poptint.h   [plain text]

/** \ingroup popt
 * \file popt/poptint.h

/* (C) 1998-2000 Red Hat, Inc. -- Licensing details are in the COPYING
   file accompanying popt source distributions, available from 
   ftp://ftp.rpm.org/pub/rpm/dist. */

#ifndef H_POPTINT
#define H_POPTINT

 * Wrapper to free(3), hides const compilation noise, permit NULL, return NULL.
 * @param p		memory to free
 * @retval		NULL always
/*@unused@*/ static inline /*@null@*/ void *
_free(/*@only@*/ /*@null@*/ const void * p)
	/*@modifies p @*/
    if (p != NULL)	free((void *)p);
    return NULL;

/* Bit mask macros. */
typedef	unsigned int __pbm_bits;
#define	__PBM_NBITS		(8 * sizeof (__pbm_bits))
#define	__PBM_IX(d)		((d) / __PBM_NBITS)
#define __PBM_MASK(d)		((__pbm_bits) 1 << (((unsigned)(d)) % __PBM_NBITS))
typedef struct {
    __pbm_bits bits[1];
} pbm_set;
#define	__PBM_BITS(set)	((set)->bits)

#define	PBM_ALLOC(d)	calloc(__PBM_IX (d) + 1, sizeof(__pbm_bits))
#define	PBM_FREE(s)	_free(s);
#define PBM_SET(d, s)   (__PBM_BITS (s)[__PBM_IX (d)] |= __PBM_MASK (d))
#define PBM_CLR(d, s)   (__PBM_BITS (s)[__PBM_IX (d)] &= ~__PBM_MASK (d))
#define PBM_ISSET(d, s) ((__PBM_BITS (s)[__PBM_IX (d)] & __PBM_MASK (d)) != 0)

struct optionStackEntry {
    int argc;
/*@only@*/ /*@null@*/ const char ** argv;
/*@only@*/ /*@null@*/ pbm_set * argb;
    int next;
/*@only@*/ /*@null@*/ const char * nextArg;
/*@keep@*/ /*@null@*/ const char * nextCharArg;
/*@dependent@*/ /*@null@*/ poptItem currAlias;
    int stuffed;

struct poptContext_s {
    struct optionStackEntry optionStack[POPT_OPTION_DEPTH];
/*@dependent@*/ struct optionStackEntry * os;
/*@owned@*/ /*@null@*/ const char ** leftovers;
    int numLeftovers;
    int nextLeftover;
/*@keep@*/ const struct poptOption * options;
    int restLeftover;
/*@only@*/ /*@null@*/ const char * appName;
/*@only@*/ /*@null@*/ poptItem aliases;
    int numAliases;
    int flags;
/*@owned@*/ /*@null@*/ poptItem execs;
    int numExecs;
/*@only@*/ /*@null@*/ const char ** finalArgv;
    int finalArgvCount;
    int finalArgvAlloced;
/*@dependent@*/ /*@null@*/ poptItem doExec;
/*@only@*/ const char * execPath;
    int execAbsolute;
/*@only@*/ const char * otherHelp;
/*@null@*/ pbm_set * arg_strip;

#include <libintl.h>

#if defined(HAVE_GETTEXT) && !defined(__LCLINT__)
#define _(foo) gettext(foo)
#define _(foo) foo

#if defined(HAVE_DGETTEXT) && !defined(__LCLINT__)
#define D_(dom, str) dgettext(dom, str)
#define POPT_(foo) D_("popt", foo)
#define D_(dom, str) str
#define POPT_(foo) foo

#define N_(foo) foo