ChangeLog-1997   [plain text]

Wed Dec 31 14:42:18 1997  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Set and substitute host_exeext.  Use it when creating
	the assembler and linker symlinks.
	* configure: Rebuild.
	* (exeext): Set to @host_exeext@.
	(build_exeext): New variable, set to @build_exeext@.
	(FLAGS_TO_PASS): Pass down build_exeext.
	(STAGESTUFF): Use build_exeext, not exeext, for gen* and bi*

Wed Dec 31 10:05:44 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (addsi3, subsi3): Fix thinkos.

Tue Dec 30 00:04:49 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* sparc.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK): Move %o7 through %g1 instead of
	save+restore.  Fix pic+big_offset delay slot.  Use "pic" case for
	unix always, since we want to be able to thunk to functions in a
	shared library from an application.

Mon Dec 29 14:37:31 1997  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* mips/t-ecoff (CROSS_LIBGCC1): Define to libgcc1-asm.a.

Mon Dec 29 14:03:38 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* expr.c (expand_expr): For {BITFIELD,COMPONENT,ARRAY}_REF, if the
	offset's mode is not ptr_mode, convert it.

Mon Dec 29 15:58:18 1997  Michael Meissner  <>

	* libgcc2.c (inhibit_libc): Don't define inhibit_libc when cross
	compiling if it was already defined.

Sun Dec 28 00:32:16 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* flow.c (find_basic_blocks): Don't create a new basic block
	for calls in a LIBCALL block.

Sun Dec 28 00:30:24 1997  David Edelsohn  <>

	* config/fp-bit.c (L_df_to_sf): Fix typo in last change.

Sat Dec 27 22:43:12 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* cse.c (rtx_cost): Remove conflicting default case.

Sat Dec 27 21:20:02 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* Move default enabling of Haifa out of for loop.
	* configure: Rebuild.

Thu Dec 25 01:02:54 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

1997-12-25  Teemu Torma  <>

	* (GTHREAD_FLAGS): New var.
	(distclean): Remove gthr-default.h.

	* Accept dce as a thread package.
	Check for thread.h and pthread.h.
	Link gthr-default.h to appropriate thread file and set
	(hppa1.1-*-hpux10*): If --enable-threads, use dce threads and
	include multilib definitions from pa/t-dce-thr.
	(sparc-*-solaris2*): Enable threads by default, if thread.h or
	pthread.h is found, preferring posix threads over solaris ones.

	* config/pa/t-dce-thr: New file.
	* config/pa/t-pa: Removed multilibs.
	* config/sparc/t-sol2: Likewise.

	* gthr.h: New file.
	* gthr-single.h: New file.
	* gthr-posix.h: New file.
	* gthr-solaris.h: New file.
	* gthr-dce.h: New file.
	* libgcc-thr.h: Removed.
	* objc/thr-dce.c: New file copied from thr-decosf1.c.

	* frame.c: Include gthr.h instead of libgcc-thr.h.
	* libgcc2.c: Include gthr.h instead of libgcc-thr.h.
	(eh_context_initialize): If __gthread_once fails, use static eh
	(eh_context_free): Call __gthread_key_dtor.

Wed Dec 24 23:33:17 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* expr.h (MUST_PASS_IN_STACK): Allow target port to override.

Wed Dec 24 23:12:14 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* cse.c (max_insn_uid): New variable.
	(cse_around_loop): Use max_insn_uid.
	(cse_main): Set max_insn_uid.

	and define __LONG_MAX__ appropriately.  Add support for -mabi=X,
	-mlong64, and -mgp{32,64} options.
	* mips.c (mips_abi): Change type to int.
	* mips.h (enum mips_abi_type): Delete.
	(ABI_32, ABI_N32, ABI_64, ABI_EABI): Define as constants.
	(mips_abi): Change type to int.

Wed Dec 24 22:38:34 1997  John Carr  <>

	* flags.h, toplev.c, calls.c, alias.c: Remove flag_alias_check;
	optimization is now always enabled.

	* calls.c (expand_call): Recognize C++ operator new as malloc-like

	* alias.c (memrefs_conflict_p): Eliminate tests now done by
	(*_dependence): Call canon_rtx before base_alias_check.
	(init_alias_once): New function to precompute set of registers which
	can hold Pmode function arguments.

	* rtl.h: Declare init_alias_once.

	* toplev.c (compile_file): Call init_alias_once.

Wed Dec 24 22:34:55 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* tree.c (restore_tree_status): Do not dereference a null pointer.

Tue Dec 23 12:56:46 1997  Paul Eggert  <>

	* genattrtab.c (main): Check HAVE_{G,S}ETRLIMIT in addition to
	RLIMIT_STACK.  This maintains consistency with the recent, similar
	patch to cccp.c and toplev.c.

Tue Dec 23 05:17:28 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* genattrtab.c (expand_units): For large nr opclasses, expand
	function_units_used with ORX to prevent blowups.  Tag with FFS.
	(num_unit_opclasses): New variable.
	(gen_unit): Update it.
	(enum operator): Add ORX_OP.
	(operate_exp): Treat ORX as or, except don't expand across an if.
	Reuse number rtx's after operating on them.
	(check_attr_value): Accept IOR, AND, & FFS.
	(write_test_expr): Transmute `in_comparison' to `flags'.  Allow
	for attribute value caching.  Handle CONST_STRING, IF_THEN_ELSE.
	(write_expr_attr_cache, write_toplevel_expr): New functions.
	(write_attr_get): Handle FFS-tagged expressions.
	(make_canonical): Don't expand const attributes.
	(convert_const_symbol_ref): Dike out.
	(evaluate_eq_attr): Handle SYMBOL_REF.
	(main): Don't emit get_attr_foo for const attributes.

	* alpha.c (override_options): Reinstate PROCESSOR_EV6.
	(alpha_adjust_cost): Add EV6 tuning; streamline EV5 tests.
	* alpha.h (REGISTER_MOVE_COST): Increase ftoi/itof cost slightly.
	* Redo all of the scheduling, adding EV6 support, and
	combining function units where possible.
	(attr "type"): Split loads, stores, cmov into int/fp.  Combine
	multiplies and divides.  Add EV6 sqrt, ftoi, itof.
	(attr "opsize"): New attribute.
	(sqrtsf2-1, sqrtdf2-1): Provide proper TP_INSN patterns.
	(movsf2-[12], movdf2-[12]): Provide CIX varients; don't allow CIX
	to control register allocation.
	(movsi2-1, movdi2-1): Likewise.

Tue Dec 23 03:53:21 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	Move OSF/1 specific defines out.
	Move Linux specific defines out.
	(LINK_SPEC): Genericize.
	(ASM_FILE_START): Emit .arch if using more than the base insn set.
	(ASM_OUTPUT_SOURCE_LINE): Remove; identical to alpha.h version.
	(SDB_DEBUGGING_INFO): Remove; gas can't handle it.
	* alpha/osf.h: New file.
	* alpha/linux.h: Split.  Retain file-format independent defines.
	Import Linux bits from elf.h.
	(CPP_PREDEFINES): Take a file-format specific SUB_CPP_PREDEFINES.
	(FUNCTION_PROFILER): _mcount takes its address in $28.
	* alpha/linux-ecoff.h: New file.
	* alpha/linux-elf.h: New file.
	* alpha/vms.h (LIB_SPEC, LINK_SPEC): Copy from osf.h.
	* alpha/win-nt.h (TARGET_DEFAULT): Define.
	* (alpha*-*-osf*, alpha*-*-linux*) [tm_file]:
	Add new headers as appropriate.

	* (alpha*): Enable Haifa by default.
	(*-*-winnt3*): Change to winnt*, since we're not v3 specific.
	* configure: Rebuild.

Tue Dec 23 03:14:54 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (clean): Remove the stages with their objects here ...
	(distclean): ... instead of here.

Mon Dec 22 11:24:01 1997  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* cse.c (rtx_cost): Add default case in enumeration switch.
	* fix-header.c (recognized_macro): Likewise.
	(recognized_extern): Likewise.
	(write_rbrac): Likewise.
	* objc/objc-act.c (encode_aggregate): Likewise.
	(gen_declarator): Likewise.
	(gen_declspecs): Likewise.

Mon Dec 22 09:58:51 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* haifa-sched.c (create_reg_dead_note): Detect and handle another
	case where we kill more regs after sched than were killed before
	* sched.c (create_reg_dead_note): Similarly.

Mon Dec 22 09:18:37 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* c-pragma.c: Include flags.h.

Sun Dec 21 22:10:59 1997  Mumit Khan  <>

	* i386/cygwin32.h (NO_IMPLICIT_EXTERN_C): Don't assume anything
	about system headers.
	(LIB_SPEC): Add -ladvapi32 -lshell32 to be consistent with mingw32
	and also to resolve symbols in prefix.c.

	* i386/xm-cygwin32.h (HAVE_BCOPY): Define. This avoids a conflict
	between gansidecl.h and newlib's _ansi.h when building libgcc2.a,
	when the definitions in auto-config.h is not visible.
	(HAVE_BZERO): Likewise.
	(HAVE_BCMP): Likewise.
	(HAVE_RINDEX): Likewise.
	(HAVE_INDEX): Likewise.

Sun Dec 21 21:54:22 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* pa.c (emit_move_sequence): Handle a function label source

Sun Dec 21 16:13:55 1997  Nick Clifton  <>

	* c-pragma.c (handle_pragma_token): Generate warning messages
	about unknown pragmas if warn_unknown_pragmas is set.

	* c-decl.c (c_decode_option): Parse -Wunknown-pragmas command
	line option to set variable: warn_unknown_pragmas.

Sun Dec 21 15:51:10 1997  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* m68k/mot3300.h (ASM_BYTE_OP): Don't include '\t' in the
	(ASM_OUTPUT_ASCII): Prefix ASM_BYTE_OP by one single '\t'.

Sun Dec 21 13:58:39 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	(libgcc2.a): Depend on $(DPBIT) and $(FPBIT).  Add rules to
	generate more fine grained floating point emulation libraries.
	* config/fp-bit.c: Add protecting #ifdef to all functions so
	that they can be compiled separately.  If !FINE_GRAINED_LIBRARIES,
	then compile all suitable functions.
	(pack_d, unpack_d, fpcmp_parts): Add declarations, define with two
	underscores to avoid namespace pollution.
	* t-mn10200 (LIB2FUNCS_EXTRA): Remove fp-bit.c.
	(FPBIT): Define.
	* t-mn10300 (LIB2FUNCS_EXTRA): Remove fp-bit.c and dp-bit.c.
	(FPBIT): Define.
	(DPBIT): Define.

Sat Dec 20 11:26:47 1997  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>
			  Jeff Law  <>

	* bitmap.c (bitmap_clear): Ensure `inline' is at the beginning
	of the declaration.
	* c-decl.c (finish_decl): Use parentheses around && within ||.
	* rtl.c: Include stdlib.h.
	(read_skip_spaces): Add parentheses around assignments used as
	truth values.
	(read_rtx): Initialize list_rtx.
	* cppexp.c (parse_number): Use || when operands are truth values.
	* alias.c (find_base_value): Add default case.
	(memrefs_conflict): Likewise.
	* combine.c (sets_function_arg_p): Likewise.
	* genemit.c (gen_exp): Likewise.
	* local-alloc.c (contains_replace_regs): Likewise.
	* rtlanal.c (jmp_uses_reg_or_mem): Likewise.
	* fold-const.c (fold_convert): Use "&&" for truth values.
	(fold): Add default case.
	* sdbout.c (sdbout_field_types): Fix typo in declaration.
	(sdbout_one_type): Add default case.
	* alpha.c (alpha_sa_mask): Prototype only if OPEN_VMS.
	(some_operand): Add default case.
	(input_operand): Likewise.
	(signed_comparison_operator): Likewise.
	(divmod_operator): Likewise.
	(alpha_set_memflags_1): Likewise.
	* reload1.c (reload_cse_simplify_operands): Ensure function
	always returns a value.
	* scan-decls.c (scan_decls): Likewise.
	* c-lex.c (skip_white_space): Fix typo in declaration.
	* c-typeck.c (comp_target_types): Add parentheses around assignment
	used as truth value.
	(print_spelling): Likewise.
	(constructor_implicit, constructor_result): Remove unused variables.
	* collect2.c (scan_library): Protect prototype with
	* emit-rtl.c (find_line_note): Fix typo in declaration.
	* final.c (asm_insn_count): Protect prototype with
	#ifdef HAVE_ATTR_length.
	* flow.c (find_auto_inc): Protect prototype with #ifdef AUTO_INC_DEC.
	(try_pre_increment_1, try_pre_increment): Likewise.
	* regclass.c (auto_inc_dec_reg_p): Protect prototype with
	#ifdef FORBIDDEN_INC_DEC_CLASSES.  Make return type explicit.
	* gcov-io.h (__store_long, __write_long, __read_long): Fix
	unsigned/signed comparisons.
	* gcov.c (read_files): Remove unused "first_type" variable.
	(scan _for_source_files): Initialize s_ptr.
	(function_summary): Eliminate "%lf" formatting, use %ld for
	(output_data): Initialize branch_probs and last_line_num.
	Eliminate "%lf" formatting, use "%ld" for longs.

Fri Dec 19 17:31:11 1997  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* mips16.S: New file.

	* libgcc2.c (varargs): Handle mips16.

	* expr.c (do_tablejump): Let CASE_VECTOR_PC_RELATIVE be an
	* stmt.c (expand_end_case): Likewise.
	* alpha.h (CASE_VECTOR_PC_RELATIVE): Update.
	* fx80.h, gmicro.h, m68k.h, m88k.h, ns32k.h: Likewise.
	* rs6000.h, sh.h, tahoe.h, v850.h, vax.h: Likewise.

Tue Dec 16 15:14:09 1997  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* objc/ Create runtime-info.h and libobjc_entry.o in
	the build directory.
	(libobjc.a): Update dependency list.
	(libobjc.dll): Likewise.  Use libobjc_entry.o from the build
	(objc/sendmsg.o): Add -Iobjc to find runtime-info.h.
	(objc.mostlyclean): Remove runtime-info.h.

Fri Dec 19 00:19:42 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* tree.c (build_range_type): Allow creation of ranges with no maximum.
	* dbxout.c (dbxout_range_type): Handle missing TYPE_MAX_VALUE.
	* dwarf2out.c (add_subscript_info): Likewise.
	* dwarfout.c (subscript_data_attribute, byte_size_attribute): Likewise.
	* sdbout.c (plain_type_1): Likewise.
	* stmt.c (pushcase_range, all_cases_count, node_has_high_bound):
	* fold-const.c (int_const_binop, fold_convert, make_range, fold):

Thu Dec 18 17:05:10 1997  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* mips.c (fatal): Remove declaration.

1997-12-18  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* integrate.c (get_label_from_map): New function.
	(expand_inline_function): Use it.  Initialize the label_map to
	NULL_RTX instead of gen_label_rtx.
	(copy_rtx_and_substitute): Use get_label_from_map.
	* integrate.h (get_label_from_map): New function.
	(set_label_from_map): New macro.
	* unroll.c (unroll_loop): Use them.
	(copy_loop_body): Likewise.

Thu Dec 18 19:19:57 1997  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* mips/mips.h (INIT_SUBTARGET_OPTABS): Define if not defined.
	* mips/ecoff.h: Include gofast.h before mips.h.
	* mips/elf64.h: Likewise.
	* mips/elf.h (ASM_OUTPUT_SECTION_NAME): Define.

Thu Dec 18 14:51:12 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* except.c: Remove register_exception_table{,_p}.

Thu Dec 18 14:57:29 1997  Gavin Koch  <>

	* unroll.c (calculate_giv_inc): Handle constant increment found in
	a MEM with an appropriate REG_EQUAL note.

	* calls.c (expand_call): Implement LOAD_ARGS_REVERSED.

	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_frame_debug): Handle adjustments of the
	frame pointer in the prologue.

Thu Dec 18 00:19:38 1997  Robert Lipe  <>

	* i386/x-sco5 (CLIB): Deleted.
	(ALLOCA): Added.
	* i386/xm-sco5.h (USE_C_ALLOCA): Added.

Tue Dec 16 18:51:00 1997  Bill Moyer  <>

	* config/m68k/m68k.c (output_function_prologue): Typecast
	dwarf2out_cfi_label to (char *).
	* config/m68k/m68kemb.h (STARTFILE_SPEC): Redefined to "".

Wed Dec 17 15:06:04 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (jump): Don't use the annul bit around an empty loop.
	Patch from Kevin.Kelly@East.Sun.COM.

Wed Dec 17 00:51:36 1997  Stan Cox  (

	* jump.c (jump_optimize): Don't use the return register as a
	source1 of a conditional move.

Tue Dec 16 23:45:40 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* sparc.c (DF_MODES): Or the mask not the bit number.
	(function_arg) [ARCH64]: Send unprototyped arg to fp reg first.

Wed Dec 17 00:13:48 1997  Christian Iseli  <>

	* combine.c (force_to_mode): Return immediately if operand is a

Tue Dec 16 23:44:54 1997  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* fixincludes (size_t): Add support for Motorola's stdlib.h
	which fails to provide a definition for size_t.
	(fabs/hypot): Provide a prototype for fabs on m88k-motorola-sysv3.
	(strlen,strspn,strcspn return value): Handle different layout on sysV88.
	(hypot): Provide a fake for hypot for m88k-motorola-sysv3.

	* m68k/xm-mot3300.h (ADD_MISSING_POSIX, ADD_MISSING_XOPEN): Define to
	prevent unresolved externals in libio.
	* m88k/xm-sysv3.h (ADD_MISSING_POSIX, ADD_MISSING_XOPEN): Likewise.

Tue Dec 16 23:25:45 1997  H.J. Lu  (

	* config/sparc/linux64.h (LIBGCC_SPEC): Removed.
	(LIB_SPEC): Updated for glibc 2.

Tue Dec 16 20:11:36 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* ginclude/stdarg.h: Undo BeOS changes, they break hpux.
	* ginclude/varargs.h: Likewise.

Tue Dec 16 00:32:01 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

Tue Dec 16 00:14:29 1997  H.J. Lu  (

	* frame.h (__register_frame, __register_frame_table,
	__deregister_frame): New.
	* frame.c (__register_frame, __register_frame_table,
	__deregister_frame): New.
	* frame.c (__deregister_frame_info): Return void *.
	* frame.h (__deregister_frame_info): Likewise.
	* collect2.c (__deregister_frame_info): Likewise.

