FSFChangeLog   [plain text]

Sat Jan  9 08:19:14 1999  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Set cse_not_expected earlier.

	* optabs.c (emit_conditional_move): Undo canonicalization previously
	done by get_condition.

	* jump.c (jump_optimize): Move simple optimizations in front
	of complex ones.
	Reset NEXT whenever deleting an insn in case NEXT was deleted.
	Disable some conditional move optimizations if have 
	conditional arithmetic or if CSE not run yet.
	Add new optimization to conditionalize code if have conditional
	(can_reverse_comparison_p): Check REVERSIBLE_CC_MODE.
	(condjump{,_in_parallel}_p): Simplify.

Thu Jan  7 09:25:51 1999  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* jump.c (delete_computation): Don't trust location of REG_DEAD
	note within a basic block.

Sat Dec 26 06:31:43 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* cse.c (cse_insn): Always make SET a nop if dest is hard regster and
	src is equivalent.

	* flow.c (print_rtl_with_bb): Write insns in epilogue delay list.

	* combine.c (simplify_set): Update SET_SRC after force_to_mode call.
	If HAVE_conditional_arithmetic, make conditional if comparison
	operator is arg of arithmetic.

	* genconfig.c (have_cond_arith_flag): New variable.
	(walk_insn_part, case IF_THEN_ELSE): Set it.
	(main): Define HAVE_conditional_arithmetic if have_cond_arith_flag.

	* reorg.c (optimize_skip): Count insns in delay slots for epilogue
	as being after a conditional return.

Wed Dec 23 07:30:22 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* mips.md (movdf [mips4]): Remove '=' in constraint when not output.

	* toplev.c (fatal_function): New static variable.
	(set_fatal_function): New function.
	(vfatal): If fatal_function nonzero, call it.

Thu Dec 10 07:21:44 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* expr.c (move_by_pieces_1): Give inner arg types of function passed
	as first operand.

	* configure.in: Use them instead of inline text.
	(malloc.h): Check for presence.
	(free, malloc, calloc, realloc): Include malloc.h to see if need decl.
	* system.h (malloc.h): Conditionally include.
	(free, malloc, calloc, realloc): Conditionally declare.
	* xm-mn10200.h (free, malloc, realloc, calloc): Remove redundant decls.
	* xm-mn10300.h, rs6000/xm-sysv4.h, xm-v850.h: Likewise.
	* xm-alpha.h: Likewise.
	(string.h): Remove reundant #include.
	* rtl.h (free): Remove declaration.
	* tree.h (free): Likewise.

	* gcov.c (fatal): New function.

Wed Dec  9 06:25:12 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* protoize.c: Remove extraneous #endif.
	Remove redundant declarations and includes.
	(fatal): New function, from gen*.c.

Wed Dec  9 06:16:26 1998  Craig Burley  (burley@gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* fold-const.c (multiple_of_p): New function.
	(fold): Turn some cases of *_DIV_EXPR into EXACT_DIV_EXPR.

Wed Dec  9 04:42:23 1998  H.J. Lu  (hjl@gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* expr.h, real.h: Add more prototypes.

Tue Dec  8 06:04:19 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* c-typeck.c (c_expand_asm_operands): Fix text of error message
	and handle conversion as lvalue.

Mon Dec  7 21:35:31 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* dwarf2out.c (dyn-string.h): Fix patching error.
	* toplev.c (<sys/times.h>): Include if HAVE_SYS_TIMES_H is defined.

Sun Dec  6 01:14:46 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* collect2.c (mktemp): Remove unused decl.

Sat Dec  5 21:02:13 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* cccp.c (fwrite): New VMS macro.
	(VMS_fwrite): New VMS function.
	(strerror): Declare only if NEED_DECLARATION_STRERROR.
	(warn_white_space): New var.
	(do_warning): Remove.
	(directive_table): Use do_error to print warnings.
	(eprint_string): Remove.  All callers now use fwrite instead.
	(check_white_space): New function.
	(fatal): Now extern.
	(main): Add new option --White-space, implied by -Wall.
	If DEPENDENCIES_OUTPUT has the form `FILE TARGET', have TARGET depend
	on source file as well as files it includes.
	(newline_fix, name_newline_fix): Assume that *BP == '\\',
	but don't assume that BP[1] == '\n'; all callers changed.
	(rescan): Warn about white space at end of line in string.
	Fix bug with counting newlines in strings as result of macro-expanding.
	(expand_to_temp_buffer): Do not stomp on the output buffer length;
	all callers changed.
	(handle_directive): No need to check bp < limit if *bp == '\n'.
	Allocate a larger directive buffer; expand newline to
	backslash-'n' in string literals.
	(timestamp): Don't assume that localtime succeeds.
	(finclude): Add call to check_white_space in included file.
	(collect_expansion): No need to check for p < limit at backslash.
	(do_line): Allow nulls in file name.
	(do_error): Also do warnings.
	(do_pragma): Handle escapes in strings correctly.
	(skip_quoted_string): Don't say ``Unterminated string or character''
	if it's known to be a character.
	Warn about white space at end of line in string.
	(struct argdata): New member expand_size.
	Rename member stringified_length to stringified_length_bound.
	All uses changed.
	(macroexpand): Record expand_size separately from expand_length.
	Generate nothing for backslash-newline in a string.
	Escape newlines in strings.
	(macarg): Have macarg1 count newlines.  Escape newlines in strings.
	(macarg1): Skip backslash-newline in strings.
	(change_newlines): Now takes struct argdata * (not U_CHAR * and int)
	returns void, not int.  Modify the arg in-place.
	(change_newlines, make_definition): In strings, replace
	backslash-newline with nothing, and non-backslashed newline
	with backslash-'n'.

	* cexp.y (fatal): New decl (exported by cccp.c).
	(yylex): Allow multiple-char constants like 'abcde' that are longer
	than long; draft C9x requires this.  Don't treat (char)-1 like EOF.
	(parse_escape): Return -2 if backslash-newline is seen.
	Parse backslash-newline in numeric escapes.
	Parse \x using unsigned, not signed, for proper overflow detection.

Fri Dec  4 16:24:36 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* Defer some __builtin_constant_p elaborations until after cse;
	original idea from rth@cygnus.com
	* rtl.def (CONSTANT_P_RTX): New RTL code.
	* expr.c (expand_builtin, case BUILT_IN_CONSTANT_P): Rework to
	consider constant CONSTRUCTOR constant and to defer some cases to cse.
	* cse.c (fold_rtx, case CONST): Add handling for CONSTANT_P_RTX.
	* regclass.c (reg_scan_mark_refs, case CONST): Likewise.
Tue Dec  1 09:35:45 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* Makefile.in (C_AND_OBJC_OBJS): Add mbchar.o.
	(c-lex.o, cexp.o, cccp.o): Depend on mbchar.h.
	(mbchar.o): New rule.
	(CCCP_OBJS, CPPMAIN_OBJS): Include mbchar.o.
	* po/POTFILES.in (mbchar.[ch]): Add.

Tue Dec  1 09:32:27 1998  Dave Brolley  <brolley@cygnus.com>

	* mbchar.[ch]: New files for multibyte character handling.
	* configure.in (enable_c_mbchar): New configure option.
	* cexp.y (mbchar.h): #include it.
	(yylex): Handle Multibyte characters in character literals.
	* cccp.c (mbchar.h): #include it.
	(main): Set character set based on LANG environment variable.
	(rescan): Handle multibyte characters in comments.
	(skip_if_group, validate_else, skip_to_end_of_comment): Likewise.
	(macarg1, discard_comments): Likewise.
	(rescan): Handle multibyte characters in string and character literals.
	(collect_expansion, skip_quoted_string, macroexpand): Likewise.
	(macarg1, discard_comments, change_newlines): Likewise.
	* c-lex.c (mbchar.h): #include it.
	(GET_ENVIRONMENT): New macro.
	(init_lex): Set character set based on LANG environment variable.
	(yylex): Handle multibyte characters in character and string literals.

Mon Nov 30 08:25:35 1998  Mark Mitchell  <mark@markmitchell.com>

	* dyn-string.h: New file.
	* dyn-string.c: Likewise.
	* Makefile.in (OBJS): Add dyn-string.o.
	(dwarf2out.o): Add dyn-string.h dependency.
	(dyn-string.o): New rule.
	* dwarf2out.c (dyn-string.h): Include.
	(ASM_NAME_TO_STRING): Use dyn_string_append, rather than strcpy.
	(addr_const_to_string): Take a dyn_string_t, not a char * as a
	prototype.  Use dyn_string_append rather than strcat, throughout.
	(addr_to_string): Use dyn_string_t.

Mon Nov 30 06:57:49 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* po/POTFILES.in (dyn-string.[ch]): New files.

	* sched.c (swap_sort): Fix typo in last change.

Sun Nov 29 21:02:34 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* po/POTFILES.in: Add gengenrtl.c, system.h.

Sun Nov 29 16:36:59 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* expmed.c (emit_store_flag): Don't try to negate STORE_FLAG_VALUE.

	* configure.in: Remove inadvertently added duplicate tests.

	* reload1.c (emit_reload_insns): Fix typos in preserve death note code.

	* Makefile.in (c-lex.o): Depends on $(RTL_H).

	* genattr.c (fatal): No longer static.
	* genattrtab.c, gencodes.c, genconfig.c, genemit.c: Likewise.
	* genextract.c, genflags.c, gengenrtl.c, genopinit.c: Likewise.
	* genoutput.c, genpeep.c, genrecog.c: Likewise.

	* 1750a.c: Use gen_rtx_FOO and GEN_INT, not gen_rtx; include system.h.
	* a29k.c, alpha.c, arc.c, arm.c, clipper.c, convex.c: Likewise.
	* dsp16xx.c, fx80.c, gmicro.c, h8300.c, i386.c, i860.c: Likewise.
	* i960.c, m32r.c, m68k.c, m88k.c, mips.c, mn10200.c: Likewise.
	* mn10300.c, ns32k.c, pa.c, pdp11.c, pyr.c, romp.c: Likewise.
	* rs6000.c, sh.c, sparc.c, spur.c, tahoe.c, v850.c: Likewise.
	* vax.c, we32k.c: Likewise.
	* elxsi.c, i370.c: Include system.h
	* gofast.h: Use gen_rtx_FOO and GEN_INT instead of gen_rtx.
	* 1750a.{md,h}, a29k{md,h}, alpha.{md,h}, alpha/vms.h: Likewise.
	* arc.{md,h}, arm.{md,h}, clipper.{md,h}, convex.{md,h}: Likewise.
	* dsp16xx.{md,h}, elxsi.h, fx80.{md,h}, gmicro.{md,h}: Likewise.
	* h8300.h, i370.{md,h}, i386.{md,h}, i386/cygwin32.h: Likewise.
	* i386/osfrose.h, i386/win-nt.h, i860.{md,h}, i960.{md,h}: Likewise.
	* m32r.{md,h}, m68k.{md,h}, m68k/a-ux.h, m68k/crds.h: Likewise.
	* m68k/isi.h, m68k/linux.h, m68k/lynx.h, m68k/m68kemb.h: Likewise.
	* m68k/m68kv4.h, m68k/mot3300.h, m68k/news.h, m68k/sun3.h: Likewise.
	* m88k.{md,h}, mips.{md,h}, mips/abi64.h, mn10200.{md,h}: Likewise.
	* mn10300.{md,h}, ns32k.{md,h}, pa.{md,h}, pyr.{md,h}: Likewise.
	* romp.{md,h}, rs6000.{md,h}, sh.{md,h}, sparc.{md.h}: Likewise.
	* spur{md,h}, tahoe.{md,h}, v850.{md,h}, vax.{md,h}: Likewise.
	* we32k.{md,h}: Likewise.

Sat Nov 28 19:32:33 1998  Jeffrey A Law  (law@cygnus.com)

	* rtl.def (INLINE_HEADER): Fix type error found by gen_rtx_FOO changes.

        * configure.in: If host != build, run autoconf to generate auto
	build.h for the build machine and include it in build_xm_files.
Sat Nov 28 19:20:06 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* bc-emit.c, caller-save.c, calls.c, combine.c: Call gen_rtx_FOO.
	* cse.c, dwarf2out.c, emit-rtl.c, except.c, explow.c: Likewise.
	* expmed.c expr.c, final.c, function.c, genpeep.c, halfpic.c: Likewise.
	* integrate.c, jump.c, local-alloc.c, loop.c, optabs.c: Likewise.
	* profile.c, recog.c, reg-stack.c, regclass.c, regmove.c: Likewise.
	* reload.c, reload1.c, reorg.c, sched.c, stmt.c, stupid.c: Likewise.
	* unroll.c, varasm.c: Likewise.

	* Makefile.in (*.o): Depend on system.h.
	* system.h (ANSI_PROTOTYPES): Add definition.
	* *.c, c-parse.in, cexp.y: Include system.h and delete any
	non-redundant includes, macro definitions, or declarations.
	* gen*.c, bc-emit.c, calls.c, cccp.c, combine.c, emit-rtl.c:
	Use ANSI_PROTOTYPES, not __STDC__ to select varargs vs. stdargs.
	* gcc.c, mips-tfile.c, prefix.c, toplev.c, tree.c: Likewise.
	* gen*.c (fatal): Fix error in varargs case.
	* genattrtab.c (fatal): Make same as other gen programs.
	* genattrtab.c: Write #include for system.h in output.
	* genemit.c, genextract.c, genoutput.c, genpeep.c: Likewise.
	* genrecog.c: Likewise.

Sat Nov 28 06:01:525 1998  John F. Carr  <jfc@mit.edu>

	* emit-rtl.c (const_int_rtx): Now array of rtx_def, not rtx.

Sat Nov 28 05:53:45 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* rtl.h (obstack_alloc_rtx): New declaration.
	* rtl.c (rtx_alloc): Try to clear as integer or HOST_WIDE_INT indirect.
	(obstack_alloc_rtx): New function.

Sat Nov 28 05:46:41 1998  Richard Henderson  <rth@cygnus.com>

	* gengenrtl.c: New file.
	* Makefile.in (OBJS): Add genrtl.c.
	(GEN): Add gengenrtl.
	(STAGESTUFF): Add s-genrtl and gengenrtl$(exeext);
	(RTL_BASE_H): New, from RTL_H.
	(RTL_H): Contains RTL_BASE_H and genrtl.h
	(genrtl.o, genrtl.c, s-genrtl, gengenrtl): New rules.
	* emit-rtl.c (gen_rtx_{CONST_INT,REG,MEM}): New functions.
	(gen_rtx): Call them.
	* genemit.c (gen_exp, gen_insn): Call gen_rtx_FOO for constant FOO.
	* rtl.h (genrtl.h): Include ifndef NO_GENRTL_H.
	(gen_rtx_{CONST_INT,REG,MEM}): New declarations.
	(GEN_INT): Call gen_rtx_CONST_INT.

Fri Nov 27 20:16:12 1998  Michael Meissner  <meissner@cygnus.com>

	* configure.in (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Check for strchr and strrchr.

