setlog' now triggers
   repository hooks (r7322), 'svn cp -rHEAD wc' now works correctly (r7331),
   post-commit-hook failures correctly ignored by client (r7342, #906)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * tons of filesystem improvements (#1499):
     - new fast fs-history algorithm: allows stable VR urls (r7283, #1499)
     - new dag-node caching (r7163)
     - skip-deltas now run in individual trails (r7138)
     - no-op svn_fs_copy()s don't write to the database (r7158)
 * mod_dav_svn MERGE response is faster (using svn_repos_replay()) (r7191)
 * ensure consistent wc 'dead entry' cleanup (r7197, r7204, #1075)
 * lots of work on,, tools
 * lots of work on making SWIG-java bindings build.
 * updates/improvements to javahl bindings and SWIG-perl bindings
 * updates/improvements to Mandrake RPM builds
 * other bugfixes:  python testsuite now uses local path separators (r7224),
   svn:externals no longer keeps connections open (r7312, #1448),
   UTF8-to-local date conversion (r7316, #1534), API consistification 
   changes (r7298, r7302, r7304, r7307).

Version 0.30.0 (released 24 Sep 2003, revision 7178)

 User-visible changes:
 * SSL changes:  (r7134, #1330)
      - client now prompts to cache server certificates       
      - no more 'ssl-ignore-unknown-ca' option
      - 'ssl-ignore-host-mismatch' is renamed to 'ssl-override-cert-hostname'
      - new 'ssl-trust-default-ca' option to trust 'default' openssl CAs
 * 'svn log' no longer dies on unversioned args (r6989, #777)
 * local mods now obstruct 'svn up' deletions (r7050, #1196)
 * 'svnserve' now notices (unauthenticated) --username arg (r7060)
 * no more 'svnadmin createtxn' subcommand. (r7062)
 * 'svn ls -v' shows years when appropriate
 * document some new things in Book (r7014), plus minor technical fixes
 * website changes:  new sidebar, new 'svn links' page, new!!
 * other bugfixes:  hooks use proper stdout handles on win32 (r7001),
   prevent copies of copies in wc (r7077, #1259), display failed
   revprop change over ra_dav (r7081, #1520), 'svn st -u' throws RA
   error properly (r7094, #1506)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * ra_dav now requires neon-0.24.X
 * many improvements, especially for win32 builds
 * many improvements to swig/perl bindings
 * improvements to contrib/:  psvn.el, and new svn-push program.
 * more cvs2svn bugfixes:  issue #1504, #1421, #1514, and new --username arg.
 * python testsuite only raises exceptions, never status codes. (#1192)
 * various libsvn_fs re-org (prepwork) for issue #1499.
 * other bugfixes: code-complete timestamp feature (r6983, #1445), add
   op-counting features to trails (r6984, #655), fs UUID caching
   (r7037), almost finish win32 iconv issues (#872), restored-file
   entry-timestamp bugfix (r7090, #1523), always print CWD as '.' (r7097)

Version 0.29.0 (released 05 Sep 2003, revision 6976)

 User-visible changes:
 * 'svn status' now streams its response.  (r6913, #1426)
 * 'svn status' now recurses into externals (r6913, #1428)
 * new 'svnadmin verify' command to verify repository data (r6851, #1074)
 * SSL changes:  (r6958, #1371)
     - dropped support for PEM-encoded client certs, only accept PKCS12 now.
     - 'ssl-authority-files' is now a list of CA files
     - no more 'ssl-client-cert-type' and 'ssl-client-key-file' variables.
 * new svndumpfilter option: '--preserve-revprops' to keep props on empty revs
 * improvement:  handle multiple match groups (r6940)
 * remove in-repos/on-disk repository template features, till post-1.0 (r6965)
 * various cleanups to the Book
 * other bugfixes: switch deletion bug (r6890, #1496), status
   repos-delete bug (r6913, #1469), reversion of '.' (r6953, #854).

 Developer-visible changes:
 * GUI developers take note: prompting API changed (r6928, #1214)
 * now compile against neon-0.24; 0.23.9 support to be dropped soon. (r6958)
 * various improvements to Perl/SWIG bindings
 * tree re-org:  non-core utilities split into 'tools' and 'contrib' areas.
 * some improvements
 * CFLAGS bugfix (r6963)
 * stop calling deprecated APIs in APR, in preparation for upcoming APR-1.0.

Version 0.28.2 (released 29 Aug 2003, revision 6946)

 User-visible changes:
 * MAJOR BUGFIX:  revert revision 6764.

      The new history-searching code was over-stressing our use
      of BerkeleyDB transactions, causing checkouts to go
      twice as slow and lose all concurrent-client scalability.

      This is a temporary fix for a larger design problem.  See issue

Version 0.28.1
(released 28 Aug 2003,

  There are no changes in this release.
  It is strictly an updated release, build with the correct version
  of autoconf; autconf-2.57

Version 0.28.0 (released 27 August 2003, rev 6894, branches/release-0.28)

##                                                                 ##
##  This release makes an incompatible change to the Subversion    ##
##  repository filesystem schema.  Repositories created with       ##
##  Subversion code prior to this release will unable to operate   ##
##  with this new code.  To maintain the ability to use said       ##
##  repositories, you must use a version 'svnadmin dump' prior to  ##
##  this change to dump your repository to a dumpfile, then use    ##
##  this new Subversion code to create, and load your dumpfile     ##
##  a new repository using 'svnadmin load'.  And don't forget to   ##
##  copy over any custom configuration/hooks from the old to the   ##
##  new repository.                                                ##
##                                                                 ##

 Please see notes/repos_upgrade_HOWTO for documentation on migrating
 pre-0.28.0 repos to 0.28.0.

