ast-ksh.README   [plain text]

The AT&T Software Technology ast-ksh package from AT&T Research
contains ksh and support libraries. This is the minimal set of
components needed to build ksh.  This package is a superset of the
following package: ksh; you won't need this if you download ast-ksh.

Source Package Installation Instructions:

  (1) Do not install packages as root/super-user. Although some components may
      have setuid executables, few must be owned by root. These are best
      changed manually when the security implications are understood.
  (2) Choose a package root directory and cd to it. This will be a local work
      area for all packages.
  (3) These instructions bypass the click to download package links on the
      download site. If you already clicked, or if your system does not have
      curl(1), hurl(1), lynx(1) or wget(1) then use the alternate instructions
      for (3),(4),(5) in plan B below. Plan B installs the hurl(1)
      script which works with ksh and modern bash. The top level URL is:
  (4) If the bin/package script does not exist then run:
		test -d bin || mkdir bin
		(wget -O bin/package $url||curl $url||hurl $url) > bin/package
		chmod +x bin/package
  (5) Determine the list of package names you want from the download site, then
      use the package(1) command to do the actual download:
		bin/package authorize "NAME" password "PASSWORD" \
			setup source $URL PACKAGE ...
      (Refer to the AUTHORIZATION paragraph on the main download page for
      NAME/PASSWORD details.)  This downloads the closure of the latest
      source package(s); covered and up-to-date packages are not downloaded again unless
      package force ... is specified. Package content is verified using md5sum.
      If the package root will contain only one architecture then you can install in bin and
      lib instead of arch/HOSTTYPE/bin and arch/HOSTTYPE/lib by running this
		bin/package authorize "NAME" password "PASSWORD" \
			flat setup source $URL PACKAGE ...
      To update the same packages from the same URL run:
		bin/package setup source
  (6) Build and install; all generated files are placed under arch/HOSTTYPE
      ($INSTALLROOT), where HOSTTYPE is the output of bin/package (with no
      arguments.) name=value arguments are supported; CC and debug=1 (compile
      with -g instead of -O) are likely candidates. The output is written to
      the terminal and captured in $INSTALLROOT/lib/package/gen/make.out:
		bin/package make
  (7) List make results and interesting errors:
		bin/package results
      Run the regression tests:
		bin/package test
      List test results and errors:
		bin/package results test
  (8) The generated binaries are position independent, i.e., they do not
      contain hard-coded paths. However, commands with related files, like
      file(1) and nmake(1), require the path of the bin directory to be
      exported in PATH.
  (9) You can run the binaries directly from the package root, or you can
      install them in a public root after you are satisfied with the make and
      test actions (requires the AT&T nmake(1) command):
		bin/package flat install DIRECTORY PACKAGE
      This will install in DIRECTORY/bin and DIRECTORY/lib. If you want to
      preserve the arch/HOSTTYPE hierarchy under DIRECTORY then omit the
      flat argument. If you don't have nmake(1) then the following will do a
      flat install:
		cp -p -r bin lib include DIRECTORY
  (10) To summarize, after the first time the download, build, and test cycle
      for the latest source release is:
		bin/package setup source
		bin/package make
		bin/package test

Source Package Installation Instructions -- Plan B:

  (3) Create the subdirectory lib/package/tgz and download all package archives
      into that directory.
  (4) If the bin/package script does not exist then manually read the INIT
      source package:
		gunzip < lib/package/tgz/INIT.YYYY-MM-DD.tgz | tar xvf -
      Note that some browsers automatically unzip downloaded without warning.
      If the gunzip fails try:
		tar xvf - lib/package/tgz/INIT.YYYY-MM-DD.tgz
      If your system does not have tar(1) or gunzip(1) then download the ratz
      source package, compile it, and manually read the INIT
      source package:
		mkdir bin
		cp lib/package/tgz/ratz.YYYY-MM-DD.c lib/package/tgz/ratz.c
		cc -o bin/ratz lib/package/tgz/ratz.c
		bin/ratz -lm < lib/package/tgz/INIT.YYYY-MM-DD.tgz
  (5) Read all unread package archive(s):
		bin/package read
      Both source and binary packages will be read by this step.

All recorded changes follow.

:::::::: ksh93 ::::::::

11-02-08  --- Release ksh93u  ---
11-02-08  A bug in which opening standard output after it has been closed with
	  exec 1>&- doesn't work has been fixed.
11-02-07  A bug on some systems for which a command subtitution could hang
	  has been fixed.
11-01-28  A bug in file name completion for files containing both multibyte
	  characters shell special characters has been fixed.
11-01-18  The .sh.match variable now shows elements that do not match as
	  as not set rather than an empty string.
11-01-18  A bug with typeset -m of an array into an element of an indexed
	  array has been fixed.
11-01-13  A bug in handling of arrays of compound variables inside ((...)) which
	  reported a syntax error been fixed.
11-01-10  A bug in arithmetic assignment operators of the form op= for array
	  variables when the same array was referenced on the left and the
	  right hand side with different indices has been fixed.
11-01-10  A bug in which the output of time was lost when { time...;} 2>&1
	  occured inside command substition has been fixed.
11-01-07  [[ -v sh.match[i] ]] was returning false when sh.match[i] was set.
11-01-05  Added and modified warning messages with sh -n.
11-01-02  Fixed bugs with typeset -l/-u/-M and arrays.
10-12-28  Fixed a bug with typeset -l/-u/-M values in arithmetric expressions.
10-12-26  Fixed a time parsing bug in sleep and localeconv() initialization.
10-12-23  Prevented the shell from generating a core dump when it sends itself
	  a termination signal because the last command terminated with that
	  signal.  This prevents a core dump to be overwritten by the shell.
10-12-22  A bug in the expansion of  ${A[@]} ${B[@]}, introduced in 10-12-01
	   when A="" B=B has been fixed.
10-12-21 +Use MS_3D in b_vpath() for setting win32 WoW mount defaults.
10-12-17  A bug in the expansion of ${var:i:j} which caused a core dump when
	  i > ${#var} has been fixed.
10-12-16 +sleep now treats . as decimal point even in locales that use comma.
10-12-16 +typeset -M mapname was added to generalize on toupper and tolowwer
	  mapping as provided with wctrans(). 
10-12-10  A bug in which typeset -l displayed namespaces as well as lower case
	  variables has been fixed.
10-12-06  A bug in which a pipeline could terminate prematurely for a pipeline
	  whose right hand side is a builtin, and whose left hand side ends in
	  a simple command that has standard output redirected has been fixed.
10-12-06  A bug in hexfloat assignments when the right hand side is a string
          variable starting with 0x has been fixed.
10-12-01  A bug in the expansion of ${$1+"$@"} which causes the last positional
	  parameter to disappear when it is empty has been fixed.
10-12-01  A number of changes were made to reduce the startup time.
10-11-29  When wait is interrupted by a signal that is caught, it now exits
	  with a non-zero exit status.
10-11-29  When a variable is used directly in an arithmetic expression,
	  leading zeros no longer cause the value to be treated as an
	  octal constant.  This was true in previous versions for justified
10-11-29  An incorrect warning message was eliminated with the -n option for
	  arithmetic expressions with associative arrays.
10-11-29  Some changes were made to slightly reduces startup time.
10-11-24  A bug in which a name reference is make to arr[0] when arr is not
	  an array has been fixed.
10-11-23  If a type definition is made without a compound variable assignment it
	  produces an error message and no longer shows up as a defined type. 
10-11-22  The handling of \ inside [...] for for shell and ~(E) patterns has
	  been fixed.
10-11-22  A patch was made to pfsh to handle an error case.
10-11-22 +Modified types defined in namespace so that they do not clash with
	  types in other namespaces.  Types can be referenced using
10-11-22  A bug which caused functions addressed as .namespace.funct to not
	  work has been fixed.
10-11-22  A bug in which if nr was a name reference to an unset associative
	  array subscript, then ${!nr} did not output the subscript correctly
	  has been fixed.
10-11-18  A bug in which shcomp -n was not processing double quotes correctly
	  has been fixed.
10-11-18  Fixed a bug in which typeset -T foo; typeset -T could cause a
	  core dump.
10-11-17  Fixed a bug in which the error message for set -u could come out
10-11-17  Modified the parser so that typeset -a var=(...) no longer checks
	  the first index for aliases and reserved words.
10-11-17  A bug in which a subshell command consisted of only a for or until
	  command has been fixed.
10-11-16  Fixed a bug in which typeset -u would display namespace variables
	  as well as upper case variables.
10-11-16  A bug which could cause a core dump when unsetting a type variable
	  when there are references to type elements has been fixed.
10-11-15  A bug which could cause a core dump when unsetting a compound
	  array variable when there are references to array subscripts has
	  been fixed.
10-11-15  A bug in which using typeset -m to move an indexed array instance
	  to another array could cause the array to display incorrectly has
	  been fixed.
10-11-12  A bug in which the unset discipline function for a type is called
	  when the type is initialized has been fixed.
10-11-12  The sequences \< and \> are now preserved after patterns contaning
	  ~(E) in ${var/pattern/string} expansions.
10-11-11  A bug in typeset -m when the variables were compound arrary instances
	  has been fixed.
10-11-10  A bug in output of a compound variable with types containing types
	  has been fixed.
10-11-10  Fixed ``name=value export [-p]'' to list environment.
10-11-09  shtests resets SIGPIPE to SIG_DFL for all tests.
10-11-09  Fixed a bug in expansion of $"..." when used in assignments.
10-11-09  Fixed a getaddrinfo() memory leak that didn't call freeaddrinfo()
	  after an interrupt.
10-11-08  Modified the behavior of set -u so that the shell terminates with
	  error message when when var is unset with ${!var} and ${#var}.
10-11-02  Fix a bug in which a signal received while in a subshell could be
10-10-26  Fix a bug where terminal interrupt was ignored while in vi/emacs
	  edit search mode.
10-10-26  Fix $'a\0b'c to expand to 'ac'.
10-10-26  Provide user defined round() if not in <math.h>.
10-10-26  Fix bug where $((undefined_function(1))) dumped core.
10-10-22  Provide user defined iszero() if not in <math.h>.
10-10-22  Fixed a bug with BGX compile option that could cause the shell to
10-10-22  Fixed a bug with user define math function on systems for which
	  char is unsigned.
10-10-21  A bug in which function autoloaded in a function leaves a file open
	  has been fixed.
10-10-20  Modified the behavior of set -u so that the shell terminates when
	  when var is unset with ${var op string} when op is #, % or /.
10-10-20  Fixed a bug with the AUDIT option in which the audit file was not
	  not close-on-exec.
10-10-20 +Made a number of changes and fixes for the NAMESPACE compile option
	  which as added on 10-06-09 but some problems still remain.
10-10-15  Fixed a bug in which arithmetic functions (added on 10-03-24) did
	  not work when the function definition was in the same compound
	  command in which the function was referenced.
10-10-13  A bug in which creating an associative array of compound variables
	  with no members as an element of a compound variable did not work
	  has been fixed.
10-10-08  A bug in which killing the last command in a function defined
	  with function name, terminated the calling script has been fixed. 
10-10-08  A bug which could cause a core dump if IFS is unset inside a function
	  has been fixed.
10-10-07 +To reduce unwanted side effects, invoking typeset without the export
	  option and without an assignment now causes the variables to be unset
	  if the variable is inherited from the environment.
10-10-06  The closing brace for ${ command } is now a token no matter what
	  character follows it.
10-10-04  The change for $'...' expansion on 10-08-09 did not expand parameters
	  contained in the error message and this has been fixed.
10-10-04  A bug in which a declaration of indexed array (-a_ in a type
	  definition would be displayed as a compound indexed array (-C -a)
	  has been fixed.
10-09-30  The C99 math funtion ldexp has been added.
10-09-30  A bug with two dimensional arrays with expansion of the form
	  ${ref[0..5]} where ref is a nameref to array[i] has been fixed.
10-09-29  A bug in which an eval with redirections invoked from a dot script
	  would not restore the file has been fixed.
10-09-29  A bug in which loading a function from FPATH could leave a file
	  descriptor open has been fixed.
10-09-28 +A new compile option SHOPT_FIXEDARRAY has been added and is being
	  evaluation.  It allows fixed sized indexed arrays be to defined
	  using "typeset array[dim1][dim2]...[dimn]".  Fixed sized arrays
	  are used the same way indexed arrays are.  Currently, only fixed
	  arrays of fixed objects (float, int, and justifies objects) are
10-09-22  A bug which could cause an excpetion when a function with static
	  variables was redefined has been fixed.
10-09-21  A bug in the processing of (command&) which created a job in the
	  parent process has been fixed.
10-09-21  A for loop optimization bug with arithmetic expression evaluation
	  has been fixed.
10-09-21  A bug in which a recursive function containing a pipeline could
	  lead to an exception fixed after 8 levels of recursion has been
10-09-18  A bug in which the count of elements in an array was wrong leading
	  to an excpetion has been fixed.
10-09-13  A bug which occured when both xtrace and showme options where
	  specified in which the xtrace option disabled showme has been fixed.
10-09-13  A bug in which creating a reference to an array variable with any
	  elements could cause subsequent array elements to be treated as
	  compound variables has been fixed.
10-09-09  A bug which caused (([x][y])) to be treated as a syntax error
	  has been fixed.
10-09-08  A bug in the processing of references to multidimensional arrays
	  in arithmetic expressions has been fixed.
10-09-08  A bug in the handling of multi-dimensional arrays which caused
	  the number of elements in each dimension to be incorrect has
	  been fixed.
10-09-07  The change for messages on 10-08-09 did not handle message in
	  assignments and this has been fixed.
10-09-07  A bug in the indentation of compound variables in arrays when
	  output with print -v has been fixed.
10-09-07  A rare bug with indexed arrays when assigned a null string that could
	  cause a core dump has been fixed.
10-09-03  A number of changes were made for jobs pools.
10-08-31  typeset -p was modified to output name references after other
	  variables so that the output could be used as input.
10-08-31  A bug with typeset -p in which variables with attributes but
	  without attributes were not displayed correctly has been fixed.
10-08-27 +When running a subshell, the current pool is unset.
10-08-27  A bug in which jobs started from within for or while lists in
	  interactive shells could generate completion messages has been fixed.
10-08-25  Fixed a couple of bugs related to job pools. 
10-08-24 +[[ -e /dev/xxx/ ]] can be used to check whether special files of
	  those names are handled by the shell.
10-08-24  A bug in the running of a compiled dot script in which only the
	  first command was executed has been fixed.
10-08-23  A bug which sometimes caused a core dump with a confgire script
	  has been fixed.
10-08-20  A bug in command substitution which caused a configure script to
	  hang has been fixed.
10-08-19  Eliminated unnecessary ; from output of compound variable with
	  typeset -p.
10-08-17  Fixed a bug in command substitution in which under certain
	  circumstances a file whose size is a power of 2 plus one, and the last
	  character was not a new-line, could cause memory corruption.
10-08-13 +Added static discipline functions to type similar to C++ static
	  class functions.
10-08-11  A bug in time when applied to a pipeline in which the shell did
	  not wait for all elements of the pipeline to complete has been fixed.
10-08-11  Restored sh_fmtq() quoting to not quote NAME= in NAME=VALUE.
10-08-09 +Modified the expansion of message strings, $"...", so that they
	  are expanded each time they are referenced rather than expanding
	  them when the script is compiled or read in.
10-08-06 +The process id for jobs in job pools is now of the form poolname.n
	  where n is the jobid in that pool.  Commands that accept job names
	  or numbers now understand names in this format.
10-08-05  A bug in which an assignment from within an arithmetic expression
	  inside a function would create a local variable has been fixed.
10-08-04  A bug in the expanding of variables whose names contain multibyte
	  characters has been fixed.
10-08-04  A bug which caused an exception when processing scripts compiled
	  with shcomp -n has been fixed.
10-08-02  Tests using very small buffer sizes uncovered a number of bug most
	  connected with here documents which have been fixed.
10-07-27  The format modifier , used for digit grouping with d and f formats
	  has been documented.
10-07-26  cd '' now produces and error rather than changing to the current
10-07-26  A bug in multi-byte locales which the last character of a
	  multi-byte character is a \ or pattern character which could occur
	  when the character was the last character of a command substitution
	  has been fixed.
10-07-23  Another bug in the processing of ${var:offset;len} in multi-byte
	  locales when len is larger than the number of characters has been
10-07-23  Many coding changes have been made to eliminate most of the uses
	  of global variables in the shell code.
10-07-22  Fixed a bug in which discipline functions were not being invoked
	  when it was invoked as ref.discipline where ref was a name reference
	  to an array instance.
10-07-22  Fixed a bug in which discipline functions were not being invoked it
	  was invoked on a two dimensional array, i.e., arr[5][9].discipline.
10-07-19  Fixed a buffering problem which occured when running a script with
	  ssh and the parent ssh process is killed.
10-07-14  Modifed the parser to treat ((...)) inside [[...]] as ( (...) ) to
	  that it is a nested (...).
10-07-09  A bug in the handling of process substitution inside command
	  substitution as part of a pipeline has been fixed.
10-07-07  A bug in the output for compound variables containing
	  multi-dimensional arrays has been fixed.
10-07-06  ksh now recovers from changes made by bash to the history file without
	  loosing history commands.
10-06-25  A bug in which a large here document containing command substitutions
	  of a dynamically loaded function that contained a here document
	  could get truncated has been fixed.
10-06-24  If after executing a script found in FPATH, if a function, builtin,
	  or type name corresponding to that script is not defined, the shell
	  now outputs an error message and returns value 126.
10-06-23  Floating point functions that happened to return integer values
	  were being treated as if the function returned integers so that
	  integer division could be used instead of floating point division.
10-06-22  Fixed a bug in earlier ksh93u in which an arithmetic assignment to a
	  variable in the global scope would instead create a local variable if
	  the variable had an attribute but did not have a value.
10-06-18  Modified trap handling so that if the same signal is received when
	  executing the handler, it is deferred until the handler completes.
10-06-16  Fixed a bug in which ulimit -v was setting the the cpu limit
	  on Linux.
10-06-14 +The command 'typeset -T' now generates the list of type definitions
	  in a format that can be used as input to the shell.
10-06-09  Put in patch from Solaris for output quoting with %q.
10-06-09 +Made changes to the NAMESPACE compile option so that it now seems
	  to work.  With this option, namespace <name> { command;} will
	  run command in the namespace .name so that all variables and
	  functions created by command are accessable outside the name
	  space via .name.var and  Variables and functions that
	  are not in the namespace are not modifed when runnning command.
10-06-07  Change most internal interfaces to take Sh_t* argument.
10-06-03 +Types can be loaded on first reference by putting defintions in
10-06-03 +The shell is now able to parse commands which use type statements
	  before the typeset -T command to define the type executes.
10-06-03  A bug in the quoting for name reference declarations which did
	  not properly handle [ and ] in subscripts for associative arrays.
10-06-02  A bug in which a discipline function defined by a type instance to
	  override the default was not being registered has been fixed.
10-06-02  A bug in which read -C of an associative array of compound variables
	  was not working has been fixed.
10-06-02  A bug in which the error message for an unset parameter with set -u
	  did not contain the name of the variable has been fixed.
10-06-01  A bug in typeset -m for moving an indexed array instance to a variable
	  has been fixed.
10-06-01  A bug in which caused memory to be freed twice when unset was called
	  for an indexed array that had get or set disciplines has been fixed.
10-06-01  A bug in which the %b format of printf was not preserving NUL bytes
	  with \0 has been fixed.
10-06-01  A bug in the handling of name references to array variables in
	  arithmetic expressions has been fixed.
10-05-28  Fixed bugs in changing attributes for two dimensional arrays.
10-05-28  Eliminated a few unreferenced variables and a reference to
	  uninitialized memroy.
10-05-27  Rewrote the subshell code to avoid using pipes an many cases.
10-05-24  Fixed a bug which cause an exception when both -l and -s were
	  specified with typeset -i.
10-05-21  Inputting of three dimensional indexed arrays with ( ( (...)...)...) 
          was not working and has been fixed.
10-05-21  A bug in which adding the attributes -Ai to a variable via a name
	  reference could cause the value to display incorrectly has been fixed.
10-05-21  A bug in which using $var inside ((...)) did not work when var was
	  a hex float variable.
10-05-20 +The compile option SHOPT_EDPREDICT has been added.  When this option
	  is on, as you type a line beginning with a # the following characters
	  are treated as a shell pattern and cause matching lines from the
	  history file to be displayed as a numbered list as you type.
	  You can scroll up and down this list or you can use <ESC>nTAB
	  to make this the current line (n defaults to 1 of ommitted) or
	  <ESC>n<cr> to execute.
10-05-20  A bug which caused an exception when multiple levels of composite
	  functions in arithemtic expressions has been fixed.
10-05-19  <<< with an empty string no longer gives an error.
10-05-19  A bug in arithmetic evaluation when a name reference to an array
	  instance was used has been fixed. 
10-05-14  A bug in which the shell treats a valid index array assignment,
	  typeset -a x=(foo (x=3;y=4) bar) as a syntax error has been fixed.
10-05-13  A bug in creating name references to assocative array variable
	  after a lookup of one of its elements has been fixed.
10-05-12  Two bugs in the handling of function static type variables in
	  subshells have been fixed.  One could cause an exception and the
	  other would leave side effects in the parent shell.
10-05-10  A bug in which static variables in functions were not being saved and
	  restored properly when running subshells has been fixed.
10-05-05  A bug in which print -v did not work correctly when an operand was an
	  indexed array element refering to a compound variable has been fixed.
10-05-05  A change to improve performace by special casing empty string
	  assignments to avoid repeated malloc() and free().
10-05-05  A bug in which creating a name reference to a non-existant associative
	  array element would create the array element has been fixed.
10-05-04  A bug in which name references to static variables in the static
	  scope were not found has been fixed.
10-04-30  Do not use socketpair() on systems that implement ioctl(I_PEEK)
	  on pipes.
10-04-29 +When the current job pool is set, coprocess are run in a job pool.
10-04-28  A type defined with a member foo that is an associative array without
	  elements followed by an expansion ${[a]} and an assignment[a]=b, no longer indicates that ${[@]} has 0 members.
10-04-27  Another bug in which a nested command substitution could hang if it
	  generated too much data has been fixed.
10-04-26  A type defined with a member that is an indexed array without elements
	  would behave as if the 0th element of each instance was defined after
	  a non-zero element was specified and this has been fixed.
10-04-26  A bug in which types defined in a subshell were not undefined when
	  the subshell completed has been fixed.
10-04-23  For file completion in commmand line editing, file names starting
	  with # are now escaped so that they are not treated as comments.
10-04-23  A bug in which ${t.var:=value}, where t is an instance of a type
	  variable, could assign value to the type variable rather than to
	  the type instance has been fixed.
10-04-23 +Added &| which can be used in place of | to have portions of a
	  pipeline executed in the pool.
10-04-22 +The .sh.pool variable was added for use with job pools.
10-04-22  A bug in which a nested command substitution could hang if it
	  generated too much data has been fixed.
10-04-20  A bug which corrupted one byte of memory when read was called with
	  reads that did not use a delimiter has been fixed.
10-04-19  The display of a compound variable with an embedded array with
	  attributes was sometimes not working correctly and has been fixed.
10-04-16  A bug in which attributes were not be propogated to elements in
	  an associative array has been fixed.
10-04-15  A bug which caused scripts containing user defined math functions to
	  fail to compile with shcomp has been fixed.
10-04-15 +Job pools have been added with the SHOPT_COSHELL compilation option.
	  A job pool allows a collection of background jobs to run either locally 
	  or remotetly and to be managed as a unit.  The command '& name ...'
	  creates or uses a named job pool for subsequent background jobs.
	  kill, wait, and jobs allow the pool name as operands.
10-04-14  A bug in which a coprocess connection could terminate prematurely
	  when running a nested subshell has been fixed.
10-04-12 +Enumeration constants can be used in arithmetic expressions with the
	  ==, != and = operators when the left hand side is an enum variable
	  and the right hand side is an enumeration constant.
10-04-07  A bug in which setting the trap on CHLD to ignore could cause
	  an incorrect exit status has been fixed.
10-04-06  A bug in which LINENO was not incremented for a here-document when
	  the here-document word was followed by a comment has been fixed.
10-04-06  The optimization that execs the last process of a script rather
	  than creating a new process has been removed when a trap on
	  interrupt has been set.
10-04-06  Unsetting the 'C', 'A' or 'a' typeset attribute now produces an
	  error message rather than generating an exception.
10-04-06  A bug in which contained the subscript and .sh.subscript
	  was empty in some cases with discipline functions on array instances
	  has been fixed.
10-04-05  A bug in the edit modes where preceding the interrupt character with
	  the literal next character did not work has been fixed.
10-04-05  A bug in the creation of type instances of arrays which could cause
	  an exception has been fixed.
10-03-30  A bug in the display of a compound variable containing an indexed
	  array of compound variables has been fixed.
10-03-24 +Arithmetic functions can be defined using the shell function syntax,
	  'function x y z{...}' , where name is the function name
	  invoked within ((...)) and x y z are long double arguments passed
	  as name references.  y and z are used for functions with two and
	  three arguments respectively.  The value of the function is the value
	  of the long double .sh.value variable when the function returns.
10-03-24  A bug in which integer division was mistakenly used when the
	  numerator was a binary operator with the first operand floating
	  point and the second integer, e.g. (.1**3)/3, has been fixed.
10-03-24  The >; file operator was modified so that the temporary file is
	  created in the same physical directory as file.
10-03-23  A warning message was added to sh -n when $var was used inside
	  ((...)) instead of var.
10-03-19  fmin was added to the list of math function on the man page.
10-03-19  Fixed the return value for unalias when the alias did not
10-03-19  A bug in which the SHLVL variable exported the value it had on
	  input rather than the incremented value has been fixed.
10-03-19  A bug which causes whence -q to go into an infinite loop has been
10-03-19  Removed space between Stopped message and (SIGTTIN) and (SIGTTOUT).
10-03-17  Modified profile shell execution so that when builtins that
	  correspond to executable have extended attributes, they are
	  executed by pfksh instead of being treated as built-ins.
10-03-16  A bug in whence -a which produced duplicate lines of output has
	  been fixed.
10-03-16  A bug in the handling of process groups in monitor mode for
	  command substitutions has been fixed.
10-03-15  Fixed a bug in which read -u[fd] could cause the shell to core
	  dump when fd was greater than open_max.
10-03-15 +Modified the shell I/O so that the shell will not fail if the
	  ulimit for open_max is increased as part of the script.
10-03-12  A bug in which a here-document containing command substitutions
	  that contained here-documents did not process correctly has been
10-03-12  A bug in which the terminal is not restored to cannonical mode
	  after read times out when in a multibyte locale with no edit mode
	  enabled has been fixed.

