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/* -*- Mode: C; tab-width: 4 -*-
 * Copyright (c) 2002-2003 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.
 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
 * You may obtain a copy of the License at
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.

    Change History (most recent first):

$Log: mDNSDebug.h,v $
Revision 1.36  2007/10/01 19:06:19  cheshire
Defined symbolic constant MDNS_LOG_INITIAL_LEVEL to set the logging level we start out at

Revision 1.35  2007/07/27 20:19:56  cheshire
For now, comment out unused log levels MDNS_LOG_ERROR, MDNS_LOG_WARN, MDNS_LOG_INFO, MDNS_LOG_DEBUG

Revision 1.34  2007/07/24 17:23:33  cheshire
<rdar://problem/5357133> Add list validation checks for debugging

Revision 1.33  2007/06/15 21:54:50  cheshire
<rdar://problem/4883206> Add packet logging to help debugging private browsing over TLS

Revision 1.32  2007/05/25 16:03:03  cheshire
Remove unused LogMalloc

Revision 1.31  2007/04/06 19:50:05  cheshire
Add ProgramName declaration

Revision 1.30  2007/03/24 01:22:44  cheshire
Add validator for uDNS data structures

Revision 1.29  2006/08/14 23:24:23  cheshire
Re-licensed mDNSResponder daemon source code under Apache License, Version 2.0

Revision 1.28  2006/07/07 01:09:09  cheshire
<rdar://problem/4472013> Add Private DNS server functionality to dnsextd
Only use mallocL/freeL debugging routines when building mDNSResponder, not dnsextd

Revision 1.27  2006/06/29 07:42:14  cheshire
<rdar://problem/3922989> Performance: Remove unnecessary SameDomainName() checks

Revision 1.26  2005/07/04 22:40:26  cheshire
Additional debugging code to help catch memory corruption

Revision 1.25  2004/12/14 21:34:16  cheshire
Add "#define ANSWER_REMOTE_HOSTNAME_QUERIES 0" and comment

Revision 1.24  2004/09/16 01:58:21  cheshire
Fix compiler warnings

Revision 1.23  2004/05/18 23:51:25  cheshire
Tidy up all checkin comments to use consistent "<rdar://problem/xxxxxxx>" format for bug numbers

Revision 1.22  2004/04/22 04:27:42  cheshire
Spacing tidyup

Revision 1.21  2004/04/14 23:21:41  ksekar
Removed accidental checkin of MALLOC_DEBUGING flag in 1.20

Revision 1.20  2004/04/14 23:09:28  ksekar
Support for TSIG signed dynamic updates.

Revision 1.19  2004/03/15 18:57:59  cheshire
Undo last checkin that accidentally made verbose debugging the default for all targets

Revision 1.18  2004/03/13 01:57:33  ksekar
<rdar://problem/3192546>: DynDNS: Dynamic update of service records

Revision 1.17  2004/01/28 21:14:23  cheshire
Reconcile debug_mode and gDebugLogging into a single flag (mDNS_DebugMode)

Revision 1.16  2003/12/09 01:30:06  rpantos
Fix usage of ARGS... macros to build properly on Windows.

Revision 1.15  2003/12/08 20:55:26  rpantos
Move some definitions here from mDNSMacOSX.h.

Revision 1.14  2003/08/12 19:56:24  cheshire
Update to APSL 2.0

Revision 1.13  2003/07/02 21:19:46  cheshire
<rdar://problem/3313413> Update copyright notices, etc., in source code comments

Revision 1.12  2003/05/26 03:01:27  cheshire
<rdar://problem/3268904> sprintf/vsprintf-style functions are unsafe; use snprintf/vsnprintf instead

Revision 1.11  2003/05/21 17:48:10  cheshire
Add macro to enable GCC's printf format string checking

Revision 1.10  2003/04/26 02:32:57  cheshire
Add extern void LogMsg(const char *format, ...);

Revision 1.9  2002/09/21 20:44:49  zarzycki
Added APSL info

Revision 1.8  2002/09/19 04:20:43  cheshire
Remove high-ascii characters that confuse some systems

