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The change log describes the recents commits to the CVS code base.

Those are the public releases made:

1.1.12: Oct 29 2004

  • build fixes: warnings removal (William).
  • bug fixes: attribute document pointer fix (Mark Vakoc), exslt date negative periods (William Brack), generated tree structure fixes, namespace lookup fix, use reentrant gmtime_r (William Brack), exslt:funtion namespace fix (William), potential NULL pointer reference (Dennis Dams, William), force string interning on generated documents.
  • documentation: update of the second tutorial (Panagiotis Louridas), add exslt doc in rpm packages, fix the xsltproc man page.

1.1.11: Sep 29 2004

  • bug fixes: xsl:include problems (William Brack), UTF8 number pattern (William), date-time validation (William), namespace fix (William), various Exslt date fixes (William), error callback fixes, leak with namespaced global variable, attempt to fix a weird problem #153137
  • improvements: exslt:date-sum tests (Derek Poon)
  • documentation: second tutorial by Panagiotis Lourida

1.1.10: Aug 31 2004

  • build fix: NUL in c file blocking compilation on Solaris, Windows build (Igor Zlatkovic)
  • fix: key initialization problem (William Brack)
  • documentation: fixed missing man page description for --path

1.1.9: Aug 22 2004

  • build fixes: missing tests (William Brack), Python dependancies, Python on 64bits boxes, --with-crypto flag (Rob Richards),
  • fixes: RVT key handling (William), Python binding (William and Sitsofe Wheeler), key and XPath troubles (William), template priority on imports (William), str:tokenize with empty strings (William), #default namespace alias behaviour (William), doc ordering missing for main document (William), 64bit bug (Andreas Schwab)
  • improvements: EXSLT date:sum added (Joel Reed), hook for document loading for David Hyatt, xsltproc --nodtdattr to avoid defaulting DTD attributes, extend xsltproc --version with CVS stamp (William).
  • Documentation: web page problem reported by Oliver Stoeneberg

1.1.8: July 5 2004

  • build fixes: Windows runtime options (Oliver Stoeneberg), Windows binary package layout (Igor Zlatkovic), libgcrypt version test and link (William)
  • documentation: fix libxslt namespace name in doc (William)
  • bug fixes: undefined namespace message (William Brack), search engine (William), multiple namespace fixups (William), namespace fix for key evaluation (William), Python memory debug bindings,
  • improvements: crypto extensions for exslt (Joel Reed, William)

1.1.7: May 17 2004

  • build fix: warning about localtime_r on Solaris
  • bug fix: UTF8 string tokenize (William Brack), subtle memory corruption, linefeed after comment at document level (William), disable-output-escaping problem (William), pattern compilation in deep imported stylesheets (William), namespace extension prefix bug, libxslt.m4 bug (Edward Rudd), namespace lookup for attribute, namespaced DOCTYPE name

1.1.6: Apr 18 2004

  • 2 bug fixes about keys fixed one by Mark Vakoc

1.1.5: Mar 23 2004

  • performance: use dictionnary lookup for variables
  • remove use of _private from source documents
  • cleanup of "make tests" output
  • bugfixes: AVT in local variables, use localtime_r to avoid thread troubles (William), dictionary handling bug (William), limited number of stubstitutions in AVT (William), tokenize fix for UTF-8 (William), superfluous namespace (William), xsltproc error code on <xsl:message> halt, OpenVMS fix, dictionnary reference counting change.