10-03-05  --- Release ksh93t+  ---
10-03-05  A varibale unset memory leak has been fixed and tests/
	  has been added to verify the fix.
10-03-04  Documentation, comment, and disgnostic spelling typos corrected.
10-02-14  Fix sh_getenv() initialization to cooperate with the 3d fs.
10-02-12  A bug in which the get discipline function was not invoked for
	  associative array subscripts for unset array elements has been fixed.
10-02-12  A bug which could occur if the last line of a script was an eval
	  that executed multiple commands has been fixed.
10-02-02  A buffer overflow in read and another in binary type base64
	  encoding were fixed.
10-01-20  A bug in the evaluation of arithmetic expression in which the
	  subscript was evaluated twice for $((foo[x++]++)) has been fixed.
10-01-19  A workaround for a double-free of a trap in both a subshell and its
	  parent has been added.
10-01-18  A bug in type handling of typeset -H has been fixed.
10-01-15  The "adding empty subscript" warning now only emitted with -x set.
10-01-01  A bug in the parser in which '$((case i in i):;esac);:))' was not
	  parsed correctly was fixed.
10-01-01  A bug in the parser in which '$(( 2 , 3.6 ))' dumped core for locales
	  with radix char , and thousands separator . has been fixed.
09-12-28  A bug in the handling of SIGCLD on systems that generated SIGCLD
	  while blocked waiting for process to complete has been fixed.
09-12-24  ast setlocale() reworked to differentiate env var changes from user
09-12-18  A bug with the SHOPT_BGX option set which disabled traps for signals
	  < SIGCHLD when a trap for a signal > SIGCHLD was set has been fixed.
09-12-18  A bug where [[ -v var ]] was incorrect for some variables (including
	  LC_* vars) has been fixed.
09-12-15  A bug that produced a syntax error when a multibyte character
	  straddled a buffer boundary has been fixed.
09-12-11  A bug where the subscript of an unset variable was not evaluated has
	  been fixed.
09-12-09  A bug where shcomp dumped core on certain syntax errors has been fixed.
09-12-07  A bug where a parent shell environment var reset in a subshell removed
	  the value in subsequent children of the parent shell has been fixed.
09-12-04  A bug in which in some cases a trap in a function executed in
	  a subshell could trigger twice has been fixed.
09-12-03  A bug in which SHLVL exported with some attributes could cause
	  the shell to abort at startup has been fixed.
09-12-02  A bug with pipefail in which the shell could hang waiting for the
	  writer to complete before the last reader command has been fixed.
09-11-30  A bug in which a trap could be inherited by the first element of
	  a pipeline when the command had more than 63 arguments that did
	  not contain any macro expansions has been fixed.
09-11-19  When read from a terminal was called from with a while or for loop,
	  and an edit mode was on, a backspace or erase no longer will
	  overwrite the prompt.
09-11-17 +Change .paths parse to handle BUILTIN_LIB=foo BUILTIN_LIB=foo-1.2.
09-11-17  Inside a function, typeset will bind foo to global variable
	  foo if local variable foo does not exist, instead of creating a 
	  local variable.
09-11-17  "read -n1" from the terminal has been fixed to read exactly one character.
09-11-11  Job control now works for subshell commands, (...).
09-11-11  If set -e is on for an interactive shell errors in special builtins
	  now cause the shell to exit.
09-11-11  A bug in which an interrupt handler processed during the read builtin
	  when IFS did not contain a new line has been fixed.
09-11-09  A bug in which a variable that has been unset in a subshell and then
	  exported from that subshell does not show up in the environment
	  has been fixed.
09-11-02  ``,2'' is now a valid numeric constant for locales with
09-11-02  A bug where "return" in .profile did not restore the shell state
	  has been fixed.
09-10-31  A bug that corrupted saved exit status when pids wrapped around has
	  been fixed.
09-10-26  A bug in { LANG LC_ALL LC_category } ordering has been fixed in -last.
09-10-16  A bug where notification to libast that the environment has changed
          has been fixed.
09-10-12  A bug in which a function loaded in a subshell could leave side
	  effects in the parent shell has been fixed.
09-10-12  A bug in converting a printf %d operand to a number when the operand
	  contains multiple subscripts for the same variable has been fixed.
09-10-09  A bug in the handling of the escape character \ in directory prefixes
	  in command completion has been fixed.
09-10-09  $PATH processing has been changed to delay dir stat() and .paths
	  lookup until the directory is needed in the path search.
09-09-28  Call the ast setlocale() intercept on unset too.
09-09-24  A bug in which LANG=foo; LC_ALL=foo; unset LC_ALL; did not revert
	  LC_CTYPE etc. to the LANG value has been fixed.
09-09-17  A bug in which unsetting SVLVL could cause a script invoked by
	  name without #! to core dump has been fixed.
09-09-16  A bug in which a pipeline in a here-document could hang when the
	  pipefail option was on has been fixed. 
09-09-09  A bug in the processing of line joining in here documents which
	  occurred when a buffer began with <escape><new-line> has been fixed.
09-09-09 +A leading ; with commands in a brace group or parenthesis group
	  no longer causes an error.  It now is used for the "showme" option.
09-09-09  A bug in which a subshell containing a background process could
	  block until the background process completed has been fixed.
09-09-04  A bug in handing ${var[sub]}, where var is a nameref has been fixed.
09-09-03  A bug which caused an index array to have the wrong number of elements
	  when it was converted from a compound variable by adding an another
	  element has been fixed.
09-09-03  Specifying export for a compound variable now generates an error.
09-09-02  $"..." localizations strings are no longer recognized inside `...`.
09-09-01  A bug in the for loop optimizer in the handling of type static
	  variables has been fixed.
09-09-01  An error message is not displayed when * and @ are used as subscripts.
09-09-01  Several bugs in the processing for types that included an associative
	  array of another type has been fixed.
09-09-01  A bug in the tracing of [[ a < b ]] and [[ a > b ]] has been fixed.
09-08-26  The .sh.file variable was not being set for a script that was run
	  by name and didn't start with #! and this has been fixed.
09-08-25  A bug in which a function called to deeply from command substitution
	  did not display an error message has been fixed.
09-08-24 +When processing profiles, ksh93 now violates the POSIX standard and
	  treats &> as a redirection operator similar to bash.
09-08-23  A bug in the handling of the trap on SIGPIPE that could lead to a
	  memory fault has been fixed.
09-08-21  A bug in the handling of the comma operator in arithmetic expressions
	  that could cause a core dump on some systems has been fixed.
09-08-20  A bug in which a compound variable containing an array of a type
	  that doesn't have any elements now expands correctly.
09-08-19  A bug which disabled function tracing inside a function after
	  a call to another function has been fixed.
09-08-19  A bug in which initializing a compound variable instance to another
	  compound variable by name has been fixed.
09-08-18  A bug in which compound variable instances could be lost after
	  an instance that invoked a type method discipline has been fixed.
09-08-18  A bug in which a discipline function for a type applied to an
	  array instance when invoked in a function ignored the subscript
	  has been fixed.
09-08-18  A scoping error with variables in arithmetic expression with
	  type variables when reference with a name reference has been fixed.
09-08-10  Several memory leaks were fixed primarily related to subshells.
09-08-06  A bug in which setting the trap on CHLD to ignore could cause
	  a script to hang has been fixed. 
09-07-08  A bug in the processing of name reference assignments when it
	  contained pattern expansions with quoting has been fixed.
09-06-22 +The default width for typeset -X has been changed so that there
	  should be no loss of precision when converting to a string.
09-06-19  A bug in the printing of array elements for binary variables with
	  printf %B has been fixed.
09-06-19  A bug which caused a core dump with trap DEBUG set with an array
	  assignment with no elements has been fixed.
09-06-19  A bug with read with typeset -b -Z<num> has been fixed.
09-06-19  Two bugs related to read -b for array variables has been fixed.
09-06-19  A bug with typeset for compound variables containing arrays of
	  compound variables has been fixed.
09-06-18  A bug in appending a compound variable to a an indexed array of
	  compound variables has been fixed.
09-06-18  A bug which occurs when appending a compound variable to an indexed
	  array element has been fixed.
09-06-18  Setting VISUAL to a value other than one ending in vi or emacs will
	  no longer unset the edit mode.
09-06-17  A bug in typeset -m when moving a local compound variable to a
	  global compound variable via a name reference has been fixed.
09-06-17  A bug in appending to nodes of an array of compound variables when
	  addressing them via nameref has been fixed.
09-06-17  A bug in typeset -p var, when var is an array of compound variables
	  in which the output only contained on array element has been fixed.
09-06-17  The prefix expansion ${!y.@} now works when y is a name
	  reference to an element of an array.
09-06-16  Traps on signals that are ignored when the shell is invoked
	  no longer display.  Previously they were ignored as required but
	  would be listed with trap -p.
09-06-12  A bug in vi edit mode in which hitting the up arrow key at the
	  end of a line longer than 40 characters which caused a core dump
	  has been fixed. 
09-06-11  A bug in which "eval non-builtin &" would create two processes,
	  one for the & and another for non-builtin has been fixed.
09-06-08  When var is an identifier and is unset, ${var} no longer tries to
	  run command substitution on the command var.
09-06-08 +Process substitution arguments of the form <(command) can now be
	  used following the < redirection operator to redirect from command.
09-05-13  A bug in which redirections of the form 2>&1 1>&5 inside command
	  substitution could cause the command substitution to hang has been
09-05-12  To conform with POSIX, the -u option only checks for unset variables
	  and subscript elements rather than checking for all parameters.
09-05-12  A bug which could cause a core dump when a variable whose name
	  begins with a . was referenced as part of a name reference inside
	  a function has been fixed.
09-05-01  A bug that caused a core dump when SIGWINCH was received and
	  both vi and emacs mode were off has been fixed.
09-04-22 +Default alias compound='typeset -C' added.
09-04-15  A bug that caused ${...;} to hang for large files has been fixed.
09-04-08  A change was made in the -n option which printed out an incorrect
	  warning with <>.
09-04-07  The emacs edit command M-_ and M_. and the vi command _ was fixed
	  to handle the case there there is no history file.
09-04-05  A bug in handling new-lines with read -n has been fixed.
09-04-05  The ENV variable defaults the the file named by $HOME/.kshrc rather
	  then to the string $HOME/.kshrc.
09-03-31  A bug in which a nested command substitution with redirections could
	  leave a file descriptor open has been fixed.
09-03-24 +ksh now only uses the value of the _ variable on startup if it can
	  verify that it was set by the invoking process rather than being
	  inherited by some other ancestor.
09-03-24 +When ksh is invoked without -p and ruid!=euid, and the shell is
	  compiled without SHOPT_P_UID or ruid<SHOPT_P_UID, the shell now
	  enables the -p option.  The previous version instead set the
	  euid to the ruid as it does for set +p.
09-03-24 +When SHOPT_P_UID is defined at compile time and the shell is started
	  without -p and ruid!=euid and ruid>=SHOPT_P_UID then euid is set
	  to ruid. A bug that did the wrong test (ruid<SHOPT_P_UID) was fixed.
09-03-17 +The sleep(1) builtin now accept and ISO 8601 PnYnMnDTnHnMnS
	  duration or date(1) compatible date/time operand.
09-03-10  If a variable that was left or right justified or zero-filled was
	  changed with a typeset statement that was left or right justified
	  or zero-filled, then the original justification no longer affects
	  the result.
09-03-10  A bug in the handling of traps when the last command in a script
	  is a subshell grouping command has been fixed.
09-03-03  A bug in which an expansion of the form ${!prefix@} could generate
	  an exception after the return from a function has been fixed.
09-02-02  A bug in restricted mode in which the value of ENV could be
	  changed from within a function has been fixed.
09-02-02  A bug in which an erroneous message indicating that a process
	  terminated with a coredump has been fixed.
09-02-02  The exit status when exit was called without an argument from
	  a signal handler was incorrect and has been fixed.
09-02-02  A bug in which a function autoloaded in a subshell could cause
	  a core dump when the subshell completed has been fixed.
09-02-02  A bug in which 2>&1 inside a command substitution wasn't working
	  correctly has been fixed.
09-02-02  A bug in the call stack of arithmetic function with 2 args
	  returning int has been fixed.
09-01-30  A bug in which 'eval print \$0' inside a function was giving the
	  wrong value for $0 has been fixed.
09-01-28  A bug in which a command substitution could return an exit status
	  of 127 when the pipefail option is enabled has been fixed.
09-01-26  ksh93 now generates an error message if you attempt to create
	  a global name reference to a local variable.
09-01-26 +The [[ -v var ]] operator was modified to test for array elements.
09-01-23 +The redirection operator <>; was added.  It is similar to <>
	  except that if the command it is applied to succeeds, the file
	  is truncated to the offset at the command completion.
09-01-23  The default file descriptor for <> was changed to 1.
09-01-20  A bug in which the exit status specified in an exit trap was
	  not used when a process terminated with a signal has been fixed.
09-01-19  A bug in which a signal whose default action is to terminate
	  a process could be ignored when the process is running a sub-shell
	  has been fixed.
09-01-19  A bug in which sending SIGWINCH to a process that reads from a pipe
	  could cause a memory fault has been fixed.
09-01-16 +The -R unary operator was added to [[...]] and test to check whether
	  a variable is a  name reference.
09-01-16 +The -v unary operator was added to [[...]] and test to check whether
	  a variable is set.
09-01-14  The unset built-in was modified to return 0 exit status when
	  unsetting a variable that was unset to conform with the POSIX
09-01-14  The unset built-in was modified to continue to unset variables
	  after encountering a variable that it could not unset to
	  conform to the POSIX standard.
09-01-14  The parameter expansion ${x+value} no longer expands the value of
	  the variable x when determining whether x is set or not.
09-01-13  A bug in which background jobs and pipelines that were not waited
	  for could, in rare instances, cause the shell to go into an infinite
	  loop or fail has been fixed.
09-01-06  A bug in indexed arrays of compound variables in which referencing
	  non-existent sub-variable in an arithmetic expression could cause
	  the sub-variable to be created has been fixed.
09-01-05  A bug in which the \ character did not escape extended regular
	  expression pattern characters has been fixed.
08-12-24  A bug in which killing the last element of a pipe did not cause
	  a write to the pipe to generate a SIGPIPE has been fixed.
08-12-19  A bug which could cause command substitution to hang when the
	  last element of a pipeline in a command substitution was a built-in
	  and the output was more that PIPE_BUFF.
08-12-18  A bug which occurs when a here documented marker embedded in a
	  command substitution occurs on a buffer boundary has been fixed.
08-12-17  A bug in the output of typeset -p for variables that had attributes
	  but did not have a value has been fixed.
08-12-16  A bug in which a name reference to a name reference variable that
	  references an array element has been fixed.
08-12-16  A bug in which a variable given both the -A and -C attribute along
	  with an initial assignment didn't work correctly has been fixed.
08-12-10  The [[ -t fd ]] test was fixed to handle fd>9.
08-12-10  A bug where function stack misalignment could cause a bus error
	  has been fixed.
08-12-09  Command completion was changed to use \ to quote special characters
	  instead of quoting the argument in single quotes.
08-12-07  A bug in typeset -m which occurred when the target node was an
	  associative array element has been fixed.
08-12-07  A timing bug on some systems (for example darwin), that could
	  cause the last process of a pipeline entered interactively to fail
	  with an "Exec format error" has been fixed.
08-12-04 +SHOPT_BGX enables background job extensions. Noted by "J" in
	  the version string when enabled. (1) JOBMAX=n limits the number
	  of concurrent & jobs to n; the n+1 & job will block until a
	  running background job completes. (2) SIGCHLD traps are queued
	  so that each completing background job gets its own trap; $! is
	  set to the job pid and $? is set to the job exit status at the
	  beginning of the trap. (3) sleep -s added to sleep until the time
	  expires or until a signal is delivered.
08-12-04  The sign of floating point zero is preserved across arithmetic
	  function calls.
08-12-04  A bug that caused print(1) to produce garbled stdout/stderr
	  output has been fixed.
08-12-04  A bug in which printf "%d\n" "'<euro>'" did not output the
          numerical value of the EURO symbol, 8354, has been fixed.
08-11-24 + /dev/fd* and /dev/std* redirections are first attempted with
	  open() to preserve seek semantics; failing that the corresponding
	  file descriptors are dup()'d.
08-11-20  A bug which could cause a core dump if a function compiled with
	  shcomp was found has been fixed.
08-11-20  A bug in which jobs were not cleared from the jobs table for
	  interactive shells when the pipefail option is on has been fixed.
08-11-11  A bug in which a field that was unset in a type definition and later
	  set for an instance could appear twice when displaying the variable
	  has been fixed.
08-11-11  A bug in which running a simple command & inside a function would
	  not return the correct process id has been fixed.
08-11-10  A bug in which the exit status of a command could be lost if the pid
	  was that of the most recent command substitution that had completed
	  has been fixed.
08-11-10  The maximum depth for subshells has been increased from 256 to 65536.
08-11-06  A bug which could cause a core dump when the _ reference variable was
          used as an embedded type with a compound assignment has been fixed.