 That document is also located here:

 User-visible changes:
 * fs schema change, see issue #1003 **NOTE: repos dump/load cycle required!**
 * command-line options
  - changed  'lsdblogs' is now 2 commands 'list-dblogs', 'list-unused-dblogs'
  - removed  '--only-unread' option 
  - new      'list-unused-dblogs'
  - new      '--config-dir' allows svn config to live outside ~/.subversion 
  - new      (r6811)
    - svn-status-get-specific-revision (interface to svn cat)
    - svn-ediff-with-revision (run ediff w/ a file wc and a specified rev)
 * fixed 'mod_dav_svn' segfault bug caused by foreign DeltaV requests (r6725)
 * fixed 'svn switch' bug which could result in corrupted repo (#1316,r6746)
 * fixed items now marked as 'deleted' if they no longer exist (#919,r6748)
 * fixed 'merge' no longer adds file/dir if scheme differs from wc. (#1321)
 * fixed Handle \r correctly when prompting on Windows. (r6792,#1307)
 * 'svn merge' now 'skip's when it hits unversioned obstructions (r6810,#1425)
 * fixed repos->wc of file w/ svn:keywords set caused segfault (r6818,#1473)
 * fixed 'svn diff -r PREV:HEAD' failed if tmp/ exists in cwd (r6838,#1487)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * database schema changed (see warning above!) (r6752,#1003,#1248,#1438)
 * svn Perl bindings are ready - see swig/INSTALL
 * internal changes to treat swig libraries more like normal libraries (r6761)
 * improved handling of errors opening a repository over ra_svn (r6841)

Version 0.27.0 (released 12 August 2003, rev 6707, branches/release-0.27.0)

 User-visible changes:
 * fixed ra_svn:
    - (r6588) avoid hangs due to ra_svn tunnel creation errors
    - (r6696, r6697, #1465) svnserve crash due to pre-commit hook failure
 * fixed 'svn log':
    - (r6642, #1423) log on a deleted path over ra-dav
    - (r6684, #1438) log performance bug
 * fixed 'svn diff' and 'svn merge':
    - (r6604, #1311) diff URL URL on files now works
    - (r6668, #1142) diff comparing wc to repos branch
    - (r6687, #1297) diff/merge interaction in file adds
    - (r6703, #1319) merge problem with adding subtrees
    - (#6607) new default ancestry-following behavior for diff, merge
 * fixed 'svn status':
    - (r6688, r6691, r6692, #1289) status on nodes deleted in repos
    - (r6637) status now always uses "I" for ignored directories
 * fixed 'svn copy':
    - (r6704, #1313) copy between 2 repositories errors cleanly now
    - (r6649, #1444) seg fault when copying empty dir from repos to wc
 * fixed 'svn export':
    - (r6652, #1461) exporting an empty directory
    - (r6664, #1296) path->path exports
 * fixed - gracefully handle failure to get uid on Win98 (r6695, #1470)
 * fixed - avoid spurious conflicts when merging binary files (r6621, #1319)
 * fixed - merge of a single file into implicit '.' (r6630, #1150)
 * fixed - various Win32 innosetup improvements/fixes (r6693, r6656, #1133)
 * fixed - disallow ".." in svn:externals target paths (r6639, #1449)
 * fixed - use 'env' instead of hard-coded paths in scripts (r6626, #1413)
 * fixed - bug in loading incremental dumpfiles (r6595)
 * fixed - performance issue in fixed (r6623, r6627, #1455)
 * fixed - handle IPv6 addresses in URLs (r6638, r6654, #1338)
 * changed - 'svn resolve' renamed to 'svn resolved' (r6597)
 * changed - 'svnlook tree' takes new optional path-in-repos argument (r6583)
 * changed - renamed 'svnadmin archive' to 'svnadmin lsdblogs'; offer
             either all logs, or just the unused ones (r6661)  
 * changed - now offer full-text search in Windows documentation file (r6658)
 * changed - much documentation updated, especially the book
 * Many other fixes and changes, too numerous to mention individually.

 Developer-visible changes:
 * fixed - many improvements to Perl and Python bindings, including some
           Win32-specific improvements (r6619, r6686, r6590, r6580, r6579)
 * All other important dev changes are implied by the user-visible changes.

Version 0.26.0 (released 24 July 2003, revision 6550, branches/release-0.26.0)

 User-visible changes:
 * fixed - --parent-dir option to svnadmin load (r6436)
 * fixed - 'svnlook diff' now properly displays diffs  (r6408, #1241)
 * fixed - 'svn cat' no longer expands values from the wrong revision.
 * fixed 'svn merge':
    - (r6447,#1402) -r FOO:PREV works correctly
    - (r6452,#1379) no longer prints confusing no-op lines
    - (r6500/6503,#1399) warn user when a tree-delta chunk can't be applied
 * turn compression off to work around to mod_deflate timeouts (r6509)

 Developer-visible changes:
 *  lots of bugfixing related to branch/tag support
 * diff code refactored to allow use by other tools (r6407)
 * make 'svn export' set commit-timestamps (not ready yet) (r6420)
 * fixed - memory leaks in libsvn_ra_dav commits (r6422)
 * fixed - handles branch files rooted in dead revs (r6482,#1417)
 * fixed - new lines now detected in svn:author property (r6497,#1401)
 * fixed - svn_load_dirs works w/ absolute paths (r6507, Debian bug #187331)
 * changed - build infrastructure now supports Perl SWIG bindings (r6441)
 * removed - PORTING document no longer necessary (r6472)

Version 0.25.0 (released 11 July 2003, revision 6394, branches/release-0.25.0)

 User-visible changes:
 * command line options:
    - new --force option for svn export (r6327,#1296)
    - new --force-log for commit, copy, delete, import, mkdir, move (r6294)
    - no longer need --force for commit
 * commands
    - new - svnadmin archive (r6310)
    - changed - svn import syntax now 'svn import [PATH] URL' (r6288,#933,#735)
    - fixed - Search PATH for external diff commands (r6373)
    - fixed - 'svn switch' memory bug (r6296)
    - fixed - 'svn mkdir' coredump (r6388,#1369)
 * python bindings now in -tools rpm for Mandrake 9.1 (r6374)
 * allow parent-into-child copies, provided they are not WC->WC. (r6348,#1367)
 * fixed - Apache module installation order (r6382-6,#1381)	
 * now require apache 2.0.47 (and apr 0.9.4)
 * fix 2 commit leaks
 * fix mod_dav_svn path-escaping bug

 Developer-visible changes:
 * Win32 build system
    - new - .vcproj files for svn_config project and APR (r6311)
    - fixed - SWIG bindings for Win32 (r6304)
    - vcproj generator now works (r6316)
    - swig's generated .c files now dependent on headers in .i files (r6379)
    - refactored code common to dsp & vcproj into (r6328)
 * fixed
    - SEGFAULTs in SWIG bindings (r6339)
    - potential SEGFAULTs in 'REPORT vcc' backward-compatibility code (r6377)
    - mod_dav_svn's autoversioning failure on PUT (r6312)
    - 'svn switch' memory bug (r6296)
 * changed - now uses svn_repos_replay()

Version 0.24.2 (released 18 June 2003, revision 6284, branches/release-0.24.2)

 User-visible changes:
 * fix 'svn export' potential segfault
 * fix occasional diff test failures
 * fix 'svnadmin dump' memory hog
 * fix new-dir-with-spaces bug

 Developer-visible changes:
 * none

Version 0.24.1 (released 16 June 2003, revision 6249, branches/release-0.24.1)

 User-visible changes:
 * Fix bug in 'svn log'.