Mon Dec 15 18:40:08 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* expmed.c (expand_shift): If SHIFT_COUNT_TRUNCATED, drop a SUBREG.

Mon Dec 15 18:31:43 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alpha.c (alpha_cpu_name): New variable.
	(alpha_mlat_string): Likewise.
	(alpha_memory_latency): Likewise.
	(override_options): Handle -mmemory-latency.
	(alpha_adjust_cost): Adjust load cost for latency.
	* alpha.h (TARGET_OPTIONS): Add memory-latency.
	(REGISTER_MOVE_COST): Define in terms of memory_latency.  Take
	TARGET_CIX into account.
	(MEMORY_MOVE_COST): Define in terms of memory_latency.
	* invoke.texi (DEC Alpha Options): Document -mmemory-latency.

	* alpha.h (ASM_COMMENT_START): New macro.

Mon Dec 15 17:48:05 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* reload.h, reload1.c (eliminate_regs), caller-save.c, dbxout.c,
	dwarfout.c, dwarf2out.c, reload.c, sdbout.c: Revert March 15 change.

	* reload.c (push_reload): If WORD_REGISTER_OPERATIONS, reload the
	SUBREG_REG if the word count is unchanged.
	* reload1.c (eliminate_regs) [case SET]: If W_R_O, preserve
	subregs of identical word size for push_reload.

Mon Dec 15 11:41:32 1997  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Don't call save_for_inline_copy
	if all we're doing is dealing with -Wreturn-type.

Mon Dec 15 09:44:39 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (zero_extendqihi2, zero_extendqisi2, zero_extendqidi2):
	Use and 255 instead of zapnot 1, since it schedules better.

Mon Dec 15 08:48:24 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* stmt.c (expand_asm_operands): If an ASM has no outputs, then treat
	it as volatile.

Mon Dec 15 00:04:48 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* haifa-sched.c (remove_dependencies): Set RTX_INTEGRATED_P on
	dependency we delete.  Properly update prev for multiple consecutive
	(priority): Skip deleted dependence.

Fri Dec 12 18:54:23 1997  Per Bothner  <>

	* expr.c (expand_builtin): Support BUILT_IN_FMOD - just call fmod.

Fri Dec 12 01:19:48 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* flow.c (flow_analysis): Be consistent with find_basic_blocks in
	determining when a new basic block starts.

	* alpha/osf2or3.h (LIB_SPEC): Restore missing defn.

	* (iorsi3): Add missing args to *_operand calls.

	* except.c (call_get_eh_context): Don't mess with sequences.
	(emit_eh_context): Include the call in the sequence here.

1997-12-11  Paul Eggert  <>

	* collect2.c (write_c_file_glob): Allocate initial frame object
	in static storage and pass its address.

Thu Dec 11 23:33:48 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* except.c (call_get_eh_context): Don't take a parm.
	Put the call at the top of the function.
	(emit_eh_context): Adjust.
	(get_eh_context): Replace with former use_eh_context.
	(get_eh_context_once, get_saved_pc_ref): Remove.
	(start_eh_unwinder, end_eh_unwinder, emit_unwinder): Remove.
	* except.h: Adjust.
	* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Adjust.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Don't call emit_unwinder.

Fri Oct 10 17:58:31 1997  Marc Lehmann  <>

	* i386/xm-go32.h (EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX): Define.

Thu Dec 11 23:55:17 1997  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* fixincludes (strlen,strspn,strcspn return value): Handle different
	layout on sysV88.
	(hypot): Provide a fake for hypot which is broken on

Thu Dec 11 23:50:17 1997  John F. Carr  <>

	* tree.c, tree.h: Change tree_code_type, tree_code_length, and
	tree_code_name from pointers to arrays.
	* tree.c: Remove standard_tree_code_* variables, no longer used.
	* print-tree.c: Remove declaration of tree_code_name.

	* cp/lex.c (init_lex): Update for tree_code_* changes.
	* objc/objc-act.c (init_objc): Likewise.

	* tree.def, cp/cp-tree.def, objc/objc-tree.def: Update for tree_code

Thu Dec 11 23:34:54 1997  Fred Fish  <>

	* config.sub: Add support for BeOS target.
	* Likewise.
	* ginclude/stdarg.h: Likewise.
	* ginclude/stddef.h: Likewise.
	* ginclude/varargs.h: Likewise.
	* rs6000/beos.h: New file for BeOS.
	* rs6000/t-beos: Likewise.
	* rs6000/x-beos: Likewise.
	* rs6000/xm-beos.h: Likewise.
	* toplev.c (get_run_time): Just return 0 on BeOS.

Thu Dec 11 23:25:23 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (
			  Toon Moene  (

	* m68k.h (GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS): No longer cater to horribly
	old and broken Sun3 assemblers.  Newer versions handle large
	offsets correctly as does the GNU assembler.

Thu Dec 11 23:06:48 1997  H.J. Lu  (

	* objc/objc-act.c (lang_report_error_function): Disable.
	* objc/objc-parse.y: Include "output.h".
	(yyerror): Remove redundant decl.
	(yyprint): Fix prototype.
	(apply_args_register_offset): Remove redundant decl.
	(get_file_function_name): Likewise.

Thu Dec 11 22:02:10 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* flow.c (find_basic_blocks): A CALL_INSN that can throw starts
	a new basic block.
	(find_basic_blocks_1): Likewise.

Thu Dec 11 21:08:48 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* except.c (use_eh_context): Don't copy_rtx a REG.
	(emit_throw): Lose old unwinder support.
	(expand_internal_throw): Likewise.
	* libgcc2.c (struct eh_context): Likewise.
	(new_eh_context): Likewise.
	(__get_eh_info): Lose redundant cast.
	(__get_dynamic_handler_chain): Likewise.
	(__get_saved_pc): Lose.
	Lose all old unwinder support code.

Thu Dec 11 20:42:18 1997  Teemu Torma  <>

	Thread-safe EH support for pthreads, DCE threads and Solaris threads.

	* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): If the inline fn uses eh
	context, make sure that the current fn has one.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Call emit_eh_context.
	* except.c (use_eh_context): New fn.
	(get_eh_context_once): New fn.
	(call_get_eh_context): New fn.
	(emit_eh_context): New fn.
	(get_eh_context): Call either get_eh_context_once or
	call_get_eh_context, depending on what we have.
	(get_dynamic_handler_chain): Call get_eh_context_once.
	* except.h: Prototypes for fns above.
	* optabs.c (get_eh_context_libfunc): Removed.
	(init_optabs): Don't initialize it.
	* expr.h (get_eh_context_libfunc): Removed.
	* rtl.h, rtl.c: New reg_note REG_EH_CONTEXT.
	* config/pa/pa.h (CPP_SPEC): Support for -threads.
	* config/pa/pa-hpux10.h (LIB_SPEC): Likewise.
	New multilib for -threads.
	* config/sparc/t-sol2: Added multilibs for -threads and
	made -pthreads alias to it.
	* config/sparc/sol2.h (CPP_SPEC, LIB_SPEC):
	Added -threads and -pthreads options.
	* libgcc-thr.h: New file.
	* libgcc2.c (__get_cpp_eh_context): Removed.
	(struct cpp_eh_context): Removed.
	(struct eh_context): Replaced cpp_eh_context with generic language
	specific pointer.
	(__get_eh_info): New function.
	(__throw): Check eh_context::info.
	(__sjthrow): Likewise.
	* libgcc2.c: Include libgcc-thr.h.
	(new_eh_context, __get_eh_context,
	eh_pthread_initialize, eh_context_initialize, eh_context_static,
	eh_context_specific, eh_context_free): New functions.
	(get_eh_context, eh_context_key): New variables.
	(__sjthrow, __sjpopnthrow, __eh_pcnthrow, __throw): Use
	get_eh_context to get the context.
	(longjmp): Move the declaration inside
	* frame.c: Include libgcc-thr.h.
	(object_mutex): Mutex to protect the object list.
	(find_fde, __register_frame, __register_frame_table,
	__deregister_frame): Hold the lock while accessing objects.
	* except.h (get_eh_context): Declare.
	* except.c (current_function_ehc): Define.
	(current_function_dhc, current_function_dcc): Removed.
	(get_eh_context): New function.
	(get_dynamic_handler_chain): Use get_eh_context.
	(get_saved_pc_ref): Likewise.
	(get_dynamic_cleanup_chain): Removed references to
	(save_eh_status, restore_eh_status): Save and restore
	current_function_ehc instead.
	* optabs.c (get_eh_context_libfunc): New variable.
	(init_optabs): Initialize it.
	* expr.h: Declare get_eh_context_libfunc.
	* function.h (struct function): Replaced dhc and dcc with ehc.
	* except.c (get_saved_pc_ref): New functions.
	(eh_saved_pc_rtx, eh_saved_pc): Deleted.
	(expand_internal_throw_indirect): Use get_saved_pc_ref() instead
	of eh_saved_pc.
	(end_eh_unwinder): Likewise.
	(init_eh): Remove initialization of eh_saved_pc.
	* optabs.c (get_saved_pc_libfunc): New variable.
	(init_optabs): Initialize it.
	* expr.h: Declare get_saved_pc_libfunc.
	* except.h (eh_saved_pc_rtx): Deleted.
	(get_saved_pc_ref): Declared.

	From Scott Snyder <>:
	* libgcc2.c (__get_saved_pc): New.
	(__eh_type, __eh_pc): Deleted.
	(__eh_pcnthrow): Use __get_saved_pc() instead of __eh_pc.
	(__get_dynamic_handler_chain): Move __dynamic_handler_chain inside
	this fcn.

Thu Dec 11 17:23:48 1997  John F. Carr  <>

	* sparc/sol2.h: Use 64 bit multiply and divide functions in
	as 0.

	* rtl.h (global_rtl): New variable, replacing separate variables for
	commonly used rtl.
	(const_int_rtx): Now array of rtx_def, not rtx.
	* emit-rtl.c: Update for new rtl data structures.
	* genattrtab.c: Define global_rtl.

Thu Dec 11 15:50:29 1997  David Edelsohn  <>

	* ({rs6000,powerpc}-*-*): Enable Haifa scheduler by

Wed Dec 10 12:30:18 1997  Anthony Green  <>

	* crtstuff.c (__do_global_ctors): Fix typo.

Tue Dec  9 09:43:59 1997  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* toplev.c (main): Check HAVE_GETRLIMIT and HAVE_SETRLIMIT in addition
	to RLIMIT_STACK to see if we can call getrlimit and setrlimit.

Tue Dec  9 09:38:58 1997  David Edelsohn  <>

	* rs6000.h (FUNCTION_ARG_PADDING): Define.
	* rs6000.c (function_arg_padding): New function.

Tue Dec  9 10:34:21 1997  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* m68k.c: Include tree.h only once.

Tue Dec  9 09:32:33 1997  Richard Kenner  <>

	* integrate.c (save_for_inline_copying): Make a new reg_parm_stack_loc.

Tue Dec  9 01:16:06 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* Partially cleaned up prototyping code from HJ.
	* tree.h: Add many prototypes.
	* haifa-sched.c (haifa_classify_insn): Renamed from classify_insn.
	All references changed.
	* rtl.h: Protect from multiple inclusions.  Add many prototypes.

Tue Dec  9 01:15:15 1997  Fred Fish  <>

	* libgcc2.c (string.h): Hoist inclusion to occur before first use of
	string functions like strlen.

Tue Dec  9 00:57:38 1997  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* Check for functions getrlimit and setrlimit.
	* cccp.c (main): Check HAVE_GETRLIMIT and HAVE_SETRLIMIT in addition
	to RLIMIT_STACK to see if we can call getrlimit and setrlimit.

Mon Dec  8 23:53:26 1997  Jay Sachs  <>

	* (compare*): Handle losing behavior from 4.4bsd make.

Mon Dec  8 21:03:28 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alpha.c (REG_RA, alpha_return_addr, output_epilog):
	Fix merge problems.

	* alpha.c (override_options): Don't know about scheduling for EV6.
	* (ev5 function units): Don't overload as ev6.

	* alpha.c (alpha_adjust_cost): Simplify.  Fix typo in ev5 mult case.
	* (define_attr type): Add mvi.
	(ev5_e0): Define sceduling parameters for it.
	(TARGET_MAX insns): Type is mvi not shift.

Mon Dec  8 18:15:00 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alpha/win-nt.h (TRAMPOLINE_TEMPLATE): Fix backported gcc-2.8 bug.

Mon Dec  8 21:17:28 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* cstamp-h, auto-config.h: Delete.

Sun Dec  7 19:19:03 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

Sat Dec  6 22:22:22 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* cccp.c: Fix typo brought over in merge.

	* Merge in changes from gcc-2.8.

Mon Nov  3 05:45:32 1997  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* m68k.c: Include tree.h for dwarf2out_cfi_label.

	* gcc.c (process_command): Do not take address of function fatal when
	calling lang_specific_driver.

Sat Dec  6 01:02:38 1997  Mumit Khan  <>

	* config/i386/cygwin32.h (DWARF2_UNWIND): Exception handling
	doesn't work with it yet, so set it to 0.
	* config/i386/xm-cygwin32.h (NO_SYS_SIGLIST): Define.

Sat Dec  6 01:01:02 1997  Christian Iseli  <>

	* cse.c (cse_insn): Check for invalid entries when taking references.

Fri Dec  5 18:26:25 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* loop.c (invariant_p): Don't test flag_rerun_loop_opt.
	(loop_optimize, scan_loop, strength_reduce): New argument unroll_p.
	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Pass it.  Remove code to
	save / clear / restore flag_unroll_{,all_}loops.

Fri Dec  5 16:26:03 1997  Bernd Schmidt  <crux@ohara.Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE>

	* i386.c (notice_update_cc): Remove bogus pentium GCC code.

Fri Dec  5 16:25:14 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* stmt.c (warn_if_unused_value): Don't warn for TRY_CATCH_EXPR.

Thu Dec  4 11:51:00 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* except.c (get_dynamic_handler_chain): Only make the call once per

	* except.c (expand_end_all_catch): Fix for sjlj exceptions.

Thu Dec  4 12:30:40 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* sh.c (final_prescan_insn): Use local label prefix
	when emitting .uses pseudo-ops.

Wed Dec  3 12:01:56 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* libgcc2.c (__throw): Use __builtin_return_addr instead of __eh_pc.
	* except.c: Lose outer_context_label_stack.
	(expand_eh_region_end): Rethrow from outer_context here.
	(expand_fixup_region_end): Let expand_eh_region_end do the rethrow.
	(expand_internal_throw): Take no args.
	(expand_internal_throw_indirect): Lose.
	(expand_leftover_cleanups, expand_start_all_catch): Use expand_rethrow.
	(expand_start_all_catch): Start a rethrow region.
	(expand_end_all_catch): End it.
	(expand_rethrow): New fn.
	* except.h: Reflect above changes.
	* flow.c: Revert change of Nov 27.

Thu Dec  4 00:24:09 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* i386/t-sol2 (CRTSTUFF_T_CFLAGS): Turn on the optimizer.

Wed Dec  3 12:01:56 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* except.c (expand_fixup_region_end): New fn.
	(expand_fixup_region_start): Likewise.
	(expand_eh_region_start_tree): Store cleanup into finalization here.
	* stmt.c (expand_cleanups): Use them to protect fixups.

Wed Dec  3 11:41:13 1997  Gavin Koch  <>

	* mips/ (muldi3_r4000): Broaden the output template
	and attribute assignments to handle three operand dmult;
	rename to muldi3_internal2.
	(muldi3): Call the new muldi3_internal2 for R4000, and
	any GENERATE_MULT3 chip.

Tue Dec  2 19:40:43 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* stmt.c (expand_decl_cleanup): Update thisblock after eh_region_start.

Tue Dec  2 12:54:33 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* unroll.c (find_splittable_givs): Remove last change.  Handle givs
	with a dest_reg that was created by loop.

Sat Nov 29 12:44:57 1997  David Edelsohn  <>

	* rs6000.c (function_arg_partial_nregs): Undo Nov. 26 patch.

	* rs6000/aix41.h (ASM_CPU_SPEC): Define.

Fri Nov 28 10:00:27 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* Fix NCR entries.

Thu Nov 27 12:20:19 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* flow.c (find_basic_blocks): Handle cfg issues for rethrows and
	nested exceptions correctly.

	* unroll.c (find_splittable_givs): Don't split givs with a dest_reg
	that was created by loop.

Thu Nov 27 09:34:58 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* expr.c (preexpand_calls): Don't look past a TRY_CATCH_EXPR.

	* except.c (expand_start_all_catch): One more do_pending_stack_adjust.

Wed Nov 26 15:47:30 1997  Michael Meissner  <>

	* rs6000.c (SMALL_DATA_REG): Register to use for small data relocs.
	(print_operand): Use SMALL_DATA_REG for the register involved in
	small data relocations.
	(print_operand_address): Likewise.

	* rs6000/linux.h (LINK_SPEC): Pass -dynamic-linker /lib/ if
	-dynamic linker is not used.

	* (call insns): For local calls, use @local suffix under
	System V.  Don't use @plt under Solaris.

	* rs6000.c (output_function_profiler): Put label address in r0, and
	store LR in 4(sp) for System V/eabi.

	* rs6000.h (ASM_OUTPUT_REG_{PUSH,POP}): Keep stack aligned to 16
	byte boundary, and maintain stack backchain.

Tue Nov 25 14:08:12 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* (fix_truncdfsi2, fix_truncsfsi2, fix_truncdfdi2,
	fix_truncsfdi2): Change *.

Wed Nov 26 11:12:26 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* toplev.c (main): Complain about -gdwarfn.

Tue Nov 25 22:43:30 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarfout.c (output_type): If finalizing, write out nested types
	of types we've already written.

Tue Nov 25 20:32:24 1997  Michael Meissner  <>

	(patches originally from Geoffrey Keating)
	* rs6000.c (function_arg): Excess floating point arguments don't
	go into GPR registers after exhausting FP registers under the
	System V.4 ABI.
	(function_arg_partial_nregs): Likewise.

	* (call insns): If -fPIC or -mrelocatable, add @plt
	suffix to calls.