08-10-31  --- Release ksh93t  ---
08-10-31  Variable scoping/initialization bugs that could dump core were fixed.
08-10-24  The lexer now accepts all RE characters for patterns prefixed
	  with a ksh ~(...) option expression.
08-10-24 +For ${var/pat/sub} \0 in sub expands to the text matched by pat.
08-10-18  A bug in array scoping that could dump core has been fixed.
08-10-10  read -n and -N fixed to count characters in multibyte locales.
08-10-10  A bug that mishandled _.array[] type references has been fixed.
08-10-09 +${.sh.version} now contains a concatenation of the following (after
	  'Version') denoting compile time features:
08-10-09  A bug that caused subshell command substitution with redirection
	  to hang has been fixed.
08-10-08  Output errors, other than to stderr, now result in a diagnostic.
08-10-08  ksh93 now supports types that contain arrays of other types as
	  members.  Earlier versions core dumped in this case.
08-10-05  A bug which caused the shell to emit a syntax error for an arithmetic
	  statement of the form (([sub] = value)) has been fixed.
08-10-01  A bug that caused subshell command substitution to hang has
	  been fixed.
08-09-29  When the -p export option of typeset is used with other options,
	  only those variables matching the specified options are displayed.
08-09-29  When the shell reads the environment and finds variables that are
	  not valid shell assignments, it now passes these on to subsequent
	  commands rather than deleting them.
08-09-29  A bug in the display of compound variables containing an indexed
	  array of compound variables has been fixed.
08-09-29  A bug in the display of compound variables containing an associative
	  array with a subscript containing a . in the name has been fixed.
08-09-26  A core dump in the subshell environment restore has been fixed.
08-09-24  $(...) has been fixed to properly set the exit status in $?.
08-09-23  $(<...) with IFS=$'\n\n' has been fixed to retain all but the last
	  of multiple trailing newlines.
08-09-23  The -p option to typeset when used with other attributes, restricts
	  the output to variables with the specified attributes.
08-09-22  A bug that sometimes lost the exit status of a job has been fixed.
08-09-21  A bug that retained trailing command substitution newlines in
	  cases where the command caused the shell to fork has been fixed.
08-09-19  type, whence -v, and command -v were fixed to comply with POSIX
	  by writing 'not found' diagnostics to the standard error.
08-09-18  test and [...] were fixed to comply with POSIX in the case
	  of test '(' binop ')' where binop is a valid binary test operator.
08-09-16 +If a method discipline named create is specified when defining a
	  type, this function will be called when an instance is created.
08-09-15 +The variable _ is now set as a reference to the compound variable
	  when defining a compound variable or a type.
08-09-10  The shell now prints an error message when the type name specified
	  for an indexed array subscript is not an enumeration type.
08-09-10  A bug in which a subshell that spawned a background process could
	  loose output that was produced after the foreground completed
	  has been fixed.
08-09-10  A timing bug on some systems that could cause coprocesses started by a
	  subshell to not clean up and prevent other coprocesses has been fixed.
08-09-09  The typeset -m option is now able to rename array elements from
	  the same array.
08-09-09  The exit status of 2 from the DEBUG trap causes the next command
	  to be skipped.  An exit value of 255 from a DEBUG trap called from
	  a function causes the function to return. 
08-09-08  A bug in which a coprocess created in a subshell that did not
	  complete when the subshell terminated could prevent a coprocess
	  from being created in the parent shell has been fixed.
08-09-05  An assignment of the form name1=name2 where name1 and name2
	  are both compound variables causes name1 to get a copy of name2.
	  name1+=name2 causes name2 sub-variables to be appended to name1.
08-09-05  A bug in which unsetting a compound variable did not unset all
	  the sub-variables has been fixed.
08-09-01  A bug in the subshell cleanup code that could cause SIGSEGV has
	  been fixed.
06-08-26 +The SHLVL variable which is an environment variable used by bash
          and zsh that gets incremented when the shell starts.
08-08-25 +For an indexed array, a negative subscript now refers to offsets
	  from the end so that -1 refers to the last element.
08-08-24  An alignment error for shorts on 64 bit architectures has been fixed.
08-08-22  If oldvar is a compound variable, typeset -C newvar=oldvar creates 
	  newvar as a copy of oldvar.
08-08-19 +The ALRM signal no longer cause the sleep builtin to terminate.
08-08-13  When used in an arithmetic expression, the .sh.version variable  
	  now produces a number that will be increasing for each release.
08-08-11  A bug in which type instantiation with a compound assignment in
	  a dot script in which the type is defined has been fixed. 
08-08-07 +The -m option has been added to typeset to move or rename a
	  variable.  Not documented yet.
08-08-06  A bug in read when used in a loop when a prompt was specified
	  when reading from a terminal has been fixed.
08-08-01  A bug with the pipefail option in which a nested pipeline could
	  cause an asynchronous command to block has been fixed.
08-08-01  A for loop optimizer bug that treats .sh.lineno as an invariant
	  has been fixed.
08-07-30  A bug in which expanding compound variable that had a get discipline
	  from with a here document could cause a syntax error has been fixed.
08-07-18  A bug in which a nameref caused a local variable to be created
	  rather than binding to an existing variable in the global scope
	  has been fixed.
08-07-17  A bug which occurred when a nameref was created from within a
	  function that was  part of a pipeline has been fixed.
08-07-14 +The compile option SHOPT_STATS was added. With this option the
	  compound variable .sh.stats keeps usage statistics that could help
	  with performance tuning.
08-07-10 +The output of set now always uses a single line for each variable.
	  For array variables, the complete set of values is now displayed.
08-07-09 +The typeset -C option can be used with arrays to indicate that
	  each element should default to a compound variable.
08-07-08 +The %B format now outputs compound variables and arrays.  The
	  alternate flag # can be used to cause output into a single line.
08-07-03  When the window change signal, WINCH, is received, the current
	  edit line is redrawn in place. 
08-07-01  A bug in the handling of shared variables when inside an embedded
	  type has been fixed.
08-06-29  A bug in multiline edit mode which occurred when the prompt length
	  was three characters or less has been fixed.
08-06-23  A bug in which the SIGCLD was not be triggered when background
	  jobs completed has been fixed.
08-06-23  _KSH_VERSION added as a name reference to .sh.version.
08-06-20  type now outputs 'special builtin' for special builtins.
08-06-19  A couple of bugs in multi-dimensional arrays have been fixed.
08-06-19  A bug in which a syntax error in a dot script could generated
	  a syntax error in the next subsequent command has been fixed.
08-06-17  Reduced the maximum function call depth to 2048 to avoid exceptions
	  on some architectures.
08-06-16  A bug in which printf "%B" could generate an exception when the
	  specified variable was not set has been fixed.
08-06-16 +When typeset -p is followed by variable names, it now displays
	  the attributes names and values for the specific names.
08-06-14  A bug that could effect the drawing of the screen from multiline
	  emacs or gmacs mode when walking up the history file has been fixed.
08-06-13  A bug in which a compound variable defined in a subshell could
	  have side effects into the parent shell has been fixed.
08-06-13  A number of bugs related to using .sh.level to set the stack from
	  for DEBUG traps have been fixed.
08-06-13 +The .sh.lineno variable has been added.  When .sh.level is changed
	  inside a DEBUG trap, the .sh.lineno contains the calling line number
	  for the specified stack frame.
08-06-13  The .sh.level variable has been documented and now works.
08-06-11 +The -C option has been added to read for reading compound command
	  definitions from a file.
08-06-11 +The . command is now permitted inside a compound command definition.
	  The dot script can contain declaration commands and dot commands.
08-06-09 +Add -C option to typeset so that typeset -C foo, is equivalent
	  to foo=().
08-06-09  Added -n warning message for typeset option orderings that are valid
	  with ksh88 but not valid with ksh93, for example Lx5.
08-06-09  A bug in which the return value for an assignment command containing
	  a command substitution with that failed was zero when the assignment
	  contained redirections has been fixed.
08-06-09  A bug in the quoting of $ inside a ERE pattern ~(E)(pattern)
	  has been fixed.
08-06-06  A bug when processing `` command substitution with the character
	  sequence \$' has been fixed.
08-06-02 +When defining a type, the typeset -r attribute causes this field
	  to be required to be specified for each instance of the type and
	  does not allow a default value.
08-06-02  Several bugs in which compound variables were modified by
	  subshells have been fixed.
08-05-22 +The ceil function has been added to the math functions.
08-05-21  A bug in which a name reference defined in a function and passed
	  as an argument to another function could cause an incorrect binding.
08-05-21  A bug in freeing compound variables that are local to functions
	  has been fixed.
08-05-19 +The array expansions ${array[sub1..sub2]} and ${!array[sub1..sub2]}
	  to expand to the value (or subscripts) for array between sub1 and
	  sub2 inclusive.  For associative arrays, the range is based on
	  location in the POSIX locale.  The .. must be explicit and cannot
	  result from an expansion.
08-05-15  The trap on SIGCLD is no longer triggered by the completion of
	  the foreground job as with ksh88.
08-05-14  A bug in the implementation of the editing feature added on 
	  07-09-19 in emacs mode has been fixed.
08-05-12  A bug in processing the test built-in with parenthesis has been
08-05-12  The unset built-in now returns non-zero when deleting an array
	  subscript that is not set.
08-05-08 +Changing the value of HISTFILE or HISTSIZE will cause the old
	  history file to be close and reopened with the new name or size.
08-05-08  When FPATH is changed functions that were found via a path search
	  will be searched for again.
08-05-08  A parser bug in which reserved words and labels were recognized
	  inside compound indexed array assignment after a new-line has
	  been fixed.
08-05-07  A bug in getopts when handling numerical option arguments has
	  been fixed.
08-05-07 +The typeset -S option was added for variables outside type
	  definitions to provide a storage class similar to C static
	  inside a function defined with function name.  When outside
	  type definitions and outside a function, the -S option cause
	  the specified variable so be unset before the assignment and
	  before the remaining attributes are supplied.
08-05-07  A bug that affected the cursor movement in multiline mode when
	  a character was deleted from near the beginning of the any
	  line other than the first.
08-05-01  In multiline edit mode, the refresh operation will now clear
	  the remaining portion of the last line.
08-05-01  A bug in computing prompt widths for the edit modes for prompts
	  with multibyte characters has been fixed.
08-05-01  A bug in the multiline edit mode which could cause the current
	  line to be displayed incorrectly when moving backwards from third
	  or higher line to the previous line has been fixed.
08-05-01  A bug in which options set in functions declared with the function
	  name syntax were carried across into functions invoked by these
	  functions has been fixed.
08-04-30  A bug which could cause a coprocess to hang when the read end
	  is a builtin command has been fixed.
08-04-30 +The emacs and vi editors have been modified to handle window
	  change commands as soon as they happen rather than waiting for
	  the next command.
08-04-28  A bug in which ${!x} did not expand to x when x was unset has been
08-04-27  A bug in which the assignment x=(typeset -a foo=([0]=abc)) created as an associative array has been fixed.
08-04-25  A bug in which $# did not report correctly when there were more
	  than 32K positional parameters has been fixed.
08-04-04  Choose the name _ as the sub-variable that holds type or instance
	  specific data used by discipline functions.
08-03-27  A bug in which the terminal group was not given back to the parent
	  shell when the last part of a pipeline was handled by the parent shell
	  and the other parts of the pipeline complete has been fixed. 
	  The symptom was that the pipeline became uninterruptable.
08-03-25  A bug in restricted mode introduced in ksh93s that caused scripts
	  that did not use #! to executed in restricted mode has been fixed.
08-03-25  A bug in which the pipefail option did not work for a pipeline
	  within a pipeline has been fixed.
08-03-24  A bug in which OPTIND was not set correctly in subshells has
	  been fixed.
08-03-24  A bug which could cause a memory exception when a compound variable
	  containing an indexed array with only element 0 defined was expanded.
08-03-20  A bug in which ${!var[sub].*} was treated as an error has been fixed.
08-03-20  Associative array assignments of the form ([name]=value ...)
	  now allow ; as well as space tab and new line to separate elements.
08-03-18  A buffering problem in which standard error was sometimes
	  not flushed before sleep has been fixed.
08-03-17  A bug in which a signal sent to $$ while in a subshell would be
	  sent to the subshell rather than the parent has been fixed.
08-03-17 + A --default option added to set(1) to handle set +o POSIX semantics.
	  set --state added as a long name alias for set +o.
08-03-14  A bug in which using monitor mode from within a script could
	  cause the terminal group to change has been fixed.
08-03-10  The new ${...} command substitution will treat the trailing }
	  as a reserved word even if it is not at the beginning of a command,
	  for example, ${ date }.
08-03-10  If the name of the ENV begins with /./ or ././ then the
	  /etc/ksh.kshrc file will not be executed on systems that support
	  this interactive initialization file.
08-03-07  A bug in which ksh -i did not run the ENV file has been fixed.
08-03-07  A bug in which ulimit did not always produce the same output as
	  ulimit -fS has been fixed.
08-03-04  A bug in multiline mode in emacs and vi mode which could cause the
	  cursor to be on the wrong line when interrupt was hit has been fixed.
08-03-03  The change made in ksh93s+ on 07-06-18 in which braces became
	  optional for ${a[i]} inside  [[...]] was restored in the case
	  where the argument can be a pattern.
08-03-03  A bug in which creating a name reference to an associative array
	  instance would fail when the subscript contained characters [ or
	  ] has been fixed.
08-02-29 +The redirection operator >; has been added which for non-special
	  files, generates the output in a temporary file and writes the
	  specified file only of the command has completed successfully.
08-02-15  A bug in ${var/pattern/string} for patterns of the form ?(*) and +(*)
	  has bee fixed.
08-02-07  A bug in which test \( ! -e \) produced an error has been fixed.
08-02-14 +The typeset -a option can now optionally be followed by the name
	  of an enumeration type which allows subscripts to be enumerations.
08-02-14 +The enum builtin which creates enumeration types has been added.
08-02-12  The backoff logic when there are no more processes has been fixed.
08-02-07  The -X option has been added to typeset.  The -X option creates
	  a double precision number that gets displayed using the C99 %a
	  format.  It can be used along with -l for long double.
08-01-31  The -T option to typeset has been added for creating typed
	  variables.  Also the -h and -S options have been added to
	  typeset that are only applicable when defining a type.
08-01-31  The prefix expansion operator @ has been added.  ${@name}
	  expands to the type of name or yields the attributes.
07-11-15  A bug in the macro expander for multibyte characters in which
	  part of the character contains a file pattern byte has been fixed. 
07-10-03  A bug in which : was not allowed as part of an alias name has been
07-09-26  A bug in which appending a compound variable to a compound variable
	  or to an index array didn't work has been fixed.
07-09-19  In both emacs and vi edit mode, the escape sequence \E[A (usually
	  cursor up, when the cursor is at the end of the line will fetch
	  the most recent line starting with the current line.
07-09-18  The value of ${!var} was correct when var was a reference to an
	  array instance.
07-09-18  The value of ${!var[sub]} was not expanding to var[sub] and this
	  was fixed.  It also fixed ${name} where name is a name reference
	  to var[sub].
07-09-18 +It is now legal to create a name reference without an initialization.
	  It will be bound to a variable on the first assignment.
07-08-30 +A discipline function can be invoked as ${} and is equivalent
	  to ${;} and can be invoked as inside ((...)).
07-07-09  A bug in which typeset -a did not list indexed arrays has been
07-07-03 +The command substitution ${ command;} has been added.  It behaves
	  like $(command) except that command is executed in the current
	  shell environment.  The ${ must be followed by a blank or an