 Developer-visible changes:
 * none

Version 0.24.0 (released 15 June 2003, revision 6234, branches/release-0.24.0)

 User-visible changes:
 * new 'svn diff [--old OLD] [--new NEW]' syntax (#1142)
 * new --relocate option for svn switch (#951)
 * new --version option for svnadmin and svnlook
 * new path-based authorization module for apache
 * make 'svn checkout' and not just 'svn update' resume a checkout
 * .svn directories now hidden on Windows
 * config variable 'store-password = no' now actually works
 * fix 'svn merge --dry-run'
 * fix 'properties hanging after a rename' issue (#1303)
 * fix odd behavior of 'svn up -r PREV filename' (#1304)
 * fix delete-tracking bug (#1348)
 * fix dump and load corner cases (#1290)
 * ra_dav server more resilient for foreign deltaV clients
 * numerous ra_svn changes - must update clients and servers
 * fix export over ra_svn (#1318)
 * fix ra_svn error transmission bug (#1146)
 * fix ra_svn corruption in tunnel mode (#1145)
 * make svnserve multi-threaded on non-fork platforms (now works on Windows)
 * remove svnserve -F and -S options
 * various memory use improvements (#1323)
 * various performance improvements for all protocols
 * various performance improvements for 'svnadmin dump' and svnlook
 * various subversion book updates (you have read the book right?)
 * more improvements (and more to follow)
 * new debugging script to normalize dump output

 Developer-visible changes:
 * path-based editor drivers
 * no more RA->do_checkout()
 * update python and java bindings
 * various windows build fixes

Version 0.23.0 (released 16 May 2003, revision 5962, branches/release-0.23.0)

 User-visible changes:
 * 'svn cat' now performs keyword expansion (#399)
 * 'svn export' keyword expansion fixed
 * checkouts are now restartable (#730)
 * ssh ra_svn tunnel agent specified with svn+ssh://hostname/path syntax.
 * remove dependency on external diff program
 * don't error out early on unversioned files (#774)
 * fix commands where REPORT fails if item isn't in HEAD (#891)
 * updates now receive checksums like checkouts (#1101)
 * 'svn revert dir' now resets property timestamp (#1163)
 * fix instances of client showing help instead of error message (#1265)
 * fix incorrect path in 'not a working copy' error messages (#1291)
 * fix file added on branch problem (#1302)
 * fix various vc-svn.el problems (#1257, #1268)
 * fix various psvn problems (#1270)
 * various Win32 build fixes

 Developer-visible changes:
 * fix various gcc 3.3 warnings (#1031)
 * fix various memory errors/leaks
 * remove java/jni bindings

Version 0.22.2 (released 13 May 2003, revision 5918, branches/release-0.22.2)

 User-visible changes:
 * fix Win32 build
 * properly handle on-disk template errors
 * fix bogus uuid bug in

 Developer-visible changes:
 * none

Version 0.22.1 (released 9 May 2003, revision 5874, branches/release-0.22.1)

 User-visible changes:
 * fix shared library installation problem
 * update script

 Developer-visible changes:
 * none

Version 0.22.0 (released 7 May 2003, revision 5842, branches/release-0.22)

 User-visible changes:
 * svn diff -r BASE:HEAD and other edge cases fixed (#977)
 * svn diff and merge now have --ignore-ancestry option (#1034)
 * svn ci -N DIR no longer errors during post-commit (#1239)
 * ra_dav now optional (#617)
 * update vn-svn.el (#1250, #1253)
 * improvements to (#1223, #1215)
 * misc ra_svn bug fixes and protocol change
 * log-encoding option now properly only applied to logs
 * fix mmap failures on HP-UX
 * fix some client memory leaks

 Developer-visible changes:
 * finish transition to new xml prop namespaces for mod_dav_svn (#840)
 * minimize full tree locks and number of system calls (#1245)
 * auto-generated .dsp files (#850)
 * fix ETag of directory (#1251)
 * added export editor (#1230)

Version 0.21.0 (released 15 Apr 2003, revision 5639, branches/release-0.21)

 User-visible changes:
 * SSL client and server certificate verification
 * authentication info now stored in ~/.subversion/auth/
 * svn diff on a copied file only shows local mods, not the whole file
 * svn propget now takes a --strict option to control output
 * svnadmin load now takes a --parent-dir option
 * added the new 'svndumpfilter' program
 * svnlook now has 'cat', 'propget', and 'proplist' commands to enable
   viewing this information on transactions
 * 'svn copy' from another repository now adds without history
 * tag/branch conversion disabled in cvs2svn until it gets fixed
 * the 'anonymous' user is no longer used; we simply avoid attaching an
   author property when an author is not available
 * improvements to ignored-file handling
 * Python ConfigParser-style variable expansion for config file (#1165)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * introduced the svn_filesize_t type (#639)
 * realmstring added to the svn_auth framework
 * the "result checksum" moved to the editor.close_file function
 * more checksumming here and there
 * initial work to enable binary properties via ra_dav
 * initial, internal support for compressed streams
 * test framework shifting to exception-based failure recording (#1193)
 * improved options and handling in the C test framework
 * java and python binding work
 * libsvn_auth folded into libsvn_subr
 * bug fixes: 'svnadmin load' parse bug; ra_svn crashes (#1160); 'svn
   log' on a switched wc (#1108); 'svn ci -N' on named files (#1195)

Version 0.20.1 (released 26 Mar 2003, revision 5467, branches/release-0.20.1)

 User-visible changes:
 * fix svnadmin load bug so that property deletions actually occur
 * fix checksum compatibility issue for older repositories

