ChangeLog-2000   [plain text]

2000-12-31  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* resource.c (mark_referenced_resources): Abort() before
	attempting to mark a pseudo register.
	(mark_set_resources): Likewise.

2000-12-31  Philip Blundell  <>

	* config/arm/linux-gas.h (CLEAR_INSN_CACHE): Add missing asm

2000-12-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* dbxout.c (dbxout_block): Invert logic on eliding LBRAC/RBRAC.
	Initialize variables properly for DBX_LBRAC_FIRST.

2000-12-30  Richard Kenner  <>

	* expr.c (expand_expr, case COMPONENT_REF): Fix typo in last change.

2000-12-30  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (validate_arglist): New function, use it.

2000-12-30  Philip Blundell  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_expand_prologue): Fix typos in error
	message and comment.  Note location of testcase for an unhandled

2000-12-30  Jeffrey Oldham  <>

	* defaults.h (BUILD_VA_LIST_TYPE): New definition.
	* tree.c (build_common_tree_nodes_2): Ensure the va_list_type_node
	is a copy, not an alias.

2000-12-30  Richard Kenner  <>

	* calls.c (calls_function_1, case CONSTRUCTOR): New case.

	* alias.c (alias_sets_conflict_p): New function.
	(mems_in_disjoint_alias_sets_p): Use it.
	(readonly_fields_p): Moved from expr.c; check for record type.
	(objects_must_conflict_p): New function.
	* calls.c (expand_call): Use assign_temp as much as possible, use
	readonly variant if assigned once, and don't set memory attributes.
	(emit_library_call_value_1, store_one_arg): Likewise.
	* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Likewise.
	* stmt.c (expand_asm_operands, expand_return): Likewise.
	* expr.c (copy_blkmode_from_reg, store_constructor): Likewise.
	(store_field, save_noncopied_parts, expand_expr): Likewise.
	(expand_expr_unaligned): Likewise.
	(readonly_fields_p): Moved to alias.c.
	(safe_from_p): Rework handling of SAVE_EXPR.
	MEMs ony conflict if alias sets conflict; likewise for INDIRECT_REF.
	* function.c (struct temp_slot): Delete field ALIAS_SET; add TYPE.
	(assign_stack_for_temp): Use objects_must_confict_p.
	Set all memory attributes from type, if specified.
	(mark_temp_slot): Mark TYPE field.
	* tree.h (alias_sets_conflict_p, readonly_fields_p): New decls.
	(objects_must_conflict_p): Likewise.

	* stmt.c (expand_decl): Don't use assign_stack_temp in error case.
	(add_case_node): No need to copy nodes anymore.

2000-12-30  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/sh.c (split_branches): Don't dereference re-computed
	`beyond' before checking it's non-NULL.

2000-12-29  Robert Lipe <>

	Remove COFF support from i?86-pc-sco3.2v5.
	* i386/sco5.h (PREFERRED_DEBUGGING_TYPE): Change to Dwarf II.
	(TARGET_ELF): Now always true.
	(SUBTARGET_SWTICHES: )Remove -mcoff.


2000-12-29  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* varasm.c (output_constant_def): Don't ENCODE_SECTION_INFO
	twice.  Update desc->rtl and ->label, in case ENCODE_SECTION_INFO
	modifies them.

2000-12-29  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* ia64.c (ia64_expand_load_address): Accept additional scratch
	register argument.  All callers & prototype changed.
	Use scratch register when generating load_symptr insns.
	* (movdi_symbolic): Clobber a scratch register.  Use it
	when calling ia64_expand_load_address.
	(movdi): Generate movdi_symbolic with additional operand.
	(load_gprel64): Use pic_offset_table_rtx instead of (reg:DI 1).
	(load_symptr): Likewise.  Use additional operand as a scratch
	register instead of generating it here.

	* basic-block.h: Add a comment.
	* flow.c (PROP_POSTRELOAD): New macro.
	(update_life_info): Add it to prop_flags.
	(mark_set_1): If it is set, compute REG_N_SETS for the original
	register number of a hard reg.

	* emit-rtl.c (gen_raw_REG): New function.
	(gen_rtx_REG, gen_reg_rtx, init_emit_once): Use it instead of
	* print-rtl.c (print_rtx): Print ORIGINAL_REGNO.
	* final.c (alter_subreg): Update it.
	* regrename.c (do_replace): Likewise.  Use gen_raw_REG.
	* rtl.def (REG): Update comment.
	* rtl.h (X0UINT, ORIGINAL_REGNO): New macros.
	(gen_raw_REG): Declare.

2000-12-29  Richard Kenner  <>

	* tree.c (get_set_constructor_bits): Use host_integerp and

	* local-alloc.c (update_equiv_regs): Don't use copy_rtx on PATTERN.

	* toplev.c (main): Call xmalloc_set_program_name.
	* gcc.c (main): Likewise.

2000-12-29  Philip Blundell  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_override_options): Fix typo in warning

2000-12-29  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_expand_block_move): Initialize
	src_align and dst_align in bits.  Do unaligned quadword loads
	if possible for BWX too.
	(alpha_expand_block_clear): Initialize align in bits.  Track
	small leading offsets into a larger alignment.  Play games with
	stq_u for large 4-byte aligned blocks.  Use load/mask/store
	for appropreately aligned heads and tails.

2000-12-29  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* function.c (assign_parms): Convert arguments passed by
	reference to the right mode.

2000-12-28  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* (select_or_iter_stmt): Use truthvalue_conversion
	on the condition of a FOR statement, so that it gets typechecked
	and optimized.

2000-12-29  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Prevent crash in case of overflow in
	array size.

	* calls.c (emit_library_call_value_1): Add to call_fusage the
	stack slot assigned to argument passed by reference.

2000-12-28  Jeffrey Oldham  <>

	* toplev.h (extern really_sorry): Remove extern declaration for
        nonexistent function.

2000-12-28  Jeffrey Oldham  <>

	* varasm.c (initializer_constant_valid_p): Indicate subtraction of
	pointers to the same string constant is absolute.

2000-12-28  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (enum format_type): Add strfmon_format_type.
	(decl_attributes): Handle format attributes strfmon and
	(format_char_info): Update comment for flag_chars.
	(format_flag_spec): Add skip_next_char.
	(format_kind_info): Add left_precision_char.
	(printf_flag_specs, scanf_flag_specs, strftime_flag_specs,
	format_types): Update for these new structure members and flags.
	(time_char_table): Make const.
	(strfmon_length_specs, strfmon_flag_specs, strfmon_flag_pairs,
	monetary_char_table): New.
	(format_types): Add details of strfmon formats.
	(init_function_format_info): Create default attribute for strfmon.
	(check_format_info_main): Check the new flags.  Handle
	skip_next_char and left precision.
	* toplev.c (documented_lang_options): Update description of
	* extend.texi: Document strfmon format attributes.  Document
	attribute forms such as __printf__.  Clarify format_arg attribute
	* invoke.texi (-Wformat): Update for strfmon formats.

2000-12-28  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* expmed.c (store_bit_field): Fix last patch.

2000-12-28  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/crt1.asm (start_l): `__SH4_SINGLE_ONLY__' was missing
	the trailing `__'.

2000-12-28  Alan Lehotsky  <>

	* expmed.c (store_bit_field): Correctly compute smallest mode that
	is sufficient to contain all bits we are storing.

2000-12-27  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (build_function_call_expr): New function.  Use it
	everywhere in lieu of manually constructing a CALL_EXPR.

2000-12-27  Chandrakala Chavva  <>

	* calls.c (store_one_arg):  If parm is passed both in stack and in
	register and offset is greater than reg_parm_stack_space, split
	the offset and call emit_push_insn().

2000-12-27  Nick Clifton  <>

	* ifcvt.c (noce_emit_store_flag): Handle jump insns that are

2000-12-27  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* rtl.c (copy_most_rtx, shallow_copy_rtx): Copy frame_related

2000-12-27  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/ fix for ancient Bourne shell
	* fixinc/Makefile.BEOS: obsolete
	* fixinc/Makefile.DOS: obsolete
	* fixinc/ use `test -d' rather than `ls' for testing

2000-12-27  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* sched-deps.c (get_condition, conditions_mutex_p): New functions.
	(add_dependence): Use them to avoid adding unnecessary dependencies
	between conditionally executed insns.
	(sched_analyze_1, sched_analyze_2, sched_analyze_insn): Don't free
	dependency lists if current insn is a COND_EXEC.

2000-12-27  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/ (define_attr "length"): Correct

2000-12-26  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* config/h8300/h8300.c: Fix a comment typo.
	(get_shift_alg): Fix a typo in the assembly code for 12-bit
	ASHIFTRT in HImode.  Do not output extra whitespace after one line
	of assembly code.  Output a tab after an opcode instead of a
	(emit_a_shift): Output a tab after an opcode instead of a space.

2000-12-23  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (out_movqi_r_mr, out_movhi_r_mr, out_movsi_r_mr,
	out_movsi_mr_r, out_movqi_mr_r, out_movhi_mr_r): Use %o instead of
	%4 in output templates, do not modify operands passed by the caller.

2000-12-23  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	Don't define.
	* builtins.c (expand_builtin): Don't handle BUILT_IN_LABS,
	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Use BUILT_IN_ABS for
	builtin labs, llabs and imaxabs.
	(expand_tree_builtin): Don't handle BUILT_IN_LABS, BUILT_IN_LLABS

2000-12-23  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (builtin_function_2): New function.
	(c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Use it to define each pair (foo,
	__builtin_foo) of builtins in one place.

2000-12-22  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* Add libgcj and preprocessor categories.

2000-12-22  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (itanium_reorder): Only schedule stops in
	the final scheduling pass.

2000-12-22  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.h (struct machine_function): Add new field
	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_compute_save_reg_mask): Do not include the
	link register if its save has been eliminated.
	(output_arm_prologue): Mention if the save of the link register
	has been eliminated.
	(output_arm_epilogue): Rename 'live_regs_mask' to
	Test 'saved_regs_mask' for the link register, not regs_ever_live.
	(arm_expand_prologue): If the link register has not been saved set
	lr_save_eliminated and emit a USE to prevent later passes from
	scavenging it.

	* dwarf2out_frame_debug_expr: Allow the (scratch) frame
	pointer to be initialized from the stack pointer plus a

2000-12-22  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* regrename.c (struct du_chain): New field "earlyclobber".
	(enum scan_actions): Remove unused entry "note_reference".
	(enum scan_actions_name): Likewise.
	(note_sets, clear_dead_regs, merge_overlapping_regs): New static
	(regrename_optimize): Use them to compute unavailable regs; get
	rid of the more simpleminded code we used to have here.
	Use a tick array to ensure registers are allocated in a more
	round-robin way.  Disable code that only optimizes registers
	that were seen more than once.
	(referenced_regs): Remove variable.
	(scan_rtx_reg): New arg "earlyclobber".  All callers changed.
	Store its value in newly generated du_chain structures.
	Add new du_chains at the end, not the start, of the list.
	Don't handle the "note_reference" action.
	(scan_rtx): New arg "earlyclobber".  All callers changed.
	(build_def_use): Lose code to keep track of referenced regs.

2000-12-22  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (sched-deps.o, sched-rgn.o): Fix dependency typo.

	* fp-bit.h (usi_to_float): Add prototype.

	* i386.c (ix86_expand_builtin): Delete unused label.

	* dwarf2out.c (file_info_cmp): Prototype.
	(dwarf2out_line): Hide variable `old_in_use'.

	* objc-act.c (objc_fatal): Delete.

	* sched-vis.c (visualize_stall_cycles): Remove unused variable.

	* system.h (getopt): Fix error in last change.

	* varasm.c (assemble_trampoline_template): Constify.

2000-12-22  Jason Merrill  <>

	* collect2.c (main): Use auto_demangling.

2000-12-22  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* function.c (assign_parms): Update parm's DECL_INCOMING_RTL
	when optimizing PARALLEL to REG.

2000-12-22  Graham Stott  <>

	* reload.c (update_auto_inc_notes): New, broken out from ...
	(find_reloads_address_1): ... use here, also correct possible
	use of uninitialized reloadnum.

2000-12-21  David O'Brien  <>

	* config/freebsd.h (LIB_SPEC): remove -kthread option.

2000-12-22  Michael Hayes  <>

	* resource.c (mark_set_resources): Use MARK_SRC_DEST for

	* rtlanal.c (side_effects_p): Handle PRE_MODIFY and POST_MODIFY.

2000-12-22  Michael Hayes  <>

	* md.texi (Looping Patterns): New node.

2000-12-21  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcc.texi, cpp.texi: Update last-updated dates.

2000-12-21  Chandrakala Chavva  <>

	* varasm.c (output_addressed_constants): Use language specific
	expander on unknown nodes.

2000-12-21  Graham Stott  <>

	* combine.c (distribute_notes): Handle REG_NON_LOCAL_GOTO notes.

2000-12-21  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* (out_object_file): Depend on sched-int.h.
	* rtl.h (single_set_1): New macro.
	(single_set_2): Renamed from single_set_1 and extra argument added.
	* rtlanal.c (single_set_2): Likewise.

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h (get_bundle_name, ia64_issue_rate,
	ia64_adjust_cost, ia64_sched_init, ia64_sched_finish,
	ia64_sched_reorder, ia64_sched_reorder2, ia64_variable_issue):
	* config/ia64/ia64.c: Include "sched-int.h".
	(hard_regno_rename_ok): Also disallow renaming from the various
	reg_save_* regs.
	(ia64_safe_itanium_requiers_unit0, ia64_safe_itanium_class,
	ia64_safe_type, init_insn_group_barriers, group_barrier_needed_p,
	safe_group_barrier_needed_p, fixup_errata): New static functions.
	(rtx_needs_barrier):  Handle bundle selector and cycle display
	(emit_insn_group_barriers): Accept additional FILE * arg.  All
	callers changed.  Rework to only generate stop bits between
	basic blocks that haven't been inserted by scheduling.
	(struct bundle, struct ia64_packet): New structures.
	(NR_BUNDLES, NR_PACKETS): New macros.
	(bundle, packets, type_names): New static arrays.
	(ia64_final_schedule): New variable.
	(ia64_single_set, insn_matches_slot, ia64_emit_insn_before,
	gen_nop_type, finish_last_head, rotate_one_bundle, rotate_two_bundles,
	cycle_end_fill_slots, packet_matches_p, get_split, find_best_insn,
	find_best_packet, itanium_reorder, dump_current_packet, schedule_stop):
	New static functions.
	(ia64_issue_rate, ia64_sched_init, ia64_sched_reorder,
	ia64_sched_finish, ia64_sched_reorder2, ia64_variable_issue): New
	(ia64_reorg): Perform a final scheduling pass.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (CONST_COSTS): Slightly increase SYMBOL_REF costs.
	(ia64_final_schedule): Declare variable.
	* config/ia64/ (attr itanium_class): Add some more classes.
	(attr type): Account for them.
	(itanium_requires_unit0): New attribute.
	(function units): Rewrite.
	(some splitters): Don't create scheduling barriers here.
	(gr_spill_internal, gr_restore_internal): Don't predicate the
	(nop_m, nop_i, nop_f, nop_b, nop_x, cycle_display, cycle_display_1,
	bundle_selector): New patterns.
	(insn_group_barrier): Now has an operand.

2000-12-21  DJ Delorie  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (simple_decl_align_in_bits): new
	(field_byte_offset): Try both the type align and the
	decl align, use whichever works, preferring the type align.

2000-12-21  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* Fix typo.

2000-12-20  Benjamin Kosnik  <>

	* (gcc_gxx_target_include_dir): Use instead of
	build_tooldir and libstdcxx_incdir.

2000-12-20  Robert Lipe <>

	* haifa-sched.c (schedule_block): Provide empty source statement

2000-12-20  Richard Henderson  <>

	* rtl.h (REG_NON_LOCAL_GOTO): New.
	* rtl.c (reg_note_name): Update.
	* stmt.c (expand_goto): Emit a REG_NON_LOCAL_GOTO note.
	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_longjmp): Likewise.
	* flow.c (make_edges): Check for REG_NON_LOCAL_GOTO and do
	not emit an edge.

2000-12-20  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (out_movsi_r_mr, out_movsi_mr_r, out_movhi_mr_r):
	Do not output undefined opcodes where source or destination register
	overlaps with modified pointer register.  Handle (X + d) addresses.
	* config/avr/ (*movhi, *movsi, *movsf): Correct insn length
	in alternatives with memory operand.

2000-12-20  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-typeck.c (build_asm_stmt): New, broken out from ...
	(c_expand_asm_operands): ... here.  Just do rtl expansion.
	(c_expand_return): Return the new stmt node.
	(c_start_case, do_case): Likewise.
	* c-common.c (c_expand_expr_stmt): Likewise.
	* c-common.h: Update declarations.
	* c-tree.h: Likewise.
	* c-semantics.c (build_stmt): Use STMT_LINENO not TREE_COMPLEXITY.
	* (fndef): Set DECL_SOURCE_LINE to the open brace.
	(nested_function, notype_nested_function): Likewise.
	(compstmt): Return the compound statement not the binding level.
	(lineno_labeled_stmt): Simplify.
	(lineno_stmt, lineno_label): Set STMT_LINENO.
	(stmt, label): Return the new stmt node.

2000-12-20  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* (OBJS): Add sched-ebb.o.
	(sched-ebb.o): New rule.
	(sched-vis.o): Depend on hard-reg-set.h and $(BASIC_BLOCK_H).
	(haifa-sched.o): Depend on insn-flags.h.
	* haifa-sched.c: Include "insn-flags.h".
	(priority): Don't access BLOCK_NUM, use the new contributes_to_priority
	* rtl.h (schedule_ebbs): Declare.
	* sched-int.h (struct sched_info): Add new members
	contributes_to_priority and compute_jump_reg_dependencies.
	* sched-rgn.c (contributes_to_priority, compute_jump_reg_dependencies):
	New functions.
	(region_sched_info): Add them.
	* sched-vis.c: Include "hard-reg-set.h" and "basic-block.h".
	* sched-ebb.c: New file.
	* sched-deps.c (sched_analyze_insn): Add code to handle JUMP_INSNs.

	* flow.c (ior_reg_cond, and_reg_cond, elim_reg_cond): Properly
	handle all relational operators.

2000-12-20  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* final.c (output_addr_const): Use ASM_OUTPUT_SYMBOL_REF.
	* tm.texi: Document it.

2000-12-19  Benjamin Kosnik  <>

	* (-DGPLUSPLUS_TOOL_INCLUDE_DIR): Use build_tooldir
	instead of gcc_tooldir.

2000-12-19  John David Anglin  <>

	* system.h (getopt): Update prototype to match include/getopt.h.

2000-12-19  John David Anglin  <>

	From Jeff Law.
	* pa.c (basereg_operand): Simplify.

2000-12-19  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* haifa-sched.c (rm_line_notes): Arguments are now head and tail,
	not block number.  All callers and prototype changed.
	(set_priorities): Likewise.
	(save_line_notes): Add head and tail arguments; all callers and
	prototype changed.
	(restore_line_notes): Likewise.  Don't crash on insns generated
	during scheduling.
	(schedule_block): Don't use BLOCK_HEAD/BLOCK_END macros.
	Call MD_SCHED_INIT with additional argument.
	When starting a new cycle, emit cycle_display insns if available.
	Don't stop scheduling when encountering a JUMP_INSN, but add another
	call to schedule_more_p in the inner loop.
	Call MD_SCHED_REORDER2 after scheduling an insn.
	Call MD_SCHED_FINISH once all insns are scheduled.
	(sched_init): Compensate for the fact that get_block_head_tail
	doesn't include leading notes.
	* sched-deps.c (free_deps): Free vectors here.
	* sched-rgn.c (compute_block_backward_dependencies): Not here.
	(last_was_jump): New static variable.
	(schedule_more_p): Test it.
	(init_ready_list): Initialize it.
	(can_schedule_ready_p): Set it if we have a JUMP_INSN.

	* config/i386/i386.h (MD_SCHED_INIT): Add new arg.
	* config/m32r/m32r.h (MD_SCHED_INIT): Add new arg.
	* config/sparc/sparc.h (MD_SCHED_INIT): Add new arg.

	* md.texi (cycle_display): Document.
	* tm.texi (MD_SCHED_INIT): Document new arg.

	* flow.c (ior_reg_cond, nand_reg_cond, not_reg_cond): Rewrite
	to use different representation.  All callers changed.
	(and_reg_cond): Renamed from nand_reg_cond; caller changed.
	(init_propagate_block_info): Don't test flags to determine
	whether to compute conditional lifetimes.
	Adjust code for new representation of conditional lifetimes.
	(mark_regno_cond_dead): Similar adjustment.
	(free_reg_cond_life_info): Similar adjustment.
	(elim_reg_cond): New function.
	(flush_reg_cond_1): Use it.

2000-12-19  Catherine Moore  <>

	* reload1.c (reload_combine): Take multi-hard-regs into account
	when processing CALL_INSN_FUNCTION_USAGE.

2000-12-19  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* invoke.texi (-print-search-dirs): Make references to cpp refer
	to cpp0 instead.

2000-12-18  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* fold-const.c (tree_expr_nonnegative_p): Treat truth values as

Tue Dec 19 00:37:08 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* reload.c (push_reload): When using a dying register for the reload
	register in an in-out reload, use outmode if wider than inmode.

2000-12-19  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* config/d30v/d30v.h (EXIT_BODY): Update comment.

2000-12-18  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* config.gcc (*-*-linux*): Don't define HAVE_ATEXIT or BSTRING.
	* tm.texi (EXIT_BODY): Update documentation.
	* config/freebsd.h, config/netware.h, config/arm/coff.h,
	config/arm/conix-elf.h, config/arm/unknown-elf.h,
	config/d30v/d30v.h, config/mcore/mcore.h, config/pj/pj.h,
	sparc/sp86x-aout.h: Remove definitions of HAVE_ATEXIT (some
	commented out) and associated comments.

2000-12-18  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (STD_C9L, ADJ_STD): Define.
	(printf_length_specs, scanf_length_specs): Mark "ll" as standard
	(T99_LL): Rename to T9L_LL.
	(T99_ULL): Rename to T9L_ULL.
	(print_char_table, scan_char_table): Use T9L_LL and T9L_ULL
	instead of T99_LL and T99_ULL.
	(check_format_info_main): Use ADJ_STD on all format standard
	versions being compared.
	* c-common.h: Declare warn_long_long.
	* c-tree.h: Don't declare warn_long_long.

2000-12-18  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* COPYING: Update to current (fixes references
	to 19yy as example year in copyright notice).

2000-12-18  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-lex.c (cb_file_change): Treat in_system_header as strictly
	boolean (0 or 1).

2000-12-18  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppmain.c: Update print.lineno with -P.

2000-12-18  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-lex.c: s/change_file/file_change.
	* cpplib.h: Similarly.
	* cppmain.c: Similarly.
	* fix-header.c: Similarly.
	* cppfiles.c (stack_include_file): Pass the buffer location and
	size to cpp_push_buffer.  Generate the file_change callback,
	so that sysp is already set.
	* cpphash.h: Add _cpp_do_file_change.
	* cpplib.c (do_line): Set buffer->sysp directly. Generate the
	file_change callback after setting sysp.
	(_cpp_do_file_change): Handle FC_ENTER and the FC_RENAME exception
	(cpp_push_buffer): Don't generate a callback.  Clear sysp.
	(cpp_pop_buffer): Clean up logic.

2000-12-18  Benjamin Kosnik  <>

	* (gcc_gxx_include_dir): Simplify.
	(libstdcxx_incdir): Export.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	(libstdcxx_incdir): Add.
	* cppdefault.c (GPLUSPLUS_TOOL_INCLUDE_DIR): Add search path.

2000-12-18  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-lex.c (lex_lineno): Remove.
	(init_c_lex, c_lex): Remove lex_lineno.
	(cb_change_file): Update lineno correctly, both before calling
	push_srcloc and before leaving the function.
	(cb_def_pragma): Set lineno before outputting diagnostics.

Sun Dec 17 18:45:41 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* print-tree.c (print_node): Print DECL_USER_ALIGN and TYPE_USER_ALIGN.
	Use print_node_brief to print bounds.

2000-12-17  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_reader): Remove references to string_pool
	and temp_string_pool.
	* cppinit.c (cpp_create_reader, cpp_cleanup): Similarly; using
	ident_pool in place.
	* cpplex.c (parse_number, unescaped_terminator_p, parse_string,
	save_comment, cpp_token_as_text): Similarly.
	* cpplib.c (do_define, glue_header_name, parse_assertion): Similarly.
	* cppmacro.c (make_number_token, builtin_macro, lock_pools,
	unlock_pools, stringify_arg, paste_tokens): Similarly.

Sun Dec 17 12:41:48 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (loc_descriptor_from_tree, case NOP_EXPR): New case.
	(loc_descriptor_from_tree, case CONVERT_EXPR): Likewise.
	(loc_descriptor_from_tree, case NON_LVALUE_EXPR): Likewise.

2000-12-17  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* (check-po): Use $(MAKE).
	(risky-stage1, risky-stage2, risky-stage3, risky-stage4): Likewise.

2000-12-17  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppmain.c (check_multiline_token): New function.
	(scan_buffer): Use it.
	(cb_change_file): Restructure to avoid warning.
	* cpperror.c (print_location): Initialize col.

2000-12-14  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* protoize.c (main): Correctly set locale categories.
	* gcc.c (main): Likewise.
	* cppmain.c (general_init): Likewise.
	* toplev.c (main): Likewise.
	* gcov.c (main): Likewise.
	* collect2.c (main): Likewise.

2000-12-17  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Create a
	cstring_endlink, use it.  Rename int_ftype_string_string to
	int_ftype_cstring_cstring, string_ftype_string_int to
	string_ftype_cstring_int, and string_ftype_string_string to
	string_ftype_cstring_cstring.  Prefer sizetype_endlink and
	int_endlink to manually recreating them.  Fix the prototype
	set for __builtin_strspn/__builtin_strcspn.

2000-12-12  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (out_set_stack_ptr): Update comment.
	(print_operand): Add support for %~ and %o.

2000-12-17 Herman A.J. ten Brugge <>

	* c4x.h: Add ASM_OUTPUT_DEF definition for bounded pointer code.

2000-12-17  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-lex.c: Move main_input_filename handling to FC_ENTER. Clean up.
	* cpperror.c (print_containing_files): Get right line number.
	(print_location): Output column of 1 if 0.
	* cppfiles.c (stack_include_file): cpp_push_buffer handles
	the callback.
	* cpphash.h (_cpp_do_file_change): No longer external.
	* cpplib.c (do_file_change): Now local to cpplib.c.
	(do_line): Fake a buffer stack for preprocessed files.
	(cpp_push_buffer): Create a file_change callback.  Handle faked
	(cpp_pop_buffer): Similarly.
	* cpplib.h: BUF_FAKE: New buffer type.
	* cppmain.c: Update to handle correct file renaming where a
	#line is the first line of the main file, and produce only
	the renamed file, not the original file, as output.

2000-12-17  Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/c4x/ Remove redundant @s from output patterns.

2000-12-17  Michael Hayes  <>
            Herman A.J. ten Brugge <>

	* config/c4x/c4x.h (REGISTER_TARGET_PRAGMAS): Call c4x_init_pragma.

	* config/c4x/c4x-protos.h (c4x_init_pragma): New prototype.

	* config/c4x/c4x.c (c4x_init_pragma): New function.
	(c_lex_func): New variable.
	(c4x_parse_pragma): Use c_lex_func.

2000-12-17  Michael Hayes  <>
            Herman A.J. ten Brugge <>

	* config/c4x/c4x.h (MD_INIT_BUILTINS): Add void_list_node argument
	to c4x_init_builtins.

	* config/c4x/c4x-protos.h (c4x_init_builtins): Add tree argument.

	* config/c4x/c4x.c (c4x_init_builtins): Add tree argument.
	(c4x_output_ascii):  Fix.

2000-12-17  Michael Hayes  <>
            Herman A.J. ten Brugge <>

	* config/c4x/c4x.h (MD_INIT_BUILTINS, MD_EXPAND_BUILTIN): Define.

	* config/c4x/c4x-protos.h (c4x_init_builtins): New prototype.
	(c4x_expand_builtin): Likewise.

	* config/c4x/c4x.c (c4x_init_builtins): New function.
	(c4x_expand_builtin): Likewise.

	* config/c4x/ (floatunsqihf2): New pattern.
	(*floatqihf2_set, *fixhfqi_set, fix_trunchfqi2): Likewise.
	(fixuns_trunchfqi2, toieee, frieee, *ldhf_conditional): Likewise.
	(*ldhf_conditional_noov, movhfcc, trap, cond_trap_cc): Likewise.
	(*toieee_movqf_clobber, *frieee_movqf_clobber): Likewise.

2000-12-17  Michael Hayes  <>

	* libgcc2.h: Use Wtype for SItype and DWtype for DItype in prototypes.
	* libgcc2.c (__absvsi2): Use Wtype and DWtype.
	(__absvdi2, __addvsi3, __addvdi3, __subvsi3): Likewise.
	(__subvdi3, __mulvsi3, __mulvdi3, __negvsi2, __negvdi2): Likewise.

2000-12-16  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/sh.h (INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Enclose the block
	statement in do/while(0).

Sat Dec 16 19:56:24 MET 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* (ashrsi3_cmpno, ashrhi3_cmpno, ashrqi3_cmpno, lshrsi3_cmpno,
	lshrhi3_cmpno): Remove redundant '@' from the template.

	* (cmpstrsi_1): Fix type of the compare.

	* genattrtab.c (attr_rtx_cost): New function.
	(simplify_test_exp): Avoid overactive inlining; use temporary
	obstacks for tests.

Sat Dec 16 10:41:11 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* diagnostic.c (finish_abort): Deleted.
	(fatal): Add code from finish_abort.
	(error_recursion, fancy_abort): Call fatal, not finish_abort.
	(trim_filename): Remove leading "../".
	* diagnostic.h (finish_abort): Deleted.
	* toplev.c (crash_signal): Call fatal, not finish_abort.

	* stor-layout.c (place_field): Treat overflowing DECL_SIZE_UNIT
	as if size were variable.

	* expmed.c (expand_mult): Write REG_EQUAL note with proper mode.

2000-12-16  Neil Booth  <>

	* tradcpp.c: T_WARNING: New.
	(do_warning): New function.
	(finclude): Skip past the newline and increase the line number
	before calling output_line_command.
	(do_line): Skip the new line after output_line_command.  Don't
	pre-decrement the line number.

2000-12-15  Diego Novillo  <>

	* i386/unix.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK): Fix references to
	_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ when using Intel syntax.

2000-12-15  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* gcc.c (cpp_options): Pass -fno-operator-names.
	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_options): Add operator_names.
	* cppinit.c (cpp_create_reader): Initialize it.
	(initialize_builtins): If -fno-operator-names, don't add
	C++ alternate operator names.
	(COMMAND_LINE_OPTIONS): Add -fno-operator-names.
	(cpp_handle_option): Clear operator_names.

2000-12-15  Jason Merrill  <>

	* jump.c (jump_optimize_1): Don't delete the line note after the
	prologue even if it seems redundant.

	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_expand_prologue): Set RTX_FRAME_RELATED_P
	on all insns used to adjust the stack.

Fri Dec 15 15:32:16 MET 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* combine.c (cant_combine_insn_p): Get around SUBREGs when determining
	hardreg<->reg moves.

Fri Dec 15 14:48:37 MET 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* genrecog.c (add_to_sequence): Remove special case for
	(maybe_both_true): Return 1 when falling out of sequence when
	trying to find common position in the pattern.

Fri Dec 15 14:44:51 MET 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* integrate.c (copy_rtx_and_substitute): Copy mode too.

Fri Dec 15 14:11:57 MET 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* flow.c (notice_stack_pointer_modification_1): Cleanup.

2000-12-15  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* function.c (adjust_trampoline_addr): New function.
	(trampoline_address): Call it instead of round_trampoline_addr().
	* tm.texi (TRAMPOLINE_ADJUST_ADDRESS): Document it.

2000-12-14  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppfiles.c (hack_vms_include_specification): Delete function
	(not used since 1998).

Fri Dec 15 03:37:51 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* haifa-sched.c (sched_init): Don't put a note in front of any BARRIER.

2000-12-14  Jim Wilson  <>

	* alias.c (get_alias_set): Call record_component_aliases for
	(record_component_aliases): Handle COMPLEX_TYPE.

2000-12-14  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* fixinc/gnu-regex.c: Disable NLS.

2000-12-14  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_emit_conditional_move): Do not swap
	comparison operands when that would create non-canonical rtl.

	* config/i386/ (umulsi3_highpart): Remove * from name.
	(smulsi3_highpart): Likewise.

2000-12-14  Neil Booth  <>

	* gcc.c (cpp_options): Add -remap.

2000-12-14  Neil Booth  <>

	* gcc.c (cpp_options): Update to use '&'.
	(struct switchstr): Change type of validated to save space.
	New member 'ordering'.
	(handle_braces, validate_switches): Update to handle '&'.

2000-12-13  Laurynas Biveinis  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def: skip stdio_va_list fix if __DJ_va_list
	found in a header.
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: regenerated.

2000-12-13  DJ Delorie  <>

	* config.gcc (cygwin, win32, mingw32): Use float-i386.h.

2000-12-13  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcc.c (handle_braces): Handle %{<S*} spec correctly.

2000-12-13  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* function.c (assign_parms): Optimize incoming PARALLELs into
	REGs if possible.

2000-12-13  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/*): substantial rewrite to accommodate systems
	that cannot handle bi-directional pipes, viz. BeOS and DOS.
	* fixinc/fixlib.h(IGNORE_ARG): new macro
	(STATIC): define for all of fixinc to use
	* fixinc/fixfixes.c(*): eliminate unused arg warnings
	* fixinc/fixtests.c(*): ditto
	* fixinc/fixincl.c(start_fixer): chain_open now uses const arg list
	* fixinc/gnu-regex.c: reorder some includes to avoid _GNU_SOURCE
	warning.  Also, eliminate the ``#ifdef emacs'' stuff.
	(re_syntax_options): make global as it is declared so.
	* fixinc/ process the argument list more consistently
	(beos/msdosdjgpp): set TARGETS to twoprocess vs. oneprocess
	* fixinc/procopen.c(globals): include "fixlib.h" for std defs
	* fixinc/server.c(globals): ditto
	* fixinc/server.h(defines): ditto

2000-12-13  Neil Booth  <>

	* tradcpp.c (special_symbol): Improve test for definedness,
	though it is still not perfect.
	(do_define): Don't define illegal macro names.

2000-12-07  Aldy Hernandez  <>

	* config/mips/elf.h (ASM_OUTPUT_SECTION_NAME): emit @nobits
	if changing into .bss section.
	* config/mips/elf64.h: same.
	* config/mips/iris6.h: same.
	* config/mips/netbsd.h: same.
	* config/mips/openbsd.h: same.

2000-12-13  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppfiles.c (read_name_map): Return null if open () fails.
	(remap_filename): Simplify logic.  Add ICE if it doesn't work
	as expected. Perform secondary lookup attempt on base filename

Wed Dec 13 19:48:04 MET 2000  Jan hubicka  <>

	* flow.c (notice_stack_pointer_modification_1): Notice midifications

Wed Dec 13 17:25:32 MET 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* genoutput.c (process_template): Add sanity checking for '@' templates.

2000-12-13  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* simplify-rtx.c (cselib_finish): Free reg_values and used_regs

2000-12-12  Mike Stump  <>

	* (distclean): Remove safe-ctype.c as well.

2000-12-12  Brad Lucier <>

	* tradcpp.c (do_error): Cast difference of pointers to int
	for error message.

2000-12-12  Franz Sirl  <>

	* config/rs6000/linux.h (HANDLE_PRAGMA_PACK_PUSH_POP): Move from here...
	* config/rs6000/sysv4.h (HANDLE_PRAGMA_PACK_PUSH_POP): here.

2000-12-12  Jim Wilson  <>

	* rtlanal.c (may_trap_p): Check operand modes of LE, LT, GE, and GT.

2000-12-12  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* Simplify language enabling/disabling code.
	* configure: Rebuilt.
	* ch/ (target_libs): Set.
	(build_by_default): Set to no.
	* cp/ (target_libs): Set.
	* f/ (target_libs): Set.
	* java/ (target_libs): Set.
	* objc/ (target_libs): Set.

2000-12-12  Neil Booth  <>

	* tradcpp.c (enum node_type): Add T_ERROR.
	(do_error): New function.
	(directive_table): Add #error handler.

2000-12-12  Franz Sirl  <>

	* (HAVE_AS_DWARF2_DEBUG_LINE): Enable .file/.loc check
	for powerpc*-*-*.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* config/rs6000/linux.h (HANDLE_PRAGMA_PACK_PUSH_POP): Define.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_unique_section): Use

Mon Dec 11 13:51:09 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* pa.c (cmpib_comparison_operator): Remove GEU and LTU.
	* pa.h (PREDICATE_CODES, cmpib_comparison_operator): Corresponding

2000-12-11  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/fixincl.tpl: initialize all fields for warnings
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: regenerate

2000-12-11  Neil Booth  <>

	* tradcpp.h: For tradcpp, NUL is not whitespace.

2000-12-11  Neil Booth  <>

	* fix-header.c (read_scan_file): Macro expansion is not a file buffer.

2000-12-05  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (compare_condition, compare_sign_p): New functions.
	(compare_diff_p, compare_eq_p): Call compare_condition.
	(out_tsthi, out_tstsi): Call compare_sign_p.
	(avr_progmem_p): Check for error_mark_node.

2000-12-11  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpperror.c (print_location): New function.
	(print_containing_files): Simplify.
	(_cpp_begin_message): Simplify and use print_location.
	* cppfiles.c (stack_include_file): Update.
	(_cpp_pop_file_buffer): Update.
	* cpphash.h (struct cpp_buffer): New members
	include_stack_listed and type.
	* cpplib.c (_cpp_handle_directive): Buffer->inc is not null.
	(run_directive): Take buffer type.  cpp_push_buffer cannot fail.
	(_cpp_do__Pragma, cpp_define, _cpp_define_builtin, cpp_undef,
	handle_assertion): Update.
	(cpp_push_buffer): Take a buffer type and file name.
	(cpp_pop_buffer): Update.  Clear include_stack_listed.
	* cpplib.h (input_stack_listing_current): Remove.
	(enum cpp_buffer_type): New.
	(cpp_push_buffer): New prototype.
	* cppmacro.c (builtin_macro): Simplify; buffer cannot be null.
	* fix-header.c (read_scan_file): Update.

2000-12-10  Robert Lipe <>

	* install.texi (i*86-*-sco3.2v5*): Remove information duplicated
	in html version.

2000-12-10  Richard Henderson  <>

	* genrecog.c (find_operand): Handle 'V' format code.
	(find_matching_operand): New.
	(validate_pattern): Accept '=' for an in-out operand if there
	is another operand with a matching constraint.

	* config/i386/ (andqi_ext_0_cc): Use matching constraint
	for op1 to op0.

2000-12-10  Richard Henderson  <>

	* genrecog.c (validate_pattern) [STRICT_LOW_PART]: Fix thinko.

2000-12-09  Richard Henderson  <>

	* genrecog.c (validate_pattern): Verify that ZERO_EXTRACT and
	STRICT_LOW_PART as SET_DEST have in-out constraints.

2000-12-09  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (check_function_format): Don't suggest adding format
	attributes to functions with no parameter to which to add them.

2000-12-09  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_expand_prologue): Mark the generated
	insn not the set as being DWARF2_FRAME_RELATED_P.

2000-12-09  Laurynas Biveinis  <>

	* use $(build_exeext) for all build
	system executable targets.

2000-12-09  Laurynas Biveinis  <>

	* install.texi: remove i[345]86-*-winnt3.5 section.
	* configur.bat: removed.
	* config/msdos: directory removed.

2000-12-09  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppfiles.c (NEVER_REREAD, DO_NOT_REREAD): Move from cpphash.h.
	* cpplex.c (parse_identifier): Improve diagnostic.
	(_cpp_lex_token): Return unconditionally at the end of a directive.
	* cpplib.c (read_flag): Verify legality of each flag.
	(end_directive): Resotre pfile->skipping before skip_rest_of_line.
	(do_line): Use the new read_flag.
	* cppmacro.c (struct cpp_macro, parse_arg, replace_args,
	check_macro_redefinition, parse_params): Rename var_args to

2000-12-09  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* .cvsignore: Add info files.

2000-12-08 Laurynas Biveinis <>

	* config/winnt: Remove obsolete directory.
	* install.texi (Configurations): Remove obsolete documentation for
	Windows NT.

2000-12-08  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* Don't define INSTALL_INFO.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* (INSTALL_INFO): Remove.
	(info): Depend on info files in source directory.
	(,, Build info files in source
	(distclean): Don't remove info files.
	(maintainer-clean): Remove info files from source directory.
	(install-normal): Depend on install-info.
	(install-info): Install info files from source directory, if they
	* texinfo.tex: Update to version 2000-11-09.08 from

2000-12-08  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* lcm.c (optimize_mode_switching): Check whether an insn is a NOTE
	before taking its NOTE_LINE_NUMBER.

2000-12-08  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/ (load_indirect_jump): Add pool ranges.

	* extend.texi: Document ARM "interrupt" function attribute.
	Mention that the ARM also support the "naked" function

	* config/arm/arm-protos.h (arm_current_func_type): Add

	* config/arm/arm.h (EXCEPTION_LR_REGNUM): Define.
	(struct machine_function): Add 'func_type' field.
	Define bit values for 'func_type' field.
	(ARM_FUNC_TYPE): New macro.
	(IS_INTERRUPT): New macro.
	(IS_VOLATILE): New macro.
	(IS_NAKED): New macro.
	(IS_NESTED): New macro.

	* config/arm/arm.c (isr_attribute_args): New Structure.  A
	list of "interrupt" function attribute modifiers.
	(arm_isr_value): New Function: Returns the type of the current
	interrupt function.
	(arm_compute_func_type): New Function: Computes the type of
	the current function.
	(arm_current_func_type): New Function: Returns the type of the
	current function.
	(use_return_insn): Use arm_current_func_type.
	(arm_valid_type_attribute_p): Accept "interrupt" function
	(arm_comp_type_attributes): Check "interrupt" attributes.
	(arm_valid_machine_decl): Accept "interrupt" function
	(arm_function_ok_for_sibcall): Do not allow interrupt
	functions to use sibcalls.
	(arm_naked_function_p): Delete.
	(print_multi_reg): Remove redundant parameter 'hat'.
	(arm_compute_save_reg_mask): New Function: Compute a bit mask
	of registers saved during the current function's prologue.
	(output_arm_return_instruction): Use arm_current_func_type.
	Generate return instruction when LR is not poppsed off the
	(arm_volatile_func): Delete.
	(output_arm_prologue): Use arm_current_func_type and
	Note presernce of interrupt functions.
	(arm_output_epilogue): Use arm_current_func_type and
	(arm_expand_prologue): Use arm_current_func_type and
	(arm_init_machine_status): Initialize func_type field, if
	(thumb_expand_prologue): Use arm_current_func_type.
	(output_thumb_prologue): Use arm_current_func_type.

2000-12-08  Brad Lucier <>

	* tradcpp.c (do_include): Make pointer differences 64-bit clean.

Fri Dec  8 08:23:29 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* fp-bit.c (_fpmul_parts): Use USItype variables as inputs
	for multiplies.

2000-12-07  Mike Stump  <>

	* (distclean): Remove alloca.c hashtab.c.

2000-12-07  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* (HOST_RTL): Add safe-ctype.o.
	(safe-ctype.o): New rule.
	* system.h: Include safe-ctype.h, not ctype.h.  No need to
	wrap ctype macros.

	* cpphash.h: Zap IStable and related macros.  Define is_* in
	terms of safe-ctype.h macros.
	* cppinit.c: Delete the IStable and all related code.

	* tradcpp.c: Delete is_idchar, is_idstart, is_hor_space, and
	is_space arrays.  Delete initialize_char_syntax.  Change all
	references to the above arrays to use macros instead.
	* tradcpp.h: Define is_idchar, is_idstart, is_space, and
	is_nvspace in terms of safe_ctype.h's macros.
	* tradcif.y: is_idchar, is_idstart are macros not arrays.

	* config/i370/i370.c, config/winnt/dirent.c,
	config/winnt/fixinc-nt.c, config/winnt/ld.c:
	Use uppercase ctype macros.  If we included ctype.h,
	include safe-ctype.h instead.

	* fixinc/fixfixes.c: Use uppercase ctype macros.  Don't test
	ISLOWER(c) before calling TOUPPER(c).
	* fixinc/fixincl.c (extract_quoted_files): Simplify out some gunk.
	* fixinc/gnu-regex.c: Include safe-ctype.h, not ctype.h.  No need to
	wrap ctype macros.  Don't test ISUPPER(x) before calling TOLOWER(x).

2000-12-07  DJ Delorie  <>

	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): preserve previous alignments when
	rebuilding array types.

2000-12-07  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppfiles.c (struct include_file): Move from cpphash.h.
	(_cpp_never_reread): New function.
	(open_file, read_include_file): Use it.
	(stack_include_file): Set the buffer's sysp according to the
	path in which the file was found.
	(find_include_file): Don't set sysp.
	(cpp_make_system_header, actual_directory): Update.
	(_cpp_execute_include): Do #include_next lookup handling here,
	not in cpplib.c.  Use _cpp_never_reread.
	* cpphash.h (struct_include_file): Remove.
	(struct cpp_buffer): New member sysp.
	(CPP_IN_SYSTEM_HEADER, _cpp_execute_include): Update.
	(_cpp_never_reread): New.
	* cpplib.c (read_line_number): Rename read_flag.  Rework slightly.
	(end_directive): Clear line_extension flag.
	(_cpp_handle_directive): Set line_extension flag for #number.
	(do_include_next): Handle path lookup in _cpp_execute_include.
	(do_line): Cleanup to use read_flag.  Don't allow flags in #line.
	(_cpp_do_file_change): Update.
	(do_pragma_once): Use cpp_never_reread.  Clean up.
	* cpplib.h (struct lexer_state): New member line_extension.

2000-12-07  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (calculate_global_regs_live): Force the stack pointer live
	after reload as well.

2000-12-07  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/Makefile.*(exeext): the variables are exeext, the
	substitution expression is build_exeext.

2000-12-07  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-common.c (parse_in): Make a cpp_reader *.
	* cppfiles.c (_cpp_fake_include): Remove.
	* cpphash.h: Similarly.
	* cpplib.c (do_line): Don't call _cpp_fake_include.  A valid
	#line always creates a callback; FC_RENAME if there are no
	#line flags.
	* fix-header.c (read_scan_file): cpp_push_buffer cannot fail.
	The first EOF must be our get_char buffer.

2000-12-07  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (warn_format_security): New variable.
	(check_format_info): Warn about non-literal formats with no format
	arguments if either -Wformat-nonliteral or -Wformat-security is
	(set_Wformat): Set warn_format_security for settings other than 1.
	* c-common.h (warn_format_security): Declare.
	* c-decl.c (c_decode_option): Decode -Wformat-security and
	* invoke.texi: Document -Wformat-security.
	* toplev.c (documented_lang_options): Include -Wformat-security
	and -Wno-format-security.

2000-12-07  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (check_format_info): Warn for non-constant format
	strings with strftime formats if -Wformat-nonliteral.  Where the
	format can convert arguments, if the format is not a string
	literal and there are no arguments to the format, give a different
	warning message from the general non-string-literal case.

2000-12-07  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (format_wanted_type): Add reading_from_flag.
	(print_char_table): Mark %s and %S formats with flag "R".
	(check_format_info_main): Set up reading_from_flag appropriately.
	If aflag, always set writing_in_flag rather than relying on the
	format used being a scanf format and so having it set.
	(check_format_types): Check for formats reading through null

2000-12-07  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* invoke.texi (-Wformat): Document what format features are

2000-12-06  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* config/h8300/h8300.h: Fix formatting.

2000-12-06      Joel Sherrill <>

	* config.gcc (a29k*-*-rtems*, arm*-*-rtems*, c4x-*-rtems*,
	h8300-*-rtems*, hppa1.1-*-rtems, *mips*-*-rtems*): New targets.
	* config.gcc (*-rtems*): Add support for gthr-rtems.h.
	* gthr-rtems.h, config/a29k/rtems.h, config/arm/rtems-elf.h,
	config/h8300/rtems.h, config/mips/rtems.h: New files.

2000-12-06  Mark Kettenis  <>

	* config.gcc: Reorganize handling of *-*-gnu*, to share target
	specific make details with Linux.  Update comments to clarify
	the distinction between GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd.

Wed Dec  6 19:22:02 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* contrib.texi: Fix my email address.  Update Per's
	list of contributions.

2000-12-06  Rodney Brown  <>

	* c-lex.c (cb_indent): Decorate `str' argument, unused on HP-UX.
	* collect2.c (scan_libraries): Remove unused `ch'.
	(COFF specific stuff): Prototype ldgetname.  Declare and prototype
	ldbtread and ldclose.

	* config/alpha/osf.h: Standarize copyright statement.
	* config/arc/arc.h: Likewise.
	* config/arm/elf.h config/arm/coff.h config/arm/aout.h: Likewise.
	* config/arm/arm.c config/arm/arm.h: Likewise.
	* config/elxsi/elxsi.h: Likewise.
	* config/i386/sco.h: Likewise.
	* config/m68k/crds.h config/m68k/hp320.h config/m68k/lynx.h: Likewise.
	* config/m68k/m68kv4.h config/m68k/next21.h: Likewise.
	* config/m68k/sun3.h: Likewise.
	* config/m88k/dgux.h config/m88k/dguxbcs.h: Likewise.
	* config/pdp11/2bsd.h config/pdp11/pdp11.h: Likewise.
	* config/romp/romp.h: Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/aix41.h: Likewise.
	* config/sparc/sysv4.h: Likewise.
	* config/we32k/we32k.c config/we32k/we32k.h: Likewise.
	* fixinc/gnu-regex.c fixinc/gnu-regex.h: Likewise.
	* cpplib.h cppexp.c cselib.h profile.c: Likewise.
	* longlong.h: Likewise.
	* libgcc2.c: Likewise.

2000-12-06 Herman A.J. ten Brugge <>

	* machmode.def: Use correct definition for BITSIZE on targets where

2000-12-06  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/Makefile.*: Reduce differences to (ultimately) reduce
	the number of them.

2000-12-06  J. David Anglin  <>

	* pa.c: Include expr.h before c-tree.h.
	(remove_useless_addtr_insns): Use reverse_condition_maybe_unordered
	instead of reverse_condition.
	(print_operand): Correct predicates for GT, GE, LT and LE.  Add
	(cmpib_comparison_operator): Add GEU and LTU codes.
	* pa.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Add codes for cmpib_comparison_operator.
	* (bltgt, bunle, bunlt, bunge, bungt, buneq, bunordered,
	bordered): New float conditional branch patterns.

Wed Dec  6 21:03:41 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* final.c (final_addr_vec_align): Fix clipping to BIGGEST_ALIGNMENT.

2000-12-06  Sylvain Pion  <>

	* cpplex.c (skip_escaped_newlines): Don't warn for spaces between
	backslash and newline, when inside a comment.

2000-12-06  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* invoke.texi: Use @table @samp instead of @itemize @minus for
	table of language standards.  Fix use of @pxref.  From Zack
	Weinberg.  Also exclude specs documentation from generated
	manpage, and create separate ENVIRONMENT section.

2000-12-06  Michael Matz  <>

	* gcse.c (compute_pre_data): Kill trapping expressions in
	destination blocks of abnormal edges.

2000-12-05  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.c (mn10300_print_reg_list): Added.
	(mn10300_get_live_callee_saved_regs): Likewise.
	(mn10300_gen_multiple_store): Likewise.
	(store_multiple_operation): Likewise.
	(expand_prologue): Use mn10300_gen_multiple_store().
	* config/mn10300/mn10300-protos.h (mn10300_print_reg_list): Added.
	(mn10300_get_live_callee_saved_regs): Likewise.
	(mn10300_gen_multiple_store): Likewise.
	(store_multiple_operation): Likewise.
	* config/mn10300/ (store_movm): Use a MATCH_PARALLEL
	tied to store_multiple_operation().

Tue Dec  5 20:09:14 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_setjmp_setup): Set

2000-12-05  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppfiles.c (stack_include_file): Push zero-length buffers
	in case of failure.  Return void, as we don't fail any more.
	(read_include_file): Check for files we shouldn't re-read.
	Don't return an error code; errors are implied by marking the
	(_cpp_execute_include): Move the recursion and in-macro checks
	here.  Update for stack_include_file not failing.
	* cpplib.c (cpp_push_buffer): Always succeed, since
	_cpp_execute_include performs the recursion check.  Tidy up.
	* cpplib.h (cpp_push_buffer): Update prototype.

2000-12-05  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* sched-vis.c (visual_tbl_line_length): New variable.
	(get_visual_tbl_length): Set it.
	(visualize_stall_cycles): Don't let stalls overrun

2000-12-05  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* global.c (global_conflicts): Allow for a REG_UNUSED note
	with a different mode to the REG set in the insn.

2000-12-05  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* ( Pass $WARN_CFLAGS into fixinc dir.

	* fixinc/ (FIXINC_DEFS): Add $(WARN_CFLAGS).

2000-12-05  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/*-gnu*): activate fixinc for GNU/Hurd and

2000-12-05  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* fixinc/ Run fixinc on netbsd.
	* fixinc/inclhack.def (machine/ansi.h): Run this rule on all files,
	to cope with aliased copies.
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: Regenerate.

2000-12-05  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* sched-vis.c: Guard with #ifdef INSN_SCHEDULING.
	* sched-rgn.c: Likewise.
	(rgn_print_insn): Fix output.

2000-12-05  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/Makefile.*: make these more consistent
	* fixinc/ enable BeOS fixincludes

2000-12-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* stmt.c (warn_if_unused_value): Move side effects test earlier.

2000-12-05  Alan Modra <>

	* bb-reorder.c (reorder_basic_blocks): Do check for EH edges even
	when using sjlj.

2000-12-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (calculate_global_regs_live): Only force stack pointer
	live before reload.  Force pic register live before reload.
	(insn_dead_p): Don't protect pic references from deletion.

2000-12-05  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* invoke.texi: Add support for using  Don't use

2000-12-04  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_override_options): Test 'insn_flags' not
	'tune_flags' for XScale nature.
	Remove spurious test of HARD_FLOAT and XScale flags.

	* config/arm/ (umulsidi3adddi): Restore "=&r" register
	contraint, accidentally changed during XScale contribution.

	* config/arm/lib1funcs.asm (interwork_call_via_, call_via_): Do
	not create these functions if the target architecture does not
	support Thumb instructions.

2000-12-04  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* ONEWS: New file with the current contents of NEWS up to EGCS
	* NEWS: Generate automatically from online release notes from EGCS
	1.0 to GCC 2.95.2, using ../contrib/gennews.

2000-12-04  Neil Booth  <>

	* tradcif.y: Move lexptr to top of file.  Add rule to handle
	assertions in conditional expressions.
	* tradcpp.c (parse_answer): Assertions do not need to go to
	end of line in conditional directives.
	(parse_assertion): Get first character of identifiers correct.
	(test_assertion): New function.
	* tradcpp.h (test_assertion): New prototype.

2000-12-01  Rodney Brown  <>

	* config.gcc: Fix typo for UnixWare 7.

2000-12-03  Phil Edwards  <>

	* invoke.texi:  Replace `pedwarns' with clearer text.

2000-12-04  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/Makefile.*(clean):  don't clean autogenerated files.
	(mainainer-clean): clean autogenerated files

2000-12-04  DJ Delorie  <>

	* md.texi: Add overview, clarify match_dup and define_expand.

2000-12-04  DJ Delorie  <>

	* print-tree.c (print_node): Target-specific builtins print
	numbers, not names.

2000-12-04  Jason Merrill  <>

	* stor-layout.c (int_mode_for_mode): Handle MODE_VECTOR_INT,

	* diagnostic.c (report_problematic_module): s/function/module/.

	* c-lex.h: Remove decl for check_newline.

2000-12-04  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* README.APOLLO: Remove obsolete file.

2000-12-04  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppinternals.texi: New file.

2000-12-04  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppfiles.c (cpp_make_system_header): Take 2 booleans,
	and operate on current buffer.
	(cpp_read_file): Rename _cpp_read_file.
	* cpplib.c (do_line, do_pragma_system_header): Update calls to
	* fix-header.c: Similarly.
	* cpphash.h (_cpp_read_file): Move from...
	* cpplib.h: ... here.
	* cppinit.c (do_includes, cpp_start_read): Update appropriately.

2000-12-03  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_strspn, expand_builtin_strcspn):
	Handle another transformation.

2000-12-03  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config.gcc: Add support for StrongARM targets.
	* config/arm/t-strongarm-elf: New file.
	* config/arm/t-strongarm-coff: New file.
	* config/arm/t-strongarm-pe: New file.
	* config/arm/strongarm-pe.h: New file.

2000-12-03  Nick Clifton  <>

	* NEWS: Mention XScale has been added.
	* config.gcc: Add support for XScale targets.
	* config/arm/arm.h: Add support for XScale processor.
	* config/arm/arm.c: Add support for XScale processor.
	* config/arm/ Add support for XScale processor.
	* config/arm/t-xscale-elf: New file.
	* config/arm/t-xscale-coff: New file.
	* config/arm/xscale-elf.h: New file.
	* config/arm/xscale-coff.h: New file.

2000-12-03  Richard Henderson  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (reorder_basic_blocks): Don't check for EH edges
	unless exception handling is enabled, and if not using sjlj.

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_setjmp_setup): New.
	(expand_builtin_setjmp_receiver): New.
	(expand_builtin_setjmp): Split out _setup and _receiver functions.
	Move argument parsing in from ...
	(expand_builtin): ... here.
	* except.c (receive_exception_label): Branch around receiver
	unless new-style exceptions.  Call expand_builtin_setjmp_receiver.
	(start_dynamic_handler): Call expand_builtin_setjmp_setup.
	* expr.h: Update builtin setjmp decls.

2000-12-03  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/ machine): Sometimes, there is no canonical
	build machine name.  Default to the target.

2000-12-03  Laurynas Biveinis  <>

	* use $(build_canonical), not $(canonical_build).

2000-12-03  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* (OBJS): Add sched-rgn.o.
	(sched-rgn.o): New rule.  * haifa-sched.c (sched_verbose): No
	longer static.
	MAX_BLOCKAGE_COST): Move to sched-int.h.
	IS_LOAD_INSN, struct haifa_edge, edge_table, NEXT_IN, NEXT_OUT,
	FROM_BLOCK, TO_BLOCK, nr_edges, in_edges, out_edges, IN_EDGES,
	OUT_EDGES, edgelst, struct region, nr_regions, rgn_table,
	rgn_bb_table, block_to_bb, containing_rgn, RGN_NR_BLOCKS,
	debug_regions, find_single_block_region, find_rgns, too_large,
	init_regions, current_nr_blocks, current_blocks, bitset, bitlst,
	bitlst_table_last, bitlst_table_size, bitlst_table, bitset_member,
	extract_bitlst, bblst, struct candidate, candidate_table,
	bblst_table, bblst_size, bblst_last, IS_VALID, IS_SPECULATIVE,
	SRC_PROB, target_bb, split_edges, compute_trg_info,
	debug_candidate, debug_candidates, bbset, bbset_size, dom,
	rgn_nr_edges, rgn_edges, edgeset_size, edgeset_bitsize,
	EDGE_TO_BIT, edge_to_bit, pot_split, ancestor_edges,
	compute_dom_prob_ps, ABS_VALUE, INSN_PROBABILITY,
	MIN_PROB_DIFF, check_live_1, update_live_1, check_live,
	update_live, set_spec_fed, is_pfree, find_conditional_protection,
	is_conditionally_protected, may_trap_exp, haifa_classify_insn,
	is_prisky, is_exception_free, add_branch_dependences,
	propagate_deps, compute_block_backward_dependences,
	debug_dependencies, is_cfg_nonregular, build_control_flow,
	CONST_BASED_ADDRESS_P, free_pending_lists, sched_target_n_insns,
	target_n_insns, sched_n_insns, init_ready_list, deaths_in_region,
	can_schedule_ready_p, new_ready, schedule_more_p, rgn_print_insn,
	rgn_rank, region_sched_info): Move to sched-rgn.c.
	(debug_reg_vector): Delete useless function.
	(get_bb_head_tail): Likewise.
	(insn_issue_delay, insn_cost, ready_add, get_block_head_tail,
	no_real_insns_p, rm_line_notes, save_line_notes,
	restore_line_notes, rm_redundant_line_notes, sched_init): No
	longer static.
	(rm_line_notes, save_line_notes, restore_line_notes,
	schedule_block, set_priorities): Change argument to be a real
	basic block, not one of haifa's "bb"s.  All callers changed
	(rm_other_notes): Initialize note_list here, not in
	(sched_finish): New function, called from schedule_insn.  * *
	MAX_BLOCKAGE_COST): Moved here from haifa-sched.c.
	(get_block_head_tail, no_real_insns_p, rm_line_notes,
	save_line_notes, restore_line_notes, rm_redundant_line_notes,
	rm_other_notes, insn_issue_delay, set_priorities, schedule_block,
	sched_init, sched_finish, ready_add, insn_cost): Declare.

2000-12-03  Laurynas Biveinis  <>
	    Bruce Korb  <>

	* pass $(build_canonical) to
	* fixinc/ accept build system name as an argument.
	Use it for choosing the fix build method.  Use the target for
	selecting special fix rules.

2000-12-03  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* (OBJS): Add sched-deps.o.
	(sched-deps.o): New rule.
	* haifa-sched.c (struct deps, struct haifa_insn_data): Moved to
	(SIZE_FOR_MODE): Delete unused macro.
	(reg_known_equiv_p, reg_known_value, reg_pending_clobbers,
	reg_pending_sets, reg_pending_sets_all, true_dependency_cache,
	anti_dependency_cache, output_dependency_cache,
	forward_dependency_cache): Variables moved to sched-deps.c.
	(add_dependence, remove_dependence, find_insn_list,
	find_insn_mem_list, add_insn_mem_dependence, flush_pending_lists,
	sched_analyze_insn, sched_analyze_1, sched_analyze_2,
	sched_analyze, group_leader, compute_forward_dependences,
	init_deps, free_deps, init_dependency_caches, free_dependency_caches):
	Functions moved to sched-deps.c.
	(schedule_region): Call init_deps_global and finish_deps_global
	instead of directly manipulating dependency data structures.
	* sched-deps.c: New file.
	(init_deps_global, finish_deps_global): New functions.
	* sched-int.h (struct haifa_insn_data, struct deps): Moved here from
	(h_i_d): Declare.
	from haifa-sched.c.

	* (OBJS): Add sched-vis.o.
	(sched-vis.o): New rule.
	* haifa-sched.c (get_unit_last_insn): New function.
	(sched_dump, insn_unit, actual_hazard_this_instance): No longer
	(schedule_block): Call visualize_alloc and visualize_free.  Delete
	spurious return statement.
	(init_target_units, insn_print_units, get_visual_tbl_length,
	init_block_visualization, print_block_visualization, safe_concat,
	visualize_scheduled_inns, visualize_no_unit, visualize_stall_cycles,
	print_exp, print_value, print_pattern, print_insn, target_units,
	MAX_VISUAL_LINES, INSN_LEN, n_visual_lines, visual_tbl,
	n_vis_no_unit, vis_no_unit): Move scheduling visualization
	* sched-vis.c:  New file.
	(visualize_alloc, visualize_free): New functions.
	(visualize_scheduled_insns, visualize_stall_cycles,
	print_block_visualization): Lose basic block argument.  All callers
	(visualize_scheduled_insns): Use new function get_unit_last_insn.
	* sched-int.h (current_sched_info, sched_dump): Declare.
	(init_target_units, insn_print_units, init_block_visualization,
	print_block_visualization, visualize_scheduled_inns,
	visualize_no_unit, visualize_stall_cycles, visualize_alloc,
	visualize_free): Declare functions.

	* sched-int.h: New file.
	* (haifa-sched.o): Depend on it.
	* haifa-sched.c: Include it.
	(no_real_insns_p): New function.
	(current_sched_info): New static variable.
	(__inline, HAIFA_INLINE): Moved to sched-int.h.
	(get_block_head_tail): Minor cleanup.
	(init_ready_list, can_schedule_ready_p, new_ready, schedule_more_p,
	rgn_print_insn, rgn_rank): New functions, broken out of
	rank_for_schedule, schedule_insn and schedule_block, where they
	are now called through function pointers in current_sched_info.
	(queue_insn, schedule_insn, queue_to_ready, debug_ready_list,
	print_insn): To display uid and block number, call the print_insn
	function pointer in current_schedule_info.
	(region_sched_info): New static variable.
	(sched_target_n_insns, sched_n_insns, target_n_insns): New global
	variables, moved out of schedule_block.
	(schedule_block): Return void.  All callers changed.
	Move some of the setup code into schedule_region.  Get head/tail
	from current_sched_info, and update it when done.
	(schedule_region): Slightly rearranged, some code moved here from
	schedule_block.  Call no_real_insns_p to avoid doing work for a
	block that consists only of notes and labels.
	(schedule_insns): Initialize current_sched_info.

2000-12-03  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppmacro.c (funlike_invocation_p): Re-disable macros enabled
	by contexts drops AFTER argument pre-expansion, so that they
	remain enabled during argument pre-expansion.
	(_cpp_pop_context): Unconditionally re-enable a macro when
	dropping a context level.

2000-12-03  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* arm/t-linux (MULTILIB_OPTIONS): Comment.
	(LIBGCC): Likewise.
	(INSTALL_LIBGCC): Likewise.

2000-12-02  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_strcat, expand_builtin_strncat,
	expand_builtin_strspn, expand_builtin_strcspn): New functions.
	(expand_builtin): Handle BUILT_IN_STRCAT, BUILT_IN_STRNCAT,


	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Declare builtin
	strcat, strncat, strspn and strcspn.
	(string_ftype_string_cstring): Renamed from `string_ftype_ptr_ptr'.

	* extend.texi (strcat, strcspn, strncat, strspn): Document new

2000-12-02  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_strcmp): Use const*_rtx when
	expanding strcmp at compile-time.  Add another transformation.
	(expand_builtin_strncmp): Add more transformations.  Call
	expand_builtin_memcmp, not expand_builtin_strcmp, under
	appropriate conditions if HAVE_cmpstrsi.

2000-12-02  David Edelsohn  <>

	* (anddi3_internal[23]): Prefer rldic? over andis
	(cr logic): Really make operands sequential.

2000-12-02  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* c-common.c (combine_strings): When the ISO C standard specifies
	the maximum length of a string, it doesn't include the trailing
	zero byte.

	* cpplib.c (do_ifdef): Add check_eol() call.
	(do_ifndef): Likewise.

2000-12-02  Daniel Berlin  <>
	    Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/*: global substitute /__MSDOS__/SEPARATE_FIX_PROC/
	* fixinc/ prepare to use Makefile.BEOS for *-*-beos*
	* fixinc/Makefile.DOS: define SEPARATE_FIX_PROC for build
	* fixinc/fixfix.c(wrap_fix): avoid wrapping files that
	use the "__need_" hackery.  It breaks them.
	* fixinc/fixincl.c(process - SEPARATE_FIX_PROC):
	Sometimes on DOS and BeOS the temp output file cannot be opened.
	Skip the file noisily.  Ought to be fixed instead.

2000-12-02  Bruce Korb  <>

	From: 2000-11-19  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* fixfixes.c (emit_gnu_type, format_write): Prototype.
	(format_write, char_macro_use_fix, char_macro_def_fix): Use gcc's
	custom uppercase ctype macros.
	* fixincl.c (do_version): Make static and add ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN.
	Use gcc's custom uppercase ctype macros.
	(main): Prototype.
	(machine_matches): Add static prototype and constify variable.
	(create_file, test_test, egrep_test): Add static prototype.
	(quoted_file_exists): Likewise, and constify parameters.
	(extract_quoted_files, internal_fix, start_fixer, fix_applies,
	write_replacement, test_for_changes): Add static prototype.
	(write_replacement, test_for_changes): Delete excess argument to
	* fixtests.c (test): Make static.
	* server.c (load_data, sig_handler, server_setup, find_shell): Add
	static prototype.
	(sig_handler): Mark parameter with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.

2000-12-02  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixnc/ remove from fixincludes exception list
	(per Laurynas Biveinis  <>)

2000-12-02  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	(REGNO_MODE_OK_FOR_BASE_P): Define in terms of above.
	both strict and non-strict uses.
	(REG_MODE_OK_FOR_BASE_P): Define in terms of above.
	(REG_OK_FOR_INDEX_P): Define in terms of above.
	(REG_OK_FOR_BASE_P): Delete.
	(ARM_GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS): Adjust for name changes.  Use ARM
	specific variants rather than general ones.  Use ARM_REG_OK_FOR_BASE_P
	in pre/post increment cases.
	* arm.c (legitimate_pic_address): Similarly.

2000-12-02  Neil Booth  <>

	* tradcpp.c (struct answer, parse_assertion, parse_answer,
	canonicalize_text, find_answer): New.
	(do_assert, do_unassert): Provide appropriate function bodies.
	(union hashval): New member answers.

2000-11-23  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* config/avr/ Document UNSPEC usage.
	(*tablejump_rjmp, *tablejump_lib, *tablejump_enh, *tablejump):
	Make operand 0 input only, clobber it.  Use UNSPEC, not a bogus
	MEM for program memory word reference.  Do not add the label to
	the table index in each of the asm output templates, instead ...
	(casesi): ... do it in RTL.  Adjust to match the above change.

2000-12-02  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* c-common.c (PTRDIFF_TYPE): Provide default here, ...
	* c-decl.c: ... not here.

	* haifa-sched.c (sched_dump): Renamed from dump.  All users changed.
	(old_max_uid): New variable.
	(compute_forward_dependences): Renamed from
	compute_block_forward_dependences; changed to accept block head and
	tail instead of block number.  Caller changed.
	(free_deps, init_dependency_caches, free_dependency_caches,
	init_regions, sched_init): New functions, split out from
	schedule_insns and compute_block_backward_dependences.

2000-12-02  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppexp.c (parse_number): Update diagnostic test.

2000-12-02  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* reload1.c (free_for_value_p): New function, frontend to
	reload_reg_free_for_value_p.  All callers of the latter now call
	this function with an additional mode argument.

2000-12-02  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* install.texi (Configurations): Remove obsolete documentation for

2000-12-02  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* install.texi (Installation): Remove obsolete description for
	libstdc++ which is now an integral part of GCC.

2000-12-01  Jim Blandy  <>

	* dbxout.c (dbxout_parms): Correctly describe parameters passed by
	invisible reference in registers, but then spilled to the stack.
	Remove code to emit a second stab for such parameters; it attempts
	to describe the value's location by introducing a synthetic C++
	`reference' type, and then saying the stack slot has that
	reference type.  This loses type information (breaking GDB's
	`ptype' command, among other things) just to describe a location
	which stabs can represent correctly in other ways.

2000-12-01  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* final.c (output_addr_const) <PLUS>: Don't assume at least one
	operand is a CONST_INT.

	* config/sh/sh.c (reg_class_from_letter): Assign `k' to SIBCALL_REGS.
	(machine_dependent_reorg): Split all insns.
	* config/sh/sh.h (CONDITIONAL_REGISTER_USAGE): Compute
	* config/sh/ (calli_pcrel, call_pcrel, call_valuei_pcrel,
	call_value_pcrel, call, call_value, sibcall): Match even when
	not optimizing.
	(sibcalli_pcrel, sibcall_pcrel): Likewise.  Use constraint `k'
	for call address.
	(sibcalli): Likewise.

2000-12-01  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (warn_format, warn_format_y2k,
	warn_format_extra_args, warn_format_nonliteral): Define.
	(check_format_info): Check warn_format_nonliteral and
	(check_format_info_main): Check warn_format_y2k.
	(set_Wformat): New function.
	* c-common.h (warn_format_y2k, warn_format_extra_args,
	warn_format_nonliteral, set_Wformat): Declare.
	* c-decl.c (warn_format): Remove definition.
	(c_decode_option): Handle -Wformat-nonliteral,
	-Wno-format-extra-args and -Wno-format-y2k, and negated versions.
	Use set_Wformat.
	* invoke.texi: Document these new options and -Wformat=2.
	* toplev.c (documented_lang_options): Add these new options.

2000-12-01  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* builtins.def (BUILT_IN_IMAXABS): Add.
	* builtins.c (expand_builtin): Also abort on BUILT_IN_IMAXABS.
	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Create builtin
	functions __builtin_imaxabs, and plain imaxabs unless
	flag_no_nonansi_builtin outside C99 mode.
	(expand_tree_builtin): Handle BUILT_IN_IMAXABS.
	* extend.texi: Document builtin imaxabs.

2000-12-01  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c: Include "defaults.h".
	(c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Create string_type_node,
	const_string_type_node, wint_type_node, intmax_type_node,
	uintmax_type_node, default_function_type, ptrdiff_type_node and
	* c-common.h (identifier_global_value): Declare.
	* c-decl.c (WINT_TYPE, INTMAX_TYPE, UINTMAX_TYPE): Don't define.
	(init_decl_processing): Don't create string_type_node,
	const_string_type_node, wint_type_node, intmax_type_node,
	uintmax_type_node, default_function_type, ptrdiff_type_node and
	(identifier_global_value): New function.

2000-12-01  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppinit.c (initialize): Forgotten prototype.
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_token): Loop until not skipping.
	Always clear PREV_WHITE upon meeting a new line.
	* cpplib.c (end_directive): Set pfile->skipping after
	* cpplib.h (cpp_reader): Remove macro_pos.
	* cppmacro.c (cpp_get_line): Don't do anything special inside
	(parse_arg): Add PREV_WHITE if a token appears after new lines.
	(funlike_invocation_p): Save and restore the output position
	over a successful check for a '('.
	(enter_macro_context): Delete uses of macro_pos.
	(cpp_get_token): Don't use pfile->skipping.

2000-12-01  Phil Edwards  <>

	* diagnostic.c:  Fix typos in comments.
	* diagnostic.h:  Likewise.

2000-11-30  Phil Edwards  <>

	* rtl.texi (Machine Modes):  Document BImode and OImode.

2000-12-01  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcc.c (default_compilers): Add suffixes .mi, .cp, .ii, .FOR and

2000-12-01  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): If pedantic, warn about arrays with
	incomplete element type.
	(grokparms): Before checking for incomplete parameter type, check
	the type isn't error_mark_node.

2000-12-01  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* builtins.c (target_char_cast): New function.
	(expand_builtin_strchr): Use it.
	(expand_builtin_strrchr): Use it.
	(builtin_memset_read_str): New function.
	(expand_builtin_memset): Use target_char_cast.
	Try to optimize memset with second argument nonzero using

2000-11-30  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* install.texi (avr): Replace incomplete list of supported MCU
	types with a link to the current one ...
	* invoke.texi (AVR Options): ... here.  Update -mmcu= to list
	all supported MCU types.  Document -minit-stack= default.
	Document new options -mno-tablejump, -mtiny-stack.
	* md.texi (AVR family):  Fix typo in 'w' constraint letter
	description.  Document 'q'.  Update 'O'.

2000-12-01  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* combine.c (cant_combine_insn_p): Only disallow insns involving
	hard regs if they are reg-reg moves.
	(try_combine, can_combine_p, combinable_i3pat): Delete old

2000-12-01  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/sh.c (shiftcosts): Don't get INTVAL before testing
	whether X is a CONST_INT.
	(addsubcosts): Likewise.

	* config/sh/sh.h (OUTPUT_ADDR_CONST_EXTRA): Use INTVAL instead of
	mis-used XINT.

2000-11-30  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/ (fpu_switch0, fpu_switch1, movpsi, fpu_switch,
	splits): Only match on TARGET_SH4.

	* combine.c (try_combine): Disregard USEs when updating LOG_LINKS
	of subsequent insns.

2000-11-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK): Disable.
	* config/alpha/alpha32.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK): Likewise.

2000-11-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/elf.h (ASM_OUTPUT_SECTION_NAME): Copy elfos.h defn.

2000-11-30  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* c-common.c (status_warning) [! ANSI_PROTOTYPES]: Load status
	from va_list before using it.

2000-11-30  Michael Matz  <>

	* flow.c (make_edge): Early out, if no flags to set.
	(calculate_global_regs_live): Clear out garbage only when necessary.

	* simplify-rtx.c (varray_type used_regs): New.
	(clear_table): Use it to only clear necessary items.
	(cselib_lookup, cselib_record_set): Remember newly set items.
	(cselib_update_varray_sizes, cselib_init): Initialize and grow

	* local-alloc.c (update_equiv_regs): New local `cleared_regs'.
	Move clearing of dead regs out of insn-loop.

2000-11-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Emit queued insns before creating
	the tail recursion sequence.

2000-11-30  J. David Anglin  <>
	    Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def(): prevent dual double definition protection
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: regenerate

2000-11-29  Loren J. Rittle  <>

	* fixinc/ (fixincl.x): Explicitly state the
	location of the generated file.

2000-11-30  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* README.FRESCO: Remove obsolete file.

2000-11-30  Mark Kettenis  <>

	TARGET_LIBGCC2_CFLAGS): Remove.  We now use the settings from
	config/t-linux for the Hurd.

2000-11-30  Stephane Carrez  <>

	* config/mn10200/udivmod.c, config/mn10200/divmod.c,
	config/mn10200/udivmodsi4.c: Moved from here.
	* config/udivmod.c, config/divmod.c, config/udivmodsi4.c: To here.
	* config/mn10200/t-mn10200 (LIB2FUNCS_EXTRA): Use the generic
	C division functions.
	* config/m68hc11/t-m68hc11-gas (LIB2FUNCS_EXTRA): Likewise.

Thu Nov 30 01:12:52 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (conditional moves): Avoid holes in operand list.
	(mod, umod patterns): Similarly.
	(variable extract/shift patterns): Similarly.

2000-11-30  Neil Booth  <>

	* objc/objc-act.c (lang_init, finish_file, maybe_objc_comptypes,
	maybe_objc_check_decl, build_objc_string_object,
	objc_declare_alias, objc_declare_class, build_message_expr,
	build_protocol_expr, build_selector_expr, build_encode_expr,
	get_class_ivars, start_class, start_protocol): Remove
	redundant code, assuming doing_objc_thang is true.

2000-11-29  John David Anglin  <>

	* pa.c (restore_unscaled_index_insn_codes): Delete procedure.
	(record_unscaled_index_insn_codes): Likewise.
	(unscaled_index_insn_codes): Delete.
	(max_unscaled_index_insn_codes_uid): Delete.
	(output_function_prologue, output_function_epilogue, pa_reorg):
	Don't use the unscaled index insn hack.

	* Remove hack from all index insns to reverse the operand
	order of frame and stack pointer references incorrectly created
	in the reload pass.

	* function.h (emit_status): Delete member regno_pointer_flag and
	rename regno_pointer_flag_length to regno_pointer_align_length.
	Delete define for REGNO_POINTER_FLAG.
	* integrate.h (inline_remap): Delete member regno_pointer_flag.
	Add member x_regno_reg_rtx.
	* rtl.h (rtx_def): Use frame_related bit to indicate register is
	a pointer in REG expressions.  Define REG_POINTER macro.
	* alias.c (find_base_value, find_base_term): Use REG_POINTER
	* combine.c (nonzero_bits, num_sign_bit_copies): Likewise.
	* emit-rtl.c (gen_reg_rtx): Use regno_pointer_align_length instead
	of regno_pointer_flag_length.  Remove code which refers to
	(mark_reg_pointer): Use REG_POINTER.
	(free_emit_status): Remove code which refers to regno_pointer_flag.
	(init_emit, mark_emit_status): Likewise.
	* flow.c (dump_flow_info): Likewise.
	* function.c (preserve_temp_slots): Likewise.
	* integrate.c (expand_inline_function, copy_rtx_and_substitute):
	Use x_regno_reg_rtx instead of regno_pointer_flag for function
	pointer determination in map.
	* loop.c (strength_reduce, maybe_eliminate_biv_1): Use REG_POINTER.
	* predict.c (estimate_probability): Likewise.
	* regclass.c (record_address_regs, reg_scan_mark_refs): Likewise.
	* unroll.c (unroll_loop): Use x_regno_reg_rtx instead of
	regno_pointer_flag for function pointer determination in map.
	* convex.h (RTX_COSTS): Don't test regno_pointer_flag and use
	* pa.c (hppa_legitimize_address, emit_move_sequence, basereg_operand):
	(restore_unscaled_index_insn_codes): Revise comment.

	* expr.c (do_compare_and_jump): Add missing TYPE_MODE in statement.

2000-11-30  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* extend.texi: Update documentation for attributes.

2000-11-29  David O'Brien  <>

	* config/alpha/elf.h (IDENT_ASM_OP): Protect the #define.
	(ASM_FILE_END): Same.
	(ESCAPES): Same.
	(IDENT_ASM_OP): Same.
	(IDENT_ASM_OP): Same.
	(INT_ASM_OP): Same.
	(SIZE_ASM_OP): Same.
	(SKIP_ASM_OP): Same.
	(TYPE_ASM_OP): Same.

2000-11-29  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-decl.c (c_decode_option): Don't handle -lang-objc.
	* objc/lang-options.h: Remove -lang-objc.
	* objc/lang-specs.h: Don't pass -lang-objc to cc1obj.
	* objc/objc-act.c (lang_init_options): Set c_language.

2000-11-29  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* expr.c (can_store_by_pieces): Reinitialize max_size for reverse

2000-11-29  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-pragma.c (init_pragma): Update for parse_in type change.

2000-11-29  Laurynas Biveinis  <>

	* recognize DOS-style absolute paths.

2000-11-29  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* expr.h (store_by_pieces): Add prototype.
	(can_store_by_pieces): Likewise.
	* expr.c (struct store_by_pieces): Renamed from clear_by_pieces.
	(can_store_by_pieces): New.
	(store_by_pieces): New.
	(clear_by_pieces): New.
	(clear_by_pieces_1): New.
	(store_by_pieces_1): Renamed from clear_by_pieces, handle storing
	arbitrary compiler generated constants into memory block.
	(store_by_pieces_2): Renamed from clear_by_pieces_1, likewise.
	* builtins.c (c_readstr): New.
	(builtin_memcpy_read_str): New.
	(expand_builtin_memcpy): If src is string constant and
	emit_block_move would move it by pieces, compute integer constants
	from the string and store it into memory block instead.
	(builtin_strncpy_read_str): New.
	(expand_builtin_strncpy): If N is not constant zero and c_strlen does
	not return INTEGER_CST, don't optimize.
	If N is larger than strlen(src) + 1, try to copy the string
	including padding with store_by_pieces.
	(expand_builtin_strcmp): If both arguments have side effects, don't
	(expand_builtin_fputs): If STR has side effects, don't optimize.

2000-11-29  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* (sibcall, sibcall_value, sibcall_insn, sibcall_value_insn):
	Add use of link register.

2000-11-29  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* extend.texi: Update documentation for default format attributes.

Tue Nov 28 21:56:45 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* pa/pa-64.h (ASM_OUTPUT_SECTION_NAME): Use a hash table, not
	a list, to keep track of the sections.

2000-11-28  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/ (pic_load_addr): Split into
	pic_load_addr_arm and pic_load_addr_thumb.

	* config/arm/arm.c (legitimize_pic_address): Generate either
	ARM or Thumb versions of pic_load_addr.
	(arm_finalize_pic): Generate either ARM or Thumb versions of

2000-11-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Defer const/pure NO_DEFER_POP until
	after sibcall do_pending_stack_adjust.

Wed Nov 29 00:08:23 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* jump.c (delete_insn): Check that REG_LABEL note actually contains

2000-11-28  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-common.h: Remove flag_digraphs.
	* c-decl.c: Remove flag_digraphs.
	(c_decode_option): Don't set it.
	* c-lex.c (init_c_lex): Don't do anything for digraphs.

2000-11-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (finish_parse): Update for parse_in type change.
	(_yylex): Likewise.

2000-11-28  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppmacro.c (cpp_scan_buffer_nooutput): Take a boolean
	indicating whether to scan all buffers on the stack or
	just one.
	* cppinit.c (do_includes): Update.
	* cppmain.c (main): Update.
	* cpplib.h: Update prototype.

2000-11-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* genoutput.c (validate_insn_operands): New.
	(gen_insn): Call it.

	* config/alpha/ (divmodsi_internal): Renumber operands.
	(divmoddi_internal): Likewise.
	* config/arm/ (andsi3_compare0_scratch): Likewise.
	* config/i960/ (branch patterns): Likewise.
	* config/ia64/ (tbit_and_0): Likewise.
	(tbit_and_1, tbit_or_0, tbit_or_1): Likewise.
	* config/m68k/ (zero_extract memory patterns): Likewise.
	* config/mips/ (divmodsi4_internal): Likewise.
	(divmoddi4_internal): Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/ (call patterns): Likewise.
	* config/sh/ (movsi_y): Likewise.
	* config/sparc/ Comment out if 0 v8p shift pattern.

2000-11-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config.gcc: Kill residual pyramid support.

2000-11-28  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-lex.h (parse_in): Change parse_in to a cpp_reader *.
	* c-decl.c (c_decode_option): Update to match.
	* c-lex.c (init_c_lex, yyparse): Update to match.
	* c-lang.c (lang_init_options): Use cpp_create_reader.
	* cppinit.c (cpp_init): Rename initialize.
	(cpp_reader_init): Rename cpp_create_reader.  Create the
	reader.  Initialize cpplib if appropriate.
	* cpplib.h (cpp_create_reader) New prototype.
	(cpp_init, cpp_reader_init): Delete prototypes.
	* cppmain.c (general_init, setup_callbacks): New functions.
	(main): Use them.
	* fix-header.c (scan_in): Change type to cpp_reader *.
	(read_scan_file): Update for new cpplib interface and scan_in type.

	* cp/decl.c (parse_in): Change to cpp_reader *.
	(lang_decode_option): Update.
	* cp/lex.c (lang_init_options): Use new cpplib interface.
	(init_cp_pragma, finish_parse, handle_pragma_implementation): Update.
	* cp/spew.c (read_token): Update.
	* objc/objc-act.c (lang_init_options): Update new cpplib interface.

2000-11-28  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* loop.c (load_mems): Avoid using next_label to find end_label. If
	jumping outside of the loop (other than loop end), don't hoist MEMs
	out of loop.

2000-11-28  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Don't disable tail recursion based
	on the loop nest.

2000-11-28  Neil Booth  <>

	* tradcpp.c (enum node_type): New hash types T_ASSERT, T_UNASSERT.
	(struct directive): Drop 4th argument from handlers.
	(do_define, do_line, do_include, do_undef, do_else, do_elif,
	do_endif): Similarly.
	(do_assert, do_unassert, do_ifdef, do_ifndef): New handlers.
	(do_ifxdef): Update as common handler of do_ifdef and do_ifndef.
	(make_definition, make_undef): Take a const char*.
	(make_assertion): New function.
	(struct directive_table): Update.
	(main): Handle -A command line argument.
	(handle_directive): Drop fourth handler argument.

2000-11-28  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* simplify-rtx.c (cselib_record_sets): Ignore sets whose destination
	is anything but REG or MEM, but look inside STRICT_LOW_PART.

Tue Nov 28 09:53:50 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* system.h (IS_DIR_SEPARATOR): Use uppercase macro name.
	* gcc.c (find_a_file, process_command, do_spec_1, main): Use it.

2000-11-28  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/i386/ (truncxfsf2_2): Fix predicate.

2000-11-27  Jim Wilson  <>

	* reload1.c (reload): Use HOST_WIDE_INT for old_frame_size.

2000-11-27  Matthias Klose  <>

	* extend.texi (Nested Functions): Update URL of Usenix paper.

2000-11-27  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* function.c (free_after_compilation): Clear x_clobber_return_insn.

2000-11-27  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppinit.c (cpp_reader_init): Remove handling of warn_paste
	command line options.
	(cpp_handle_option): Similarly.
	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_options): Remove warn_paste.
	* cppmacro.c (paste_tokens): Apart from assembler, make
	unpasteable token warning mandatory.

2000-11-27  Neil Booth  <>

	* tradcpp.c (enum pending_dir_t, struct pending_dir): New.
	(main): Allocate a pending directive set of these.  Use it.
	Merge handling of -D and -U.  Update handling of pending
	directives.  Free the memory after use.

2000-11-27  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* flow.c (entry_exit_blocks): Add entry for cond_local_set.
	(struct propagate_block_info): Add new member cond_local_set.
	(propagate_block): Accept new arg cond_local_set.  All callers
	(init_propagate_block_info): Likewise.
	(calculate_global_regs_live): Allocate & free cond_local_set.  Always
	rescan if there's overlap between cond_local_set and new_live_at_end.
	(mark_set_1): Set bits either in cond_local_set or local_set, as
	* basic-block.h (struct basic_block_def): New field cond_local_set.
	(propagate_block, init_propagate_block_info): Update prototypes.

Mon Nov 27 17:29:44 2000  kaz Kojima <>

	* gcc/config/sh/ (udivsi3_i4, udivsi3_i4_single): Clobber
	T register.

2000-11-27  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* arm.c (select_dominance_cc_mode): Handle new way that combine
	canonicalizes conditional compares.
	(arm_select_cc_mode): Likewise.
	* Garbage collect some dead code.
	(cmp_and, cmp_ior): New patterns.
	(splitter for conditional move with inverted false): Use cond_exec
	and handle unordered comparisons.

Mon Nov 27 17:22:56 MET 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* i386.c (ix86_force_to_memory, ix86_free_from_memory): New.
	* i386-protos.h (ix86_force_to_memory, ix86_free_from_memory): Declare
	* (float?i?f, int/fp operations): Rewrite spliters to use
	ix86_force_to_memory and ix86_free_from_memory.

2000-11-27  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* (arm_adddi3, adddi_sesidi_di, adddi_zesidi_di, arm_addsi3,
	arm_subsi3_insn, anddi_zesidi_di, arm_andsi3_insn, anddi_notdi_di,
	anddi_notzesidi_di, anddi_notsesidi_di, arm_iorsi3,
	one_cmpldi2): Merge with splitters to create define_insn_and_split
	patterns.  Remove redundant splits.
	(peephole2 for add:SI of invalid immediate): New.
	(peephole2 for minus:SI of invalid immediate): New.
	(peephole2 for ior:SI of invalid immediate): New.
	(peephole for merge of move and compare): Convert ot peephole2.
	(addsf3, adddf3): Mark as commutative.

	* (thumb peephole for merging stack adjustments): Convert to

2000-11-27  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* haifa-sched.c (print_pattern): Prettier output for COND_EXEC.

	* reload1.c (reload_cse_simplify_set): Pass down mode to cselib_lookup.
	(reload_cse_simplify_operands): Do nothing about operands where both
	the operand and the match_operand fail to give us a mode.
	* simplify-rtx.c (wrap_constant): New function.
	(entry_and_rtx_equal_p): Except integer constants to come wrapped in a
	CONST describing the proper mode.
	(rtx_equal_for_cselib_p): Pass down modes to recursive calls of
	(cselib_lookup_mem): Call wrap_constant on the rtx that is passed to
	(cselib_lookup): Likewise.

	Based on a patch from Geoff Keating <>:
	* loop.c (basic_induction_var): If a REG is set from something
	that is not a biv, then the REG is not a biv.  Even if it is
	earlier set from something that is a biv.

2000-11-27  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (extra_objs): Enclose extra_headers in quotes.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

2000-11-27  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-lex.c (cb_enter_file, cb_leave_file, cb_rename_file):
	Combine into the new function cb_change_file.
	(init_c_lex): Update.
	* cppfiles.c (stack_include_file): Use _cpp_do_file_change.
	(cpp_syshdr_flags): Delete.
	* cpphash.h (_cpp_do_file_change): New prototype.
	Move struct cpp_buffer here from...
	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_buffer): ... here.
	(enum cpp_fc_reason, struct cpp_file_loc,
	struct_cpp_file_change, change_file): New.
	(enter_file, leave_file, rename_file, cpp_syshdr_flags): Delete.
	* cpplib.c (do_line): Update for new cb_change_file callback.
	(_cpp_do_file_change): New function.
	(_cpp_pop_buffer): Update to use it.
	* cppmain.c (move_printer): Delete.
	(main): Set up single callback cb_change_file.
	(cb_enter_file, cb_leave_file, cb_rename_file): Delete.
	(cb_change_file): New.
	* fix-header.c (cur_file, cb_change_file): New.
	(recognized_function, read_scan_file): Update.
	* scan-decls.c (scan_decls): Update.
	* scan.h (recognized_function): Update prototype.

2000-11-26  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* tree.h (mark_tree_hashtable): New function.
	* tree.c (mark_tree_hashtable_entry): New function.
	(mark_tree_hashtable): Likewise.

2000-11-27  Michael Meissner  <>

	* d30v-protos.h (srelational_si_operator): Correctly spell
	(urelational_si_operator): Ditto.
	(relational_si_operator): Ditto.
	(d30v_expand_prologue): Add prototype.
	(d30v_expand_epilogue): Ditto.

	* d30v.h (OPTIMIZATION_OPTIONS): Undo November 22nd change.

	* (movcccc_*): Delete now unused patterns.
	(64 bit comparison splitters): Rewrite to use COND_EXEC instead of
	(define_cond_exec): Use 'b' to select branch flags.

2000-11-26  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_strncmp, expand_builtin_strncpy): New
	(expand_builtin): Handle BUILT_IN_STRNCPY and BUILT_IN_STRNCMP.

	* builtins.def (BUILT_IN_STRNCPY, BUILT_IN_STRNCMP): New entries.

	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Declare builtin
	strncpy and strncmp.

	* extend.texi (strncmp, strncpy): Document new builtins.

2000-11-26  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* config/elfos.h (ASM_OUTPUT_SECTION_NAME): Use a hash table, not
	a list, to keep track of the sections.
	* tm.texi (ASM_OUTPUT_SECTION_NAME): Document the fact that the
	parameter provided will always be a canonical string.

2000-11-26  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppmacro.c (cpp_scan_buffer_nooutput): Only scan the
	current buffer.

2000-11-26  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* makefile.vms: Remove EGCS references.

2000-11-26  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (output_file_names): New function.  Compute minimal
	combination of directory and file name table and emit them.
	(output_line_info): Remove code to emit directory and file name
	table and call output_file_names instead.
	(file_info_cmp): Helper function to sort directory names.

2000-11-26  Neil Booth	<>

	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_reader): Remove lang_asm.
	(struct cpp_options): Remove c89. New members lang,
	* cppexp.c (parse_number): Use them.
	* cpphash.h (VALID_SIGN): Use them.
	* cppinit.c (set_lang, cpp_start_read): Update.
	* cpplex.c (parse_string, _cpp_lex_token): Update.
	* cpplib.c (_cpp_handle_directive): Update.
	* cppmacro.c (parse_args): Update.
	* cppmain.c (scan_buffer): Update.

Sun Nov 26 10:02:37 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* fold-const.c (fold, case CONVERT_EXPR): Always return tree of
	proper type.

2000-11-26  Neil Booth	<>

	* Remove MAYBE_CPPLIB and maybe_cpplib.
	* c-decl.c: Remove parse_in declaration.
	* c-lang.c: Similarly.
	* c-lex.c: Similarly.
	* Similarly.
	* c-pragma.c: Similarly.
	* Similarly.
	* cp/ Similarly.
	* cp/spew.c: Similarly.
	* cp/decl2.c: Remove check for lang-c++ option.
	* cp/lang-specs.h: Remove -lang-c++ from cc1plus command line.
	* cp/lex.c (lang_init_options): With cpp_reader_init, default to C++.
	* c-lex.h: Add declaration of parse_in.
	* cppinit.c: Call set_lang after allocating pfile->pending.
	* configure: Regenerate.

2000-11-25  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* combine.c (try_combine): Remove redundant test.

2000-11-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-common.h (DECL_C_HARD_REGISTER): New.
	* c-decl.c (finish_decl): Set it for asm register variables.
	* c-semantics.c (emit_local_var): Test it when instantiating one.

2000-11-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-decl.c (c_expand_body): Use DECL_SOURCE_LINE rather than
	lineno for the start of the function.

2000-11-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (file_table, file_table_allocated): Remove.
	(file_table_allocated): Remove.
	(struct file_table): New.
	(decl_file_table, line_file_table): New.
	(print_dwarf_line_table): Use them.
	(size_of_line_prolog): Likewise.
	(output_line_info): Likewise.
	(add_src_coords_attributes): Likewise.
	(gen_subprogram_die): Likewise.
	(gen_variable_die): Likewise.
	(dwarf2out_add_library_unit_info): Likewise.
	(dwarf2out_line): Likewise.
	(lookup_filename): Take a struct file_table argument.
	(init_file_table): New.
	(dwarf2out_init): Use it.

2000-11-25  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* invoke.texi: Update sequence points references.

2000-11-25  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-common.c: Remove USE_CPPLIB conditional inclusions.
	* c-common.h: Similarly.
	* c-decl.c: Similarly.
	* c-lang.c: Similarly.
	* c-lex.c: Similarly.
	* Similarly.
	* c-pragma.c: Similarly.
	* c-pragma.h: Similarly.
	* gcc.c: Similarly.
	* toplev.c: Similarly.
	* cp/cp-tree.h: Similarly.
	* cp/decl2.c: Similarly.
	* cp/lang-specs.h: Similarly.
	* cp/lex.c: Similarly.
	* cp/lex.h: Similarly.
	* cp/spew.c: Similarly.
	* java/lang-options.h: Similarly.
	* objc/lang-specs.h: Similarly.
	* objc/objc-act.c: Similarly.

	* Remove configure option.
	* Regenerate.
	* configure: Regenerate.

2000-11-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* haifa-sched.c (sched_analyze_1, sched_analyze_2, sched_analyze):
	Revert 2000-11-22 change.

2000-11-25  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* config/i386/i386.h (FIXED_REGS): Make the three flags registers

2000-11-25  Philipp Thomas  <>
	* (ALL_LINGUAS): Remove en_GB and add sv.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

2000-11-25  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/ (muldi3_v8plus): Remove H constraint.
	Handle CONST_INT as second argument.
	* config/sparc/sparc.c (set_extends): Remove first argument.
	Properly handle AND, CONST_INT and CONST_DOUBLE, handle IOR, XOR and
	(sparc_check_64): Abort if first argument is not REG.
	If it is DImode REG, look at the lower register of the register

	* config/sparc/sparc.c (load_pic_register, restore_regs,
	output_return, sparc_v8plus_shift, sparc_function_profiler,
	sparc_function_block_profiler, sparc_block_profiler): Fix output

2000-11-25  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/sh.h (TARGET_NONE): New.
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): For all variant-selecting switch, use
	TARGET_NONE to reset all other variant-selecting switch.  Added
	empty strings to avoid warnings.

	* ($(INTL_TARGETS)): Added $(CONFIG_H) for

	* gcc/config/sh/ (sibcalli, sibcalli_pcrel): New insns.
	(sibcall_pcrel): New insn_and_split.
	(sibcall, sibcall_value, sibcall_epilogue): New expands.

	* config/sh/ (GOTaddr2picreg, symGOT2reg, symGOTOFF2reg,
	symPLT_label2reg, call, call_value): Don't set
	* config/sh/sh.h (CONDITIONAL_REGISTER_USAGE): Don't mark
	PIC_OFFSET_TABLE_REGNUM as call_used, so that calc_live_regs
	takes it into account.
	(FINALIZE_PIC): Delete, useless.
	(LEGITIMATE_CONSTANT_P): Delete, unused.
	* config/sh/sh.c (sh_expand_prologue): Don't use
	current_function_uses_pic_offset_table.  Don't special-case
	PIC_OFFSET_TABLE_REGNUM.  Initialize it if it's ever live and
	PIC is enabled.
	(sh_expand_epilogue, initial_elimination_offset): Don't

2000-11-25  Alexandre Oliva  <>, NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	* config/sh/sh-protos.h (symbol_ref_operand): Declare.
	* config/sh/ (UNSPEC_CALLER): New constant.
	(calli_pcrel, call_valuei_pcrel): Use PIC_REG.
	(call_pcrel, call_value_pcrel): New insn_and_splits.
	(call, call_value): Use them.
	(call_site): New expand.
	(sym_label2reg, symPLT_label2reg): Adjust to hold call_sites.
	Output call_site label.
	(PREDICATE_CODES): Added symbol_ref_operand.
	* config/sh/sh.c (symbol_ref_operand): Define.
	* emit-rtl.c (try_split): Propagate CALL_INSN_FUNCTION_USAGE
	to CALL_INSNs in the split sequence.

2000-11-24  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config.gcc (v850-*-*): Define c_target_objs and

	* config/v850/t-v850: Define how to build v850-c.o

	* config/v850/v850.h (struct data_area_stack_element): Move
	definition here from v850.c.

	* config/v850v850.c: Include gcc.h to avoid compile time
	(push_data_area): Move to v850-c.c.
	(pop_data_area): Move to v850-c.c.
	(mark_current_function_as_interrupt): Move to v850-c.c.
	(GHS_default_section_names): Allow to be exported.
	(GHS_current_section_names): Allow to be exported.
	(data_area_stack_elements): Allow to be exported.
	(ghs_pragma_section): Move to v850-c.c.
	(ghs_pragma_interrupt): Move to v850-c.c.
	(ghs_pragma_starttda): Move to v850-c.c.
	(ghs_pragma_startsda): Move to v850-c.c.
	(ghs_pragma_startzda): Move to v850-c.c.
	(ghs_pragma_endtda): Move to v850-c.c.
	(ghs_pragma_endsda): Move to v850-c.c.
	(ghs_pragma_endzda): Move to v850-c.c.

	* config/v850/v850-c.c: New file: Contains v850 specific
	pragma parsing functions.

2000-11-24  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config.gcc (extra_objs): Remove duplicate description.
	(c_target_objs): New variable.  Contains target specific
	object files for the gcc C compiler only.
	(cxx_target_objs): New variable.  Contains target specific
	object files for the gxx C++ compiler only.

	* (c_target_objs): Substitute in the makefile.
	(cxx_target_objs): Substitute in the makefile.
	* configure: Regenerate.

	* (C_TARGET_OBJS): Define and initialize from
	(CXX_TARGET_OBJS): Define and initialize from

	* cp/ (CXX_C_OBJS): Include CXX_TARGET_OBJS).

	* tm.texi (REGISTER_TARGET_PRAGMAS): Add paragraph explaining
	about how the use of the 'c_lex' function requires the use of
	the target specific, language specific object files feature of
	the configuration mechanism.

Fri Nov 24 18:50:58 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* gcc.c (process_command): Use F_OK, not R_OK.

2000-11-24  Arno J. Klaassen  <>

	* flow.c (print_rtl_and_abort): Remove ANSIism.

Fri Nov 24 19:54:36 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/sh.h (GENERAL_REGISTER_P,
	FP_OR_XD_REGISTER_P, FP_ANY_REGISTER_P): New macros.  Use them
	all over.
	* config/sh/sh.c: Use new macros.
	* config/sh/ Likewise.

Fri Nov 24 19:46:16 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/ Clobber MACH_REG and MACL_REG in SImode,
	instead of just MACH_REG in DImode.  Always refer to FPSCR_REG
	in PSImode.

Fri Nov 24 22:37:41 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (out_tsthi,out_tstsi): Test simplification bug
	(machine_dependent_reorg): Wrong optimization based on

Fri Nov 24 19:48:09 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* jump.c (delete_computation): Re-instate deletion of feeding insn.
	(delete_insn): Look for REG_LABEL notes.
	(redirect_tablejump): Delete feeding insns.

2000-11-24  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* config/i386/ (call_pop_0, call_pop_1, call_value_pop_0,
	call_value_pop_1): Make sure operand numbers are contiguous.

	* fold-const.c (fold_range_test): Avoid crash if LHS or RHS is null.

	* reload1.c (conflicts_with_override): New function.
	(emit_input_reload_insns): Use it to tighten test for validity
	of substituting into output of previous insn.

	* haifa-sched.c (struct ready_list): New.
	(ready_lastpos, ready_add, ready_remove_first, ready_sort): New static
	(schedule_insn): Replace args READY and N_READY with a pointer to a
	ready_list; return void.  Use the new functions to access the ready
	list.  All callers changed.
	(queue_to_ready, debug_ready_list): Likewise.
	(schedule_block): Initialize a ready_list structure.  Use new
	functions to access it.
	(max_priority): Remove unused variable.
	(schedule_insn): Don't set it.

	* c-common.c (verify_tree): Don't recurse into CONSTRUCTORs.

	* combine.c (cant_combine_insn_p): New function.
	(try_combine): Use it.

	* (c-common.o): Depend on $(OBSTACK_H).
	* c-common.c (c-obstack.c): Include "obstack.h".
	(struct reverse_tree): Delete.
	(reverse_list, reverse_max_depth): Delete.
	(build_reverse_tree, common_ancestor, modify_ok): Delete functions.
	(struct tlist, struct tlist_cache): New.
	(tlist_obstack, tlist_firstobj, warned_ids, save_expr_cache): New.
	(add_tlist, merge_tlist, verify_tree, warning_candidate_p,
	warn_for_collisions, warn_for_collisions_1, new_tlist): New
	static functions.
	(verify_sequence_points): Rewritten.
	* fold-const.c (fold): Don't lose possibly important sequence
	points when removing one arm of TRUTH_ORIF_EXPRs or TRUTH_ANDIF_EXPRs.

2000-11-24  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* gcc/cse.c (cse_insn): Removed conversion of REG_EQUIV to REG_EQUAL
	when reversing a register-to-register copy.  Reversal now disabled
	when the previous instruction has a REG_EQUIV.

2000-11-24  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* (unary_expr): Move VA_ARG from here ...
	(primary): ... to here.

2000-11-23  Graham Stott  <>

	* expr.c (store_constructor): If a field is non addressable and
	the target is a MEM use MEM_ALIAS_SET otherwise use get_alias_set.

2000-11-23  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* flow.c (print_rtl_and_abort): New function.
	(verify_wide_reg, verify_local_live_at_start): Try to dump more
	information before aborting.

2000-11-23  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (gen_lowpart_common): Use word 0 if register mode
	is narrower than requested mode.
	(gen_highpart): Abort if register mode is narrower than
	requested mode.

2000-11-23  Graham Stott  <>

	* cse.c (cse_insn): Initialize all regcost variables.
	Fix a typo add missing '='.
	Only compare costs if there is a replacement insn.

Thu Nov 23 04:33:33 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* final.c (output_addr_const) [LABEL_REF]: Simplify.
	[MINUS]: Enclose non-CONST_INTs in parentheses.
	* tm.texi (OUTPUT_ADDR_CONST_EXTRA): Document it.
	* varasm.c (decode_rtx_const) [CONST]: If it's not something
	PLUS or MINUS a CONST_INT, use the whole CONST with offset 0
	instead of abort()ing.
	* sh.c (output_pic_addr_const): Removed.  Fixed all callers.
	* sh.h (OUTPUT_ADDR_CONST_EXTRA): New.  Handle the UNSPECs
	formerly handled in output_pic_addr_const.
	* (sym_label2reg, symPLT_label2reg): Enclose UNSPEC
	operands of MINUS in CONSTs so that decode_rtx_const() will
	accept them.

Thu Nov 23 04:10:30 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/ (mova_const): New pattern.
	(GOTaddr2picreg): Use it.
	* config/sh/sh.c (broken_move): Match it.
	(mova_p): Don't match it.
	(machine_dependent_reorg): Adjust it.

Thu Nov 23 02:09:09 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/sh.h (FIRST_GENERAL_REG, LAST_GENERAL_REG): New.
	Moved most register-number #defines...
	* config/sh/ (define_constants): ... here.  Use macros to
	refer to registers and unspecs.
	* config/sh/sh.c: Likewise.

Thu Nov 23 01:01:32 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	(rtl.o, print-rtl.o, bitmap.o, obstack.o): Build with -DGENERATOR_FILE.
	(alloca.o, vfprintf.o, ggc-none.o, errors.o): Likewise.
	(splay-tree.o, hash.o): Likewise.
	(rtl.o, print-rtl.o): Depend on $(GCONFIG_H) instead of $(CONFIG_H).
	(bitmap.o, obstack.o, vfprintf.o, ggc-none.o, errors.o): Likewise.
	(hashtab.o): Likewise.
	(gcov.o): Depend on $(CONFIG_H).
	* #include insn-codes.h in tm.h.

2000-11-22  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_encode_call_attribute): Make 'newstr' a
	const char * to avoid a compile time warning.

	* config/arm/ (define_constants): Define symbolic names for
	the link register, last integer register and the fake CC register.
	Update patterns to use these symbolic names.

2000-11-22  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (trigraph_ok): Ensure we don't warn twice.
	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_buffer): New member last_Wtrigraphs.

2000-11-22  Richard Henderson  <>

	* haifa-sched.c (sched_analyze_1): Don't special-case calls
	for clobbering registers.
	(sched_analyze_2): Likewise.
	(sched_analyze): Zap reg_last_uses and reg_last_sets after calls.

2000-11-22  Chris Demetriou  <>
	    Neil Booth  <>

	* gcc.c (validate_switches): Validate multiple switches named
	in '|' (or) expressions in specs.
	(handle_braces): If more than 1 alternative in a '|' spec
	matches, call do_spec1 just once.

2000-11-22  Michael Meissner  <>

	* d30v.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): Add documentation strings.
	(OPTIMIZATION_OPTIONS): Temporarily turn off -frename-registers if

Wed Nov 22 06:40:56 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* pa.c (hppa_encode_label): Account for addition of encoding
	character when allocating persistent space for the new label

2000-11-22  Zack Weinberg  <>

	*, config.gcc, Expunge remaining
	traces of facility for running MD files through C preprocessor.

2000-11-22  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcov.texi: Add magic comments for
	* Add rules to generate and install gcov.1.
	* gcov.1: New (generated) file.

2000-11-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* regrename.c (scan_rtx_reg): Terminate the chain rather than
	abort on mark_read with NO_REGS.

2000-11-21  Mike Stump  <>

	* fixinc/fixtests.c (TEST_FOR_FIX_PROC_HEAD): Fix to allow
	compilation with older compilers, such as /bin/cc on SunOS.
	* fixinc/fixfixes.c (FIX_PROC_HEAD): Ditto.

2000-11-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* varasm.c (record_constant): Pad the constructed
	constant_descriptor appropriately.

Wed Nov 22 00:52:55 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* rtl.h (traverse_md_constants): Declare.
	(struct md_constant): Define.
	* (HOST_RTL): Add hashtab.o .
	(OBJS): Add hashtab.o .
	(hashtab.o): New rule.
	(rtl.o): Depends on HASHTAB_H.
	* rtl.c (hashtab.h): #include.
	(md_constants): New static variable.
	(def_hash, def_name_eq_p, read_constants): New static functions.
	(traverse_md_constants): New function.
	(read_name): Do constant expansion.
	(read_rtx): Recognize define_constants.
	* gencodes.c (print_md_constant): New function.
	(main): Emit #defines for all constant definitions encountered.
	* md.texi (Constant Definitions): New node.
	* gensupport.c (xcalloc): New function.

2000-11-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_split_tfmode_frobsign): New.
	* config/alpha/alpha-protos.h: Declare it.
	* config/alpha/ (abstf_internal): Use it.
	(negtf_internal): Likewise.
	(andnotdi3): Unstar the name.
	(movtf_internal): Add o/G alternative.

2000-11-21  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* stringpool.c (stringpool_statistics): Also report number and
	percentage of entries which are identifiers.

2000-11-21  Diego Novillo  <>

	* gcse.c (hoist_expr_reaches_here_p): Do not mark expr_bb as
	visited before visiting it.

2000-11-21  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.h: Accept TARGET_CPU_arm9tdmi,
	TARGET_CPU_strongarm110 and TARGET_SPU_strongarm1100.

	* config.gcc: Accept --with-cpu=arm9 and --with-cpu=arm9tdmi.

2000-11-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-common.c (c_unsafe_for_reeval): New function.
	(add_c_tree_codes): Register it.
	* c-common.h: Declare it.
	* tree.c (lang_unsafe_for_reeval): New hook.
	(unsafe_for_reeval): Call it.
	* tree.h: Declare it.

2000-11-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/i386/i386.c (i386_simplify_dwarf_addr): Simplify @GOT
	references as well.

2000-11-21  Neil Booth  <>

	* do_includes: Revert to using cpp_read_file.

2000-11-21  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* loop.c (consec_sets_giv): If the reg we're examining is anything
	but UNKNOWN_INDUCT, do nothing.
	Reset the reg's type to UNKNOWN_INDUCT before returning.

	Mostly from Vladimir Makarov (
	* (attr itanium_class): Define insn types as described in
	Itanium docs.
	(all insn patterns): Use itanium_class, not type attributes.
	Occasionally split alternatives as necessary.
	(attr type): Compute from new attr itanium_class.

2000-11-21  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* tradcpp.c (output_line_command): Mark system headers as such in
	`line' commands.

2000-11-21  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* (HAVE_AS_DWARF2_DEBUG_LINE): SPARC has .file/.loc
	support in as as well.
	* configure: Regenerate.

2000-11-20  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-lex.c (orig_filename): New variable.
	(init_c_lex): Set it.  Move call to cpp_start_read ...
	(yyparse): ... here.  New function.
	* (yyparse_1): Rename the parser entry point.
	* c-tree.h: Declare it.

2000-11-21  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* expr.c (do_compare_and_jump): If op0 was replaced by promoted
	integer constant, use type of op1 for comparison.

2000-11-20  Stan Shebs  <>

	* config/rs6000/xm-darwin.h: New file, Darwin host definitions.
	* config/rs6000/x-darwin: New file, Darwin host fragment.
	* config.gcc (powerpc-*-darwin*): New host.
	* system.h (HAVE_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZERS):  Allow this to be
	overridden by a config file.

2000-11-20  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppmacro.c (paste_tokens): Rename from paste_payloads.
	Change token type after pasting spellings.
	(paste_all_tokens): Use it.
	* gcc.dg/cpp/paste2.c: Update test.
	* objc/execute/paste.m: New test.

2000-11-20  Richard Henderson  <>

	* dwarf.h (FMT_CODE): Adjust argument order; fix mapping to
	dwarf_subscr_data_formats bits.
	* dwarfout.c (simple_type_size_in_bits): Handle a type with
	no computed size as size zero.
	(field_byte_offset): Likewise.
	(subscript_data_attribute): Handle a range with no upper bound.

2000-11-20  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* gansidecl.h (const): Check __STDC__ before undef'ing `const'.