1.1.4: Feb 23 2004

  • bugfixes: attributes without doc (Mariano Suárez-Alvarez), problem with Yelp, extension problem
  • display extension modules (Steve Little)
  • Windows compilation patch (Mark Vadoc), Mingw (Mikhail Grushinskiy)

1.1.3: Feb 16 2004

  • Rewrote the Attribute Value Template code, new XPath compilation interfaces, dictionnary reuses for XSLT with potential for serious performance improvements.
  • bug fixes: portability (William Brack), key() in node-set() results (William), comment before doctype (William), math and node-set() problems (William), cdata element and default namespace (William), behaviour on unknown XSLT elements (Stefan Kost), priority of "//foo" patterns (William), xsl:element and xsl:attribute QName check (William), comments with -- (William), attribute namespace (William), check for ?> in PI (William)
  • Documentations: cleanup (John Fleck and William)
  • Python: patch for OS-X (Gianni Ceccarelli), enums export (Stephane bidoul)

1.1.2: Dec 24 2003

  • Documentation fixes (John Fleck, William Brack), EXSLT documentation (William Brack)
  • Windows compilation fixes for MSVC and Mingw (Igor Zlatkovic)
  • Bug fixes: exslt:date returning NULL strings (William Brack), namespaces output (William Brack), key and namespace definition problem, passing options down to the document() parser, xsl:number fixes (William Brack)

1.1.1: Dec 10 2003

  • code cleanup (William Brack)
  • Windows: Makefile improvements (Igor Zlatkovic)
  • documentation improvements: William Brack, libexslt man page (Jonathan Wakely)
  • param in EXSLT functions (Shaun McCance)
  • XSLT debugging improvements (Mark Vakoc)
  • bug fixes: number formatting (Bjorn Reese), exslt:tokenize (William Brack), key selector parsing with | reported by Oleg Paraschenko, xsl:element with computed namespaces (William Brack), xslt:import/include recursion detection (William Brack), exslt:function used in keys (William Brack), bug when CDATA_SECTION are foun in the tree (William Brack), entities handling when using XInclude.

1.1.0: Nov 4 2003

  • Removed DocBook SGML broken support
  • fix xsl:key to work with PIs
  • Makefile and build improvement (Graham Wilson), build cleanup (William Brack), macro fix (Justin Fletcher), build outside of source tree (Roumen Petrov)
  • xsltproc option display fix (Alexey Efimov), --load-trace (Crutcher Dunnavant)
  • Python: never use stdout for error
  • extension memory error fix (Karl Eichwalder)
  • header path fixes (Steve Ball)
  • added saxon:line-number() to libexslt (Brett Kail)
  • Fix some tortuous template problems when using predicates (William Brack)
  • Debugger status patch (Kasimier Buchcik)
  • Use new libxml2-2.6.x APIs for faster processing
  • Make sure xsl:sort is empty
  • Fixed a bug in default processing of attributes
  • Removes the deprecated breakpoint library
  • detect invalid names on templates (William Brack)
  • fix exslt:document (and similar) base handling problem

1.0.33: Sep 12 2003

This is a bugfix only release

  • error message missing argument (William Brack)
  • mode not cascaded in template fallbacks (William Brack)
  • catch redefinition of parameter/variables (William Brack)
  • multiple keys with same namespace name (William Brack)
  • patch for compilation using MingW on Windows (Mikhail Grushinskiy)
  • header export macros for Windows (Igor Zlatkovic)
  • cdata-section-elements handling of namespaced names
  • compilation without libxml2 XPointer support (Mark Vadoc)
  • apply-templates crash (William Brack)
  • bug with imported templates (William Brack)
  • imported attribute-sets merging bug (DocBook) (William Brack)

1.0.32: Aug 9 2003

  • bugfixes: xsltSaveResultToFile() python binding (Chris Jaeger), EXSLT function (William Brack), RVT for globals (William Brack), EXSLT date (William Brack),

    speed of large text output, xsl:copy with attributes, strip-space and namespaces prefix, fix for --path xsltproc option, EXST:tokenize (Shaun McCance), EXSLT:seconds (William Brack), sort with multiple keys (William Brack), checking of { and } for attribute value templates (William Brack)

  • Python bindings for extension elements (Sean Treadway)
  • EXSLT:split added (Shaun McCance)
  • portability fixes for HP-UX/Solaris/IRIX (William Brack)
  • doc cleanup