 Developer-visible changes:
 * none

Version 0.20.0 (released 20 Mar 2003, revision 5410, branches/release-0.20)

 User-visible changes:
 * new compatibility rule: require only that each interim release be
                           compatible with the one before it (see HACKING)
 * ra_svn is still new so above rule doesn't yet apply
   (i.e. 0.20 over ra_svn is NOT compatible with previous releases)
 * merge infers the target path (see book chapters 4 & 8)
 * merge continues in presence of missing target file
 * merge's add notifications are no longer duplicated
 * commands can be safely interrupted (Ctrl-C)
 * --encoding global default in ~/.subversion/config
 * new option --editor-cmd
 * begin multi-release transition to escape binary properties over DAV
 * misc performance improvements

 Developer-visible changes:
 * RA vtable functions take pool argument
 * svn-config --includes path fixed
 * uuid at creation now complete
 * start having test failures throw exceptions rather than return errors
 * test suite option --cleanup with --verbose being default mode
 * continued diff library development
 * minor revprop hook changes
 * bug fixes: no diff on binary files (#1019), consistent error messages
   (#1181), version numbers in hook scripts (#1182), win98 codepage (#1186)

Version 0.19.1 (released 12 Mar 2003, revision 5303, branches/release-0.19.1)

 User-visible changes:
 * fix svnserve tunnel mode pipe close bug

 Developer-visible changes:
 * none

Version 0.19.0 (released 10 Mar 2003, revision 5262, branches/release-0.19)

 User-visible changes:
 * svn ls works on wc paths (#1130)
 * new features and bug fixes (1105)
 * new svnlook subcommand 'uuid'
 * new svnadmin create option '--bdb-txn-nosync' (use with care)
 * fix svnserve help output
 * SVN_EDITOR now overrides svn-editor in ~/.subversion/config
 * miscellaneous performance improvements (memory and speed)
 * more work on the Book

 Developer-visible changes:
 * start implementing cancellation of long-running functions
 * misc windows build fixes and features (DSP generator)
 * -W and -P options to
 * start adding support for multiple fs backends
 * work on bindings and bindings build system (#1132, #1149)
 * bug fixes: ra_dav import/checkout memory usage (#995), control chars
   in commit messages (#1025), svn merge memory usage (#1069, #1077),
   pre-existing ~/.subversion (#1121), keyword expansion (#1151), line
   number in config error message (#1157), svn-tunnel-agent in [default]
   (#1158), RA->close RIP (#1164), config-test non-source (#1172)

Version 0.18.1 (released 26 Feb 2003, revision 5118, branches/release-0.18.1)

 User-visible changes:
 * editor environment variables no longer incorrectly required
 * 'svn help import' now displays correct usage
 * fix crashes in the internal diff library and ra_dav
 * fix Win9x/Me console issue
 * api fix
 * now correctly removes old backups

 Developer-visible changes:
 * various rpm package fixes

Version 0.18.0 (released 19 Feb 2003, revision 4968, branches/release-0.18)

 User-visible changes:
 * renamed the [default] section to [global] in the servers config file
 * compression option is now http-compression and lives in servers file
 * use internal diff by default rather than external program (#405 in progress)
 * symlinked hook scripts now run
 * read-only access flag (-R) for svnserve
 * quiet flag (--quiet) for svnadmin dump
 * --ignore-uuid and --force-uuid for svnadmin load
 * miscellaneous performance improvements
 * more work on the Book

 Developer-visible changes:
 * new authentication library libsvn_auth (#724)
 * new bdb table uuids
 * client context object in libsvn_client
 * more work on java and other language bindings
 * test framework now has a quiet option (-q)
 * miscellaneous small code cleanups
 * bug fixes: more valgrind memory bugs, apr xlate i18n mess (#872),
   non-existent URL checkout (#946), props on to-be-deleted files (#1066),
   ra_svn move/copy (#1084), eol translation (#1085), ra_svn
   checksumming (#1099), cat command corrupt output (#1104), cvs2svn
   memory consumption (#1107), merge of property add (#1109),
   '..' relative path (#1111), commit/cleanup/diff3 (#1119),
   .svn/entries checksum (#1120), svn commit in / (#1122),
   status on uncontrolled directory (#1124), commit message eol
   characters (#1126), cat -r PREV (#1134), ra_dav wcprops (#1136)
   split XML cdata/attribute encoding (#1118)

Version 0.17.1 (released 22 Jan 2003, revision 4503, branches/0.17.1)

 User-visible changes:
 * changed non-baseline build version number display.
 * compatibility change: make sure old clients can talk to newest servers.
 * some changes to the Book

 Developer-visible changes:
 * dumper/loader now use checksums (#1102)
 * miscellaneous small code cleanups
 * bug fixes:  eol-style timestamp changes (#1086), valgrind mem bug,
   better checksum error reporting, 

Version 0.17.0 (released 20 Jan 2003, revision 4468, branches/0.17)

 User-visible changes:
 * 'svn add' is now recursive by default, -N to disable (#1073)
 * new 'svnversion' program summarizes mixed-revs of a working copy
 * huge improvements to the tool
 * more work on the Book and man page
 * default global-ignores now built-in, new runtime-config file commented out

 Developer-visible changes:
 * checksums, checksums everywhere (issues #649, #689):
    - filesystem stores them, and verifies them when reading/writing
    - working copy stores them, and verifies them when reading/writing
    - checksums transferred both ways over network, RA layers verify them
 * finish draft of internal diff/diff3 library -- ready for testing/optimizing
 * more utf8<->apr conversion work (#872)
 * more work on swig/python and ruby bindings
 * improvements to win32-innosetup package
 * 'svnserve' now has an official IANA-assigned portnumber.
 * mod_dav_svn now only sends/understands new xml prop namespaces (#840)
 * bug fixes:  stop needless fs rep data copies (#1067), wc auth
   caching bugs (#1064), use APR_BUFFERED to open files (#1071), lots
   of wc 'missing dir' edge-case bugs (#962), prevent wc from
   receiving '.svn' (#1068), don't commit symlinks (#1081), better
   diff labels (#1080), better fulltext tmpfile names in conflicts (#1079),
   prevent ra_dav from deleting out-of-date items (#1017), segfault (#1092), 
   don't attempt checksum on missing tmp textbase (#1091), allow diffs
   during update again (yikes!)