Fri Nov 27 20:13:36 1998  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <ghazi@caip.rutgers.edu>

	* system.h: New file.

	* configure.in (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Remove check for vprintf.
	Add check for isascii and strsignal.
	Collapse multiple calls.
	Check for bcopy, bcmp, bzero, strerror, atof, getcwd,
	strsignal and getwd.
	Add checks for getrlimit and setrlimit; search in sys/resource.h.


	* aclocal.m4 (GCC_NEED_DECLARATION): Accept optional second arg.
	Test STRING_WITH_STRINGS when deciding which headers to search for
	function declarations.

Fri Nov 27 20:10:42 1998  Richard Henderson  <rth@cygnus.com>

        * configure.in: Add cpp stringify test.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Check for sbrk.
	* acconfig.h (HAVE_CPP_STRINGIFY): New tag.

Fri Nov 27 20:09:27 1998  Manfred Hollstein  <manfred@s-direktnet.de>

	* configure.in (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Check for getrlimit and setrlimit.

Fri Nov 27 19:48:27 1998  Jeffrey A Law  <law@cygnus.com>

	* configure.in (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add gettimeofday, atoq, atoll,
	strerror, stroul, abort and bsearch.
	* acconfig.h (NEED_DECLARATION_{ATOL,ABORT}): New tags.

Fri Nov 27 19:46:09 1998  Jim Wilson  <wilson@cygnus.com>

	* acconfig.h (HAVE_INTTYPES_H): New tag.
	* configure.in (inttypes.h): Check for conflicts between sys/types.h
	and inttypes.h and verify that intmax_t is defined.
Fri Nov 27 08:07:53 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* alpha.c (sext_add_operand): Use reg_not_elim_operand.
	(reg_not_elim_or_8bit_operand): New function.
	* alpha.h (PREDICATE_CODE): Add new entry and alphabetize.
	* alpha.md (mult patterns): Ensure eliminable reg not any input.

	* Makefile.in (STAGESTUFF): Remove s-ver.
	(s-ver): Remove rule and revert back to version.c as target.

Fri Nov 27 02:39:36 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* cccp.c (main): Make `-I -' equivalent to `-I-'.

Fri Nov 27 02:39:36 1998  Sam Kendall  <kendall@init.com>

	* cccp.c (main): Avoid `++i' and `i' in same expression.

Thu Nov 26 19:42:02 1998  Stephen L Moshier  <moshier@mediaone.net>

	* real.c (ereal_atof): New function for hexadecimal floating constants.
	* real.h (REAL_VALUE_HTOF): New macro for hex float conversion.
	* c-lex.c (yylex): Use it and check syntax of hex floats.
	* fold-const.c (real_hex_to_f): New function reads hex float

Thu Nov 26 18:51:51 1998  Richard Henderson <rth@cygnus.com>

	* alpha.c (reg_not_elim_operand): New function.
	* alpha.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Add it.
	* alpha.md: Remove reload-only patterns for (plus (plus (mult ...))).
	(s[48]{add,sub}q): Use new function as predicate for multiplicand.

Thu Nov 26 09:13:35 1998  Hans Cappelle  <cappelle@imec.be>

	* reorg.c (fill_simple_delay_slots): Fix typo in sets_cc0_p call.

Thu Nov 26 06:15:46 1998  Paul Edwards  <avon@matra.com.au>
	* genattr.c (fatal): Use vprintf if available.
	* genattrtab.c, gencodes.c, genconfig.c, genemit.c: Likewise.
	* genextract.c, genflags.c, genopinit.c, genoutput.c: Likewise.
	* genpeep.c: Likewise.

Wed Nov 25 08:02:23 1998  Ken Raeburn  <raeburn@cygnus.com>

	* Makefile.in (version.c): Truncate tmp-version.c when writing to
	it, instead of appending.  Use timestamp file s-ver to prevent
	repeated rebuilding of file with unchanged contents.
	(STAGESTUFF): Add s-ver.

Wed Nov 25 07:53:24 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* reload.h (form_sum): Add new parm, DIFF_P.
	* reload.c (form_sum): Likewise.
	(subst_indexed_address): Call it with new parm.
	* reload1.c (eliminate_regs, case MINUS): Make common with PLUS.
	(eliminate_regs_in_insn): Re-recognize if was MINUS.
	* alpha.md: Add patterns for (plus (minus (mult ..) ...) ...).

	* libgcc2.c (__bb_init_prg): Avoid use of bzero.

	* combine.c (make_extraction): Make extraction even if may
	span if INNER is not MEM.

Wed Nov 25 07:30:28 1998  David Addison <addy@quadrics.com>


Mon Nov 23 07:00:57 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* function.c (purge_addressof_1): If validate_change fails, try

	* expr.c (expand_expr, case ADDR_EXPR): Non-constant can be ADDRESSOF.

	* expr.c (store_constructor_{,field}): New parameter ALIGN and
	use it when making recursive calls and clearing memory.
	(expand_expr, case CONSTRUCTOR): Call with new parameter.

	* mips/abi64.h (FUNCTION_ARG_PASS_BY_REFERENCE): Remove ABI_EABI test.
	* mips.c (function_arg_pass_by_reference): Return 1 if would
	otherwise pass both in registers and on stack.

Fri Nov 13 06:56:24 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* alpha/vms.h (struct avms_arg_info): Use int for num_args.

Mon Nov  2 07:35:26 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* sched.c ({true,anti,output}_dependence): Volatile conflicts with
	anything where MEM_IN_STRUCT_P doesn't match.

Fri Oct 30 14:05:32 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* expr.c (struct move_by_pieces): New fields {to,from}_readonly.
	(move_by_pieces): Initialize them.
	(move_by_pieces_1): Use them.

Sun Oct 25 06:12:33 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* optabs.c (emit_no_conflict_block): Allow insn of just USE or SET.

	* explow.c (allocate_dynamic_stack_space): If operand 1 has VOIDmode,
	use Pmode.

	* configure.in (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Fix typo with sys/stat.h.

	* Makefile.in (config.status): Use $(srcdir) for configure.

	* sparc.md (*sethi_di_medium_pic): Add CLOBBER of register 1.

	* x-alpha (CLIB): Add -lexc.

	* i386/mingw32.h (OUTPUT_QUOTED_STRING): Don't use Cygwin format
	for drive letter.

	* cccp.c (handle_directive): Complete support for #undef when -dM.

	* configure.in (alpha*-*-vxworks*): Set MASK_SUPPORT_ARCH from host.

	* m68k.md (adddi3, subdi3, anddi3, iordi3, xordi3): Use split_double.

Sat Oct 24 13:41:06 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* local-alloc.c (alloc_qty_for_scratch, requires_inout): Allow
	matching up to operand number 9.
	* recog.c (constrain_operands): Likewise.
	* reg-stack.c (constrain_asm_operands): Likewise.
	* regclass.c (record_reg_classes): Likewise.
	* regmove.c (find_matches): Likewise.
	* reload.c (find_reloads): Likewise.
	* reload1.c (reload_cse_simplify_operands): Likewise.

Sat Oct 24 09:27:30 1998  David Edelsohn  <edelsohn@mhpcc.edu>

	* regclass.c (record_reg_classes): Skip modifiers when looking
	for constraint that just matches a previous operand.
	Initialize classes[i] before handling matching operand.

Fri Oct 23 07:05:52 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* fold-const.c (fold_range_test, fold): Use global_bindings_p,
	not checking current_function_decl, to see if in function.

Mon Oct 12 06:21:08 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* function.c (gen_mem_addressof): Copy REG_USERVAR_P to new reg.

Sun Oct 11 14:40:24 1998  Ken Raeburn  <raeburn@cygnus.com>

	* calls.c (store_one_arg): Use ARGS_SIZE_RTX to get size of argument
	when emitting chkr_set_right_libfunc call.

Mon Oct  5 18:28:33 1998  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <hp@axis.se>

	* Makefile.in (version.c): Apply basename when using VERSION_DEP.

Mon Oct  5 18:08:31 1998  Ken Raeburn  <raeburn@cygnus.com>

	* rs6000.c (rs6000_stack_info): Remove extra paren.
	(print_operand): Cast -1 to HOST_WIDE_INT before shifting it.
	* optabs.c (init_optabs): Create Checker symbols in Pmode.

Mon Oct  5 06:23:27 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* function.c (purge_addressof_1): Add new parm IN_DEST.
	If have different modes and IN_DEST, try making STRICT_LOW_PART.

	* regmove.c (regmove_profitable_p): Put obfree at right place.

Sun Oct  4 08:37:36 1998  Paul Edwards  <avon@matra.com.au>

	* configure.in (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add sys/types.h and sys/stat.h.
	* gcc.c (sys/types.h, sys/stat.h): Only include if exist.
	* cccp.c, toplev.c: Likewise.

Sun Oct  4 07:11:34 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.eu>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Don't call emit_group_store if target
	is the same as VALREG.

	* loop.c (strength_reduce): Track maybe_multiple on giv scan.
	(find_mem_givs, record_giv): New argument maybe_multiple.

	* reorg.c (fill_{simple,eager}_delay_slots): If insn no longer needs
	delay slots, just skip instead of aborting.

Sat Oct  3 08:04:28 1998  Ken Raeburn  <raeburn@cygnus.com>

	* tree.h (DECL_NO_CHECK_MEMORY_USAGE): New macro.
	(struct tree_decl): New field no_check_memory_usage.
	* c-common.c (enum attrs): Add A_NO_CHECK_MEMORY_USAGE.
	(init_attributes): Register it as a new attribute.
	(decl_attributes): Set flags on functions given that attribute.
	* c-decl.c (duplicate_decls): Merge new attribute.
	* expr.h (current_function_check_memory_usage): Declare.
	* calls.c, expr.c, function.c, stmt.c: Replace uses of
	flag_check_memory_usage with current_function_check_memory_usage.
	* alpha.c, clipper.c, m88k.c, pa.c, sparc.c: Likewise.
	* function.h (struct function): New field check_memory_usage.
	* function.c (current_function_check_memory_usage): Define it.
	(push_function_context_to, pop_function_context_from): Save and
	restore it.
	(expand_function_start): Set it, based on global flag and function

	* expr.c (expand_expr, case VAR_DECL): In memory-checking code, do
	check non-automatic variables.

Sat Oct  3 07:20:28 1998  Stephen L Moshier  <moshier@world.std.com>

	* emit-rtl.c (gen_lowpart_common): Disable optimization of
	initialized float-int union if the value is a NaN.

Sat Oct  3 06:58:53 1998  David Edelsohn  <edelsohn@mhpcc.edu>

	* rs6000.h (ASM_OUTPUT_ADDR_DIFF_ELT): Remove extraneous parameter.

Sat Oct  3 06:53:43 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* regmove.c (regmove_profitable_p): Free allocated mem if we return 1.

	* rs6000.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Add -D_LONG_LONG.

Fri Oct  2 11:02:41 1998  Klaus Espenlaub <kespenla@student.informatik.uni-ulm.de>

	* Makefile.in (stmp-fixinc, stmp-fixproto, install-multilib):
	Fix directory permissions.
	* objc/Makefile.in (copy-headers): Likewise.

Fri Oct  2 10:39:08 1998  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <hp@axis.se>

	* expr.c (expand_expr, case CONSTRUCTOR): Change ">" to ">="
	making MOVE_RATIO use consistent.

Fri Oct  2 08:22:01 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* h8300.c (get_shift_alg): Fix typo in asm string; "n" should be "\n".

Wed Sep 30 15:53:17 1998  Klaus Espenlaub  <kespenla@student.informatik.uni-ulm.de>


Wed Sep 30 14:27:49 1998  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

	* function.c (assign_parms): Undo change of June 9.

Wed Sep 30 14:21:39 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* c-typeck.c (c_expand_asm_operands): Give error if non-lvalue for
	output operand.

	* libgcc2.c (__bb_init_prg): Properly zero bb_hashbuckets.

Wed Sep 30 11:31:23 1998  Walter Gadeyne  <gadeynew@sebb.bel.alcatel.be>

	* combine.c (num_sign_bit_copies, case UDIV): Return 1.

Wed Sep 30 10:44:15 1998  Tristan Gingold  <gingold@gavroche.enst.fr>

	* c-decl.c (finish_decl): Set the assembler name to the current
	decl if it was specified.
	(finish_function): Use assembler name for constructor and
	destructor name.
	(duplicate_decls): Copy the assembler name.

Wed Sep 30 10:42:49 1998  Jim Wilson  <wilson@cygnus.com>

	* regmove.c (struct match): Change char to int.

Tue Sep 29 09:57:26 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* regmove.c (regmove_profitable_p): For shift, use 1 as third arg.

	* function.c (find_fixup_replacement): Consider equivalent if
	rtx_equal_p, not just same rtx.

	* reload.h (last_output_reload_regno): New declaration.
	* reload.c (find_reloads): No longer make it static and get last value.
	* reload1.c (last_output_reload_regno): New definition.
	(reload): Initialize it before each scan.
	(reload_as_needed): Likewise, and also when insn has no reloads.
	* combine.c (simplify_comparison, case AND): Properly check for
	SUBREG of a low part and exclude paradoxcal SUBREG, not low part,

	* expr.c (get_inner_reference): Fix typo in last change.

Mon Sep 27 21:34:00 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* po/en_UK.po (Project-Id-Version): Set to cc for now.
	(PO-Revision-Date): Set to the current date.

Sun Sep 27 07:33:18 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* m68k/vxm68k.h (LINK_SPEC): Always use -r.

	* reload.c (push_reload): If in STRICT_LOW_PART, always reload
	inside even if SUBREG_WORD is not zero.

	* flow.c (print_rtl_with_bb): Don't say not in basic block if we
	aren't making basic blocks.8

Sat Sep 26 10:57:09 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* function.c (optimize_bit_field): Don't remove SUBREG from dest
	if SUBREG_REG is multi-word.

Wed Sep 23 05:43:23 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* reload.c (find_reloads_address): Deal with address which is
	an AND; clean up return values some more.

Fri Sep 11 13:02:26 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* function.c (purge_addressof_1): Properly copy flags when making MEM.

Mon Sep  7 18:33:06 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* expr.c (get_inner_reference): If not COMPONENT_REF or BITFIELD_REF
	and mode is BLKmode, set size_tree.

	* expr.c (expand_builtin, case BUILT_IN_LONGJMP): Fix typo in
	last change.

Wed Sep  2 15:38:01 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* libgcc2.c (__floatdisf): Use signed comparison to test
	whether u is close to zero; unsigned comparison is not what's
	wanted here.

Mon Aug 17 02:19:30 1998  David Edelsohn  <edelsohn@mhpcc.edu>

	* xcoffout.c (UNKNOWN_STAB): Fix typo in previous change; missing
 	backslash before newline.

Mon Aug 17 00:12:42 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>
	* reorg.c (check_annul_list_true_false): Fix typo in Jul 17 change.

