verifyRoots   [plain text]


# Print out a list of information to use when verifying that new roots are in the new System roots keychain
# You must manually input the files now; easiest way to get the list is when doing svk add

# set -x

	COMODOCertificationAuthority.crt \
	DigiNotarRootCA2007.crt \
	EntrustEVRoot.crt \
	EntrustRootCA1024.crt \
	GlobalSignRootCA-R2.cer \
	NetworkSolutionsEVRoot.crt \
	Trustwave-SGCA.pem.crt \
	Trustwave-STCA.pem.crt \
	VASLatvijasPasts-SSI-RCA.crt \
	VASLatvijasPasts-SSI-RCA_subject \
	VeriSignC3PublicPrimaryCA-G5.cer \
	geotrust-primary-ca.crt \

for root in ${NEW_ROOTS} ; do
	printf "====================\n"
	printf "    $root \n"
	openssl x509 -inform DER -in roots/$root -noout -fingerprint -subject -nameopt oneline -dates