2000-11-20  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-typeck.c (build_conditional_expr): When merging type
	qualifiers for conditional expressions between a pointer and a
	pointer to a void type, merge the qualifiers on the target types
	rather than the pointer type.  Remove obsolete conditioned out

2000-11-20  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-lang.c (lang_init_options): Update call to
	* cppmain.c (main): Similarly.
	* fix-header.c (read_scan_file): Similarly.
	* cp/lex.c (lang_init_options): Similarly.
	* objc/objc-act.c (lang_init_options): Similarly.
	* cppexp.c (parse_number): Only warn for unextended C89.
	* cppinit.c (set_lang): New function.
	(cpp_reader_init): Take a LANG argument and pass it to set_lang.
	(COMMAND_LINE_OPTIONS): New option std=c++98.
	(cpp_handle_option): Use set_lang.
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_token): Warn pedantically if not C99.
	* cppib.h (enum_c_lang): New enumeration.  Update comments.

2000-11-20  Will Cohen  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Clear target only when target is in
	hard register and current_function_check_memory_usage is set.

2000-11-20  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Run optimize_mode_switching even
	if not optimizing.
	* sh.c (emit_sf_insn, emit_df_insn): Just call emit_insn.

2000-11-19  Richard Henderson  <>

	* crtstuff.c (force_to_data): Use array size 1 not 0.

	* dwarf2out.c (simple_type_size_in_bits): Handle a type with
	no computed size as size zero.
	(field_byte_offset): Likewise.

2000-11-20  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* config.gcc: Fix another typo.

2000-11-19  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Support flexible array members.
	Use open-ended ranges for these and zero-length arrays.
	* c-typeck.c (push_init_level): Validate the context of
	initialization of a zero-length array.
	* tree.c (int_fits_type_p): Be prepared for missing bounds.
	* varasm.c (array_size_for_constructor): New.
	(output_constructor): Use it for arrays of unspecified length.
	* extend.texi (Zero Length): Mention C99 flexible array members.
	Document initialization in a top-level struct as valid.

2000-11-19  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* config.gcc, invoke.texi: Fix errors in spelling of "deprecated".

	* alias.c (mems_in_disjoint_alias_sets_p): Do use alias sets in
	stdarg and varargs functions.

2000-11-19  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* gcc.c (process_command): Define 'j' variable when

2000-11-19  Richard Henderson  <>

	* stor-layout.c (variable_size): Only put SAVE_EXPRs on pending_sizes.

2000-11-19  Franz Sirl  <>

	* rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_encode_section_info): Fix string length
	calculation and allocation.

2000-11-19  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (c_getstr): Constify variable.
	* gmon-sol2.c (_mcleanup): Comment out #endif labels.
	* conflict.c (const_conflict_graph_arc): New typedef.
	(arc_hash, arc_eq): Avoid needlessly casting away const-ness.
	* cppmacro.c (builtin_macro): Likewise.
	* dwarf2out.c (output_comp_unit): Constify variable.
	* fix-header.c (v_fatal): Add ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF.
	* protoize.c (IS_SAME_PATH_CHAR): Use TOUPPER, not toupper.
	* ssa.c (ssa_rename_from_hash_function): Avoid needlessly casting
	away const-ness.
	* tradcpp.c (rescan, do_line, macroexpand, macarg): Use
	ISALNUM/ISDIGIT/ISPRINT, not isalnum/isdigit/isprint.
	* varasm.c (const_str_htab_hash, const_str_htab_eq,
	compare_constant_1, record_constant_1): Constify.

2000-11-18  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Special case the creation of an
	index for a zero-length array.
	* tree.c (build_index_type): Revert Oct 20 change.

2000-11-18  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* config/avr/avr-protos.h (avr_output_addr_vec_elt): Prototype.
	* config/avr/avr.c (jump_tables_size): New variable.
	(function_prologue): Initialize it as 0.
	(function_epilogue): Add it to function_size.
	(avr_output_addr_vec_elt): New function.  Count words in jump
	tables in jump_tables_size.  Move code ...
	* config/avr/avr.h (ASM_OUTPUT_ADDR_VEC_ELT): ... from here.
	Call avr_output_addr_vec_elt instead.
	* config/avr/ (tablejump): Remove disabled define_expand.

2000-11-18  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* Make --enable-new-gxx-abi the default.
	* configure: Likewise.

2000-11-18  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (tradcpp.o, tradcif.o): Depend on tradcpp.h.

	* tradcif.y: Include tradcpp.h.  Constify.  Make functions static.
	Move extern function declarations to tradcpp.h.

	* tradcpp.c: Likewise.

	* tradcpp.h: New file.

2000-11-18  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-decl.c (check_for_loop_decls): New function.
	* (for_init_stmt): New.
	(select_or_iter_stmt): Use for_init_stmt.
	* c-tree.h (check_for_loop_decls): New declaration.

2000-11-18  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppinit.c: Update comments.
	(cpp_reader_init): Make -imacro and -include use the standard
	#include "" search path.
	(do_includes): New function.

2000-11-18  Ben Elliston  <>

	* config/sh/crt1.asm (start_l): Move PC-relative move instruction
	out of a branch delay slot.

2000-11-17  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/elf.h (PREFERRED_DEBUGGING_TYPE): Set to DWARF2_DEBUG.
	(ASM_SPEC): Disable and enable .mdebug based on -gstabs.
	(ASM_FILE_START): Only write out ecoff .file directive if
	emitting mdebug debugging.

2000-11-17  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (HAVE_AS_DWARF2_DEBUG_LINE): New.  Detect
	whether as accepts .file/.loc and produces dwarf2 line info.
	* dwarf2out.c (DWARF2_ASM_LINE_DEBUG_INFO): Default on if
	the assembler supports it.
	*, configure: Regenerate.

2000-11-17  Richard Henderson  <>

	* fixinc/ Don't disable fixincludes for any linux*.

2000-11-17  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (emit_insn_group_barriers, case CALL_INSN):
	Don't clear need_barrier is next_insn is a CALL_INSN, or has
	instruction type B or UNKNOWN.

2000-11-17  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpperror.c (print_file_and_line): Don't display line number if 0.

2000-11-17  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* ggc.h: Delete ggc_add_string_root and ggc_mark_string.  Add
	digit_vector and digit_string.
	* stringpool.c (digit_vector): New.
	(ggc_alloc_string): Use digit_string.

	* stmt.c (digit_strings): Delete.
	(init_stmt): Do not initialize digit_strings.
	(expand_asm_operands): Use ggc.h's digit_string macro.
	* toplev.c (mark_file_stack): Delete.
	(compile_file): Don't call init_tree_codes.
	(main): No need to make the file stack a GC root.
	* tree.c (init_tree_codes): Delete.
	* tree.h (init_tree_codes): Delete.

	* c-lex.c: Don't include ggc.h.
	(mark_splay_tree_node, mark_splay_tree): Delete.
	(init_c_lex): No need to ggc_strdup string constant.  Don't add
	file_info_tree to GGC roots.
	(cb_enter_file, cb_rename_file): No need to ggc_strdup

	* (c-lex.o): No longer depends on $(GGC_H).

	* dbxout.c (dbxout_init),
	dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_line),
	ggc-common.c (ggc_mark_rtx_children, ggc_mark_trees),
	varasm.c (mark_const_hash_entry, mark_pool_constant, init_varasm_once),
	xcoffout.c (xcoffout_source_file),
	i386.c (load_pic_register):
	Delete call(s) to ggc_add_string_root and/or ggc_mark_string.

	* except.c (create_rethrow_ref),
	profile.c (init_edge_profiler),
	toplev.c (compile_file),
	varasm.c (named_section, assemble_static_space,
	assemble_trampoline_template, output_constant_def, force_const_mem),
	i386.c (load_pic_register),
	ia64.c (ia64_encode_section_info),
	rs6000.c (rs6000_emit_load_toc_table, create_TOC_reference,
	rs6000_emit_prologue, rs6000_emit_epilogue), (load_toc_aix_si, load_toc_aix_di):
	Change ggc_alloc_string (var, -1) to ggc_strdup (var).

	* profile.c (output_func_start_profiler),
	tree.c (make_node),
	i386.c (load_pic_register): No need to ggc_strdup string constant.

2000-11-17  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* (config.status): Depend on config.gcc.
	* <for machine in $build $host $target>: Move
	contents of loop into config.gcc, removing autoconf quoting.
	Fix changequote bug for alpha*-*-vxworks*.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* config.gcc: New.

2000-11-16  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* (if_prefix): Find the filename and line number at
	$-2 and $-1 respectively.
	* diagnostic.c (error_recursion): Add missing newline, use
	fputs, translate string.

2000-11-16  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* stringpool.c: New file.
	* ggc-common.c (ggc_mark_string_ptr, ggc_add_string_root): Delete.
	(ggc_alloc_string): Now in stringpool.o.
	* ggc-page.c, ggc-simple.c: Do not define or allocate empty_string.
	* ggc.h: Delete prototype of ggc_add_string_root.  #define
	ggc_add_string_root and ggc_mark_string to nothing.  Prototype
	init_stringpool and stringpool_statistics.
	(ggc_alloc_string): Returns a const char *.
	* tree.c (hash_table, do_identifier_warnings): Delete.
	(init_obstacks): Don't initialize the identifier hash table.
	(get_identifier, maybe_get_identifier, start_identifier_warnings,
	set_identifier_size): Now in stringpool.c.
	* tree.h (struct tree_string): Constify pointer field.
	(approx_sqrt): Prototype.

	* (stringpool.o): Add rule, mention in OBJS.

	* toplev.c (approx_sqrt): New function.
	(compile_file): Call stringpool_statistics if mem_report is on.
	(main): Call init_stringpool.

	* builtins.c (c_strlen), c-decl.c (finish_decl), c-lex.c
	(process_directive), c-typeck.c (constructor_asmspec, struct
	initializer_stack, start_init), except.c (create_rethrow_ref),
	stmt.c (digit_strings), toplev.c (decode_f_option), tree.c
	(built_in_filename), varasm,c (in_named_name,
	assemble_static_space, struct constant_descriptor, struct
	deferred_string, struct pool_constant, force_const_mem),
	i386.c (pic_label_name, global_offset_table_name), rs6000.c
	(rs6000_emit_prologue, rs6000_emit_epilogue) : Constify a char *.

	* c-common.c (combine_strings): Combine strings in scratch
	buffer, then pass to build_string.
	* optabs.c (init_libfuncs), profile.c (init_edge_profiler,
	output_func_start_profiler), stmt.c (init_stmt), alpha.c
	(alpha_need_linkage), arm.c (arm_encode_call_attribute),
	i386.c (load_pic_register), ia64.c (ia64_encode_section_info),
	rs6000.c (rs6000_encode_section_info): Create string in
	scratch buffer, then pass to ggc_alloc_string.

	* stmt.c (expand_asm_operands): If we must adjust the
	constraint strings, do so by creating a new one, not by
	modifying the old one in place.  Constify some char *s.
	* config/pa/pa.c (hppa_encode_label): Drop unnecessary second
	argument.  Create string in scratch buffer, then pass to
	* config/pa/pa-protos.h: Update prototype.
	* config/pa/elf.h, config/pa/pa.h, config/pa/som.h:
	hppa_encode_label takes only one argument.

2000-11-16  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* mcore.c (mcore_expand_prolog): Call xmalloc/xrealloc, not

	* cpplib.c (glue_header_name): Likewise.

	* fixincl.c (run_compiles, start_fixer): Likewise.

	* fixlib.c (load_file_data): Likewise.

	* mkdeps.c (munge): Likewise.

2000-11-17  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	trailing ';'.  Fix formatting.

2000-11-16  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (MASK_INLINE_DIV_LAT, MASK_INLINE_DIV_THR):
	Shift masks left by one to avoid conflict.

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_encode_section_info): Disallow decls with

2000-11-16  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (output_arm_prologue): Note nested functions.
	(arm_expand_prologue): For nested functions preserve the
	static chain register during stack frame creation.

	* config/arm/arm.h (STATIC_CHAIN_REGNUM): Change to 12.
	with a stack frame there is a 4 byte gap between the arg
	pointer and the hard frame pointer (used to preserve the
	static chain register during stack frame creation).

2000-11-16  DJ Delorie  <>

	* rtl.c (read_rtx): Provide suitable names for unnamed
	define_insn and define_insn_and_split patterns, based on file
	and line numbers.

2000-11-15  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplib.c (start_directive, end_directive): New functions.
	(_cpp_handle_directive, run_directive): Use them.
	(_cpp_handle_directive): Don't -Wtraditional on indented
	null directives.
	(_cpp_push_buffer): Don't re-clear was_skipping.
	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_reader): New member la_saved.
	* cppmacro.c (cpp_get_token): Don't interpret _Pragma in

	gcc.dg/cpp/_Pragma1.c: Update.
	gcc.dg/cpp/_Pragma2.c: New test.

2000-11-15  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* toplev.c (wrapup_global_declarations): Don't write out
	artificial static variables that aren't needed.

2000-11-15  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* ia64.c (struct group): New structure.
	(last_group): New static array.
	(group_idx): New static variable.
	(emit_group_barrier_after, errata_find_address_regs, errata_emit_nops):
	New static functions.
	(emit_insn_group_barriers): Initialize and keep track of group_idx
	and last_group.
	Call errata_emit_nops if TARGET_B_STEP or TARGET_A_STEP.
	Replace all calls to emit_insn_after that emit a group barrier to use
	* ia64.h (MASK_B_STEP): New.
	(other MASK_XXX macros): Renumbered.
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): Add -mb-step.

2000-11-15  Fred Fish  <>

	* fixinc/ (fixincludes): Add *-*-beos* to list of
	machines for which fixincludes is not needed.
	* config/i386/x-beos (STMP_FIXPROTO): Don't run fixproto.

2000-11-15  Jason Merrill  <>

	* diagnostic.c (finish_abort): New fn.
	(fancy_abort, error_recursion): Use it.
	* toplev.c (crash_signal): Likewise.
	* diagnostic.h: Declare it.

2000-11-13  Andrew Haley  <>

	* tree.c (build_type_no_quals): New function.
	* tree.h (build_type_no_quals): Declare.
	* c-common.c (c_get_alias_set): When considering type
	compatibility for pointer types, ignore cv-qualifiers anywhere in
	a pointer chain.

2000-11-15  Graham Stott  <>

	* regrename.c (scan_rtx_rtx): Skip to the next chain on
	encountering a terminated chain.

2000-11-14  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* Move check for V3 above check for C++ header-file
	* configure: Regenerated.

2000-11-14  DJ Delorie  <>

	* config/v850/v850.c: Remove obstacks.

Tue Nov 14 21:54:31 2000  Marek Michalkiewicz  <> & Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (avr_case_values_threshold): New.
	(avr_override_options): Set it depending on options, make it large
	when not optimizing to work around "unable to generate reloads".

	* config/avr/avr.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): Add -mno-tablejump option.
	(EXTRA_SECTION_FUNCTIONS): Make the .progmem.gcc_sw_table section
	executable if not AVR_MEGA.  Make sure jump tables are word-aligned.
	(JUMP_TABLES_IN_TEXT_SECTION): Define as 0, not 1.
	(ASM_OUTPUT_ADDR_VEC_ELT): Optimize, use "rjmp" if not AVR_MEGA.
	(avr_case_values_threshold): Declare as extern int.
	(CASE_VALUES_THRESHOLD): Define as avr_case_values_threshold.

	* config/avr/ (tablejump): Removed.
	(*tablejump_rjmp): New for jump tables made from "rjmp" instructions.
	(*tablejump_lib, *tablejump_enh, *tablejump): Change to expect the
	index in the table, not multiplied by 2.
	(casesi): Change to match the above insns.  Always enable.

	* config/avr/libgcc.S (__tablejump__): Rename to __tablejump2__.
	Change to expect the word address of the table, multiply it by 2
	here and not in the caller.  Change "adiw" to faster "inc".

2000-11-14  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppexp.c (parse_defined): Call cpp_get_token not
	(lex): Similarly.
	* cpplex.c (cpp_output_line): Similarly.
	* cpplib.c (glue_header_name, do_line, do_ident,
	parse_answer, parse_assertion): Similarly.
	(_cpp_handle_diretive): Don't save to lookaheads
	when processing directives.
	* cppmacro.c (parse_arg, expand_arg): Call cpp_get_token not
	(funlike_invocation_p): Don't save to lookaheads
	when pre-expanding arguments.
	(_cpp_get_token): Delete.
	(cpp_get_token): Merge contents of _cpp_get_token.

2000-11-14  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_setjmp): Set
	(expand_builtin_longjmp): Set current_function_calls_longjmp.

	* config/sparc/ (builtin_setjmp_setup): New expand.
	(do_builtin_setjmp_setup): New insn.

Tue Nov 14 12:34:56 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* tree.c (get_unwidened): Use host_integerp and tree_low_cst.
	(int_fits_type_p): For variable bounds, call force_fit_type.

2000-11-14  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* varasm.c (struct deferred_string): New structure.
	(const_str_htab): New variable.
	(STRHASH): New macro.
	(mark_const_str_htab_1, mark_const_str_htab, const_str_htab_hash,
	constr_str_htab_eq, const_str_htab_del): New functions.
	(output_constant_def): Add DEFER argument, defer string
	constants until mark_constant_pool time if requested.
	(mark_constant_pool): Walk the insn chain even if const_str_htab is
	not empty.
	(mark_constants): If a SYMBOL_REF for deferred string is found,
	output it and remove from hash table.
	(output_addressed_constants): Set DEFER to 0 in call to
	* rtl.h (STRING_POOL_ADDRESS_P): Define.
	(output_constant_def): Adjust prototype.
	* expr.c (expand_expr): Set DEFER to 1 in call to output_constant_def.

2000-11-14  Chandrakala Chavva  <>

	* optabs.c (expand_complex_ab):: Use overflow-trapping optabs for
	signed types if flag_trapv.

2000-11-14  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* tradcpp.c, tradcif.y: Update FSF mailing address, delete
	reference to GPLv1.

2000-11-14  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.h (CTI_C_SIZE_TYPE): Update comment.

2000-11-14  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* varasm.c (struct varasm_status): Change x_const_rtx_sym_hash_table
	to array of pool_constnat pointers.
	(struct pool_constant): Add next_sym and label members.
	(struct pool_sym): Remove.
	(init_varasm_status): Change pool_sym into pool_constant.
	(mark_pool_constant): Mark pc->label string as well.
	(mark_pool_sym_hash_table): Remove.
	(mark_varasm_status): Remove it from caller as well.
	(free_varasm_status): Don't free pool_sym structures.
	(force_const_mem): Don't allocate pool_sym structure, instead
	fill pool->label and chain it into rtx_sym hash table.
	(find_pool_constant, mark_constant_pool): Use pool_constant instead
	of pool_sym.

2000-11-14  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* reload1.c (emit_input_reload_insns): Honor forcing of constants

2000-11-14  Michael Matz  <>

	* dominance.c: New file.
	* (OBJS): Add dominance.o.

	* flow.c (compute_flow_dominators): Remove.
	(compute_immediate_dominators): Remove.
	(compute_immediate_postdominators): Remove.
	* basic-block.h: Remove their prototypes.
	(calculate_dominance_info): Add prototype.

	* dce.c (eliminate_dead_code): Change calls to above functions.
	Don't compute dominators but only immediate dominators.
	* flow.c (flow_loops_find): Change callers.
	* gcse.c (compute_code_hoist_data): Likewise.
	* haifa-sched.c (schedule_insns): Likewise.
	* ifcvt.c (if_convert): Likewise.
	* ssa.c (convert_to_ssa): Likewise, and only compute immediate

2000-11-14  Richard Henderson  <>

	* stmt.c (warn_if_unused_value): Don't warn if the expression
	has side effects.

	* c-typeck.c (c_sizeof): Fold result to c_size_type_node.
	(c_sizeof_nowarn, c_alignof, c_alignof_expr): Likewise.

2000-11-13  Franz Sirl  <>

	* loop.c (basic_induction_var): Revert accidental checkin.

2000-11-13  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* c-lex.c (cb_leave_file): Harmonize conditions and order of
	statements to those of process_directive for (action == act_pop).

	* collect2.c (main): Pass on -B options from COLLECT_GCC_OPTIONS.

	* local-alloc.c (equiv_init_movable_p): References to CC0 are not

2000-11-13  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* (stmts_and_decls): Deprecate use of label at end of
	compound statement.

2000-11-13  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_token): CPP_COMMENT and true CPP_EOF
	cases return without MI check.
	* cpplib.c (do_diagnostic): Take boolean of whether to
	print the directive name.
	(do_error, do_warning): Update.
	(do_pragma_dependency): Use it.
	* cpplib.h (VARARGS_FIRST): Delete.
	(struct cpp_token): Delete integer.
	* cppmacro.c (enter_macro_context): Move disabled check
	to _cpp_get_token.
	(_cpp_get_token): Simplify into a single loop.

2000-11-13  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	*  Use 'test -f' not '[ -e'.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2000-11-13  DJ Delorie  <>

	* config/mn10300/ (store_movm): Note which registers are
	really used or clobbered.

2000-11-13  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* (ends_in_label): Remove from %union and %type.
	(decls, stmts, lineno_stmt_or_labels, xstmts,
	lineno_stmt_or_label, stmt_or_label): Remove.
	(stmts_and_decls, lineno_stmt_decl_or_labels_ending_stmt,
	lineno_stmt_decl_or_labels, compstmt_contents_nonempty,
	lineno_stmt, lineno_label): New.
	(compstmt_nostart): Use compstmt_contents_nonempty.

2000-11-13  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (boolean_increment): New function.
	* c-common.h (enum c_tree_index): Add CTI_C_BOOL_TYPE,
	(c_bool_type_node, c_bool_true_node, c_bool_false_node): Define.
	(boolean_increment): Declare.
	* c-convert.c (convert): Allow for BOOLEAN_TYPE.
	* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Create boolean nodes.
	(finish_struct): Allow for _Bool bitfields.
	* (reswords): Add _Bool.
	(rid_to_yy): Allow for RID_BOOL.
	* c-typeck.c (default_conversion): Make booleans promote to int.
	(convert_arguments, build_unary_op, build_modify_expr,
	convert_for_assignment): Allow for booleans.
	* ginclude/stdbool.h: Make conforming to C99.

2000-11-13  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* (c99_block_start, c99_block_end,
	c99_block_lineno_labeled_stmt): New.
	(simple_if, do_stmt_start): Use c99_block_lineno_labeled_stmt.
	(stmt): Split off selection and iteration statements into...
	(select_or_iter_stmt): New.  Use c99_block_lineno_labeled_stmt.

2000-11-13  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* invoke.texi (-Wtrigraphs, -fdump-translation-unit, -save-temps,
	-time): Update.

2000-11-13  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* (mulsidi3adddi, umulsidi3adddi): Revert previous change.
	Rewrite to avoid use of match_dup.  Don't try to tie registers that
	are not in the same mode.

2000-11-13  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* invoke.texi: Update lists of languages and suffixes supported.

2000-11-13  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* Take toplevel configure arguments from the
	environment to create configargs.h and substitute
	gcc_config_arguments, taking account of any existing configargs.h
	if reconfiguring.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* Include toplevel configure arguments in gccbug.

2000-11-13  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* varasm.c (struct constant_descriptor): Put CONTENTS inside a
	union to make it well-aligned.  Update all uses.

2000-11-13  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* (initelt): Give appropriate pedantic warnings,
	depending on flag_isoc99, for non-ISO syntax and for C99 syntax
	outside C99 mode.
	(designator): If pedantic, pedwarn for a designator specifying a
	range of elements.
	* c-typeck.c (set_init_index, set_init_label): Don't pedwarn for
	these cases.
	* extend.texi: Document the C99 syntax as the preferred syntax,
	and the pre-2.5 syntax as obsolete.  Mention use of designator
	lists for nested subobjects.

2000-11-13  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* diagnostic.c (vbuild_message_string, output_do_printf, vnotice):
	* tradcpp.c (v_message, warning, error, fatal, error_with_line):

2000-11-12  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* function.c (assign_parms): When calling put_var_into_stack, make
	sure that there are no hidden pending sequences.

2000-11-12  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin): Handle BUILT_IN_INDEX and
	BUILT_IN_RINDEX.  Add missing checks for BUILT_IN_STRCHR and

	* builtins.def (BUILT_IN_INDEX, BUILT_IN_RINDEX): New entries.

	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Declare index and
	rindex when nonansi builtins are allowed.

	* extend.texi (index, rindex): Document new builtins.

2000-11-12  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* Turn on libstdc++ V3 by default.
	* configure: Regenerated.

	* fixinc/ Use the ordinary fixincludes on Solaris.

2000-11-12  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* reload1.c (set_label_offsets): Go inside of PARALLELs.

2000-11-12  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* invoke.texi: Clean up option summary.

2000-11-12  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/mcore/mcore.c: Fix comment formating, and adjust sequence
	of #include headers.

2000-11-12  Marc Espie <>

	* Fix filds test.
	* configure: Regen.

2000-11-12  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* jump.c (delete_computation): Don't assume that just because an
	instruction sets a register, that register is dead.

2000-11-12  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppexp.c: Don't worry about pfile->skipping.
	* cpplib.c (struct if_stack): Make was_skipping unsigned char.
	(cpp_handle_directive): Save pfile->skipping in struct cpp_buffer
	for handled directives.
	(skip_rest_of_line): Use _cpp_lex_token after popping contexts
	and releasing lookaheads.
	(do_ifdef, do_ifndef, do_if): Use buffer->was_skipping.
	(do_else, do_elif, push_conditional): Update logic.
	(do_endif): Set buffer->was_skipping rather than pfile->skipping.
	(unwind_if_stack): Inline into cpp_pop_buffer.
	(cpp_push_buffer): Clear ifs->was_skipping for cpp_handle_directive.
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_token): Clear skipping on EOF.  Handle
	multiple-include optimisation.
	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_buffer): New member was_skipping.
	* cppmacro.c (_cpp_get_token): Loop whilst pfile->skipping.  This
	works because skipping == 0 in directives.
	(_cpp_release_lookahead): Renamed from release_lookahead.
	(cpp_get_token): No need to check skipping as _cpp_get_token does
	this for us.  No need to handle MI optimisation.

Sat Nov 11 21:14:02 2000  Mark P Mitchell  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def (sunos_matherr_decl): Bypass matherr
	declarations that use `__MATH_EXCEPTION' in their prototypes, too.
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: Regenerated.

2000-11-11  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def (avoid_bool_type): avoid commenting out #endif
	(avoid_wchar_t_type): ditto
	* fixinc/fixinc.irix: obsoleted

2000-11-11  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* Don't add $outputs to all_lang_makefiles.  Add
	$srcdir/$s/ if it exists.
	* configure: Regenerate.

Sat Nov 11 18:41:20 2000  Mark P Mitchell  <>

	* fixinc/ Use the ordinary fixincludes on IRIX.

2000-11-11  Jason Merrill  <>

	* function.c (assign_parms): If TREE_ADDRESSABLE is set, try to
	give the parm a register and then call put_var_into_stack.
	* stmt.c (expand_decl): Likewise.

2000-11-11  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcc.texi: Adjust wording.

2000-11-11  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def (avoid_wchar_t_type): New fix.
	* fininc/fixincl.x: Regenerated.

2000-11-11  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* invoke.texi: Correct spelling of -foptimize-register-move.

2000-11-11  Neil Booth  <>


	* cppexp.c (lex): Don't handle CPP_PLACEMARKER.
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_token): Rename skip_newlines to next_bol
	* cpplib.c (skip_rest_of_line, check_eol, cpp_push_buffer):
	* cpplib.h: Remove CPP_PLACEMARKER.
	(struct lexer_state): Rename skip_newlines to next_bol.
	* cppmacro.c (stringify_arg): Don't handle CPP_PLACEMARKER.
	Simplify prev_white handling as a result.
	(paste_all_tokens): Don't worry about CPP_PLACEMARKERs.
	(parse_arg): Empty arguments are now empty, not CPP_PLACEMARKERs.
	(parse_args): Similarly.  Update argument count tests.
	(enter_macro_context): Return 2 to indicate an empty macro.
	(replace_args): Don't bother pre-expanding an empty argument.
	Handle placemarkers and ## extension during pre-expansion.
	(cpp_get_token): Handle empty macro expansions.  Don't worry
	(_cpp_create_definition): Empty macros are now empty.
	(cpp_macro_definition): Don't special case empty macros.
	* scan-decls.c: Don't bother with CPP_PLACEMARKERs.
	* c-lex.c: Similarly.

2000-11-11  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcc.texi, invoke.texi: Add new section discussing language
	standards; link to it where appropriate; refer to ISO C instead of

2000-11-11  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* builtins.c (std_expand_builtin_va_start): Take PARM_BOUNDARY
	into account.

	* config/sh/sh.h (MODES_TIEABLE_P): Don't tie SFmode to other FP

2000-11-10  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcc.texi, gcov.texi: Update dates and version numbers.

2000-11-10  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* Remove AC_PROG_LEX and AC_PROG_YACC.  Look for
	flex and bison, specifically, first in a unified build and
	then installed on the system.
	* Set BISON to @BISON@, FLEX to @FLEX@.  Rename

	(collect2.o, gcc.o, prefix.o, toplev.o, alloca.o, intl.o,
	cppdefault.o): Remove pointless sed munging of source file

2000-11-10  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* reload.c (find_reloads_address_1, case POST_MODIFY): Use RELOAD_OTHER
	for address reloads.  Push replacements for REG_INC notes.
	(regno_clobbered_p): New arg SETS.  Examine SETs if it's nonzero.  All
	callers changed.
	* reload1.c (choose_reload_regs): Registers set in the insn can't be
	used for RELOAD_OTHER reloads.

2000-11-10  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-dump.h: New file.

2000-11-10  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* alpha.c (check_float_value): Use memcpy, not bcopy.
	* arm.c (output_move_double): Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* m88k.c (legitimize_operand): Likewise.
	* m88k.h (ORDER_REGS_FOR_LOCAL_ALLOC): Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* mips.c (override_options): Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* romp.c (output_fpops): Likewise.
	* rs6000.c (rs6000_override_options): Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* vax.c (check_float_value): Likewise.

	* emit-rtl.c (copy_rtx_if_shared, init_emit_once): Likewise.
	* expmed.c (synth_mult): Likewise.
	* final.c (add_bb_string): Likewise.
	* genattr.c (main): Likewise.
	* genattrtab.c (attr_string, simplify_cond, copy_rtx_unchanging):
	* jump.c (thread_jumps): Likewise.
	* prefix.c (save_string): Likewise.
	* real.h (REAL_VALUE_FROM_CONST_DOUBLE): Likewise.
	* regclass.c (init_reg_sets, init_reg_sets_1): Likewise.
	* reload1.c (reload, eliminate_regs): Likewise.

2000-11-10  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcc.texi (Service): Update to reflect current practice and
	location of the GNU service directory.

2000-11-09  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* regrename.c (build_def_use): Mark contents of REG_INC notes as
	needing replacement.

	* config/ia64/ (extendsfdf2, extendsftf2, extenddftf2): Emit
	a no-op move if regs are equal.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Do the noop moves elimination pass
	when calling jump after post-reload splitting.

2000-11-09  Jan van Male  <>

	* c-tree.texi: Fix typos.
	* extend.texi: Likewise
	* gcov.texi: Likewise
	* rtl.texi: Likewise
	* tm.texi: Likewise

2000-11-09  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* c-lex.c [! NO_IMPLICIT_EXTERN_C] (cb_enter_file): Check
	in_system_header and flags[1] before dereferencing flags[2].

2000-11-09  Matthew Hiller <>

	* reload1.c (reload_combine): Fixed calculation of
	first_index_reg, last_index_reg.

2000-11-09  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-dump.c (dequeue_and_dump): Dump function bodies.

	* (C_AND_OBJC_OBJS): Add c-dump.o.
	(c-dump.o): New target.
	* c-common.h (flag_dump_translation_unit): New variable.
	(C_TYPE_QUALS): New macro.
	(strip_array_types): New function.
	(DECL_C_BIT_FIELD): New macro.
	(SET_DECL_C_BIT_FIELD): Likewise.
	(dump_info_p): New typedef.
	(dump_tree_fn): Likewise.
	(lang_dump_tree): New variable.
	(dump_node_to_file): New function.
	* c-common.c (flag_dump_translation_unit): Define it.
	(strip_array_types): New function.
	* c-decl.c (c_decode_option): Handle -fdump-translation-unit.
	* c-lang.c (finish_file): Call dump_node_to_file if
	* c-semantics.c (mark_rtl_for_local_static): Fix typo in comment.
	* c-tree.h (DECL_C_BIT_FIELD): Remove declaration.
	* c-dump.c: New file.

2000-11-09  Christopher Faylor <>

	* config/i386/cygwin.h: Add mingw startfile prefix.

2000-11-09  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (invalidate_mems_from_set): Split out from ...
	(mark_set_1): ... here.
	(try_pre_increment_1): Use it.  Use propagate_block_delete_insn
	instead of turning insn into a NOTE_INSN_DELETED.

2000-11-10  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* extend.texi, invoke.texi: Move documentation of builtin versions
	of C library functions to one place and update.

2000-11-09  Richard Henderson  <>

	* fold-const.c (fold): Compare TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT rather than
	the types themselves to discover type equivalence.

2000-11-09  Mike Stump  <>

	* (distclean): Remove a few extra leftovers.

2000-11-09  Richard Henderson  <>

	* recog.c (validate_replace_rtx_1): Consider subregs when
	replacing a register with a constant inside a sign/zero_extend.

	* config/alpha/linux.h (HANDLE_PRAGMA_PACK_PUSH_POP): Define.

2000-11-09  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* c-decl.c (finish_struct): When a structure is completed,
	check all its variant types for completeness.

2000-11-09  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpphash.c: Move cpp_defined here from cpplib.c.
	* cpplib.c: Update comments, move cpp_defined to cpphash.c.
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_token): Don't leave the lexer at EOL.
	* cppmacro.c (cpp_get_token): Update comments, no need now
	to catch the CPP_EOF meaning EOL case.

2000-11-08  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* config/sparc/sparc.c (sparc_va_arg): When the required alignment
	is more than that provided, copy to a temporary.

2000-11-09  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (EXTRA_MULTILIB_PARTS): Prevent `make' from
	interpreting $out as a macro assignment.
	* (T_TARGET): New auxiliary macro and target.
	(all): Add a target right in the beginning, so that we don't build
	T_TARGET by default.

2000-11-09  Graham Stott  <>

	* config/i386/ (mmx_pinsrw): Output operands in correct
	order for -mintel-syntax.  Remove comment now that the operand
	order has been checked.
	(mmx_pextrw): Likewise.
	(mmx_pshufw): Likewise.

2000-11-09  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* builtins.c (c_strlen): Use TREE_STRING_LENGTH - 1 for max.
	(c_getstr): New function.
	(expand_builtin_strstr): Do nothing if -fcheck-memory-usage.
	If both arguments are constant string, optimize out.
	(expand_builtin_strchr, expand_builtin_strrchr): New functions.
	(expand_builtin_strpbrk): Use c_getstr, do nothing if
	(expand_builtin_fputs): Likewise.
	(expand_builtin_strcmp): Add MODE argument.
	Use even if !HAVE_cmpstrsi.
	Optimize the case when both arguments are constant strings.
	(expand_builtin): Adjust expand_builtin_strcmp caller.
	Call expand_builtin_strchr and expand_builtin_strrchr.
	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Add strchr and strrchr
	* builtins.def (BUILT_IN_STRRCHR): Add.

2000-11-08  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* fixinc/gnu-regex.c: Rename EGCS LOCAL markers to GCC LOCAL.

2000-11-09  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call, emit_library_call_value_1), collect2.c
	(scan_prog_file), config/a29k/a29k.c (print_operand),
	config/sparc/sparc.c (order_regs_for_local_alloc): Use memcpy ()
	instead of bcopy ().
	* real.h: Use memcmp () instead of bcmp ().
	* config/m88k/m88k.c (m88k_layout_frame), config/sh/sh.c
	(split_branches), config/sparc/sparc.c (ultra_flush_pipeline,
	ultrasparc_sched_init, ultrasparc_sched_reorder),
	config/sparc/sparc.h (CONDITIONAL_REGISTER_USAGE): Use memset ()
	instead of bzero ().
	* config/vax/xm-xms.h (FILE_NAME_NONDIRECTORY): Use strrchr ()
	instead of rindex ().
	* Don't check for bzero, bcmp, index or rindex.
	* configure, Regenerate.
	* system.h: Don't include declarations for bzero, bcmp, index or
	* config/i386/xm-beos.h, config/rs6000/xm-beos.h: Don't define
	bzero, bcmp, index or rindex.

Wed Nov  8 21:58:20 2000  Christopher Faylor <>

	* config/i386/cygwin.h: Add -no-win32 switch.  Separate -mno-cygwin
	include and library paths from -mcygwin case.  Parameterize some
	declarations to avoid warnings.  Use standard locations for include and
	lib dirs.

2000-11-08  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/ (mulsidi3adddi): Change output operand
	constraint from "=&" to "+&".
	(umulsidi3adddi): Change output operand	constraint from "=&" to

2000-11-08  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (init_propagate_block_info): Protect the rtx stored in
	mem_set_list from modification by find_auto_inc.
	(mark_set_1): Likewise.

2000-11-08  Neil Booth  <>

	Move directive handling into the lexer itself.

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_token): Handle directives directly.
	In the case of a directive interrupting a function-like
	macro invocation, use extra_char since read_ahead is
	used to store the '#'.  Return a CPP_EOF in this case.
	* cppmacro.c (parse_arg): No need to handle CPP_DHASH any more.
	(cpp_get_token): Don't handle directives here.
	* cpplib.h: Remove CPP_DHASH token type.

Wed Nov  8 21:53:41 MET 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* regmove.c (combine_stack_adjustments_for_blocks): Recognize pushes
	formed using PRE_MODIFY too.

2000-11-08  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-tree.texi (VAR_DECL): Describe representation of GCC's
	extension for placing variables in particular registers.

	* c-tree.texi (FUNCTION_TYPE): Clarify TYPE_ARG_TYPES for
	unprototyped C functions with no parameters.

2000-11-08  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/sparc.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK): Cast DELTA to int
	before passing to fprintf.

2000-11-08  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* function.c (expand_function_start): Cast GET_MODE_SIZE to
	HOST_WIDE_INT before negating it.

2000-11-08  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* expr.c (expand_expr) [ADDR_EXPR]: Handle when op0 is RETURN_DECL
	passed in multiple non-contiguous locations.

2000-11-08  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* README.gnat: Remove file.

2000-11-08  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (EXTRA_MULTILIB_PARTS): Generate multilib parts

2000-11-07  Richard Henderson  <>

	* dwarfout.c (INSN_LABEL_FMT): Remove.
	(output_label_die): Use ASM_GENERATE_INTERNAL_LABEL.
	(dwarfout_label): Remove.
	* dwarfout.h: Remove it's prototype.
	* dwarf2out.c (INSN_LABEL_FMT): Remove.
	(gen_label_die): Use ASM_GENERATE_INTERNAL_LABEL.
	(dwarf2out_label): Remove.
	* dwarf2out.h: Remove it's prototype.
	* final.c (final_scan_insn): Don't call dwarf[2]out_label.

2000-11-07  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/fde-glibc.c (find_fde_for_dso): Do a binary
	search on the unwind region section.

	* config/ia64/ (movbi): Add r/r alternative.
	(cmovdi_internal_astep): Describe all combinations of register
	classes for sources & destinations; remove matching constraints.
	(cmovdi_internal): Likewise.

	* gcc.c (default_compilers) [@cpp-output]: Add -fpreprocessed.

2000-11-07  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-lang.c (start_cdtor, finish_cdtor): New functions.
	(finish_file): Use them in building constructor/destructor functions.

	* config/alpha/alpha.h (HAS_INIT_SECTION, LD_INIT_SWITCH,
	LD_FINI_SWITCH): Move ...
	* config/alpha/osf.h: ... here.
	* config/alpha/alpha-interix.h: Don't undef them.

2000-11-07  Jeffrey Oldham  <>

	* config/mips/t-iris6 (FPBIT): New.  Added so that __unorddf2 is
	included in libgcc.a.
	(DPBIT): Likewise.
	(dp-bit.c): Likewise.
	(fp-bit.c): Likewise.

2000-11-07  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/m88k/m88k.h (GLOBAL_ASM_OP): Add missing tab.
	(INTERNAL_ASM_OP): Add missing tab.

2000-11-07  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* alias.c (init_alias_analysis), calls.c (expand_call,
	emit_library_call_value_1), combine.c (init_reg_last_arrays),
	cse.c (new_basic_block), dbxout.c (dbxout_type), diagnostic.c
	(init_output_buffer, set_diagnostic_context), dwarf2out.c
	(equate_decl_number_to_die, build_abbrev_table), emit-rtl.c
	(init_emit_once), fold-const.c (mul_double, div_and_round_double),
	function.c (assign_parms), gcse.c (compute_can_copy,
	alloc_gcse_mem, alloc_reg_set_mem, record_one_set,
	compute_hash_table, compute_set_hash_table,
	compute_expr_hash_table), genattrtab.c (optimize_attrs), global.c
	(global_alloc, global_conflicts), haifa-sched.c (compute_trg_info,
	clear_units, schedule_block), integrate.c (initialize_for_inline,
	expand_inline_function), jump.c (thread_jumps), local-alloc.c
	(local_alloc), loop.c (combine_movables, count_loop_regs_set,
	load_mems_and_recount_loop_regs_set), print-tree.c (debug_tree),
	regclass.c (init_reg_sets, init_reg_sets_1, regclass,
	record_reg_classes, allocate_reg_info), reload.c
	(get_secondary_mem, remove_address_replacements, find_reloads),
	reload1.c (reload, set_initial_label_offsets, finish_spills,
	reload_as_needed, choose_reload_regs_init,
	reload_cse_simplify_operands), reorg.c (dbr_schedule), sbitmap.c
	(sbitmap_zero), simplify-rtx.c (simplify_plus_minus), ssa.c
	(rename_registers), stmt.c (expand_end_case), unroll.c
	(unroll_loop), varray.c (varray_grow), objc/objc-act.c: Use memset
	() instead of bzero ().

2000-11-07  Neil Booth  <>

	* cp/lang-specs.h: Fix -save-temps specs under USE_CPPLIB.

2000-11-07  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* c-common.c (combine_strings): Only warn about long strings for C.

Tue Nov  7 19:44:30 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* combine.c (distribute_notes): Fix typo in last change.

2000-11-07  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/ (movdi_internal32+1): Use
	operand_subreg_force rather than gen_rtx_SUBREG.
	(movdi_internal32+2): Likewise.

2000-11-07  Philip Blundell  <>

	* (arm*-*-linuxaout*): Obsolete, deleted.
	* config/arm/linux-aout.h: Likewise.
	* configure: Regenerate.

2000-11-07  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* ABOUT-GCC-NLS: Remove the patch for gettext as it has been
	accepted my the gettext maintainer.

2000-11-07  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_strpbrk): New function.
	(expand_builtin): Handle BUILT_IN_STRPBRK.

	* builtins.def (BUILT_IN_STRPBRK): New entry.

	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Declare builtin

2000-11-07  David O'Brien  <>

	* config/alpha/freebsd.h: New file -- FreeBSD/alpha architecture file.
	* Add config/alpha/freebsd.h
	* Add alpha*-freebsd support.
	* configure: Regenerate.

2000-11-07  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* tree.c (build_common_tree_nodes_2): Make va_list_type_node be a
	copy of ptr_type_node rather than ptr_type_node itself.

Tue Nov  7 06:29:24 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* combine.c (recog_for_combine): Allocate uninitialized vector with
	* recog.c (apply_change_group): Likewise.

Tue Nov  7 06:24:02 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* flow.c (verify_local_live_at_start): Back out last change.
	* combine.c (distribute_notes): When parts of a hard reg are
	neither set nor referenced in PLACE, search backwards for a
	place to put a REG_UNUSED note; if none found, ask for flow
	info refresh.

Mon Nov  6 20:08:13 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* reload1.c (eliminate_regs_in_insn): Allow a set to be a PARALLEL
	with (clobber (match_scratch...)).

2000-11-06  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-lex.c (init_c_lex): If cpp_start_read fails, exit with
	error status.

2000-11-06  Neil Booth  <>

	* tradcpp.c (special_symbol): Assign an null string rather
	than writing to an unallocated buffer.

2000-11-06  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_equiv_tokens): Check arg_no in the

2000-11-06  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-lex.c (c_lex): Replace tok.val.aux with tok.val.c or
	tok.val.arg_no as appropriate.
	* cppexp.c (lex): Similarly.
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_token, cpp_spell_token, cpp_output_token,
	cpp_equiv_tokens, cpp_can_paste, cpp_avoid_paste): Similarly.
	* cppmacro.c (stringify_arg, replace_args, lex_expansion_token,
	cpp_macro_definition): Similarly.
	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_token): Replace aux with c and arg_no.

2000-11-06  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/ (adddi3): If operands[2] is 4096 and
	operands[1] is constant, calculate the sum and generate movdi.
	(addsi3): Similarly.  Use SImode in call to arith_4096_operand.
	(subsi3): Use SImode in call to arith_4096_operand.

2000-11-06  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/sparc.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK): On sparc64 we need to
	adjust %o1, not %o0 if the return type is large structure.

2000-11-06  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/ (smulsi3_highpart_v8plus, ashldi3_v8plus+1,
	update_return, flush, flushdi, ffssi2, ffsdi2): Fix output formatting.

Sat Sep 23 19:10:20 2000  Denis Chertykov  <> & Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* expmed.c (expand_divmod): For signed divide by 2, prefer
	a branch and fewer shifts if branches are very cheap.

2000-11-05  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* Remove all targets related to building
	distributions and diffs, or INSTALL.
	* INSTALL, install1.texi: Remove.
	* Remove mention of distdir.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* objc/ Remove mention of distdir.

2000-11-04  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpp.texi: Update for _Pragma.

2000-11-04  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcc.texi (Contributing): Update URL for projects web page.

2000-11-04  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (parse_string): Don't allow multiline strings in
	#include family directives.

2000-11-04  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplib.c (do_line): Only warn pedantically if not reading
	preprocessed input.

2000-11-04  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* calls.c (emit_call_1) [sibcall_pop]: Use n_popped instead of

2000-11-03  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_strlen): Remove unused mode
	* gcc.c (process_command): Remove unused variable.
	* fold-const.c: Include expr.h.
	* recog.c: Include reload.h.
	* (recog.o, fold-const.o): Update deps.

2000-11-02  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* fixinc/gnu-regex.c: Change 'CYGNUS LOCAL' to 'EGCS LOCAL'.

Fri Nov  3 13:41:04 2000  Mark P Mitchell  <>

	* config/mips/iris6.h (SUBTARGET_CC1_SPEC): Remove -static
	(STARTFILE_SPEC): Likewise.
	(LINK_SPEC): Likewise.

2000-11-03  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (fold-const.o): Depend on $(GGC_H), not ggc.h.
	(toplev.o): Likewise for $(LOOP_H)/loop.h and $(REGS_H)/regs.h.
	(simplify-rtx.o): Likewise for $(GGC_H)/ggc.h.

2000-11-03  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-decl.c (duplicate_decls, copy_lang_decl), dwarfout.c
	(dwarfout_line), gcc.c (main, save_string), tree.c (init_obstacks,
	perm_calloc, get_identifier, maybe_get_identifier,
	real_value_from_int_cst, simple_cst_equal), varasm.c
	(assemble_name, assemble_real, immed_real_const_1,
	compare_constant_1, decode_rtx_const, output_constant_pool): Use
	strrchr () instead of rindex ().  Use memcmp () instead of bcmp
	().  Use memcpy () instead of bcopy ().  Use memset () instead of
	bzero ().

2000-11-03  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* cppfiles.c (open_file): If already read, then don't reopen.
	Immediately close an empty file.

2000-11-01  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* expr.h (fold_builtin): Move declaration...
	* tree.h (fold_builtin): ... here.

Fri Nov  3 05:41:07 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* flow.c (verify_local_live_at_start): Allow hard regs to die.

2000-11-02  Neil Booth  <>

	* a29k/a29k.h, a29k/unix.h, a29k/vx29k.h,
	alpha/alpha-interix.h, alpha/alpha.h, alpha/linux.h,
	alpha/openbsd.h, alpha/osf.h, alpha/vms.h, alpha/vxworks.h,
	alpha/win-nt.h, arc/arc.h, arm/arm.h, arm/conix-elf.h,
	arm/linux-aout.h, arm/linux-elf.h, arm/netbsd.h, arm/riscix.h,
	arm/riscix1-1.h, arm/semiaof.h, arm/unknown-elf-oabi.h, arm/vxarm.h,
	c4x/rtems.h, clipper/clix.h, convex/convex.h, d30v/d30v.h,
	elxsi/elxsi.h, fr30/fr30.h, h8300/h8300.h, i370/linux.h, i370/mvs.h,
	i370/oe.h, i386/386bsd.h, i386/aix386ng.h, i386/beos-elf.h,
	i386/bsd386.h, i386/crtdll.h, i386/cygwin.h, i386/dgux.h,
	i386/djgpp-rtems.h, i386/djgpp.h, i386/freebsd-aout.h, i386/freebsd.h,
	i386/gnu.h, i386/i386-interix.h, i386/i386.h, i386/linux-aout.h,
	i386/linux-oldld.h, i386/linux.h, i386/lynx-ng.h, i386/lynx.h,
	i386/mach.h, i386/mingw32.h, i386/moss.h, i386/netbsd.h,
	i386/netware.h, i386/next.h, i386/openbsd.h, i386/osf1elf.h,
	i386/osfelf.h, i386/osfrose.h, i386/ptx4-i.h, i386/rtems.h,
	i386/rtemself.h, i386/sco.h, i386/sco4.h, i386/sco4dbx.h, i386/sco5.h,
	i386/scodbx.h, i386/sequent.h, i386/sol2.h, i386/sun.h, i386/sysv3.h,
	i386/sysv4.h, i386/uwin.h, i386/vsta.h, i386/vxi386.h, i386/win-nt.h,
	i386/win32.h, i860/fx2800.h, i860/i860.h, i860/mach.h, i860/sysv3.h,
	i860/sysv4.h, i960/i960.h, i960/rtems.h, i960/vx960-coff.h,
	ia64/ia64.h, ia64/linux.h, m32r/m32r.h, m68k/3b1.h, m68k/3b1g.h,
	m68k/a-ux.h, m68k/altos3068.h, m68k/amix.h, m68k/apollo68.h,
	m68k/crds.h, m68k/ctix.h, m68k/dpx2.h, m68k/hp2bsd.h, m68k/hp320.h,
	m68k/hp3bsd.h, m68k/hp3bsd44.h, m68k/isi.h, m68k/linux-aout.h,
	m68k/linux.h, m68k/lynx-ng.h, m68k/lynx.h, m68k/m68kemb.h,
	m68k/m68kv4.h, m68k/mot3300.h, m68k/netbsd.h, m68k/news.h,
	m68k/next.h, m68k/openbsd.h, m68k/pbb.h, m68k/plexus.h, m68k/rtems.h,
	m68k/rtemself.h, m68k/sun2.h, m68k/sun3.h, m68k/sun3mach.h,
	m68k/tower-as.h, m68k/tower.h, m68k/vxm68k.h, m88k/dgux.h,
	m88k/dolph.h, m88k/luna.h, m88k/m88k-aout.h, m88k/m88k-coff.h,
	m88k/openbsd.h, m88k/sysv3.h, m88k/sysv4.h, mips/bsd-4.h,
	mips/bsd-5.h, mips/dec-bsd.h, mips/dec-osf1.h, mips/gnu.h,
	mips/iris3.h, mips/iris5.h, mips/iris6.h, mips/linux.h, mips/mips.h,
	mips/netbsd.h, mips/news4.h, mips/news5.h, mips/nws3250v4.h,
	mips/openbsd.h, mips/osfrose.h, mips/rtems64.h, mips/sni-svr4.h,
	mips/svr3-4.h, mips/svr3-5.h, mips/svr4-4.h, mips/svr4-5.h,
	mips/ultrix.h, ns32k/encore.h, ns32k/merlin.h, ns32k/netbsd.h,
	ns32k/ns32k.h, ns32k/pc532-mach.h, ns32k/pc532.h, ns32k/sequent.h,
	ns32k/tek6000.h, ns32k/tek6100.h, ns32k/tek6200.h, pa/pa-hiux.h,
	pa/pa-hpux.h, pa/pa-hpux7.h, pa/pa-linux.h, pa/pa-osf.h,
	pa/pa-pro-end.h, pa/pa.h, pa/rtems.h, pj/linux.h, pj/pj.h,
	romp/romp.h, rs6000/aix.h, rs6000/aix31.h, rs6000/aix41.h,
	rs6000/aix43.h, rs6000/beos.h, rs6000/eabi.h, rs6000/eabisim.h,
	rs6000/linux.h, rs6000/lynx.h, rs6000/mach.h, rs6000/rtems.h,
	rs6000/sysv4.h, rs6000/vxppc.h, sh/elf.h, sh/linux.h, sh/rtems.h,
	sh/rtemself.h, sh/sh.h, sparc/aout.h, sparc/elf.h, sparc/linux-aout.h,
	sparc/linux.h, sparc/linux64.h, sparc/lite.h, sparc/litecoff.h,
	sparc/liteelf.h, sparc/lynx-ng.h, sparc/lynx.h, sparc/netbsd.h,
	sparc/openbsd.h, sparc/pbd.h, sparc/rtems.h, sparc/rtemself.h,
	sparc/sol2-sld-64.h, sparc/sol2.h, sparc/sp64-aout.h,
	sparc/sp64-elf.h, sparc/sp86x-aout.h, sparc/sp86x-elf.h,
	sparc/sparc.h, sparc/sysv4.h, sparc/vxsim.h, sparc/vxsparc.h,
	v850/rtems.h, vax/netbsd.h, vax/openbsd.h, vax/ultrix.h, vax/vax.h,
	vax/vaxv.h, vax/vms.h, we32k/we32k.h

	Replace -A() with -A=, the new assertion syntax.

Thu Nov  2 21:52:35 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* combine.c (distribute_notes): Use rtx_equal_p to check elim_i2 /
	In REG_DEAD handling: When handling parts of multi-hard-reg hard
	registers, increment the loop counter by the size of the parts;
	use recursion to handle individual parts.

2000-11-02  Neil Booth  <>

	* Make integrated CPP the default.
	* configure: Regenerate.

Thu Nov  2 19:20:12 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* reload.c (find_equiv_reg): Test all hard registers for membership
	in the requested class.

2000-11-02  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* collect2.c (main, write_c_file_stat), gcc.c (translate_options,
	process_command, main), gcov.c (open_files, output_data), tlink.c
	(frob_extension, scan_linker_output), toplev.c
	(file_name_nondirectory): Use strchr () and strrchr () instead of
	index () and rindex ().

2000-11-02  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (get_flag_spec, check_format_info_main,
	check_format_types): Use strchr () instead of index ().  Compare
	against error_mark_node instead of comparing the TREE_CODE against

2000-11-02  Zack Weinberg <zackw@Stanford.EDU>

	Integrated CPP.

	* c-lex.c (init_c_lex): Update cpp_start_read call.
	(cb_ident): Update for new callback prototype.
	(cb_def_pragma): Update for new cpp_get_token prototype.
	(c_lex): Similarly.  Use cpp_get_line.

	* (finish_parse): Update for new cpp_finish

	* cp/lex.c (finish_parse): Similarly.

2000-11-01  Geoff Keating  <>

	* machmode.def: Add V16QImode.

2000-11-01  Richard Henderson  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (loc_descriptor_from_tree): Check for null result
	from rtl_for_decl_location.
	(add_location_or_const_value_attribute): Likewise.

2000-11-01  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplib.c (run_directive): Use correct line number for output
	of _Pragma.  Remember any in-progress directive.

	* gcc.dg/cpp/vararg2.c, gcc.dg/cpp/_Pragm1.c: New tests.

2000-11-01  Richard Henderson  <>

	* stmt.c (expand_start_null_loop): Set continue_label.

2000-11-01  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* builtins.c (fold_builtin_constant_p, fold_builtin): New functions.
	(expand_builtin_constant_p): Move parts of the code into
	(expand_builtin_strlen): Move parts of the code into fold_builtin.
	* expr.h (fold_builtin): Declare.
	* fold-const.c (fold): Handle builtin calls.

	* c-typeck.c (build_function_call): Call fold on the CALL_EXPR.

2000-11-01  Richard Henderson  <>

	* stmt.c (expand_start_null_loop): New.
	(expand_end_null_loop): New.
	* c-semantics.c (genrtl_do_stmt): Use them.
	* tree.h: Declare them.

2000-11-01  Richard Henderson  <>

	* cppmain.c (scan_buffer): Don't avoid paste for assembly.

2000-11-01  Neil Booth  <>

	* (_yylex): Remove CPP_BACKSLASH case.
	* cp/spew.c: Similarly.
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_token): Backslashes are now CPP_OTHER.
	* cppmacro.c (stringify_arg): Similarly.
	* cpplib.h (CPP_BACKSLASH): Delete.

2000-10-31  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_strstr): New function.
	(expand_builtin): Handle BUILT_IN_STRSTR and BUILT_IN_STRCHR.

	* builtins.def (BUILT_IN_STRSTR, BUILT_IN_STRCHR): New entries.

	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Declare builtin strstr
	and builtin strchr.

2000-10-31  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/i386/i386.c (fcmov_comparison_operator): Check for
	CCFPmode or CCFPUmode instead of CCmode.
	(ix86_expand_fp_movcc): Call ix86_expand_setcc for most
	unordered operations as well.

2000-10-31  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-semantics.c (genrtl_do_stmt): Use integer_zerop instead
	of integer_zero_node.

2000-10-31  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-semantics.c (genrtl_do_stmt): Special case do/while(0).

2000-10-31  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/unknown-elf.h (UNIQUE_SECTION_P): Do not allow
	-fdata-sections to override the section attribute of a DECL.

2000-10-31  Chris Demetriou  <>

	* libgcc2.c (__shtab): Remove __shtab variable.
	* libgcc-std.ver (GCC_3.0): Remove __shtab from symbol list.
	* (LIB2FUNCS): Remove _shtab from list of library

2000-10-31  Jim Wilson  <>

	* defaults.h (ASM_OUTPUT_DEBUG_LABEL): New.
	* tm.texi (ASM_OUTPUT_DEBUG_LABEL): Document.
	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_begin_block): Use ASM_OUTPUT_DEBUG_LABEL
	(dwarf2out_end_block, dwarf2out_label): Likewise.
	* final.c (final_scan_insn, case NOTE_INSN_DELETED_LABEL): Likewise
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (ASM_OUTPUT_DEBUG_LABEL): Define.

2000-10-31  Richard Henderson  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (struct dw_loc_descr_struct): Add dw_loc_addr.
	(size_of_locs): Set it.
	(output_loc_operands): Use it to compute branch displacement.
	(int_loc_descriptor): New.
	(mem_loc_descriptor): Dereference memory in the proper size.
	Use DW_OP_plus_uconst when possible.  Use int_loc_descriptor.
	(loc_descriptor_from_tree): New.
	(rtl_for_decl_location): Break out from ...
	(add_location_or_const_value_attribute): ... here.
	(add_bound_info): Use loc_descriptor_from_tree.

2000-10-31  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpp.texi: Update for new command line assertion syntax.
	* cpplib.c (cpp_define): Simplify a bit.
	(cpp_assert, cpp_unassert): Use handle_assertion.
	(handle_assertion): New function; accept new command line
	syntax with '='.
	* testsuite/gcc.dg/cpp/assert3.c: New tests.

2000-10-31  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppmacro.c (STDC_0_IN_SYSTEM_HEADERS): Define to 0 if
	undefined.  Remove #ifdef check.
	* config/i386/sol2.h, config/rs6000/sol2.h, config/sparc/sol2.h:

2000-10-31  Jan Hubicka  <>
	    Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/i386/i386.h: Clarify CCNOmode description in comment.
	(EXTRA_CC_MODES): Remove CCRCmode.
	* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_comparison_operator): Remove CCRCmode.
	(put_condition_code, ix86_match_ccmode): Likewise.
	(ix86_cc_mode): Likewise.  Fix comment.
	(ix86_expand_strlensi_unroll_1): *rc patterns are gone.
	* config/i386/ Add unspec 12 description.
	(adddi3 split): Use unspec 12 instead of CCRCmode.
	(addsi3_carry_rc): Remove.
	(addsi3_cc, addqi3_cc): New patterns.
	(addsi_3): Swap operands, match CCZmode.
	(addsi_4): Rewritten.
	(addsi_5): Renamed from addsi_6.
	(addsi_6): Removed.
	(addhi_3): Swap operands, match CCZmode.
	(addhi_4): Rewritten.
	(addhi_5): Renamed from addhi_6.
	(addhi_6): Removed.
	(addqi_3): Swap operands, match CCZmode.
	(addqi_4): Rewritten.
	(addqi_5): Renamed from addqi_6.  Use =q constraint for clobber.
	(subsi3_carry_rc): Removed.
	(iorqi_3): Use =q constraint for clobber.
	(xorqi_cc_2): Likewise.
	(negdi2_1 split): Don't use CCRCmode, use ltu instead of gtu.
	(x86_movsicc_0_m1_rc): Removed.
	(cmp?i peepholes): Remove neg.  Use CCGCmode instead of CCRCmode.

2000-10-31  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-typeck.c (build_unary_op): If pedantic, pedwarn for increment
	and decrement of complex types.

2000-10-31  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_fputs): When deleting NOP calls to
	builtin fputs, ensure we still evaluate the stream in case it
	has side-effects.

2000-10-31  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* expr.c (do_store_flag): Pass operand_mode instead of GET_MODE (op0)
	to expand_shift.

Tue Oct 31 15:33:27 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* sh-protos.h (reg_no_subreg_operand, emit_fpscr_use): Don't declare.
	(fp_extended_operand, emit_fpscr_use): Likewise.
	* sh.c (reg_no_subreg_operand, fp_extended_operand): Delete functions.
	(fpul_operand): New function.
	* sh.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Remove reg_no_subreg_operand and
	fp_extended_operand.  Add fpul_operand.
	* (mulsf3, mulsf3_i4): Use fp_arith_reg_operand for "f" operands.
	(mulsf3_ie, macsf3, cmpgtsf_t, cmpeqsf_t, ieee_ccmpeqsf_t): Likewise.
	(cmpgtsf_t_i4, cmpeqsf_t_i4, ieee_ccmpeqsf_t_4, negsf2): Likewise.
	(negsf2_i, sqrtsf2, sqrtsf2_i, abssf2, abssf2_i, adddf3): Likewise.
	(adddf3_i, subdf3, subdf3_i, muldf3, muldf3_i, divdf3): Likewise.
	(divdf3_i): Likewise.
	(floatsisf2): Likewise.  Use fpul_operand for 'y' operand.
	(floatsisf2_i4, floatsisf2_ie, fix_truncsfsi2): Likewise.
	(fix_truncsfsi2_i4, fixsfsi, floatsidf2, floatsidf2_i): Likewise.
	(fix_truncdfsi2, fix_truncdfsi2_i, extendsfdf2): Likewise.
	(extendsfdf2_i4, truncdfsf2, truncdfsf2_i4): Likewise.

2000-10-31  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_init_builtins): Correct return type
	building v4hi_ftype_v4hi_int_int tree node.
	(ix86_expand_builtin): Use correct operand numbers 0 and 1.
	Copy operand 0 into a Pmode register, don't generate a MEM rtx.

	* config/i386/ (sse_movntdi): Use mmx register constraint
	for operand 1.
	(mmx__uavgv8qi3): Correct insn mnemonic.
	(mmx_psadbw): Correct insn mnemonic.  Use V8QI mode for operands 1 and 2.
	(mmx_punpckhwd): Correct insn mnemonic.
	(mmx_punpckhdq): Likewise.
	(mmx_punpcklwd): Likewise.
	(mmx_punpckldq): Likewise.
	(prefetch): Use immediare_operand and 'n' constraint for operand 1.
	Renumber case labels to match the _mm_prefetch constants defined in

	* recog.c (split_all_insns): Don't try to call cleanup_subreg_operands
	if the splitter didn't emit new insns.
	Make sure we call cleanup_subreg_operands even when splitting the last
	insn in a basic block.

	* invoke.texi (Debugging Options): Describe -do.
	* toplev.c (enum_dump_file_index): New entry DFI_postreload.
	(dump_file): Likewise.
	(rest_of_compilation): Split .greg dump into .greg and .postreload.

2000-10-30  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppfiles.c (stack_include_file): Check for stacked contexts
	* cpphash.h (_cpp_do__Pragma): New prototype.
	* cppinit.c (cpp_reader_init): Add _Pragma keyword to hash table.

	* cpplex.c (skip_escaped_newlines): Only process trigraphs and
	escaped newlines if !(buffer->from_stage3).
	(_cpp_lex_token): Warn about missing newlines iff

	* cpplib.c (get__Pragma_string, destringize,
	_cpp_do__Pragma): New functions.
	(run_directive): Set output_line for _Pragma to avoid line
	markers in output.  Set from_stage3 and prevent macro expansion
	for _Pragma and command-line options.  Check buffer exhaustion.
	(cpp_push_buffer): Don't check for stacked macro contexts, as
	this is perfectly legitimate for _Pragma.  Move the check to
	stack_include_file instead. Set from_stage3 iff buffer is
	preprocessed input.

	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_buffer): Make warned_cplusplus_comments
	unsigned. New boolean from_stage3.
	(struct spec_nodes): Add n__Pragma.

	* cppmacro.c (enter_macro_context): Flip sense of return value.
	(_cpp_get_token): Handle _Pragma operator.

2000-10-30  Phil Edwards  <>

	* gcc.texi:  The C++ standard isn't "draft" anymore.

2000-10-30  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* cppmacro.c (builtin_macro): Use NT_VOID, not T_VOID.

2000-10-29  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplib.c (skip_rest_of_line):  Use _cpp_get_token.

2000-10-29  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* toplev.c, flags.h, fold-const.c, real.c, rtl.c,
	fixinc/inclhack.def: Change comments mentioning C9X to refer to
	C99 instead.

	* invoke.texi: Document that -V will only work for very similar
	versions of driver and compiler.

2000-10-29  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppmacro.c (_cpp_create_definition): Optimize the case of
	a macro defined to itself.

2000-10-29  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (save_comment): Don't store new lines in C++ comments.

2000-10-29  Michael Hayes  <>

	* integrate.c (copy_insn_list): Copy the unchanging flag for calls.

2000-10-28  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* cpphash.c (cpp_forall_identifiers): Add context variable
	for callback routine.
	* cppmain.c (dump_macro): Update to match cpp_forall_identifiers
	(main): Call cpp_forall_identifiers with null context.
	* cpplib.h (cpp_forall_identifiers): Update prototype.

	* cppmain.c: Make `parse_in' and `print' static.

2000-10-28  Alan Modra <>

	* c-decl.c (finish_function): Clear c_function_name_declared_p.

2000-10-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* regrename.c (scan_rtx_address): Frob action, not class,
	when trying to disable optimization.

2000-10-28  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-semantics.c (make_rtl_for_local_static): Don't clobber

2000-10-28  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* Determine and substitute gcc_version_full.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* Use it to give full version.  Don't allow
	confidential PRs.

2000-10-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* recog.c (split_all_insns): Run cleanup_subreg_operands
	after reload.

	* regrename.c (regrename_optimize): Verify that all registers of
	a multiple register mode are available.
	(scan_rtx_address): Accept the mode of the address; all callers

	* cpplib.c (run_directive): Fix prototype.

2000-10-28  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* reload.c (find_reloads): Distinguish "wins" so that we know whether
	a given operand won because of a matching constraint or not; then use
	that information to compute goal_alternative_matched properly.
	* reload1.c (choose_reload_regs): Never set reload_override_in for an
	optional reload.

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (RTX_COSTS): A few more entries, and a more
	accurate value for MULT.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_print_operand): Require probability to be
	2% or > 98% before using static branch prediction bits.

2000-10-28  Neil Booth  <>

	New macro expander.

	* cpplib.c (struct answer): New.
	(struct if_stack): Use cpp_lexer_pos rather than line and col.
	Rename cmacro mi_cmacro.
	(struct directive, KANDR, STDC89, EXTENSION, COND, IF_COND, INCL,
	IN_I): New directive and flags.
	(skip_rest_of_line, check_eol, run_directive, glue_header_name,
	parse_answer, parse_assertion, find_answer): New functions.
	(parse_ifdef, detect_if_not_defined, validate_else): Remove.
	(lex_macro_node): New function to replace parse_ifdef and

	(_cpp_handle_directive): New function, combines _cpp_check_directive
	and _cpp_check_linemarker.

	(do_define, do_undef, parse_include, do_include, do_import,
	do_include_next, read_line_number, do_line, do_ident, do_pragma,
	do_pragma_once, do_pragma_poison, do_pragma_dependency):
	Update for new token getting interface.

	(do_ifdef, do_ifndef, do_if, do_else, do_endif, push_conditional)
	: Update for new multiple-include optimisation technique.
	(do_elif): Don't forget to invalidate controlling macros.

	(unwind_if_stack, cpp_defined, cpp_push_buffer, cpp_pop_buffer): Update.
	(parse_assertion, parse_answer, find_answer, _cpp_test_assertion):
	Functions to handle assertions with the new token interface.
	(do_assert, do_unassert): Use them.

	(cpp_define, _cpp_define_builtin, cpp_undef, cpp_assert, cpp_unassert):
	Use run_directive.

	(_cpp_init_stacks): Register directive names.  Don't register special

	* cpperror.c (print_containing_files, _cpp_begin_message): Update to
	new position recording regime.
	(cpp_ice, cpp_fatal, cpp_error, cpp_error_with_line, cpp_warning,
	cpp_warning_with_line, cpp_pedwarn, cpp_pedwarn_with_line,
	cpp_pedwarn_with_file_and_line): Update for _cpp_begin_message changes.
	(cpp_type2name): Move to cpplex.c.

	* cppexp.c (parse_charconst): spec_nodes is no longer a pointer.
	(parse_defined): Update to handle new multiple include optimisation
	method.  Remove poisoned identifier warning.
	(parse_assertion, TYPE_NAME): Delete.
	(lex): Update for multiple include optimisation, removal of
	CPP_DEFINED, to use _cpp_test_assertion for assertions and
	(_cpp_parse_expr): Update for MI optimisation, and to use op_as_text.
	(op_as_text): New function, to wrap cpp_token_as_text.

	* cppfiles.c (stack_include_file, _cpp_pop_file_buffer):
	Update for MI optimisation.
	(_cpp_execute_include): Take a token rather than 3 arguments.  Fix
	segfault on diagnostic.
	(_cpp_compare_file_date): Take a token rather than 3 args.
	(cpp_read_file): Work correctly for zero-length files.

	* cpphash.c (_cpp_init_macros, _cpp_cleanup_macros): Rename
	_cpp_init_hashtable and _cpp_cleanup_hashtable.
	(cpp_lookup): Place identifiers at front of identifier pool
	for _cpp_lookup_with_hash.
	(_cpp_lookup_with_hash): Require identifiers to be at the front of
	the identifier pool.  Commit the memory if not already in the
	hash table.

	* cppinit.c (cpp_reader_init): Move cpp_init_completed test to top.
	Initialize various members of cpp_reader, memory pools, and the
	special nodes.
	(cpp_printer_init): Delete.
	(cpp_cleanup): Update.
	(struct builtin, builtin_array, initialize_builtins): Update for new
	hashnode definition and builtin handling.
	(cpp_start_read, cpp_finish): Don't take or initialize a
	printer.  Update.

	* cpplib.h (cpp_printer, cpp_toklist, CPP_DEFINED, BOL,
	(struct cpp_pool, struct cpp_macro, struct cpp_lexer_pos,
	struct cpp_lookahead, CPP_DHASH, enum mi_state, enum mi_ind,
	NO_EXPAND, VARARGS_FIRST, struct cpp_token_with_pos,
	struct toklist, struct cpp_context, struct specnodes,
	enum builtin_type, cpp_can_paste): New.
	(struct cpp_token): Delete line and col members.
	(struct cpp_buffer): New member output_lineno.
	(struct lexer_state): Delete indented, in_lex_line, seen_dot.
	Add va_args_ok, poisoned_ok, prevent_expansion, parsing_args.
	(struct cpp_reader): New members lexer_pos, macro_pos, directive_pos,
	ident_pool, temp_string_pool, macro_pool, argument_pool, string_pool,
	base_context, context, directive, mi_state, mi_if_not_defined,
	mi_lexed, mi_cmacro, mi_ind_cmacro, la_read, la_write, la_unused,
	mlstring_pos, macro_buffer, macro_buffer_len.
	Delete members mls_line, mls_column, token_list, potential_control_macro,
	temp_tokens, temp_cap, temp_alloced, temp_used, first_directive_token,
	context_cap, cur_context, no_expand_level, paste_level, contexts, args,
	save_parameter_spellings, need_newline, .
	Change type of date, time and spec_nodes members.
	Change prototypes for include and ident callbacks.
	(struct cpp_hashnode): Change type of name.  Remove union members
	expansion and code.  Add members macro, operator and builtin.

	(cpp_token_len, cpp_token_as_text, cpp_spell_token, cpp_start_read,
	cpp_finish, cpp_avoid_paste, cpp_get_token, cpp_get_line,
	cpp_get_output_line, cpp_macro_definition, cpp_start_lookahead,
	cpp_stop_lookahead): New prototypes.
	(cpp_printer_init, cpp_dump_definition): Delete prototypes.

	(U_CHAR, U, ustrcmp, ustrncmp, ustrlen, uxstrdup, ustrchr, ufputs):
	Move from cpphash.h.

	* cpphash.h (U_CHAR, U, ustrcmp, ustrncmp, ustrlen, uxstrdup, ustrchr,
	ufputs): Move to cpplib.h.
	(enum spell_type, struct token_spelling, _cpp_token_spellings, TOKEN_SPELL,
	COND, EXPAND, INCL, COMMENTS, IN_I, struct directive, directive_handler,
	struct spec_nodes, _cpp_digraph_spellings, _cpp_free_temp_tokens,
	_cpp_init_input_buffer, _cpp_grow_token_buffer, _cpp_init_toklist,
	_cpp_clear_toklist, _cpp_expand_token_space, _cpp_expand_name_space,
	_cpp_equiv_tokens, _cpp_equiv_toklists, _cpp_process_directive,
	_cpp_run_directive, _cpp_get_line, _cpp_get_raw_token, _cpp_glue_header_name,
	_cpp_can_paste, _cpp_check_directive, _cpp_check_linemarker,
	_cpp_parse_assertion, _cpp_find_answer): Delete.
	POOL_USED, POOL_COMMIT, struct cpp_chunk, _cpp_lex_token, _cpp_init_pool,
	_cpp_free_pool, _cpp_pool_reserve, _cpp_pool_alloc, _cpp_next_chunk,
	_cpp_lock_pool, _cpp_unlock_pool, _cpp_test_assertion,
	_cpp_handle_directive, DSC): New.
	(struct include_file): New member defined.

	(DO_NOT_REREAD, _cpp_begin_message, _cpp_execute_include,
	_cpp_compare_file_date): Update.
	(_cpp_pop_context, _cpp_get_token, _cpp_free_lookaheads, _cpp_push_token): New.
	(_cpp_init_macros, _cpp_cleanup_macros): Rename to _cpp_init_hashtable,

	* Remove cppoutput.c.

	* cppoutput.c: Delete

	* fixheader.c (read_scan_file): Update for new cpp_get_token
	(recognized_function): New argument LINE.

	* scan-decls.c (skip_to_closing_brace, scan_decls): Update for
	new cpp_get_token prototype.

	* scan.h (recognized_function): Update prototype.

	* po/ Remove cppoutput.c.

2000-10-27  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-typeck.c (check_init_type_bitfields): Remove.
	(constructor_incremental): Likewise.
	(struct constructor_stack): Remove incremental bit.
	(struct initializer_stack): Likewise.
	(start_init): Don't play with constructor_incremental.
	(finish_init): Likewise.
	(really_start_incremental_init): Likewise.
	(push_init_level): Likewise.
	(pop_init_level): Likewise.
	(output_init_level): Likewise.
	(output_pending_init_elements): Likewise.

2000-10-21  Mike Coleman  <>

	* c-pragma.c (handle_pragma_pack): Initialize align to -1.
	Improve error messages.  Correct parsing of
	#pragma pack(pop [,id]).  Do not check the user-supplied
	alignment if we're popping.

	* gcc.dg/pack-test-1.c: New test case.
	* gcc.dg/pack-test-2.c: New test case.
	* gcc.dg/pack-test-1.h: New file.

2000-10-27  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpp.texi: Update.

2000-10-27  Kelley Cook <>

	* invoke.texi: Document -mintel-syntax

2000-10-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* invoke.texi: Document -frename-registers.  Add it to -O3.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Run regrename before ifcvt2.
	(enum dump_file_index, dump_file): Update order.
	(main): Set flag_rename_registers at -O3.

2000-10-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.h (enum reg_class): Add PV_REG.
	(REG_CLASS_FROM_LETTER): Assign it to 'c'.
	* config/alpha/ (call_osf_1): Use it.
	(call_value_osf_1): Likewise.

	* config/ia64/ia64.c: Revert 10-23 patch.
	(ia64_hard_regno_rename_ok): New.
	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h: Declare it.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (HARD_REGNO_RENAME_OK): Use it.

2000-10-27  Bernd Schmidt  <>
	    Richard Henderson  <>

	* regrename.c: Rewrite to handle multi-register modes and
	cond_exec instructions.
	* (regrename.o): Update dependencies.
	* recog.h (struct operand_alternative): Add is_address.
	* recog.c (preprocess_constraints) [case 'p']: Set it.

2000-10-27  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* If not NO_MINUS_C_MINUS_O, substitute
	OUTPUT_OPTION with '-o $@'.  Make zlibdir, zlibinc relative to
	top level.  Kill oldstyle_subdirs.  Do not include
	$srcdir/$s/ in all_lang_makefiles, but do include
	$outputs.  Do not run configure.lang from config.status.
	Rearrange warning-flag logic to correspond to what the
	makefile wants.  Put special vax stage1 options in
	@stage1_flags@ not @stage1_warn_cflags@.  Don't do anything
	with extra_c_objs, extra_cxx_objs, or extra_cpp_objs.
	(--enable-c-cpplib): AC_SUBST(maybe_cpplib) with "libcpp.a" if
	switch is given, nothing otherwise.
	* configure.lang: Delete.

	* Expunge all traces of extra_c_objs,
	extra_cxx_objs, and extra_cpp_objs.  Set MAYBE_CPPLIB from
	@maybe_cpplib@. Add $(MAYBE_CPPLIB) to C_AND_OBJC_OBJS.  Set
	warning options via a three level scheme so that -pedantic and
	-Wtraditional are not used for non-C front ends: LOOSE_WARN,
	Add -I$(@D) and -I$(srcdir)/$(@D) to INCLUDES.
	LANG_FLAGS_TO_PASS.  Add OUTPUT_OPTION to all object-file
	generation rules.  Wrap all rules that change the current
	directory in parentheses; pmake doesn't spawn a new shell for
	each command.  Expunge all references to $(P).  When one
	command depends on another and they're run all at once, use &&
	to separate them, not ;.  Add libgcc_s$(SHLIB_EXT) to files
	deleted on make clean.  Force OUTPUT_OPTION='-o $@' in stage2
	and beyond.

	* objc/ Wrap all rules that change the current
	directory in parentheses.  Expunge all references to $(P).
	When one command depends on another and they're run all at
	once, use && to separate them, not ;.  Add OUTPUT_OPTION to
	all object-file generation rules.  Delete obsolete variables.
	* objc/ Delete.

2000-10-27  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): If sibcall_failure is set during pass 1,
	clear tail_call_insns as well.

2000-10-27  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm-protos.h (arm_function_ok_for_sibcall): Add

2000-10-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Supress sibcall if we have a
	BLKmode return in registers.

2000-10-26  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* ia64.h (PREFERRED_RELOAD_CLASS): Force floating point constants
	into memory.

2000-10-26  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* tree.c (make_node, case 't'): Set alignment to that of
	* expr.c (move_by_pieces_ninsns): Abort if some length remains.

2000-10-25  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* (site.exp): Define HAVE_LIBSTDCXX_V3.
	* (enable-libstdcxx-v3): Arrange to have
	HAVE_LIBSTDCXX_V3 substituted into the output files.

2000-10-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* recog.c (constrain_operands): Initialize which_alternative
	before no alternatives early exit.

	* cse.c (find_comparison_args): Check that we can reverse a
	comparison if needed before accepting the substitution.

	* reload.c (find_reloads_address_part): Kill rtx obstack hackery.

	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_relational_operation): Sign extend
	low words before sign extending to high words.

2000-10-25  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/mcore/mcore.c: Include config.h before system.h.

2000-10-25  Ray Essick  <>

	* config/mcore/ (return): Force function epilogue to
	always be generated to work around epilogue suppression bug in
	M*Core backend.

2000-10-25  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Move warning for qualified void
	return types with -pedantic to when the function type is
	constructed.  At -W, warn in general for qualified function return
	types, except for volatile void.
	* invoke.texi: Document this new warning at -W.

2000-10-25  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpp.texi: Update with implementation-defined behavior and
	internal limits.

2000-10-25  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* stor-layout.c (layout_type): If TYPE_ALIAS_SET was already set on the
	incomplete type force it into alias set 0.

Wed Oct 25 01:02:44 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* alias.c: Include basic-block.h.
	(loop_p): New function.
	(mark_constant_function): Use it.
	* (alias.o): Update dependencies.

2000-10-24  Aldy Hernandez  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.c (secondary_reload_class): Treat pseudos
	like memory.

2000-10-24  Jim Wilson  <>

	* expmed.c (store_bit_field): Move integer pun code down after
	code that calls emit_move_insn for entire register move.
	* stor-layout.c (compute_record_mode): Revert Mar 25, Aug 18, and
	Oct 20 changes.  Only store mode in TYPE_MODE if RECORD_TYPE.

2000-10-24  Richard Henderson  <>

	* rtlanal.c (rtx_unstable_p, rtx_varies_p): Don't consider pic

2000-10-24  Aldy Hernandez  <>

	* gcse.c (cprop_insn): do not propagate constants into jump_insn
	for machines with CC0 more than once.

2000-10-24  Richard Henderson <>, Aldy <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.h (PREFERRED_RELOAD_CLASS): Treat
	pseudos just like memory.

2000-10-24  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* combine.c (distribute_notes): Discard REG_LIBCALL and REG_RETVAL
	when deleting libcall sequence collapsed to a single instruction.

2000-10-24  Andrew Haley  <>

	* expr.c (do_store_flag): Don't crash if either side of a
	comparison is error_mark_node.

2000-10-24  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* sibcall.c (purge_mem_unchanging_flag): New function.
	(optimize_sibling_and_tail_recursive_calls): Call it.

2000-10-24  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* (check-po): New target for doing checks in the po
	subdir if all languages configured.
	(CHECK_TARGETS): Add @CHECK_PO@, replaced with check-po via
	configure if NLS is enabled.
	* If NLS is enabled, substitute CHECK_PO by check-po,
	otherwise leave empty.
	* configure: Regenerate.

2000-10-23  Diego Novillo  <>

	* i386.c (print_operand): Handle new 'A' formatting code.
	387 opcodes need suffixes even with -mintel-syntax.
	Check for explicit size override (codes 'b', 'w' and 'k').
	(print_operand_address): Check if register prefix is needed when
	emitting `ds' segment override.
	* i386.h: Add comment about new 'A' formatting code.
	* (jump and call patterns): Emit absolute references using %A.

2000-10-23  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_expand_prologue): Mark extra
	output registers as fixed.
	(ia64_function_epilogue): Undo output fixation.

2000-10-23  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/ Add names for all unnamed insns; use
	define_insn_and_split in some obvious places.
	(lda): Remove.
	(zero_extendqihi2): Use an expander w/ nonimmediate_operand for BWX.
	(zero_extendqisi2, zero_extendqidi2): Likewise.
	(zero_extendhisi2, zero_extendhidi2): Likewise.
	(abs splitters): Fix match_scratch operand number.
	(bcc_reverse): Swap pc & label instead of non-canonical compare.

2000-10-23  Jim Wilson  <>

	* ia64.c (ia64_print_operand, case 'r'): Correct comment.  Handle
	* (cmpsi_adjusted): Use %r3.
	(cmpdi_adjusted): Likewise.

2000-10-23  Diego Novillo  <>

	* config/i386/att.h (ASM_FILE_START): Define.

2000-10-23  Diego Novillo  <>

	* config/i386/linux.h (ASM_FILE_START): Define.

Wed Oct 18 11:16:40 2000  Donald Lindsay  <>

	* gcc/ m68k-coff tm_file should not have libgloss.h,
	since this (only) drags in a crt0.o reference that the .ld files
	also introduce.

2000-10-23  Geoff Keating  <>

	* reload1.c (reload_reg_reaches_end_p): A RELOAD_OTHER can
	overwrite the value in a RELOAD_FOR_INPUT and other kinds of
	reloads just like an RELOAD_FOR_OUTPUT would.

	* local-alloc.c (update_equiv_regs): Add an abort().  When
	deleting or moving insns, update reg_equiv[regno].init_insns.

2000-10-23  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-tree.texi: Improve documentation for IF_STMTs and related
	conditional statements.

2000-10-22  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* expr.c (do_preexpand_calls): Remove.
	(same_from_p): Don't use CALL_EXPR_RTL.
	(expand_expr): Don't call preexpand_calls, or use CALL_EXPR_RTL.
	(preexpand_calls): Remove.
	* tree.c (first_rtl_op): Remove CALL_EXPR case.
	(unsave_expr_1): Likewise.
	* tree.def (CALL_EXPR): Give it only two slots.
	* tree.h (CALL_EXPR_RTL): Remove.

2000-10-21  Chandrakala Chavva   <>

	* libgcc-std.ver (__addvsi3, __addvdi3,  __subvsi3, __subvdi3,
	__mulvsi3, __negvsi2, __negvdi2, __absvsi2, __absvdi2, __mulvdi3):
	New functions.

2000-10-22  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* calls.c (combine_pending_stack_adjustment_and_call): Don't
	adjust stack when unadjusted_alignment ends up as zero.

2000-10-22  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* fixinc/genfixes: Remove EGCS reference.
	* install.texi: Remove EGCS reference.
	* INSTALL: Regenerate.

2000-10-22  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* tree.h (TYPE_IS_SIZETYPE): Add more documentation.

2000-10-21  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* diagnostic.c: Remove EGCS reference in comment.

Sat Oct 21 08:24:25 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* loop.c (strength_reduce): Fix error in last change.

2000-10-20  David Edelsohn  <>

	( Pass it.
	* ( Use it.

	* rs6000/t-aix43 (SHLIB_EXT, SHLIB_LINK, SHLIB_LIBS,

2000-10-20  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* mips.h (REG_CLASS_FROM_LETTER): Cast array arg to unsigned char.

	* sparc.c (load_pic_register): Delete unused varaible.

	* libgcc2.c (__addvsi3): Delete unused variable.

	* libgcc2.h (__absvsi2, __absvdi2, __addvsi3, __addvdi3,
	__subvsi3, __subvdi3, __mulvsi3, __mulvdi3, __negvsi2,
	__negvdi2): Prototype.

	* ssa.c (apply_delayed_renames): Avoid undefined operation.

	* toplev.c (display_target_options): Make static to match
	prototype.  Delete empty declaration.

2000-10-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* cppspec.c (DEFAULT_WORD_SWITCH_TAKES_ARG): Added -MF and -MT.
	* gcc.c (DEFAULT_WORD_SWITCH_TAKES_ARG): Added -MF and -MT.

Fri Oct 20 17:05:49 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* expr.c (expand_expr, case SAVE_EXPR): Set RTX_UNCHANGING_P on
	returned MEM.
	(expand_expr_unaligned, case ARRAY_REF): Check that index is
	a constant before comparing it; use tree_low_cst.
	* tree.c (save_expr): Set TREE_READONLY.
	(substitute_expr): Return inside of NON_LVALUE_EXPR.
	(build, build1): Set TREE_READONLY if all operands are.
	(build_index_type): If upper bound is a negative number, lower
	bound is zero and sizetype is unsigned, use upper bound of one and
	lower of zero.

2000-10-20  David Edelsohn  <>

	* gcc.c (process_command, main): Use "because" instead of
	"since" in error messages.

Fri Oct 20 13:33:16 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* stor-layout.c (compute_record_mode): Use tree_low_cst.
	Don't use mode of field for record unless sizes are the same.
	(layout_type, case ARRAY_TYPE): Remove special bounds handling
	previously added for Ada; also change to using host_integerp
	and tree_low_cst.

	* loop.c (strength_reduce): Show when new register made for
	giv is known to be a pointer and its aligment if so and known.
	(loop_dump_aux): Show VERBOSE parameter unused.

	* gcse.c (set_hash_table_size): Now unsigned.
	* sdbout.c (template_name_p): Add "const" to avoid warnings.
	(sdbout_record_type_name, plain_type_1, sdbout_symbol): Likewise.
	(sdbout_one_type, sdbout_parms, sdbout_reg_parms): Likewise.
	(sdbout_end_epilogue): Remove variable NAME.
	* system.h (getopt): Add default definition.
	* config/alpha/alpha.c (print_operand): Don't continue processing
	after issuing error.
	(summarize_insn): Avoid use of UL in constant.

	* function.c (locate_and_pad_parm): Use host_integerp and tree_low_cst.

	* fold-const.c (force_fit_type): Unsigned values can overflow
	if they are sizetype.
	(int_const_binop): Don't use cache if overflows.

2000-10-20  Richard Henderson  <>

	* function.c (locate_and_pad_parm): Zero alignment_pad.

	* regrename.c (rr_replace_reg): Rewrite to use recog_data to
	perform substitutions, and apply_change_group to see if it worked.

Fri Oct 20 13:33:16 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (add_bound_info): Also ignore COND_EXPR.

	* combine.c (struct undo): Change int to unsigned int.
	(do_SUBST_INT): Args are unsigned int.
	(make_extraction, force_to_mode): Use proper type when forming mask.
	(make_field_assignment): Likewise.

2000-10-20  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (check_format_info_recurse): Extract string constant
	initializers from non-volatile constant arrays and check them as
	* c-typeck.c (decl_constant_value): Don't check pedantic or check
	for DECL_MODE (decl) != BLKmode.
	(decl_constant_value_for_broken_optimization): New function which
	includes these checks.
	(default_conversion, convert_for_assignment, digest_init): Use
	decl_constant_value_for_broken_optimization instead of

2000-10-20  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* tree.h (DECL_ALIGN_UNIT): New macro.

2000-10-14  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* config/avr/avr-protos.h (avr_output_bld): New.
	(out_shift_with_cnt): Add t_len argument.
	* config/avr/avr.c (avr_num_arg_regs): Remove -mpack-args.
	(output_movqi, output_movhi, output_movsisf): Optimize loading
	any constant with exactly one bit set to NO_LD_REGS.
	(out_shift_with_cnt): Optimize output code for size or speed,
	depending on optimize_size.  Handle small shift counts as well
	(if not hand-optimized in ?sh??i3_out).  Shifts can be done
	with or without a scratch register, with help of __tmp_reg__
	or __zero_reg__ if necessary.  Add T_LEN argument to pass the
	length of TEMPLATE in words, return total insn length in *LEN.
	(ashlqi3_out, ashrqi3_out, lshrqi3_out): Change all calls to
	out_shift_with_cnt to work with the above change.
	(ashlhi3_out, ashlsi3_out, ashrhi3_out, ashrsi3_out, lshrhi3_out,
	lshrsi3_out): Likewise.  Optimize more known shift count cases.
	Remove cases already well optimized in out_shift_with_cnt.
	(avr_output_bld): New function.
	* config/avr/avr.h (MASK_PACK_ARGS, TARGET_PACK_ARGS): Remove.
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): Remove -mpack-args backward compatibility.
	* config/avr/ (*reload_inqi, *reload_inhi, *reload_insi):
	Add reload_completed to insn condition - only for peepholes.
	(ashlqi3, ashrqi3, lshrqi3): Correct insn length for shift counts
	in a register or memory.
	(ashlhi3, ashlsi3, ashrhi3, ashrsi3, lshrhi3, lshrsi3): Likewise.
	Do not require a scratch register.
	(*ashlhi3_const, *ashlsi3_const, *ashrhi3_const, *ashrsi3_const,
	*lshrhi3_const, *lshrsi3_const): New insns and matching peepholes.
	Optimize shifts by known count using a scratch register, but only
	if one is still available after register allocation.

2000-10-20  J. David Anglin  <>

	* t-vax: New file.  Don't build modules from libgcc1.c.

Fri Oct 20 00:57:00 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* alias.c: (mark_constant_function): Don't check pure functions.
	Initialize and end alias analysis.
	(nonlocal_mentioned_p): Rename from nonlocal_reference_p.
	Don't make a special exception for recursion.  Handle
	UNSPEC_VOLATILE.  Don't assume ASM_OPERANDS is non-local
	unless it's volatile.

	* local-alloc.c (equivalence): New structure.
	(reg_equiv): Define.
	(contains_replace_regs): Remove array and use
	field in reg_equiv.
	(memref_referenced_p): Likewise.
	(no_equiv): Likewise.
	(update_equiv_regs): Likewise.

	equiv_init_movable_p): New functions.
	(update_equiv_regs): Use them.  Use rtx_varies_p
	instead of function_invariant_p.  Process insns
	from end to beginning.  Allow a REG_EQUIV insn
	within the same loop as a use to be moved, also
	allow it to be moved out of a loop.  Update
	REG_DEAD notes when substituting into an insn.

2000-10-19  Jim Wilson  <>

	* c-decl.c (start_decl): Check for error_mark_node type before using
	(finish_decl): Likewise.  Don't give an error if decl type is
	already error_mark_node.

	* haifa-sched.c (compute_trg_info): Add explanatory comments.
	New local update_blocks.  Use update_blocks to remove duplicates
	when computing update blocks.  Check for bblst_table overflow.
	(schedule_block): Add explanatory comment.  Reduce bblst_size by
	factor of 2.
	* config/ia64/ (movdi_symbolic): Document loss of REG_LABEL

2000-10-19  Chandrakala Chavva   <>

	* libgcc2.c (_mulvsi3): Change variables u and v to a and b.

2000-10-19  Chandrakala Chavva   <>

	* expmed.c: Minor corrections in comments.
	* invoke.texi: Added desciption for the new option -ftrapv.

2000-10-19  Chandrakala Chavva   <>

	* libgcc2.c: Added the missing #endif.

Thu Oct 19 14:25:11 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* i386.h (CONST_OK_FOR_LETTER): Re-add 'N'; document.

2000-10-18  Chandrakala Chavva  <>

	* expmed.c (expand_mult): Don't do synth_mult optimization for -ftrapv.
	Use smulv_optab for -ftrapv.
	(expand_mult_highpart): Use unsigned multiply.
	(expand_divmod): Special-case division by -1.
	For EXACT_DIV_EXPR, do right shift first, then the multiply.
	For complex divide, use abs with unsigned result.
	* expr.c (force_operand): Use unsigned multiply.
	(expand_expr): Use overflow-trapping optabs for signed types if
	If flag_trapv, don't generate a recursive call with EXPAND_SUM
	if the type is signed and the original call wasn't EXPAND_SUM or
	* expr.h (addv_optab, subv_optab, smulv_optab, sdivv_optab): Declare.
	(negv_optab, absv_optab): Declare.
	* flags.h (flag_trapv): Declare.
	* genopinit.c (optabs): Add entries for addv_optab, subv_optab,
	smulv_optab, sdivv_optab, negv_optab and absv_optab.
	(gen_insn): Interpret '$P' as requiring an integer mode,
	including partial integer modes.
	* loop.c (emit_iv_add_mult): Use unsigned expand_mult_add.
	(product_cheap_p): Use unsigned expand_mult.
	* optabs.c (addv_optab, subv_optab, smulv_optab, sdivv_optab): Define.
	(negv_optab, absv_optab): Define.
	(expand_binop): Use overflow-trapping optabs for signed types if
	Handle negv_optab libe neg_optab.
	(expand_abs): Take result_unsignedp argument instead of unsignedp one.
	Use overflow-trapping optabs for signed result if flag_trapv.
	(expand_complex_abs): Use overflow-trapping optabs for signed types if
	Don't open-code complex absolute-value operation for flag_trapv.
	(init_optabs): Initialize addv_optab, subv_optab, smulv_optab,
	sdivv_optab, negv_optab and absv_optab.
	* toplev.c (flag_trapv): Define.
	(lang_independent_options f_options): Include flag_trapv.
	* tree.h (TYPE_TRAP_SIGNED): Define.
	* libgcc2.c (__addvsi3, __addvdi3, __subvsi3,__subvsi3, __subvdi3,
	__mulvsi3, __negvsi2, __negvdi2, __absvsi2, __absvdi2, __mulvdi3):
	New functions.
	* add _absvsi2 _absvdi2 _addvsi3 _addvdi3 _subvsi3
	_subvdi3 _mulvsi3 _mulvdi3 _negvsi2 _negvdi2.

2000-10-18  Geoffrey Keating  <>
	    David V. Henkel-Wallace  <>

	* config/i386/t-netware: Bring in from the Red Hat tree.
	* config/i386/netware.h: Likewise.
	* config/netware.h: Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/netware.h: Delete.
	* Add i[34567]86-*-netware.
	* configure: Hand-edit to match change.

2000-10-18  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-common.h (flag_no_builtin): Declare.
	(flag_no_nonansi_builtin): Likewise.
	(c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Change prototype.
	* c-common.c (flag_no_builtin): New variable.
	(flag_no_nonansi_builtin): Likewise.
	(c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Remove parameters.  Adjust
	* c-decl.c (flag_no_builtin): Remove.
	(flag_no_nonansi_builtin): Likewise.
	(init_decl_processing): Adjust call to

2000-10-18  Marc Espie <>

	* tm.texi (LIBGCC_SPEC): Synch with reality.

2000-10-18  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (check_format_types): Check for writing through a
	NULL pointer argument.

2000-10-18  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* tm.texi (Exception Region Output): Document
	* dwarf2out.c (DWARF_CIE_DATA_ALIGNMENT): Wrap definition in
	[ENABLE_CHECKING] (reg_save): Abort if offset is not a multiple of

2000-10-18  Michael Hayes  <>

	* basic-block.h (struct loop): Delete fields pre_header_root
	and pre_header_trace and replace with pre_header_edges
	and num_pre_header_edges.
	* flow.c (flow_loop_dump): Dump pre_header_edges.
	(flow_loops_free): Free pre_header_edges.
	(flow_loop_pre_header_scan): Calculate pre_header_edges.

2000-10-18  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* contrib.texi: Update references to steering committee members
	and Jeff Law's entry.

2000-10-18  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (CPLUSPLUS_STD_VER, C_STD_VER, C_STD_NAME): Define.
	(maybe_read_dollar_number, check_format_info_main): Use them for
	pedantic warning messages.

2000-10-18  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (check_format_info_main): Minor cleanup: move
	variables into inner scopes; initialize declarations where
	appropriate; don't hardcode "scanf" name on warning for zero

2000-10-17  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-common.c (back_end_hook): New variable.
	* c-common.h (back_end_hook): Declare it.
	* c-lang.c (finish_file): Use it.

	* emit-rtl.c (init_emit_once): Initialize the const_int_htab

2000-10-18  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* i386.c (ix86_comparison_operator, put_condition_code,
	ix86_match_ccmode, ix86_cc_mode): Handle CCRCmode.
	(ix86_expand_strlensi_unroll_1): Use CCRCmode.
	* i386.h (EXTRA_CC_MODES): Add CCRCmode.
	* (adddi and negdi splitter): Use CCRCmode.
	(add?i_3, add?i_4, add?i_5): Use CCRCmode; swap operands
	(subsi3_carry): add '*'
	(addsi3_carry_rc, subsi3_carry_rc, x86_movsicc_0_m1_rc): New.
	(cmp to add peep2): Use CCRCmode; swap operands.

2000-10-18  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* h8300.c: Fix a comment typo.
	(round_frame_size): New.
	(compute_saved_regs): Likewise.
	(push): Likewise.
	(pop): Likewise.
	(push_order): Remove.
	(pop_order): Likewise.
	(function_prologue): Rearrange code for readability.
	(function_epilogue): Likewise.

	* config/h8300/ Remove an unnecessary sign_extend
	expander that is used when not optimizing.  Output a tab after
	each assembly insns.

	* reorg.c: Fix formatting.

2000-10-17  Joern Rennecke <>

	* reload1.c (move2add_note_store): Check for simple
	auto-inc in destination.

2000-10-17  Michael Chastain  <>

	* config/i386/i386-aout.h: define INT_ASM_OP.

Tue Oct 17 20:11:08 2000  Alan Modra <>

	* pa.c (print_operand): Handle case 'c' for .vtable_inherit

Tue Oct 17 20:05:51 2000  Martin Buchholz <>

	* Fix spelling typo.

2000-10-17  Franz Sirl  <>

	* function.c (locate_and_pad_parm): Don't align stack unconditionally.
	Fixes execute/20001017-1.c on powerpc-linux-gnu.

	* expr.c (store_constructor): Apply MEM_ALIAS_SET to MEMs only.
	* rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_hash_constant): Use X0INT to access a

	* rs6000/aix.h: here.
	* rs6000/linux.h (ASM_APP_ON, ASM_APP_OFF): Define to Linux-style.

2000-10-17  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK): Reload gp if needed.

	* config/sparc/sparc.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK): Always use call, make
	sure linker can relax even the delay slot mov %g1,%o7, fix output

2000-10-17  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* config/h8300/ Remove an unnecessary zero_extend
	expander that is used when not optimizing.  Output a tab after
	each assembly insns.

2000-10-17  Chandrakala Chavva  <>

	* gcc.c: New options --target-help.
	(process_command): Added code to parse this new option.
	* toplev.c (display_target_options): New function to support the
	above new option.
	* cppinit.c (new_pending_directive) : New option OPT_target__help.
	(cpp_handle_option): Support this new option.
	* invoke.texi: Added notes about --target-help option.

2000-10-17  Graham Stott  <>

	* config/i386/ (testqi_1): Add missing operand prefix
	for operand 0.
	* config/i386/i386-protos.h: Add missing prototype.

2000-10-17  Diego Novillo  <>

	* config/i386/unix.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK): Symbol
	_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE should not have a $ prefix when
	using -mintel-syntax.

2000-10-17  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (FMT_FLAG_DOLLAR_MULTIPLE): Define.
	(format_types): Use it for printf.
	(maybe_read_dollar_number): Add parameter for the kind of format
	involved.  Warn for multiple use for arguments if this is
	inappropriate for the kind of format involved.
	(check_format_info_main): Update calls to maybe_read_dollar_number.

2000-10-17  J. David Anglin  <>

	* inclhack.def (hpux_maxint): Also apply fix to values.h.
	* fixincl.x: Rebuilt.

2000-10-17  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* genrecog.c (write_switch): Return the first condition that needs a

2000-10-17  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* c-tree.h (warn_sequence_point): Move declaration to...
	* c-common.h (warn_sequence_point): ... here.
	* c-decl.c (warn_sequence_point): Move definition to...
	* c-common.c (warn_sequence_point): ... here.
	(struct reverse_tree): New.
	(reverse_list, reverse_max_depth): New static variables.
	(build_reverse_tree, common_ancestor, modify_ok
	verify_sequence_points): New functions.
	(c_expand_expr_stmt): Call verify_sequence_points if -Wsequence-point.
	* c-typeck.c (check_modify_expr): Delete.
	(build_modify_expr): Don't call it.

2000-10-17  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.h (warn_missing_format_attribute): New variable.
	* c-decl.c (warn_missing_format_attribute): New variable.
	(c_decode_option): Decode -Wmissing-format-attribute and
	* c-common.c (check_function_format): If
	-Wmissing-format-attribute, give a warning where a vprintf or
	vscanf function is called by a function without its own printf or
	scanf attribute.
	* toplev.c (documented_lang_options): Add
	* invoke.texi: Document -Wmissing-format-attribute.

2000-10-17  Marc Espie <>

	* invoke.texi (-shared): Insist on requiring code generation flags
	to be used along with -shared, and document the subtle failure that
	may occur otherwise.

2000-10-16  J. David Anglin  <>

	* (return_internal): Move `use' after `return'.

2000-10-16 Theodore Papadopoulo <>

	* machmode.def: Correct comment.

2000-10-16  Rodney Brown  <>

	* print-rtl.c (print_rtx_head): Constify.
	* rtl.h (print_rtx_head): Similarly.

	* config/pa/pa/pa-protos.h (output_64bit_and, output_64bit_ior):
	Constify char * return value.
	* config/pa/pa/pa.c
	(output_64bit_and, output_64bit_ior): Constify char * return value.
	(pa_can_combine_p): Make static.
	(function_arg): Decorate unused `named' argument. Fix comment typo.
	(function_arg_partial_nregs): Decorate unused `named' argument.

2000-10-16  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (format_check_results): New structure.
	(finish_dollar_format_checking): Adjust to take a
	format_check_results * parameter.
	(check_format_info, check_format_info_recurse,
	check_format_info_main): Split check_format_info into three
	functions, the main checking going in check_format_info_main.
	Recurse when any reduction of the format string argument towards a
	string literal is done; go down both branches of a conditional
	expression.  Don't warn for extra format arguments or empty format
	strings if they only occur in some branches of a conditional

2000-10-16  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* config/h8300/h8300.c: Remove obstack.  Include ggc.h.

2000-10-16  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* rtlanal.c (may_trap_p): Check operand modes of COMPARE.

2000-10-15  Diego Novillo  <>

	* (*movsi_or): Switch operand order for intel syntax.

2000-10-14  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* PROBLEMS: Remove.

	* gcc.texi (Contributing): Update.

2000-10-13  Diego Novillo  <>

	* config/i386/unix.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK): Output final jump using
	appropriate assembler dialect.

2000-10-13  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* c-common.c (c_expand_builtin): PARAMS-ize prototype.

2000-10-12  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (output_movhi, output_movsisf): Fix loading
	constants 1 and 2 to NO_LD_REGS.

2000-10-13  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (c-parse.c, tradcif.c): Create atomically.

	* objc/ (objc-parse.c): Likewise.

2000-10-13  Richard Earnshaw <>

	* arm.c: Include obstack.h
	(minipool_obstack, minipool_startobj): Define.
	(arm_add_gc_roots): Initialize them.
	(create_fix_barrier): Use our new obstack.
	(push_minipool_barrier, push_minipool_fix): Likewise.
	(arm_reorg): Release obstack memory.

2000-10-13  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/ (nonlocal_goto_receiver): Remove.
	(prologue, exception_receiver, builtin_setjmp_receiver): New
	* config/sparc/sparc.h (FINALIZE_PIC): Remove.
	* config/sparc/sparc-protos.h (finalize_pic): Remove.
	(load_pic_register): New prototype.
	* config/sparc/sparc.c (pic_setup_code): Remove.
	(finalize_pic): Rename to...
	(load_pic_register): ...this function.
	Don't look for nonlocal_goto_receivers and emit pic setup code
	directly.  Don't check current_function_uses_pic_offset_table.

2000-10-13  Richard Earnshaw <>

	* tree.h (struct obstack): Declare.

2000-10-12  Mark Mitchell  <>

	Remove obstacks.
	* (ggc-callbacks.o): Remove target.
	(flow.o): Depend on GGC_H.
	* alias.c (init_alias_analysis):
	Remove ggc_p conditionals.
	(end_alias_analysis): Likewise.
	* basic-block.h (init_flow): New function.
	(allocate_reg_life_data): Declare.
	* bb-reorder.c	(function_obstack): Replace with ...
	(flow_obstack): ... new variable.
	(fixup_reorder_chain): Use it.
	* c-decl.c (ggc_p): Remove.
	(caller-save.c): Don't call oballoc/obfree.
	* combine.c (struct
	undobuf): Remove storage.
	(try_combine): Don't call oballoc.
	(undo_all): Don't call obfree.
	* cse.c (insert): Use xmalloc, not
	(cse_main): Adjust accordingly.
	* dwarf2out.c (save_rtx): Remove
	obstack code.
	(dwarf2out_init): Remove ggc_p conditionals.
	* emit-rtl.c (rtl_obstack): Remove.
	(gen_rtx_CONST_INT): Remove ggc_p conditionals.
	(make_insn_raw): Likewise.
	(emit_insn_before): Likewise.
	(emit_insn_after): Likewise.
	(emit_insn): Likewise.
	(gen_sequence): Likewise.
	(copy_insn_1): Remove handling of `b' RTL components.
	(init_emit_once): Remove ggc_p conditionals.
	* except.c (create_rethrow_ref): Don't fool with obstacks.
	(add_partial_entry): Likewise.
	(call_get_eh_context): Likewise.
	(begin_protect_partials): Likewise.
	(protect_with_terminate): Likewise.
	* explow.c
	(plus_constant_wide): Likewise.
	* expr.c (init_expr_once):
	(emit_block_move): Likewise.
	(clear_storage): Likewise.
	(expand_expr): Likewise.
	* flow.c (function_obstack): Remove.
	(flow_obstack): New variable.
	(flow_firstobj): Likewise.
	(create_base_block): Use the flow_obstack.
	(split_block): Likewise.
	(split_edge): Likewise.
	(calculate_global_regs_live): Likewise.
	(allocate_bb_life_data): Make it static.  Likewiwse.
	(init_flow): New function.
	(size_int_type_wide): Remove ggc_p conditionals.
	* function.c
	(push_function_context_to): Don't call save_tree_status.
	(pop_function_context_from): Or restore_tree_status.
	(assign_stack_local_1): Don't call push_obstacks.
	(find_fixup_replacement): Use xmalloc.
	(fixup_var_refs_insns): Free the storage.
	(insns_for_mem_walk): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(instantiate_decls): Likewise.
	(trampoline_address): Likewise.
	(expand_function_end): Likewise.
	* function.h (sturct function):
	Remove obstack-related variables.
	(save_tree_status): Don't declare.
	(restore_tree_status): Likewise.
	* gcse.c (compute_can_copy):
	Don't call oballoc/obfree.
	* genattrtab.c (operate_exp): Remove
	ggc_p conditionals.
	(simplify_cond): Likewise.
	(simplify_test_exp): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(optimize_attrs): Likewise.
	* gengenrtl.c (gendef): Don't include
	ggc_p conditionals.
	* ggc-callbacks.c (ggc_p): Remove.
	* ggc-none.c (ggc_p): Remove.
	* ggc.h (ggc_p): Don't declare.
	* integrate.c (save_for_inline): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(integrate_decl_tree): Likewise.
	(output_inline_function): Likewise.
	* lists.c
	(init_EXPR_INSN_LIST_cache): Likewise.
	* loop.c (temp_obstack):
	(rtl_obstack): Likewise.
	(init_loop): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(reg_address_cost): Free BIVs and GIVs.
	(check_insns_for_bivs): Use xmalloc, not oballoc.
	(find_mem_givs): Likewise.
	(record_biv): Likewise.
	(general_induction_var): Likewise.
	(product_cheap_p): Likewse.
	* optabs.c (init_one_libfunc): Remove
	ggc_p conditional.
	* print-tree.c (debug_tree): Don't use
	(print_node): Likewise.
	* profile.c (output_func_start_profiler):
	Remove call to temporary_allocation.
	* reload1.c
	(eliminate_regs_in_insn): Don't mess with obstacks.
	* resource.c
	(mark_target_live_regs): Use xmalloc.
	(free_resource_info): Free the memory.
	* rtl.c (rtl_obstack):
	(rtvec_alloc): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(rtx_alloc): Likewise.
	(rtx_free): Remove.
	(copy_rtx): Don't handle `b' cases.
	(read_rtx): Use a local rtl_obstack.
	* rtl.h (oballoc): Remove.
	(obfree): Likewise.
	(pop_obstacks): Likewise.
	(push_obstacks): Likewise.
	(allocate_bb_life_data): Likewise.
	(allocate_reg_life_data): Likewise.
	(rtx_free): Likewise.
	* sdbout.c (sdbout_queue_anonymous_type):
	Use tree_cons, not saveable_tree_cons.
	* simplify-rtx.c
	(cselib_init): Don't mess with obstacks.
	* stmt.c
	(mark_block_nesting): Mark the label_chain.
	(epxand_label): Use ggc_alloc, not oballoc.
	(clear_last_expr): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(expand_decl_cleanup): Likewise.
	(expand_dcc_cleanup): Likewise.
	(expand_dhc_cleanup): Likewise.
	(expand_anon_union_decl): Likewise.
	(add_case_node): Use xmalloc, not oballoc.
	(free_case_nodes): New function.
	(expand_end_case): Call it.
	* stor-layout.c (layout_type): Don't
	mess with obstacks.
	(layout_type): Likewise.
	* toplev.c (wrapup_global_declarations):
	(compile_file): Remove ggc_p conditionals.
	(rest_of_compilation): Call init_flow.  Remove ggc_p conditionals.
	(decode_f_option): Remove ggc_p conditionals.
	* tree.c
	(function_maybepermanent_obstack): Remove.
	(maybepermanent_obstack): Likewise.
	(function_obstack): Likewise.
	(tmeporary_obstack): Likewise.
	(momentary_obstack): Likewise.
	(temp_decl_obstack): Likewise.
	(saveable_obstack): Likewise.
	(rtl_obstack): Likewise.
	(current_obstack): Likewise.
	(expression_obstack): Likewise.
	(struct obstack_stack): Likewise.
	(obstack_stack): Likewise.
	(obstack_stack_obstack): Likewise.
	(maybepermanent_firstobj): Likewise.
	(temporary_firstobj): Likewise.
	(momentary_firstobj): Likewise.
	(temp_decl_firstobj): Likewise.
	(momentary_function_firstobj): Likewise.
	(all_types_permanent): Likewise.
	(struct momentary_level): Likewise.
	(momentary_stack): Likewise.
	(init_obstacks): Remove initialization of removed obstacks.
	(save_tree_status): Remove.
	(restore_tree_status): Likewise.
	(temporary_allocation): Liekwise.
	(end_temporary_allocation): Liekwise.
	(resume_temporary_allocation): Likewise.
	(saveable_allocation): Likewise.
	(push_obstacks): Likewise.
	(push_obstacks_nochange): Likewise.
	(pop_obstacks): Likewise.
	(allocation_temporary_p): Likewise.
	(permanent_allocation): Likewise.
	(preserve_data): Likewise.
	(preserve_initializer): Likewise.
	(rtl_in_current_obstack): Likewise.
	(rtl_in_saveable_obstack): Likewise.
	(oballoc): Likewise.
	(obfree): Likewise.
	(savealloc): Likewise.
	(expralloc): Likewise.
	(print_obstack_name): Likewise.
	(debug_obstack): Likewise.
	(object_permanent_p): Likewise.
	(push_momentary): Likewise.
	(perserve_momentary): Likewise.
	(clear_momentary): Likewise.
	(pop_momentary): Likewise.
	(pop_momentary_nofree): Likewise.
	(suspend_momentary): Likewise.
	(resume_momentary): Likewise.
	(make_node): Don't set TREE_PERMANENT.
	(copy_node): Remove ggc_p conditionals.  Don't set TYPE_OBSTACK.
	(get_identifier): Remove ggc_p conditionals.
	(build_string): Likewise.
	(make_tree_vec): Likewise.
	(build_decl_list): Remove.
	(build_expr_list): Likewise.
	(tree_cons): Remove ggc_p conditionals.
	(decl_tree_cons): Remove.
	(expr_tree_cons): Likewise.
	(perm_tree_cons): Likewise.
	(temp_tree_cons): Likewise.
	(saveable_tree_cons): Likewise.
	(build1): Remove ggc_p conditionals.
	(build_parse_node): Likewise.
	(build_type_attribute_variant): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(build_type_copy): Likewise.
	(type_hash_canon): Likewise.
	(build_pointer_type): Likewise.
	(build_reference_type): Likewise.
	(build_index_type): Likewise.
	(build_range_type): Likewise.
	(dump_tree_statistics): Don't print obstack information.
	* tree.h
	(struct tree_common): Remove permanent_flag.
	(TYPE_OBSTACK): Likewise.
	(struct tree_type): Remove obstack.
	(oballoc): Remove.
	(savealloc): Likewise.
	(build_decl_list): Likewise.
	(build_expr_list): Likewise.
	(perm_tree_cons): Likewise.
	(temp_tree_cons): Likewise.
	(saveable_tree_cons): Likewise.
	(decl_tree_cons): Likewise.
	(expr_tree_cons): Likewise.
	(suspend_momentary): Likewise.
	(allocation_temporary_p): Likewise.
	(resume_momentary): Likewise.
	(push_obstacks_nochange): Likewise.
	(permanent_allocation): Likewise.
	(push_momentary): Likewise.
	(clear_momentary): Likewise.
	(pop_momentary): Likewise.
	(end_temporary_allocation): Likewise.
	(pop_obstacks): Likewise.
	(push_obstacks): Likewise.
	(pop_momentary_nofree): LIkewise.
	(preserve_momentary): Likewise.
	(saveable_allocation): Likewise.
	(temporary_allocation): Likewise.
	(resume_temporary_allocation): Likewise.
	(perserve_initializer): Likewise.
	(debug_obstack): Likewise.
	(rtl_in_current_obstack): Likewise.
	(rtl_in_saveable_obstack): Likewise.
	(obfree): Likewise.
	* varasm.c (current_obstack): Remove.
	(saveable_obstack): Remove.
	(rtl_obstack): Remove.
	(immed_double_const): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(immed_real_cons): Likewise.
	(output_constant_def): Likewise.
	(init_varasm_status): Use xcalloc.
	(mark_pool_constant): Mark the pool constant itself.
	(free_varasm_status): Free memory.
	(decode_rtx_const): Call bzero directly, rather than expanding it
	(record_rtx_const): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(force_const_mem): Likewise.
	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_encode_call_attribute): Remove ggc_p
	(aof_pic_entry): Likewise.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_encode_section_info): Likewise.
	* config/m32r/m32r.c (m32r_encode_section_info): Likewise.
	* config/pa/pa.c (saveable_obstack): Remove.
	(rtl_obstack): Likewise.
	(current_obstack): Likewise.
	(output_call): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(hppa_encode_label): Remove ggc_p conditionals.
	* config/romp/romp.c (get_symref): Don't mess with obstacks.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (output_toc): Remove ggc_p conditional.
	(rs6000_encode_section_info): Likewise.
	* config/sh/sh.c (get_fpscr_rtx): Likewise.