Version 0.16.1 (released 6 Jan 2003, revision 4276)

 User-visible changes:
 * ra_svn network layer (apache alternative) now tested & ssh-tunnelable
 * new (experimental) mod_dav_svn autoversioning feature (SVNAutoversioning)
 * reorganization of the ~/.subversion/ run-time config files.
 * more entry caching: approx. 3x speedup on checkouts & updates.
 * option rename: --non-recursive instead of --nonrecursive
 * option rename: --no-diff-deleted instead of --no-diff-on-delete
 * new 'svn log --quiet'
 * new 'svn diff --no-diff-deleted'
 * fix keyword expansion behaviors ($keyword:$ / $keyword$ / $keyword: $)
 * handle win32 non-ascii config-file paths (#968, #1048, part of #872)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * most public header files now using doxygen markup
 * new (untested) internal difflib (#405)
 * neon debugging now tweakable via run-time config file
 * more progress on Subversion Book rewrite.
 * new ./configure --with-diffutils
 * begin work on client/server checksums (#649)
 * regression tests now depend on svnadmin dump/load
 * lose src_err field of svn_error_t
 * many fs function renames:  begins fs database back-end abstraction.
 * new libsvn_repos prop-validating wrappers
 * lots of work on build-system dependency graph generation (for SWIG building)
 * swig binding work:
    - python svn calls can now run as independent threads
    - new java-binding build system
    - improved swig building features:  --prefix, LDFLAGS behaviors
 * many, many bug fixes: wc->repos copies (#1029), #943 followup
   (#1023), copies of copies (#830), 'svn resolve' cleans up entries
   file (#1021), prop merging (#1012), segfault fixes (#1027, #1055),
   autoconf 2.5X (#886), O(1) copies (#717), new 'failed revert'
   signal (#714), detect missing schedule-add conflicts (#899, #863),
   begin dav namespace switchover (#840), status bugs, url auth
   inference (#1038), log bug (#1028), newline prompt (#1039),
   svnadmin errorchecking, url syntax errors (#1057, #1058), apr/utf8
   work (start #872), and many more.

Version 0.16 (released 4 Dec 2002, revision 3987)

 User-visible changes:
 * new 'svn cat' subcommand
 * new --revprop flag to access revision props, -r for versioned props (#943)
 * new "compression" runtime option in ~/.subversion/config
 * svnadmin/svnlook now use help system, and some subcommands deleted or moved.
 * tool changes:
    - new tool
    - new mirror_dir_through_svn.cgi script
    - new features
    - updates to vc-svn.el
 * --message-encoding is now just --encoding, and affects svn: propvals too.
 * major rewrites of chapters 3, 4, 5 of the Subversion Book.

 Developer-visible changes:
 * new network layer, libsvn_ra_svn!  still experimental.
 * all svn_error_t's now allocated in subpool of global pool.
 * reorganize svnlook/svnadmin subcommands & option-parsing (#540, #915, #910)
 * all log messages and svn: props now stored as UTF8/LF endings (#896)
 * huge cleanup/reorg of all svn_path_* routines
 * svn_client_status sends feedback, distinguishes unversioned vs. ignored
 * improvements to swig typemappings and build processes
 * fixes to pool cleanup handlers
 * begin abstraction of 
 * entry-caching improvements
 * stop using global apr_xlate objects
 * win32-innosetup code added to packages/
 * new work on ruby bindings and swig-java bindings
 * many, many bug fixes: various small coredumps, svn_error_t leaks,
   copy props correctly (#976), copy executable bits correctly (#982),
   test-system fix (#882), accidentally imported tmpfile (#964),
   ra_local checkout memleak (#985), accidental wc deletion (#988),
   better text vs. binary detection (#994), dav log-report error
   handling, bad 'svn switch' dav caching (#1000), don't call NULL
   callbacks (#1005), bogus switch feedback (#1007), eol-style file
   corruption (#920), getdate.y fix (#1009), ra_local error reporting (#900),
   start of work on issues #830 and #869.

Version 0.15 (released 7 Nov 2002, revision 3687)

 User-visible changes:
 * New 'S' indicator in 'svn status' shows switched subdirs 
 * New --dry-run option added for 'svn merge' (issue #953)
 * Fix 'svn update .' to handle svn:externals correctly
 * Memory usage of 'svn import' reduced (issue #860)
 * Allow 'svn revert' on missing directories scheduled for deletion
 * Assorted bug fixes in several exciting flavors
 * Documentation improvements

 Developer-visible changes:
 * #911 (apr and apr-util version at build time)
 * Fixed issues #851, #894, 
 * Testing scripts accept --url=URL and BASE_URL=URL
 * Issue #881 (--enable-all-static)
 * Delta editors all converted to new-style, and editor composition is gone
 * Improve libsvn_wc wcprop handling (issue #806)
 * SWIG binding improvements
 * Various pool usage improvements

Version 0.14.5 [Alpha Interim 5] (released 30 Oct 2002, revision 3578)

 User-visible changes:
 * allow --incremental option for 'svn log' xml output

 Developer-visible changes:
 * autoconf bugfix for berkeley-db detection
 * clean up property interface mess (part of #806)
 * bugfix:  build the new docbook docs correctly
 * python tests now log commands
 * now assumes 'build.conf'

Version 0.14.4 [Alpha Interim 4] (released 29 Oct 2002, revision 3553)

 User-visible changes:
 * new working-copy entry-caching: speeds many ops up to 5x (#749)
 * new 'svnadmin recover', instead of db_recover
 * client can now view & change server-side revision props (e.g. log messages)
 * new --non-interactive switch for commandline client
 * new --incremental option to 'svn log'
 * new -r {date} syntax for specifying dated revs; works over network too.
 * automatically set svn:executable prop when adding or importing (#870)
 * initial $EDITOR text now ignores all log data below special token
 * consistify behavior of text & prop columns in 'svn status' output.
 * .svn/auth/* files now chmod 700, to stop scaring people.  :-)
 * improved labels in 'svn diff' output (#936)
 * run-time adjustable neon timeout in newly renamed 'servers' config file
 * big improvements to cvs2svn script:  bugfixes and basic branch/tag support
 * new python access-control hook script
 * no more implicit dot-target for 'svn propedit' or 'svn propset' (#924)
 * Win32 improvements:
    - use system-wide config-file/registry
    - run-time configurable diff/diff3 binary locations (#668)
 * remove obsolete --xml-file support
 * Handbook is now ported to Docbook, 2 new chapters.