Revision 1.7  2002/09/16 18:41:42  cheshire
Merge in license terms from Quinn's copy, in preparation for Darwin release


#ifndef __mDNSDebug_h
#define __mDNSDebug_h

// Set MDNS_DEBUGMSGS to 0 to optimize debugf() calls out of the compiled code
// Set MDNS_DEBUGMSGS to 1 to generate normal debugging messages
// Set MDNS_DEBUGMSGS to 2 to generate verbose debugging messages
// MDNS_DEBUGMSGS is normally set in the project options (or makefile) but can also be set here if desired
// (If you edit the file here to turn on MDNS_DEBUGMSGS while you're debugging some code, be careful
// not to accidentally check-in that change by mistake when you check in your other changes.)

//#define MDNS_DEBUGMSGS 2

// Set MDNS_CHECK_PRINTF_STYLE_FUNCTIONS to 1 to enable extra GCC compiler warnings
// Note: You don't normally want to do this, because it generates a bunch of
// spurious warnings for the following custom extensions implemented by mDNS_vsnprintf:
//    warning: `#' flag used with `%s' printf format    (for %#s              -- pascal string format)
//    warning: repeated `#' flag in format              (for %##s             -- DNS name string format)
//    warning: double format, pointer arg (arg 2)       (for %.4a, %.16a, %#a -- IP address formats)
#define IS_A_PRINTF_STYLE_FUNCTION(F,A) __attribute__ ((format(printf,F,A)))

#ifdef	__cplusplus
	extern "C" {

#define debugf debugf_
extern void debugf_(const char *format, ...) IS_A_PRINTF_STYLE_FUNCTION(1,2);
#else // If debug breaks are off, use a preprocessor trick to optimize those calls out of the code
	#if (defined(__GNUC__))
		#define	debugf( ARGS... ) ((void)0)
	#elif (defined(__MWERKS__))
		#define	debugf( ... )
		#define debugf 1 ? ((void)0) : (void)

#define verbosedebugf verbosedebugf_
extern void verbosedebugf_(const char *format, ...) IS_A_PRINTF_STYLE_FUNCTION(1,2);
	#if (defined(__GNUC__))
		#define	verbosedebugf( ARGS... ) ((void)0)
	#elif (defined(__MWERKS__))
		#define	verbosedebugf( ... )
		#define verbosedebugf 1 ? ((void)0) : (void)

// LogMsg is used even in shipping code, to write truly serious error messages to syslog (or equivalent)
typedef enum
	} LogLevel_t;


extern LogLevel_t mDNS_LogLevel;
extern int        mDNS_DebugMode;	// If non-zero, LogMsg() writes to stderr instead of syslog
extern const char ProgramName[];	// Program Name for use with LogMsgIdent

extern void LogMsg(const char *format, ...) IS_A_PRINTF_STYLE_FUNCTION(1,2);
extern void LogMsgIdent(const char *ident, const char *format, ...) IS_A_PRINTF_STYLE_FUNCTION(2,3);
extern void LogMsgNoIdent(const char *format, ...) IS_A_PRINTF_STYLE_FUNCTION(1,2);
extern void SigLogLevel(void);

// Set this symbol to 1 to answer remote queries for our Address, reverse mapping PTR, and HINFO records

// Set this symbol to 1 to do extra debug checks on malloc() and free()
// Set this symbol to 2 to write a log message for every malloc() and free()

extern void *mallocL(char *msg, unsigned int size);
extern void freeL(char *msg, void *x);
extern void LogMemCorruption(const char *format, ...);
extern void uds_validatelists(void);
extern void udns_validatelists(void *const v);
#define mallocL(X,Y) malloc(Y)
#define freeL(X,Y) free(Y)

#define LogAllOperations 0

#if LogAllOperations
#define LogOperation LogMsg
#define	LogOperation debugf

#define ForceAlerts 0

#define VerifySameNameAssumptions 0

#ifdef	__cplusplus