Thu Oct 12 16:02:31 MET DST 2000 Jan Hubicka  <>

	* (adddi3, subdi3 splitters): Update for new pattern.
	(addsi3_cc, addqi3_cc, subsi3_cc): Remove
	(addsi3_carry): Canonicalize.
	(addqi_5): Remove '*'.
	(sbb pattern): Canonicalize.

	* (cmp to inc/add peep2): New.

2000-10-12  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (reorder_basic_blocks): Allocate an aux block for
	the exit block.

2000-10-12  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcc.texi: Merge in contents of README.TRAD and TESTS.FLUNK.

2000-10-12  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (decl_attributes): Don't allow strftime formats with
	first_arg_num nonzero.
	(check_format_info): Set wanted_type and wanted_type_name to zero
	before they are possibly assigned and used.

2000-10-12  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (scanf_flag_specs): Add flags ' and I.
	(strftime_flag_pairs): Disallow any pair of the _, - and 0 flags,
	or the ^ and # flags together.
	(scan_char_table): Handle the ' and I flags.
	(format_types): Add ' and I flags for scanf.

2000-10-12  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (print_char_table): Use the unpromoted type for
	lengths "h" and "hh" with conversions dioxXu.
	(check_format_types): Apply the default argument promotions where
	the wanted type is not a pointer target.

2000-10-11  Michael Meeks  <>
	    Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-typeck.c (check_modify_expr): New function.
	(build_modify_expr): Call it if warn_sequence_point.
	* c-decl.c (warn_sequence_point): New variable.
	(c_decode_option): Handle -Wsequence-point and
	-Wno-sequence-point.  Enable -Wsequence-point as part of -Wall.
	* c-tree.h (warn_sequence_point): Declare.
	* invoke.texi (-Wsequence-point): Document.
	* toplev.c (documented_lang_options): Add -Wsequence-point and
	Original work by Michael Meeks, 16 Jun 1998.

Wed Oct 11 06:15:41 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* tree.c (get_narrower): Don't look at precision of field if
	not laid out yet.

Tue Oct 10 23:14:33 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (valid_machine_decl_attribute): Allow `extern'
	declaration for data with "progmem" attribute.

2000-10-09  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (out_shift_with_cnt): Use AS2 macro.
	Correct insn length if shift count is a memory operand.
	* config/avr/ New define_peephole2 to use *reload_inqi.
	(*iorhi3_clobber): Change lo8 to hi8.
	(zero_extendhisi2): Change %B0 to %A1.
	(ashlhi3, ashrhi3): Correct insn length.
	(andhi3, abssf2, extendqisi2, extendhisi2): Change "cc"
	from "clobber" to "set_n" in some alternatives.

2000-10-10  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* reload1.c (calculate_needs_all_insns): If deleting an instruction,
	remove its insn_chain structure as well.

2000-10-09  J. David Anglin  <>

	* dbxout.c (dbxout_source_line): Remove extra tab.

2000-10-09  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* config/elfos.h (UNIQUE_SECTION): Apply STRIP_NAME_ENCODING on name.

2000-10-09  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (LANG_LIB2FUNCS): Remove.
	(LIB2FUNCS): Remove _pure.
	(stage_a): Don't set LANG_LIB2FUNCS.
	* libgcc2.c (__terminate): Mark noreturn.
	(__pure_virtual): Remove.
	* Remove LIB2ADD .txt processing.

2000-10-09  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* (push_multi): Revert unintended change.

2000-10-09  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* arm.c: Miscellaneous white space and comment clean-ups.  No
	functional change.
	* Likewise.

2000-10-09  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* c-common.c (c_expand_builtin_printf): Set the TREE_TYPE of a new
	STRING_CST by calling combine_strings.

2000-10-09  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* arm.c (thumb_expand_movstrqi): Rewrite to support SSA form.
	(thumb_output_move_mem_multiple): Support new insn format.
	* (movmem12b): Use SSA compatible format.
	(movmem8b): Likewise.

2000-10-09  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* (predicable): New attribute, default to "no".
	(all patterns): Mark as predicable if appropriate.
	(conditional execution splits): Split using predication format.
	(define_cond_exec): Define.
	* arm.c (arm_print_operand): handle insn predicate.

2000-10-09  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* README.NS32K: Remove file.

2000-10-09  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* README-bugs: Remove file.

2000-10-08  Philipp Thomas  <>
	* aclocal.m4 (AM_GNU_GETTEXT): Fix non portable use of == operator
	for test.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

2000-10-08  Philipp Thomas  <>
	* aclocal.m4 (AM_WITH_NLS): When not using included gettext,
	disable catalog building if no suitable program was found.
	Move warning message from here
	(AM_GNU_GETTEXT): To here.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

2000-10-08  Philipp Thomas  <>
	* aclocal.m4 (GCC_PATH_PROG): New. Like AC_PATH_PROG but uses
	different cache variables.
	uses different cache variables.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2000-10-08  Richard Henderson  <>

	* ( Pass SHLIB_EXT, not SHLIB_LIBS.
	* (sparc*-*-solaris*): Use t-slibgcc{,-sld}.
	* Consider SHLIB_LINK the entire shlib build command.

	* config/t-linux (SHLIB_EXT): New.
	(SHLIB_LINK): Use the entire build command, with substitutions.
	(SHLIB_LIBS): Remove.
	* config/alpha/t-osf4: Likewise.
	* config/mips/t-iris6: Likewise.
	* config/sparc/t-sol2: Likewise, but move shlib stuff...
	* config/sparc/t-slibgcc-sld:
	* config/sparc/t-slibgcc: New file.

2000-10-08  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* tm.texi (INTMAX_TYPE, UINTMAX_TYPE): Define.
	* c-common.h (enum c_tree_index): Add CTI_INTMAX_TYPE and
	(intmax_type_node, uintmax_type_node): Define.
	* c-common.c (decl_attributes): If pedantic, warn if `mode'
	attributes create a type wider than intmax_t.
	(T_IM, T_UIM): Define properly.
	* c-decl.c (INTMAX_TYPE, UINTMAX_TYPE): Define if not already
	(init_decl_processing): Initialize intmax_type_node and
	* c-lex.c (lex_number): When pedantic and warning for integer
	constants that are too large, in C99 mode warn for those that have
	a type wider than long long.

2000-10-08  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	(format_char_info): Add flag "4" to comment.
	(format_flag_spec, format_flag_pair): New structures.
	(format_kind_info): Add additional fields to control format
	(printf_flag_specs, printf_flag_pairs, scanf_flag_specs,
	scanf_flag_pairs, strftime_flag_specs, strftime_flag_pairs): New
	(time_char_table): Use "4" flag to handle %Ey.
	(format_types): Add entries for new fields.
	(get_flag_spec): New function.
	(check_format_info): Increase size of flag_chars[] to 256.
	Control format checking using the new fields of a format_kind_info
	and the new tables; remove all conditionals on printf_format_type,
	scanf_format_type or strftime_format_type.  Handle all details of
	bad combinations of flags (including width, precision and strftime
	modifiers) through data rather than ad hoc code.  Handle all
	details of standard versions in which flags appeared through
	data.  Use the "4" flag.

2000-10-07  Will Cohen  <>, Kazu Hirata  <>

	* config/h8300/ Remove the memory alternative and correct
	the insn lengths in the templates for sign extension and zero

2000-10-07  Richard Henderson  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Disallow sibcalls to noreturn functions.
	* flow.c (make_edges): Revert last change.

	* config/alpha/alpha.h (FUNCTION_OK_FOR_SIBCALL): Don't test
	* config/pa/pa.h (FUNCTION_OK_FOR_SIBCALL): Likewise.

2000-10-06  David O'Brien  <>

	* config/alpha/elf.h: Standardize the formatting.

2000-10-06  David O'Brien  <>

	* config/alpha/elf.h: Protect the ASM_OUTPUT_IDENT definition with an

2000-10-06  Richard Henderson  <>

	* function.c (diddle_return_value): Examine
	current_function_return_rtx instead of the DECL_RESULT.
	(expand_function_end): Handle reloading DECL_RESULT from memory
	into a hard register.  Query promote_mode for sign of mismatched

2000-10-06  Vladimir Makarov  <>

	* haifa-sched.c (schedule_insns): Fix typo in freeing

2000-10-06  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/ (calli_pcrel, call_valuei_pcrel): Add
	`TARGET_SH2' as a condition.

2000-10-06  Vladimir Makarov  <>

	* haifa-sched.c (anti_dependency_cache, output_dependency_cache,
	forward_dependency_cache): New variables.
	(add_dependence, remove_dependence): Use anti_dependency_cache and
	(compute_block_forward_dependences): Use forward_dependency_cache.
	(schedule_insns): Allocate and free memory for anti/output/forward
	dependencies caches.

2000-10-06  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/ (call, call_value): Use `TARGET_SH2' instead of
	`! TARGET_SH1'.  Reindent.

2000-10-06  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (is_valid_printf_arglist, expand_builtin_printf):
	Move functions from here ...

	* c-common.c (is_valid_printf_arglist, c_expand_builtin_printf):
	... to here.
	(c_expand_builtin): New function.
	(init_function_format_info): Don't set `check_function_format_ptr'.
	(c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Set built_in_class type for
	printf/__builtin_printf to BUILT_IN_FRONTEND.
	(c_expand_expr): Handle CALL_EXPRs that are front-end builtins.

	* c-common.h (build_function_call): Declare.

	* expr.c (expand_expr): Pass builtins with class BUILT_IN_FRONTEND
	to `lang_expand_expr' rather than `expand_builtin'.

	* tree.c (check_function_format_ptr): Delete.

	* tree.h (check_function_format_ptr): Likewise.

2000-10-06  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (build_cfa_loc): Correct to use DW_OP_regx or
	DW_OP_bregx when cfa->reg > 31.

	* frame-dwarf2.c (decode_stack_op) [case DW_OP_regx]: Add missing

2000-10-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-decl.c (warn_missing_noreturn): Remove.
	(c_expand_body): Don't set or check can_reach_end.
	* c-tree.h (warn_missing_noreturn): Move ...
	* flags.h: ... here.
	(can_reach_end): Remove.
	* flow.c (check_function_return_warnings): New.
	(make_edges): No edge to exit for noreturn sibcalls.
	* function.c (expand_function_end): Save the return value
	clobber instruction.
	(mark_function_status): Mark it.
	* function.h (struct function): Add x_clobber_return_insn.
	* jump.c (can_reach_end): Remove.
	(calculate_can_reach_end): Remove.
	(jump_optimize_1): Don't call it.
	* output.h (check_function_return_warnings): Declare.
	* toplev.c (warn_missing_noreturn): Move from c-decl.c
	(rest_of_compilation): Call check_function_return_warnings.

2000-10-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (NM_FOR_TARGET): New.
	(libgcc.a, stmp-multilib): Pass NM_FOR_TARGET.
	* If SHLIB_MKMAP, build  Depend the
	shared library build on that and EXTRA_MULTILIB_PARTS.
	* mkmap-flat.awk: New file.
	* mkmap-symver.awk: New file.
	* libgcc-std.ver: New file.
	* config/libgcc-glibc.ver: New file.
	* config/ia64/libgcc-ia64.ver: New file.
	* config/t-linux (SHLIB_MKMAP, SHLIB_MAPFILES): New.
	(SHLIB_LINK): Add --version-script.
	* config/ia64/t-ia64 (SHLIB_MAPFILES): Add libgcc-ia64.ver.
	* config/mips/t-iris6 (SHLIB_MKMAP, SHLIB_MAPFILES): New.
	* config/sparc/t-sol2 (SHLIB_MKMAP, SHLIB_MAPFILES): New.
	(SHLIB_LINK): Add -M.

2000-10-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (LIB2FUNCS): Add _clz.
	* libgcc2.c (__ffsdi2): Use count_trailing_zeros.
	(__clz_tab): Put in its own unit, non-static.
	* libgcc2.h: Always include longlong.h.

	* longlong.h [alpha] (count_leading_zeros): Use cmpbge with
	a zero instead of -1.
	(count_trailing_zeros): Likewise.

2000-10-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_emit_setcc): Don't swap GT tests
	when second op1 is const0_rtx.  Validate op0 as a register.
	* config/alpha/ (setcc_internal): Don't allow constants
	in the first argument of the compare.
	(setcc_swapped_internal): Likewise.
	(setne_internal): Likewise.

2000-10-05  Geoff Keating  <>

	* tree.c (tree_size): New function split out of copy_node.
	(make_node): Remove obstack handling.  Use tree_size.
	(copy_node): Use tree_size.
	* tree.h: Prototype tree_size.

2000-10-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* diagnostic.c (output_format): Add missing break.

2000-10-05  Jim Wilson  <>

	* function.c (fixup_var_refs_1, case SET): When gen_move_insn returns a
	SEQUENCE, call emit_insn_before, copy PATTERN and REG_NOTES of last
	sequence insn to INSN, and delete last sequence insn.

2000-10-05  Phil Edwards  <>

	* gcc.c (main): Include generated configargs.h header
	and use arguments in '-v' output.

Thu Oct  5 16:16:57 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* gcc.c: Move data on prefixes forward in file and reorganize.
	(md_exec_prefix, md_startfile_prefix, md_startfile_prefix_1):
	Always define, but make null if no value.
	(static_specs): Add "md_exec_prefix", "md_startfile_prefix",
	and "md_startfile_prefix_1".
	(main): Check whether md_exec_prefix and the others are the
	null string rather than whether the macro is defined.

Thu Oct  5 19:04:18 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* (convert_move): Use zero_extendpsisi2 to do an unsigned extension
	from PSImode to SImode.

2000-10-05  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (gen_lowpart_common) [REAL_ARITHMETICS]: Fix conversion
	from float to integral mode with HOST_BITS_PER_WIDE_INT 64.
	* dwarf2out.c (add_const_value_attribute): Divide by 4, not

Thu Oct  5 09:31:31 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* fold-const.c (fold, case MINUS_EXPR, case EQ_EXPR): Perform
	negation in proper type.a

2000-10-04  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (enable-shared): New.
	* (LIBGCC_DEPS): Depend on EXTRA_PARTS as well.
	* Use them to link shared a libgcc.
	* config/t-linux (SHLIB_LINK, SHLIB_LIBS): New.
	* config/alpha/t-ieee (SHLIB_MULTILIB): New.
	* config/mips/t-iris6 (SHLIB_LINK, SHLIB_LIBS): New.
	* config/sparc/t-sol2 (SHLIB_LINK, SHLIB_LIBS): New.

	* (alpha-osf*): Use t-osf and x-osf.
	* config/alpha/t-osf: New file.
	* config/alpha/t-osf4: New file.
	* config/alpha/x-osf: New file.
	* config/alpha/x-alpha: Remove file.

2000-10-04  Will Cohen  <>

	* c-typeck.c (process_init_element): Added warning for zero-length

	* extend.texi (Zero Length): State that static initializers for
	zero-length arrays are not allowed.

Mon Oct  2 14:50:14 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* rtlanal.c (single_set_1): Do not require USE and CLOBBERs
	to come last.

2000-10-03  Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/float-c4x.h: New.
	* (c4x-*): Set float_format to c4x.
	* configure: Regenerate.

2000-10-02  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (sparc-*-solaris2*): Disable 32-to-64 cross
	compilation for solaris versions 2.7 and greater.

2000-10-02  Marc Espie <>

	* config/alpha.h (WORD_SWITCH_TAKES_ARG): add -rpath to default,
	instead of redefining from scratch.

2000-10-02  David O'Brien  <>

	* config/i386/freebsd.h (NO_PROFILE_COUNTERS): Define.

2000-10-01  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* config/ns32k/genix.h: Remove.
	* config/ns32k/x-genix: Likewise.
	* config/ns32k/xm-genix.h: Likewise.
	* config/fx80: Remove all filee in directory.
	* config/pyr: Likewise.
	* config/tahoe: Likewise.
	* config/gmicro: Likewise.
	* config/spur: Likewise.
	* Remove configury bits for above targets.
	* configure: Regenerated.

	* Don't configure chill by default.
	* configure: Regenerated.

	* c-decl.c (c_expand_body): Don't generate RTL if flag_syntax_only.
	(lang_mark_false_label_stack): Remove.
	* c-lex.c (init_c_lex): Add file_info_tree as GC root.  Allocate
	<top level> string in GC area.
	(mark_splay_tree_node): New function.
	(mark_splay_tree): Likewise.
	* except.c (mark_eh_status): Only call lang_mark_false_label_stack
	if it exists.
	* ggc-callbacks.c (lang_mark_false_label_stack): Remove.
	* ggc-common.c (lang_mark_false_label_stack): Change type.
	* ggc.h (ggc_alloc_string): Add comment.
	(ggc_strdup): New function.

Sat Sep 23 19:10:20 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr.h (BRANCH_COST): Define as 0.

	* config/pdp11/pdp11.c: #include "tree.h" added.

2000-09-30  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (ashlhi3_out, ashlsi3_out, ashrhi3_out,
	ashrsi3_out, lshrhi3_out, lshrsi3_out): Optimize more cases
	with known shift count.
	* config/avr/ (ashlsi3, ashrsi3, lshrsi3):
	New alternative for shift count 2 with no scratch register.
	(ashlhi3, ashlsi3): Change "cc" attribute from "clobber" to
	"set_n" for shift counts 1 and 2.

2000-09-30  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/ (movsi_to_cr): Remove the USE.  Calculate
	the mask value from the individual SET operations.
	(return_internal_si): Move the USE after the RETURN.
	(return_internal_di): Likewise.
	(return_and_restore_fpregs_si): Likewise.
	(return_and_restore_fpregs_di): Likewise.
	(return_eh_si): Likewise.
	(return_eh_di): Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (mtcrf_operation): Don't look for,
	or check, the USE.
	(rs6000_emit_prologue): Don't emit the USE for movsi_to_cr.
	Don't generate a PARALLEL around a single operation movsi_to_cr.
	Generate the RETURN first in any PARALLELs.

	* rtlanal.c (single_set_1): Use fatal_insn to display the
	invalid insn.  Check for more cases when a USE or CLOBBER occurs
	before a SET.
	* Update dependencies for rtlanal.o.

2000-09-30  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* i386.c: Move include of "config.h" to before that of <setjmp.h>.

2000-09-30  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-tree.texi, contrib.texi, gcc.texi, install.texi, invoke.texi:
	Consistently use @email for formatting email addresses.

2000-09-29  Richard Henderson  <>

	* cse.c (notreg_cost): New argument outer.
	(COST): Pass in SET to notreg_cost
	(COST_IN): New.
	(fold_rtx): Use COST_IN.  Prefer constants when costs
	are the same.

2000-09-29  David Edelsohn  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def (broken_cabs): Generalize regex.
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: Regenerate.

2000-09-29  Franz Sirl  <>

	* loop.c (check_final_value): A GIV is not replaceable if used
	before set.

Fri Sep 29 10:04:12 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump to gcc-2.97.

Frs Sep 29 13:37:59 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* final.c (final_scan_insn): Remove extra extract_insn call;
	Use caching for constrain_operands.
	(cleanup_subreg_operands): Use caching for extract_insn.
	* recog.c (constrain_operands_cached): New.
	* recog.h (constrain_operands_cached): Declare.
	* i386.c (ix86_attr_length_immediate_default,
	ix86_attr_length_address_default, ix86_agi_dependant): Cache
	extract_insn call.

	* recog.c (asm_noperands): Tweak.
	(extract_insn): Do not call asm_noperads for non-asm instructions.

Fri Sep 29 13:20:42 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* recog.c (recog_memoized): Rename to recog_memoized_1.
	* recog.h (recog_memoized): Rename to recog_memoized_1.
	(recog_memoized): New macro.
	* rtl.h (single_set): Rename to single_set_1
	(single_set): New macro.
	* rtlanal.c (single_set): Rename to single_set_1;  expect clobbers
	to be last.

	* (strmovsi_1, strmovhi_1 strmovqi_1):
	Do not use match_dup of input operands at outputs.
	Use register_operand for memory expression.
	(rep_movsi): Put use last, canonicalize.
	Use register_operand for memory expression.
	(rep_movqi): Put use last.
	Use register_operand for memory expression.
	(strsetsi_1, strset_hi_1, strsetqi_1): Do not use match_dup
	of input operands at outputs.  Use register_operand for memory
	(rep_stossi): Put use last; canonicalize; fix match_dup in
	the address expression
	(rep_stosqi): Likewise.
	(memcmp expander): Update calls.
	(cmpstrsi_nz_1, cmpstrsi_1, strlensi_1): Avoid match_dups in
	the clobbers.

	* (fp_jcc_3, fp_jcc_4, jp_fcc_5): if_then_else operand is
	(fp_jcc_4, fp_jcc_3): Refuse unordered comparisons.

2000-09-28  David O'Brien  <>

	* config/i386/freebsd-aout.h: New, FreeBSD a.out config file.
	Contains the old contents of config/i386/freebsd.h
	* config/i386/freebsd.h: Now the ELF rather than a.out config file.
	Contains the old contents of config/i386/freebsd-elf.h
	* config/i386/freebsd-elf.h: Retire this file -- contents moved to
	* Adjust for above changes.
	* po/ Likewise.
	* po/en_GB.po: Likewise.
	* po/gcc.pot: Likewise.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

2000-09-28  Franz Sirl  <>

	* doloop.c (doloop_modify): Prevent delete_insn() from
	deleting too much.  Prefer loop->top over loop->start as
	target for the new JUMP insn.
	(doloop_valid_p): Ignore loop with exit_count != 0.

2000-09-28  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* invoke.texi (i386 Options): Add athlon to table of possible
	choices for -mcpu=.

2000-09-28  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.h (output_clear_message_text): New function.
	(output_message_text): New macro.

	* diagnostic.c (clear_text_info): Rename to
	(output_clear): Adjust.
	(output_finish): Rename to output_finalize_message.  Tweek.
	(output_to_stream): Adjust.

2000-09-28  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpperror.c (_cpp_begin_message):  Do the test for suppression
	of warnings and pedantic warnings before the "is a warning an
	error" tests.
	* cppinit.c (cpp_handle_option): Remove surplus \n.
	* cpplex.c (ON_REST_ARG): Delete.
	(skip_block_comment): Initialize prevc.
	(parse_args): Improve error messages.
	(maybe_paste_with_next): Use CONTEXT_VARARGS rather
	than ON_REST_ARG.
	* cpplib.c (cpp_push_buffer): Fix grammar in message.
	* cppmain.c (main): Set callbacks for #ident and #pragma
	only if no_output option is false.
	(do_pragma_implementation): Only call the #pragma handler
	if it is set in the cpp_reader structure.

Wed Sep 27 14:00:07 2000  Donald Lindsay  <>

	* integrate.c (copy_insn_list): if an ignored return value
	is being clobbered, skip cloning that into the inline copy.

2000-09-27  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* extend.texi, invoke.texi, gcc.texi, install.texi: Consistently
	use @uref for formatting URLs.

2000-09-27  Mark Elbrecht  <>

	* config/i386/djgpp.h (UNIQUE_SECTION): Constify the variables
	name and prefix.

Tue 26-Sep-2000 18:25:38 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* gcc.c (cpp_options): Add spec for -ftabstop=.
	(invoke_as): New spec that handles invoking as.
	Update specs to handle -save-temps and -traditional.
	* ch/lang-specs.h, f/lang-specs.h, java/lang-specs.h:
	Use invoke_as.
	* cp/lang-specs.h, objc/lang-specs.h: Update to use
	invoke_as, and handle -save-temps and -traditional (if

2000-09-26  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/sparc.c (sparc_emit_set_const64): Don't abort when
	op0 is a SUBREG.
	(function_arg_slotno): Accept TImode/CTImode.
	* config/sparc/sparc.h (MIN_UNITS_PER_WORD): If IN_LIBGCC2 define

2000-09-26  Michael Hayes  <>

	* flow.c (flow_loop_pre_header_scan): Punt if loop enters
	from entry block.

2000-09-25  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (INDEX_REG_CLASS): Define to GENERAL_REGS.

Tue 26-Sep-2000 00:16:22 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (parse_args): Don't set VOID_REST flag.
	(maybe_paste_with_next): Set context earlier in loop.  Use
	it.  Do varargs test with CONTEXT_VARARGS flag.
	(push_arg_context): Set CONTEXT_VARARGS flag if we're
	pushing an argument context for a varargs argument.
	* cpplib.h (VOID_REST): Delete.
	* gcc.dg/cpp/vararg1.c: Add test case.

2000-09-25  Branko Cibej  <>

	* flags.h:  Declare warning flag warn_system_headers.
	* toplev.c:  Define it.
	(W_options): Add option -Wsystem-headers.
	* diagnostic.c (count_error): Test warn_system_headers.
	* invoke.texi:  Add description for -Wsystem-headers.
	* cpplib.h (cpp_options): New member warn_system_headers.
	* cpphash.h (CPP_PEDANTIC, CPP_WTRADITIONAL): Don't test
	* cpplib.c (do_import, do_pragma_once): Likewise.
	* cpperror.c (_cpp_begin_message): Test warn_system_headers
	* cppinit.c (handle_option): Recognize -Wsystem_headers.
	(print_help): Describe -Wsystem_headers.
	* cpplex.c (lex_line): Reorganize condition so that warnings
	about C++ comments in system headers can be enabled. Remove
	label do_line_comment.

Mon 25-Sep-2000 23:38:27 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (save_comment): Only store the initial '/'
	(lex_token): Combine handling of the two comment types.
	Pass everything but the initial '/' to save_comment.

Mon 25-Sep-2000 23:31:45 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpphash.h (_cpp_digraph_spellings, _cpp_process_directive,
	_cpp_can_paste): New library-internal prototypes.
	* cpplex.c (dump_param_spelling, output_line_command,
	output_token, cpp_scan_buffer, cpp_scan_buffer_nooutput,
	cpp_printf, cpp_output_list): Move to cppoutput.c.
	(process_directive, can_paste, digraph_spellings): Add _cpp_ prefix.
	* cppmacro.c (dump_macro_args, cpp_dump_definition) Move to
	* cppoutput.c (dump_macro_args, cpp_dump_definition, output_token,
	dump_param_spelling, output_line_command, cpp_scan_buffer,
	cpp_scan_buffer_nooutput, cpp_printf, cpp_output_list): Moved
	from elsewhere.
	* Add cppoutput.c.
	* po/ Add cppoutput.c.

2000-09-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_print_operand): Define 'e' as 64-n.
	* config/ia64/ (rotrsi3): Allow variable rotates; don't
	split until after reload.
	(rotlsi3, rotldi3): New.

2000-09-25  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.c (output_last_position): Define.
	(set_real_maximum_length): Tweek.
	* diagnostic.h (output_last_position): Declare.

2000-09-25  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* config/i386/i386.c: Fix formatting.

2000-09-24  Alan Lehotsky  <>

	* emit-rtl-c (gen_lowpart_common): Accept non-paradoxical SUBREG when
	UNITS_PER_WORD is small.

2000-09-25  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (format_char_info): Add flags2; update comments.
	(print_char_table, scan_char_table, time_char_table): Split some
	flags out into flags2.
	(check_format_info): Use flags2 for those flags, for identifying
	the initial character of a scanf scanset, and for identifying
	printf formats where the '0' flag is ignored with precision.

2000-09-25  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	Changes below marked "here" add TABs on either or both sides,
	covering start of line, up to any operand for all noted .*ASM.*_OP
	definitions.  All callers changed.
	* tm.texi: Make documented *_ASM.*_OP:s include spacing
	Fix typos in description for LONG_LONG_TYPE_SIZE and
	why these defaults don't have leading spacing.
	* dbxout.c (ASM_STABS_OP, ASM_STABN_OP): Here.
	* dwarfout.c (FILE_ASM_OP, VERSION_ASM_OP,
	* defaults.h (ASM_STABD_OP, EH_FRAME_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* varasm.c (ASM_STABS_OP): Here.
	* xcoffout.h (ASM_STABS_OP): Here.
	* config/elfos.h (IDENT_ASM_OP, ASM_BYTE_OP, SET_ASM_OP,
	* config/freebsd.h (IDENT_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/linux-aout.h (SET_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/linux.h (SET_ASM_OP): Here.
	INT_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/netbsd.h (TYPE_ASM_OP, SIZE_ASM_OP, SET_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/nextstep.h (EH_FRAME_SECTION_ASM_OP, ALIGN_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/openbsd.h (TYPE_ASM_OP, SIZE_ASM_OP, SET_ASM_OP): Here.
	INT_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/ptx4.h (IDENT_ASM_OP, ASM_BYTE_OP, SET_ASM_OP,
	* config/a29k/udi.h (INT_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/alpha/alpha-interix.h (CONST_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	SET_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/alpha/alpha.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/alpha/elf.h (IDENT_ASM_OP, SKIP_ASM_OP, ALIGN_ASM_OP,
	* config/alpha/vms.h (LINK_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/arc/arc.h (ASM_BYTE_OP, SET_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/arm/coff.h (INT_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/arm/conix-elf.h (UNALIGNED_WORD_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/arm/elf.h (TYPE_ASM_OP, SIZE_ASM_OP, INT_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/arm/linux-elf.h (IDENT_ASM_OP, CONST_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/arm/unknown-elf.h (UNALIGNED_WORD_ASM_OP): Here.
	STRING_ASM_OP): Here.  Update documentation copy in comments.
	* config/c4x/c4x.h (ASM_STABS_OP, BSS_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/clipper/clipper.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/clipper/clix.h (BSS_SECTION_ASM_OP, INIT_SECTION_ASM_OP):
	* config/convex/convex.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/d30v/d30v.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/fr30/fr30.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/fx80/fx80.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP):
	* config/gmicro/gmicro.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/h8300/h8300.h (ASM_WORD_OP): Here.
	* config/i370/i370.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/i386/aix386.h (INIT_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/i386/bsd.h (ASM_BYTE_OP): Here.
	* config/i386/cygwin.h (SET_ASM_OP, INT_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/i386/dgux.h (CONST_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/i386/djgpp.h (IDENT_ASM_OP, INT_ASM_OP, SET_ASM_OP):
	* config/i386/freebsd-elf.h (SET_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/i386/freebsd.h (TYPE_ASM_OP, SIZE_ASM_OP, INT_ASM_OP):
	* config/i386/i386-coff.h (CTORS_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/i386/i386-interix.h (STRING_ASM_OP, CONST_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	SET_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/i386/i386elf.h (BSS_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/i386/netbsd.h (INT_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/i386/openbsd.h (INT_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/i386/osfrose.h (TYPE_ASM_OP, SIZE_ASM_OP, SET_ASM_OP,
	* config/i386/sco5.h (ALIGN_ASM_OP, ASCII_DATA_ASM_OP,
	* config/i386/seq-sysv3.h (SHARED_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/i386/sequent.h (SHARED_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/i386/sun386.h (ASM_BYTE_OP, TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/i386/svr3gas.h (INIT_SECTION_ASM_OP, FINI_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/i386/sysv3.h (INIT_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/i386/unix.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/i860/bsd-gas.h (ASCII_DATA_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/i860/bsd.h (ASCII_DATA_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/i860/fx2800.h (ASM_STABS_OP, ASM_STABN_OP, ASM_STABD_OP,
	BSS_ASM_OP): Here, but use trailing spaces.
	* config/i860/i860.h (ASM_BYTE_OP, TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/i860/paragon.h (ASCII_DATA_ASM_OP, BSS_SECTION_ASM_OP):
	* config/i860/sysv3.h (ASCII_DATA_ASM_OP, CTORS_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/i960/i960-coff.h (CTORS_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/i960/i960.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP):
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/ia64/sysv4.h (ASM_BYTE_OP, STRING_ASM_OP, SKIP_ASM_OP,
	* config/m32r/m32r.h (SCOMMON_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/m68hc11/m68hc11.h (GLOBAL_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/m68k/auxas.h (BYTE_ASM_OP, WORD_ASM_OP, LONG_ASM_OP,
	SET_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/m68k/coff.h (BSS_SECTION_ASM_OP, CTORS_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/m68k/crds.h (BSS_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/m68k/dpx2.h (ASM_BYTE_OP, GLOBAL_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/m68k/hp320.h (ASCII_DATA_ASM_OP, GLOBAL_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/m68k/linux.h (BSS_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/m68k/lynx.h (BSS_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/m68k/m68k.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/m68k/m68kelf.h (SWBEG_ASM_OP, BSS_ASM_OP,
	* config/m68k/m68kv4.h (BSS_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/m68k/mot3300.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	SKIP_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/m68k/newsgas.h (SET_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/m68k/rtemself.h (INIT_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/m68k/sgs.h (BYTE_ASM_OP, WORD_ASM_OP, LONG_ASM_OP,
	but use trailing spaces.
	* config/m68k/tower-as.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/m88k/dgux.h (FINI_SECTION_ASM_OP, INIT_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/m88k/m88k.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	ASM_BYTE_OP): Here.
	* config/m88k/openbsd.h (SET_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/m88k/sysv4.h (INIT_SECTION_ASM_OP, FINI_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/mcore/mcore-elf.h (UNALIGNED_INT_ASM_OP,
	* config/mcore/mcore-pe.h (CTORS_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/mips/elf.h (TYPE_ASM_OP, SIZE_ASM_OP,
	* config/mips/elf64.h (TYPE_ASM_OP, SIZE_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/mips/iris5.h (ABICALLS_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/mips/iris6.h (TYPE_ASM_OP, SIZE_ASM_OP,
	* config/mips/mips.c (ABICALLS_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/mips/mips.h (ASM_STABS_OP, ASM_STABN_OP, ASM_STABD_OP):
	* config/mips/netbsd.h (TYPE_ASM_OP, SIZE_ASM_OP, WEAK_ASM_OP):
	* config/mips/osfrose.h (SET_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/mips/sni-svr4.h (ABICALLS_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/ns32k/encore.h (SHARED_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/ns32k/merlin.h (SHARED_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/ns32k/ns32k.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP):
	* config/ns32k/sequent.h (SHARED_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/ns32k/tek6000.h (SHARED_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/pa/pa-64.h (INT_ASM_OP, TYPE_ASM_OP, SIZE_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/pa/pa.h (ASM_STABS_OP, ASM_STABN_OP): Here.
	* config/pj/pj.h (SET_ASM_OP, BSS_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/romp/romp.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP):
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (SET_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/rs6000/sol2.h (ASM_STABN_OP): Here.
	* config/rs6000/sysv4.h (SKIP_ASM_OP, LOCAL_ASM_OP, LCOMM_ASM_OP):
	* config/sh/sh.h (SET_ASM_OP, BSS_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/sparc/linux.h (COMMON_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/sparc/linux64.h (COMMON_ASM_OP,
	* config/sparc/litecoff.h (BSS_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/sparc/lynx.h (BSS_SECTION_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/sparc/pbd.h (ASM_INT_OP): Here.
	* config/sparc/sp64-elf.h (UNALIGNED_LONGLONG_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/sparc/sparc.h (ASM_BYTE_OP, TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	* config/sparc/sun4gas.h (UNALIGNED_DOUBLE_INT_ASM_OP,
	* config/sparc/sysv4.h (STRING_ASM_OP, COMMON_ASM_OP, SKIP_ASM_OP,
	* config/sparc/vxsim.h (COMMON_ASM_OP): Here.
	* config/spur/spur.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP):
	* config/tahoe/tahoe.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP):
	* config/v850/v850.h (SCOMMON_ASM_OP, ZCOMMON_ASM_OP,
	* config/we32k/we32k.h (TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP, DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	ASM_BYTE_OP): Here.

2000-09-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* expmed.c (store_bit_field): Adjust last change to not consider
	any word-sized field naturally aligned.

2000-09-24  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_emit_conditional_branch): Handle
	TFmode unordered compares properly.  Revalidate integer compare
	(alpha_emit_setcc): New.
	(alpha_emit_conditional_move): Revalidate integer compare operands.
	* config/alpha/alpha-protos.h: Update.
	* config/alpha/ (cmpdi): Allow general operands.
	(sne): Use alpha_emit_setcc.
	(seq, slt, sle, sgt, sge, sltu, sleu, sgtu, sgeu): Likewise.
	(sunordered, sordered): New.

2000-09-24  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h: Update.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (call_multiple_values_operation): Remove.
	(ia64_expand_call): New.
	(ia64_expand_prologue): Emit an alloc if we need extra input
	(ia64_expand_epilogue): New arg sibcall_p; don't emit the return
	instruction if true.
	(struct reg_flags): Add is_sibcall.
	(rtx_needs_barrier): A sibcall does not use CFM et al.  Ignore USEs.
	(emit_insn_group_barriers): Set flags.is_sibcall.  Remove hacks
	for CODE_FOR_gr_spill_internal/CODE_FOR_gr_restore_internal.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Update.
	* config/ia64/ (call): Use ia64_expand_call.
	(call_value): Likewise.
	(sibcall, sibcall_value): New.
	(call patterns): Remove extra expanders; tidy.
	(sibcall_epilogue): New.
	(set_bsp): Remove the extra USE.  Put the operand inside the UNSPEC.

2000-09-24  Richard Henderson  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (gen_lowpart_common): Use trunc_int_for_mode.

	* sibcall.c (skip_pic_restore): New.
	(identify_call_return_value): Use it.

2000-09-24  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-tree.texi: Moved here from cp/ir.texi.  Documented nested
	functions.  Generalize to handle both C and C++.
	* ( New target.
	(info): Add

Sun Sep 24 09:15:48 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* expr.c (store_field): If BITSIZE is negative, use size of type.
	(expand_expr, case COMPONENT_EXPR): Likewise.

Sun 24-Sep-2000 11:40:23 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c: Update TODO comment.
	* cpplib.c (do_error, do_warning): Merge common code of
	do_error and do_warning	into do_diagnostic.  Use it.
	(do_diagnostic): New function.
	* cpplib.h: Fix comment typo.

2000-09-24  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (check_format_info): Warn for a wide character string
	used as a non-wide format argument.

2000-09-24  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* builtins.def (BUILT_IN_LLABS): Add.
	* builtins.c (expand_builtin): Also abort on BUILT_IN_LLABS.
	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_builtins): Create builtin functions
	__builtin_llabs, and plain llabs unless no_nonansi_builtins
	outside of C99 mode.
	(expand_tree_builtin): Handle BUILT_IN_LLABS.

Sat 23-Sep-2000 22:39:18 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_expand_token_space, _cpp_init_toklist,
	_cpp_free_toklist): No need to worry about extra dummy token
	at the start of token lists any more.
	(trigraph_ok): Only warn outside comments.
	(skip_block_comment): Set and clear lexing_comment.
	(skip_line_comment): Take a cpp_reader not cpp_buffer.
	Set and clear lexing_comment.
	(parse_number): Handle leading '.' indicated by pfile->seen_dot.
	(check_long_token): Delete.
	(lex_percent, lex_dot): New subroutines of lex_token to
	handle lexing of '.' and '%' without lookback.
	(lex_token): Use lex_dot and lex_percent.
	(lex_line): Don't check for LIST_OFFSET.
	(_cpp_init_input_buffer): Update for new _cpp_init_toklist.
	* cpplib.c (_cpp_parse_assertion): Similarly.
	(cpp_push_buffer): Initialize extra_char.
	* cpplib.h (LIST_OFFSET): Delete.
	(struct cpp_buffer): New member extra_char.
	(struct lexer_state): New members lexing_comment and seen_dot.

2000-09-23  Jason Merrill  <>

	* config/rs6000/x-aix41 (CLIB): Define here.
	* config/rs6000/t-aix43: Not here.
	* config/rs6000/t-aix41: Or here.  Remove.
	* Don't use it.

2000-09-22  Jason Merrill  <>

	* toplev.c: Use it to initialize flag_eliminate_dwarf2dups.
	* Regenerate.

	* Fix checks for assembler features when using a
	one-tree assembler that has not yet been built.
	Fix --disable-threads.

2000-09-19  Geoff Keating  <>

	* stmt.c (expand_asm_operands): Allow # in constraints.

2000-09-22  Jason Merrill  <>

	* c-lex.c (skip_white_space): Just treat CRs as horizontal whitespace.

	* dbxout.c (dbxout_symbol_name): Just use DECL_NAME for
	function-local names.

2000-09-22  Brad Lucier <>
	    Mark Mitchell  <>

	* toplev.c (warn_disabled_optimization): Declare new warning flag.
	* flags.h (warn_disabled_optimization): Add it here.
	* gcse.c (gcse_main): Add warning when disabled.
	* invoke.texi: Document -Wdisabled-optimization.

2000-09-21  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (add_const_value_attribute): Multiply by length, not 4.

	* dwarf2out.c (tree_add_const_value_attribute): New fn.
	(gen_variable_die): Call it for non-definitions.

	* dwarf2out.c (die_struct): Add die_mark field.
	(mark_dies, unmark_dies): New fns.
	(clear_die_sizes): Remove.
	(print_die): Check die_symbol rather than die_offset.
	(build_abbrev_table, output_pubnames, output_aranges): Check
	die_mark rather than die_offset.
	(output_comp_unit): Move calc_die_sizes after build_abbrev_table.
	Call mark_dies.

Thu 21-Sep-2000 18:19:05 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppfiles.c (lookup_include_file): Rename to open_file.
	Always create a splay tree value, even on syscall failures.
	Negative entries indicated by fd == -2.
	Re-open files closed in the meantime.
	(_cpp_fake_include): Create a negative splay tree entry.
	(find_include_file, cpp_read_file): Update for function name
	* Testcase.

2000-09-21  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/t-arm-elf (MULTILIB_DIRNAMES): Enable multilibs for
	ARM and THUMB modes.

	* config/mcore/mcore.c: Fix compile time warnings.
	* config/mcore/mcore-protos.h: Fix compile time warnings.

2000-09-20  J. David Anglin  <>

	* Correct test of gcc_cv_glibc.
	* configure: Rebuilt.
	* Rebuilt.

2000-09-20  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_fputs): Also expand when length!=1.
	(expand_builtin): Handle BUILT_IN_FWRITE.

	* builtins.def (BUILT_IN_FWRITE): New entry.

	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Declare __builtin_fwrite.

Wed Sep 20 15:39:14 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* gcc.c (modify_target): New variable and struct.
	(process_command): Handle MODIFY_TARGET_NAME.
	* tm.texi (MODIFY_TARGET_NAME): Add documentation for new macro.
	* config/pa/pa.h (MODIFY_TARGET_NAME): New macro.

	* c-decl.c (finish_decl): Add else's to avoid referencing

Wed Sep 20 21:44:31 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (adjust_insn_length): Adjust lengths of
	`reload_in*' insns.

2000-09-19  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* config/avr/ (neghi2): Add alternative for input and output
	operands in different registers, as in negsi2.
	(*negsi2): Remove '*' from the name.  Use "movw" if available.

2000-09-19  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/crtbegin.asm (__dso_handle): Delete use of

Tue 19-Sep-2000 22:38:57 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (lex_line): Drop the EOF token for unknown
	directives in assembler.

2000-09-19  David Edelsohn  <>

	* Allow enable_threads_flag value of "aix".  Define
	thread_file as "aix" for AIX 4.3 and above.
	* configure: Regenerated.

	* gthr-aix.h: New file.

	* rs6000/t-aix43: Replace soft-float multilib with pthread.
	Remove 403 processor multilib match.  Fix rios2 processor multilib

	* rs6000/aix.h (ASM_DECLARE_FUNCTION_NAME): Use function_section
	to return to appropriate csect.

2000-09-19  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (is_valid_printf_arglist, expand_builtin_printf): New
	(expand_builtin_fputs): Set `target' parameter for `expand_expr'.
	(expand_builtin): Handle BUILT_IN_PUTCHAR, BUILT_IN_PUTS and

	New entries.

	* c-common.c (init_function_format_info): Handle __builtin_printf.
	Set `check_function_format_ptr'.
	(c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Set `puts_ftype' and
	`printf_ftype'.  Declare __builtin_putchar, __builtin_puts,
	__builtin_printf and printf.

	* tree.c, tree.h (check_function_format_ptr): Declare.

Tue 19-Sep-2000 18:26:57 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppfiles.c (read_include_file): Take no special action for
	zero-length files.

2000-09-19  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* final.c (insn_current_reference_address): Use INSN_SHUID of seq
	rather than that of branch.
	(shorten_branches): Don't increment insn_current_address twice.

	Undo most of the Wed Jan 27 23:39:53 1999 patch:
	* loop.h (struct induction): Delete members derived, ix and last_use.
	(struct loop_ivs): Delete members first_increment_giv and
	* loop.c (verify_dominator, find_life_end, cmp_recombine_givs_stats,
	recombine_givs): Delete functions.
	(find_and_verify_loops): Don't initialize cont_dominator.
	(strength_reduce): Lose code to try to find bivs that can be
	expressed as givs of another biv, and to convert biv increments
	into givs.
	Lose loop_scan_start variable, always use loop->scan_start.
	Don't call recombine_givs.  Don't handle derived givs.
	(record_giv): Don't initialize derived and last_use fields.
	(biv_eliminiation_giv_has_0_offset): Lose code to handle derived
	* unroll.c (derived_regs): Delete static variable.
	(unroll_loop): Don't initialize it.
	(copy_loop_body): Lose code to handle derived givs.
	(find_splittable_givs): Don't check for givs made from biv
	Don't set derived_regs.

	Fix misapplied earlier patch:
	* config/sh/ (floatsisf_ie): Reenable.  Remove explicit reference
	to fpul.
	(floatsisf2): Generate floatsisf_ie by default.
	(floatsisf_i4): Conditional on TARGET_SH4.

	(floatsisf2, floatsidf2, extendsfdf2): Also use reg_no_subreg_operand
	predicate for the expanders.

2000-09-19  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/i386/i386.h (CPP_CPU_SPEC): Define i586 and i686 symbols
	in addition to pentium and pentiumpro symbols.

	* c-typeck.c (c_expand_asm_operands): Restore the output tree
	after expanding.

	* stmt.c (expand_expr_stmt): Only call warn_if_unused_value
	if the tree has side effects.
	(warn_if_unused_value): Do not warn about void constructs.

	* c-decl.c (poplevel): Invoke warn_about_unused_variables.

	* unroll.c (copy_loop_body): Update LABEL_NUSES before
	calling invert_jump.

2000-09-18  Geoff Keating  <>

	* combine.c (can_combine_p): Don't substitute an ASM_OPERANDS
	into anything.

2000-09-18  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (c-common.o): Depend on diagnostic.h.

	* c-common.c: Include diagnostic.h.
	(tfaff): Delete.
	(status_warning): New function.
	(check_format_info, maybe_read_dollar_number, check_format_types,
	finish_dollar_format_checking, check_function_format): Accept a
	`status' parameter.  All callers changed.

	* c-common.h (check_function_format): Accept a `status' parameter.

	* c-typeck.c: Update call to `check_function_format'.

2000-09-18  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-decl.c (c_expand_body): Call mark_varargs before

2000-09-18  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/eabi-cn.asm: Use /**/ to delimit comments, not #.
	* config/rs6000/eabi-ci.asm: Likewise.

2000-09-18  Richard Henderson  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (init_emit_once): Initialize const_tiny_rtx
	for BImode.

2000-09-18  Jim Wilson  <>

	* unroll.c (loop_iterations): Pass increment to extend_for_giv_value
	before passing it to fold_rtx_mult_add.

	* unroll.c (final_giv_value): Pass increment through
	extend_value_for_giv before passing it to emit_iv_add_mult.

	* function.c (fixup_var_refs_1, case ZERO_EXTRACT): If we have a
	paradoxical subreg, then directly substitute the replacement and

Mon 18-Sep-2000 22:12:44 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpp.texi: Update documentation, including some clarifications,
	the treatment of various newline combinations, and space between
	backslash and newline.

Mon Sep 18 21:00:47 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	Replace ASM_OUTPUT_LABELREF with assemble_name.

Mon Sep 18 20:26:50 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* sh.c (addsubcosts): CONST is not cheap.
	(find_barrier): For Sh1, take alignment after jumps into account.

2000-09-15  Andrew Haley  <>

	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Call purge_hard_subreg_sets to
	remove all SETs of SUBREGs of hard registers.
	* function.c (purge_hard_subreg_sets): New function.
	(purge_single_hard_subreg_set): New function.
	* rtl.h: (purge_hard_subreg_sets): New function.

2000-09-18  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h: Update.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (signed_inequality_operator): New.
	(ia64_expand_compare): New.
	(ia64_register_move_cost): Handle PR_REGS moves.
	(ia64_secondary_reload_class): Require a GR when moving to a PR.
	(struct reg_write_state): Add written_by_and/or.
	(struct reg_flags): Add is_and/or.
	(rws_update): Set them.
	(rws_access_regno): Test them to allow parallel comparisons.
	(rtx_needs_barrier): Recognize parallel comparisons.
	(emit_insn_group_barriers): Set prev_insn after a call stop bit.
	Call recog_memoized; ignore pred_rel_mutex.
	(emit_predicate_relation_info): Don't call find_basic_blocks here.
	(ia64_reorg): Do it here instead.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h: s/CCmode/BImode/g
	(MODES_TIEABLE_P): Don't tie BImode.
	(PREFERRED_RELOAD_CLASS): Do not reload operations into AR regs.
	(CONST_COSTS): Pick sensible values for CONST_INT based on context.
	(RTX_COSTS): Make multiply 4 insns.
	* config/ia64/ s/CCmode/BImode/g
	(movcci, movbi): New.
	(andbi3, andcmbi3, iorbi3, iorcmbi3, one_cmplbi2): New.
	(cmpsi_and_0, cmpsi_and_1, cmpsi_andnot_0, cmpsi_andnot_1): New.
	(cmpdi_and_0, cmpdi_and_1, cmpdi_andnot_0, cmpdi_andnot_1): New.
	(tbit_and_0, tbit_and_1, tbit_and_2, tbit_and_3): New.
	(cmpsi_or_0, cmpsi_or_1, cmpsi_orcm_0, cmpsi_orcm_1): New.
	(cmpdi_or_0, cmpdi_or_1, cmpdi_orcm_0, cmpdi_orcm_1): New.
	(tbit_or_0, tbit_or_1, tbit_or_2, tbit_or_3): New.
	(mulsi, muldi): Use xmpy not xma.
	(cmpbi): New.
	(movcc, movcc_internal): Remove.
	(branch expanders): Use ia64_expand_compare.
	(setcc expanders): Likewise.
	(cmov insns): Use move_operand and ia64_move_ok.
	(pred_rel_mutex): Use unspec not unspec_volatile.  Prevent the
	scheduler from moving it past a use.
	* config/ia64/build.hacks: Remove.

Mon 18-Sep-2000 19:21:35 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpphash.h (HASHSTEP): Take character rather than pointer
	to character.
	(_cpp_check_directive, _cpp_check_linemarker): Update prototypes.

	* cpphash.c (cpp_loookup): Update for new HASHSTEP.

	* cpplex.c (auto_expand_name_space, trigraph_replace,
	backslash_start, handle_newline, parse_name, INIT_TOKEN_STR,

	(handle_newline, check_long_token, skip_escaped_newlines,
	unterminated): New functions.

	(parse_identifier): Was parse_name, new implementation.
	(skip_line_comment, skip_block_comment, skip_whitespace,
	parse_number, parse_string, trigraph_ok, save_comment,
	adjust_column, _cpp_get_line): New implementations.

	(lex_token): New function.  Lexes a token at a time, looking
	forwards.  Contains most of the guts of the old lex_line.
	(lex_line): New implementation, using lex_token to obtain
	individual tokens.
	(cpp_scan_buffer): Use the token's line, not the list's line.

	* cpplib.c (_cpp_check_directive, _cpp_check_linemarker):
	 New implementations.
	(do_assert): Don't bother setting the answer's list's line.
	(cpp_push_buffer): Initialize new pfile and read_ahead members
	of struct cpp_buffer.

	* cpplib.h (cppchar_t): New typedef.
	(struct cpp_buffer): read_ahead, pfile and col_adjust are
	new members.
	(struct lexer_state): New structure that determines the state
	and behavior of the lexer.
	(struct cpp_reader): New member "state". Rename
	multiline_string_line and multiline_string_column. Delete
	col_adjust, in_lex_line members.
	(CPP_BUF_COLUMN): Update.

2000-09-18  Richard Henderson  <>

	* combine.c (simplify_comparison): Shift a NOT out of a single
	bit test.

	* combine.c (if_then_else_cond): Canonicalize BImode true to
	* explow.c (trunc_int_for_mode): Likewise.

	* combine.c (combine_simplify_rtx): Use gen_unary to distribute
	the NOT for De Morgan's rule.
	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_unary_operation): Simplify a BImode NOT
	of a comparison to the reverse comparison.

	* combine.c (try_combine): Allow split to create a single insn.

	* machmode.def: Add BImode.  Add a column for bitsize.
	* machmode.h (DEF_MACHMODE): Adjust for extra column.
	* rtl.c (DEF_MACHMODE): Adjust for extra column.
	(mode_bitsize): New.
	(mode_mask_array): Use bitsize.
	* combine.c (combine_simplify_rtx): Require inner and outer
	modes to match on nonzero_bits optimizations.

2000-09-18  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* reload1.c (forget_old_reloads_1): If a hard reg is stored, clear
	its entry in spill_reg_store.
	* config/sh/lib1funcs.ams (movstr_i4 functions): Always compile in.
	* sh.c (reg_no_subreg_operand): New function.
	* sh-protos.h (reg_no_subreg_operand): Declare it.
	* sh.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Add it.
	* (floatsisf2_i4, floatsidf2_i, extendsfdf2_i4): Use it for
	input operand that needs to be in fpul.
	(fix_truncsfsi2, fix_truncsfsi2_i4): Use register_operand for output.
	* sh.c (find_barrier): Take into account that machine_dependent_reorg
	might add new insns.

2000-09-18  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/sh.c (sh_expand_prologue): Mark GOTaddr2picreg as
	(sh_expand_epilogue): Take the PIC register into account when
	computing the frame size.

	* config/sh/sh.c (nonpic_symbol_mentioned_p): Check LABEL_REFs.
	* config/sh/ (sym_label2reg, symPLT_label2reg): Protect
	LABEL_REFs with a PIC-safe unspec.

2000-09-18  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (check_format_info): Properly save the argument
	number and parameter for $ operand number formats in case width
	and precision arguments are also used.  Allow printf width and
	precision arguments to have operand numbers even if none was
	specified for the main format, since this is OK for %*.*m.  Only
	object to missing $ operand number if the format used requires an

2000-09-18  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (format_char_info): Add 'W' flag to comment.
	(print_char_table, scan_char_table): Use it.
	(check_format_info): Use the 'W' flag to determine whether a
	format argument is written into.

2000-09-18  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (check_format_types): Reorganize and clean up,
	checking earlier for ERROR_MARKs and making cur_type into its
	TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT where convenient.

2000-09-18  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcc.c (cpp_options): Add specs for __STDC_HOSTED__.

2000-09-18  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* optabs.c (emit_libcall_block): Set CONST_CALL_P for the call.

	* i386-protos.h (ix86_init_builtins, ix86_expand_builtin): Declare.
	* i386.c (struct builtin_description): New.
	(bdesc_comi, bdesc_2arg, bdesc_1arg): New arrays.
	(mmx_reg_operand): Declare MODE arg as unused.
	(ix86_expand_sse_comi, ix86_expand_sse_compare, safe_vector_operand,
	ix86_expand_unop1_builtin, ix86_expand_unop_builtin,
	ix86_expand_binop_builtin, ix86_expand_store_builtin,
	ix86_init_builtins, ix86_expand_builtin): New functions.
	* i386.h (ix86_builtins): New enumeration.
	* (attr length_immediate): 0 for mmx/sse types.
	(attr prefix_0f): 1 for mmx/sse types.
	(setcc_2): Remove "*" so we get gen_setcc_2.
	(emms): Account for changed register numbering.  Set "memory" attr
	to unknown.
	(sfence): Set "memory" attr to unknown.

2000-09-18  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* Define _GNU_SOURCE only when using the GNU C
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* Regenerated.

2000-09-17  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* cppinit.c (cpp_init): Don't use ANSI prototypes.
	* flow.c (flow_dump_loop): Likewise.
	(flow_loops_dump): Likewise.

	* c-typeck.c (c_start_case): Fix typo.

2000-09-17  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Don't give a warning about defaulting
	to int for plain complex which defaults to complex double.  Do
	warn about defaulting to complex double if pedantic.  Warn about
	complex integer types if pedantic.  Warn about complex types if
	pedantic and not in C99 mode.
	* c-typeck.c (build_unary_op): If pedantic, warn about use of ~
	for complex conjugation.

2000-09-17  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* contrib.texi: Update my entry.

Sun Sep 17 18:48:32 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/ (mcu_enhanced): New attribute.
	(mcu_mega): Likewise.
	(extendhisi2): Use mcu_enhanced.
	(zero_extendhisi2): Likewise.
	(call_insn): Use mcu_enhanced and mcu_mega.
	(call_value_insn): Likewise.
	(*sbrx_branch): Use mcu_mega.
	(*sbrx_and_branchsi): Likewise.
	(*sbrx_and_branchhi): Likewise.
	(*tablejump_lib): Likewise.

Sun Sep 17 10:46:17 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* alias.c (true_dependence): Allow non-unchanging read to conflict
	with unchanging write.

	* expr.c (store_constructor_field): Accept ALIAS_SET arg.
	(store_constructor): Pass alias_set to it.

	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Reorder tests to avoid looking at
	* c-lex.c (readescape): Avoid using printf syntax we don't recognize.

	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_unary_operation): Add cases
	FLOAT_EXTEND and FLOAT_TRUNCATE to ones that return 0.

2000-09-17  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* expr.h (emit_library_call, emit_library_call_value): Delete
	* rtl.h (enum libcall_type): New.
	(emit_library_call, emit_library_call_value): Change fn_type arg to
	be of type enum libcall_type.
	* calls.c: Likewise for the function definitions.  Several callers
	throughout changed to use the new enumeration appropriately.
	(emit_library_call_value_1): Likewise.  Put back code to make libcall
	blocks of equal form, but only use it for the two new higher
	enumeration values.

2000-09-16  Mark Mitchell  <>

	Convert the C front-end to use function-at-a-time mode.
	* c-common.h: Include splay-tree.h.
	(struct language_function): Add x_scope_stmt_stack and
	(RECHAIN_STMTS): Move definition.
	(lang_statement_code_p): Likewise.
	(lang_expand_stmt): Likewise.
	(lang_expand_decl_stmt): New variable.
	(lang_expand_function_end): Likewise.
	(current_scope_stmt_stack): New function.
	(add_decl_stmt): Likewise.
	(add_scope_stmt): Likewise.
	(mark_stmt_tree): Likewise.
	(struct c_lang_decl): New structure.
	(c_mark_lang_decl): New function.
	(c_expand_start_cond): Change prototype.
	(c_finish_then): New function.
	(c_finish_else): Likewise.
	(current_function_name_declared): Remove.
	(set_current_function_name_declared): Likewise.
	(mark_c_language_function): Declare.
	(case_compare): Likewise.
	(c_add_case_label): Likewise.
	(c_expand_expr): Likewise.
	(c_safe_from_p): Likewise.
	* c-common.c (lang_expand_function_end): New variable.
	(struct if_elt): Add if_stmt.
	(c_expand_start_cond): Add the if-statement to the statement-tree,
	rather than generating RTL.
	(c_finish_then): New function.
	(c_expand_start_else): Don't generate RTL.
	(c_finish_else): New function.
	(c_expand_expr_stmt): Don't generate RTL.
	(statement_code_p): Add SCOPE_STMT.
	(case_compare): New function.
	(c_add_case_label): Likewise.
	(mark_stmt_tree): Likewise.
	(c_mark_lang_decl): Likewise.
	(mark_c_language_function): Likewise.
	(c_expand_expr): Likewise.
	(c_safe_from_p): Likewise.
	* c-decl.c (c_stmt_tree): New variable
	(c_scope_stmt_stack): Likewise.
	(c_function_name_declared_p): Likewise.
	(lang_expand_expr_stmt): Remove.
	(poplevel): Don't call output_inline_function for nested
	(pushdecl): Don't set DECL_CONTEXT for a local declaration of an
	`extern' function.
	(redeclaration_error_message): Change means of computing whether
	or not a function is nested.
	(lookup_label): Don't call label_rtx.
	(init_decl_processing): Add more GC roots.
	(start_decl): Add DECL_STMTs to the statement-tree, rather than
	calling rest_of_decl_compilation.
	(finish_decl): Don't call expand_decl.
	(store_parm_decls): Begin the statement-tree, but don't generate
	(finish_function): Tie off the statement-tree.  Call c_expand_body
	if appropriate.
	(c_expand_body): New function.
	(push_c_function_context): Save more information.
	(pop_c_function_contxt): Likewise.
	(copy_lang_decl): Now that we use DECL_LANG_SPECIFIC, copy it.
	(lang_mark_tree): Mark it.
	(current_stmt_tree): Adjust.
	(current_scope_stmt_stack): New function.
	(do_case): Remove.
	(set_current_name_declared): Likewise.
	(c_begin_compound_stmt): Define.
	(c_expand_decl_stmt): Likewise.
	* c-lang.c: Include rtl.h and expr.h.
	(lang_init): Set more language-specific hooks.
	* c-lex.c: Include expr.h.
	* Changes throughout to add statements to the
	statement-tree, rather than generating RTL after every statement.
	* c-semantics.c (lang_expand_decl_stmt): Define.
	(add_decl_stmt): New function.
	(add_scope_stmt): Likewise.
	(finish_stmt_tree): Tweak.
	(genrtl_expr_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_decl_stmt): Handle local labels, and call
	lang_expand_decl_stmt if required.
	(genrtl_for_stmt): Fix line-number handling.
	(genrtl_case_label): Handle cleanups.
	(genrtl_asm_stmt): Don't call combine_strings.
	(genrtl_compound_stmt): Simplify.
	(expand_stmt): Handle SCOPE_STMTs.
	* c-tree.h (struct lang_decl): New structure.
	(c_begin_compound_stmt): Declare.
	(c_expand_decl_stmt): Likewise.
	(c_expand_start_case): Rename to c_start_case.
	(c_finish_case): New function.
	* c-typeck.c (start_init): Tweak setting of
	(c_expand_asm_operands): Tweak error-handling.  Add to the
	(c_expand_return): Add to the statement-tree.
	(c_expand_start_case): Rename to ...
	(c_start_case): ... this.
	(struct c_switch): New type.
	(switch_stack): New variable.
	(do_case): Simplify.
	(c_finish_case): New function.
	* dependence.c: Include expr.h.
	(enum dependence_type): Change spelling of enumerals.
	(check_node_dependence): Adjust.
	* expr.h (lang_safe_from_p): Declare.
	(safe_from_p): Likewise.
	* expr.c (lang_safe_from_p): New variable.
	(safe_from_p): Give it external linkage.  Use lang_safe_from_p.
	* stmt.c (expand_expr_stmt): Avoid clobberring of last_expr_type.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_decl_compilation): Robustify.
	* tree.c (contains_placeholder_p): Likewise.
	* Update dependencies.
	* objc/objc-act.h: Adjust calculation of value for dummy_tree_code.
	* objc/objc-act.c: Include rtl.h, expr.h, and c-common.h.
	(objc_expand_function_end): New function.
	(finish_method_def): Use it.
	(init_objc): Initialize more language-specific hooks.
	* objc/ Update dependencies.

2000-09-16  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* Define macros that affect features before
	testing for features.  Don't define _XOPEN_SOURCE.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* Regenerated.

Sat Sep 16 19:42:50 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* rtlanal.c (rtx_varies_p): Volatile asms vary.
	(rtx_unstable_p): Restructure code.  Volatile asms
	are unstable.

Sat Sep 16 14:35:55 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* function.h (no_debugging_symbols): New field.
	* integrate.c (save_for_inline): Renamed from save_for_inline_nocopy.
	Initialize no_debugging_symbols.
	(output_inline_function): Save and restore write_symbols and set from
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Call save_for_inline.
	* tree.h: Update comment.

	* stor-layout.c (place_field): Don't do anything if field or
	its type are ERROR_MARK.

Sat Sep 16 19:14:00 2000  Laurynas Biveinis <>

	* cppfiles.c (purge_cache): Use munmap only if MMAP_THRESHOLD defined.
	(read_include_file): Ensure inc->mmaped is initialized.

2000-09-16  Richard Henderson  <>

	* cppiles.c (purge_cache): Use PTR not caddr_t.

2000-09-16  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* gcc.c: In description for %{<S}, say the option removed is -S.
	* invoke.texi (Spec Files): Ditto.

2000-09-16  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* Always define _GNU_SOURCE to make interfaces
	visible that were hidden by only defining _GNU_SOURCE.
	* configure: Regenerated.

Sat 16-Sep-2000 08:13:45 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (push_macro_context): Set an argument's level after
	calling parse_args.  We could loop infinitely otherwise.

2000-09-15  Tom Tromey  <>

	* configure, Rebuilt.
	* Check for iconv.h.  Define _XOPEN_SOURCE.

2000-09-15  Greg McGary  <>

	* cppmacro.c (check_trad_stringification): Check token
	text pointers against limit before dereferencing.

2000-09-15  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (format_wanted_type): New structure.
	(check_format_types): New function.
	(check_format_info): Pass all checking of types of format
	arguments, including width and precision arguments, to this new

2000-09-15  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* BUGS: Remove file.

2000-09-15  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (override_options): ev6 cache latencies
	from Richard Henderson.  Don't allow -mmemory-latency=L0.

	* config/alpha/alpha.h (TARGET_CPU_EV5, TARGET_CPU_EV6): Define.
	(TARGET_OPTIONS): Add tune=.
	(alpha_tune_string): Declare.
	* config/alpha/alpha.c (override_options): Add cpu_table.
	Use alpha_cpu_string first to set both alpha_cpu and target_flags
	and then alpha_tune_string to set alpha_cpu only.
	Replace tests for PROCESSOR_EV* with TARGET_CPU_EV* tests.
	* config/alpha/elf.h (ASM_FILE_START): Likewise.
	* config/alpha/osf.h (ASM_FILE_START): Likewise.
	* config/alpha/openbsd.h (ASM_FILE_START): Likewise.

Fri Sep 15 19:45:55 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* i386-protos.h (no_comparison_operator, uno_comparison_operator):
	(ix86_comparison_operator, ix86_cc_mode): Declare
	* i386.h (CCGC, CCGCO): New modes.
	(SELECT_CC_MODE): Move offline to ....
	* i386.c (ix86_cc_mode): .... here; use new modes.
	(ix86_comparison_operator): New.
	(fcmov_comparison_operator): Ensure proper mode.
	(put_condition_mode): More sanity checking.
	(ix86_match_ccmode): Handle new modes.
	(ix86_expand_fp_compare): GEU requires CCmode.
	(ix86_expand_strlensi_unroll_1): Use emit_cmp_and_jump_insn instead of
	doing it by hand.
	* (cmp?i_ccz_1): Remove
	(cmp?i_ccno_1): Use ix86_match_ccmode.
	(cmp?i_minus_1): New.
	(cmpsi_1): New expander.
	(cmpqi_ext_1): Use match_ccmode
	(cmpqi_ext_3): New expander.
	(cmpqi_ext_3_insn): Rename from cmpqi_ext_3.
	(cmpqi_ext_4): Use match_ccmode.
	(add?i_?): Use match_ccmode.
	(add?i_6): New.
	(test?i_ccz_1): Remove
	(test?i_1): New.
	(testsi_ccno_1, testqi_ccz_1, testqi_ext_ccno_0): New expander.
	(testqi_ext_0): Use ix86_match_ccmode.
	(*xorqi_cc_ext_1): Use ix86_match_ccmode.
	(xorqi_cc_ext_1): New expander.
	(shift patterns): Use CCGOCmode for all shifts except for sar.
	(setcc_?, jcc_?, miv?icc_nic): Use ix86_comparison_operator.
	(setcc_3, jcc_3, miv?icc_c): Remove.

2000-09-15  Will Cohen  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (add_const_value_attribute): Changed array into a
	xmalloced object, so it exists after function exit.
	(free_AT): Added case for dw_val_class_float to free allocated

2000-09-15  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* config/i386/ Fix a comment typo.
	* gcc.c: Fix formatting.

2000-09-15  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* optabs.c (emit_libcall_block): If target is a user variable,
	copy to a temporary first.
	* expr.c (convert_move): When generating a libcall, make a libcall
	* calls.c (emit_library_call_value_1): Don't create a libcall
	sequence here; our caller will in most cases do it.

	* sh.h (SECONDARY_INPUT_RELOAD_CLASS): Handle moving T, MACL or
	MACH into FPUL.
	* (reload_outsf): Generate recognizable patterns for
	(floatsisf2, floatsisf2_ie, floatsisf2_i4, fix_truncsfsi2,
	fix_truncsfsi2_i4, fixsfsi, floatsidf2, floatsidf2_i, fix_truncdfsi2,
	fix_truncdfsi2_i, extendsfdf2, extendsfdf2_i4, truncdfsf2,
	truncdfsf2_i4): Change not to use explicit references to fpul.
	(floatsisf2_ie): Remove USE of fpscr.
	(floatsisf2): Change default expansion to match this.
	(fix_truncsfsi2_i4_2, fix_truncdfsi2_i4 & splitters): Comment out
	unused patterns.

2000-09-15  Richard Henderson  <>

	* expmed.c (store_bit_field): Consider naturally aligned
	memory for direct reference.

2000-09-15  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_expand_unaligned_load): Force all
	AND addresses into alias set 0.
	(alpha_expand_unaligned_store): Likewise.
	(alpha_expand_unaligned_load_words): Likewise.
	(alpha_expand_unaligned_store_words): Likewise.

2000-09-15  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* config/sh/sh.h (CPP_SPEC): For -m4-nofpu, define __SH4_NOFPU__.
	* config/sh/lib1funcs.asm (movstr_i4): Also compile if __SH4_NOFPU__
	is defined.
	* config/mips/mips.c (mips_va_arg): Args passed by reference have a
	rsize of UNITS_PER_WORD.

Fri 15-Sep-2000 06:49:07 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (ON_REST_ARG): Correct the test.
	(maybe_paste_with_next): Duplicate a token that fail pasting,
	and clear its PASTE_LEFT flag, so that nested pasting attempts
	do not occur.

2000-09-14  Richard Henderson  <>

	* calls.c (precompute_register_parameters): Use COSTS_N_INSNS, not 2.
	* cse.c (rtx_cost): Likewise.
	* optabls.c (expand_binop): Likewise.
	(expand_twoval_binop, prepare_cmp_insn): Likewise.
	* regclass.c (copy_cost): Likewise.
	* reload1.c (reload_cse_move2add): Likewise.

2000-09-14  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* (reswords): Add _Complex.

2000-09-14  J. David Anglin  <>

	* gcc.1: Delete documentation for -undef preprocessor option.

2000-09-14  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	Remove undefine before config/elfos.h.
	* config/sh/t-sh (EXTRA_MULTILIB_PARTS): Comment out.

2000-09-14  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* invoke.texi (H8/300 Options): Add -ms2600.
	* config/h8300.c (h8300_init_once): Output an error when -ms2600
	is used without -ms.
	* config/h8300.h (TARGET_MAC): New.
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): Add -ms2600 and -mno-s2600.
	(CONDITIONA_REGISTER_USAGE): Disable the mac register on any
	machine other than H8S/2600.
	* config/ Accept mac instructions on the H8S/2600 instead
	of the H8S/2000.

2000-09-14  Alexandre Oliva  <>, Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* reload.c (find_reloads_address_1): Generate reloads for auto_inc
	pseudos that refer to the original pseudos, not only to their
	equivalent memory locations.

Thu Sep 14 12:10:16 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* expr.c (expand_expr, case COMPONENT_EXPR): Copy memory attributes
	when making new MEM.

	* (LN): Remove duplicate definition.

2000-09-12  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	From Joern Rennecke:
	* local-alloc.c (update_equiv_regs): If there is no REG_EQUAL note
	on an insn and function_invariant_p returns nonzero for the source,
	add a REG_EQUAL note.

Thu Sep 14 00:51:57 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* alias.c (memrefs_conflict_p): An ADDRESSOF doesn't
	conflict with frame_pointer_rtx.

2000-09-13  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* loop.c: Fix formatting.
	* loop.h: Likewise.

2000-09-13  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ (divsf3): New.
	(divsf3_internal_lat, divsf3_internal_thr): New.
	(divdf3, divdf3_internal_lat, divdf3_internal_thr): New.
	(divtf3, divtf3_internal_lat, divtf3_internal_thr): New.
	(adddf3_trunc, subdf3_trunc, muldf3_trunc): New.
	(madddf4_trunc, msubdf4_trunc, nmuldf3_trunc): New.
	(nmadddf4_alts, nmadddf4_trunc): New.
	(addtf3_truncsf, addtf3_truncdf, subtf3_truncsf): New.
	(subtf3_truncdf, multf3_truncsf, multf3_truncdf): New.
	(multf3_truncsf_alts, multf3_truncdf_alts): New.
	(maddtf4_truncsf, maddtf4_truncdf, maddtf4_alts_truncdf): New.
	(msubtf4_truncsf, msubtf4_truncdf, nmultf3_truncsf): New.
	(nmultf3_truncdf, nmaddtf4_truncsf, nmaddtf4_truncdf): New.
	(nmaddtf4_truncdf_alts): New.
	(recip_approx): Don't predicate.

2000-09-13  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/lib1funcs.asm (__divsf3): Protect fnorm.s with p6.

2000-09-13  Stephane Carrez  <>

	* flags.h (flag_dump_rtl_in_asm): Declare.
	* toplev.c (flag_dump_rtl_in_asm): Define.
	(decode_d_option): Set flag_dump_rtl_in_asm and flag_print_asm_name
	if -dP is specified.
	* rtl.h (print_rtx_head): Declare.
	* print-rtl.c (print_rtx_head): Define.
	(print_rtx): Print the string pointed to by print_rtx_head
	at beginning of each dump line.
	(print_rtl): Likewise.
	(print_rtl_single): Likewise.
	* final.c (final_scan_insn): Dump the insn in the assembly
	file for debugging.
	* gcc.1: Document -dP option.
	* invoke.texi (Debugging Options): Likewise.

2000-09-13  Stephane Carrez  <>

	* md.texi (Machine Constraints): Document the 68HC11 constraints.
	* install.texi (Configurations): Document the 68HC11&68HC12 port.
	* invoke.texi (Option Summary, M68hc1x Options): Document the options.

Tue Sep 12 13:51:13 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr.h (ASSEMBLER_DIALECT): New macro declared.
	* config/avr/ (*movstrqi_insn): Cleanup output template.
	(*clrstrqi): Likewise.
	(xorhi3,xorsi3,absqi2): Likewise.
	(one_cmplhi2,one_cmplsi2): Likewise.
	(addsi3): Two stupid constraint alternatives removed.
	(extendhisi2): Use `movw' for enhanced avr cores.
	(zero_extendhisi2): Likewise.

Wed Sep 13 02:31:23 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* alias.c (find_base_term): Use frame_pointer_rtx
	when handling an ADDRESSOF.

	* cse.c (canon_hash): Handle USE of BLKmode memory.
	(cse_insn): Outgoing arguments for a libcall don't
	affect any recorded expressions.

2000-09-12  Tom Tromey  <>

	* configure, Rebuilt.
	* Check for iconv, nl_langinfo, langinfo.h.

2000-09-12  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* c-lex.c (lex_string): Use charwidth to compute bytemask.
	* expr.c (expand_expr): Don't optimize constant array references
	initialized with wide string constants.

2000-09-13  Michael Hayes  <>

	* loop.c (note_set_pseudo_multiple_uses): Correct.

2000-09-12  Jim Wilson  <>

	* ifcvt.c (noce_process_if_block): If A and B are the same, and no
	else block, and X has side-effects, then fail.

2000-09-12  Greg McGary  <>

	* config/mips/mips-protos.h
	(trap_cmp_op, mips_gen_conditional_trap): New func decls.
	* config/mips/mips.h (ISA_HAS_COND_TRAP): New macro.
	(PREDICATE_CODES): Add "trap_cmp_op".
	* config/mips/mips.c
	(trap_cmp_op, mips_gen_conditional_trap): New functions.
	* config/mips/ (trap, conditional_trap): New patterns.

2000-09-12  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* flow.c (try_pre_increment_1): Don't do anything to sets of the stack

2000-09-12  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (built_in_decls): New array.
	(expand_builtin_fputs): New function.
	(expand_builtin): Handle BUILT_IN_FPUTC and BUILT_IN_FPUTS.

	* builtins.def (BUILT_IN_FPUTC, BUILT_IN_FPUTS): New members.

	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Handle fputc/fputs.

	* tree.h (built_in_decls): New array.

Tue Sep 12 08:53:57 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* Use "+" instead of "=" for outputs wrapped in a
	*,,,, Likewise.

2000-09-12  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* haifa-sched.c: Fix formatting.

	* genattrtab.c: Fix formatting.

	* unroll.c: Fix formatting.

2000-09-12  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/fixfixes.c: make a type for the fix procedure & use it,
	remove obsolete code
	* fixinc/fixincl.c: Use PARAMS, not _P_.  Add no-op default to switch.
	* fixinc/fixincl.tpl: make non-exported arrays static scope
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: regenerate
	* fixinc/fixlib.h: Use PARAMS, not _P_
	* fixinc/fixtests.c: make a type for the test proc & use it
	* fixinc/server.h: Use PARAMS, not _P_

2000-09-12  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* c-typeck.c (process_init_element): Avoid union init warnings on
	floating point zero.  Don't crash on unions containing structs.

2000-09-12  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/sh.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Add CONST_DOUBLE to
	general_movsrc_operand, and remove CONST_INT from

2000-09-12  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* cse.c (approx_reg_cost): If SMALL_REGISTER_CLASSES, return INT_MAX
	if a reference to non-fixed hardreg is seen.  Otherwise, count hard
	regs with a higher cost.
	(preferrable): Deal with cases where either cost or regcost is
	(cse_insn): Use MAX_COST rather than 10000.  Always initialize
	regcost values.
	(COSTS_N_INSNS): Move definition...
	* rtl.h:
	(MAX_COST): New macro.
	* loop.c (init_loop): Use COSTS_N_INSNS macro instead of hardcoded

2000-09-11  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-common.h (genrtl_clear_out_block): Remove.
	* c-semantics.c (genrtl_clear_out_block): Remove.
	(genrtl_while_stmt): Don't call it.
	(genrtl_for_stmt): Likewise.

2000-09-11  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppfiles.c: Move all default-#defines to top of file.
	(open_include_file): Replace by lookup_include_file.
	(read_with_read, read_file): Merged into read_include_file.
	(stack_include_file, purge_cache): New functions.
	(close_cached_fd): Delete.
	(lookup_include_file, read_include_file, _cpp_pop_file_buffer):
	Cache the in-memory buffer, not the file descriptor.

	* cpphash.h (struct include_file): Add buffer, st, refcnt,
	mapped fields.
	(xcnew): New utility macro.
	(DO_NOT_REREAD, NEVER_REREAD): Move up by struct include_file.
	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_buffer): Remove mapped field.

2000-09-11  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplex.c (parse_string): Accept backslash space newline as a
	line continuation.
	(lex_line): Likewise.
	(_cpp_get_token): Remove hard limit on macro nesting.

2000-09-12  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (AM_WITH_NLS): Don't force use of included gettext.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

2000-09-13  Michael Hayes  <>

	* flow.c (split_block): Fix update of registers live at
	end of split block.

Tue Sep 12 01:51:38 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* (add?i_3, add?i_5): New.
	(add?i_4): Rename from add?i_3;  Fix compare pattern.
	(sub?i_3, xor?i_3, ior?i_3): New.

	* genrecog.c (write_tree): Output code to clear insn_extract cache.
	* genattrtab.c (write_attr_case): Gen call to extract_insn_cache
	instead of extract_insn and extract_constrain_insn_cache instead of
	extract_insn and constrain_operands.
	* recog.c (extract_insn_cached, extract_constrain_insn_cached):
	New functions.
	(extract_insn): Clear which_alternative.
	(constrain_operands): Set which_alternative to -1 when failed.
	* recog.h (extract_constrain_insn_cached, extract_insn_cached):

2000-09-11  Matthew Hiller  <>

	* config/h8300/ (movstrictqi): Changed constraint modifier
	on operand 0 to '+'.
	(movstricthi): Likewise.

2000-09-12  Michael Hayes  <>

	* loop.h (LOOP_IVS): New macro.
	(REG_IV_TYPE, REG_IV_INFO): Add ivs argument.
	(struct loop_ivs): New.
	(struct loop_info): Add ivs field.
	(reg_iv_type, reg_iv_info): Delete prototype.
	(reg_biv_class, loop_iv_list): Likewise.
	* loop.c (record_biv, find_life_end): Pass loop argument.
	(reg_iv_type): Remove global array and use
	field in loop_regs structure within loop_ivs structure.
	(reg_iv_info, reg_biv_class, loop_iv_list): Likewise.
	(first_increment_giv, last_increment_giv): Use entry in
	loop_ivs structure.
	(record_initial): Pass ivs pointer.
	* unroll.c (copy_loop_body, remap_split_bivs): Add loop argument.

2000-09-12  Michael Hayes  <>

	* loop.h (LOOP_REGS): New macro.
	(struct loop_regs): New.
	(struct loop_info): Add regs field.
	* loop.c (set_in_loop): Remove global array and store
	in loop_regs structure as part of loop_info structure.
	(n_times_set, may_not_optimize): Likewise.
	(reg_single_usage, moved_once): Likewise.
	(count_one_set): Add regs argument.
	(combine_movables, rtx_equal_for_loop_p, combine_givs): Likewise.
	(set_pseudo_multiple_uses): Pass regs pointer.

2000-09-12  Michael Hayes  <>

	* unroll.c (iteration_info): Subsume into loop_iterations.
	* loop.h (loop_info): New field iv.

2000-09-12  Michael Hayes  <>

	* basic-block.h (LOOP_TREE, LOOP_PRE_HEADER, LOOP_EDGES): New.
	(flow_loops_update): New prototype.
	(flow_loops_find): Add flags to prototype.
	(struct loop): Add `pre_header_root' and `pre_header_trace' fields.
	* flow.c (flow_loop_pre_header_scan): New.
	(flow_loop_dump): Dump pre-header root and trace and exit dominators.
	(flow_loop_free): Free pre-header root and trace and exit dominators.
	(flow_loops_find): New argument flags.
	(flow_loops_update): New function.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Add flag argument to flow_loops_find.

2000-09-12  Michael Hayes  <>

	* basic-block.h (split_block, update_bb_for_insn): New prototypes.
	* flow.c (split_block, update_bb_for_insn): New functions.

2000-09-11  Richard Henderson  <>

	* cse.c (fold_rtx): Honor NO_FUNCTION_CSE.

2000-09-11  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h (fr_nonimmediate_operand): Declare.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (fr_nonimmediate_operand): New.
	(ia64_override_options): Prevent optimizing division for both
	latency and throughput.
	(rtx_needs_barrier): Handle frcpa.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (MASK_INLINE_DIV_LAT): New.
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): Add -minline-divide-min-latency and
	* config/ia64/ (extendsidi2): Remove * from f case.
	(zero_extendsidi2): Likewise.  Fix typo in f case insn.
	(extendsfdf2): Add cases for gr<->fr and fr<->mem.
	(extendsftf2): Likewise.
	(extenddftf2): Likewise.
	(fix_trunctfdi2_alts): New.
	(fixuns_trunctfdi2_alts): New.
	(madd*4): Rename from madd*3.
	(divsi3, modsi3, udivsi3, umodsi3): New.
	(divsi3_internal): New.
	(divdi3, moddi3, udivdi3, umoddi3): New.
	(divdi3_internal_lat, divdi3_internal_thr): New.
	(multf3_alts, maddtf4_alts, nmaddtf4_alts): New.
	(recip_approx): New.

2000-09-11  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* print-rtl.c (debug_call_placeholder_verbose): New variable.
	(print_rtx) [CALL_PLACEHOLDER]: Dump all call sequences if it is
	* integrate.c (copy_rtx_and_substitute): Don't share
	LEAF_REG_REMAPpable registers with the inlined function.  Don't
	share the function value with calling sequences.

2000-09-11  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* c-decl.c (do_case): Fix a typo.

	* combine.c (simplify_if_then_else): Don't convert a == b ? b : a
	to a if the comparison is floating mode and not -ffast-math.
	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_ternary_operation): Likewise.

Mon Sep 11 20:07:48 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* sh.h (INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Remove stray call to

2000-09-11  Philip Blundell  <>

	* config/arm/elf.h (SUBTARGET_CPP_SPEC): Don't define `arm_elf'.

Mon Sep 11 10:48:41 2000  Ulrich Drepper <>

	* install.texi (LANGUAGES): Update to include new languages.
	* INSTALL: Rebuilt.

2000-09-11  DJ Delorie  <>

	* gcc.c (main): Don't warn about unused -B prefixes
	(unused_prefix_warnings): remove

2000-09-11  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* final.c: Fix formatting.

	* integrate.c: Fix formatting.

2000-09-11  Geoff Keating  <>

	* alias.c (memrefs_conflict_p): An ADDRESSOF does conflict, sorry.

2000-09-11  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* reload.c (regno_clobbered_p): Fix thinko in previous change.

2000-09-10  Stephane Carrez  <>

	* gcc.1: Document 68hc11 specific options.

2000-09-10  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/sysv4.h (MASK_LONG_DOUBLE_128): Define.
	(TARGET_LONG_DOUBLE_128): Define.
	(SUBTARGET_SWITCHES): Add -mlong-double-64 and -mlong-double-128.
	(LIBGCC2_LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE): Define depending on definition
	of __LONG_DOUBLE_128__.
	(CPP_SYSV_SPEC): Define __LONG_DOUBLE_128__ if -mlong-double-128
	(SUBTARGET_EXTRA_SPECS): Add cpp_longdouble_default.

	* config/rs6000/aix.h (RS6000_ITRUNC): Moved from rs6000.h.
	(RS6000_UITRUNC): Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_trunc_used): Delete.
	(trunc_defined): Delete.
	(output_prolog): Don't output .extern definitions for fp->int
	conversion routines, ASM_OUTPUT_EXTERNAL_LIBCALL will do it.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (rs6000_trunc_used): Delete.
	(trunc_defined): Delete.
	(RS6000_ITRUNC): Moved to aix.h.
	(RS6000_UITRUNC): Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/ (fix_truncdfsi2): Fail if it would
	only emit a libcall.
	(fixuns_truncdfsi2): Delete.
	(trunc_call): Delete.
	(trunc_call_rtl): Delete.

2000-09-10  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* varasm.c (make_decl_rtl): Restore leading star on
	DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME set for decls with an asmspec.

2000-09-10  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* c-pragma.c (handle_pragma_pack): Correct parsing logic so it
	won't give a spurious error for '#pragma pack()'.  Simplify
	control flow for readability.  'reset' action is not necessary.

2000-09-10  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* defaults.h: Provide default definitions for: CHAR_TYPE_SIZE,

	* cppexp.c, dwarfout.c, dwarf2out.c, emit-rtl.c, final.c, optabs.c,
	profile.c, sdbout.c, tradcif.y, tree.c:
	Include defaults.h if not already included.
	Don't define the above macros.

	* Update dependencies.

2000-09-10  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-common.h (add_stmt): Change prototype.
	(RECHAIN_STMTS): New macro.
	(CASE_LABEL_DECL): Likewise.
	(genrtl_case_label): Change prototype.
	(c_expand_start_case): Remove prototype.
	(build_case_label): Change prototype.
	(decl_constant_value): Declare.
	* c-common.c (check_case_value): Handle C++'s extensions to C
	* c-commnon.def (CASE_LABEL): Add room for the CASE_LABEL_DECL
	* (stmt): Adjust handling of return statements and case
	* c-semantics.c (add_stmt): Return the new statement.
	(genrtl_return_stmt): Take the RETURN_STMT as input, not the
	returned expression.  Directly generate RTL, rather than calling
	(genrtl_switch_stmt): Don't call c_expand_start_case.
	(build_case_label): Take the LABEL_DECL as input, too.
	(genrtl_case_label): Just call add_case_node.
	(expand_stmt): Adjust calls to genrtl_return_stmt and
	* c-tree.h (c_expand_start_case): Declare.
	* c-typeck.c (decl_constant_value): Give it external linkage.
	(c_expand_return): Don't call expand_return or expand_null_return;
	use genrtl_return_stmt instead.
	* stmt.c (struct nesting): Remove num_ranges field.
	(add_case_node): Give it external linkage.
	(expand_start_case): Don't set num_ranges.
	(expand_start_case_dummy): Don't clear it.
	(pushcase): Rely on add_case_node to handle `default' labels.
	(add_case_node): Handle `default' labels.
	* tree.c (tree_int_cst_compare): New function.
	* tree.h (tree_int_cst_compare): Declare.
	(add_case_node): Likewise.

2000-09-10  Richard Henderson  <>

	* Revert last change.
	(init_reswords): Do not enter disabled keywords into the ridpointers
	table, modulo objc weirdness.
	(_yylex): Return the canonical spelling for a keyword.

2000-09-10  Philip Blundell  <>

	* config/arm/arm.h (CPP_ISA_SPEC): Don't define `arm' or `thumb'.
	* config/arm/linux-elf.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Don't define `__arm__'.

Sun Sep 10 14:30:28 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* alias.c (find_base_term): Handle ADDRESSOF.
	(memrefs_conflict_p): An ADDRESSOF doesn't conflict.

2000-09-10  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* genoutput.c (output_insn_data): Translate <NEWLINE> to \n\ while
	outputting templates with many lines.

2000-09-10  Stephane Carrez  <>

	* libgcc2.h: Use LONG_LONG_TYPE_SIZE instead of MIN_UNITS_PER_WORD
	to decide whether 64-bit support must be generated.

2000-09-10  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (asm patterns): Fix volatile check.

2000-09-09  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* cppmacro.c (check_trad_stringification): New function.
	(save_expansion): If -Wtraditional, warn about stringification of
	macro arguments.

2000-09-11  Michael Hayes  <>

	* loop.h (struct loop_mem_info): Move from loop.c
	(struct loop_info): Add fields store_mems, mems, mems_idx,
	mems_allocated, unknown_address_altered,
	unknown_constant_address_altered, num_mem_sets, and

	* loop.c (loop_store_mems): Replace with field in loop_info struct.
	(loop_mems, loop_mems_idx, loop_mems_allocated): Likewise.
	(unknown_address_altered, unknown_constant_address_altered): Likewise.
	(num_mem_sets): Likewise.
	(replace_loop_mems, replace_loop_regs): New.
	(struct loop_replace_args): New.
	(load_mems): Use replace_loop_mems.
	(try_copy_prop): Use replace_loop_regs.
	(replace_loop_reg, replace_loop_mem): Use loop_replace_args structure.

2000-09-09  Stephane Carrez  <>

	* Recognize m6811-elf and m6812-elf.
	* configure: Regenerate.

2000-09-09  Geoff Keating  <>

	* recog.c (validate_replace_rtx_1): Correct MODE parameter in call
	to operand_subword.

2000-09-10  Michael Hayes  <>

	* loop.c (struct movables): New.
	(num_movables): Move into struct movables.
	(the_movables): Change type to struct movables.
	(ignore_some_movables): Change struct movable arg to struct movables.
	(force_movables, combine_movables, regs_match_p): Likewise.
	(rtx_equal_for_loop_p, move_movables): Likewise.
	(scan_loop): Change movables to be of type struct movables.
	Replace last_movable with field in movables structure.

2000-09-08  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* c-pragma.c: Don't elide entire file if !HANDLE_GENERIC_PRAGMAS.
	(init_pragma): Avoid warning if pfile happens to be unused.
	* c-pragma.h: Never define HANDLE_GENERIC_PRAGMAS.  Never
	define init_pragma to nothing.  Always prototype
	init_pragma.  Prototype dispatch_pragma if !USE_CPPLIB.

	* c-lex.c (process_directive): Always call dispatch_pragma.
	Initialize entering_c_header to 0.

2000-09-08  Stephane Carrez  <>

	* config/m68hc11/ New file, machine description for
	68HC11 & 68HC12.
	* config/m68hc11/m68hc11.h: New file, definitions for 68HC11 & 68HC12.
	* config/m68hc11/m68hc11.c: New file, functions for 68HC11 & 68HC12.
	* config/m68hc11/m68hc12.h: New file, definitions for 68HC12.
	* config/m68hc11/m68hc11-protos.h: New file.
	* config/m68hc11/m68hc11-crt0.S: New file, startup code.
	* config/m68hc11/t-m68hc11-gas: New file, makefile fragment.
	* config/m68hc11/xm-m68hc11.h: New file, target defs.
	* config/m68hc11/larith.asm: New file, libgcc routines.

2000-09-08  Stephane Carrez  <>

	* (DPBIT_FUNCS): Add _usi_to_df.
	(FPBIT_FUNCS): Add _usi_to_sf.
	* config/fp-bit.c (usi_to_float): New function.
	* config/fp-bit.h (L_usi_to_sf, L_usi_to_df): Define.
	(usi_to_float): Add appropriate #define.

2000-09-08  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* i386-protos.h (sse_comparison_operator, mmx_reg_operand): Declare
	new functions.
	* i386.c (sse_comparison_operator, mmx_reg_operand): New functions.
	* (attr "type"): Add sse and mmx types.
	(attr "memory"): Handle them without a crash.
	(movsi_1, movdi_2): Allow MMX regs.
	(movdi splits): Don't split moves involving MMX regs.
	(setcc_4): Remove '*' from pattern name so we get a gen_setcc4.
	(movv4sf_internal, movv4si_internal, movv8qi_internal,
	movv4hi_internal, movv2si_internal, movv8qi, movv4hi, movv2si,
	movv4sf, movv4si, pushv4sf, pushv4si, pushv8qi, pushv4hi, pushv2si,
	sse_movaps, sse_movups, sse_movmskps, mmx_pmovmskb, mmx_maskmovq,
	sse_movntv4sf, sse_movntdi, sse_movhlps, sse_movlhps, sse_movhps,
	sse_movlps, sse_loadss, sse_movss, sse_storess, sse_shufps,
	addv4sf3, vmaddv4sf3, subv4sf3, vmsubv4sf3, mulv4sf3, vmmulv4sf3,
	divv4sf3, vmdivv4sf3, rcpv4sf2, vmrcpv4sf2, rsqrtv4sf2, vmrsqrtv4sf2,
	sqrtv4sf2, vmsqrtv4sf2, sse_andti3, sse_nandti3, sse_iorti3,
	sse_xorti3, maskcmpv4sf3, maskncmpv4sf3, vmmaskcmpv4sf3,
	vmmaskncmpv4sf3, sse_comi, sse_ucomi, sse_unpckhps, sse_unpcklps,
	smaxv4sf3, vmsmaxv4sf3, sminv4sf3, vmsminv4sf3, cvtpi2ps, cvtps2pi,
	cvttps2pi, cvtsi2ss, cvtss2si, cvttss2si, addv8qi3, addv4hi3,
	addv2si3, ssaddv8qi3, ssaddv4hi3, usaddv8qi3, usaddv4hi3, subv8qi3,
	subv4hi3, subv2si3, sssubv8qi3, sssubv4hi3, ussubv8qi3, ussubv4hi3,
	mulv4hi3, smulv4hi3_highpart, umulv4hi3_highpart, mmx_pmaddwd,
	mmx_iordi3, mmx_xordi3, mmx_anddi3, mmx_nanddi3, mmx_uavgv8qi3,
	mmx_uavgv4hi3, mmx_psadbw, mmx_pinsrw, mmx_pextrw, mmx_pshufw,
	eqv8qi3, eqv4hi3, eqv2si3, gtv8qi3, gtv4hi3, gtv2si3, umaxv8qi3,
	smaxv4hi3, uminv8qi3, sminv4hi3, ashrv4hi3, ashrv2si3, lshrv4hi3,
	lshrv2si3, mmx_lshrdi3, ashlv4hi3, ashlv2si3, mmx_ashldi3,
	mmx_packsswb, mmx_packssdw, mmx_packuswb, mmx_punpckhbw,
	mmx_punpckhwd, mmx_punpckhdq, mmx_punpcklbw, mmx_punpcklwd,
	mmx_punpckldq, emms, sfence, ldmxcsr, prefetch, stmxcsr, sse_clrti,
	mmx_clrdi): New patterns.

2000-09-08  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* arm.c: Don't include tm.h directly.

Fri Sep  8 14:34:56 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* recog.c (validate_replace_rtx_1): Fix confusion about equality
	testing; simplify subregs of constants and nested subregs.

2000-09-08  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/ (symPLT_label2reg): Use operand3 for PIC reg.

2000-09-08  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* combine.c (combine_simplify_rtx): Try to simplify VEC_SELECT of a
	* rtl.texi (description of USE): Add note about possible pitfalls
	with this rtx.
	From Richard Henderson:
	* reload1.c (choose_reload_regs): Compute need_mode properly.

2000-09-07  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/lib1funcs.asm (__divsi3): Use .s1 for frcpa.
	(__modsi3, __umodsi3): Likewise.
	(__udivsi3): Likewise.  Normalize the TFmode values.

2000-09-07  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/sol-c0.c (_start): Declare `termfunc' parameter
	with a prototype.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (RS6000_ARG_SIZE): Use cast to suppress

Fri Sep  8 03:26:38 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* (cmpeqsi_ior_t, cmpeqsi_and_t): Remove.
	(cmpeqdi_t): Add output pattern.
	(cmpeqdi_t+1): Don't split when not optimizing.
	Restore proper splitting operation.

2000-09-07  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-lex.c (process_directive): If not HANDLE_GENERIC_PRAGMAS,
	do not call dispatch_pragma.

2000-09-07  Jim Wilson  <>

	* reload.c (push_reload): Use CLASS_CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE_P in addition
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (CLASS_CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE_P): True only if the
	mode classes are different.

2000-09-07  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_options): Add user_label_prefix member,
	left out of commit which removed cppulp.c.

2000-09-07  Richard Henderson  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (fixup_reorder_chain): Add jump in new block
	after switch for CASE_DROPS_THROUGH.

2000-09-07  Richard Henderson  <>

	* loop.c (strength_reduce): Call check_ext_dependant_givs.
	Properly extend the biv initial value for the giv.
	(record_biv): Zero ext_dependant.
	(record_giv): New argument ext_val.  Update all callers.
	(general_induction_var): Likewise.
	(consec_sets_giv): Likewise.
	(simplify_giv_expr): Likewise.  Fill in ext_val if we find
	a sign-extend, zero-extend, or truncate.
	(combine_givs_p): Make sure modes are compatible.
	(check_ext_dependant_givs): New.
	(extend_value_for_giv): New.
	* loop.h (struct induction): Add ext_dependant.
	* unroll.c (iteration_info): Extend the biv initial value for the giv.
	(find_splittable_givs): Likewise.
	(final_giv_value): Likewise.

2000-09-07  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* c-pragma.h: Define HANDLE_GENERIC_PRAGMAS if
	REGISTER_TARGET_PRAGMAS is defined.  Duplicate some
	definitions from cpplib.h.
	* cpplib.h: Don't typedef struct cpp_reader if c-pragma.h has
	already done it.
	* tm.texi: Document HANDLE_PRAGMA as no longer supported.  Add
	documentation for REGISTER_TARGET_PRAGMAS.

	* c-lex.c: Include cpplib.h before c-pragma.h.  Define a
	default-pragma callback to implement -Wunknown-pragmas if
	* Move all includes to top of file.
	* c-pragma.c: Include cpplib.h before c-pragma.h.  Include
	(dispatch_pragma): Put the namespace in the -Wunknown-pragmas
	(init_pragma): If REGISTER_TARGET_PRAGMAS is defined, call it.

	* arm.h, arm-protos.h, arm.c,
	  c4x.h, c4x-protos.h, c4x.c,
	  h8300.h, h8300-protos.h, h8300.c,
	  i370.h, i370-protos.h, i370.c,
	  i960.h, i960-protos.h, i960.c,
	  sh.h, sh-protos.h, sh.c,
	  v850.h, v850-protos.h, v850.c: Convert HANDLE_PRAGMA-based
	pragmata scheme to use REGISTER_TARGET_PRAGMAS instead.

	* d30v.h: Don't mention HANDLE_PRAGMA in comment.  Add
	multiple include guard.
	* (untyped_call): Use GEN_CALL.
	(umodsi3): Remove unused variable.
	* sh/elf.h: Don't undef HANDLE_SYSV_PRAGMA.
	* v850.c (output_move_single, output_move_double): Constify
	return value.
	(print_operand): Constify a char *.
	* v850.h (struct small_memory_info): Constify name member.

2000-09-07  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* config/h8300.h: Fix comment typos.
	* config/h8300/ Likewise.
	* config/h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Likewise.

Thu 07-Sep-2000 21:29:00 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* Remove references to cppulp.{c,o}.
	* cppinit.c (initialize_builtins, cpp_start_read,
	cpp_handle_option): Update to use cpp_options structure.
	* cppulp.c: Remove.

2000-09-07  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (time_char_table): Allow %#b and %#h.

2000-09-07 Herman A.J. ten Brugge <>

	* reorg.c (find_end_label): If the basic block reorder pass moves the
	return insn to some other place try to locate it again and put our
	end_of_function_label there.
	* reorg.c (relax_delay_slots): Check if find_end_label created a
	new label that invalidates the current optimazation.

2000-09-07  Catherine Moore  <>

	* unroll.c (unroll_loop): Check for unconditional jumps
	to loop continuation.  Delete if n_iterations is 1.
	(ujump_to_loop_cont): New routine.

2000-09-07  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* rtl.c (class_narrowest_mode): Add entries for MODE_VECTOR_INT and
	* reload.c (regno_clobbered_p): Accept new arg, MODE, and use it
	to handle multiword modes correctly.  All callers and the declaration

2000-09-06  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-common.h (prep_stmt): Declare.
	(lang_expand_stmt): Likewise.
	* c-decl.c (lang_expand_stmt): Remove.
	* c-semantics.c (lang_expand_stmt): Define.
	(prep_stmt): New function.
	(expand_stmt): Handle common statement types here.

2000-09-07  Niibe Yutaka  <>, Kaz Kojima  <>, Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (sh-*-linux*): Added.
	* configure: Rebuilt.
	* config/sh/t-linux: New file.
	* config/sh/sh.h (USERMODE_BIT): Define.
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): New switches for the bits above.
	(INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Call __ic_invalidate in USERMODE.
	* config/sh/linux.h: New file.
	* config/sh/lib1funcs.asm (GLOBAL): Don't prefix symbols with
	underscore on linux.
	(L_sdivsi3, L_udivsi3): Define for linux.
	(L_ic_invalidate): Define.
	* invoke.texi (SH Options): Document -musermode.

2000-09-07  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/sh.h (OVERRIDE_OPTIONS): Don't disable function
	CSE unless generating PIC.

	* config/sh/ (symPLT_label2reg): Force the initialization of
	the PIC register.

2000-09-06  H.J. Lu  (

	* (clean_s1): Depend on stage_b.
	(clean_s2): Depend on stage_d. Don't remove $(VOL_FILES) in
	stage2. They are used for "make compare".

2000-09-06  Mark Mitchell  <>

	Move statement-tree facilities from C++ to C front-end.
	* c-common.h (c_tree_index): Add CTI_VOID_ZERO.
	(void_zero_node): New macro.
	(struct stmt_tree_s): New type.
	(stmt_tree): New typedef.
	(struct language_function): New type.
	(last_tree): New macro.
	(last_expr_type): Likewise.
	(walk_tree_fn): New typedef.
	(current_stmt_tree): New function.
	(begin_stmt_tree): Likewise.
	(add_stmt): Likewise.
	(finish_stmt_tree): Likewise.
	(statement_code_p): Likewise.
	(lang_statement_code_p): New variable.
	(walk_stmt_tree): New function.
	(STMT_IS_FULL_EXPR_P): New macro.
	* c-common.c (lang_statement_code_p): New variable.
	(c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Initialize void_zero_node.
	(statement_code_p): New function.
	(walk_stmt_tree): Likewise.
	* c-decl.c (language_function): Rename to ...
	(c_language_function): ... this.  Include language_function.
	(push_c_function_context): Adjust accordingly.
	(pop_c_function_context): Likewise.
	(mark_c_function_context): Likewise.
	(current_stmt_tree): Define.
	* c-semantics.c (begin_stmt_tree): New function.
	(add_stmt): Likewise.
	(prune_unused_decls): Likewise.
	(finish_stmt_tree): Likewise.

2000-09-06 Herman A.J. ten Brugge <>

	* flow.c (insn_dead_p): Detect dead memory stores with auto increments.

2000-09-06  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* calls.c: Fix formatting.

2000-09-06  Graham Stott  <>

	* config/i386/i386.h (ADDRESS_COST): Fix typo.

2000-09-06  Zack Weinberg  <>

	Integrated preprocessor.

	* Remove all references to c-parse.gperf,
	c-gperf.h, and c-parse.h.  Remove -d from yacc command line
	generating c-parse.c.  Update dependencies.
	* c-parse.gperf, c-gperf.h: Delete.

	* c-common.c: Don't define parse_options, cpp_token, yy_cur,
	yy_lim, or yy_get_token.  Don't define get_directive_line if
	* c-common.h: Add multiple include guard.  Define RID values
	for every keyword in C, C++, and Objective-C.  Put all the
	modifiers first.
	(struct c_fileinfo, get_fileinfo, dump_time_statistics): New.
	* c-decl.c (c_decode_option): Handle -lang-objc here.
	(print_lang_identifier): Handle C_IS_RESERVED_WORD case.
	(grokdeclarator): Adjust for new RID scheme.
	(extract_interface_info): New stub.
	* c-lang.c: Don't declare yy_cur or parse_options.
	(lang_init_options): Call cpp_init.  Don't call
	(lang_init): Don't call check_newline if USE_CPPLIB.

	* c-lex.c: Don't include c-parse.h.  Do include timevar.h.
	Elide lots of unnecessary code if USE_CPPLIB.  Delete code
	rendered unnecessary by new architecture.  Move routines not
	shared with C++ to  Maintain a local idea of the
	line number.    Handle C++ as well as C.
	[USE_CPPLIB]: Declare and register callbacks for #ident and
	for entering/leaving files.
	(init_c_lex, c_lex): Are now the entry points to this file.
	(check_newline): Break out directive handling to
	(read_ucs, is_extended_char, utf8_extend_token): Moved here
	from C++ front end.
	(readescape, parse_float): Overhaul.
	(lex_number, lex_string, lex_charconst): Break out of c_lex
	(n'ee yylex).
	(get_fileinfo, update_header_times, dump_one_header,
	dump_time_statistics): New and/or moved here from C++.
	Support per-file data needed by C++ and per-header timing
	statistics (C++ only, at the moment).
	* c-lex.h: Update prototypes.  Add multiple include guard.
	* c-tree.h (struct lang_identifier): Add rid_code field.

	* Include c-pragma.h. Remove unnecesary calls to
	reinit_parse_for_function and/or position_after_white_space.
	(save_filename, save_lineno): Look ahead before saving.
	(label -> identifier ':'): Save file and line before shifting ':'.
	(reservedwords): No need to call get_identifier.
	(init_parse, finish_parse, yyerror, yylex, yyprint,
	make_pointer_declarator): Are now here for C/ObjC.
	(rid_to_yy): Conversion table from RID constants to Yacc codes.

	* c-pragma.c: Rewrite parsing logic to fit with cpplib's
	#pragma registry.  Provide dummy implementation of that
	interface if !USE_CPPLIB.
	* c-pragma.h: Update to match.

	* flags.h: Add multiple include guard.
	(flag_detailed_statistics): Moved here from C++.
	* toplev.c: Define flag_detailed_statistics.

	* gcc.c (C specs): Use %(trad_capable_cpp) for -E|-M|-MM case
	* timevar.def (TV_CPP, TV_LEX): New.
	* timevar.h: Add multiple include guard.

	* objc/lang-specs.h: Use %(trad_capable_cpp) for -E|-M|-MM case
	* objc/objc-act.c: Don't mention yy_cur or parse_options.
	Initialize cpplib properly.  Force lineno to 0 after first
	call to check_newline.  Don't handle -lang-objc here.
	Move forget_protocol_qualifiers and remember_protocol_qualifiers here.

2000-09-06  David Edelsohn  <>

	* Correct function unit definitions for cr_logical and
	(sCOND): Additionally fail for sgt, slt, sge, sle if !TARGET_POWER
	and use portable method for >=0 and floating point >=.  Remove
	associated matchers.

2000-09-06  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* extend.texi: Mark named return value extension as deprecated.

2000-09-06  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_reverse_condition): Return
	the result.

2000-09-06  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* toplev.c (display_help): Fix thinko in documentation.

	* diagnostic.h (output_buffer::indent_skip): New fields.
	(output_indentation): New macro.

	* diagnostic.c (output_indent): New function.
	(output_set_prefix, clear_diagnostic_info): Use.
	(output_emit_prefix): Predict future indentation.

2000-09-06  DJ Delorie  <>

	* (stage_*): add more dependencies to ensure parallel
	builds build correctly

2000-09-06  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* (bootstrap-lean): Depend on bootstrap-lean_g,
	not bootstrap-lean_f.

2000-09-06  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* Emit rule for libgcc-stage-start.
	* (stage1-start, stage2-start, stage3-start,
	stage4-start): Don't handle libgcc here, use instead.

2000-09-06  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* local-alloc.c (local_alloc): Ignore CLASS_LIKELY_SPILLED.
	(update_equiv_regs): Likewise, except for the mn10200 kludge.
	(combine_regs): Likewise.

	* (cse.o): Depend on $(BASIC_BLOCK_H).
	* cse.c: Include "basic-block.h".
	(struct table_elt): New field REGCOST.
	(CHEAP_REG): Delete macro.
	(COST): Return 0 for REGs.
	(approx_reg_cost_1, approx_reg_cost, preferrable): New functions.
	(notreg_cost): Return 0 for appropriate SUBREGs.
	(COSTS_N_INSNS): Return N * 2.
	(rtx_cost): Return 0 for REGs, and use cost of nested rtx for cheap
	(CHEAPER): Use new function preferrable.
	(insert): Initialize REGCOST member.
	(find_best_addr): Use approx_reg_cost for estimation of register
	(cse_insn): Likewise.
	* loop.c (iv_add_mult_cost): New function.
	(add_cost, shift_cost, mult_cost): Delete variables.
	(init_loop): Don't initialize add_cost; reduce copy_cost by half.
	(strength_reduce): Use iv_add_mult_cost instead of fixed add_cost.
	Make code that detects autoinc opportunities slightly less optimistic.
	(simplify_giv_expr): If expression contains other reg that is also a
	giv, only increment benefit if this is the only use of that reg.
	(consec_sets_giv): Take that change into account.
	(combine_givs): Slightly more verbose output.

	* i386.h (RTX_COSTS): For MULT, return true cost of multiplication,
	not the cost of an equivalent shift.
	* sh-protos.h (addsubcosts): Declare.
	* sh.c (addsubcosts): New function.
	* sh.h (CONST_COSTS): If CONST_OK_FOR_I, then return 0.
	(RTX_COSTS): Tweak.  Use addsubcosts.
	(ADDRESS_COST): Return higher cost for reg+reg addressing.

