tree-ssa-structalias.h   [plain text]

/* Tree based points-to analysis
   Copyright (C) 2002, 2003 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
   Contributed by Daniel Berlin <>

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/* True if the data pointed to by PTR can alias anything.  */

struct constraint;
typedef struct constraint *constraint_t;

/* Alias information used by compute_may_aliases and its helpers.  */
struct alias_info
  /* SSA names visited while collecting points-to information.  If bit I
     is set, it means that SSA variable with version I has already been
     visited.  */
  sbitmap ssa_names_visited;

  /* Array of SSA_NAME pointers processed by the points-to collector.  */
  VEC(tree,heap) *processed_ptrs;

  /* ADDRESSABLE_VARS contains all the global variables and locals that
     have had their address taken.  */
  struct alias_map_d **addressable_vars;
  size_t num_addressable_vars;

  /* POINTERS contains all the _DECL pointers with unique memory tags
     that have been referenced in the program.  */
  struct alias_map_d **pointers;
  size_t num_pointers;

  /* Number of function calls found in the program.  */
  size_t num_calls_found;

  /* Number of const/pure function calls found in the program.  */
  size_t num_pure_const_calls_found;

  /* Total number of virtual operands that will be needed to represent
     all the aliases of all the pointers found in the program.  */
  long total_alias_vops;

  /* Variables that have been written to.  */
  bitmap written_vars;

  /* Pointers that have been used in an indirect store operation.  */
  bitmap dereferenced_ptrs_store;

  /* Pointers that have been used in an indirect load operation.  */
  bitmap dereferenced_ptrs_load;

  /* Memory tag for all the PTR_IS_REF_ALL pointers.  */
  tree ref_all_symbol_mem_tag;

/* Keep track of how many times each pointer has been dereferenced in
   the program using the aux variable.  This is used by the alias
   grouping heuristic in compute_flow_insensitive_aliasing.  */
#define NUM_REFERENCES(ANN) ((size_t)((ANN)->common.aux))
#define NUM_REFERENCES_CLEAR(ANN) ((ANN)->common.aux) = 0
#define NUM_REFERENCES_INC(ANN) (ANN)->common.aux = (void*) (((size_t)((ANN)->common.aux)) + 1)
#define NUM_REFERENCES_SET(ANN, VAL) (ANN)->common.aux = (void*) ((void *)(VAL))

/* In tree-ssa-alias.c.  */
enum escape_type is_escape_site (tree);

/* In tree-ssa-structalias.c.  */
extern void compute_points_to_sets (struct alias_info *);
extern void delete_points_to_sets (void);
extern void dump_constraint (FILE *, constraint_t);
extern void dump_constraints (FILE *);
extern void debug_constraint (constraint_t);
extern void debug_constraints (void);
extern void dump_solution_for_var (FILE *, unsigned int);
extern void debug_solution_for_var (unsigned int);
extern void dump_sa_points_to_info (FILE *);
extern void debug_sa_points_to_info (void);