Tue Nov 25 23:37:27 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* integrate.c (output_inline_function): Just unset DECL_INLINE.

Tue Nov 25 23:33:29 1997  scott snyder  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (outout_call_frame_info): Ensure that the info has
	proper alignment.

	* libgcc2.c (__throw): Initialize HANDLER.

Tue Nov 25 14:08:12 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* (fix_truncdfsi2, fix_truncsfsi2, fix_truncdfdi2,
	fix_truncsfdi2): Change *X to ?*X.

Tue Nov 25 10:00:42 1997  Richard Henderson  (

	* alpha.h (CONST_OK_FOR_LETTER): Fix 'L' handling.

Tue Nov 25 10:00:42 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* crtstuff.c (do_global_dtors_aux): Handle multiple calls better.

Tue Nov 25 01:26:55 1997  Bruno Haible  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (ASM_OUTPUT_DWARF_DELTA1): Implement.

Mon Nov 24 22:41:55 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* except.c (get_dynamic_handler_chain): Build up a FUNCTION_DECL.
	* optabs.c (init_optabs): Lose get_dynamic_handler_chain_libfunc.
	* expr.h: Likewise.

Sat Nov 22 18:58:20 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* pa-hpux10.h (NEW_HP_ASSEMBLER): Define.
	* pa.h (LEGITIMATE_CONSTANT_P): Reject LABEL_REFs if not using
	gas and not using the new HP assembler.

Fri Nov 21 15:20:05 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (program_transform_cross_name): Clean up "-e" confusion.

Fri Nov 21 19:37:40 1997  Andrew Cagney  <>

	* config/mips/elf64.h (MULTILIB_DEFAULTS): Test for
	TARGET_ENDIAN_DEFAULT == zero instead of testing for macro

Fri Nov 21 12:49:56 1997  Bruno Haible  <>

	* stmt.c (expand_end_bindings): Allow jump into block with cleanups.

Fri Nov 21 12:18:51 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* except.h: Add outer_context_label_stack.
	* except.c: Likewise.
	(expand_start_all_catch): Push the outer_context for the try block
	onto outer_context_label_stack.
	(expand_end_all_catch): Use it and pop it.

Fri Nov 21 10:13:11 1997  Robert Lipe  (

	* i386/sco5.h (HAVE_ATEXIT): Revert last change.

Thu Nov 20 16:11:50 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alpha.c (alpha_emit_set_const_1): Handle narrow hosts better.

Thu Nov 20 16:11:50 1997  Klaus Kaempf  <>

	* alpha/vms.h (ASM_OUTPUT_ADDR_VEC_ELT): Add an L for the local label
	to correspond with the change to ASM_GENERATE_INTERNAL_LABEL.

Thu Nov 20 14:42:15 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* (LIB2FUNCS): Remove C++ memory management support.
	* libgcc2.c: Remove __builtin_new, __builtin_vec_new, set_new_handler,
	__builtin_delete, and __builtin_vec_delete.

	* except.c (output_exception_table): Don't bother with

Thu Nov 20 16:11:50 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (pre_stwm, post_stwm, pre_ldwm, post_ldwm): Base register
	is an in/out operand.
	(zero extended variants of stwm/stwm patterns): Similarly.

	* mips/x-iris (FIXPROTO_DEFINES): Add -D_SGI_SOURCE.

Thu Nov 20 13:19:32 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (ASM_OUTPUT_DWARF_OFFSET4): Rename from VALUE4.
	Use assemble_name.
	(output_call_frame_info): Emit a \n after using it.

Thu Nov 20 00:38:46 1997  Dave Love  <>

	* Add AC_ARG_ENABLE for Haifa as documentation.

Wed Nov 19 12:03:04 1997  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (CIE_LENGTH_LABEL, FDE_LENGTH_LABEL): New macros.
	(output_call_frame_info): Do not output forward label differences
	* m68k/mot3300.h (SET_ASM_OP): Define when not using gas.

Tue Nov 18 23:03:30 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* (attribute "type"): Add nil.
	(movsi_ie): y/y alternative is type nil.
	(movsf_ie): Replace ry/yr/X alternative by r/y/X , y/r/X and y/y/X
	(movsf_ie+1): Delete.

Tue Nov 18 15:39:59 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* mips/mips.c (save_restore_insns): If gp_offset or fp_offset are
	large_int, emit two insns instead of one splitable insn.
	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_frame_debug): When set cfa_store_offset
	from cfa_temp_value, use cfa_offset.  Add assert checking that
	cfa_reg is SP.

Mon Nov 17 15:35:38 1997  Tom Tromey  <>

	* cccp.c (deps_output): Properly quote file names for make.

Mon Nov 17 13:21:40 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* t-h8300 (MULTILIB_EXCEPTIONS): Define.

Fri Nov  7 15:33:11 1997  Robert Lipe  (

	* i386/sco5.h (HAVE_ATEXIT): Delete definition.

Sun Nov 16 23:52:48 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* cse.c (cse_insn): Don't look at JUMP_LABEL field of a conditional
	(cse_end_of_basic_block): Similarly.

Sun Nov 16 23:01:40 1997  J. Kean Johnston  <>

	* i386/sco5.h (ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGNED_BSS): Define.
	(LIBGCC_SPEC, LIB_SPEC): Do the right thing for PIC.

Sun Nov 16 22:47:03 1997  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* (compare, compare-lean): Define $stage for each
	shell command.
	(gnucompare, gnucompare-lean): Likewise.

Sun Nov 16 22:02:16 1997  Richard Henderson  (

	* alpha/win-nt.h (TRAMPOLINE_TEMPLATE): Fix offsets.

	* alpha.h (ASM_OUTPUT_ADDR_DIFF_ELT): Add an L for the local label
	to correspond with the change to ASM_GENERATE_INTERNAL_LABEL.

Fri Nov 14 09:09:20 1997  Fred Fish  (

	* dwarfout.c (byte_size_attribute): Add local var upper_bound
	and add case to handle STRING_TYPE.
	* dwarfout.c (output_string_type_die): Fix code to generate
	correct string length attribute for fixed length strings.
	Still needs support for varying length strings.

Fri Nov 14 08:46:56 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* toplev.c (get_run_time): Do something sensible for cygwin32.

Fri Nov 14 07:24:20 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* expr.c (expand_builtin_setjmp): Set
	* stupid.c (stupid_life_analysis): If has_nonlocal_label, kill
	call-saved registers across calls.

	* (exception_receiver): Remove.
	(nonlocal_goto_receiver_osf): New.
	(nonlocal_goto_receiver_vms): Renamed from nonlocal_goto_receiver.
	(nonlocal_goto_receiver): New, select _osf or _vms.

	* alpha.c (output_prolog [*]): Prefix entry labels with '$' to
	keep them from being propagated to the object file.
	(alpha_write_linkage): Likewise.
	* (call_vms): Likewise.
	(call_value_vms): Likewise.
	(unnamed osf call insns): Likewise.

	* alpha.h (ASM_OUTPUT_INTERNAL_LABEL): Don't omit L from local label.

	* alpha.c (call_operand): Any reg is valid for WinNT.
	* (call_nt, call_value_nt): Don't force address into $27.
	(anon nt calls): Add 'R' alternative.
	INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Handle lack of original $27 and 32-bit ptrs.

Fri Nov 14 06:59:33 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* calls.c (expand_call): Handle pcc_struct_value correctly for C++.

	* i386/xm-cygwin32.h (HAVE_FILE_H, HAVE_RUSAGE): Delete defines.
	* i386/xm-mingw32.h (HAVE_FILE_H, HAVE_RUSAGE): Likewise.
	* rs6000/xm-cygwin32.h (HAVE_FILE_H, HAVE_RUSAGE): Likewise.

Thu Nov 13 20:37:33 1997  Michael Meissner  <>

	* reload1.c (new_spill_reg): Improve fixed or forbidden register
	spill error message.

Thu Nov 13 20:29:08 1997  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* prefix.c: Use stdarg.h only ifdef __STDC__.  Otherwise,
	use varargs.h.  Wrap header with <>, not "".

Thu Nov 13 20:21:17 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* integrate.c (save_for_inline_copying): Add return value from

Thu Nov 13 19:12:33 1997  Brendan Kehoe  <>

	* fixincludes: Be a little more restrictive on what we will
	substitute to replace definitions of MAXINT for HPUX.

Thu Nov 13 18:41:02 1997  Michael Meissner  <>

	* dbxout.c (dbxout_symbol_location): Don't assume that variables
	whose address is the stack or argument pointers are indirect

1997-11-13  Paul Eggert  <>

	* cccp.c, cpplib.c (compare_defs):
	Don't complain about arg name respellings unless pedantic.
	* cpplib.c (compare_defs): Accept pfile as new arg.
	All callers changed.

Thu Nov 13 23:33:50 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* fold-const.c (fold_truthop): Fix bug in last change.

1997-11-13  Paul Eggert  <>

	Fix some confusion with IEEE minus zero.

	* real.h (REAL_VALUES_IDENTICAL): New macro.

	* expr.c (is_zeros_p): Don't consider -0.0 to be all zeros.
	* fold-const.c (operand_equal_p): Don't consider -0.0 to be
	identical to 0.0.
	* tree.c (simple_cst_equal): Don't consider -0.0 to have the
	same tree structure as 0.0.

	* varasm.c (immed_real_const_1): Use new REAL_VALUES_IDENTICAL
	macro instead of doing it by hand.

Thu Nov 13 16:56:14 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* v850/lib1funcs.asm: Minor whitespace changes.
	* v850.c: Fix minor formatting problems in many places.
	(construct_restore_jr, construct_save_jarl): Remove unwanted aborts.

Thu Nov 13 12:53:44 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* mips.h (GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS): Delete code swapping xplus0 and
	xplus1 when xplus0 is not a register.

Thu Nov 13 11:41:42 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* flow.c (find_basic_blocks): During marking phase, if we encounter
	an insn with a REG_LABEL note, make the target block live and
	create an edge from the insn to the target block.  Do not make
	edges from all blocks to the target block.

	* m68k/x-next (OTHER_FIXINCLUDES_DIRS): Include /NextDeveloper/Headers.

	* Tweak NCR entries.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

Thu Nov 13 11:07:41 1997  Michael Meissner  <>

	* rs6000.c (num_insns_constant): Use REAL_VALUE_FROM_CONST_DOUBLE to
	pick apart floating point values, instead of using CONST_DOUBLE_LOW

	* (define_splits for DF constants): Use the appropriate
	REAL_VALUE_* interface to pick apart DF floating point constants in
	a machine independent fashion.

Thu Nov 13 00:06:58 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* fold-const.c (fold_truthop): When changing a one-bit comparison
	against zero into a comparison against mask, do a proper sign

Wed Nov 12 09:37:01 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* except.c: Do not include "assert.h".
	(save_eh_status): Turn asserts into conditional aborts.
	(restore_eh_status, scan_region): Likewise.
	* dwarfout.c: Do not include "assert.h".
	(bit_offset_attribute): Turn asserts into conditional aborts.
	(bit_size_attribute, output_inlined_enumeration_type_die): Likewise.
	(output_inlined_structure_type_die): Likewise.
	(output_inlined_union_type_die): Likewise.
	(output_tagged_type_instantiation): Likewise.
	(dwarfout_file_scope_decl): Likewise.
	* dwarf2out.c: Do not include "assert.h"
	(expand_builtin_dwarf_reg_size): Turn asserts into conditional aborts.
	(reg_save, initial_return_save, dwarf2out_frame_debug): Likewise.
	(add_child_die, modified_type_die, add_bit_offset_attribute): Likewise.
	(add_bit_size_attribute, scope_die_for): Likewise.
	(output_pending_types_for_scope): Likewise.
	(get_inlined_enumeration_type_die): Likewise.
	(get_inlined_structure_type_die): Likewise.
	(get_inlined_union_type_die, gen_subprogram_die): Likewise.
	(gen_tagged_type_instantiation_die): Likewise.

	* flow.c (find_basic_blocks): Refine further to get a more correct
	cfg, especially in the presense of exception handling, computed
	gotos, and other non-trivial cases.  Call abort if an inaccuracy
	is detected in the cfg.

Tue Nov 11 21:47:27 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* glimits.h (SHRT_MIN): Define in a way suitable for 16 bit hosts.

	* c-lex.c (whitespace_cr, skip_white_space_on_line): New functions.
	(skip_white_space): Use whitespace_cr.
	(check_newline): Handle whitespace more consistently.

Tue Nov 11 16:25:49 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* i386/cygwin32.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Delete -DPOSIX.
	* i386/xm-cygwin32.h (POSIX): Define.

Mon Nov 10 20:53:11 1997  Gavin Koch  <>

	* config/mips/mips.h (MASK_DEBUG_H): Set to zero, so this bit
	is available elsewhere.

Mon Nov 10 16:21:58 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	* sparc/ (mov[sdt]f_const_insn): Fix condition to match
	what the instruction can handle.

Mon Nov 10 03:02:19 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* stmt.c (expand_decl_cleanup_no_eh): New fn.

	* except.c (expand_leftover_cleanups): do_pending_stack_adjust.

Mon Nov 10 00:05:56 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* alias.c (MAX_ALIAS_LOOP_PASSES): Define.
	(init_alias_analysis): Break out of loops after MAX_ALIAS_LOOP_PASSES.

Sun Nov  9 14:34:47 1997  David Edelsohn  <>

	* (lshrdi3_power): Delete '&' from first alternative and
	swap instruction order.

Sun Nov  9 02:07:16 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* fixinc.svr4 (__STDC__): Add another case.

Sun Nov  9 02:00:29 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* a29k.h (ELIGIBLE_FOR_EPILOGUE_DELAY): Avoid loads from varying
	addresses in the epilogue delay slot.

Sun Nov  9 01:40:40 1997  Manfred Hollstein  (

	* m88k/dgux.h (ASM_CPU_SPEC): Reformatted to suppress wrong whitespace
	in generated `specs' file.

Sun Nov  9 01:37:11 1997  Jim Wilson  (

	* flags.h (flag_rerun_loop_opt): Declare.
	* loop.c (invariant_p, case LABEL_REF): Check flag_rerun_loop_opt.
	* toplev.c (flag_rerum_loop_opt): Delete static.

Sat Nov  8 18:20:21 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	Bring over from FSF:

	Thu Oct 30 12:21:06 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* va-sh.h (__va_arg_sh1): Define.
	(va_arg): Use it.
	SH3E doesn't use any integer registers for subsequent arguments
	once a non-float value was passed in the stack.
	* sh.c (machine_dependent_reorg): If optimizing, put explicit
	alignment in front label for ADDR_DIFF_VEC.
	* sh.h (PASS_IN_REG_P): Fix SH3E case.
	(ADJUST_INSN_LENGTH): If not optimizing, add two extra bytes length.

	Tue Oct 28 15:06:44 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* sh/elf.h (PREFERRED_DEBUGGING_TYPE): Undefine before including

	Mon Oct 27 16:11:52 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* sh.c (machine_dependent_reorg): When -flag_delayed_branches,
	put an use_sfunc_addr before each sfunc.
	* (use_sfunc_addr, dummy_jump): New insns.
	(casesi): For TARGET_SH2, emit a dummy_jump after LAB.

	Tue Oct 21 07:12:28 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* sh/elf.h (PREFERRED_DEBUGGING_TYPE): Don't redefine.

Fri Nov  7 10:22:24 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* frame.c (add_fdes, count_fdes): Go back to checking pc_begin for
	linked once FDEs.

Wed Nov  5 14:26:05 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* alias.c (find_base_value): Only return the known base value for
	pseudo registers.

Wed Nov  5 11:27:14 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* i386.c (load_pic_register): Call prologue_get_pc_and_set_got.
	* (prologue_set_got, prologue_get_pc): Add UNSPEC_VOLATILE
	to pattern.
	(prologue_get_pc_and_set_got): New pattern.

Tue Nov  4 20:36:50 1997  Richard Henderson  (

	* alpha.c (summarize_insn): Handle ASM_OPERANDS.  Don't recurse
	for SUBREG, just fall through.

	* alpha.c (alpha_handle_trap_shadows): Init sum.defd to zero.

	* (attr trap): Make TRAP_YES nonzero for sanity's sake.

Tue Nov  4 18:49:42 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* fixincludes: Fix "hypot" prototype in NeXT math.h.

	* (USE_ALLOCA): Always include alloca.o.
	(USE_HOST_ALLOCA): Likewise.

	* rtl.def (CODE_LABEL): Use separate fields for LABEL_NUSES
	and LABEL_REFS fields.
	* rtl.h (LABEL_REFS): Update.

Tue Nov  4 16:55:11 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* combine.c (try_combine): When setting elim_i2, check whether newi2pat
	sets i2dest.  When calling distribute_notes for i3dest_killed, pass
	elim_i2 and elim_i1.  When setting elim_i1, check if newi2pat
	sets i1dest.

	* (insv, extzv, extv): Add change_address call.
	(movsi_ulw, movsi_usw): Change QImode to BLKmode in pattern.

	* integrate.c (save_for_inline_copying): Copy parm_reg_stack_loc.

	* reload.c (find_reloads, case 'm' and 'o'): Reject HIGH constants.

	* mips.c (mips_expand_epilogue): Emit blockage insn before call to
	save_restore_insns if no FP and GP will be restored.

	* dwarf2out.c (expand_builtin_dwarf_reg_size): New variable mode.
	Convert CCmode to word_mode before calling GET_MODE_SIZE.

	* acconfig.h (HAVE_INTTYPES_H): Undef.
	* (inttypes.h): Check for conflicts between sys/types.h
	and inttypes.h, and verify that intmax_t is defined.
	* config/mips/x-iris (CC, OPT, OLDCC): Comment out.
	* config/mips/x-iris3: Likewise.

Tue Nov  4 16:07:15 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* alias.c (find_base_value): When copying arguments, return the
	tentative value for a hard register.

Tue Nov  4 13:40:35 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	* c-lex.c (MULTIBYTE_CHARS): #undef if cross compiling.
	(yylex): Record wide strings using target endianness, not host.

Tue Nov  4 13:13:12 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* mn10200.h (ASM_OUTPUT_BSS): Delete.
	* mn10300.h (ASM_OUTPUT_BSS): Delete.
	* v850.h (ASM_OUTPUT_BSS): Delete.

