HISTORY   [plain text]

* Version 0.1

	Initial version of natd.

* Version 0.2

	- Alias address can now be set by giving interface name with 
	  new (-n) command-line option.

	- New Makefile based on bsd.prog.mk.
	- Error messages are written to syslog
	  after natd has become a daemon.

* Version 1.0

	- Support for using only single socket (-p option)

* Version 1.1

	- -a option now understands a hostname also.
	- -a option no longer dumps core.
	- Packet aliasing software upgraded to v. 1.9
  	- added long option names (like -address)

* Version 1.2

	- Fixed core dump with -port option.
	- Added -Wall to CFLAGS and some headers added to natd.c
	  to get clean compile by Brian Somers [brian@awfulhak.org].

* Version 1.3

	- Aliasing address initialization is delayed until first
	  packet arrives. This allows natd to start up before
	  interface address is set.
	- SIGTERM is now catched to allow kernel to close
	  existing connections when system is shutting down.
	- SIGHUP is now catched to allow natd to refresh aliasing
	  address from interface, which might be useful to tun devices.

* Version 1.4

	- Changed command line options to be compatible with
	  command names used in ppp+packetAlias package (which is the
	  original application using aliasing routines). 

	  The options which map directly to packet aliasing options are:

		-unregistered_only [yes|no]
		-log [yes|no]
		-deny_incoming [yes|no]
		-use_sockets [yes|no]
		-same_ports [yes|no]

	  The short option names are the same as in previous

	- Command line parser rewritten to provide more flexible
	  way to support new packet aliasing options.

	- Support for natd.cf configuration file has been added.
	- SIGHUP no longer causes problems when running without
	  interface name option.

	- When using -interface command line option, routing socket
	  is optionally listened for interface address changes. This
	  mode is activated by -dynamic option.

	- Directory tree reorganized, alias package is now a library.

	- Manual page written by Brian Somers <brian@awfulhak.org> added.
	- README file updated.

* Version 1.5

	- Support for sending ICMP 'need fragmentation' messages
 	  when packet size exceeds mtu size of outgoing network interface.

	- ipfw rule example in manual page fixed.

* Version 1.6

	- Upgrade to new packet aliasing engine (2.1)
	- redirect_port and redirect_address configuration
	  parameters added.
	- It is no longer necessary to quote complex parameter values
	  in command line.
	- Manual page fixed (same_port -> same_ports).

* Version 1.7

	- A bug in command-line parsing fixed (it appeared due
	  to changes made in 1.6).

* Version 1.8

	- Fixed problems with -dynamic option.
	- Added /var/run/natd.pid

* Version 1.9

	- Changes to manual page by
	  Brian Somers <brian@awfulhak.org> integrated.
	- Checksum for incoming packets is always recalculated
	  for FreeBSD 2.2 and never recalculated for newer
	  versions. This should fix the problem with wrong
 	  checksum of fragmented packets.
	- Buffer space problem found by Sergio Lenzi <lenzi@bsi.com.br>
	  fixed. Natd now waits with select(2) for buffer space
	  to become available if write fails.
	- Packet aliasing library upgraded to 2.2.

* Version 1.10

	- Ignored incoming packets are now dropped when
	  deny_incoming option is set to yes.
	- Packet aliasing library upgraded to 2.4.

* Version 1.11

	- Code cleanup work done in FreeBSD-current development merged.
	- Port numbers are now unsigned as they should always have been.

* Version 1.12

	- Typos in comment fixed. Copyright message added to 
	  source & header files that were missing it.
	- A small patch to libalias to make static NAT work correctly.

* Version 2.0

	- Upgrade to libalias 3.0 which gives:
	- Transparent proxy support.
	- permanent_link is now obsolete, use redirect_port instead.
	- Drop support for early FreeBSD 2.2 versions
	- If separate input & output sockets are being used
	  use them to find out packet direction instead of
	  normal mechanism. This can be handy in complex environments
	  with multiple interfaces.
	- libalias is no longer part of this distribution.
	- New sample configuration file
          from Ted Mittelstaedt <tedm@portsoft.com>.
	- PPTP redirect support by Dru Nelson <dnelson@redwoodsoft.com> added.
	- Logging enhancements from Martin Machacek <mm@i.cz> added.