Sun Aug  2 01:10:15 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	Add Native Language Support.
	* intl/*, mkinstalldirs, po/*, exgettext, intl.c, intl.h: New files.
	* Makefile.in (AWK, datadir, localedir, top_builddir): New variables.
	(LIBS): Add @LIBS@.
	(ORDINARY_FLAGS_TO_PASS): New var, containing all the old values
	from FLAGS_TO_PASS, except for CC.
	(FLAGS_TO_PASS): Pass datadir, distdir, localedir.
	(OBJS): Add intl.o.
	(GEN): Add gencheck.
	(STAGESTUFF): Add tree-check.h, gencheck$(exeext).
	(native): Depend on intl.all.
	(xgcc, collect2, cccp, cppmain, {,un}protoize, gcov): Link intl.o.
	(c-typeck.o, c-lex.o, collect2.o, gcc.o, toplev.o): Depend on intl.h.
	(integrate.o, final.o, cccp.o, cppmain.o, cpplib.o): Likewise.
	(cpperror.o, s-proto, gcov.o): Likewise.
	(gencheck): Depend on $(HOST_LIBDEPS) instead of tree.h and tree.def.
	(gencheck.o, intl.o, $(top_builddir)/intl/libintl.a): New rules.
	($(srcdir)/cp/parse.c, intl.all, intl.install): Likewise.
	(intl.uninstall, intl.distdir, intl.mostlyclean, intl.clean): Likewise.
	(intl.distclean, intl.maintainer-clean, intl.distdir-fixup): Likewise.
	(distdir-check): Likewise.
	(gen-protos): Link cpperror.o, cppexp.o, cpphash.o, cpplib.o,
	prefix.o, version.o; needed for `cpp_notice'.
	(mostlyclean): Depend on intl.mostlyclean.
	(clean): Depend on intl.clean.
	(distclean): Depend on intl.disclean, unless the invoker defines
	INTL_DISTCLEAN to be empty.  Remove intl/libintl.h and libintl.h.
	(maintainer-clean): Make intl.maintainer-clean, but define
	INTL_DISTCLEAN to be empty.
	(install-normal): Depend on intl.install.
	(uninstall): Depend on intl.uninstall.
	(distdir-start): Make sure invoker configured with --enable-nls.
	Use $(AWK), not awk.  Make tmp/intl and tmp/po directories.
	(distdir-finish): Make distdir-check at the end.
	(distdir): Depend on intl.distdir, intl.distdir-fixup.
	(compare, compare3, gnucompare, gnucompare3): Handle intl subdirectory.
	(stage1-start, stage2-start, stage3-start, stage4-start): Likewise.

	* acconfig.h (ENABLE_NLS, HAVE_CATGETS, HAVE_GETTEXT): New macros.
	* aclocal.m4 (AC_ISC_POSIX, AM_WITH_NLS): New functions.

	* bi-arity.c, bi-opcode.c, bi-opname.c: Include config file first.
	* c-common.c: Don't include <ctype.h>.
	(tfaff): Now a function, not a string.  All users changed.
	(check_format_info): Use is_C_digit, not isdigit.
	Reword messages to ease localization.
	* c-decl.c (redeclaration_error_message): Now returns int, not message.
	(poplevel, duplicate_decls, pushdecl): Revamp to pass explicit
	strings to diagnostic generators.
	(duplicate_decls, parmlist_tags_warning, finish_struct): Reword
	messages to ease localization.
	* c-iterate.c (prdecl): Reword messages so that they do not require
	* c-lex.c: Include limits.h if available.
	Include intl.h.
	Include ctype.h only if MAP_CHARACTER is defined.
	(UCHAR_MAX): Define if limits.h doesn't.
	(C_alnum_array): New var.
	(init_lex): Initialize it.
	(yyerror): Localize msgid arg.
	(yylex): Use is_C_alnum and is_C_digit, not isalnum and isdigit.
	* c-lex.h (C_alnum_array): New decl.
	(is_C_alnum, is_C_digit): New macros.
	* c-typeck.c: Include intl.h.
	(warning_init): Now takes just one arg.
	(incomplete_type_error): Reword messages to ease localization.
	(build_unary_op, lvalue_or_else, readonly_warning): Likewise.
	(build_modify_expr): Likewise.
	(build_unary_op, readonly_warning): Revamp to pass explicit
	strings to diagnostic generators.
	(build_modify_expr, warn_for_assignment, c_expand_return):
	Translate strings passed to functions expecting translated
	(get_spelling): Remove; it was a no-op.  All callers changed.
	(error_init, pedwarn_init): Now takes one arg.  All callers changed.
	* c-tree.h (error_init, pedwarn_init): Likewise.
	* cccp.c: Include intl.h.
	(char_name): Remove.
	(check_macro_name): 2nd arg now int, not char *.  All callers changed.
	(macarg): Now returns int, not char *.  All callers changed.
	(notice, vnotice, pedwarn_strange_white_space): New functions.
	(verror): Now extern; used by cexp.y.
	(main): Set message locale, and defer memory allocation until after.
	(main, do_include, print_containing_files): Invoke `notice' to
	localize notices.
	(handle_directive): Invoke pedwarn_strange_white_space instead of
	using char_name.
	(do_include, check_macro_name): Reword messages to ease localization.
	(my_strerror): Likewise.
	(verror, vwarning): Invoke vnotice to localize msgid.
	(verror_with_line, vwarning_with_line): Likewise.
	(pedwarn_with_file_and_line, fatal): Likewise.
	(initialize_char_syntax): No need to initialize char_name.
	* cexp.y (yyerror): Now takes msgid format and args, not just string.
	(verror): New decl.
	(parse_number, yylex): Reword messages to ease localization.
	(verror): New test function.
	(pedwarn, warning): Translate msgid arg.
	* collect2.c: Include intl.h.
	(my_strerror): Reword messages so they do not require localization.
	(main, collect_execute, scan_prog_file, scan_libraries): Likewise.
	(read_file, end_file): Likewise.
	(notice): New function.
	(fatal, error, main): Use it to translate msgid strings.
	(collect_execute, maybe_unlink, write_c_file_stat): Likewise.
	(locatelib, scan_libraries, scan_prog_file, add_func_table): Likewise.
	(main): Set message locale, and defer memory allocation until after.
	(collect_wait): Reword messages to ease localization.
	(bad_header): Revamp to pass explicit strings to diagnostic generators.
	* combine.c (dump_combine_stats, dump_combine_total_stats):
	Use fnotice to translate diagnostic messages.
	* cppalloc.c (memory_full): Use `cpp_notice' to print diagnostic.
	* cpperror.c: Include intl.h.
	(cpp_print_containing_files): Use cpp_notice to translate messages.
	(cpp_message): is_error is -1 for notices.  Translate "warning:".
	(cpp_fatal): Translate msgid arg.
	* cppexp.c (cpp_lex): Pass explicit strings to diagnostic generators.
	(cpp_parse_expr): Use cpp_error, not fprintf, to report
	unimplemented operators.
	* cpplib.c: Include intl.h.
	(check_macro_name): 2nd arg now int, not char *.  All callers changed.
	(check_macro_name, do_define): Reword messages to ease localization.
	(do_define): Pass explicit strings to diagnostic generators.
	(do_define, cpp_start_read, cpp_handle_options): Use cpp_notice to
	translate messages.
	(cpp_error, cpp_warning, cpp_warning_with_line): Translate msgid arg.
	(cpp_pedwarn_with_file_and_line): Likewise.
	(cpp_notice): New function.
	(my_strerror): Reword message so it does not require localization.
	* cpplib.h (cpp_notice): New decl.
	* cppmain.c: Include intl.h.
	(main): Set message locale.
	* cse.c (cse_main): Use fnotice to print diagnostic.
	* final.c: Include intl.h; do not include ctype.h.
	(output_operand_lossage): Translate msgid arg.
	* fold-const.c (optimize_bit_field_compare, fold_truthop): Reword
	messages to ease localization.
	* gcc.c: Include intl.h.
	(my_strerror, snapshot_warning): Reword messages so they do not
	require localization.
	(init_spec, set_spec): Invoke `notice' to localize notices.
	(read_specs, execute, do_spec_1, main, snapshot_warning): Likewise.
	(struct switchstr): Don't use `valid' as identifier.
	(do_spec_1): Treat %e string as msgid format, which needs
	(main): Set message locale.
	(pfatal_with_name): Invoke perror_with_name, not fatal.
	(perror_with_name): Invoke printf, not error.
	(pfatal_pexecute): Invoke pfatal_with_name, not fatal.
	(fatal, error): Translate msgid arg.
	(notice): New function.
	* gcov.c: Include intl.h; include stdarg.h if __STDC__ is defined.
	(main): Set message locale.
	(fnotice): New function.
	(xmalloc, fancy_abort, print_usage): Use it to to print diagnostics.
	(open_files, read_files, function_summary, output_data): Likewise.
	* integrate.c: Include intl.h.
	(function_cannot_inline_p): Mark msgids with N_.
	* pexecute.c: Include libintl.h if ENABLE_NLS, otherwise define
	gettext to be a noop.
	(_, N_): New macros.
	(install_error_msg): Wrap inside N_.
	(pexecute): Translate diagnostics.
	* protoize.c: Include intl.h.
	(__attribute__): New macro.
	(notice): New function.
	(my_strerror): Reword message so it does not require localization.
	(xmalloc, xrealloc, fancy_abort): Use `notice' to print diagnostic.
	(safe_write, usage, file_normally_convertible, abspath): Likewise.
	(find_file, aux_info_corrupted, save_def_or_dec): Likewise.
	(gen_aux_info_file, process_aux_info_file, rename_c_file): Likewise.
	(find_extern_def, find_static_definition): Likewise.
	(declare_source_confusing, edit_fn_declaration): Likewise.
	(edit_formals_lists, add_local_decl, add_global_decls): Likewise.
	(edit_fn_definition, scan_for_missed_items, edit_file, main): Likewise.
	(main): Set message locale.
	* real.c (NMSGS, ermsg): Remove.
	(mtherr): Pass explicit strings to diagnostic generators.
	Abort on invalid operations.
	* regclass.c (fix_register): Reword messages to ease localization.
	* toplev.c: Include intl.h; do not include ctype.h.
	(v_really_sorry, really_sorry): Remove unused functions.
	(count_error, fatal_io_error): Translate strings.
	(default_print_error_function): Reword messages to ease localization.
	Use `notice' to translate diagnostics.
	(report_error_function, main, print_version): Likewise.
	(vnotice, notice, fnotice): New functions.
	(vmessage): Remove.
	(v_message_with_file_and_line, vsorry): Translate msgid with vnotice.
	(v_message_with_file_and_line, v_message_with_decl): Use
	report_file_and_line.  Now takes int warning flag, not prefix;
	this is easier to localize.  All callers changed.
	(v_message_with_decl): Abort if first format spec is neither %%
	nor %s.  Translate "((anonymous))".
	(main): Set message locale.
	(set_target_switch): Don't use `valid' as an identifier.
	(__VERSION__): Reword message so it does not require localization.
	(print_switch_values): Translate "options passed" and "enabled".
	* tree.c (valid_machine_attribute): Don't use `valid' as identifier.
	* xcoffout.c (xcoff_output_standard_types): Use `error' to
	output diagnostic, so that it gets translated.
	* 1750a.c (memop_valid): Don't use `valid' as an identifier.
	* arc/initfini.c (__do_global_dtors): Put backslash before
	newline in strings, to pacify xgettext.
	* dsp16xx.c (dsp16xx_invalid_register_for_compare): New function.
	* dsp16xx.h: Declare it.
	* dsp16xx.md: Use it to report invalid registers.
	* i370.h: Include <ctype.h>.
	* i386.c: Include config.h first.
	* m32r/initfini.c  (__do_global_dtors): Put backslash before
	newline in strings, to pacify xgettext.
	* m88k/dguxbcs.h (CPP_SPEC): Likewise.
	* rs6000.c: Include config.h first.
	(rs6000_fatal_bad_address): New function.
	* rs6000.h: Declare it.
	* rs6000.md: Use it to report bad addresses.
	* v850.c: Include config.h first.

	* configure.in: When generating config.h and mentioning file from
	the config directory, surround it with #ifdef IN_GCC.
	(AC_ARG_ENABLE): Add --enable-nls.
	(AM_GNU_GETTEXT): Add.  Override XGETTEXT so that we use exgettext
	instead of xgettext to extract strings.
	(all_outputs): Add intl/Makefile, po/Makefile.in.
	Do not use the shell variable 'l'.
	If libintl.h is created, echo '#include "intl/libintl.h"' >libintl.h.
	* cp/Make-lang.in (g++.o): Depend on gansidecl.h, intl.h, Makefile;
	do not depend on config.status.
	(GXX_OBJS): New var.
	(g++$(exeext)): Link intl.o.
	* cp/Makefile.in (top_builddir, INTLLIBS): New vars.

	* patch-apollo-includes: Remove; this is part of README.APOLLO.

Mon Jul 27 18:28:58 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* reload.c (find_reloads): If no_input_reloads, abort if 
	reloads were made for addresses.
	* m68k.md (sxx): Operand 0 cannot be memory.

Fri Jul 17 07:31:04 1998  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

	* m68k.c (output_move_simode_const): Use subl to move 0 into addr reg.
	(output_move_[hq]imode): Likewise.

	* m68k.md (extend[sd]fxf2): Accept constants and general reg as
	source operand if the destination is a floating point register.

Fri Jul 17 07:23:49 1998  Herman ten Brugge <Haj.Ten.Brugge@net.HCC.nl>

	* reorg.c (check_annul_list_true_false): New function.
	(steal_delay_list_from_{target,fallthrough}): Call it and also
	refine tests for when we may annul if already filled a slot.
	(fill_slots_from_thread): Likewise.
	(delete_from_delay_slot): Return newly-created thread.
	(try_merge_delay_isns): Use its new return value.

Sat Jul  4 11:07:33 1998  Eberhard Mattes  <mattes@azu.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de>

	* function.c (assign_parms): Handle PARALLEL which include stack.

Sat Jul  4 09:44:29 1998  Paul Edwards  <avon@matra.com.au>

	* tree.c, print-tree.c, c-lang.c: Include stdio.h before tree.h.
	* expr.c (bc_expand_component_address): Correct args to
	* reload1.c (reload_cse_simplify_operands): Add missing return value.

Fri Jul  3 07:17:19 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* alpha.c (normal_memory_operand): Handle case when REG will be
	eliminated by reload.

Thu Jul  2 18:43:53 1998  James Carlson  <carlson@ironbridgenetworks.com>
	* floatlib.c (HIDDEND_LL, MANTD_LL, PACKD_LL): New macros.
	(__addsf3): Fixed cases returning wrong type and causing unintended
	conversions and data corruption.
	(__mulsf3): Fixed rounding flaws caused wrong scaling.
	(__float{didf,sisf,disf},__fix{,uns}dfdi): New functions.
	(__{gt,ge,lt,le,eq,ne}df2): Likewise.
	(__truncdfsf2): Fixed normalization problems
	(__fixunsdfsi): Fixed compiler warning
	(__{add,sub,mul}df3): Rewrite to do real DP math.
	(__divdf3): Removed previous version by Barrett Richardson.

