UPDATING   [plain text]

1) Unpack the original tarball in a separate directory.  Create a diff of the
original and the current src directory.

2) Unpack the new update in a separate directory.  Overwrite the files in src
with the files from the update.  Note that some filenames have been renamed:

key.c     -> keymacro.c
key.h     -> keymacro.h
term.c    -> terminal.c
el_term.h -> terminal.h

Then manually apply the changes from the diff in 1) to the new files.

3) The patch-configure.ac file only deals with libtool-style versioning.
We had altered the version numbers so that the version number in the name
of the dylib matched the libedit version number, but this was the wrong
thing to do, and now we are stuck.  For instance, original libtool-style
version number for a past version was 0:27:0.  It was changed to 1:11:0 so
that libedit.2.11.dylib was created (1 is added to the major number, because
the libtool major number can be zero, but not the Mac OS X major number).

libedit 3.0 has a libtool version number of 0:35:0, meaning it is binary-
compatible with the 2.11 version.  Since we now build with Xcode, we don't
care about the libtool versioning, *except* that it tells use the 3.0
version is binary compatible with libedit.2.dylib.  So we can create a
libedit.3.dylib, plus the usual symlinks libedit.dylib, and libedit.3.0.dylib,
and also create a libedit.2.dylib symlink, *if* we remember to set the
compatibility version of libedit.3.dylib to 2.0.

4) Unpack the original tarball, make a darwin subdirectory at the top level,
and cd there.  Then run:

% ../configure --help

Do the same for the new tarball.  In this case, there are no new options.

5) Run in each of the darwin subdirectories:

% ../configure --disable-dependency-tracking --enable-shared --disable-static --enable-widec
% make

This will create config.h at the top level, and the nine auto-generated files:

common.h	fcns.c		help.c		historyn.c	vi.h
emacs.h		fcns.h		help.h		tokenizern.c

in the src directory.

6) For the original files, copy the nine auto-generated files to a temp
directory, like /tmp/local:

% diff -r /tmp/local $libedit/local >/tmp/DIFF

(where $libedit is the path the the current version of the libedit project).
This create a diff of what has changed in those auto-generated files.

7) Overwrite the nine auto-generated files in $libedit/local from the new darwin/src directory.
Now manually apply the patches from /tmp/DIFF.

8) Diff the original config.h with the one in $libedit (in this case, no

9) Diff the original config.h with the new config.h to see what has changed.
Then overwrite the original config.h with the new config.h.

10) Global replace in libedit.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj, the filenames that
have changed with their new name.

11) Update the man pages in the doc directory,

12) Update the libedit.plist.