Tue Nov  4 00:55:48 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* profile.c (branch_prob): Insert an insn after a NOTE_INSN_SETJMP.

Mon Nov  3 14:36:50 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (sco5): Use cpio to install header files.

Sun Nov  2 23:31:43 1997  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (conftestdata_from, conftestdata_to): Names shortened to
	14 char length.
	* configure: Rebuild.

Sun Nov  2 19:44:00 1997  Robert Lipe  (

	* i386/sco5.h: Enable -gstabs once again.

Sun Nov  2 19:27:21 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* arm.c (output_move_double): Allocate 3 entries in otherops array.

Sat Nov  1 21:43:00 1997  Mike Stump  <>

	* except.c (expand_eh_region_start_for_decl): Emit EH_REGION_BEG
	notes for sjlj exceptions too.
	(expand_eh_region_end): Similarly for EH_REGION_END notes.
	(exception_optimize): Optimize EH regions for sjlj exceptions too.
	* final.c (final_scan_insn): Don't output labels for EH REGION
	notes if doing sjlj exceptions.

Sat Nov  1 19:15:28 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* alias.c (init_alias_analysis): Handle -fno-alias-check when
	optimizing correctly.

	* expr.c (expand_builtin_setjmp): Don't emit a SETJMP note
	or set current_function_calls_setjmp anymore.

	* flow.c (find_basic_blocks): If we delete the label for an
	exception handler, remove it from the EH label list and remove
	the EH_BEGIN/EH_END notes for that EH region.

Sat Nov  1 16:44:49 1997  Jason Merrill  (

	* flow.c (find_basic_blocks): Generate correct flow control
	information when exception handling notes are present.

Sat Nov  1 13:42:19 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* dwarf2out.c (output_call_frame_info): Fix length argument
	(output_die, output_pubnames, output_line_info): Likewise.

Fri Oct 31 07:10:09 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

	* dwarf2out.c (output_call_frame_info): Use ASM_OUTPUT_ASCII to
	output ASCII by default.  Only use ASM_OUTPUT_DWARF_STRING if
	flag_debug_asm is on.
	(output_die, output_pubnames, output_line_info): Likewise.

	* alias.c (init_alias_analysis): Add struct_value_incoming_rtx
	and static_chain_rtx into the potential base values array if
	they are registers.

	* alias.c (new_reg_base_value): New array of potential base values.
	(unique_id): Now file scoped static.
	(find_base_value, case REG): Return the value in reg_base_value
	array for the REG if it exists.  Else, return the value from
	new_reg_base_value if copying args and REG is a hard register.
	(find_base_value, case PLUS): If either operand of the PLUS is
	a REG, try to get its base value.  Handle base + index and
	index + base.
	(record_set): Use new_reg_base_value instead of reg_base_value.
	(init_alias_analysis): Allocate space for new_reg_base_value too.
	Rework code to iterate over the insns propagating base value
	information until nothing changes.

	* global.c (global_alloc): Free the conflict matrix after
	reload has finished.

Fri Oct 31 01:45:31 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* libgcc2.c (L_eh): Define __eh_pc.
	Replace __eh_type with generic pointer __eh_info.

Fri Oct 31 00:34:55 1996  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* expr.c (expand_increment): When enqueing a postincrement for a MEM,
	use copy_to_reg if address is not a general_operand.

Fri Oct 31 00:16:55 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* profile.c (output_func_start_profiler): Clear flag_inline_functions
	for the duration of the call to rest_of_compilation.

Thu Oct 30 14:40:10 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	* (sparc-*-elf*): Use sparc/elf.h, sparc/t-elf.
	Set extra_parts.
	(sparc*-*-*): Recognize --with-cpu=v9.
	* sparc/elf.h: New file.
	* sparc/t-elf: New file.

Thu Oct 30 13:26:12 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* mn10300.c (const_8bit_operand): New function.
	(mask_ok_for_mem_btst): New function.
	* (btst patterns with mem operands): Use new functions
	to avoid creating btst instructions with invalid operands.

Wed Oct 29 16:57:19 1997  Michael Meissner  <>

	* rs6000/xm-sysv4.h: Include xm-linux.h instead of xm-svr4.h if we
	are running on PowerPC Linux.

Wed Oct 29 13:10:11 1997  Gavin Koch  <>

	* config/mips/elf64.h (PREFERRED_DEBUGGING_TYPE): Only define
	if not previously defined.

Tue Oct 28 23:55:27 1997  Doug Evans  (

	* function.c (assign_parms): Correct mode of stack_parm if
	entry_parm underwent a mode conversion.

1997-10-28  Brendan Kehoe  <>

	* global.c (global_alloc): Use xmalloc instead of alloca for
	CONFLICTS, since max_allocno * allocno_row_words alone can be more
	than 2.5Mb sometimes.

Tue Oct 28 15:29:15 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* reload1.c (eliminate_regs [SET]): If [SUBREG] widened the mode of
	DEST for the spill, adjust mode of SRC to compensate.

Tue Oct 28 14:36:45 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (reload_inqi): Check for MEM before strict_memory_address_p,
	since any_memory_operand() allows pseudos during reload.
	(reload_inhi, reload_outqi, reload_outhi): Likewise.

Tue Oct 28 11:53:14 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* (btst patterns): Add 5200 support.

Tue Oct 28 11:58:40 1997  Toon Moene  <>

	* fold-const.c (fold): For ((a * C1) / C3) or (((a * C1) + C2) / C3)
	optimizations, look inside dividend to determine if the expression
	can be simplified by using EXACT_DIV_EXPR.

Tue Oct 28 10:19:01 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	From Brendan:
	* dwarf2out.c (output_call_frame_info): Use l1 instead of ".".

Tue Oct 28 00:32:14 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alpha.c (summarize_insn [SUBREG]): Propagate SET.

Mon Oct 27 23:59:26 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alpha.c (alpha_handle_trap_shadows): Don't call get_attr_trap
	on a CLOBBER.

Mon Oct 27 21:25:20 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (movqi, movhi): Make sure new insns created during reload
	won't need reloading themselves.
	(reload_inqi, reload_inhi, reload_outqi, reload_outhi): Likewise.

Mon Oct 27 16:11:10 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* mn10300.h (GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS): Disable reg+reg.

Sun Oct 26 13:50:44 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alpha.c (alpha_sa_mask [VMS]): Don't include $26 in the mask.
	Patch from Klaus Kaempf <>.

Sun Oct 26 13:31:47 1997  Jim Wilson  (

	* expr.c (expand_expr, case INDIRECT_REF): Optimize a reference
	to an element in a constant string.

Sun Oct 26 11:41:49 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (output_call_frame_info): The CIE pointer is now a 32
	bit PC-relative offset.  The exception range table pointer is now in
	the CIE.
	* frame.c (dwarf_cie, dwarf_fde): Rename CIE_pointer to CIE_delta.
	(count_fdes, add_fdes, get_cie): Adjust.
	(cie_info, extract_cie_info, __frame_state_for): Adjust eh_ptr uses.

	From H.J. Lu:
	* frame.c (count_fdes, add_fdes): Skip linked once FDE entries.

Sun Oct 26 11:52:01 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alias.c (memrefs_conflict_p): Treat arg_pointer_rtx just
	like stack_pointer_rtx.

Sun Oct 26 11:32:16 1997  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* (bootstrap-lean): Combined with `normal' bootstrap
	targets using "$@" to provide support for similar but not identical
	targets without having to duplicate code.
	(bootstrap4): New goal.

	* (compare, compare-lean, compare3): Combined to one
	ruleset determining actions to be performed via $@.
	(compare4, compare4-lean): New targets.
	(gnucompare, gnucompare3): Combined to one ruleset determining
	actions to be performed via $@. Also, note which files failed
	the comparison test in .bad_compare.
	(gnucompare-lean, gnucompare3-lean, gnucompare4-lean): New targets.

Sun Oct 26 10:06:11 1997  Toon Moene  <>

	* fold-const (fold): Also simplify FLOOR_DIV_EXPR to EXACT_DIV_EXPR
	if the dividend is a multiple of the divisor.

Sun Oct 26 09:21:40 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (LIBGCC2_CFLAGS): Add -fexceptions.

	* alias.c (find_base_term): Handle PRE_INC, PRE_DEC, POST_INC,
	and POS_DEC.

	* alias.c (true_dependence): Fix typo.

	* toplev.c (flag_rerun_loop_opt): New variable.
	(f_options): Handle -frerun-loop-opt.
	(rest_of_compilation): If -frerun-loop-opt, then run the loop
	optimizer twice.
	(main): Enable -frerun-loop-opt by default for -O2 or greater.

	* loop.c (simplify_giv_expr): Adding two invariants results
	in an invariant.

Sun Oct 26 09:15:15 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* expr.c (get_inner_reference): Remove the array bias after
	converting the index to Pmode.

Sat Oct 25 12:20:58 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* mn10300.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): Add -mmult-bug and -mno-mult-bug.
	* (mulsi3): Handle TARGET_MULT_BUG.

Fri Oct 24 17:40:34 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* mn10200.c (indirect_memory_operand): Delete unused function.
	* mn10200.h (EXTRA_CONSTRAINT): Handle 'R'.
	* (bset, bclr insns): Handle output in a reg too.

Fri Oct 24 15:54:57 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (call patterns): Revert Oct 16 change; if we are to elide
	the callee's ldgp, we must do it ourselves, and we use the jsr tag
	for more than scheduling.

Fri Oct 24 13:23:04 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	* sparc/sparc.h (ASM_SPEC): Delete asm_arch.

Fri Oct 24 13:19:40 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* mn10300.c (symbolic_operand, legitimize_address): New functions.
	* mn10300.h (LEGITIMIZE_ADDRESS): Call legitimize_address.
	(GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS): Don't allow base + symbolic.

Thu Oct 23 09:35:12 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

Thu Oct 23 08:03:59 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* dbxout.c (dbxout_start_new_source_file): Use output_quoted_string

Wed Oct 22 00:34:12 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* toplev.c (flag_exceptions): Default value is 2.
	(compile_file): If flag_exceptions still has the value 2, then
	set it to 0.

	* rs6000.c (struct machine_function): Add pic_offset_table_rtx.
	(rs6000_save_machine_status): Save pic_offset_table_rtx.
	(rs6000_restore_machine_status: Restore pic_offset_table_rtx.

	* local-alloc.c (block_alloc): Don't lose if two SCRATCH expressions
	are shared.

	* (*movsi_got_internal_mem): New pattern.
	(*movsi_got_internal_mem splitter): New define_split.

Tue Oct 21 18:14:03 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* obstack.h (obstack_empty_p): Fix spurious space after backslash.

Tue Oct 21 18:34:01 1997  Geoffrey KEATING  <>

	* rs6000.c: Avoid creating a stack frame under SYSV ABI if we
	only need to save LR.

Tue Oct 21 10:06:40 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (movqi, movhi): Avoid using address registers as
	destinations unless absolutely necessary.

	* mn10200.c (expand_prologue): Fix typo.

	* mn10200.h (GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS): Do not allow indexed
	* (neghi2): Provide an alternative which works if
	the input and output register are the same.

	* mn10300.c (print_operand): Handle 'S'.
	* (ashlsi3, lshrsi3, ashrsi3): Use %S for
	shift amount in last alternative.

	* mn10300.c (expand_epilogue): Rework to handle register restores
	in "ret" and "retf" instructions correctly.

Mon Oct 20 16:47:08 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* expmed.c (extract_bit_field): Don't make flag_force_mem disable
	extzv for memory operands.

	* cse.c (simplify_ternary_operation, case IF_THEN_ELSE): Collapse
	redundant conditional moves to single operand.

Mon Oct 20 15:30:26 1997  Nick Clifton  <>

	* v850.h: Move define of __v850__ from CPP_PREDEFINES

	* xm-v850.h: Use __v850 rather than __v850__ to
	identify v850 port.

Mon Oct 20 14:15:02 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* mips/mips.c (compute_frame_size): Not a leaf function if
	profile_flag set.

Mon Oct 20 14:16:38 1997  Geoffrey KEATING  <>

	* rs6000/t-ppccomm: Use -msdata=none for crtstuff.

Mon Oct 20 12:28:17 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	* sparc/sparc.h (SPARC_V9,SPARC_ARCH64): Delete.
	(DEFAULT_ARCH32_P): New macro.
	(TARGET_ARCH{32,64}): Allow compile time or runtime selection.
	(enum cmodel): Declare.
	(sparc_cmodel_string,sparc_cmodel): Declare.
	(SPARC_DEFAULT_CMODEL): Provide default.
	(TARGET_CM_MEDMID): New macro.
	(CPP_PREDEFINES): Take out stuff now handled by %(cpp_arch).
	(CPP_SPEC): Rewrite.
	(CPP_ARCH{,32,64,_DEFAULT}_SPEC): New macros.
	(ASM_ARCH{,32,64,_DEFAULT}_SPEC): New macros.
	(ASM_SPEC): Add %(asm_arch).
	(EXTRA_SPECS): Rename cpp_default to cpp_cpu_default.
	Rename asm_default to asm_cpu_default.
	Add cpp_arch32, cpp_arch64, cpp_arch_default, cpp_arch, cpp_endian,
	cpp_subtarget, asm_arch32, asm_arch64, asm_arch_default, asm_arch.
	({PTRDIFF,SIZE}_TYPE): Provide 32 and 64 bit values.
	(MASK_INT64,MASK_LONG64): Delete.
	(MASK_ARCH64): Renamed to MASK_64BIT.
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): Always provide 64 bit options.
	(ARCH64_SWITCHES): Delete.
	(TARGET_OPTIONS): New option -mcmodel=.
	(INT_TYPE_SIZE): Always 32.
	(INIT_EXPANDERS): sparc64_init_expanders renamed to sparc_init_....
	* sparc/linux-aout.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Take out stuff handled by
	* sparc/linux.h: Likewise.
	* sparc/linux64.h (SPARC_V9,SPARC_ARCH64): Delete.
	(CPP_PREDEFINES): Take out stuff handled by CPP_SPEC.
	(ASM_SPEC): Add %(asm_arch).
	* sparc/sol2.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Take out stuff handled by CPP_SPEC.
	(TARGET_CPU_DEFAULT): Add ultrasparc case.
	* sparc/sp64-aout.h (SPARC_V9,SPARC_ARCH64): Delete.
	* sparc/sp64-elf.h (SPARC_V9,SPARC_ARCH64): Delete.
	(TARGET_DEFAULT): MASK_ARCH64 renamed to MASK_64BIT.  Delete
	(ASM_SPEC): Add %(asm_arch).
	* sparc/splet.h (CPP_SPEC): Delete.
	* sparc/sysv4.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Take out stuff handled by CPP_SPEC.
	(BLOCK_PROFILER): Likewise.
	* sparc/sparc.c (sparc_cmodel_string,sparc_cmodel): New globals.
	(sparc_override_options): Handle code model selection.
	(sparc_init_expanders): Renamed from sparc64_init_expanders.
	* sparc/ TARGET_<code_model> renamed to TARGET_CM_....
	(sethi_di_embmedany_{data,text}): Renamed from sethi_di_medany_....
	(sethi_di_fullany): Delete.

Mon Oct 20 02:00:18 1997  Klaus Kaempf  <>
			  Jeff Law  <>
			  Richard Kenner  <>

	* alpha/vms.h (DIVSI3_LIBCALL): OTS$ functions are upper case.
	* alpha/ (arg_home): Likewise.

	* alpha/alpha.c (vmskrunch): Delete.
	* alpha.c (output_prolog, VMS): Use alloca for entry_label and don't
	truncate to 64 characters.

	* Support openVMS/Alpha.

	* Fix to work on openVMS/Alpha and openVMS/VAX.

Sun Oct 19 19:00:35 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* longlong.h (count_leading_zeros): Add missing casts to USItype.

Sun Oct 19 18:44:06 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* i386/bsd386.h (ASM_COMMENT_START): Define.

Sat Oct 18 13:47:15 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* tree.c (restore_tree_status): Also free up temporary storage
	when we finish a toplevel function.
	(dump_tree_statistics): Print stats for backend obstacks.

Sat Oct 18 12:47:31 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	* expr.c (use_group_regs): Don't call use_reg for MEMs.

Sat Oct 18 09:49:46 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* libgcc2.c (__throw): Don't copy the return address.
	* dwarf2out.c (expand_builtin_dwarf_reg_size): Ignore return address.

	* except.c (exceptions_via_longjmp): Initialize to 2 (uninitialized).
	* toplev.c (main): Initialize exceptions_via_longjmp.

	* tree.c: Add extra_inline_obstacks.
	(save_tree_status): Use it.
	(restore_tree_status): If this is a toplevel inline obstack and we
	didn't want to save anything on it, recycle it.
	(print_inline_obstack_statistics): New fn.
	* function.c (pop_function_context_from): Pass context to
	* obstack.h (obstack_empty_p): New macro.

Sat Oct 18 00:43:59 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* i386/freebsd.h (ASM_COMMENT_START): Fix.

Fri Oct 17 23:48:52 1997  Jim Wilson  (

	* v850.c (ep_memory_offset): New function.
	(ep_memory_operand, substitute_ep_register, v850_reorg): Call it.

	* v850.h (CONST_OK_FOR_*): Add and correct comments.
	(CONSTANT_ADDRESS_P): Add comment.
	* Add comments on bit field instructions.
	(addsi3): Delete &r/r/r alternative.  Add r/r/U alternative.
	(lshrsi3): Use N not J constraint.

	* (v850_tst1+1): New define_split for tst1 instruction.

	* v850.c (reg_or_0_operand): Call register_operand.
	(reg_or_int5_operand): Likewise.
	* v850.h (MASK_BIG_SWITCH, TARGET_BIG_SWITCH): New macros.
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): Add "big-switch".
	(CASE_DROPS_THROUGH): Comment out.
	* (cmpsi): Delete compare mode.
	(casesi): New pattern.

	* v850.h (CONST_OK_FOR_N): Delete redundant compare against zero.
	* (ashlsi3): Use SImode not QImode for shift count.
	(lshrsi3): Likewise.

	* v850.c (print_operand): Add 'c', 'C', and 'z' support.  Delete
	unreachable switch statement after 'b' support.  Remove "b" from
	strings for 'b' support.
	* (branch_normal, branch_invert): Change %b to b%b.