1.0.31: Jul 6 2003

  • bugfixes: xsl:copy on namespace nodes, AVT for xsl:sort order, fix for the debugger (Keith Isdale), output filename limitation, trio.h and triodef.h added (Albert Chin), EXSLT node-set (Peter Breitenlohner), xsltChoose and whitespace (Igor Zlatkovic),

    stylesheet compilation (Igor Zlatkovic), NaN and sort (William Brack), RVT bug introduced in 1.0.30

  • avoid generating &quot; (fix in libxml2-2.5.8)
  • fix 64bit cleaness problem and compilation troubles introduced in 1.0.30
  • Windows makefile generation (Igor Zlatkovic)
  • HP-UX portability fix

1.0.30: May 4 2003

  • Fixes and new APIs to handle Result Value Trees and avoid leaks
  • Fixes for: EXSLT math pow() function (Charles Bozeman), global parameter and global variables mismatch, a segfault on pattern compilation errors, namespace copy in xsl:copy-of, python generator problem, OpenVMS trio update, premature call to xsltFreeStackElem (Igor), current node when templates applies to attributes

1.0.29: Apr 1 2003

  • performance improvements especially for large flat documents
  • bug fixes: Result Value Tree handling, XML IDs, keys(), extra namespace declarations with xsl:elements.
  • portability: python and trio fixes (Albert Chin), python on Solaris (Ben Phillips)

1.0.28: Mar 24 2003

  • fixed node() in patterns semantic.
  • fixed a memory access problem in format-number()
  • fixed stack overflow in recursive global variable or params
  • cleaned up Result Value Tree handling, and fixed a couple of old bugs in the process

1.0.27: Feb 24 2003

  • bug fixes: spurious xmlns:nsX="" generation, serialization bug (in libxml2), a namespace copy problem, errors in the RPM spec prereqs
  • Windows path canonicalization and document cache fix (Igor)

1.0.26: Feb 10 2003

  • Fixed 3 serious bugs in document() and stylesheet compilation which could lead to a crash

1.0.25: Feb 5 2003

  • Bug fix: double-free for standalone stylesheets introduced in 1.0.24, C syntax pbm, 3 bugs reported by Eric van der Vlist
  • Some XPath and XInclude related problems were actually fixed in libxml2-2.5.2
  • Documentation: emphasize taht --docbook is not for XML docs.

1.0.24: Jan 14 2003

  • bug fixes: imported global varables, python bindings (Stéphane Bidoul), EXSLT memory leak (Charles Bozeman), namespace generation on xsl:attribute, space handling with imports (Daniel Stodden), extension-element-prefixes (Josh Parsons), comments within xsl:text (Matt Sergeant), superfluous xmlns generation, XInclude related bug for numbering, EXSLT strings (Alexey Efimov), attribute-sets computation on imports, extension module init and shutdown callbacks not called
  • HP-UX portability (Alexey Efimov), Windows makefiles (Igor and Stephane Bidoul), VMS makefile updates (Craig A. Berry)
  • adds xsltGetProfileInformation() (Michael Rothwell)
  • fix the API generation scripts
  • API to provide the sorting routines (Richard Jinks)
  • added XML description of the EXSLT API
  • added ESXLT URI (un)escaping (Jörg Walter)
  • Some memory leaks have been found and fixed
  • document() now support fragment identifiers in URIs

1.0.23: Nov 17 2002

  • Windows build cleanup (Igor)
  • Unix build and RPM packaging cleanup
  • Improvement of the python bindings: extension functions and activating EXSLT
  • various bug fixes: number formatting, portability for bounded string functions, CData nodes, key(), @*[...] patterns
  • Documentation improvements (John Fleck)
  • added libxslt.m4 (Thomas Schraitle)

1.0.22: Oct 18 2002

  • Updates on the Windows Makefiles
  • Added a security module, and a related set of new options to xsltproc
  • Allowed per transformation error handler.
  • Fixed a few bugs: node() semantic, URI escaping, media-type, attribute lists