 Developer-visible changes:
 * abstracted option/help-parsing code, now shared between svn and svnadmin
 * require apache 2.0.42
 * use neon 0.23.5: fix XML entity derefs, SSL server certs, HP-UX build, etc.
 * support Berkeley DB 4.0 *or* 4.1
 * many SWIG binding improvements:
    - better overall coverage of apr and libsvn_* library symbols
    - new 'make swig-py-ext' and 'make install-swig-py-ext' targets
 * finish conversion of all editor/drivers to "new" style (#737)
 * removed xml-delta editors and editor drivers and related tests
 * new predicate-logic system added to automated-test system ("skip" support)
 * more work on
 * no more lost commit messages (#761)
 * eradication of misused stringbufs, obsolete code removal (#909)
 * mem-leak fixes in libsvn_fs (#860)
 * improved atomicity of working-file translations (#914)
 * improve ./configure --help output (#949)
 * MANY bugfixes, especially for entry-locks (#931, #932, #847, #938),
   merges (#880, ), auth storage (#934); also #921 (svnadmin
   segfault), #907 (xml quoting), #918 (post-commit processing), #935
   (path canonicalization), #779 (diff errors)

Version 0.14.3 [Alpha Interim 3] (released 20 Sept 2002, revision 3200)

 User-visible changes:
 * new ~/.subversion/config file
 * new $Id$ keyword
 * new client --no-auth-cache option
 * empty values in the Windows Registry are no longer ignored (issue #671)
 * report details of repository start-commit or pre-commit hook errors
 * fix locking behaviour when using current directory as a target
 * updated man page
 * new front-page logo.  :-)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * continuing work on python SWIG bindings
 * continuing work on new access-baton system for libsvn_wc
 * upgrade to neon 0.23.4 to fix Windows build issues and seg faults
 * add XFAIL to the C testing framework
 * prevent setting of certain svn: props on incorrect file types
 * cleanup libsvn_subr's path library behavior
 * new 'fast-clean' vs. 'clean' Makefile targets
 * various bugfixes, tweaks, cleanups.

Version 0.14.2 [Alpha Interim 2] (released 22 Aug 2002, revision 3033)

 User-visible changes:
 * fs schema change, see issue #842. **NOTE: repos dump/load cycle required!**
 * new 'svn ls -R' option
 * new status code `~', for type changes
 * add --username and --password options to 'svn ls'
 * new script tools/client-side/
 * new script tools/examples/ (draft)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * test suite now does XFAIL and XPASS
 * test suite over DAV now uses SVNParentPath, no longer depends on symlinks
 * DAV tests now work on Windows
 * upgrade to neon 0.22.0
 * 'make install' notices the $(DESTDIR) parameter
 * new dav prop namespaces, but old still sent for compat; see issue #840
 * error code space reorganized, see issue #702
 * many cleanups to path handling
 * more use of access batons in libsvn_wc, see issue #749
 * working props now stored with ".svn-work" extension, see issue #618
 * the usual round of bug fixes, new regression tests, etc

Version 0.14.1 [Alpha Interim 1] (released 9 August 2002, revision 2927)

 User-visible changes:
 * show copy-ancestry in 'svn log -v'
 * 'svn co' can take multiple URLs now
 * new 'svn ls' command
 * new 'svn st --no-ignore' option
 * new 'svn --version --quiet' option
 * more conservative 'svn help' usage error-message
 * more graceful degradation from charset conversion failure
 * standardize policy of -q switch behavior
 * less intimidating error output
 * new SVNParentPath directive for mod_dav_svn <Location>s
 * svnlook now correctly displays copied subtrees
 * Handbook: additions, tweaks, cleanups, and new French Translation :-)
 * auto propset on files matching specified regex, bug fixes

 Developer-visible changes:
 * integrated the delta-combiner! (issue #531)
 * integration of libsvn_wc-baton-locking branch (issue #749)
 * new "skip-deltas" added to delta-combiner
 * properly URI-encode/decode path components throughout our code
 * RA->do_diff() made independent from RA->do_switch().
 * stricter setting/parsing of svn:mime-type property in client and server.
 * new 'install-static' make target
 * extend SWIG bindings to libsvn_wc and libsvn_client
 * BerkeleyDB usage tweaking:  in preparation for auto-recovery features.
 * work on #850 (.dsp generator)
 * Better support for incremental dumps (see revision 2920)
 * started fs branch work on #842 (copyID inheritance), #830 (copies of
   copies), #790 (copy table uses txnID), #815 (custom sorting)
 * numerous bugfixes: #709 (better error handling), #813/814
   (apr_filepath_merge), #685 (showing dir propdiffs), OS X dumper
   bugfix, #561 (property conflict detection), mod_dav_svn path bugs,
   svn_wc_status() bugs, path canonicalization bugs, #816 (svn log  -r), 
   #843 (URL keyword), #846 (kind-change replacement), #809 ($EDITOR dir),
   #855 (module updates not cooperating with new wc access batons),
   improvements to test suite sensitivity, 

Version 0.14.0 [Alpha] (released 23 July 2002, revision 2667)

 User-visible changes:
 * finally some documentation: The Subversion Handbook
 * i18n support for paths, prop names, and log messages; (not on Win32 yet)
 * support for URI-escaped paths
 * "-R" is now short for --recursive, and "-N" replaces "-n"
 * add the -R option to 'svn info' and 'svn resolve'
 * new syntax for 'svn switch' and 'svn co'
 * new 'svn-config' file installed
 * new utility (feature #775)
 * new vc-svn.el, first pass at Emacs VC support for Subversion
 * lots of work on (provides vendor-branch-like features)
 * new --message-encoding option for logfiles given by -F
 * support win32 drive-letters in file:/// urls
 * improved date output syntax: ISO-8601 prefix, then human-friendly suffix
 * the usual round of bug fixes