Fri Oct 17 23:33:20 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (LIBGCC2_CFLAGS): Avoid a backslash then an
	empty line if @inhibit_libc@ is empty.

Fri Oct 17 23:24:40 1997  Robert Lipe  (

	* i386/sco5.h: Let ELF use dwarf2 unwinding.  COFF uses sjlj.
	(DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO): Let this track object file format.
	(EXTRA_SECTIONS): Add in_eh.

Fri Oct 17 17:13:42 1997  David S. Miller  <>

	* sparc/linux64.h (LINK_SPEC): Dynamic linker is
	* sparc/sparc.h (FUNCTION_PROFILER): Fix format string when
	* sparc/sparc.c (dwarf2out_cfi_label): Extern no longer needed.
	(output_double_int): Output DI mode values correctly when
	(output_fp_move_quad): If TARGET_V9 and not TARGET_HARD_QUAD, use
	fmovd so it works if a quad float ends up in one of the upper 32
	float regs.
	* sparc/ (pic_{lo_sum,sethi}_di): New patterns
	necessary for PIC support on sparc64.

Fri Oct 17 13:39:56 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	* sparc/sp64-elf.h (TARGET_DEFAULT): Delete MASK_STACK_BIAS.
	* sparc/sparc.h (PROMOTE_MODE): Promote small ints if arch64.
	(SPARC_FP_ARG_FIRST): New macro.
	(CONDITIONAL_REGISTER_USAGE): All v9 fp regs are volatile now.
	(NPARM_REGS): There are 32 fp argument registers now.
	(FIRST_PARM_OFFSET): Update to new v9 abi.
	(REG_PARM_STACK_SPACE): Define for arch64.
	(enum sparc_arg_class): Delete.
	(sparc_arg_count,sparc_n_named_args): Delete.
	(struct sparc_args): Redefine and use for arch32 as well as arch64.
	(doublemove_string): Declare.
	* sparc/sparc.c (sparc_arg_count,sparc_n_named_args): Delete.
	(single_move_string): Use GEN_INT, and HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(doublemove_string): New function.
	(output_move_quad): Clean up some of the arch64 support.
	(compute_frame_size): Add REG_PARM_STACK_SPACE if arch64.
	Don't add 8 bytes of reserved space if arch64.
	(sparc_builtin_saveregs): Combine arch32/arch64 versions.
	(init_cumulative_args): New function.
	(function_arg_slotno): New static function.
	(function_arg,function_arg_partial_nregs): New functions.
	(function_arg_{pass_by_reference,advance}): New functions.
	(function_arg_padding): New function.
	* ginclude/va-sparc.h: Rewrite v9 support.

Fri Oct 17 12:29:48 1997  Christian Iseli  <>

	* regclass.c (record_address_regs): Look at REG_OK_FOR_{BASE,INDEX}_P
	for hard regs to determine base and index registers.

	* reload.c (debug_reload_to_stream): New function.  Specify stream
	into which to write debug info.
	(debug_reload): Modify to call debug_reload_to_stream with stderr.

Thu Oct 16 15:07:51 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* combine.c (can_combine_p): Don't combine with an asm whose
	output is a hard register.

Thu Oct 16 15:43:26 1997  Mike Stump  <>

	* c-decl.c (start_struct): Ensure that structs with forward
	declarations are in fact packed when -fpack-struct is given.

	* stor-layout.c (layout_record): Ignore STRUCTURE_SIZE_BOUNDARY if
	we are packing a structure.  This allows a structure with only
	bytes to be aligned on a byte boundary and have no padding on a

Thu Oct 16 15:17:54 1997  Richard Kenner  <>

	* rs6000.h (ROUND_TYPE_ALIGN): Don't blow up if no fields in record.

Thu Oct 16 11:20:30 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alpha.c (alpha_return_addr_rtx): New variable.
	(alpha_save_machine_status): New; save it.
	(alpha_restore_machine_status): New; restore it.
	(alpha_init_expanders): New; clear it.
	(alpha_return_addr): New; set it.
	(alpha_ra_ever_killed): New; if alpha_return_addr_rtx, regs_ever_live
	is overly conservative, so search the insns explicitly.
	(alpha_sa_mask [VMS]): Check alpha_ra_ever_killed.
	(alpha_sa_size [VMS && !VMS]): Likewise.
	* alpha.h (RETURN_ADDR_RTX): Call alpha_return_addr.
	(INIT_EXPANDERS): New definition.

	* alpha.c: Move REG_PV, REG_RA somewhere more visible in the file.
	(output_prolog [!VMS]): Use them.

	* alpha.c (output_prolog [!VMS]): Move gp detection to ...
	(alpha_does_function_need_gp): ... a new function.  Refine the
	CALL_INSN test to just TYPE_JSR.
	* (most call insns): Fix some jsr/ibr type transpositions.

Thu Oct 16 09:36:47 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

Wed Oct 15 21:38:18 1997  Richard Kenner  <>

	* pa.c (move_operand): Respect -mdisable-indexing.
	* pa.h (GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS): Likewise.

Wed Oct 15 21:34:45 1997  David Edelsohn  <>

	* (udivsi3, divsi3): Split into MQ and non-MQ cases for
	(umulsidi3,umulsi3_highpart): Likewise.
	(smulsi3_highpart_no_mq): Add !TARGET_POWER.

Wed Oct 15 18:21:46 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alpha.c (final_prescan_insn): Gut, remove and transform to ...
	(alpha_handle_trap_shadows): ... a new function.  Handle the entire
	function in one go.  Emit RTL for trapb, instead of printf directly.
	(alpha_reorg): New function.  Call alpha_handle_trap_shadows.
	(trap_pending): Kill global variable.
	(output_epilog): Don't call final_prescan_insn.
	(struct shadow_summary): Elide $31 and $f31; now it fits in a word.
	* alpha.h (FINAL_PRESCAN_INSN): Remove.
	* (jsr patterns with trapb): Stupid and useless.  Kill.
	(trapb): New insn.

Wed Oct 15 18:16:05 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	Tune Haifa scheduler for Alpha:
	* alpha.h (ISSUE_RATE): Define.
	* alpha.c (alpha_adjust_cost): Handle EV5 mult delay; don't apply
	EV4 adjustments to EV5.
	* Remove all scaling from function unit delays.  Rework
	EV5 function units to match the CPU.
	(umuldi3_highpart): EV5 added the IMULH insn class.

Wed Oct 15 17:42:41 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* pa.c (following_call): Fail if the CALL_INSN is an indirect

Tue Oct 14 12:01:00 1997  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* cplus-dem.c (demangle_signature): Don't look for return types on
	constructors.  Handle member template constructors.

Tue Oct 14 11:30:29 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* tree.c (expr_tree_cons, build_expr_list, expralloc): New fns.
	* tree.h: Declare them.

Fri Oct 10 13:46:56 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	* Handle --with-newlib.
	* (LIBGCC2_CFLAGS): Add @inhibit_libc@.

	* sparc/t-sp64 (LIBGCC2_CFLAGS): Delete.

Wed Oct  8 14:37:44 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* config/ptx4.h: Fix typo.

Wed Oct  8 08:57:20 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

Tue Oct  7 16:27:34 1997  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* aclocal.m4: Substitute INSTALL.
	* configure: Re-built.

Tue Oct  7 15:37:35 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* integrate.c (save_for_inline_copying): Avoid undefined pointer
	(expand_inline_function): Likewise.

	* dwarf2out.c (output_call_frame_info): Reinstate last change
	using flag_debug_asm check instead of flag_verbose_asm.

Tue Oct  7 12:57:26 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (output_call_frame_info): Remove last change.

1997-10-04  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* frame.c (__frame_state_for): Execute the FDE insns until the
	current pc value is strictly bigger than the target pc value.

Tue Oct  7 11:00:42 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* regclass.c (init_reg_modes): If we can't find a mode for the
	register, use the previous one.

Tue Oct  7 10:55:34 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* haifa-sched.c (print_block_visualization): Call fprintf directly,
	don't sprintf through an alloca'ed buffer.

Tue Oct  7 10:52:29 1997  Thomas Koenig  (

	* reload.c (decompose): Always initialize val.base.

Tue Oct  7 10:19:26 1997  Manfred Hollstein  (

	* m68k/mot3300.h (ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGN): Accept any alignment
	instead of aborting.
	* dwarf2out.c (output_call_frame_info): Call app_enable and
	app_disable to let GNU as accept the generated comments.

Tue Oct  7 11:41:21 1997  Michael Meissner  <>

	* tree.h (get_file_function_name): Add declaration.
	* dwarf2out.c (output_call_frame_info): No need to cast
	get_file_function_name call anymore.
	* profile.c (toplevel): Remove get_file_function_name
	* c-lang.c (finish_file): Likewise.

Tue Oct  7 10:01:45 1997  Chip Salzenberg  <>

	* (program_transform_name): Let autoconf substitute
	the correct value.

Tue Oct  7 09:54:35 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* haifa-sched.c (schedule_block): If the first real insn in a
	block has any special notes attached to it, remove them.

Tue Oct  7 09:48:51 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alpha.h (FLOAT_STORE_FLAG_VALUE): It's 2.0 not 0.5.

Mon Oct  6 12:47:32 1997  Manfred Hollstein  (

	* m88k.c (m88k_begin_prologue): Remove superfluous backslash.

Mon Oct  6 12:04:24 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (check-g77): New test target.
	(CHECK-TARGETS): Add check-g77.

Fri Oct  3 11:56:36 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Defer all non-nested inlines.

Fri Oct  3 15:49:27 1997  Michael Meissner  <>

	* flow.c (print_rtl_with_bb): Cast alloca return value for

Thu Oct  2 21:15:03 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* i386.h (RETURN_ADDR_RTX): New definition that works for
	__builtin_return_address(0) and -fomit-frame-pointer.

Wed Oct  1 13:43:53 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	Bring over from FSF.
	Tue Aug  5 16:10:45 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* mips.c (function_arg): Handle passing a struct
	containing a double in a DFmode register without the PARALLEL.

Wed Oct  1 11:13:25 1997  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* pexecute.c: Use spawn if __CYGWIN32__.

	* pexecute.c: Include "config.h" first, as per autoconf manual
	(from Paul Eggert  <>).

Wed Oct  1 01:44:36 1997  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* m68k/x-mot3300 (XCFLAGS): Disable as's long/short jump
	optimization for f/expr.o and f/stb.o.

Tue Sep 30 23:48:57 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* cse.c (this_insn_cc0_mode): Initialize.

Tue Sep 30 23:09:40 1997  Thomas Koenig  <>

	* cccp.c (expand_to_temp_buffer): Initialize all members of obuf.

	* haifa-sched.c (get_block_head_tail): Remove unneeded initialization.

Tue Sep 30 23:06:43 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (beq): For registers and ints 0-255, use cmpeq+bne, since
	that pair will dual-issue on the 21164 and plus+beq won't.
	(bne): Likewise for cmpeq+beq.

Tue Sep 30 16:07:58 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* except.c (find_exception_handler_labels): Correct argument to free.

Tue Sep 30 11:00:00 1997  Brendan Kehoe  <>

	* except.c (find_exception_handler_labels): Free LABELS when we're

Mon Sep 29 14:04:35 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

Mon Sep 29 10:51:53 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* flow.c (find_basic_blocks): Mark calls as potentially jumping
	to the EH labels.

Mon Sep 29 09:58:06 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* Substitute for "install" too.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

Mon Sep 29 00:38:42 1997  Aaron Jackson  <>

	* (bootstrap-lean, compare-lean): New targets.

Mon Sep 29 00:18:16 1997  Richard Henderson  (

	* alias.c (base_alias_check): Two symbols can conflict if they
	are accessed via AND.
	(memrefs_conflict_p): Likewise.

	* alpha.h (SETUP_INCOMING_VARARGS): Emit a blockage insn
	after flushing argument registers to the stack.

	* (mostlyclean): Remove .regmove files.

Sun Sep 28 18:59:58 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* libgcc2.c (__throw): Fix thinko.

Sun Sep 28 12:00:52 1997  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* cplus-dem.c (demangle_template): Add new parameter.  Handle new
	template-function mangling.
	(consume_count_with_underscores): New function.
	(demangle_signature): Handle new name-mangling scheme.

Sun Sep 28 01:55:04 1997  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* flow.c (print_rtl_with_bb): Cast alloca return values for variables
	start and end.

Sun Sep 28 01:05:16 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* frame.c: Remove last change.
	* dwarf2.h: Remove last change.
	* tree.h: Add declarations of DWARF2 unwind info support

Sat Sep 27 11:02:38 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Add __builtin_dwarf_reg_size.
	* tree.h (built_in_function): Likewise.
	* expr.c (expand_builtin): Likewise.
	* except.h: Likewise.
	* dwarf2out.c (expand_builtin_dwarf_reg_size): New fn.
	* libgcc2.c (copy_reg): New fn.
	(__throw): Use it.

Fri Sep 26 08:54:59 1997  Paul Eggert  <>

	* c-typeck.c (build_binary_op): Warn about comparing signed vs
	unsigned if -W is specified and -Wno-sign-compare is not.
	* c-decl.c (warn_sign_compare): Initialize to -1.
	(c_decode_option): -Wall no longer implies -Wsign-compare.

Fri Sep 26 09:00:13 1997  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* frame.c: Include gansidecl.h for PROTO.
	* dwarf2out.c: Move inclusion of dwarf2.h down so that PROTO is
	defined.  Don't declare dwarf2out_cfi_label here.
	* dwarf2.h: Add declarations of DWARF2 unwind info support
	* m68k.c: Include dwarf2.h.
	(output_function_prologue): Add dwarf2 support.

	* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Make sure there is at
	least one insn that can be used as an insertion point.

Wed Sep 24 21:34:06 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c: s/flag_verbose_asm/flag_debug_asm/

Wed Sep 24 22:05:30 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

Wed Sep 24 17:36:23 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	Bring over from FSF.

	Wed Sep 24 19:17:08 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	* sparc/ (get_pc_via_call): Renamed from get_pc_sp32.
	(get_pc_via_rdpc): Renamed from get_pc_sp64.
	* sparc/sparc.c (finalize_pic): Update call to gen_get_pc_via_call.

	Wed Sep 24 18:38:22 1997  David S. Miller  <>

	* sparc/sparc.h (ASM_CPU_SPEC): Pass -Av9a for v8plus, ultrasparc.
	(TARGET_OPTIONS): Add -malign-loops=, -malign-jumps=,
	(sparc_align_{loops,jumps,funcs}_string): Declare.
	(sparc_align_{loops,jumps,funcs}): Declare.
	(FUNCTION_BOUNDARY): Use sparc_align_funcs.
	(STACK_BIAS): Define.
	(SPARC_SIMM*_P): Cast to unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT first, then perform
	(SPARC_SETHI_P): New macro.
	* sparc/sparc.c (sparc_align_{loops,jumps,funcs}_string): New globals.
	(sparc_align_{loops,jumps,funcs}): New globals.
	(sparc_override_options): Handle -malign-loops=, -malign-jumps=,
	(move_operand): Use SPARC_SETHI_P.
	(arith_double_operand): Cast to unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT first, then
	perform test.
	(arith11_double_operand): Likewise.
	(arith10_double_operand): Likewise.
	(finalize_pic): Finish sparc64 support.
	(emit_move_sequence): Use SPARC_SETHI_P.  Simplify low part of
	64 bit constants if able.
	(output_fp_move_quad): Don't use fmovq unless TARGET_HARD_QUAD.
	(sparc_builtin_saveregs, sparc64 case): Don't save fp regs if
	* sparc/ (*): Use GEN_INT instead of gen_rtx.
	(get_pc_sp32): Use for sparc64 as well.
	(lo_sum_di_sp{32,64}): Fix handling on 64 bit hosts.
	(sethi_di_sp64_const): Likewise.
	(movtf_cc_sp64): Check TARGET_HARD_QUAD.
	(cmp_zero_extract_sp64): Use unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT in cast.
	(ashlsi3, ashldi3, ashrsi3, ashrdi3, lshrsi3, lshrdi3): Likewise.

	Tue Sep 23 19:02:46 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	* sparc/linux-aout.h (COMMENT_BEGIN): Delete.
	* sparc/linux.h (COMMENT_BEGIN): Likewise.
	* sparc/linux64.h (COMMENT_BEGIN): Likewise.

	Tue Sep 23 14:48:18 1997  David S. Miller  <>

	Add sparc64 linux support.
	* (sparc64-*-linux*): Recognize.  Add sparc/xm-sparc.h
	to xm_file list on 32-bit sparc-linux.
	* sparc/xm-sp64.h: New file.
	* sparc/linux64.h: New file.
	* sparc/xm-linux.h: Include some standard headers if not inhibit_libc.
	Don't include xm-sparc.h.
	* config/xm-linux.h (HAVE_PUTENV, HAVE_ATEXIT): Define.
	* glimits.h (LONG_MAX): Handle sparc64.

	Sat Sep 20 03:07:54 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	* sparc/sysv4.h (ASM_COMMENT_START): Delete.
	* sparc.h (ASM_COMMENT_START): Define.
	* sparc.c (output_function_prologue): Use it.
	(sparc_flat_output_function_{epi,pro}logue): Likewise.

	Wed Sep 17 15:04:19 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	* sparc/sysv4.h (ASM_OUTPUT_{FLOAT,DOUBLE,LONG_DOUBLE}): Delete,
	use sparc.h's copies.
	* sparc/sparc.h (ASM_OUTPUT_{FLOAT,DOUBLE,LONG_DOUBLE}): Print
	ascii form as well.

	Mon Sep  8 08:45:19 1997  Richard Kenner  <>

	* sparc.c (dwarf2out_cfi_label): Add declaration.
	(save_regs, output_function_prologue): Remove cast for it.
	(sparc_flat_{save_restore,output_function_prologue): Likewise.
	({save,restore}_regs): No longer inline.

Tue Sep 23 12:34:51 1997  Richard Kenner  <>

	* fold-const.c (make_range): Correctly handle cases of converting
	from unsigned to signed type.

Tue Sep 23 12:34:51 1997  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* fold-const.c (merge_ranges): Make sure that if one range is subset
	of another, it will always be the second range.  Correct (+,-) case to
	account for this.

Tue Sep 23 08:32:51 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* final.c (final_end_function): Also do dwarf2 thing if
	(final_start_function): Likewise.