2000-09-06  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (validate_condition_mode): New function.
	(branch_comparison_operator): Call validate_condition_mode to
	abort rather than returning 0.
	(branch_positive_comparison_operator): New function.
	(scc_comparison_operator): Call validate_condition_mode to abort
	rather than returning 0.
	(ccr_bit): Call validate_condition_mode.  Update for
	new branch scheme.
	(print_operand): Delete %C modifier.  Update %E case
	to use EQ bit not SO bit.
	(rs6000_reverse_condition): New function.
	(rs6000_generate_compare): New function.
	(rs6000_emit_sCOND): New function.
	(rs6000_emit_cbranch): New function.
	(output_cbranch): The length of a long branch insn is
	now only 8 bytes.  Add validate_condition_mode.  Use
	rs6000_reverse_condition.  Remove cror generation.

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h: Update comments.
	(PREDICATE_CODES): Add new predicate.  Update codes used
	by branch_comparison_operator and scc_comparison_operator.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000-protos.h: Add prototypes for
	new external functions.
	* config/rs6000/ Add new scheduling parameters
	for cr_logical instructions.  Change length of branch
	(bCOND patterns): Call rs6000_emit_cbranch.
	(sCOND patterns): Call rs6000_emit_sCOND.
	(branch patterns): Change lengths to 4.
	(cr logical patterns): New.

2000-09-06  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/i386/ (call_pop): Fix test for setting
	(call, call_value_pop, call_value): Likewise.

2000-09-06  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* timevar.c (timevar_add): Delete.
	(timevar_get): Also count time since the selected timer was
	last updated.  Do not examine the timevar stack if the
	selected timer is standalone.

2000-09-05  J. David Anglin  <>

	* gthr-dce.h (__gthread_objc_mutex_deallocate): Free mutex->backend.

2000-09-05  Jason Merrill  <>

	* c-decl.c (finish_incomplete_decl): Don't call complete_array_type
	for 'extern' arrays.

2000-09-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/lib1func.asm (__divtf3): Rebundle for Itanium.
	Eliminate final copy from non-trapping case.
	(__divdf3, __divsf3): Likewise.

2000-09-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ (mulhi3): Fix typo last change.
	* config/ia64/lib1func.asm (__divdi3, __udivdi3, __umodsi3): Likewise.

2000-09-03  Donn Terry  <>,  Laurynas Biveinis  <>

	* Restructure bootstrap stages to allow clean
	restart after failure.

2000-09-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ (movsi and movdi patterns): Allow moves from
	8-bit constants to AR registers.

2000-09-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ (mulhi3): New.

2000-09-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (INIT_TARGET_OPTABS): Remove.
	* config/ia64/lib1funcs.asm (__divdi3): Update from Intel IA-64
	Optimization Guide, minimum latency alternative.
	(__moddi3, __udivdi3, __umoddi3): Likewise.
	(__divsi3, __modsi3, __udivsi3, __umodsi3): Likewise.

2000-09-05  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/fixincl.c (load_file): always read header files
	with sizes that are a multiple of the page size.
	& use libiberty's getpagesize for determining that.

2000-09-05  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* gcse.c (hash_string_1): Add prototype.
	* cse.c (canon_hash_string): Likewise.

2000-09-04  Craig Newell  <>

	* gcc.c: Undefine "__WCHAR_TYPE__" before redefining it.

2000-09-04  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* (STAGESTUFF): Remove libgcc.
	(stage1-start, stage2-start, stage3-start): Copy the contents of
	the libgcc directory explicitly.
	(mostlyclean): Clean libgcc.

2000-09-04  Andrew Haley  <>

	* dwarf2out.c: (stack_adjust_offset): New prototype.

Wed Jan  1 00:23:59 MET 1997  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* combine.c (make_extraction): Fix rtx_cost comparison to
	match the comment.

Wed Jan  1 00:17:32 MET 1997  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* (pushsi2, pushhi2, pophi2, swapsf, swapdf,
	umulsi3_highpart, smulsi3_highpart, testqi_ccno_1, xorqi_ext_1):
	Add '*' to insn pattern name.

2000-09-04  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* cpplex.c (ON_REST_ARG): Check VAR_ARGS flag of current context,
	use posn - 1 to index into tokens array.
	(maybe_paste_with_next): Adjust caller.

2000-09-03  Geoff Keating  <>

	* invoke.texi: Document the -mvxworks option for rs6000 ELF.

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h: Update various comments about XER_REGNO.
	(REGNO_REG_CLASS): Use symbolic register

2000-09-03  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* arm.c (final_prescan_insn): If the form of a jump insn isn't
	recognized, don't try to conditionally execute it.

Sun Sep  3 13:10:56 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/ ("*tablejump_lib"): New pattern.
	(call_value_insn): Right length claculation.
	(call_insn): Likewise.

2000-09-02  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* config/avr/avr-protos.h, config/avr/avr.c (unique_section,
	gas_output_limited_string, gas_output_ascii, output_movqi,
	output_movhi, out_movqi_r_mr, out_movqi_mr_r, out_movhi_r_mr,
	out_movhi_mr_r, out_movsi_r_mr, out_movsi_mr_r, output_movsisf,
	out_tstsi, out_tsthi, ret_cond_branch, ashlqi3_out, ashlhi3_out,
	ashlsi3_out, ashrqi3_out, ashrhi3_out, ashrsi3_out, lshrqi3_out,
	lshrhi3_out, lshrsi3_out, output_reload_inhi, output_reload_insisf,
	out_shift_with_cnt, ptrreg_to_str, cond_string, encode_section_info):
	Add "const" as needed to remove warnings.

	* config/avr/avr.c (avr_override_options, avr_init_once,
	function_prologue, function_epilogue, frame_pointer_required_p,
	class_likely_spilled_p, order_regs_for_local_alloc,
	avr_address_cost, avr_ret_register): Use K&R style arguments.
	(initial_elimination_offset, gas_output_limited_string):
	Remove ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED from the used arguments.
	(output_mov*, out_mov*_r_mr, out_mov*_mr_r, output_reload_insisf):
	Use local variables src, dest, base to access operands[].
	Rename reg_dest to reg_src if that's what it is.
	(output_movhi, output_movsisf): Optimize loading 8-bit immediate
	constants to LD_REGS if reg_was_0.
	(output_reload_insisf): Change arg 3 to insn length and set it.
	(out_movhi_r_mr, out_movhi_mr_r): Use in/out for more efficient
	access to 16-bit I/O register pairs.
	(avr_address_cost): Lower cost for the above case.
	(out_tsthi): Use "or" (faster) instead of "sbiw" if the operand
	may be clobbered, also for LD_REGS.
	(adjust_insn_length): Correct insn length for iorhi3 and iorsi3
	with a CONST_INT.

	* config/avr/avr.h (PTRDIFF_TYPE): Make signed.

	* config/avr/ Change all uses of the TEST_HARD_REG_CLASS
	macro to test_hard_reg_class function.
	(*movsi, *movsf): Change "cc" attribute from "clobber" to "none"
	for loading immediate constants to LD_REGS.
	(andsi3, cmphi, cmpsi): Add return statements to avoid warnings.

Sat Sep  2 13:58:23 2000  Marek Michalkiewicz <>

	* config/avr/ ("*negsi2"): substitute %@ to __zero_reg__
	* config/avr/libgcc.S: Lost part of the previous patch.

2000-08-31  J. David Anglin  <>

	* gthr-dce.h (__gthread_objc_mutex_allocate): Create a pthread_mutex_t
	object before calling pthread_mutex_init.

2000-09-02  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/t-elf, config/sh/crt1.asm, config/sh/crti.asm,
	config/sh/crtn.asm: New files.
	* config/sh/t-sh (EXTRA_MULTILIB_PARTS): Set.
	(crt1.o, crti.o, crtn.o): New targets.
	* [sh-*-elf*, sh-*-rtemself*] (tmake_file): Added
	* configure: Rebuilt.
	Undefine for config/elfos.h to redefine.
	(STARTFILE_SPEC, ENDFILE_SPEC): Redefine after config/elfos.h.

2000-09-02  Alexandre Oliva  <>, Niibe Yutaka  <>, Kaz Kojima  <>

	* config/sh/sh-protos.h (nonpic_symbol_mentioned_p,
	legitimize_pic_address, output_pic_addr_const): Declare.
	* config/sh/sh.h (CONDITIONAL_REGISTER_USAGE): Fix PIC register.
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): New switch -mprefergot.
	(OVERRIDE_OPTIONS): Set flag_no_function_cse unless -mprefergot.
	(GOT_SYMBOL_TABLE): Likewise.
	(LEGITIMIZE_ADDRESS): Use legitimize_pic_address.
	(FINALIZE_PIC): New macros.
	(ASM_OUTPUT_INT, ASM_OUTPUT_SHORT): Use output_pic_addr_const.
	* config/sh/sh.c (print_operand_address): Use output_pic_addr_const.
	(prepare_move_operands): Call emit_pic_move or
	emit_pic_const_move if appropriate.
	(output_far_jump): For PIC, use braf and output long offset.
	(sh_expand_prologue): Save and initialize the PIC register.
	(sh_expand_epilogue): Restore it.
	(initial_elimination_offset): Account for it.
	(nonpic_symbol_mentioned_p): New function.
	(legitimize_pic_address): Likewise.
	(output_pic_addr_const): Likewise.
	* config/sh/ (calli_pcrel, call_valuei_pcrel): New insns.
	(call, call_value): Use them.
	(GOTaddr2picreg, sym_label2reg, symGOT2reg, symGOTOFF2reg,
	symPLT_label2reg): New expands.
	* invoke.texi (SH Options): Document -mprefergot.

2000-09-01  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* gcse.c (hash_string_1): New function.
	(hash_expr_1) <ASM_OPERANDS>: Disregard filename and line number.
	(expr_equiv_p) <ASM_OPERANDS>: Likewise.
	* cse.c (rtx_cost): Don't increase the cost of ASM_OPERANDS.
	(canon_hash_string): New function.
	(canon_hash) <ASM_OPERANDS>: Disregard filename and line number.
	(exp_equiv_p) <ASM_OPERANDS>: Likewise.
	(fold_rtx): Use ASM_OPERANDS accessor macros.
	* emit-rtl.c (copy_insn_1): Likewise.
	* integrate.c (copy_rtx_and_substitute): Likewise.
	* stmt.c (expand_asm_operands): Likewise.  Give an
	ASM_OPERANDS rtx the mode of the output reg being set from it.

2000-09-01  Fred Fish  <>

	* fix-header.c (write_rbrac): Add putc and getc to list of
	functions to protect against prior definition as a macro.

2000-09-01  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.h (enum c_tree_index): Add CTI_C_SIZE_TYPE.
	(c_size_type_node): Define.
	* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Initialize c_size_type_node.
	* c-common.c (enum format_lengths, enum format_std_version,
	format_length_info, format_type_detail, BADLEN, NOLENGTHS,
	format_kind_info, printf_length_specs, scanf_length_specs, T89_I,
	T99_I, T89_L, T99_LL, TEX_LL, T89_S, T89_UI, T99_UI, T89_UL,
	T99_ULL, TEX_ULL, T89_US, T89_F, T99_F, T89_D, T99_D, T89_LD,
	T99_LD, T89_C, T99_SC, T99_UC, T89_V, T94_W, TEX_W, T94_WI,
	TEX_WI, T99_ST, T99_SST, T99_PD, T99_UPD, T99_IM, T99_UIM,
	format_types): Define.
	(format_char_info, print_char_table, scan_char_table,
	time_char_table): Rearrange for new organization of information
	about format length modifiers and standard versions.
	(T_ST): Redefine to use c_size_type_node.
	(check_format_info): Obtain information about length modifiers and
	standard versions from tables.  Adjust warning message wordings.
	Use the name from the user's program for `ll' and `hh' length
	modifiers in warning messages.  Use more informative names for
	wanted types where available (for wchar_t, wint_t, size_t, signed
	size_t, ptrdiff_t, unsigned ptrdiff_t, intmax_t and uintmax_t).

2000-09-01  Jim Wilson  <>

	* calls.c (emit_call_1): Add REG_NORETURN note to call if ECF_NORETURN.
	* combine.c (distribute_notes): Handle REG_NORETURN.
	* rtl.c (reg_note_name): Add REG_NORETURN.
	* rtl.h (enum reg_note): Likewise.

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h (emit_safe_across_calls): Renamed from
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (emit_safe_across_calls): Likewise.
	(rtx_needs_barrier): Handle unspec_volatile 8 and 9.
	(emit_predicate_relation_info): Handle conditional calls with
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (ASM_FILE_START): Call emit_safe_across_calls
	instead of ia64_file_start.
	* config/ia64/sysv4.h (ASM_FILE_START): Likewise.
	* config/ia64/ (safe_across_calls_all,
	save_across_calls_normal): New patterns.

	* loop.c (check_final_value): Check for biv use before checking for
	giv use.  Check for both biv and giv uses.  Always set last_giv_use
	if there is a giv use.

2000-09-01  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ (mulsi3): Use grfr_register_operand.
	(madddi3): Likewise.
	(maddsi3): New.

Fri Sep  1 10:59:47 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* expr.c (clear_storage): Don't use emit_move_insn unless
	either BLKmode or proper size.
	(store_constructor): Don't call clear_storage if REG of wrong size.

	* flow.c (init_propagate_block_info): Don't mark frame dead at end
	of function if returns wiht stack pointer depressed.

2000-09-01  Andrew Haley  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (stack_adjust_offset): New function.
	(dwarf2out_stack_adjust): Break out stack adjust logic into
	new stack_adjust_offset function.  Look inside parallels and
	sequences for stack adjustments.

2000-08-31  Jeff Law <>

	* Use no_new_pseudos to determine when it is safe
	to create new pseudo registers.

	* arm.c (legitimize_pic_address): Use no_new_pseudos to determine
	when we can safely allocate new registers.

2000-08-31  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* stmt.c (expand_asm_operands): Twiddle generating_concat_p
	so that CONCATs are not generated for ASMs.
	* emit-rtl.c (gen_reg_rtx): Don't generate CONCATs when
	not generating_concat_p.
	* function.c (pop_function_context_from): Reset
	(prepare_function_start): Likewise.
	* rtl.c (generating_concat_p): Define.
	* rtl.h (generating_concat_p): Declare.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): No CONCATs after RTL generation.

2000-08-22  Philipp Thomas  <>
	    Masanobu Yuhara <>

	* gmicro.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): Add descriptions and mark them
	for translation.

2000-08-30  Greg McGary  <>

	* ( Pass CC, CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to
	* fixinc/ (fixincl): Pass $(LDFLAGS) to $(CC).
	* fixinc/ Pass $CC, $CFLAGS and $LDFLAGS to $MAKE.

2000-08-30  Greg McGary  <>

	* tree.h (struct tree_int_cst): Wrap low and high in a sub-struct.
	(TREE_INT_CST_LOW, TREE_INT_CST_HIGH): Access through sub-struct.
	(TREE_INT_CST): New macro.
	* varasm.c (const_hash, compare_constant_1, record_constant_1):
	Use new macro TREE_INT_CST.

Wed 30-Aug-2000 23:18:59 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* contrib.texi: Add self.

2000-08-30  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/ (cmpeqsi_ior_t, cmpeqsi_and_t): New insns.
	(cmpeqdi_t splitter): Use cmpeqsi_and_t instead of emitting jumps
	and labels.

2000-08-30  J. David Anglin  <>

	* fixinc/gnu-regex.c: Don't define `const'.

Tue Aug 29 22:09:59 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* expr.c (store_constructor): Allow variable bounds of array type.
	(expand_expr): Don't blow up if type is ERROR_MARK.
	* varasm.c (output_constructor): Don't access lower bound of array
	type unless need it if index is supplied (so it can be a variable
	if no index is supplied).
	Use tree_low_cst; use HOST_WIDE_INT for sizes; change BITPOS to POS.
	Other minor cleanups.

2000-08-29  J. David Anglin  <>

	* Revamp handling of cflags to allow different WARN_CFLAGS
	for compilations in stage 1 and subsequent stages, respectively.
	* (vax): Add compiler-dependent CFLAGS for stage 1.
	* configure: Rebuilt.
	* x-vax, x-vax-gcc: Deleted.

2000-08-29  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* c-common.c (declare_function_name): Use func_id_node,
	function_id_node, and pretty_function_id_node.  Do not make
	__func__ visible at file scope.
	* c-common.h (c_tree_index): Add CTI_FUNCTION_ID,
	(function_id_node, pretty_function_id_node, func_id_node): New
	* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Initialize function_id_node,
	pretty_function_id_node, and func_id_node.
	(c_make_fname_decl): Correct comment.

	* tree.h (struct tree_identifier): Constify pointer member.

	* c-decl.c (pushdecl, implicit_decl_warning): Constify a char *.
	* c-pragma.h (struct weak_syms): Constify name and value members.
	(add_weak): Constify arguments.

	* calls.c (special_function_p): Constify a char *.
	(expand_call): Remove variable which is initialized and then
	never used.
	* dependence.c (struct def_use, struct induction, struct subscript):
	Constify 'variable' member.
	(get_low_bound, have_induction_variable): Constify char * argument.
	(find_induction_variable): Add braces to avoid dangling else.
	(classify_dependence): Constify char * arrays.
	* profile.c (output_func_start_profiler): Constify a char *.
	* stor-layout.c (finalize_record_size): Constify a char *.
	* tree.c (is_attribute_p): Constify a char *.
	* varasm.c (add_weak, remove_from_pending_weak_list): Constify argument.

	* varasm.c (make_function_rtl, make_decl_rtl): Rearrange code
	for comprehensibility.  Do not call get_identifier if we did
	not change the DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME of the decl.  Use alloca to
	create temporary string constants, not ggc_alloc_string.  No
	need to copy result of ASM_FORMAT_PRIVATE_NAME.  Use const
	char * to hold IDENTIFIER_POINTERs.

2000-08-29  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ (muldi3): Use grfr_register_operand
	for the inputs.

2000-08-29  Richard Henderson  <>

	* reload.c (push_secondary_reload): Allow class == reload_class
	if we're using a reload_in/out pattern.

	* config/ia64/ (reload_inti): Use a TImode scratch.  Use
	the half that does not conflict with the reload register.
	(reload_outti): Likewise.

2000-08-29  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* reload.c: Fix formatting.

	* stmt.c: Fix formatting.

	* gcc.c: Fix formatting.

2000-08-29  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* flags.h (time_report, mem_report): New global flags.
	* toplev.c: Define time_report and mem_report.
	(f_options): Add -ftime-report and -fmem-report.
	(compile_file): Turn on time_report if quiet_flag is off.
	Call ggc_print_statistics at very end if mem_report is on.
	* timevar.c (TIMEVAR_ENABLE): Examine time_report, not quiet_flag.

	* ggc-common.c (ggc_print_statistics): Rename to
	ggc_print_common_statistics; all callers changed.  Scale
	quantities above 10K to kilobytes and above 10M to megabytes.
	* ggc-page.c (ggc_page_print_statistics): Rename to
	ggc_print_statistics.  Report memory consumed by internal data
	structures for each allocation bucket.  Scale quantities above
	10K to kilobytes and above 10M to megabytes.
	* ggc-simple.c: Prototype debug_ggc_tree to avoid warning.
	Cast PTR_KEY(p) to unsigned long in fprintf call to avoid warning.
	Define tally_leaves always.
	(ggc_print_statistics): New function.
	* ggc.h: Adjust for renamed functions.

Wed Aug 30 00:11:42 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/ ("*movsf","*movsi"): Pass NULL to
	output_movsisf instead of which_alternative.

	* config/avr/avr.c (output_reload_inhi): Check for NULL ponter.

Tue Aug 29 22:29:58 2000  Denis Chertykov  <> & Marek Michalkiewicz <>

	* config/avr/avr-protos.h: (avr_output_ascii) Removed.
	(avr_progmem_p): New prototype.
	(output_movsisf): Prototype declaration changed.
	(output_movqi): New prototype.
	(output_movhi): New prototype.
	(call_insn_operand): Likewise.
	(final_prescan_insn): Likewise.
	(avr_simplify_comparision_p): Likewise.
	(avr_normalize_condition): Likewise.
	(compare_eq_p): Likewise.
	(out_shift_with_cnt): Likewise.
	(const_int_pow2_p): Likewise.
	(output_reload_inhi): Prototype declaration changed.

	* config/avr/avr.c: (debug_hard_reg_set): Prototype declared.
	(ldi_reg_rtx): New. rtx for r31.
	(avr_init_stack): Initialize as "__stack".
	(function_prologue): Use it.
	(avr_mcu_name): Initialize as "avr2".
	(avr_enhanced_p, avr_mega_p): New variables.
	(mcu_types, avr_override_options): Handle all known MCU types.
	Also handle avr1 (only preprocess, assemble and link).
	(print_operand): Using of `%K' in output template removed.
	(out_movqi_r_mr): Optimized.
	(out_movhi_r_mr): Likewise.
	(output_movqi): New function.
	(output_movhi): Likewise.
	(out_movsi_r_mr): Optimized.
	(output_movsisf): Compute insn length for `adjust_insn_length'
	(out_movqi_mr_r): Optimized.
	(out_movhi_mr_r): Optimized.
	(adjust_insn_length): Use output_movsisf, output_movqi,
	output_movhi for insn length adjusting.
	(reg_unused_after): Use dead_or_set_p.
	(preferred_reload_class): Now haven't any restriction.
	(reg_was_0): New function.
	(io_address_p): Likewise.
	(const_int_pow2_p): Likewise.
	(output_reload_inhi): Likewise.
	(output_reload_insisf): Likewise.

	* config/avr/avr.h (MULTILIB_DEFAULTS): Define.
	(LIB_SPEC): Use -lc for all supported devices.
	(LIBGCC_SPEC): Use -lgcc for all supported devices.
	(AVR_MEGA): Define as avr_mega_p.
	(AVR_ENHANCED): New, define as avr_enhanced_p.
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): Remove -menhanced, now handled by -mmcu=...
	(CPP_SPEC, LINK_SPEC): Handle all known MCU types.
	(CRT_BINUTILS_SPECS): Handle all known MCU types.
	Rename gcrt1-*.o to make file names unique on 8.3 filesystems.
	(ASM_SPEC): Pass -mmcu=... to the assembler.
	Change all -DAVR_* to -D__AVR_*__.
	(INIT_TARGET_OPTABS), config/avr/libgcc.S:
	Rename library functions to start with two underscores.
	(ASM_OUTPUT_COMMON): Outputs `.comm VAR,VAR-SIZE,1' to avoid
	(ASM_WEAKEN_LABEL): Declared for __attribute__((weak)).
	(SUPPORTS_WEAK): Likewise.
	(LDI_REG_REGNO): New. Register r31 will be used as temporary
	register for loading constants to r0-r14.

	* config/avr/ Replace all TARGET_ENHANCED with
	(*mov_r_sp): Removed. Handled by output_movhi.
	(*mov_sp_r): Likewise.
	(*mov_sp_r_no_interrupts): Likewise
	(*mov_sp_r_tiny): Likewise.
	(*movqi): Use output_movqi.
	(*reload_inqi): New.
	(*movhi): Use output_movhi.
	(*reload_inhi): New.
	(*negsi2): Optimized.
	(*negsf2): Likewise.
	Added peepholes (define_peephole2) for loading constants to r0-r14
	and for using `cpse' command.

	* config/avr/libgcc.S: Rename library functions to start with two
	Add support for enhanced core.
	(_moqhi3): Fix typo, now _modqi3.
	(__divsi_raw): Use __zero_reg__ as loop counter, smaller by 1 word.
	(__prologue_saves__): Remove test for stack adjust by 0.
	(__tablejump__): New.

	* config/avr/t-avr: Build libgcc2 with -mcall-prologues.
	Add multilib support.

Tue Aug 29 15:17:54 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* loop.c (prescan_loop): Don't check unknown_address_altered
	when deciding if insert_loop_mem is safe.  Add BLKmode MEMs
	to loop_store_mems as necessary.
	(loop_invariant_p): Don't check unknown_address_altered
	or unknown_constant_address_altered.

2000-08-29  J. David Anglin  <>

	* (sltu, sgeu): Delete sltu and sgeu insn patterns.

2000-08-29  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpperror.c (print_file_and_line): If line is (unsigned int)-1,
	print just the filename.
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_run_directive): Add additional argument, the
	name to give the synthetic buffer.  This defaults to
	translated "<command line>".
	* cpplib.c (cpp_define, cpp_undef, cpp_assert, cpp_unassert):
	Adjust to match.
	(_cpp_define_builtin): New function.
	* cppinit.c (initialize_builtins): Use _cpp_define_builtin.
	* cpphash.h: Update prototypes.

	* tradcpp.c (main): Process -D and -U simultaneously, in the
	order they appeared on the command line.

2000-08-29  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* c-decl.c (define_label): Call warning_with_file_and_line and
	error_with_file_and_line instead of plain warning or error.

	* (label): Use save_filename/save_lineno to ensure
	correct values for calls to define_label.

2000-08-29  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Don't create a VAR_DECL just to throw it
	* expr.c (expand_expr, case TARGET_EXPR): Don't call
	* tree.h (get_file_function_name): Remove two duplicate

2000-08-28  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* tree.c: Fix formatting.

	* xcoffout.c: Fix formatting.

2000-08-28  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (attr_checksum): Also ignore DW_AT_producer.

2000-08-28  Daniel Berlin  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_finish): Don't bother calling
	break_out_includes if it won't do anything.

2000-08-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* reload.c (push_secondary_reload): Revert 2000-08-16 change.
	(find_reloads): Likewise.
	* config/alpha/ (reload_inqi): Revert 2000-08-11 change.
	(reload_inhi): Likewise.

2000-08-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/i386/i386.c: Don't error on EXTRA_CONSTRAINT defined.
	(call_insn_operand): Don't expect a surrounding mem.
	(constant_call_address_operand): Likewise.
	* config/i386/i386.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Update.
	* config/i386/ (call patterns): Move the match_operand
	for the call destination inside the mem.

2000-08-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* local-alloc.c (requires_inout): Don't use reserved range for
	EXTRA_CONSTRAINTS; use anything not matched by REG_CLASS_FROM_LETTER.
	* recog.c (asm_operand_ok): Likewise.
	(preprocess_constraints, constrain_operands): Likewise.
	* regclass.c (record_reg_classes): Likewise.
	* reload.c (find_reloads): Likewise.
	* reload1.c (maybe_fix_stack_asms): Likewise.
	(reload_cse_simplify_operands): Likewise.
	* stmt.c (expand_asm_operands): Likewise.

	* md.texi: Update constraints documentation.
	* tm.texi (EXTRA_CONSTRAINT): Update.

2000-08-28  Daniel Berlin  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (DIE_LABEL_PREFIX): Remove leading "__".
	(print_die): If we don't know the offset of the
	target die, try the symbol.  Add a trailing newline.
	(reverse_all_dies): New fn.
	(dwarf2out_finish): Call it.
	(break_out_includes): Reorganize for clarity.
	(add_sibling_attributes): Don't call reverse_die_lists.
	(output_comp_unit): Rename from output_comdat_comp_unit.  Use for
	primary CU, too.
	* flags.h: Add flag_eliminate_dwarf2_dups.
	* toplev.c (f_options): Support -feliminate-dwarf2-dups.

2000-08-28  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2.h (DW_TAG_GNU_BINCL, DW_TAG_GNU_EINCL): New tags.
	* dwarf2out.c: #include "md5.h".
	(DIE_LABEL_PREFIX): New macro.
	(dw_val_struct): Add 'external' flag to val_die_ref.
	(add_AT_die_ref, AT_ref): Adjust.
	(AT_ref_external, set_AT_ref_external): New fns.
	(build_abbrev_table): Call set_AT_ref_external.
	(value_format): Call AT_ref_external.
	(die_struct): Add die_symbol field.
	(new_die): Clear it.
	(dwarf_tag_name): Handle BINCL/EINCL.
	(dwarf2out_start_source_file): Add BINCL DIE.
	(dwarf2out_end_source_file): Add EINCL DIE.
	(push_new_compile_unit, pop_compile_unit, clear_die_sizes): New fns.
	(loc_checksum, attr_checksum, die_checksum): New fns.
	(is_type_die, is_comdat_die, is_symbol_die): New fns.
	(compute_section_prefix, assign_symbol_names): New fns.
	(gen_internal_sym, output_die_symbol, output_symbolic_ref): New fns.
	(output_die): Call output_die_symbol and AT_ref_external.
	(output_comdat_comp_unit): New fn, split out from...
	(dwarf2out_finish):  Also call add_sibling_attributes for
	secondary CUs.
	(output_pubnames, output_aranges): Abort if we see entries from
	secondary CUs.
	* toplev.h: Declare file_name_nondirectory.
	* toplev.c (file_name_nondirectory): New fn, moved from C++ frontend.
	(rest_of_type_compilation): Call dwarf2out_decl if at toplevel.
	(debug_start_source_file): Call dwarf2out_start_source_file
	regardless of debug verbosity.
	(debug_end_source_file): Similarly.
	* tree.h: Declare clean_symbol_name.
	* tree.c (clean_symbol_name): Split out from...

	* dwarf2out.c (new_loc_descr): Use calloc.
	(splice_child_die): Remove the die from the right parent.
	(gen_struct_or_union_die): Don't add AT_name to a specification DIE.

Mon Aug 28 19:02:13 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* toplev.c (decode_g_option): Don't give warning for unknown -g
	option; return 0 instead.
	(main): If -g option is not recognized by front end or
	language-independent code, give warning.

2000-08-28  Greg McGary  <>

	* config/i386/i386-protos.h (ix86_expand_compare): Add extern decl.
	* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_expand_compare): Remove `static'.
	* config/i386/ (trap, conditional_trap): New insn & expand.

2000-08-27  Greg McGary  <>

	* cpplex.c (parse_string): Don't look for backslash
	before first char in `namebuf'.
	* loop.c (strength_reduce): Skip NOTEs.

2000-08-27  Jason Merrill  <>

	* c-decl.c (duplicate_decls): Don't set TREE_STATIC or clear
	DECL_EXTERNAL on a local extern.  Don't set DECL_IGNORED_P or
	(finish_decl): Adjust.

2000-08-28  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* ABOUT-GCC-NLS: Remove gettext patches from Paul Eggert as
	they have been incorporated into the gettext CVS. Change the text to
	reflect the current status of NLS. Add instructions for accessing
	the gettext CVS and add the patch from Martin v. Loewis.

2000-08-27  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/ (movdi_internal64+5): Make SUBREG-safe
	by using gen_lowpart_common.
	(movdi_internal64+6): Likewise.

2000-08-26  Alexandre Oliva  <>


	* config/mn10300/mn10300.h (DBX_REGISTER_NUMBER): Remap register
	numbers to the ranges used by GDB.

2000-08-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (struct machine_function): Add n_varargs.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_compute_frame_size): Use it.
	(ia64_expand_prologue): Likewise.
	(ia64_setup_incoming_varargs): Set it.  Properly skip the current
	argument for stdargs.

2000-08-25  Jason Merrill  <>

	* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Pull out the original decl.

2000-08-25  Jim Wilson  <>

	* cse.c (cse_insn): Don't pass label subtraction to force_const_mem.

	* function.c (gen_mem_addressof): Clear MEM_ALIAS_SET if no decl.

2000-08-25  Greg McGary  <>

	* flow.c (dump_edge_info): Use ARRAY_SIZE.
	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_expand_block_move): Likewise.

2000-08-25  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* arm.h (STRUCT_VALUE): Define to 0, not NULL.

Fri Aug 25 12:52:49 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* i386.c (ix86_find_base_term): New.
	* i386-protos.h (ix86_find_base_term): Prototype.
	* i386.h (FIND_BASE_TERM): Define.
	* alias.c (find_base_term): Use it.
	* tm.texi (FIND_BASE_TERM): Document it.

	* alias.c (true_dependence, write_dependence_p): Unchanging
	memory can't conflict with non-unchanging memory.

	* alias.c (memrefs_conflict_p): A BLKmode reference
	to a symbol (or CONST_INT address) always conflicts
	with a reference to another symbol.

2000-08-25  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (time_char_table): Don't allow width and flags with
	"z" format.

2000-08-25  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_expand_branch): Treat GE and GEU the same
	way as LT and LTU when the second operand has 0 in low word.

2000-08-26  Michael Hayes  <>

	* basic-block.h (struct loop): Rename `exits' field to
	`exit_edges'.  Add `entry_edges' and `num_entries' fields.

	* flow.c (flow_loop_exit_edges_find): Rename from flow_loop_exits_find.
	(flow_loop_entry_edges_find): Add.
	(flow_edge_list_print): Rename from flow_exits_print.
	(flow_loops_find): Call flow_loop_entry_edges_find.
	(flow_loop_dump): Dump entry_edges list.
	(flow_loops_free): Free entry_edges.

2000-08-26  Michael Hayes  <>

	* loop.c (loop_dump_aux, debug_loop): New functions.

	* flow.c (flow_loops_dump): Add callback parameter.
	(flow_loop_dump): Add callback parameter and call it.  Move
	loop note debugging code to loop_dump_aux.

	* basic-block.h (flow_loop_dump): Add callback parameter
	(flow_loops_dump): Likewise.

	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Add NULL callback function pointer
	to call to flow_loops_dump.

2000-08-26  Michael Hayes  <>

	* loop.c (count_loop_regs_set): Replace start and end arguments
	with loop argument.  All callers udated.

2000-08-26  Michael Hayes  <>

	* loop.c (constant_high_bytes): Delete.

2000-08-26  Michael Hayes  <>

	* loop.c (prescan_loop): Move checks for NOTE_INSN_LOOP_CONT

Fri Aug 25 04:21:13 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* crtstuff.c (CRT_CALL_STATIC_FUNCTION): Define default.
	(fini_dummy, init_dummy): Use it.

Fri 25-Aug-2000 08:03:27 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (is_macro_disabled): Caller has already checked
	that we're not a preprocessed file.

2000-08-24  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* (C_AND_OBJC_OBJS): Remove c-iterate.o.
	(c-iterate.o): Remove target.
	* gcc/c-common.h (enum rid): Remove RID_ITERATOR.
	* gcc/c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Remove call to init_iterators.
	(finish_decl): Don't handle iterators.
	(grokdeclarator): Likewise.
	* gcc/c-parse.gperf: Remove __iterator and __iterator__ keywords.
	* gcc/c-gperf.h: Regenerated.
	* gcc/c-iterate.c: Removed.
	* gcc/c-lex.c (init_lex): Don't handle iterators.
	* gcc/ (primary): Remove pop_iterator_stack call.
	(compstmt_primary_start): Remove push_iterator_stack call.
	(stmt): Don't allow iterator statements.  Replace iterator_expand
	with expand_expr_stmt.
	(all_iter_stmt): Remove.
	(all_iter_stmt_simple): Likewise.
	(all_iter_stmt_with_decl): Likewise.
	* gcc/c-tree.h (ITERATOR_P): Remove.
	(ITERATOR_BOUND_P): Likewise.
	(init_iterators): Remove declaration.
	(iterator_expand): Likewise.
	(iterator_for_loop_start): Likewise.
	(iterator_for_loop_end): Likewise.
	(iterator_for_loop_record): Likewise.
	(push_iterator_stack): Likewise.
	(pop_iterator_stack): Likewise.
	* gcc/c-typeck.c (decl_constant_value): Don't check ITERATOR_P.
	(readonly_warning): Likewise.
	* gcc/tree.h (ITERATOR_BOUND_P): Don't mention it.

2000-08-24  Jim Wilson  <>

	* c-common.c (decl_attributes, case A_ALIGN): Revert last change.
	Copy type in a TYPE_DECL, just like pushdecl does.

2000-08-24  Richard Henderson  <>

	* toplev.c (main): Enable flag_reorder_blocks at -O2.

2000-08-24  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* ggc-page.c (alloc_page): If HAVE_MMAP_ANYWHERE and we're
	asked for one page, allocate GGC_QUIRE_SIZE of them and put
	the extras on the free list.
	(release_pages): Clean up.
	(ggc_set_mark): Don't adjust G.allocated here...
	(sweep_pages): ... do it here.

2000-08-24  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppfiles.c (read_include_file): Rearrange initializations.

2000-08-24  Richard Henderson  <>

	* stmt.c (expand_asm_operands): Treat EXTRA_CONSTRAINT like g or X.

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h: Update.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (gr_register_operand): New.
	(fr_register_operand, grfr_register_operand): New.
	(gr_nonimmediate_operand, grfr_nonimmediate_operand): New.
	(grfr_reg_or_8bit_operand): New.
	(gr_reg_or_0_operand): Rename from reg_or_0_operand and
	use gr_register_operand.
	(gr_reg_or_5bit_operand, gr_reg_or_6bit_operand): Likewise.
	(gr_reg_or_8bit_operand, gr_reg_or_8bit_adjusted_operand): Likewise.
	(gr_reg_or_8bit_and_adjusted_operand): Likewise.
	(gr_reg_or_14bit_operand, gr_reg_or_22bit_operand): Likewise.
	(fr_reg_or_fp01_operand): Likewise.
	(not_postinc_memory_operand): New.
	(ia64_split_timode): Remove unused variables.
	(rtx_needs_barrier): Check arguments to cmpxchg.
	(builtin_description): Remove.
	(bdesc_2argsi, bdesc_2argdi): Remove.
	(ia64_init_builtins): Declare all builtins directly.
	(ia64_expand_fetch_and_op): Rewrite to be called from
	ia64_expand_builtin directly.  Use expand_binop and co.
	(ia64_expand_op_and_fetch): Likewise.
	(ia64_expand_compare_and_swap): Likewise.
	(ia64_expand_binop_builtin): Remove.
	(ia64_expand_lock_test_and_set): New.
	(ia64_expand_lock_release): New.
	(ia64_expand_builtin): Use them.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (CONSTRAINT_OK_FOR_S): New.
	* config/ia64/ (*): Use gr_register_operand and co.
	(mf): Indicate that we set memory as well as use it.
	(fetchadd_acq_si): Show memory being modified as well.
	(fetchadd_acq_di, cmpxchg_acq_si, cmpxchg_acq_di): Likewise.
	(val_compare_and_swap_si, val_compare_and_swap_di): Remove.
	(lock_test_and_set_si, lock_test_and_set_di): Remove.
	(fetch_and_add_si, fetch_and_sub_si, fetch_and_or_si): Remove.
	(fetch_and_and_si, fetch_and_xor_si, fetch_and_nand_si): Remove.
	(fetch_and_add_di, fetch_and_sub_di, fetch_and_or_di): Remove.
	(fetch_and_and_di, fetch_and_xor_di, fetch_and_nand_di): Remove.
	(add_and_fetch_di, sub_and_fetch_di, or_and_fetch_di): Remove.
	(and_and_fetch_di, xor_and_fetch_di, nand_and_fetch_di): Remove.
	(add_and_fetch_si, sub_and_fetch_si, or_and_fetch_si): Remove.
	(and_and_fetch_si, xor_and_fetch_si, nand_and_fetch_si): Remove.
	* config/ia64/ia64intrin.h (*): Cast result to the appropriate
	return type.  Pretty print definitions.

2000-08-24  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ (movdi): Don't call gen_movdi_symbolic if
	we have a SYMBOL_REF with SYMBOL_REF_FLAG set.

2000-08-24  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (AT_flag, AT_int, AT_unsigned, AT_string, AT_ref,
	AT_loc, AT_addr, AT_lbl): Abort on unsuitable input.
	(get_AT_low_pc, get_AT_hi_pc, get_AT_string, get_AT_flag,
	get_AT_unsigned, get_AT_ref): Don't call them if get_AT fails.

2000-08-24  Greg McGary  <>

	* optabs.c (init_optabs): Initialize fixtab, fixtrunctab, floattab,
	and extendtab within their proper array boundaries.
	* emit-rtl.c (init_emit_once): Pass `const_tiny_rtx' with bounds
	for the entire array.

	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_override_options): Use ARRAY_SIZE.
	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_lookup_xfloating_lib_func): Likewise.
	* config/avr/avr.c (order_regs_for_local_alloc): Likewise.
	* config/fr30/fr30.c (fr30_print_operand): Likewise.
	* config/i386/dgux.c (output_options): Likewise.
	* config/i386/dgux.h (ASM_FILE_START): Likewise.
	* config/m88k/m88k.c (output_options): Likewise.
	* config/m88k/m88k.h (ASM_FILE_START): Likewise.
	* config/mcore/mcore.c (mcore_output_inline_const_forced,
	layout_mcore_frame, handle_structs_in_regs): Likewise.
	* config/mips/mips.c (output_block_move): Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_override_options,
	rs6000_file_start): Likewise.
	* config/sparc/sparc.c (sparc_add_gc_roots): Likewise.
	* fixinc/fixfixes.c (FIX_TABLE_CT): Likewise.
	* fixinc/fixtests.c (TEST_TABLE_CT): Likewise.
	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_setjmp): Likewise.
	* expr.c (safe_from_p): Likewise.
	* flow.c (life_analysis): Likewise.
	* fold-const.c (size_int_type_wide): Likewise.
	* gcc.c (translate_options, init_spec, set_spec, main): Likewise.
	* genattrtab.c (make_length_attrs): Likewise.
	* genopinit.c (gen_insn): Likewise.
	* genrecog.c (NUM_KNOWN_PREDS, NUM_SPECIAL_MODE_PREDS): Likewise.
	* global.c (global_alloc): Likewise.
	* local-alloc.c (find_free_reg): Likewise.
	* mips-tdump.c (print_symbol): Likewise.
	* mips-tfile.c (parse_def, parse_input): Likewise.
	* reload1.c (NUM_ELIMINABLE_REGS): Likewise.
	* stmt.c (expand_nl_goto_receiver): Likewise.
	* stor-layout.c (set_sizetype): Likewise.
	* varasm.c (decode_reg_name): Likewise.
	* toplev.c (decode_f_option, decode_W_option,
	set_target_switch, print_switch_values): Likewise.
	(NUM_ELEM): Remove macro.
	(display_help, main): s/NUM_ELEM/ARRAY_SIZE/

2000-08-24  Greg McGary  <>

	* tree.h (enum tree_index): New member `TI_MAIN_IDENTIFIER'.
	(MAIN_NAME_P, main_identifier_node): New macros.
	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Init main_identifier_node.
	* c-decl.c (start_decl, grokdeclarator, start_function,
	store_parm_decls, finish_function): Use MAIN_NAME_P.
	* config/avr/avr.c (function_prologue, function_epilogue): Likewise.
	* config/i386/cygwin.h (SUBTARGET_PROLOGUE): Likewise.
	* config/i386/win32.h (SUBTARGET_PROLOGUE): Likewise.
	* config/pdp11/pdp11.c (output_function_prologue): Likewise.

2000-08-24  Greg McGary  <>

	* cppfiles.c (actual_directory): Don't write beyond `dir'
	when it contains "".
	* real.c (asctoeg): Stay within bounds of etens[][].

2000-08-24  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* dependence.c (dependence_string, direction_string,
	dump_one_node, dump_node_dependence): Hide unused identifiers.
	(get_low_bound, normalize_coefficients): Match definition to
	static prototype.
	(get_one_coefficient): Initialize variables `value0_is_idx' and
	(ziv_test, gcd_test): Mark parameters with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
	(ziv_test): Delete variable `idx', use parameter `sub' instead.
	(direction_merge): Avoid automatic aggregate initialization.
	(have_dependence_p): Use `src' not `dest' to set `src_idx'.
	Initialize variables `dest_idx' and `src_idx'.
	(end_dependence_analysis): Avoid C89 style function definition.

2000-08-24  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (time_char_table): Don't allow width with %F.
	(check_format_info): Don't allow "Z" length with scanf.

2000-08-24  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.c (finish_diagnostic): Define.
	(output_do_printf): Use wrap_text instead of output_add_string.
	(default_print_error_function): Avoid embedded '\n'.

	* diagnostic.h (flush_diagnostic_buffer): Declare.

2000-08-23  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* dependence.c: Replace `[][]' with `[][MAX_SUBSCRIPTS]'.

2000-08-23  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* (GCC_PASSES): Add specs.

2000-08-23  Jim Wilson  <>

	* frame.h (IA64_UNW_EHANDLER, IA64_UNW_UHANDLER): New.
	* config/ia64/frame-ia64.c (__get_personality): Return zero if neither
	EHANDLER nor UHANDLER bit is set.
	(__get_except_table): Likewise.

2000-08-23  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/lib1funcs.asm: Replace upper case condition codes
	with lower case versions.

	* config/arm/arm.h (STRUCT_VALUE): Define.

2000-08-23  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.h (IN_I): New flag for directive table.
	* cpplib.c (DIRECTIVE_TABLE): Mark #define, #undef, #ident, and
	#pragma with IN_I.
	(_cpp_check_directive): If -fpreprocessed, execute directives
	marked with IN_I.  Issue no warnings in this case.
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_get_token): Expand no macros if -fpreprocessed.

2000-08-23  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (print_char_table): Allow 'I' flag with %d, %i and
	(check_format_info): Support printf 'I' flag; warn about it with

2000-08-23  Richard Earnshaw  (

	* arm.c (arm_expand_prologue): Ensure that the stack-adjustment
	barrier can't be ignored by the alias analysis code.

2000-08-12  Eli Zaretskii  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def (sysv68_string): Fix the Sed script so it
	works inside fixincl.

Wed Aug 23 04:55:48 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_rtx): Don't pass VOIDmode to
	simplify_relational_operation() unless both operands are of
	* cse.c (fold_rtx): Likewise.

Tue Aug 22 23:53:27 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* rtlanal.c (rtx_unstable_p): The pic register is stable
	(within one function) and the actual rtx should be used
	when checking the registers.
	(rtx_addr_can_trap_p): Pic memory addresses can't trap.

	* alias.c (true_dependence, write_dependence_p): Fix
	bug in previous patch.

	* i386.c (ix86_GOT_alias_set): New.
	(legitimize_pic_address): Use it.

	* rtlanal.c (rtx_unstable_p): An unchanging MEM is
	only stable if its address is stable.
	(rtx_varies_p): An unchanging MEM can't vary if
	its address doesn't vary.

2000-08-22  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (unop +): Restrict -Wtraditional warnings to user code.

2000-08-22  J. David Anglin  <>

	* vax.h (ASM_SPEC): Pass `-J' to assembler.
	* x-vax-gcc: New file for bootstrapping with gcc.
	* x-vax: Use X_CFLAGS rather than X_CPPFLAGS to pass `-J'.
	* Use x-vax-gcc with gcc.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

Tue Aug 22 21:21:05 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Rebuild label notes after
	post-reload splitting pass if new labels have been created.

2000-08-22  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.h (output_buffer_state): New macro.
	* diagnostic.c (diagnostic_for_decl, sorry,
	default_print_error_function, output_do_verbatim,
	report_diagnostic, report_problematic_module): Use it.
	(wrap_text): Tweak.
	(output_format): Use wrap_text instead of maybe_wrap_text.

2000-08-22  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/lib1funcs.asm (ARM_DIV_MOD_BODY): New macro.
	Common code for ARM divide and modulus functions.
	(THUMB_DIV_MOD_BODY): New macro. Thumb equivalent of
	(FUNC_END): New macro: Common code at the end of the division and
	modulo functions.
	(THUMB_FUNCTION_START): New macro:  Common code at the start of
	Thumb functions.
	(__divsi3, __udivsi3, __modsi3, __umodsi3): Use new macros.

Tue Aug 22 20:34:52 2000  Kaz Kojima <>

	* config/sh/ (cmpeqdi_t splitter): Fix a reverse testing.

	* config/sh/sh.c (prepare_scc_operands): Apply force_reg to
	sh_compare_op1 when the mode is DImode and sh_compare_op1 isn't

2000-08-22  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/lib1funcs.asm (__umodsi3): Before performing any
	restorative additions, test for bottom bits of IP being set,
	rather than relying upon the RORs not matching.
	(__modsi3): Ditto.

2000-08-22  David Edelsohn  <>

	* aix.h (ASM_DECLARE_FUNCTION_NAME): Call named_section() or
	text_section() as appropriate instead of emitting text csect
	pseudo-op directly.
	(TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP): Only require default 32-bit alignment.
	(UNIQUE_SECTION): Define macro.
	* rs6000.c (rs6000_override_options): Disable -ffunction-sections
	on AIX if debugging and -fdata-sections always.

2000-08-22  Steven King  <>

	* config/float-i386.h (LDBL_EPSILON): Remove __convert_long_double
	(LDBL_MAX): Same here.

2000-08-22  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (tidy_fallthru_edge): Update b->end properly.

2000-08-22  Stan Cox  <>

	* (OBJS): Add dependence.o.
	* dependence.c: New file.

2000-08-22  Alexandre Oliva  <>, John David Anglin  <>

	* calls.c (check_sibcall_argument_overlap_1): Adjust for
	(check_sibcall_argument_overlap): Likewise.

2000-08-22  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* invoke.texi (SH Options): Document -m4-nofpu,
	-m4-single-only, -m4-single, -m4, -mbigtable, -mfmovd,
	-mhitachi, -mnomacsave, -misize, -mpadstruct, -mspace.

2000-08-22  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (check_format_info): Give the 'some locales' warning
	for strftime %Ey rather than the unconditional 'only last 2 digits
	of year' one.

2000-08-22  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alias.c (init_alias_analysis): Do not register
	struct_value_incoming_rtx or static_chain_rtx as pointing
	to stack memory.

Tue Aug 22 01:44:43 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* protoize.c (munge_compile_params): Fix typo and formatting buglets.

2000-08-22  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.h (report_problematic_module): Declare.
	* diagnostic.c (report_problematic_module): New function.
	(report_error_function): Tweak.

Tue Aug 22 02:31:26 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* stmt.c (expand_goto_internal, fixup_gotos): Only check

2000-08-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (calculate_global_regs_live): Mark frame pointer live
	everywhere before reload.

2000-08-21  Jim Wilson  <>

	* real.c (ereal_from_int, ereal_from_uint, significand_size): Handle
	(toe64): Delete INTEL_EXTENDED_IEEE_FORMAT support.  Unconditionally
	clear last two bytes of output FP value.

2000-08-21  Graham Stott  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (REDO_SECTION_INFO_P): Change decl to DECL.

2000-08-21  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* unroll.c (loop_find_equiv_value): If ret is modified between
	insn and loop_start, ret might not be equivalent to reg.

2000-08-21  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (init_dollar_format_checking,
	maybe_read_dollar_number, finish_dollar_format_checking): New
	(dollar_arguments_used, dollar_arguments_count,
	dollar_first_arg_num, dollar_max_arg_used, dollar_format_warned):
	New variables.
	(check_format_info): Support $ formats for scanf and printf width
	and precision.  Always increment format_chars to advance past the
	'*' of precision, not just when the format parameters are
	available to check.

2000-08-21  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* mips.c (block_move_loop, expand_block_move,
	function_arg_partial_nregs, save_restore_insns, function_prologue,
	mips_expand_prologue, RA_MASK): Avoid using the `U' integer
	constant suffix.
	(function_arg_advance, function_arg): Match argument to format
	specifier `%p'.

2000-08-21  Nix  <>

	* gcc.c (do_spec_1): Implement %j spec flag.
	Remove dead comment.

	* gcc.texi (The Configuration File): Document HOST_BIT_BUCKET.
	* system.h (HOST_BIT_BUCKET): Default to "/dev/null".
	* config/i386/xm-dos.h (HOST_BIT_BUCKET): Define as "NUL".
	* config/i386/xm-os2.h, config/winnt/winnt.h: Likewise.

	* protoize.c (munge_compile_params): Use HOST_BIT_BUCKET (if
	writable) instead of hardcoded value.

	* toplev.c (compile_file): Output to a file even if -fsyntax-only.

	* gcc.c, config/i386/xm-dos.h, config/i386/xm-os2.h: Kill

	* gcc.c (cc1_options): Do not process -o or run the assembler if
	* objc/lang-spec.h: Likewise.

2000-08-21  Eli Zaretskii  <>

	* fixinc/fixincl.c (fix_with_system): Pipe the output of
	"external" fixes through `cat', to avoid truncating the input
	file by redirection.

2000-08-21  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/i386/ (lea_general_1): Copy insn condition to split
	(lea_general_2, lea_general_3): Likewise.

2000-08-21  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* c-decl.c (duplicate_decls, define_label): Restrict -Wtraditional
	warnings to user code.

	* c-lex.c (readescape, yylex): Likewise.

	* c-typeck.c (store_init_value, process_init_element): Likewise
	(c_expand_start_case): Format.

2000-08-18  Maciej W. Rozycki  <>

	* mips/linux.h (LINK_SPEC): Use %(endian_spec).

	* mips/mips.h: Change LINKER_ENDIAN_SPEC to ENDIAN_SPEC
	and linker_endian_spec to endian_spec.
	(ENDIAN_SPEC): Add %{EB} and %{EL}.
	(LINK_SPEC): Remove %{EB} and %{EL}.
	(ASM_SPEC): Likewise.  Use %(endian_spec).

2000-08-21  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-tree.h (flag_hosted): Move declaration from here...
	* c-common.h (flag_hosted): ... to here.
	(flag_noniso_default_format_attributes): New declaration.
	* c-decl.c (flag_noniso_default_format_attributes): New variable.
	(c_decode_option): Set it appropriately for options choosing
	language standard variant.
	* c-common.c (init_function_format_info): Only provide default
	format attributes if flag_hosted.  Only provide the gettext
	formats if flag_noniso_default_format_attributes.  Update
	(check_format_info): Disable treatment of %a as a scanf flag in
	C99 mode.

2000-08-21  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (scan_char_table): Add 'w' to flags for all formats
	except 'n'.
	(check_format_info): Set 'wide' for scanf format widths.  Warn for
	a zero scanf width.  Make the check for writing into a constant
	object at the first level of indirection; at later levels, warn if
	any type qualifiers are encountered.

Mon Aug 21 07:41:12 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* reload.c (reload_inner_reg_of_subreg): New function broken out of
	(push_reload): Use reload_inner_reg_of_subreg.
	(combine_reloads): Do not combine reloads if the input reload
	is a SUBREG in which the inner part will need reloading.

	* global.c (global_alloc): Avoid passing dumpfile argument to
	reload routines.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Likewise.
	* reload.h (reload): Remove dumpfile argument.  Callers changed.
	(debug_reload, debug_reload_to_stream): Move prototypes here.
	* rtl.h  (reload): Remove dumpfile argument.
	* reload.c (debug_reload): Remove prototype.
	(debug_reload_to_stream): Likewise.
	* reload1.c: Avoid passing dumpfile around, rely on rtl_dump_file

2000-08-21  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.c (context_as_prefix): Export.
	(need_error_newline): Remove.
	(lang_diagnostic_starter, lang_diagnostic_finalizer): New objects.
	(error_module_changed, record_last_error_module,
	error_function_changed, record_last_error_function): New functions.
	(initialize_diagnostics): Default initialize
	lang_diagnostic_starter, lang_diagnostic_finalizer.
	(init_output_buffer): Tweak.
	(file_name_as_prefix): New function.
	(announce_function, default_print_error_function,
	report_error_function, set_diagnostic_context): Tweak.

2000-08-21  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* flow.c (init_propagate_block_info): Handle SUBREG in a jump
	condition expression.

2000-08-20  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (merge_blocks_nomove): Don't seek back past the bb note.

2000-08-20  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppinit.c (cpp_init): Set global flag when called.
	(cpp_reader_init): Bomb out if cpp_init hasn't been called.

Sun Aug 20 01:41:35 2000  Dennis Chernoivanov  <>

	* cpplex.c (cpp_scan_buffer): Move `output_line_command' just
	before `process_directive' so that newlines won't be missed
	for directives.
	(cpp_printf): Increment `print->lineno' when newline is emitted.

	* cppmain.c (cb_ident): Likewise.
	(cb_define): Likewise.
	(cb_undef): Likewise.
	(cb_include): Likewise.
	(cb_def_pragma): Likewise.
	(dump_macros_helper): Likewise.

2000-08-20  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (emit_insn_group_barriers): Stop if
	assigned before a loop.

	* config/ia64/ (ashlsi3): Zero extend the shift count.
	(ashrsi3, lshrsi3): Likewise.

2000-08-20  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* c-lang.c: #include diagnostic.h
	(c_tree_printer): New function.
	(lang_init): Initialize lang_printer.

	* (c-lang.o): Depends on diagnostic.h

2000-08-20  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* c-errors.c (pedwarn_c99): Adjust call to report_diagnostic.

	* diagnostic.c (default_diagnostic_starter,
	default_diagnostic_finalizer): New functions.
	(diagnostic_for_asm, diagnostic_for_decl): Tweak.
	(pedwarn, pedwarn_with_file_and_line, error,
	error_with_file_and_line, fatal, warning,
	warning_with_file_and_line): Adjust call to report_diagnostic.
	(report_diagnostic): Rework.
	(set_diagnostic_context): New function.

	* diagnostic.h (struct diagnostic_context): New data structure.
	(diagnostic_message, diagnostic_argument_list,
	diagnostic_file_location, diagnostic_line_location,
	diagnostic_is_warning, diagnostic_starter, diagnostic_finalizer,
	diagnostic_finalizer, diagnostic_auxiliary_data): New macros.
	(set_diagnostic_context): Declare.
	(report_diagnostic): Change prototype.

Sun 20-Aug-2000 09:25:45 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* fix-header.c (main): Initialize cpplib.

2000-08-19  Michael Meissner  <>

	* ifcvt.c (find_if_block): Do not assume that a THEN block has any
	instructions in it before checking for indirect jumps.

	* ifcvt.c (find_if_block): Do not consider a THEN block that ends
	in an indirect jump as a potential for conditional execution.

	* d30v.h (d30v_init_expanders): Don't declare here.
	* d30v-protos.h (d30v_init_expanders): Declare here with a valid

Sat 19-Aug-2000 21:11:45 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpp.texi: Add @section for assertions.

Sat Aug 19 12:37:08 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* loop.c (scan_loop): Use CONST_CALL_P instead of
	checking for REG_LIBCALL / REG_RETVAL.

Sat Aug 19 09:18:47 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* reload1.c (reload_as_needed): Accept dumpfile argument,
	pass it to emit_reload_insns.
	(emit_reload_insns): Add new dumpfile argument.  If non-null
	then dump the reloads for each insn into the dumpfile.
	(reload): Pass dumpfile to reload_as_needed.

	* invoke.texi: Clean up linux-gnu vs linux comments.

2000-08-19  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (reg_or_5bit_operand): New.
	(ia64_depz_field_mask): New.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (CONSTRAINT_OK_FOR_R): New.
	* config/ia64/ Update commentary.
	(depz_internal): New.
	(ashlsi3): Implement directly.
	(ashrsi3, lshrsi3): Simplify; rely on extv and extzv for constants.
	(ashldi3): Use shladd.
	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h: Update.

2000-08-18  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* toplev.c (independent_decode_option): Always process -g.
	Remove third argument, now unused.  Adjust caller to match.

2000-08-18  Richard Henderson  <>

	* combine.c (make_compound_operation): Break after creating
	the extraction.

2000-08-18  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.c (cpp_register_pragma_space): Just return if the
	namespace is already registered.

2000-08-18  Ray Essick <> & Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/mcore/ (rotlsi3): Allow allow rotations by a
	constant amount.  Do not generate ROTL instruction.

Fri Aug 18 16:22:20 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/sh/elf.h: Do not include sh/sh.h.
	* config/sh/rtems.h: Likewise.
	* config/sh/rtemself.h: Do not include sh/elf.h.
	* Get them included with `tm_file's.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

	* config/sh/ (fpu_switch0, fpu_switch1): Simplify.
	* config/sh/sh.c (fpscr_set_from_mem): Use them.

Fri Aug 18 14:23:18 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* stor-layout.c (compute_record_type): Don't use mode of single
	field as mode of record if not integer mode of same type.

	* regmove.c (perhaps_ends_bb_p): New function.
	(optimize_reg_copy_1, optimize_reg_copy_2): Call it.
	(optimize_reg_copy_3, fixup_match_2, regmove_optimize): Likewise.
	(fixup_match_1): Likewise.
	(fixup_match_1, combine_stack_adjustments_for_block): Add casts to
	avoid signed/unsigned warnings.

	* function.c (fixup_var_refs_1, case MEM): Update CODE after
	updating X.

Fri 18-Aug-2000 18:33:45 BST  Neil Booth  <>

	(_cpp_trigraph_map): Declaration moved from cpplex.c

	* cppinit.c: Define _cpp_trigraph_map.  Use UCHAR_MAX + 1
	instead	of 256.  Use consistent test for designated initializers.
	(cpp_init): Initialize trigraph_map.
	(initialize_standard_includes, parse_option):  Use memcmp
	instead of strncmp.

	* cpplex.c (init_trigraph_map): Remove.
	(trigraph_ok, trigraph_replace, lex_line): Refer to

	* cpplib.c (str_match, WARNING, ERROR, ICE): Delete.
	(do_unassert): Remove unused "next" local.

	* system.h (HAVE_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZERS): New prototype.

2000-08-18  Emmanuel Marty  <>

	* arm/lib1funcs.asm (_umodsi3 THUMB VARIANT): Restore deleted return

2000-08-17  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (spill_restore_mem): Handle emitting
	the first insn in a sequence.

Thu Aug 17 22:40:05 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* alias.c (true_dependence, write_dependence_p): A read
	involving a label_ref or the constant pool doesn't create
	a dependency.

	* rtl.h (unchanging): Improve documentation.

2000-08-17  Rodney Brown  <>

	* cse.c (insert_regs): Remove unused `regno'.

2000-08-17  Neil Booth  <>

	* (cppinit.c) merge_include_chains: Use remove_dup_dir,
	remove_dup_dirs.  If qtail == brack, remove brack not
	(remove_dup_dir, remove_dup_dirs): New functions.

2000-08-17  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppinit.c (cpp_cleanup): Free include dir chains.
	* cpplib.c (do_undef): Let _cpp_free_definition make the node void.
	(do_unassert): Free the assert with _cpp_free_definition.
	* cppmacro.c (_cpp_free_definition): Free memory allocated for
	assertions.  Make the node a T_VOID node.

2000-08-17  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppinit.c (path_include, append_include_chain):
	Remove 2nd parameter (struct cpp_pending *).
	(path_include, initialize_standard_includes, cpp_handle_option):
	Update callers appropriately.
	(cpp_handle_option): Use pend.

2000-08-17  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppinit.c (sort_options): Remove, put functionality in
	(cpp_init): New.
	(initialize_builtins): Free memory.
	(cpp_start_read): Move init_IStable to cpp_init.

	* cpplib.h (cpp_init): New prototype.
	* cppmain.c (main): Call cpp_init.

Thu Aug 17 13:20:32 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* rtlanal.c (rtx_unstable_p): Use CONSTANT_P.
	(rtx_unstable_p, rtx_varies_p): Process vectors.

2000-08-16  Niibe Yutaka  <>, Kaz Kojima  <>

	* config/sh/lib1funcs.asm (GLOBAL): Define.  Use for all
	references to GLOBAL symbols.  Use LOCAL where appropriate.

2000-08-16  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (*-ibm-aix4.[12]*): Delete test for gnu ld.  Always
	use t-aix41 when host == target.

2000-08-16  Richard Henderson  <>

	* reload.c (push_secondary_reload): Revert last change.
	If we use a reload_in/out pattern, make the when the same
	as the primary reload.
	(find_reloads): Likewise.

2000-08-16  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* (libstdcxx-v3): Fix test.
	* configure: Regenerate.

Wed Aug 16 08:10:32 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* calls.c (calls_function_1, expand_call): Only test
	* function.c (thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns): Likewise.

2000-08-16  Richard Henderson  <>

	* combine.c (simplify_shift_const): Revert previous two
	changes.  If SHIFT_COUNT_TRUNCATED, crop the shift count
	before the main loop.

2000-08-15  Richard Henderson  <>

	* combine.c (simplify_shift_const): Bound shift count when
	combining shifts.

Tue Aug 15 17:33:05 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* calls.c (ECF_SP_DEPRESSED): New macro.
	(calls_function_1): Treat calling sp-depressed function as alloca.
	(emit_call_1): Don't adjust SP if calling sp-depressed function.
	If sp-depressed, ensure block saves and restores SP.
	* fold-const.c (extract_muldiv): Only check TYPE_IS_SIZETYPE
	* function.c (keep_stack_depressed): New function.
	(thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns): Call it.
	* print-tree.c (print_node): Use HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_UNSIGNED
	Print no-force-blk and transparent-union flags properly.
	* stmt.c (expand_goto_internal): Don't restore stack if last block
	and function returns with sp depressed.
	(fixup_gotos): Likewise.
	(save_stack_pointer): New function, from code in expand_decl.
	(expand_decl): Call new function.
	(save_stack_pointer): New declaration.

	* diagnostic.c (fatal_function): New variable.
	(set_fatal_function): New function.
	(fatal): Call it.
	* diagnostic.h (set_fatal_function): New declaration.

2000-08-15  William Cohen  <>

	* config/sh/elf.h (DWARF2_DEBUGGING_INFO): Defined.
	(PREFERRED_DEBUGGING_TYPE): Set to dwarf2 info.

2000-08-15  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (mark_used_reg): Set reg_cond_reg appropriately.

2000-08-15  Richard Earnshaw <>

	* arm.c (arm_function_ok_for_sibcall): New function.
	* arm.h (FUNCTION_OK_FOR_SIBCALL): Define.
	* (call expanders): Don't check here for calls that can't
	be sibling calls.

2000-08-15  Richard Earnshaw <>

	* (splits generating cond_exec): Disable.

2000-08-15  Richard Earnshaw <>

	* arm/linux-elf.h (text_section): Delete declaration.

2000-08-15  Richard Earnshaw <>

	ARM support for unordered FP operations.
	* arm-protos.h (arm_comparison_operator): Declare.
	* arm.c (arm_comparison_operator): New function.
	(arm_select_cc_mode): Add unordered comparison codes.
	(get_arm_condition_code): Likewise.
	(arm_final_prescan_insn): Can't handle unordered jumps that can't
	be done in one insn.
	* arm.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Add arm_comparison_operator.
	* (all uses of comparison_operator): Replace with
	(bunordered, bordered, bugt, bunlt, bunge, bunle, buneq, bltgt): New
	(arm_buneq, arm_bltgt, arm_buneq_reversed, arm_bltgt_reveresed): New

Tue Aug 15 00:36:36 2000  Ovidiu Predescu  <>

	* gthr-posix.h: Conditionally include <sched.h>; include
	<config.h> from libobjc/.

2000-08-14  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/i386/i386.c (legitimize_pic_address): Use Pmode
	for all CONSTs.

2000-08-14  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (ia64-*): Set float_format for i386 long double.

	* real.c (GET_REAL): Treat 128-bit INTEL_EXTENDED_IEEE_FORMAT
	as we would for i386 XFmode.
	(PUT_REAL): Likewise.
	(endian, ereal_atof, real_value_truncate): Likewise.
	(ereal_isneg, toe64, etens, make_nan): Likewise.

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h: Update.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (general_tfmode_operand): New.
	(destination_tfmode_operand): New.
	(tfreg_or_fp01_operand): New.
	(ia64_split_timode): New.
	(spill_tfmode_operand): New.
	(ia64_expand_prologue): Use TFmode not XFmode.
	(ia64_expand_epilogue): Likewise.
	(ia64_function_arg): Likewise.
	(ia64_function_arg_advance): Likewise.
	(ia64_return_in_memory): Likewise.
	(ia64_function_value): Likewise.
	(ia64_print_operand): Likewise.
	(ia64_register_move_cost): Set GR<->FR to 5.
	(ia64_secondary_reload_class): Get GR for TImode memory op.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (ROUND_TYPE_SIZE): Remove.
	(HARD_REGNO_NREGS): Use TFmode, not XFmode.
	(HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Likewise.  Disallow TImode in FRs.
	(MODES_TIEABLE_P): Use TFmode, not XFmode.
	(CLASS_MAX_NREGS): Likewise.
	(ASM_OUTPUT_LONG_DOUBLE): Output by 4 byte hunks.
	* config/ia64/ (movti): New.
	(movti_internal): Use a clobber for memory alternatives.
	(reload_inti, reload_outti): New.
	(movsfcc_astep): Predicate properly.
	(movdfcc_astep): Likewise.
	(movxf): Remove.
	(movtf): New.
	(extendsftf2, extenddftf2): New.
	(trunctfsf2, trunctfdf2): New.
	(floatditf2, fix_trunctfdi2): New.
	(floatunsditf2, fixuns_trunctfdi2): New.
	(addtf3, subtf3, multf3, abstf2): New.
	(negtf2, nabstf2, mintf3, maxtf3): New.
	(maddtf3, msubtf3, nmultf3, nmaddtf3): New.
	(cmptf): New.
	(fr_spill): Use TFmode, not XFmode.
	(fr_restore): Likewise.
	* config/ia64/lib1funcs.asm (__divtf3): New.
	* config/ia64/t-ia64 (LIB1ASMFUNCS): Add it.

2000-08-14  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* cse.c (fold_rtx): Avoid empty body in an if-statement.

	* doloop.c (doloop_iterations_max, doloop_modify): Avoid using the
	`U' integer constant suffix.

	* dwarf2out.c (add_subscript_info): Avoid empty body in an

	* sparc/sol2.h (__enable_execute_stack): Prototype.

2000-08-14  David Edelsohn  <>

	* collect2.c: Remove use of AIX import file.

	* longlong.h: Test ARCH_PWR not ARCH_POWER.

	* rs6000.c (print_operand, case 'E'): Add else.

2000-08-14  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ (movdi): Delay calling ia64_expand_load_address.
	(movdi_symbolic): New.

2000-08-14  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (ASM_SPEC): Pass -mconstant-gp and -mauto-pic
	to GNU as.  For Intel as, pass -M const_gp and -M no_plabel.
	* config/ia64/linux.h (ASM_SPEC): Pass -mconstant-gp and -mauto-pic
	to GNU as.

2000-08-14  Richard Henderson  <>

	* expr.c (emit_group_load): Don't force constants into registers.
	Special case source already in the correct mode.

2000-08-14  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* Accept *-*-linux* not just *-*-linux-gnu*.
	* fixinc/inclhack.def: Likewise.
	* fixinc/ Likewise.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: Regenerate.
	* install.texi: Document equivalence of linux and linux-gnu.

Mon Aug 14 18:51:44 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* cse.c (insert_regs): Also in REG case: When finding an invalid
	value, and we make a new quantity, make sure that it won't be
	mistaken by for a valid one by mention_regs.

2000-08-13  Ralf Gütlein <>

	* Remove obsolete peepholes.

2000-08-13  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* invoke.texi (H8/300 Options): Fix typos.
	* config/h8300.c: Fix formatting.
	* config/h8300.h: Fix comment typos.
	(OVERRIDE_OPTIONS): Fix formatting.

	* function.c: Fix formatting.

	* cse.c: Fix formatting.

2000-08-13  Geoff Keating  <>

	* flow.c (attempt_auto_inc): Remove unused variable `bb'.
	(attempt_auto_inc): Suppress parentheses warning.
	* function.c (put_reg_into_stack): Remove unused variable `unsigned_p'.
	* loop.c (load_mems): Remove `u' suffix in two places.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c: Remove unnecessary `u' suffixes from
	hex constants.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h: Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/sol-c0.c: Prototype some functions.  Remove the
	__eabi dummy routine.
	* config/rs6000/sysv4.h (ASM_DECLARE_FUNCTION_NAME): Remove unused
	variable `buf_ptr'.

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_select_section): Rewrite to
	not put stuff in .sdata unnecessarily.
	(rs6000_unique_section): New function.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000-protos.h: Add rs6000_unique_section.
	* config/rs6000/sysv4.h (UNIQUE_SECTION): Define.

	* c-typeck.c (build_array_ref): Don't complain about non-lvalue
	arrays in C99.  Don't try to look at DECL_REGISTER of a
	COMPONENT_REF.  Don't complain twice about the same error.

	* fixinc/inclhack.def (aix_pthread): New fix.
	(aix_sysmachine): New fix.
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: Regenerate.

	* expr.c (expand_expr): Call convert_modes when turning a large
	multiply into a small one.

2000-08-12  Geoff Keating  <>

	* tree.h (DECL_OFFSET_ALIGN): Make the off_align field of
	the tree structure an exponent rather than an explicit alignment
	so it doesn't overflow.
	* stor-layout.c (place_union_field): Use SET_DECL_OFFSET_ALIGN
	rather than DECL_OFFSET_ALIGN.
	(place_field): Likewise.
	* expmed.c (store_bit_field): Abort on align==0 to avoid
	antisocial machine behavior.

2000-08-12  Richard Henderson  <>

	* sibcall.c (uses_addressof): Accept both addressof and
	current_function_internal_arg_pointer inside a mem.
	(optimize_sibling_and_tail_recursive_call): Fail tail recursion
	if current_function_uses_addressof.
	* stmt.c (expand_return): Kill tail recursion and HAVE_return

2000-08-11  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ (addsi3): Remove expander.
	(subsi3, mulsi3, negsi2, one_cmplsi2): Likewise.
	(*addsi3_shladd): New.

2000-08-11  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (do_spill): Pass cfa offset to move expander.
	(do_restore): Likewise.
	(gen_movdi_x, gen_fr_spill_x, gen_fr_restore_x): New.
	(ia64_expand_prologue, ia64_expand_epilogue): Use them.
	(rtx_needs_barrier): Track actual bit manipulation for
	ar.unat moves, gr_spill, and gr_restore.
	(emit_insn_group_barriers): Special case gr_spill/gr_restore.
	(process_set): Don't handle varargs spills.
	* config/ia64/ (gr_spill): Accept cfa offset.  Emit
	.mem.offset here instead of in process_set.
	(gr_restore): Likewise.

2000-08-11  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (PROMOTE_MODE): Only extend to SImode.

2000-08-11  Mark Elbrecht  <>

	* gcc.texi (The Configuration File): Document

2000-08-11  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (cast_expr): Avoid -Wstrict-prototype warnings for
	unprototyped function pointer casts on integer constants.

2000-08-11 Laurynas Biveinis <>

	* fixproto: Recognize DOS paths with drive letters as absolute paths.

2000-08-11  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* extend.texi (Volatiles): Fix typos.

2000-08-11  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* flow.c: Fix formatting.

2000-08-11  Richard Henderson  <>

	* reload.c (push_secondary_reload): When invoking a reload_{in,out}
	pattern, always allocate a tertiary scratch register.

	* config/alpha/ (reload_inqi): Use a DImode scratch.
	(reload_inhi): Likewise.

2000-08-11  Richard Henderson  <>

	* function.c (put_reg_into_stack): Allow type to be NULL.
	(schedule_fixup_var_refs): Likewise.
	(gen_mem_addressof): Allow decl to be NULL.
	(put_addressof_into_stack): Likewise.

	* flow.c (merge_blocks_nomove): Be more careful about
	locating the beginning of block A.

	* combine.c (simplify_shift_const): Obey SHIFT_COUNT_TRUNCATED.

Thu Aug 10 22:47:09 2000  Ovidiu Predescu  <>

	* configure:
	* gthr-posix.h:
	* Reverted the check for <sched.h>.

2000-08-10  Chris Demetriou  <>

	macros define the name of CTOR and DTOR sections.
	DTOR_LIST_END): Change to use attributes to specify
	DTOR_LIST_END): Same as in mips/elf.h.

2000-08-10  Drew Moseley  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.h: Added no-crt0 option for explicitly
	disabling just crt0.o.

2000-08-10  Richard Earnshaw <> & Nick Clifton  <>

	* arm.h (CPP_SPEC): Use sub-spec cpp_interwork.
	(EXTRA_SPECS): Add them.
	* arm/lib1funcs.asm: Support builds for interworking.
	Use macros to eliminate duplicated pieces of code.

2000-08-10  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* h8300.c (expand_a_rotate): New.
	(emit_a_rotate): Likewise.
	(h8300_adjust_insn_length): Add support for the rotate insns.
	* (rotlqi3): New.
	(*rotlqi3_1): Likewise.
	(rotlhi3): Likewise.
	(*rotlhi3_1): Likewise.
	(rotlhi3): Likewise.
	(*rotlhi3_1): Likewise.
	* h8300-proto.h: Add prototypes for expand_a_rotate and

	* h8300.c: Fix comment typos.
	(dosize): Declare the variable amount as unsigned.
	(get_shift_alg): Fix a comparison between signed and unsigned.
	(emit_a_shift): Likewise.
	(h8300_adjust_insn_length): Simplify the code.

	* c-decl.c: Fix formatting.

2000-08-10  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* c-lex.c (parse_float, yylex): For -Wtraditional, issue a
	warning about non-traditional numeric constant suffixes.

	* cppexp.c (parse_number): Likewise.

	* invoke.texi: (-Wtraditional): Document new behavior.

Thu Aug 10 00:11:04 2000  Ovidiu Predescu  <>

	* gthr-posix.h: Include auto-host.h. Conditionally include
	* Check for the <sched.h> header file.
	* Added define for HAVE_SCHED_H.

2000-08-09  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* c-typeck.c (process_init_element): For -Wtraditional, warn about
	initialization of unions.

	* invoke.texi (-Wtraditional): Document new behavior.

2000-08-09  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* (--enable-c-cpplib): Uncomment.  Use AC_DEFINE
	instead of extra_c_flags.
	(--enable-c-mbchar): Use AC_DEFINE instead of extra_c_flags.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* Regenerate.

	* cpperror.c (cpp_type2name): New function.
	* cpplex.c (lex_line): If we issued an error for an invalid
	preprocessing directive, discard that logical line.
	* cpplib.c (do_line): Call a hook function if the current file
	is renamed by #line.
	(do_ident): Pass the contents of the string, not the entire
	token, to the callback function.
	* cpplib.h (CPP_LAST_PUNCTUATOR): New #define.
	(cb.rename_file): New hook function.
	(cb.ident): Adjust prototype.
	(cpp_type2name): Prototype.
	* cppmacro.c (dump_macro_args): Correct precedence lossage.

	* cppmain.c (cb_ident): Update for changed interface.
	(cb_rename_file): New function.
	(main): Set rename callback.

2000-08-09  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* caller-save.c (mark_referenced_regs): Mark partially-overwritten
	multi-word registers.

2000-08-08  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (combine_strings, check_format_info): Refer to ISO C
	or ISO C89 instead of ANSI C.
	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator, xref_tag, finish_struct,
	build_enumerator, do_case): Likewise.
	* c-lex.c (parse_float, yylex): Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* c-typeck.c (common_type, build_array_ref, build_binary_op,
	build_unary_op, pedantic_lvalue_warning, build_conditional_expr,
	build_c_cast, convert_for_assignment, set_init_index,
	set_init_label, c_expand_start_case): Likewise.
	* toplev.c (documented_lang_options, display_help): Likewise.

2000-08-08  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* h8300.c: Fix formatting.
	* h8300.h: Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	(movsi_h8300hs): Fix formatting of the resulting assembly code.

	* reload1.c: Fix formatting.

2000-08-08  Rodney Brown  <>

	* alpha/alpha.c (alpha_emit_xfloating_libcall):
	Use GEN_CALL_VALUE define.
	* alpha/ (untyped_call): Use GEN_CALL define.
	* clipper/ (untyped_call): Likewise.
	* dsp16xx/ (untyped_call): Likewise.
	* fx80/ (untyped_call): Likewise.
	* mips/ (untyped_call): Likewise.
	* ns32k/ (untyped_call): Likewise.
	* pa/ (untyped_call): Likewise.
	* romp/ (untyped_call): Likewise.
	* sparc/ (untyped_call): Likewise.

2000-08-08  Jason Eckhardt  <>

	* config/i860/i860.c (singlemove_string): Do not generate assembler
	pseudo instructions that must be expanded (that is, with signed
	constants larger than 16 bits).

2000-08-08  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (life_analysis): Only turn off PROP_LOG_LINKS and
	PROP_AUTOINC at -O0.  Don't collect alias info at -O0.
	(init_propagate_block_info): Don't kill memory stores at -O0.
	(mark_set_1, mark_used_regs): Likewise.

2000-08-08  David Edelsohn  <>

	* rs6000.c (optimization_options): Decorate 'level' as
	(mask64_operand): Remove sign-extend thinko.
	(rldic_operand): New function.
	(load_multiple_operation): regno's are unsigned ints.
	(store_multiple_operation): Likewise.
	(lmw_operation): Likewise.
	(stmw_operation): Likewise.
	(includes_lshift_p): shift_mask is unsigned int.
	(includes_lshift64_p): New function.
	(addrs_ok_for_quad_peep): unsigned int reg1.
	(print_operand): Consistently add "else" after
	(print_operand, case 'b'): Fold in case 'W'.
	(print_operand, case 'W'): Print rldic MB value.
	(output_epilogue): Update Objective-C language string.
	(output_toc): unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT low, compare unsigned.
	* rs6000.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Add rldic_operand.
	* (ashldi3): Add rldic instruction.
	(iordi3, xordi3): Remove redundant "else if CONST_DOUBLE".
	(cmpsi_internal2, cmpdi_interal2): Use 'b' output template

2000-08-08  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h: Remove duplicates.  Update
	for massive code rearrangements.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_arpfs_regno): Remove.
	(ia64_rp_regno, ia64_fp_regno, ia64_input_regs): Remove.
	(ia64_local_regs, ia64_need_regstk): Remove.
	(ar_ccv_reg_operand): New.
	(ia64_gp_save_reg): New.
	(struct ia64_frame_info): Combine most of the size elements;
	add new gr save elements.
	(find_gr_spill): New.
	(next_scratch_gr_reg): New.
	(mark_reg_gr_used_mask): New.
	(ia64_compute_frame_size): Rewrite.  Allocate special AR regs
	to GR backing store regs when possible.
	(ia64_initial_elimination_offset): New.
	(ia64_rap_fp_offset): Remove.
	(save_restore_insns): Remove.
	(setup_spill_pointers): New.
	(finish_spill_pointers): New.
	(spill_restore_mem): New.
	(do_spill, do_restore): New.
	(ia64_expand_prologue): Rewrite to use them.
	(ia64_expand_epilogue): Likewise.
	(ia64_direct_return): Update for current_frame_info changes.
	(ia64_function_prologue): Simplify .prologue emission.  Emit
	.spill when needed.
	(ia64_setup_incoming_varargs): Don't ever emit rtl.
	(ia64_dbx_register_number): New.
	(ia64_initialize_trampoline): New.
	(ia64_secondary_reload_class): Request GR_REGS for integer
	arithmetic destined for FR_REGS.
	(ia64_init_machine_status): Don't reset return_address_pointer_rtx.
	(ia64_mark_machine_status): Mark ia64_gp_save.
	(rws_access_regno): Rename from rws_access_reg; don't treat
	predicates specially.
	(rws_access_reg): New.  Update all callers.
	(rtx_needs_barrier): Remove dead unspecs.
	(ia64_epilogue_uses): Mark ar.pfs and ar.unat live on exit.
	(ia64_encode_section_info): Silence signed/unsigned warnings.
	(spill_offset, sp_offset, spill_offset_emitted): Remove.
	(tmp_reg, tmp_saved): Remove.
	(process_set): Rewrite to expect complicated bits via
	(ia64_expand_fetch_and_op): Use emit_move_insn; be explicit
	in the use of ar.ccv; never set RTX_UNCHANGING_P.
	(ia64_expand_op_and_fetch): Likewise.
	(ia64_expand_compare_and_swap): Likewise.
	(ia64_expand_builtin): Likewise.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (AR_UNAT_REGNUM): New.
	(AR_M_REGNO_P): Update.
	(FIXED_REGS): Don't mark three local registers as used.
	(HARD_REGNO_NREGS): Allow DImode in p0; handle CCImode.
	(HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Disallow CCImode from non-predicates.
	(ELIMINABLE_REGS): Eliminate from the soft to hard frame pointer.
	(INITIAL_ELIMINATION_OFFSET): Defer to out of line function.
	(TRAMPOLINE_SIZE): Lower to 32.
	(INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Defer to out of line function.
	(struct machine_function): Add ia64_gp_save.
	* config/ia64/ Purge unused unspecs.
	(movsi patterns): Allow moves to/from AR_M_REGS.
	(movdi patterns): Allow moves to/from p0.
	(call patterns): Move most setjmp hackery to ia64_gp_save_reg.
	(gr_spill, gr_restore): Indicate ar.unat read/written.
	(nonlocal_goto): Don't pass old frame_pointer.
	(nonlocal_goto_receiver): Remove.
	(exception_receiver): New.
	(builtin_setjmp_setup): New.
	(builtin_setjmp_receiver): New.
	* config/ia64/lib1funcs.asm (__ia64_save_stack_nonlocal): Bundle.
	(__ia64_nonlocal_goto): Bundle.  Don't kill r7.
	(__ia64_restore_stack_nonlocal): Likewise.
	(__ia64_trampoline): New.
	* config/ia64/sysv4.h (DBX_REGISTER_NUMBER): Defer to out of line
	* config/ia64/t-ia64 (LIB1ASMFUNCS): Add __trampoline.

2000-08-08  Richard Henderson  <>

	* frame.h (ia64_frame_state): Add my_psp.
	* libgcc2.c (ia64_throw_helper): Add throw_sp argument.
	(__throw): Pass it in.  Don't clobber r7.
	* config/ia64/frame-ia64.c (init_ia64_reg_loc): Mark inline.
	(execute_one_ia64_descriptor) [mem_stack_v]: Sets psp.when
	and nothing to do with sp.
	(normalize_reg_loc): Use frame->my_psp.
	(frame_translate): Handle frame-pointer-less functions.  Set
	spill_base correctly, in absence of being told.
	(__build_ia64_frame_state): New sp argument.  Fill in frame->my_sp.
	(__ia64_backtrace_helper): New sp argument.  Use
	builtin_return_address instead of label addresses.
	(print_record) [mem_stack_v]: No size member.

2000-08-08  Richard Henderson  <>

	* regclass.c (choose_hard_reg_mode): Iterate over all CC modes.

2000-08-08  Richard Henderson  <>

	* tm.texi (LOCAL_REGNO): Document.
	* flow.c (LOCAL_REGNO, EPILOGUE_USES): Provide default.
	(mark_regs_live_at_end): Don't mark LOCAL_REGNO registers.
	* reload1.c (reload): Likewise when considering nonlocal labels.

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (LOCAL_REGNO): New.
	* config/sparc/sparc.h (LOCAL_REGNO): New.

2000-08-08  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-lex.c (yylex): Don't allow integer suffixes 'LUL', 'Ll', 'lL'.

2000-08-07  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/mips/mips.c: Fix compile time warning messages.
	* config/mips/mips-protos.h: Add prototype for equality_op.

	* mn10300.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): Document `-mam33'.

2000-08-07  Graham Stott  <>

	* Use nonimmediate_operand instead of general_operand
	on output operands.

	* mn10300.h (PREFERRED_RELOAD_CLASS): Limit memory reloads.

2000-08-07  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* sh.h (EXTRA_CONSTRAINT_Q): Adjust to GNU Coding Standards.
	* sh.c (expand_block_move): Break long lines.
	(expand_ashiftrt, fpscr_set_from_mem): Likewise.
	* (mulsi3): Likewise.
	(movdi): Adjust spacing.

2000-08-07  Richard Henderson  <>

	* expmed.c (store_bit_field): Don't require MEM_IN_STRUCT_P.
	* expr.c (emit_group_store): Don't set it.

2000-08-07  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* invoke.texi (Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC): Remove
	duplicate entries for 'w' and 'z'.

	* flow.c: Fix a comment typo.

Sun Aug  6 23:47:35 2000  Ovidiu Predescu  <>

	* Changed the language string for Objective-C to "GNU

Sun Aug  6 11:54:03 2000  Ovidiu Predescu  <>

	* gthr-posix.h: Integrated Chris Ball's <> changes
	to improve the Posix thread support for Objective-C.

2000-08-06  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.h (enum c_tree_index): Add CTI_SIGNED_SIZE_TYPE and
	(signed_size_type_node): Define.
	(unsigned_ptrdiff_type_node): Define.
	* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Create the
	signed_size_type_node and unsigned_ptrdiff_type_node types.
	* c-common.c (T_SC): Define.
	(T_SST): Define.
	(T_UPD): Define.
	(print_char_table): Use T_SST for %zd, %zi, %zn.  Use T_UPD for
	%to, %tu, %tx, %tX.  Allow %hhn (T_SC).  Add "c" to the flags for
	%s and %p.
	(scan_char_table): Use T_SC for %hhd, %hhi, %hhn.  Use T_SST for
	%zd, %zi, %zn.  Use T_UPD for %to, %tu, %tx, %tX.  Add "c" to the
	flags for %c, %s and %[.
	(check_format_info): Only allow leniency for signedness of targets
	of character pointers (when pedantic) for formats flagged with
	"c", so for strings but not for %hh formats.  When pedantic, don't
	allow character pointers to substitute for void pointers if a
	second level of indirection is present.

2000-08-06  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* invoke.texi (Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC): Update
	the names of dump files.

	* h8300.c (dosize): Rearrange code for conciseness.
	(split_adds_subs): Likewise.

	* loop.c: Fix formatting.

	* dwarf2out.c: Fix formatting.

	* tm.texi (FUNCTION_ARG_PARTIAL_NREGS): Fix a typo.

	* expr.c: Fix formatting.

2000-08-06  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* rs6000.c (rs6000_maybe_dead): Prototype.

2000-08-06  Richard Henderson  <>

	* stmt.c (expand_goto): Do virtual_stack_vars_rtx replacement for
	HAVE_nonlocal_goto as well.
	* config/i960/ (nonlocal_goto): Don't do it here.
	* config/pj/ (nonlocal_goto): Likewise.

2000-08-07  Michael Hayes  <>

	* loop.c (try_swap_copy_prop): New function.
	(load_mems): Rename copies to load_copies and add new regset
	store_copies.  Check for sets of shadow registers and mark
	in store_copies.   Call try_swap_copy_prop for registers
	marked in store_copies.

Sun Aug  6 00:54:42 2000  Ovidiu Predescu  <>

	* objc/objc-act.c: New command line option -fconstant-string-class
	to allow specifying a user defined constant string class,
	different from NXConstantString.

	* toplev.c: Moved the Objective-C specific options to

	* objc/lang-options.h: Moved the Objective-C specific options from
	toplev.c. Added -fconstant-string-class.

2000-08-05  Chris Demetriou  <>

	DTOR_LIST_BEGIN, DTOR_LIST_END): change type of
	__CTOR_LIST__ from func_ptr array to just func_ptr, to
	avoid extra alignment imposed on arrays.
	* mips/elf64.h (CTOR_LIST_BEGIN, CTOR_LIST_END,

	* mips.h: Clean up comments and spacing near MASKs.
	MASK_UNINIT_CONST_IN_RODATA): Change values to make mask
	values contiguous.

2000-08-05  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (print_char_table): Add entries for the X/Open '
	format flag (print decimals with locale's thousands grouping
	character).  Make %C expect wint_t.
	(check_format_info): If pedantic, warn when the %n$ operand
	number form is used.  Allow for the ' flag; warn about it if

2000-08-05  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* i386.h (FUNCTION_OK_FOR_SIBCALL):  Not OK if DECL's return
	type is a float mode, cfun->decl's return type is not, and

2000-08-04  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* cppmain.c (cb_def_pragma): Skip the first two tokens from the
	token list, which are always `#' and `pragma'.

2000-08-04  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* tree.c (tree_expr_nonnegative_p): Move to...
	* fold-const.c: ... here.  Also handle BIND_EXPR and RTL_EXPR.
	(rtl_expr_nonnegative_p): New.
	* tree.h: Add prototype for rtl_expr_nonnegative_p.

	* rtl.h:  Use XCINT/XCEXP.

	* Remove toplev.o from OBJS.  Add rule to make
	libbackend.a; add libbackend.a to STAGESTUFF.  Add BACKEND
	variable.  Use BACKEND when linking cc1, not OBJS.  Add BACKEND

	* objc/ (cc1obj): Link with $(BACKEND).

2000-08-05  Herman A.J. ten Brugge <>

	* config/c4x/ (return_indirect_internal): New.
	* config/c4x/c4x.c (c4x_expand_epilogue): Use it.

2000-08-04  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (time_char_table): Mark up formats added in C99 and
	make other corrections.  %D and %g were added in C99.  %Og is an
	extension.  %EX is permitted.  %R, %T, %n, %r, %t were added in
	C99.  %e was added in C99.  %Oj is an extension.  %G and %z are in
	C99 rather than GNU extensions, but %OG and %Oz are extensions.
	%h was added in C99.  %C was added in C99.  %OY and %OC are
	extensions.  Add the C99 format %F.
	(check_format_info): If pedantic and not in C99 mode, warn for C99
	formats, %E and %O.

Fri Aug  4 23:01:58 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* function.c (schedule_fixup_var_refs): New function, broken out
	of put_reg_into_stack.
	(put_reg_into_stack): Use it.
	(put_var_into_stack): In CONCAT case, fixup up references for
	components only after fixing up references to the whole concat.

2000-08-04  Rodney Brown  <>

	* alias.c (mark_constant_function): Use INSN_P.
	(init_alias_analysis): Likewise.
	* combine.c (combine_instructions): Use INSN_P.
	(can_combine_p): Likewise.
	(try_combine): Likewise.
	(distribute_notes): Likewise.
	(distribute_links): Likewise.
	* cse.c (cse_around_loop): Use INSN_P.
	(invalidate_skipped_block): Likewise.
	(cse_set_around_loop): Likewise.
	(cse_end_of_basic_block): Likewise.
	(delete_trivially_dead_insns): Likewise.
	* emit-rtl.c (unshare_all_rtl_again): Use INSN_P.
	(unshare_all_rtl_1): Likewise.
	(next_cc0_user): Likewise.
	(try_split make_insn_raw): Likewise.
	(remove_unnecessary_notes): Likewise.
	* final.c (shorten_branches): Use INSN_P.
	(leaf_renumber_regs): Likewise.
	(leaf_renumber_regs_insn): Likewise.
	* flow.c (find_label_refs): Use INSN_P.
	(verify_wide_reg): Likewise.
	(notice_stack_pointer_modification): Likewise.
	(count_or_remove_death_notes): Likewise.
	(verify_flow_info): Likewise.
	(clear_log_links): Likewise.
	* function.c (fixup_var_refs_insns): Use INSN_P.
	(compute_insns_for_mem): Likewise.
	* gcse.c (alloc_gcse_mem): Use INSN_P.
	(compute_sets): Likewise.
	(compute_hash_table): Likewise.
	(classic_gcse): Likewise.
	(cprop): Likewise.
	(insert_insn_end_bb): Likewise.
	(delete_null_pointer_checks_1): Likewise.
	* global.c (expand_preferences): Use INSN_P.
	(build_insn_chain): Likewise.
	* graph.c (node_data): Use INSN_P.
	* haifa-sched.c (priority): Use INSN_P.
	(rm_line_notes): Likewise.
	(rm_other_notes): Likewise.
	(find_insn_reg_weight): Likewise.
	(init_target_units): Likewise.
	(schedule_block): Likewise.
	(compute_block_forward_dependences): Likewise.
	(debug_dependencies): Likewise.
	(set_priorities): Likewise.
	* integrate.c (function_cannot_inline_p): Use INSN_P.
	(save_parm_insns): Likewise.
	(copy_insn_list): Likewise.
	* jump.c (mark_all_labels): Use INSN_P.
	(never_reached_warning): Likewise.
	* lcm.c (optimize_mode_switching): Use INSN_P.
	* local-alloc.c (validate_equiv_mem): Use INSN_P.
	(memref_used_between_p): Likewise.
	(update_equiv_regs): Likewise.
	(block_alloc): Likewise.
	(no_conflict_p): Likewise.
	* loop.c (scan_loop): Use INSN_P.
	(find_and_verify_loops): Likewise.
	(count_loop_regs_set): Likewise.
	(loop_reg_used_before_p): Likewise.
	(strength_reduce): Likewise.
	(recombine_givs): Likewise.
	(check_dbra_loop): Likewise.
	(load_mems): Likewise.
	(try_copy_prop): Likewise.
	* print-rtl.c (print_rtx): Use INSN_P.
	* recog.c (find_single_use): Use INSN_P.
	* reg-stack.c (stack_regs_mentioned): Use INSN_P.
	(next_flags_user): Likewise.
	(swap_rtx_condition): Likewise.
	* regmove.c (mark_flags_life_zones): Use INSN_P.
	(optimize_reg_copy_1): Likewise.
	(optimize_reg_copy_2): Likewise.
	(optimize_reg_copy_3): Likewise.
	(reg_is_remote_constant_p): Likewise.
	(fixup_match_2): Likewise.
	(regmove_optimize): Likewise.
	(fixup_match_1): Likewise.
	* regrename.c (build_def_use): Use INSN_P.
	(replace_reg_in_block): Likewise.
	(consider_use): Likewise.
	* reload.c (find_equiv_reg): Use INSN_P.
	* reload1.c (reload): Use INSN_P.
	(maybe_fix_stack_asms): Likewise.
	(calculate_needs_all_insns): Likewise.
	(reload_as_needed): Likewise.
	(emit_output_reload_insns): Likewise.
	(delete_address_reloads_1): Likewise.
	(reload_cse_regs_1): Likewise.
	(reload_combine): Likewise.
	(reload_cse_move2add): Likewise.
	* reorg.c (redundant_insn): Use INSN_P.
	(dbr_schedule): Likewise.
	* resource.c (find_dead_or_set_registers): Use INSN_P.
	(mark_target_live_regs): Likewise.
	* rtlanal.c (reg_used_between_p): Use INSN_P.
	(reg_referenced_between_p): Likewise.
	(reg_set_between_p): Likewise.
	(reg_set_p): Likewise.
	(single_set): Likewise.
	(multiple_sets): Likewise.
	(find_last_value): Likewise.
	(reg_set_last): Likewise.
	(find_reg_note): Likewise.
	(find_regno_note): Likewise.
	* sibcall.c (sequence_uses_addressof): Use INSN_P.
	* simplify-rtx.c (cselib_process_insn): Use INSN_P.
	* ssa.c (find_evaluations): Use INSN_P.
	(rename_block): Likewise.
	(rename_equivalent_regs): Likewise.
	* unroll.c (loop_find_equiv_value): Use INSN_P.
	(set_dominates_use): Likewise.
	* varasm.c (mark_constant_pool): Use INSN_P.
	(mark_constants): Likewise.
	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_does_function_need_gp): Use INSN_P.
	(alphaev4_next_group): Likewise.
	(alphaev5_next_group): Likewise.
	* config/c4x/c4x.c (c4x_process_after_reload): Use INSN_P.
	(c4x_rptb_rpts_p): Likewise.
	* config/mips/mips.c (mips16_optimize_gp): Use INSN_P.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (uses_TOC): Use INSN_P.
	(rs6000_adjust_priority): Likewise.
	* config/sh/sh.c (sh_loop_align): Use INSN_P.
	(machine_dependent_reorg): Likewise.
	(split_branches): Likewise.
	* config/tahoe/tahoe.c (tahoe_cmp_check): Use INSN_P.

Fri Aug  4 11:43:49 2000  John Wehle  (

	* combine.c (recog_for_combine): Remove the old notes
	prior to attempting to recognize the new pattern.
	(distribute_notes): Ignore REG_NONNEG notes.

2000-08-04  Chandrakala Chavva  <>

	* varasm.c (output_constructor): Add .align 0 for packed vars.

2000-08-04  J. David Anglin  <>

	* Use default thread_file even when enable_threads is
	yes or dce because hpux10.20 pa port uses MULTILIB implementation.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

	* gthr-dce.h (__gthread_objc_condition_allocate): Fix typo.

2000-08-04  Donn Terry (

	* prefix.c (translate_name): Don't strip trailing DIR_SEPARATOR.

2000-08-04  Mark Elbrecht  <>

	* i386/x-djgpp: Delete code that conditionally modifies target_alias.
	Delete code that conditionally modifies 'version'.
	Delete X_CPPFLAGS. Add comment for SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR.
	* i386/xm-djgpp.h (GCC_DRIVER_HOST_INITIALIZATION): New macro.
	* gcc.c (main): Use it.
	* config/i386/xm-djgpp.h (UPDATE_PATH_HOST_CANONICALIZE): New macro.
	* prefix.c (update_path): Use it.
	* i386/djgpp.h (STANDARD_INCLUDE_DIR): Define.
	(MD_EXEC_PREFIX): Set to '/dev/env/DJDIR/bin/'.
	(ASM_OUTPUT_SECTION_NAME): Add code attribute to sections containing

2000-08-04  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.h (flag_isoc94): Declare.
	* c-decl.c (flag_isoc94): Define.
	(c_decode_option): Set flag_isoc94 as appropriate.
	* c-common.c (T_PD, T_IM, T_UIM): Define.
	(format_char_info): Add tlen and jlen.
	(print_char_table): Add entries for %t and %j.  Allow %zn.  Allow
	%F.  Allow %lf.
	(scan_char_table): Add entries for %t and %j.  Allow %F.  Allow
	(time_char_table): Add NULL entries for %t and %j.
	(check_format_info): Allow for %t and %j.  Warn for %F if pedantic
	and not C99.  Warn for %lc, %ls and %l[ if pedantic and not C94.
	Warn for printf %lf if pedantic and not C99.  Don't warn for empty
	precision.  Allow precision argument to be unsigned int.  If
	pedantic, warn for %p passed an argument not a pointer to possibly
	qualified void or a possibly qualified character type, and for
	pointer targets of the wrong sign, except for character pointers.

2000-08-04  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* ginclude/stddef.h: Don't declare wint_t unless __need_wint_t.
	* c-common.h (enum c_tree_index): Add CTI_WINT_TYPE.
	(wint_type_node): Define.
	* c-decl.c (WINT_TYPE): Define.
	(init_decl_processing): Create the wint_type_node type.
	* c-common.c (T_WI): Define.
	(print_char_table): Use T_WI for %lc format.

2000-08-04  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/:  Verified that the MSDOS patch does not break
	the UNIX functionality and applied the next three patches
	from July:

2000-07-28  Eli Zaretskii  <>

	* fixinc/fixfixes.c (main) [__MSDOS__]: Avoid overwriting the
	output file with the temporary one by appending ".X" to generate
	the temporary fuile's name.  If the output file already has an
	extension, replace it with ".X".

	* fixinc/fixincl.c (fix_with_system) [__MSDOS__]: Use $ORIGDIR,
	not $DESTDIR, to find applyfix.  Use sprintf instead of snprintf;
	reallocate the command buffer while copying the command-line
	argument.  Redirect the output directly to the temporary file,
	instead of going through another temporary file.
	(process): Close the temporary file before unlinking it.
	(machine_matches) [__MSDOS__]: If the machine doesn't match, set
	the FD_SKIP_TEST flag.  Pay attention to the FD_MACH_IFNOT flag.
	(run_compiles): Pass p_fixd argument to machine_matches, as it

	* fixinc/ Export ORIGDIR.  If $DJDIR is set in the
	environment, assume there are no symlinks in the include
	directory.  When cleaning up the DONE files, look for them
	case-insensitively.  Don't try to remove symlinks if they aren't

	* fixinc/fixlib.c (make_raw_shell_str): Accept new argument smax;
	all callers changed.  Declare pz "const char *", to avoid compiler

	* fixinc/fixlib.h (ENV_TABLE): Get ORIGDIR from the environment.
	Change prototype of make_raw_shell_str.

2000-07-27  Eli Zaretskii  <>

	* fixinc/fixincl.c [__MSDOS__]: Don't include "server.h".
	(initialize) [__MSDOS__]: Use tempnam.
	(initialize): Don't use SIGPIPE if it is not defined.

	* fixinc/fixfixes.c (main) [__MSDOS__]: freopen for stdout should
	return stdout.

2000-07-25  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/fix*.[ch]: substantially reworked to make it possible
	to run this program without using fork(2) or pipe(2) (i.e. in
	a DOS environment).

2000-08-04  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* cppdefault.h (WINT_TYPE): Define.
	* cppinit.c (builtin_array): Define __WINT_TYPE__.
	* tradcpp.c (initialize_builtins): Define __WINT_TYPE__.
	* tm.texi (NO_BUILTIN_WINT_TYPE, WINT_TYPE): Document.

Fri Aug  4 06:53:46 2000  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* (mips_legitimate_address_p): Don't allow register+offset
	if the offset is large and negative, and we are compiling
	for 64 bit registers.

2000-08-04 Herman A.J. ten Brugge <>

	* gencodes.c (main): Define CODE_FOR_nothing as the last possible
	insn_code_number + 1.

2000-08-04  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* h8300.c (function_prologue): Rearrange code for conciseness.
	(function_epilogue): Likewise.
	* h8300.h (OK_FOR_U): Fix formatting.

	* cse.c: Fix a comment typo. Fix formatting.

2000-08-03  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/i386/ (return_indirect_internal): New.
	* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_expand_epilogue): Use it.

2000-08-03  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplex.c (parse_name): Might have to glue a CPP_OTHER token
	before the name.
	(lex_line): Glue @ onto the beginning of identifiers and
	string constants, in Objective-C mode.
	(output_token, spell_token): Handle CPP_OSTRING.
	(can_paste, maybe_paste_with_next): Handle pasting @ onto the
	beginning of a NAME or a STRING, in objc mode.

	* cpplib.c (get_define_node): Do not permit identifiers that
	begin with @ to be #defined.
	* cppmacro.c (CAN_PASTE_AFTER): Add CPP_OTHER.
	* cpplib.h (TTYPE_TABLE): Add CPP_OSTRING.

	* c-lang.c, objc/objc-act.c (build_objc_string): Delete.
	* c-tree.h (build_objc_string): Delete prototype.
	* objc/objc-tree.def: Delete OBJC_STRING_CST.
	* c-lex.c (yylex): Use build_string for all three kinds of strings.

	*, objc/objc-act.c: Update commentary.

2000-08-03  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* extend.texi: Fix typo in last change.

	* extend.texi: Add commentary on statement-expressions and their
	interactions with C++.

2000-08-03  Nick Clifton  <>

	* dwarf2.h (DW_LANG_Java): Change value to 0x000b.
	* dwarf.h (LANG_JAVA): Change value to 0x000b.

2000-08-03  Anthony Green  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (gen_compile_unit_die): Add java language support.
	(add_bound_info): Check for java language.
	(is_java): New function.
	* dwarfout.c (output_compile_unit_die): Ditto.
	* dwarf.h (dwarf_source_language): Add java source language type.
	* dwarf2.h (dwarf_source_language): Ditto.

Thu Aug  3 20:32:25 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* reg-stack.c (subst_stack_regs_pat):  Use replace_reg to swap

	* i386.c (ix86_expand_branch): Mode of comparison in

Thu Aug  3 10:05:53 2000  Akiko Matsushita <>

	* gengenrtl.c, rtl.c: Avoid #elif.

2000-08-03  Michael Poole  <>

	* tm.texi (Register Classes): Clarify order of sub-initializers

Thu Aug  3 15:53:03 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	From SAITOH Masanobu:
	* sh.h (ASM_OUTPUT_REG_PUSH): Fix syntax.

2000-08-03  David Billinghurst  <>

	* config/i386/cygwin.h: Remove -remap from CPP_SPEC since this option
	is not supported by tradcpp and isn't actually needed for cygwin.

2000-08-03  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* h8300.c: Fix a comment typo.
	* h8300.h (OK_FOR_U): Accept a 32-bit constant address on H8S.

	* jump.c: Fix formatting.

	* toplev.c: Fix formatting.

Thu Aug  3 01:05:32 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* flow.c (find_auto_inc): Verify that we've got a REG before
	peeking at its regno.  Fail, don't abort if we can't find
	the increment of the desired register.

	* (shadd height reduction patterns/splitters): Remove.

2000-08-02  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h (flag_ssa): Declare.
	* config/ia64/ (movti_internal, movti_internal+1): New.

2000-08-02  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* dce.c: Remove all uses of assert.
	* dwarf2out.c: Likewise.
	* dwarfout.c: Likewise.
	* ssa.c: Likewise.

2000-08-02  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* gcc.h (lang_specific_driver): Constify second argument.
	* gcc.c (translate_options, process_command, main): Likewise.
	Constify variables to match.  Cast second argument to

	* cppspec.c, gccspec.c: Adjust type of second argument to
	lang_specific_driver, and update code as necessary.

2000-08-02  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* loop.c (scan_loop): Ensure update_end label does not
	go away until reg_scan_update is run.

2000-08-02  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* c-common.h: Prototype min_precision and c_build_qualified_type here...
	* c-tree.h: ... not here.
	* errors.h: Prototype fancy_abort.

	* emit-rtl.c (gen_lowpart_common): Move variable 'c' into
	HOST_BITS_PER_WIDE_INT == 64 ifdef block.
	* regrename.c (regrename_optimize): Make control flow explicit.
	(replace_reg_in_block): Initialize reg_use to 0.

	* i386.c (legitimate_address_p): Rename error label to
	report_error to avoid namespace clash.

2000-08-02  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* fold-const.c: Fix formatting.

Wed Aug  2 16:26:15 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* i386.c (legitimate_address_p): Accept other bases than
	pic_offset_table_rtx for GOTOFF constructs.

Wed Aug  2 15:59:34 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* (shift to lea splitter): Use const_int_operand.

2000-08-02  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppexp.c, cppinit.c, cpplex.c, cpplib.c, cppmacro.c,
	cppspec.c: Do not use 'legal' or 'illegal' in error messages
	and comments.

	* cppmain.c (cb_define, cb_undef): Don't generate any output
	if not done_initializing.
	* cpplex.c (maybe_paste_with_next): When the token after a ##
	is an omitted rest argument, only delete the token before it
	if that token is a comma.  Do not warn about bogus token
	pastes for , ## rest_arg.

	* cpp.texi: Update.
	* cpp.1: Regenerate.

2000-08-02  Fred Fish  <>

	* config/i386/beos-elf.h (STARTFILE_SPEC): Add i386-mcount.o
	when user gives -p option.  Add init_term_dyn.o for BeOS 5.0
	and later.

	* config/i386/beos-elf.h (INCLUDE_DEFAULTS): Add additional
	Be directories to search path.

	Remove support for __declspec(dllimport) and __declspec(dllexport).
	This is leftover cruft from the earlier BeOS gcc port when BeOS
	used Microsoft's PE object file format.
	* (i*86-*-beoself): Remove extra_objs=winnt.o.
	* config/i386/t-beos (winnt.o): Remove Makefile frag.
	* config/i386/beos-elf.h (TARGET_NOP_FUN_DLLIMPORT): Remove.

	Remove support for obsolete version of BeOS that is no longer
	supported by Be.
	* (i*86-*-beospe*): Remove.
	* config/i386/beos-pe.h: Remove.

2000-08-01  Jeffrey Oldham  <>
	    Mark Mitchell <>

	* (OBJS): Added dce.o.
	(ssa.o): Updated target to include ssa.h.
	(flow.o): Likewise.
	(toplev.o): Likewise.
	(dce.o): Created target.
	* basic-block.h: Added comments.
	(INVALID_BLOCK): Added definition.
	(connect_infinite_loops_to_exit): Added declaration.
	Moved SSA declarations to ssa.h.
	* flow.c: Added inclusion of ssa.h.
	(struct depth_first_search_dsS, depth_first_search_ds):
	Added definitions.
	(compute_immediate_postdominators): Added definition.
	(connect_infinite_loops_to_exit): Likewise.
	(flow_dfs_compute_reverse_init): Likewise.
	(flow_dfs_compute_reverse_add_bb): Likewise.
	(flow_dfs_compute_reverse_execute): Likewise.
	(flow_dfs_compute_reverse_finish): Likewise.
	* rtl.h (rtx/in_struct): Added use to determine insn necessity.
	(LABEL_P): Added definition.
	(JUMP_P): Likewise.
	(NOTE_P): Likewise.
	(BARRIER_P): Likewise.
	(JUMP_TABLE_DATA_P): Likewise.
	(INSN_DEAD_CODE_P): Likewise.
	* ssa.c: Replaced inclusions with ssa.h inclusion.
	(rename_registers): Removed unnecessary variables.
	* ssa.h: Created by moving declarations from ssa.c and
	* timevar.def: Defined TV_DEAD_CODE_ELIM.
	* toplev.c: Added ssa.h inclusion.
	(dump_file_index): Added DFI_dce.
	(dump_file): Added "dce" entry.
	Defined flag_ssa.
	(f_options): Added dce entry.
	* invoke.texi: Document -fdce.  Emphasize experimental status of
	* dce.c: New file.

2000-08-01  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpperror.c (v_message): Split into _cpp_begin_message and
	v_message macro.  All callers updated.
	(_cpp_begin_message): Do inhibit_errors/inhibit_warnings
	checks here.

	* cppfiles.c (cpp_syshdr_flags): New function.
	(read_include_file): Don't call cpp_output_tokens.  Call
	enter_file hook.
	* cppinit.c (dump_macros_helper): Moved to cppmain.c.
	(cpp_reader_init): Don't initialize token_buffer.  Call
	(cpp_cleanup): Don't clear token_buffer.
	(cpp_start_read): Don't worry about output from -D processing.
	Don't call cpp_output_tokens.
	(cpp_finish): Don't dump macros here.  Don't call
	* cppmacro.c (_cpp_dump_definition): Rename
	cpp_dump_definition.  Write directly to a FILE *.
	(dump_funlike_macro): Delete.
	(dump_macro_args): New.

	* cpplex.c (TOKEN_LEN): Convert to inline function.
	(_cpp_grow_token_buffer, safe_fwrite, cpp_output_tokens,
	cpp_scan_line, _cpp_dump_list): Delete.
	(cpp_printf, cpp_output_list): New.
	(output_line_command): Don't worry about entering or leaving files.
	(cpp_scan_buffer): Just output each token as we hit it.
	(process_directive): Don't call cpp_output_tokens.
	(_cpp_glue_header_name): Don't use token_buffer.
	(output_token, dump_param_spelling): Write directly to a FILE *.

	* cpplib.c (pass_thru_directive, dump_macro_name,
	pragma_dispatch, do_pragma_gcc): Delete.
	(do_define, do_undef, parse_include, do_line, do_ident, do_pragma,
	do_pragma_poison, cpp_pop_buffer): Call the appropriate hook
	(do_error, do_warning, pragma_dependency): Call
	_cpp_begin_message, then cpp_output_list.
	(cpp_register_pragma, cpp_register_pragma_space,
	_cpp_init_internal_pragmas): New.
	(do_pragma): Walk the pragmas table here.
	(do_pragma_once, do_pragma_poison, do_pragma_system_header,
	do_pragma_dependency): Return void.
	(do_pragma_implementation): Moved to cppmain.c.