 Developer-visible changes:
 * UTF-8 changes
    - all libraries now assume UTF-8 input paths and log msgs
    - many apr calls are now abstracted into new svn_io_* wrappers
 * fs schema change
    - cache each revision's changed-paths in a new 'changes' table
    - another repository dump/load is required
 * a number of fs-dumper bugfixes and redesigns
 * test suite is now all python, so it can run on win32
 * reduce huge memory consumption of mod_dav_svn during checkouts
 * memory optimizations for prop-reading and 'svn diff'
 * bugfixes for and tweak-log.cgi
 * lots of branch work on the delta-combiner and on libsvn_wc rewrite
 * numerous bugfixes: 'svn merge .' bug (#748), bug #764, two new
   ghudson-dirversioning bugs, #756, #675, #783, #796, wc-root bugs,
   #799, #800, #797, directory-removal bugs (#611, #687)

Version 0.13.2 [Pre-Alpha] (released 28 June 2002, revision 2376)

 User-visible changes:
 * fixed various buggy commandline outputs
 * allow global/local config-files on win32
 * prevent overwrites with 'svn cp URL URL'
 * improvements to
 * mod_dav_svn can generate xml output for directory GETs
 * new svnadmin(1) man page

 Developer-visible changes:
 * finished notification callback system, no more buggy output
 * fs-changes:
    - revisions table nothing but an index to txns table
    - branch work-in-progress:  new 'changes' table to store changed paths
 * more work on svn_time_* funcs and formats (moving towards ISO8601)
 * property reversion bugs fixed, dumper bug fixed
 * add version number to svndiff database storage
 * new regression tests for 'svn merge'
 * fix 'svn diff -rX:Y' server bug
 * fix bugs in python test system
 * bring win32 build up-to-date, get most python tests working on win32

Version 0.13.1 [Pre-Alpha] (released 20 June 2002, revision 2291)

 User-visible changes:
 * "modules" are now implemented
 * new 'svn export' command
 * 'svn log' now traverses copy history and can print changed paths
 * 'svn merge' now (temporarily) only merges into '.'
 * 'svnadmin lscr' now traverses copy history
 * changes to the 'svn:executable' prop take effect immediately now
 * server is more tolerant of wc's with old-style version resource URLs
 * new Handbook started
 * fixes/improvements -- now shows prop mods and copy history
 * bug fixes to cp, rm, merge, revert, admin dump and load, svnlook

 Developer-visible changes:
 * headers now install in subdir and libs are named
 * improvements to the Python test suite
 * delta combiner implemented (unused for now, though)
 * Python SWIG binding improvements: ability to write an editor in Python
 * new example: tools/examples/
 * start moving libsvn_client to new notification system (no composed editors!)
 * upgrade to neon 0.21.2, fixing deflated communication with apache
 * Moved Berkeley-specific code to libsvn_fs/bdb/, skels into libsvn_fs/util/
 * changes to the RPM packaging

Version 0.13.0 [Pre-Alpha] (released 10 June 2002, revision 2140)

 User-visible changes:
 * repositories have a new database schema;  existing ones must be upgraded!
    - new svnadmin 'dump'/'load' commands to migrate repositories
    - read

 Developer-visible changes:
 * complete rewrite of filesystem schema!
    - skels are abstracted away, opening the door to SQL backends
    - node-ids now have copy IDs
 * huge progress on module system [only checkouts work at the moment]
 * massive conversion of stringbufs to char* in our public APIs
 * vsn-rsc-urls are now based on created-rev/path instead of fs_id_t's.
 * reinstate 'deleted' flag on entries, to ensure accurate update reports
 * dir_delta learns how to send copy history
    - svnlook no longer sends 10MB emails when we make a branch
    - dumpfiles get much smaller
 * memory consumption reduced via new apr-pool code that reuses/frees mem
 * client can now parse ISO-8601 timestamps (start of issue 614)
 * added script for stress-testing concurrent repository access
 * auto-locate apache's apr libraries at build-time
 * beginnings of ra_pipe library
 * progress on delta combiner code
 * many memleaks fixed, thanks to valgrind!
 * upgrade to newest neon, allow deflated communication with apache
 * many bugfixes to merge, switch, checkout, rm; tackling of issues 704,
   705, 698, 711, 713, 721, 718 and many others

Version 0.12.0 (released 3 May 2002, revision 1868)

 User-visible changes:
 * 'svn diff' can now compare two arbitrary URLs
 * 'svn diff' now displays property changes
 * 'svn rm' requires --force for unversioned and/or modified items
 * 'svn rm' immediately removes files & uncommitted dirs
 * 'svn mv' for WC->WC behaves like 'svn rm' with respect to the source
 * checkouts, updates, switches now print received revision on final line.
 * new 'svn info' command prints information about a versioned resource.
 * switch to 2-part conflict markers (diff3 -E) instead of 3-part (diff3 -A)
 * new bash programmable completion file
 * file's executable bit can be versioned (svn:executable prop)
 * commits and imports now support --nonrecursive option
 * new --xml option for 'svn log'
 * new 'svnadmin dump' command

 Developer-visible changes:
 * updates correctly deal with disjoint urls.
 * libsvn_wc now checksums text-bases, to detect working copy corruption
 * cached wcprops (vsn-rsc-urls) now auto-regenerate if invalid
 * python testsuite now runs on Win32.
 * new added to testsuite
 * NEW internalized diff/diff3 library.  Not yet integrated/tested.
 * dir_delta sends entry props; pipe-editor removed.
 * no more expat/ tree;  use apr-util's expat instead.
 * fs deltificaton happens outside commit process, using fewer db locks
 * privatize svn_fs_id_t structure
 * start abstracting skels out of libsvn_fs
 * new docs: secure coding tips, quickref card
 * memory bugfixes for import/commit/mass removals
 * many bugfixes: issues 644, 646, 691, 693, 694, 543, 684

Version 0.11.1 (released 12 April 2002, revision 1692, branches/0.11.0)

 User-visible changes:
 * completion of 'svn merge' (issue 504)
 * added SVNReposName directive to mod_dav_svn
 * insist on a diff binary that supports "-u"
 * fix and unify pop-up $EDITOR behaviors (issues 638, 633, 615)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * finish rewrite of commit system to handle disjoint urls (issue 575)
 * finish proxy support via config files (esp. on win32) (issue 579)
 * fix svn_ra_dav__get_baseline_info and related bugs (issue 581)
 * reorganization of libsvn_wc header files & API
 * new to test commandline option processing
 * 'make check' now more portable -- tests invoked via python, not sh
 * miscellaneous bugfixes in imports, svndiff, db linkage.