Tue Sep 23 01:15:50 1997  David S. Miller  <>

	* expmed.c (expand_divmod): If compute_mode is not the same as
	mode, handle the case where convert_modes() causes op1 to no
	longer be a CONST_INT.

	* reorg.c (dbr_schedule): At end of this pass, add REG_BR_PRED
	note holding get_jump_flags() calculation to all JUMP_INSNs.
	* rtl.h (enum reg_note): New note types REG_BR_PRED and REG_SAVE_AREA.
	* rtl.c (reg_note_name): Add new note types.

Tue Sep 23 00:59:54 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* rtlanal.c (computed_jump_p): Fix typo in last change.

Tue Sep 23 00:42:44 1997  H.J. Lu  (

	* loop.c (indirect_jump_in_function_p): Return 0
	by default.

Tue Sep 23 00:33:55 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* rs6000/xm-rs6000.h: Fix thinko in last change.
	* rs6000/xm-sysv4.h: Likewise.

Mon Sep 22 19:33:53 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* mips.c (save_restore_insns): Only set RTX_FRAME_RELATED_P if store_p.

Mon Sep 22 14:41:00 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* reg-stack.c (find_blocks): Fix thinko in last change.

1997-09-21  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* m68k.c (output_function_prologue): Add dwarf2 support.

	INCOMING_FRAME_SP_OFFSET): New definitions.

Mon Sep 22 11:36:42 1997  David S. Miller  <>

	* combine.c (try_combine): Use NULL_RTX instead of '0' where
	appropriate in calls to gen_rtx().
	* cse.c (cse_main): Likewise.
	* emit-rtl.c (gen_label_rtx): Likewise.
	* expr.c (init_expr_once): Likewise.
	* haifa-sched.c (flush_pending_lists, sched_analyze_insn,
	sched_analyze, init_rgn_data_dependences,
	compute_block_backward_dependences): Likewise.
	* sched.c (schedule_insns): Likewise.
	* varasm.c (immed_double_const): Likewise.

	* sparc.h (INCOMING_FRAME_SP_OFFSET): Define to
	SPARC_STACK_BIAS for sake of dwarf2 on sparc64.

Mon Sep 22 11:21:33 1997  J. Kean Johnston  <>

	* i386/sco5.h: Make ELF default file format and add -mcoff/-melf..
	(ASM_SPEC, CPP_SPEC): Handle -mcoff.
	(LIBGCC_SPEC): Likewise.
	(SUBTARGET_SWITCHES): Add -mcoff and -melf.
	* i386/t-sco5 (CRTSTUFF_T_CFLAGS): Add -fPIC.
	(libgcc1-elf, libgcc2-elf, libgcc-elf targets): Delete.

Mon Sep 22 02:10:43 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

Sun Sep 21 17:45:45 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* loop.c (loop_number): Delete function.  Change all references
	to use uid_loop_num array.
	* loop.h (loop_number): Delete declaration.
	* unroll.c (unroll_loop): Change "loop_number" references to
	use uid_loop_num instead.

	* loop.c (loop_unroll_factor): Move outside #ifdef HAIFA
	(loop_unroll_iter): Remove unused variable and all references.
	(loop_optimize): Always allocate and clear space for loop_unroll_factor.
	(insert_bct): Fix minor formatting problems.
	* loop.h (loop_unroll_factor): Move decl outside #ifdef HAIFA.
	(loop_unroll_iter): Removed unused decl.
	* unroll.c (unroll_loop): Remove code to set loop_unroll_iter.
	Always record the unrolling factor.

	* cse.c (simplify_relational_operation): Set h0u just like h0s.
	Similarly for h1u and h1s.

	* flow.c (jmp_uses_reg_or_mem): Deleted unused function.
	(find_basic_blocks): Use computed_jump_p to determine if a
	particular JUMP_INSN is a computed jump.
	* reg-stack.c (find_blocks): Use computed_jump_p to determine
	if a particular JUMP_INSN is a computed jump.
	* rtlanal.c (jmp_uses_reg_or_mem): New function.
	(computed_jump_p): Likewise.
	* rtl.h (computed_jump_p): Declare.
	* genattrtab.c (pc_rtx): Define and initialize.
	* loop.c (loop_optimize): Always determine if the current
	function has a computed jump.
	(indirect_jump_in_function_p): Use computed_jump_p to determine
	if a particular JUMP_INSN is a computed jump.

	* loop.c (fix_bct_param): Delete unused function.
	(check_bct_param): Likewise.

Sat Sep 20 16:22:06 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* frame.c (__deregister_frame): Check properly for initialized object.

Fri Sep 19 20:51:03 1997  H.J. Lu  (

	* alpha/linux.h (HANDLE_SYSV_PRAGMA): Defined.

Fri Sep 19 18:53:50 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* jump.c (thread_jumps): Check can_reverse_comparison_p before
	threading a reversed-condition jump.

	* sched.c (update_flow_info): Don't pass SCRATCH to dead_or_set_p.
	* haifa-sched.c (update_flow_info): Likewise.

Thu Sep 18 21:13:40 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (BOOT_CFLAGS): Use -O2.

	* (strtoul, bsearch): Have autoconf check for these
	* configure, Rebuilt.

	* m68k/xm-mot3300.h (alloca): Properly declare if __STDC__.
	* mips/mips.h (alloca): Likewise.
	* rs6000/xm-rs6000.h (alloca): Likewise.
	* rs6000/xm-sysv4.h: Likewise.

Thu Sep 18 14:22:22 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* final.c (final_scan_insn): Hand BARRIERs off to the dwarf2 code.
	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_frame_debug): Pass the whole insn along.
	(dwarf2out_stack_adjust): A BARRIER resets the args space to 0.

	* except.c (end_eh_unwinder): Subtract 1 from return address.
	* libgcc2.c (__throw): Likewise.
	(find_exception_handler): Don't change PC here.  Compare end with >.

Thu Sep 18 10:43:07 1997  Nick Clifton  <>

	* v850.c (compute_register_save_size): Correct register
	* (save_interrupt, return_interrupt): Correct
	register number.
	* v850/lib1funcs.asm (save_interrupt): Correct register number.
	(return_interrupt): Use stack pointer, not element pointer.

1997-09-18  Brendan Kehoe  <>

	*, configure: Make sure to create the stage* and include
	symbolic links in each subdirectory.

Thu Sep 18 01:47:06 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (reload_peepholes): Don't allow addresses with side
	effects for the memory operand.

Wed Sep 17 18:19:53 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* libgcc2.c (find_exception_handler): Subtract one from our PC when
	looking for a handler, to avoid hitting the beginning of the next

	* except.c (expand_builtin_set_return_addr_reg): Use force_operand.

Wed Sep 17 18:33:59 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* mips/abi64.h (LONG_MAX_SPEC): Define.
	* mips.h (LONG_MAX_SPEC): Define.
	(CPP_SPEC): Include long_max_spec.
	(EXTRA_SPECS): Include long_max_spec.

Wed Sep 17 14:11:38 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* v850.c (construct_save_jarl): Fix thinko in last change.

Wed Sep 17 09:53:07 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

Tue Sep 16 14:22:36 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* libgcc2.c (find_exception_handler): Not found is -1.

	* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Move expand_start_bindings
	after expanding the arguments.

Tue Sep 16 11:13:46 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* expr.c (expand_expr): Remove previous incorrect change.
	If target and slot has no DECL_RTL, then call mark_addressable
	again for the slot after we give it RTL.

Tue Sep 16 09:18:52 1997  Jason Merrill  (

	* expr.c (expand_expr, case TARGET_EXPR): Call mark_addressable
	again for the slot after we give it RTL.

Tue Sep 16 00:13:20 1997  Nick Clifton  <>

	* v850.c (register_is_ok_for_epilogue,
	pattern_is_ok_for_epilogue, construct_restore_jr,
	pattern_is_ok_for_prologue, construct_save_jarl): New functions.

	* v850.h (pattern_is_ok_for_prologue,
	pattern_is_ok_for_epilogue, register_is_ok_for_epilogue): New

	* Replace prologue and epilogue patterns with a
	match_parallel pattern.

Mon Sep 15 22:53:01 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* aclocal.m4: Add replacement for AC_PROG_INSTALL.

Mon Sep 15 22:40:55 1997  Jim Wilson  (

	* dwarf2out.c (gen_subprogram_die): Handle redefinition of an
	extern inline function.

Mon Sep 15 22:40:55 1997  Richard Henderson  (

	* dwarf2out.c (reg_loc_descriptor): Fix prototype.
	(concat_loc_descriptor): New function.
	(loc_descriptor): Call it.
	(add_AT_location_description): Also elide the descriptor if both
	halves of a CONCAT are pseudos.
	(add_location_or_const_value_attribute): Recognize CONCAT too.

Mon Sep 15 15:24:00 1997  Richard Henderson  <>


	* alpha/alpha.c (output_prolog): New variable sa_reg.  Use it for
	out-or-range reg_offset.
	(output_epilog): Likewise.

Mon Sep 15 15:39:26 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* cse.c (simplify_relational_operation): If MODE specifies a
	mode wider than HOST_WIDE_INT, then the high word of a CONST_INT
	is derived from the sign bit of the low word.

Mon Sep 15 11:43:38 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	Support dwarf2 unwinding on PUSH_ROUNDING targets like the x86.

	* dwarf2.h: Add DW_CFA_GNU_args_size.
	* frame.c (execute_cfa_insn): Likewise.
	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf_cfi_name, output_cfi): Likewise.
	(dwarf2out_args_size, dwarf2out_stack_adjust): New fns.
	(dwarf2out_frame_debug): If this isn't a prologue or epilogue
	insn, hand it off to dwarf2out_stack_adjust.
	(dwarf2out_begin_prologue): Initialize args_size.
	* frame.h (struct frame_state): Add args_size.
	* libgcc2.c (__throw): Use args_size.
	* final.c (final_scan_insn): If we push args, hand off all insns
	to dwarf2out_frame_debug.

	* dwarf2out.c dwarf2out_frame_debug): Fix typo.
	Handle epilogue restore of SP from FP.
	* emit-rtl.c (gen_sequence): Still generate a sequence if the
	lone insn has RTX_FRAME_RELATED_P set.

	* frame.c (extract_cie_info): Handle "e" augmentation.
	* dwarf2out.c (ASM_OUTPUT_DWARF_*): Provide definitions in the
	absence of UNALIGNED_*_ASM_OP.
	(UNALIGNED_*_ASM_OP): Only provide defaults if OBJECT_FORMAT_ELF.
	(output_call_frame_info): Use "e" instead of "z" for augmentation.
	Don't emit augmentation fields length.
	(dwarf2out_do_frame): Move outside of #ifdefs.
	* defaults.h (DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO): Don't require unaligned data

	* sparc.h (UNALIGNED_INT_ASM_OP et al): Don't define here after all.
	* sparc/sysv4.h (UNALIGNED_INT_ASM_OP): Define here.
	* sparc/sunos4.h (DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO): Define to 0.
	* sparc/sun4gas.h: New file.
	* Use sun4gas.h if SunOS 4 --with-gnu-as.

	* collect2.c (write_c_file_stat, write_c_file_glob): Declare
	__register_frame_table and __deregister_frame.

1997-09-15  Brendan Kehoe  <>

	* except.c (find_exception_handler_labels): Use xmalloc instead of
	alloca, since MAX_LABELNO - MIN_LABELNO can be more than 1 million
	in some cases.

Sun Sep 14 21:01:23 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* Various changes to build info files
	in the object tree rather than the source tree.

Sun Sep 14 12:24:30 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* fixinc.math: New file to fix math.h on some systems.
	* (freebsd, netbsd): Use fixinc.math on these
	* configure: Rebuilt.

Sun Sep 14 11:11:05 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* regmove.c (regmove_optimize): If we end up moving the
	original insn due to lifetime overlaps, make sure to move

Sat Sep 13 15:51:11 1997  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* (INSTALL_{PROGRAM,DATA}): Use value found by configure.

Sat Sep 13 12:57:26 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* haifa-sched.c (add_branch_dependences): Make each insn in
	a SCHED_GROUP_P block explicitly depend on the previous insn.

Fri Sep 12 13:49:58 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* except.h: Prototype dwarf2 hooks.
	* expr.c: Adjust.

Thu Sep 11 17:43:55 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* (native_prefix): Delete.
	(mips-dec-netbsd): Don't set prefix.
	(*linux*): Don't set prefix.

Thu Sep 11 15:48:32 1997  Fred Fish  <>

	* protoize.c: Include <varargs.h> only if HAVE_VARARGS_H is
	defined.  If not defined, include <sys/varargs.h> if
	HAVE_SYS_VARARGS_H is defined.
	* Test for varargs.h and sys/varargs.h.
	* configure: Regenerate with autoconf.
	* Regenerate with autoheader.

	* cpplib.c (quote_string): Cast first arg of sprintf call
	from "unsigned char *" to "char *".
	(output_line_command): Likewise.
	(macroexpand): Likewise.
	(do_line): Cast atoi arg from "unsigned char *" to "char *".

Wed Sep 10 21:37:30 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

	* (compare): Exit with nonzero status if there
	are comparison failures.  Note which files failed the
	comparison test in .bad_compare.

Wed Sep 10 17:05:46 1997  H.J. Lu  (

	* config/alpha/elf.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Remove -D__PIC__ -D__pic__.

Wed Sep 10 16:37:28 1997  Fred Fish  <>

	* (LN, LN_S): New macros, use where appropriate.
	* aclocal.m4 (GCC_PROG_LN_S, GCC_PROG_LN): New tests.
	* configure: Regenerated.

Thu Sep 11 11:09:43 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* loop.c (strength_reduce): Fix typo.

Wed Sep 10 16:01:15 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* m88k/m88k.c (struct option): Rename to struct options.
	* m88k/dolph.h (INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Delete here.
	* m88k/sysv3.h (INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Delete ifdef and comments.
	* libgcc2.c (__enable_execute_stack): Check for __sysV88__ not
	__DOLPHIN__ or sysV88.

Wed Sep 10 14:58:40 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (gen_lowpart_common): For a SUBREG, add in word when
	create new subreg.

Wed Sep 10 15:19:22 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* config.sub: Accept 'amigados' for backward compatibility.

Wed Sep 10 14:05:08 1997  H.J. Lu  (

	* (testsuite/site.exp): New target.
	(check-gcc, check-g++): Depend on testsuite/site.exp.
	Don't stop for failure.

Wed Sep 10 12:59:57 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* expr.c (expand_builtin): Only support __builtin_dwarf_fp_regnum()

Wed Sep 10 11:49:20 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	Add support for exception handling using DWARF 2 frame unwind info.
	Currently works on SPARC and MIPS, and almost on x86.

	* libgcc2.c (get_reg, put_reg, get_return_addr, put_return_addr,
	next_stack_level, in_reg_window): Helper fns.
	(__throw): Implement for DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO.

	* expr.c (expand_builtin): Handle builtins used by __throw.
	* tree.h (enum built_in_function): Add builtins used by __throw.
	* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Declare builtins used by __throw.
	* dwarf2out.c (expand_builtin_dwarf_fp_regnum): Used by __throw.
	* except.c (expand_builtin_unwind_init): Hook for dwarf2 __throw.
	(expand_builtin_extract_return_addr): Likewise.
	(expand_builtin_frob_return_addr): Likewise.
	(expand_builtin_set_return_addr_reg): Likewise.
	(expand_builtin_eh_stub): Likewise.
	(expand_builtin_set_eh_regs): Likewise.
	(eh_regs): Choose two call-clobbered registers for passing back values.

	* frame.c, frame.h: New files for parsing dwarf 2 frame info.
	* (LIB2ADD): New variable.  Add $(srcdir)/frame.c.
	(libgcc2.a): Use it instead of $(LIB2FUNCS_EXTRA) $(LANG_LIB2FUNCS)
	(stmp-multilib): Likewise.
	($(T)crtbegin.o, $(T)crtend.o): Add -fno-exceptions.

	* except.c: #include "defaults.h".
	(exceptions_via_longjmp): Default depends on DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO.
	(emit_throw): Don't defeat assemble_external if DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO.
	(register_exception_table_p): New fn.
	(start_eh_unwinder): Don't do anything if DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO.
	(end_eh_unwinder): Likewise.

	* crtstuff.c: Wrap .eh_frame section, use EH_FRAME_SECTION_ASM_OP,
	call __register_frame and __deregister_frame as needed.
	* varasm.c (eh_frame_section): New fn if EH_FRAME_SECTION_ASM_OP.
	* dwarf2out.c (EH_FRAME_SECTION): Now a function-like macro.  Check
	* sparc/sysv4.h (EH_FRAME_SECTION_ASM_OP): Define.
	* mips/iris6.h (EH_FRAME_SECTION_ASM_OP): Define.
	(LINK_SPEC): Add __EH_FRAME_BEGIN__ to hidden symbols.

	* dwarf2out.c (output_call_frame_info): If no support for
	EXCEPTION_SECTION, mark the start of the frame info with a
	collectible tag.
	* collect2.c (frame_tables): New list.
	(is_ctor_dtor): Recognize frame entries.
	(scan_prog_file): Likewise.
	(main): Pass -fno-exceptions to sub-compile.  Also do collection
	if there are any frame entries.
	(write_c_file_stat): Call __register_frame_table and
	__deregister_frame as needed.
	(write_c_file_glob): Likewise.

	* defaults.h (DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO): Default to 1 if supported.
	Also require unaligned reloc support.
	* sparc/sysv4.h: Not here.

	* toplev.c (compile_file): Call dwarf2out_frame_{init,finish}.
	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_init): Don't call dwarf2out_frame_init.
	(dwarf2out_finish): Don't call dwarf2out_frame_finish.

	* libgcc2.c (L_eh): Reorganize, moving code shared by different
	EH implementations to the top.
	(find_exception_handler): Split out.  Start from 0.  Compare against
	end with >=.
	(__find_first_exception_table_match): Use it.
	* except.c (output_exception_table): Don't do anything if there's
	no table.  Don't output a first entry of zeroes.
	(eh_outer_context): Adjust properly.
	(add_eh_table_entry): Use xrealloc.
	* toplev.c (compile_file): Just call output_exception_table.

Wed Sep 10 11:30:36 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* i386.c (ix86_prologue): Add dwarf2 support for !do_rtl case.