	* cpplib.h: Update prototypes.
	 (struct cpp_reader): Remove printer, token_buffer,
	token_buffer_size, and limit.  Add struct cb, and pragmas.
	(struct cpp_printer): Remove last_id and written.
	* cpphash.h: Update prototypes.
	(ufputs): New wrapper.

	* cppmain.c (cb_define, cb_undef, cb_include, cb_ident,
	cb_enter_file, cb_leave_file, cb_def_pragma): New functions.
	(main): Set up callbacks.  Register #pragma implementation.
	Dump macros from here.

2000-08-01  Geoff Keating  <>

	* rtl.h (enum reg_note): Add REG_MAYBE_DEAD.
	* rtl.c (reg_note_name): Add REG_MAYBE_DEAD.
	* flow.c (propagate_one_insn): Allow deletion of prologue/epilogue
	insns if they have a REG_MAYBE_DEAD note attached.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_maybe_dead): New function.
	(rs6000_emit_load_toc_table): TOC loads may go dead.

2000-08-01  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_function_arg): Fix last change.  Verify
	type exists before using it.  Use number of words as alignment
	(ia64_function_arg_partial_nregs, ia64_function_arg_advance,
	ia64_va_arg): Propagate ia64_function_args changes here.

2000-08-01  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/elfos.h (ASM_DECLARE_OBJECT_NAME): Care for null DECL.
	* config/ia64/sysv4.h (ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGNED_DECL_LOCAL): Likewise.

2000-08-01  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	From Joern Rennecke:
	* sh.h (CPP_SPEC, TARGET_SWITCHES): Add m4-nofpu.
	* (udivsi3, divsi3): Don't use libcalls that use the FPU
	unless TARGET_SH3E is set.
	* t-sh (MULTILIB_MATCHES): Add m2=m4-nofpu.

	* (ashlsi3_d, ashlsi3_k): Remove, replace with
	(ashlsi3_std): New pattern.
	(ashlsi3 expander): Use it for TARGET_SH3.
	* sh.c (gen_ashift): Use it instead of ashlsi3_k.

Tue Aug  1 12:34:21 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* loop.c (canonicalize_condition):  Use destination, not source to
	determine SET's mode.

2000-07-31  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* flow.c (clear_log_links): Fix typo.

Mon Jul 31 22:19:24 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* loop.c (check_dbra_loop): Make change from July 17, 2000 work
	on targets which need more than one insn for a compare/cbranch

2000-07-31  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_function_arg): Use alignment not size
	when computing offset.

Mon Jul 31 20:35:50 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* genpeep.c (main): Handle DEFINE_PEEPHOLE2.

2000-07-31  Geoff Keating  <>

	* flow.c (clear_log_links): Nuke global_live_at_start and
	global_live_at_end data, since if the log_links stuff is invalid
	so is global_live_at_*.

2000-07-31  Richard Henderson  <>

	* tm.texi (Addressing Modes): Clarify PRE/POST_MODIFY descriptions.

2000-07-31  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_get_line): If index is 0, return line 0 col 0.
	(_cpp_get_token): Don't macro expand a just pasted token if it
	was pasted at no_expand_level.

2000-07-31  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppmacro.c (find_param, count_params, save_expansion):
	Permit 'defined' as a macro parameter name.

2000-07-31  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* Rename cpp to cpp0, tradcpp to tradcpp0, and
	xcpp to cpp throughout.
	(native): Remove unnecessary dependency on cpp.

	* gcc.c (trad_capable_cpp, C specs): Rename cpp to cpp,
	tradcpp to tradcpp0.
	(.i spec): Add missing output-file spec to cc1 command line.
	* objc/lang-specs.h: Rename cpp to cpp0 and/or tradcpp to tradcpp0.

2000-07-31  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* c-decl.c (mesg_implicit_function_declaration): Init to -1.
	(implicit_decl_warning): New function.
	(implicitly_declare): Use it.
	* c-typeck.c (build_external_ref): Use implicit_decl_warning
	to complain about implicit decls of builtins.

	* c-lang.c (lang_init): Set mesg_implicit_function_declaration
	based on pedantic && flag_isoc99, if not already set.
	* c-tree.h: Declare mesg_implicit_function_declaration.
	Prototype implicit_decl_warning.

2000-07-30  Jeffrey D. Oldham  <>

	* (ssa.o): Updated header files in dependences.
	* basic-block.h: Added compute_immediate_postdominators declaration.
	* config/i386/i386.h (CONVERT_HARD_REGISTER_TO_SSA_P): Added
	* flow.c (compute_immediate_dominators): Updated comment.
	(compute_immediate_postdominators): Added definition.
	* rtl.h (HARD_REGISTER_P): Added definition.
	* ssa.c: Include additional header files.
	(assert): Added definition.
	(ssa_rename_to_lookup): Added to reimplement ssa_rename_to to
	include select hard registers.
	(ssa_rename_to_insert): Likewise.
	(ssa_rename_from_initialize): Likewise.
	(ssa_rename_from_lookup): Likewise.
	(original_register): Likewise.
	(ssa_rename_from_insert): Added to reimplement ssa_rename_from to
	include select hard reigsters.
	(ssa_rename_from_traverse): Likewise.
	(ssa_rename_from_free): Likewise.
	(ssa_rename_from_print): Likewise.
	(ssa_rename_from_print_1): Likewise.
	(ssa_rename_from_hash_function): Likewise.
	(ssa_rename_from_equal): Likewise.
	(ssa_rename_from_delete): Likewise.
	(simplify_to_immediate_dominators): Removed in favor of
	(find_evaluations_1): Modified to work with hard registers.
	(insert_phi_node): Likewise.
	(insert_phi_nodes): Likewise.
	(struct rename_set_data): Updated prev_reg comment.
	(create_delayed_rename): Modified to work with hard registers.
	(RENAME_NO_RTX): Updated comment.
	(apply_delayed_renames): Modified to work with hard registers.
	(rename_insn_1): Likewise and added handling of CLOBBER rtls.
	(rename_block): Updated to use revised ssa_rename_to interface.
	(rename_registers): Updated to use revised ssa_rename_to and
	ssa_rename_from interface.
	(convert_to_ssa): Revised to use compute_immediate_dominators and
	deal with hard registers.
	(make_regs_equivalent_over_bad_edges): Modified to work with hard
	registers.  Added check for illegal unification of hard register.
	(make_equivalent_phi_alternatives_equivalent): Modified to work
	with hard registers.
	(compute_conservative_reg_partition): Likewise.
	(coalesce_if_unconflicting): Modified to work with hard registers
	and check for conflicting hard registers.
	(mark_phi_and_copy_regs): Revised loop to work only on pseudo
	(rename_equivalent_regs_in_insn): Modified to work with hard
	(record_canonical_element_1): Added definition.
	(check_hard_regs_in_partition): Added definition.
	(convert_from_ssa): Added data structure deallocation and check
	for illegal hard register unification.
	(conflict_hard_regs_p): Added definition.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Added comment.

2000-07-31  Anthony Green  <>

	* config/ia64/crtbegin.asm (__EH_FRAME_BEGIN__): Align correctly.

2000-07-31  Jason McMullan  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_apply): Don't defer pop during
	argument setup.

2000-07-31 Herman A.J. ten Brugge <>

	* calls.c (combine_pending_stack_adjustment_and_call): Only use
	preferred_unit_stack_boundary when it is > 1.

2000-07-31  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-common.c (init_function_format_info): Add C99 format functions
	in C99 mode.

	* c-decl.c (get_parm_info): Don't treat 'const void', 'volatile
	void' or 'register void' as being the special case of 'void' alone
	in a parameter list.

	* c-typeck.c (build_c_cast): Change -Wcast-qual pedwarn for
	discarding qualifiers into a plain warning.

2000-07-31  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* combine.c: Fix formatting.

	* Fix formatting.

	* local-alloc.c: Fix formatting.

	* h8300.c (get_shift_alg): Remove the variable alg.
	(emit_a_shift): Rearrange code to improve readability.

	* (movsi_h8300hs): Rearrange code to improve readability.

	* h8300.h (MODES_TIEABLE_P): Accept a combination of QImode and
	HImode on all architectures and a combination of HImode and SImode
	on H8/300H and H8S.

	* h8300.c (split_adds_subs): Rearrange code for conciseness.

Mon Jul 31 12:27:55 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* (addsi to lea splitter, ashlqi3_1_lea): Fix bugs
	in my last checkin.

Mon Jul 31 10:41:01 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* recog.c (extract_insn): Set operand_mode according to
	operand if match_operand is VOIDmode.

Mon Jul 31 10:36:38 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* recog.c (validate_replace_rtx_1): Do not abort for (nil) expression.

2000-07-31  Geoff Keating  <>

	* (extdefs): Call ggc_collect between external

2000-07-30  Michael Hayes  <>
	    Richard Henderson  <>

	* (OBJS): Add doloop.o.
	* doloop.c: New file.

	* final.c (insn_current_reference_address): Return 0 before final.
	* flags.h (flag_branch_on_count_reg): Fix typos in commentary.
	* jump.c (any_uncondjump_p): Likewise.
	* loop.c (indirect_jump_in_function): Make static.
	(strength_reduce): Call doloop_optimize.
	(insert_bct, instrument_loop_bct): Remove.
	* loop.h (doloop_optimize): Prototype.
	* recog.c (split_all_insns): Split all INSN_P.
	* toplev.c (flag_branch_on_count_reg): Default on.

	* config/c4x/c4x.c (c4x_optimization_options): Don't set
	* config/i386/i386.c (override_options): Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (optimization_options): Likewise.

	* config/i386/ (decrement_and_branch_on_count): Remove.
	(doloop_end): New.
	(dbra_ge): Remove, as well as all it's splitters.

	* config/rs6000/ (decrement_and_branch_on_count): Remove.
	(doloop_end): New.

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h (ar_lc_reg_operand): Declare.
	(ia64_register_move_cost): Declare.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ar_lc_reg_operand): New.
	(struct ia64_frame_info): Add ar_size.
	(ia64_compute_frame_size): Set it.
	(save_restore_insns): Save and restore
	(ia64_register_move_cost): New, moved from header file.  Handle
	application registers.
	(REG_AR_PFS, REG_AR_EC): Remove.  Replace with AR_*_REGNUM numbers.
	(emit_insn_group_barriers): Special case doloop_end_internal.
	(ia64_epilogue_uses): Mark live at end.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (AR_CCV_REGNUM, AR_LC_REGNUM): New registers.
	(AR_EC_REGNUM, AR_PFS_REGNUM): New registers.
	(enum reg_class): Add AR_M_REGS and AR_I_REGS.
	(LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS_DISP): Displacement range is 9 bits, not 10.
	(REGISTER_MOVE_COST): Move out of line.
	* config/ia64/ (movdi patterns): Handle ar register classes.
	(addsi3_plus1_alt, adddi3_plus1_alt): New.
	(shladd_elim splitter): Allow constants in the predicate.
	(doloop_end, doloop_end_internal): New.

2000-07-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* genattrtab.c (struct insn_def): Add lineno member.
	(struct insn_ent): Likewise.
	(struct attr_desc): Likewise.
	(struct delay_desc): Likewise.
	(struct function_unit_op): Likewise.
	(struct function_unit): Likewise.
	(check_attr_value): Use message_with_line.
	(check_defs): Likewise.
	(expand_units): Likewise.
	(check_attr_test): Take a lineno argument.
	(gen_attr): Likewise.
	(gen_insn): Likewise.
	(gen_delay): Likewise.
	(gen_unit): Likewise.
	(main): Give it to them.
	(convert_set_attr_alternative): Take an insn_def argument
	instead of num_alt and insn_index.
	(convert_set_attr): Likewise.
	(write_test_expr): Protect INSN_ADDRESSES load

2000-07-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (init_propagate_block_info): Use pc_set.

Sun Jul 30 20:58:34 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* (*lea_general_[123]) New insns and splits.
	(addsi3 to lea splitter): Handle other modes too.
	(shlsi3 to lea splitter): Likewise.
	(addhi_1_lea, shlhi_1_lea): New patterns.
	(addhi_1, shlhi_1): Conditionize by PARTIAL_REG_STALL.

Sun Jul 30 20:51:25 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* recog.c (general_operand, nonimmediate_operand): Accept
	any mode for VOIDmode CONSTANT_P operands.

Sun Jul 30 20:42:21 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* gcse.c (try_replace_reg): Use validate_replace_rtx_subexp
	instead of replace_rtx.
	* recog.c (validate_replace_rtx_subexp): New function.
	* recog.h (validate_replace_rtx_subexp): Declare.

Sun Jul 30 20:38:26 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* combine.c (simplify_set, make_extraction, make_compound_operation
	make_field_assignment): Use full mask instead of GET_MODE_MASK (mode)
	as force_to_mode argument.

Sun Jul 30 20:30:41 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* combine.c (if_then_else_cond): Be sure that mode fits in

Sun Jul 30 20:27:36 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* combine.c (record_promoted_value):  Allow bitsize of mode
	to be equivalent to HOST_BITS_PER_WISE_INT.

Sun Jul 30 20:25:21 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* function.c (assign_stack_local_1, assign_stack_temp_for_type):
	Do not call gen_mode_alignment when mode is BLKmode.

Sun Jul 30 20:21:54 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* loop.c (express_from_1): Fix call of simplify_gen_binary.

Sun Jul 30 20:08:37 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_relational_operation): Verify that mode ==
	VOIDmode implies both operands to be VOIDmode.
	(simplify_ternary_operation): Compute properly the mode of comparison.
	* combine.c (combine_simplify_rtx): Likewise.

2000-07-25  Michael Hayes  <>

	* basic-block.h (struct loops): New field rc_order.
	* flow.c (flow_loops_cfg_dump): Dump rc_order if computed.
	(flow_loops_free): Free rc_order.
	(flow_depth_first_order_compute): New parameter rc_order.
	(flow_loops_find): Allocate rc_order and swap usage with

2000-07-30 Herman A.J. ten Brugge <>
	   Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/c4x/ (set_ldp_prologue): Add for RTL prologue/epilogue.
	(push_st, push_dp, pop_st, pop_dp, popqi_unspec): Likewise.
	(nodb_call, return_from_epilogue): Likewise.
	(return_from_interrupt_epilogue, prologue, epilogue): Likewise.
	* config/c4x/c4x.c (c4x_expand_prologue, c4x_expand_eplilogue): Add.
	* config/c4x/c4x-protos.h (c4x_interrupt_function_p): Add.
	(c4x_expand_prologue, c4x_expand_epilogue): Likewise.
	(c4x_valid_type_attribute_p): Likewise.
	* config/c4x/c4x.h (FUNCTION_PROLOGUE, FUNCTION_EPILOGUE): Delete.

2000-07-30  Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/c4x/c4x.c (c4x_emit_move_sequence): Use loadqi_big_constant
	and loadhi_big_constant if applicable.
	* config/c4x/ (loadqi_big_constant, loadhi_big_constant): Tweak
	and add new splitter.s

2000-07-30  Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/c4x/c4x.c (c4x_rptb_insert): Make more robust.

2000-07-30  Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/c4x/c4x.h (ASM_FORMAT_PRIVATE_NAME): Output $ in label.

2000-07-30  Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/c4x/c4x.h (IS_XXX_REGNO): Rewrite to avoid unsigned warnings.

2000-07-30  Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/c4x/libgcc.S (divqf3): Improve accuracy.

2000-07-27  Mark Mitchell  <>

	Put phi nodes after NOTE_INSN_BASIC_BLOCK.
	* rtl.h (NOTE_INSN_BASIC_BLOCK_P): New macro.
	* bb-reorder.c (get_next_bb_note): Use NOTE_INSN_BASIC_BLOCK_P.
	(get_prev_bb_note): Likewise.
	(remove_scope_notes): Likewise.
	* flow.c (commit_one_edge_insertion): Likewise.
	(merge_blocks_nomove): Likewise.
	(verify_flow_info): Likewise.
	* gcse.c (insert_insn_end_bb): Likewise.
	* reg-stack.c (emit_swap_insn): Likewise.
	* ssa.c (first_insn_after_basic_block_note): New function.
	(insert_phi_node): Use it.
	(rename_block): Likewise.
	(eliminate_phi): Likewise.
	(make_regs_equivalent_over_bad_edges): Likewise.
	(make_equivalent_phi_alternatives_equivalent): Likewise.
	(for_each_successor_phi): Likewise.
	(convert_from_ssa): Modify phi-node deletion algorithm.

2000-07-29  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* (mips*-*-linux*): Use mips*el to check for little
	endian MIPS, add tmake_file.

	* config/mips/linux.h (TARGET_VERSION): Use GNU/Linux.
	Patches by Maciej W. Rozycki <>.

2000-07-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_print_operand): Fix typos.
	Sign extend mode size before negating.

2000-07-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (gen_lowpart_common): Add missing 'c' variable.

2000-07-28  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* cse.c (canon_hash): Handle PRE_MODIFY/POST_MODIFY.
	(cse_insn): Likewise.
	(addr_affects_sp_p): Likewise.
	* expr.c (move_by_pieces): Likewise.
	(clear_by_pieces): Likewise.
	* gcse.c (oprs_unchanged_p): Likewise.
	* haifa-sched.c (sched_analyze_2): Likewise.
	* recog.c (offsettable_address_p): Likewise.
	* regclass.c (record_address_regs): Likewise.
	* reload.c (find_reusable_reload): Likewise.
	(push_reload): Likewise.
	(operands_match_p): Likewise.
	(decompose): Likewise.
	(find_reloads_address_1): Likewise.
	(find_inc_amount): Likewise.
	* reload1.c (elimination_effects): Likewise.
	* resource.c (mark_set_resources): Likewise.
	* flow.c (attempt_auto_inc): New function; mostly broken out
	of find_auto_inc.
	(find_auto_inc): Split into two functions and enhanced to
	generate POST_MODIFY.
	* rtl.def (PRE_MODIFY, POST_MODIFY): Adjust comment.
	* rtl.h (count_all_occurrences):  Declare.
	(HAVE_{PRE,POST}_MODIFY_{DISP,REG}): Provide default of 0 if not
	* rtlanal.c (count_all_occurrences): New function.

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h (destination_operand): Declare.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (destination_operand): New function.
	(ia64_print_operand): Handle POST_MODIFY.
	(rtx_needs_barrier): Likewise.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (HAVE_POST_MODIFY_DISP): Define to 1.
	(HAVE_POST_MODIFY_REG): Define to 1.
	(MAX_REGS_PER_ADDRESS): Change to 2.
	(LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS_REG): New helper macro.
	(PREDICATE_CODES): Add entry for destination_operand.
	* config/ia64/ (all mov patterns): Use destination_operand
	predicate for operand 0.

2000-07-28  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* dwarf2out.c: Indent #error directive.

	* gbl-ctors.h: Fix typo in comment.
	(__do_global_ctors): Prototype.

	* gcse.c (record_one_set, pre_delete): Remove unused variables.

	* rs6000.c (rs6000_maybe_dead): Delete unused prototype.
	(print_operand): Initialize variable `t'.

2000-07-27  Aldy Hernandez  <>

	* config/arm/ ("call_value"): removed constraints.
	Constraints are ignored in expanders.
	(*call_value_reg): split =rf into various constraints.
	(*call_value_mem): same
	(*call_value_symbol): same
	(*sibcall_value_insn): same

2000-07-28  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* install.texi (--enable-nls): Change the description of the NLS
	related configure options to match the current state.
	(--with-included-gettext): Likewise.
	(--enable-maintainer-mode): New description added.
	* extend.texi (-fstrict-prototype): Add missing '.'.

2000-07-27  Jim Wilson  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (gen_decl_die): Don't call gen_abstract_function if

2000-07-27  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (INSN_ATTR_H): New macro.  Replace all dependencies
	on insn-attr.h with it.
	* genattr.c: Generate `#include "insn-addr.h"' if HAVE_ATTR_length.
	* insn-addr.h: New header.
	(insn_addresses_): Renamed from insn_addresses.
	* genattrtab.c (write_test_expr): Use new macros.
	* final.c (insn_addresses, init_insn_lengths): Likewise.
	(align_fuzz, shorten_branches): Likewise.
	(final): Likewise.  Do not reject new insns if their addresses
	have been added to INSN_ADDRESSES.
	* config/arm/arm.c, config/avr/avr.c: Use new macros.
	* config/h8300/h8300.c, config/i370/i370.c: Likewise.
	* config/m88k/m88k.c, config/pa/pa.c, config/pa/ Likewise.
	* config/sparc/sparc.c, config/sparc/ Likewise.
	* config/sh/sh.c: Likewise.
	(output_branchy_insn): Use INSN_ADDRESSES_NEW.

	* (bootstrap): Move -BstageN/ back to the beginning.

2000-07-27  Andrew Cagney  <>

	* gcc.c (struct prefix_list): Add member priority.
	(enum path_prefix_priority): Declare.
	(add_prefix): Replace ``first'' with ``priority''.  Append new
	entry but keep list in priority order.
	(process_command): Update.  Pass PREFIX_PRIORITY_B_OPT or
	PREFIX_PRIORITY_LAST to add_prefix.
	(process_command): Move include kludge - foo/stageN - to before

2000-07-27  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (gen_typedef_die): Abort if we get identical

2000-07-27  RodneyBrown  <>

	* expr.h (get_alias_set, lang_get_alias_set): Delete prototypes.
	* tree.h (get_alias_set, lang_get_alias_set): Prototype.

2000-07-27  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-decl.c (finish_function): Don't treat 'main' specially unless
	flag_hosted.  In C99 mode, return 0 from 'main' unless
	DEFAULT_MAIN_RETURN is otherwise defined.

	* c-decl.c (store_parm_decls): In C99 mode, pedwarn for function
	parameters defaulting to int in an old-style function definition.

2000-07-27  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (string): For -Wtraditional, warn about string
	concatenation only once per line.

Thu Jul 27 09:25:17 2000  Akiko Matsushita  <>

	* pa/x-pa-hpux: Add -D_HIUX_SOURCE to FIXPROTO_DEFINES
	for HI-UX/WE2 systems.

2000-07-24  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixincl/fixfixes.c(emit_gnu_type): rewrote to *rely* on GCC
	defining the __xxx_TYPE__ macros.
	* fixincl/fixincl.tpl(gnu_type_map): now obsolete
	* fixincl/fixlib.h: don't need to include "tm.h" anymore
	* fixincl/inclhack.def(type_map): now obsolete

Thu Jul 27 11:54:17 2000  Andrew Cagney  <>

	* cpp.texi: Append a trailing full-stop to xrefs where needed.

2000-07-26  Dave Pitts  <>

	* i370.c: Remove LONGEXTERNAL ifdef from alias_number. Added hash
	routine constants.
	(mvs_hash_alias): New function.
	(mvs_add_alias): Change argument spacing.
	(mvs_need_alias): Change aliasing criteria. Added documentation.
	(mvs_get_alias): Change to use hashed name. The hashed name prevents
	CSECT name collisions.
	(mvs_check_alias): Likewise.
	(handle_pragma): Change documentation.
	* (mulsi3, divsi3, udivsi3, modsi3, umodsi3): Changed gen_rtx
	mode from SImode to DImode.
	(iorhi3): Changed LTORG size for insn.

Wed Jul 26 19:44:05 2000   Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* reload.c (find_reloads_toplev): Reload a paradoxical subreg of a
	mem if the address is a mode_dependent_address_p.

2000-07-26  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* h8300.c (print_operand): Print ":8" when the 'R' operand is
	suitable for 8-bit absolute.
	(OK_FOR_U): Add a case for the 8-bit constant address on the

Wed Jul 26 19:26:21 2000  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* varasm.c (assemble_variable) [! defined(ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGNED_COMMON)
	&& ! defined (ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGNED_BSS]): Also test
	! defined(ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGNED_DECL_COMMON) before complaining about
	lack of implemented alignment.

2000-07-26  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (gen_lowpart_common) [REAL_ARITHMETIC]: Handle
	cross-compiling between 64-bit and 32-bit machines.

2000-07-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ (movqicc_astep, movqi_internal_astep): New.
	(movhicc_astep, movhi_internal_astep): New.
	(movsicc_astep, movsi_internal_astep): New.
	(movdicc_astep, movdi_internal_astep): New.
	(movsfcc_astep, movsf_internal_astep): New.
	(movdfcc_astep, movdf_internal_astep): New.
	(movxfcc_astep, movxf_internal_astep): New.
	(cmovdi_internal_astep, cmovsi_internal_astep): New.
	Unify the cmov[ds]i splitters.

2000-07-27  Rodney Brown  <>

	* real.c (asctoeg): Rename `error' label to unexpected_char_error

2000-07-26  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/vxarm.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Remove definition of
	__arm__.  Allow it to be defined by CPP_ISA_SPEC in arm.h

	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_frame_debug_expr): Accept SEQUENCE as
	well as PARALLEL blocks in FRAME_RELATED_EXPR notes.

2000-07-26  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* c-decl.c (finish_enum): Convert enumerations that fit in an
	`int' to `int'.
	(build_enumerator): In pedantic mode, cast to `int' those that

2000-07-25  Rodney Brown  <>

	* config/alpha/osf.h (SIZE_TYPE, PTRDIFF_TYPE): New.

Tue Jul 25 23:08:33 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* (cmpgtdi_t): Must be split.
	(cmpgtdi_t+1): New splitter.

2000-07-25  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.c (_cpp_check_directive): Issue -Wtraditional
	warnings for indented directives even if we are skipping.

2000-07-25  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* invoke.texi (strict-prototypes): Remove.
	* extend.texi (Deprecated Features): Add strict-prototypes.
	(Backwards Compatibility): New node.

2000-07-25  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/i386/ (andsi_1+1): Allow HImode.
	(andsi_1+2): Require q_regs_operand.

2000-07-25  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/i386/ (call_pop): Check operands[0],
	not operands[1]. Only check SYMBOL_REF_FLAG for a SYMBOL_REF.
	(call): Likewise.
	(call_value_pop): Only check SYMBOL_REF_FLAG for a SYMBOL_REF.
	(call_value): Likewise.

2000-07-25  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* toplev.c (pipe_closed): Delete.
	(crash_signal): New.  Generate ICE for a fatal signal.
	(float_signal): Call crash_signal outside a float-handler
	block, not abort.
	(main): Install crash_signal as handler for core-dumping signals.

2000-07-25  David Edelsohn  <>

	* rs6000.c (print_operand, case 'T'): New case.

	* (call_indirect_aix32): Convert to expander of
	scheduled instructions.
	(call_indirect_aix64): Likewise.
	(call_value_indirect_aix{32,64}): Likewise.
	(call, call_value): Invoke expanders for AIX.  Fall through to
	matchers for SysV.
	(call_indirect_nonlocal_aix{32,64}): New patterns (ctr and lr).
	(call_value_indirect_nonlocal_aix{32,64}): New patterns.
	(call_nonlocal_aix32): Remove CALL_LONG alternative.  Operand 1
	only "g" constraint.
	(call_nonlocal_aix64): Likewise.
	(call_value_nonlocal_aix{32,64}): Likewise.
	(call_nonlocal_sysv): New pattern for ctr, lr, and symbolic
	(call_value_nonlocal_sysv): New pattern.
	(indirect_jump{si,di}): Use new 'T' modifier.
	(tablejump{si,di} matchers): Likewise.
	(return_internal_{si,di}): Likewise.
	(return_eh_{si,di}): Likewise.

2000-07-24  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_print_operand): Handle "%,".
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (PRINT_OPERAND_PUNCT_VALID_P): Likewise.
	* config/ia64/ (movdi_internal): Use it.

2000-07-24  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppexp.c: Warn about unary + if -Wtraditional.
	* cpplex.c (lex_line): Always set BOL on the first token of a line.

2000-07-24  Michael Meissner  <>

	* d30v.h (FUNCTION_ARG_KEEP_AS_REFERENCE): Delete references to
	unsupported macro.

2000-07-24  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (emit_multi_reg_push): Generate a
	REG_FRAME_RELEATED_NOTE that is compatible with the code in

2000-07-24  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c: Complain if DWARF2_DEBUGGING_INFO is defined without
	(def_cfa_1): Don't emit def_cfa_register or def_cfa_offset to adjust
	a location expression.
	(dwarf2out_frame_debug_expr): Lose cfa_old_reg stuff.  Don't
	assume indirect access if we're saving the CFA address exactly.

	* (bootstrap): Move -BstageN/ to the end.

2000-07-24  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* tradcpp.c (main): Update max_include_len for cpp_include_defaults
	as well.

2000-07-24  Michael Meissner  <>

	* invoke.texi (D30V Options): Add d30v options.

Mon Jul 24 02:04:52 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* gcse.c (alloc_pre_mem): Do not alloc TRANSPOUT, it is not
	needed by our gcse pass anymore.
	(free_pre_mem): Corresponding changes.
	(compute_pre_data): Do not call compute_transpout anymore.

	* gcse.c (alloc_avail_expr_mem): Kill unused 'u_bitmap'.
	(free_avail_expr_mem, alloc_pre_mem, free_pre_mem): Corresponding

	* gcse.c (free_pre_mem): Do not free ANTLOC and AE_KILL here.
	(compute_pre_data): Do it here instead.

	* gcse.c (alloc_pre_mem, free_pre_mem): Delete unused bitmap
	(pre_delete): Corresponding changes.

2000-07-23  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-semantics.c (make_rtl_for_local_static): Use TREE_ASM_WRITTEN
	to figure out whether or not a variable has already been emitted.

Sun Jul 23 14:49:12 2000  Jason Eckhardt  <>

	* config/i860/ (untyped_call expander): Use GEN_CALL
	instead of gen_call.

Sun Jul 23 11:52:03 2000  George Helffrich (

	* dbxout.c (dbxout_type, case COMPLEX_TYPE): Fix length field in stab.

2000-07-23  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* h8300.c: Fix formatting.

2000-07-23  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-typeck.c (c_expand_start_case): Change -Wtraditional pedwarn
	for `long' switch expression into a plain warning.

	* c-lex.c (init_lex): Keep the "inline" keyword in C99 mode.
	(yylex): Don't pedwarn for "inline" in C99 mode.

	* bitmap.c (debug_bitmap_file): Cast pointers to PTR for printing
	with %p.
	* ggc-page.c (debug_print_page_list, alloc_page, free_page,
	ggc_alloc): Likewise.
	* bb-reorder.c (dump_scope_forest_1): Likewise.

2000-07-22  Aldy Hernandez  <>

	* reload.c (find_reloads_toplev): Add new parameter
	(find_reloads): Add new parameter to find_reloads_toplev calls.

2000-07-22  Jeffrey Oldham  <>

	* collect2.c (main): Typo fixed.
	* diagnostic.c: Typo fixed.
	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_frame_debug_expr): Typo fixed.
	* eh-common.h: Typo fixed.
	* emit-rtl.c (start_sequence): Typo fixed.
	* flow.c (find_label_refs): Typo fixed.
	(calculate_global_regs_live): Typo fixed.
	(mark_regno_cond_dead): Typo fixed.
	(create_edge_list): Typos fixed.
	(verify_edge_list): Typo fixed.
	* ggc-common.c (ggc_mark_rtx_children): Typo fixed.
	* loop.c (strength_reduce): Typo in function name fixed.
	* rtl.h: Added comments.  Typo in function name fixed.
	* rtlanal.c: Typo in function name fixed.
	(insn_dependant_p): Rename to ...
	(insn_dependent_p): ... this.
	(computed_jumo_p): Typo fixed.

2000-07-22  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* system.h (__FUNCTION__): Wrap definition in #ifndef.

2000-07-21  David Edelsohn  <>

	* rs6000.h (SIZE_TYPE): Define.

2000-07-21  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* ssa.c (rename_insn_1): Don't rename registers that are

2000-07-21  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* diagnostic.c (trim_filename, fancy_abort): Moved here from
	(fatal_function, set_fatal_function): Removed.
	(fatal): Don't prepare for or call the fatal_function.
	(diagnostic_lock, error_recursion): New.
	(diagnostic_for_decl, report_diagnostic): Guard against
	re-entering the error reporting routines.
	(fancy_abort): Assume function is not NULL.

	* errors.c (fancy_abort): New.  Assume function is not NULL.
	* tradcpp.c (fancy_abort): Assume function is not NULL.

	* system.h: Provide default definition of __FUNCTION__.
	* rtl.h: Use __FUNCTION__ not __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ throughout.
	Always use __FUNCTION__ in definition of abort.
	* tree.h: Likewise.
	* varray.h: Likewise.
	* toplev.h: Likewise.  Don't prototype set_fatal_function.

2000-07-20  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/aix43.h (CPP_SPEC): Define __LONG_MAX__ correctly
	in 64-bit mode.
	* glimits.h: Don't do #if defined for ARCH_PPC.

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (ASM_OUTPUT_SPECIAL_POOL_ENTRY_P): All
	constants of size no larger than a pointer should go in the TOC.
	Add 'MODE' parameter.
	* config/rs6000/aix.h (SELECT_RTX_SECTION): Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/netware.h (SELECT_RTX_SECTION): Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (constant_pool_expr_1): Likewise.
	(rs6000_legitimize_address): Likewise.
	(rs6000_emit_move): Likewise.
	(rs6000_select_rtx_section): Likewise.
	(output_toc): Deal properly with outputting small constants like
	HImode, and SFmode in 32-bit mode, and DFmode in 64-bit mode.
	* config/rs6000/sysv4.h (ASM_OUTPUT_SPECIAL_POOL_ENTRY_P): Add
	MODE parameter.  Put small constants in the TOC.

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (easy_fp_constant_p): All constants are
	easy in SImode.
	(rs6000_emit_move): When reload calls us with an illegitimate
	address, exit early.  Move the change_address calls to one place
	at the end of the routine.  Merge the SImode and DImode expanders.
	When called by reload to put an integer into a FP register, force
	it to memory.

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (struct toc_hash_struct): Add 'key_mode'
	(rs6000_hash_constant): Hash mode too.
	(toc_hash_function): Allow for key_mode.
	(toc_hash_eq): Structures are different if key_mode differs.
	(output_toc): Add 'mode' parameter.  Save key_mode.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (ASM_OUTPUT_SPECIAL_POOL_ENTRY):
	Pass 'mode' parameter.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000-protos.h (output_toc): Add 'mode' param.

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (output_toc): Use RS6000_OUTPUT_BASENAME
	for vtable references.

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (PREFERRED_RELOAD_CLASS): If we have a
	choice, don't put integer values in FP regs.

Thu Jul 20 18:13:52 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* flow.c (verify_flow_info): Revamp code to verify that the
	head and end of each basic block are in the insn chain.

Thu Jul 20 18:02:35 2000  Michael Matz <>

	* gcse.c (record_one_set): Prepend instead of append onto
	reg_set_table, making it O(n) instead O(n^2).
	* lcm.c (compute_antinout_edge,compute_laterin,compute_available):
	Use a queue instead of a stack as worklist.

2000-07-20  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* h8300.c (two_insn_adds_subs_operand): Fix a typo.
	* h8300.h (OK_FOR_T): New.
	* Use inc/dec.[wl] for increment/decrement
	by 1 and 2 in HI and SI modes.

2000-07-20  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK): Handle DELTA values
	larger than 14 bits.

2000-07-20  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppmacro.c (CAN_PASTE_AFTER): New macro.
	(count_params): Don't set GNU_REST_ARGS on anything.
	(save_expansion): Set PASTE_LEFT only on tokens for which
	CAN_PASTE_AFTER is true, or which are named operators.

	* cpplex.c (parse_args): Distinguish between a rest argument
	given one empty argument, and a rest argument given zero arguments.
	(maybe_paste_with_next): Look for VOID_REST tag, and trigger
	deletion of previous token based on that.
	(get_raw_token): Flatten some control structure.

	* cpplib.h (CPP_LAST_EQ): Correct.
	(VOID_REST): New token flag.
	(GNU_REST_ARGS): Delete.

	* tradcpp.c (main): Don't munge -D options.
	(make_definition): Bring -D handling in line with cpplib.
	(do_define): Strip all leading whitespace from macro definitions.

2000-07-20  David Billinghurst <>

	* (tradcpp): Depend on intl.o and version.o.

2000-07-20  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixincl/check.tpl: strip the platform specific types before testing
	* fixincl/fixfixes.c(gnu_type_fix): use platform specific types
	* fixincl/fixincl.tpl: use platform specific types
	* fixincl/fixlib.h: include the platform specific types
	* fixincl/inclhack.def(gnu_types): don't supply the types
	* fixincl/fixincl.x: regen

2000-07-19  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Don't allow XFmode in

2000-07-19  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* tradcpp.c (rescan): Do not recognize directives when the #
	is indented.

2000-07-19  Zack Weinberg  <>

	Implement C++ named operators.

	* cpplib.h (TTYPE_TABLE): Move CPP_MIN and CPP_MAX into block
	of operators allowed in #if and having an _EQ variant.  Add
	(cpp_token flags): Add NAMED_OP.
	(enum node_type): Add T_OPERATOR.
	(struct cpp_hashnode): Add code slot to value union.
	* cpphash.h (spec_nodes): Remove n_defined.

	* cpplex.c (lex_line): Convert T_OPERATOR nodes to their proper types.
	(spell_token, can_paste, maybe_paste_with_next): Handle named operators.
	(is_macro_disabled): Tweak error messages.

	* cpplib.c (get_define_node): Disallow all named operators as
	macro names.  Tweak error messages.
	(_cpp_init_stacks): Don't set up spec_nodes->n_defined.

	* cppinit.c (builtin_array): Add entries for the named operators.
	* cppexp.c (lex): Check for CPP_DEFINED token.
	(priority table): Add entries for CPP_MIN and CPP_MAX.
	(_cpp_parse_expr): Handle CPP_MIN and CPP_MAX.

2000-07-19  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* gcse.c (INSN_CUID): If ENABLE_CHECKING, abort if the uid is
	larger than the array of cuids.
	(alloc_gcse_mem): Use uid_cuid rather than INSN_CUID when computing

2000-07-19  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/fixincl.c:  Convert to using a table of environment variables
	and activate the auto-edit marker on the fixed output files.
	* fixinc/fixlib.h:  Define the environment table
	* fixinc/ export the ${INPUT} dir
	* fixinc/check.tpl: likewise

2000-07-18  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* gcc.c (.h spec): Fix typo.

Wed Jul 19 01:22:15 CEST 2000  Marc Espie  <>

	* Fix tradcif.c path.

2000-07-18  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.h (TTYPE_TABLE): Rearrange to use only two per-entry
	  macros, not five.

	* cpphash.h (TOKEN_NAME): New macro.
	(_cpp_spell_operator): Deleted.
	(token_spellings): Now _cpp_token_spellings.

	* cppexp.c: Use TOKEN_NAME or TYPE_NAME, not _cpp_spell_operator.
	* cpplex.c: Use OP and TK macros when expanding the
	TTYPE_TABLE.  Eliminate token_names.  For non-OPERATOR tokens,
	store the stringification of the enumeration name (CPP_CHAR,
	etc.) in the name slot of token_spellings.
	Use TOKEN_NAME and/or TOKEN_SPELL, do not reference
	token_spellings directly.
	* cpplib.c: Use TOKEN_SPELL.

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_push_token): If the token being pushed back
	is the previous token in this context, just subtract one from
	* cppmacro.c (save_expansion): Clear aux field when storing a

2000-07-18  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* cpplex.c (cpp_scan_buffer): Output line command even at the stop
	buffer, provided it is not NULL.

2000-07-18  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* c-decl.c (duplicate_decls): Do not call make_var_volatile() in
	case of invalid volatile re-declaration.

2000-07-18  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* calls.c (store_arg): Return nonzero if sibcall_failure is desired.
	(expand_call): Adjust caller.

2000-07-17  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.h (report_diagnostic): Change prototype.

	* diagnostic.c (output_do_verbatim, diagnostic_for_asm,
	diagnostic_for_decl):  Change prototype.
	(error_with_decl, warning_with_decl, pedwarn_with_decl, warning,
	error, warning, error_with_file_and_line,
	warning_with_file_and_line, pedwarn_with_file_and_line, fatal):
	Adjust call to report_diagnostic, diagnostic_for_decl.
	(error_for_asm, warning_for_asm): Adjust call to diagnostic_for_asm.
	(output_verbatim, verbatim): Adjust call to output_do_verbatim.

	* c-errors.c (pedwarn_c99): Adjust call to report_diagnostic. End
	varaible argument list.

2000-07-17  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.c: Don't include hashtab.h.  Most macro-handling code
	moved to cppmacro.c.
	(hash_HASHNODE, eq_HASHNODE, _cpp_dump_macro_hash,
	dump_hash_helper): Delete.
	(expand_hash, higher_prime_number, _cpp_lookup_with_hash,
	cpp_forall_identifiers): New. Implement specialized version of
	Vlad's expandable hash table.
	(cpp_lookup): Use new functions.
	(_cpp_init_macros, _cpp_cleanup_macros): Adjust for new
	* cppmacro.c: New file.
	* cppinit.c (dump_macros_helper): New.
	(cpp_finish): Iterate over the identifier table directly.
	* cpplex.c (parse_name): Calculate the hash of the identifier
	while we scan it.  Use _cpp_lookup_with_hash when we can.

	* cpphash.h: Update prototypes.
	(xcnewvec, HASHSTEP): New helper macros.
	* cpplib.h: Update prototypes.
	* (LIBCPP_OBJS): Add cppmacro.o.
	(cppmacro.o): New rule.
	(cpphash.o): Update deps.

	* cppmain.c: Do not set pfile->printer if no_output is on.

2000-07-15  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplib.c: Change all directive-handler functions to return
	void, not int.
	* cpphash.h: Update typedefs.

2000-07-17  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* configure: Regenerate.

	* extend.texi (Extended Asm): Mention that a memory clobber
	does not count as a side-effect.

	* unroll.c (copy_loop_body): Fix one instance of using host
	arithmetic on the target; fixes loop-4 on a 32-bit -> 64-bit

	* tlink.c (scan_linker_output): Tweak for output of AIX ld.

2000-07-17  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ (movdi): Split out load address code.
	New post-reload splitter for symbolic operands.
	(movdi_internal): Abort if we didn't split symbolic operands
	when we should have.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_expand_load_address): New, from movdi bits.
	(ia64_reorg): Split insns when not optimizing.
	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h (ia64_expand_load_address): Declare.

Mon Jul 17 23:43:26 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	instead of MAX_LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE to decide output format.

2000-07-17  Chandrakala Chavva   <>

	* loop.c (check_dbra_loop) : Changed loop_continue to loop->cont.

2000-07-17  Jason Merrill  <>

	* (clean): Remove libgcc directory.

	* (-Wno-long-long check): Use higher-level macros.

2000-07-17  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_binary_operation): Recognize
	   (compare (gt[u] (cc) 0) (lt[u] (cc) 0)).
	(simplify_ternary_operation):  Do not examine MODE_BITSIZE of
	   a CONST_INT, it will always be zero.

2000-07-17  Chandrakala Chavva   <>

	* loop.c (check_dbra_loop) : Return if more than one condition is
	present to control the loop.

Mon Jul 17 08:26:35 2000  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* mips.c (mips_expand_prologue): Don't calculate the last argument
	register unless we need it.  When we are calculating this, make
	sure FUNCTION_ARG is giving us a REG.

2000-07-17  Stephane Carrez  <>

	* flow.c (libcall_dead_p): Use single_set to verify the insn
	has only one set and get for analysis.
	(propagate_one_insn): Don't pass the PATTERN of the insn.

2000-07-17  Mark Klein <>

	 * pa.c (emit_hpdiv_const): Update to match new pattern for udivsi3.

2000-07-17  J. David Anglin  <>

	* (TARGET_GETGROUPS_T): New configuration variable.
	* (TARGET_GETGROUPS_T): Evaluate.
	* sys-protos.h (getgroups): Use TARGET_GETGROUPS_T for array type
	of second argument of getgroups.
	* configure, Rebuilt.

2000-07-17  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_relational_operation): Two signed
	values with equal high words are less/greater than each other if
	their low words are less/greater when considered as unsigned.

Mon Jul 17 02:37:06 2000  Marc Espie <>

	* (vax-*-openbsd):  Change to new style configuration,
	add collect2/float_format information.
	* configure:  Rebuilt.
	* config/vax/openbsd1.h:  New.
	* config/vax/openbsd.h:  New.
	* config/vax/t-openbsd:  New.

2000-07-17  Chip Salzenberg  <>

	* c-common.c (shorten_compare): Quiet warnings about unsigned
	comparisons with zero when they occur in a system header.

2000-07-17  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* invoke.texi (-pedantic): Refer to ISO C instead of ANSI C, and
	update to describe current practice.

	* glimits.h (LLONG_MIN, LLONG_MAX, ULLONG_MAX): Define for C99.

	* contrib.texi, cpp.texi, extend.texi, invoke.texi: Update
	references to C9X.  Change references to -fstd and -flang-isoc9x
	to refer to -std.

	* c-common.c (scan_char_table): Allow "z" length modifiers on
	diouxXn formats.
	(check_format_info): Use TYPE_DOMAIN on the type matched against
	for "z" formats, to retrieve the language size_t rather than the
	internal one.

	* c-common.c (check_format_info): Do not make a pedantic objection
	to the 'L' length modifier if used with a floating point type

	* c-lex.c (yylex): Don't pedwarn for hexadecimal floating point
	constants in C99 mode.

2000-07-17  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* Fix the format of mac.
	(movsi_h8300hs): Output a tab after stmac instead of a space.

	* h8300.c (two_insn_adds_subs_operand): Improve code for detecting
	profitable adds/subs sequences.

	* fold-const.c: Fix comment typos.

2000-07-16  Laurynas Biveinis  <>

	* cppfiles.c (read_name_map): Set map_list_ptr->map_list_map to NULL.

2000-07-16  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* fixinc/fixfixes.c (emit_gnu_type): Avoid string concatenation.

2000-07-16  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c: Update comments.
	* README.Portability: Small update.

2000-07-16  Neil Booth  <>

	* README.Portability:  Small update.

2000-07-15  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h (ia64_move_ok): Prototype.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_move_ok): New function.
	* config/ia64/ (movqi, movqi_internal): Use it.
	(movhi, movsi, movdi, movsf, movdf, movxf): Likewise.

2000-07-15  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.c (save_expansion): Clear PREV_WHITE on tokens
	immediately following a paste operator.
	* cppinit.c (sort_options): New function (only for HOST_EBCDIC).
	(cpp_reader_init): Call it, if HOST_EBCDIC.
	(cpp_handle_options): Do not sort option list here.
	(handle_option): Rename to cpp_handle_option and export.
	* cpplex.c (cpp_scan_buffer_nooutput, cpp_scan_buffer): Use
	_cpp_get_token directly.
	(cpp_scan_line): Return 0 at EOF, 1 otherwise.
	* cpplib.c (cpp_push_buffer): Don't set new->lineno to 1.
	* cpplib.h: Prototype cpp_handle_option.  Update prototype of

2000-07-15  Richard Henderson  <>

	* fold-const.c (extract_muldiv): Don't optimize past an unsigned
	cast around an expression.  Tidy other unsigned tests.

2000-07-15  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.c (doing_line_wrapping, line_wrapper_printf, notice,
	v_error_with_decl, v_warning_with_decl, v_pedwarn_with_decl): Remove.
	(v_message_with_decl): Rename to ...
	(format_with_decl): ... this. Tweak
	(diagnostic_for_decl): New function.
	(fatal_io_error): Use verbatim in lieu of notice.
	(announce_function): Use verbatim.
	(default_print_error_function): Likewise.
	(error_with_decl, warning_with_decl, pedwarn_with_decl): Use new

2000-07-15  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* mips.c (function_arg_pass_by_reference): Don't do automatic
	aggregate initialization.
	(machine_dependent_reorg): Initialize variable `mode'.

	* (absdi2): Change variable `regno1' to unsigned int.
	(reload_indi): Rename loword/hiword to lo_word/hi_word to avoid
	conflicts with sys/param.h macro of the same name.
	(reload_outdi): Likewise.

2000-07-15  Michael Meissner  <>

	* fold-const.c (fold): When optimizing FOO++ == CONST into ++FOO
	== CONST + INCREMENT, don't overwrite the tree node for FOO++,
	create a new node instead.

2000-07-15  Neil Booth  <>

	* README.Portability: Correct example about calling a function
	through a pointer to function.  Format wide paragraphs.

2000-07-15  Michael Meissner  <>

	* README.Portability: Update integer suffixes and function
	prototype sections.

2000-07-15  Neil Booth  <>

	* README.Portability: Small update.

2000-07-15  Neil Booth  <>

	* README.Portability: New file.

Fri Jul 14 18:13:53 2000  Mark P Mitchell  <>

	* INSTALL: Give special instructions for building GCC on Irix 6.
	* config/mips/x-iris6 (CC): Don't set it.
	(OLDCC): Likewise.

2000-07-14  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_frame_debug_expr): If we store the CFA
	register in the stack and later in another register, use the new

Fri Jul 14 10:25:53 2000  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* config/mips/ (absdi2): Handle sign_extend for
	second operand.

2000-07-14  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* cpplib.c (do_pragma_dependency): Tidy warning messages.

2000-07-14  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* .cvsignore: Correct typo.

2000-07-13  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* .cvsignore: Add generated YACC files.
	* objc/.cvsignore: New file.

2000-07-14  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (adjust_column): New function.
	(skip_whitespace): Use it.
	(skip_block_comment): Use it, and warn about /*/* with

2000-07-14  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpphash.c (struct macro_info): Add new members.
	(_cpp_free_definition): Delete the macro directly.
	(count_params): Return void, with first token of
	expansion in struct macro_info on success.
	(parse_define): Return int.  Hoist syntax checking from
	save_macro_expansion.  Leave call to save_expansion to
	(alloc_macro): Needs just 2 arguments.
	(free_macro): Delete.
	(save_expansion): Don't perform syntax check.
	(_cpp_create_definition): Call save_expansion.

2000-07-13  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* genrecog.c (write_header): Split long string.

	* cpphash.c (macro_info): Don't use the `signed' keyword.

	* system.h (alloca): Prototype if __GNUC__ && __SIZE_TYPE__.

2000-07-13  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* calls.c (stored_args_map): New variable.
	(check_sibcall_argument_overlap_1): New.
	(check_sibcall_argument_overlap): New.
	(expand_call): Initialize stored_args_map.
	Call check_sibcall_argument_overlap.

2000-07-13  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/fixfixes.c: move EXIT_BROKEN to header, add sub-expr max count
	(emit_gnu_type): utility procedure for gnu_type_fix
	(gnu_type_fix): implement various pre-processor guards around
	standard types so these types can be defined over and over
	* fixinc/fixincl.tpl: add a "gnu_type_map" that forces the standard
	types alluded to above will have GNU-compliant base types
	* fixinc/fixlib.h: add EXIT_BROKEN define and the gnu_type_map struct
	* fixinc/inclhack.def: add test_text entries and utilize the new
	"gnu_types" fix for the ptrdiff_t, size_t and wchar_t types.
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: regenerate

2000-07-12  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.c (vline_wrapper_message_with_location,
	v_message_with_file_and_line, v_error_with_file_and_file,
	v_error_for_asm, v_warning_for_asm, vfatal,
	v_warning_with_file_and_line, v_pedwarn_with_file_and_line,
	vsorry, verror, vwarning, vpedwarn): Remove.
	(diagnostic_for_asm): New function.
	(pedwarn, error, warning, pedwarn_with_file_and_line,
	error_with_file_and_line, warning_with_file_and_line, sorry,
	error_for_asm, warning_for_asm, fatal): Reimplement.
	(finish_diagnostic): Clear diagnostic info as well.

2000-07-13  Neil Booth  <>

	* c-common.h (flag_digraphs): New.
	* c-decl.c (c_decode_option): Set flag_digraphs as appropriate.
	* c-lex.c (yylex): Use flag_digraphs to decide whether to
	honor digraphs.

2000-07-13  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* gcc.c (do_spec_1): Add new %B operator.
	(set_input): Prepare for %B.

	(link_command_spec): Move up with the other tm.h-
	overrideable specs.  Factor out the portion conditional on
	LINK_LIBGCC_SPECIAL into a new spec, %(link_libgcc).
	(struct compiler): Just have a single spec string.  All users
	(default_compilers): Remove unnecessary braces.
	(static_specs): Update.

	(trad_capable_cpp, cpp_options, cc1_options, asm_options): New
	named specs.
	(C and assembly specs): Use the new named specs, as appropriate.

	* objc/lang-specs.h: Use the new named specs.
	Remove unnecessary braces.

2000-07-12  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* gcc.c (execute): If a subprocess gets a fatal signal, report
	strsignal() of the signal number, and ask for a bug report.
	Do not do this for SIGPIPE if there's already been an error.

	* tradcpp.c: Don't include signal.h.  Don't catch SIGPIPE.
	Delete pipe_closed.

	* tradcif.c: Remove.

2000-07-12  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* final.c (profile_function): Do not emit profile counters in
	the data section, if NO_PROFILE_COUNTERS is defined.
	* tm.texi: Document NO_PROFILE_COUNTERS.  Update doc for

	* config/i386/linux.h (NO_PROFILE_COUNTERS): Define.
	(FUNCTION_PROFILER): Just emit a call to mcount.

2000-07-12  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* tradcpp.c (main): Rename 'perror' label to 'sys_error'.

	* cppexp.c, cpphash.c, cpphash.h, cppinit.c, cpplex.c,
	cpplib.c, cpplib.h: Eradicate all traces of code dependent on
	traditional, lang_chill, or lang_fortran.

	* cppfiles.c: #undef strcmp to suppress warning about macros
	used without arguments.
	(_cpp_execute_include): Use f, not fname, in "No include path"
	(_cpp_pop_file_buffer): New function.
	* cpplib.c: Don't include <sys/mman.h>.
	(cpp_push_buffer): Set line_base and lineno in new buffer.
	(cpp_pop_buffer): Use _cpp_pop_file_buffer.

	* cpplex.c: Move all prototypes and structure declarations to the
	top of the file.  Properly parenthesize some macro arguments.
	(cpp_scan_line): New function.
	(special_symbol [case T_INCLUDE_DEPTH]): Use pfile->include_depth,
	don't need to walk up the stack counting.

2000-07-12  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* c-common.c (combine_strings): Emit a pedantic warning when a
	string length is greater than the minimum ANSI C is required
	to support.

Wed Jul 12 13:24:30 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* pa/xm-pa64.h (NO_SYS_SIGLIST): Kill.
	* d30v/xm-d30v.h (NO_SYS_SIGLIST): Kill.

2000-07-12  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* c-decl.c (define_label): Warn about identifier conflicts with
	labels in traditional C.

	* (unop +): Warn about the unary plus operator for
	traditional C.

	* c-typeck.c (store_init_value): Warn about automatic aggregate
	initialization for traditional C.

	* invoke.texi (-Wtraditional): Document new warnings.

2000-07-12  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* (c-errors.o): Fix thinko in dependency.

2000-07-12  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* gcc.c (C specs [!USE_CPPLIB]): Invoke tradcpp if any of
	-traditional, -ftraditional, or -traditional-cpp was given.
	Do not pass -traditional to the preprocessor.
	(.S spec): Likewise.  Don't bother defining __ASSEMBLER__, the
	preprocessor does it automatically.
	* objc/lang-specs.h: Likewise.  Don't bother defining __OBJC__.

	* ch/lang-specs.h: Always use tradcpp.  Do not pass
	-traditional, -trigraphs, or -pedantic to the preprocessor.
	* f/lang-specs.h (.F spec): Likewise.  Don't bother defining

2000-07-12  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppexp.c (LOGICAL): Delete macro.
	(_cpp_parse_expr): Do not use UNARY for unary +.  Implement ||
	and && directly.

	* cpphash.c (HASHSIZE): Increase to 4096.
	(struct hashdummy): Add hash field.
	(eq_HASHNODE): Compare unreduced hashes, then lengths, then
	the string values using memcmp.
	(cpp_lookup): Set dummy.hash.

Wed Jul 12 13:15:16 2000  Marc Espie <>

	* (m88k-openbsd): Express configuration using new fragment
	* configure: Rebuilt.
	* m88k/aout-dbx.h: New.
	* m88k/openbsd.h: New.
	* m88k/xm-openbsd.h: New.

2000-07-12  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* expr.c (expand_expr): Return const0_rtx, not error_mark_node.

2000-07-12  Richard Henderson  <>

	* reload.c (push_secondary_reload): Make sure to add the new
	reload at the end, after acquiring secondary memory.

2000-07-12  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* cpplex.c (is_macro_disabled): Use CPP_WTRADITIONAL.

	* c-decl.c (set_current_function_name_declared, anon_aggr_type_p,
	lang_expand_stmt): Mark parameters with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.

	* (stmt): Delete unused variables.

	* convert.c (convert_to_vector): Likewise.

	* gensupport.c (process_rtx): Declare attr as `rtvec' not `rtx'.

	* tree.c (finish_vector_type): Prototype.

2000-07-12  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/fixfixes.c: use xmalloc
	* fixinc/fixincl.c(initialize): set program name for xmalloc
	* fixinc/fixlib.c(must_malloc): obsolete
	(is_cxx_header): no longer used - disabled
	(skip_quote): inserted and disabled for future use
	* fixinc/fixlib.h: reflects above
	* fixinc/fixtests.c: removed dinkleberries

2000-07-12  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpphash.h: (TOKEN_SPELL) Pulled from cpplex.c.
	* cpplex.c (TOKEN_SPELL) Move to cpphash.h.

	* cpphash.c: (struct macro_info, alloc_macro, free_macro,
	struct toklist_dummy): New.
	(cpp_free_definition): Free macros with free_macro.
	(count_params): Don't save parameter spellings.  Save macro
	information in a struct macro_info.
	(parse_define): Don't allocate a token list.
	(save_expansion): Allocate the macro's token list, and
	save parameter spellings if necessary.  Use TOKEN_SPELL.
	(cpp_create_definition): Make list const.

2000-07-12  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* c-typeck.c (pedwarn_c99): Move to
	* c-errors.c: ... Here.
	* toplev.h (verror, vwarning, vpedwarn): Remove prototypes.
	* diagnostic.c (verror, vwarning, vpedwarn): Make static.
	* (C_AND_OBJC_OBJS): Include c-errors.o
	(c-errors.o): List dependency.

2000-07-12  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-parse.c: Remove.
	* c-parse.h: Likewise.
	* c-parse.y: Likewise.
	* objc/objc-parse.c: Likewise.
	* objc/objc-pasre.y: Likewise.

2000-07-11  Rodney Brown  <>

	* gcc.texi: Fix minor typos
	* extend.texi: Fix minor typos

2000-07-11  Marc Espie <>

	* collect2.c (main): Recognize .lo as object files.

2000-07-11  J. David Anglin  <>

	* pa.c (hppa_encode_label): Store labels in gc memory when ggc_p is

	* aclocal.m4 (AC_FUNC_MMAP_ANYWHERE): Extend test to detect systems
	* configure, Rebuilt.

2000-07-12  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.c (save_output_state): Remove.
	(restore_output_state): Likewise.
	(clear_text_info): New function.
	(clear_diagnostic_info): Likewise.
	(output_text_length, is_starting_newline, output_prefix,
	line_wrap_cutoff, ideal_line_wrap_cutoff, prefix_was_emitted_for,
	prefixing_policy, output_buffer_ptr_to_format_args): New macros
	(set_real_maximum_length, output_set_maximum_length,
	output_set_prefix, output_get_prefix, output_set_maximum_length,
	output_destroy_prefix, init_output_buffer,
	reshape_diagnostic_buffer, output_space_left, output_emit_prefix,
	output_add_newline, output_add_character, output_add_space,
	output_append_r, output_append, wrap_text, output_format,
	output_do_printf, output_printf, output_do_verbatim,
	output_verbatim, verbatim): Use them.
	(output_clear): Split into cleat_text_info and
	(struct output_state): Move to...

	* diagnostic.h: ...Here
	(struct output_buffer): Adjust.

2000-07-11  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplex.c (parse_name): No longer inline (premature optimization).
	(do_pop_context): Fold into pop_context.
	(pop_context): Returns int.
	(lex_next): Hoist test for end of directive into pop_context.
	(push_macro_context): Returns int; takes just reader and token.
	Hoist test for excessive nesting to caller.
	(push_arg_context): Returns void; takes just reader and token.
	Do not call stringify_arg or get_raw_token.
	(get_raw_token): Convert tail recursion through	push_arg_context
	to a loop at this level.  Call stringify_arg here if appropriate.
	(maybe_paste_with_next): Convert tail recursion to a while loop.
	Hoist test of paste_level to caller.

	(stringify_arg): Push arg context at beginning.
	(cpp_get_token): Split out core into _cpp_get_token.  Call
	process_directive here.  Throw away CPP_PLACEMARKER tokens.
	(_cpp_get_token): Convert tail recursion through
	push_macro_context to a loop at this level.
	(_cpp_glue_header_name, is_macro_disabled, stringify_arg,
	_cpp_get_raw_token): Use _cpp_get_token.
	(_cpp_skip_rest_of_line): Drop the context stack directly; do
	not call pop_context.
	(_cpp_run_directive): Call lex_next directly.

	* cpphash.h: Prototype _cpp_get_token.
	* cppexp.c (lex): Use it.
	* cpphash.c (parse_define): Use it.
	* cpplib.c (get_define_node, do_undef, parse_include,
	read_line_number, do_line, do_ident, do_pragma, do_pragma_gcc,
	do_pragma_implementation, do_pragma_poison, do_pragma_dependency,
	parse_ifdef, validate_else): Use it.
	(cpp_push_buffer): Tweak error message; abort if anyone tries
	to push a buffer while macro expansions are stacked.

2000-07-11  Donn Terry  <>

	* cpplex.c (free_macro_args, save_token): Cast arg of free
	and/or xrealloc to PTR.
	(_cpp_init_input_buffer): Clear all fields of the base context.

Tue Jul 11 15:28:21 CDT 2000  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* gensupport.c (process_rtx): Make rtl checking stop
	complaining about the define_insn while it is being
	converted from a define_insn_and_split.

Tue Jul 11 16:26:17 2000  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* config/mips/mips.c (simple_memory_operand): Access the
	INTVAL of the address, not it's containing MEM.

2000-07-11  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/fixtests.c(double_slash): obsolete
	(else_endif_label): likewise
	* fixinc/inclhack.def(irix_multiline_cmnt): obsolete
	(libc1_ifdefd_memx): correct initial comment
	and omit the #if/#endif pair from the memxxx declarations
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: regen

2000-07-11  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* cpplex.c (T, I, S, C, N): Avoid non-constant initializers.

2000-07-11  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpp.texi: Update.

2000-07-11  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppinit.c: (cpp_reader_init): Allow digraphs by default.
	(handle_option): Set digraphs according to standard.
	Merge OPT_lang_c89 handler with OPT_std_c89.

	* cpplex.c: (lex_line, can_paste): Honor digraphs in
	accordance with	the digraphs flag.

	* cpplib.h: (struct cpp_options): New option digraphs.

2000-07-10  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>
	    Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def (libc1_ifdefd_memx): New fix.
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: Regenerate.
	* fixinc/tests/base/testing.h: Add testcase.

2000-07-10  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (got_symbolic_operand): New.
	(symbolic_operand, move_operand): Revert 0701 change.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Update.
	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h (got_symbolic_operand): Declare.
	* config/ia64/ (movdi): Revert 0701 wrt symbolic_operand;
	split the offset into a 14-bit low part instead of a 13-bit low part.
	(load_fptr): Mark the mem as unchanging.
	(load_symptr): Use got_symbolic_operand.

2000-07-10  Nick Clifton  <>

	* libgcc2.c (next_stack_level): Cast result of computation to
	(void **) so that the assignment does not generate a warning.

2000-07-10  Chandrakala Chavva  <>

	* flags.h : Add new variable flag_single_precision_constant.
	* toplev.c (display_help) : Add -fsingle-precision-constant option.
	(flag_single_precision_constant): New.
	* c-lex.c (yylex): Convert floating point constant to single
	precision constant.
	* invoke.texi : Add documentation for this new option.

2000-07-10  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.c (output_octal): Second parameter is unsigned.
	(output_long_octal): Likewise.
	(output_hexadecimal): Likewise.
	(output_long_hexadecimal): Likewise.
	(output_format): Adjust arguments extraction. Tweak.
	(output_verbatim, verbatim): End variable argument list.
	(report_diagnostic): Improve documentation.

2000-07-10  Benjamin Chelf  <>

	* c-common.h (build_stmt): Declare.
	(build_continue_stmt): Likewise.
	(build_break_stmt): Likewise.
	(build_return_stmt): Likewise.

	* c-decl.c (do_case): Rewrite to do what previously done in

	* c-semantics.c (build_stmt): Define.
	(build_return_stmt): Likewise.
	(build_break_stmt): Likewise.
	(build_continue_stmt): Likewise.
	(build_case_label): Likewise.

	* (BREAK): Change to build tree, then generate RTL.
	(CONTINUE): Likewise.
	(RETURN): Likewise.
	(CASE): Likewise.
	(DEFAULT): Likewise.

	* c-parse.y: Regenerate.
	* c-pasre.c: Likewise.

2000-07-09  Jason Merrill  <>

	* expr.c (expand_expr): Bail earlier if we get an error_mark_node.

	* tree.h (STRIP_NOPS): Check for error_mark_node.
	(dwarf2out_*): Remove duplicate declarations.

	* c-decl.c (duplicate_decls): Copy DECL_ABSTRACT_ORIGIN from

2000-07-10  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.c (wrap_text): New function.
	(maybe_wrap_text): Likewise.
	(output_add_string): Use it.
	(output_format): Likewise.
	(count_error): Use verbatim instead of notice.
	(report_error_function): Likewise. Don't use plain fprintf.
	(finish_diagnostic): New function.
	(output_do_verbatim): Tweak.  Commonalize functionalities in
	output_verbatim and verbatim.
	(output_verbatim): Adjust.
	(verbatim): Likewise.
	(report_diagnostic): Define.

	* diagnostic.h (report_diagnostic): Prototype.

2000-07-09  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppexp.c (_cpp_parse_expr): Don't use unary plus.

2000-07-09  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpphash.h: ISvspace, is_vspace, is_nvspace: New.
	IShspace, ISspace: Update.

	* cppinit.c: ISTABLE: Update.
	V: New.

	* cpplex.c (IS_HSPACE, S_NEWLINE): Remove.
	(skip_block_comment, skip_line_comment,	parse_string,
	lex_line): Use is_vspace rather than IS_NEWLINE.
	(skip_whitespace, lex_line): Clean up to use is_nvspace.
	(lex_line): Use KNOWN_DIRECTIVE.  Any kind of directive
	gets a BOL flag.
	(lex_next): Unconditionally stop if within a directive.
	Treat directives within macro invocations as directives
	(after parse_args emits error), not as the argument.

2000-07-09  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.c (diagnostic_args): New macro.
	(diagnostic_msg): Likewise.
	(output_formatted_integer): Likewise.
	(output_state): New data type.
	(digit_buffer): Make global.
	(output_add_integer): Rename to output_decimal. Squeeze
	(output_long_decimal, output_unsigned_decimal,
	output_long_unsigned_decimal, output_octal, output_long_octal,
	output_hexadecimal, output_long_hexadecimal): New functions.
	(output_append_r): New function.
	(output_append): Tweak.
	(output_flush_on): Rename to output_to_stream.
	(output_format): Change prototype.  Improve documentation. Handle
	more format specifiers.
	(build_location_prefix): Rename to context_as_prefix.
	(output_notice): Rename to output_do_printf.
	(output_printf): Tweak.
	(line_wrapper_printf): Likewise.
	(vline_wrapper_message_with_location): Adjust call to renamed
	(v_message_with_decl): Likewise.
	(default_print_error_function): Likewise.
	(save_output_state): New function.
	(restore_output_state): Likewise.
	(output_do_verbatim): Likewise.
	(output_verbatim): Define.
	(verbatim): Likewise.

	* diagnostic.h (printer_fn): Change return type from void to int.
	Improve documentation.
	(output_add_integer): Rename to output_decimal.
	(output_flush_on, output_format): Don't export.
	(output_verbatim, verbatim): Declare.

2000-07-08  Toon Moene  <>

	* fold-const.c (extract_muldiv) case PLUS_EXPR, MINUS_EXPR:
	Check whether c divides op1 exactly if operation is not

2000-07-08  Richard Henderson  <>

	* final.c (final): Do not abort when reg-stack introduces
	a new insn.

2000-07-08  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_name): Now struct cpp_string.
	CPP_HEADER_NAME): Change to type S.
	(struct cpp_token): Rename 'name' field to 'str'.  Add 'node'
	field, a cpp_hashnode *.  All references to updated
	to use val.str or val.node as appropriate.
	(struct cpp_reader): Add spec_nodes field.
	(cpp_idcmp): Now cpp_ideq; takes a token * and a char *.

	* cpphash.h (struct spec_nodes): New.
	(enum spell_type): Reorder.  Only SPELL_STRING tokens use
	val.str.  All references to 'spelling > SPELL_NONE' updated to

	(CPP_IN_SYSTEM_HEADER): Check pfile->buffer and
	pfile->buffer->inc are not NULL before dereferencing them.

	* cpplex.c (parse_name): Take a pointer to the current token,
	plus current position and limit as args; return the new
	position; don't copy the text of a name into the string
	buffer, instead call cpp_lookup and store the node pointer.
	If extending a token, copy out the text of the old into a
	scratch buffer, append the new, look that up and store the new
	node pointer.  Inline.
	(maybe_paste_with_next): If the result of paste is a NAME,
	then look up the pasted text and store its node pointer.
	(lex_line): Adjust for new parse_name interface.
	Check for L"str", L'str' using spec_nodes->n_L.
	(spell_token): SPELL_IDENT tokens have their spelling in
	val.node->name.  Handle SPELL_STRING tokens that don't have
	string delimiters.
	(can_paste): Check for L ## "str" using spec_nodes->n_L.
	(cpp_get_token, special_symbol): No need to call cpp_lookup.
	(cpp_idcmp): Now cpp_ideq; take a token * and a const char *;
	return 1=equal 0=not, not a tristate.

	* cpphash.c (var_args_str): Delete.
	(find_param): Compare node fields directly.
	(is__va_args__): Use CPP_PEDANTIC.  Just compare
	token->val.node with spec_nodes->n__VA_ARGS__.
	(dump_funlike_macro): Don't use var_args_str.

	* cpplib.c (_cpp_check_directive): Just walk through
	spec_nodes->dirs comparing pointers.
	(get_define_node, do_pragma_poison, detect_if_not_defined,
	parse_ifdef): The identifier has already been looked up.
	(do_ifdef, do_ifndef): parse_ifdef won't return a poisoned
	(do_if): Only call detect_if_not_defined at beginning of file.
	(_cpp_parse_assertion): Only copy string pointers for
	(pragma_dispatch): Take a node pointer and examine its name
	(_cpp_init_stacks): Also initialize the spec_nodes structure.

	* cppinit.c (cpp_reader_init): Call _cpp_init_stacks after
	(cpp_cleanup): Free pfile->spec_nodes.  Call _cpp_cleanup_* in
	reverse order from the corresponding _cpp_init_* routines.

	* cppexp.c (parse_number, parse_charconst, parse_defined,
	lex): Check val.node->type instead of calling cpp_defined.
	Use spec_nodes entries where appropriate.

	* fix-header.c, scan-decls.c: Update for interface changes.

2000-07-08  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_emit_move): Fix conditions for
	emitting aux_truncdfsf2.

2000-07-03  Donn Terry  (

	* cppinit.c (print_help): split overlong line into ISO C89
	maximum chunks.

2000-07-07  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppexp.c: Update all code for new lexer interface.
	(op_t, operator codes, struct token, tokentab2, op_to_str): Remove.
	(struct suffix, vsuf_1, vsuf_2, vsuf_3, op_to_prio): New.
	* cpplex.c (token_names): Trim leading CPP_ from names; make
	the strings unsigned.
	(_cpp_spell_operator): New.
	(is_macro_disabled): Disable all macros if rescanning
	preprocessed text.
	(_cpp_get_directive_token): Remove.

	* cppinit.c: Don't set no_macro_expand.
	* cpplib.c (read_line_number, do_line): Check only for EOF,
	not VSPACE.
	* cpphash.h: Update prototypes.
	* cpplib.h (CPP_VSPACE): Remove.
	(struct cpp_reader): Remove no_macro_expand.

2000-07-08  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpphash.c (is__va_args__): New function.
	(count_params): Fix line reported in error messages.  Use
	is__va_args__.  Don't return ')' on error.  Flag GNU style
	rest args macro definitions.
	(parse_define): Check macro name is not __VA_ARGS__.
	(save_expansion): Check identifier in non-varargs-macro is
	not __VA_ARGS__.  Don't flag GNU_VARARGS.
	* cpplex.c (parse_args): Accept no argument iff GNU_REST_ARGS.
	(maybe_paste_with_next): Use per-macro GNU_REST_ARGS rather
	 than per-token GNU_VARARGS.
	* cpplib.h (GNU_VARARGS): Remove.

Sat Jul  8 01:38:25 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* (call_pop, call, call_value_pop): Do not set
	current_function_uses_pic_offset_table for calls to static
	functions or indirect calls.

2000-07-07  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (rws_access_reg): New local write_count.  If
	is_predicate_reg, then take max write_count of register pair.

2000-07-07  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* tradcpp.c (main): Rename label `include' to `add_include' to
	avoid conflicts with variable `include' in traditional C.

2000-07-07  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* integrate.c (copy_insn_list): Remove REG_LABEL notes.

2000-07-07  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* sibcall.c (uses_addressof): Add INMEM argument, check for
	current_function_internal_arg_pointer outside of MEM rtxs in addition
	(sequence_uses_addressof): Update caller.

2000-07-07  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* tradcpp.c (initialize_builtins): Honor NO_BUILTIN_SIZE_TYPE
	and friends.

2000-07-07  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* system.h (UNION_INIT_ZERO): New macro for initializing union
	members in structs.

	* cpplex.c (placemarker_token, eof_token): Use UNION_INIT_ZERO.

2000-07-07  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpp.texi: Update.

Fri Jul  7 07:47:35 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* final.c (final): Detect out of bounds array access to
	the insn_lengths array.

2000-07-07  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* fold-const.c (fold): Fix a comment typo.

2000-07-07  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpp.texi: Update to new lexer.

2000-07-06  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* tradcpp.c: New file.
	* tradcif.y: New file.
	* tradcif.c: New generated file.

	* Add rules to build tradcpp.o, tradcif.o,
	$(srcdir)/tradcif.c.  Add tradcpp to STAGESTUFF and
	dependencies of C.  Install tradcpp from install-common, in

2000-07-06  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppinit.c: Include cppdefault.h.  Refer to
	cpp_GCC_INCLUDE_DIR and cpp_GCC_INCLUDE_DIR_len, not directly
	to GCC_INCLUDE_DIR and its length.
	USER_LABEL_PREFIX, REGISTER_PREFIX, struct default_include,
	(include_defaults_array): Move to cppdefault.c.

	* cppdefault.h: New file.
	* cppdefault.c: New file.

	* (LIBCPP_OBJS): Add cppdefault.o.
	(cppinit.o): Don't apply $(PREPROCESSOR_DEFINES) to this file.
	(cppdefault.o): New rule; apply $(PREPROCESSOR_DEFINES) to
	this file.

Thu Jul  6 18:30:36 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* reload.c (push_reload): When seeing if can reuse a register,
	check extra registers against widest of INMODE and OUTMODE.

2000-07-06  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplib.c: (_cpp_parse_assertion):  Perform hash lookups
	based on full length of predicate.

2000-07-06  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* timevar.c: [HAVE_SYS_RESOURCE_H]: Include <sys/resource.h>.

2000-07-05  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* h8300-proto.h: Fix formatting.
	* h8300.c: Likewise.
	* h8300.h: Likewise.

2000-07-05  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): If FR_REGNO_P, disallow

2000-07-05  Rodney Brown  <>

	* invoke.texi: Fix minor typos
	* md.texi: Fix minor typos

2000-07-05  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.c (_cpp_parse_assertion): Fix buffer overrun.

2000-07-04  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplex.c: Don't include sys/mman.h.
	(cpp_push_buffer, cpp_pop_buffer): Moved to cpplib.c.

	* cpplib.c: Include sys/mman.h and obstack.h.
	(cpp_push_buffer): Moved from cpplex.c; allocate buffers on an
	(cpp_pop_buffer): Moved from cpplex.c; free buffers from an obstack.
	(_cpp_unwind_if_stack): Now static, unwind_if_stack.  Don't
	bother freeing if stack entries (they will be freed with their buffer).
	(do_endif): Free if stack entries from the buffer obstack.
	(push_conditional): Allocate if stack entries from the buffer obstack.

	(find_answer): Rename to _cpp_find_answer.
	(do_assert, do_unassert): Update.

	* cpphash.h: Update prototypes.
	(xobnew): New convenience macro.
	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_reader): Add hash_ob and buffer_ob fields.
	Update comments.
	(struct cpp_hashnode): Remove disabled field.

	* cppinit.c: Don't include hashtab.h or splay-tree.h.
	(report_missing_guard): Moved to cppfiles.c.
	(cpp_reader_init): Call cpp_init_stacks, cpp_init_macros,
	(cpp_cleanup): Call cpp_cleanup_stacks, cpp_cleanup_macros,
	cpp_cleanup_includes.  Don't destroy hashtab or
	all_include_files here.
	(cpp_finish): Use _cpp_report_missing_guards.

	* cppfiles.c (report_missing_guard): Moved from cppinit.c.
	(_cpp_init_include_table): Rename _cpp_init_includes.
	(_cpp_cleanup_includes, _cpp_report_missing_guards): New.

	* cppexp.c (parse_assertion): Update for new name of

	* (cpplib.o, cpphash.o, cppinit.o): Update deps.

2000-07-04  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.c (do_ident): s/VSPACE/EOF/

2000-07-05  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c: Fix trigraph replacement within strings.

2000-07-04  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* rs6000/aix.h (ASM_GENERATE_INTERNAL_LABEL): Fix format specifier.

	* xcoffout.c (assign_type_number): Constify.
	(xcoffout_source_file): Add static prototype.  Don't needlessly
	cast away const-ness.

2000-07-04  Jason Merrill  <>

	* frame.h (frame_state): Move base_offset to end.

Mon Jul  3 21:31:43 2000  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* calls.c (emit_library_call_value_1): Revert previous change.

2000-07-03  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* fix-header.c (struct partial_proto): Remove unnecessary fields.
	(recognized_extern, recognized_function, read_scan_file):
	Update for new scheme.
	(check_protection): It's still a multiple include guard even
	if it doesn't always trigger.
	* scan-decls.c (skip_to_closing_brace, scan_decls): Update for
	new scheme.
	* scan.h: Declare struct cpp_token.  Update prototypes.

2000-07-03  Neil Booth  <>
	    Zack Weinberg  <>

	Complete overhaul of the lexer and macro expander.

	* cpphash.c (object_defn, funct_defn, push_macro_expansion,
	arg, arglist, argdata, reflist, collect_objlike_expansion,
	collect_funlike_expansion, collect_params,
	warn_trad_stringify, trad_stringify, duplicate_arg_p, add_pat,
	unsafe_chars, macarg, compare_defs, special_symbol,
	scan_arguments, stringify, funlike_macroexpand,
	_cpp_quote_string, monthnames): Delete.
	(cpp_lookup, _cpp_free_definition, dump_funlike_macro,
	_cpp_create_definition, _cpp_dump_definition,
	dump_hash_helper): Adjust.
	(find_param, count_params, parse_define, var_args_str,
	check_macro_redefinition, save_expansion): New.

	* cpplex.c (skip_block_comment, skip_line_comment, parse_name,
	parse_string, output_line_command, trigraph_replace,
	lex_line, cpp_push_buffer, cpp_pop_buffer, cpp_output_tokens,
	cpp_scan_buffer_nooutput, cpp_scan_buffer, cpp_free_toklist,
	cpp_idcmp, _cpp_get_directive_token, _cpp_init_input_buffer,
	_cpp_skip_rest_of_line): Modify.

	(maybe_macroexpand, skip_comment, copy_comment, skip_string,
	find_position, null_warning, bump_column, expand_name_space,
	pedantic_whitespace, _cpp_output_list, _cpp_slice_toklist,
	_cpp_squeeze_toklist, _cpp_scan_until, _cpp_skip_hspace,
	_cpp_parse_name, _cpp_lex_token, cpp_get_non_space_token,
	_cpp_prescan): Delete.

	(dump_param_spelling, process_directive, lex_next,
	is_macro_disabled, stringify_arg, expand_context_stack,
	output_token, make_string_token, alloc_number_token,
	special_symbol, duplicate_token, maybe_paste_with_next,
	can_paste, prevent_macro_expansion, restore_macro_expansion,
	get_temp_token, release_temp_tokens, quote_string,
	token_names, token_spellings, _cpp_expand_name_space,
	_cpp_glue_header_name, _cpp_reserve_name_space,
	digraph_spellings, trigraph_ok, skip_whitespace, save_comment,
	placemarker_token, eof_token, cpp_context, macro_args,
	get_raw_token, parse_arg, parse_args, save_token,
	push_arg_context, push_macro_context, pop_context,
	do_pop_context, free_macro_args, _cpp_get_line,
	_cpp_run_directive): New.

	* cpplib.c (validate_else, parse_include, push_conditional,
	pass_thru_directive, read_line_number, parse_ifdef,
	detect_if_not_defined, _cpp_check_directive, do_define,
	do_undef, do_include, do_import, do_include_next, do_error,
	do_warning, do_ident, do_pragma, pragma_dispatch, gcc_pragmas,
	top_pragmas, do_pragma_gcc, do_pragma_implementation,
	do_pragma_poison, do_pragma_system_header,
	do_pragma_dependency, do_sccs, do_ifdef, do_ifndef, do_else,
	dl_elif, do_endif, _cpp_unwind_if_stack, do_assert,
	do_unassert, cpp_define, cpp_undef, cpp_assert, cpp_unassert,
	cpp_defined): Update for new scheme.
	(strtoul_for_line, get_define_node, dump_macro_name,
	_cpp_check_linemarker, _cpp_parse_assertion): New.
	(_cpp_handle_directive, do_pragma_default): Delete.

	* cpphash.h (struct predicate): Now struct answer.
	(enum spell_type, struct token_spelling, struct directive,
	directive_handler): New.
	Update prototypes.  Remove unused macros.
	* cpplib.h: Update prototypes.  Remove unused macros,
	structure definitions, and fields.

	* cpperror.c (print_containing_files, v_message): Adjust.
	* cppexp.c (parse_assertion, lex, parse_escape,
	_cpp_parse_expr): Adjust.
	* cppfiles.c (open_include_file, _cpp_execute_include,
	_cpp_compare_file_date, cpp_read_file, read_include_file):
	* cppinit.c (dump_special_to_buffer): Delete.
	(append_include_chain, merge_include_chains, cpp_reader_init,
	cpp_cleanup, initialize_builtins, builtin_array, cpp_start_read,
	cpp_finish, handle_option, print_help): Adjust.
	* cppmain.c (main): Adjust.

2000-07-03  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Use double quotes in error

Mon Jul  3 16:53:43 2000  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* calls.c (emit_library_call_value_1): Use valreg instead
	of hard_libcall_value.

2000-07-03  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_emit_move): New function.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000-proto.h: Prototype rs6000_emit_move.
	* config/rs6000/ (movsi): Use rs6000_emit_move.
	(movhi): Likewise.
	(movqi): Likewise.
	(movdf): Likewise.
	(movsf): Likewise.
	(movdi): Likewise.
	(movti): Likewise.

	* expmed.c (expand_mult_highpart): Use op1 instead of wide_op1 when
	mode instead of wider_mode is being used.

2000-07-03  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/i386/ (movstrictqi_xor): Use 'q' constraint instead
	of 'r'. Use q_regs_operand.
	(andsi_1+2): Use q_regs_operand.

2000-07-03  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* builtins.c (get_memory_rtx): Always put into alias set 0.

2000-07-03  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/ Fix post increment and pre increment
	peepholes so that they do not generate UNPREDICATBLE opcodes.
	(ie ones where the increment clobbers the source/destination).

2000-07-01  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (out_adj_frame_ptr): Make "frame pointer
	change too big for -mtiny-stack" a warning, if larger than 63.
	(out_set_stack_ptr): Change the logic so -mno-interrupts is
	always safe to use on possible future devices.
	(function_prologue): Write SPH before SPL, for consistency.
	If interrupt_func_p true, we know we have enabled interrupts.
	(avr_num_arg_regs): New function.  Round up to even number of
	bytes if no -mpack-args or if calling a libgcc function.
	(function_arg, function_arg_advance): Use it.
	(output_movsisf, ashlsi3_out, ashrsi3_out, lshrsi3_out):
	Output "movw" if available.
	(out_tsthi, out_tstsi, ashlqi3_out, lshrqi3_out): Change uses
	of TEST_HARD_REG_CLASS macro to test_hard_reg_class function.
	(asm_output_section_name): Add blanks for consistent output.
	(encode_section_info): Set TREE_READONLY for progmem data to
	avoid gas warnings about changed section attributes.
	(avr_hard_regno_mode_ok): Force non-QImode data to start in
	even numbered registers on devices with "movw".
	* config/avr/avr.h (MASK_*): Define bits for target_flags.
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): Mark help strings for translation.
	Add new -mpack-args and -menhanced switches.
	(TARGET_OPTIONS): Mark help strings for translation.
	(progmem_section): Add section attributes.
	* config/avr/ (*movhi, call_insn, call_value_insn):
	Output "movw" if available.
	(mulqi3, mulqihi3, umulqihi3, mulhi3, *tablejump_enh):
	New patterns.
	* config/avr/libgcc.S (_mulqi3, _divqi3): Update to the new
	call convention (arguments aligned on even registers).
	(_cleanup, _exit): Make weak symbols libc can override.

2000-07-03  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* fp-bit.h: New file.

	* fp-bit.c: Move common code, prototypes, etc into fp-bit.h.
	Comment #endif statements.
	(__thenan_sf, __thenan_df): Add missing braces around initializer.

Mon Jul  3 00:32:47 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* gcse.c (compute_pre_data): Compute ae_kill using other local
	properties instead of calling compute_ae_kill.

	* alias.c (init_alias_analysis): Do not call
	prologue_epilogue_contains until after reload has completed.

2000-07-02  Benjamin Chelf  <>

	* c-common.h (genrtl_begin_compound_stmt): Remove declaration.
	(genrtl_finish_compound_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_compound_stmt): Change to return void.

	* c-semantics.c (genrtl_begin_compound_stmt): Remove function and
	move code from here to ...
	(genrtl_compound_stmt): ... here.
	(genrtl_finish_compound_stmt): Remove.
	(expand_stmt): Add comment.

2000-07-02  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* c-typeck.c (build_indirect_ref): Use COMPLETE_OR_VOID_TYPE_P

2000-07-02  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_reader): New field include_depth.
	(struct cpp_printer): Rename last_bsd to last_id.
	* cppfiles.c (read_include_file): Bump include_depth.
	* cpplex.c (cpp_pop_buffer): Decrement include_depth.
	(output_line_command): Output correct #line if a header
	is including itself and is not protected against multiple inclusion.
	Use include_depth instead of buffer_stack_depth, last_id instead of
	* cppinit.c (cpp_start_read): Initialize last_id instead of

2000-07-01  Benjamin Chelf  <>

	* (C_AND_OBJC_OBJS): Added c-semantics.o.
	(c-semantics.o): New target.

	* c-common.h (TREE_LANG_FLAG_?): Added documentation.
	(genrtl_do_pushlevel): Moved from cp/cp-tree.h.
	(genrtl_clear_out_block): Likewise.
	(genrtl_goto_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_expr_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_decl_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_if_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_while_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_do_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_return_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_for_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_break_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_continue_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_scope_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_switch_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_case_label): Likewise.
	(genrtl_begin_compound_stmt): Likewise.
	(gerntl_finish_compound_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_compound_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_asm_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_decl_cleanup): Likewise.
	(emit_local_var): Likewise.
	(make_rtl_for_local_static): Likewise.
	(expand_cond): Likewise.
	(expand_stmt): Likewise.
	(c_expand_return): Likewise.
	(c_expand_start_case): Likewise.
	(do_case): Likewise.
	(c_expand_asm_operands): Likewise.
	(NEW_FOR_SCOPE_P): New macro.
	(expand_expr_stmt_fn): New type.

	(set_current_function_name_declared): Likewise.
	(current_function_name_declared): Likewise.
	(lang_expand_stmt): Likewise.
	(stmts_are_full_exprs_p): Likewise.
	(anon_aggr_type_p): Likewise.
	(lang_expand_expr_stmt): Likewise.
	(build_case_label): Likewise.

	* c-decl.c (lang_expand_expr_stmt): Initialize.
	(stmts_are_full_exprs_p): Define.
	(current_function_name_declared): Likewise.
	(do_case): Likewise.
	(lang_expand_stmt): Likewise.
	(set_current_function_name_declared): Likewise.
	(anon_aggr_type_p): Likewise.

	* c-semantics.c: New file.
	(expand_cond): Moved from cp/semantics.c.
	(genrtl_do_pushlevel): Likewise.
	(genrtl_clear_out_block): Likewise.
	(genrtl_goto_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_expr_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_decl_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_if_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_while_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_do_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_return_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_for_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_break_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_continue_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_scope_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_switch_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_case_label): Likewise.
	(genrtl_begin_compound_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_finish_compound_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_compound_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_asm_stmt): Likewise.
	(genrtl_decl_cleanup): Likewise.
	(make_rtl_for_local_static): Moved from cp/decl.c.
	(emit_local_var): Likewise.
	(expand_stmt): Define.

	* c-tree.h: (c_expand_asm_operands): Moved to c-common.h.
	(c_expand_return): Likewise.
	(c_expand_start_case): Likewise.

2000-07-01  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (symbolic_operand): Reject CONST expressions
	with the low 13 bits set.
	(move_operand): Check for CONST|SYMBOL_REF|LABEL_REF directly.
	* config/ia64/ (movdi): Likewise.  Expand a CONST with one
	of the low 13 bits into a CONST plus an adddi3.
	(load_symptr): Set RTX_UNCHANGING_P.

2000-06-30  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* (c-common.o): Don't depend on c-tree.h or c-lex.h.
	* c-common.c (ridpointers): Declare.
	* c-common.h (enum rid): Declare.
	(NORID): Likewise.
	(ridpointers): Likewise.
	* c-lex.c (ridpointers): Don't declare.
	(init_lex): Initialize ridpointers.
	* c-lex.h (enum rid): Don't declare.
	(NORID): Likewise.
	(ridpointers): Likewise.

2000-06-30  J. David Anglin  <>

	* pa/som.h (ASM_WEAKEN_LABEL): Export weak data symbols so that they
	have global scope.

2000-06-30  Martin von Loewis  <>

	* invoke.texi (-Wreturn-type): In C++, a missing return type is
	always an error.

2000-06-30  Catherine Moore  <>

	* c-common.c (decl_attributes):  Differentiate between
	types and type decls for alignment.

2000-06-30  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* cpp.texi: Document #pragma GCC dependency
	* cppfiles.c (open_include_file): Set date to unknown.
	(_cpp_compare_file_date): New function.
	(read_include_file): Set file date.
	* cpphash.h (struct include_file): Add date member.
	(_cpp_compare_file_date): Prototype.
	* cpplib.c (parse_include): Add trail parameter. Adjust.
	(do_include): Adjust parse_include call.
	(do_import): Likewise.
	(do_include_next): Likewise.
	(gcc_pragmas): Add dependency pragma.
	(do_pragma_dependency): New pragma.

2000-06-29  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (output_loc_operands): Don't abort on codes that have
	no operands.

2000-06-29  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (PREFERRED_RELOAD_CLASS): Return NO_REGS for
	a volatile mem and FR_REGS.

2000-06-29  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-common.c: Include c-common.h, not c-lex.h or c-tree.h.
	* c-common.h (flag_const_strings): Declare.
	(warn_format): Likewise.
	(flag_traditional): Likewise.
	(flag_isoc99): Likewise.
	(warn_parentheses): Likewise.
	(warn_conversion): Likewise.
	(C_TYPE_OBJECT_P): Likewise.
	(C_TYPE_FUNCTION_P): Likewise.
	(build_unary_op): Likewise.
	(build_binary_op): Likewise.
	(lvalue_p): Likewise.
	(default_conversion): Likewise.
	(common_type): Likewise.
	* c-tree.h (C_TYPE_OBJECT_P): Remove.
	(C_TYPE_FUNCTION_P): Likewise.
	(common_type): Likewise.
	(default_conversion): Likewise.
	(build_binary_op): Likewise.
	(build_unary_op): Likewise.
	(lvalue_p): Likewise.
	(flag_const_strings): Likewise.
	(warn_format): Likewise.
	(warn_conversion): Likewise.
	(flag_traditional): Likewise.
	(flag_isoc99): Likewise.
	(warn_parentheses): Likewise.

2000-06-29  James E. Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/linux.h (LINK_SPEC): Change so.1 to so.2.

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (MODES_TIEABLE_P): Only tie if mode class is the
	same.  Only tie XFmode with XFmode.

2000-06-29  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* c-decl.c, timevar.c, tlink.c: Include intl.h.
	* Update deps.

2000-06-29  Andrew Haley  <>

	* toplev.c (main): On an IA-64, make flag_unwind_tables defauit
	to true.

2000-06-29  Andrew Haley  <>

	* config/ia64/linux.h (JMP_BUF_SIZE): Size is in Pmode units, not
	bytes: remove the multiply by 8.

2000-06-29  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* rtl.c : Revert NLS changes.
	* gcc.c : Fix bug in display_help introced by my last changes.

Wed Jun 28 21:09:33 2000   Raja R Harinath <>

	* dbxout.c (dbxout_symbol, case RESULT_DECL, VAR_DECL): Use

2000-06-29  Michael Hayes  <>

	* flow.c (flow_depth_first_order_compute): Fix algorithm.

2000-06-28  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* c-decl.c : Mark strings for translation.
	(parmlist_tags_warning): Use distinct messages instead
	of conditional expressions.
	* diagnostic.c (v_message_with_decl): Mark string for translation.
	* gcc.c: Mark messages for translation.
	(display_help): Combine messages into one string where necessary.
	* mips-tfile: Add intl.h. Mark messages for translation.
	* rtl.c (fatal_with_file_and_line): Modify function for NLS. Mark
	messages for translation.
	* timevar.c: Mark messages for translation.
	* tlink.c: Likewise.
	* toplev.c: Likewise.

Wed Jun 28 15:39:26 2000  Donn Terry (

	* i386-interix.h (STRIP_NAME_ENCODING): Declare _new_name properly.

	* alpha/alpha-interix.h: Delete redundant -Asystem(interix),
	use -isystem instead of -idirafter.
	* i386/i386-interix.h: Likewise.

2000-06-28  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (output_loc_operands): Don't support >1 byte output
	unless DWARF2_DEBUGGING_INFO is defined.
	(ASM_OUTPUT_DWARF_*): Wrap normal output defs with #ifndefs.

2000-06-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (summarize_insn): Ignore SCRATCH.

2000-06-28  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* cpplex.c (output_line_command): Output correct #line if a header
	is including itself and is not protected against multiple inclusion.

2000-06-28  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppfiles.c (open_include_file): If open(2) returns EMFILE or
	ENFILE, close all cached file descriptors and try again.
	(_cpp_execute_include): Keep a count of the number of times
	each header is included.
	(close_cached_fd): New function.
	* cpphash.h (struct include_file): Rename before to
	include_count; all users updated.  Make include_count and sysp
	unsigned short.
	* cppinit.c (cpp_finish): If -H, report headers that could use
	reinclude guards.
	(report_missing_guard): New function.

Wed Jun 28 14:46:58 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* (prologue_set_got): Set length_immediate field.
	(testqi_ccno_1):  Add missing '@' character.

2000-06-27  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (expand_builtin_init_dwarf_reg_sizes): Use

2000-06-27  Andrew Macleod <>

	* dwarf2out.c (ASM_OUTPUT_DWARF_DATA2): Provide default when no
	unsigned macros available.

2000-06-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (emit_insn_group_barriers): Special case

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_print_operand) [case D]: Emit
	completers for UNORDERED and ORDERED as well.
	* config/ia64/ (bunordered, bordered): New.
	(sunordered, sordered): New.

Tue Jun 27 12:14:12 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* genattrtab.c (write_attr_value): Do not abort for CONST_INT operands.
	* i386.c (ix86_attr_length_default): Kill.
	(ix86_attr_length_immediate_default, ix86_attr_length_address_default):
	* i386-protos.h (ix86_attr_length_default): Kill
	(ix86_attr_length_immediate_default, ix86_attr_length_address_default):
	Add prototype
	* (attribute type): Add "test".
	(attribute length_prefix): Kill.
	(attribute length_opcode): Kill.
	(attribute i387, mode, length_immediate, length_address, prefix_data16,
	prefix_rep, prefix_0f, modrm): New.
	(attribute length): Compute using the new attributes.
	(attribute pent_prefix): New.
	(attribute pent_pair): Compute using pent_prefix.
	(all insn patterns): Set mode,modrm and immediate_length attributes where
	(cmpsi patterns): Compute sizes properly for test instruction.
	(movsi, movhi patterns): Compute sizes properly for eax shortcuts.
	(movstricthi_xor, movstrictqi_xor): New patterns.
	(andsi/andhi): Use splitters to generate xor instructions.
	(xorqi_ext_1): New pattern.
	(movstricthi->movstricthi_xor peep2): New.

Tue Jun 27 12:03:03 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* (addqi_low_1): Remove.

2000-06-27  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* 1750a.h: Mark help strings for options/switches for translation.
	* a29k.h: Likewise.
	* alpha.h: Likewise.
	* arm.h: Likewise.
	* pe.h: Likewise.
	* riscix.h: Likewise.
	* c4x.h: Likewise.
	* clipper.h: Likewise.
	* convex.h: Likewise.
	* elxsi.h: Likewise.
	* fr30.h: Likewise.
	* fx80.h: Likewise.
	* h8300.h: Likewise.
	* i370.h: Likewise.
	* cygwin.h: Likewise.
	* dgux.h: Likewise.
	* djgpp.h: Likewise.
	* i386.h: Likewise.
	* osf1elf.h: Likewise.
	* osfrose.h: Likewise.
	* sco5.h: Likewise.
	* win32.h: Likewise.
	* i860.h: Likewise.
	* paragon.h: Likewise.
	* i960.h: Likewise.
	* ia64.h: Likewise.
	* m32r.h: Likewise.
	* mcore.h: Likewise.
	* mips.h: Likewise.
	* mn10300.h: Likewise.
	* ns32k.h: Likewise.
	* pdp11.h: Likewise.
	* pj.h: Likewise.
	* aix.h: Likewise.
	* aix41.h: Likewise.
	* aix43.h: Likewise.
	* beos.h: Likewise.
	* rs6000.h: Likewise.
	* sysv4.h: Likewise.
	* linux.h: Likewise.
	* linux64.h: Likewise.
	* sp64-elf.h: Likewise.
	* sparc.h: Likewise.
	* splet.h: Likewise.
	* v850.h: Likewise.
	* convex.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): Provide descriptions and mark them
	for translation.
	* sp86x-aout.h: Remove bogus first definition of SUBTARGET_SWITCHES.
	Properly document option and mark for translation.
	* sp86x-elf.h: Likewise.

2000-06-27  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	Add MMX and SSE registers to i386 machine description.
	* i386-protos.h (ix86_constant_alignment, ix86_data_alignment,
	ix86_local_alignment): Declare.

	* i386.h (TARGET_MMX, TARGET_SSE): New.
	enum reg_class, HI_REGISTER_NAMES): Added MMX/SSE registers.
	(REG_PARM_STACK_SPACE): Added so the first three TImode parameters
	also get stack space.
	(MUST_PASS_IN_STACK): Added TImode to the default definition.
	(CUMULATIVE_ARGS): Added sse_nregs, sse_regno and sse_words.
	(ALIGN_MODE_128): New macro.
	(CONSTANT_ALIGNMENT): Code moved out-of-line; just call the function.
	(DATA_ALIGNMENT): Likewise.
	(REG_CLASS_FROM_LETTER): 'y' for MMX regs.
	(SECONDARY_MEMORY_NEEDED): Be conservative about copying between
	SSE/MMX regs and something else.
	(CLASS_MAX_NREGS): 1 for SSE and MMX regs.
	(REGISTER_MOVE_COST): 10 if trying to move between MMX and SSE regs,
	3 if moving between MMX regs and something else.

	* i386.c (reg_class): Add SSE_REGS, MMX_REGS.
	(regclass_map): Add MMX/SSE registers.
	(print_operand): Add code to print XMMWORD as appropriate.
	(ix86_split_movdi): Abort for MMX regs.
	(init_cumulative_args): Also allow SSE_REGS
	(function_arg_advance, function_arg): Likewise
	(print_reg): Support 'm'.  Add case for TImode.
	(override_options): TARGET_SSE implies TARGET_MMX.
	(ix86_constant_alignment, ix86_data_alignment, ix86_local_alignment):
	New functions.

	* config/i386/unix.h (VALUE_REGNO): VECTOR_MODE values go to
	* config/i386/ptx4-i.h (RETURN_IN_MEMORY): Return MMX values in
	* config/i386/sysv4.h (RETURN_IN_MEMORY): Likewise.
	* config/i386/i386elf.h (RETURN_IN_MEMORY): Likewise.

2000-06-26  Geoff Keating  <>

	* ssa.c (struct rename_set_data): Change the name of field
	'set_dest' to 'old_reg'.  Add comments.
	(struct rename_context): Change the name of 'set_data' to
	'new_renames'.  Add new field 'done_renames'.
	(create_delayed_rename): New function.
	(apply_delayed_renames): New function.
	(rename_insn_1): Use the new functions.  Handle CLOBBERS.  Handle
	SUBREGs and similar by emitting a move.
	(new_registers_for_updates): Delete, functionality moved to
	(rename_block): Handle moves emitted by rename_insn_1 by putting
	them into a SEQUENCE with the original insn.  Add sanity checks
	and comments.
	(rename_equivalent_regs_in_insn): Don't handle SUBREGs specially.
	(rename_equivalent_regs): Expand SEQUENCEs out to individual insns.

2000-06-26  Andrew Macleod <>
	    Jason Merrill <>

	* dwarf2.h (enum dwarf_call_frame_info): Add
	* dwarf2out.c (union dw_cfi_oprnd_struct): Add a pointer to a
	dw_loc_descr_struct entry.
	(struct cfa_loc): New structure to track a CFA location.
	(lookup_cfa): Take a cfa_loc parameter instead of a reg and an offset.
	(lookup_cfa_1): Take a cfa_loc parameter instead of a reg and an
	offset, plus handle DW_CFA_def_cfa_expression.
	(def_cfa_1): Use to be dwarf2out_def_cfa, only now it uses a
	cfa_loc record.
	(dwarf2out_def_cfa): Entry point maintained for compatibility.
	(dwarf_cfi_name): Add DW_CFA_def_cfa_expression.
	(cfa_reg, cfa_offset): Replace with cfa_loc record 'cfa'.
	(cfa_store_reg, cfa_store_offset): Replace with cfa_loc 'cfa_store'.
	(initial_return_save, dwarf2out_stack_adjust): Use cfa.reg, not
	(dwarf2out_frame_debug_expr): Use new cfa_loc records. Recognize rtl
	sequences for the new DW_CFA_def_cfa_expression record.
	(dwarf2out_frame_debug): Use new variables/fields.A
	(output_cfi): Handle DW_CFA_def_cfa_expression.
	(output_cfa_loc): New function to generate a CFI record for
	(get_cfa_from_loc_descr): New function to get a cfa_loc record from
	a dw_loc_descr sequeunce.
	(build_loc_descr): Build a dw_loc_descr from a cfa_loc record.
	(dwarf_stack_op_name, new_loc_descr, add_loc_descr, size_of_loc_descr,
	size_of_locs, output_loc_operands, output_loc_sequence): Move into
	unwind info section.
	* frame.h (frame_state): Add base_offset and indirect fields.
	* frame-dwarf2.c (decode_stack_op): New function to interpret a
	dw_loc_descr operation.
	(execute_cfa_insn): Add support for DW_CFA_def_cfa_expression.
	(struct frame_state): Add base offset and indirect fields.
	* libgcc2.c (next_stack_level): Support indirect loading for CFA.

2000-06-26  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Don't warn about `long long' in C99.
	Make warnings about implicit int be pedwarns in C99.  Don't warn
	about duplicate type qualifiers in C99.
	(start_function): Make warning about implict int return type be a
	pedwarn in C99.
	* c-lex.c (yylex): Don't warn about `long long' in C99.
	* c-typeck.c (c_expand_return): In C99, always pedwarn about
	`return' with no value in function returning non-void.

2000-06-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-typeck.c (pedwarn_c99): New.
	* diagnostic.c (verror, vwarning, vpedwarn): Export.
	* toplev.h: Prototype them.

2000-06-26  J. David Anglin  <>

	* c-typeck.c (digest_init): Return error_mark_node node when
	TREE_TYPE (init)  == error_mark_node.

2000-06-26  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (AM_WITH_NLS): Don't set MSGFMT or GMSGFMT to no,
	test for msgfmt without path instead.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

2000-06-25 Theodore Papadopoulo <>

	* gengenrtl.c (special_rtx): Fix typo in comment.

2000-06-26  Michael Hayes  <>

	* (LIB2FUNCS): Add missing space.

2000-06-24  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* tree.h (enum tree_index): Add vector type nodes.
	Add accessor macros for them.
	* tree.c (build_common_tree_nodes_2): Build these nodes.
	(finish_vector_type): New function.
	* c-common.c (type_for_mode): Handle vector modes.
	* tm.texi (VECTOR_MODE_SUPPORTED_P): Document.

	* dbxout.c (dbxout_type): Handle VECTOR_TYPEs.
	* dwarf.h (enum dwarf_fundamental_type): Add 128 bit integers.
	* dwarf2out.c (lookup_type_die): Handle VECTOR_TYPEs.
	(gen_type_die): Likewise.
	* dwarfout.c (dwarf_fund_type_name): Handle 128 bit integers.
	(fundamental_type_code): Likewise.
	(type_is_fundamental): VECTOR_TYPEs aren't.
	(output_type): Handle VECTOR_TYPEs.

2000-06-25  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* config/arm.c: Fix a comment typo.
	* config/arm.h: Likewise.

2000-06-25  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (AM_WITH_NLS): Set create_catalogs=no if no catalog
	compiler found.
	AM_GNU_GETTEXT: Don't set CATALOGS if create_catalogs=no.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

2000-06-25  John David Anglin  <>

	* config/vax/vax.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): Provide descriptions.

2000-06-25 Herman A.J. ten Brugge <>

	* Prefer LIB1ASMFUNCS over LIB2FUNCS when generating

2000-06-24  Marc Espie <>

	* collect2.c (resolve_lib_name): Move '/' check out of loop.

2000-06-24  Dirk Duellmann  <>

	* ginclude/stddef.h (NULL): define for non-gnu C++ parsers as 0.

2000-06-24  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* stmt.c (expand_decl_cleanup): Emit a dummy insn after

2000-06-24  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* tree.def (VECTOR_TYPE): New node type.
	* tree.h: Adjust some comments to reflect addition of vector types.
	* stor-layout.c (layout_type): Handle VECTOR_TYPE.
	* c-convert.c (convert): Likewise.
	* convert.c (convert_to_integer): Handle vector modes.
	(convert_to_vector): New function.
	* convert.h (convert_to_vector): Declare.
	* expr.c (convert_move): Handle vector modes.
	* expmed.c (extract_bit_field): Don't abort for vector modes.

2000-06-24  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* config/avr/avr-protos.h (avr_hard_regno_mode_ok): New prototype.
	* config/avr/avr.c (out_adj_frame_ptr, out_set_stack_ptr):
	New functions, common code moved from function_{prologue,epilogue}
	and extended to support the -mtiny-stack option.
	(function_prologue, function_epilogue): Use them.
	Use lo8/hi8 consistently for asm output readability.
	(avr_hard_regno_mode_ok): New function.
	* config/avr/avr.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): Fix typo.  Add -mtiny-stack.
	(UNITS_PER_WORD): Define as 4 (not 1) when compiling libgcc2.c.
	(HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Call the avr_hard_regno_mode_ok function.
	* config/avr/ (*mov_sp_r): Add support for -mtiny-stack.
	Write SPH before SPL.
	(*movqi): No need to disable interrupts for just one "out"
	in alternative 5.  Change length attribute from 4 to 1.
	* config/avr/libgcc.S (__prologue_saves__, __epilogue_restores__):
	Write SPH before SPL.

2000-06-24  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* rtl.texi (Vector Operations): New node.
	(Arithmetic): Add ss_plus, us_plus, ss_minus, us_minus.
	(Conversions): Add ss_truncate, us_truncate.
	US_TRUNCATE): New rtx codes.
	* machmode.def: Add vector modes.
	* machmode.h (enum mode_class): Add MODE_VECTOR_INT and

2000-06-24  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* cpp.texi: Clarify #pragma GCC namespace.

2000-06-24  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* aclocal.m4(AM_GNU_GETTEXT): If LINGUAS isn't set, build
	all catalogs specified in ALL_LINGUAS.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

2000-06-23  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/ (reload_outdi+1): Handle
	HOST_BITS_PER_WIDE_INT == 64 case correctly.
	(adddi3_insn_sp32+1, adddi3_insn_sp32+2, andsi3+2): Likewise.

2000-06-23  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* alias.c (fixed_scalar_and_varying_struct_p): Don't examine
	struct vs. scalar-ness when -fno-strict-aliasing.

2000-06-23  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* cpplib.c (struct pragma_entry): New structure.
	(pragma_dispatch): Pragma dispatcher.
	(top_pragmas, gcc_pragmas): New static variables.
	(do_pragma): Use pragma_dispatch.
	(do_pragma_gcc): New pragma handler.
	* cpp.texi: Update.

2000-06-23  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* calls.c (compute_argument_addresses): Force stack slots into
	alias set 0.
	* expr.c (emit_push_insn): Force pushes into alias set 0.

2000-06-23  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ (pred_rel_mutex): Only take one register.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (emit_predicate_relation_info): Adjust to match.

2000-06-22  Jason Merrill  <>

	* toplev.c (compile_file): Always call timevar_print.
	* (calls.o): Depend on TIMEVAR_H.

2000-06-22  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* varasm.c (constant_descriptor): Make contents unsigned char.
	(mark_const_hash_entry): Adjust.
	(const_hash): Just hash the code of unknown nodes.
	(compare_constant_1): Adjust for unsigned char.
	Use language specific expander on unknown nodes.
	(record_constant_1): Likewise.

2000-06-21  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppfiles.c (cpp_make_system_header): New function.
	* cpplib.h: Prototype it.
	* cpplib.c (do_line, do_pragma_system_header): Use it.
	* fix-header.c (read_scan_file): Use it.

	* fix-header.c (check_macro_names): Cast second arg of
	cpp_defined to const unsigned char *.
	(read_scan_file): Make getchar_call const unsigned char.

2000-06-21  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppfiles.c: Include splay-tree.h, not hashtab.h.
	(redundant_include_p, make_IHASH, hash_IHASH, eq_IHASH): Delete.
	(destroy_include_file_node): New.
	(_cpp_init_include_hash): Rename _cpp_init_include_table.
	Create a splay tree, not a hash table.
	(open_include_file): Look up the path in the include table,
	do the multiple include optimization here, etc.
	(cpp_included): Walk the path.
	(find_include_file): Just walk the path calling
	open_include_file, or call it directly for an absolute path.
	(_cpp_fake_ihash): Rename _cpp_fake_include and update for new
	(read_include_file): Update for new scheme.  Don't close the
	file unless reading fails.
	(_cpp_execute_include, cpp_read_file): Tweak for new scheme.

	* cpphash.h (struct ihash, NEVER_REINCLUDE): Delete.
	(struct include_file): New.
	Update prototypes.

	* cppinit.c: Include splay-tree.h.
	(cpp_reader_init, cpp_cleanup): Update.

	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_buffer): Change ihash field to
	'struct include_file *inc'.  Remove system_header_p.
	(struct cpp_reader): Change all_include_files to a
	struct splay_tree_s *.

	* cpplex.c: Update all references to cpp_buffer->ihash and/or
	(cpp_pop_buffer): Close file here, only if DO_NOT_REREAD.

	* (SPLAY_TREE_H): New macro.
	(cppfiles.o, cppinit.o): Update dependencies.

Wed Jun 21 11:05:48 2000  Martin Buchholz <>

	* invoke.texi (g++): "g++" is not a script anymore.

2000-06-20  J. David Anglin  <>

	* function.c (round_down): Delete obsolete prototype.

	* pa.h (CPP_SPEC): Add whitespace after -D__STDC_EXT__.

2000-06-20  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* Use 'test a = b' not 'test a == b'.
	* configure: Regen.

	* (fix-header): Link with $(LIBS) not $(HOST_LIBS).

	* Remove all references to HOST_INTLLIBS.

	* cpplex.c (parse_name): Don't warn about $ in identifiers if

2000-06-20  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* config/pa/pa.h(TARGET_SWITCHES): Require binutils 2.10 or later
	for PA 2.0.

Mon Jun 19 23:26:40 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* Take REG_INC notes into account.

2000-06-19  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* (undeclared_variable_notice): Moved to c-typeck.c.
	(primary: IDENTIFIER): Just call build_external_ref.
	* c-parse.y, c-parse.c, objc/objc-parse.y, objc/objc-parse.c:
	* c-lex.c (lastiddecl): Remove.
	(yylex): Replace all instances of lastiddecl with local

	* c-typeck.c (build_external_ref): New function.  Treat decls
	with C_DECL_ANTICIPATED mostly the same as nonexistent decls.
	Look up the decl from the id here.  Call lookup_objc_ivar.
	* c-lang.c (lookup_objc_ivar): Stub.
	* objc/objc-act.c (lookup_objc_ivar): New function.

	* c-tree.h: Prototype lookup_objc_ivar and build_external_ref.
	* c-lex.h: Don't declare lastiddecl.

2000-06-19  Benjamin Chelf  <>

	* c-common.h (IF_COND): Added documentation.
	(THEN_CLAUSE): Likewise.
	(ELSE_CLAUSE): Likewise.
	(WHILE_COND): Likewise.
	(WHILE_BODY): Likewise.
	(DO_COND): Likewise.
	(DO_BODY): Likewise.
	(RETURN_EXPR): Likewise.
	(EXPR_STMT_EXPR): Likewise.
	(FOR_INIT_STMT): Likewise.
	(FOR_COND): Likewise.
	(FOR_EXPR): Likewise.
	(FOR_BODY): Likewise.
	(SWITCH_COND): Likewise.
	(SWITCH_BODY): Likewise.
	(CASE_LOW): Likewise.
	(CASE_HIGH): Likewise.
	(COMPOUND_BODY): Likewise.
	(ASM_CV_QUAL): Likewise.
	(ASM_STRING): Likewise.
	(ASM_OUTPUTS): Likewise.
	(ASM_INPUTS): Likewise.
	(ASM_CLOBBERS): Likewise.
	(DECL_STMT_DECL): Likewise.
	(STMT_EXPR_STMT): Likewise.
	(LABEL_STMT_LABEL): Likewise.