08-04-17  --- Release ksh93s+  ---
08-04-17  A bug in which umask was not being restored correctly after a
          subshell has been fixed.
08-04-15  A bug in which sending a STOP signal to a job control shell started
	  from within a shell function caused cause the invoking shell to
	  terminate has been fixed.
08-04-11  A bug which caused $(exec > /dev/null) to go into an infinite loop
	  has been fixed.
08-03-27  A bug in which typeset -LZ was being treated as -RZ has been fixed.
08-03-06  A bug with ksh -P on systems that support the the profile shell,
          in which it would exit after running a non-builtin has been fixed.
08-01-31  A bug in which command substitution inside ((...)) could cause
	  syntax errors or lead to core dumps has been fixed.
08-01-17  A bug in which discipline functions could be deleted when invoked
	  from a subshell has been fixed.
08-01-17  A bug in which a command substitution consisting only of
	  assignments was treated as a noop has been fixed.
08-01-17  A bug in which discipline functions invoked from withing a
	  compound assignment could fail has been fixed.
08-01-16  Incomplete arithmetic assignments, for example ((x += )), now
	  generate an error message.
08-01-16  A bug in which a set discipline defined for a variable before
	  an array assignment could cause a core dump has been fixed. 
08-01-03  A bug in on some systems in which exit status 0 is incorrectly
	  returned by a process that catches the SIGCONT signal is stopped 
	  and then continued.
07-12-13  A race condition in which a program that has been stopped and then
	  continued could loose the exit status has been fixed.
07-12-12  Code to check for file system out of space write errors for all
	  writes has been added.
07-12-11  A bug in the macro expander for multibyte characters in which
	  part of the character contains a file pattern byte has been fixed. 
07-12-06  A bug in the emacs edit mode when multiline was set that output
	  a backspace before the newline to the screen has been fixed.
07-12-04  A bug in which using <n>TAB after a variable name listing expansion
	  in the edit modes would cause the $ to disappear has been fixed.
07-11-28  A bug in which setting IFS to readonly could cause a subsequent
	  command substitution to fail has been fixed.
07-11-27  A work around for a gcc 4.* C99 "feature" that could cause a job
	  control shell to go into an infinite loop by adding the volatile
	  attribute to some auto vars in functions that call setjmp().
07-11-27  A bug in which the shell could read ahead on a pipe causing the
	  standard input to be incorrectly positioned has been fixed.
07-11-27  A bug in which compound variable UTF-8 multibyte values were not
	  expanded or traced properly has been fixed.
07-11-21  A bug where an unbalanced '[' in a command argument was not treated
	  properly has been fixed.
07-11-15  A bug in which compatibility mode (no long option names) getopts(1)
	  incorrectly set the value of OPTARG for flag options has been fixed.
07-11-15  A bug in which "hash -- name" treated "--" as an invalid name operand
	  has been fixed.
07-11-15  typeset now handles "-t -- [-r] [--]" for s5r4 hash(1) compatibility.
07-11-15  A bug in which the umask builtin mis-handled symbolic mode operands
	  has been fixed.
07-11-15  Bugs in which shell arithmetic and the printf builtin mis-handled the
	  signs of { -NaN -Inf -0.0 } have been fixed.
07-11-15 +The full { SIGRTMIN SIGRTMIN+1 ... SIGRTMAX-1 SIGRTMAX } range
	  of signals, determined at runtime, are now supported.
07-11-15  A bug in which creating an index array with only subscript 0 created
	  only a simple variable has been fixed.
07-11-14  A bug in which appending to an indexed array using the form
	  name+=([sub]=value) could cause the array to become an associative
	  array has been fixed.
07-11-14  A bug in which typeset without arguments could coredump if a
	  variable is declared as in indexed array and  has no elements has
	  been fixed.
07-11-14  A bug in which creating a local SECONDS variable with typeset in
	  a function could corrupt memory has been fixed.
07-11-14  A bug which could cause a core dump when a script invoked by name
	  from a function used compound variables has been fixed.
07-11-05  A bug in which printf %d "'AB" did not diagnose unconverted characters
	  has been fixed.
07-11-05  printf %g "'A" support added for all floating point formats.
07-11-01  A bug in which typeset -f fun did not display the function definition
          when invoked in a subshell has been fixed.
07-10-29  The sleep builtin was fixed so that all floating point constants
	  are valid operands.
07-10-10  A bug in which the locale was not being restored after
          LANG=value command has been fixed.
07-09-20  A bug in which a nameref to a compound variable that was local
	  to the calling function would not expand correctly when displaying
	  is value has been fixed.
07-09-19  A bug which cause cause a core dump if .sh.edchar returned
	  80 characters or more from a keyboard trap has been fixed.
07-09-14  A bug in which could cause a core dump when more than 8 file
	  descriptors were in use has been fixed.
07-09-10  A bug in which creating a name reference to an instance of
	  an array when the array name is itself a reference has been fixed.
07-09-10  The file completion code has been modified so that after an = in
	  any word, each : will be considered a path delimiter.
07-09-06  A bug in which subprocess cleanup could corrupt the malloc() heap
          has been fixed.
07-08-26  A bug in which a name reference to an associative array instance
	  could cause the subscript to be evaluated as an arithmetic expression
	  has been fixed.
07-08-22  A bug in which the value of an array instance was of a compound
	  variable was not expanded correctly has been fixed.
07-08-14  A bug which could cause a core dump when a compound assignment was
	  made to a compound variable element with a typeset -a attribute
	  has been fixed.
07-08-08  A bug in which a trap ignored in a subshell caused it to be
	  ignored by the parent has been fixed.
07-08-07  A bug in which the set command would generated erroneous output
	  for a variable with the -RZ attribute if the variable name had been
	  passed to a function has been fixed.
07-08-02  A bug in which read x[1] could core dump has been fixed.
07-08-02  A second bug in which after read x[sub] into an associative array
	  of an element that hasn't been assigned could lead to a core dump
	  has been fixed.
07-07-31  A bug in which a pipeline that completed correctly could have
	  an exit status of 127 when pipefail was enabled has been fixed.
07-07-09 +The SHOPT_AUDIT compile option has been added for keyboard logging.
07-06-25  In vi insert mode, ksh no longer emits a backspace character
	  before the carriage return when the newline is entered. 
07-06-25  A bug in which pipefail would cause a command to return 0
	  when the pipeline was the last command and the failure happened
	  on a component other than the last has been fixed.
07-06-25  A bug in the expansion of ${var/pattern/rep} when pattern or rep
	  contained a left parenthesis in single quotes has been fixed.
07-06-18  The braces for a subscripted variable with ${var[sub]} are now
	  optional when inside [[...]], ((...)) or as a subscript.
07-05-28  A bug in brace expansion in which single and double quotes did
          not treat the comma as a literal character has been fixed.
07-05-24  The -p option of whence now disables -v.
07-05-23  Several bug fixes in compound variables and arrays of arrays
	  have been made.
07-05-15  A bug in which the %B format of printf was affected  by the
	  locale has been fixed.
07-05-14  A bug in which \ was not removed in the replacement pattern with
	  ${var/pattern/rep} when it was not followed by \ or a digit has
	  been fixed.
07-05-10  A bug in which ksh -R file core dumped if no script was specified
	  has been fixed.  it not displays an error message.
07-05-07  Added additional Solaris signals to signal table.
07-04-30  A bug in which a pipeline with command substitution inside a
	  function could cause a pipeline that invokes this function to
	  hang when the pipefail option is on has been fixed.
07-04-30 +Added -q to whence.
07-04-18  A small memory leak with each redirection of a non-builtin has
	  been fixed.
07-03-08  A bug in which set +o output command line options has been fixed.
07-03-08  A bug in which an error in read (for example, an invalid variable
	  name), could leave the terminal in raw mode has been fixed.
07-03-06  A bug in which read could core dump when specified with an array
	  variable with a subscript that is an arithmetic expression has
	  been fixed.
07-03-06  Several serious bugs with the restricted shell were reported and
07-03-02  If a job is stopped, and subsequently restarted with a CONT
	  signal and exits normally, ksh93 was incorrectly exiting with
	  the exit status of the stop signal number.
07-02-26 +M-^L added to emacs mode to clear the screen.
07-02-26  A bug in which setting a variable readonly in a subshell would
	  cause an unset error when the subshell completed has been fixed. 
07-02-19 +The format with printf uses the new = flag to center the output.
07-02-19  A bug in which ksh93 did not allow multibyte characters in
	  identifier names has been fixed.
07-02-19  A bug introduced in ksh93 that causes global compound variable
	  definitions inside functions to exit with "no parent" has been fixed.
07-02-19  A bug in which using compound commands in process redirection
	  arguments would give syntax errors <(...) and >(...) has been fixed.
07-01-29  A bug which caused the shell to core dump which can occur when a
	  built-in exits without closing files that it opens has been fixed.
07-01-26  A bug in which ~(E) in patterns containing \ that are not inside ()
	  has been fixed.

