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NEWS for rsync 2.6.9 (6 Nov 2006)
Protocol: 29 (unchanged)
Changes since 2.6.8:


    - If rsync is interrupted via a handled signal (such as SIGINT), it will
      once again clean-up its temp file from the destination dir.

    - Fixed an overzealous sanitizing bug in the handling of the --link-dest,
      --copy-dest, and --compare-dest options to a daemon without chroot: if
      the copy's destination dir is deeper than the top of the module's path,
      these options now accept a safe number of parent-dir (../) references
      (since these options are relative to the destination dir).  The old code
      incorrectly chopped off all "../" prefixes for these options, no matter
      how deep the destination directory was in the module's hierarchy.

    - Fixed a bug where a deferred info/error/log message could get sent
      directly to the sender instead of being handled by rwrite() in the
      generator.  This fixes an "unexpected tag 3" fatal error, and should
      also fix a potential problem where a deferred info/error message from
      the receiver might bypass the log file and get sent only to the client
      process.  (These problems could only affect an rsync daemon that was
      receiving files.)

    - Fixed a bug when --inplace was combined with a --*-dest option and we
      update a file's data using an alternate basis file.  The code now
      notices that it needs to copy the matching data from the basis file
      instead of (wrongly) assuming that it was already present in the file.

    - Fixed a bug where using --dry-run with a --*-dest option with a path
      relative to a directory that does not yet exist:  the affected option
      gets its proper path value so that the output of the dry-run is right.

    - Fixed a bug in the %f logfile escape when receiving files: the
      destination path is now included in the output (e.g. you can now tell
      when a user specifies a subdir inside a module).

    - If the receiving side fails to create a directory, it will now skip
      trying to update everything that is inside that directory.

    - If --link-dest is specified with --checksum but without --times, rsync
      will now allow a hard-link to be created to a matching link-dest file
      even when the file's modify-time doesn't match the server's file.

    - The daemon now calls more timezone-using functions prior to doing a
      chroot.  This should help some C libraries to generate proper timestamps
      from inside a chrooted daemon (and to not try to access /etc/timezone
      over and over again).

    - Fixed a bug in the handling of an absolute --partial-dir=ABS_PATH option:
      it now deletes an alternate basis file from the partial-dir that was used
      to successfully update a destination file.

    - Fixed a bug in the handling of --delete-excluded when using a per-dir
      merge file:  the merge file is now honored on the receiving side, and
      only its unqualified include/exclude commands are ignored (just as is
      done for global include/excludes).

    - Fixed a recent bug where --delete was not working when transferring from
      the root (/) of the filesystem with --relative enabled.

    - Fixed a recent bug where an --exclude='*' could affect the root (/) of
      the filesystem with --relative enabled.

    - When --inplace creates a file, it is now created with owner read/write
      permissions (0600) instead of no permissions at all.  This avoids a
      problem continuing a transfer that was interrupted (since --inplace
      will not update a file that has no write permissions).

    - If either --remove-source-files or --remove-sent-files is enabled and we
      are unable to remove the source file, rsync now outputs an error.

    - Fixed a bug in the daemon's "incoming chmod" rule:  newly-created
      directories no longer get the 'F' (file) rules applied to them.

    - Fixed an infinite loop bug when a filter rule was rejected due to being
      overly long.

    - When the server receives a --partial-dir option from the client, it no
      longer runs the client-side code that adds an assumed filter rule (since
      the client will be sending us the rules in the usual manner, and they
      may have chosen to override the auto-added rule).


    - Added the --log-file=FILE and --log-file-format=FORMAT options.  These
      can be used to tell any rsync to output what it is doing to a log file.
      They work with a client rsync, a non-daemon server rsync (see the man
      page for instructions), and also allows the overriding of rsyncd.conf
      settings when starting a daemon.

    - The --log-format option was renamed to be --out-format to avoid confusing
      it with affecting the log-file output.  (The old option remains as an
      alias for the new to preserve backward compatibility.)

    - Made "log file" and "syslog facility" settable on a per-module basis in
      the daemon's config file.

    - Added the --remove-source-files option as a replacement for the (now
      deprecated) --remove-sent-files option.  This new option removes all
      non-dirs from the source directories, even if the file was already
      up-to-date.  This fixes a problem where interrupting an rsync that
      was using --remove-sent-files and restarting it could leave behind
      a file that the earlier rsync synchronized, but didn't get to remove.
      (The deprecated --remove-sent-files is still understood for now, and
      still behaves in the same way as before.)

    - Added the option --no-motd to suppress the message-of-the-day output
      from a daemon when doing a copy.  (See the manpage for a caveat.)

    - Added a new environment variable to the pre-/post-xfer exec commands (in
      the daemon's config file):  RSYNC_PID.  This value will be the same in
      both the pre- and post-xfer commands, so it can be used if the pre-xfer
      command wants to cache some arg/request info for the post-xfer command.


    - Did a code audit using IBM's code-checker program and made several
      changes, including: replacing most of the strcpy() and sprintf()
      calls with strlcpy(), snprintf(), and memcpy(), adding a 0-value to
      an enum that had been intermingling a literal 0 with the defined enum
      values, silencing some uninitialized memory checks, marking some
      functions with a "noreturn" attribute, and changing an "if" that
      could never succeed on some platforms into a pre-processor directive
      that conditionally compiles the code.

    - Fixed a potential bug in f_name_cmp() when both the args are a
      top-level "." dir (which doesn't happen in normal operations).

    - Changed exit_cleanup() so that it can never return instead of exit.
      The old code might return if it found the exit_cleanup() function
      was being called recursively.  The new code is segmented so that
      any recursive calls move on to the next step of the exit-processing.

    - The macro WIFEXITED(stat) will now be defined if the OS didn't already
      define it.


    - The acls.diff and xattrs.diff patches have received a bunch of work to
      make them much closer to being acceptable in the main distribution.
      The xattrs patch also has some preliminary Mac OS X compatibility code
      that allows Macs and non-macs to exchange extended attributes.

    - A new diff in the patches dir, fake-root.diff, allows rsync to
      maintain a backup hierarchy with full owner, group, and device info
      without actually running as root.  It does this using a special
      extended attribute, so it depends on xattrs.diff (which depends on

    - The rsync.yo and rsyncd.conf.yo files have been updated to work
      better with the latest yodl 2.x releases.

    - Updated config.guess and config.sub to their 2006-02-23 version.

    - Updated various files to include the latest FSF address and to have
      consistent opening comments.