arm-cores.def   [plain text]

/* ARM CPU Cores
   Copyright (C) 2003, 2005 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
   Written by CodeSourcery, LLC

   This file is part of GCC.

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   under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
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   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
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   Software Foundation, 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
   02110-1301, USA.  */

/* Before using #include to read this file, define a macro:


   The CORE_NAME is the name of the core, represented as a string constant.
   The CORE_IDENT is the name of the core, represented as an identifier.
   ARCH is the architecture revision implemented by the chip.
   FLAGS are the bitwise-or of the traits that apply to that core.
   This need not include flags implied by the architecture.
   COSTS is the name of the rtx_costs routine to use.

   If you update this table, you must update the "tune" attribute in
   Some tools assume no whitespace up to the first "," in each entry.  */

/* V2/V2A Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm2",   arm2,	2,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm250", arm250,	2,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm3",   arm3,	2,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)

/* V3 Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm6",          arm6,		3,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm60",         arm60,	3,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm600",        arm600,	3,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm610",        arm610,	3,	             FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm620",        arm620,	3,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7",          arm7,		3,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7d",         arm7d,	3,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7di",        arm7di,	3,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm70",         arm70,	3,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm700",        arm700,	3,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm700i",       arm700i,	3,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm710",        arm710,	3,	             FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm720",        arm720,	3,	             FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm710c",       arm710c,	3,	             FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7100",       arm7100,	3,	             FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7500",       arm7500,	3,	             FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
/* Doesn't have an external co-proc, but does have embedded fpa.  */
ARM_CORE("arm7500fe",     arm7500fe,	3,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)

/* V3M Architecture Processors */
/* arm7m doesn't exist on its own, but only with D, ("and", and I), but
   those don't alter the code, so arm7m is sometimes used.  */
ARM_CORE("arm7m",         arm7m,	3M,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7dm",        arm7dm,	3M,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7dmi",       arm7dmi,	3M,	FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, fastmul)

/* V4 Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm8",          arm8,		4,	             FL_MODE26 | FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm810",        arm810,	4,	             FL_MODE26 | FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("strongarm",     strongarm,	4,	             FL_MODE26 | FL_LDSCHED | FL_STRONG, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("strongarm110",  strongarm110,	4,	             FL_MODE26 | FL_LDSCHED | FL_STRONG, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("strongarm1100", strongarm1100, 4,	             FL_MODE26 | FL_LDSCHED | FL_STRONG, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("strongarm1110", strongarm1110, 4,	             FL_MODE26 | FL_LDSCHED | FL_STRONG, fastmul)

/* V4T Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm7tdmi",      arm7tdmi,	4T,	FL_CO_PROC          , fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7tdmi-s",    arm7tdmis,	4T,	FL_CO_PROC          , fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm710t",       arm710t,	4T,	             FL_WBUF, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm720t",       arm720t,	4T,	             FL_WBUF, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm740t",       arm740t,	4T,	             FL_WBUF, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm9",          arm9,		4T,	                         FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm9tdmi",      arm9tdmi,	4T,	                         FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm920",        arm920,	4T,	                         FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm920t",       arm920t,	4T,	                         FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm922t",       arm922t,	4T,	                         FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm940t",       arm940t,	4T,	                         FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("ep9312",        ep9312,	4T,	                         FL_LDSCHED |             FL_CIRRUS, fastmul)

/* V5T Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm10tdmi",     arm10tdmi,	5T,	                         FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm1020t",      arm1020t,	5T,	                         FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)

/* V5TE Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm9e",         arm9e,	5TE,	                         FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm946e-s",     arm946es,	5TE,	                         FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm966e-s",     arm966es,	5TE,	                         FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm968e-s",     arm968es,	5TE,	                         FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm10e",        arm10e,	5TE,				 FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm1020e",      arm1020e,	5TE,				 FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm1022e",      arm1022e,	5TE,				 FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("xscale",        xscale,	5TE,	                         FL_LDSCHED | FL_STRONG | FL_XSCALE, xscale)
ARM_CORE("iwmmxt",        iwmmxt,	5TE,	                         FL_LDSCHED | FL_STRONG | FL_XSCALE | FL_IWMMXT, xscale)

/* V5TEJ Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm926ej-s",    arm926ejs,	5TEJ,	                         FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm1026ej-s",   arm1026ejs,	5TEJ,	                         FL_LDSCHED, 9e)

/* V6 Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm1136j-s",    arm1136js,	6J,	                         FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm1136jf-s",   arm1136jfs,	6J,	                         FL_LDSCHED | FL_VFPV2, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm1176jz-s",	  arm1176jzs,	6ZK,				 FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm1176jzf-s",  arm1176jzfs,	6ZK,				 FL_LDSCHED | FL_VFPV2, 9e)
ARM_CORE("mpcorenovfp",	  mpcorenovfp,	6K,				 FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("mpcore",	  mpcore,	6K,				 FL_LDSCHED | FL_VFPV2, 9e)