06-12-29  --- Release ksh93s  ---
06-12-29  A bug in which the value of IFS could be changed after a command
	  substitution has been fixed. 
06-12-22 +/dev/(tcp|udp|sctp)/HOST/SEVRICE now handles IPv6 addresses on
	  systems that provide getaddrinfo(3).
06-12-19 +A -v option was added to read.  With this option the value of
	  the first variable name argument will become the default value
	  when read from a terminal device. 
06-11-20  A bug in which "${foo[@]:1}}" expands a null argument (instead of
	  no argument), when foo[0] is not empty has been fixed. 
06-11-16  The discipline functions have been modified to allow each subscript
	  to act independently.  Currently the discipline function will not
	  be called when called from a discipline function of the same variable.
06-11-14  A bug which could cause a core dump if a file descriptor for
	  an internal file was closed from with a subshell has been fixed.
06-10-30 +The redirections <# pattern, and <## pattern have been added.
	  Both seek forward to the beginning of the next line that contains
	  the pattern.  The <## form copies the skipped portion to standard
06-10-26 +On systems that support stream control transport, the virtual file
	  name /dev/sctp/host/port can now be used to establish connections.
06-10-26 +The printf modifier # when used with d produces units in thousands
	  with a single letter suffix added.  The modifier # when used with
	  the i specification provides units of 1024 with a two letter suffix.
06-10-24  The value of $! is now set to the process id of a job put
	  into the background with the bg command as required by POSIX.
06-10-23  A bug in which the value of $! was affected by a background
	  job started from a subshell has been fixed.
06-10-23  A bug in ${var:offset:len} in multibyte locales has been fixed.
06-10-15 +The remaining math functions from C99 were added for any system
	  that supports them.
06-10-13  The software detected a few coding errors that
	  have been fixed.
06-10-12  A bug when skipping over `...` with ${x:=`...`} when x is set
	  has been fixed.
06-10-11  A bug in process floating constants produced by the %a format
	  of printf has been fixed.
06-10-06  A bug in which IFS was not being restored correctly in some
	  cases after a subshell has been fixed.
06-10-06  A bug in which pipefail was not detecting some failures in
	  pipelines with 3 or more states has been fixed.
06-10-03  A bug in the processing of >(...) with builtins which could
	  cause the builtin to hang has been fixed.
06-10-03  A bug in the for loop optimizer which causes >(...) process
	  substitution to be ignored has been fixed.
06-09-17 +The -a option was added to typeset for indexed arrays.  This
	  is only needed when using the ([subscript]=value ...) form.
06-09-06 +The showme option was added.  Each simple command not beginning
	  with a redirection and not occurring with in the while, until, if,
	  select condition can be preceded by a semi-colon which will
	  be ignored when showme is off.  When showme is on, any command
	  preceded by a colon will be traced but not executed.
06-08-16 +As a new feature, a leading ~(N) on a pattern has no effect 
	  except when used for file expansion.  In this case if not
	  matches are found, the pattern is replaced by nothing rather
	  than itself.
06-08-11  A bug in the expansion of ${.sh.match[i]:${#.shmatch[i]}} has
	  been fixed.
06-08-10 +The read builtin options -n and -N have been modified to treat
          the size as characters rather than bytes unless storing into a
	  binary (typeset -B) variable.
06-07-27 +When the here document operator << is followed directly by a #
	  rather than a -, the first line of the here-document determines
	  how much whitespace is removed for each line.
06-07-26  A bug in the C-shell history (enabled with set -H) in which the
	  history event !$ was not processed has been fixed.
06-07-21  A bug on some systems in which assigning PATH on a command line
	  would not take effect has been fixed.
06-07-20  Add ksh93 and rksh93 as allowable names for ksh binaries.
06-07-20  Removed the SHOPT_OO compilation option which was only partially
06-07-20  The ability to use egrep, grep, and fgrep expressions within
	  shell patterns has been documented.
06-07-17  A bug with arithmetic command expressions for locales in which
	  the comma is a thousands separator has been fixed. 
06-07-13 +The default HISTSIZE was increased from 128 to 512.
06-07-13  A multibyte problem with locales that use shift codes has been fixed.
06-06-23  A number of bug fixes for command, file, and variable completion
	  have been mode.
06-06-20 +Floating point division by zero now yields the constant Inf or -Inf
	  and floating functions with invalid arguments yield NaN. 
06-06-20 +The floating point constants Inf and NaN can be used in arithmetic
06-06-20 +The functions isinf(), isnan(), tanhl() have been added for
	  arithmetic expressions.
06-06-13  Internal change to use ordering for variables instead of hashing
	  to speed up prefix matching.
06-06-13  A window between fork/exec in which a signal could get lost
	  and cause a program to hang has been eliminated
06-06-13  A bug in edit completion with quoted strings has been fixed.
06-06-07  The restricted options can now be enabled by set as well as on
	  the command line.  Once set, it can not be disabled.
06-06-04  Modified built-in binding so that for systems for which /bin
          and /usr/bin are the same, a builtin bound to /bin will get
	  selected when either /bin or /usr/bin is scanned.
06-06-04 +Added literal-next character processing for emacs/gmacs mode. 
	  This change is not compatible with earlier versions of ksh93
          and ksh88 when the stty lnext is control-v.  The sequence
	  escape-control-v will display the shell version.
06-05-31 +Modified emacs and vi mode so that entering a TAB after a partial
	  TAB completion, generates a listing of possible completions.
	  After the second TAB, a number followed by a TAB will perform
	  the completion with the corresponding item.
06-05-19 +Modified arithmetic so that conversions to strings default to
	  the maximum number of precision digits.
06-05-16  Bug fixes for multibyte locales. 
06-05-10  The =~ operator was added to [[...]] and  [[ string ~= ERE ]]
	  is equivalent to [[ string == ~(E)ERE ]].
06-04-25  A bug in the vi edit mode which could cause the shell to core dump
	  when switching from emacs mode.
06-04-17  A bug in which using LANG or LC_ in assignment lists with builtins
	  did not restore the localed correctly has been fixed.
06-04-04  A bug in which discipline functions could not be added to variables
	  whose names started with .sh has been fixed.
06-03-28 +The -s option to typeset was added to modify -i to indicate short
06-03-28  A bug in which variables assignment lists before functions
	  defined with function name were not passed on the functions
	  invoked by this function has been fixed. 
06-03-28  A bug in which name references defined within a function defined
	  with function  name could not be used with compound variables has
	  been fixed.
06-03-27  A bug in which read <&p (print >&p) would cause the coprocess input
	  (output) pipe to close before reading from (after writing to)
          it has been fixed.
06-02-28  A bug in which stopping a job created with the hist builtin command
	  would create a job that could not be restarted has been fixed.  

06-01-24  --- Release ksh93r  ---
06-01-24  A bug in which running commands with standard output closed would
	  not work as expected has been fixed.
06-01-23  A bug in which print -u<n> could fail when file descriptor <n> was
	  open for writing has been fixed.
06-01-19  The ?: arithmetic operator fixed to work when the operation after
	  the colon was an assignment.
05-12-24  A bug which could lead to a core dump when elements of a compound
	  variable were array elements, i.e. foo=(bar=(1 2)), has been fixed.
05-12-13  An arithmetic bug in which x+=y+=z was not working has been fixed. 
05-12-13  An arithmetic bug in which x||y was returning x when x was non-zero
	  rather than 1 has been fixed.
05-12-07 +The aliases for integer and float have been changed to use attributes
	  -li and -lE to handle long long and long double types.
05-12-07 +The histexpand (-H) option has been added which allows C-shell
	  style history expansions using the history character !.
05-12-07 +The multiline option was added which changes that way the edit
	  modes handle lines longer than the window width.  Instead of
	  horizontal scrolling, multiple lines on the screen are used.
05-12-05  The whence builtin now returns an absolute pathname when the
          command is found in the current directory.
05-11-29  A bug which caused ksh -c '[[ ! ((' to core dump rather than
	  report a syntax error has been fixed.
05-11-29  A bug when reading fixed length records into typeset -b variables
	  which caused a zero byte to terminate the value has been fixed.
05-11-22 +The ability to seek to an offset within a file has been added
	  with the new I/O redirection operators, <#  and >#.  Currently,
	  these redirection operators must be followed by ((expr))
	  but in a future release, it should be able to used to seek forward
	  to the specified shell pattern.  In addition $(n<#) expands to the
	  current byte offset for file descriptor n.
05-11-22 +The .sh.match array variable is now set after each [[ ... ]]
	  pattern match.  Previously it was only set for substring matches.
05-10-17  A bug in which the library path variable could be prefixed
          with a directory when a .path file was not encountered in
	  the directory of the executable has been fixed.
05-09-15  A for/while loop optimizer bug in which $OPTIND was not
	  correctly expanded has been fixed.
05-09-05  A bug in which a history command that invoked a history
	  command could go into an infinite loop has been fixed.
05-08-31 +In the case that IFS contains to adjacent new-lines so that
	  new-line is not treated as a space delimiter, only a single
	  new-line is deleted at the end of a command substitution.
05-08-19 +When a tilde substitution expands to the / directory and is
	  followed by a /, it is replaced by the empty string.
05-08-16  A bug in which n<&m did not synchronize m has been fixed.
05-08-16  A bug in which process substitution  ( <() and >() ) was not
	  working within for and while loops has been fixed.
05-07-24  A bug in which the pattern ~(E)(foo|bar) was treated as a syntax
	  error has been fixed.
05-07-24  A bug in completion with <n>=, where n was the one of the
	  previous selection choices has been fixed.
05-07-21  A bug with multibyte input when no edit mode was specified which
	  caused the input line to shift left/right has been fixed.
05-06-24  A race condition which could cause the exit status to get lost
	  on some fast systems has been fixed.
05-06-21  A bug in which nested patterns of the form {m,n}(pat) would cause
	  syntax errors has been fixed.
05-06-21  A bug in the macro expander has been fixed which could cause a
          syntax error for an expansion of the form ${x-$(...)} when
	  x is set and the command substitution contained certain strings.
05-06-08 +On systems for which echo does not do System V style \ expansions,
	  the -e option was added to enable these expansion.
05-06-08  A bug in which ${var op pattern} to not work when inside an
	  arithmetic expression has been fixed.
05-05-23 +An extension to shell patterns that allows matching of nested
	  groups while skipping over quoted strings has been added.
05-05-18  A bug in which the line number for errors was not correct for
          functions loaded from FPATH has been fixed.
05-04-18  A bug in which the exit status $? is not set when a trap triggered
	  by the [[...]] command is executed has been fixed.
05-04-08 +Redirection operators can be directly preceded with {varname}
	  with no intervening space, where varname is a variable name which
	  allows the shell to select a file descriptor > 10 and store it
	  into varname.
05-04-08 +SHOPT_CMDLIB_BLTIN=1 now includes <cmdlist.h> generated table.
05-04-07 +[[ -o ?option ]] is true if "option" is a supported option.
05-04-05  A bug in handling file completion with spaces in the names
          has been fixed.
05-03-25 +The SIGWINCH signal is caught by default to keeps the LINES and
	  COLUMNS variables in sync with the actual window size.
05-03-25 +Building ksh with SHOPT_REMOTE=1 causes ksh to set --rc if stdin is
	  a socket (presumably part of a remote shell invocation.)
05-03-25 +Building ksh with SHOPT_SYSRC=1 causes interactive ksh to source
	  /etc/ksh.kshrc (if it exists) before sourcing the $ENV file.
05-03-25 +{first..last[..incr][%fmt]} sequences added to brace expansions
	  when braceexpand is enabled.
05-03-03  A bug where a SIGCHLD interrupt could cause a fifo open to fail has
	  been fixed.
05-02-25  A bug in which a builtin command run in the background could
	  keep a file descriptor open which could cause a foreground
	  process to hang has been fixed.
05-02-24  A bug where builtin library commands (e.g., date and TZ) failed to
	  detect environment variable changes has been fixed.
05-02-22 +The read builtin and word splitting are now consistent with respect
	  to IFS -- both treat IFS as field delimiters.
05-02-22 +The read builtin no longer strips off trailing delimiters that
	  are not space characters when there are fewer variables than fields.
05-02-17  A builtin bug on systems where dlsym(libcmd) returns link-time
	  bindings has been fixed.
05-02-12  A bug in which the lib_init() function for .paths BUILTIN_LIB
	  libraries was not called has been fixed.
05-02-06  A bug on some systems in which moving the write end of a co-process
	  to a numbered file descriptor could cause it to close has been fixed. 
05-02-06  A bug in the vi-edit mode in which the character under the cursor
	  was not deleted in some cases with the d% directive has been fixed.
05-02-06  A bug where external builtin stdout/stderr redirection corrupted
          stdout has been fixed.
05-02-04  A bug where times formatting assumed CLK_TCK==60 has been fixed.

05-01-11  --- Release ksh93q  ---
05-01-11  A bug in the integral divide by zero check has been fixed.
05-01-11 +The -l option has been added to read /etc/profile and
	  $HOME/.profile, if they exist, before the first command.
05-01-11  An argument parsing bug that caused `kill -s x -- n' to fail has
	  been fixed.
05-01-11 +The .paths file, introduced in ksh93m, which can appear in
	  any directory in PATH, now allows a line of the form 'BUILTIN_LIB=.'
	  When a command is searched for this directory, and the full path
	  matches the path of the built-in version of the command (listed
	  by the 'builtin' command) then the built-in version of the command
	  is used.  When ksh is built with SHOPT_CMDLIB_DIR=1 then all libcmd
	  functions become builtins with the '/opt/ast/bin/' directory prefix.
05-01-10  A bug in which a nameref to a compound name caused a core dump has
	  been fixed.
05-01-09  A bug in which some SIGCHLD interrupts (from child processes exiting)
	  caused a fatal print/echo error diagnostic has been fixed.
04-12-24  A bug in which some SIGCHLD interrupts (from child processes exiting)
          corrupted the internal process/job list, sometimes causing the shell
	  to hang, has been fixed.
04-12-01  A bug in which typeset -Fn truncated less than n digits for large
	  numbers has been fixed.
04-11-25  A bug in which standard error could be closed after a redirection
	  to /dev/stderr has been fixed.
04-11-17  A bug in which an expansion of the form ${array[@]:3} could expand
          to ${array[0]} when ${array[3]} was not set has been fixed.
04-10-22 +The -E or -orc command line option reads ${ENV-$HOME/.kshrc} file.
04-10-22 +`-o foo' equivalent to `+o nofoo', `-o nobar' equivalent to `+o bar'.
          `--foo' equivalent to `-o foo', `--nofoo' equivalent to `+o foo'
04-10-05 +The .paths file, introduced in ksh93m, which can appear in
	  any directory in PATH, now allows a line of the form
	  'BUILTIN_LIB=libname'.  When a command is searched for this directory,
	  the shared library named by libname will first be searched for a
	  built-in version of the command.
04-09-03  <<< here documents now handle quotes in the word token correctly. 
04-08-08 +The maximum size for read -n and and read -N was increased from
	  4095 to 32M.
04-08-04 +printf %q was modified so that if an no operand was supplied, no
	  no output would be generated rather than a quoted empty string.
04-08-01 +The -n and -N options of the read builtin has been modified
	  when reading variables with the binary attribute so that the
	  data is stored directly rather than through assignment.
04-08-01 +The shcomp command has been modified to process alias commands
	  under some conditions.
04-07-31 +The .sh.match variable added in ksh93l, now works like other
	  indexed arrays.
04-07-08  A loop optimizer bug which occurs when typeset is used in
	  a for or while loop inside a function has been fixed.
04-06-24 +The number of subexpressions in a pattern was increased to 64
	  from the current number of 20.
04-06-17 +The -t option to read was modified to allow seconds to be
	  specified as any arithmetic expression rather than just
	  an integral number of seconds, for example even -t 'sin(.5)'
	  is now valid.
04-06-16  Two small memory leak problems were fixed.
04-06-15  A bug in ${var/pattern/"string"} which occurred when string
	  contained pattern matching characters has been fixed.
04-05-08  printf $'%d\n' produced an erroneous error message and has
	  been fixed.
04-05-24  A bug in which an associative array without any elements could
	  cause a core dump when a script with an associative array with
	  the same name was declared in a script invoked by name has
	  been fixed.
04-05-11  A bug in which an exec statement could close the script that
	  is being processed in a script that is run by name causing
	  a failure has been fixed.
04-04-28 +If the first character of assignment to an integer variable was 0,
          the variable had been treated as unsigned.  This behavior was
          undocumented and has been removed.
04-04-05  A bug in which the positioning of standard input could be incorrect
	  after reading from standard input from a subshell has been fixed.
04-03-30  A bug in the for loop optimizer which in rare cases could cause
	  memory corruption has been fixed.
04-03-29 +The preset alias source='command .' has been added.
04-03-29  A bug introduced in ksh93p on some systems in which invoked by
	  name with #! on the first line would not get the signals handling
	  initialized correctly has been fixed. 
04-03-29  A bug introduced in ksh93p in which a HUP signal received by
	  a shell that is a session group leader was not passed down to
	  its children has been fixed.

04-02-28  --- Release ksh93p  ---
04-02-28 +The ability to apply an append discipline to any variable has
	  been added.
04-02-14  A bug in which the exportall option (set -a) would cause incorrect
	  results for arrays has been fixed.
04-02-02  A bug in which an exported array would pass more than
	  the first element to a script invoked by name has been fixed.
04-02-02  A bug on some systems in which name=value pairs preceding a script
	  invoked by name was not getting passed to the script has been fixed.
04-01-20  A bug in which an unset discipline function could cause a core
	  dump on some systems has been fixed.
04-01-12  A bug in which a continue or break called outside a loop from
	  inside a function defined with name() syntax could affect 
	  the invoking function has been fixed.
04-01-08  If a command name begins with ~, only filename completion will be
	  attempted rather than pathname completion using the builtin editors. 
04-01-08  A bug in the vi edit mode in which the wrong repeat count on
	  multiple word replacements with the . directive has been fixed.
04-01-06  Backspace characters are now handled correctly in prompt strings.
04-01-06 +The getopts builtin has been modified to accept numerical
	  arguments of size long long on systems that support this.
04-01-06  A bug in which unsetting all elements of an associative array
	  would cause it to be treated as an indexed array has been fixed.
03-12-15  A bug in which a quoted string ending with an unescaped $ would
	  delete the ending $ in certain cases has been fixed.
03-12-05  A bug in which the shell could hang when set -x tracing a command
	  when an invalid multibyte character is encountered has been fixed. 
03-12-05  On some systems, if the KEYBD trap is set, then commands that use
	  the meta key were not processed until return was hit.  This
	  has been fixed.
03-12-05  A problem which occurred when the login shell was not a group
	  leader that could cause it to fail has been fixed.
03-12-05  A problem in which a shell could core dump after receiving a signal
	  that should cause it to terminate while it was in the process
	  of acquiring more space has been fixed.
03-12-05 +If ENV is not specified, the shell will default to $HOME/.kshrc
	  for interactive shells.
03-11-21  A bug introduced in ksh93o in which the DEBUG trap could get
	  disabled after it triggered has been fixed. 
03-11-04  A bug in which using arithmetic prefix operators ++ or -- on a
	  non-lvalue could cause a core dump has been fixed.
03-11-04  A bug in which leading zeros were stripped from variable
	  expansions within arithmetic computation to avoid being treated
	  as octal constants when they should not have, has been fixed.
03-10-08  A bug introduced in ksh93o in which a large here document inside
	  a function definition could get corrupted has been fixed.
03-09-22  A bug in which the .get discipline function was not being
	  called when a string variable was implicitly referenced from
	  within a numerical expression has been fixed.
03-09-22  A bug in which a script without a leading #! could get executed
	  by /bin/sh rather than the current shell on some systems has
	  been fixed.
03-09-12 +To improve conformance with ksh88, leading zeros will be ignored
	  when getting the numerical value of a string variable so that
	  they will not be treated as octal constants.
03-09-03 +The builtin kill command now processes obsolete invocations
	  such as kill -1 -pid.
03-09-02  The restriction on modifying FPATH in a restricted shell (sh -r)
	  has been documented.
03-09-02 +The restricted shell (sh -r) has been modified to disallow
	  executing command -p.
03-08-07  A bug in which the KEYBD trap was not being invoked when
	  characters with the 8th bit set has been fixed.
03-08-02  A parser bug introduced in ksh93o which caused the character
	  after () in a Posix function definition to be skipped 
	  when reading from standard input has been fixed.
03-08-01  A bug in which "${foo#pattern}(x)" treated (x) as if it were
	  part of the pattern has been fixed.
03-08-01 +The command -x option has been modified so that any trailing
	  arguments that do expand to a single word will be included
	  on each invocation, so that commands like command -x mv * dir
	  work as expected.