1.0.21: Sep 26 2002

  • Bug fixes: match="node()", date:difference() (Igor and Charlie Bozeman), disable-output-escaping
  • Python bindings: style.saveResultToString() from Ralf Mattes
  • Logos from Marc Liyanage
  • Mem leak fix from Nathan Myers
  • Makefile: DESTDIR fix from Christophe Merlet, AMD x86_64 (Mandrake), Windows (Igor), Python detection
  • Documentation improvements: John Fleck

1.0.20: Aug 23 2002

  • Windows makefile updates (Igor) and x86-64 (Frederic Crozat)
  • fixed HTML meta tag saving for Mac/IE users
  • possible leak patches from Nathan Myers
  • try to handle document('') as best as possible depending in the cases
  • Fixed the DocBook stylesheets handling problem
  • Fixed a few XSLT reported errors

1.0.19: July 6 2002

  • EXSLT: dynamic functions and date support bug fixes (Mark Vakoc)
  • xsl:number fix: Richard Jinks
  • xsl:format-numbers fix: Ken Neighbors
  • document('') fix: bug pointed by Eric van der Vlist
  • xsl:message with terminate="yes" fixes: William Brack
  • xsl:sort order support added: Ken Neighbors
  • a few other bug fixes, some of them requiring the latest version of libxml2

1.0.18: May 27 2002

  • a number of bug fixes: attributes, extra namespace declarations (DocBook), xsl:include crash (Igor), documentation (Christian Cornelssen, Charles Bozeman and Geert Kloosterman), element-available (Richard Jinks)
  • xsltproc can now list teh registered extensions thanks to Mark Vakoc
  • there is a new API to save directly to a string xsltSaveResultToString() by Morus Walter
  • specific error registration function for the python API

1.0.17: April 29 2002

  • cleanup in code, XSLT debugger support and Makefiles for Windows by Igor
  • a C++ portability fix by Mark Vakoc
  • EXSLT date improvement and regression tests by Charles Bozeman
  • attempt to fix a bug in xsltProcessUserParamInternal

1.0.16: April 15 2002

  • Bug fixes: strip-space, URL in HTML output, error when xsltproc can't save
  • portability fixes: OSF/1, IEEE on alphas, Windows, Python bindings

1.0.15: Mar 25 2002

  • Bugfixes: XPath, python Makefile, recursive attribute sets, @foo[..] templates
  • Debug of memory alocation with valgind
  • serious profiling leading to significant improvement for DocBook processing
  • revamp of the Windows build

1.0.14: Mar 18 2002

  • Improvement in the XPath engine (libxml2-2.4.18)
  • Nasty bug fix related to exslt:node-set
  • Fixed the python Makefiles, cleanup of doc comments, Windows portability fixes

1.0.13: Mar 8 2002

  • a number of bug fixes including "namespace node have no parents"
  • Improvement of the Python bindings
  • Charles Bozeman provided fixes and regression tests for exslt date functions.

1.0.12: Feb 11 2002

  • Fixed the makefiles especially the python module ones
  • half a dozen bugs fixes including 2 old ones

1.0.11: Feb 8 2002

  • Change of Licence to the MIT Licence
  • Added a beta version of the Python bindings, including support to extend the engine with functions written in Python
  • A number of bug fixes
  • Charlie Bozeman provided more EXSLT functions
  • Portability fixes

1.0.10: Jan 14 2002

  • Windows fixes for Win32 from Igor
  • Fixed the Solaris compilation trouble (Albert)
  • Documentation changes and updates: John Fleck
  • Added a stringparam option to avoid escaping hell at the shell level
  • A few bug fixes

