THANKS   [plain text]

This file is for thanks to individuals or organisations who have
helped with the development of Samba, other than by coding or bug
reports. Their contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

Please refer to the manual pages and change-log for a list of those
who have contributed in the form of patches, bug fixes or other 
direct changes to the package.

Contributions of any kind are welcomed. If you want to help then
please contact, or via normal mail at 

	Andrew Tridgell
	3 Ballow Crescent
	Macgregor, A.C.T
	2615 Australia

Lee Fisher (
Charles Fox (
Dan Perry (
Paul Leach (
Isaac Heizer (

    These Microsoft people have been very helpful and supportive of
    the development of Samba over some years.

    Lee very kindly supplied me with a copy of the X/Open SMB
    specs. These have been invaluable in getting the details of the
    implementation right. They will become even more important as we move
    towards a Lanman 2.1 compliant server. Lee has provided very
    useful advice on several aspects of the server.
    Lee has also provided me with copies of Windows NTAS 3.1, Visual C
    and a developers CD-ROM. Being able to run NT at home is a
    great help.

    Charles has helped out in numerous ways with the provision of SMB
    specifications and helpful advice. He has been following the
    discussion of Samba on the mailing list and has stepped in
    regularly to clarify points and to offer help.
    Dan has put me in touch with NT developers to help sort out bugs and
    compatability issues. He has also supplied me with a copy of the
    NT browsing spec, which will help a lot in the development of the
    Samba browser code.

    Paul was responsible for Microsoft paying my flight to Seattle for the
    first CIFS conference (see and has been
    generally helpful and cooperative as the SMB community moves towards
    an Internet-ready specification. Isaac has regularly provided help on
    the behaviour of NT networks.

Bruce Perens (

    In appreciation of his effort on Samba we have sent Andrew copies of
    various Pixar computer-graphics software products. Pixar is best known
    for its "Renderman" product, the 3-D renderer used by ILM to make special
    effects for "Terminator II" and "Jurassic Park". We won the first Oscar
    given to a computer graphic animated feature for our short film "Tin Toy".
    Our retail products "Typestry" and "Showplace", incorporate the same
    renderer used on the films, and are available on Windows and the

Henry Lee (

    Henry sent me a M202 ethernet print server, making my little lan
    one of the few home networks to have it's own print server!

  ``Microplex Systems Ltd. is a manufacturer of local and wide area
    network communications equipment based in beautiful Vancouver, British
    Columbia, Canada.  Microplex's first products were synchronous wide
    area network devices used in the mainframe communication networks.  In
    August 1991 Microplex introduced its first LAN product, the M200 print
    server, the first high performance print server under US$1,000.''

Tom Haapanen (

    Tom sent me two 16 bit SMC ethernet cards to replace my ancient 8
    bit ones. The performance is much better!

    Software Metrics Inc. is a small custom software development and
    consulting firm located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  We work
    with a variety of environments (such as Windows, Windows NT and
    Unix), tools and application areas, and can provide assistance for
    development work ranging from a few days to to multiple man-year
    projects.  You can find more information at

Steve Kennedy (

	Steve sent me 16Mb of ram so that I could install/test
	NT3.5. I previous had only 8Mb ram in my test machine, which
	wasn't enough to install a properly functioning copy of
	NTAS. Being able to directly test NT3.5 allowed me to solve
	several long standing NT<->Samba problems. Thanks Steve!

John Terpstra (

        Aquasoft are a specialist consulting company whose Samba-using
        customers span the world.

        Aquasoft have been avid supporters of the Samba project. As a
        token of appreciation Aquasoft have donated a 486DX2/66 PC with
        a 540MB EIDE drive and 20MB RAM.

        John has helped to isolate quite a few little glitches over time
        and has managed to implement some very interesting installations
        of Samba.

        The donation of the new PC will make it possible to more fully
        diagnose and observe the behaviour of Samba in conjuction with
        other SMB protocol utilising systems.

Timothy F. Sipples (tsipple@vnet.IBM.COM)
Steve Withers (swithers@vnet.IBM.COM)

	Tim and Steve from IBM organised a copy of the OS/2 developers
	connection CD set for me, and gave lots of help in getting
	OS/2 Warp installed. I hope this will allow me to finally fix
	up those annoying OS/2 related Samba bugs that I have been
	receiving reports of.

Keith Wilkins (

	Keith from NEC in England very generously supplied a PC to
	Luke Leighton to help with his nmbd development work. At the
	same time Keith offered to help me with some new hardware, and
	he sent me a pentium motherboard with 32MB of ram
	onboard. This was very helpful as it allowed me to upgrade
	my aging server to be a very powerful system. Thanks!