03-07-20  --- Release ksh93o+  ---
03-07-20  A bug in which could cause memory corruption when a posix
	  function invoked another one has been fixed.
03-07-15  A bug in which a file descriptor>2 could be closed before
	  executing a script has been fixed.
03-07-15  A parsing error for <() and >() process substitutions inside
	  command substitution has been fixed.
03-07-15  A parsing error for patterns of the form {...}(...) when
	  used inside ${...} has been fixed.
03-07-15  An error in which expanding an indexed array inside a compound
	  variable could cause a core dump has been fixed.
03-07-15  A bug in which on rare occasions a job completion interrupt
	  could cause to core dump has been fixed.
03-06-26  A bug in which process substitution embedded within command
	  substitution would generate a syntax error has been fixed.
03-96-23  A bug in which ${@:offset:len} could core dump when there
	  were no arguments has been fixed.
03-96-23  A bug in which ${X[@]:offset:len} could core dump when X
	  was unset has been fixed.
03-06-22 +The -x option was added to the command builtin.  If this
	  option is on, and the number of arguments would exceed ARG_MAX,
	  the command will be invoked multiple times with a subset of
	  the arguments.  For example, with alias grep='command -x grep,
	  any number of arguments can be specified.
03-06-14  A bug in which could cause a core dump on some systems with
	  vi and emacs editors with the MULTIBYTE option has been fixed.
03-06-06  A bug in which the shell could core dump when a script was
	  run from its directory, and the script name a symlink to a file
	  beginning with .., has been fixed.
03-06-05  A bug in which the shell could core dump when a child process
	  that it is unaware of terminates while it is calling malloc()
	  has been fixed.
03-06-02 +An option named globstar (set -G) has been added.  When enabled,
	  during pathname expansion, any component that consists only of ** is
	  matches all files and any number of directory levels.
03-05-30  A bug in which the PATH search could give incorrect results when
	  run from directory foo and PATH contained .:foo:xxx has been fixed.
03-05-29 +Some changes were made to the code that displays the prompt in edit 
	  mode to better handle escape sequences in the prompt.
03-05-27  I added = to the list of characters that mark the beginning of
	  a word for edit completion so that filenames in assignments
	  can be completed.
03-05-20  A bug in which read -N could hang on some systems when reading
	  from a terminal or a pipe has been fixed.
03-05-19  A bug in which the output of uname from a command substitution
	  would go to the standard output of the invoking command when
	  uname was invoked with a non-standard option has been fixed.
03-05-19  A job control bug which would cause the shell to exit because 
	  it hadn't take back the terminal has been fixed.  The bug
	  could occur when running a function that contained a pipeline
	  whose last element was a function.
03-05-19  A job control timing bug introduced in ksh93o on some systems
	  which could cause a pipeline to hang if the first component
	  completed quickly has been fixed.
03-05-13 +The read builtin has been modified so that the builtin editors
	  will not overwrite output from a previous incomplete line. 
03-05-13  A bug in which the name of an identifier could have the string
	  .sh. prefixed to it after expanding a variable whose name begins
	  with .sh. has been fixed.
03-05-13  A bug in the expansion of $var for compound variables in which
	  some elements would not be output when the name was a prefix
	  of another name in the compound variable has been fixed.
03-05-08  The last item in the ksh93o release on 03-01-02 has been
	  altered slightly to preserve the leading 0's when the
	  preceding character is a digit.  Thus, with typeset -LZ3 x=10,
	  $(( 1$x)) will be 1010 whereas $(( $x) will be 10.
03-04-25  A bug in which if x is a name reference, then nameref
	  did not follow x has been fixed.

03-03-18  --- Release ksh93o  ---
03-03-18 +A -N unary operator was added to test and [[...]] which returns
	  true if the file exists and the file has been modified since it
	  was last read.
03-03-18 +The TIMEFORMAT variable was added to control the format for
	  the time compound command.  The formatting description is
	  described in the man page.
03-03-06 +A -N n option was added to read which causes exactly n bytes
	  to be read unlike -n n which causes at most n bytes to be read.
03-03-03 +Three new shell variables were added.  The variable .sh.file
	  stores the full pathname of the file that the current command
	  was found in.  The variable names the current function
	  that is running.  The variable .sh.subshell contains the depth
	  of the current subshell or command substitution.
03-03-03 +When the DEBUG trap is executed, the current command line after
	  expansions is placed in the variable .sh.command.  The trap
	  is also now triggered before each iteration of a for, select,
	  and case command and before each assignment and redirection.
03-02-28 +Function definitions are no longer stored in the history file so
	  that set -o nolog no longer has any meaning.
03-02-28 +All function definitions can be displayed with typeset -f not
	  just those stored in the history file.  In addition, typeset +f
	  displays the function name followed by a comment containing the
	  line number and the path name for the file that defined this function.
03-02-28  A bug in which the value of $LINENO was not correct when executing
	  command contained inside mult-line command substitutions has been
03-02-19 +Since some existing ksh88 scripts use the undocumented and
	  unintended ability to insert a : in front of the % and # parameter
	  expansion operators, ksh93 was modified to accept :% as equivalent
	  to % and :# as equivalent to # with ${name op word}.
03-02-14  A bug which could cause a core dump when reading from standard
	  error when standard error was a pty has been fixed.
03-02-14 +The shell arithmetic was modified to use long double on systems
	  that provide this data type.
03-02-09  A bug in which a function located in the first directory in FPATH
	  would not be found when the last component of PATH was . and the
	  current directory was one of the directories in PATH has been fixed.
03-02-07 +The trap and kill builtin commands now accept a leading SIG prefix
	  on the signal names as documented.
03-02-05  A bug in the expansion of ${var/$pattern}, when pattern contained
	  \[ has been fixed.
03-02-05  A bug in which .sh.match[n], n>0, was not being set for substring
	  matches with % and %% has been fixed.
03-01-15  A bug in which getopts did not work for numerical arguments specified
	  as n#var in the getopts string has been fixed.
03-01-09  A bug in which using ${.sh.match} multiple times could lead to
	  a memory exception has been fixed.
03-01-06  A bug in the expansion of ${var/pattern/$string} in the case that
	  $string contains \digit has been fixed. 
03-01-02 +A -P option was added for systems such as Solaris 8 that support
	  profile shell.
03-01-02  For backward compatibility with ksh88, arithmetic expansion
	  with ((...)) and let has been modified so that if x is a zero-filled
	  variable, $x will not be treated as an octal constant.

02-12-05  --- Release ksh93n+  ---
02-11-30  A bug that can show up in evaluating arithmetic statements that
	  are in an autoloaded function when the function is autoload from
	  another function has been fixed.
02-11-30  An optimization bug in which an expansion of the form ${!name.@},
	  which occurred inside a for or a while loop, when name is a name
	  reference, has been fixed.
02-11-18  A bug in which modifying array variables in a subshell could leave
	  side effects in the parent shell environment has been fixed.
02-11-18  A memory leak when unsetting an associative array has been fixed.
02-11-14 +The code to display compound objects was rewritten to make
	  it easier for runtime extensions to reuse this code.
02-11-14 +A change was made to allow runtime builtins to be notified when
	  a signal is received so that cleanup can be performed.
02-10-31 +User applications can now trap the ALRM signal.  Previously,
	  the ALRM signal was used internally and could not be used
	  by applications. 
02-10-31  A bug in which signals received while reading from a coprocess
	  for which traps were set was not handled correctly has been fixed.
02-10-31  A bug in which a file opened with exec inside a subshell could
	  be closed before the subshell completed has been fixed.
02-10-21  A bug in which setting PATH or FPATH inside a function might not
	  take effect has been fixed.
02-10-21  A bug which could cause a core dump when a local SECONDS variable
	  is defined in a function has been fixed.
02-10-15  A bug in which the associate array name operator ${!array[@]}
	  could return the same name multiple times has been fixed.
02-10-15  A bug in which the zero'th element of an associative array was
	  not getting set when an assignment was made without a subscript
	  specified has been fixed.

02-09-30  --- Release ksh93n  ---
02-09-30 +The maximum indexed array size was increased to 16Megs.
02-09-30  A bug which could cause a core dump when changing attributes
	  of associative array has been fixed.
02-09-30  A bug in which exporting an array variable would not export the
	  0-th element has been fixed.
02-09-30  A bug in which an array assignment of the form a=($a ...) would unset
	  'a' before the right hand side was evaluated has been fixed.
02-09-27  A bug in which the error message for ${var?message} when var was
	  null or unset did not contain the variable name var has been fixed.
02-09-27  A bug in which closing file descriptors 0 through 2 could
	  cause a subsequent here document to fail has been fixed. 
02-09-14  A bug in whence which occurs when the specified name contained
	  a / has been fixed.
02-09-14  A bug in the parser for strings of the form name$((expr))=value
	  has been fixed.
02-09-14  A for loop optimization bug in which the number of elements in
	  an array was treated as an invariant has been fixed.
02-09-09  A bug in which redirection or closing of a file descriptor between
	  3 and 9 could cause a subsequent here document to fail has been
02-09-09  A bug in which a background job was not removed from the job list
	  when a subshell completed has been fixed, for example (prog&). 
02-09-03  A bug in which an assignment of the form name=(integer x=3)
	  could be interpretted as an array assignment rather than a
	  compound variable assignment has been fixed.
02-08-19  A command completion bug which occurred on file systems that
	  are case insensitive has been fixed.
02-08-19  A bug which could lead to an exception on some systems (for
	  example FREEBSD) which occurred when setting PATH has been fixed.
02-08-11  A bug in arithmetic rounding in which a value input as a decimal
	  string would output as a rounded version of the string has
	  been fixed.
02-08-11  A bug in which the last character could be deleted from shell
	  traces and from whence when called from a multibyte locale
	  has been fixed.
02-08-01  A bug which could cause a core dump to occur when a shell script
	  is executed while a coprocess is running that has closed the
	  output pipe has been fixed.
02-08-01  A bug in which command completion in multibyte mode could
	  corrupt memory for long command lines has been fixed.

02-06-17  --- Release ksh93n-  ---
02-06-17  A bug in which user defined macros could cause a core dump in
	  with MULTIBYTE mode has been fixed.
02-06-17  A bug in which printf format specifiers of the form %2$s were causing
	  a core dump has been fixed.
02-06-17  A bug in which setting stty to noecho mode did not prevent the
	  echoing of characters by ksh when emacs or viraw mode
	  was enabled has been fixed.
02-06-17  A bug in which background job completion could cause the sleep
	  builtin to terminate prematurely has been fixed.
02-06-17  A bug in which the shell could core dump if getopts was called
	  when the OPTIND variable contained a negative value has been fixed. 
02-06-10 +The edit mode prompt has been modified to handle escape sequences.  
02-06-10  A bug which occurred for interactive shells in which the builtin
	  cat command was used in command substitution on a file whose
	  size was larger than PIPE_BUF has been fixed.
02-06-10  A bug in which the trap on ERR was not being processed when
	  set inside a function has been fixed.
02-06-07  A bug in which function definitions could cause the history count
	  to be decremented by one (and even become negative) has been fixed.
02-06-05  A bug in read in which share mode could be enabled has been fixed.
02-05-28  A bug which could occur when the last command of a script was
	  a case statement and the action selected ended in ;& instead of ;;
	  has been fixed.
02-05-23  A bug with unary + introduced in ksh93k has been fixed.
02-05-07  A bug in substitutions of the form ${var/pattern/string} in which
	  a backslash was inserted in the replacement string when it contained
	  a special pattern character has been fixed.
02-05-01  A bug in the emacs edit mode which occurred in versions compiled
	  for multibyte character sets which occurred when a repeated search
	  was requested after a long line had been returned for the previous
	  search has been fixed.
02-04-02 +vi and emacs edit modes were modified so that tab completion is
	  disabled when invoked from the read built-in.

02-03-26  --- Release ksh93m+  ---
02-03-26  A bug in which \ was not handled correctly when used in file
	  expansion has been fixed.
02-02-18  A bug in which lines beginning with a # were deleted from here
	  documents when the here-document delimiter was followed by
	  a comment has been fixed.
02-12-06  An optimization bug in which ${!x[@]) was treated as invariant in
	  a for loop has been fixed.
02-02-06  A bug in which the ERR trap is not cleared for a script invoked
	  by name from within a function has been fixed.
02-01-08  A bug in which a shell script executed from within a subshell
	  could cause this script to have an invalid pointer leading
	  to a memory fault has been fixed. 
02-01-07 +Added here documents of the form <<< word (as per zsh) which
	  is equivalent to << delim\nword\ndelim.
02-01-07  A bug in which the first word of a compound assignment,
	  x=(word ...), was treated as a reserved word has been fixed.
02-01-07  A bug in the handling of \ when noglob was enabled and a
	  substitution of the form ${word op pattern} occurred in the
	  same word has been fixed.
02-01-07 +A compilation option, CMDLIB_BLTIN in the file OPTION, has
	  been added.  When this options is set, all commands implemented
	  in libcmd become shell builtin commands by default.
02-01-07  A bug in which builtin foo, where foo is already a builtin
	  would result in the builtin foo getting removed has been fixed. 
02-01-07  A bug which the shell executed a command found in the current
	  directory when PATH have no valid directories has been fixed.
01-11-28  The value of $? was not being set when called with exit.
01-11-28  If the last command was of the form (...) and a trap on EXIT or
	  ERR was set, and the command inside () modified the trap, then
	  the original trap wasn't executed.
01-11-26 +The value for 0 is now preceded by the base number when
	  the base was not 10.
01-11-26 +The default has compilation mode has been changes so that
	  viraw mode will always be on.

01-10-31  --- Release ksh93m  ---
01-10-31  A for loop optimizer bug for subshells contained withing for
	  loops has been fixed.
01-10-16  typeset without arguments no longer outputs variable names
	  that do not have any attributes that are set.
01-10-16  A bug introduced in ksh93l in which assignments specified with
	  the exec built-in were not being expanded properly has been
01-10-11  An optimization bug in which ${!x) was treated as invariant in
	  a for loop has been fixed.
01-10-11  Unsigned integer variables in bases other than 10 are printed now
	  expand in that base with the base prefix.
01-10-10  A number of typos in the self generating man pages for shell
	  built-ins have been fixed.
01-10-04  The self generated man pages for hist and fc were not working
	  correctly and have been fixed.
01-10-03  Yet another optimizer bug in which shell patterns were
	  treated as invariants has been fixed.
01-09-27  Two bugs relating to multibyte history searches and to find
	  have been fixed.
01-09-27  A bug introduced in ksh93k in which the PATH searching was
	  not restored after running a command with an assignment list 
	  has been fixed.
01-09-26  A bug in which a zero filled field was treated as octal when
	  converted to integer has been fixed.
01-09-26  Yet another bug in the optimization of for loops related to
	  recursive functions with break or continue statements has been fixed.
01-09-25 +The exponentiation operator ** was added to the shell arithmetic
	  evaluation.  It has higher precedence than * and is left
01-09-25  The code was modified to use the ast multibyte macros
	  and functions for handing multibyte locales.
01-09-25 +The expansion ${parameter:offset:length} now handles negative
	  offsets which cause offsets to be measured from the end.
01-09-25  Some spelling errors in the documentation were corrected.
01-09-24 +The /dev/tcp/host/port and /dev/udp/host/port now allow
	  the ports to be specified by service name. 
01-09-24 +The change staring with ksh93g in which the the appropriate
	  library path variable is prepended with a corresponding library
	  directory has been modified.  With the new method, only the
	  library path defined in the file named .paths in the directory
	  where the executable is found will be modified.  See the
	  man page for more details.
01-09-23 +The .fpath file (see ksh93h) is no longer looked for in each
	  directory on the path to locate function directories.  The
	  file named .paths is used instead.
01-09-23  A bug in which IFS was not being restored after being changed in
	  a subshell has been fixed.
01-09-16 +With the vi and emacs edit modes, after a list of command
	  or functions is generated with = or M-= respectively,
	  any element from the list can be pasted on the command line
	  by preceding the = or M-= with a numeric parameter specifying
	  the position on the list.
01-09-16  A bug in ksh93l caused command completion not to find aliases
	  and functions.  Command listing from the edit mode was presented
	  in reverse order.  This has been fixed.
01-09-13  Another bug in the optimization of for loops related to subshells
	  when traps were set has been fixed.
01-09-07  A change in ksh93l caused brace expansion to stop working
	  and this has been fixed.
01-09-04  A bug introduced in ksh93k in which an arithmetic statement
	  within a function that used name references did not follow the
	  reference has been fixed.
01-09-04  A bug introduced in ksh93l in which export -p did not prefix
	  each export with the word export has been fixed.
01-08-29  A bug in multibyte input which occurred when a partial multibyte
	  character was received has been fixed.
01-08-29  A bug introduced in ksh93l which could cause a core dump
	  when an assignment list containing PATH is specified inside
	  command substitution has been fixed.
01-08-09  Another bug in the optimization of for loops in ksh93l caused
	  errors in recursive functions using local variables that
	  contained for loops has been fixed.
01-07-27  A bug in which IFS would be unset after a command substitution
	  inside a here document has been fixed.
01-07-26  To conform to the POSIX standard, if you invoked ksh name,
	  and name does not contain a /,  it will first try to run
	  one in the current directory whether it is executable or not
	  before doing a path search for an executable script.  Earlier
	  versions first checked for an executable script using the
	  PATH variable.
01-07-23  A bug in which unset -f invoked in a subshell could unset a
	  function defined in the parent has been fixed.
01-07-16  A bug in the optimization of for loops in ksh93l caused
	  name references to be treated as invariants has been fixed.
01-07-09  A bug in which a discipline function applied to a local variable
	  could cause a shell exception has been fixed.  Discipline
	  functions can only be specified for global variables. 

