pcap-common.h   [plain text]

 * We use the "receiver-makes-right" approach to byte order,
 * because time is at a premium when we are writing the file.
 * In other words, the pcap_file_header and pcap_pkthdr,
 * records are written in host byte order.
 * Note that the bytes of packet data are written out in the order in
 * which they were received, so multi-byte fields in packets are not
 * written in host byte order, they're written in whatever order the
 * sending machine put them in.
 * ntoh[ls] aren't sufficient because we might need to swap on a big-endian
 * machine (if the file was written in little-end order).
#define	SWAPLONG(y) \
((((y)&0xff)<<24) | (((y)&0xff00)<<8) | (((y)&0xff0000)>>8) | (((y)>>24)&0xff))
#define	SWAPSHORT(y) \
	( (((y)&0xff)<<8) | ((u_short)((y)&0xff00)>>8) )
#define	SWAPLONGLONG(y) \
	(((unsigned long long)SWAPLONG((unsigned long)(y)) << 32) | (SWAPLONG((unsigned long)((y) >> 32))))

extern int dlt_to_linktype(int dlt);

extern int linktype_to_dlt(int linktype);

extern void swap_linux_usb_header(const struct pcap_pkthdr *hdr, u_char *buf,
    int header_len_64_bytes);