Wed Sep 10 08:17:10 1997  Torbjorn Granlund  <>

	* except.c (eh_outer_context): Do masking using expand_and.

Wed Sep 10 01:38:30 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	Add port done awhile ago for the ARC cpu.
	* arc/arc.h: New file.
	* arc/arc.c: New file.
	* arc/ New file.
	* arc/initfini.c: New file.
	* arc/lib1funcs.asm: New file.
	* arc/t-arc: New file.
	* arc/xm-arc.h: New file.
	* ginclude/va-arc.h: New file.
	* ginclude/stdarg.h: Include va-arc.h ifdef __arc__.
	* ginclude/varargs.h: Likewise.
	* (USER_H): Add va-arc.h.
	* (arc-*-elf*): Recognize.
	* longlong.h: Add ARC support.

Wed Sep 10 01:32:54 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* expr.c (clear_storage): Use CONST0_RTX instead of const0_rtx.
	when clearing non-BLKmode data.

Wed Sep 10 00:29:29 1997  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* m88k/sysv3.h (INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Define.
	* libgcc2.c (__enable_execute_stack): Provide for sysV88 too.

	* xm-m88k.h (USG): Only define if it hasn't already been defined.

	* (risky-stage1): Delete gratuitous whitespace.

	* (clean): Delete libgcc1-test.

	* (INSTALL): cd to $(srcdir) before running texinfo.

Tue Sep  9 17:07:36 1997  Stan Cox  <>

	* m88k.c (m88k_expand_prologue): Set MEM_IN_STRUCT_P of va_list

Tue Sep  9 09:50:02 1997  Richard Kenner  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (output_call_frame_info): Call named_section.

Tue Sep  9 09:12:17 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* haifa-sched.c (print_value): Fix last change.

Tue Sep  9 01:30:37 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* mips.h (DWARF_FRAME_REGNUM): Use the same numbering regardless of

Mon Sep  8 16:32:43 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* mips.c (function_prologue): Set up the CFA when ABI_32.

	* sparc.c (save_regs): Check dwarf2out_do_frame instead of DWARF2_DEBUG
	for dwarf2 unwind info.
	(output_function_prologue, sparc_flat_output_function_prologue): Same.

	* final.c (final_end_function): Check dwarf2out_do_frame instead
	of DWARF2_DEBUG for dwarf2 unwind info.
	(final_scan_insn): Likewise.
	(final_start_function): Likewise.  Initialize dwarf2 frame debug here.
	(final): Not here.

	* expr.c (expand_builtin_return_addr): Only SETUP_FRAME_ADDRESSES if
	count > 0.

	* varasm.c (exception_section): Check EXCEPTION_SECTION first.

Mon Sep  8 15:15:11 1997  Nick Clifton  <>

	* v850.h (ASM_SPEC): Pass on target processor.
	(CPP_PREDEFINES): Only define if not already specified.
	(TARGET_VERSION): Only define if not already specified.
	(MASK_CPU, MASK_V850, MASK_DEFAULT): Bits to specify target
	(EXTRA_SWITCHES): Extra entries in the switches array.
	(TARGET_DEFAULT): Set default target processor.

Mon Sep  8 18:26:35 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	cases, add %# and %/, and add : to make them into extended asms.

Sun Sep  7 23:57:50 1997  Weiwen Liu  <>

	* alias.c (init_alias_analysis): Clean up incompatible pointer
	type warning in bzero.
	* regmove.c (regmove_optimize): Likewise.
	* haifa-sched.c (find_rgns): Likewise.

	* haifa-sched.c (print_value): Clean up ptr->int cast

Sun Sep  7 23:18:32 1997  Fred Fish  <>

	* INSTALL: Change 'amigados' to 'amigaos' to match current usage.
	* install.texi (Configurations): Likewise.
	* config.sub: Likewise.

Sun Sep  7 22:56:56 1997  Weiwen Liu  (

	* (sdbout.o): Depend on insn-config.h.

Sun Sep  7 18:44:50 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* m68k/m68k.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): For 68000, 68302, subtract MASK_68881.
	For 68303, 68332, cpu32, subtract MASK_68040_ONLY.

Sun Sep  7 18:30:46 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (dwarf2out_frame_debug): Assume that in a PARALLEL
	prologue insn, only the first elt is significant.
	(output_call_frame_info): For exception handling, always use 4-byte
	fields as specified by the dwarf2 spec.
	Don't skip trivial FDEs.

Sun Sep  7 14:19:39 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

Sun Sep  7 14:17:36 1997  Torbjorn Granlund  (

	* expmed.c (expand_divmod): Make op1_is_pow2 depend on unsignedp
	for negative constants.  Promote EXACT_DIV_EXPR to TRUNC_DIV_EXPR
	when op1_is_pow2.

Sun Sep  7 13:46:46 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* final.c (shorten_branches): During first pass, assume worst
	possible alignment for ADDR_VEC and ADDR_VEC_DIFF insns.

	* (distclean): Remove various things left around
	by running the testsuite.

Sun Sep  7 13:16:06 1997  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* (out_file): Emit definition to config.status in order
	to have a defined value for configure.lang.
	* configure: Re-built.

Sun Sep  7 09:59:08 1997  Jan-Jaap van der Heijden  (

	* Make symlink to as-new rather than  Similarly
	for ld-new.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

Fri Sep  5 16:54:55 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* profile.c (output_func_start_profiler): Set DECL_EXTERNAL to zero.

Fri Sep  5 16:16:44 1997  Christian Kuehnke  <Christian.Kuehnke@arbi.Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE>

	* sparc/ Add ultrasparc scheduling support.
	* sparc/sparc.h (RTX_COSTS): For MULT give v9 a cost of 25 insns.

Fri Sep  5 14:04:59 1997  Philippe De Muyter  <>

	* integrate.c (save_for_inline_copying): Use 0, not NULL_PTR,
	as initial value for real_label_map.
	(copy_for_inline): Likewise.

Fri Sep  5 13:36:44 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* sched.c (update_flow_info): When looking if to set found_split_dest
	or found_orig_dest, look at all parts of a PARALLEL.
	* haifa-sched.c (update_flow_info): Likewise.

Fri Sep  5 10:08:44 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* v850: New directory for v850 port.
	* v850/lib1funcs.asm: New file.
	* t-v850, v850.c, v850.h,, xm-v850.h: New files.
	* ginclude/va-v850.h: New file.
	* ginclude/varargs.h, ginclude/stdarg.h: Include va-mn10200.h.
	* (mn10200-*-*): New target.
	* configure: Rebuilt.
	* config.sub: Handle v850-elf.
	* (USER_H): Add va-mn10200.h.
	* invoke.texi: Document v850 stuff.

Fri Sep  5 09:37:50 1997  Jim Wilson  (

	* sdbout.c (plain_type_1, case ARRAY_TYPE): Verify that TYPE_DOMAIN
	has integer TYPE_{MAX,MIN}_VALUE before using them.

	__HPUX_ASM__ versions.

Fri Sep  5 09:08:44 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* Delete duplicate install script.

Thu Sep  4 23:14:27 1997  Stan Cox  (

	* reg-stack.c (subst_stack_regs): Pop the stack register for a
	computed goto which sets the same stack register.

	* reg-stack.c (compare_for_stack_reg): Swap only if the source and
	destination are both on the regstack.
	(subst_stack_regs_pat): Put the destination at the top of the regstack.

Thu Sep  4 15:02:27 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* (nonlocal_goto_receiver): Define.

	* profile.c (output_arc_profiler): Check next_insert_after for non
	NULL before deferencing it.

	* i386/t-sol2 (TARGET_LIBGCC2_CFLAGS): Define to -fPIC.

Thu Sep  4 14:51:57 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* i386.h (CPP_CPU_DEFAULT): Avoid using #elif.

Thu Sep  4 15:01:49 1997  Michael Meissner  <>

	* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): For passes starting with
	flow_analysis, use print_rtl_with_bb instead of print_rtl.

	* print-rtl.c (print_rtl_single): Print a single rtl value to a

	* flow.c (print_rtl_with_bb): Print which insns start and end
	basic blocks.  For the start of a basic block, also print the live

Thu Sep  4 11:51:43 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* toplev.c (main): Change #elif to #else/#ifdef.

	* tlink.c: Include ctype.h.
	* ginclude/va-mips.h: Add _VA_MIPS_H_ENUM ifdef/define/endif.

Thu Sep  4 11:17:16 1997  Mikeael Meissner  (

	* bitmap.c: Conditionally include stdlib.h.
	(free): Provide a declaration if NEED_DECLARATION_FREE.

Thu Sep  4 09:58:53 1997  Joel Sherrill  (

	* i960/i960.h: Added default for SUBTARGET_SWITCHES macro.

Thu Sep  4 09:53:20 1997  Jim Wilson  (

	* profile.c (output_arc_profiler): Verify next_insert_after is an
	INSN before and after skipping a stack pop.

Thu Sep  4 07:39:19 1997  J"orn Rennecke  <>

	* final.c (shorten_branches): Don't count the lengths of deleted

Thu Sep  4 09:43:01 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

Thu Sep  4 11:04:21 1997  Michael Meissner  <>

	* bitmap.h (EXECUTE_IF_AND_IN_BITMAP): New macro, to iterate over
	two bitmaps ANDed together.
	(bitmap_print): Declare.

	* bitmap.c (function_obstack): Don't declare any more.
	(bitmap_obstack): Obstack for allocating links from.
	(bitmap_obstack_init): New static to say whether to initialize
	(bitmap_element_allocate): Use bitmap_obstack to allocate from.
	(bitmap_release_memory): Free all memory allocated from

	* basic-block.h (EXECUTE_IF_AND_IN_REG_SET): New macro, invoke

Wed Sep  3 10:39:42 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* alias.c (true_dependence): Address with AND can alias scalars.
	(anti_dependence, output_dependence): Likewise.

	* alias.c (true_dependence): Test x for BLKmode, in addition to mem.

Wed Sep  3 09:28:50 1997  Joel Sherrill  (

	* i386/go32-rtems.h, i386/rtems.h, i960/rtems.h, m68k/rtems.h,
	  mips/rtems64.h, pa/rtems.h, rs6000/rtems.h, sh/rtems.h,
	  sparc/rtems.h (subtarget_switches): Removed SUBTARGET_SWITCHES
	  definitions.  Use -qrtems instead of -mrtems.

Wed Sep  3 09:05:41 1997  Robert Lipe  (

	* xm-sco5.h (sys_siglist): Define.

Tue Sep  2 23:33:33 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* expr.c (convert_move): Handle truncation from TQFmode to QFmode.

Wed Sep  3 02:09:30 1997  Torbjorn Granlund  <>

	* except.c (eh_outer_context): Expand masking operation using

Tue Sep  2 18:09:39 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* (floatdisf2-1): New pattern.

Tue Sep  2 18:41:55 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* xm-svr4.h (SYS_SIGLIST_DECLARED): Define.
	* xm-news.h (SYS_SIGLIST_DECLARED): Likewise.
	* xm-sysv4.h (SYS_SIGLIST_DECLARED): Likewise.
	* gcc.texi: Note that if you define sys_siglist that you should

	* mn10200.h (INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): PC relative instructions
	are relative to the next instruction, not the current instruction.

Tue Sep  2 14:22:43 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* local-alloc.c (contains_replace_regs): New function.
	(update_equiv_regs): When adding a REG_EQUIV note for a set of a MEM,
	verify that there is no existing REG_EQUIV note, and add a call to

Tue Sep  2 12:48:11 1997  H.J. Lu  (

	* config/alpha/elf.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Add -D__PIC__ -D__pic__.
	(STARTFILE_SPEC): Always use crtbegin.o%s.
	(ENDFILE_SPEC): Always use crtend.o%s.

Tue Sep  2 12:00:36 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* alpha/alpha.h (PREFERRED_RELOAD_CLASS): Return NO_REGS if NO_REGS
	is passed in.
	* emit-rtl.c (gen_lowpart_common): Add code to convert CONST_INT to
	SFmode for 64 bit hosts.

Tue Sep  2 13:42:38 1997  Paul N. Hilfinger  <hilfingr@CS.Berkeley.EDU>

	* fixincludes: Permits spaces between # and define.  Discard C++
	comments in sys/pci.h on HP/UX 10.20.

Mon Sep  1 22:13:18 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for snapshot.

	* pa.c (restore_unscaled_index_insn_codes): New function.
	(record_unscaled_index_insn_codes): Likewise.
	(output_function_prologue): Call restore_unscaled_index_insn_codes.
	(output_function_epilogue): Free memory for unscaled_index_insn_codes.
	(pa_reorg): Call record_unscaled_index_insn_codes.

	* haifa-sched.c (move_insn): Handle notes correctly for insns
	with SCHED_GROUP_P set.

Mon Sep  1 16:58:57 1997  H.J. Lu  (

	* alpha/xm-linux.h (USE_BFD): Undef before define.

Mon Sep  1 16:25:34 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* cse.c (cse_insn): Don't record BLKmode values.

Mon Sep  1 11:25:47 1997  Stephen Williams  (

	* i960.h (LINK_SPEC): Handle "-mjX" and "-mrp" switches.

Mon Sep  1 08:29:46 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* cccp.c (sys_errlist): Remove special 4.4bsd declaration.
	* collect2.c (sys_errlist): Likewise.
	* cpplib.c (sys_errlist): Likewise.
	* gcc.c (sys_errlist): Likewise.
	* protoize (sys_errlist): Likewise.
	* Check for strerror.
	* xm-freebsd.h (HAVE_STRERROR): Remove definition.
	* xm-gnu.h (HAVE_STRERROR): Likewise.
	* xm-linux.h (HAVE_STRERROR): Likewise.
	* xm-netbsd.h (HAVE_STRERROR): Likewise.
	* xm-bsd386.h (HAVE_STRERROR): Likewise.
	* xm-cygwin32.h (HAVE_STRERROR): Likewise.
	* xm-dos.h (HAVE_STRERROR): Likewise.
	* xm-mingw32.h (HAVE_STRERROR): Likewise.
	* xm-pa.h (HAVE_STRERROR): Likewise.
	* xm-papro.h (HAVE_STRERROR): Likewise.
	* xm-sysv4.h (HAVE_STRERROR): Likewise.
	* configure, Rebuilt.

	* Add several missing "else true" clauses.

	* mips-tfile.c: Likewise.
	* gcc.texi: DONT_DECLARE_SYS_SIGLIST: Remove docs.
	* xm-linux.h (DONT_DECLARE_SYS_SIGLIST): Delete definition.
	* xm-freebsd.h, xm-bsd386.h, xm-sysv4.h, xm-sol2.h: Likewise.
	* Check for sys_siglist declaration.
	* configure, Rebuilt.

Mon Sep  1 08:04:07 1997  Joel Sherrill  (

	* i386/go32-rtems.h, i386/rtems.h, i960/rtems.h,
	m68k/rtems.h, mips/rtems64.h, pa/rtems.h, rs6000/rtems.h,
	sparc/rtems.h (subtarget_switches): Added -mrtems as a switch.
	* i960/i960.h: Added SUBTARGET_SWITCHES macro.
	* rs6000/sysv4.h (extra_subtarget_switches): Added new
	* (sh*-*-rtems*): New target.
	* sh/rtems.h: New file.
	* sh/sh.h: Added SUBTARGET_SWITCHES macro.
	* configure: Rebuilt.

Sat Aug 30 22:54:26 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* unroll.c (calculate_giv_inc): Handle increment with code PLUS.

Sat Aug 30 10:49:46 1997  David Edelsohn  <>

	* Make DF fused-add operations pay attention to

Fri Aug 29 19:19:54 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* i386/xm-sysv4.h (DONT_DECLARE_SYS_SIGLIST): Define.

Fri Aug 29 16:13:51 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (reload_peepholes): Make sure operand is a REG before
	examining REGNO.  Allow general registers too.

Fri Aug 29 11:42:04 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* varasm.c (mark_constants): Don't look inside CONST_DOUBLEs.

Fri Aug 29 09:33:20 1997  Philipp Thomas  (

	* dwarf2out.c (build_abbrev_table): Use xrealloc, not xmalloc
	to reallocate abbrev_die_table.

Thu Aug 28 15:14:46 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* m68k/ (iorsi_zexthi_ashl16): Disable.

1997-08-27  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* (config.status): Depend on version.c.

	* expr.h (insn_gen_function): Reenable prototype.

	* expr.c (move_by_pieces_1, clear_by_pieces_1): Fix prototype of
	first parameter.

Thu Aug 28 13:01:43 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* i386.c (ix86_expand_epilogue): Emit blockage instruction when pic.

Thu Aug 28 07:03:15 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for latest snapshot.

	* bc-optab.c: Conditionally include stdlib.h.
	(free): Provide a declaration if NEED_DECLARATION_FREE.
	* tree.c (free): Provide a declaration if NEED_DECLARATION_FREE.
	* rtl.h (free): Remove declaration.
	* tree.h (free): Remvoe declaration.

	* configure: Rebuilt.

Wed Aug 27 21:32:20 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* flags.h (flag_move_all_movables): Declare.
	(flag_reduce_all_givs): Likewise.
	* loop.c (move_movables): Handle flag_move_all_movables.
	(strength_reduce): Handle flag_reduce_all_givs.
	* toplev.c (flag_move_all_movables): Define.
	(flag_reduce_all_givs): Likewise.
	(f_options): Add -fmove-all-movables and -freduce-all-givs.
	* invoke.texi: Document new options, including alias stuff that
	wasn't included last time.

Wed Aug 27 18:08:51 1997  Bob Manson  (

	* t-h8300: Use TARGET_LIBGCC2_CFLAGS instead of LIBGCC2_CFLAGS.
	* t-mn10200: Likewise.
	* t-vxsparc: Likewise.
	* t-vxworks68: Likewise.
	* t-vxworks960: Likewise.
	* t-vx29k: Likewise.

Wed Aug 27 16:35:29 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alpha/xm-alpha.h (alloca): Define alloca to builtin_alloca for GNUC
	if not already defined, and USE_C_ALLOCA not defined.

Wed Aug 27 16:08:43 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config.guess: Replace with script that uses ../config.guess.

	* config/alpha/elf.h (DEFAULT_VTABLE_THUNKS): New. Defined as 1
	if USE_GNULIBC_1 is not defined.