Thu Jul  2 17:57:20 1998  Douglas B. Rupp  <rupp@gnat.com>

	* cpperror.c: Include errno.h.

Thu Jul  2 16:46:36 1998  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Don't warn about implicit int in
	`typedef foo = bar'.

Tue Jun 30 18:32:49 1998  Geert Bosch  <bosch@gnat.com>

	* alpha/vxworks.h (LINK_SPEC): Add -taso -T 0.

Tue Jun 30 09:39:32 1998  David Edelsohn  <edelsohn@mhpcc.edu>

	* expr.c (expand_builtin_{set,long}jmp): If STACK_SAVEAREA_MODE
	defined, override sa_mode using its value.
	* explow.c (emit_stack_save): Likewise.

	* rs6000/aix41.h (ASM_CPU_SPEC): Define relative to ASM_DEFAULT_SPEC.
	(CPP_CPU_SPEC): Define relative to CPU_DEFAULT_SPEC.
	* rs6000.c (processor_target_table, 620): Don't affect MASK_POWERPC64.
	(rs6000_override_options): Ignore flag_pic for AIX.
	(rs6000_immed_double_const): Delete.
	({reg_or_u_short,u_short_cint}_operand): Don't assume 32-bit CONST_INT.
	({non_logical_cint,logical}_operand): Likewise.
	(num_insns_constant): mask64_operand is 2 insns.
	(easy_fp_constant): Any CONST_DOUBLE_HIGH is okay for 64-bit.
	(mask_constant): HOST_WIDE_INT parameter.
	(non_and_cint_operand): Delete.
	({mask,and}64_operand): New functions.
	(function_arg{,_advance}): DImode arguments don't need special
	alignment when 64-bit.
	(setup_incoming_varargs): Reverse reg_size assignment.
	(print_operand): HOST_WIDE_INT second parameter.
	(print_operand, case 'B', 'S'): New cases.
	(print_operand, case 'M'): Fix typo in lossage string.
	(rs6000_stack_info): Reverse reg_size assignment.  Use total_raw_size
	to compute AIX push_p.  Use reg_size to compute {cr,lr}_save_offset.
	(rs6000_output_load_toc_table): Reverse init_ptr assignment.  Use
	TARGET_64BIT not TARGET_POWERPC64.  Convert fprintf to fputs.
	Load GOT highpart, don't add it.  Add lowpart with {cal|la}.
	(rs6000_allocate_stack_space): Use {cal|la}.
	(output_epilog): Use {cal|la}
	(output_function_profiler): Add call glue to mcount call.
	Load GOT highpart, don't add it.  Add lowpart with {cal|la}.
	Use asm_fprintf and convert fprintf to fputs.

	* rs6000.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): Add powerpc64.
	(ADJUST_FIELD_ALIGN): Calculate array alignment using innermost type.
	(CONST_OK_FOR_LETTER_P): Don't assume 32-bit CONST_INT.
	(EXTRA_CONSTRAINTS): Remove 'S' and 'T'.  Replace 'S' with
	64-bit mask operand.
	(RS6000_SAVE_TOC): Depend on TARGET_32BIT.
	(LEGITIMATE_CONSTANT_P): DImode okay for 64bit.
	(RTX_COSTS, AND/IOR/XOR): Reflect current machine description.
	(ASM_FILE_START): Emit 64-bit ABI directive.
	(ASM_DECLARE_FUNCTION_NAME): Align CSECT on doubleword in 64-bit mode.
	(ASM_OUTPUT_SPECIAL_POOL_ENTRY): DImode okay for 64-bit.
	(PREDICATE_CODES): Add "and64_operand" and "mask64_operand".
	Delete "non_and_cint_operand".  "input_operand" includes CONST_DOUBLE.

	* rs6000.md (iorsi3, xorsi3): Use HOST_WIDE_INT for mask.
	Restore define_split.
	(floatsidf2, floatunssidf2): Remove !TARGET_POWERPC64 final constraint.
	(floatsidf2_internal, floatunssidf2_internal2): Likewise.
	Do not specify base register operand mode.
	(floatsidf2_loadaddr): Don't specify base register operand mode.
	(floatsidf2_store1, floatsidf2_store2): Operand 1 must be base
	register; do not specify mode.  Remove !TARGET_POWERPC64 final
	(floatsidf2_load): Don't specify base register operand mode.
	Remove !TARGET_POWERPC64 final constraint.
	(fix_truncdfsi2_internal, fix_truncdfsi2_{store,load}): Don't specify
	base register operand mode.
	(mulsidi3): Add !TARGET_POWERPC64 constraint.
	(adddi3): Split large constants early.
	(absdi3): Shift by 63, not 31.
	(rotldi3): Add masking combiner patterns.
	(anddi3): Add rldic{r,l} masking.  Remove split of large constants.
	(iordi3, xordi3): Split large constants early.
	(movsi matcher): Remove S and T constraints.
	(movsf const_double): create SImode constant from TARGET_DOUBLE.
	(movdf_hardfloat32): Add default abort case.
	(movdf easy_fp_const): create DImode constant from TARGET_DOUBLE.
	(movdi): Remove 64-bit constant generator.  Try to convert
	CONST_DOUBLE to CONST_INT.  Handle TOC memory constants.
	(movdi_32): Add default abort case.
	(movdi_64): Add numerous ways to split 64-bit constants.
	Make catch-all define_split more optimal and never FAIL.
	(movti_ppc64): Add default abort case.
	(allocate_stack): Remove operand modes; use Pmode.
	(restore_stack_block): Remove operand modes.  Generate Pmode
	temporary.  Generate MEM and specify mode.
	(save_stack_nonlocal, restore_stack_nonlocal):  Generate Pmode
	temporary.  Save area is double Pmode.
	(call_indirect_aix64, call_value_indirect_aix64): New patterns.
	(call, call_value): Do not specify address operand mode.  Choose
	appropriate AIX ABI.
	(*call_local64, *ret_call_local64): New patterns.
	(*call_nonlocal_aix64, *ret_call_nonlocal_aix64): New patterns.
	(*ret_call_nonlocal_aix32): Use call_value_indirect for REG.
	(compare): Materialize DImode truthvalues.

Tue Jun 30 06:31:40 1998  Richard Henderson <rth@dot.cygnus.com>

	* alpha.h (PRINT_OPERAND_PUNCT_VALID_P): Add '`'.
	* alpha.c (print_operand): Handle it.
	* alpha.md (fix_truncdfsi2, fix_truncsfsi2): New patterns and
	related define_splits.

Tue Jun 30 06:02:07 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* calls.c (emit_library_call{,_value}): Pass null

	* alpha.c (normal_memory_operand): New function.
	* alpha.h (EXTRA_CONSTRAINT, case 'Q'): Call it.

	* fold-const.c (count_cond): New function.
	(fold): Don't try to build COND_EXPR from binary op when both sides
	are COND_EXPR unless not nested too deeply.

Thu Jun 25 09:54:55 1998  Nick Clifton  <nickc@cygnus.com>

	* arm.h (REG_ALLOC_ORDER): Add ARG_POINTER_REGNUM, noticed by

Mon Jun 15 17:41:33 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* reload1.c (reload): Issue guidance message on stack frame too large
	for reliable stack check.

	* fold-const.c (fold_range_test): Prevent falling through with no ret.

Sat Jun 13 15:49:53 1998  Carol LePage  <carolo@kemah.hal.com>

	* configure.in (sparc-hal-solaris2*): New target.
	* sparc/hal.h, sparc/t-halos: New files.

Sat Jun 13 14:30:25 1998  David W. Schuler  <schuld@btv.ibm.com>

	* i386/aix386ng.h (CPP_SPEC): Remove bogus quote.

Sat Jun 13 14:16:34 1998  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

	* regmove.c (try_auto_increment): Fix typo.

	* c-common.c (truthvalue_conversion): Protect side effects in the
	expression when splitting a complex value.
	* fold-const.c (fold): Likewise.

	* expr.c (do_jump, case EQ_EXPR, NE_EXPR): When comparing complex
	prevent operands from being evaluated twice.

Sat Jun 13 12:53:22 1998  Richard Earnshaw (rearnsha@arm.com)

	* unroll.c (verify_addresses): Use validate_replace_rtx to undo 
	changes; abort if undo fails.

Sat Jun 13 11:46:38 1998  Anders Blomdell <anders.blomdell@control.lth.se>

	* flags.h (flag_volatile_static): Declare.
	* toplev.c (flag_volatile_static): Define.
	(f_options): Include -fvolatile-static.
	* varasm.c (make_decl_rtl): Support -fvolatile-static.

Sat Jun 13 08:26:21 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* reload1.c (reload_cse_regno_equal_p): If -ffloat-store, don't
	consider a MEM in FP mode as equal.

	* varasm.c (assemble_variable): Never put decl with specified section
	name into bss.

	* output.h (current_function_addresses_labels): Declare.
	* function.h (struct function): New field `addresses_labels'.
	* function.c (current_function_addresses_labels): Define.
	({push,pop}_function_context): Save/restore it.
	(init_function_start): Initialize it.
	* expr.c (expand_expr, case LABEL_DECL): Show addresses labels.
	* integrate.c (function_cannot_inline_p): Can't if addresses labels.
	(initialize_for_inline): Save current_function_addresses_labels.
	(output_inline_function): Restore it.

	* reload.c (find_reloads, case 'o'): All reloaded addresses
	are offsettable.
	(find_reloads_address): If replacing address, don't return 1.

	* profile.c (output_func_start_profiler): Add missing steps in
	defining function.

Fri Jun 12 17:10:16 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* m68k.md (extendqidi2): Operand 1 must be in data register.

Tue Jun  9 07:24:01 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* cccp.c (handle_directive): If -dM, also include #undef.
	* cpplib.c (handle_directive): Likewise.

	* calls.c (expand_call): Allow function pointer to be a REFERENCE_TYPE.

	* function.c (assign_parms): Use proper mode for location of arg
	on stack when promotions are occurring.

	* regmove.c ({next,prev}_insn_for_regmove): Properly handle end of

Mon Jun  8 15:26:49 1998  Juha Sarlin <juha@c3l.tyreso.se>

	* h8300.c (get_shift_alg): Add special cases for shifts of 8 and 24.

Mon Jun  8 14:40:02 1998  John Wehle  (john@feith.com)

	* i386.md (movsf_push, movsf_mem): Remove.
	(movsf_push): Rename from movsf_push_nomove and move in front of
	movsf; allow memory operands during and after reload.
	(movsf_push_memory): New pattern.
	(movsf): Don't bother checking for push_operand.  If TARGET_MOVE and
	both operands refer to memory then force operand[1] into a register.
	(movsf_normal): Change to unnamed pattern.
	Likewise for movdf, movxf, and friends.

Mon Jun  8 13:18:04 1998  Martin v. Loewis  <loewis@informatik.hu-berlin.de>

	* Makefile.in (TREE_H): Add tree-check.h.
	(tree-check.h, s-check, gencheck): New targets.
	(STAGESTUFF): Add s-check.
	* gencheck.c: New file.
	* tree.c (tree_check, tree_class_check, expr_check): New functions.
	* tree.h (TREE_CHECK, TREE_CLASS_CHECK): Define.
	Modify all access macros to use generated checking macros.
	* acconfig.h (ENABLE_CHECKING): Undefine.
	* configure.in (--enable-checking): New option.

Mon Jun  8 12:13:25 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.ed>

	* regmove.c: Remove include for varargs or stdarg.

Mon Jun  8 07:49:41 1998  Andris Pavenis   <pavenis@lanet.lv>

	* gcc.c (link_command_spec): Support LINK_COMMAND_SPEC.

Sun Jun  7 18:00:28 1998  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

	* fold-const.c (fold, case EQ_EXPR): When folding VAR++ == CONST
	or VAR-- == CONST construct a proper mask if VAR is a bitfield.
	Cope with CONST being out of range for the bitfield.

Sun Jun  7 17:19:35 1998  Tom Quiggle  <quiggle@sgi.com>

	* mips/iris6.h (DWARF2_FRAME_INFO): Define.
	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_do_frame): Do something if DWARF2_FRAME_INFO.

Sun Jun  7 15:29:04 1998  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

	* regmove.c: New file.
	* Makefile.in (OBJS): Add regmove.o.
	(regmove.o): New rules.
	(mostlyclean): Remove regmove dumps.
	* toplev.c (regmove_{dump,dump_file,time}, flag_regmove): New vars.
	(f_options): Add -foptimize-register-move.
	(compile_file): Run regmove pass after combine pass and do its dump.
	(main): Enable regmove dump when -dN or -da.
	(fatal_insn): Flush regmove dump file.
	* flags.h (flag_regmove): Declare.
	* flow.c (find_use_as_address): Export.
	* rtl.h (find_use_as_address): Declare.
	* local-alloc.c (optimize_reg_copy_{1,2}): Removed, all calls deleted.
	* reload1.c (count_occurrences): Export.
	* reload.h (count_occurrences): Declare.

Sun Jun  7 09:30:31 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* Makefile.in (uninstall): Uninstall gcov.

	* alpha.h (ASM_COMMENT_START): Define.

	* alpha.h (EXTRA_CONSTRAINT, case 'S'): New case.
	* alpha.md ({ashl,ashr,lshr}di3): Use 'S' for constraint.

	* i386.md (cmpxf): Add missing extend pattern from SFmode and fix
	operand numbers in one extend pattern from DFmode.

	* pa.md ({pre,post}_{ld,st}wm and similar): When operand is being
	incremented, use '+', not '=', for constraint.

	* reload.c (find_reloads): Give preference to pseudo that was the
 	reloaded output of previous insn.

	* emit-rtl.c (init_emit_once): Provide default for DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE.

	* expr.c (init_expr_once): Free all RTL we generate here.
	* expmed.c (init_expmed): Allocate all RTX in memory we'll free.

	* genemit.c (main): Generate #include "reload.h".

	* expr.c (expand_expr, case INDIRECT_EXPR): A dereference of
	a REFERENCE_TYPE is always considered in a structure.  Likewise for
	a dereference of a NOP_EXPR whose input is a pointer to aggregate.

Sat Jun  6 17:25:14 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* mips.md (reload_{in,out}di): Allow other operand to be invalid
	MEM and get any reload replacement before using address.

Tue May 26 18:52:23 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* reload1.c (reload): Get MEM_IN_STRUCT_P and RTX_UNCHANGING_P
	from reg_equiv_memory_loc; set the latter when changing REG to MEM.
	(alter_reg): Don't set RTX_UNCHANGING_P for shared slots.

Mon May 25 12:07:12 1998  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <hp@axis.se>

	* cplus-dem.c (MBUF_SIZE): Bumped from 512 to 32767.

Sun May 24 21:50:12 1998  Alan Modra <alan@spri.levels.unisa.edu.au>

	* i386/linux{,-aout,oldld}.h (ASM_COMMENT_START): Define.

Sun May 24 11:58:37 1998  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

	* m68k.md (adddi3, subdi3): Properly negate the DImode constant.