Version 0.11.0 (unreleased)

Version 0.10.2 (released 25 Mar 2002, revision 1587)

 User-visible changes:
 * new ~/.subversion configuration directory
 * proxy support via ~/.subversion/proxies file
 Developer-visible changes:
 * rewrite of client-side commit process partially done
 * beginnings of 'svn merge'
 * mod_dav_svn now generates "streamy" report responses
 * stringbuf cleanups and bugfixes
 * interface to svn_wc_entry_t cleaned up
 * tweaks to build system and freebsd port
 * miscellaneous bugfixes in path escaping, pool usage, hp-ux compilation

Version 0.10.1 (released 17 Mar 2002, revision 1537)

 User-visible changes:
 * New --targets command-line option for some commands.
 * conflicts now create conflict-markers in files, and 3 fulltext backups.
 * new 'svn resolve' command removes conflicted state (by removing backups)
 Developer-visible changes:
 * no more dependency on 'patch'; only on GNU diff3 and some version of 'diff'
 * complete rewrite of svn_wc_entry_t interface
 * begin abstracting svn_fs API by hiding implementation details
 * consolidate RA layer callbacks
 * start work on commit-driver rewrite
 * start work on ~/.subversion/ configuration directory, and proxy support
 * move a lot of svn_wc.h into private wc.h
 * bugfixes relating to commits, network prop xfers, 'svn log', 'svn co -q'
 * major deletion bug fixed 
   (see email WARNING:

Version 0.10.0 (released 08 Mar 2002, revision 1467)

 User-visible changes:
 * fewer out-of-memory errors:  (see "memory consumption" below)
 * clearer user errors:  
    - detailed marshalling of server errors to client
    - better errors from ra_dav
    - better commandline-client-specific error messages
 * 'svn log' now works on single paths correctly
 * show locked directories in 'svn status'
 * 'svnadmin lstxns' improvements, and new --long switch
 * commits show "Replacing" instead of "Deleting/Adding" (#571)
 * commits show progress on postfix txdeltas.
 * WARNING:  existing repositories need to be upgraded;
             read tools/

 Developer-visible changes:
 * reduced memory consumption
    - new Editor interface that manages pools automatically
    - conversion of most existing editors to new system
    - have libsvn_fs write data to DB streamily
    - reduce DB logfile growth via 'duplicate keys'
    - stop using one pool for post-commit processing
    - stop using one pool for sending all textdeltas
    - many, many other pool-usage improvements in libsvn_wc, ra_dav, etc.
 * start of work on 'svn merge": issue 504, and diff3 integration
 * start of work on disjoint-url detection:  issue 575
 * start removing stringbuf path library funcs; use new const char * funcs
 * better python 2.X detection in test suite
 * svnlook uses single tempdir
 * build system evolution
    - upgrade to neon 0.19.[2-3]
    - lots of work on FreeBSD port
 * many small bugfixes: 
    - propedit, file merges, revert, dir_delta, keywords
    - memory leaks in 'svn add', 'svn import/commit', and svnlook
    - date-parsing and readonly bugs

Version 0.9 (released 15 Feb 2002, revision 1302)

 User-visible changes:
 * 'svn switch', for switching part of a working copy to a branch
 * 'svn status -v' now shows created-rev and last-author info
 * 'svn help <subcommand>' now shows proper switches
 * if no log message passed to commit, $EDITOR pops up
 * greatly improved/re-organized README, INSTALL, and HACKING docs
 * big progress on cvs2svn repository converter
 * faster retrieval of old revisions: turn off fs directory deltification
 * fixed broken behaviors in 'svn diff' and 'svn log'

 Developer-visible changes:
 * new fs code for detecting differences and relatedness
 * new cancellation editor, for event-driven users of libsvn_client
 * make .svn/ area readonly
 * continued development of ruby, java, and python (swig) bindings
 * new config-file parser
 * code reorganization and cleanup
    - huge conversion of svn_stringbuf_t --> char *
    - standardized on commit_info return structure
    - no more 'path styles' in path library
    - rewrite bootstrapping code for python test framework
    - rewrite commandline app's help-system and alias-system
    - feedback table replaced with notfication callback
    - rewrite sorting of hashes
    - svnadmin internal rewrite
    - faster post-update processing
    - using SVN_ERR macros where they weren't
    - new svn_client_revision_t mechanism
    - txdelta windows are readonly now
    - pool debugging code moved to APR
    - various pool-usage fixes
 * build system evolution
    - apr-util now required
    - upgrade to neon 0.18.5
    - much apr m4 macro churn
    - win32 updates, no longer needs precompiled neon
    - 'make check' when builddir != srcdir
 * fixes for many issues, including #624, 627, 580, 598, 591,
   607. 609, 590, 565

[Versions 0.8 and older are only brief summaries]

Version 0.8  (released 15 Jan 2002, revision 909)

 * newline conversion and keyword substitution (#524)
 * rewrite ra_local commit system to commit against HEAD (#463)
 * mod_dav_svn sends svndiffs now (#518)
 * code migration from libsvn_fs to libsvn_repos (#428)

Version 0.7  (released 03 Dec 2001, revision 587)

 * 'svn cp/mv' completed:  
    - can copy from wc/repos to wc/repos
    - This how we create branches/tags
 * 'svn mkdir' [WC_PATH|REPOS_URL]
 * 'svn delete' [REPOS_URL]

Version 0.6  (released 12 Nov 2001, revision 444)

 * 'svn log'
 * 'svn cp/mv' from wc to wc

Milestones M4/M5  (released 19 Oct 2001, revision 271)

 * network layer bugfixes
 * filesystem deltification

Milestone M3  (released 30 Aug 2001, revision 1)

 * self-hosting begins, all history left behind in CVS repository.

Milestone M2  (released 15 May 2001, from CVS, "milestone-2" tag)

 * filesystem library (libsvn_fs)
 * network layer (libsvn_ra_dav and mod_dav_svn)

Milestone M1  (released 20 Oct 2000, from CVS, "milestone-1" tag)

 * working-copy library (libsvn_wc), using XML files

Birth  (05 June 2000)

 * CVS repository created.