Wed Aug 27 15:49:12 1997  Richard Henderson  <>

	* alpha/elf.h (LINK_SPEC): Conditionalize on USE_GNULIBC_1.
	* config.guess: Recognize alpha-linux-gnulibc1.
	* (alpha-*-linux-gnulibc1): New target.
	(alpha-*-linux-gnu*): Don't build crtbegin/end.

Wed Aug 27 11:52:58 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* (iorsi3_internal): Readd ! TARGET_5200 check lost in
	last change.

Wed Aug 27 01:56:18 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	* loop.c (combine_movables): Earlier insns don't match later ones.

Wed Aug 27 01:24:25 1997  H.J. Lu  (

	* config/linux.h (CC1_SPEC): Define it only if not defined.

	* config/m68k/linux.h (CC1_SPEC): Undefine it before include

	* config/linux.h (DEFAULT_VTABLE_THUNKS): New. Defined as 1 if
	USE_GNULIBC_1 is not defined.

	* config/rs6000/linux.h (DEFAULT_VTABLE_THUNKS): New.  Defined as 1.

	* config/sparc/linux.h (DEFAULT_VTABLE_THUNKS): New. Defined
	as 1 if USE_GNULIBC_1 is not defined.

Wed Aug 27 00:49:14 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* reorg.c (dbr_schedule): Allow current_function_return_rtx
	to be something other than a REG.
	* function.c (expand_function_end): Fix current_function_return_rtx
	if it was a pseudo.

	* t-freebsd (USER_H): Include EXTRA_HEADERS and LANG_EXTRA_HEADERS.
	* x-netbsd: Likewise.
	* x-dguxbcs: Likewise.
	* x-hp3bsd44: Likewise.
	* x-pa: Likewise.

Wed Aug 27 00:30:00 1997  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* (pop): pop increments the stack pointer.
	(prologue_set_stack_ptr): New pattern.
	* i386.c (ix86_expand_prologue): Use prologue_set_stack_ptr
	instead of subsi3.

Tue Aug 26 18:50:32 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* reload.c (find_reloads, case '0'): Reject matching a non-offsettable
	address where an offsettable address is required.

Tue Aug 26 17:54:56 1997  Michael P. Hayes  (>

	* loop.c (check_final_value): Don't miss a biv increment in a

Tue Aug 26 12:03:49 1997  Jim Wilson  (

	* dwarfout.c (dwarfout_file_scope_decl, case TYPE_DECL): Check

Mon Aug 25 23:27:10 1997  H.J. Lu  (

	* objc/ ($(OBJC_O)): Also depend on cc1obj.

Mon Aug 25 23:27:10 1997  Jim Meyering  <>

	* objc/ ($(OBJC_O)): Also depend on $(GCC_PASSES).

Mon Aug 25 13:12:24 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* haifa-sched.c (find_pre_sched_live): Remove #if 0 code.
	(find_post_sched_live): Likewise.

	* haifa-sched.c (schedule_block): Remove old code to get arguments
	from hard regs into pseudos early.

Mon Aug 25 08:55:00 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for new snapshot.

	* local-alloc.c (update_equiv_regs): All the target to reject
	promotion of some REG_EQUAL to REG_EQUIV notes.

	* pa.c (secondary_reload_class): (mem (mem ... )) does not need
	secondary reloads.

	* pa.c (hppa_builtin_saveregs): Emit a blockage insn after the
	store of the argument registers.

Mon Aug 25 08:39:02 1997  Craig Burley  (

	* fold-const.c (multiple_of_p): New function.
	(fold): Turn some cases of *_DIV_EXPR into EXACT_DIV_EXPR.

Mon Aug 25 01:47:41 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* expr.h (insn_gen_function): Temporarily remove prototype.

Sun Aug 24 17:22:21 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* (install-info): Don't cd into srcdir.  Add srcdir to
	filenames.  Use sed to extract base filename for install.

Sat Aug 23 18:19:40 1997  John F. Carr  <>

	* unroll.c (find_splittable_givs): Only share if two givs have the
	same add and multiply values.

Sat Aug 23 14:36:27 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* m68k/next.h (GO_IF_INDEXABLE_BASE): Fix typo in undef.
	* m68k/m68kemb.h (LIB_SPEC): Add missing comment end before it.

Sat Aug 23 00:18:22 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* pa.c (pa_reorg): Always put begin_brtab and end_brtab insns
	around branch tables.
	* (begin_brtab, end_brtab): Only emit the .begin_brtab
	and .end_brtab directives if TARGET_GAS.

Fri Aug 22 14:05:55 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* alias.c (true_dependence): Pass x_addr not x to varies.

	* acconfig.h (NEED_DECLARATION_CALLOC): Add.
	* Add GCC_NEED_DECLARATION call for calloc.
	* rs6000/xm-rs6000.h (malloc, realloc, calloc, free): Delete
	*, configure: Regenerate.

Thu Aug 21 23:52:16 1997  John F. Carr  <>

	* alias.c (find_base_value): Improve handling of PLUS, MINUS, and
	(record_set): Handle LO_SUM like PLUS.
	(init_alias_analysis): When following chains of base addresses,
	do not stop on reaching a hard register.

Thu Aug 21 20:17:37 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump for new snapshot.

Thu Aug 21 17:28:00 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* alpha.h (ARCH_ASM_FILE_START): Define.
	* osf12.h, osf2or3.h (ARCH_ASM_FILE_START): Redefine to null string.

Thu Aug 21 10:22:19 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (install-common): Put gcov comment at start of line.

Wed Aug 20 22:47:33 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* alias.c (init_alias_analysis): When simplifying the reg_base_value
	array, simplify entries for hard registers too.

Wed Aug 20 12:35:47 1997  Dave Love  <>

	* dwarf2.h (enum dwarf_call_frame_info): Remove trailing comma from

Wed Aug 20 11:58:33 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* stmt.c (start_cleanup_deferral, end_cleanup_deferral): Test
	block_stack before dereferencing it.

Wed Aug 20 11:57:11 1997  Michael Meissner  <>

	* rs6000.h (ISSUE_RATE): Define instead of MACHINE_issue_rate.

Tue Aug 19 17:10:56 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* cplus-dem.c: Add 'extern' to prepends_underscore.

Tue Aug 19 09:34:57 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* haifa-sched.c (ISSUE_RATE): Renamed from MACHINE_issue_rate.
	(get_issue_rate): Delete.
	* pa.h (ISSUE_RATE): Define.

	* Turn on haifa by default for the PA.
	* configure: Rebuilt.
	* pa.c (override_options): Accept -mschedule=7200 option.
	(pa_adjust_cost): No longer need to scale costs for newer
	* pa.h (enum processor_type): Add PROCESSOR_7200.
	* Revamp scheduling parameters to work better with
	haifa.  Add scheduling parameters for the 7200.

	* haifa-sched.c (move_insn): Reemit notes for SCHED_GROUP_P
	insns too.
	(schedule_block): When adjusting basic_block_{head,end}, account
	for movement of SCHED_GROUP_P insns too.

	* haifa-sched.c (debug_dependencies): Fix thinko.

	(site.exp, check, check-g++, check-gcc): New targets.

	* haifa-sched.c: Make lots of variables static.

Tue Aug 19 07:18:34 1997  H.J. Lu  (

	* expr.h, real.h: Finish prototyping.

Mon Aug 18 21:49:02 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* reload.c (find_reloads): Add code to convert RELOAD_FOR_OPADDR_ADDR
	reloads to RELOAD_FOR_OPERAND_ADDRESS reloads.
	* reload1.c: Undo bugfix from Aug 11.

Mon Aug 18 17:39:02 1997  Mike Meissner  <>

	* ({powerpc,rs6000}*-*-*, --with-cpu): Remove single
	quotes around the name.
	* configure: Regenerate.

Mon Aug 18 13:46:47 1997  Jim Wilson  <>

	* (stmp-multilib-sub): Fix typo in last change.

Thu Aug  7 10:33:13 1997  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* (sub-makes): Pass the current value of LANGUAGES down
	to sub-makes to avoid building more passes than the user might have
	requested on the command line.

Sun Aug 17 15:42:17 1997  Dave Love  (

	* Expurgate `broken_install' (install is

	* configure.lang: Substitute autoconfed ${INSTALL} (not currently

Sat Aug 16 01:08:12 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* loop.c (is_power_of_2, is_conditional_branch): Delete unused
	functions and declarations.
	(analyze_loop_iterations): Use condjump_p.
	(insert_bct): Likewise.  Use exact_log2.

Fri Aug 15 23:48:32 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* haifa-sched.c (find_post_sched_live): Call FREE_REG_SET as needed.
	(schedule_region): Likewise.
	(schedule_insns): Likewise.

	* PROJECTS: Update with Haifa stuff.

Fri Aug 15 12:49:56 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Change the version string to look like:
	egcs-2.90.00 970814 (gcc2-970802 experimental).

	* loop.c (is_conditional_branch): Make definition match declaration.

	* gcc.c: Take out experimental snapshot warning message.

Fri Aug 15 13:43:39 1997  Michael Meissner  <>

	* haifa-sched.c (debug_dependencies): Use GET_NOTE_INSN_NAME to
	print out the names of the notes.  Print out the name of the insn
	that is not a note, and not an {,CALL_,JUMP_}INSN.

Wed Aug 13 17:32:38 1997  Jason Merrill  <>

	* expr.c (expand_expr, case TARGET_EXPR): Call mark_addressable
	again for the slot after we give it RTL.

Wed Aug 13 01:03:37 1997  Doug Evans  <>

	* (haifa configury): Fix typo.
	* configure: Regenerate.

Tue Aug 12 10:20:36 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* version.c: Bump version to "gcc-3.0.0 970802 experimental".

	**: Rebuilt.

	* COPYING.g77, README.g77: New files.
	* real.c (ereal_unto_float, ereal_unto_double): New functions.
	* real.h (ereal_unto_float, ereal_unto_double): Declare them.

Mon Aug 11 14:50:55 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* Integrate Haifa instruction scheduler.
	* (ALL_CFLAGS): Add SCHED_CFLAGS.  Prefix all references
	to sched with $(SCHED_CFLAGS.
	* Handle --enable-haifa.
	* configure: Rebuilt.
	* flags.h: Add new flags for haifa instruction scheduler.
	* genattrtab.c (expand_units): For haifa, don't subtract one
	when computing blockage.
	* toplev.h (flag_schedule_interblock): Haifa scheduler flag.
	(flag_schedule_speculative): Likewise.
	(flag_schedule_speculative_load): Likewise.
	(flag_schedule_speculative_load_dangerous): Likewise.
	(flag_schedule_reverse_before_reload): Likewise.
	(flag_schedule_reverse_after_reload): Likewise.
	(flag_branch_on_count_reg): Likewise.
	(f_options): Add Haifa switches.
	(main): Turn off some Haifa options if appropriate macro is
	defined.  Process Haifa switches.
	* unroll.c (iteration_info): No longer static, since Haifa
	scheduler uses it.
	(unroll_loop): Inform HAIFA scheduler about loop unrolling factor.
	* unroll.c (unroll_loop): Set loop_unroll_iter, loop_start_value.
	* loop.h (loop_unroll_factor, loop_number): Add HAIFA decls.
	* loop.h (loop_initial_value,loop_unroll_iter): New globals.
	* loop.c (loop_optimize): If HAIFA is defined, allocate additional
	storage for the Haifa scheduler.
	(mark_loop_jump): If HAIFA defined, set LABEL_OUTSIDE_LOOP_P and
	(strength_reduce): If HAIFA and HAVE_decrement_and_branch_on_count
	are defined, call analyze_loop_iterations and insert_bct to use
	countdown loops.
	(record_giv): Refine test for jumps out of loops if HAIFA is
	(analyze_loop_iterations): New function to identify if we can use
	a countdown loop.
	(insert_bct): Insert countdown loop.
	(instrument_loop_bct): Low level code to insert countdown loop.
	(loop_number): Calculate UID of loop.
	(indirect_jump_in_function_p): Return true if an indirect jump is
	in the function.
	(is_power_of_2): Return true if value is a power of 2.
	(is_conditional_branch): Return true if insn is a conditional
	(fix_bct_param): Process -fbct-{min,max}-N switches.
	(check_bct_param): Return true if loop should be instrumented.
	* loop.c (loop_initial_value,loop_unroll_iter): New globals.
	(loop_optimize): Initialize.
	(get_condition_for_loop): Likewise.
	* loop.c (strength_reduce): Inside of code that uses #ifdef
	HAVE_decrement_and_branch_on_count code, test it to make sure the
	condition is true.
	(instrument_loop_bct): Likewise.
	* haifa-sched.c: New file.

	* Integrate regmove pass.
	* (OBJS): Add regmove.o.
	(regmove.o): Add dependencies.
	* flow.c (find_use_as_address): No longer static.
	* rtl.h (find_use_as_address): Declare.
	* toplev.c (regmove_dump, flag_regmove): Define.
	(f_options): Add -fregmove.
	(regmove_dump_file, regmove_time): Define.
	(fatal_insn): Close the regmove dump file.
	(compile_file): Initialize regmove_time; open/close the regmove dump
	file as needed.  Print regmove time as needed.
	(rest_of_compilation): Run regmove pass if requested, dump
	RTL after regmove if requested.
	(main): If -O2 or more, turn on regmove.  Handle dump switches.
	* regmove.c: New file.

Mon Aug 11 14:15:02 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* Integrate tlink patch from
	* gcc.c (SWITCH_TAKES_ARG): Add 'V', 'B' and 'b'.
	(process_command): Increment n_switches for them.  Don't discard
	their args.  Validate them.
	(main): Escape " marks when creating COLLECT_GCC_OPTIONS.
	From Rohan Lenard.
	(process_command): Set include_prefixes from COMPILER_PATH.
	(main): Set COLLECT_GCC_OPTIONS sooner.
	* Link ../ld/ to collect-ld rather than real-ld.
	* tlink.c, hash.c, hash.h: New files.
	* (USE_COLLECT2): Always use collect2.
	(collect2): Depend on and link in hash.o and tlink.o.
	(tlink.o, hash.o): Add dependencies.

Mon Aug 11 10:04:49 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* Integrate alias analysis changes from
	* (OBJS): Add alias.o.
	(alias.o): Add dependencies.
	* alias.c: New file.
	* sched.c: Remove alias analysis code.  It lives in alias.c now.
	(sched_analyze_2): Add new arguments to true_dependence.
	(schedule_insns): Always call init_alias_analysis.
	* calls.c (expand_call): Note calls to malloc, calloc, and realloc;
	mark return value from such functions as a pointer and keep track of
	them for alias analysis.  If a return value from a function is a
	pointer, mark it as such.
	* combine.c (distribute_notes): Handle REG_NOALIAS.
	* cse.c (struct write_data): Delete.  No longer needed.
	(invalidate): Don't call set_nonvarying_address_components anymore.
	Use true_dependence to decide if an entry should be removed from
	the hash table.
	(invalidate_memory): Remove WRITES argument, simplify appropriately.
	Fix all callers.
	(note_mem_written): Similarly for WRITE_PTR argument.
	(invalidate_from_clobbers): Similarly for W argument.
	(invalidate_for_call): Remove memory elements from the hash table.
	(refers_to_mem_p, cse_rtx_addr_varies_p): Deleted.
	(cse_rtx_varies_p): New function.  Derived from old
	(cse_insn): Remove WRITES_MEMORY and INIT variables and all references.
	Don't call note_mem_written anymore.  Stack pushes invalidate the stack
	pointer if PUSH_ROUNDING is defined.  No longer need to call
	cse_rtx_addr_varies_p to decide if a MEM should be invalidated.
	(skipped_writes_memory): Remove variable.
	(invalidate_skipped_set): Simplify and wewrite to use invalidate_memory.
	(invalidate_skipped_block): Simplify for new alias analysis code.
	(cse_set_around_loop): Likewise.
	(cse_main): Call init_alias_analysis.
	* flags.h (flag_alias_check, flag_argument_noalias): Declare.
	* toplev.c (flag_alias_check, flag_argument_noalias): Define.
	(f_options): Add new alias checking arguments.
	(main): Set flag_alias_check when optimizing.
	* local_alloc (validate_equiv_mem_from_store): Add new arguments
	to true_dependence.
	(memref_referenced_p): Likewise.
	* loop.c (NUM_STORES): Increase to 30.
	(prescan_loop): Only non-constant calls set unknown_address_altered.
	(invariant_p): Add new arguments to true_dependence.
	(record_giv): Initialize unrolled and shared fields.
	(emit_iv_add_mult): Call record_base_value as needed.
	* loop.h (struct induction): Add unrolled and shared fields.
	* unroll.c  (unroll_loop): Call record_base_value as needed.
	(copy_loop_body): Likewise.
	(final_biv_value): Likewise.
	(final_giv_value): Likewise.
	(find_splittable_regs): Likewise.  Only create one new pseudo
	if we have multiple address GIVs that were combined with the same
	dst_reg GIV.  Note when a new register is created due to unrolling.
	* rtl.c (reg_note_name): Add REG_NOALIAS.
	* rtl.h (enum reg_note): Similarly.
	(rtx_varies_p, may_trap_p, side_effects_p): Declare.
	(volatile_refs_p, volatile_insn_p, remove_note): Likewise.
	(note_stores, refers_to_regno_p, reg_overlap_mentioned_p): Likewise.
	(true_dependence, read_dependence, anti_dependence): Likewise.
	(output_dependence, init_alias_analysis, end_alias_analysis): Likewise.
	(mark_user_reg, mark_reg_pointer): Likewise.

	* Integrate reload bugfix from Wilon which enables the PA port
	to bootstrap again.
	* reload1.c (reload): Sum needs for both OPADDR_ADDR and
	OPERAND_ADDRESS when computing how many registers an insn needs.
	(reload_reg_free_p): OPADDR_ADDR and OPERAND_ADDRESS reloads do
	(reload_reg_free_before_p): Treat OPERAND_ADDRESS reloads just like
	OPADDR_ADDR reload.
	(reload_reg_reaches_end_p): For RELOAD_FOR_OPADDR_ADDR insns, registers
	in reload_reg_use_in_op_addr do not reach the end.
	do not reach the end.
	(reloads_conflict): RELOAD_FOR_OPADDR_ADDR conflicts with

Sun Aug 10 12:00:20 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* egcs project officially starts.