Sun May 24 11:30:08 1998  Torbjorn Granlund  <tege@matematik.su.se>

	* m68k/lb1sf68.asm (__addsf3): Fix typo in exg on coldfire.

Sun May 24 09:38:17 1998  John Wehle  (john@feith.com)

	* i386.md (movsi): Remove redundant integer push patterns.
	Don't check for TARGET_PUSH_MEMORY when pushing constants or registers.

Sun May 24 08:59:27 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* fold-const.c (fold, case EQ_EXPR): Split COMPLEX_TYPE operands
	if either is COMPLEX_CST in addition to COMPLEX_EXPR.

	* expr.c (do_jump, case EQ_EXPR, case NE_EXPR): Check for COMPLEX
	before testing for operand 1 being zero.

	* genattrtab.c (optimize): Define.

	* configure.lang: Fix substitution of target_alias.

Sat May 23 22:31:17 1998  Michael P. Hayes  <michaelh@ongaonga.chch.cri.nz>

	* emit_rtl.c (double_mode): New variable.  
	(init_emit_once): Set and use it.
	* real.c (ereal_atof, real_value_truncate): Handle double_mode not
	being DFmode for C4x.
Sat May 23 22:19:55 1998  Mike Stump  <mrs@wrs.com>

	* expr.c (expand_builtin_setjmp): Handle BUILTIN_SETJMP_FRAME_VALUE.
	* i960.md (ret, flush_register_windows): Define.
	(nonlocal_goto): Likewise.  Nested function nonlocal gotos don't
	work yet.

Sat May 23 18:45:59 1998  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

	* m68k/t-linux: Remove stuff already included in config/t-linux.

Sat May 23 18:35:07 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* final.c: Select <stab.h> and "gstab.h" with NO_STAB_H.

	* gcc.c (default_compilers): Remove ".ada" extension.

	* combine.c (rtx_equal_for_field_assignment): Remove code that
	checks get_last_value.

	* Makefile.in (uninstall): Delete info files.

Sat May 23 18:28:27 1998  Herman A.J. ten Brugge <Haj.Ten.Brugge@net.HCC.nl>

	* c-decl.c (start_decl): Use new macro SET_DEFAULT_DECL_ATTRIBUTES.
	* c-lex.c (check_newline): Put last read character back on input

Sat May 23 18:13:53 1998  David Edelsohn  <edelsohn@mhpcc.edu>

	* rs6000.md (floatsidf2_loadaddr): rs6000_fpmem_offset will be
	negative in a stackless frame.
	* rs6000.c (rs6000_stack_info): Don't include fixed-size link area
	in stackless frame size.  Support 64-bit stackless frame size.
	Combine fpmem offset calculations and don't add total_size to
	offset if not pushing a stack frame.

	* tree.c (get_inner_array_type): New function.
	* tree.h (get_inner_array_type): Likewise.

Wed May 20 15:42:22 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* expmed.c (expand_divmod): Save last divison constant and
	if rem is same as div, don't adjust rem cost.

Thu May 14 14:11:37 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* alpha/vxworks.h: New file.
	* configure.in (alpha*-*-vxworks*): New target.

	* alpha.c (tree.h): Include earlier.
	(alpha_initialize_trampoline): New function.
	* alpha.h (INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Call it.
	* alpha/linux.h (INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Don't redefine.

Thu May 14 13:35:53 1998  Cyrille Comar  <comar@gnat.com>

	* Makefile.in (STAGESTUFF): Add s-under.

Wed May 13 17:38:35 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* combine.c (simplify_comparison, case AND): Don't commute AND
	with SUBREG if constant is whole mode and don't do if lowpart

	* expmed.c (expand_mult): Use 0 as add_target if should preserve

Mon May 11 17:26:06 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* dwarf2out.c: Undo most recent change.

Sun May 10 17:09:20 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* fold-const.c (fold_range_test, fold): If need to make SAVE_EXPR
	to do optimization, suppress if contains_placeholder_p.

Thu May  7 18:14:31  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* dwarf2out.c: Don't assume `.section ".text"' causes assembler to
	treat .text as label for start of section; instead, output
	`.section ".text"; .LLtext0:' and use .LLtext0 in label contexts.
	(abbrev_label, debug_info_label, debug_line_label, text_label): New.
	(dwarf2out_init): Initialize the vars.  Output defn for text_label.
	(dwarf2out_finish): Output defns for the other 3 vars.
	(dw_val_node): Rename val_section to val_section_label, as it's
	now a label, not a section.
	(add_AT_section_offset): Arg is now a label, not a section.
	(print_die): In label contexts, output section label, not section.
	(output_die, output_compilation_unit_header): Likewise.
	(output_{pubnames,aranges,line_info}, dwarf2out_finish): Likewise.

	* fixinc.wrap: Renamed from fixinc.math.  Put wrapper around
	curses.h if it contains `typedef char bool;'.

	* configure.in (arm-*-netbsd*): Rename fixinc.math to fixinc.wrap.
	(i[34567]86-*-freebsdelf*, i[34567]86-*-freebsd*): Likewise.
	(i[34567]86-*-netbsd*, i[34567]86-*-solaris2*): Likewise.
	(m68k-*-netbsd*, mips-dec-netbsd*, ns32k-pc532-netbsd*): Likewise.
	(powerpcle-*-solaris2*, sparc-*-netbsd*, sparc-*-solaris2*): Likewise.
	(vax-*-netbsd*): Likewie.

Wed May  6 06:44:28 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* combine.c (simplify_rtx, case TRUNCATE): Reflect that it sign-extends
	instead of zero-extending.

Sat May  2 20:39:22 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* fold-const.c (fold): When commutting COND_EXPR and binary operation,
	avoid quadratic behavior if have nested COND_EXPRs.

Tue Apr 28 17:30:05 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* mips.h (HOST_WIDE_INT): Define if not already.
	(compute_frame_size, mips_debugger_offset): Return HOST_WIDE_INT.
	* mips.c (mips_debugger_offset): Now returns HOST_WIDE_INT.
	Likewise for internal variable frame_size.

	* final.c (alter_subreg): Make new SUBREG if reload replacement
	scheduled inside it.

	* dwarf2out.c (add_bound_info, case SAVE_EXPR): Pass 
	SAVE_EXPR_RTL address through fix_lexical_addr.

Mon Apr 27 18:57:18 1998  Jim Wilson  <wilson@cygnus.com>

	* mips/sni-svr4.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Add -Dsinix and -DSNI.

Mon Apr 20 14:48:29 1998  Michael Meissner  <meissner@cygnus.com>

	* rs6000.md (mov{sf,df} define_splits): When splitting move of
	constant to int reg, don't split  insns that do simple AND and OR
	operations; just split each word and let normal movsi define split
	handle it further.

Sun Apr 19 20:21:19 1998  Michael P. Hayes  <michaelh@ongaonga.chch.cri.nz>

	* real.h (C4X_FLOAT_FORMAT): New macro.
	* real.c (c4xtoe, etoc4x, toc4x): New functions.

Sun Apr 19 20:17:32 1998  Niklas Hallqvist  <niklas@petra.appli.se>

	* m68k.c (notice_update_cc): Use modified_in_p to check for update.

Sun Apr 19 18:48:07 1998  K. Richard Pixley  <rich@kyoto.noir.com>

	* fixincludes: Discard empty C++ comments.
	Special case more files with C++ comments nested in C comments.

Sun Apr 19 18:30:11 1998  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

	* m68k.md ({add,sub}di3): Optimize for constant operand.

Sun Apr 19 18:27:11 1998  Alan Modra <alan@spri.levels.unisa.edu.au>

	* i386.c (output_387_binary_op): Swap operands when popping if result
	is st(0).

Sun Apr 19 17:58:01 1998  Peter Jeremy  <peter.jeremy@alcatel.com.au>

	* expr.c (do_jump_by_parts_equality_rtx): Now public.
	* expmed.c (do_cmp_and_jump): New function.
	(expand_divmod): Use do_cmp_and_jmp instead of emit_cmp_insn and

Sun Apr 19 07:48:37 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* c-typeck.c (build_c_cast): Check underlying type when seeing
	if discarding const or volatile.

	* c-decl.c (pushdecl): Avoid duplicate warning about implicit redecl.

	* configure.in (stab.h): Check for it.
	(i386-*-vsta): Include xm-i386.h too.
	* dbxout.c (stab.h): Include based on autoconf results.
	* vax/xm-vms.h (NO_STAB_H): Deleted.
	* alpha/xm-vms.h, xm-mips.h, i386/xm-mingw32.h, i386/go32.h: Likewise.
	* i386/xm-cygwin32.h: Likewise.
	* i386/xm-vsta.h (NO_STAB_H): Likewise.
	(i386/xm-i386.h): No longer include.

	* mips.c: Cleanups and reformatting throughout.
	({expand,output}_block_move): Use HOST_WIDE_INT for sizes.
	(mips_debugger_offset, compute_frame_size): Likewise.
	(save_restore_insns, mips_expand_{pro,epi}logue): Likewise.
	(siginfo): Deleted.
	(override_options): Don't set up to call it; don't call setvbuf.

Mon Apr 13 06:40:17 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* configure.in (sparc-*-vxsim*): Include xm-siglist.h and
	define USG and POSIX.

Sun Apr 12 21:59:27 1998  Jeffrey A. Law  <law@cygnus.com>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Fix typo in STRICT_ARGUMENT_NAMING.

Sun Apr 12 21:42:23 1998  D. Karthikeyan  <karthik@cdotd.ernet.in>

	* m68k.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): Add missing comma.

Sun Apr 12 21:33:33 1998  Eric Valette  <valette@crf.canon.fr>

	* configure.in (i[34567]86-*-rtemself*): New configuration.
	* i386/rtemself.h: New file.

Sun Apr 12 21:08:28 1998  Jim Wilson  <wilson@cygnus.com>

	* loop.c (loop_optimize): Reset max_uid_for_loop after
	find_and_verify_loops call.
	(strength_reduce): In auto_inc_opt code, verify v->insn has valid

Sun Apr 12 20:54:59 1998  Richard Earnshaw (rearnsha@arm.com)

	* configure.in (sparc-*-solaris2*): Add xm-siglist.h to xm_file.
	Add USG and POSIX to xm_defines.

Sun Apr 12 20:47:37 1998  Pat Rankin  <rankin@eql.caltech.edu>

	* cccp.c (eprint_string): New function.
	(do_elif, do_else, verror): Use it instead of fwrite(,,,stderr).
	(error_from_errno, vwarning): Likewise.
	({verror,vwarning,pedwarn}_with_line): Likewise.
	(pedwarn_with_file_and_line, print_containing_files): Likewise.

Sun Apr 12 20:40:44 1998  Richard Henderson  <rth@dot.cygnus.com>

	* configure.in (alpha*-*-linux-gnu*): Add alpha/t-crtbe.
	Add crt{begin,end}.o in extra_parts and delete crt{begin,end}S.o.o
	* alpha/t-crtbe, alpha/crt{begin,end}.asm: New files.
	* alpha.h (PRINT_OPERAND_PUNCT_VALID_P): Accept '(' for s/sv/svi.
	* alpha.c (print_operand): Handle it.
	* alpha.md (fix_trunc[ds]fdi2): Use it.  Add earlyclobber pattern

Sun Apr 12 13:09:46 1998  Scott Christley  <scottc@net-community.com>

	* objc/encoding.c (objc_sizeof_type, _C_VOID): New case.

Sun Apr 12 13:04:55 1998  Nikolay Yatsenko  (nikolay@osf.org)

	* configure.in (i[34567]86-*-osf1*): New entry.
	* i386/osf1-c[in].asm: New files for OSF/1.
	* i386/osf1elf{,gdb}.h, i386/[xt]-osf1elf, i386/xm-osf1elf.h: Likewise.

Sun Apr 12 10:03:51 1998  Noel Cragg  <noel@red-bean.com>

	* fixincludes: Remove specification of parameters when renaming
	functions in Alpha DEC Unix include files.

Sun Apr 12 07:33:46 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* mips.c (large_int): Use HOST_WIDE_INT, not int.
	(print_operand): Use HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_* macros.

	* toplev.c (main): Sort order of handling of -d letters.
	Use `F' instead of `D' for addressof_dump.

	* libgcc2.c (_eh_compat): Deleted.
	* Makefile.in (LIB2FUNCS): Delete _eh_compat.

	* configure.in (alpha*-*-linux-gnu*): Don't include alpha/xm-linux.h.

	* c-common.c (check_format_info): Properly test for nested pointers.

	* pa.md (casesi0): Add missing mode for operand 0.

	* function.c (purge_addressof_1, case MEM): If BLKmode, put ADDRESSOF
	into stack.

	* c-parse.in (label): Give warning if pedantic and label not integral.

	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Don't warn about return type if in
	system header.

	* reload.c (reload_nongroup): New variable.
	(push{_secondary,}_reload): Initialize it.
	(find_reloads): Compute it.
	(debug_reload): Print it.
	* reload.h (reload_nongroup): Declare.
	* reload1.c (reload): Use reload_nongroup instead of local computation.
	Check caller_save_spill_class against any nongroup reloads.
	(reloads_conflict): No longer static.

Sun Apr 12 05:52:18 1998  John David Anglin  <dave@hiauly1.hia.nrc.ca>

	* vax.md (call patterns): Operand 1 is always a CONST_INT.

Sat Apr 11 16:01:11 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* convert.c (convert_to_{pointer,integer,real,complex}): Use switch.
	Add missing integer-like types.
	Simplify return of zero in error case.
	(convert_to_pointer): Remove dubious abort.
	(convert_to_integer, case POINTER_TYPE): Make recursive call.
	(convert_to_integer, case COND_EXPR): Always convert arms.
	* tree.c (type_precision): Deleted.

	* cccp.c (do_warning): Give pedantic warning if -pedantic and not
	in system file.
	* cpplib.c (do_warning): Likewise.

	* function.c (target_temp_slot_level): Define here.
	(push_temp_slots_for_target, {get,set}_target_temp_slot_level): New.
	* stmt.c (target_temp_slot_level): Don't define here.
	* expr.h (temp_slot_level): New declaration.

Fri Apr 10 16:35:48 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* c-common.c (decl_attributes): Support strftime format checking.
	(record_function_format, {check,init_function}_format_info): Likewise.
	(enum format_type): New type.
	(record_function_format): Now static; takes value of type
	enum format_type instead of int.
	(time_char_table): New constant.
	(struct function_format_info): format_type member renamed from is_scan.
	(check_format_info): Use `warning' rather than sprintf followed by
	`warning', to avoid mishandling `%' in warnings.
	Change a `pedwarn' to `warning'.
	* c-tree.h (record_function_format): Remove decl.

Thu Apr  2 17:34:27 1998  Manfred Hollstein  <manfred@s-direktnet.de>

	* regclass.c (memory_move_secondary_cost): Protect uses of

Thu Apr  2 07:06:57 1998  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

	* m68k.c (standard_68881_constant_p): Don't use fmovecr on 68060.

Thu Apr  2 06:19:25 1998  Ken Raeburn  <raeburn@cygnus.com>

	* Makefile.in (version.c): Put "cvs log" output in build directory.