01-06-18  --- Release ksh93l  ---
01-06-18  A bug in assigning integers larger than can be represented as
	  long integers to floating point variables has been fixed.
01-06-18  A bug in the handling of unsigned integers (typeset -ui) has
	  been fixed.
01-06-04  The evaluation of the PS1 prompt no longer effects the value
	  of the $? variable.
01-06-01  A small memory leak from subshells has been fixed.
01-05-22  A bug in which attributes for variables that did not have
	  values would be lost after a subshell has been fixed.
01-05-22 +The %R format has been added to convert a shell pattern into
	  an extended regular expression.
01-05-22 +The escape sequences \e, \cX, \C[.collating-element.], and
	  \x{hex} have been added to ASCII-C strings and to printf format
01-05-20 +Patterns of the form {n}(pattern) and {m,n}(pattern) are now
	  recognized.  The first form matches exactly n of pattern whereas,
	  the second form matches from m to n instances of pattern.
01-05-20 +The shell allows *-(pattern), +-(pattern),  ?-(pattern),
	  {m,n}-(pattern}, and @-(pattern) to cause the minimal
	  match of pattern to be selected whenever possible rather
	  than the maximal (greedy) match. 
01-05-20 +The character class [:word:] has been added to patterns.
	  The word class is the union of [:alnum:] and the character _.
01-05-20 +Inside (...) pattern groups, the \ character is now treated
	  specially even when in an enclosing character class.  The
	  sequences, \w, \d, \s are equivalent to the character classes
	  word, digit, and space respectively.  The sequences \W, \D,
	  and \S are their complement sets. 
01-05-20 +The shell now recognizes pattern groups of the form
	  ~(options:pattern) where options or :pattern can be omitted.
	  Options use the letters + and - to enable and disable options
	  respectively.  The option letters g (greedy), i (ignore case)
	  are used to cause maximal matching and to cause case
	  insensitive matching respectively.  If :pattern is also
	  specified, these options are only in effect while this
	  pattern is being processed.  Otherwise, these options remain
	  in effect until the end of the pattern group that they are contained
	  in or until another ~(...) is encountered.  These pattern groups
	  are not counted with respect to group numbering.
01-05-14  When edit completion, expansion, or listing occurs in the
	  middle of a quoted string, the leading quote is ignored when
	  performing the completion, expansion, or listing.
01-05-14  A small memory leak from subshells has been fixed.
01-05-10  A bug in which open files were not restored after a subshell
	  that had used exec to replace a file has been fixed. 
01-05-10 +Redirection to a null file name now generates an error message. 
01-05-09  The shell now rejects some invalid parameter substitutions that
	  were previously processed in undefined ways.
01-05-09  A bug in which the output of select was not flushed before the
	  read when input did not come from the terminal has been fixed. 
01-05-08  A bug in which job ids would not be freed for interactive shells
	  when subshells ran built-ins in the background has been fixed.
01-05-08 +The FPATH variable now requires an explicit . to cause the
	  current directory to be treated as a function directory. 
01-05-08  A bug in read -n when echo mode was disabled has been fixed.
01-05-07  A bug in which function definitions could be listed as part
	  of the history has been fixed.
01-04-30 +This release uses a new and often much faster pattern matcher than
	  earlier releases.
01-04-30 +An optimizer now eliminates invariant parameter expansions from
	  for while and until loops.
01-04-30 +The variable .sh.match is set after each pattern match (# % or /)
	  in a variable substitution.  The variable .sh.match is an
	  indexed array with element 0 being the complete match. 
	  The array is only valid until the next subsequent pattern
	  match or until the value of the variable changes which ever
	  comes first.
01-04-30 +A self generating man page has been added to shcomp.  Also,
	  shcomp now stops compiling when it finds an exit or exec
	  command and copies the remainder so that it can be used
	  for standard input.
01-04-30 +The shcomp command was modified so that it can work in an
	  EBCIDIC environment and that binary scripts are portable
	  across environments.
01-04-30  A bug in the handling of a trailing : in PATH has been fixed.
01-04-30  A bug in which the builtin version of a command would get invoked
	  even though the full pathname for the command was specified
	  has been fixed.
01-04-30  A bug in which read would loose the last character when
	  reading the last line of a file that did not contain a new-line
	  character has been fixed.
01-04-23  A bug on some systems in which in vi mode the end of file
	  character and end of line character could be swapped has
	  been fixed.
01-04-23  A bug on some systems in which invoking a shell script that
	  did not have execute permission could set the exit value to
	  127 rather than 126 has been fixed.
01-04-20  A bug in which read -n from a pipe would block if fewer than
	  n characters was received has been fixed.
01-04-09  A bug in which invalid patterns, for example, ) by itself,
	  was not treated as a string has been fixed so that if i=')',
	  then [[ $i == $i ]] is true.
01-04-09 +The shell arithmetic now interprets C character constants.
01-04-09  A bug in which a non-zero return from a function defined
	  with the function reserved word did not trigger the ERR
	  trap or exit with set -e has been fixed.
01-04-02  A bug on some systems, in which characters above 127 were
	  not displayed correctly in vi or emacs edit mode has been fixed.
01-04-02  A bug on some systems, introduced in the 'k' point release, in
	  which the erase character in viraw mode was moving the cursor
	  to the left without erasing the character has been fixed.
01-04-02  On some systems the wcwith() function was returning a wrong
	  value for characters and caused characters to be displayed
	  incorrectly from the shell edit modes.  A work around for
	  this problem has been added. 
01-03-26  A bug in which valid scripts could produce syntax errors
	  when run with locales that considered characters such as "'"
	  to be space characters has been fixed.
01-03-20  A bug in which an syntax error in an arithmetic expression
	  entered interactively could cause the shell to go into
	  an infinite loop outputting the error message has been fixed.
01-03-10 +ksh93 accepts -l as a synonym for -L in test on systems for
	  which /bin/test -l tests for symbolic links.
01-03-10  A bug in parsing scripts in which { and } are used in place of
	  in and esac in case statements embedded in compound commands
	  has been fixed.  Use of { and } for in and esac is obsolete.
01-03-06  A bug in which an argument of the form foo=bar was not
	  being passed correctly to a traced function whose name
	  was foo has been fixed.
01-03-02  Using $(trap -p name) did not print the name of the current
	  trap setting for trap name.
01-02-26  Exported floating point variables gave incorrect results
	  when passing them to ksh88.  This has been fixed.
01-02-25  A race condition in which a coprocess which completed too quickly
	  would not allow subsequent coprocesses to start has been fixed.
01-02-25  The 'g' format specifier is now handled by printf.  It had
	  inadvertently been omitted.
01-02-20  The + was not being displayed during an execution trace
	  with the += assignment operator.
01-02-19  The error message which occurs when the interpreter name
	  defined on the #! line does not exist is more informative.
01-02-19  A bug in which $0 would not be set correctly when a
	  script with #! was invoked by full pathname from the
	  directory of the script has been fixed.
01-02-19  A shell script did not always pick up tty mode changes
	  made by external commands such as stty which could
	  effect the behavior of read.
01-02-19  The -u, -g, and -k unary tests did not give the correct
	  results when used with negation and this has been fixed.

01-02-05  --- Release ksh93k+  ---
01-02-05  The sequence \<newline> inside $'...' was not incrementing
	  the line count and this has been fixed.
01-02-05 +Modified expansion of "${@-}" so that if no arguments are set
	  it results in null string rather than nothing.
01-02-02  memory leak problem with local variables in functions fixed.
01-01-25 +allow arithmetic expressions with float%int and treat them
	  as ((int)float)%int rather than as an error. 
01-01-19  read -n1 was not working and has been fixed.
01-01-17 +ksh now handles the case in which a here document in command
	  substitution $() is terminated by the trailing ).  Previously,
	  a new-line was needed at the end of the delimiter word. 
01-01-02  A bug in which a KEYBD trap would cause a multi-line token
	  to be processed incorrectly has been fixed.
00-12-10 +Arithmetic integer constants can now have L and U suffices. 
00-12-10  A bug in the processing of arithmetic expressions with compound
	  variables when the -n option is on has been fixed.
00-12-08  A bug in M-f and M-b from emacs mode has been fixed.  This
	  bug only occurs when ksh93 is compiled without MULTIBYTE enabled.
00-11-29  A bug in which jobs -p would yield 0 for background
	  jobs run in a script has been fixed.
00-11-21  A bug in integer arrays in which the number of elements is
	  incorrect when the ++ operator is applied to a non-existing
	  element has been fixed.  For example, integer x; ((x[3]++)).
00-11-20  A timing bug in which the shell could reset the terminal
	  group to the wrong value in the case that the a new process
	  changes the terminal group during startup has been fixed.

00-10-27  --- Release ksh93k  ---
00-10-27  Using tab for completion now works only when applied
	  after a non-blank character at the end of the current line.
	  In other case a tab is inserted.
00-10-27  A bug in the emacs edit mode for ^X^E has been fixed.
	  The ^X^E sequence is supposed to invoke the full editor
	  on the current command.
00-10-18  A bug in which expansions of the form ${var//pattern/string}
	  did not work correctly when pattern was '/' or "/" has
	  been fixed.
00-10-18 +The output format for indexed arrays in compound variables
	  has been modified so that it can be used as input.
00-10-18  Assignments with name references (typeset -n) will now
	  implicitly unreference an existing name reference.
00-10-17  A bug the += append operator when a single array element
	  is appended to a variable that is not an array has been fixed.
00-10-16  A bug in which the SIGCONT signal was being sent to
	  each process will kill -0 or kill -n 0 has been fixed.
00-10-12 +The arithmetic evaluation portion has been rewritten to
	  perform a number of optimizations.
00-10-10  A bug in which name prefix matching ${!name.*} was not
	  checking name to see if it was a name reference has been fixed.
00-09-26  A bug in the multibyte version in which the width of for
	  non-printing characters was not correct has been fixed.
00-09-12 +Made changes to get multibyte editing work on UWIN for windows
00-09-12  A bug in which multibyte characters would be displayed incorrectly
	  has been fixed.
00-08-08  Removed build dependency on iswprint() and iswalph().
00-07-20  In some cases the read builtin would read more than a single
	  line from a pipe on standard input and therefore leave the seek
	  position in the wrong location.
00-07-05 +If the directory / is on the path, a / will not be inserted
	  between the directory and the file name during path searching
	  to avoid searching // for systems that treat this specially.
00-06-26  A bug in which on rare occasions wait could return before all
	  jobs have completed has been fixed.
00-06-21  A bug in which backspace did not work correctly during the
	  R replace directive in vi-mode has been fixed.
00-06-12 +Added variable name completion/expansion/listing  to the set of
	  completions.  Variable name completions begin with $ or "$ followed
	  by a letter. 
00-05-09  --- Release ksh93j  ---
00-05-09  Modified command substitution to avoid using /tmp files when
          run on read-only file systems. 
00-04-17 +Modified printf to handle '%..Xc' and '%..Xs' options where X
	  is not an alpha character.  Previous versions core dumped with this.
00-04-10 +Changes to multibyte editing code were made to use standard
	  ISO C functions rather than methods devised before the standard.
00-04-09  Add %H options to printf to output strings with <"'&\t> properly
	  converted for use in HTML and XML documents.
00-04-07 +Modified getopts builtin to handle \f...\f in usage string
	  by invoking specified function.
00-04-04  Added self generating man pages for bg, fc, fg, disown, jobs,
	  hist, let, ., and ulimit.
00-03-30 +The append operator += has been added and can be used
	  for all assignments, strings, arrays, and compound variables.
00-03-30 +Code was modified in several places to support automatic
	  generation of C locale dictionaries.
00-03-28  A bug in which the set and trap commands invoked with --name
	  type arguments would terminate the invoking script  has
	  been fixed.
00-03-27  A bug in which the library path variable was not updated  
	  correctly on some systems as described in the 'g' point
	  release has been fixed. 
00-03-07  printf now returns a non-zero exit status when one of
          its arguments cannot be converted to the given type. 
00-03-05  The return value and error message for a command that
          was found on the path but was not executable was set
00-03-05  A prototype for ioctl() was removed from the vi edit mode.

00-01-28  --- Release ksh93i  ---
00-01-28 +Most of the built-in commands and ksh itself are now
          self documenting.  Running command --man will produce
          screen output.  Running command --html produces the
          man page in html format.
00-01-28 +The getopts builtin can process command description
          strings to produce man pages.
00-01-28  A bug in which a script could terminate when getopts
          encountered an error when invoked inside a function
          has been fixed.
00-01-28  When a symbolic link was specified as the name of
          the script to invoke by name, the value of $0 was
          set to the real file name rather than the link name
          in some cases and this has been fixed.
00-01-28  A bug in which the precision given as an argument
	  to printf was not working has been fixed.

99-03-31  --- Release ksh93h  ---
99-03-31 +The PATH search algorithm has been modified to look
	  for a file named .fpath in each bin directory and if
	  found, to search for functions in this directory if
	  it cannot find the command in that directory.
99-03-31 +When performing pathname expansion, the shell checks
	  to see whether each directory it reads is case sensitive
	  or not, and performs the matching accordingly.
99-03-31 +The %T format for printing formatted date/time.
99-03-31 +The emacs and vi modes now handle arrow keys when
          they use standard ANSI escape sequences.
99-03-31 +The TAB key can be used for completion in emacs and viraw mode.
99-03-31  A bug in setting .sh.editchar during the KEYBD trap
	  for the MULTIBYTE option was fixed in release ksh93h.
99-03-31  A bug in shcomp for compilation of unary operators with [[...]]
	  has been fixed.
99-03-31  A bug in which the value of $? was changed when executing
	  a keyboard trap has been fixed. 
99-03-31  The handling of SIGCHLD has been changed so that the
	  trap is not triggered while executing trap commands
	  to avoid recursive trap calls.
99-03-31  A bug in which a local variable in a function declared readonly
	  would generated an error when the function went out of
	  scope has been fixed.
99-03-31  A bug in which \<new_line> entered from the keyboard
	  with the KEYBD trap enabled has been fixed.
99-03-31  The error message for a misplaced ((, for example print ((3),
	  was often garbled and has been fixed.
99-03-31  A bug in the KEYBD trap in which escape sequences of the form
	  <ESC>[#~ were not being handled as a unit has been fixed.
99-03-31  A bug in which ksh would consider expressions like [[ (a) ]]
	  as syntax errors has been fixed.
99-03-31  A function defined as foo() without a function body
	  was not reported as a syntax error.
99-03-31  A bug in which ksh could run out of file descriptors when
	  a stream was repeatedly opened with exec and read from
	  has been fixed.

98-04-30  --- Release ksh93g  ---
98-04-30 +The pipefail option has been added.  With pipefail
	  enabled, a pipeline will not complete until all
	  commands are complete, and the return value will
	  be that of the last command to fail, or zero if
	  all complete successfully.
98-04-30 +The name-value pair library uses the cdt library rather
	  than the hash library.  This change should be transparent
	  to applications.
98-04-30 +On the U/WIN version for Window 95 and Windows NT,
          when a directory beginning with a letter followed by
          a colon is given to cd, it is assumed to be an absolute
98-04-30 +When an executable is found on a given path,
	  the appropriate library path variable is prepended
	  with a corresponding library directory.
98-04-30  A bug in which a name reference could be created to
	  itself and later cause the shell to get into an infinite
	  loop has been fixed.
98-04-30  A bug in shcomp relating to compound variables was fixed.
98-04-30  A bug introduced in ksh93e in which leading 0's in -Z
	  fields caused the value to be treated as octal for arithmetic
	  evaluation has been fixed.
98-04-30  A bug when a name reference with a shorter name than
          the variable it references was the subject of a compound
	  assignment has been fixed. 
98-04-30  A bug which in which assignment to array variables in
	  a subshell could effect the parent shell has been
98-04-30  read name?prompt was putting a 0 byte at the end of the
	  prompt on standard error.
98-04-30  A bug in [[ string1 > string2 ]] when ksh was run with -x
	  has been fixed.
98-04-30  A bug in which the escape character was not processed
	  correctly inside {...} when brace expansion is enabled
	  has been fixed, for example {\$foo}.
98-04-30  A bug in line continuation in here-documents has been
98-04-30  The default base when not specified with typeset -i is
	  10 in accordance with the documentation.  Previously,
	  the value was determined by the first assignment.   
98-04-30  A parsing bug in which a # preceded alphanumeric
	  characters inside a command substitution caused
	  a syntax error to be reported has been fixed.
98-04-30  A bug in which a decimal constant represented as 10#ddd
	  where ddd was more than five digits generated a syntax
	  error has been fixed.
98-04-30  A bug in here document expansion in which ${...} expansions
	  were split across buffer boundaries has been fixed.
98-04-30 +The sh_fun() function now takes third argument which
	  is an argument list for the invoked discipline function
	  or built-in.
98-04-30 +A callback function can be installed which will give
          notification of file duplications and file closes.
98-04-30  When ksh is compiled on systems that do not use fork()
	  current option settings where not propagated to sub-shells.

