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Daily Status Report script...

The mmdsr script was created by Brad Knowles to produce a daily status report for mailman. It was initially posted at <> which see for possible patches and other enhancements.

It is intended that there will be a 'cleaner', more complete readme file in the future. In the interim, here are Brad's original comments.

I quickly whacked together a Daily Status Report script for
Mailman (using Bourne shell, not Python ;), and thought that other
folks might be interested in seeing it.

The basic concept is a program that gets fired off at 23:59 every
night, and goes through a variety of log files looking for entries
specific to that date, and indicating problems or certain types of
activity that might be of interest to someone trying to administer
the server. It also does an "ls -la" of /usr/local/mailman/qfiles/*,
so that you can see what is in the queue at the time of the running
of the script.

My concept was that this daily report would get e-mailed to the
admin, or posted to a "reports" mailing list, where they could be
archived and kept for future reference.

The script does not (yet) do any statistics calculations, although it
should be relatively easy to hack together some basic stats using
awk, sort, etc....

Anyway, I thought I'd share it and let folks take a look at it, and if
anyone has any recommended improvements, we can incorporate
those and share them back out with everyone.

The code is written under a BSD-style license, so if you don't want
to contribute any changes back to me, that's okay. Of course, I
would prefer that you did, but I leave the choice up to you.