	* c-common.def: Added documenetion for SRCLOC, EXPR_STMT,

2000-06-19  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (--enable-checking): Update --help doc to reflect
	new defaults.  Ensure $ac_save_IFS is set before $IFS is changed.

Sun Jun 18 21:42:15 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* gcse.c (insert_insn_end_bb): Always put after NOTE_INSN_BASIC_BLOCK.

	* function.c (put_var_into_stack): Don't reference DECL_ fields
	if input is a SAVE_EXPR.
	Use set_mem_attributes in COMPLEX case.

2000-06-18  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h (process_for_unwind_directive): Declare.
	(ia64_file_start): Declare.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (ADDL_REGNO_P): Don't compare unsigned against 0.
	(GR_REGNO_P): Likewise.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c: Many prototypes.
	(ia64_reg_numbers): Constify.
	(ia64_input_reg_names, ia64_local_reg_names): Likewise.
	(ia64_section_threshold): Make unsigned.
	(ia64_print_operand): Constify.
	(fix_range): Constify.
	(ia64_init_builtins): Don't compare signed vs unsigned.
	(ia64_expand_builtin): Likewise.

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (EXTRA_CONSTRAINT): New.
	* config/ia64/ (movdi_internal): Use Q for fp<->mem.
	(movsf_internal, movdf_internal): Likewise.
	(cmovdi_internal): Rewrite so that constraints and predicates match;
	simplify splitters.
	(cmovsi_internal): Likewise.

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (ASM_SPEC): Add -x for gas.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_file_start): New.
	(rtx_needs_barrier): Handle pred.rel.mutex.
	(emit_predicate_relation_info): New.
	* config/ia64/ (pred_rel_mutex): New.
	* config/ia64/linux.h (ASM_SPEC): Define.
	* config/ia64/sysv4.h (ASM_FILE_START): Define.

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_encode_section_info): Fix thinko
	filtering global register variables.

2000-06-18  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* c-common.c (add_c_tree_codes): Fix definition for traditional C.

2000-06-17  Michael Meissner  <>

	* gcc.c (do_spec_1, '%v3' case): Do not abort if patch level is
	not present and there is a field after a '-'.

2000-06-17  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/check.tpl:  finish the implementation of multiple tests
	for a single fix
	* fixinc/inclhack.def(ctrl_quotes_def): add a second test
	(io_quotes_def): add a second test
	(various): reorder `files' so that "limits.h" is never first
	* fixinc/tests/base/*: update the testing output

Sat Jun 17 10:33:59 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* gcc.texi: Remove reference to stupid.c.

2000-06-16  Benjamin Chelf  <>

	* c-common.c (c_tree_code_type): New array.
	(c_tree_code_length): Likewise.
	(c_tree_code_name): Likewise.
	(add_c_tree_codes): New function.

	* c-common.h (add_c_tree_codes): Declare.
	(enum c_tree_code): New enum.

	* c-lex.c (init_parse): Added call to add_c_tree_codes.

2000-06-16  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def (ctrl_quotes_def, io_quotes_def): Modify
	select pattern to also match macro defs with only one argument.

Thu Jun 15 18:56:12 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* Create new [right,left] rotate and right shift
	patterns to optimize shift by 1 bit for certain ia32 processors.
	Update patterns which perform left shifts to optimize shift by
	1 bit for certain ia32 processors.
	* i386.c (const_int_1_operand): New predicate.
	* i386.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Handle const_int_1_operand.
	* i386-protos.h (const_int_1_operand): Prototype.

Wed Jun 14 23:46:26 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* mips.c (machine_dependent_reorg): Fix braces for nested if.

2000-06-14  Geoff Keating  <>

	* rs6000.c (toc_hash_eq): Use CODE_LABEL_NUMBER to compare

2000-06-14  Richard Henderson  <>

	* conflict.c (conflict_graph_compute): Don't look for REG_INC.

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_setup_incoming_varargs): Don't emit
	auto-inc code.

	* print-rtl.c (print_rtx): Emit space before mem alias set.

2000-06-14  David Edelsohn  <>

	* rs6000.c (expand_block_move): Fix typo in earlier change.
	(print_operand): Remove unused variables neg and op.
	(toc_hash_mark_entry): Fix prototype.

2000-06-14  Benjamin Chelf  <>

	* c-common.h (IF_COND): Moved here from cp/cp-tree.h.
	(THEN_CLAUSE): Likewise.
	(ELSE_CLAUSE): Likewise.
	(WHILE_COND): Likewise.
	(WHILE_BODY): Likewise.
	(DO_COND): Likewise.
	(DO_BODY): Likewise.
	(RETURN_EXPR): Likewise.
	(EXPR_STMT_EXPR): Likewise.
	(FOR_INIT_STMT): Likewise.
	(FOR_COND): Likewise.
	(FOR_EXPR): Likewise.
	(FOR_BODY): Likewise.
	(SWITCH_COND): Likewise.
	(SWITCH_BODY): Likewise.
	(CASE_LOW): Likewise.
	(CASE_HIGH): Likewise.
	(COMPOUND_BODY): Likewise.
	(ASM_CV_QUAL): Likewise.
	(ASM_STRING): Likewise.
	(ASM_OUTPUTS): Likewise.
	(ASM_INPUTS): Likewise.
	(ASM_CLOBBERS): Likewise.
	(DECL_STMT_DECL): Likewise.
	(STMT_EXPR_STMT): Likewise.
	(LABEL_STMT_LABEL): Likewise.
	(SCOPE_BEGIN_P): Likewise.
	(SCOPE_END_P): Likewise.
	(SCOPE_STMT_BLOCK): Likewise.
	(SCOPE_PARTIAL_P): Likewise.
	(ASM_VOLATILE_P): Likewise.
	(STMT_LINENO): Likewise.
	(STMT_LINENO_FOR_FN_P): Likewise.

	* c-common.def: New file. Added SRCLOC, SIZEOF_EXPR, ARROW_EXPR,

	* gencheck.c (tree_codes[]): Added '#include "c-common.def"'.

2000-06-14  David O'Brien  <>

	* gcc.c (main): Quiet compiler warnings.  argv is assumed to be
	writable in parts of the GCC code.

	* config/elfos.h (ASM_GENERATE_INTERNAL_LABEL): Make printf
	specification match cast.

Wed Jun 14 09:25:57 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* Revert AC_TYPE_GETGROUPS patch from June 13.
	* configure, Rebuilt.
	* sys-protos.h: Similarly.

Wed Jun 14 03:39:58 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* ifcvt.c (EDGE_COMPLEX): Move definition ...
	* basic-block.h (EDGE_COMPLEX): ... here.

	* loop.c (check_dbra_loop): Specify the register when
	generating REG_NONNEG notes and don't generate duplicates.

2000-06-13  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	(struct tree_type, struct tree_decl): Add user_align member.
	* stor-layout.c (layout_decl): Set DECL_USER_ALIGN.
	(place_union_field): If BIGGEST_FIELD_ALIGNMENT is defined
	and DECL_USER_ALIGN 0, cap alignment to this value.
	(place_field): Likewise.
	(finalize_type_size): Set TYPE_USER_ALIGN.
	(layout_type): Likewise.
	(initialize_sizetypes): Likewise.
	* c-common.c (decl_attributes): Set TYPE_USER_ALIGN resp.
	* c-decl.c (duplicate_decls): Set DECL_USER_ALIGN.
	(xfer_tag): Set TYPE_USER_ALIGN.
	(finish_struct): Set DECL_USER_ALIGN resp. TYPE_USER_ALIGN.
	(finish_enum): Likewise.
	* stmt.c (expand_decl): Set DECL_USER_ALIGN.
	(expand_anon_union_decl): Likewise.
	* tree.c (make_node): Set DECL_USER_ALIGN resp. TYPE_USER_ALIGN.
	(build_index_type): Set TYPE_USER_ALIGN.
	(build_range_type): Likewise.
	(build_common_tree_nodes_2): Likewise.
	* tm.texi (BIGGEST_FIELD_ALIGNMENT): Document the changed meaning.

2000-06-13  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* Use --enable-checking=misc,tree,gc by default if
	no --enable-checking option is given and for
	* configure: Rebuilt.

2000-06-13  Richard Henderson  <>

	* libgcc2.c (ia64_throw_helper): Use __builtin_return_address.
	(__throw): Don't pass the address of a label.

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_compute_frame_size): Use
	(ia64_expand_prologue): Likewise.  Modify return_address_pointer_rtx
	instead of reg_names[RETURN_ADDRESS_REGNUM].
	(ia64_init_machine_status): Reset return_address_pointer_rtx.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (RETURN_ADDRESS_POINTER_REGNUM): Rename
	from RETURN_ADDRESS_REGNUM.  Update all uses.
	(RETURN_ADDR_RTX): Use return_address_pointer_rtx; return
	zero instead of null on failure.
	(ELIMINABLE_REGS): Add ra->b0 elimination.
	(CAN_ELIMINATE): Update accordingly.
	(REGISTER_NAMES): Use an illegal assembler name for

2000-06-13  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (enum reg_class): Remove FR_INT_REGS, FR_FP_REGS,
	(REG_CLASS_NAMES): Likewise.
	(HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Remove references to them.
	(REGNO_REG_CLASS): Likewise.
	(CLASS_MAX_NREGS): Likewise.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_secondary_reload_class): Likewise.
	* config/ia64/ (*): Replace "e" constraints with "f".
	(movqi_internal): Special case moves from zero.
	(movhi_internal, movsi_internal): Likewise.
	(movdi_internal): Likewise.  Fill out "f" constraints.
	(movsf_internal): Fill out "r" constraints.
	(movdf_internal): Likewise.

2000-06-13  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (insn_dead_p): Keep sets to PIC_OFFSET_TABLE_REGNUM
	alive before reload.

	* haifa-sched.c (struct deps): Add in_post_call_group_p.
	(add_dependence): Handle notes between SCHED_GROUP_P insns.
	(remove_dependence): Always define.
	(set_sched_group_p): New.
	(sched_analyze_2): Use it.
	(sched_analyze_insn): Don't special-case naked uses.  Look for
	and extend in_post_call_group_p.
	(sched_analyze): Clear stale SCHED_GROUP_P.  Set in_post_call_group_p.
	(init_deps): Clear in_post_call_group_p.

2000-06-13  Richard Henderson  <>

	* combine.c (subst): Use CLASS_CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE and
	and hard-coded tests.
	(simplify_set): Likewise.
	(gen_lowpart_for_combine): Likewise.
	* emit-rtl.c (gen_lowpart_common): Likewise.
	* global.c (find_reg): Likewise.
	* local-alloc.c (find_free_reg): Likewise.
	* recog.c (register_operand): Likewise.
	* regclass.c (init_reg_sets_1): Likewise.
	(record_operand_costs, regclass): Likewise.
	* reload.c (push_reload): Likewise.
	* reload1.c (choose_reload_regs): Likewise.
	* flow.c (mark_used_regs): Conditionally set REG_CHANGES_MODE.
	* local-alloc.c (struct qty): Rename changes_size to changes_mode.
	Update all references.
	* regs.h (struct reg_info_def): Likewise.
	* tm.texi (CLASS_CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE): Document.

	* config/alpha/alpha.h (CLASS_CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE): Rename.
	* config/mips/mips.h: Likewise.
	* config/pa/pa32-regs.h: Likewise.
	* config/pa/pa64-regs.h: Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h: Likewise.
	* config/sh/sh.h: Likewise.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (CLASS_CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE): New.
	* config/avr/avr.h (CLASS_CANNOT_CHANGE_SIZE): Remove dead code.
	* config/d30v/d30v.h: Likewise.

2000-06-13  J. David Anglin  <>

	* sys-protos.h: Use GETGROUPS_T * for second arg of getgroups.
	* configure: Rebuilt.
	* Rebuilt.

2000-06-13  Richard Henderson  <>

	* explow.c (set_mem_attributes): Do nothing for NULL type.

Tue Jun 13 14:45:10 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* config/m68k/openbsd.h (ASM_SPEC): pass down options to assembler

2000-06-13  James E. Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ (movxf_internal): Add missing "e" to ldf/stf.

Tue Jun 13 14:05:35 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (gensupport.o): Remove bogus $(HOST_PREFIX) reference.

2000-06-13  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* Changed en_UK to en_GB.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

2000-06-07  David O'Brien  <>

	*  Adjust FreeBSD bits to match changes to config.guess.
	We now default to ELF for the i386, and a.out is the special case.
	* configure:  Rebuilt.

Tue Jun 13 10:05:30 2000  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* final.c (final_scan_insn): Delete notes between cc0 setter and
	user when restarting from setter.

2000-06-13  J. David Anglin  <>

	* vax.h (INDEX_TERM_P): Define evaluation order of &&'s in || and
	cast to squelch signed/unsigned warnings.

2000-06-13  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.c (handle_directive): Print non-NUL-terminated string
	with %.*s.

2000-06-12  Michael Meissner  <>

	* ifcvt.c (dead_or_predicable): Don't do conditional execution
	path if the machine needs extra support to do conditional

Mon Jun 12 17:04:17 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* print-rtl.c (print_rtx, case MEM): Use HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_DEC
	to print the alias set.
	* print-tree.c (print_node, DECL_* nodes and case 't'): Similarly.

2000-06-12  J. David Anglin  <>

	* config/float-vax.h: Add GFLOAT defines.

Mon Jun  12  9:44:00 2000  Mark Klein  <>

	* Update tm dependencies for MPE.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

2000-06-12  H.J. Lu  <>

	* gengenrtl.c (obstack_alloc_rtx): Correct the allocated size.

2000-06-12  David Edelsohn  <>

	* aix41.h (SUBTARGET_SWITCHES): Delete threads.
	(CPP_SPEC): Change mthreads to pthread.
	(LIB_SPEC): Likewise.
	(STARTFILE_SPEC): Likewise.
	* aix43.h (SUBTARGET_SWITCHES): Delete threads.
	(CPP_SPEC): Change mthreads to pthread.
	(LIB_SPEC): Likewise.
	(STARTFILE_SPEC): Likewise.
	* rs6000-protos.h (reg_or_arith_cint_operand): New.
	* rs6000.c (reg_or_arith_cint_operand): New.
	(num_insns_constant_wide): Decorate unsigned constant.
	* rs6000.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Add reg_or_arith_cint_operand.
	* (addsi3): Use new predicate.
	(subsi3, adddi3, subdi3): Likewise.

2000-06-12  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-common.c (lang_get_alias_set): Fix typo.

2000-06-12  Richard Earnshaw <>

	* flow.c (mark_used_regs): Revert last change.
	(life_analysis): Remove PROP_AUTOINC if running after reload.
	(propagate_one_insn): PROP_AUTOINC is always off after reload.

2000-06-11  Richard Earnshaw <>

	* flow.c (mark_used_regs): Don't call find_auto_inc after reload
	has run.

2000-06-11  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (build_scope_forest): Initialize variable

	* calls.c (expand_call): Likewise for variables
	`save_pending_stack_adjust' and `save_stack_pointer_delta'.

	* i386.c (function_arg_advance, function_arg): Cast to avoid
	signed/unsigned warnings.

	* i386.h (MEMORY_MOVE_COST): Likewise.

	* ifcvt.c (cond_exec_process_if_block): Initialize variables
	`else_start' and `else_end'.

	* libgcc2.h (__eh_alloc, __eh_free): Prototype.

	* regrename.c (rr_replace_reg): Initialize variable `dest_subregno'.

2000-06-10  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* (libintl.a): Depend on intl.all.

2000-06-09  H.J. Lu  (

	* (c-parse.o): Also depend on output.h.

2000-06-09  Rodney Brown  <>

	* mcore-protos.h: discards const warning removal.
	* mcore.c: discards const warning removal.

2000-06-09  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* config/h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Declare the machine architecture at
	the beginning of the file.

2000-06-09  J. David Anglin  <>

	* real.h:  Add prototype for ldexp.

2000-06-09  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* ggc-none.c, ggc-simple.c, ggc-page.c (ggc_alloc_obj): Rename
	it ggc_alloc, drop second argument, never clear returned memory.
	* ggc-common.c (ggc_alloc_string): Use ggc_alloc.
	(ggc_alloc_cleared): New.
	* ggc.h: Prototype ggc_alloc and ggc_alloc_cleared, not
	ggc_alloc_obj.  Remove ggc_alloc macro.
	(ggc_alloc_rtx, ggc_alloc_rtvec, ggc_alloc_tree): Use ggc_alloc.

	* rtl.c (rtvec_alloc): Clear the vector always.
	(rtx_alloc): Clear the first word always.  Remove dirty
	obstack tricks (this routine is no longer a bottleneck).
	* tree.c (make_node): Clear the new node always.
	(make_tree_vec): Likewise.
	(tree_cons): Clear the common structure always.
	(build1): Likewise; also, clear TREE_COMPLEXITY.
	* gengenrtl.c: Use puts wherever possible.  Remove extra
	(gendef): Clear the first word of an RTX in the generator
	function, irrespective of ggc_p.  Initialize '0' slots to
	(genlegend): Don't generate obstack_alloc_rtx routine, just a
	thin wrapper macro around obstack_alloc.

	* stmt.c (expand_fixup): Use ggc_alloc.
	* c-typeck.c (add_pending_init): Use ggc_alloc.
	* emit-rtl.c (init_emit_once): Clear CONST_DOUBLE_CHAIN(tem).
	* varasm.c (immed_double_const): Set CONST_DOUBLE_MEM(r) to
	const0_rtx when it is created.
	(immed_real_const_1): Set CONST_DOUBLE_CHAIN(r) to NULL_RTX if
	we are not in a function.

	* tree.c (tree_class_check_failed): Make second arg an int.
	* tree.h: Update prototype.

2000-06-09  Geoff Keating  <>

	* tree.h (VOID_TYPE_P): Don't look at the TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT
	of an error_mark_node.

Fri Jun  9 20:35:13 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (asm_output_section_name): bugfix.

2000-06-09  Jason Merrill  <>

	* timevar.def: Add TV_EXPAND.
	* timevar.c (timevar_print): Update timing information.
	* calls.c (try_to_integrate): Push to TV_INTEGRATION for inlining.

	* stmt.c (expand_return): Check for error_mark_node.

2000-06-09  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* Also avoid wrapping auto-build.h with IN_GCC.

	* (VALUE) Wrap use with double quotes to protect
	variable against filename expansion when it contains "char *".

	* system.h (SSIZE_MAX): Delete backup definition.

	* cppfiles.c (read_include_file): Use INTTYPE_MAXIMUM(ssize_t)
	instead of SSIZE_MAX.

2000-06-09  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* Check whether gas supports -relax.
	* configure, Rebuilt.
	* config/sparc/sparc.h (ASM_RELAX_SPEC): Define.
	(EXTRA_SPECS): Add asm_relax.
	(ASM_SPEC): Add %(asm_relax).
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): Add -mrelax and -mno-relax.
	* config/sparc/linux64.h (LINK_ARCH_SPEC): Rename to LINK_SPEC.
	(LINK_SPEC): Pass -relax to linker unless -mno-relax or -r.
	(ASM_SPEC): Add %(asm_relax).
	* config/sparc/linux.h (LINK_SPEC, ASM_SPEC): Likewise.
	* config/sparc/sparc.c (output_sibcall): If HAVE_AS_RELAX_OPTION,
	never use sethi/jmpl for leaf tail calls.  Use or with rs2 %g0
	instead of mov, so that gas can further optimize it.

2000-06-08  James E. Wilson  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (size_of_die, case dw_val_class_const): Use
	(value_format, case dw_val_class_const): Use sdata format.
	(output_die): Call output_sleb128.

2000-06-08  James E. Wilson  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (ASM_OUTPUT_DWARF_DATA8): Add new macro that uses
	UNALIGNED_DOUBLE_INT_ASM_OP.  Rename old macro to
	(output_die, case dw_val_class_unsigned_const): Correct call to
	(output_die, case dw_val_class_long_long): Use
	* tree.c (host_integerp): Accept unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT values when
	pos is zero.

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h (ia64_output_end_prologue): Add.
	(output_function_prologue): Fix mispelling.
	(output_function_prologue, output_function_epilogue): Reorder to
	match ia64.c definition order.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_expand_prologue): Add comment.
	(ia64_expand_epilogue): Set RTX_FRAME_RELATED_P on stack restore insns.
	Use r3 instead of r2 for large stack restores.
	(ia64_output_end_prologue): New function.
	(process_set): Emit ".restore sp" for epilogue stack restores.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (FUNCTION_END_PROLOGUE): Define.

2000-06-08  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* dbxout.c (dbxout_type_fields): Don't segfault on fields with
	incomplete types.

2000-06-08  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* frame.c (end_fde_sort): Remove extraneous erratic array test.

2000-06-08  Denis Perchine <>

	* frame.c (start_fde_sort): Don't malloc (0).

2000-06-07  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* c-decl.c (pushdecl): Do not call COMPLETE_TYPE_P on
	* print-tree.c (print_node): The transparent_union_flag means
	different things for unions and arrays.  Do not inspect it

2000-06-06  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* cpplib.c (do_ifdef, do_ifndef): Don't segfault if parse_ifdef
	returned NULL.

Wed Jun  7 20:34:33 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (asm_output_section_name): output section
	* config/avr/libgcc.S (.text.libgcc): declare section attributes.

2000-06-06  James E. Wilson  <>

	* frame.h (struct unwind_info_ptr): Collapse version, flags, and length
	fields into header field.
	macros to access length, flags, and version info from header field.
	* config/ia64/crtbegin.asm (__do_frame_setup_aux): Delete here.
	* config/ia64/crtend.asm (__do_frame_setup_aux): Add here.
	(__do_global_ctors_aux): Fix caller.
	* config/ia64/frame-ia64.c (get_unwind_record): Change parameter
	prologue_flag to header.  Pass to read_P_record.
	(read_P_record): New argument header.  Implement P4 format.
	Multiply P7_T_SIZE by 16.
	(execute_one_ia64_descriptor): New static local region_header.  Pass to
	get_unwind_record.  Copy r to region_header if r is a header record.
	(print_all_records): Likewise.
	(__build_ia64_frame_state): Use IA64_UNW_HDR_LENGTH.
	(__get_personality, __get_except_table): Likewise.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (process_set): Do not divide offsets by 4.

2000-06-06  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* (AC_C_INLINE): Added.
	* aclocal.m4 (AM_WITH_NLS): Enable --with-included-gettext by default.
	* configure: Regenerate.

2000-06-06  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-common.h (c_language_kind): New type.
	(c_language): New variab.e
	* c-common.c (lang_get_alias_set): Don't put structures in
	nonzero alias sets in C++.
	* c-decl.c (c_language): Define it.
	* c-lex.c (doing_objc_thang): Remove.
	* c-tree.h (doing_objc_thang): Make it a macro.
	* objc/objc-act.c (lang_decode_option): Set c_language, not

2000-06-06  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.c (output_maximum_width): Remove.
	(doing_line_wrapping): Tweak.
	(diagnostic_buffer): New object.
	(global_output_buffer): New object.
	(output_destroy_prefix): New function.
	(default_initialize_buffer): Likewise.
	(reshape_diagnostic_buffer): Likewise.
	(initialize_diagnostics): Likewise.
	(output_clear): Tweak.
	(line_wrapper_printf): Adjust call to init_output_buffer.
	(vline_wrapper_message_with_location): Likewise.  Use
	(v_message_with_decl): Likewise.

	* diagnostic.h (struct output_buffer): Constify prefix.
	(init_output_buffer, output_get_prefix): Constify.
	(diagnostic_message_length_per_line): Likewise.
	(reshape_diagnostic_buffer): Declare.
	(default_initialize_buffer): Declare.
	(initialize_diagnostics): Declare.
	(diagnostic_buffer): Declare new obbject.

	* toplev.c: #include diagnostic.h
	(display_help): Document diagnostic formatting options.
	(decode_f_option): Handle diagnostic formatting options.
	(main): Setup initialization for diagnostic messages outputter.

	* toplev.h (set_message_length): Remove.

	* (toplev.o): Depends upon diagnostic.h

	* invoke.texi : Document diagnostics formatting options.

Tue Jun  6 19:25:32 2000  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* (Make the links): Typo fix : the file that must be
	included without #ifdef IN_GCC is `auto-host.h', not `auto-config.h'.
	* configure: File rebuilt.

2000-06-06  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* eh-common.h (EH_ALLOC_SIZE, EH_ALLOC_ALIGN): New #defines.
	(eh_context): Add alloc_mask and alloc_buffer emergency fallback
	* libgcc2.c (__eh_alloc): Moved from cp/ Fallback on
	emergency eh_context buffer, if malloc fails.
	(__eh_free): Moved from cp/ Release to emergency
	eh_context buffer, if appropriate.

2000-06-06  Jason Merrill  <>

	* expr.c (store_expr): Fix typo.

2000-06-06  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* m68k.c (legitimize_pic_address): Move prototype ...

	* m68k-protos.h (legitimize_pic_address): ... here.

	* (legitimize_pic_address): Delete prototypes.
	(untyped_call): Invoke GEN_CALL(), not gen_call().

	* nextstep.c: Include system.h and toplev.h.
	(get_directive_line): Don't prototype.
	(handle_pragma): Mark parameters with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED and constify.

	* nextstep.h (handle_pragma): Prototype.
	(SECTION_FUNCTION): Prototype FUNCTION().  Move prototype of
	objc_section_init ...

Tue Jun  6 08:17:26 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* sdbout.c (struct sdb_file): NAME now const.
	(sdbout_init): input_file_name now const.
	(sdbout_start_new_source_file): FILENAME now const.
	* sdbout.c (sdbout_init, sdbout_start_new_source_file): Reflect above.

2000-06-06  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* c-typeck.c (build_conditional_expr): Handle complex data types.

2000-06-05  Jason Merrill  <>

	* explow.c (maybe_set_unchanging): New function, broken out from...
	(set_mem_attributes): Here.
	* expr.h: Declare it.
	* stmt.c (expand_decl): Call it.

2000-06-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* reload1.c (choose_reload_regs): Mind CLASS_CANNOT_CHANGE_SIZE
	while looking for a register to inherit from.

2000-06-05  Jason Merrill  <>

	* (libgcc.ready): Lose.
	( Just use mv, not move-if-change.
	(LIBGCC_DEPS): New macro.
	(libgcc.a): Use it.
	(stmp-multilib): Likewise.
	* (stmp-dirs): New target.  Make everything depend on
	it rather than the directories themselves.
	(LIB2ADD): Depend on the list file rather than 'force'.

	* fold-const.c (fold, case COND_EXPR): Elide conversion between
	cv-qualified versions of types.

Mon Jun  5 14:06:18 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* config/sparc/sparc.c (short_branch): Correct error in range

2000-06-05  J. David Anglin  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def: New include hacks for ultrix.
	* (nested_ultrix): Replaced by ultrix_nested_svc.
	* (ultrix_atof_param): test_text string added.
	* (ultrix_ifdef): Modified select string.

2000-06-05  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* objc/objc-act.c (generate_method_descriptors): Register
	objc_method_prototype_template as a GC root.
	(comp_method_with_proto): Register function_type as a GC root.
	(comp_proto_with_proto): Replace function_type1 and
	function_type2 with a two-element array; register it as a GC root.

	(generate_protocols, build_protocol_initializer,
	generate_protocol_list, build_category_initializer,
	build_shared_structure_initializer): Do not cache cast_type
	and/or cast_type2.

2000-06-05  J. David Anglin  <>

	* function.c (assign_parms): Add missing argument to set_mem_attributes

2000-06-05  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* tree.h (VOID_TYPE_P): New macro.
	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Use VOID_TYPE_P.
	(get_parm_info): Likewise.
	(store_parm_decls): Likewise.
	(combine_parm_decls): Likewise.
	(finish_function): Likewise.
	* c-typeck.c (build_function_call): Likewise.
	(build_binary_op): Likewise.
	(build_conditional_expr): Likewise.
	(internal_build_compound_expr): Likewise.
	(convert_for_assignment): Likewise.
	* stmt.c (expend_expr_stmt): Likewise.
	(warn_if_unused_value): Likewise.
	(expand_return): Likewise.
	* (primary): Likewise.
	* c-parse.y, c-parse.c, c-parse.h: Regenerate.
	* objc/objc-parse.y, objc/objc-parse.c: Regenerate.

Mon Jun  5 06:46:28 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* alias.c (get_alias_set): If compnent is addressable, use alias
	set of component.
	* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Don't call record_component_aliases.
	(grokdeclarator): Likewise.
	* c-typeck.c (common_type): Likewise.

2000-06-04  Alex Samuel  <>

	* (OBJS): Remove dyn_string.o
	(dyn-string.o): Delete rule.
	* dyn-string.c: Delete file
	* dyn-string.h: Likewise.

2000-06-04  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (intl.*): Honor nonzero exit codes in the intl

2000-06-03  Geoff Keating  <>

	* alias.c (record_component_aliases): Don't inspect
	DECL_NONADDRESSABLE_P of non-FIELD_DECL components of structures.

Sat Jun  3 19:05:30 2000  Michael Meissner  <>

	* ifcvt.c (process_insns): If IFCVT_MODIFY_INSN is defined, call
	it with the pattern to do machine dependent work.
	(cond_exec_process_if_block): If IFCVT_MODIFY_TESTS is defined,
	use it to modify the true/false tests used in conditional
	defined, invoke them if the conversion to conditional execution
	was successful or not.

	* tm.texi (IFCVT_MODIFY_TESTS): Document.

Sat Jun  3 15:26:13 2000  Matt Kraai <>

	* toplev.c (main): Fix misspellings of possibility and language.

2000-06-03  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alias.c (record_alias_subset): Initialize has_zero_child in the

2000-06-03  Richard Earnshaw (

	* (untyped_call): Use GEN_CALL macro.

2000-06-02  Pekka Nikander  <>

	* Use $(MAKE) not "make"

Fri Jun  2 19:31:03 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* alias.c (struct alias_set_entry): New field has_zero_child.
	(mem_in_disjoint_alias_sets_p): Return 0 if set in either ase.
	(get_alias_set): If language-dependent routine set TYPE_ALIAS_SET,
	do nothing.
	Call record_component_aliases for aggregate types.
	(record_alias_subset): Set has_zero_child.
	(record_component_aliases, case ARRAY_TYPE): Do nothing if
	(record_component_aliases, case RECORD_TYPE): Test
	* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Set DECL_NONADDRESSABLE_P instead
	* calls.c (initialize_argument_information): Only test
	* function.c (assign_parms): Likewise.
	* integrate.c (function_cannot_inline_p): Likewise.
	* stor-layout.c (finish_record_layout): Don't call
	* tree.h (struct tree_int_cst): Use struct tree_common.
	(struct tree_real_cst, struct tree_string): Likewise.
	(struct tree_complex, struct tree_identifier): Likewise.
	(struct tree_list, struct tree_vec, struct tree_exp): Likewise.
	(struct tree_block, struct tree_type, struct tree_decl): Likewise.
	(struct tree_decl): Reorder bits for clarity of how many left;
	add non_adressable.

2000-06-02  Jason Merrill  <>

	* (libgcc.a): Also depend on $(LIB2ADD).
	* (force): New target.
	Make LIB2ADD stuff depend on it.

2000-06-02  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alias.c (lang_get_alias_set): Remove.
	(get_alias_set): Call it directly, not indirectly.
	* c-common.c (lang_get_alias_set): Rename from c_get_alias_set.
	* c-common.h (c_get_alias_set): Don't declare.
	* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Don't set lang_get_alias_set.
	* expr.h (lang_get_alias_set): Declare as function, not pointer.

2000-06-02  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/server.c(sig_handler):  resume closing server on SIGPIPE
	(server_setup):  define the server's master pid
	(close_server):  actually do the deed IFF we are the server's master

2000-06-02  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* c-common.c (c_get_alias_set): Check whether signed_type did not
	return its argument before calling get_alias_set on the result.

2000-06-02  Andrew MacLeod  <>

	* expr.c (emit_group_load): Fix typo, GET_MODE not GET_CODE.

Fri Jun  2 00:22:52 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* sh.h (CPP_SPEC): Add -D__NOMACSAVE__ for -mnomacsave.
	(CONDITIONAL_REGISTER_USAGE): Mac registers are call used
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): Add "nomacsave".

2000-06-02  Toshiyasu Morita  <>

	* (untyped_call): Remove excess parameters

2000-06-01  Loren J. Rittle  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def (osf_namespace_a): Relax expression to
	match that used before the conversion to c_fix style.
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: regenerate

2000-06-01  Stan Cox  <>

	macro argument typo.

2000-06-01  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplex.c (maybe_macroexpand): Use CPP_WTRADITIONAL.  Improve
	error message.
	* cpplib.c (parse_include): Remove support for VAX-C
	"#include starlet" misfeature.

2000-05-31 Laurynas Biveinis <>

	* cppfiles.c: conditionally define O_BINARY.
	(open_include_file): pass O_BINARY to open().

2000-06-01  Richard Henderson  <>

	* i960.c (i960_br_predict_opcode): Remove.
	(i960_print_operand) [+]: Emit branch prediction hints.
	(i960_function_arg): Return early for VOIDmode.
	(i960_round_align): Return early for incomplete types.
	* (all conditional branches): Add "%+".

Thu Jun  1 12:24:21 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* alias.c (get_alias_set): Don't call language-specific routine more
	than is needed and clean up code a bit.
	* c-common.c (c_get_alias_set): All references whose type
	is char get alias set 0, but character types need not.
	* varasm.c (make_function_rtl): Don't call set_mem_attributes.
	(make_decl_rtl): Don't call it for FUNCTION_DECL.

2000-06-01  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/tests/base/...: new base result files

Thu Jun  1 09:37:35 2000  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_use_fcomi_compare): Make global.
	* config/i386/i386-protos.h (ix86_use_fcomi_compare): Declare.
	* config/i386/ (*fp_jcc_3, *fp_jcc_4): Disable if we
	will use FCOMI.

2000-06-01  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (c-decl.o): Depend on $(EXPR_H), not expr.h.

	* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Set lang_get_alias_set first thing.

2000-05-31  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (sdata_symbolic_operand): Consider small
	CONSTANT_POOL_ADDRESS_P addresses for .sdata.
	* config/ia64/sysv4.h (SELECT_RTX_SECTION): New.

2000-05-31  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h (ia64_expand_prediction): Remove.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_expand_prediction): Move code ...
	(ia64_print_operand) [+]: ... here.  Use current_output_insn.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (PRINT_OPERAND_PUNCT_VALID_P): New.
	* config/ia64/ (all branch/call patterns): Use %+.

2000-05-31  Richard Henderson  <>

	* ifcvt.c (cond_exec_process_insns): Don't ever ignore clobbers.

2000-05-31  Richard Henderson  <>

	* ifcvt.c (merge_if_block): Be prepared for JOIN to have no
	remaining edges.
	(find_if_block): Allow THEN with no outgoing edges.
	* flow.c (merge_blocks_nomove): Remove a barrier not following
	a jump as well.

2000-05-31  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (propagate_block): Move initialization of mem_set_list ...
	(init_propagate_block_info): ... here.  Also track blocks with
	no successors; don't scan insns if ! PROP_SCAN_DEAD_CODE.

2000-05-31  Richard Henderson  <>

	* jump.c (jump_optimize_1): Revert 05-18 change.

2000-05-31  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* invoke.texi: Remove documentation for -fguiding-decls.

2000-05-31  Richard Henderson  <>

	* Fix typo last change.

2000-05-31  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* (enable-nls): Enable if build == host, i.e. when
	not building a canadian cross compiler.
	(enable-maintainer-mode): Added for use with i18n.
	* aclocal.m4 (AM_GNU_GETTEXT): Only build catalogs that are a
	cross section of ALL_LINGUAS and LINGUAS.
	* configure: Rebuild.

2000-05-31  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/check.tpl: rework to use test result tree
	* fixinc/ change invocation of check script
	* fixinc/check.diff: No longer needed
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: regenerate
	* fixinc/inclhack.def:  add new tests
	* fixinc/tests/base/arch/i960/archI960.h:  New test result
	* fixinc/tests/base/curses.h: modified test result
	* fixinc/tests/base/stdio.h: ditto
	* fixinc/tests/base/time.h: ditto
	* fixinc/tests/base/sys/asm.h: ditto
	* fixinc/tests/base/sys/stat.h: ditto
	* fixinc/tests/base/sys/wait.h: ditto

Wed May 31 13:17:20 2000  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* except.c (clear_function_eh_region): Do not free NULL.

Wed May 31 08:07:52 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* (c-decl.o): Depend on rtl.h and expr.h.
	* alias.c (struct alias_entry): alias_set is HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(REG_BASE_VALUE): Remove unneeded cast to unsigned.
	(get_alias_set_entry): ALIAS_SET arg is HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(find_base_decl): New function, from c_find_base_decl in c-common.c.
	(new_alias_set): Moved from tree.c; return is HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(get_alias_set): Likewise.
	Major rework to do more things and allow language-specific code
	to just handle special-cases.
	(record_alias_subset): Args are HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(record_component_alias): Local vars are HOST_WIDE_INT.
	Don't handle COMPLEX_EXPR.
	(get_varargs_alias_set): Moved from builtins.c.
	(get_frame_alias_set): New function.
	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_return_address): Use frame alias set.
	(expand_builtin_setjmp, expand_builtin_longjmp): Use alias set
	for setjmp buffer.
	(get_memory_rtx): Rework to use set_mem_attributes.
	(get_varargs_alias_set): Deleted from here.
	* c-common.c (c_apply_type_quals_to_decl): Alias sets now HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(c_find_base_decl): Deleted from here.
	(c_get_alias_set): Remove many cases and rework to just handle
	C-specific cases.
	* c-common.h (c_get_alias_set): Returns HOST_WIDE_INT.
	* c-decl.c (rtl.h, expr.h): Now included.
	(init_decl_processing): Call record_component_aliases on array types.
	(grokdeclarator): Likewise.
	Set TREE_ADDRESSABLE for all fields that are not bitfields.
	* c-typeck.c (common_type): Call record_component_aliases for array.
	* caller-save.c (setup_save_areas): Rework register loop for unsigned.
	Set all save areas to the frame alias set.
	* calls.c (initialie_argument_information): Call set_mem_attributes.
	(compute_argument_addresses, expand_call): Likewise.
	* explow.c (set_mem_attributes): New function.
	(stabilize): Use MEM_COPY_ATTRIBUTES and force_reg.
	* expr.c (struct move_by_pieces): Remove {to,from}_{struct,readonly}.
	(clear_by_pieces): Similar changes.
	(move_by_pieces): LEN now HOST_WIDE_INT; don't set deleted fields.
	(move_by_pieces_ninsns): Now returns unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(move_by_pieces_1): Don't use deleted fields, use MEM_COPY_ATTRIBUTES.
	(clear_by_pieces_1): Likewise.
	(emit_push_insn): Call set_mem_attributes.
	(expand_expr, case INDIRECT_REF): Likewise.
	(expand_expr, case VAR_DECL): Call change_address.
	* expr.h (ADD_PARM_SIZE, SUB_PARM_SIZE): Use host_integerp and
	(get_varargs_alias_set, get_frame_alias_set): New decls.
	(record_base_value, record_alias_subset, lang_get_alias_set): Likewise.
	(new_alias_set, set_mem_attributes): Likewse.
	* function.c (struct temp_slot): ALIAS_SET is HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(assign_stack_temp_for_type): Likewise.
	Can split slot even if alias set since can copy.
	(assign_temp): Use host_integerp and tree_low_cst.
	(put_var_into_stack): Properly handle SAVE_EXPR.
	(put_addressof_into_stack): Likewise.
	(assign_parms): Call set_mem_attributes.
	Delete #if 0 code.
	(fix_lexical_address): Put reference to chain into frame alias set.
	(expand_function_start): Call set_mem_attributes.
	* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Likewise.
	* recog.c (adj_offsettable_operand): Use MEM_COPY_ATTRIBUTES.
	* regmove.c (try_apply_stack_adjustment): Likewise.
	* reload.c (push_reload, make_memloc): Likewise.
	* reload1.c (alter_reg): Make alias sets for spilled pseudos.
	* rtl.def (MEM): Update comment.
	* rtl.h (MEM_ALIAS_SET): Now uses XCWINT.
	(move_by_pieces): Change length to HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(record_base_value, record_alias_subset): Delete from here.
	* stmt.c (expand_decl): Call set_mem_attributes.
	* stor-layout.c (finish_record_layout): Call record_component_aliases.i
	* toplev.c (compile_file): Call init_alias_once earlier.
	* tree.c (lang_get_alias_set, get_alias_set, new_alias_set): Deleted
	from here: now in alias.c.
	* tree.h (struct tree_type): alias_set is HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(struct tree_decl): Likewise.
	(get_alias_set, new_alias_set, lang_get_alias_set): Deleted from here.
	* varasm.c (make_function_rtl, make_decl_rtl): Call set_mem_attributes.
	(output_constant_def, force_const_mem): Likewise.

	* flow.c (propagate_block): If block has no successors, stores to
	frame are dead if not used.

2000-05-31  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* stmt (expand_end_case): Reorder conversion sequence for jump
	table to avoid extra truncations.

Wed May 31 01:31:42 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* ifcvt.c (cond_exec_process_if_block): Do nothing if the last insn
	in the block is more than just a simple conditional branch.
	(noce_process_if_block): Similarly.

Tue May 30 22:25:57 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* optabs.c (prepare_float_lib_cmp): Protect *px and *py from

2000-05-30  Michael Meissner  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_frame_debug_expr): Ignore HIGH
	instructions.  Treat LO_SUM operations as loading the full integer

2000-05-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* combine.c (get_pos_from_mask): Test exact_log2 result as signed.

2000-05-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (emit_jump_to_block_after): Protect use of HAVE_return.

2000-05-30  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/tests/*:  Added expected result files for fixinc's make check
	* fixinc/fixfixes(char_macro_*_fix): Restore original algorithm

2000-05-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/ (*setne_internal): Use match_operator
	instead of working down from insn.

2000-05-30  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* invoke.texi (-Wtraditional): Update WRT function macros.

Tue May 30 09:57:32 2000  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* except.c (free_exception_table): Do not free NULL.

2000-05-29  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.c (do_if): Don't save and restore only_seen_white here.
	* cppexp.c (_cpp_parse_expr): Save and restore only_seen_white
	and skipping here.

2000-05-29  Richard Earnshaw (

	* flow.c (mark_used_reg): If a register is unconditionally live,
	remove any conditional death information.

2000-05-29  Richard Henderson  <>

	* final.c (current_output_insn): New.
	(final_scan_insn): Set it.
	* output.h: Declare it.

2000-05-29  Richard Henderson  <>

	* stor-layout.c (finalize_record_size): Fix typo.

	* jump.c (redirect_jump): Don't emit NOTE_INSN_FUNCTION_END
	if nlabel is null.

2000-05-29  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.h (cpp_reader): Remove if_stack.  Change
	potential_control_macro to a cpp_hashnode *.  Add skipping flag.
	* cpphash.h (struct ihash): Change control_macro to a
	cpp_hashnode * and shorten name to cmacro.
	Add NEVER_REINCLUDE constant.

	* cppfiles.c (redundant_include_p): Drop cpp_reader argument.
	Examine the cmacro node directly, no need to call cpp_defined.
	(_cpp_execute_include, read_include_file): Set cmacro to
	* cpplex.c (cpp_push_buffer): Don't set new->if_stack.
	(cpp_get_token): If pfile->skipping is true, discard text and
	keep scanning until we hit a directive; don't expand macros.

	* cpplib.c (struct if_stack): Remove if_succeeded, add
	was_skipping. Change control_macro to a cpp_hashnode * and
	shorten name to cmacro.  Remove typedef IF_STACK.
	(parse_ifdef), detect_if_not_defined): Return a cpp_hashnode *.
	(conditional_skip, skip_if_group,
	consider_directive_while_skipping): Delete.
	(push_conditional): New.
	(_cpp_handle_directive): Don't process directives other than
	conditionals if we are skipping.

	(do_ifdef, do_ifndef, do_if, do_else, do_elif, do_endif):
	Update to new scheme.
	(validate_else): Skip rest of line here, unconditionally.
	(_cpp_unwind_if_stack): The stack is per-buffer.  Force
	pfile->skipping off.

	(all): Remove `scare quotes' from error messages.

2000-05-29  Richard Henderson  <>

	* function.c (emit_return_into_block): New line_note arg; emit it.
	(thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns): Attempt to locate a line note
	for the close brace to accompany HAVE_return.  Move all line notes
	following the epilogue to before the NOTE_INSN_EPILOGUE_BEG.

2000-05-29  Richard Henderson  <>

	* longlong.h [__alpha] (count_leading_zeros): New.
	(count_trailing_zeros): New.

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_zero_comparison_operator): New.
	(alpha_split_conditional_move): New.
	* config/alpha/alpha-protos.h: Prototype them.
	* config/alpha/alpha.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Update.
	(CPP_CPU_DEFAULT_SPEC): Fix typo for EV67.
	* config/alpha/ Update ffs cix commentary.
	(*ze_and_ne): New.
	(*nabssf2, *nabsdf2): New.
	(*mov[qhsd]icc_internal): Use add_operand.
	(if_then_else constant splitters): New.
	(*cmp_sadd_di, *cmp_sadd_si, *cmp_sadd_sidi): New.
	(*cmp_ssub_di, *cmp_ssub_si, *cmp_ssub_sidi): New.

2000-05-29  Richard Henderson  <>

	* combine.c (force_to_mode) [MINUS]: Convert subtraction from
	a constant to NEG or NOT when conditions allow.

	* combine.c (combine_simplify_rtx): Don't create an if_then_else
	unless both args are general_operand.  Don't canonicalize plus
	to ior unless it helps.

	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Set no_new_pseudos after flow1;
	instead track register_life_up_to_date.  Toggle no_new_pseudos
	around if_convert.

2000-05-28  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (output_cbranch): Escape '%' characters
	so output_operand doesn't see them.

Sun May 28 18:37:07 2000  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* lcm.c (make_preds_opaque): Fix comment.
	(optimize_mode_switching): Use NORMAL_MODE instead of
	MODE_USES_IN_EXIT_BLOCK.  Change leftover instance of
	Handle insertions before an existing NOTE_INSN_BASIC_BLOCK.
	* sh.h (MODE_USES_IN_EXIT_BLOCK): Delete.
	(MODE_NEEDED): Don't look for USE.

Sun May 28 23:26:59 2000  Philippe De Muyter <>

	* (all): Variable initialized to `libgcc'.

2000-05-28  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* toplev.h (skip_leading_substring): New macro.
	* toplev.c (decode_f_option): Use skip_leading_substring instead
	of strncmp.
	(decode_W_option): Likewise.

2000-05-28  Nick Clifton  <>

	* tm.texi (CONDITIONAL_REGISTER_USAGE): Document that it can
	modify reg_names.

2000-05-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* regclass.c (record_operand_costs): Protect reg_changes_size

	* loop.c (instrument_loop_bct): Set JUMP_LABEL on the new insn.

2000-05-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* function.c (diddle_return_value): A pcc-style struct return
	returns a pointer.

2000-05-27  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppfiles.c: Read files in, using mmap if possible, then
	prescan them separately.
	(read_file, read_with_read): New functions.
	* cpplex.c: Don't define UCHAR_MAX.
	(_cpp_read_and_prescan): Rename to _cpp_prescan.  Don't read
	the file here.

	* cppinit.c (handle_option): Automatically define __cplusplus,
	__OBJC__, __ASEEMBLER__, _LANGUAGE_FORTRAN here when we see
	the respective -lang switch.

	* cpphash.h (enum node_type, struct hashnode, _cpp_lookup
	prototype): Move to...
	* cpplib.h: ... here.  Rename struct hashnode to struct
	cpp_hashnode and give it a typedef.  Rename _cpp_lookup to
	cpp_lookup.  Add 'fe_value' slot, a union tree_node *.

2000-05-27  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/ (movsi): Constify 'name'.

	(class_can_change_size): New variable.
	(reg_changes_size): New variable.
	(init_reg_sets_1): Initialize class_can_change_size.
	(record_operand_costs): Remove subreg_changes_size.
	Don't pass it around.  Instead update reg_changes_size.
	(regclass): Initialize and free reg_changes_size.  If a register
	changes size, don't preference it to a class that contains
	registers that can't change size.
	(record_reg_classes): Don't look at subreg_changes_size.

2000-05-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* print-rtl.c (reg_names): Remove const.
	* regclass.c (reg_names): Likewise.
	* regs.h (reg_names): Likewise.
	* hard-reg-set.h (reg_names): Likewise.

2000-05-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/rs6000/ (untyped_call): Use GEN_CALL.

2000-05-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_does_function_need_gp): Test
	TARGET_PROFILING_NEEDS_GP in the if, instead of with an ifdef.
	(alpha_expand_prologue): Emit prologue_mcount if needed.
	* config/alpha/alpha.h (TARGET_PROFILING_NEEDS_GP): Default to 0.
	* config/alpha/ (prologue_mcount): New.
	* config/alpha/linux.h (FUNCTION_PROFILER): Remove.
	(TARGET_PROFILING_NEEDS_GP): Undef before redefining.
	* config/alpha/netbsd.h: Likewise.

2000-05-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/elf.h (SELECT_SECTION): Mirror Kenner's May 19
	change to config/elfos.h.

2000-05-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (resource.o): Depend on except.h.
	* except.h (output_exception_table_data): Prototype.
	* genconfig.c (gen_peephole2): Prototype.
	* genemit.c (main): Include ggc.h.
	* genoutput.c: Revert parts of last change: include errors.h
	(main): Set progname.
	* recog.c: Include hard-reg-set.h before recog.h.
	* resource.c: Include except.h.

	* config/alpha/alpha-protos.h (alpha_arg_info_reg_val): Protect
	with RTX_CODE.
	(alpha_write_linkage): Protect with BUFSIZ.
	(alpha_need_linkage): Update prototype.
	* config/alpha/alpha.c (function_arg): Move VMS code here.
	(alpha_links_base): Remove.
	(alpha_links): New.
	(mark_alpha_links_node, mark_alpha_links): New.
	(alpha_write_one_linkage): New.
	(alpha_need_linkage): Use a splay tree.  Build the linkage symbol.
	(alpha_write_linkage): Use splay_tree_foreach.
	* config/alpha/ (call_vms): Use alpha_need_linkage
	to get the linkage symbol.
	(call_value_vms): Likewise.
	* config/alpha/elf.h (output_file_directive): Remove decl.
	(ctors_section, dtors_section): Prototype.
	(sbss_section, sdata_section): Prototype.
	* config/alpha/vms.h (FUNCTION_ARG): Remove.
	(readonly_section, link_section, literals_section): Prototype.
	(ctors_section, dtors_section): Prototype.
	(vms_valid_decl_attribute_p): Remove decl.
	(alpha_arg_type, alpha_arg_info_reg_val): Likewise.

2000-05-27  Geoff Keating  <>

	* reload.c (get_secondary_mem): Don't widen floating-point modes.

	* combine.c (subst): Honor CLASS_CANNOT_CHANGE_SIZE when
	substituting the REG in a (subreg:X (reg:Y ...)).

2000-05-28  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_line): Merge vertical space.  Flag
	first token of a line BOL.  Update EOF code for this.
	Remove illegal directive check - it appears in the (not
	yet committed) caller.
	* cpplib.h (BOL): New flag.

2000-05-28  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_init_toklist): No comment space to initialize.
	(_cpp_free_toklist): No comment space to free.
	(expand_comment_space): Remove.
	(save_comment_space): Place the comment in the current token and
	not in a separate comment space.
	(_cpp_lex_line): Save comments during plain code and #define
	directives only.
	* cpplib.h (struct _cpp_toklist): Remove comment space.

2000-05-28  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppexp.c (parse_assertion): Supply extra argument to
	* cpplib.c (do_assert, do_unassert): Similarly.
	* cpphash.h (_cpp_init_toklist) Update.
	(_cpp_expand_token_space): New.
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_init_toklist): New argument.
	(parse_string2): New argument multiline_ok.
	(spell_token): Take a const cpp_token *.
	(INIT_NAME): Replace with INIT_TOKEN_NAME.  Update tokens_used.
	(SPELL_ macros): Replace with enum.
	(expand_token_space): Replace with _cpp_expand_token_space.
	Take COUNT argument.
	(IS_DIRECTIVE): Update.
	(_cpp_lex_line): Update token structure before parsing number.
	Don't assume start at beginning of token list.
	(save_comment): Use INIT_TOKEN_NAME.

2000-05-27  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* (stage1_warn_cflags): Add -Wstrict-prototypes
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* gcc.texi: Remove explanation of MD_CALL_PROTOTYPES.

	* builtins.c, calls.c: Change all instances of gen_call_* or
	gen_sibcall_* to GEN_CALL_* and GEN_SIBCALL_*.
	* calls.c (struct_value_size_rtx): Separate definition from
	initialization to avoid unused variable warning.

	* genflags.c (gen_macro): New function.
	(gen_proto): Call it for gen_call_* and gen_sibcall_*.
	(gen_nonproto): Delete.
	(gen_insn): Put all insns on the same obstack.
	(main): Generate prototypes for everything unconditionally.

	* Add AC_CHECK_TYPE(ssize_t).  Remove commented
	out check for wchar_t.
	* acconfig.h: Add template for ssize_t.  Remove @TOP@.
	* system.h: Add infrastructure for defining missing
	TYPE_MAX/TYPE_MIN macros.  Use it to provide fallback
	definitions of UCHAR_MAX and SSIZE_MAX.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* Regenerate.

	* (libgcc2.ready): Rename to libgcc.ready.
	Depend on $(LANGUAGES) as well as $(GCC_PATCHES) and fixed
	(clean): No need to delete libgcc1.a, libgcc1-asm.a,
	libgcc2.a, or libgcc1.null.

2000-05-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (recog.o): Don't depend on resource.h.
	* recog.c: Don't include resource.h.
	(recog_last_allowed_insn): Remove.
	(recog_next_insn): Remove.
	(struct peep2_insn_data): New.
	(peep2_insn_data, peep2_current): New.
	(peep2_next_insn): New.
	(peep2_regno_dead_p, peep2_reg_dead_p): New.
	(peep2_find_free_register): New.
	(peephole2_optimize): Track life information by insn as we go.
	* recog.h: Update declarations.
	* resource.c (find_free_register, reg_dead_p): Remove.
	* resource.h: Remove their declarations.
	* toplev.c: Include hard-reg-set.h before recog.h.

	* genconfig.c (max_insns_per_peep2): New.
	(gen_peephole2): New.
	(main): Call it.
	* genemit.c (output_peephole2_scratches): Generate calls to
	peep2_find_free_register; adjust surrounding code.
	(main): Have insn-emit.c include hard-reg-set.h before recog.h.
	* genrecog.c (change_state): Don't track last_insn.
	(write_action): Write into *_pmatch_len before accepting.
	(write_tree): Adjust peephole2_insns and subroutines to match.

	* config/i386/ (all peepholes): Use peep2_regno_dead_p.

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (hard_fp_register_operand): Mind the mode.
	(hard_int_register_operand): New.
	* config/alpha/alpha-protos.h: Declare it.
	* config/alpha/alpha.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Update.
	* config/alpha/ (peep2 patterns): Use hard_int_register_operand
	as needed; use peep2_reg_dead_p instead of dead_or_set_p.

2000-05-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* function.c (thread_prologue_epilogue_insns): Don't move the
	line note at the head of the chain.  Only force a lineno note
	before the end of block 0.

2000-05-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* gensupport.c (collect_insn_data): Record the maximum number
	of alternatives, not the last seen.

	* genoutput.c: Don't include errors.h.
	(struct data): Add lineno member.
	(have_error): New.
	(scan_operands): Use message_with_line instead of error.
	(validate_insn_alternatives): Likewise.
	(gen_insn): Accept and store the pattern's line number.
	(gen_peephole, gen_expand, gen_split): Likewise.
	(main): Don't set progname.  Pass line_no to gen_foo.

2000-05-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/d30v/d30v.c (d30v_print_operand): Handle ':'.
	* config/d30v/d30v.h (PRINT_OPERAND_PUNCT_VALID_P): Accept ':'.
	* config/d30v/ (attr predicable): New.
	(all insn patterns): Mark non-predicable patterns; use %: on the rest.
	(andsi3*): Unify into one pattern.
	(iorsi3*, xorsi3*): Likewise.
	(peephole2 patterns): Use peep2_reg_dead_p; verify not a
	conditional return.
	(old cond_exec patterns): Remove.
	(define_cond_exec): New.

Sat May 27 11:01:27 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* tree.h (TREE_CODE_LENGTH): New macro.
	* c-common.c (c_find_base_decl): Use it.
	* expr.c (safe_from_p): Likewise.
	* print-tree.c (print_node): Likewise.
	* tree.c (make_node, copy_node, get_identifier): Likewie.
	(first_rtl_op, contains_placeholder_p, substitute_in_expr): Likewise.
	(build, build_nt, build_parse_node, simple_cst_equal): Likewise.
	* fold-const.c (make_range): Likewise.
	(fold): Likewise; also use first_rtl_op.
	* c-iterate.c (collect_iterators): Use first_rtl_op.
	* calls.c (calls_function_1): Likewise; also rename TYPE to CLASS.
	(preexpand_calls): Likewise.
	* ggc-common.c (ggc_mark_trees): Rework to use first_rtl_op
	* stmt.c (warn_if_unused_value): If no operands, no unused value.

2000-05-26  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/ (movsi_internal1): Use '%a1' rather
	than '%1(%*)'.
	(movdi_internal64): Likewise.

	* config/rs6000/ Correct order of operands for DImode
	boolean patterns.

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (boolean_or_operator): New function.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000-protos.h (boolean_or_operator): Prototype it.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Add boolean_or_operator.
	* config/rs6000/ Use boolean_or_operator instead of
	boolean_operator for the boolean patterns without NOTs.

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (reg_or_logical_cint_operand): Rename
	from reg_or_u_cint_operand.  Change comment and behavior.
	(logical_operand): Clean up, add assertion.
	(non_logical_cint_operand): Also check for
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Update.
	* config/rs6000/ (iorsi3): Use reg_or_logical_cint_operand
	in the expander.
	(xorsi3): Likewise.
	(iordi3): Likewise.
	(xordi3): Likewise.

2000-05-26  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* tree.h (struct record_layout_info): Rename to (struct
	* stor-layout.c (start_record_layout): Replace
	`record_layout_info' with `record_layout_info_s'.

2000-05-26  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* flow.c (find_label_refs): New function.
	(find_basic_blocks_1): Call it for each alternative of a call

2000-05-26  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* ifcvt.c (cond_exec_get_condition): Set test_if to the SET_SRC
	of get_pc.

2000-05-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_comparison_operator): Don't be
	so strict about DImode.
	(alpha_swapped_comparison_operator): Likewise.
	* config/alpha/ (*setne_internal): Name it.  Allow
	any integer output mode.
	(*setcc_internal): Likewise.
	(*setcc_swapped_internal): Likewise.
	(*movdicc_internal, *movdicc_lbc, *movdicc_lbs): Name them.
	(*mov[qhs]icc_internal): New.
	(*mov[qhs]icc_lbc, *mov[qhs]icc_lbs): New.

2000-05-25  J. David Anglin  <>

	* vax.h (CPP_SPEC): Define __GFLOAT and GFLOAT when -mg is specified.

2000-05-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (reorder_block_def): Reorder elements for size.
	Remove add_jump; add next; replace flags with visited.
	(rbd_init): Remove.
	(RBI): New.
	(reorder_index, reorder_last_visited): Remove.
	(skip_insns_after_block): Rewrite to use a switch.
	(get_common_dest): Remove.
	(chain_reorder_blocks): Remove.
	(record_effective_endpoints): Split out from reorder_basic_blocks.
	(make_reorder_chain): Likewise.  Loop until all blocks are placed.
	(make_reorder_chain_1): Renamed from old make_reorder_chain.
	Only construct the reorder chain, do not move insns.  Try harder
	to tail recurse.
	(label_for_bb, emit_jump_to_block_after): New.
	(fixup_reorder_chain): Use them.  Do bulk block movement.  Examine
	and adjust the jump insns appropriately.  Fixup basic_block_info.
	(verify_insn_chain): Always define.
	(relate_bbs_with_scopes): Call xmalloc, not xcalloc.  Fix thinko
	in allocation size.
	(make_new_scope): Don't write zeros to calloc'd space.
	(build_scope_forest): Rely on xrealloc to DTRT.
	(reorder_basic_blocks): Don't build loop nest.  Don't fail if
	profile_arc_flag.  Streamline EH test.

	* flow.c (redirect_edge_succ, redirect_edge_pred): New.
	* basic-block.h: Declare them.

2000-05-25  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (reset_used_decls): New function.
	(unshare_all_rtl_again): Call it.

2000-05-25  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplex.c (maybe_macroexpand): Warn about function-like
	macros used in non-function context, if -Wtraditional.

2000-05-25  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* recog.c (peephole2_optimize): Use INSN_P.

2000-05-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* ifcvt.c (seq_contains_jump): New.
	(noce_try_store_flag_constants): Use it to fail conversion.
	(noce_try_store_flag_inc, noce_try_store_flag_mask): Likewise.

2000-05-25  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* except.h (can_throw): Declare it.
	* except.c (can_throw): Give it external linkage.
	* resource.c (find_dead_or_set_registers): Use can_throw.

2000-05-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (mark_set_1): Don't record conditionally dead memory.

2000-05-25  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* combine.c (try_combine): Use any_condjump_p, any_uncondjump_p
	and pc_set at the place of simplejump_p and condjump_p.
	* cse.c (record_jump_equiv): Likewise.
	* emit-rtl.c (emit): Likewise.
	* explow.c (find_next_ref): Likewise.
	* flow.c (tidy_fallthru_edge): Likewise.
	(init_propagate_block_info): Likewise.
	* gcse.c (delete_null_pointer_checks): Likewise.
	* ifcvt.c (cond_exec_get_condition, noce_get_condition,
	dead_or_predicable): Likewise.
	* integrate.c (copy_insn_list): Likewise.
	* loop.c (scan_loop, verify_dominator, find_and_verify_loops,
	for_each_insn_in_loop, check_dbra_loop, get_condition,
	insert_bct, load_mems): Likewise.
	* resource.c (find_dead_or_set_registers): Likewise.
	* sibcalls.c (simplejump_p): Likewise.
	* unroll.c (copy_loop_body, reg_dead_after_loop): Likewise.

2000-05-25  David Edelsohn  <>

	* rs6000.c (expand_block_move): Add 64-bit PowerPC doubleword move
	to STRING case.  Use doubleword STRING move for TARGET_POWERPC64
	when unaligned.
	* rs6000.h (CONST_OK_FOR_LETTER_P, 'J'): unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(RETURN_ADDR_RTX): Use COUNT and FRAME, not count and frame.
	* Name various internal patterns.

2000-05-25  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* jump.c (invert_exp_1): Remove first argument, use pc_set
	to get the expression.
	(redirect_exp): Make static; redirect only the pc_set expression,
	remove first argument.
	(invert_exp): Remove first argument, make static.
	(jump_optimize): Use any_condjump_p, any_uncondjump_p and
	any_onlyjump at most places where we originaly did condjump_p
	and simplejump_p.
	(jump_back_p, follow_jumps, thread_jumps): Likewise.
	(delete_barrier_succesors): Use pc_set.
	(invert_jump_1, invert_jump, redirect_jump_1, redirect_jump): Update
	calls of invert_exp and redirect_exp.
	* rtl.h (redirect_exp, invert_exp): Remove.
	* unroll.c (copy_loop_body): Use invert_jump and redirect_jump.

2000-05-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* stmt.c (expand_end_bindings): Fix thinko last change.

2000-05-25  Andrew MacLeod  <>
	    Andrew Haley  <>

	* except.c  (func_eh_entry): Add emitted field.
	(new_eh_region_entry): Set emitted field to 0;
	(output_exception_table_entry): Only emit previously un-emitted data,
	and send it to the eh_data section.
	(output_exception_table): Break out common parts. Output
	exception table for entire compilation unit to eh_data section.
	(output_exception_table_data): Common parts of output_exception_table.
	Send output to eh_data section.
	(output_function_exception_table): Output exception table data for
	a single function to eh_data section.
	(free_exception_table): New external to free the table.
	* except.h (free_exception_table): Add prototype.
	(output_function_exception_table): Add prototype.
	* final.c (final_end_function): Output function exception table
	(final_scan_insn): Emit any unwind directives for an insn.

	* frame-dwarf2.c: New file containing all DWARF 2 specific code
	from frame.c.
	* frame.c: Remove all DWARF 2 specific code.
	* config/ia64/frame-ia64.c: New file.
	(gthread_stuff): Make all gthread available with
	(dwarf_fde): Define an IA64 struct for dwarf_fde.
	(__register_frame_info, __register_frame): Move to common area of file.
	(__register_frame_info_table, __register_frame_table): Move to common i
	(__deregister_frame_info, __deregister_frame): Move to common area.
	(__frame_init, find_fde): New versions for IA64_UNWIND_INFO.
	(read_uleb128): New version for ia64.
	(get_unwind_record): Read the next IA-64 unwind record.
	(read_R_record): Read a region header record.
	(process_a_b_reg_code): X record helper.
	(read_X_record): Read an X format record.
	(read_B_record): Read a B format record.
	(P3_record_types): List of record types matching the P3 format.
	(P7_record_types): List of record types matching the P7 format.
	(P8_record_types): List of record types matching the P8 format.
	(read_P_record): Read a P format record.
	(init_ia64_reg_loc): Set default fields for a register.
	(init_ia64_unwind_frame): Set defaults for all register records.
	(execute_one_ia64_descriptor): Execute one descriptor record.
	(rse_address_add): Calculate the position of a local reg in memory.
	(normalize_reg_loc): Turn a location descriptor into a memory address.
	(maybe_normalize_reg_loc): Only normalize a descriptor if it falls
	within a specified PC offset range.
	(get_real_reg_value): Given a register location, retrieve its value.
	(set_real_reg_value): Change the value of a register location.
	(copy_reg_value): Copy reg values, if needed.
	(copy_saved_reg_state): Copy all registers that need to be copied.
	(process_state_between): Normalize all frame register records that
	fall within the specified PC range.
	(frame_translate): Take a processed frame description, and turn
	everything into addresses.
	(build_ia64_frame_state ): Find and create frame state record for a PC.
	(get_personality): Get the personality routine for a given frame.
	(get_except_table): Get the exception table for a given frame.
	(record_name): Unwind record names for debugging.
	(print_record): Print and unwind record.
	(print_all_records): Print an entire unwind image.
	(__ia64_backtrace): Print a backtrace.
	(ia64_backtrace_helper): New function.
	(__register_frame_info_aux): New function.
	* config/ia64/crtend.asm (__do_frame_setup_aux): New function.

	* frame.h (enum unw_record_type): New unwind record types.
	(struct unw_p_record, unw_b_record, unw_x_record) : New unwind records.
	(struct unw_r_record, unwind_record): New unwind record structs.
	(struct unwind_info_ptr): Unwind information layout.
	(IA64_UNW_LOC_TYPE_*): Macros for different types for location
	(struct ia64_reg_loc): Register location description.
	(struct ia64_frame_state): Location of all registers in a frame.
	(struct object): Add pc_base and fde_end for IA64_UNWIND_INFO.
	* libgcc2.c (__ia64_personality_v1): Personality routine.
	(__calc_caller_bsp): Calculate the bsp register for the caller's
	(ia64_throw_helper): Figure out who to return to and set up the
	(__throw): Throw routine.

	* output.h (assemble_eh_align, assemble_eh_label): New functions
	to generate EH info where we want it.
	(assemble_eh_integer): New function.
	* toplev.c (compile_file): Output module level exception table for
	non-ia64 targets.
	(main): Set exceptions_via_longjump and flag_new_exceptions based
	on IA64_UNWIND_INFO too.

	* varasm.c (assemble_eh_label): Generate a label via
	ASM_OUTPUT_EH_LABEL if it has been specified.
	(assemble_eh_align): Generate an alignment directive via
	ASM_OUTPUT_EH_ALIGN if it has been specified.
	(assemble_eh_label): Generate an integer value via
	ASM_OUTPUT_EH_type if they have been specified.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (rtx_needs_barrier): Add flushrs.
	(ia64_init_builtins): Add __builtin_ia64_bsp
	and __builtin_ia64_flushrs.
	(ia64_expand_builtin): Add IA64_BUILTIN_BSP and
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (ia64_builtins): Add IA64_BUILTIN_BSP and

	* config/ia64/ (flushrs): New insn to flush the register
	stack.  Add to unspec list.

	* config/ia64/crtbegin.asm (frame_object): Change size.
	(__do_frame_setup_aux): New function.
	* config/ia64/crtend.asm: call __do_frame_setup_aux.
	* config/ia64/t-ia64 (LIB2ADDEH): Add.
	* (LIB2ADDEH): Add.

2000-05-24  Richard Henderson  <>

	* recog.c (offsettable_address_p): If mode size is zero, assume

2000-05-24  J. David Anglin  <>

	* Check for -Wno-long-long option support and improve
	handling of warning CFLAGS for stages 1 and 2.
	* (WARN_CFLAGS): Move definition to
	* configure: Regenerate.

Wed May 24 19:37:53 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* gcc.texi: Remove contributor list.  Instead include contrib.texi.
	* contrib.texi: New file.

Thu May 25 02:27:22 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* loop.c (basic_induction_var): Avoid double recording of an increment.

Thu May 25 02:19:27 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* Back out this patch:
	Tue Dec  7 19:22:06 1999  Richard Henderson  <>
	  * loop.h (struct induction): Add multi_insn_incr.
	  * loop.c (basic_induction_var): New multi_insn_incr argument.
	  Set it if we search back through previous insns for the biv.
	  (record_biv): New multi_insn_incr argument; fill in struct induction.
	  (strength_reduce): Discard an iv with multiple bivs, any of
	  which require multiple insns to increment.

	* loop.c (check_insn_for_bivs): Remove bits copied from above patch.

Thu May 25 02:09:10 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* rtl.h (loc_mentioned_in_p): Declare.
	* reload.c (loc_mentioned_in_p): Moved from here...
	* rtlanal.c (loc_mentioned_in_p): to here.  No longer static.
	Fix loop increment for 'E' handling.
	* loop.c (strength_reduce): When doing biv->giv conversion,
	take multi-insn biv increments into account.

2000-05-24  Jason Merrill  <>

	* stmt.c (expand_end_bindings): Look through NOTEs to find a

2000-05-24  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Handle cleanups in tail-recursion
	arguments analogously to cleanups in sibling calls.

2000-05-24  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* simplify-rtx.c: Rename macro SIGN_EXTEND to HWI_SIGN_EXTEND.
	All callers changed.

2000-05-24  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* expr.c (expand_assignment, store_expr, expand_expr,
	expand_expr_unaligned): Set in_check_memory_usage while emitting
	chkr_check_addr libcall.

2000-05-24  Nick Clifton  <>

	* fold-const.c (extract_muldiv): When constructing a
	multiplier/divisor, do not expect const_binop to correctly
	determine if overflow has occurred, so check explicitly.

2000-05-24  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* c-decl.c (build_enumerator): Don't modify the value's type,
	convert it.

2000-05-24  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* mips.h (LINKER_ENDIAN_SPEC): Pass -EL to linker by default.

2000-05-24  Eric Christopher <>

	* Redefine inhibit_libc conditions.
	* libgcc2.c: Remove inhibit_libc conditional define.
	* configure: Regenerate.

2000-05-24  Phil Edwards  <>

	*  For --enable-languages=LIST, check for empty LIST.
	* configure:  Regenerate.

2000-05-24  Lars Brinkhoff  <>

	* pdp11.h (STACK_BOUNDARY): Define.

2000-05-24  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* ifcvt.c (if_convert): Update life info globally.

2000-05-24  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (unshare_all_decls): New function.
	(unshare_all_rtl): Call it.

2000-05-23  Nick Clifton  <>

	* Treat 'strongarm' as if it were 'arm' when
	determining cpu type.

	* configure: Regenerate.

	* config/arm/arm.c: Change 'char *' to 'const char *' for cases
	where constant strings are involved.

	* config/arm/arm.h (arm_condition_codes): Change type to 'const
	char *'.

	* config/arm/arm-protos.h: Change 'char *' to 'const char *' for
	cases where constant strings are involved.

Tue May 23 15:08:31 2000  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* config/sh/sh.c (gen_far_branch, split_branches): Update
	to reflect new prototypes for redirect_jump and invert_jump.
	(sh_insn_length_adjustment): Get rid of const warnings.

2000-05-23  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* invoke.texi (Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC): Update
	the names of dump files.

Tue May 23 13:58:52 2000  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* (NO_MINUS_C_MINUS_O): Fix thinko in previous fix.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2000-05-23  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* simplify-rtx.c (SIGN_EXTEND): New macro.
	(simplify_unary_operation, simplify_binary_operation,
	simplify_relational_operation): Use SIGN_EXTEND.  Make low
	halves of (low, high) pairs unsigned if they weren't already.
	(simplify_ternary_operation): Cast INTVAL to unsigned before
	comparing to a MODE_BITSIZE.

2000-05-23  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (gcc_AC_CHECK_DECL, gcc_AC_CHECK_DECLS): New macros
	rewritten from the internals of gcc_AC_NEED_DECLARATION{S}.

	* (gcc_AC_CHECK_DECLS): Call this instead of

	* dwarfout.c: Don't prototype time().

	* gcc.c: Check HAVE_DECL_* instead of NEED_DECLARATION_*.

	* system.h: Likewise.

	* toplev.c: Likewise.

2000-05-23  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* c-decl.c (pushdecl): Invert sense of test for non-global types.

Tue May 23 18:11:42 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* reload1.c (reload_cse_move2add): Honor TRULY_NOOP_TRUNCATION.

2000-05-23  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* config/mips/elf64.h (CTOR_LISTS_DEFINED_EXTERNALLY): Define

Tue May 23 06:50:29 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c: Remove #ifdef HAIFA since now only scheduler.
	(alpha_start_function): Never write label if VMS or NT.
	(alpha_align_insns): Remove GP_IN_USE arg.
	Alignment now unsigned.
	(alpha_reorg): Don't pass GP_IN_USE arg to alpha_align_insns.
	* config/alpha/ (prologue_ldgp): Split into one define_expand
	and two define_insn's.

2000-05-22  Richard Henderson  <>

	* combine.c (simplify_comparison): Use trunc_int_for_mode.

2000-05-22  Richard Henderson  <>

	* stor-layout.c (place_field): Change rli->size to rli->offset.

2000-05-22  Richard Henderson  <>

	* function.c (thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns): Make sure
	existing line number notes appear after the prologue.

Mon May 22 21:49:00 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_fnname): New static variable.
	(print_operand, case '~'): New case.
	(alpha_expand_prologue): Emit prologue_ldgp insn if needed.
	(alpha_start_function): Set alpha_fnname.
	Write "ng" label if no ldgp; don't write ldgp insn.
	* config/alpha/alpha.h (PRINT_OPERAND_PUNCT_VALID_P): New case '~'.
	* config/alpha/ (prologue_ldgp): New define_insn.

Mon May 22 11:30:48 2000  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* jump.c (jump_optimize_1): Don't increment LABEL_NUSES
	on deleted labels.

2000-05-22  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* varasm.c (eh_frame_section): Revert change to argument list.

Mon May 22 13:14:03 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* optabs.c (can_extend_p): Allow unsignedp to have any nonzero value.
	(gen_extend_insn, can_fix_p, can_float_p): Likewise.

	* final.c (final_scan_insn, case NOTE_INSN_FUNCTION_BEG): Remove
	dangling "else" that causes "break" to be conditional.
	Also remove unneeded code at start.

Mon May 22 17:31:35 2000  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* m68k/m68k.h (STORE_FLAG_VALUE): Macro set to (-1), not -1.
	* fx80/fx80.h, i370/i370.h, m88k/m88k.h (STORE_FLAG_VALUE): Ditto.
	* gmicro/gmicro.h, we32k/we32k.h (STORE_FLAG_VALUE): Ditto.

2000-05-22  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/ (movdf_insn_v9only_vis): fzero has
	just one argument.

Mon May 22 06:57:49 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* alias.c (record_component_aliases): New function.
	* tree.h: Clean up some declarations and comments.
	(record_component_aliases): New declaration.
	* tree.c (get_alias_set): If type and has alias set, use it.

2000-05-22  Richard Henderson  <>

	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_ternary_operation): Try to simplify
	IF_THEN_ELSE to a setcc form.
	* jump.c (can_reverse_comparison_p): Be prepared for insn null.

2000-05-21  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def (sun_malloc): Handle `calloc'.
	(sun_malloc, sysz_stdtypes_for_sun): Add test_text.

Sun May 21 16:42:31 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* combine.c (try_combine): Handle i3_subst_into_i2 case when I2 is
	not a PARALLEL.

2000-05-20  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/ (movdi, movdf): 64-bit clean-up.
	* config/mn10300/mn10300.c (print_operand): Likewise.

	* final.c (split_double): Right shift of negative values is not

	* ifcvt.c (if_convert): Scan and kill dead code.

	* emit-rtl.c (unshare_all_rtl): Store the copied rtx.

2000-05-20  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* diagnostic.c: Eliminate implicit int.
	* except.c, gcc.c: Add static prototypes.
	* final.c (final_end_function): Mark file arg ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
	* gensupport.c (process_rtx): Use XVEC to initialize vector
	slot of 'split'.

	* print-rtl.c: If DEBUG_REGISTER_NAMES, define static
	debug_reg_names instead of static reg_names.  If not, define
	global reg_names.
	* regclass.c: Don't define global reg_names unless

	* reload1.c (order_regs_for_reload): Remove unused variable.
	* varasm.c: Include output.h after defaults.h.  Define
	eh_frame_section as function of no args, not of unspecified args.

	* gcc.c: Constify argbuf; arguments to store_arg,
	process_command, main; elements of struct command and struct
	switchstr; local variables in execute, process_command, main.

2000-05-20  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def:  many applications of c_fix=format + tests
	* fixinc/check.diff:  regenerated
	* fixinc/fixincl.x:  regenerated

Sat May 20 09:30:55 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* alias.c: Clarify some comments.
	(record_base_value): REGNO is unsigned.
	* rtl.h (record_base_value): Likewise.

	* alias.c (aliases_everything_p): Don't special-case QImode here.
	* c-common.c (c_get_alias_set): Do it here.
	Handle BIT_FIELD_REF by getting alias info for arg.

2000-05-20  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* Restore rule to create ${dir}.

Sat May 20 08:45:41 2000  H.J. Lu  <>

	* ( Depend on xgcc$(exeext) for
	* Make sure each .o file depends on the
	directory it will be in.
	Make the multilib directory depends libgcc.

Sat May 20 08:29:28 2000  H.J. Lu  <>

	* (bootstrap): Unset LANG_LIB2FUNCS for stage 1.

Sat May 20 07:27:35 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* fold-const.c (make_range): Handle degenerated intervals.
	Fixes c-torture/execute/991221-1.c

Fri May 19 18:16:31 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* cse.c (cse_basic_block): Only call find_reg_note if REG_NOTES not 0.
	* reload.c (find_equiv_reg): Likewise.
	* alias.c (init_alias_analysis): Likewise.
	Only call prologue_epilogue_contains on insns.
	* basic-block.h (REG_SET_TO_HARD_REG_SET): Call new function.
	* bb-reorder.c (hard-reg-set.h): Include earlier.
	* haifa-sched.c (hard-reg-set.h): Likewise.
	* ifcvt.c (hard-reg-set.h): Likewise.
	* local-alloc.c (hard-reg-set.h): Likewise.
	* loop.c (hard-reg-set.h): Likewise.
	* predict.c (hard-reg-set.h): Likewise.
	* regrename.c (hard-reg-set.h): Likewise.
	* flow.c (hard-reg-set.h): Likewise.
	(reg_set_to_hard_reg_set): New function.
	* bitmap.c (regs.h, basic-block.h): No longer include.
	(bitmap.h): Now include.
	* conflict.c (hard-reg-set.h): Include.
	* profile.c (hard-reg-set.h): Likewise.
	* print-rtl.c (hard-reg-set.h): Likewise.
	* sbitmap.c (hard-reg-set.h): Likewise.
	* toplev.c (hard-reg-set.h): Likewise.
	* unroll.c (hard-reg-set.h, basic-block.h): Likewise.
	* hard-reg-set.h (reg_names): Now constant.
	* regs.h (reg_names): Likewise.
	* regclass.c (reg_names): Likewise.
	* loop.h (basic-block.h): No longer include.
	(bitmap.h): Now include.
	* reload1.c (order_regs_for_reload): Avoid loop over reg sets.
	* (LOOP_H, sbitmap.o, profile.o): Reflect above changes.
	(toplev.o, print-rtl.o, conflict.o, unroll.o, bitmap.o): Likewise.

2000-05-19  Jan Hubicka  <>
	    Richard Henderson  <>

	* basic-block.h (struct edge_def): New field "count".
	(struct basic_block_def): Likewise.
	* flow.c (entry_exit_blocks): Add count fileds.
	(split_edge): Keep count information up-to-date.
	(dump_edge_info, dump_flow_info): Dump count fields.

	* final.c (count_instrumented_edges): Rename to edge from arc.
	(end_final): Update users.
	* profile.c: Include expr.h, basic-block.h.
	(struct adj_list, ARC_TARGET, ARC_SOURCE, ARC_COUNT): Kill.
	(struct bb_info, label_to_bb, label_to_bb_size, bb_graph): Kill.
	(ignore_next_note, return_label_execution_count): Kill.
	(bbg_file_name, da_file_name): Kill.
	(edge_info, bb_info): New structures.
	(count_instrumented_edges, total_num_edges): Rename to edge from arc.
	(total_num_edges_instrumented): Likewise.
	(init_arc, expand_spanning_tree): Kill.
	(fill_spanning_tree, tablejump_entry_p): Kill.
	(instrument_edges):  Rewrite from instrument_arcs to use
	commit_edge_insertions infrastructure.
	(compute_branch_probabilities): Remove arguments; rewrite for
	CFG infrastructure; use rtl_dump_file directly.
	(branch_prob, find_spanning_tree): Likewise.
	(union_groups, find_group): New.
	(init_branch_prob): Make bbg_file_name and da_file_name local.
	(end_branch_prob): Use rtl_dump_file directly.
	(init_edge_profiler): Rename to edge from arc.
	(output_arc_profiler): Kill.
	(gen_edge_profiler): New.
	(output_func_start_profiler): Turn off profiling.  Make the
	constructor static when we can.
	* rtl.h (branch_prob, end_branch_prob): Update prototypes.

	* toplev.c (DFI_flow): Remove.
	(DFI_cfg, DFI_life): New.
	(dump_file): Update accordingly.
	(compile_file): Call end_branch_prob if profile_arc_flag too.
	(rest_of_compilation): Move flow1 cfg creation to DFI_cfg.  Do edge
	profiling after the CFG is built.  Move flow1 life analysis to
	DFI_life.  Always estimate remaining probabilities.

2000-05-19  Richard Henderson  <>

	* ifcvt.c (find_if_case_2): Don't allow THEN to be EXIT.

	* flow.c (make_edges): The sibling call edge to exit is abnormal.

2000-05-19  Richard Henderson  <>

	* jump.c (redirect_jump): Add delete_unused argument.  Don't
	remove labels and code following when LABEL_NUSES goes to zero.
	(invert_jump): Likewise.
	(jump_optimize_1): Fix redirect/invert arguments.
	(do_cross_jump, thread_jumps): Likewise.
	* flow.c (split_edge): Likewise.
	* reorg.c (optimize_skip): Likewise.
	(reorg_redirect_jump, relax_delay_slots, dbr_schedule): Likewise.
	* profile.c (instrument_arcs): Likewise.
	* loop.c (find_and_verify_loops): Likewise.  Fix indentation.
	* rtl.h: Update prototypes.

Fri May 19 12:05:13 2000  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* ssa.c (convert_from_ssa): Tell life_analysis we need death
	(make_regs_equivalent_over_bad_edges): Only look at abnormal
	critical edges.

2000-05-19  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.c (funlike_macroexpand): Make sure not to walk p1
	past l1 when deleting whitespace and markers.

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_scan_until): Clear AUX field of tokens.
	* cpplib.c (do_unassert): Put the list to compare against on
	the stack.

2000-05-19  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/README:  cleaned up old documentation
	* fixinc/check.diff: regenerated & verified on OSR5 on ix86
	* fixinc/check.tpl: compute the list of needed directories
	emit "#if defined(name)" because of conflict
	omit machine name differences from output differences
	* fixinc/inclhack.def( m88k_multi_incl ):  Use `wrap' function
	(machine_name): change test text to use `sed' markers
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: regen

Fri May 19 06:49:35 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* config/elfos.h (SELECT_SECTION): Don't access DECL_INITIAL of

2000-05-18  Chris Demetriou  <>

	* gcc.texi (MULTILIB_EXCEPTIONS): Correct example and update
	it to match the current practice.

2000-05-18  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* (STAGESTUFF): Fix typo in spelling of s-under.

2000-05-18  Richard Henderson  <>

	* rtlanal.c (insn_dependant_p, insn_dependant_p_1): New.
	* rtl.h (insn_dependant_p): Declare it.
	* loop.c (strength_reduce): Use it.

2000-05-18  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.c (expand_prologue, expand_epilogue):
	16-bit and 64-bit clean-up.

2000-05-18 Mark Elbrecht <>

	* (*-pc-msdosdjgpp): Set float_format to none.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

2000-05-18  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* genopinit.c: Use $ for escape sequences in optab patterns.
	Remove backslashes from optab patterns.  Change $A, $B, $C to
	expand to (int) whatever instead of just whatever; remove
	explicit (int) from all optab patterns.

	* gensupport.c (xmalloc, xrealloc, xstrdup): Provide.
	* genattr.c, genattrtab.c, gencodes.c, genconfig.c, genemit.c,
	genextract.c, genflags.c, genopinit.c, genoutput.c, genpeep.c,
	genrecog.c: Remove private copies of xmalloc, xrealloc, and

2000-05-18  Richard Henderson  <>

	* jump.c (jump_optimize_1): Base minimum insn count during
	find_cross_jump on BRANCH_COST.

2000-05-18  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* print-rtl.c (print_rtx): Only print note line number as string
	* final.c (final_scan_insn): Do nothing for note line number 0.

2000-05-18  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* gcc-common.c (ggc_mark_rtx_children): Mark NOTE_EXPECTED_VALUE

2000-05-18  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/unknown-elf.h (UNIQUE_SECTION): Place constant,
	uninitialized data in .rodata not .bss, and do not interpret an
	error in the initialisation value as meaning that the variable
	should be placed in the .bss section.

Thu May 18 12:10:18 2000  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* (NO_MINUS_C_MINUS_O): Test `$ac_cv_prog_cc_${ac_cc}_c_o',
	not `$ac_cv_prog_cc_cc_c_o'.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2000-05-18  Chris Demetriou  <>
	    Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-common.h (enum c_tree_index): Add g77 type entries.
	(g77_integer_type_node, g77_uinteger_type_node): New.
	(g77_longint_type_node, g77_ulongint_type_node): New.
	* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Initialize them.

2000-05-18  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/h8300/ (subs patterns): Use %G to negate.

	* config/h8300/h8300.c (ok_for_bclr): Take a HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(small_power_of_two): Likewise; use exact_log2.
	(adds_subs_operand, one_insn_adds_subs_operand): Remove.
	(output_adds_subs): Remove.
	(two_insn_adds_subs_operand): New.
	(split_adds_subs): New.
	* config/h8300/h8300-protos.h: Update.
	* config/h8300/h8300.h (CONST_OK_FOR_J): Cast to uns HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(CONST_OK_FOR_L): Match strict adds operands.
	(CONST_OK_FOR_N): Match struct subs operands.
	* config/h8300/ (adds_subs insns): Remove.
	(addhi patterns): Output adds/subs directly.
	(addsi_h8300h): Likewise.
	(addhi/addsi splitters): New.  Decompose two_insn_adds_subs_operand.

2000-05-18  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppexp.c (parse_assertion): New.
	(lex): Call it for CPP_HASH.  Remove CPP_ASSERTION case.
	(_cpp_parse_expr): Remove case '#'.  Don't set
	* cpphash.c (collect_objlike_expansion,
	collect_funlike_expansion, collect_params,
	_cpp_create_definition): The list no longer has a trailing
	VSPACE token.
	* cpphash.h (enum node_type): Add T_ASSERTION.
	(struct hashnode): Remove aschain, add pred.
	(struct predicate): New.
	Update prototypes.

	* cpplex.c (expand_token_space): Handle both offset and
	nonoffset lists.
	(init_token_list, _cpp_free_token_list, _cpp_parse_assertion): Delete.
	(_cpp_init_toklist, _cpp_clear_toklist, _cpp_free_toklist,
	_cpp_slice_toklist, _cpp_squeeze_toklist, _cpp_equiv_tokens,
	_cpp_equiv_toklists): New.
	(_cpp_scan_line): Rename to _cpp_scan_until; add ability to
	stop at any single-character token, not just newline.
	(_cpp_lex_token): Remove special cases for #define and #if.
	(cpp_get_token): Expect # as a separate token type.  Remove
	(_cpp_get_directive_token): Remove DIRECTIVE case.
	(_cpp_lex_line, _cpp_lex_file, _cpp_init_input_buffer): Update.

	* cpplib.c (_cpp_check_directive): Set dirno and
	SYNTAX_INCLUDE bit of flags, not dir_handler and dir_flags.
	(_cpp_handle_directive): Run # <number> through the same logic
	as normal directives.
	(do_define): Don't set parsing_define_directive.  Use
	_cpp_scan_until.  The list does not have a VSPACE at the end.
	(do_if): Save, clear, and restore only_seen_white around
	(skip_if_group): s/CPP_DIRECTIVE/CPP_HASH/
	(do_assert, do_unassert): Rewrite.

	* cpplib.h (TTYPE_TABLE): Remove CPP_ASSERTION.
	(LIST_OFFSET): New flag.
	(struct cpp_toklist): Replace dir_handler and dir_flags with
	dirno and flags.
	(struct cpp_reader): Remove parsing_if_directive and

2000-05-18  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def (broken_cabs): Update fix to handle comments
	following the cabs decl which terminate on the following line.
	Add the corresponding test_text case.

2000-05-18  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppinit.c (cpp_reader_init): Initialize col_adjust and
	default tab stop size.
	(no_num, OPT_ftabstop): New.
	(handle_option): Handle "ftabstop=" command-line option.
	(print_help): Document it.
	* cpplex.c (COLUMN): Remove.
	(handle_newline): Reset col_adjust.
	(skip_whitespace): Update col_adjust as tabs encountered.
	(_cpp_lex_line): Update to use col_adjust.  Call
	skip_whitespace for all whitespace.
	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_options): New member tabstop.
	(struct cpp_reader): New member col_adjust.
	(CPP_BUF_COL): Update.
	* cpp.texi: Document "-ftabstop=" command line option.

Wed May 17 18:19:41 2000  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* (NO_MINUS_C_MINUS_O): Macro made availabe for AC_OUTPUT
	* configure: Rebuilt.

Wed May 17 18:06:12 2000  John David Anglin <>

	* Add missing -DL$name when compiling modules in libgcc1.c.

	* tree.c (build_common_tree_nodes): Do not build TI nodes unless

2000-05-17  Richard Henderson  <>

	* jump.c (jump_optimize_1): Remove inactive but real insns
	in jump-to-next-insn optimization.

2000-05-17  Richard Henderson  <>

	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Don't call optimize_mode_switching
	unless OPTIMIZE_MODE_SWITCHING.  Conditionally set no_new_pseudos.
	Don't call recompute_reg_usage if no_new_pseudos is true.
	* lcm.c (optimize_mode_switching): Move ifdefs outside function.
	Return true if we did work; update global life information.
	* basic-block.h (optimize_mode_switching): Update decl.

2000-05-17  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (expand_name_space): Don't use ptrdiff_t.

2000-05-17  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.c: New feature, #pragma system_header.
	* cpp.texi: Document special treatment of system headers, and
	the various mechanisms to get a header that special treatment.

2000-05-17  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* system.h (offsetof): Define at the very end, to ensure we prefer
	the platform's definition if available.

2000-05-16  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/fixincl.c: improve the debug displays, ignore SIGPIPE
	* fixinc/server.c: likewise
	* fixinc/fixfixes.c( char_macro_def_fix ): fix regex
	+ #ifdef debugging code + use #def constant for
	sub-pattern count
	* fixinc/inclhack.def( hpux11_fabsf ): Keep HP-UX 11 from stomping
	on C++ math namespace

2000-05-17  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* fixinc/fixfixes.c (char_macro_use_fix, char_macro_def_fix):
	Don't check the return value of sprintf.  Use asprintf to avoid
	buffer overflows.

Wed May 17 17:27:44 2000  Andrew Cagney  <>

	* flags.h (warn_unused_function, warn_unused_label,
	warn_unused_parameter, warn_unused_variable, warn_unused_value):
	Replace ``warn_unused''.
	(set_Wunused): Add declaration.
	* toplev.c (set_Wunused): New function.
	(warn_unused_function, warn_unused_label, warn_unused_parameter,
	warn_unused_variable, warn_unused_value): New variables.
	(W_options): Add -Wunused-function, -Wunused-function,
	-Wunused-label, -Wunused-parameter, -Wunused-variable and
	-Wunused-value.  Delete -Wunused.  Handled in decode_W_option.

	* toplev.c (decode_W_option): Update -Wunused flags by calling
	* c-decl.c (c_decode_option): Ditto for -Wall.

	* stmt.c (expand_expr_stmt, expand_expr_stmt,
	warn_about_unused_variables): Replace warn_unused with more
	explicit warn_unused_value
	* function.c (expand_function_end): Ditto.
	* c-typeck.c (internal_build_compound_expr,
	internal_build_compound_expr): Ditto.
	* c-decl.c (poplevel, pop_label_level): Ditto.
	* toplev.c (check_global_declarations): Replace warn_unused with
	check for either warn_unused_function or warn_unused_variable.

	* gcc.1, invoke.texi (Warning Options): Document
	-Wunused-function, -Wunused-function, -Wunused-label,
	-Wunused-parameter, -Wunused-variable and -Wunused-value options.

Wed May 17 10:28:12 2000  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* (building libgcc1) [Xlibgcc1.a]: Find libgcc1.c in
	$(srcdir), not in the current directory.

2000-05-16  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/crtbegin.asm (__dso_handle): Mark hidden if the
	assembler supports it.
	(.fini, .init): Use a gp-relative indirect call.
	(__do_global_dtors_aux): Preserve the gp; rebundle.
	(__do_frame_setup): Likewise.
	* config/ia64/crtend.asm (.IA_64.unwind): Don't terminate with -1.
	(.init): Use a gp-relative indirect call.
	(__do_global_ctors_aux): Preserve the gp.

2000-05-16  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (commit_one_edge_insertion): Be prepared for a return
	insn to be inserted on the edge with a normal jump.
	* jump.c (jump_optimize_1): Don't look to create return isns.

	* flow.c (flow_delete_insn): Don't adjust reference count of notes.
	* jump.c (jump_optimize_1): Likewise.
	(returnjump_p): Verify the argument is a JUMP_INSN.
	* rtl.def (NOTE): Add 5th element for NOTE_INSN_DELETED_LABEL.

2000-05-16  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/m32r/m32r.c (small_insn_p): Use INSN_P() to replace
	GET_RTX_CLASS (GET_CODE ()) == 'i'.
	(large_insn_p): Ditto.
	(m32r_is_insn): New function: Return true if the insn contains
	an executable instruction.
	(m32r_adjust_insn): Use m32r_is_insn.
	(m32r_sched_reorder): Use m32r_is_insn.
	(m32r_sched_variable_issue): Use m32r_is_insn.

2000-05-16  Franz Sirl  <>

	* rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_select_section): Treat CONSTRUCTOR like

	* rs6000/sysv4.h (ASM_OUTPUT_DWARF_ADDR): Delete unused variable.

	* rs6000/sysv4.h (CPP_OS_LINUX_SPEC): Define __unix and __linux
	according to given options.

Tue May 16 12:17:31 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* mn10200.h (PREFERRED_RELOAD_CLASS): Do not prefer DATA_REGS
	if X has VOIDmode either.

	* (indirect_jump, tablejump): Use "register_operand",
	not "general_operand" to match the processor's capabilities.

2000-05-16  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/README:  corrected return address
	* fixinc/check.diff:  regenerate, now that test works
	* fixinc/fixfixes.c(format_fix,format_write): reformatted
	(char_macro_def_fix,char_macro_use_fix): corrected and
	rewrote to use regex to parse the text
	* fixinc/inclhack.def: more testing
	* fixinc/fixincl.x:  regenerated

	* fixinc/inclhack.def: added several "test_text" attributes
	changed several fixes to use `c_fix = format'
	re-alphabetized the fixes

	* fixinc/check.diff: regenerate
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: regenerate
	* fixinc/check.tpl: added `sparc' and `netinet' to the list
	of created dirs

2000-05-16  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.h (ASM_OUTPUT_DWARF2_ADDR_CONST): Remove.

2000-05-15  Richard Henderson  <>

	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Run full jump pass before
	find_basic_blocks of flow2.

2000-05-15  Richard Henderson  <>

	* jump.c: Fix typos and clarify commentary from last change.
	(any_condjump_p): Verify SET_SRC is an IF_THEN_ELSE.
	(safe_to_remove_jump_p): Remove.
	(condjump_label): Use pc_set.

2000-05-15  Richard Henderson  <>

	* ifcvt.c (cond_exec_process_insns): Drop USE and CLOBBER insns
	that get in the way after reload.
	(cond_exec_process_if_block): Skip a label heading THEN block.

2000-05-15  Richard Henderson  <>

	* varasm.c (output_constant_pool): Abort instead of converting
	(improperly) deleted labels to zero.

2000-05-16  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (parse_string2): Update comment.
	(cpp_lex_line): No special assertion treatment for '('.
	* cpplib.h (SYNTAX_ASSERT): Remove.

Mon May 15 21:45:36 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* jump.c (condjump_p):  Mark as depreached.
	(any_condump_p): New.
	(any_uncondump_p): New.
	(pc_set): New.
	(safe_to_remove_jump_p): New.
	* rtl.h (any_condump_p, any_uncondjump_p, pc_set
	safe_to_remove_jump_p): Declare.

Mon May 15 21:07:20 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* calls.c: Re-install both patches reverted by last patch.
	(struct arg_data): New field tail_call_reg.
	(initialize_argument_information): Initialize tail_call_reg
	(load_register_parameters): New argument flags, use
	tail_call_reg when emiting tail call sequence.
	(expand_call): Update call of load_register_parameters;
	copy unadjusted_args_size to adjusted_args_size.

Mon May 15 19:01:42 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* loop.c (scan_loop, strength_reduce, loop_optimize): Change unroll_p
	and bct_p parameters to flags.
	* loop.h (LOOP_UNROLL, LOOP_BCT): New constants.
	* rtl.h (loop_optimize): Update prototype.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Update call of loop_optimize.

2000-05-15  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Move expand_start_target_temps call after

2000-05-15  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpphash.c (trad_stringify, warn_trad_stringify,
	collect_params): Make some pointers pointers to const.
	* cpplex.c (auto_expand_name_space) Guaranteed to always
	expand by at least one character.
	(SPELL_CHAR, SPELL_NONE): Temporarily reverse order.
	(struct token_spelling): Use const U_CHAR * rather than PTR.
	(expand_name_space): Fix up token pointers if name space
	is moved when expanding.
	(INIT_NAME, cpp_scan_line, parse_name, parse_number,
	parse_string2, save_comment, spell_token, cpp_output_list):
	Update so the routines handle tokens with a direct pointer to
	their text, rather than an offset into the token's list's namebuf.
	(_cpp_lex_line): Rearrange for clarity.

	* cpplib.c (_cpp_check_directive): Similarly.
	(do_define): Make SYM a pointer to const.
	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_name): Replace offset with direct pointer.
	(CPP_INT, CPP_FLOAT): Spelling type should be SPELL_IDENT.
	(TOK_OFFSET): Delete.
	(TOK_NAME): Update.

2000-05-14  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (RETURN_ADDRESS_OFFSET): Correct for
	64-bit ABI.

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (logical_operand): Rewrite to take MODE
	into account.
	(logical_u_operand): Delete.
	(non_logical_cint_operand): Rewrite to take MODE into account.
	(non_logical_u_cint_operand): Delete.
	(boolean_operator): New function.
	(print_operand): Add new %q operand.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Add boolean_operator,
	remove logical_u_operand and non_logical_u_cint_operand,
	update logical_operand and non_logical_cint_operand.
	* config/rs6000/ Rewrite the patterns for performing
	logical operations to use %q.

	* config/rs6000/ (movsi): Don't modify RTL in-place.
	(movdi): Make similar to movsi.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (ASM_OUTPUT_SPECIAL_POOL_ENTRY_P): There
	is no such thing as a DImode CONST_DOUBLE.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (output_toc): Likewise.

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (output_cbranch): Don't output prediction
	codes when old mnemonics are in use.  Print register names
	for cc registers when requested.

	* optabs.c (expand_float): Don't allow mode widening that causes
	double rounding.

	* invoke.texi (RS/6000 and PowerPC Options): Update -m64/-m32
	flags to their current names -maix64 and -maix32.

2000-05-14  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/fixfixes.c(wrap_fix): new fix - inserts text before
	and/or after current text of file
	* fixinc/fixlib.c(must_malloc):
	* fixinc/fixlib.h(must_malloc): + reformatting
	* fixinc/inclhack.def: replace the "1i" and "$a" sed commands
	with usages of ``c_fix = wrap;''
	Add several tests and use the ``c_fix = format'' fixer more.
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: regen
	* fixinc/check.diff: regen
	* fixinc/check.tpl: emit the associated header with the missing
	test message

Sun May 14 17:58:59 2000  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* (building libgcc1) [Xlibgcc1.a]: Do not use unset
	variables $src and $dst.

2000-05-13  Gabriel Dos Reis <>

	* diagnostic.h (DIAGNOSTICS_SHOW_PREFIX_ONCE): New macro.
	(struct output_buffer: emitted_prefix_p, prefixing_rule): New
	(set_message_prefixing_rule): Declare.

	* diagnostic.c: (current_prefixing_rule): New variable.
	(set_message_prefixing_rule): Define.
	(output_set_prefix): Adjust buffer->emitted_prefix_p.
	(init_output_buffer): Adjust Initialization.
	(output_emit_prefix): Rewrite.  Take prefixing rules into account.

Sat May 13 11:05:47 2000  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* ifcvt.c (if_convert): Do not free NULL.

2000-05-12  H.J. Lu  (

	* gthr-dce.h: Add support for libobjc.
	* gthr-posix.h: Likewise.
	* gthr-solaris.h: Likewise.
	* gthr-vxworks.h: Likewise.
	* gthr-single.h: Likewise.
	* gthr-win32.h: Likewise.

2000-05-12  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/fr30/fr30.c (fr30_move_double): New function:  Emit code
	to move a double word value.
	(di_operand): New function: Return true if the operand is suitbale
	for a double word move operation.
	(nonimmediate_di_operand): New function: Return true if the
	operand is a DImode register or MEM.

	* config/fr30/fr30.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Add di_operand and

	* config/fr30/fr30-protos.h Add fr30_move_double, di_operand, and

	* config/fr30/ (movdi): New pattern.  Required because
	other patterns generate DImode results.
	(movdi_insn): New pattern.

2000-05-12  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (struct shadow_summary): Define
	bitfields as type unsigned int.

Sat May 13 00:09:59 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/t-avr: Added definition of FLOAT while generates

	* config/avr/ `NEXT_INSN (insn)' substituted to `insn' in
	peepholes for tst+jump = sbrs/sbrc optimization.

Fry May 12 20:03:00 CEST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* expr.c (emit_push_insn): Do not adjust stack pointer when

Fri May 12 19:03:58 2000  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* ggc-simple.c (offsetof): Macro fallback definition moved from here ..
	* system.h (offsetof): ... to here.

2000-05-12  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (final.o): Depend on BASIC_BLOCK_H.
	* final.c (final_end_function): Use app_disable.  Rearrange note
	handling into a switch.  Emit deleted labels.
	(output_asm_label): Generate label strings for deleted labels.
	* flow.c (tail_recursion_label_list): New.
	(find_basic_blocks_1): Set label_value_list directly.  Collect list
	of tail recursion labels from call_placeholders.  Don't add deleted
	labels to the label value list.
	(cleanup_cfg): Use free_EXPR_LIST_list.
	(flow_delete_insn_chain): Turn non-removable labels into notes.
	(flow_delete_block): Don't disable deleting the block because of
	a non-removable label.
	(tail_recursion_label_p): New.
	(merge_blocks_move_predecessor_nojumps): Don't disable the merge
	because of a label.
	(merge_blocks_move_successor_nojumps): Likewise.  Also move a
	jump table.
	(merge_blocks): Disable a merge because of tail recursion labels.
	* ifcvt.c (merge_if_block): Don't disable a merge because of a label.
	Use a more accurate measure of not merging the join block.
	(find_if_block): Don't disable conversion because of a label.
	(find_if_case_1, find_if_case_2): Likewise.
	* jump.c (duplicate_loop_exit_test): Preserve the kind of list
	element when copying.
	(squeeze_notes): Also leave EH notes.
	(mark_jump_label): Ignore deleted labels.  Use an INSN_LIST for
	REG_LABEL notes.
	(delete_insn): Preserve LABEL_NAME in NOTE_SOURCE_FILE when
	deleting a label.
	* print-rtl.c (print_rtx): Print NOTE_SOURCE_FILE for
	NOTE_INSN_DELETED_LABEL.  Print `[# deleted]' for a label_ref
	referring to a deleted label.  Convert tail handling to a switch.
	* rtl.def (CODE_LABEL): Rearrange elements to be compatible with NOTE
	(NOTE): Fix commentary.
	* rtl.h (REG_LABEL): Update commentary wrt INSN_LIST.
	* unroll.c (copy_loop_body): Don't copy NOTE_INSN_DELETED_LABEL.

2000-05-12  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/fixfixes.c(format_write): buglet & relaxed rules
	* fixinc/check.diff: updated
	* fixinc/inclhack.def: corrected & added some test_text-s
	* fixinc/genfixes: removed unneeded options to autogen invocation
	* fixinc/fixincl.tpl: Specified the output file
	* fixinc/fixfixes.c: visual appearance
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: regenerate

2000-05-12  Zack Weinberg <>

	* fixinc/fixfixes.c (IO_use_fix, IO_defn_fix, CTRL_use_fix,
	CTRL_defn_fix): Delete.
	(fix_char_macro_defines, fix_char_macro_uses): Rename to
	char_macro_def_fix and char_macro_use_fix, respectively.  Put
	them into the FIXUP_TABLE.  Get the string to search for from
	a c_fix_arg.

	(format_write): New function.
	(format_fix): Use it.

	(FIX_PROC_HEAD): Constify text parameter.
	(machine_name_fix): Constify all char *s.
	* fixtests.c (skip_quote): Remove double static.

	* inclhack.def (io_def_quotes, io_use_quotes, ctrl_def_quotes,
	ctrl_use_quotes): Update for new scheme.
	* fixincl.x: Regenerate.

2000-05-12  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.h (PREFERRED_DEBUGGING_TYPE): Redefine as

2000-05-11  Robert Lipe <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def (hpux8_bogus_inlines): Delete bypass for SCO.
	* fixincl.x: Regenerate.

2000-05-11  Richard Henderson  <>

	* calls.c: Revert both 05-09 patches.

2000-05-11  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.c (print_operand): Print FP constants in
	* config/mn10300/ (movsf, movdf): Use the `F' constraint
	for FP values.

	* (EQ): Define it to an equal sign in the Makefile,
	and replace any occurrences of `=' in multilib dirs with `$(EQ)'.

2000-05-11  Jason Merrill  <>

	* fixinc/fixincl.c (run_compiles): Don't crash on null pz_machine.

2000-05-11  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* fixinc/fixfixes.c, fixinc/fixtests.c: Update commentary.

Thu May 11 22:28:05 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr-protos.c (jump_over_one_insn_p): New declaration.
	* config/avr/avr.c (jump_over_one_insn_p): New function.
	* config/avr/ New peepholes added. Output test and
	conditional jump to "sbrc" or "sbrs" command.

2000-05-11  Mark Elbrecht  <>

	* cppmain.c (main): Use IS_DIR_SEPARATOR.

2000-05-11  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* except.c (find_exception_handler_labels_1): New function.
	(find_exception_handler_labels): Split into two functions, dive
	into CALL_PLACEHOLDERs when looking for exception handler labels.

2000-05-11 Stan Cox <>

	* regrename.c (replace_reg_in_block): Improve REG_DEAD handling.
	* timevar.def (TV_RENAME_REGISTERS): Move before TV_SCHED2.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Call regrename_optimize before sched2.

2000-05-11  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/fixfixes.c (double_slash_fix):  obsolete
	(else_endif_label_fix): obsolete
	(format_fix):  new, unused as yet
	(main): obsolete
	* fixinc/fixlib.h: added fix description struct for use by format_fix
	* fixinc/fixincl.c: removed the struct & test for SIGIOT befure using
	* fixinc/  compile fixfixes.c and fixtests.c as separate
	modules.  Removed the vestiges of the script version.
	Added support for "make check".
	* fixinc/check.diff: base diff file (needs work!!)
	* fixinc/check.tpl: quiet the fixup output
	* fixinc/fixtests.c (main): obsolete
	* fixinc/  don't bother copying fixincl to ..
	* fixinc/fixincl.tpl:  provide for arguments to c_fix routines

Thu May 11 11:57:02 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka <>

	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Remove dead code after

2000-05-11  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.c (collect_funlike_expansion): Make "# is not
	followed by a macro argument name" a pedwarn, not an error.
	Preserve the # in the output.  Suppress the warning if lang_asm.

Thu May 11 01:19:31 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (hppa*64*-*-hpux11*): New target for PA64 support.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

2000-05-10 Laurynas Biveinis <>

	* i386/xm-djgpp.h (XREF_FILE_NAME): Add mising brace.

2000-05-10  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* combine.c (try_combine): Fix a typo.

Wed May 10 21:31:44 2000  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ (insv): Add comment.

2000-05-10  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (libgcc.a, stmp-multilib): Depend on FPBIT and DPBIT.
	* Rewrite to not use functions.  Don't shortcut
	dependencies on FPBIT and DPBIT.

2000-05-10  Nick Clifton  <>

	* flow.c (find_auto_inc): Do not bias REG_N_REFS by loop_depth
	when optimising for size.
	(mark_used_regs:) Ditto.
	(try_pre_increment_1): Ditto.

2000-05-10  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppexp.c (lex): Use %.*s to print non-NUL-terminated string.
	Make error message friendlier.

	* cpphash.h (struct hashnode): Use struct hack for name
	* cpphash.c (struct hashdummy): New.
	(eq_HASHNODE): Second argument is a hashdummy, not a HASHNODE.
	(make_HASHNODE): No need to set ->name pointer.  Correct
	setting of p.
	(cpp_lookup): Make 'dummy' a struct hashdummy.  Tidy up a bit.

2000-05-10  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (find_basic_blocks_1): Remove any spare bb_note
	after completion.

2000-05-10  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/gnu-regex.c:  reg_syntax_t re_syntax_options must be static

2000-05-10  Eric Schweitz  <>

	* dwarfout.c (dwarfout_finish): Call retry_incomplete_types
	after we enter .debug.

2000-05-10  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (gen_subprogram_die): Fixup die_parent for the
	abstract instance of a nested inline function.

	* stor-layout.c (finish_record_layout): finalize_type_size
	before laying out the pending_statics.

Wed 10 May 09:36:47 2000  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (spell_token): New function.
	(spell_string, spell_comment, spell_name): fold into
	(I, S): Add macros.
	(E, H): Remove macros.
	(save_comment): Save comment opening characters too.
	(_cpp_lex_file): Update to use spell_token.  Tidy up comment
	* cpplib.h (I, S): Add macros.
	(E, H): Remove macros.
	(TTYPE_TABLE): Update entries for new speller.

Wed 10 May 09:08:30 2000  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_line): Maintain PREV_WHITESPACE flag
	when removing escaped newlines.  Reverse sense of test for
	escaped newline.

2000-05-09  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (find_basic_blocks_1): Do not delete the first
	bb_note we run across.
	(create_basic_block): Use reorder_insns to move an existing
	bb_note to the correct place.

2000-05-09  Richard Henderson  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Increment currently_expanding_call
	before calling optimize_tail_recursion.

Tue May  9 18:54:16 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* reload1.c (reload_combine): Fix errors in last change.

2000-05-09  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* gcc.c (used_arg): Skip over a semicolon at the end of the
	split-up loop; don't break out of it.

	* (WARN_CFLAGS): Add -Wwrite-strings.
	(tree.o): Depend on output.h.

	* c-decl.c (pending_invalid_xref_file,
	current_function_prototype_file): Constify.
	(pushdecl): Constify a local char *.
	(define_label): Constify filename parameter.
	* c-lex.c (init_parse): Constify parameter and return value.
	* c-typeck.c (c_expand_asm_operands): Constify filename parameter.
	* c-tree.h: Update prototypes.
	* Constify filename member of %union, and if_stmt_file.
	* c-parse.y, c-parse.c, c-parse.h, objc/objc-parse.y,
	objc/objc-parse.c: Regenerate.

	* dwarfout.c (dwarfout_init): Constify main_input_filename parameter.
	* dwarfout.h: Update prototypes.
	* expr.c (expand_expr): Constify a local char *.
	* flags.h: Constify main_input_filename.
	* function.c (expand_function_end): Constify filename parameter.
	* genrecog.c (make_insn_sequence): Use a character array for
	(main): Remove unused variables.
	* input.h: Constify input_filename, main_input_filename, and  Update prototypes.
	* output.h: Declare first_global_object_name and
	weak_global_object_name here, as const char *.
	* stmt.c (expand_asm_operands): Constify filename parameter.
	* toplev.c (compile_file, push_srcloc, debug_start_source_file):
	Constify filename parameter.
	(input_filename, main_input_filename): Constify.
	* toplev.h: Update prototypes.
	* tree.c: Include output.h.  Don't declare
	first_global_object_name or weak_global_object_name.  Clean up string
	bashing in get_file_function_name_long.
	* tree.h (struct tree_decl): Constify filename member.
	(input_filename): Constify.
	Update prototypes.
	* varasm.c (first_global_object_name, weak_global_object_name):
	(assemble_start_function, assemble_variable): Clean up string bashing.