	* reload.h (MEMORY_MOVE_COST): Define here if not already defined.
	(memory_move_secondary_cost): Declare.
	* regclass.c (MEMORY_MOVE_COST): Don't define default here.
	(memory_move_secondary_cost) [HAVE_SECONDARY_RELOADS]: New function.
	(regclass, record_reg_classes, copy_cost, record_address_regs):
	Pass register class and direction of move to MEMORY_MOVE_COST.
	(top_of_stack) [HAVE_SECONDARY_RELOADS]: New static array.
	(init_regs) [HAVE_SECONDARY_RELOADS]: Initialize it.
	* reload1.c (MEMORY_MOVE_COST): Don't define default here.
	(emit_reload_insns, reload_cse_simplify_set): Pass register class
	and direction of move to MEMORY_MOVE_COST.
	* 1750a.h (MEMORY_MOVE_COST): Add extra ignored arguments.
	* a29k.h, alpha.h, arc.h, arm.h, dsp16xx.h, i386.h, m32r.h: Likewise.
	* m88k.h, rs6000.h: Likewise.
	* mips.h (MEMORY_MOVE_COST): Likewise.
	Add memory_move_secondary_cost result to cpu-specific cost.

Mon Mar 30 13:56:30 1998  Jim Wilson  <wilson@cygnus.com>

	* mips/ultrix.h (SUBTARGET_CPP_SPEC): Define.

Wed Mar 25 16:09:01 1998  Michael Meissner  <meissner@cygnus.com>

	* rs6000.h (FUNCTION_ARG_PADDING): Cast result to be enum direction.
	(function_arg_padding): Declare.

	* rs6000.c: Include stdlib.h if we have it.
	(function_arg_padding): Change return type to int, cast enum's to int.

	(From Kaveh R. Ghazi  <ghazi@caip.rutgers.edu>)
	* rs6000.c (rs6000_override_options): Change type of `i', `j' and
	`ptt_size' from int to size_t.
	(rs6000_file_start): Likewise for `i'.
	(rs6000_replace_regno): Add default case in enumeration switch.
	(output_epilog): Remove unused variable `i'.
	(rs6000_longcall_ref): Remove unused variables `len', `p', `reg[12]'.
	* rs6000.h (ADDITIONAL_REGISTER_NAMES): Add missing braces around
	(get_issue_rate, non_logical_cint_operand): Add prototype.
	(rs6000_output_load_toc_table): Likewise.
	* rs6000.md (udivmodsi4): Add explicit braces to avoid ambiguous
Wed Mar 25 02:39:01 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* configure.in (i[34567]86-*-solaris2*, powerpcle-*-solaris2*,
	sparc-*-solaris2*): Use fixinc.svr4 if Solaris 2.0 through 2.4.

Mon Mar 23 07:27:19 1998  Philippe De Muyter  <phdm@macqel.be>

	* m68k.md (ashldi_const): Allow shift count in range ]32,63].
	(ashldi3): Allow constant shift count in range ]32,63].
	(ashrdi_const, ashrid3, lshrdi_const, lshrdi3): Likewise.

	* m68k.md (zero_extend[qh]idi2, iordi_zext): New patterns.
	(zero_extendsidi2): Avoid useless copy.
	(iorsi_zexthi_ashl16): Avoid "0" constraint for operand 2.
	(iorsi_zext): New name for old unnamed pattern; indentation fixes.

Mon Mar 23 07:12:05 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* final.c (only_leaf_regs_used): If pic_offset_table_rtx used,
	make sure it is a permitted register.

Sun Mar 22 06:57:04 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* expmed.c (extract_bit_field): Don't confuse SUBREG_WORD with
	endian adjustment in SUBREG case.
	Don't abort if can't make SUBREG needed for extv/extzv.

Sat Mar 21 08:02:17 1998  Richard Gorton  <gorton@amt.tay1.dec.com>

        * alpha.md (zero_extendqi[hsd]i2): Use "and", not "zapnot".

Sat Mar 21 07:47:04 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* unroll.c (verify_addresses): Use validate_replace_rtx.
	(find_splittable_givs): If invalid address, show nothing same_insn.

Fri Mar 20 10:24:12 1998  Philippe De Muyter  <phdm@macqel.be>

	* fold-const.c (fold, case CONVERT_EXPR): Replace sign-extension of
	a zero-extended value by a single zero-extension.

Thu Mar 19 14:59:32 1998  Andrew Pochinsky  <avp@ctp.mit.edu>

	* sparc.h (ASM_OUTPUT_LOOP_ALIGN): Fix error in last change.

Thu Mar 19 14:48:35 1998  Michael Meissner  <meissner@cygnus.com>

	* gcc.c (default_arg): Don't wander off the end of allocated memory.

	* rs6000/sysv4.h (RELATIVE_PREFIX_NOT_LINKDIR): Undef for System V
	and EABI.

Thu Mar 19 06:17:59 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* Makefile.in (toplev.o): Depend on Makefile.

Wed Mar 18 17:40:09 1998  Michael P. Hayes  <michaelh@ongaonga.chch.cri.nz>

	* expr.c (convert_move): Add [QH]Imode/P[QH]Imode conversions.
	* machmode.def (PQImode, PHImode): New modes.

Wed Mar 18 17:11:18 1998  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

	* m68k.md (movsf+1): Optimize moving a CONST_DOUBLE zero.

Wed Mar 18 17:07:54 1998  Ken Raeburn  <raeburn@cygnus.com>

	* regclass.c (init_reg_sets): Delete init of reg-move cost tables.
	(init_reg_sets_1): Put it here.

Wed Mar 18 16:43:11 1998  Jim Wilson  <wilson@cygnus.com>

	* i960.md (tablejump): Handle flag_pic.

	* profile.c (branch_prob): If see computed goto, call fatal.

	* calls.c (expand_call): Fix typos in n_named_args computation.

Wed Mar 18 05:54:25 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* fold-const.c (operand_equal_for_comparison_p): See if equal
	when nop conversions are removed.

	* expr.c (expand_expr, case COND_EXPR): If have conditional move,
	don't use ORIGINAL_TARGET unless REG.

	* function.c (fixup_var_refs_insns): Also delete insn storing pseudo
	back into arg list.

	* combine.c (gen_binary): Don't make AND that does nothing.
	(simplify_comparison, case AND): Commute AND and SUBREG.
	* i386.h (CONST_CONSTS, case CONST_INT): One-byte integers are cost 0.

Mon Mar 16 15:57:17 1998  Geoffrey Keating  <geoffk@ozemail.com.au>

	* rs6000.c (small_data_operand): Ensure any address referenced
	relative to small data area is inside SDA.

Sun Mar 15 16:01:19 1998  Andrew Pochinsky  <avp@ctp.mit.edu>

	* sparc.h (ASM_OUTPUT_LOOP_ALIGN): Write nop's.

Sun Mar 15 15:53:39 1998  Philippe De Muyter  <phdm@macqel.be>

	* libgcc2.c (exit): Don't call __bb_exit_func if HAVE_ATEXIT.

Sun Mar 15 15:44:41 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* cccp.c: Fix bugs relating to NUL in input file name,
	e.g. with `#line 2 "x\0y"'.
	(PRINTF_PROTO_4): New macro.
	(struct {file_buf,definition,if_stack}): New member nominal_fname_len.
	(main, expand_to_temp_buffer): Store length of input file names.
	(finclude, create_definition, do_line, conditional_skip): Likewise.
	(skip_if_group, macroexpand): Likewise.
	(make_{definition,undef,assertion}): Likewise.
	(special_symbol, do_include): Use stored length of input file names.
	(do_define, do_elif, do_else, output_line_directive, verror): Likewise.
	(error_from_errno, vwarning, verror_with_line): Likewise.
	(vwarning_with_line, pedwarn_with_file_and_line): Likewise.
	(print_containing_files): Likewise.
	(do_line): Fix off-by-1 problem: 1 too many bytes were being allocated.
	(quote_string, pedwarn_with_file_and_line): New arg specifies length.
	All callers changed.

Sun Mar 15 15:38:16 1998  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

	* c-typeck.c: Collect pending initializers in AVL tree instead of list.
	(add_pending_init, pending_init_member): New functions.
	(output_init_element): Use them.
	(output_pending_init_elements): Rewritten to exploit AVL order.

Sun Mar 15 05:10:49 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* gnu.h (GNU_CPP_PREDEFINES): Deleted; not valid in traditional C.
	* {i386,mips}/gnu.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Don't call GNU_CPP_PREDEFINES.

	* flow.c (insn_dead_p): A CLOBBER of a dead pseudo is dead.

	* alpha.h (REG_ALLOC_ORDER): Put $f1 after other nonsaved.

	* sparc.c (sparc_type_code): Fix error in previous change.

Sat Mar 14 05:45:21 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* i386/xm-aix.h, i386/xm-osf.h (i386/xm-i386.h): Don't include.
	(USG): Don't define.
	* i386/xm-isc.h (i386/xm-sysv3.h): Don't include.
	* i386/xm-sco.h (i386/xm-sysv3.h): Likewise.
	* m68k/xm-3b1.h (m68k/xm-m68k.h): Don't include.
	(USG): Don't define.
	* m68k/xm-atari.h (m68k/xm-m68kv.h): Don't include.
	* m68k/xm-crds.h (m68k/xm-m68k.h): Don't include.
	(USE_C_ALLOCA, unos, USG): Don't define.
	* m68k/xm-mot3300.h (m68k/xm-m68k.h): Don't include.
	(USE_C_ALLOCA, NO_SYS_SIGLIST): Don't define.
	* m68k/xm-plexus.h (m68k/xm-m68k.h): Don't include.
	(USE_C_ALLOCA, USG): Don't define.
	* m88k/xm-sysv3.h (m88k/xm-m88k.h): Don't include.
	* m68k/xm-next.h (m68k/xm-m68k.h): Don't include.
	* ns32k/xm-pc532-min.h (ns32k/xm-ns32k.h): Don't include.
	(USG): Don't define.
	* rs6000/xm-mach.h: Don't include xm-rs6000.h.
	* rs6000/xm-cygwin32.h (rs6000/xm-rs6000.h): Don't include.
	(NO_STAB_H): Don't define.
	* sparc/xm-linux.h (xm-linux.h): Don't include.
	* sparc/xm-sol2.h (sparc/xm-sysv4.h): Don't include.
	* a29k/xm-unix.h, alpha/xm-linux.h, arm/xm-linux.h: Deleted.
	* arm/xm-netbsd.h, i386/xm-bsd386.h, i386/xm-gnu.h: Deleted.
	* i386/xm-linux.h, i386/xm-sun.h, i386/xm-sysv3.h: Deleted.
	* i386/xm-winnt.h,  m68k/xm-altos3068.h, m68k/xm-amix.h: Deleted.
	* m68k/xm-amix.h, m68k/xm-hp320.h, m68k/xm-linux.h: Deleted.
	* m68k/xm-m68kv.h, mips/xm-iris5.h, ns32k/xm-genix.h: Deleted.
	* sparc/xm-pbd.h, vax/xm-vaxv.h, xm-svr3.h, xm-linux.h: Deleted.
	* configure.in: Reflect above changes.

	* xm-siglist.h, xm-alloca.h: New files.
	* i386/xm-sysv4.h (i386/xm-i386.h, xm-svr4.h): Don't include.
	(USE_C_ALLOCA, SMALL_ARG_MAX): Don't define.
	* i386/xm-sco5.h (i386/xm-sysv3.h): Don't include.
	* rs6000/xm-sysv4.h, sparc/xm-sysv4.h: Don't include xm-svr4.h.
	* xm-svr4.h, i386/xm-dgux.h, mips/xm-news.h, mips/xm-sysv4.h: Deleted.
	* configure.in: Reflect above changes.

	* configure.in ({,host_,build_}xm_defines): New variables.
	Set to USG instead of including xm-usg.h.
	Write #define lines in config.h files from xm_defines vars.
	* xm-usg.h: Deleted.

Fri Mar 13 07:10:59 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Fix typo in previous change.

	* sparc.c (sparc_type_code): Avoid infinite loop when have
	pointer to array of same pointer.
	(sparc_type_code, case REAL_TYPE): Process subtypes here too.

	* mips/bsd-4.h, mips/iris3.h, mips/news{4,5}.h: Don't include mips.h.
	* mips/news5.h, mips/osfrose.h, mips/svr{3,4}-4.h: Likewise.
	* mips/ultrix.h: Likewise.
	* mips/cross64.h: Don't include iris6.h.
	* mips/ecoff.h: Don't include mips.h or gofast.h.
	* mips/elforion.h: Don't include elf64.h.
	* mips/iris4.h: Don't include iris3.h.
	* mips/iris4loser.h: Don't include iris4.h.
	* mips/iris5gas.h: Don't include iris5.h.
	* mips/elflorion.h, mips/nws3250v4.h, mips/xm-iris{3,4}.h: Deleted.
	* mips/xm-nws3250v4.h, mips/xm-sysv.h: Deleted.
	* mips/rtems64.h: Don't include elflorion.h.
	* mips/sni-gas.h: Don't include sni-svr4.h.
	* mips/svr4-t.h: Don't include svr4-5.h.
	* mips/dec-osf1.h: Also include mips.h.
	* mips/ecoffl.h, mips/elf.h: Also include mips.h and gofast.h.
	* mips/iris5.h: Also include iris3.h and mips.h.
	* xm-usg.h: New file.
	* mips/xm-iris5.h: Don't include xm-mips.h; don't define USG.
	* mips/xm-news.h, mips/xm-sysv4.h: Don't include xm-sysv.h.
	* configure.in: Reflect above changes.

Thu Mar 12 07:18:48 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* expr.h (STRICT_ARGUMENT_NAMING): Provide default value of 0.
	* calls.c (expand_call): Use value of STRICT_ARGUMENT_NAMING.
	* function.c (assign_parm): Likewise.
	* mips/abi64.h (STRICT_ARGUMENT_NAMING): Return 0 for ABI_32.
	* sparc.h (STRICT_ARGUMENT_NAMING): Only nonzero for V9.

	* calls.c (expand_call, expand_library_call{,_value}, store_one_arg):
	Rework handling of REG_PARM_STACK_SPACE to treat return value of
	zero as if macro not defined; add new arg to emit_push_insn.
	* expr.c (emit_push_insn): New arg, REG_PARM_STACK_SPACE.
	* expr.h (emit_push_insn): Likewise.
	* mips/abi64.h (REG_PARM_STACK_SPACE): Define.

Wed Mar 11 06:58:13 1998  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

	* m68k.h (CONST_OK_FOR_LETTER_P, case 'M'): Correct range check.

Wed Mar 11 06:15:52 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* expr.c (emit_push_insn): Use loop to find movstr patterns
	instead of explicit tests.

	* Makefile.in (extraclean): Don't delete install1.texi.

Tue Mar 10 14:27:51 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* combine.c (make_field_assignment): Don't get confused if OTHER
	has VOIDmode and don't do anything if DEST is wider than a host word.

	* vax.c (check_float_value): Cast bcopy args to char *.

