The mail module Synopsis

Module Name: Author: Andrew G. Morgan <> Maintainer: Author Management groups provided: Authentication (credential) Session (open) Cryptographically sensitive: Security rating: Clean code base: System dependencies: Default mail directory /var/spool/mail/ Network aware: Overview of module

This module looks at the user's mail directory and indicates whether the user has any mail in it. Session component

Recognized arguments: Description: This module provides the ``you have new mail'' service to the user. It can be plugged into any application that has credential hooks. It gives a single message indicating the The behavior of this module can be modified with one of the following flags:

/var/spool/mail. Note, if the supplied /var/spool/mail/u/s/user. Examples/suggested usage: This module can be used to indicate that the user has new mail when they /etc/pam.conf file: # # do we have any mail? # login session optional

Note, if the mail spool file (be it /var/spool/mail/$USER or a pathname given with the dir= parameter) is a directory then pam_mail assumes it is in the Qmail Maildir format.

Note, some applications may perform this function themselves. In such cases, this module is not necessary. Authentication component

Then authentication companent works the same as the session component, except that everything is done during the pam_setcred() phase.