svr4_package   [plain text]

Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 12:42:03 +0100
Message-ID: <>
From: Andy Chittenden <>


Here is a uuencoded, compressed tar file. The only file I've
changed is Makefile - I've included the full file rather than diffs.
There are some new files as well:

	xntp	shell script that starts up ntp during boot up
		(the packaging stuff creates links to it so it comes
		up at run level 2). As with all svr4 start/stop
		scripts, it takes one parameter which is either
		start or stop. It assumes that ntp.conf is in
		/etc/inet/ntp.conf (where it should be on svr4
	prototype	describes the file contents of the package.
			You might like to review its contents to
			see whether you want to include any other
			files or remove some. NB I've made the man 
			pages go into 1m as they should on svr4.
	preinstall	runs before installation takes place. It
			ensures that ntp is down if it is up before
			installing a replacement package
	postinstall	starts up ntp after package installation.
	preremove	brings down ntp before removing the package.

You create a package using "make package". This creates a file
called xntp.pkg. To install this package, you use 
"pkgadd -d `pwd`/xntp.pkg xntp". This will start up ntp if
/etc/inet/ntp.conf exists. If you don't want the package anymore, use 
"pkgrm xntp". I have tested this on Solaris 2.4.