Tue Mar 10 13:56:12 1998  Jim Wilson  <wilson@cygnus.com>

	* mips/abi64.h (LONG_MAX_SPEC): Check MIPS_ABI_DEFAULT and
	TARGET_DEFAULT and define __LONG_MAX__ appropriately.
	Add support for -mabi=X, -mlong64, and -mgp{32,64} options.
	* mips.c (mips_abi): Change type to int.
	* mips.h (enum mips_abi_type): Delete.
	(ABI_32, ABI_N32, ABI_64, ABI_EABI): Define as constants.
	(mips_abi): Change type to int.

Mon Mar  2 08:06:58 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* Version 2.8.1 released.

	* Makefile.in (mostlyclean): Remove duplicate deletion of temp
 	files.  Delete more stamp files and [df]p-bit.c
	(clean): Don't delete stamp files here.
	(VERSION_DEP): New variable.
	(distdir-finish): Pass a value of null for it.
	(version.c): Use it.
	Avoid broken pipe with cvs log.

	* objc/Make-lang.in (objc/runtime-info.h): Rename emptyfile to
 	tmp-runtime and delete at end.

Sun Mar  1 05:50:25 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* tree.c (build_reference_type): Handle obstacks like

	* Makefile.in (tmp-gcc.xtar): Renamed from gcc.xtar.
	(gcc.xtar.gz): Deleted; merged with `dist'.
	(diff): Create gcc-$(oldversion)-$(version).diff.
	(distdir): Depend on distdir-cvs.
	(distdir-cvs): New rule.
	(distdir-start): Depend on version.c and TAGS.
	(TAGS): Use tmp-tags instead of temp.
	(dist): Create gcc-$(version).tar.gz.

	* varasm.c (compare_constant_1): Fix typo in previous change.

	* objc/Make-lang.in (objc-distdir): Properly rebuild objc-parse.c.

Sat Feb 28 16:58:08 1998  Tristan Gingold  <gingold@rossini.enst.fr>

	* stmt.c (expand_decl): If -fcheck-memory-usage, put vars in memory.
	* expr.c (get_memory_usage_from_modifier): Convert
Sat Feb 28 08:13:43 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* i860/fx2800.h (DATA_ALIGNMENT): Use POINTER_TYPE_P.
	* m68k/a-ux.h (FUNCTION_VALUE): Likewise.
	* expr.c (get_pointer_alignment, compare, do_store_flag): Likewise.
 	(expand_builtin): Likewise.
	* fold-const.c (force_fit_type, fold_convert, fold): Likewise.
	* function.c (assign_parms): Likewise.
	* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Likewise.
	* sdbout.c (sdbout_field_types): Likewise.
	* tree.c (integer_pow2p, tree_log2, valid_machine_attribute): Likewise.
	* stmt.c (expand_decl): Likewise.
	({,bc_}expand_decl_init): Also test for REFERENCE_TYPE.

	* configure.in (version_dep): New variable; if srcdir is CVS working
	directory, set to ChangeLog.
	(version): Supply default if no version.c.
	* Makefile.in (version.c): New rule.

	* gcc.c (snapshot_warning): New function.
	(main): Call it for snapshots.

	* dwarf2out.c (expand_builtin_dwarf_reg_size): If reg_raw_mode
	not valid for reg, use last size.  Also refine range assertion.

Sat Feb 28 05:04:47 1998  Michael P. Hayes  <michaelh@ongaonga.chch.cri.nz>

	* enquire.c (cprop): Don't perform exhaustive search for char_min
	and char_max when bits_per_byte > 16.

Thu Feb 26 15:12:03 1998  Christopher Taylor <cit@ckshq.com>

	* fixincludes: Avoid using '0-~' in egrep.

Thu Feb 26 08:04:05 1998  Tristan Gingold  <gingold@messiaen.enst.fr>

	* function.c (assign_parms): Call 'chkr_set_right' when DECL_RTL
	is stack_parm.
	* expr.c (get_memory_usage_from_modifier): Convert

Thu Feb 26 07:33:53 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* c-lex.c (yylex): Don't munge errno before using it.
	* cccp.c (error_from_errno, perror_with_name): Likewise.
	* cpplib.c (cpp_error_from_errno): Likewise.
	* gcc.c (pfatal_pexecute): Likewise.
	* protoize.c (safe_write, find_file, process_aux_info_file): Likewise.
	(rename_c_file, edit_file): Likewise.

	* c-lex.c (yylex): Remove unused variable exceeds_double.

Thu Feb 26 07:05:14 1998  Michael P. Hayes  <michaelh@ongaonga.chch.cri.nz>

	* reorg.c (fill_slots_from_thread): Don't steal delay list from target
	if condition code of jump conflicts with opposite_needed.

Thu Feb 26 06:45:23 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* Makefile.in (distdir-start): Don't copy CVS subdirectory of config.

	* varasm.c ({compare,record}_constant_1, case CONSTRUCTOR):
	Handle the case when we have TREE_PURPOSE values.

Thu Feb 26 05:59:01 1998  Philippe De Muyter  <phdm@macqel.be>

	* fixincludes (sys/limits.h): Fix a nested comment problem with
	HUGE_VAL definition on sysV68 R3V7.1.

Wed Feb 25 21:09:38 1998  Philippe De Muyter  <phdm@macqel.be>

	* toplev.c (TICKS_PER_SECOND): Renamed from CLOCKS_PER_SECOND.

Wed Feb 25 20:50:08 1998  Michael P. Hayes  <michaelh@ongaonga.chch.cri.nz>

	* reorg.c (fill_slots_from_thread): Mark resources referenced in
	opposite_needed thread.  Return delay_list even when cannot get
	any more delay insns from end of subroutine.

Wed Feb 25 19:50:01 1998  Mikael Pettersson <Mikael.Pettersson@sophia.inria.fr>

	* gcc.c (lookup_compiler): Remove redundant test.

Wed Feb 25 07:24:22 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* vax.md (call insns): Second operand to CALL rtl is SImode.

	* configure.in (i[34567]86-*-mingw32): Support msv and crt suffix.
	* i386/crtdll.h: New file.

	* sparc.c (pic_setup_code): If -O0, write USE of pic_offset_table_rtx.

	* expr.c (safe_from_p): Add new arg, TOP_P; all callers changed.

Sat Feb 21 07:02:39 1998  Jim Wilson  <wilson@cygnus.com>

	* mips/iris5.h (DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO): Define to 0.
	* mips/iris5gas.h (DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO): Define to 1.

Fri Feb 20 08:27:46 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* sparc/sol2-sld.h: New file.
	* configure.in (sparc-*-solaris2*): Use it when using system linker.
	* toplev.c (main): Don't default to DWARF2_DEBUG with -ggdb 

Fri Feb 20 08:21:49 1998  H.J. Lu  (hjl@gnu.org)

	* alpha/elf.h (STARTFILE_SPEC, ENDFILE_SPEC): Support shared library.
	* sparc/linux.h (DEFAULT_VTABLE_THUNKS): Likewise.
	(LIB_SPEC): Add -lc for -shared #ifndef USE_GNULIBC_1.
	* linux.h (LIB_SPEC): Likewise.
	* sparc/linux64.h (LIB_SPEC): Likewise; also updated for glibc 2.
	(LIBGCC_SPEC): Removed.

Fri Feb 20 05:22:12 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* Makefile.in (distdir-start): Add dependence on bi-parser.[ch].

Thu Feb 19 18:07:11 1998  Jim Wilson  <wilson@cygnus.com>

	* m68k.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): For 68000, 68302, subtract MASK_68881.
	For 68303, 68332, cpu32, subtract MASK_68040_ONLY.

Wed Feb 18 09:37:29 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* fixincludes (stdlib.h): Do not double-wrap the size_t typedef.

Wed Feb 18 07:32:11 1998  Jim Wilson  <wilson@cygnus.com>

	* i960.c (emit_move_sequence): Handle unaligned stores to pseudos.
	* i960.md (store_unaligned_[dt]i_reg): Handle register dest.
	(store_unaligned_ti_reg): Likewise.

	* m68k.h (MACHINE_STATE_{SAVE,RESTORE} [MOTOROLA]): Add %# and %/;
	add : to make them into extended asms.

Wed Feb 18 07:08:05 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* reg-stack.c (compare_for_stack_reg): Only handle FP conditional
	move as next insn specially.

	* reload.c (find_reloads): Always convert address reload for
	non-reloaded operand to RELOAD_FOR_OPERAND_ADDRESS.

	* emit-rtl.c (hard-reg-set.h): Include.
	(get_lowpart_common): Don't make new REG for hard reg in a 
	class that cannot change size.
	* Makefile.in (emit-rtl.o): Depend on hard-reg-set.h.

Sat Feb 14 09:59:00 1998  Richard Earnshaw (rearnsha@arm.com)

	* arm.md (movsfcc): Also validate operands[3] for hard float.
	(movdfcc): Only accept fpu_add_operand for operands[3].8

Sat Feb 14 09:32:34 1998  Jim Wilson  <wilson@cygnus.com>

	* dwarf2out.c (expand_builtin_dwarf_reg_size): New variable mode.
	Convert CCmode to word_mode before calling GET_MODE_SIZE.

Sat Feb 14 09:27:42 1998  David Edelsohn  <edelsohn@mhpcc.edu>

	* rs6000.h (MY_ISCOFF): Check for U803XTOCMAGIC.

Sat Feb 14 08:29:43 1998  Arvind Sankar  <arvind@cse.iitb.ernet.in>

	* t-svr4 (TARGET_LIBGCC_CFLAGS): New definition.

Sat Feb 14 07:45:16 1998  Ken Rose (rose@acm.org)

        * reorg.c (fill_slots_from_thread): New parameter, delay_list.
	All callers changed.

Sat Feb 14 07:14:02 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* reload.c (debug_reload): Properly output insn codes.

	* pa.c (emit_move_sequence): If in reload, call find_replacement.

	* gansidecl.h (bcopy, bzero, {,r}index): Don't define if IN_LIBGCC2.

	* combine.c (distribute_notes, case REG_DEAD): When seeing if place
	to put new note sets register, use reg_bitfield_target_p, as in
	original code.

	* gcc.c (process_command): If file is for linker, set lang to "*".
	(lookup_compiler): Return 0 for language of "*".

	* sched.c (attach_deaths, case SUBREG): Fix error in last change.

	* i386.md (mov[sdx]fcc): Disable for now.
	(mov[sd]fcc_1): Add earlyclobber for output on last alternative.

Sat Feb 14 06:42:50 1998  Jason Merrill  <jason@yorick.cygnus.com>

	* except.c (get_dynamic_handler_chain): Only make call once per func.
	(expand_fixup_region_{start,end}): New functions.
	(expand_eh_region_start_tree): Store cleanup into finalization here.
	* stmt.c (expand_cleanups): Use new functions to protect fixups.

	* except.c (get_dynamic_handler_chain): Build up a FUNCTION_DECL.
	* optabs.c (init_optabs): Don't init get_dynamic_handler_chain_libfunc.
	* expr.h (get_dynamic_handler_chain_libfunc): Deleted.

Sat Feb 14 06:34:41 1998  Peter Lawrence  <Peter.Lawrence@Eng.Sun.COM>

	* optabs.c (emit_conditional_move): Don't reverse condition for FP.

Fri Feb 13 07:22:04 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* Makefile.in (mostlyclean): Only use s-* convention for stamp
	files in main dir.

	* configure.in: Add support for i786 (Pentium II); same as i686.

Thu Feb 12 20:16:35 1998  Michael Meissner  <meissner@cygnus.com>

	* rs6000.md: Replace gen_rtx (CONST_INT,...) with GEN_INT.

Thu Feb 12 10:08:14 1998  John Hassey  <hassey@dg-rtp.dg.com>

	* configure.in (i[3456]86-dg-dgux*): Don't need fixincludes.

Thu Feb 12 07:27:39 1998  Mumit Khan <khan@xraylith.wisc.edu>
	* i386/cygwin32.h (NO_IMPLICIT_EXTERN_C): Define.
	about system headers.
	(LIB_SPEC): Add -ladvapi32 -lshell32.

Thu Feb 12 07:19:31 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* expr.c (expand_assignment): Fix typo in checking OFFSET.

	* gbl-ctors.h (atexit): Don't define unless needed.

	* combine.c (distribute_notes): Completely check for note operand being
	only partially set on potential note target; adjust what notes
	we make in that case.

	* i386/xm-go32.h (HAVE_{BCOPY,BZERO,INDEX,RINDEX}): Deleted.

Wed Feb 11 08:53:27 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* calls.c (emit_call_1): Size args now HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(expand_call): struct_value_size now HOST_WIDE_INT.

Tue Feb 10 09:04:39 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* integrate.c (initialize_for_inline): Ensure DECL_INCOMING_RTL
	is always copied.

Tue Feb 10 06:10:49 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* cccp.c (rescan): Fix bug with macro name appearing
	immediately after L'x'.

Mon Feb  9 20:45:32 1998  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

	* c-common.c (format_char_info): Add new field zlen.
	(print_char_table): Remove entry for 'Z' as a format character.
	Initialize zlen field as appropriate.
	(scan_char_table): Set zlen field to NULL in each entry.
	(check_format_info): Recognize 'Z' as a length modifier, with a
	warning in pedantic mode.
	Avoid infinite loop when a repeated flag character is detected.

Mon Feb  9 09:24:04 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* c-parse.in (primary): Minor wording fix in diagnostic.

Mon Feb  9 07:50:19 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Remove warning on inline of varargs.

	* reload.c (find_reloads): Check for const_to_mem case before
	checking for invalid reload; use force_const_mem if no_input_reloads.

	* function.c (push_function_context_to): Call init_emit last.

	* protoize.c (my_link): Define as -1 in mingw32.
	(link): Remove declaration.

	* rs6000.c (setup_incoming_varargs): Always set rs6000_sysv_varargs_p.

	* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Clear label_map with bzero.

	* unroll.c (copy_loop_body, case JUMP_INSN): Correct error in last
	change: call single_set on COPY, not INSN.

Sun Feb  8 08:07:37 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* msdos/top.sed, winnt/config-nt.sed: Change version number to 2.8.1.

	* configure.in (i[3456]86-*-sco3.2v5*): Use cpio for headers.

Sat Feb  7 07:32:46 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	Use msvcrt, not crtdll.

Fri Feb  6 20:32:06 1998  Geert Bosch  <bosch@gnat.com>

	Define ifdef __EMX__.
	(strcasecmp): Define to be stricmp if __EMX__.
	(spawnv{,p}): Don't define if EMX.
	(OBJECT_SUFFIX): Don't define if EMX.

Fri Feb  6 16:37:29 1998  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <ghazi@caip.rutgers.edu>

	* objc/Make-lang.in (objc.stage1): Depend on stage1-start.
	(objc.stage2, objc.stage3, objc.stage4): Likewise for the
	respective stageN-start targets. 
	(objc/sendmsg.o): Depend on objc/runtime-info.h.