1.0.9: Dec 7 2001

  • Makefile patches from Peter Williams
  • attempt to fix the compilation problem associated to prelinking
  • obsoleted libxsltbreakpoint now deprecated and frozen to 1.0.8 API
  • xsltproc return codes are now significant, John Fleck updated the documentation
  • patch to allow as much as 40 steps in patterns (Marc Tardif), should be made dynamic really
  • fixed a bug raised by Nik Clayton when using doctypes with HTML output
  • patches from Keith Isdale to interface with xsltdebugger

1.0.8: Nov 26 2001

  • fixed an annoying header problem, removed a few bugs and some code cleanup
  • patches for Windows and update of Windows Makefiles by Igor
  • OpenVMS port instructions from John A Fotheringham
  • fixed some Makefiles annoyance and libraries prelinking informations

1.0.7: Nov 10 2001

  • remove a compilation problem with LIBXSLT_PUBLIC
  • Finishing the integration steps for Keith Isdale debugger
  • fixes the handling of indent="no" on HTML output
  • fixes on the configure script and RPM spec file

1.0.6: Oct 30 2001

  • bug fixes on number formatting (Thomas), date/time functions (Bruce Miller)
  • update of the Windows Makefiles (Igor)
  • fixed DOCTYPE generation rules for HTML output (me)

1.0.5: Oct 10 2001

  • some portability fixes, including Windows makefile updates from Igor
  • fixed a dozen bugs on XSLT and EXSLT (me and Thomas Broyer)
  • support for Saxon's evaluate and expressions extensions added (initial contribution from Darren Graves)
  • better handling of XPath evaluation errors

1.0.4: Sep 12 2001

  • Documentation updates from John fleck
  • bug fixes (DocBook FO generation should be fixed) and portability improvements
  • Thomas Broyer improved the existing EXSLT support and added String, Time and Date core functions support

1.0.3: Aug 23 2001

  • XML Catalog support see the doc
  • New NaN/Infinity floating point code
  • A few bug fixes

1.0.2: Aug 15 2001

  • lot of bug fixes, increased the testsuite
  • a large chunk of EXSLT is implemented
  • improvements on the extension framework
  • documentation improvements
  • Windows MSC projects files should be up-to-date
  • handle attributes inherited from the DTD by default

1.0.1: July 24 2001

  • initial EXSLT framework
  • better error reporting
  • fixed the profiler on Windows
  • bug fixes

1.0.0: July 10 2001

  • a lot of cleanup, a lot of regression tests added or fixed
  • added a documentation for writing extensions
  • fixed some variable evaluation problems (with William)
  • added profiling of stylesheet execution accessible as the xsltproc --profile option
  • fixed element-available() and the implementation of the various chunking methods present, Norm Walsh provided a lot of feedback
  • exclude-result-prefixes and namespaces output should now work as expected
  • added support of embedded stylesheet as described in section 2.7 of the spec

0.14.0: July 5 2001

  • lot of bug fixes, and code cleanup
  • completion of the little XSLT-1.0 features left unimplemented
  • Added and implemented the extension API suggested by Thomas Broyer
  • the Windows MSC environment should be complete
  • tested and optimized with a really large document (DocBook Definitive Guide) libxml/libxslt should really be faster on serious workloads

0.13.0: June 26 2001

  • lots of cleanups
  • fixed a C++ compilation problem
  • couple of fixes to xsltSaveTo()
  • try to fix Docbook-xslt-1.4 and chunking, updated the regression test with them
  • fixed pattern compilation and priorities problems
  • Patches for Windows and MSC project mostly contributed by Yon Derek
  • update to the Tutorial by John Fleck
  • William fixed bugs in templates and for-each functions
  • added a new interface xsltRunStylesheet() for a more flexible output (incomplete), added -o option to xsltproc

0.12.0: June 18 2001

  • fixed a dozen of bugs reported
  • HTML generation should be quite better (requires libxml-2.3.11 upgrade too)
  • William fixed some problems with document()
  • Fix namespace nodes selection and copy (requires libxml-2.3.11 upgrade too)
  • John Fleck added a tutorial
  • Fixes for namespace handling when evaluating variables
  • XInclude global flag added to process XInclude on document() if requested
  • made xsltproc --version more detailed

0.11.0: June 1 2001

Mostly a bug fix release.