	* gcc.c: Constify all spec-related strings initialized,
	transitively, from string constants.  Constify all strings
	and string variables related to multilibs.
	(set_spec, read_specs): Cast argument to free to PTR.
	(used_arg): Do not modify multilib_matches.  Use strncmp plus
	length comparison to compare multilib switches.
	* genmultilib: Constify everything declared in multilib.h.

Tue May  9 22:28:03 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* flow.c (flow_delete_insn): Use INSN_DELETED_P for marking insn
	as deleted.

Tue May  9 20:52:43 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr-protos.h (extra_constraint): change a type of
	second argument from char to int to avoid warnings.
	(asm_output_byte): Likewise.

	* config/avr/avr.c (MAX_LD_OFFSET) New macro.
	(initial_elimination_offset): Handle elimination from
	(legitimate_address_p): Use MAX_LD_OFFSET.
	(legitimize_address): Likewise.
	(out_movqi_r_mr): Likewise.
	(out_movhi_r_mr): Likewise, use `fatal_insn' instead of `fatal'.
	(out_movsi_r_mr): Use MAX_LD_OFFSET.
	(out_movsi_mr_r): Likewise.
	(out_movqi_mr_r): Likewise.
	(out_movhi_mr_r): Likewise.
	(notice_update_cc): Correct CC for the ashrqi3 with the shift
	count as CONST_INT != 6.
	(ashlqi3_out): Coding style modifications. Run `fatal_insn' if
	shift count is a CONSTANT_P, but not a CONST_INT.
	(ashlhi3_out): Coding style modifications.
	(ashlsi3_out): Likewise.
	(ashrhi3_out): Likewise.
	(ashrsi3_out): Likewise.
	(lshrhi3_out): Likewise.
	(lshrsi3_out): Likewise.
	(ashrqi3_out): Generate shift for any known constant count without
	scratch register. Run `fatal_insn' if shift count is a CONSTANT_P,
	but not a CONST_INT.
	(lshrqi3_out): Coding style modifications. Run `fatal_insn' if
	shift count is a CONSTANT_P, but not a CONST_INT.
	(extra_constraint): change a type of
	second argument from char to int to avoid warnings.
	(asm_output_byte): Likewise.
	(asm_file_end): Output size generated commands count as a hex
	number too.

	* config/avr/avr.h (RETURN_ADDR_RTX): New macro.

	* config/avr/ (addhi3): Fragment commented by &&0 is
	(ashlqi3): Values of "length" attribute changed. Shift count
	uses constraints 'n' instead of 'i'.
	(ashrqi3): Likewise. Values of "cc" attribute changed. Generate
	shifts without clobber register.
	(lshrqi3): Shift count uses constraints 'n' instead of 'i'.
	(call_insn): Correct test for which_alternative == 1 (was 0).
	(call_value_insn): Likewise.

	* config/avr/t-avr: Remove definition of FLOAT while generates

2000-05-09  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/check.tpl:  Template for checking fixes
	* fixinc/inclhack.def:  Added 'test_text' for many fixes
	disable hpux8_bogus_inlines on SCO
	* fixinc/fixinc.sco:  Oh, yes, we don't need this any more.

Tue May  9 16:30:27 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Reorganize somewhat in order
	to avoid unnecesary recalculation inside loop and make
	tail call failure code cleaner.

Tue May  9 06:30:20 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* alias.c (nonlocal_reference_p): Minor reformatting.
	* reload.c (find_equiv_reg): Simplify logic for
	CALL_INSN_FUNCTION_USAGE since can't have SUBREG or pseudos and
	some some reformatting.
	* reload1.c (reload_combine): Don't assume everything in
	CALL_INSN_FUNCTION_USAGE is a REG and clean up code a bit.

2000-05-08  Richard Henderson  <>

	* final.c (current_insn_predicate): New.
	(final_scan_insn): Set it.
	* output.h (current_insn_predicate): Declare.

	* ifcvt.c (cond_exec_process_insns): New argument prob_val.
	Attach it to call insns.
	(cond_exec_process_if_block): Track probability for true and
	false branches.
	(dead_or_predicable): Likewise.

	(estimate_probability, expected_value_to_br_prob): Use them.

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h (ia64_expand_prediction): Declare.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_print_operand_address): Handle 'j'.
	(ia64_expand_prediction): New.
	(emit_insn_group_barriers): Don't look at notes.  Emit barriers
	as needed after calls.
	(ia64_epilogue_uses): Mark b0 used.
	* config/ia64/ (beq_true, beq_false): Remove.
	(bne_true, bne_false): Remove.
	(eq_return, eq_not_return, ne_return, ne_not_return): Remove.
	(br_true, br_false): New.  Use predicate_operator and
	(return_true, return_false): Likewise.
	(call_internal): Use ia64_expand_prediction.  Don't emit stop bit.
	(call_internal1, call_value_internal): Likewise.
	(call_value_internal1, call_multiple_values_internal1): Likewise.

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_direct_return): Require frame size zero.

	* config/ia64/ (extendsfdf2): Split only after reload.

2000-05-08  Richard Henderson  <>

	* rtlanal.c (may_trap_p): Consider old-style and volatile
	asms to trap.

Mon May  8 17:16:48 2000  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (RETURN_ADDR_RTX): Use COUNT not count.

2000-05-08  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.h (predicate_operator): Declare.

	* config/ia64/ (extendsfdf2): Split the nop case out
	of existence.

	* gensupport.c (process_rtx): Copy and post-process each member
	of the define_insn rtvec individually.

Mon  8 May 22:17:35 2000  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (spell_token): New function.
	(TOKEN_LEN): Add 1 for whitespace.
	(_cpp_lex_file): Update to use spell_token.
	* cpplib.h (E): Remove.
	(TTYPE_TABLE): Update CPP_VSPACE entry.

2000-05-08  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (init_propagate_block_info): Watch out for conditional
	branch to next instruction, and thus one outgoing edge.

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_encode_section_info): Exit early
	for global register variables; don't special case __[CD]TOR_LIST__;
	mind ggc_p for string allocation.

2000-05-08  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/i386/i386.h (ELIMINABLE_REGS): Fix comment.

2000-05-08  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/  fixinc.sco is no longer used
	i?86-*-msdosdjgpp* no longer uses fixincludes
	* fixinc/genfixes: and are no longer generated
	* fixinc/  deleted
	* fixinc/hackshell.tpl:  deleted
	* fixinc/inclhack.tpl:  deleted
	* fixinc/  Remove dependencies on above
	* fixinc/  "DO NOT EDIT" text modified

2000-05-08  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* config/mips/linux.h: Remove undefines which disabled .ctor/.dtor

2000-05-07  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* (LOOSE_CFLAGS): Add /g modifiers to both sed

Sun  7 May 08:43:53 2000  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c: Move new lexer definitions and prototypes
	to top.  Conditional include these and the code if
	NEW_LEXER is defined.  Rename functions whose names
	clash if this code included.

Sun May  7 00:54:57 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* rtl.def (COND_EXEC): Clarify.

	* (extendsidi2): Clobber (reg:CC 17) in the
	same fashion as zero_extendsidi2.

2000-05-06  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (predicate_operator): New.
	(ia64_print_operand): Handle 'J'.
	(rtx_needs_barrier): Handle COND_EXEC.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (BRANCH_COST): Define.
	* config/ia64/ Document used unspec values.
	(attr predicable): New.
	(movxf, movxf_internal): New.
	(extendsfdf2): Don't comment out nop.
	(floatdidf2): Remove.
	(truncxfsf2, truncxfdf2, floatdixf2): New.
	(abssi2, absdi2): Put the neg in the "true" slot.
	(conditional branch instructions): Mark not predicable.
	(cmov*_internal): Use predicate_operator.  Split to cond_exec.
	(abs*_internal): Likewise.
	(alloc, set_bsp): Mark not predicable.
	(barrier, insn_group_barrier, flush_cache): Likewise.
	(define_cond_exec): New.

2000-05-06  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-decl.c: Include "tm_p.h".

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h: Rearrange decls to reduce ifdef madness.
	(fetchadd_operand, ia64_expand_fetch_and_op): Declare.
	(ia64_expand_op_and_fetch): Declare.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c: Include "toplev.h".  Kill trailing whitespace.
	(setjmp_operand): Constify variables for XSTR.
	(ia64_encode_section_info): Likewise.
	(ia64_print_operand): Use %d for exact_log2; cast 32-bit printed
	values to int.
	(ia64_asm_output_external): Constify name.
	(process_set): Use HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_DEC for frame size.
	(process_for_unwind_directive): Provide switch default.
	(ia64_expand_compare_and_swap): Remove unused variables.
	(ia64_expand_builtin): Likewise.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (ASM_OUTPUT_BYTE): Mask and cast value to int
	for printing.

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (sdata_symbolic_operand): Mark unused args.
	(symbolic_operand, function_operand, setjmp_operand): Likewise.
	(shift_count_operand, shift_32bit_count_operand): Likewise.
	(shladd_operand, fetchadd_operand, ia64_function_prologue): Likewise.
	(ia64_function_epilogue, ia64_setup_incoming_varargs): Likewise.
	(ia64_function_arg_partial_nregs, ia64_function_value): Likewise.
	(ia64_print_operand_address, ia64_secondary_reload_class): Likewise.
	(ia64_expand_builtin): Likewise.
	(call_multiple_values_operation): Make dest_regno unsigned.

2000-05-06  Richard Henderson  <>

	* rtl.def (DEFINE_COND_EXEC): New.
	* md.texi: Document it.

	* gensupport.c (input_file): Remove.
	(struct queue_elem): Add lineno.
	(rtx_ready_queue): Remove.
	(errors): New.
	(predicable_default): New.
	(predicable_true, predicable_false): New.
	(define_attr_queue, define_attr_tail): New.
	(define_insn_queue, define_insn_tail): New.
	(define_cond_exec_queue, define_cond_exec_tail): New.
	(other_queue, other_tail): New.
	(queue_pattern): New.
	(process_rtx): Add patterns to the appropriate queues.
	(is_predicable, identify_predicable_attribute): New.
	(n_alternatives, collect_insn_data): New.
	(alter_predicate_for_insn, alter_test_for_insn): New.
	(shift_output_template, alter_output_for_insn): New.
	(process_one_cond_exec, process_define_cond_exec): New.
	(init_md_reader): Read the entire file.  Process define_cond_exec.
	(read_md_rtx): Return elements from the queues.

2000-05-06  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (mark_set_1): Don't update conditional life info
	if the register is not_dead.

2000-05-06  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* (STAGESTUFF): Add genrtl.c and genrtl.h.
	(mostlyclean): Also delete fixincl,, and
	specs.ready, and make clean in the fixinc subdir.

2000-05-06  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (gensupport.o): Compile for the host.
	(host-prefix gensuuprt.o): Remove.
	(genflags.o): Depend on gensupport.h and OBSTACK_H.
	(genattrtab.o): Likewise.
	(gencodes.o): Depend on gensupport.h.
	(genemit.o, genopinit.o, genrecog.o, genextract.o): Likewise.
	(genpeep.o, genattr.o, genoutput.o): Likewise.

	* gensupport.c (obstack, rtl_obstack): New.
	(init_md_reader): Initialize rtl_obstack.
	* gensupport.h (rtl_obstack): Declare.
	(message_with_line): Declare.

	* genattr.c: Remove all traces of obstack manipulation.
	* gencodes.c, genconfig.c, genemit.c, genextract.c: Likewise.
	* genopinit.c, genoutput.c, genpeep.c, genrecog.c: Likewise.

	* genattrtab.c (obstack, rtl_obstack): Remove.
	(main): Don't init rtl_obstack.
	* genflags.c: Likewise.

	* genrecog.c (message_with_line): Move ...
	* gensupport.c: ... here.

2000-05-06  Richard Henderson  <>

	* c-typeck.c (build_c_cast): Remove dead code.

2000-05-06  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (split_edge): Don't allocate global_live_at_start for
	the new block unless the old blocks had them as well.

	* flow.c (mark_set_1): Respect not_dead when updating reg_live.

	* ifcvt.c (noce_process_if_block): Don't use an insn_b from
	test_bb if a or b uses x.

2000-05-06  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.h: Remove conditional #define of __extension__.
	* rtl.h: Add __extension__ to RTL_CHECK1, RTL_CHECK2,
	* tree.h: Add __extension__ to TREE_CHECK, TREE_CLASS_CHECK,
	* varray.h: Add __extension__ to VARRAY_CHECK macro

2000-05-06  Richard Earnshaw (

	Use new tail-calling mechanism on ARM.
	* (sibcall, sibcall_value): New expands.
	(sibcall_insn, sibcall_value_insn, sibcall_epilogue): New insns.
	(tailcalling peepholes): Delete.
	(push_multi): Simplify.
	* arm.c (lr_save_eliminated): Delete definition.
	(pattern_really_clobbers_lr, function_really_clobbers_lr): Delete.
	(output_return_instruction): Remove checks on lr_save_eliminated.
	(output_arm_prologue): Remove old tail-calling code.
	(arm_output_epilogue): New parameter, really_return.  All callers
	changed.  Handle tail-calling epilogues.
	* arm.h (lr_save_eliminated): Delete declaration.
	(frame_pointer_needed): Delete declaration.
	* arm-protos.h (arm_output_epilogue): Adjust prototype.

	* (is_thumb): Examine symbol thumb_code, not expression
	* arm.c (thumb_code): Define it.
	(arm_override_options): Set it.
	* arm.h (thumb_code): Declare it.

2000-05-06  Richard Earnshaw (

	* arm-protos.h (arm_dllexport_name_p, arm_dllimport_name_p): Constify.

2000-05-06  Richard Earnshaw (

	* arm.c (arm_gen_load_multiple, arm_gen_store_mulitple): Don't add
	bogus clobber to insns.
	(load_multiple_operation, store_mulitple_operation): Don't check
	for it.
	* (ldmsi_postinc, stmsi_postinc): Adjust accordingly.

	* (and_scc, ior_scc): Add missing mode.

	* (call_value_symbol): Remove predicate from op2.


Sat May  6 06:25:56 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* expr.c (get_subtarget): New function.
	(force_operand, expand_expr, do_store_flag): Use it.

	* toplev.c (compile_file): Don't take strlen of NAME if null.

2000-05-06  David Edelsohn  <>

	* xcoffout.c (xcoff_current_include_file,
	xcoff_current_function_file, xcoff_lastfile): Constify char *.
	(xcoffout_source_file, xcoffout_source_line): Make filename 'const
	char *'.
	(xcoffout_declare_function): Make name 'const char *'.
	(xcoffout_end_epilogue): Make fname 'const char *'
	* xcoffout.h (xcoff_current_include_file, xcoff_lastfile,
	xcoffout_declare_function, xcoffout_source_line): Match above.

	* aix43.h (SUBTARGET_OVERRIDE_OPTIONS): -mpowerpc64 without
	-maix64	is error.
	* rs6000.c (print_operand): Fix lossage typo.
	(output_cbranch): Remove "cr" decoration for now.
	* rs6000.h (ASM_OUTPUT_DEF_FROM_DECLS): Make alias 'const char *'.

Sat May  6 06:55:32 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (out_shift_with_cnt): Bugfix for shift by
	constant count.

2000-05-05  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/genfixes: Improve the matching for make target names

2000-05-05  Catherine Moore  <>

	* c-common.c (decl_attributes):  For TYPE_DECLs attach the
	attribute to the decl.
	* c-decl.c (pushdecl): Propagate the USED attribute to the
	type copy.

2000-05-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* rtlanal.c (reg_overlap_mentioned_p): Treat parallels in the
	same way emit_group_load does.

2000-05-05 Mark Elbrecht <>

	* gcc.c (set_input) [HAVE_DOS_STYLE_FILE_SYSTEM]: Skip drive name.

	* toplev.c (output_file_directive): Use IS_DIR_SEPARATOR.
	(main): Likewise.

2000-05-05 Rodney Brown	<>

	* pa.h (FUNCTION_ARG_ADVANCE): Warning removal.

Fri May  5 10:29:21 2000  Marc Espie <>

	* config/openbsd.h (LINK_SPEC): pass correct flags to ld
	to support -shared, on platforms with dynamic libraries.

Fri May  5 10:27:06 2000  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* system.h (S_ISBLK): Provide fallback definition.

2000-05-05  Geoff Berry  <>

	* extend.texi (Extended Asm): Document inability to give asm
	statements access to condition codes.

2000-05-05  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* varasm.c (asm_emit_uninitialised): Use 0, not NULL
	as arg 2 of UNIQUE_SECTION.

Fri May  5 10:11:41 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* predict.c: Remove May 4 change.
	* bb-reorder.c (make_reorder_chain): Do not perform block movement
	if we have predicted the branch at 50-50 probability.

2000-05-05  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (init_propagate_block_info): Fix merge error
	in HAVE_conditional_execution code.

Fri May  5 07:43:50 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (out_shift_with_cnt): Genetare a more optimal
	shift cycle for unknown shift count. Also generates dec + brpl.
	(ashlqi3_out): Don't generate dec + brpl which now generates by
	(ashlhi3_out): Likewise.
	(ashlsi3_out): Likewise.
	(ashrqi3_out): Likewise.
	(ashrhi3_out): Likewise.
	(ashrsi3_out): Likewise.
	(lshrqi3_out): Likewise.
	(lshrhi3_out): Likewise.
	(lshrsi3_out): Likewise.

2000-05-04 Mark Elbrecht <>

	* gcc.c (free_split_directories): Correct typo in explanation
	of make_relative_prefix.

2000-05-04  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Add floating-point
	comparison codes to branch_comparison_operator.

2000-05-04  Richard Henderson  <>

	* ifcvt.c (noce_process_if_block): Always reset X in the A == B case.

2000-05-04  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (FPBIT_FUNCS): Remove _df_to_usi.
	(DPBIT_FUNCS): Remove _sf_to_usi.
	(stmp-multilib): Pass LIB1ASMSRC to

	* ifcvt.c (noce_process_if_block): Fail if A or B modified
	between condition and jump.

	* libgcc2.c (near eh_context_specific): Comment #endif string.
	* longlong.h: Don't use strings with embedded newlines.

2000-05-04  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000-protos.h: Add output_cbranch.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (ccr_bit_negated_p): Delete.
	(print_operand): Delete %t and %T codes.
	(output_cbranch): New function.  Support branch prediction.
	* config/rs6000/ Use output_cbranch for
	conditional branches and returns.

2000-05-04  Jason Merrill  <>

	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_ternary_operation): Cast to unsigned.
	* stor-layout.c (place_field): Likewise.
	* integrate.h (struct inline_remap): Make regno_pointer_align unsigned.
	* expr.c (store_expr): Make align unsigned.
	* explow.c (plus_constant_wide): Make low words unsigned.
	* expmed.c (choose_multiplier): Likewise.
	* fold-const.c (fold):  Likewise.
	* tree.h (build_int_2): Likewise.
	* tree.c (build_int_2_wide, tree_int_cst_msb): Likewise.
	* emit-rtl.c (gen_reg_rtx): Add cast to unsigned char*.
	(init_emit): Change cast to unsigned char*.
	* varasm.c (compare_constant_1): Add cast to char*.
	* gcse.c (delete_null_pointer_checks): Change cast to unsigned int*.
	* reload1.c (reload): Likewise.

	* rtl.h (MEM_SET_IN_STRUCT_P): Use do { } while (0).

Thu May  4 14:37:23 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* predict.c (estimate_probability): If no prediction was found, then
	predict the successor that is the next physical block (if such a
	successor exists).

2000-05-04  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/t-alpha (LIB2FUNCS_EXTRA): Use qrrnd.asm in place.

2000-05-04  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* system.h: Don't wrap <sys/types.h> with HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H.

2000-05-04  Mumit Khan  <>

	* i386/cygwin.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Don't define __STDC__. Move
	attribute macros from here ...
	(CPP_SPEC): to here.
	* i386/mingw32.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Likewise.
	(CPP_SPEC): Likewise.
	* i386/crtdll.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Delete attribute macros.

	* ($(HOST_PREFIX_1)gensupport.o): Add build rule.
	(libgcc.a): Pass LIB1ASMSRC to

2000-05-04  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (get_next_bb_note, get_prev_bb_note): Prototype.

	* diagnostic (vbuild_message_string, build_message_string,
	build_location_prefix, output_get_prefix, init_output_buffer,
	output_notice, vline_wrapper_message_with_location,
	v_message_with_decl, default_print_error_function): De-constify.
	(set_real_maximum_length): Prototype.

	* diagnostic.h (struct output_buffer, init_output_buffer,
	output_get_prefix, output_set_prefix): De-constify.

	* function.c (init_function_start): Constify.

	* gensupport.c (remove_constraints, process_rtx): Prototype.

	* gthr-posix.h: Indent uses of #pragma.

	* objc/objc-act.c (ggc_mark_imp_list, ggc_mark_hash_table):

	* predict.c (find_expected_value): Delete prototype.
	(expected_value_to_br_prob): Initialize variable `ev_reg'.

	* sbitmap.h (debug_sbitmap): Prototype.

	* ssa.c (compute_coalesced_reg_partition): Prototype.

	* stor-layout.c (debug_rli): Prototype.

	* tree.h (round_down): Prototype.
	(init_function_start): Constify.

2000-05-04  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.h: #define __extension__ away if GCC_VERSION < 2095
	(overly conservative).  Change extern inline wrappers to
	static inline, define them always, use PARAMS properly.
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_get_directive_token): Don't issue pedantic
	whitespace warnings for \f and \v at the beginning of a line.

Thu May  4 10:03:50 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* haifa-sched.c (schedule_insns): Free the flow edge list when it
	is no longer needed

2000-05-04  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixincl/inclhack.def: added broken_cabs -
	Remove `extern double cabs' declarations from math.h
	* fixincl/ regen
	* fixincl/fixincl.x: regen
	* fixincl/fixincl.c: Remove BOGOSITY code
	* fixincl/ Remove code for installing "shell" version

Thu May  4 09:45:12 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* alias.c (canon_rtx): Don't copy RTX_UNCHANGING_P or MEM_ALIAS_SET
	when calling MEM_COPY_ATTRIBUTES.
	* emit-rtl.c (operand_subword, change_address): Likewise.
	* explow.c (stabilize): Likewise.
	* expr.c (protect_from_queue, emit_move_insn_1): Likewise.
	* integrate.c (copy_rtx_and_substitute): Likewise.
	* combine.c (combine_simplify_rtx): Don't copy RTX_UNCHANGING_P
	when calling MEM_COPY_ATTRIBUTES.
	(make_extraction, simplify_shift_const, gen_lowpart_for_combine):
	* cse.c (gen_lowpart_if_possible): Likewise.
	* function.c (fixup_var_refs_1, purge_addressof_1): Likewise.
	* optabs.c (gen_move_insn): Likewise.
	* recog.c (validate_replace_rtx_1): Likewise.
	* simplify-rtx.c (add_mem_for_addr): Likewise.
	* stmt.c (expand_anon_union_decl): Likewise.
	* config/arm/ Likewise.
	* config/h8300/h7300.c (fix_bit_operand): Likewise.
	* config/m88k/m88k.c (legitimize_address, block_move_loop): Likewise.
	(block_move_no_loop, block_move_sequence): Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (expand_block_move_mem): Likewise.
	* config/alpha/alpha.c (get_aligned_mem): Likewise.
	* final.c (alter_subreg): Don't copy MEM_ALIAS_SET when calling

2000-05-03  Robert Lipe <>

	* (i[34567]86-*-isc*) [tmake_file]: Add t-i386bare
	to suppress libgcc1.
	(i[34567]86-*-sco3.2v5*) Likewise.
	(i[34567]86-*-sco3.2v4*) Likewise.
	(i[34567]86-*-sco) Likewise.
	(i[34567]86-*-solaris2) Likewise.
	(i[34567]86-*-sysv5*) Likewise.
	(i[34567]86-*-sysv4*) Likewise.
	(i[34567]86-*-udk*) Likewise.
	(i[34567]86-*-sysv*) Likewise.

2000-05-03  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.h (U): New define, to correct type of string constants.
	(ustrcmp, ustrncmp, ustrlen, uxstrdup, ustrchr): New wrapper
	routines, to do casts when passing unsigned strings to libc.
	* cppexp.c, cppfiles.c, cpphash.c, cppinit.c, cpplib.c: Use them.

	* cppfiles.c (_cpp_execute_include): Make filename an U_CHAR *.
	* cpphash.c (_cpp_quote_string): Make string an U_CHAR *.
	* cppinit.c (dump_special_to_buffer): Make macro name an U_CHAR *.
	* cpplex.c (parse_ifdef, parse_include, validate_else): Make
	second argument an U_CHAR *.

	* cppinit.c (builtin_array): Make name and value U_CHAR *, add
	length field, clean up initializer.
	(ISTABLE): Add __extension__ to designated-
	initializers version.
	* cpplex.c (CHARTAB): Likewise.

	* mbchar.c: Add dummy external declaration to the !MULTIBYTE_CHARS
	case so the file won't be empty.

Wed May  3 21:01:46 2000  Jason Eckhardt  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (struct reorder_block_def): Member succ removed.
	(enum reorder_skip_type): Removed.
	(skip_insns_between_block): Renamed to skip_insns_after_block.
	Removed second argument. Removed dead code and cleaned up.
	(make_reorder_chain): Removed use of REORDER_BLOCK_SUCC.
	(reorder_basic_blocks): Remove use of REORDER_SKIP_AFTER. Removed
	second parameter to skip_insns_after_block.

Wed May  3 13:29:54 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* tree.c (staticp, case LABEL_DECL): New case.

2000-05-03  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (start.encap): Do not depend on LIBGCC1.

	* Fix typo last change.

2000-05-03  Jason Merrill  <>

	* (WARN_CFLAGS): Add -pedantic -Wno-long-long.
	(LOOSE_CFLAGS): New: CFLAGS without -pedantic and -Wtraditional.
	(GCC_CFLAGS): Use it.
	* cp/, java/, f/, ch/,
	objc/ Use it.

2000-05-03  Jason R Thorpe  <>

	* config/i386/ (lshrqi2_cmpno): Use q not r in constraint.

2000-05-03  Richard Henderson  <>

	* Restrict OLDCC=GCC test to native.  Equate
	LIBGCC1 empty with libgcc1.null.

Wed May  3 12:55:46 2000  Jim Wilson  <>

	* fold-const.c (extract_muldiv, case MAX_EXPR): Don't allow signedness

2000-05-03  Greg McGary  <>

	* tree.h (tree_common): Add bounded_flag member.  Remove
	inaccurate comment about number of remaining bits.
	(TYPE_QUAL_BOUNDED): New constant.
	(TYPE_QUALS): Handle bounded qualifier.
	(tree_type): Add pointer_depth member.  Remove
	inaccurate comment about number of remaining bits.
	(tree_decl): Add pointer_depth member.

Wed May  3 22:52:53 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr-protos.h (test_hard_reg_class): Declared.
	* config/avr/avr.c (ashrhi3_out): optimized shift by 15.
	(lshrhi3_out): Likewise.
	(ashrsi3_out): bugfix in shift by 8.
	(test_hard_reg_class): New function.
	* config/avr/ Bugfix inside conditions in peepholes.
	(ashlhi3): removed define_expand of this pattern.
	(*ashlhi3_insn): renamed to ashlhi3.
	(ashlsi3): removed define_expand of this pattern.
	(*ashlsi3_insn): renamed to ashlsi3.
	(ashrqi3): removed define_expand of this pattern.
	(*ashrqi3_insn): renamed to ashrqi3.
	(ashrhi3): removed define_expand of this pattern.
	(*ashrhi3_insn): renamed to ashrhi3.
	(ashrsi3): removed define_expand of this pattern.
	(*ashrsi3_insn): renamed to ashrsi3.
	(lshrhi3): removed define_expand of this pattern.
	(*lshrhi3_insn): renamed to lshrhi3.
	(lshrsi3): removed define_expand of this pattern.
	(*lshrsi3_insn): renamed to lshrsi3.

2000-05-03  Rodney Brown  <>

	* config/mcore/mcore.c: Replacing inclusion of "stdio,h" with
	inclusion of "system.h".

Wed May  3 11:43:53 2000  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_encode_section_info): Add check for

2000-05-03  David Mosberger  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_override_options): Force -mconstant-gp
	if -mauto-pic is on.
	(ia64_epilogue_uses): Mark "gp" (r1) as used by the epilogue if
	-mconstant-gp is in effect and function-descriptors are being used
	to make indirect calls.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (MASK_CONST_GP): New macro.
	(MASK_AUTO_PIC): Ditto.
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): Add -mconstant-gp and -mauto-pic options.
	(ASM_OUTPUT_DOUBLE_INT): Don't generate @fptr() if -mauto-pic or
	-mno-pic is in effect.
	* config/ia64/ (movdi): Use gen_load_gprel64() if
	-mauto-pic is in effect.
	(gprel64_offset): New pattern.
	(load_gprel64): Ditto.
	(call): Handle -mauto-pic like -mno-pic (don't use fptr).  If
	-mconstant-gp is in effect, no need to preserve gp around direct
	(call_value): Ditto.
	* config/ia64/linux.h (PROFILE_BEFORE_PROLOGUE): Define.
	* config/ia64/sysv4.h (ASM_OUTPUT_CONSTRUCTOR): Don't generate
	@fptr() directive when -mno-pic or -mauto-pic is in effect.

2000-05-03  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (STAGESTUFF): Add libgcc
	(libgcc1.null, libgcc1.cross, libgcc1.a): Remove targets.
	(libgcc1-asm.a, libgcc1.S, libgcc2.a): Remove targets.
	(mklibgcc, New targets.
	(libgcc.a): Use
	(stmp-multilib): Likewise.
	(stmp-multilib-sub): Remove.
	(mostlyclean): Don't delete libgcc2 temp files.
	* (AC_PROG_CC_C_O): Add.
	(NO_MINUS_C_MINUS_O): Substitute it.
	(all_outputs): Add mklibgcc.
	* New file.

2000-05-03  Jason Merrill  <>

	* cppexp.c (op_t): Make an int.

	* rtlanal.c (dead_or_set_regno_p): Remove unused variable.

	* varasm.c (initializer_constant_valid_p): Fix parenthesis.

	* gensupport.c (process_rtx): Fix macros used.

2000-05-03  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (propagate_one_insn): Also don't PROP_REG_INFO for
	call-clobbered registers of a call.

Wed May  3 12:40:53 2000  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* gensupport.c: New file.
	* gensupport.h: New file.
	* (HOST_RTL): Depend on gensupport.
	(gensupport.o) New rule.
	* genattr.c: Use gensupport for reading .md files.
	* genattrtab.c: Ditto.
	* gencodes.c: Ditto.
	* genconfig.c: Ditto.
	* genemit.c: Ditto.
	* genextract.c: Ditto.
	* genflags.c: Ditto.
	* genopinit.c: Ditto.
	* genoutput.c: Ditto.
	* genpeep.c: Ditto.
	* genrecog.c: Ditto.
	* rtl.def (define_insn_and_split): New DEF_RTL_EXPR.
	* md.texi (Insn Splitting): Document define_insn_and_split.

Tue May  2 00:20:30 2000  Jason Eckhardt  <>

	* flow.c (verify_flow_info): Added two more sanity checks. The
	first checks that the blocks are numbered consecutively. The second
	checks that n_basic_blocks is actually equal to the number of
	basic blocks in the insn chain.

2000-05-03  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.h: Add accessor macros for token lists.
	* cpplib.c, cpphash.c, cpplex.c: Use them.

Wed May  3 09:29:17 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* expr.c (expand_expr, case COMPONENT_REF): Don't check for checking
	memory usage if not in a function.
	* varasm.c (initializer_constant_valid_p, case ADDR_EXPR): Only
	return address if static.

Wed May  3 13:14:49 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* ifcvt.c (noce_try_cmove_arith):  Use may_trap_p to thest
	whether address may trap.

Tue May  2 23:38:37 2000  Jason Eckhardt  <>

	* bb-reorder (chain_reorder_blocks): Changed code to test for
	EDGE_FALLTHRU rather than making erroneous assumption that the
	first outgoing edge is the fall-through edge.

Tue May  2 18:20:31 2000  Donald Lindsay  <>

	* config/mips/mips.c (mips_build_va_list,mips_va_start,mips_va_arg): new
	ABI for varargs, across all MIPS. This is incompatible because the
	va_list (__builtin_va_list) structure is different, so a compilation
	unit passing a va_list and a compilation unit being passed one, should
	both be compiled with the same ABI. (The old structure had two
	pointers, now it has three.)

Tue May  2 19:18:43 2000  Jason Eckhardt  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (struct reorder_block_def): Remove members end,
	block_begin, and block_end.
	(chain_reorder_blocks): Remove dead code.

Tue May  2 17:06:53 2000  Jason Eckhardt  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (remove_scope_notes): Check for both types of scope
	notes as the end of a basic block before deleting.

2000-05-02  Mumit Khan  <>

	* final.c (final_start_function): Fix spelling of "necessary".

2000-05-02  Jason Merrill  <>

	* toplev.c (debug_ignore_block): Return int.
	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_ignore_block): Likewise.
	* toplev.h, dwarf2out.h: Adjust.
	* emit-rtl.c (remove_unnecessary_notes): Test return value.

	* emit-rtl.c (remove_unnecessary_notes): Fix spelling of "necessary".
	* toplev.c, final.c, rtl.h: Adjust.

2000-05-02  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (gcc_AC_CHECK_PROG_VER): New macro.
	* Look for makeinfo in the unified tree, then
	for a system makeinfo which is sufficiently new.
	* If configure says makeinfo is too old, don't
	build or install Info documentation.

2000-05-02  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.c (collect_params): Fix off-by-one error.
	(dump_hash_helper): Dump all four macro nodetypes.

2000-05-02  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* cpphash.c (trad_stringify): Adjust p after stringification as

2000-05-02  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.h (CPP_POP, parse_cleanup_t): Delete.
	(cpp_buffer): Remove cleanup, seen_eof, manual_pop members.

	* cppfiles.c (file_cleanup): Delete.
	* cpphash.c (macro_cleanup): Delete.
	(collect_objlike_expansion, collect_funlike_expansion,
	macarg, scan_arguments): Remove CPP_POP case.

	* cpplex.c (null_cleanup): Delete.
	(cpp_pop_buffer): Do the work that was done in the cleanups
	here.  Call _cpp_unwind_if_stack from here.
	(_cpp_expand_to_buffer, cpp_scan_buffer_nooutput,
	cpp_scan_buffer): Run until we see CPP_EOF and the top of
	stack is the buffer _below_ the one we stacked.
	(cpp_get_token): Always pop an exhausted buffer.  Return
	CPP_EOF unless it's a macro buffer.  Don't call _cpp_handle_eof.
	* cpplib.c (skip_if_group): Don't call cpp_get_token to
	increment the line number.
	(_cpp_handle_eof): Rename to _cpp_unwind_if_stack.

	* fix-header.c (read_scan_file) [parsing getchar()]: Run until
	we see CPP_EOF and the top of stack is the buffer _below_ the
	one we stacked.
	* scan-decls.c: Likewise.

2000-05-02  Andrew Haley  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_encode_section_info): Handle the case
	where this function is called for the second time on a decl that
	has had its section info changed in such a way as to move it out
	of small data/bss.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (REDO_SECTION_INFO_P): New definition.

2000-05-01  Richard Henderson  <>

	* ifcvt.c (dead_or_predicable): Set merge_bb->end to the insn before
	the sequence we're moving, not to merge_bb->head.

2000-05-01  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (alpha*-*-linux-gnulibc1*) [tmake_file]: Remove
	reference to alpha/t-linux.
	(alpha*-*-linux-gnu*): Likewise.
	* configure: Rebuild.

	* calls.c (expand_call): Don't emit reg notes for a sibcall.

	* flow.c (calculate_global_regs_live): Skip for_each_successor_phi
	if not in SSA form.

	* ifcvt.c (if_convert): Only verify_flow_info if ENABLE_CHECKING.

2000-05-01  Jason Merrill  <>

	* integrate.c (copy_decl_for_inlining): Copy TREE_READONLY and

2000-05-01  Richard Henderson  <>

	* ifcvt.c (noce_emit_cmove): Conditionally compile call to

2000-05-01  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/ia64/linux.h (LINK_SPEC): Use /lib/
	as the dynamic linker.

2000-05-01  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppfiles.c (open_include_file): Open file in blocking mode.
	(read_include_file): Don't fcntl(fd, F_SETFL, 0) anymore.
	Only exclude block devices and directories.

	* cpphash.c (_cpp_make_hashnode): Rename make_HASHNODE, now
	static.  Allocate the hashnode and its string in the same
	block of memory.
	(del_HASHNODE): Don't free h->name.
	(_cpp_lookup): If there is no entry for this string, create
	one, of type T_VOID.
	(_cpp_lookup_slot): Delete.
	* cpphash.h: Update prototypes.

	* cpplex.c (maybe_macroexpand): Check for hp->type == T_VOID,
	not hp == NULL.
	* cpplib.c (do_define, do_undef, do_pragma_poison, do_assert,
	do_unassert, cpp_defined): Use _cpp_lookup.  Don't create a
	node here, just fill in the value field properly.  "Delete"
	entries by setting the value field to T_VOID.  Check for
	hp->type == T_VOID, not hp == NULL.

	* (cpplib.o): Don't depend on $(HASHTAB_H).
	* cpperror.c, cppexp.c, cpplex.c, cpplib.c:  Don't include

2000-05-01  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.c (print_operand_address): Do not add
	zero to SP.

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.c (expand_epilogue): If SP is to be
	adjusted by less than 256 bytes, use ret regardless of having any
	callee-saved register to restore.

2000-05-01 Laurynas Biveinis <>

	* tm.texi (TARGET_HAS_F_SETFLKW): Fix typo.

2000-05-01 Mark Elbrecht <>

	* config/i386/djgpp.h (INT_ASM_OP): Define.
	(MASK_BNU210): Define.

2000-05-01  Mumit Khan  <>

	* i386/cygwin.h (INT_ASM_OP): Define.

Mon May  1 18:20:06 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (address_cost): renamed to avr_address_cost.
	* config/avr/avr.h (ADDRESS_COST): use avr_address_cost.

Mon May  1 17:50:44 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (asm_file_start): output 0 as r0 and 1 as r1 in
	__tmp_reg__ and __zero_reg__ initialization.

2000-04-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (propagate_one_insn): Mark sets even when the insn is dead.

	* ifcvt.c (noce_process_if_block): Fail the conversion if X is
	referenced bewteen the condition and the jump.  Don't delete
	anything but the jump.

Sun Apr 30 22:48:24 2000  Jason Eckhardt  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (scope_def): New struct.
	(scope_forest_info): New struct.
	(struct reorder_block_def): New member "scope".
	(relate_bbs_with_scopes): New function and prototype.
	(make_new_scope): Likewise.
	(build_scope_forest): Likewise.
	(remove_scope_notes): Likewise.
	(insert_intra_1): Likewise.
	(insert_intra_bb_scope_notes): Likewise.
	(insert_inter_bb_scope_notes): Likewise.
	(rebuild_scope_notes): Likewise.
	(free_scope_forest_1): Likewise.
	(free_scope_forest): Likewise.
	(dump_scope_forest): Likewise.
	(dump_scope_forest_1): Likewise.
	(chain_reorder_blocks): Set REORDER_BLOCK_SCOPE for new block.
	(reorder_basic_blocks): Added calls to build_scope_scope_forest
	and remove_scope_notes before reordering is done. Added calls to
	rebuild_scope_notes, free_scope_forest, and reorder_blocks after
	after reordering is done.

2000-40-30  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/inclhack.def:  Added definitions needed by OSR5,
	removed two stale entries (defined away with OLD_CPP).
	* fixinc/ regen
	* fixinc/fixincl.x: regen

2000-04-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* ifcvt.c (dead_or_predicable): Manually squeeze non-movable notes
	from the last insn in the sequence.

2000-04-30  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplex.c (cpp_idcmp): New function.
	* cpplib.h: Prototype it.
	* scan_decls.c (scan_decls): Use it to inspect token names.
	* fix-header.c (read_scan_file): Likewise.  Set system_header_p on
	the file being run through the preprocessor.
	(check_macro_names): Provide length of token to cpp_defined.

	* Remove stale warning message.

	* cppfiles.c (redundant_include_p): Provide length of token to
	* cpphash.c (_cpp_make_hashnode, _cpp_lookup_slot): Hash
	values are unsigned int.
	(_cpp_lookup, _cpp_lookup_slot): Do not calculate the length.
	(_cpp_lookup_slot): Do not calculate the hash, either.
	* cpphash.h: Update prototypes.
	* cpplib.c (do_define, do_undef, do_pragma_poison, do_assert):
	Hashes are unsigned int.  Calculate hash here, pass by value
	to _cpp_lookup_slot.

2000-04-30  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* simplify-rtx.c (check_value_useless): Delete function.
	(discard_useless_locs): Don't call it; manage N_USELES_VALUES counter
	by hand.
	(cselib_invalidate_regno): Likewise.
	(cselib_invalidate_mem_1): Likewise.
	(references_value_p): Recognize useless values by the fact that they
	have no locations.
	(discard_useless_values): Likewise.
	(cselib_record_set): This may turn a useless value
	into a useful one.

2000-04-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/d30v: New port.

	* (d30v-*): Set fp format.
	* configure: Rebuild.

2000-04-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* ifcvt.c: New file.
	* (OBJS): Add it.
	(ifcvt.o): New target.
	* jump.c (jump_optimize_1): Remove all code related to if-conversion,
	and conditional arithmetic.
	(find_insert_position): Remove.
	* timevar.def (TV_IFCVT, TV_IFCVT2): New.
	* toplev.c (DFI_ce, DFI_ce2): New.
	(dump_file): Add ce and ce2 dumps.
	(rest_of_compilation): Run if_convert a couple o times.  Set
	cse_not_expected after cse2.  Don't set no_new_pseudos until
	after sched1 or recompute_reg_usage.

2000-04-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/t-crtbe (crtbegin.o): Add "-I.".
	(crtend.o, crtbeginS.o, crtendS.o): Likewise.

2000-04-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (struct reg_cond_life_info): New.
	(struct propagate_block_info): Add reg_cond_dead and reg_cond_reg.
	(init_propagate_block_info): Initialize them.
	(free_propagate_block_info): Destruct them.
	(mark_set_1): Consider conditional life before killing a register.
	(mark_regno_cond_dead): New.
	(free_reg_cond_life_info): New.
	(flush_reg_cond_reg_1, flush_reg_cond_reg): New.
	(ior_reg_cond, not_reg_cond, nand_reg_cond): New.
	(mark_used_reg): Record conditional life.

	* haifa-sched.c (schedule_insns): Disable death counting
	sanity check for HAVE_conditional_execution.

2000-04-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (TIMEVAR_H): New.
	(ggc-simple.o, ggc-page.o, toplev.o, timevar.o): Use it.
	(timevar.h): Remove rule.

2000-04-29  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/crtend.asm: Use C comments instead of #.
	* config/alpha/crtbegin.asm: Likewise.  Mark __dso_handle hidden.

	* config/alpha/elf.h (SELECT_SECTION): Treat CONSTRUCTOR like VAR_DECL.

2000-04-29  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.h (enum node_type: Take out T_MCONST.
	(union hashval): Move into struct hashnode.
	(struct hashnode): Pack tighter.  Remove file, line, col
	* cpphash.c: Constify most of the macro-definition structures.
	(struct definition): Replace by struct object_defn
	and struct funct_defn.  Put file, line, column information
	here.  All users updated to match.
	(_cpp_create_definition, _cpp_macroexpand): Remove special
	case for #define WORD OTHERWORD.
	* cpplib.c (do_undef): Remove T_MCONST case.

	* cpphash.h: Move struct reflist, struct definition, and the
	DEFINITION typedef to cpphash.c.  Use 'struct definition *' in
	union hashval.  _cpp_free_definition takes a HASHNODE pointer.
	* cpphash.c (_cpp_free_definition): Free data pointed to by
	MCONST, XCONST, MACRO, and FMACRO nodes properly.
	(_cpp_create_definition, del_HASHNODE): Just call
	_cpp_free_definition to clear out a hashnode.
	* cpplib.c (do_pragma_poison): Likewise.

Sat Apr 29 12:25:17 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.h (FIRST_DATA_REGNUM,
	(REGNO_SP_P): Redefine in terms of STACK_POINTER_REGNUM.
	REGNO_AM33_P): Redefine in terms of the new macros.
	STRUCT_VALUE): Likewise.

Sat Apr 29 01:18:45 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* regmove.c (struct record_stack_memrefs_data): New.
	(record_stack_memrefs): New function.
	(combine_stack_adjustments_for_block): Use it.

Sat Apr 29 01:15:27 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* calls.c (calls_function_1):  Properly handle TREE_LIST expressions;
	use special_function_p to detect alloca.

Fri Apr 28 16:30:33 2000  Marc Espie <>

	* gcc.texi: Fixes for makeinfo 4.0 --html.

2000-04-28  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* pcp.h: Delete file.

2000-04-28  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* h8300.c (function_epilogue): Clean up flags when the last insn
	in a function is a barrier.

2000-04-28  Chris Demetriou  <>

	* (sparc-hal-solaris2*): protect [] glob from
	my expansion.
	(mips*-*-ecoff*, mips*-*-elf*, mips*-*-*): use MASK_ defines
	rather than hard-coded constants in target_cpu_default2.
	* configure: Regenerate.

2000-04-28  Jason Merrill  <>

	* tree.c (get_callee_fndecl): Extract the initial value from
	a readonly decl.

2000-04-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* varasm.c (record_constant_1): Record the CODE_LABEL when
	taking the address of a LABEL_REF.

2000-04-28  Richard Henderson  <>
	    Jan Hubicka  <>

	* calls.c (combine_pending_stack_adjustment_and_call): Return the
	adjustment; don't do the stack adjust.
	(expand_call): Call compute_argument_block_size right before
	allocating the block; update comment; don't do alignment sanity
	checking for sibling call; use args_size instead of
	unadjusted_args_size before args_size is adjusted.  Use
	combine_pending_stack_adjustment_and_call to compute stack adjust
	for must_preallocate case.

	* expr.c (push_block): Remove shadow `temp' in inner scope.

2000-04-28  Jason Merrill  <>

	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Call
	note_deferral_of_defined_inline_function even if the function
	can't be inlined.

2000-04-28  Scott Bambrough  <>

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_scan_line): Fix buffer overwrite.

2000-04-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* toplev.c (rest_of_type_compilation): Fix sdb TIMEVAR typo.

2000-04-28  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* timevar.c (init_timevar): DeANSIfy function definition.

2000-04-27  Alex Samuel  <>

	* (timevar.o): Depend on flags.h.
	* timevar.c (unused_stack_instances): New variable.
	(timevar_push): Take a timevar_stack_def from
	unused_stack_instances if available.
	(timevar_pop): Push the popped timevar_stack_def onto
	(TIMEVAR_ENABLE): New macro.
	(timevar_def): Make standalone a 1-bit field.  Add field used.
	(get_time): Rename parameter to now.  Return after clearing it if
	(init_timevar): Do nothing if not TIMEVAR_ENABLE.
	(timevar_pop): Likewise.
	(timevar_stop): Likewise.
	(timevar_push): Likewise.  Mark the timing variable as used.
	(timevar_start): Likewise.
	(timevar_print): Do nothing if not TIMEVAR_ENABLE.  Don't print
	timevars that were never used.

2000-04-27  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-common.c (c_apply_type_quals_to_decl): REFERENCE_TYPES are

2000-04-27  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* i386.h (FUNCTION_BLOCK_PROFILER_EXIT): Generate mem reference
	for call instruction with mode QImode.

2000-04-27  Alex Samuel  <>

	* (OBJS): Add timevar.o.
	(toplev.o): Depend on timevar.h.
	(ggc-simple.o): Likewise.
	(ggc-page.o): Likewise.
	(timevar.o): New rule.
	(timevar.h): New rule.

	* timevar.h: New file.
	* timevar.c: Likewise.
	* timevar.def: Likewise.

	* toplev.h (gc_time, parse_time, varconst_time): Remove.
	* toplev.c: Use timevar_push and timevar_pop instead of TIMEVAR
	(TIMEVAR): Remove macro.
	(gc_time, parse_time, varconst_time, integration_time, jump_time,
	cse_time, gcse_time, loop_time, cse2_time, branch_prob_time,
	flow_time, combine_time, regmove_time, sched_time,
	local_alloc_time, global_alloc_time, flow2_time, peephole2_time,
	sched2_time, dbr_sched_time, reorder_blocks_time,
	rename_registers_time, shorten_branch_time, stack_reg_time,
	to_ssa_time, from_ssa_time, final_time, symout_time, dump_time,
	all_time): Remove.
	(compile_file): Don't initialize time variables.  Call
	init_timevar and start TV_TOTAL timer.  Call timevar_print instead
	of many calls to print_time.
	(rest_of_compilation): Add timing for reload_cse_regs.
	(get_run_time): Removed to timevar.c.
	(print_time): Likewise.
	(get_run_time): Implement using TV_TOTAL time variable.
	(print_time): Get total run time from get_run_time.
	* ggc-page.c (ggc_collect): Push and pop TV_GC instead of
	computing elapsed time explicitly.
	* ggc-simple.c (ggc_collect): Likewise.
	(gc_time): Remove declaration.

2000-04-27  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* calls.c (combine_pending_stack_adjustment_and_call): New function.
	(expand_call): Use it.

2000-04-27  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* flow.c (mark_set_1):  Handle MEMs in ZERO_EXTRACT/SIGN_EXTRACT

Thu Apr 27 12:47:00 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/ (movhi): Simplify.  Prefer data

Thu Apr 27 17:33:05 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* function.c (epilogue_done): Pass whole insn to record_insns.

Thu Apr 27 16:55:28 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* cse.c (CSE_ADDRESS_COST): Remove.
	(find_best_addr): Add new parameter "MODE", use address_cost instead
	(address_cost): New.
	(fold_rtx): Update call of find_best_addr.
	* rtl.h (address_cost): Declare.
	* loop.c (general_induction_var): Add new parameter "MODE", use
	address_cost instead of ADDRESS_COST
	(init_loop): Use address_cost instead of ADDRESS_COST.
	(check_insn_for_givs): Update call of general_induction_var.
	(find_mem_givs): Likewise.
	(consec_sets_giv): Likewise.
	* config/i386/i386.h (ADDRESS_COST): Call ix86_address_cost.
	* i386.c (ix86_address_cost): New.
	* i386-protos.h (ix86_address_cost): Declare.

Thu Apr 27 11:45:16 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/ (movqi): Simplify.  Prefer data

Thu Apr 27 16:11:00 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* expr.c (store_expr): Use clear_storage instead of direct memset

Thu Apr 27 10:36:51 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.c (mn10300_address_cost): Test

Thu Apr 27 15:08:46 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* invoke.texi (-foptimize-sibling-calls): Fix.

Thu Apr 27 14:54:22 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* loop.c (load_mems)  Don't use hard registers for the hoisting.

	* unroll.c (unroll_loop): Avoid overflow in the n_iterations
	calculation; rename const_equiv array in the preconditioning code
	from loop_unroll to loop_unroll_precondition

2000-04-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (struct propagate_block_info): Remove new_dead, new_live;
	add new_set.
	(propagate_one_insn): Clear it.  Don't update reg_live here.
	(init_propagate_block_info): Update for pbi member changes.
	(free_propagate_block_info): Likewise.
	(mark_set_1): Know that zero_extract, sign_extract, and
	strict_low_part don't kill their argument.  Alter hard subregs.
	Update new_set for non-CLOBBER sets.  Update reg_live.
	(find_auto_inc): Update reg_live, not new_dead.
	(mark_used_reg): Update reg_live, not new_live.  Examine new_set
	to determine if the reg in question was set this insn.  Only update
	reg info with PROP_REG_INFO.

2000-04-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (allocate_reg_life_data): Set max_regno here ...
	(life_analysis): ... not here.

	* flow.c (calculate_global_regs_live): Force stack pointer
	live at end.

2000-04-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* jump.c (redirect_exp_1): Rework from old redirect_exp.  Never
	commit change group changes.
	(invert_exp_1): Similarly.
	(redirect_exp, invert_exp): Use them.
	(redirect_jump_1): New.
	(invert_jump_1): New.
	(jump_optimize_1): Remove code subsumed by condexec.c.
	* rtl.h (invert_jump_1, redirect_jump_1): Declare.

2000-04-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* rtlanal.c (dead_or_set_regno_p): Use find_regno_note.

	* genconfig.c (main): Set all HAVE_foo to 1.

	* graph.c (node_data): Use GET_NOTE_INSN_NAME instead of local array.

2000-04-26  Alex Samuel  <>

	* invoke.texi: Document -fssa flag.

2000-04-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (count_reg_sets_1): Remove.
	(count_reg_sets, count_reg_references): Remove.
	(recompute_reg_usage): Implement with update_life_info.
	Reallocate life data.

2000-04-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (update_life_info): Consider blocks null to mean the
	universal set.
	(calculate_global_regs_live): Likewise.
	(life_analysis): Do that instead of collecting all_blocks.

2000-04-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (tidy_fallthru_edge): Don't delete the jump when it's
	a still-valid conditional jump.

2000-04-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* jump.c (invert_jump): Always invert REG_BR_PROB.  Do it correctly.

	* bb-reorder.c (reorder_basic_blocks): Don't run estimate_probability.
	* flow.c (calculate_loop_depth): Remove.
	* output.h (calculate_loop_depth): Don't declare.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Expand calculate_loop_depth
	inline; run estimate_probability at the same time.

2000-04-26  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplib.h: "~=" is not a single pp-token.
	* cpplex.c: Correct commentary.

2000-04-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (mark_set_1): New arguments code and flags; update all
	callers.  Track regno_first and regno_last; do HARD_REGNO_NREGS
	test in one place.  Tidy flags tests.  Don't bias REG_N_REFS by
	loop_depth when optimizing for size.  Do new_dead update after
	emitting REG_UNUSED notes.  Merge mark_set_reg code.
	(mark_set_reg): Remove.
	(propagate_one_insn): Use mark_set_1 for call-clobbered registers;
	arrange to not emit REG_UNUSED notes.

2000-04-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (find_auto_inc): Use pbi->bb instead of BLOCK_FOR_INSN.
	* ssa.c (convert_from_ssa): Don't run compute_bb_for_insn.

2000-04-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (propagate_one_insn): Break out from propagate_block.
	(init_propagate_block_info): Likewise.
	(free_propagate_block_info): Likewise.
	(propagate_block): Use them.  Export.
	* basic-block.h: Declare them all.

2000-04-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* basic-block.h (life_analysis): Declare here ...
	* output.h: ... not here.
	* flow.c (life_analysis): Remove nregs parameter; replace
	remove_dead_code with flags.  Remove ssa dead code check.
	Only init alias analysis if we'll use it.
	* reg-stack.c (reg_to_stack): Update life_analysis arguments.
	* ssa.c (convert_to_ssa): Likewise.
	(convert_from_ssa): Likewise.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Likewise.

2000-04-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (flow_delete_block): Rename from delete_block.  Export.
	* basic-block.h (flow_delete_block): Declare.

2000-04-26  David S. Miller  <>

	* optabs.c (emit_libcall_block): Verify insns with INSN_P before
	taking a PATTERN of it.

2000-04-26  <>

	* cpplex.c (spell_other, spell_char): Remove.
	(token_spelling, trigraph_map): Use unsigned chars.
	(_cpp_lex_line): Tidy up the switch statement.
	* cpplib.h: Implement spell_char with spell_string.
	(C): New.

2000-04-26  <>

	* pa/pa32-regs.h (HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Warning removal.
	* pa/pa64-regs.h (HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Warning removal.

2000-04-26  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (dw_cfi_oprnd_struct, dw_fde_struct, add_fde_cfi,
	reg_save, dwarf2out_frame_debug_expr, dwarf2out_def_cfa,
	dwarf2out_window_save, dwarf2out_args_size, dwarf2out_reg_save,
	dwarf2out_return_save, dwarf2out_return_reg,
	dwarf2out_stack_adjust, dwarf2out_frame_debug, primary_filename,
	add_AT_lbl_id, add_AT_lbl_offset, type_tag, decl_start_label,
	gen_compile_unit_die, dwarf2out_init): Constify a char*.

	* dwarf2out.h (dwarf2out_init): Likewise.

	* dwarfout.c (filename_entry, primary_filename, last_filename,
	type_tag, output_compile_unit_die, dwarfout_init): Likewise.

	* tree.h (dwarf2out_def_cfa, dwarf2out_window_save,
	dwarf2out_args_size, dwarf2out_reg_save, dwarf2out_return_save,
	dwarf2out_return_reg): Likewise.

2000-04-26  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* extend.texi (Function Attributes): Fix description of pure

2000-04-26  Jason Merrill  <>

	* integrate.c (output_inline_function): Do clear DECL_DEFER_OUTPUT
	before calling rest_of_compilation.

2000-04-26  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* config/mips/linux.h: Remove erroneous commit of #if 0/#endif in
	last patch.

2000-04-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* cse.c (cse_insn): Emit barrier after unconditional jump.

	* calls.c (expand_call): Disable tail call generation once
	rtx_equal_function_value_matters is false.

	* reg-stack.c (convert_regs_1): Treat EDGE_ABNORMAL_CALL edges
	like EDGE_EH edges.

2000-04-25  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (add_bound_info): Don't crash on an unexpanded SAVE_EXPR.

	* dwarfout.c (output_decl): Ignore NAMESPACE_DECLs.

	* dwarf2out.c (gen_subprogram_die): The class-scope declaration DIE
	is the primary DIE for a member function.
	(gen_decl_die): Call set_decl_origin_self here.
	* dwarfout.c (output_decl): And here.
	* integrate.c (output_inline_function): Not here.
	Don't clear DECL_INLINE until after calling rest_of_compilation.
	(set_decl_origin_self): No longer static.
	* tree.h: Add prototype.
	* toplev.c (note_deferral_of_defined_inline_function): Only write
	out abstract instance for actual inlines.

2000-04-25  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.h (REG_CLASS_FROM_LETTER): Return
	* config/mn10300/ (movsi, addsi): Avoid exposing
	SP_REGS to register allocation and reloading unless absolutely
	(movsi3): Remove special-case of adding non-constants to SP.

2000-04-25  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (gcc_AC_NEED_DECLARATION): This macro now requires
	INCLUDES to search and does not provide any of its own.  Also it
	now accepts optional ACTION-IF-NEEDED and ACTION-IF-NOT-NEEDED
	parameters.  Also it does not call AC_DEFINE.
	(gcc_AC_NEED_DECLARATIONS): Likewise.  Also this macro now calls
	AC_DEFINE and provides for automatic entries for autoheader.
	(gcc_AC_FUNC_PRINTF_PTR): Cleanup C code in test.

	* (gcc_AC_NEED_DECLARATIONS): Save and restore CFLAGS
	so we can pass -I flags and include gansidecl.h/system.h in this

	* acconfig.h: Delete all NEED_DECLARATION_* entries.

2000-04-25  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>


	ENABLE_GC_ALWAYS_COLLECT): Use three argument form of AC_DEFINE
	for these macros.  Clean up spacing and linewraps.

2000-04-26  Jason Merrill  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Use get_callee_fndecl.

	* print-tree.c (print_node): Print the chain of an _EXPR.

Tue Apr 25 16:16:04 2000  Andrew MacLeod  <>
			  Jim Wilson  <>
			  Andrew Haley  <>

	* config/ia64/crtbegin.asm: Add IA-64 unwind support.  Correct alloc
	and gp save/restore problems.
	* config/ia64/crtend.asm: Add IA-64 unwind support.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_compute_frame_size): Don't include pr_size
	in fr_pad_size calculation.
	(save_restore_insns): Move PR save area.  Correct uses of
	(ia64_expand_prologue): Mark alloc with RTX_FRAME_RELATED_P.
	(ia64_expand_epilogue): Add eh_epilogue support.
	(ia64_function_prologue): Emit .prologue directive.
	(ia64_init_machine_status, ia64_mark_machine_status): New functions.
	(ia64_override_options): Set init_machine_status and
	(rtx_needs_barrier): Handle bsp reads and writes.
	(spill_offset, sp_offset, spill_offset_emitted, tmp_reg, tmp_saved):
	New static variables.
	(process_set, process_for_unwind_directive): New functions.
	(EH_FRAME_SECTION_ASM_OP): Define to IA_64.unwind section.
	(struct machine_function): Define.
	* config/ia64/ (bsp_value, set_bsp, eh_epilogue): New patterns.

2000-04-25  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/ make the removal of old programs more
	* fixinc/ use the two new targets in the Makefile:
	install-bin and install-sh

2000-04-25  Nick Clifton  <>

	defined, define to return zero.
	(function_cannot_inline_p): If a function has any target
	specific attributes, then use the macro
	FUNCTION_ATTRIBUTE_INLINABLE_P to allow the target to decide
	whether it can be inlined.  If it cannot, issue a suitable

	* tm.texi: Add a new node 'Inlining' to document the new macro

2000-04-25  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_buffer): Add 'mapped' flag; fix

2000-04-25  Neil Booth  <>

	Restore previous patch, plus the following fixes:

	* cpphash.c (_cpp_create_definition): Test PREV_WHITESPACE in
	flags, not CPP_OPEN_PAREN.
	* cpplex.c (expand_token_space, init_token_list,
	cpp_free_token_list): Put the dummy token at list->tokens[-1].
	(_cpp_lex_line, _cpp_lex_file): token list is 0-based.

Tue Apr 25 14:06:40 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/i386/freebsd.h (INT_ASM_OP): Define.

Tue Apr 25 14:51:07 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* loop.c (strength_reduce): Fix typo in the last checkin.

Tue Apr 25 07:33:12 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* stor-layout.c (finalize_record_size): Simplify to use existing
	(compute_record_mode): No longer static.
	* tree.h (compute_record_mode): New declaration.

2000-04-25  Neil Booth  <>

	* Revert my patch below until cause of build failures

2000-04-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* combine.c (combine_instructions): Add missing argument
	to try_combine.

	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Delay sibcall optimization
	until after emit_eh_context.

2000-04-24  Nick Clifton  <>

	* combine.c (combine_instructions): Do not try to combine a
	sequence of insns when the second insn has been replaced by a

Mon Apr 24 17:34:18 2000  Mumit Khan  <>

	* gcc.c (load_specs): New static function.
	(read_specs): Use it.

	* gcc.c (lookup_compiler): Make multiple passes for case
	insensitive filesystems.

2000-04-24  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpphash.c: replace HSPACE_BEFORE with PREV_WHITESPACE.
	* cpphash.h (_cpp_check_directive): new.
	* cpplex.c (handle_newline, cpp_free_token_list,
	init_trigraph_map, trigraph_ok, trigraph_replace,
	backslash_start, skip_block_comment, skip_line_comment,
	skip_whitespace, parse_name, parse_number, parse_string,
	copy_comment, _cpp_lex_line, spell_char, spell_string,
	spell_comment, spell_name, spell_other, _cpp_lex_file,
	_cpp_output_list): new.
	(expand_name_space): take length argument.
	(init_token_list): add comment list initialisation.
	(cpp_scan_line): use auto_expand_name_space.  PREV_WHITESPACE
	instead of HSPACE_BEFORE.

	* cpplib.c (_cpp_check_directive): new
	* cpplib.h (cpp_name, PREV_WHITESPACE, PREV_COMMENT,
	(HSPACE_BEFORE): delete.
	(TTYPE_TABLE): rearrange.
	(struct cpp_toklist): update.

2000-04-24  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (gcc_AC_HEADER_STRING, gcc_AC_FUNC_PRINTF_PTR,
	argument form of AC_DEFINE.


	* acconfig.h: Delete stubs made redundant by 3-arg AC_DEFINE.

2000-04-24  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	deduced.h): Use -isystem, not -I, for including system headers.

2000-04-24  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/fr30/ (addsi3): Do not use small add instruction if
	the source register is the frame pointer or arg pointer.
	(addsi3_small_int): Disallow if source register is the frame
	pointer or arg pointer.

2000-04-24  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (ENUM_BITFIELDS_ARE_UNSIGNED): Delete redundant
	call to AC_MSG_RESULT.

2000-04-24  Martin v. Löwis  <>

	* invoke.texi: Correct grammatical errors, document
	-fno-gnu-keywords as identical to -fno-asm for C++.

2000-04-24  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	EGCS_PROG_INSTALL): Rename autoconf macros with prefix gcc_AC_.

	new macros names.

2000-04-24  Mumit Khan  <>

	* c-pragma.c (push_alignment): Use BITS_PER_UNIT macro.
	(pop_alignment): Likewise.
	(handle_pragma_token): Likewise.

2000-04-24  Robert Lipe <>

	* tree.h (tree_decl): Member `mode' now ENUM_BITFIELD.

2000-04-24  Hiroyuki Machida <>

	* combine.c (try_combine): Update reg_nonzero_bits of
	newi2pat before newpat.

Mon Apr 24 10:19:48 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* loop.c (strength_reduce): Simplify test to INSN_P.
	(record_giv): Attempt to simplify the add value, use CONSTANT_P
	expressions instead of CONST_INT.
	(express_from_1): Likewise.

2000-04-24  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* regs.h (reg_n_max): Don't declare.
	* flow.c (reg_n_max): Don't define.
	* regclass.c (renumber): Don't initialize to zero.
	(regno_allocated): Likewise.
	(reg_n_max): Define.
	(allocate_reg_info): Don't initialize unnecessarily.

Mon Apr 24 00:21:36 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* genattrtab.c (find_attr): Initialize unsigned_p, func_units_p
	and blockage_p in the newly allocated attribute.

Sun Apr 23 20:16:49 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/ (addsi): `inc4' on address
	registers does not modify cc, but `inc' on an extended
	register does.

Sun Apr 23 16:24:35 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* reload.c (find_equiv_reg): Checks all valueno regs
	as a reload_reg_p regs.

2000-04-23  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.c (collect_objlike_expansion): Add sanity check.
	(special_symbol): Remove case T_CONST, T_XCONST, T_MCONST.  If
	the buffer is the empty string, return.  Mark __DATE__ and
	__TIME__ as XCONST nodes, not MCONST.
	(_cpp_macroexpand): Avoid pushing an empty buffer.
	(funlike_macroexpand): Don't pop token_buffer here.

Sun Apr 23 18:37:53 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.h (REGNO_IN_RANGE_P): New macro.
	(REGNO_EXTENDED_P, REGNO_AM33_P): New macros.
	(REGNO_OK_FOR_BASE_P): Define in terms of them.
	(REG_OK_FOR_BASE_P): Define in terms of the REGNO macro.

Sun Apr 23 22:23:08 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* loop.c (simplify_giv_expr):  Be more agressive on simplifying
	constant MULT givs.

2000-04-23  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.h (struct definition): Move file, line, col members...
	(struct hashnode): ... here.  Also add 'disabled' flag.
	(enum node_type): Add T_VOID, T_XCONST, T_FMACRO, and
	Update prototypes.

	* cpphash.c (_cpp_dump_definition): Split out dump_DEFINITION.
	(collect_expansion): Split into collect_objlike_expansion and
	(_cpp_macroexpand): Split out scan_arguments, stringify, and
	(_cpp_compare_defs): Rename compare_defs, make static.
	(_cpp_make_hashnode): Initialize hp->disabled.
	(macro_cleanup): Adjust for new token types.  Clear
	(_cpp_create_definition): Move code here to determine what
	sort of macro it is, and code to check for redefinitions, from
	do_define.  Implement a few simple cases without creating a
	(_cpp_macroexpand, special_symbol, _cpp_dump_definition):
	Handle the simple cases.
	(push_macro_expansion): Set buf->has_escapes and hp->disabled

	* cppinit.c (builtin_array): Change MCONST to XCONST
	* cpplex.c (maybe_macroexpand): Handle IDENTITY macros here;
	fix check for disabled and function-like macros.
	* cpplib.c (do_define): Move most logic to
	(do_undef): Handle new special token types.

Sun Apr 23 14:27:44 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* loop.c (maybe_eliminate_biv_1): Use GET_CODE (x) == CONST_INT instead
	of CONSTANT_P for mult_val; always use validate_change to update insn.

2000-04-22  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.c (trad_stringify, add_pat): New functions.
	(collect_expansion): Restore support for -traditional syntax.
	Use trad_stringify and add_pat.
	(_cpp_macroexpand): Restore support for -traditional semantics.
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_scan_line): Don't change space_before if we
	get a COMMENT token.
	(_cpp_lex_token): Provide COMMENT tokens to caller if
	traditional and parsing_define_directive.
	(skip_comment): Warn about // comments if -Wtraditional.
	* cpplib.c (do_define): Fix typo.  Create EMPTY nodes with
	proper node type.
	(do_undef): Don't warn about undefining EMPTY nodes.

Sat Apr 22 22:35:38 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* loop.c (strength_reduce): Fix biv removal code.

2000-04-22  Richard Henderson  <>

	* predict.c (estimate_probability): Examine both sides of
	a branch for no exits.  Use 90% not 50% for predict taken.
	Reorg for one copy of note generation code.

2000-04-22  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (mark_used_reg): Hack around rs6000 eliminable pic reg.

2000-04-22  Richard Henderson  <>

	* diagnostic.c (init_output_buffer): Don't initialize format_args.
	(output_clear): Likewise.
	(output_printf): Use va_copy.
	(vline_wrapper_message_with_location): Likewise.
	(v_message_with_decl): Likewise.
	(line_wrapper_printf): VA_START infor buffer.format_args directly.
	* system.h (va_copy): Provide default implementation.

2000-04-22  Richard Henderson  <>

	* predict.c (expected_value_to_br_prob): Don't bomb if op1 of
	the collected condition is not a constant.

2000-04-22  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* diagnostic.h: New file.

	* (diagnostic.o): Depends on diagnostic.h

	* diagnostic.c: Tweak.  Rationalize the output logic.  Adjust
	various function prototypes.
	(diagnostic.h): #include.
	(struct output_buffer): Move into diagnostic.h.
	(get_output_prefix): Rename to output_get_prefix.  Export.
	(init_output_buffer): Export. Break out.  Adjust initialization.
	(output_space_left, output_append): Export.
	(output_newline): Rename to output_add_newline.  Export.
	(output_clear): Nullify additional output_buffer fields.
	(output_puts): Rename to output_add_string.  Export.
	(dump_output): Rename to output_flush_on.  Export.
	(build_location_prefix): Constify return-type.
	(emit_output_prefix): Rename to output_emit_prefix. Export.
	(set_real_maximum_length): New function.
	(output_set_maximum_length): Ditto
	(output_clear): Ditto.
	(output_add_character): Ditto.
	(output_add_integer): Ditto.
	(output_add_space): Ditto.
	(output_format): Ditto.
	(output_printf): Adjust buffer initialization.
	(vline_wrapper_message_with_location): Ditto.
	(v_message_with_decl): Ditto.  Adjust call to output_puts
	and get_output_prefix.
	(default_print_error_function): Adjust buffer initialization.

Sat Apr 22 06:45:04 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* expr.c (preexpand_calls, case CALL_EXPR): Don't look at TYPE_SIZE

Fri Apr 21 18:33:09 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.h (REGNO_REG_CLASS): Use NO_REGS instead
	of explicit 0.

Fri Apr 21 18:30:00 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.h (REGISTER_MOVE_COST): Provide more
	accurate data about SP moves.

Fri Apr 21 18:28:28 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.h (ADDITIONAL_REGISTER_NAMES): Added
	aliases to AM33 registers.

Fri Apr 21 18:26:17 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300.h (REG_CLASS_CONTENTS): Added register 16
	to all EXTENDED bitmaps.

Fri Apr 21 18:17:12 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/mn10300-protos.h (mn10300_address_cost): Declare.
	* config/mn10300/mn10300.h (ADDRESS_COST): New macro.
	* config/mn10300/mn10300.c (mn10300_address_cost): New function.

Fri Apr 21 18:11:56 2000  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/mn10300/ (movdi, movdf): Do not use `movu' when
	the operand is not constant.

Fri Apr 21 14:58:29 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* reload.c (find_equiv_reg): Checks all valueno and regno regs
	as a call-clobbered regs.

Fri Apr 21 13:30:26 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* rtl.h: Likewise.
	* rtl.def: Update comment.
	* function.c (expand_function): Use NOTE_INSN_REPEATED_LINE_NUMBER.
	* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Likewise.
	* profile.c (branch_prob): Likewise.
	* ggc-common.c (ggc_mark_rtx_children): Use NOTE_INSN_RANGE_BEG.
	* print-rtl.c (print_rtx): Likewise.
	* haifa-sched.c (sched_analyze, unlink_other_notes): Likewise.
	(reemit_notes): Likewise; also use enum insn_note.

	* stor-layout.c (layout_decl): Only set DECL_MODE if not already set.
	(place_field): Properly compute know and actual alignment.

	* gengenrtl.c (gencode): Write obstack_alloc_rtx function start
	in proper format.

	* cse.c (cse_insn): In (set REG0 REG1) case, remove a REG_EQUAL
	note for REG1.

2000-04-21  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.c (struct arg, struct arglist): Const-ify strings.
	(warn_trad_stringify, duplicate_arg_p): New helper functions.
	(collect_expansion): Rewrite to scan over a token list.
	Remove -traditional support.
	(collect_formal_parameters): Rename to collect_params; rewrite
	to scan over a token list.
	(_cpp_create_definition): Adjust to scan a token list.
	(_cpp_macroexpand): Remove -traditional support.
	(_cpp_compare_defs): Whitespace is now canonicalized.
	(comp_def_part): Delete function.

	* cpphash.h: Update prototypes.
	* cpplex.c (init_token_list): Don't set lineno if there is no
	(pedantic_whitespace): New function.
	(_cpp_scan_line): Mark tokens that had hspace before.  Don't
	consume a newline.  Use pedantic_whitespace.
	(_cpp_lex_token): Remove support for -traditional macros.
	(_cpp_get_define_token): Delete.
	(_cpp_get_directive_token): Do the real work here.  Use
	(_cpp_init_input_buffer): Initialize pfile->directbuf.

	* cpplib.c (get_macro_name): Delete.
	(do_define): Read the entire line into pfile->directbuf, then
	feed the token list to _cpp_create_definition.
	* cpplib.h (HSPACE_BEFORE): new define.
	(struct cpp_reader): Add a toklist member, "directbuf".

	* predict.c (estimate_probability): New heuristic: if a jump
	branches around a block with no successors, predict it taken.
	Disentangle control flow.

2000-04-20  Richard Henderson  <>

	* loop.c (emit_iv_add_mult): Revert last change.

2000-04-20  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.h (enum cpp_ttype): Add token types for all
	punctuators.  Distinguish pp-numbers from valid C numbers.
	Give some tokens better names.  Initialize from macro.
	(struct cpp_name, cpp_token, cpp_toklist): New data
	Update prototypes.
	* cpplex.c (bump_column, expand_name_space,
	expand_token_space, init_token_list, cpp_output_list,
	_cpp_scan_line):  New functions.
	(output_line_command): Add third argument, new line number.
	* cpphash.h: Update prototypes.
	* cppexp.c, cpphash.c, cpplib.c, scan-decls.c: Update for new
	token names.

2000-04-20  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_emit_floatuns): Emit missing barrier.

2000-04-20  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* c-common.c (decl_attributes) [A_ALIAS]: Set TREE_USED on the
	object pointed to.

Thu Apr 20 14:19:18 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* loop.c (emit_iv_add_mult):  Simplify it's input and emit
	REG_EQUAL note explaining the calculated value.

	* calls.c (expand_call): Avoid unnecesary precalculation
	and outgoing parameters space guarding for sibling calls.
	(store_one_arg): Likewise.

Thu Apr 20 08:01:07 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* toplev.c (enum dump_file_index, dump_file): Add DFI_sibling.
	(rest_of_compilation): Write sibling dump file and account
	for time as jump time.
	* invoke.texi: Update documentation on dump flags.

2000-04-19  Marek Michalkiewicz  <>

	* avr.c: #include "system.h" instead of <stdio.h> and <stdlib.h>.

2000-04-19  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.c (special_symbol): Represent an empty macro with
	"\r \r " not just "\r ".
	(_cpp_macroexpand): Correct condition for the foo ( ) special
	(unsafe_chars): Handle EOF as second argument.
	(push_macro_expansion): Simplify test for removing escape at
	end.  Do not trim both escapes if there is no text in between.

2000-04-19  Jim Blandy  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (DWARF2_ADDR_SIZE): New macro.  Use it instead
	of PTR_SIZE, when appropriate.

2000-04-19  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* system.h (ONLY_INT_FIELDS): Make sure it is defined.

Wed Apr 19 12:14:55 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* stor-layout.c (place_field): Set rli->offset_align properly.

2000-04-19  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	PARM_BOUNDARY): Remove unnecessary casts.

Wed Apr 19 12:02:37 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* calls.c (precompute_arguments): Remove must_preallocate and
	args_size calls.
	(expand_call): Update call of precompute_arguments.

	* loop.c (check_insn_for_bivs, for_every_insn_in_loop,
	check_insn_for_givs): Break out from ...
	(strength_reduce) ... here; use for_every_insn_in_loop to call
	* loop.h (for_every_insn_in_loop): Declare.
	(loop_insn_callback): New type.

2000-04-18  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.c (do_pragma_poison):  Strings in the token buffer are
	not nul-terminated.

Tue Apr 18 16:04:12 2000  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/sysv4.h (SELECT_SECTION): Use data_section if
	flag_pic and RELOC.

2000-04-18  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cccp.c, cexp.y, cexp.c, cccp.1: Removed.

	* Delete --disable-cpplib option and all
	references to cpp_main.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* Remove all references to CCCP, CCCP_OBJS,
	@cpp_main@, cccp.c, cexp.c, cexp.y, cexp.output, cexp.o,
	cccp.o, cccp, or cppmain.  Link cppmain.o straight to
	cpp$(exeext).  Add --no-headers to makeinfo command line when
	generating INSTALL.  Install and uninstall cpp.1 manpage, not
	* install.texi: Delete all references to cexp.y/cexp.c.
	Delete ancient instructions for compiling GCC on 3b1.
	* INSTALL: Regenerate.

	* cppfiles.c, cpplib.h, jump.c, protoize.c, c-lex.c, mips/t-ecoff,
	mips/t-elf, mips/t-r3900: Remove references to cccp.c.
	* convex.h, fx80.h, m68k.h, pdp11.h: Remove references to
	* xm-linux.h, xm-os2.h, romp.h: Remove definition of BSTRING,
	which is no longer tested anywhere.

	* cppinit.c (handle_option): Don't run error message through
	gettext twice.

Tue Apr 18 14:16:47 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* conflict.c (conflict_graph_add): Pass enum type to htab_find_slot.
	* cpperror.c (hashtab.h): Now include.
	* cppexp.c (hashtab.h): Likewise.
	* cpplex.c (hashtab.h): Likewise.
	* cppfiles.c (hashtab.h): Likewise.
	(find_include_file, _cpp_calc_hash, cpp_read_file): Pass enum type
	to htab_find_slot_with_hash.
	* cpphash.c (hashtab.h): Now include.
	(_cpp_lookup_slot): INSERT is now enum insert_option.
	* cpphash.h (_cpp_lookup_slot): Likewise.
	* cppinit.c (hashtab.h): Include earlier.
	(initialize_builtins): Pass enum to htab_find_slot.
	* cpplib.c (hashtab.h): Now include.
	(do_define, do_undef): Pass enum type to _cpp_lookup_slot.
	(do_pragma_poison, do_assert): Likewise.
	* emit-rtl.c (gen_rtx_CONST_INT): Pass enum to
	* simplify-rtx.c (cselib_lookup_mem, cselib_lookup): Likewise.
	* tree.c (type_hash_add): Likewise.
	(build1): Minor cleanup.

	* ggc-common.c: Add missing blanks.
	* print-tree.c (print_node): Print DECL_OFFSET_ALIGN.
	* tree.h (DECL_OFFSET_ALIGN): Fix typo in comment.

	* stmt.c (mark_case_node): New function.
	(mark_case_nesting): Call it.

	* expmed.c (emit_store_flag): If comparing two-word integer
	with zero, can optimize NE, EQ, GE, and LT.

	* c-decl.c (mark_binding_level): Use 'for' instead of `while'.
	* conflict.c: Minor cleanups.
	* optabs.c: Add blank line
	* simplify-rtx.c: Minor cleanups.

2000-04-18  Stan Cox  <>

	* gengenrtl.c (genlegend): Fix misspelling.

2000-04-18  Robert Lipe  <>

	* (ENUM_BITFIELDS_ARE_UNSIGNED): Added.  Check that
	bitfields of the host compiler are not signed quantities.
	* Regenerate.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* system.h (USE_ENUM_BITFIELDS): Added.
	* rtl.h (rtx_def): Members `code', `mode', now ENUM_BITFIELD.
	(SHORT_ENUM_BUG): Deleted.
	* tree.h (tree_common): Members `code', `mode', `built_in_class',
	* config/i386/xm-sco.h (ONLY_INT_FIELDS): Deleted.
	(CODE_FIELD_BUG): Likewise.
	* config/m68k/x-apollo68 (CC): Deleted SHORT_ENUM_BUG.
	(OLD_CC): Likewise.
	* config/m68k/x-ccur (X_CFLAGS): Likewise.

2000-04-18  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_token): Don't call CPP_BUMP_LINE when the
	mark is active.

2000-04-17  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppexp.c (lex): Don't assume tokens are NUL terminated.
	* cpplib.c (do_include, do_import, do_include_next,
	read_line_number, detect_if_not_defined): Likewise.
	* cpphash.c (collect_expansion): Likewise.
	(special_symbol, _cpp_macroexpand): Check return from
	macros.  Delete all uses.

	* gcc.dg/cpp-mi.c: Add two more test cases.
	* gcc.dg/cpp-mind.h, gcc.dg/cpp-mindp.h: New files.

2000-04-17  Richard Henderson  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (fixup_reorder_chain): Don't look up new block again.
	(reorder_basic_blocks): If no epilogue in rtl, force last block last.

2000-04-17  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* function.c (expand_function_start): Use hard_function_value to
	compute the RTL to use for DECL_RESULT.

Mon Apr 17 23:35:29 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* i386.c (athlon_cost): Fix lea, divide and XFmode move costs.
	(x86_integer_DFmode_moves, x86_partial_reg_dependency,
	 x86_memory_mismatch_stall): New global variables.
	(ix86_adjust_cost): Handle MEMORY_BOTH on places MEMORY_STORE was only
	alloved; fix load penalties for Athlon.
	* i386.h (x86_integer_DFmode_moves, x86_partial_reg_dependency,
	x86_memory_mismatch_stall): Declare.
	* (athlon scheduling parameters): Fix latencies according to
	Athlon Optimization Manual.
	(sahf, xchg, fldcw, leave instruction patterns): Set athlon_decode to
	(fsqrt instruction patterns): Set athlon_decode to direct.
	(movhi_1): Promote for TARGET_PARTIAL_REG_DEPENDENCY and for
	(movqi_1): Handle promoting correctly for TARGET_PARTIAL_REG_DEPENDENCY
	(pushdf_nointeger): New pattern.
	(pushdf_integer): Rename from pushdf.
	(movdf_nointger): Enable for !TARGET_INTEGER_DFMODE_MOVES machines.
	(movdf_intger): Disable for !TARGET_INTEGER_DFMODE_MOVES machines.

2000-04-17  Richard Henderson  <>

	* loop.c (canonicalize_condition): Add WANT_REG argument.
	Stop the search if we match it.
	* expr.h (canonicalize_condition): Update decl.
	* predict.c (expected_value_to_br_prob): Use it.  Track last
	expected value note.
	(find_expected_value): Remove.

	* reorg.c (mostly_true_jump): Always use BR_PROB if present.

2000-04-17  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (AM_GNU_GETTEXT): Don't AC_REQUIRE([AC_FUNC_MMAP]).
	(AC_FUNC_MMAP_FILE): New macro, tests read-only private map of
	a plain file.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* Regenerate.

	* intl/loadmsgcat.c: Test HAVE_MMAP_FILE not HAVE_MMAP.
	* fixinc/fixincl.c: Likewise.

2000-04-17  Richard Henderson  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_expect): New.
	(expand_builtin): Call it.
	* builtins.def (BUILT_IN_EXPECT): New.
	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Declare __builtin_expect.
	* extend.texi: Document it.

	* predict.c (expected_value_to_br_prob): New.
	(find_expected_value): New.
	* basic-block.h (expected_value_to_br_prob): Declare.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Invoke it.

	* rtl.h (NOTE_EXPECTED_VALUE): New.
	* rtl.c (note_insn_name): Update.
	* print-rtl.c (print_rtx): Reorg NOTE_LINE_NUMBER special

2000-04-17  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/sparc.c (eligible_for_sibcall_delay): Cannot use
	leaf sibcall delay slot if flag_pic.
	(output_sibcall): Always emit call for leaf sibcall if flag_pic.

2000-04-17  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (stmp-fixproto): Acknowledge errors in fixproto.

	* fixproto: If fix-header fails, exit with an error.

Mon Apr 17 14:59:36 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* cse.c (struct check_dependence_data): New.
	(check_dependence): New function.
	(invalidate): Use check_depdenence.

2000-04-16  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (DWARF_CIE_DATA_ALIGNMENT): Adjust, now that
	UNITS_PER_WORD is unsigned.

	* tree.h (struct tree_common): Remove misleading comment.

2000-04-16  Dave Pitts  <>

	* ($(srcdir)/c-parse.y: Enclose the whole
	message in quotes. Otherwise, IBM's make program treats the '#' as the
	start of a comment and ignores the remainder of the line.

	* c-lex.c (yylex): Change for EBCDIC, lower case characters precede
	upper case.
	* cccp.c (initialize_char_syntax): Allow for holes in EBCDIC.
	* cexp.y (initialize_random_junk): Likewise.
	* cppfiles.c (find_include_file): Cast alloca return value.
	* cppinit.c (initialize_standard_includes): Likewise.
	* cpplib.c (cpp_define, cpp_undef): Likewise.
	* defaults.h (ASM_OUTPUT_ASCII): Use ISPRINT.
	* final.c (output_asm_insn): Allow for holes in EBCDIC.
	* fold-const.c (CHARMASK): New.
	(real_hex_to_f): Use it.
	* real.c (CHARMASK): New.
	(etoasc, asctoeg): Use it.
	(asctoeg): EBCDIC lower case characters precede upper case.

	* i370.c (mvs_add_label): Change spacing for coding conventions.
	* i370.h (ASM_OUTPUT_CASE_LABEL): Change to the data CSECT for the
	outputting case vectors.
	(ASM_OUTPUT_CASE_END): New, put assembler back into code CSECT.
	since vector in in the data CSECT.
	(ASM_OUTPUT_REG_POP, ASM_OUTPUT_REG_PUSH): Restore to correct operation.
	* (Many patterns): Put the length in the XL directives.
	(movdi): Put back STM and MVC in definition.
	(floatsidf2): Correct TARGET_ELF_ABI pattern and add back the LE370
	pattern using the TCA.
	* oe.h (CPP_SPEC): Added to allow trigraphs.
	* xm-oe.h (HOST_BITS_PER_LONGLONG): Change to 32. IBM's compiler does
	not support the "long long" type.

2000-04-16  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* config/mips/mips-protos.h (mips_legitimate_address_p): New
	(mips_reg_mode_ok_for_base_p): Likewise.
	* config/mips/mips.h (REG_OK_STRICT_P): Don't define.
	(REG_OK_FOR_INDEX_P): Define unconditionally.
	(REG_MODE_OK_FOR_BASE_P): Use mips_reg_mode_ok_for_base_p.
	(GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS): Use mips_legitimate_address_p.
	* config/mips/mips.c (mips16_simple_memory_operand): Adjust now
	that GET_MODE_SIZE is unsigned.
	(mips_reg_mode_ok_for_base_p): Define.
	(mips_legitimate_address_p): Likewise.  Adjust now
	that GET_MODE_SIZE is unsigned.
	(block_move_loop): Make the number of bytes unsigned.
	(expand_block_move): Likewise.
	(function_arg): Make the loop counter unsigned to match the
	boundary condition.

2000-04-16  Richard Henderson  <>

	* rtl.h (enum insn_note): New enumeration.  Subsume
	NOTE_INSN_DELETED and friends.
	* rtl.c (note_insn_name): Tweak string order.

2000-04-15  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_read_and_prescan): Enlarge len by setting it
	to offset * 2.

	* cpplex.c (output_line_command): Remove debugging prints.
	(cpp_output_tokens): Don't write out a zero-length buffer or
	try to see if it has a newline in it.
	(_cpp_expand_to_buffer): Copy the source buffer before pushing.
	(_cpp_read_and_prescan): Move shift-down of pushback bytes to
	the end of the loop.  Use memmove.  Don't read past the end of
	the buffer.  Remove trailing newlines from error messages.

2004-04-16  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpphash.h (SYNTAX_INCLUDE, SYNTAX_ASSERT, directive_handler): new.
	* cpplib.c: Add new syntax flags to directive table, and
	supporting macros.

2000-04-15  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* i386.c (ix86_expand_epilogue): Yes, the x86 can pop 64k at once
	using ret $N.

2000-04-15  David Edelsohn  <>

	* toplev.c (display_help): Prefix "f" to "sched-verbose=".
	* haifa-sched.c: Update -fsched-verbose comments to use "=".

Sat Apr 15 10:59:19 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* (ggc-page.o): Now includes toplev.h.
	* ggc-page.c (toplev.h): Now included.
	(gc_time): Remove declaration.
	(ggc_collect): TIME now long.
	* toplev.c (parse_time, varasm_time, gc_time): Still global; all
	others static.
	* toplev.h (gc_time, parse_time, gc_time): New declarations.

	* toplev.c: Make *_time variable long to reduce chance of overflow.
	(TIMEVAR): Likewise for `otime'.
	(print_time): Arg is now long; compute percentage in FP and round.
	* toplev.h (print_time): Arg is long.

	* tree.c: Minor whitespace changes.

	* (alpha*-*-*): Add config/alpha/t-alpha.
	* configure: Rebuilt.
	* libgcc2.c (__fixunstfDI): Renamed from __fixunstfdi.
	(__fixunsxfDI): Renamed from __fixunsxfdi.
	(__fixunsdfDI): Renamed from __fixunsdfdi.
	(__fixunssfDI): Renamed from __fixunssfdi.
	(__floatdisf): Use proper type in REP_BIT macro.
	(__fixunsxfSI): Renamed from __fixunsxfsi.
	(__fixunsdfSI): Renamed from __fixunsdfsi.
	(__fixunssfSI): Renamed from __fixunssfsi.
	* libgcc2.h: Add cases for MIN_UNITS_PER_WORD > 4.
	Change location of macros and upper-case some names as above.
	* longlong.h ([alpha]): Use PARAMS, not __P in decl of __udiv__qrnnd.
	* config/alpha/t-alpha, config/alpha/qrnnd.asm: New files.

	* varasm.c (assemble_variable): Add cast to remove warning.
	(immed_real_const_1): Only use CONST[01]_RTX if not in nested function.

	* flow.c (count_basic_blocks, find_basic_blocks_1): Remove last change.
	* optabs.c (emit_libcall_block): If have REG_EH_REGION, update
	region number to -1.

2000-04-15  Richard Earnshaw (

	* emit-rtl.c (unshare_all_rtl_again): Unmark everything, then
	call unshare_all_rtl.

	* (movhi): REGNO_POINTER_ALIGN is now bits.

Fri Apr 14 16:58:45 2000  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/lib1funcs.asm (__divdi3, __moddi3, __udivdi3, __umoddi3):
	Use .s1 not .s0 for all FP instructions.

2000-04-14  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplex.c (cpp_output_tokens, cpp_scan_buffer_nooutput): New public
	(safe_fwrite, output_line_command): New static functions.
	(cpp_expand_to_buffer): Now private to cpplib.
	(cpp_scan_buffer): Take a printer.

	* cpphash.h: Update prototypes.
	* cpplib.h: Update prototypes.
	(cpp_printer): New.
	(cpp_buffer): Remove last_nominal_fname.
	(cpp_reader): Remove lineno.

	* cppmain.c: Use a cpp_printer.
	* fix-header.c: No need to inhibit line commands.  Call
	cpp_start_read with no printer.

	* cpperror.c (cpp_notice_from_errno): Provide default name.
	* cppfiles.c (make_IHASH, _cpp_fake_ihash): New functions.
	(find_include_file, cpp_read_file): Use make_IHASH.
	(file_cleanup): Set control_macro and clear
	input_stack_listing_current here.
	(_cpp_execute_include): Don't output entering-file marker.
	* cpphash.c (special_symbol): Look for the line number in the
	buffer, not the reader.
	(_cpp_macroexpand): No need to disable line commands.
	(_cpp_dump_definition): No need to generate line commands.
	(dump_hash_helper): Remove excess newline from output.
	* cppinit.c (dump_special_to_buffer): No need to generate line
	(cpp_printer_init): New.
	(cpp_start_read): Take a printer, and start it up if it's not
	NULL.  No need to generate line commands.
	(cpp_finish): Expect no buffers stacked at all.  Take a
	printer argument, and flush the output buffer if it's not
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_token): Return EOF if there's no buffer.
	Don't put two hashes at the beginning of an assertion.
	(cpp_get_token): Don't increment pfile->lineno or emit line
	commands here.  Return EOF if there's no buffer when we get
	* cpplib.c (do_define, skip_if_group):
	No need to disable line commands.
	(_cpp_output_line_command): Delete function.
	(do_line): Don't emit line commands here, but set things up so
	they will be emitted if necessary.  Use _cpp_fake_ihash to
	make unique nominal_fnames if necessary.
	(do_elif, do_else, _cpp_handle_eof): Call cpp_error_with_line
	with 0 for column, not -1.
	(_cpp_handle_eof): Don't set the control macro here.  Don't
	clear input_stack_listing_current here.  Don't emit line

2000-04-14  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/sysv4.h (LINK_START_SOLARIS_SPEC): Define to empty
	always, use the default SVR4 start address.

	* config/rs6000/linux.h (LINK_SPEC): Don't define.

	* config/rs6000/sysv4.h (ENDFILE_SPEC): Use the %(endfile_*) macros.

	* config/rs6000/eabi.asm (__eabi): Call __init rather than
	__do_global_ctors to handle constructors.
	* config/rs6000/sysv4.h (STARTFILE_ADS_SPEC): Use crtbegin.
	(ENDFILE_ADS_SPEC): Use crtend.
	(ENDFILE_SIM_SPEC): Likewise.
	(STARTFILE_SOLARIS_SPEC): Use crtbegin/crtbeginS.
	(ENDFILE_SOLARIS_SPEC): Use crtend/crtendS.
	(STARTFILE_LINUX_SPEC): Use crtbeginS for shared objects.
	(ENDFILE_LINUX_SPEC): Use crtendS for shared objects.
	* config/rs6000/t-ppccomm (LIB2FUNCS_EXTRA): Don't build eabi-ctors.o.
	(EXTRA_MULTILIB_PARTS): Build crtbeginS/crtendS.
	* config/rs6000/eabi-ctors.c: Delete.

	* config/rs6000/eabi-ci.asm (__init): Align stack to 16-byte
	(__fini): Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/eabi-cn.asm (__init): Allow for 16-byte stack frame.
	(__fini): Likewise.

Fri Apr 14 16:09:02 2000  Jim Wilson  <>

	* combine.c (force_to_mode, case LSHIFTRT): Check that shift shift
	plus mask size is smaller or equal to the mode size.

Fri Apr 14 18:07:30 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* print-rtl.c (print_rtx, case NOTE): Don't blow up if NOTE_BASIC_BLOCK
	not yet set.

	* expr.c (reload.h): Now included.
	(emit_block_move): Set volatile_ok when checking for movstr.
	(emit_move_1): Check for replacements in addresses in multi-word case.
	* (expr.o): Now includes reload.h.

	* flow.c (count_basic_blocks): Remove unused var PREV_CALL.
	Never have a LIBCALL end a basic block.
	(find_basic_blocks_1): Likewise.
	Reorganize CALL_INSN cases.

	* sbitmap.h (EXECUTE_IF_SET_IN_SBITMAP): Revert last change.

Fri Apr 14 10:54:22 2000  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/lib1funcs.asm (__ia64_nonlocal_goto): Drop obsolete
	completers from mov.ret instruction.

2000-04-14  Richard Henderson  <>

	* fold-const.c (extract_muldiv): Don't distribute and widen
	multiply across plus for non-sizetype unsigned types.

2000-04-14  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (find_auto_inc): Don't autoinc eliminable registers.
	If the original source is dead in the incr insn, it's dead now.

Fri Apr 14 07:40:32 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* stor-layout.c (layout_decl): Properly compare KNOWN_ALIGN to
	see if DECL_BIT_FIELD needs to still be set.

	* tree.h (struct tree_type): Make PRECISION 9 bits and MODE 7.

	* dbxout.c (dbxout_type, case INTEGER_TYPE): Don't call
	print_int_cst_octal with something that's not an INTEGER_CST.

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_emit_floatuns): Ensure we pass a REG
	and not a SUBREG to a FLOAT rtl.

Thu Apr 13 19:39:56 2000  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (try_split): Avoid infinite loop if the split
	results in a sequence that contains the original insn.

2000-04-13  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* config/mips/mips.c (expand_block_move): Pass alignment
	argument to move_by_pieces in bits, not bytes.

	* config/mips/linux.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Also define __PIC__ and
	__pic__ for little endian.

2000-04-13  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* config/i386/i386-protos.h: Add prototype for

Thu Apr 13 15:55:08 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* alias.c (nonlocal_reference_p): Take care of CALL_INSNS's fusage.
	* calls.c (ECF_PURE): New flag.
	(emit_call_1): Handle ECF_PURE calls.
	(initialize_argument_information): Unset ECF_PURE flag too.
	(precompute_arguments): Precompute for ECF_PURE too.
	(expand_call): Handle ECF_PURE calls too.
	(emit_library_call_value_1): Rename no_queue argument to fn_type,
	accept value of 2 as pure function.
	(emit_library_call_value, emit_library_call): Rename no_queue argument
	to fn_type.
	* optabs.c (prepare_cmp_insn): Pass fn_type 2 to memcmp call.

	* tree.h (DECL_IS_PURE): New macro.
	(struct tree_decl): Add pure_flag.
	* c-common.c (enum attrs): Add attribute "pure".
	(init_attributes): Initialize attribute "pure"
	(decl_attributes): Handle attribute "pure".
	* extend.texi (Attribute "pure"): Document.
	* calls.c (expand_call): Add (mem:BLK (scratch)) to "equal from"
	in pure function.
	(flags_from_decl_or_type): Support attribute "pure".

2000-04-13  Jason Merrill  <>

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_token): Handle digraphs.  Don't null-terminate
	the token except for numbers and identifiers.

Thu Apr 13 00:09:16 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* i386.c (ix86_expand_binary_operator,
	ix86_expand_unary_operator): Check no_new_pseudos
	instead of reload_in_progress and reload_completed.
	(ix86_split_ashldi, ix86_split_ashrdi,
	ix86_split_lshrdi): Check no_new_pseudos instead
	of reload_completed.

2000-04-12  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* function.c (purge_addressof): Unshare any shared rtl created by
	purge_addressof and its children.

2000-04-12  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* function.c (aggregate_value_p): VOID_TYPE nodes are never

2000-04-05  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* config/mips/linux.h (SUBTARGET_ASM_SPEC): Use proper flags if
	not compiling PIC code, add flags for mabi=64.
	(CPP_PREDEFINES): Define __PIC__ and __pic__.  PIC code is default
	for MIPS/Linux and lots of code needs these defines.

Wed Apr 12 22:44:11 2000  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* reorg.c (fill_slots_from_thread): Check side_effects_p when
	trying the "opposite arithmetic" approach.

Wed Apr 12 20:51:20 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* sh.h (STRUCT_VALUE): Just 0 for TARGET_HITACHI.
	(struct sh_args): Add new field force_mem.
	(INIT_CUMULATIVE_ARGS): Initialize it.

Wed Apr 12 17:20:41 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Do not reverse args in "equal from" field.
	(emit_library_call_value_1): Emit_libcall_block for const and pure

Wed Apr 12 16:00:25 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* reload1.c (reload_combine): Don't enable optimization for fixed
	registers when encountering a BARRIER.

Wed Apr 12 15:54:11 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_memcmp): Do expansion even with
	!HAVE_cmpstrsi, do libcall when gen_strcmpsi fails.

	* calls.c (expand_call): Do NO_DEFER_POP unconditionally once
	stack is properly aligned; add sanity checking for aligned
	stack pointer.
	(expand_library_call_value_1): Add sanity checking for aligned
	stack pointer.

Wed Apr 12 07:51:54 2000  Catherine Moore  <>

	* calls.c (emit_library_call_value_1): Change 3rd arg to
	locate_and_pad_parm to disregard the setting of partial.

Wed Apr 12 08:47:38 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* tree.c (unsave_expr_now_r, unsafe_for_reeval): Properly do TREE_LIST.

	* print-rtl.c (print_rtx): For CALL_PLACEHOLDER, output the
	CALL_INSN from the normal case.

Fri Apr  7 12:23:04 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* i386.c (x86_sub_esp_4, x86_sub_esp_8, x86_add_esp_4, x86_add_esp_8):
	New global variables.
	(ix86_emit_epilogue_adjustment): Do not attempt to use pop for the
	* i386.h (x86_sub_esp_4, x86_sub_esp_8, x86_add_esp_4, x86_add_esp_8):
	 TARGET_ADD_ESP_8): New macros.
	* Add peep2s to convert esp adjustments to push and pop
	(pushsi_prologue, popsi_epilogue): New patterns.

2000-04-12  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* real.c (toe64): Remove stale #endif from the last change.

2000-04-12  Stephen L Moshier  <>

	* real.h (MAX_LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE): Comment.
	* real.c (toe64): Revert previous change.

2000-04-12  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* objc/objc-act.c: Include ggc.h.
	(objc_tree_index, objc_global_trees): Convert most of the
	static tree variables into a static array with previous names
	as defines.
	(objc_ellipsis_node): New variable.
	(lang_init): Call objc_act_parse_init and c_parse_init.
	Create objc_ellipsis_node.
	(build_selector_translation_table): Use objc_ellipsis_node instead
	of (tree)1.
	(hack_method_prototype): Likewise.
	(get_arg_type_list): Likewise.
	(start_method_def): Likewise.
	(continue_method_def): Likewise.
	(gen_method_decl): Likewise.
	(ggc_mark_imp_list): New function.
	(ggc_mark_hash_table): New function.
	(objc_act_parse_init): New function.
	* objc/objc-act.h (objc_ellipsis_node): Add extern variable.
	* (c_parse_init): For objc add roots of objc specific
	local tree variables.
	* objc/objc-parse.y: Rebuilt.
	* objc/objc-parse.c: Rebuilt.
	(opt_parm_list): Use objc_ellipsis_node instead of (tree)1.

Wed Apr 12 01:00:44 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* cse.c (delete_trivially_dead_insns): Also delete insns
	that copy a register to itself where the destination is
	a strict_low_part.

2000-04-11  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (struct propagate_block_info): Add new_dead, new_live.
	(propagate_block): Initialize them.  Use them in parallel instead
	of one tmp variable, ie revert much of the 0408 and 0407 functional
	changes, but keep the structural changes.
	(mark_set_regs): Take new_dead from propagate_block_info instead.
	(mark_set_1, mark_set_reg): Likewise.
	(mark_used_regs): Likewise with new_live.
	(mark_used_reg): Likewise.  Revert 0408 change.

2000-04-11  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.h: (INCOMING_RETURN_ADDR_RTX): Remove Dwarf2
	(DWARF_FRAME_RETURN_COLUMN): Remove Dwarf2 restriction.

2000-04-11  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/elfos.h (SELECT_SECTION): Decide whether to use a data or
	const section to output a CONSTRUCTOR based on the same conditions
	used for VAR_DECLs.

Tue Apr 11 09:55:59 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* pa/long-double.h (FIX_TRUNCTFSI2_LIBCALL): Tweak for PA64.
	* pa/pa-protos.h (output_call): Add additional argument indicating
	if the call is a sibling/tail call.
	(compute_zdepdi_operands, output_64bit_and): Prototype new functions.
	(compute_64bit_ior, cmpib_comparison_operator): Likewise.
	(function_arg, function_arg_partial_nregs): Likewise
	* pa/pa.c (override_options): Always set flag_pic for TARGET_64BIT.
	(emit_move_sequence): Zero extend certain constants as needed
	for TARGET_64BIT.
	(compute_zdepdi_operands, output_64bit_and): New functions.
	(output_64bit_ior, function_arg): Likewise.
	(cmpib_comparison_operator, function_arg_partial_nregs): Likewise.
	(compute_frame_size, hppa_expand_prologue): Handle TARGET_64BIT.
	(hppa_expand_epilogue, return_addr_rtx, hppa_va_arg): Likewise.
	(hppa_builtin_saveregs, output_cbranch, output_bb): Likewise.
	(output_bvb): Likewise.
	(output_millicode_call): Return pointer is in %r2 for TARGET_64BIT.
	(output_call): New argument 'sibcall'.  Generate sibcall sequences
	as needed.
	(print_operand); Handle cases 'Q', 'p', and 'z' for TARGET_64BIT.  For
	(ouput_arg_descriptor): Do not emit argument descriptors for
	* pa/pa.h (TARGET_PA_11, TARGET_PA_20): Only define if not already
	(CPP_SPEC): Use new spec infrastructure.
	(FUNCTION_ARG); Call out to C code.
	(MIN_UNITS_PER_WORD): Likewise.
	* pa/ (cmpdi): New expander.
	(scc patterns, movstrsi): Not available for TARGET_64BIT.
	(64bit conditional arithmetic): New patterns.
	(absdi2, smindi3, umindi3, smaxdi3, umaxdi3): New patterns.
	(movsicc): Not available if modes on all the operands to not match.
	(movdicc): New expander and associated patterns.
	(64bit branches): New patterns.
	(pre_load, post_store): Generate appropriate code for TARGET_64BIT.
	(pre_ldd, post_std): New patterns.
	(64bit addil, load low part): New patterns.
	(special movsf constant): Not available for TARGET_64BIT.
	(movsf, movdf expanders): Force constants into memory.
	(32bit movdf/movdi patterns): Disable for TARGET_64BIT.
	(64bit movdf/movdi patterns): New patterns.
	(zero_extendqidi2, zero_extendhidi2, zero_extendsidi2): New patterns
	for TARGET_64BIT.
	(extendqidi2, extendhidi2, extendsidi2): Similarly.
	(adddi3 expander): Allow "arith_operand" for second input.
	(32bit adddi3, subdi3, uaddcm): Disable for TARGET_64BIT.
	(64bit adddi3, subsi3, uaddcm): New patterns for TARGET_64BIT.
	(mulsi3 expander): Revamp slightly so it supports TARGET_64BIT too.
	(muldi3): New expander for TARGET_64BIT.
	(divsi3, udivsi3, modsi3, umodsi3): Fourth operand must be (reg:SI 2)
	for TARGET_64BIT.
	(32bit anddi3, iordi3, xordi3, andcm, negdi2, uaddcm): Disable
	patterns for TARGET_64BIT.
	(64bit anddi3, iordi3, xordi3, andcm, negdi2, uaddcm, shadd): New
	patterns for TARGET_64BIT.
	(64bit bit insertion/extractions): New patterns for TARGET_64BIT.
	(64bit shifts/rotates): New patterns/expanders for TARGET_64BIT.
	(sibcall_epilogue): New expander.
	(casesi): Tweak for TARGET_64BIT.
	(call expanders): Set & use the outgoing argument pointer.  Use the
	64bit call patterns as needed. Add additional arg to output_call.
	(call_internal_reg_64bit, call_value_internal_reg_64bit): New pattern.
	(sibcall, sibcall_internal_symref): New expanders.
	(sibcall_value, sibcall_value_internal_symref
	(interspace_jump): Turn into an expander + matching patterns.
	(canonicalize_funcptr_for_compare): Not needed for TARGET_64BIT.
	* pa/pa64-regs.h: Eliminate trigraph sequences.
	* pa/pa64-start.h (TARGET_PA_20): Fix typo.

2000-04-11  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppexp.c, cpphash.c, cpphash.h, cpplex.c, cpplib.c,
	cpplib.h, cppmain.c, fix-header.c, scan-decls.c: Replace
	cpp_token with cpp_ttype everywhere.
	* cpperror.c, cpphash.c, cpplex.c, cpplib.c, scan-decls.c:
	Replace cpp_buf_line_and_col with CPP_BUF_LINE and/or
	CPP_BUF_COL.  Line and column numbers are unsigned int, not
	* cpplex.c (cpp_buf_line_and_col): Delete.
	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_buffer, struct cpp_reader): Change
	'long lineno' to 'unsigned int lineno'.
	(CPP_BUF_LINE, CPP_BUF_COL): New macros.

2000-04-11  Martin v. Löwis  <>

	* extend.texi: ISO C99 is not a draft anymore.
	* invoke.texi: ISO C++ is not a draft anymore.
	* cpp.texi: __cplusplus is required by the ISO standard.

	* extend.texi (-fthis-is-variable): Undocument.
	* flags.h (warn_template_debugging): Remove declaration.
	* gcc.1 (-fall-virtual, -fenum-int-equiv, -fthis-is-variable,
	-Wenum-clash, -Wtemplate-debugging): Undocument.

2000-04-10  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.h (HOST_INT): New macro: Declare a HOST_WIDE_INT
	(HOST_UINT): New macro: Declare an unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT
	(STRIP_NAME_ENCODING): Prevent warnings about redefinitions.
	(ASM_OUTPUT_LABELREF): Prevent warnings about redefinitions.
	(INCOMING_RETURN_ADDR_RTX): Only define if Dwarf2 is supported.
	(DWARF_FRAME_RETURN_COLUMN): Only define if Dwarf2 is supported.

	* config/arm/arm.c: (const_ok_for_arm): Use HOST_UINT.
	(arm_gen_constant): Use HOST_UINT.
	(arm_canonicalize_constant): Use HOST_UINT.
	(arm_reload_in_hi): Use HOST_UINT.
	(arm_reload_out_hi): Use HOST_UINT.
	(output_multi_immediate): Use HOST_UINT.
	(int_log2): Use HOST_UINT.
	(arm_poke_function_name): Use HOST_UINT.
	(arm_output_epilogue): Use arm_volatile_func().
	(output_thumb_prologue): Use arm_strip_name_encoding().

Mon Apr 10 15:40:59 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* sbitmap.c (sbitmap_a_subset_b_p): Rework loop to avoid potential
	of sequence point problems.

2000-04-10  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* tree.def (LSHIFT_EXPR, RSHIFT_EXPR): Recomment.

Mon Apr 10 07:21:13 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* sbitmap.h: Whitespace changes and use upper-case macro args.
	(struct simple_bitmap_def): All sizes now unsigned.
	(EXECUTE_IF_SET_IN_SBITMAP): Internal vars now _X instead of X_.
	* sbitmap.c (sbitmap_alloc): N_ELMS now unsigned; also local vars.
	(sbitmap_vector_alloc): Parms and local vars now unsigned.
	(sbitmap_zero): Cast bzero arg to PTR.
	(sbitmap_vector_zero, sbitmap_vector_one): Parm and Local var unsigned.
	(sbitmap_union_of_diffs): Change loop index to unsigned and rework
	loop to make structure clearer.
	(sbitmap_not, sbitmap_difference, sbitmap_a_and_b): Likewise.
	(sbitmap_a_or_b, sbitmap_a_subset_b_p, sbitmap_a_or_b_and_c): Likewise.
	(sbitmap_a_and_b_or_c): Likewise.
	(sbitmap_intersection_of_succs): Minor cleanups.
	(sbitmap_intersection_of_preds, sbitmap_union_of_succs): Likewise.
	(sbitmap_union_of_preds): Likewise.
	(sbitmap_first_set_bit, dump_sbitmap): Local variables now unsigned.
	(debug_sbitmap): New function.

	* c-convert.c (convert): Handle REFERENCE_TYPE like POINTER_TYPE.
	* c-typeck.c (convert_for_assignment): Likewise.

	* expmed.c (init_expmed): Don't free objects we make.
	* emit-rtl.c (gen_rtx_CONST_INT, init_emit_once): Minor cleanups.

	* expr.c (get_inner_reference): Correct some WITH_RECORD_EXPR cases.
	(expand_expr, case CONVERT_EXPR): Pass proper alignment to store_field.

	* gcse.c (expr_hash_table_size): Now unsigned.
	(compute_ae_gen): Local variable `i' now unsigned.
	(compute_ae_kill, pre_insert_copies, pre_delete, pre_gcse): Likewise.
	(compute_transout, hoist_code): Likewise.
	(compute_local_properties): Likewise, also hash_table_size.
	(alloc_expr_hash_table): N_INSNS now unsigned.
	(delete_null_pointer_checks): Mark arg F as unused.

	* regrename.c: Minor cleanups, including chang some variables
	to unsigned int.

2000-04-10  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (skip_block_comment): Use pointer arithmetic rather
	than GETC ().

2000-04-10  Martin v. Löwis  <>

	* invoke.texi (-fno-gnu-keywords): Remove classof, headof,
	__classof__, and __headof__ from the list of gnu keywords.
	(-ansi): Remove -foperator-names from list of implied options.
	Do not call it ANSI C++.
	(-foperator-names): Document as -fno-operator-names.

2000-04-09  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.c (timestamp): Delete.
	(del_HASHNODE): If type is T_MCONST, free value.cpval.
	(special_symbol): Remove unnecessary braces.  Remove
	T_VERSION.  Treat T_STDC like T_CONST unless
	STDC_0_IN_SYSTEM_HEADERS.  Render both __DATE__ and __TIME__
	when one is encountered, then convert them into T_MCONST
	* cppinit.c (builtin_array): version_string is T_MCONST.
	__STDC__ has a "1" in its cpval.  Don't have a terminator
	entry.  Clean up which entries are dumped.
	(initialize_builtins): Only __STDC__ gets the special
	-traditional treatment.  Count the length of builtin_array.
	Render version_string here.
	* cpphash.h: Remove T_VERSION.  Add T_MCONST.
	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_reader): Remove timebuf.

