netgroup-auth.diff   [plain text]

This allows you to use the samba style @netgroup names in hosts allow
and hosts deny.

This patch still needs autoconf support for portability.

To use this patch, run these commands for a successful build:

    patch -p1 <patches/netgroup-auth.diff
    ./configure                           (optional if already run)

--- old/access.c
+++ new/access.c
@@ -20,11 +20,14 @@
 #include "rsync.h"
+#include <netdb.h>
 static int match_hostname(char *host, char *tok)
 	if (!host || !*host)
 		return 0;
+ 	if (*tok == '@' && tok[1])
+		return innetgr(tok + 1, host, NULL, NULL);
 	return wildmatch(tok, host);