Fri Feb  6 16:27:09 1998  Bernd Schmidt  <crux@Pool.Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE>

	* stmt.c (expand_asm_operands): Properly treat asm statement
	statements with no operands as volatile.

Fri Feb  6 16:03:25 1998  Greg McGary  <gkm@gnu.org>

	* c-decl.c (pushdecl): Set DECL_ORIGINAL_TYPE once only.

Fri Feb  6 15:57:36 1998  Mumit Khan <khan@xraylith.wisc.edu>

	* i386/cygwin32.h (STRIP_NAME_ENCODING): New macro.

Fri Feb  6 15:50:42 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* libgcc2.c (__floatdi[xtds]f): Round properly even when rounding
	large negative integer to plus or minus infinity.

Fri Feb  6 15:45:16 1998  Philippe De Muyter  <phdm@macqel.be>

	* sdbout.c (plain_type_1): Return T_DOUBLE, not T_VOID, for
	long double #ifndef EXTENDED_SDB_BASIC_TYPES.

Fri Feb  6 15:23:49 1998  John David Anglin  <dave@hiauly1.hia.nrc.ca>

	* vax/ultrix.h (HAVE_ATEXIT): Define.
	* x-vax: File deleted.

Fri Feb  6 14:34:19 1998  Douglas Rupp <rupp@gnat.com>

	* gcc.c (process_command, case "-dumpversion"): Print spec_version.

Fri Feb  6 11:01:13 1998  Josh Littlefield  <josh@american.com>

	* i386/gmon-sol2.c (internal_mcount): Do set-up when program starts
	and install hook to do clean-up when it exits.
	* i386/sol2-c1.asm (_mcount): Make a weak instead of global symbol.
	* i386/sol2dbg.h (ASM_SPEC): Support Solaris bundled assembler's -V
	argument; pass -s argument to assembler.
Fri Feb  6 09:13:21 1998  Jim Wilson  (wilson@cygnus.com)

	* function.c (assign_parms): New variable named_arg, with value
	depending on STRICT_ARGUMENT_NAMING.  Use instead of ! last_named.

	* crtstuff.c (__frame_dummy): New function for irix6.
	(__do_global_ctors): Call __frame_dummy for irix6.
	* mips/iris6.h (LINK_SPEC): Hide __frame_dummy too.

Fri Feb  6 09:08:21 1998  Mike Stump  <mrs@wrs.com>

	* rtlanal.c (dead_or_set_regno_p): Ignore REG_DEAD notes after reload.
	* genattrtab.c (reload_completed): Define.

	* configure.in (i960-wrs-vxworks): Same as i960-wrs-vxworks5*.

Fri Feb  6 08:47:38 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* Makefile.in (diff): Add INSTALL, configure, and config.in;
	remove objc-*.
	* objc/config-lang.in (diff_excludes): Add objc-parse.[cy].

	* i386/xm-mingw32.h (link): Delete macro.

	* alpha.c (output_prolog): Write out frame sizes as longs and
	print too large sizes as zero.

	* function.c (combine_temp_slots): No need to allocate and free rtx.
	Don't do anything if too many slots in the list.
	(put_var_into_stack): Don't use ADDRESSOF if not optimizing.

	* function.c (purge_addressof_1): Force into mem if VOLATILE reference.

	* calls.c (expand_call): Show VAR_DECL made for structure return
	address is used; remove bogus set of MEM_IN_STRUCT_P.
	* expr.c (expand_expr, case SAVE_EXPR, case TARGET_EXPR): Show used.
	(expand_builtin, case BUILT_IN_LONGJMP): Show __dummy used.
	* function.c (put_reg_into_stack): New arg USED_P; all callers changed.

	* expr.c (expand_expr, case SAVE_EXPR): assign_temp with KEEP of 3.
	* function.c (var_temp_slot_level): New variable.
	(push_function_context_to, pop_function_context_from): Save/restore
	it and target_temp_slot_level.
	(assign_stack_temp): Implement KEEP of 3.
	(push_temp_slots_for_block): New function.
	(init_temp_slots): Initialize var_temp_slot_level.
	* function.h (struct function, fields {var,target}_temp_slot_level):
	New fields.
	* stmt.c (expand_start_bindings): Call push_temp_slots_for_block.

	* function.c (struct temp_slot): SIZE, BASE_OFF_SET, and FULL_SIZE
	(assign_{,outer_}stack_local, assign_{,stack_}temp): Size arg is
	(assign_stack_temp): Do size computations in HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(fixup_var_refs_1, optimize_bit_field, instantiate_decls): Likewise.
	(instantiate_virtual_regs_1, fix_lexical_address): Likewise.
	* rtl.h (assign_stack_{local,temp}): Size arg is HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(assign_temp): Likewise.
	* expr.h (struct args_size): Field CONSTANT is now HOST_WIDE_INT.

	* sched.c (attach_deaths, case REG): Don't check for REG_UNUSED.
	(attach_deaths, case SUBREG, STRICT_LOW_PART, {ZERO,SIGN}_EXTRACT):
	Don't pass set_p of 1 if partial assignment.

	* tree.h (size_in_bytes): Returns HOST_WIDE_INT.
	* tree.c (size_in_bytes): Likewise.
	Tighen up logic some to avoid returning a bogus value instead of -1.

	* expr.c (get_inner_reference, case ARRAY_EXPR): Make WITH_RECORD_EXPR
	just for index.
	(expand_expr, case PLACEHOLDER_EXPR): Refine search again; look
	at each expression and look for pointer to type.

	* expr.c (safe_from_p, case ADDR_EXPR): If TREE_STATIC, no trampoline.
	(expand_expr, case ADDR_EXPR): Likewise.

	* expr.c (emit_block_move): Use conservative range for movstr mode.

	* configure.in: See if "cp -p" works if "ln -s" doesn't; else "cp".

	* combine.c (try_combine.c): Pass elim_i2 and elim_i1 to
	distribute_notes for i3dest_killed REG_DEAD note.

	* configure.in (mips-dec-netbsd*): Remove bogus setting of prefix.

	* c-decl.c (duplicate_decls): Set DECL_IGNORED_P in newdecl if
	different bindings levels.

	* configure.in: Test ln -s by symlinking gcc.c.

	* configure.in (i[3456]86-dg-dgux): Add wildcard for version.

	* crtstuff.c (__do_global_ctors_aux): Switch back to text section
	in proper place.

	* rtlanal.c (rtx_varies_p, case REG): pic_offset_table_rtx is fixed.
	* genattrtab.c (pic_offset_table_rtx): Define (dummy).
	* cse.c (set_nonvarying_address_components): Understand PIC refs.

	* loop.c (strength_reduce): When placing increment for auto-inc
	case, do comparison in loop order.

	* i860.c (output_delayed_branch): Add missing arg to recog.
	(output_delay_insn): Add missing arg to constrain_operands.

	* configure.in: Truncate target after finished comparing it with host.

	* i386.h (MAX_FIXED_MODE_SIZE): Delete.

	* c-parse.in (expr_no_comma): Clarify undefined error.

	* prefix.c (get_key_value): Don't default to PREFIX here.
	(translate_name): Remove bogus addition of "$" if getenv fails;
	clean up application of default value of PREFIX.

	* fold-const.c (fold_convert): Call force_fit_type even if input
	already overflows.

Fri Feb  6 07:45:01 1998  Robert Hoehne <robert.hoehne@gmx.net>

	* i386/xm-go32.h (HAVE_{BCOPY,BZERO,BCMP,RINDEX,INDEX}): Define.

        * gcc.c (main): Treat paths starting with '$' or DOS drives
	as absolute in standard_startfile_prefix.

Thu Feb  5 21:07:12 1998  John David Anglin  <dave@hiauly1.hia.nrc.ca>

	* cpplib.c (IS_INCLUDE_DIRECTIVE_TYPE): Add casts from enum to int.
	* cccp.c (IS_INCLUDE_DIRECTIVE_TYPE, handle_directive): Likewise.

Thu Feb  5 19:00:44 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* expr.c (expand_expr, case CONSTRUCTOR): Correct shift count
	when making signed bit field; use EXPAND_NORMAL, not 0.

Thu Feb  5 17:42:43 1998  Manfred Hollstein  <manfred@s-direktnet.de>

	* libgcc2.c (__clear_insn_cache): On sysV68 enable the memctl
	stuff only if MCT_TEXT is #define'd.

Thu Feb  5 17:32:01 1998  Robert Hoehne  <robert.hoehne@gmx.net>

	* Makefile.in: Changed most stamp-* to s-*.

Tue Feb  3 19:45:50 1998  James Hawtin <oolon@ankh.org>

	* i386/sol2.h (STARTFILE_SPEC, LIB_SPEC): Update -pg files.
	* configure.in (i[3456]86-*-solaris2*): Add gcrt1.o and gmon.o
	to extra_parts.

Tue Feb  3 17:28:48 1998  Christopher C Chimelis <chris@classnet.med.miami.edu>

	* configure.in (alpha*-*-linux-gnu*): Add extra_parts for crtstuff.

Tue Feb  3 17:18:19 1998  Richard Earnshaw  <rearnsha@arm.com>

	* arm.c (find_barrier): Fix one-too-many bug if fail to find barrier.

	* arm.c (arm_reload_in_hi): Handle cases where the MEM is too 
	complex for a simple offset.

Tue Feb  3 16:14:21 1998  Robert Hoehne  <robert.hoehne@gmx.net>

	* i386/xm-go32.h (EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX): Define.

	* configure.in (i[3456]86-pc-msdosdjgpp*): New entry.

Tue Feb  3 07:33:58 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* explow.c (probe_stack_range): Properly check for small
	number of probes.

	* gcc.c (process_command, case 'V'): Validate arg.

	* configure.in (sbrk): Add check for needed declaration.
	* acconfig.h (NEED_DECLARATION_SBRK): New entry.
	* toplev.c (sbrk): Update declaration conditional.
	* mips-tfile.c (sbrk, free): Likewise.

	* sparc/sysv4.h (DBX_REGISTER_NUMBER): Remove abort.

	* mips.c (mips_expand_prologue): Pass reg 25 to gen_loadgp.
	* mips.md (loadgp): Add second operand for register number to add.
	(builtin_setjmp_receiver): Pass new label and reg 31 to loadgp.

	* toplev.c: Include insn-codes.h, insn-config.h, and recog.h.
 	(compile_file): Try to emit nop to separate gcc_compiled symbol.
	* Makefile.in (toplev.o): Depends on insn-{codes,config}.h, recog.h.

Tue Feb  3 06:58:46 1998  Mark Mitchell  <mmitchell@usa.net>

	* integrate.c (get_label_from_map): New function.
	(expand_inline_function): Use it.
	Initialize label_map to NULL_RTX instead of gen_label_rtx.
	(copy_rtx_and_substitute): Use get_label_from_map.
	* integrate.h (get_label_from_map): New function.
	(set_label_from_map): New macro.
	* unroll.c (unroll_loop, copy_loop_body): Use them.
Mon Feb  2 16:33:01 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* i386.md (mov{si,hi,sf,df,xf}cc{,_1}): Remove cases with branches.

	* rs6000/x-aix31 (INSTALL): Deleted.
	* mips/x-dec-osf1, mips/x-osfrose, i386/x-osfrose: Likewise.
	* arm/x-riscix: Likewise.

	* c-typeck.c (signed_or_unsigned_type): Properly handle pointer types.

Mon Feb  2 15:33:58 1998  Michael P. Hayes  <michaelh@ongaonga.chch.cri.nz>

	* unroll.c (copy_loop_body):  Use single_set instead of
	PATTERN to detect increment of an iv inside a PARALLEL.

Fri Jan 16 20:29:50 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* toplev.c (<unistd.h>): New include.
	(get_run_time): Prefer CLK_TCK (if available) to HZ, and
	prefer sysconf (_SC_CLK_TCK) (if available) to CLK_TCK.
	* configure.in (sysconf): Call AC_CHECK_FUNCS.

Wed Jan 14 20:10:51 1998  Paul Eggert  <eggert@twinsun.com>

	* cccp.c: (rescan): Don't report line 0 as the possible real start
	of an unterminated string constant.
	Don't mishandle backslash-newlines that in are the output of
	a macro expansion.  Properly skip // style comments between a function
	macro name and '(', as well as backslash-newlines in comments there.
	(handle_directive): Handle / \ newline * between # and directive name.
	In #include directives, \ does not escape ".
	(do_include): For `#include "file', do not bother expanding into temp
	buffer.  When error encountered when expanding, do not try result.
	(skip_if_group): When skipping an include directive, use include
	tokenization, not normal tokenization.  Backslash-newline is still
	special when skipping.  Handle * \ newline / correctly in comments
	when skipping.
	(skip_quoted_string): After \ newline, set *backslash_newlines_p
	even if count_newlines is 0.
	(macroexpand): Newline space is not a special marker inside a string.
	(macroexpand, macarg): Do not generate \ddd for control characters
	when stringifying; the C Standard does not allow this.
	(macarg1): New arg MACRO.  All callers changed.
	Do not treat /*, //, or backslash-newline specially when processing
	the output of a macro.
	(discard_comments): Don't go past limit if looking for end of comment.
	Discard backslash-newline properly when discarding comments.
	(change_newlines): \" does not end a string.
	(make_definition): Do not treat backslash-newline specially, as it
	has already been removed before we get here.
	* profile.c (output_func_start_profiler): Don't fflush output
	if -quiet.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Likewise.

	* i386/x-sco5 (CC): Remove trailing white space.
	* x-convex (CCLIBFLAGS): Likewise.
	* arm/t-semi (LIBGCC2_CFLAGS): Likewise.

Wed Jan  7 18:02:42 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* Version 2.8.0 released.

Wed Jan  7 17:54:41 1998  J. Kean Johnston  <jkj@sco.com>

	* i386/sco5.h ({END,START}FILE_SPEC): Link with correct crtbegin.o
	and crtend.o when using -static.

Wed Jan  7 17:49:14 1998  Jan Christiaan van Winkel <Jan.Christiaan.van.Winkel@ATComputing.nl>

	* cppexp.c (gansidecl.h): Include.

Wed Jan  7 17:45:07 1998  Tristan Gingold  <gingold@puccini.enst.fr>

	* expr.c (get_push_address): Use copy_to_reg instead of force_operand.
	(emit_push_insn): Avoid null pointer deference if aggregate has no
	(expand_expr): Avoid finite but useless recursion.
	(expand_builtin): Fix typo in calling function.
	* function.c (assign_parms): Avoid useless call to chkr_set_right.

Wed Jan  7 17:31:13 1998  Christian Iseli  <Christian.Iseli@lslsun.epfl.ch>

	* combine.c (force_to_mode): Return if operand is a CLOBBER.

Wed Jan  7 17:23:24 1998  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

	* x-rs6000 (INSTALL): Remove.

	* jump.c (jump_optimize): Don't use a hard reg as an operand
	of a conditional move if small register classes.

Wed Jan  7 17:09:28 1998  Jim Wilson  <wilson@cygnus.com>

	* cse.c (max_insn_uid): New variable.
	(cse_around_loop): Use it.
	(cse_main): Set it.

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