2000-04-09  Richard Henderson  <>

	* genrecog.c (pred): Update comparison_operator for the unordered

	* config/i386/i386.c (no_comparison_operator): Disallow unordered
	(fcmov_comparison_operator): Allow UNORDERED/ORDERED.
	(uno_comparison_operator): New.
	(put_condition_code): Handle UNORDERED/ORDERED.
	(unsigned_comparison): Likewise.
	(ix86_fp_compare_mode): Broken out of ix86_expand_fp_compare.
	(ix86_use_fcomi_compare, ix86_prepare_fp_compare_args): Likewise.
	(ix86_expand_fp_compare): Use them.  Take scratch as argument,
	update all callers.  Handle all 8 unordered operators.
	(ix86_expand_setcc): Lose the unordered argument, update all callers.
	(ix86_expand_branch): Likewise.  Don't fully expand fp branches.
	* config/i386/i386.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Update.
	* config/i386/i386-protos.h (ix86_expand_fp_compare): Declare.
	(ix86_expand_branch, ix86_expand_setcc): Update.
	* config/i386/ (sunordered, sordered): New.
	(suneq, sunge, sungt, sunle, sunlt, sltgt): New.
	(bunordered, bordered): New.
	(buneq, bunge, bungt, bunle, bunlt, bltgt): New.
	(*fp_jcc_1, *fp_jcc_2, *fp_jcc_3, *fp_jcc_4): New.
	(*fp_jcc_5, *fp_jcc_6, and splitters): New.

2000-04-09  Philip Blundell  <>

	* config/arm/arm.h (ARM_NAME_ENCODING_LENGTHS): Strip `*' too.

Sun Apr  9 15:16:14 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* (fix_truncsfhi2, fix_truncdfhi2,
	fix_truncxfhi2): New patterns.
	* i386.c (output_fix_trunc): Handle converting to HImode.

2000-04-08  Alex Samuel  <>

	* ssa.c (convert_to_ssa): Eliminate dead code when calling
	(convert_from_ssa): Call compute_bb_for_insn before life_analysis.
	(for_each_successor_phi): Change parameter to basic_block.
	(coalesce_regs_in_successor_phi_nodes): Likewise.
	(coalesce_regs_in_copies): Likewise.
	(compute_coalesced_reg_partition): Use basic_block instead of index.
	* rtl.h (convert_to_ssa): Delete.
	(convert_from_ssa): Likewise.
	(successor_phi_fn): Likewise.
	(for_each_successor_phi): Likewise.
	(in_ssa_form): Likewise.
	* basic-block.h (convert_to_ssa): Moved from rtl.h.
	(convert_from_ssa): Likewise.
	(successor_phi_fn): Likewise.
	(in_ssa_form): Likewise.
	(for_each_successor_phi): Likewise.  Change parameter to basic_block.
	* flow.c (calculate_global_regs_live): Pass a basic_block to

2000-04-08  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (mark_used_reg): Use reg_set_p to determine if a register
	was modified in the current insn.

2000-04-08  Richard Earnshaw (

	* arm/ Delete.
	* arm/thumb-protos.h: Delete.

2000-04-08  Richard Earnshaw (

	Merge changes from merged-arm-thumb-backend-branch onto trunk.

	2000-04-08  Richard Earnshaw (

	* Merge trunk code from tag merged-arm-thumb-backend-merge_20000408
	into branch.

	* (nop): Use the standard RTL expression.  Don't code as a
	(*arm_nop, *thumb_nop): Delete.

	* arm.c (const_ok_for_arm): Don't use ANSI extensions for defining
	constants.  Use casts instead.
	(arm_gen_constant, arm_rtx_costs, arm_reload_in_hi, arm_reload_out_hi,
	output_multi_immediate, arm_poke_function_name): Likewise.

	2000-03-31  Richard Earnshaw (

	* Merge trunk code from tag merged-arm-thumb-backend-merge_20000325
	into branch.

	* (eh_epilogue): New function.
	* arm.h (struct machine_function): Move to here ...
	* arm.c: ... from here.
	(arm_output_epilogue): Support epilogues for __builtin_eh_return.
	(thumb_exit): Extra parameter eh_ofs.  All callers changed.
	Handle epilogues for __builtin_eh_return.  Make bit-fields unsigned.

	2000-03-30  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/semi.h (ASM_SPEC): Restore definition.
	(SUBTARGET_EXTRA_ASM_SPEC): Define if not already defined.

	* config/arm/elf.h (ASM_SPEC): Restore definition.
	(SUBTARGET_EXTRA_ASM_SPEC): Define if not already defined.

	* config/arm/arm.h (ASM_SPEC): Remove definition.
	(SUBTARGET_EXTRA_ASM_SPEC): Remove definition.

	2000-03-26  Bernd Schmidt <>

	* config/arm/arm.c: Disable -fschedule-insns for Thumb.

	2000-03-24  Nick Clifton  <>

	Various formating tidyups, elimination of compile time
	warnings and synchronisation with internal sources:

	* config/arm/arm-protos.h (assemble_align): Add prototype.
	(gen_rotated_half_load): Rename to arm_gen_rotated_half_load.
	(gen_comapre_reg): Rename to arm_gen_compare_reg.
	(arm_return_addr_rtx): Rename to arm_return_addr.

	* config/arm/arm.c: Include except.h.
	Define shorter typenames for strict minipool_node and struct
	(arm_return_in_memory): For WinCE return all structures <= 32 bits
	in memory.
	(gen_rotated_half_load): Rename to arm_gen_rotated_half_load.
	(gen_comapre_reg): Rename to arm_gen_compare_reg.

	* config/arm/arm.h (SUBTARGET_EXTRA_ASM_SPEC): Define if not
	already defined.
	(ASM_SPEC): Define if not already defined.

	* config/arm/ Rename references to gen_rotated_half_load to
	arm_gen_rotated_half_load, and references to gen_comapre_reg to
	(indirect_jump):  Only accept register operands.
	(load_indirect_jump): Keep this pattern since combine can generate

	* config/arm/coff.h: Include aout.h.
	(MULTILIB_DEFAULTS): Only define if not already defined.

	* config/arm/elf.h (ASM_OUTPUT_DEF_FROM_DECLS): Move definition
	into arm.h (so that COFF ports can support thumb based aliases).
	(ASM_SPEC): Move definition into arm.h

	* config/arm/linux-elf.h (SUBTARGET_EXTRA_ASM_SPEC): Remove
	redundant apcs spec.
	(ASM_SPEC): Move definition to arm.h

	* config/arm/semi.h (ASM_SPEC): Move definition to arm.h

	* config/arm/unknown-elf.h (ASM_OUTPUT_SECTION_NAME): Add support
	for entries in the .bss section

	2000-03-23  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.h (THUMB_INITIAL_ELIMINATION_OFFSET): Pass 0
	to thumb_far_jump_used_p.

	* config/arm/arm-protos.h (thumb_far_jump_used_p): Take a
	single integer parameter.

	* config/arm/arm.c (struct machine_function): Add two new
	fields, 'far_jump_used' and 'arg_pointer_live'.
	(thumb_far_jump_used_p): Once the decision has been made that
	far jumps might be used, always return true.
	If being called from the initial elimination offset macro then
	do not bother to perform the test if the arg pointer is not
	being used.
	(thumb_unexpand_epilogue): Pass 1 to thumb_far_jump_used_p().
	(output_thumb_prologue): Pass 1 to thumb_far_jump_used_p().

	2000-03-23  Richard Earnshaw (

	* arm.c (output_return_instruction): Handle more cases where we can
	return from a function with an ldr instruction.
	(arm_output_epilogue): Likewise.

	* arm.c (thumb_expand_prologue): Don't clobber the frame pointer
	if we need to push a large stack frame and there are no callee-saved

	* arm.c (arm_debugger_arg_offset): An offset of 0 is also valid
	in ARM code if the frame pointer has been eliminated.

	* (epilogue, *epilogue_insns, consttable_*, align_4): Renumber
	unspec_volatile arguments to avoid duplicates.
	(consttable_1, consttable_2): Fixes for big-endian mode.

	* (all ARM-mode load insns): Add neg_pool_range attribute
	as appropriate.

	Re-write constant pool code.
	* arm.c (minipool_node, minipool_fix): New types.
	(minifix): Delete type.
	(arm_add_minipool_constant): Delete.
	(arm_compute_minipool_offsets, arm_find_barrier,
	arm_find_minipool_constant, fixup_compare, sort_fixups): Likewise.
	(get_jump_table_size): Now returns HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(move_minipool_fix_forward_ref, add_minipool_forward_ref): New
	(move_minipool_fix_backward_ref, add_minipool_backward_ref): Likewise.
	(assign_minipool_offsets, arm_print_value): Likewise.
	(dump_minipool): Rewrite.
	(arm_barrier_cost): New function.
	(create_fix_barrier): New function.
	(push_minipool_barrier): New function.
	(push_minipool_fix): Record additional information about the fixup
	(note_invalid_constants): Remove push for (UNSPEC 3).  Don't
	check the mode of what needs fixing.
	(arm_reorg): Rewrite.

	2000-03-08  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/ (indirect_jump): Force constant addresses into
	a register.

	2000-03-01  Bernd Schmidt <>

	* config/arm/ Add splitter to turn SF moves into SI moves.

	2000-02-24  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (thumb_expand_prologue): Make sure that stack
	adjust is word aligned.
	(thumb_expand_epilogue): Make sure that stack adjust is word

	* config/arm/elf.h (ASM_FILE_START): Fix type of version string.

	2000-02-24  Bernd Schmidt <>

	* config/arm/arm.h (THUMB_GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS): Allow frame
	pointer relative addresses.

	2000-02-10  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* arm.c (find_barrier): Find the last barrier within the allowed

	2000-02-09  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm-protos.h: Replace PROTO with PARAMS.

	2000-02-09  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/linux-elf.h (FUNCTION_PROFILER): Rename to

	* config/arm/netbsd.h (FUNCTION_PROFILER): Rename to

	* config/arm/linux-oldld.h: Imported from mainline sources.

	2000-02-07  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/lib1funcs.asm: Merge in thumb functions from

	* config/arm/lib1thumb.asm: Delete.

	2000-02-04  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c: Sychronised with current Red hat local
	* config/arm/arm.h: Ditto.
	* config/arm/arm-protos.h: Ditto.

	2000-02-02  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* arm.c (soft_df_operand): Reject SUBREGs containing a constant.

	* arm.c (arm_gen_movstrqi): Generate halfword stores rather than two
	byte stores.

	2000-02-02  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/thumb.c (thumb_exit): Additional fix for same bug.

	* config/arm/ (epilogue): Fix rtl checking abort because
	(return) was emited using an emit_insn() call.

	2000-01-31  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (output_thumb_prologue): Fix bug generating
	thumb stack frame.
	(thumb_exit): Move frame pointer back into hard frame pointer
	register if backtracing is being used.

	2000-01-13  Richard Earnshaw (

	* Merge trunk code from tag merged-arm-thumb-backend-merge_20000113
	into branch.

	1999-12-15  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* config/arm/ (neg_pool_offset): Provide default for new
	(arm_movsi_insn): Add neg_pool_offset attribute.
	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_find_barrier): Replace arg FIX with an
	rtx for the insn that starts the scan and an unsigned long for its
	address.  Add MIN_OFFSET and PINSERTED args.  All callers changed.
	Change scan to ignore insns before MIN_OFFSET.  Store size of inserted
	instructions in *PINSERTED.
	(struct minipool_fixup): Add MIN_ADDRESS elt.
	(sort_fixups): Compute it.
	(arm_reorg): Changes to support inserting pools before the insn to be
	fixed up.

	1999-12-08  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* config/arm/elf.h (MULTILIB_DEFAULTS): Add "marm".
	* config/arm/linux-elf.h (MULTILIB_DEFAULTS): Add "marm".
	* config/arm/coff.h (MULTILIB_DEFAULTS): Add "marm".

	Wed Nov  3 10:04:07 1999  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/semi.h (TARGET_VERSION): Do not define if already
	(TARGET_DEFAULT): Do not define if already defined.

	Tue Nov  2 10:37:25 1999  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/ (anddi3): Allow disjoint source operands.
	(iordi3): Allow disjoint source operands.
	(xordi3): Allow disjoint source operands.
	(negdi2): Permit construction for ARM and Thumb.
	(arm_negdi2): Renamed version of old negdi2 pattern.
	(thumb_negdi2): New pattern: Only permit non-overlapping
	source and destination.

	Fri Oct 29 18:52:38 1999  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (thumb_expand_prologue): Emit a USE of the
	scratch low register so that it will not be deleted.

	Fri Oct 29 15:23:48 1999  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/pe.h (ARM_PE): Define.

	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_valid_machine_decl_attribute): Allow
	interfacearm attribute if this is a PE toolchain.
	(output_return_instruction): Do not emit anything if the function
	has the naked attribute set.
	(is_called_in_ARM_mode): If the function has the interfacearm
	attribute then return true.
	(thumb_expand_prologue): Do not generate a prologue for naked
	(thumb_expand_epilogue): Do not generate an epilogie for a naked
	(output_thumb_prologue): Do not bother if the function is naked.
	Strip PE encoding from function name before emitting.

	Thu Oct 28 11:05:13 1999  Richard Earnshaw <>

	* (pic_load_addr): Fix constraints.

	* (casesi_insn): Fix mis-applied patch.

	* ("core" function unit): Add rules for single- and
	multi-cycle insns.
	(All TARGET_THUMB patterns): Add "type" attribute information
	where needed.
	* arm.c (arm_adjust_cost): Reduce the cost of a data dependency if
	the following insn is a CALL.

	* arm.c (thumb_expand_epilogue): Add a use of the adjusted stack
	* arm.h (CONDITIONAL_REGISTER_USAGE): Nail down the

	Wed Oct 27 14:40:48 1999  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/linux-gas.h: oops - this file was missed out when the
	branch was created...

	Tue Oct 26 17:07:38 1999  Richard Earnshaw <>

	* thumb.c: Deleted.  Move contents to ...
	* arm.c: ... here.
	* t-arm-aout, t-arm-coff, t-arm-elf, t-linux, t-netbsd, t-semi: Remove
	rule for thumb.o
	* (arm*-*-*): Remove thumb.o from extra_objs list.
	* configure: Regen.

	* arm-protos.h: Use RTX_CODE and tidy up long lines.  Don't
	declare a prototype for asm_output_align();

	* arm.c (thumb_condition_code): Delete.
	(arm_print_operand): Always use arm_condition_code array.

	* arm.c (thumb_return_addr_rtx): Delete.
	(arm_save_machine_status, arm_restore_machine_status): Delete.
	(arm_init_machine_status, arm_mark_machine_status): New functions.
	(arm_init_expanders): Update accordingly.
	(arm_return_addr): Renamed from arm_return_addr_rtx.  Rewrite.
	(thumb_expand_prologue): Delete code referencing thumb_return_addr_rtx.
	* arm.h (RETURN_ADDR_RTX): Call arm_return_addr().

	Tue Oct 26 13:24:16 1999  Nick Clifton  <>

	* : Fix arm-*-aout target to use new t-arm-aout
	* config/arm/t-arm-aout: New file: Makefile script for arm-*-aout

	Tue Oct 26 11:27:12 1999  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/thumb.c (output_thumb_prologue): Fix bug creating
	stack backtrace structure.

	* config/arm/arm-protos.h: Add prototypes for functions defined in

	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_override_options): Fix selection of
	attributes of default processor.

	* config/arm/coff.h: Delete needless #include.

	* config/arm/pe.c: Delete unused code.

	* config/arm/pe.h (CPP_DEFINES): Delete

	* config/arm/t-pe: Add -DInhibit_libc to allof libgcc.a to build.

	Mon Oct 25 15:42:09 1999  Richard Earnshaw (

	* arm.h (TARGET_APCS_FRAME): Renamed from TARGET_APCS -- all uses
	(FIXED_REGISTERS): Make r11 call-saved.
	(FRAME_POINTER_REQUIRED): Correct logic for determining when a
	frame-pointer is required.
	(TARGET_DEFAULT): Make default setting include ARM_FLAG_APCS_FRAME.
	* arm.c (arm_override_options): Warn about -mno-apcs-frame and -g
	if the target normally needs a stack frame in non-leaf functions.
	(use_return_insn): Correct logic for determining when a return
	instruction can be used.
	(output_return_instruction): Handle the frame-pointer register as
	a normal register when not TARGET_APCS_FRAME.
	(arm_output_prologue): Likewise.
	(arm_output_epilogue): Likewise.
	(output_func_epilogue): Likewise.
	(arm_expand_prologue): Likewise.
	* netbsd.h semi.h (TARGET_DEFAULT): Add ARM_FLAG_APCS_FRAME.

	* arm.c (use_return_insn): No need to check floating point regs if
	(arm_find_minipool_constant): Correct typo; use GET_CODE to get
	the code of value stored in the minipool array.
	(arm_add_minipool_constant): Likewise.

2000-04-08  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* basic-block.h (conflict_graph_enum_fn): K&R fix.

2000-04-08  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* tree.c (tree_expr_nonnegative_p): New function.

	* tree.h (tree_expr_nonnegative_p): Declare.

	* c-typeck.c (build_binary_op): Call `tree_expr_nonnegative_p' to
	elide some sign_compare warnings.
	(build_conditional_expr): Likewise.

Sat Apr  8 00:21:51 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (

	* (ashrsi3, ashrhi3, ashrqi3): Fix typo.

	* (floathisf2, floathidf2, floathixf2): New patterns.
	* i386.c (print_operand): Use the proper suffix for a 387 HImode
	operand.  Abort if a 387 operand has an unsupported size.

2000-04-08  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppexp.c (parse_charconst): Null does not end character
	* cppinit.c (ISTABLE): Null character handled as whitespace.
	* cpplex.c (null_warning):  new function.
	(skip_string): Emit warning if nulls encountered.
	(_cpp_skip_hspace): Emit warning if nulls encountered.
	(_cpp_lex_token): Emit warning if nulls encountered.  Drop
	* cpp.texi: Update.

2000-04-07  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (loop_depth): Remove.
	(reg_next_use, cc0_live, mem_set_list): Replace with ...
	(struct propagate_block_info): New.
	(life_analysis): Don't allocate reg_next_use.
	(propagate_block_delete_insn): Break out of propagate_block.
	Use flow_delete_insn to unlink rather than use NOTE_INSN_DELETED.
	(propagate_block_delete_libcall): Likewise.
	(propagate_block): Create a propagate_block_info struct to pass
	to subroutines.  Allocate one not two temporary regsets.  Don't
	clobber memory for const calls.  Look for clobbers in
	(mark_set_regs): Recognize COND_EXEC.
	(mark_set_reg): Break out of mark_set_1.
	(mark_used_reg): Break out of mark_used_regs.
	(mark_used_regs): Recognize COND_EXEC.
	(insn_dead_p): Use propagate_block_info struct.
	(libcall_dead_p, invalidate_mems_from_autoinc): Likewise.
	(find_auto_inc, try_pre_increment_1): Likewise.
	(print_rtl_with_bb): Dump regs live at end too.
	(count_reg_sets_1): Pass in loop_depth.
	(count_reg_sets, count_reg_references): Likewise.
	(recompute_reg_usage): Provide it.

2000-04-07  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (conflict.o): Depend on $(RTL_H) and $(BASIC_BLOCK_H)
	not the raw files.

2000-04-07  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.c (do_elif): Skip the rest of the line if we're
	not going to bother evaluating it.
	(skip_if_group): Clear pfile->only_seen_white.  Reorder loop
	to avoid pointless calls to the lexer.

Fri Apr  7 11:50:54 2000  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c: Delete stdio.h and ctype.h includes.

2000-04-07  Jason Merrill  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): emit_queue if we're trying a sibcall.

2000-04-07  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/t-linux64 (tcrtbeginS.o, tcrtendS.o): Remove.

2000-04-06  Geoff Keating  <>

	* Build crtbeginS and crtendS like crtbegin and
	crtend so they can be multilibbed.
	(STAGESTUFF): Remove s-crt and s-crtS.

2000-04-07  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_emit_conditional_move): Fail
	if we discover we need a pseudo and no_new_pseudos is true.
	* config/alpha/ (ne:DI insn): New.
	(trunctfsf2, sne): Emit NE instead of non-canonical LTU.

2000-04-07  Richard Henderson  <>

	* rtl.def (COND_EXEC): New.
	* tm.texi (MAX_CONDITIONAL_EXECUTE): Document.

	* genconfig.c (have_cond_arith_flag): Remove.
	(have_cond_exec_flag): New.
	(walk_insn_part): Detect COND_EXEC, not arithmetic in IF_THEN_ELSE.
	(main): Print HAVE_conditional_execution.

	* haifa-sched.c (haifa_classify_insn): Recognize COND_EXEC.
	(sched_analyze_insn, print_pattern): Likewise.
	* reload.c (find_equiv_reg): Likewise.
	* rtlanal.c (reg_referenced_p): Likewise.
	(note_stores, dead_or_set_regno_p): Likewise.
	(reg_overlap_mentioned_p): Rewrite to use a switch.

	* ggc.h (struct rtx_def): Forward declare.

	* print-rtl.c (debug_rtx_range): New.
	* rtl.h (debug_rtx_range): Declare.


	* gcse.c (gcse_main): Don't rebuild the CFG here.
	(delete_null_pointer_checks): Likewise.
	* ssa.c (convert_to_ssa): Likewise.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Do it here instead.  Combine
	sequential calls to TIMEVAR.  Consistently use `insns' instead of
	`get_insns()'.  Always split insns after reload when optimizing.

	* basic-block.h (merge_blocks_nomove): Declare.
	(tidy_fallthru_edge): Declare.
	* flow.c (merge_blocks_nomove): Document as merging into previous
	blocks.  Remove cruft from between blocks; remove all edges out of A.
	(tidy_fallthru_edge): Export.

2000-04-06  Alex Samuel  <>

	* ssa.c (compute_conservative_reg_partition): Declare with
	void arguments.
	* toplev.c (clean_dump_file): Remove previously-deleted function
	inadvertantly merged back in.
	* conflict.c (conflict_graph_add): Use a single call to
	htab_find_slot to look up and insert.

2000-04-06  Richard Henderson  <>

	* genrecog.c (*): Rename _last_insn to last_insn.
	(make_insn_sequence): Set the position of the peephole2 C test
	to be at the last insn.

2000-04-06  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (compute_flow_dominators): Free worklist.

2000-04-06  Michael Matz  <>

	* flow.c (compute_flow_dominators): Process blocks FIFO not LIFO.

2000-04-06  Alex Samuel  <>

	* rtl.h (INSN_P): New macro.
	(successor_phi_fn): New typedef.
	(for_each_successor_phi): New prototype.
	(in_ssa_form): New variable.
	(PHI_NODE_P): Likewise.
	* flow.c (calculate_global_regs_live): Add to new_live_at_end from
	phi nodes in successors.
	(mark_used_regs): Add PHI case.
	(set_phi_alternative_reg): New function.
	(life_analysis): Assert that dead code elimination is not selected
	when in SSA form.
	* toplev.c (to_ssa_time): New variable.
	(from_ssa_time): Likewise.
	(compile_file): Zero to_ssa_time and from_ssa_time.
	Print time to convert to and from SSA.
	(rest_of_compilation): Time convert_to_ssa and convert_from_ssa.
	(print_time): Compute percent fraction as integer.
	* ssa.c (PHI_NODE_P): Moved to rtl.h.
	(convert_to_ssa): Check if we're already in SSA.
	Don't eliminate dead code in life_analysis.
	Rerun flow and life analysis at bottom.
	(eliminate_phi): Use canonical regnos when adding nodes.
	(mark_reg_in_phi): New function.
	(mark_phi_and_copy_regs): Likewise.
	(convert_from_ssa): Rerun life analysis at top.
	Use coalesced partition.
	Check for removing a phi node at the end of the block.
	(compute_coalesced_reg_partition): New function.
	(coalesce_regs_in_copies): Likewise.
	(coalesce_reg_in_phi): Likewise.
	(coalesce_regs_in_successor_phi_nodes): Likewise.
	(for_each_successor_phi): Likewise.
	(rename_context): New struct.
	(rename_block): Use a rename_context with rename_insn_1.  When
	renaming sets of a subreg, emit a copy of the entire reg first.
	(rename_insn_1): Treat data as a rename_context *.  Save current
	insn in set_data.
	(rename_set_data): Add field set_insn.
	* (HASHTAB_H): Move up in file.
	(OBSTACK_H): New macro.
	(collect2.o): Use OBSTACK_H in dependencies.
	(sdbout.o): Likewise.
	(emit-rtl.o): Likewise.
	(simplify-rtx.o): Likewise.
	(fix-header.o): Likewise.
	(OBJS):	Add conflict.o.
	(conflict.o): New rule.
	* basic-block.h: Include partition.h.
	(conflict_graph): New typedef.
	(conflict_graph_enum_fn): Likewise.
	(conflict_graph_new): New prototype.
	(conflict_graph_delete): Likewise.
	(conflict_graph_add): Likewise.
	(conflict_graph_conflict_p): Likewise.
	(conflict_graph_enum): Likewise.
	(conflict_graph_merge_regs): Likewise.
	(conflict_graph_print): Likewise.
	(conflict_graph_compute): Likewise.
	* conflict.c: New file.

2000-04-06  Jason Merrill  <>

	* tlink.c (read_repo_files): Don't look for .rpo info for
	linker flags.

Thu Apr  6 20:39:26 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>


Thu Apr  6 19:34:08 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* config/sh/lib1funcs.asm (___udivsi3_i4):
	( __SH4_SINGLE__ / __SH4_SINGLE_ONLY__ variant): value for fpscr
	only depends on FMOVD_WORKS.

Thu Apr  6 19:11:47 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* config/sh/lib1funcs.asm (___udivsi3_i4): When using fmovd,
	make double constant 8-byte aligned.

2000-04-06  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/ (movtf_insn_sp32, movtf_insn_vis_sp32,
	movtf_no_e_insn_sp32, movtf_insn_hq_sp64, movtf_insn_hq_vis_sp64,
	movtf_no_e_insn_sp64): Accept loading 0.0 into GENERAL_REGS.
	(movtf_insn_sp64, movtf_insn_vis_sp64): Likewise.
	Accept storing GENERAL_REGS into offsetable memory.
	* config/sparc/sparc.h (PREFERRED_RELOAD_CLASS): Don't allow
	building a TFmode constant other than 0.0L into GENERAL_REGS.

2000-04-06  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* regrename.c (regrename_optimize): Handle no REG_ALLOC_ORDER.

2000-04-06  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpphash.c (CPP_IS_MACRO_BUFFER, FORWARD, PEEKC): Delete.
	(macro_cleanup): No need to cast pbuf->macro.
	(collect_expansion): Use _cpp_get_define_token.  Goto done if
	it returns VSPACE.  Remove check for trailing space after
	(_cpp_create_definition): Don't diddle flags here.  Return
	directly on error.
	(unsafe_chars): Handle c1 being EOF.
	(push_macro_expansion): Use unsafe_chars for both accidental-paste
	checks.  Don't push the buffer till after we're done with
	(cpp_push_buffer): Don't set new->alimit.  Set new->mark
	(_cpp_parse_assertion): Don't NUL terminate.
	(_cpp_lex_token): Fix -traditional macro handling.  Don't skip
	hspace before calling _cpp_parse_assertion.  Remove all sets
	of only_seen_white. Treat '\f' as hspace.  Don't do anything
	special with '\n' here.
	(maybe_macroexpand): Handle T_EMPTY hash entries without
	pushing a buffer at all.
	(cpp_get_token): Handle clearing only_seen_white here.  Handle
	incrementing the line number here.  Clear
	potential_control_macro as well as only_seen_white, if
	(cpp_get_non_space_token): Don't eat CPP_POP tokens.
	(_cpp_get_define_token): New function, basically like
	_cpp_get_directive_token was but doesn't eat horizontal space.
	Don't do anything with only_seen_white here.
	(_cpp_get_directive_token): Just call _cpp_get_define_token
	repeatedly till it returns non-hspace.

	* cpplib.c (PEEKN, FORWARD, GETC, PEEKC): Delete.
	(conditional_skip, skip_if_group): Return int.
	(DIRECTIVE_TABLE): Change origin of all conditional directives
	to "COND".
	(TRAD_DIRECT_P): New macro.
	(_cpp_handle_directive): Use _cpp_get_directive_token.  Issue
	an error for a bogus directive, unless -lang-asm.  Use
	TRAD_DIRECT_P. Loop calling handler functions till one returns
	(get_macro_name): Don't diddle flags here.
	(do_define): Diddle flags here.  Use _cpp_get_directive_token.
	Create T_EMPTY nodes for #define macro /* nothing */.
	(do_undef): Don't copy the name.  Use _cpp_get_directive_token.
	Use hp->name when calling pass_thru_directive.
	(do_if, do_else, do_elif, do_ifdef, do_ifndef, conditional_skip):
	Return the result of conditional_skip and/or skip_if_group.
	Don't call _cpp_output_line_command.
	(consider_directive_while_skipping): Use _cpp_get_directive_token.
	Issue -Wtraditional warnings as appropriate.  Don't complain
	about unrecognized directives.  If we are to stop skipping,
	return the number of the directive that ended the skip.
	(skip_if_group): Use _cpp_get_directive_token.  Turn off macro
	expansion and line commands while skipping.  Return the result
	of consider_directive_while_skipping, if nonzero.
	(do_endif): Just set potential_control_macro here.
	(validate_else): Use _cpp_get_directive_token.
	(do_assert, do_unassert): Don't save pointers into the
	token_buffer across calls to the lexer.  Use

	* cpplib.h (cpp_buffer): Remove alimit and colno.  Make mark a
	pointer, not an offset.  Replace 'data', which was a generic
	pointer, with 'macro', which points to a struct hashnode.
	(cpp_reader): Add 'potential_control_macro' pointer.
	* cpphash.h (T_UNUSED): Replace with T_EMPTY.
	ACTIVE_MARK_P): Update.
	(_cpp_get_define_token): New internal function.
	* cppfiles.c (read_include_file): Don't set fp->alimit or fp->colno.

2000-04-05   Benjamin Kosnik  <>

	* And here.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* acconfig.h: Add ENABLE_STD_NAMESPACE to set flag_honor_std if
	--enable-libstdcxx-v3 is passed at configure time.
	* Regenerate.

2000-04-05  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* final.c (final): Use xcalloc to allocate line_note_exists.
	* function.c (free_after_compilation): Free the temp_slots.
	(assign_stack_temp_for_type): Use xmalloc to allocate temp_slots.
	(combine_temp_slot): Free temp_slots when they get combined.
	(purge_addressof): Fix typo in comment.
	* stmt.c (mark_goto_fixup): Mark the fixup itself.
	(expand_fixup): Allocate the fixup with ggc_alloc_obj.

	* ggc.h: Include varray.h.
	(ggc_pending_trees): Declare.
	(ggc_mark_tree_children): Remove declaration.
	(ggc_mark_tree): Just push unmarked trees on ggc_pending_trees.
	* ggc-common.c (ggc_pending_trees): New variable.
	(ggc_mark_roots): Call ggc_mark_trees.
	(ggc_mark_tree_children): Rename to ggc_mark_trees.  Process all
	the ggc_pending_trees.
	* (GGC_H): New variable.  Use it throughout in place
	of ggc.h.

Thu Apr  6 00:30:50 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* sh.h (FUNCTION_ARG_PARTIAL_NREGS): Accommodate an unsigned

Wed Apr  5 23:17:10 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* sh.c (sh_insn_length_adjustment): New function.
	* sh-protos.h (sh_insn_length_adjustment): Declare.
	* sh.h (ADJUST_INSN_LENGTH): Use it.

Wed Apr  5 12:35:18 2000  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* optabs.c (emit_libcall_block): Remove spurious REG_EQUAL notes
	from the insn where REG_RETVAL is added.
	(emit_no_conflict_block): Ditto.

	* md.texi (Standard Names): Clarify when movX is needed.

	* combine.c (simplify_comparison) [MINUS]: Do not replace
	all (op (minus A B) 0) with (op A B).

Wed Apr  5 18:03:31 2000  Toshiyasu Morita  (
			  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* (block_lump_real_i4): Add missing clobber of T_REG
	(block_lump_real): Likewise.

2000-04-05  Chris Demetriou  <>

	* mips.h (MASK_DEBUG_A, MASK_DEBUG_B, MASK_DEBUG_C): Zero the
	remaining nonzero debugging masks.

Wed Apr  5 09:44:07 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* basic-block.h (verify_flow_info): Declare.
	(flow_loop_outside_edge_p): Declare.
	* flow.c (verify_flow_info): Remove declaration.
	(clear_log_links, flow_loop_outside_edge_p): Likewise.

Wed Apr  5 09:34:26 2000  Philippe De Muyter <>

	* m68k/m68k-protos.h (finalize_pic): Turn prototype off using `#if 0',
	not C++ comments.

2000-04-05  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/ (snedi_zero+1, neg_snedi_zero+1,
	snedi_zero_trunc+1, seqdi_zero+1, neg_seqdi_zero+1,
	seqdi_zero_trunc+1): Allow splits only if registers are

2000-04-04  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* acconfig.h: Add HAVE_GAS_HIDDEN.
	* Regenerated.
	* Add test for .hidden pseudo-op in gas.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* crtstuff.c: Include auto-host.h.
	Emit additional .hidden pseudo-op for __dso_handle if the
	assembler knows about it.

2000-04-04  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* cpphash.c (_cpp_free_definition): Test argnames, not nargs >= 0,
	before freeing argnames.
	* cpplib.c (do_ifndef): Cast return value of xstrdup.

2000-04-05  Michael Meissner  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (print_operand): Patch from Jonathan
	Walton <> to make memory references with update
	work wtih -mregnames.

2000-04-04  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* regrename.c (regno_first_use_in): Wrap prototype in PARAMS.
	(regrename_optimize): Rename variables `def_uses' and
	`ext_basic_blocks' to avoid conflicts with similarly named
	typedefs in traditional C.

	* calls.c (initialize_argument_information): Fix typo in previous

2000-04-04  Richard Henderson  <>

	* regrename.c (consider_available): Test fixed_regs not

2000-04-04  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/t-ppccomm (EXTRA_MULTILIB_PARTS): Add crtbegin,
	(CRTSTUFF_T_CFLAGS_S): Delete definition.
	* config/rs6000/sysv4.h (STARTFILE_LINUX_SPEC): Always use crtbegin.
	(ENDFILE_LINUX_SPEC): Always use crtend.
	* (powerpc-*-linux-gnulibc1): Don't define extra_parts.
	(powerpc-*-linux-gnu): Likewise.
	* configure: Regenerate.

	* config/rs6000/eabi.h:	Don't include sysv4.h.
	(MULTILIB_DEFAULTS): Don't define.
	* config/rs6000/eabiaix.h: Don't include eabi.h.
	* config/rs6000/eabile.h: Delete.
	* config/rs6000/eabilesim.h: Delete.
	* config/rs6000/eabisim.h: Don't include eabi.h.
	* config/rs6000/linux.h: Don't include sysv4.h.
	(MULTILIB_DEFAULTS): Don't redefine.
	* config/rs6000/rtems.h: Don't include eabi.h.
	* config/rs6000/sol2.h: Don't include sysv4le.h.
	* config/rs6000/sysv4le.h: Don't include sysv4.h.
	* config/rs6000/t-ppc: Delete.
	* config/rs6000/t-ppcgas: Correct comment.
	* config/rs6000/t-ppcos: Correct comment.  Don't build
	multilibs for -fPIC, rather use -fPIC -mstrict-align
	as default.
	* config/rs6000/t-ppc: Delete.
	* config/rs6000/vxppc.h: Don't include sysv4.h.
	* config/rs6000/vxppcle.h: Delete.
	* Use multiple header files for p2pc ELF targets
	powerpc-eabiaix, powerpc-eabisim, powerpc-rtems, powerpcle-eabi,
	powerpcle-eabisim, powerpc-elf, powerpcle-elf, powerpc-linux-gnu,
	powerpc-linux-gnulibc1, powerpc-sysv, powerpcle-sysv,
	powerpc-vxworks, powerpcle-vxworks.  Assume GAS functionality is
	always available for these platforms.

2000-04-04  Richard Henderson  <>

	* calls.c (try_to_integrate): Initialize reg_parm_stack_space.

2000-04-04  Stan Cox  <>

	* Add rules for regrename.o
	* regrename.c: New file.
	* rtl.h (regrename_optimize): Add prototype.
	* toplev.c (rename_registers_dump, flag_rename_registers): New variables
	(compile_file, decode_d_option): Add support for -frename-registers.
	(rest_of_compilation): Call regrename_optimize.
	New macros.

2000-04-04  Martin v. Löwis  <>

	* Makefile (gccbug): New target.
	(doc): Depend on it.
	* gcc.texi (Bugs): Link subnodes.
	(gccbug): New node.
	* (CATEGORIES): Remove gc, host, profiling, libgcc.
	Document severities, priorities, and classes in bug form.

2000-04-04  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplex.c (trigraph_map, speccase): Combine into single
	table, chartab.
	(NORMAL, NONTRI): New macros.
	(_cpp_read_and_prescan): Change to use unified table.  Use
	is_hspace to test for whitespace.

	* dbxout.c (CONTIN): If it doesn't have to do anything, give it a
	definition that doesn't provoke the "empty body in an
	if-statement" warning.

2000-04-04  Clinton Popetz  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_strlen): Force the source to
	be a memory address.

2000-04-04  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* cpplib.c (D): Adjust to call CONCAT2 macro without whitespace.

Tue Apr  4 19:17:20 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	 ECF_LONGJMP, ECF_FORK_OR_EXEC):  New constants.
	(special_function_p): Make static, change interface.
	(flags_from_decl_or_type, try_to_integrate): Break out from ...
	(expand_call) ... here; convert number of variables to flags.
	(emit_library_call_vlue_1): Likewise.
	(setjmp_call_p): New function.
	(initialize_argument_information): Accepts flags as argument;
	return flags.
	(precompute_arguments): Likewise.
	* tree.h (special_function_p): Remove.
	(setjmp_call_p): Add prototype.

2000-04-04  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/sparc.h (RTX_OK_FOR_OFFSET_P): Leave minor margin
	so that addresses are offsetable by up to 16 bytes.
	(GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS): Don't allow REG+REG addresses for
	non-optimizing TARGET_ARCH32 in DF or DI modes because it is not

	* config/sparc/ (movdi_insn_sp64_novis): New pattern.
	(movdi_insn_sp64_vis): Renamed from movdi_insn_sp64.
	(movsf): Don't force any constant to memory if target is integer
	hard register.
	Move fp_zero_operand check below the const0_rtx check.
	(movtf): Likewise. Also allow fp_zero_operand for stores into
	(movdf): Likewise. Also allow fp_zero_operand for stores into
	memory and into integer hard registers.
	(clear_df, clear_dfp, movdf_const_intreg_sp32,
	movdf_const_intreg_sp64): Remove.
	(movdf_insn_sp32, movdf_no_e_insn_sp32): Redo constraints and
	(movdf_no_e_insn_v9_sp32): New pattern.
	(movdf_insn_v9only): Remove.
	(movdf_insn_v9only_novis, movdf_insn_v9only_vis): New patterns.
	(movdf_insn_sp64): Remove.
	(movdf_insn_sp64_novis, movdf_insn_sp64_vis): New patterns.
	(movdf_no_e_insn_sp64): Allow storing 0.0 into memory.
	(following splits): Rewrite conditions. Add two new splits
	for storing 0.0 into memory and registers.
	(clear_tf, clear_tf+1, clear_tfp, clear_tfp+1): Remove.
	(movtf_insn_sp32): Redo constraints and conditions.
	(movtf_insn_vis_sp32): New pattern.
	(movtf_no_e_insn_sp32): Redo constraints and conditions.
	(movtf_insn_hq_sp64): Likewise.
	(movtf_insn_hq_vis_sp64): New pattern.
	(movtf_insn_sp64): Redo constraints and conditions.
	(movtf_insn_vis_sp64): New pattern.
	(movtf_no_e_insn_sp64): Redo constraints and conditions.
	(movtf_no_e_insn_sp64+1): New split for storing 0.0L into registers
	or memory.
	* config/sparc/sparc.c (sparc_override_options): Assume v9 if either
	-mvis or -m64 to take down the number of various reload patterns.

Tue Apr  4 00:41:53 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* pa/pa-64.h: New file.
	* pa/pa64-regs.h: New file.
	* pa/pa64-start.h: New file.
	* pa/t-pa64: New file.
	* pa/xm-pa64hpux.h: New file.

2000-04-03  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* sparc.c (output_restore_regs): Prototype.
	(sparc_emit_float_lib_cmp): Constification.

	* emit-rtl.c (const_int_htab_hash, const_int_htab_eq): Likewise.

	* reload1.c (reload_cse_delete_noop_set, reload_cse_simplify):

	* simplify-rtx.c (entry_and_rtx_equal_p): Constification.
	(get_value_hash, hash_rtx): Likewise.

	* ssa.c (compute_conservative_reg_partition): Prototype.

	* tree.c (mark_hash_entry): Prototype.

2000-04-03  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (verify_insn_chain): #ifdef out unless ENABLE_CHECKING.
	* i386.h (FUNCTION_ARG_REGNO_P): Remove unnecessary test for N >= 0.
	* (call_value, call_value_pop): Remove unused variable 'addr'.

	* gcc.c (C specs): Pass -fno-show-column to the preprocessor.
	* objc/lang-specs.h: Likewise.

2000-04-03  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppexp.c: wrap long lines.  New macros CPP_ICE, SYNTAX_ERROR
	and SYNTAX_ERROR2. Replace `' in messages with ''.
	(op_to_str): Make re-entrant.
	(_cpp_parse_expr): Implement new error macros. Use | rather
	than || to logically or 2 boolean integers.  Simply expression
	checking we have a left operand iff needed.

2000-04-03  Nick Clifton  <>

	* (diagnostic.o): Depend upon diagnostic.c

2000-04-03  Philip Blundell  <>

	* config/arm/linux-elf.h (SUBTARGET_EXTRA_LINK_SPEC): Fix typos.

2000-04-03  Felix Lee  <>

	* fixinc/server.c (find_shell): New function.  Avoid $SHELL.
	(run_shell): Use it.

2000-04-03  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* (stmp-int-hdrs): Make include subdir here...
	(stmp-fixproto): ...rather than here.

Mon Apr  3 00:50:06 2000  Jason Eckhardt <>

	* pa.c (print_operand): Compute 'base' only inside the code paths
	that use it.

2000-04-03  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* stor-layout.c (byte_from_pos): Use TRUNC_DIV_EXPR rather than

2000-04-03  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* i386.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): Remove bogus empty strings, fix typo.

Mon Apr  3 00:02:59 2000  Brad Lucier <>

	* (alias.o): Depend on $(TREE_H).

2000-04-02  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppinit.c (cpp_start_read): Turn off -Wtraditional if
	processing C++.
	* cpplib.c (_cpp_handle_directive): Improve warnings for
	traditional C and indented directives.

	* enquire.c, gsyslimits.h, limity.h, config/convex/fixinc.convex,
	fixinc/fixinc.irix, fixinc/fixinc.sco, fixinc/fixinc.wrap,
	fixinc/inclhack.def: Indent the # of #include_next one space.
	* cp/rtti.c: Un-indent #if and #endif.

	* cppexp.c (_cpp_parse_expr): If lex returns '#', it's a
	syntax error, but an error has already been printed.
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_parse_assertion): Give a more specific error
	message when called with nothing remaining on the line.
	(_cpp_lex_token): If _cpp_parse_assertion fails, return an
	OTHER token, not an ASSERTION.
	* cpplib.c (do_assert): When we create a 'base' node, clear
	its aschain pointer.

2000-04-02  Neil Booth <>

	* cppexp.c:  New typedef op_t.  struct operation and struct
	token updated to use it.
	(op_to_str): New function.
	(_cpp_parse_expr): Error messages modified to use op_to_str.

2000-04-02  Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/c4x/c4x.c (c4x_function_arg): Check for void_type_node
	before checking MUST_PASS_IN_STACK.

2000-04-02  Neil Booth <>

	* cppexp.c:  New FINISHED dummy token.  Combine operator initial
	flags and initial priority into a single constant.  New
	EQUALITY macro.  New operator flag SHORT_CIRCUIT.
	(_parse_cpp_expr): Implement new constants.  Take left operand
	checks out of reduction loop.  Handle SHORT_CIRCUIT.  End of
	parse indicated by reducing FINISHED token.  Remove new lines
	from cpp_error messages.

2000-04-01  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (gen_rtx_CONST_INT): Create cached CONST_INTs on the
	permanent obstack.

2000-04-01  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.c: Include symcat.h.  Add 'origin' field to struct
	directive.  Add origin values to DIRECTIVE_TABLE.  Generate
	the strings and function names on the fly.  Take the #sccs
	entry out of the table if SCCS_DIRECTIVE is not defined.
	(_cpp_handle_directive): Decide if the # was at the beginning
	of the line here.  Issue -pedantic warnings for extended
	directives here.  Warn about K+R directives with the #
	indented, and C89/extended directives with the # not indented,
	(do_import, do_include_next, do_warning, do_ident, do_sccs,
	do_assert, do_unassert): Don't issue pedantic warning here.

	* cpphash.h: Add CPP_WTRADITIONAL macro.
	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_options): Rename warn_stringify to
	warn_traditional; update comments.
	* cppinit.c (handle_option): Set warn_traditional not
	* cpphash.c: Replace CPP_OPTION (pfile, warn_stringify) with
	* cpplex.c (_cpp_lex_token): Don't decide if directives should
	be ignored in -traditional mode here.

	* cpplex.c: Copy ISTABLE macros from cppinit.c, and adapt them
	to initialize speccase[] and trigraph_map[].  Delete all
	references to pfile->input_speccase.  Always treat '?' as a
	special character.  Remove table-initialization code from

	* cpplib.h (struct cpp_reader): Remove input_speccase field.
	* cppinit.c (cpp_cleanup): Don't free input_speccase.

2000-04-01  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (STAGESTUFF): Wildcard all debugging dumps at once.
	(mostlyclean): Likewise.

	* toplev.c (rtl_dump, jump_opt_dump, etc): Remove.
	(struct dump_file_info, enum dump_file_index, dump_file): New.
	(open_dump_file): Take a dump_file_index not a suffix, and a decl
	not a string.  Clean out file if we haven't yet done so.  Do nothing
	if the dump isn't enabled.
	(close_dump_file): Do nothing if the dump isn't open.  Dump
	graph data if requested.
	(dump_rtl, clean_dump_file): Remove.
	(compile_file): Don't clean the dump files.  Only finalize .bp dump
	if flag_test_coverage or flag_branch_probabilities.  Only finalize
	.combine dump if optimizing.  Iterate over dump_file to finalize the
	graph dumps.
	(rest_of_compilation): Update for open_dump_file/close_dump_file.
	Convert all uses of dump_rtl.
	(decode_d_option): Iterate over dump_file to implement 'a' and to
	locate pass-specific dumps.

2000-04-01  Neil Booth <>

	* cppexp.c: Redefine priority constants.
	(_cpp_parse_expr): Replace left and right priority scheme with
	single priority logic.  Move LOGICAL to same place as COMPARE.
	Remove bogus check for multiple unary +/- operators.

2000-04-01  Neil Booth <>

	* cppexp.c: (_cpp_parse_expr): Numerical constants are pushed
	within the switch statement.  Binary operations break out of
	the switch naturally.  '(' tokens handled by forcing
	immediate shift.  ')' handled by forcing immediate reduce to
	the previous '('.  New error messages.

2000-03-31  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (print_operand): Don't use %l for 'low
	part', it's already in use.  Use %K instead.  Add a return at the
	end of what is now %K.
	* config/rs6000/ (elf_low): Use %K instead of %l.

Sat Apr  1 02:05:29 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* builtins.c  (expand_builtin_apply):  Pass proper parameters to
	* calls.c (emit_call_1):  Do not adjust stack pointer for SIB,
	update stack_pointer_delta; do not update arg_size_so_far.
	(compute_argument_block_size): Use stack_delta instead of
	stack_pointer_pending and arg_size_so_far.
	(expand_call): Add sanity checking for stack_pointer_delta;
	save and restore stack_pointer_delta for SIB, use
	stack_pointer_delta for alignment; do not update arg_space_so_far.
	(emit_library_call_value): Use stack_pointer_delta for alignment.
	(store_one_arg): Do not update arg_space_so_far.
	* explow.c (adjust_stack, anti_adjust_stack): Update
	(allocate_dynamic_stack_space): Add sanity checking for
	* expr.c (init_expr, clear_pending_stack_adjust): Clear
	(emit_push_insn): Update stack_pointer_delta.
	* function.h (struct expr_status): Add x_stack_pointer_delta;
	remove x_arg_space_so_far.
	(arg_space_so_far): Remove.
	(stack_pointer_delta): New macro.

2000-03-31  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cpplib.h: Merge struct cpp_options into struct cpp_reader.
	Reorder struct cpp_options and struct cpp_reader for better
	packing.  Replace CPP_OPTIONS macro with CPP_OPTION which
	takes two args.  Change all 'char' flags to 'unsigned char'.
	Move show_column flag into struct cpp_options.  Don't
	prototype cpp_options_init.
	* cpphash.h, cpperror.c, cppexp.c, cppfiles.c, cpphash.c,
	cppinit.c, cpplex.c, cpplib.c:
	Replace CPP_OPTIONS (pfile)->whatever with
	CPP_OPTION (pfile, whatever), and likewise for
	opts = CPP_OPTIONS (pfile); ... opts->whatever;

	* cppinit.c (merge_include_chains): Take a cpp_reader *.
	Extract CPP_OPTION (pfile, pending) and work with that
	(cpp_options_init): Delete.
	(cpp_reader_init): Turn on on-by-default options here.
	Allocate the pending structure here.
	(cl_options, enum opt_code): Define these from the same table,
	kept in a large macro.  Add -fshow-column and -fno-show-column

	* cpperror.c (v_message): If show_column is off, don't print
	the column number.

	* cppmain.c: Update for new interface.
	* fix-header.c: Likewise.

2000-03-30  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/t-aix43 (AR_FLAGS_FOR_TARGET): Adjust for new
	* (AR_FLAGS_FOR_TARGET): Is now the flags that
	are passed to any invocation of AR_FOR_TARGET.
	in place of `$(AR_FOR_TARGET) $(AR_FLAGS_FOR_TARGET)' and
	AR_EXTRACT_FOR_TARGET to sub-makes.

2000-03-31  Neil Booth <>

	* cppexp.c: Delete SKIP_OPERAND.  Correct priority
	(_cpp_parse_expr): Check for multiple unary +/- operators.
	Correct priorities of ':' and '?'.  Treat ')' as having a
	value.	Ensure conditional expression is not void.

2000-03-31  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* alias.c (canon_rtx): Make it global.
	(rtx_equal_for_memref_p): CONST_INT equality is now pointer
	* cse.c (struct table_elt): Add canon_exp.
	(insert): Clear it.
	(invalidate): Canonicalize expressions only once.
	* rtl.h (canon_rtx): Declare.

2000-03-30  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* (emit-rtl.o): Depend on HASHTAB_H.
	* alias.c (reg_known_value): Add comments.
	(init_alias_analysis): Likewise.
	* cse.c (exp_equiv_p): CONST_INTs are equal iff they have the same
	(cse_basic_block): Fix typo in comment.
	* emit-rtl.c: Include hashtab.h.
	(const_int_htab): New variable.
	(const_int_htab_hash): New function.
	(const_int_htab_eq): Likewise.
	(rtx_htab_mark_1): Likewise.
	(rtx_htab_mark): Likewise.
	(gen_rtx_CONST_INT): Cache all CONST_INTs.
	(unshare_all_rtx): Fix formatting.
	(init_emit_once): Initialize const_int_htab.
	* rtl.c (rtx_equal_p): CONST_INTs are equal iff they have the same
	* rtl.texi: Document the fact that all CONST_INTs with the same
	value are shared.

2000-03-30  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alpha.h (FUNCTION_BOUNDARY): Reduce to 128 bits.

2000-03-30  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* Comment out --enable-c-cpplib stanza.
	* configure: Regenerate.

Thu Mar 30 06:32:51 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* expr.c (store_constructor): Properly compute displacement and
	alignment when offset is variable.

	* expmed.c (store_bit_field, store_fixed_bit_field): Fix more
	cases of alignment in bytes.

Thu Mar 30 13:30:40 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (cast_expr): Move change from March 21 into
	since it is used to generate c-parse.y.
	* objc-parse.c, objc-parse.y: Regenerated.

	* function.c (expand_function_end): Pass alignment argument to
	emit_block_move in bits, not bytes.

Thu Mar 30 06:32:51 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* expr.c (move_by_pieces_ninsns): Fix one more missing align

	* expmed.c (store_fixed_bit_field): STRUCT_ALIGN is in bits.

	* calls.c (expand_call): Pass bit alignment to mark_reg_pointer.
	* explow.c (memory_address, allocate_dynamic_stack_space): Likewise.
	* function.c (assign_parms): Likewise.
	* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Likewise.
	* stmt.c (expand_decl): Likewise.
	(copy_rtx_and_substitute): Likewise.
	* expr.c (expand_expr, expand_expr_unaligned): Likewise.
	(clear_by_pieces): Fix error in last change.
	* emit-rtl.c (init_emit): Set known registers alignment in bits.
	* function.h (regno_pointer_align): Now unsigned.
	* config/arm/arm.c (alignable_memory_operand): REGNO_POINTER_ALIGN
	is in bits.
	* config/i386/i386.c (aligned_operand): Likewise.
	* config/sparc/sparc.c (mem_min_alignment): Likewise.
	* config/alpha/alpha.c (aligned_memory_operand): Likewise.
	(unaligned_memory_operand): Likewise.
	(alpha_expand_block_move, alpha_expand_block_clear): Likewise.
	Also make alignments and sizes unsigned and some whitespace cleanup.
	(alpha_va_start): Do nothing if VALIST's type is error_mark_node.

	* builtins.c (get_pointer_alignment): Use host_integerp & tree_low_cst.
	(expand_builtin_apply): Pass alignment to emit_block_move in bits.
	(expand_builtin_memcpy, expand_builtin_va_copy): Likewise.
	(expand_builtin_memset): Likewise, but to clear_storage.
	* calls.c (save_fixed_argument_area): Likewise, to move_by_pieces.
	(restore_fixed_argument_area): Likewise.
	(store_unaligned_arguments_into_pseudos): Likewise, to store_bit_field.
	(load_register_parameters): Likewise, to emit_group_load.
	(expand_call): Likewise, to emit_group_store and emit_block_move.
	(emit_library_call_value_1): Likewise, to emit_block_move.
	(store_one_arg): Likewise, and to emit_push_insn.
	* expmed.c (extract_bit_field): Alignment is in bits, not bytes.
	(extract_fixed_bit_field, extract_split_bit_field): Likewise.
	* expr.c (move_by_pieces, move_by_pieces_ninsns): Likewise.
	(emit_block_move, emit_group_load, emit_group_store): Likewise.
	(clear_by_pieces, clear_storage, emit_push_insn): Likewise.
	(expand_assigment, store_expr, store_constructor_field): Likewise.
	(expand_expr_unaligned, do_jump, do_compare_and_jump): Likewise.
	(store_constructor, store_field, get_inner_reference): Likewise.
	Use host_integerp and tree_low_cst; sizes and positions HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(expand_expr, case COMPONENT_REF): Likewise.
	(copy_blkmode_from_regs): Use UNSIGNED_HOST_WIDE_INT for sizes
	and positions; reindent code.
	* expr.h (emit_cmp_insn, emit_cmp_and_jump_insns): Alignment unsigned.
	* function.c (purge_addressof_1): Pass bit align to store_bit_field.
	(assign_parms): Likewise to emit_group_store.
	* optabs.c (prepare_cmp_insn): Alignment is in bits.
	(emit_cmp_and_jump_insns, emit_cmp_insn): Likewise, and also unsigned.
	* stmt.c (expand_value_return): Pass align in bits to emit_group_load.
	(expand_return): Likewise to {extract,store}_bit_field.
	* stor-layout.c (get_mode_alignment): Minor cleanup.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (SLOW_UNALIGNED_ACCESS): Align is in bits.
	* config/sh/sh.h (MOVE_BY_PIECES_P): Likewise.

2000-03-29  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.h: Undo effects of previous delta:
	(ASM_SPEC): Do not define.

	* config/arm/linux-elf.h: (SUBTARGET_EXTRA_ASM_SPEC) Fix

2000-03-29  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppinit.c (cpp_start_read): Call initialize_dependency_output
	only after reading in the primary source file.

2000-03-29  Geoff Keating  <>

	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): The first parameter to
	__builtin_va_start and __builtin_va_copy is now either a 'va_list'
	or a reference to a va_list.
	* builtins.c (stabilize_va_list): Simplify now we don't have to
	work around C array address decay.
	* c-typeck.c (convert_for_assignment): Handle assignment to
	a reference parameter by taking the address of the RHS.
	* ginclude/stdarg.h (va_start): Don't take address of first parameter.
	(va_copy): Likewise.
	(__va_copy): Likewise.
	* ginclude/varargs.h (va_start): Likewise.
	(__va_copy): Likewise.

Wed Mar 29 15:44:53 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* i386/djgpp.h: Remove extraneous "+".

	* stmt.c (stmt_loop_nest_empty): Fix thinko in last change.

	* calls.c (expand_call): Fix typo in last change.

2000-03-29  Jason Merrill  <>

	* tree.c (unsave_expr_1): Don't mess with a TARGET_EXPR that hasn't
	been expanded.

Wed Mar 29 15:39:10 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* stor-layout.c (bit_from_pos, byte_from_pos): New functions.
	(pos_from_byte, pos_from_bit, normalize_offset): Likewise.
	(normalize_rli, rli_size_so_far, rli_size_unit_so_far): Use them.
	* tree.c (bit_position, byte_position): Likewise.
	* tree.h: Declare new functions.

2000-03-29  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c: Minor formatting changes/
	* config/arm/arm.h (SUBTARGET_EXTRA_ASM_SPEC): Define if not
	already defined.
	(ASM_SPEC): Define if not already defined.

2000-03-29  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppfiles.c (cpp_read_file): Don't pass zero-length string to

2000-03-29  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (gen_enumeration_type_die): If enum has a negative
	value, don't output it as unsigned.

Wed Mar 29 10:53:49 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* stmt.c (stmt_loop_nest_empty): Allow cfun->stmt to be NULL.

2000-03-29  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Don't special case
	cplus_mode when declaring builtin bzero/bcmp, always avoid
	prototype arguments.

2000-03-29  Bruce Korb  <>

	* fixinc/ Initially set the variable "fixincludes"
	to a non-file

Wed Mar 29 15:08:01 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	Convert ACCUMULATE_OUTGOING_ARGS to an expression.
	* calls.c (PUSH_ARGS_REVERSED) Change to expression.
	(ACCUMULATE_OUTGOING_ARGS, PUSH_ARGS): Provide default value.
	(struct arg_data): Remove #ifdef ACCUMULATE_OUTGOING_ARGS.
	(save_fixed_argument_area, restore_fixed_argument_area):
	conditionize by #ifdef REG_PARM_STACK_SPACE only.
	(emit_call): Change #ifdefs on ACCUMULATE_OUTGOING_ARGS
	(precompute_register_parameters): Avoid #ifdefs on
	(stire_one_args): Likewise.
	(expand_call): Likewise; conditionize PUSH_ROUNDING code by PUSH_ARGS.
	(emit_library_call_value_1): Likewise.
	(compute_argument_block_size): Align to STACK_BOUNDARY only for
	* combine.c (ACCUMULATE_OUTGOING_ARGS, PUSH_ARGS): Provide default
	(nonzero_bits): Conditionize PUSH_ROUNDING code by USE_PUSH.
	(use_crosses_set_p): Likewise.
	* all targets (ACCUMULATE_OUTGOING_ARGS define): Change to
	* i386.c (ix86_compute_frame_size): Handle ACCUMULATE_OUTGOING_ARGS
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): Add push-args, no-push-args,
	accumulate-outgoing-args and no-accumulate-outgoing-args.
	* expr.c (ACCUMULATE_OUTGONG_ARGS, PUSH_ARGS): Provide default.
	(push_block): Avoid ifdefs on ACCUMULATE_OUTGONG_ARGS
	(emit_push_insn): Likewise.
	* final.c (ACCUMULATE_OUTGOING_ARGS): Provide default.
	(final_scan_insn): Avoid ifdefs on ACCUMULATE_OUTGOING_ARGS.
	* function.c (ACCUMULATE_OUTGOING_ARGS): Provide default.
	(STACK_DYNAMIC_OFFSET): Define correctly for both
	* invoke.texi (-mpush_args, -maccumulate-outgoing-args): Document.
	* tm.texi (PUSH_ARGS): Document.

Wed Mar 29 11:51:13 MET DST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* flags.h (flag_optimize_sibling_calls): Declare.
	* calls.c (expand_call): Fail sibcall when
	* invoke.texi (flag_optimize_sibling_calls): Document.
	* toplev.c (flag_optimize_sibling_calls): New global variable.
	(f_options): Add flag_optimize_sibling_calls.
	(rest_of_compilation): Conditionize
	optimize_sibling_and_tail_recursive_calls by
	(main): Set flag_optimize_sibling_calls for -O2.
	* stmt.c (expand_return): Conditionize tail recursion by

2000-03-29  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/i386/att.h (LOCAL_LABEL_PREFIX): Define.

2000-03-29  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* except.c (add_eh_table_entry): Mark type_info's as referenced.

2000-03-29  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config/rs6000/aix41.h (CPP_SPEC): Define _ANSI_C_SOURCE if -ansi
	is given.
	* config/rs6000/aix43.h (CPP_SPEC): Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (CPP_SPEC): Moved to...
	* config/rs6000/aix.h: then modified likewise.

2000-03-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* rtl.h: Redistribute enum reg_note documentation.
	Kill trailing whitespace.
	* rtl.c (reg_note_name): Adjust to match enum reg_note tweeks.
	Kill trailing whitespace.

2000-03-28  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* cppfiles.c (hash_IHASH): Just return i->hash.
	(cpp_included): Set dummy.hash using _cpp_calc_hash.  Use
	(cpp_read_file): Likewise.
	(find_include_file): Likewise.  Properly initialize
	ih->nshort.  Share ih->name and ih->nshort if possible.
	* cpphash.c (_cpp_calc_hash): New function.
	(hash_HASHNODE): Just return h->hash.
	(_cpp_lookup): Set dummy.hash using _cpp_calc_hash.  Use
	* cpphash.h: Prototype _cpp_calc_hash.
	* cppinit.c (initialize_builtins): Provide a valid hash
	to _cpp_make_hashnode, using _cpp_calc_hash.

	* cpphash.c (collect_expansion): # is not a special character
	in object-like macros.  In -traditional mode, /**/ is not
	token paste at the beginning or end of the line.
	* cpplib.c (do_include, do_import, do_include_next): If
	parse_include fails, return immediately.

2000-03-28  Jason Merrill  <>

	* config/arm/ (return peepholes): Update to reflect the new
	call insn patterns.
	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_volatile_func): Also check
	(output_return_instruction, output_func_prologue): Use it.
	(arm_output_epilogue, arm_expand_prologue): Likewise.

2000-03-27  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcc.c (handle_braces): In {x*...} case, break out of loop if
	switch is found.

Tue Mar 28 11:55:48 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* expr.c (store_constructor): SIZE now signed.
	For EXPR_SIZE, don't evaluate size; just needed if constant.
	* fold-const.c (fold): Fix a number of cases when folded tree is
	wrong type.
	* function.c (flush_addressof): Reenable.
	* tree.h (flush_addressof): Likewise.
	* toplev.c (independent_decode_option): Look at strings_processed.
	* config/alpha/alpha.h (MINIMUM_ATOMIC_ALIGNMENT): Cast to unsigned.

Tue Mar 28 08:29:46 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* sibcall.c (identify_call_return_value): Find last call in the chain;
	Allow stack adjustment after function call.

	* regmove.c (struct csa_memlist): Make mem field rtx *.
	(record_one_stack_ref): Accept rtx * instead of rtx as parameter.
	(try_apply_stack_adjustment): Replace whole MEM rtx.
	(combine_stack_adjustments_for_block): Update calls
	to record_one_stack_ref.

2000-03-28  Neil Booth  <>

	* cpplex.c (_cpp_read_and_prescan): Mark end of input buffer with
	'\\' rather than a null character, so nulls are not special.  Fix
	"\\\n" handling in end-of-buffer conditions.  Use trigraph map to
	speed trigraph conversion.
	(_cpp_init_input_buffer): Initialize trigraph map.

2000-03-27  Alan Modra  <>

	* config/i386/i386.c (output_387_binary_op): Correct intel
	mode assembly output, and add spaces after commas in AT&T
	output.  Correct Unixware assembler comment.  Document input
	constraints.  Comment fp operations.  Reduce profligate buffer
	size.  Remove extraneous abort.  Localize temp var.
	(SYSV386_COMPAT): Define.  Add !SYSV386_COMPAT code.
	(output_fix_trunc): Add spaces after commas in assembly output.

2000-03-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* i386-protos.h (ix86_match_ccmode): Declare.
	* i386.c (ix86_match_ccmode): New.
	(ix86_expand_fp_compare): Update for pattern renames.
	(ix86_expand_strlensi_unroll_1): Likewise.
	* i386.h (EXTRA_CC_MODES): Add CCZ.
	(SELECT_CC_MODE): Use it for EQ/NE zero.
	* (cmpsi_ccz_1): New.
	(cmpqi_ccz_1): New.
	(*testsi_ccz_1): New.
	(testqi_ccz_1): New.
	(cmpsi_ccno_1): Rename from cmpsi_0.
	(testsi_ccno_1): Rename from testsi_1.
	(testqi_ccno_1): Rename from testqi_1.
	(*testqi_ext_ccz_0): Rename from testqi_ext_0.
	(testqi_ext_ccno_0): Rename from *testqi_ext_1.
	(*cmphi_0): Use ix86_match_ccmode.
	(*cmpqi_ext_2, *addsi_2, *addhi_2, *addqi_2): Likewise.
	(*subsi_2, *subhi_2, *subqi_2, *testhi_1): Likewise.
	(*testqi_ext_1, *testqi_ext_2, *testqi_ext_3): Likewise.
	(*andsi_2, *andhi_2, *andqi_2, *andqi_ext_0_cc): Likewise.
	(*iorsi_2, *iorhi_2, *iorqi_2): Likewise.
	(*xorsi_2, *xorhi_2, *xorqi_cc_1): Likewise.
	(*one_cmplsi2_2, *one_cmplhi2_2, *one_cmplqi2_2): Likewise.
	(*ashlsi3_cmpno, *ashlhi3_cmpno, *ashlqi3_cmpno): Likewise.
	(*ashrsi3_cmpno, *ashrhi3_cmpno, *ashrqi3_cmpno): Likewise.
	(*lshrsi3_cmpno, *lshrhi3_cmpno, *lshrqi3_cmpno): Likewise.
	(appropriate peepholes): Likewise.
	(*cmphi_1, *cmpqi_ccno_1, *cmpqi_1): Star out name.
	(*subsi_3, *subhi_3, *subqi_3): Remove.
	(*negdi2_1+1 splitter): Use CCZ for neg patterns.
	(*negsi2_cmp, *neghi2_cmp, *negqi2_cmp): Remove.
	(*negsi2_cmpz): Rename from *negsi2_cmpno, use CCZ.
	(*neghi2_cmpz, *negqi2_cmpz): Similarly.
	(x86_shift_adj_1): Use CCZ.
	(*dbra_ge+1, *dbra_ge+2, ffssi2, ffssi_1): Likewise.

2000-03-27  Stan Cox  <>

	* resource.h (mark_resource_type): New.
	* resource.c (find_dead_or_set_registers, mark_target_live_regs,
	find_free_register): Use mark_resource_type.
	(mark_set_resources): Change include_delayed_effects
	to mark_resource_type.
	* reorg.c (steal_delay_list_from_target, try_merge_delay_insns,
	redundant_insn, fill_simple_delay_slots, fill_slots_from_thread):
	Use mark_resource_type.

2000-03-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (call_pop_0, call_value_pop_0): New.
	(call_pop_1): Remove constraint from unused arg.  Support sibcalls.
	(call_value_pop_1): Likewise.
	(call_0, call_value_0): New.
	(call_1, call_value_1): Remove constraint from unused arg.

2000-03-27  Nick Clifton  <>

	* invoke.texi (Spec Files): Document new spec % command created by
	Tom Tromey's recent patch.

2000-03-27  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* libgcc2.h (MIN_UNITS_PER_WORD): Define to UNITS_PER_WORD
	if not defined.

Mon Mar 27 06:04:22 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* expr.c (expand_assignment): Fix typo in last change.

	* libgcc2.h: Use MIN_UNITS_PER_WORD, not UNITS_PER_WORD.

Sun Mar 26 20:15:26 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* c-convert.c (convert): Return if output or input type is ERROR_MARK.
	* c-decl.c (duplicate_decls): Only look at DECL_BUILT_IN_NONANSI
	(pushdecl, redeclaration_error_message): Likewise, for DECL_INLINE.
	(store_parm_decls): Check for type of PARM_DECL being ERROR_MARK.
	Use DECL_WEAK, not DECL_RESULT, to flag for already seen.
	(combine_parm_decls): Likewise.
	* ggc-common.c (gcc_mark_tree_children, case 'd'): Use DECL_RESULT_FLD.
	* print-tree.c (print_node): Likewise.
	DECL_TRANSPARENT_UNION on proper decl types.
	* stor-layout.c (layout_decl): Only check DECL_PACKED and
	* tree.h (DECL_RESULT_FLD): New macro.

	* expr.c (expand_assignment): Add code to handle variable-sized
	BLKmode case.

2000-03-26  Richard Henderson  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Pass parms not original exp to
	optimize_tail_recursion.  Mind return value instead of looking
	for a barrier.
	* stmt.c (optimize_tail_recursion): Take parameter list, not entire
	call_expr.  Move checks for call_expr and current_function_decl ...
	(expand_return): ... here.

2000-03-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcc.c (handle_braces): Recognize `%{<S}' construct.
	(process_command): Use them.
	(check_live_switch): Likewise.
	(give_switch): Skip ignored switches.

2000-03-26  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* jump.c (jump_optimize_1): Fix typo in elide optimizations
	for minimal jump pass test.

2000-03-26  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* integrate.c (function_cannot_inline_p): Do inline functions that
	return `void'.

Sun Mar 26 11:37:55 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* stor-layout.c (layout_type, set_sizetype): early_type_list is
	now a list of TREE_LIST entries, not types.
	* tree.c (build_common_tree_nodes_2): Eliminate dupliate type sets.

	* expmed.c (extract_bit_field): Ensure BITS_PER_WORD is signed in MAX.
	* config/arm/pe.c (arm_pe_return_in_memory): Use host_integerp and
	* config/mips/mips.c (function_arg): Likewise; also remove cast
	and make variables unsigned or HOST_WIDE_INT and use tree_low_cst.
	(mips_function_value): Use int_byte_position and make HOST_WIDE_INT.
	* config/mips/abi64.h (SETUP_INCOMING_VARARGS): Offsets are unsigned.
	* config/mips/mips.h (BITS_PER_WORD, UNITS_PER_WORD): Cast to unsigned.
	(GP_REG_P, FP_REG_P, MD_REG_P, ST_REG_P): Ensure subtraction signed.
	(struct mips_arg): arg_number, arg_words, fp_arg_words, and
	num_adjusts now unsigned.
	(FUNCTION_ARG_BOUNDARY): Remove unneeded cast.
	* config/sparc/sparc.c (struct function_arg_record_value_parms):
	NREGS now unsigned.
	(function_arg_record_value_1): STARTBITPOS arg now HOST_WIDE_INT
	as is BITPOS variable; use host_integerp and int_bit_position.
	(function_arg_record_value_2): Likewise.
	(function_arg_record_value_3): Arg BITPOS now HOST_WIDE_INT.
	Variable REGNO now unsigned.
	(function_arg_record_value): NREGS now unsigned.

2000-03-26  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* jump.c (mark_all_labels): Handle CALL_PLACEHOLDERs.

Sat Mar 25 09:12:10 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* Rework fields used to describe positions of bitfields and
	modify sizes to be unsigned and use HOST_WIDE_INT.
	* alias.c (reg_known_value_size): Now unsigned.
	* c-typeck.c (build_unary_op, case ADDR_EXPR): Use byte_position.
	(really_start_incremental_init): Use bitsize_zero_node.
	(push_init_level, pop_init_level, output_init_element): Likewise.
	Use bitsize_unit_node and bitsize_one_node.
	(output_pending_init_elements, process_init_element): Likewise.
	* combine.c (combine_max_regno, reg_sign_bit_copies): Now unsigned.
	(make_extraction): Position and length HOST_WIDE_INT and unsigned
	HOST_WIDE_INT, respectively.
	(get_pos_from_mask): Passed in value is unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(num_sign_bit_copies): Returns unsigned.
	BITWIDTH now unsigned; rework arithmetic.
	Remove recursive call from arg to MAX.
	(combine_instructions, init_reg_last_arrays): NREGS now unsigned.
	(setup_incoming_promotions, can_combine_p, try_combine, simplify_set):
	REGNO now unsigned.
	(set_nonzero_bit_and_sign_copies): NUM now unsigned.
	(find_split_point, expand_compound_operation, make_extraction): LEN
	now unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT, POS now HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(make_field_assignment): Likewise.
	(combine_simplify_rtx): Add cast.
	(expand_compound_operation): MODEWIDTH now unsigned; rework arithmetic.
	(force_to_mode): WIDTH now unsigned; add cast.
	(if_then_else_cond): SIZE now unsigned.
	(nonzero_bits): MODE_WIDTH, RESULT_WIDTH, and WIDTH now unsigned.
	(extended_count): Now returns unsigned.
	(simplify_shift_const): COUNT unsigned; arg is now INPUT_COUNT.
	Add SIGNED_COUNT variable; MODE_WORDS and FIRST_COUNT now unsigned.
	(simplify_comparison): MODE_WIDTH now unsigned.
	(update_table_tick): REGNO and ENDREGNO now unsigned; new var R.
	(mark_used_regs_combine): Likewise; rework arithmetic.
	(record_value_for_reg): REGNO, ENDREGNO, and I now unsigned.
	(record_dead_and_set_regs, reg_dead_at_p, distribute_notes): Likewise.
	(record_promoted_value): REGNO now unsigned.
	(get_last_value_validate): REGNO, ENDREGNO, and J now unsigned.
	(get_last_value): REGNO now unsigned.
	(use_crosses_set_p): REGNO and ENDREGNO now unsigned.
	(reg_dead_regno, reg_dead_endregno): Now unsigned.
	(remove_death): Arg REGNO now unsigned.
	(move_deaths):  REGNO, DEADREGNO, DEADEND, OUREND, and I now unsigned.
	(reg_bitfield_target_p): REGNO, REGNO, ENDREGNO, and ENDTREGNO
	now unsigned.
	* convert.c (convert_to_integer): INPREC and OUTPREC now unsigned.
	* cse.c (struct qty_table_elem): FIRST_REG and LAST_REG now unsigned.
	(struct cse_reg_info): REGNO now unsigned.
	(cached_regno): Now unsigned.
	(REGNO_QTY_VALID_P): Add cast.
	(make_new_qty, make_regs_eqv, delete_reg_eqiv): Regno args unsigned.
	(remove_invalid_regs): Likewise.
	(remove_invalid_subreg_refs): Likewise; arg WORD also unsigned
	as are variables END and I.
	(get_cse_reg_info, insert): Likewise.
	(mention_regs, invalidate_for_call): REGNO, ENDREGNO, and I unsigned.
	(canon_hash): Likewise.
	(insert_regs, lookup_for_remove): REGNO now unsigned.
	(invalidate): REGNO, ENDREGNO, TREGNO, and TENDREGNO now unsigned.
	New variable RN.
	* dbxout.c (dbxout_parms, dbxout_reg_parms): Don't check for REGNO < 0.
	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2ou_frame_debug_expr): Remove cast.
	* emit-rtl.c (subreg_realpart_p): Add cast.
	(operand_subword): Arg I is now unsigned as is var PARTWORDS.
	(operand_subword_force): Arg I is now unsigned.
	* except.c (eh_regs): Variable I is now unsigned.
	* explow.c (hard_function_value): BYTES is unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT.
	* expmed.c (store_fixed_bit_field): Position is HOST_WIDE_INT;
	length is unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT; likewise for internal variables.
	(store_split_bit_field, extract_fixed_bit_field): Likewise.
	(extract_split_bit_field, store_bit_field, extract_bit_field):
	* expr.c (store_constructor_fields, store_constructor, store_field):
	Positions are HOST_WIDE_INT and lengths are unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(expand_assignment, expand_expr, expand_expr_unaligned): Likewise.
	(do_jump): Likewise.
	(move_by_pieces, move_by_pieces_ninsns, clear_by_pieces):
	MAX_SIZE is now unsigned.
	(emit_group_load): BYTEPOS is HOST_WIDE_INT; BYTELEN is unsigned.
	(emit_group_store): Likewise.
	(emit_move_insn): I now unsigned.
	(store_constructor): Use host_integerp, tree_low_cst, and
	(get_inner_reference): Return bitpos and bitsize as HOST_WIDE_INT.
	Rework all calculations to use trees and new fields.
	* expr.h (promoted_input_arg): Regno now unsigned.
	(store_bit_field, extract_bit_field): Adjust types of pos and size.
	(mark_seen_cases): Arg is HOST_WIDE_INT.
	* flow.c (verify_wide_reg_1): REGNO now unsigned.
	* fold-const.c (decode_field_reference): Size and pos HOST_WIDE_INT;
	precisions and alignments are unsigned.
	(optimize_bit_field_compare, fold_truthop): Likewise.
	(int_const_binop): Adjust threshold for size_int_type_wide call.
	(fold_convert): Likewise.
	(size_int_type_wide): Make table larger and fix thinko that only
	had half of table used.
	(all_ones_mask_p, fold): Precisions are unsigned.
	* function.c (put_reg_info_stack): REGNO is unsigned.
	(instantiate_decl): Size is HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(instantiate_virtual_regs): I is unsigned.
	(assign_parms): REGNO, REGNOI, and REGNOR are unsigned.
	(promoted_input_arg): REGNO is unsigned.
	* function.h (struct function): x_max_parm_reg is now unsigned.
	* gcse.c (max_gcse_regno): Now unsigned.
	(struct null_pointer_info): min_reg and max_reg now unsigned.
	(lookup_set, next_set): REGNO arg now unsigned.
	(compute_hash_table): REGNO and I now unsigned.
	(handle_avail_expr): regnum_for_replacing now unsigned.
	(cprop_insn): REGNO now unsigned.
	(delete_null_pointer_checks_1): BLOCK_REG now pointer to unsigned.
	* ggc-common.c (ggc_mark_tree_children, case FIELD_DECL): New case.
	* global.c (set_preference): SRC_REGNO, DEST_REGNO, and I now unsigned.
	* hard-reg-set.h (reg_class_size): Now unsigned.
	* integrate.c (mark_stores): LAST_REG and I now unsigned; new UREGNO.
	* jump.c (mark_modified_reg): I now unsigned; add cast.
	(rtx_equal_for_thread_p): Add cast.
	* loop.c (max_reg_before_loop): Now unsigned.
	(struct_movable): REGNO now unsigned.
	(try_copy_prop): REGNO arg unsigned.
	(regs_match_p): XN and YN now unsigned.
	(consec_sets_invariant_p, maybe_eliminate_biv): REGNO now unsigned.
	(strength_reduce): Likewise; NREGS also unsigned.
	(first_increment_giv, last_increment_giv unsigned): Now unsigned.
	* loop.h (struct iv_class): REGNO now unsigned.
	(max_reg_before_loop, first_increment_giv, last_increment_giv):
	Now unsigned.
	* machmode.h (mode_size, mode_unit_size): Now unsigned.
	(mode_for_size, smallest_mode_for_size): Pass size as unsigned.
	* optabs.c (expand_binop): I and NWORDS now unsigned.
	(expand_unop): I now unsigned.
	* print-tree.c (print_node): Don't print DECL_FIELD_BITPOS, but do
	* real.c (significand_size): Now returns unsigned.
	* real.h (significand_size): Likewise.
	* regclass.c (reg_class_size): Now unsigned.
	(choose_hard_reg_mode): Both operands now unsigned.
	(record_reg_classes): REGNO and NR now unsigned.
	(reg_scan): NREGS now unsigned.
	(reg_scan_update): old_max_regno now unsigned.
	(reg_scan_mark_refs): Arg MIN_REGNO and var REGNO now unsigned.
	* reload.c (find_valid_class): BEST_SIZE now unsigned.
	(find_dummy_reload): REGNO, NWORDS, and	I now unsigned.
	(hard_reg_set_here_p): Args BEG_REGNO and END_REGNO now unsigned.
	Likewise for variable R.
	(refers_to_regno_for_reload_p): Args REGNO and END_REGNO now unsigned,
	as are variables INNER_REGNO and INNER_ENDREGNO; add new variable R.
	(find_equiv_reg): Add casts.
	(regno_clobbered_p): Arg REGNO now unsigned.
	* reload.h (struct reload): NREGS now unsigned.
	(refers_to_regno_for_reload_p): Regno args are unsigned.
	(regno_clobbered_p): Likewise.
	* reload1.c (reg_max_ref_width, spill_stack_slot_width): Now unsigned.
	(compute_use_by_pseudos): REGNO now unsigned.
	(find_reg): I and J now unsigned, new variable K, and change loop
	variables accordingly; THIS_NREGS now unsigned.
	(alter_reg): INHERENT_SIZE and TOTAL_SIZE now unsigned.
	(spill_hard_reg): REGNO arg now unsigned; add casts.
	(forget_old_reloads_1): REGNO, NR, and I now unsigned.
	(mark_reload_reg_in_use): Arg REGNO and vars NREGS and I now unsigned.
	(clear_reload_reg_in_use): Arg REGNO and vars NREGS, START_REGNO,
	(reload_reg_free_p, reload_reg_reaches_end_p): Arg REGNO now unsigned.
	(choose_reload_regs): MAX_GROUP_SIZE now unsigned.
	(emit_reload_insns): REGNO now unsigned.
	(reload_cse_move2add): Add cast.
	(move2add_note_store): REGNO and I now unsigned; new variable ENDREGNO
	and rework loop.
	* resource.c (mark_referenced_resources, mark_set_resources): New
	variable R; REGNO and LAST_REGNO now unsigned.
	(mark_target_live_regs): J and REGNO now unsigned.
	* rtl.c (mode_size, mode_unit_size): Now unsigned.
	* rtl.h (union rtunion_def): New field rtuint.
	(XCUINT): New macro.
	(operand_subword, operand_subword_force): Word number is unsigned.
	(choose_hard_reg_mode): Operands are unsigned.
	(refers_to-regno_p, dead_or_set_regno_p): Regno arg is unsigned.
	(find_regno_note, find_regno_fusage, replace_regs): Likewise.
	(regno_use_in, combine_instructions, remove_death): Likewise.
	(reg_scan, reg_scan_update): Likewise.
	(extended_count): Return is unsigned.
	* rtlanal.c (refers_to_regno_p): Args REGNO and ENDREGNO and vars I,
	INNER_REGNO, and INNER_ENDREGNO now unsigned; new variable X_REGNO.
	(reg_overlap_mentioned_p): REGNO and ENDREGNO now unsigned.
	(reg_set_last_first_regno, reg_set_last_last_regno): Now unsigned.
	(reg_reg_last_1): FIRS and LAST now unsigned.
	(dead_or_set_p): REGNO, LAST_REGNO, and I now unsigned.
	(dead_or_set_regno_p): Arg TEST_REGNO and vars REGNO and ENDREGNO
	now unsigned.
	(find_regno_note, regno_use_in): Arg REGNO now unsigned.
	(find_regno_fusage): Likewise; also var REGNOTE now unsigned.
	(find_reg_fusage): Variables REGNO, END_REGNO, and I now unsigned.
	(replace_regs): Arg NREGS now unsigned.
	* sdbout.c (sdbout_parms, sdbout_reg_parms): Don't check REGNO < 0.
	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_unary_operation): WIDTH now unsigned.
	(simplify_binary_operation): Likewise.
	(cselib_invalidate_regno): Arg REGNO and variables ENDREGNO, I, and
	THIS_LAST now unsigned.
	(cselib_record_set): Add cast.
	* ssa.c (ssa_max_reg_num): Now unsigned.
	(rename_block): REGNO now unsigned.
	* stmt.c (expand_return): Bit positions unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT;
	sizes now unsigned.
	(all_cases_count): Just return -1 not -2.
	Rework tests to use trees whenever possible.
	Use host_integerp and tree_low_cst.
	(mark_seen_cases): COUNT arg now HOST_WIDE_INT;
	Likewise variable NEXT_NODE_OFFSET; XLO now unsigned.
	(check_for_full_enumeration_handing): BYTES_NEEDED, I to HOST_WIDE_INT.
	* stor-layout.c (mode_for_size): SIZE arg now unsigned.
	(smallest_mode_for_size): Likewise.
	(layout_decl): Simplify handing of a specified DECL_SIZE_UNIT.
	KNOWN_ALIGN is now an alignment, so simplify code.
	Don't turn off DECL_BIT_FIELD if field is BLKmode, but not type.
	(start_record_layout): Renamed from new_record_layout_info.
	Update to new fields.
	(debug_rli, normalize_rli, rli_size_unit_so_far, rli_size_so_far):
	New functions.
	(place_union_field): Renamed from layout_union_field.
	Update to use new fields in rli.
	(place_field): Renamed from layout_field.
	Major rewrite to use new fields in rli; pass alignment to layout_decl.
	(finalize_record_size): Rework to use new fields in rli and handle
	(compute_record_mode): Rework to simplify and to use new DECL fields.
	(finalize_type_size): Make rounding more consistent.
	(finish_union_layout): Deleted.
	(layout_type, case VOID_TYPE): Don't set TYPE_SIZE_UNIT either.
	(layout_type, case RECORD_TYPE): Call new function names.
	(initialize_sizetypes): Set TYPE_IS_SIZETYPE.
	(set_sizetype): Set TYPE_IS_SIZETYPE earlier.
	(get_best_mode): UNIT is now unsigned; remove casts.
	* tree.c (bit_position): Compute from new fields.
	(byte_position, int_byte_position): New functions.
	(print_type_hash_statistics): Cast to remove warning.
	(build_range_type): Use host_integerp and tree_low_cst to try to hash.
	(build_index_type): Likewise; make subtype of sizetype.
	(build_index_2_type): Pass sizetype to build_range_type.
	(build_common_tree_nodes): Use size_int and bitsize_int to
	initialize nodes; add bitsize_{zero,one,unit}_node.
	(DECL_ALIGN): Adjust to new field in union.
	(DECL_OFFSET_ALIGN): New field.
	(union tree_decl): Add struct for both aligns.
	(enum tree_index): Add TI_BITSIZE_{ZERO,ONE,UNIT}.
	(bitsize_zero_node, bitsize_one_node, bitsize_unit_node): Added.
	(struct record_layout_info): Rework fields to have offset
	alignment and byte and bit position.
	(start_record_layout, place_field): Renamed from old names.
	(rli_size_so_far, rli_size_unit_so_far, normalize_rli): New decls.
	(byte_position, int_byte_position): Likewise.
	(get_inner_reference): Change types of position and length.
	* unroll.c (unroll_loop): New variable R; use for some loops.
	(calculate_giv_inc): Arg REGNO now unsigned.
	(copy_loop_body): REGNO and SRC_REGNO now unsigned.
	* varasm.c (assemble_variable): Clean up handling of size using
	host_integerp and tree_low_cst.
	(decode_addr_const): Use byte, not bit, position.
	(output_constructor): bitpos and offsets are HOST_WIDE_INT;
	use tree_low_cst and int_bit_position.
	* objc/objc-act.c (build_ivar_list_initializer): Use byte_position.

Fri Mar 24 20:13:49 2000  Jason Eckhardt  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (REORDER_MOVED_BLOCK_END): Removed.
	(reorder_block_def): New members eff_head and eff_end.
	(verify_insn_chain): New function.
	(skip_insns_between_block): Add code to skip deleted insns.
	Check for note before using.
	(chain_reorder_blocks): Replace calls to skip_insns_between_block
	Check for note before using.
	(make_reorder_chain): Use INTVAL rather than XINT to get REG_BR_PROB.
	(fixup_reorder_chain): Restructure, clean up, defect removal.
	(reorder_basic_blocks): Remove last_insn and references to it.
	Moved insn chain verification code into a new function (see above).
	Delete defective code that sets last insn.
	all blocks.

2000-03-25  Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/c4x/c4x.h (CPP_SPEC): Remove erroneous space.

2000-03-24  Richard Henderson  <>

	* tree.c (lang_safe_for_unsave): Remove.
	(unsafe_for_reeval): Transmute and rename from safe_for_unsave,
	allowing for two levels of unsafeness.  Remove lang hook.
	* tree.h: Update declarations.
	* calls.c (expand_call): Rename safe_for_reeval to try_tail_call.
	Create temporary VAR_DECLs to protect very unsafe_for_reeval trees.
	Always fail sibcalls when there are pending cleanups.

2000-03-24  Geoff Keating  <>

	* flow.c (propagate_block): When we delete an ADDR_VEC,
	also delete the BARRIER following it if there is one.

2000-03-24  Richard Henderson  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_bzero): Convert `length' argument
	to sizetype.

2000-03-24  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* sibcall.c (skip_copy_to_return_value): Use OUTGOING_REGNO for
	comparison if regno's are equal.
	* calls.c (initialize_argument_informat): Add ecf_flags argument.
	(expand_call): Update caller.
	Avoid making a sibling call if argument size of the callee is larger
	than argument size of the caller.
	Call hard_function_value with outgoing set if in sibcall pass.

	* final.c (permitted_reg_in_leaf_functions, only_leaf_regs_used):
	Change LEAF_REGISTERS from an array initializer to actual array
	identifier. Move static global variable into the function.
	(leaf_function_p): Allow SIBLING_CALL_P calls even outside of
	sequences for leaf functions.
	* global.c (global_alloc): Likewise.
	* tm.texi (LEAF_REGISTERS): Update documentation.

	* config/sparc/sparc.h (CONDITIONAL_REGISTER_USAGE): Remove the ugly
	TARGET_FLAT leaf disabling hack.
	(LEAF_REGISTERS): Changed from an array initializer to actual array
	identifier to avoid duplication and remove the above hack.
	* config/sparc/ (sibcall): New attr type. Use it almost
	always like call attribute.
	(eligible_for_sibcall_delay): New attribute.
	(sibcall): New delay type.
	(sibcall, sibcall_value, sibcall_epilogue): New expands.
	(sibcall_symbolic_sp32, sibcall_symbolic_sp64,
	sibcall_value_symbolic_sp32, sibcall_value_symbolic_sp64): New insns.
	* config/sparc/sparc.c (sparc_leaf_regs): New array.
	(eligible_for_sibcall_delay, output_restore_regs, output_sibcall):
	New functions.
	(output_function_epilogue): Move part of the code into
	(ultra_code_from_mask, ultrasparc_sched_reorder): Handle
	* sparc-protos.h (output_sibcall, eligible_for_sibcall_delay): New

	* config/sparc/sparc.h (REVERSIBLE_CC_MODE): Revert Jan, 25 change
	until infrastructure is finished.

Fri Mar 24 13:49:45 2000  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* integrate.c (save_for_inline_nocopy): Clear in_nonparm_insns here.
	(save_parm_insns): Not here.

2000-03-24  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_bzero): New function.
	(expand_builtin): Handle bzero.

	* builtins.def: Add BUILT_IN_BZERO.

	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Provide builtin
	prototype & function for bzero.

2000-03-23  Michael Meissner  <>

	* config/alpha/ (TF floating point insns): Undo 2000-03-21
	change adding TARGET_FP to the TF floating point insns, except for
	trunctfsf2, which generates direct calls to truncdfsf2.

2000-03-23  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (ARG_POINTER_CFA_OFFSET): New definition,
	try to protect against middle-end changes that break binary
	(DWARF_FRAME_REGISTERS): New definition, likewise for backend.

2000-03-24  Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/c4x/ (load_immed_address):  Add DP reg clobber.

Thu Mar 23 17:10:48 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): If TARGET is passed by reference and
	is readonly, write a CLOBBER.

2000-03-23  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin): Handle bcmp.

	* builtins.def: Add BUILT_IN_BCMP.

	* c-common.c (c_common_nodes_and_builtins): Provide builtin
	prototype & function for bcmp.

Thu Mar 23 11:34:39 2000  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (rtx_needs_barrier, case UNSPEC): Move case 6...
	(rtx_needs_barrier, case UNSPEC_VOLATILE): to here.
	* config/ia64/ (pr_restore): Change UNSPEC to UNSPEC_VOLATILE.

Thu Mar 23 16:04:40 2000  Andrew Haley  <>

	* config/mips/ (movdf_internal1a): Delete (set 'f', 'F')
	alternative when using -fp64 -gp32.

2000-03-22  Jason Merrill  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (DWARF_FRAME_RETURN_COLUMN): Define.
	* config/alpha/alpha.h (DWARF_FRAME_RETURN_COLUMN): Define.
	* config/sparc/sparc.h (DWARF_FRAME_RETURN_COLUMN): Define.

	* frame.h (frame_state): Revert last change.
	* frame.c (execute_cfa_insn): Just don't record the save of a CFA reg.
	* libgcc2.c (throw_helper): Revert last change.

2000-03-22  Richard Henderson  <>

	* stmt.c (expand_asm_operands): Don't promote the temporary.

2000-03-22  Theodore Papadopoulo <>

	* builtin.c (get_pointer_alignment): Use DECL_P and TYPE_P macros.
	* c-common.c (decl_attributes,check_format_info,truthvalue_conversion,
	  c_get_alias_set): Likewise.
	* c-decl.c (duplicate_decls): Likewise.
	* c-typeck.c (default_conversion,build_unary_op): Likewise.
	* calls.c (initialize_argument_information): Likewise.
	* dwarf2out.c (decl_class_context,add_abstract_origin_attribute):
	* dwarfout.c (decl_class_context,output_type): Likewise.
	* expr.c (get_inner_reference): Likewise.
	* fold-const.c (simple_operand_p,fold): Likewise.
	* function.c (aggregate_value_p): Likewise.
	* stmt.c (expand_asm_operands): Likewise.
	* varasm.c (named_section): Likewise.

2000-03-22  Jason Merrill  <>

	Implement dwarf2 exception handling for the ARM.
	* config/arm/arm.h (INCOMING_RETURN_ADDR_RTX): Define.
	* config/arm/arm.c (emit_multi_reg_push): Return rtx.  Attach
	(emit_sfm): Likewise.
	(arm_expand_prologue): Set RTX_FRAME_RELATED_P on everything.
	* dwarf2out.c (reg_save): Handle saving a register to itself.
	(dwarf2out_frame_debug_expr): Handle an intermediate cfa reg.
	* except.c (eh_regs): Don't use the static chain reg if it's
	* frame.h (frame_state): Add cfa_saved field.
	* frame.c (execute_cfa_insn): Set it.
	* libgcc2.c (throw_helper): Don't adjust sp if it's restored in
	the epilogue.
	Now takes a parm.
	(instantiate_virtual_regs): Adjust.
	* tm.texi: Adjust.
	* config/m68k/m68k.h (ARG_POINTER_CFA_OFFSET): Don't define.
	* config/ns32k/ns32k.h (ARG_POINTER_CFA_OFFSET): Don't define.
	* config/sparc/sparc.h (ARG_POINTER_CFA_OFFSET): Take a parm.

	* dwarf2out.c (reg_number): Refer to FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER.
	(initial_return_save): Use DWARF_FRAME_REGNUM, not reg_number.

2000-03-22  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.def: New file.

	* (TREE_H): Depend on builtins.def.

	* builtins.c (built_in_names): Use builtins.def.

	* tree.h (built_in_function): Likewise.

2000-03-22  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* tree.c (size_in_bytes): Return size_zero_node, not

2000-03-22  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/fp-bit.c (pack_d): Correct the case when a denormal
	is rounded up and stops being denormal.

2000-03-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (function_arg): Check for void_type_node
	before using MUST_PASS_IN_STACK.

2000-03-21  Stephane Carrez  <>

	* regmove.c (combine_stack_adjustments_for_block): Check that
	the stack pointer is a valid memory address.

Wed Mar 22 11:44:50 MET 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* calls.c: re-install Mar 16 emit_library_call merge.

2000-03-21  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/sparc/sparc.c (mem_min_alignment): If not optimizing,
	we cannot be sure that if reload_completed base register will
	be properly aligned.

2000-03-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (delete_block): Fix typo last change.

2000-03-21  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* c-common.c (c_expand_expr_stmt): Use COMPLETE_TYPE_OR_VOID_P,
	not COMPLETE_TYPE_P, to check the type of the expression.

2000-03-21  Michael Meissner  <>

	* config/alpha/ (floating point insns): Add TARGET_FP to
	all floating point insns that just tested the macro
	(movsf/movdf recognizers): Add separate insns if -mno-fp-regs is
	used to only use the gprs.

2000-03-21  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* tree.h (COMPLETE_TYPE_P): New macro.
	* stor-layout.c (layout_type, case VOID_TYPE): Don't set TYPE_SIZE.
	* c-aux-info.c (gen_type): Use them.
	* c-common.c (c_expand_expr_stmt): Likewise.
	* c-decl.c (poplevel, pushdecl, start_decl, finish_decl,
	grokdeclarator, grokparms, finish_struct, start_function,
	store_parm_decls, combine_parm_decls): Likewise.
	* c-parse.y (cast_expr): Likewise.
	* c-typeck.c (require_complete_type, c_sizeof, c_sizeof_nowarn,
	c_size_in_bytes, c_alignof, build_component_ref,
	build_indirect_ref, build_array_ref, convert_arguments,
	build_binary_op, pointer_diff, build_unary_op, digest_init: Likewise.
	* calls.c (initialize_argument_information): Likewise.
	* convert.c (convert_to_integer): Likewise.
	* dbxout.c (dbxout_typedefs, dbxout_type, dbxout_symbol): Likewise.
	* dwarfout.c (location_or_const_value_attribute,
	output_enumeration_type_die, output_structure_type_die,
	output_union_type_die, output_type): Likewise.
	* expr.c (safe_from_p, expand_expr): Likewise.
	* function.c (assign_parms): Likewise.
	* sdbout.c (sdbout_symbol, sdbout_one_type): Likewise.
	* tree.c (build_array_type, build_function_type,
	build_method_type, build_offset_type, build_complex_type): Likewise.
	* c-parse.c, c-parse.h: Regenerated.

2000-03-21  Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/c4x/rtems.h: Include config/rtems.h.

Tue Mar 21 09:24:00 2000  Denis Chertykov  <>

	* config/avr/avr.c (encode_section_info): sets SYMBOL_REF_FLAG if
	decl is a FUNCTION_DECL

Mon Mar 20 19:53:53 2000  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_expand_prologue): Don't abort if leaf
	function uses output registers.  Don't save RP for leaf functions.
	Do save RP even if no epilogue.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (FIXED_REGISTERS): Unmark in/out registers.
	(CALL_USED_REGISTERS): Unmark in registers.
	(REG_ALLOC_ORDER): Move out regs up, to near the top.  Move in regs up,
	to near the middle.

2000-03-20  Geoff Keating  <>

	* config/rs6000/ (bunordered): New expander.
	(bordered): New expander.
	(buneq): New expander.
	(bunge): New expander.
	(bungt): New expander.
	(bunle): New expander.
	(bunlt): New expander.
	(bltgt): New expander.

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (ccr_bit): Handle unordered comparisons.
	(ccr_bit_negated_p): New function.
	(print_operand): For %C, generate appropriate cror for UNEQ,
	UNLT, UNGT, and LTGT.  For %T and %t, use ccr_bit_negated_p.

2000-03-20  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* sdbout.c (sdbout_one_type): Add braces to avoid "ambigous else"

	* tree.h (safe_for_unsave): Prototype.

2000-03-20  Richard Henderson  <>

	* regmove.c (stack_memref_p): Fix typo, reorg for readability.
	(combine_stack_adjustments_for_block): Don't allow sp references
	in the side of a set we're not fixing up.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Run combine_stack_adjustments
	after life_analysis.

2000-03-20  Richard Henderson  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Don't bother generating tail call
	sequences if there are pending cleanups.  Use
	expand_start_target_temps/expand_end_target_temps to elide
	cleanups created during sibcall expansion.

2000-03-20  Geoff Keating  <>

	* Set $IFS to a value if it doesn't already have one
	in the --enable-checking handling.
	* configure: Regenerate.

2000-03-20  Martin v. Löwis  <>

	* (SAVE_WARN_FLAGS): Use size_int.
	* c-parse.y, c-parse.c, objc/objc-parse.y, objc/objc-parse.c:

Mon Mar 20 11:43:15 MET 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* jump.c (delete_noop_moves): Remove code attempting to
	combine stack adjustments.

2000-03-19  Martin v. Löwis  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (push_to_full_sequence, end_full_sequence): New functions.
	* except.c (emit_cleanup_handler): Use them.
	(expand_end_all_catch): Likewise.
	* function.c (fixup_var_refs): Likewise.
	(expand_function_end): Clear catch_clauses_last.
	* rtl.h (push_to_full_sequence, end_full_sequence): Declare.
	* except.h (struct eh_status): New field x_catch_clauses_last.
	(catch_clauses_last): New define.

	* (tree.o): Depend on HASHTAB_H.
	* tree.c: Include hashtab.h.
	(struct type_hash): Remove next field.
	(TYPE_HASH_SIZE): Remove.
	(type_hash_table): Change type to htab_t.
	(type_hash_eq, type_hash_hash, print_type_hash_statistics,
	mark_hash_entry): New functions.
	(init_obstacks): Allocate type hash.
	(type_hash_lookup): Use htab functions.
	(type_hash_add, mark_type_hash): Likewise.
	(dump_tree_statistics): Call print_type_hash_statistics.

2000-03-19  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* rs6000/t-aix41: New file.

	* ({rs6000,powerpc}-ibm-aix4.[12]*): Use it.

Sun Mar 19 13:27:30 2000  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* tm.texi (Driver): Fix typos and tweak entry for
	Move misplaced STRUCT_FORCE_BLK entry ...
	(Storage Layout): ... to here.
	(Run-time Target): Recommend having TARGET_MASK_... helper macros.

2000-03-19  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (delete_block): Delete the addr_vec along with the block.
	(flow_delete_insn): Decrement LABEL_NUSES when deleting insns that
	reference labels.

	* fold-const.c (extract_muldiv): Apply type check for defined
	overflow to multiply as well as divide.

	* stor-layout.c (layout_decl): Don't abort on any zero sized decl.

2000-03-18  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (remove_unnecessary_notes): Check that all
	associated NOTE_BLOCK.
	* function.h (identify_blocks): Update comments.
	(reorder_blocks): Declare.
	* function.c (identify_blocks): Don't take paramters.
	(reorder_blocks): Don't take parameters.
	* loop.h (find_loop_tree_blocks): Remove.
	(unroll_block_trees): Likewise.
	* loop.c (loop_optimize): Don't call find_loop_tree_blocks.  Use
	reorder_blocks instead of unroll_block_trees.h
	* sibcall.c (optimize_sibling_and_tail_recursive_calls): Likewise.
	* stmt.c (find_loop_tree_blocks): Remove.
	(unroll_block_trees): Likewise.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Don't call find_loop_tree_blocks
	in whole-function mode.
	* tree.h (reorder_blocks): Remove declaration.

	* expr.c: Include intl.h.
	* (expr.o): Depend on intl.h.

2000-03-18  Richard Henderson  <>

	* expr.c (emit_move_insn_1): Clarify cannot_inline message.

2000-03-18  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* tree.h (tree_index): Remove enumerals for integer types.
	(integer_type_kind): New type.
	(integer_types): New variable.
	(char_type_node): Adjust.
	(signed_char_type_node): Likewise.
	(unsigned_char_type_node): Likewise.
	(short_integer_type_node): Likewise.
	(short_unsigned_type_node): Likewise.
	(integer_type_node): Likewise.
	(unsigned_type_node): Likewise.
	(long_integer_type_node): Likewise.
	(long_unsigned_type_node): Likewise.
	(long_long_integer_type_node): Likewise.
	(long_long_unsigned_type_node): Likewise.
	* tree.c (integer_types): New variable.
	(init_obstacks): Register it as a root.

Sat Mar 18 14:38:00 2000  Jason Eckhardt  <>

	* bb-reorder.c (reorder_basic_blocks): Update PREV_INSN as well as
	NEXT_INSN. Update last insn in chain.

2000-03-17  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_decl): Don't emit anything for types

2000-03-18  Richard Henderson  <>

	* flow.c (make_edges): Use INTVAL to access REG_EH_REGION value.

2000-03-18  Richard Henderson  <>

	* i386.c (call_insn_operand): Always allow SYMBOL_REF,
	care for HALF_PIC_P.
	(expander_call_insn_operand): Remove.
	(ix86_expand_epilogue): New arg `emit_return' to control return insn.
	* i386.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Update.
	* (all call expanders): Remove predicates, remove special
	handling for half-pic.
	(*call_1, *call_value_1): Handle SIBLING_CALL_P insns.
	(*call_pop_pic2, *call_pic2, *call_value_pop_2, *call_value_2): Remove.
	(sibcall_epilogue): New.

2000-03-17  Richard Henderson  <>

	* rtlanal.c (single_set): Reject if the parallel has anything
	except SET or USE or CLOBBER.

2000-03-17  Jeff Law  <>
	    Richard Henderson  <>

	* (OBJS): Add sibcall.o.
	(sibcall.o): New.
	* sibcall.c: New file.
	* calls.c (FUNCTION_OK_FOR_SIBCALL): Provide default.
	(emit_call_1): Replace `is_const' and `nothrow' with `ecf_flags'.
	Emit sibcall patterns when requested.  Update all callers.
	(expand_call): Generate CALL_PLACEHOLDER insns when tail call
	elimination seems feasable.
	* final.c (leaf_function_p): Sibling calls don't discount being
	a leaf function.
	* flow.c (HAVE_sibcall_epilogue): Provide default.
	(find_basic_blocks_1): Sibling calls don't throw.
	(make_edges): Make edge from sibling call to EXIT.
	(propagate_block): Don't remove sibcall_epilogue insns.
	* function.c (prologue, epilogue): Turn into varrays.  Update all uses.
	(sibcall_epilogue): New.
	(fixup_var_refs): Scan CALL_PLACEHOLDER sub-sequences.
	(identify_blocks_1): Likewise.  Break out from ...
	(identify_blocks): ... here.
	(reorder_blocks_1): Scan CALL_PLACEHOLDER.  Break out from ...
	(reorder_blocks): ... here.
	(init_function_for_compilation): Zap prologue/epilogue as varrays.
	(record_insns): Extend a varray instead of mallocing new memory.
	(contains): Read a varray not array of ints.
	(sibcall_epilogue_contains): New.
	(thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns): Emit and record
	sibcall_epilogue patterns.
	(init_function_once): Allocate prologue/epilogue varrays.
	* genflags.c (gen_insn): Treat sibcall patterns as calls.
	* integrate.c (save_parm_insns): Recurse on CALL_PLACEHOLDER patterns.
	Broken out from ...
	(save_for_inline_nocopy): ... here.
	(copy_insn_list): Recurse on CALL_PLACEHOLDER patterns.
	Broken out from ...
	(expand_inline_function): ... here.
	(copy_rtx_and_substitute): Handle NOTE_INSN_DELETED_LABEL.
	(subst_constants): Handle 'n' formats.
	* jump.c (jump_optimize_minimal): New.
	(jump_optimize_1): New arg `minimal'; update callers.  Elide most
	optimizations if it's set.
	* rtl.c (copy_rtx): Do copy jump & call for insns.
	* rtl.h (struct rtx_def): Document use of jump and call for insns.
	(sibcall_use_t): New.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Do init_EXPR_INSN_LIST_cache earlier.
	Invoke optimize_sibling_and_tail_recursive_calls.
	* tree.c (lang_safe_for_unsave): New.
	(safe_for_unsave): New.
	* tree.h (lang_safe_for_unsave, safe_for_unsave): Declare.

	* alpha.h (FUNCTION_OK_FOR_SIBCALL): New.
	* (sibcall, sibcall_value, sibcall_epilogue): New.
	(*sibcall_osf_1, *sibcall_value_osf_1): New.

2000-03-17  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* objc/objc-act.c (encode_method_prototype): Pass types, not
	PARM_DECLs, to int_size_in_bytes.

Fri Mar 17 11:51:34 2000  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/ia64/ (mix4right_3op): Swap %1 and %2 in template.

	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h, config/ia64/ia64.c, config/ia64/ia64.h,
	config/ia64/, config/ia64/xm-ia64.h: Fix copyrights again.

Fri Mar 17 08:09:14 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* Clean up usages of TREE_INT_CST_LOW.
	* (RESTORE_WARN_FLAGS): Use tree_low_cst.
	* c-parse.y, c-parse.c, objc/objc-parse.y, objc/objc-parse.c:
	* c-tree.h (min_precision): Move declaration to here.
	* c-typeck.c (build_binary_op): Use host_integerp and tree_low_cst.
	(build_unary_op, add_pending_init): Use bit_position.
	(pending_init_member, process_init_element): Likewise.
	(really_start_incremental_init, push_init_level, pop_init_level):
	Don't make copies of nodes or modify them in place, use consistent
	types when tracking positions, and use tree routines computations.
	(set_init_index, output_init_element): Likewise.
	(output_pending_init_elements, process_init_element): Likewise.
	* dbxout.c (dbxout_type_fields): Use bit_position, host_integerp,
	tree_low_cst and int_bit_position; also minor cleanup.
	(dbxout_type_method_1, dbxout_range_type, dbxout_type): Likewise.
	(print_cst_octal): Precision is unsigned.
	(dbxout_symbol): Ensure DECL_INITIAL is in-range and use tree_low_cst.
	* dwarf2out.c (ceiling): Input and output are unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(simple_type_align_in_bits): Result is unsigned int.
	Use tree_int_low_cst and host_integerp.
	(simple_type_size_in_bits): Result is unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(field_byte_offset): Result is HOST_WIDE_INT.
	Change types of internal variables so alignments are unsigned int,
	offsets are HOST_WIDE_INT and sizes are unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT.
	Use host_integerp, tree_low_cst, and int_bit_position.
	(add_bit_offset_attribute): Likewise.
	(add_data_member_location_attribute): Use tree_cst_low.
	(add_bound_info): Use host_integerp, integer_zerop, and integer_onep.
	(add_bit_size_attribute): Use tree_low_cst.
	(add_pure_or_virtual_attribute, gen_enumeration_type_die): Likewise.
	* dwarfout.c: Similar changes to dwarf2out.c.
	* expr.c (expand_expr, case ARRAY_REF): Remove redundant code.
	* genoutput.c (n_occurrences): Return -1 for null string.
	(strip_whitespace): Accept null string and make into function.
	(scan_operands): Reflect above changes.
	* sdbout.c (plain_type_1): Use host_integerp and tree_low_cst.
	(sdbout_field_types, sdbout_one_type): Likewise; also use bit_position.
	* ssa.c (rename_registers): Add missing cast of arg to bzero.
	* tree.c (int_size_in_bytes): Check for too big to represent.
	(bit_position, int_bit_position, host_integerp, tree_low_cst): New fns.
	* tree.h (host_integerp, tree_low_cst, bit_position, int_bit_position):
	New declarations.
	(min_precision): Delete from here.
	* varasm.c (decode_addr_const): Use host_integerp, bit_position,
	and int_bit_position.
	* objc/objc-act.c (encode_method_prototype): Sizes are HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(encode_method_def): Likewise.
	(build_ivar_list_initializer): Use int_bit_position.
	(generate_shared_structures): Convert size.
	(encode_type, encode_complete_bitfield): Use integer_zerop.
	(encode_bitfield): Use tree_low_cst and int_bit_position.

2000-03-17  Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/c4x/c4x.h (CPP_SPEC): Fix typo.

2000-03-17  Martin v. Löwis  <>

	* call.c (special_function_p): It is only malloc if it returns

2000-03-17  Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/c4x/c4x.h (ASM_SPEC, CPP_SPEC, LINK_SPEC): Support C33.
	(C33_FLAG, TARGET_C3X): Add macros.
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): Add -m33 option.
	* config/c4x/c4x.c (c4x_override_options): Test for TARGET_C33.

2000-03-17  Michael Hayes  <>

	* config/c4x/c4x.h (PARALLEL_INSN_FLAG): Add.

Thu Mar 16 18:52:32 2000  Richard Kenner  <>

	* fold-const.c (fold): Fix a few cases when the returned result
	is not of the same type as the input.

2000-03-16  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/arm/arm.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK): Fix compile time

2000-03-16  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* libgcc2.h: Move prototypes above macros with the same name.
	Wrap some function prototypes in the conditional which indicates
	whether they are supported, i.e. "BITS_PER_UNIT == 8".

2000-03-16  Richard Henderson  <>

	* calls.c: Revert last two changes.

2000-03-16  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* fp-bit.c (_unpack_d): If NO_DENORMALS is defined, anything that
	has exponent 0 is a zero.

	* simplify-rtx.c (hash_rtx, case MEM/REG): Take into account that
	HASH may already be nonzero.  Add code/mode into hash value
	immediately after repeat label.
	(cselib_lookup): Don't leave the hash table in an inconsistent
	state before a hash lookup operation.

Thu Mar 16 17:03:10 MET 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* (all HI and QI mode non-move patterns):  Conditionize
	* i386.h (x86_himode_math, x86_qimode_math, x86_promote_hi_regs,
	x86_promote_qi_regs): Declare.
	(PROMOTE_MODE): New macro.
	* i386.c (x86_himode_math, x86_qimode_math, x86_promote_hi_regs,
	x86_promote_qi_regs): New global variables.

Thu Mar 16 16:50:44 MET 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* calls.c (emit_library_call_value_1): Break out from ...; handle
	VOIDmode function calls too.
	(emit_library_call_value): ... here.
	(emit_library_call): Implement by calling emit_library_call_value_1.

Thu Mar 16 16:01:30 MET 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* calls.c (expand_call): Do sanity checking on arg_space_so_far.
	Update arg_space_so_far on stack adjustments.
	(emit_library_call, emit_library_call_value): Likewise; take into
	account arg_space_so_far and pending_stack_adjust when calculcating
	the boundary.

Thu Mar 16 09:02:19 2000  Jason Eckhardt  <>

	* flow.c: Move all basic block reordering code into its own file.
	(create_basic_block): Externalize.
	* bb-reorder.c: New file. Copy all basic block reordering code from
	flow.c to this file.
	(reorder_basic_blocks): Fix fencepost error in for-loop.
	(reorder_basic_blocks): Remove braces from single statement for-loops.
	* basic-block.h: Add declaration for create_basic_block.
	* Add rules for bb-reorder.o.

2000-03-16  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppinit.c (handle_option):  Implement #unassert directive
	as -A- command line option.
	(print_help):  Update.
	* cpptexi.c:  Update.

Thu Mar 16 02:14:16 2000  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <hp@