  • integration of catalogs from xsltproc
  • added --version to xsltproc for bug reporting
  • fixed errors when handling ID in external parsed entities
  • document() should hopefully work correctly but ...
  • fixed bug with PI and comments processing
  • William fixed the XPath string functions when using unicode

0.10.0: May 19 2001

  • cleanups to make stylesheet read-only (not 100% complete)
  • fixed URI resolution in document()
  • force all XPath expression to be compiled at stylesheet parsing time, even if unused ...
  • Fixed HTML default output detection
  • Fixed double attribute generation #54446
  • Fixed {{ handling in attributes #54451
  • More tests and speedups for DocBook document transformations
  • Fixed a really bad race like bug in xsltCopyTreeList()
  • added a documentation on the libxslt internals
  • William Brack and Bjorn Reese improved format-number()
  • Fixed multiple sort, it should really work now
  • added a --docbook option for SGML DocBook input (hackish)
  • a number of other bug fixes and regression test added as people were submitting them

0.9.0: May 3 2001

  • lot of various bugfixes, extended the regression suite
  • xsltproc should work with multiple params
  • added an option to use xsltproc with HTML input
  • improved the stylesheet compilation, processing of complex stylesheets should be faster
  • using the same stylesheet for concurrent processing on multithreaded programs should work now
  • fixed another batch of namespace handling problems
  • Implemented multiple level of sorting

0.8.0: Apr 22 2001

  • fixed ansidecl.h problem
  • fixed unparsed-entity-uri() and generate-id()
  • sort semantic fixes and priority prob from William M. Brack
  • fixed namespace handling problems in XPath expression computations (requires libxml-2.3.7)
  • fixes to current() and key()
  • other, smaller fixes, lots of testing with N Walsh DocBook HTML stylesheets

0.7.0: Apr 10 2001

  • cleanup using stricter compiler flags
  • command line parameter passing
  • fix to xsltApplyTemplates from William M. Brack
  • added the XSLTMark in the regression tests as well as document()

0.6.0: Mar 22 2001

  • another beta
  • requires 2.3.5, which provide XPath expression compilation support
  • document() extension should function properly
  • fixed a number or reported bugs

0.5.0: Mar 10 2001

  • fifth beta
  • some optimization work, for the moment 2 XSLT transform cannot use the same stylesheet at the same time (to be fixed)
  • fixed problems with handling of tree results
  • fixed a reported strip-spaces problem
  • added more reported/fixed bugs to the test suite
  • incorporated William M. Brack fix for imports and global variables as well as patch for with-param support in apply-templates
  • a bug fix on for-each

0.4.0: Mar 1 2001

  • fourth beta test, released at the same time of libxml2-2.3.3
  • bug fixes
  • some optimization
  • started implement extension support, not finished
  • implemented but not tested multiple file output

0.3.0: Feb 24 2001

  • third beta test, released at the same time of libxml2-2.3.2
  • lot of bug fixes
  • some optimization
  • added DocBook XSL based testsuite

0.2.0: Feb 15 2001

  • second beta version, released at the same time as libxml2-2.3.1
  • getting close to feature completion, lot of bug fixes, some in the HTML and XPath support of libxml
  • start becoming usable for real work. This version can now regenerate the XML 2e HTML from the original XML sources and the associated stylesheets (in section I of the XML REC)
  • Still misses extension element/function/prefixes support. Support of key() and document() is not complete

0.1.0: Feb 8 2001

  • first beta version, released at the same time as libxml2-2.3.0
  • lots of bug fixes, first "testing" version, but incomplete

0.0.1: Jan 25 2001

  • first alpha version released at the same time as libxml2-2.2.12
  • Framework in place, should work on simple examples, but far from being feature complete

Daniel Veillard