97-06-30  --- Release ksh93f  ---
97-06-30 +Hostnames in addition to host addresses can be given in
	  /dev/tcp/host/port virtual file names.
97-06-30  File name completion and expansion now quotes special
	  characters in file names from both emacs and vi edit modes.
97-06-30  An empty for list behave like a for list with null expansions.
	  It produces a warning message with sh -n.
97-06-30 +The code has been modified to work with EBCDIC as well as ASCII.
97-06-30  A bug which would cause the secondary prompt to be
	  displayed when a user entered a literal carriage
	  return has been fixed.
97-06-30  A bug which caused ksh read -s name to core dump was
97-06-30  A bug with the expansion of \} and \] inside double
	  quoted strings that also contained variable expansions
	  has been fixed
97-06-30  Changes in the ksh93e point release caused autoload
	  functions invoked from within command substitution
	  to fail.  This has been fixed.
97-06-30  A bug in the processing of here-documents that could
	  prevent variable substitution to occur after $(...) command
	  substitution for long here documents has been fixed.
97-06-30  A bug caused by a race condition that could cause SIGTERM
	  to be ignored by a child process has been fixed.
97-06-30  A bug which prevented the startup of a coprocess immediately
	  after killing a running coprocess has been fixed.
97-06-30  ulimit foobar, where foobar is not an arithmetic
	  expression, now gives an error message as it did with ksh88
	  instead of setting the file size limit to 0.
97-06-30  A bug which could cause an interactive shell to terminate when
	  the last process of a pipeline was a POSIX function was fixed.
97-06-30  A bug which could cause command substitution of a shell script
	  to core dump has been fixed.
97-06-30  A security hole was fixed in suid_exec.
97-06-30  Arithmetic functions such as pow() that take more than
	  one argument, did not work if arguments other than the
	  first contained parenthesized sub-expression.
97-06-30  The error message from a script containing an incomplete
	  arithmetic expression has been corrected.
97-06-30  A bug which caused a core dump on some machines when
	  the value of a name reference contained a positional
	  parameter and the name reference was not defined inside
	  a function has been fixed.
97-06-30  Arithmetic expressions now correctly handle hexadecimal
97-06-30  A bug in which integer variables could be expanded
	  with a leading 10# when declared with typeset -i
	  multiple times has been corrected.
97-06-30  A bug in which IFS wasn't correctly restored when
	  set within command substitution has been fixed.
97-06-30  The _ character is now considered as part of a word
	  with the M-f and M-b emacs directives as it was in ksh88.
97-06-30  A bug in brace pattern expansions that caused expressions
          such as {foo\,bar,bam} to expand incorrectly have been fixed.

96-07-31  --- Release ksh93e  ---
96-07-31 +The math functions, atan2, hypot, fmod, and pow were added.
96-07-31 +When a shared library is loaded, if the function lib_init()
	  is defined in the library, it is invoked the first time that
	  the library is loaded with builtin -f library.
96-07-31  The k-shell information abstraction database option, KIA,
          has been revamped.
96-07-31  Empty command substitutions of the form $() now work.
	  whence -v foo now gives the correct result after calling
	  builtin -d foo. 
96-07-31  A bug in right to left arithmetic assignment for which
	  the arithmetic expression (( y = x = 1.5 )) did not
	  yield 1 for y when x was declared typeset -i was fixed.
96-07-31  printf has been fixed to handle format  containing \0
	  and/or \0145 correctly.  In addition, characters following
	  %b in the format string are no longer displayed when
	  the operand contains \c.
96-07-31  A bug in printf that could cause the %E format to
	  produce unnormalized results has been fixed.
96-07-31  A bug which causes some arithmetic expressions to be
	  incorrectly evaluated as integer expressions rather
	  that floating point has been fixed.
96-07-31  Functions defined inside a subshell no longer remain
	  defined when the subshell completes.
96-07-31  The error message from sh -c ';echo foo' has been
96-07-31  The format for umask -S has been changed to agree
	  with the specification in the POSIX standard.
96-07-31  A bug that caused side effects in subscript evaluation
	  when tracing was enabled for subscripts using ++ or --
	  has been fixed.
96-07-31  To conform to the Posix standard getopts has been changed
	  so that the option char is set to ? when it returns with
	  a non-zero exit status.
96-07-31  The handling of \} inside ${name...} has been fixed so
	  that the \ quotes the }.
96-07-31  A bug that caused the read builtin to resume execution
	  after processing a trap has been fixed.
96-07-31  [[ -s file ]] has been fixed so that if file is open
	  by ksh, it is flushed first.
96-07-31  In some cases attributes and sizes for non exported
	  variables weren't being reset before running a script.
96-07-31  The value of TMOUT was affected by changes make to
	  it in a subshell.
96-07-31  The jobs command did not reflect changes make by
	  sending the CONT signal to a command.
96-07-31  The error message for ksh -o unknown was incorrect.
96-07-31  Functions invoked as name=value name, did not use
	  values from the calling scope when evaluating value.
96-07-31  A bug in which the shell would reexecute previously
	  executed code when a shell script or coprocess was
	  run in the background has been fixed.
96-07-31  A bug in which an empty here-document would leave
	  a file descriptor open has been fixed.
96-07-31  A bug in which $(set -A array ...) would leave a
	  side effect has been fixed.
96-07-31  A discipline function for a global variable defined
	  within a function defined with the function keyword,
	  incorrectly created a local variable of the same name
	  and applied the discipline to it.

95-08-28  --- Release ksh93d  ---
95-08-28  The \ character was not handled correctly in replacement
	  patterns with ${x/pattern/replace}.
95-08-28  A bug with read in which the line did not end with
	  a new-line has been fixed.
95-08-28  A bug in file name generation which sometimes
	  appended a . for filenames that ended in / has
	  been fixed.
95-08-28 +If a process is waited for after a status has
	  been returned by a previous wait, wait now
	  returns 127.
95-08-28  A bug with hist (fc) -e which prevented a command
	  to re-executed after it had been edited has been fixed.
95-08-28  A bug which prevented quoting from removing the meaning
	  of unary test operators has been fixed.
95-08-28  A bug with typeahead and KEYBOARD traps with the
          MULTIBYTE option set has been fixed.
95-08-28 +Builtin functions can take a third argument which is
          a void*.
95-08-28  The nv_scan() function can restrict the scope of a walk
          to the top scope.

95-04-31  --- Release ksh93c  ---
95-04-31  The expansion of "$@" was incorrect when $1 was the null
95-04-31  A bug which could incorrectly report a syntax error in
	  a backquoted expression when a $ was preceded by \\
	  has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug which prevented the shell from exiting after
	  reporting an error when failing to open a script
	  has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug that could lead to memory corruption when a
	  large here document that required parameter or command
	  substitution was expanded has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug that could cause a core dump on some systems
	  after ksh detected an error when reading a function
	  has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug which could cause a coprocess to hang when
	  reading from a process that has terminated has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug which caused a script to terminate when set -e
	  was on and the first command of and && or || list
	  failed has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug with here documents inside $(...) when the delimiter
	  word is an identifier has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug which caused $0 to display the wrong value when
	  a script was invoked as an argument to the . command
	  and the eval command has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug that could cause the built-in sleep to hang
	  has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug introduces in 12/28/93b which caused the backslash
	  to be removed when it was followed by digit inside double
	  quotes in some instances has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug which could cause a core dump if ksh was invoked with
	  standard input closed has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug which could cause a core dump if typeset -A was
	  specified for an existing variable has been fixed.
95-04-31  Variables that were unset but had attributes such as readonly
	  and export were not listed with readonly, export and typeset.
95-04-31  Several problems with signals have been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug which prevented ulimit -t from working has been fixed. 
	  Also, a bug in which failed ulimits could cause a core dump
	  has also been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug in expansion of the form ${name/#pattern/string} and
	  ${name/%pattern/string} has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug which caused read -r on a line that contained only
	  blanks to get a non-null value has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug introduced in the 'a' point release in which
	  ${x='\\'} expanded to \ when x was unset has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug which prevented a trap on EXIT from being executed
	  when the last command in a script was a function invocation
	  has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug which caused an interactive shell ignore input when
	  standard error was redirected to a file with exec,
	  and then restored with exec 2>&1 has been fixed.
95-04-31  An interactive shell turns on monitor mode even when
	  standard error has been redirected to a file.
95-04-31  A bug which could cause standard input to be incorrectly
	  positioned for the last command of a script has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug in the edit modes which allowed walking back in
	  the history file for more than HISTSIZE commands has
	  been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug which could cause a core dump if variable TMPDIR was
	  changed between two command substitutions has been fixed.
95-04-31. A bug which prevented a trap on EXIT from being cleared
	  has been fixed.
95-04-31  A bug fixed for the v directive in vi MULTIBYTE has been
95-04-31  Code to for IFS handling of multibyte characters has
          been added.
95-04-31  The displaying of multibyte strings in export, readonly,
          typeset, and execution traces has been fixed.
95-04-31  Variables inside functions are now statically scoped.
	  The previous behavior was never documented.
95-04-31  Variables inside functions are now statically scoped.
          The previous behavior was never documented.
95-04-31  A few changes have been made to the name-value library
          that affect built-ins that use disciplines.  The
          changes allow disciplines to be shared by variables
          and should make it possible to add new disciplines
          without recompilation.
95-04-31 +The name-value library interface has undergone significant
          change for this revision.  See the new nval.3 man page.

94-12-31  --- Release ksh93b  ---
94-12-31 +Variables inside functions are now statically scoped.
          The previous behavior was never documented.
94-12-31 +If IFS contains two consecutive identical characters belonging
	  to the [:space:] class, then this character is treated as
	  a non-space delimiter so that each instance will delimit
	  a field.  For example, IFS=$'\t\t' will cause two consecutive
	  tabs to delimit a null field.
94-12-31 +The getopts command has a -a name option that specifies a
	  name that will be used for usage messages.
94-12-31  A bug which caused unset RANDOM to dump core has been
94-12-31  A bug which prevented return for terminating a profile
	  or ENV file has been fixed.
94-12-31  A bug which prevented standard input from being
	  directed to /dev/null for background jobs when
	  monitor mode was turned off has been fixed.
94-12-31  Statements of the form typeset -options var[expr]=value
	  did not perform substitutions on expr as expected.
94-12-31  A bug which prevented the shell from sending a HUP
	  signal to some background jobs that were not disowned
	  has been fixed.
94-12-31  A bug which allowed a script to trap signals that are
	  ignored at the time that the shell was invoked by exec
	  has been fixed.
94-12-31  A bug which could cause a core dump when a discipline
	  function was unset within a discipline was fixed.
94-12-31  The typeset builtin now accepts a first argument of
	 + or - for compatibility with ksh88.
94-12-31  For compatibility with ksh88, the results of expansions
	  of command arguments will treat the extended character
	  match characters ()|& as ordinary characters.
94-12-31  A bug which caused read to fail on a file that was
	  open for read/write with <> when the first operation
	  was print or printf has been fixed.
94-12-31  When a job is suspended, it is put on the top of
	  the job list as required by the POSIX standard.
94-12-31  The value of OPTARG when an option that required
	  an argument but didn't have one was incorrect in the
	  case the the option string began with a :.
94-12-31  A bug which caused the terminal to get into a bad
	  state with some KEYBD traps in vi-mode has been fixed.
94-12-31  A bug which caused an invalid trap to cause a script
	  to terminate, rather than just return an error, has
	  been fixed.
94-12-31  Backreferencing sub-expressions in patterns and replacement
	  strings now works.
94-12-31  A bug in chmod which caused the -R option to fail has
	  been fixed.
94-12-31 +More signal names have been added for Solaris

94-06-30  --- Release ksh93a  ---
94-06-30  An expansion bug which causes portions of a word after
	  a $((...)) expansion that contains a nested $var expansion
	  to be lost has been fixed.
94-06-30  A bug that caused a core dump when a script that did not
	  have PWD set and did a cd inside command substitution
	  has been fixed.
94-06-30  A bug which caused a core dump on some machines when
	  the LANG variable was assigned to has been fixed.
94-06-30  A bug which incorrectly handled set disciplines that
	  performed arithmetic evaluation when the discipline
	  was called from the arithmetic evaluator has been fixed.
94-06-30  A bug caused by an EXIT trap inside a function that
	  was executed in a subshell was fixed.
94-06-30  If foo is a function, and not a program, then command foo
	  now reports that foo isn't found rather than invoking foo.
94-06-30  The previous version incorrectly listed -A as an
	  invocation option.  The -A option is only for set. 
94-06-30  A bug was fixed which caused ksh to loop when execution trace
	  was enabled and the PS4 prompt required command substitution.
94-06-30  A bug which could cause the job control switch character
	  to be disabled when a script that enabled monitor mode
	  terminated was fixed.
94-06-30  A bug in the macro expansion global replacement operator //,
	  when the pattern began with a [ or +( has been fixed.
94-06-30  A bug which prevented ~ expansion from occurring when
	  it was terminated with a colon inside an assignment
	  has been fixed.
94-06-30  A bug in the dot command which prevented autoload functions
	  from working has been fixed.
94-06-30  A bug which caused a variable to be unset if the
	  its value were expanded inside a set discipline has
	  been fixed.
94-06-30  Whence -a now longer reports that a defined function
	  is undefined.
94-06-30  A bug on some systems in which $0 would be incorrect
	  in scripts invoked by name has been fixed.
94-06-30  Here documents with an empty body now work.
94-06-30  A bug which disabled argument passing and resetting
	  of options for a script invoked by name inside a
	  function has been fixed.
94-06-30  A bug in which an EXIT trap set the caller of a function
	  would be executed if a command called inside a function
	  was not found has been fixed.
94-06-30  A bug which allowed a script to trap signals that are
	  ignored at the time that the shell was invoked has
	  been fixed.
94-06-30  A bug which caused 2<&1- when applied to a shell built-in
	  to leave standard input closed has been fixed.
94-06-30  A bug which caused the shell to incorrectly parse
	  $() command substitutions with nested case statements
	  has been fixed.

:::::::: libast ::::::::

11-02-08 misc/stk.c: change STK_FSIZE to (1024*sizeof(char*)) for 64 bit normalization
11-02-02 sfio/sfmode.c: don't call sfsetbuf() on unbuffered stream to make it unbuffered
11-02-02 features/wchar: handle hp.ia64 va_list interactions
11-02-02 comp/omitted.c: fix mismatch between stat() vs _stat()
11-01-31 std/wctype,features/wctype: add to handle <wchar.h> interactions
11-01-28 add -lw for ancient sunos
11-01-28 include/magic.h,misc/magic.c: add MAGIC_ALL
11-01-27 tm/tmxfmt.c,tmpoff.c: %_z for SHH:MM
11-01-25 features/wchar: change <wctype.h> <wchar.h> ordering
10-12-24 sfstrtof.h: fix thousand grouping bug that did not check last group
10-12-21 pathkey.c: add win32 { /32 /64 } preroot to hash
10-12-09 pathprog.c: handle intermediate path != '* and fix invalid pathpath() call
10-12-01 astconf.c: fix look.standard undefined variable reference
10-12-01 sfset.c: SF_LINE|SF_WCWIDTH => no need for sfsetbuf() to call isatty()
10-12-01 sfsetbuf.c: cache /dev/null <dev,ino> to cut down /dev/null stat()'s
10-12-01 optget.c: delay dictionary initialization until needed
10-11-30 malloc.c: drop { VMDEBUG VMETHOD VMPROFILE VMTRACE } env checks
10-11-30 port/astconf.c: eliminate esaccess() calls for OP_universe checks
10-11-24 regcomp.c: [[=]=]] must at least match itself in non-C locales
10-11-23 glob.h,glob.c: add GLOB_GROUP => REG_SHELL_GROUP
10-11-20 glob.c: handle mode switches across /
10-11-19 regcomp.c: REG_SHELL => REG_CLASS_ESCAPE
10-11-16 vmalloc.h: add VMFL tracing to vmstrdup()
10-11-16 ast.h: simplify VMDEBUG _BLD_DEBUG and VMFL logic
10-11-12 tm/tmlocale.c: ast TM_* extensions default to C locale
10-11-10 regex/regnexec.c,vmalloc/vmstat.c: eliminate strict-aliasing puns
10-10-20 misc/translate.c: change debug translation to drop " in (a,b,c,"d")
10-10-10 misc/glob.c: drop ancient D_FILENO(d)!=0 test and trust readdir()
10-10-06 misc/translate.c: fix "debug" locale logic
10-10-04 misc/magic.c: fix magic() skip check to honor the continuation
10-10-04 regex/regcoll.c: add wchar_t* args to regcollate(), drop ucs name lookup
10-09-28 comp/setlocale.c: add utf8_wctomb()
10-09-28 string/chresc.c,regex/regcoll.c: fix \S[.X.] (\C[.X.] never worked!)
10-09-24 string/chresc.c: \Cc for control c, \S[.X.] for collating symbol X
10-09-24 string/chresc.c: { \cc \e } deprecated
10-09-22 regex/regcomp.c: fix off-by-one collation class allocation bug
10-09-20 regex/regclass.c: fix CTYPES off-by-one bug
10-09-14 comp/ const int conf_elements, prefix_elements;
10-09-08 add features/sizeof => ast_sizeof.h
10-08-31 comp/getopt[l].c: export functions for dlls
10-08-25 port/lc.c: add features/locale check for canonical UTF-8 spelling
10-08-20 include/ast.h: add export plugin_version() prototype
10-08-20 comp/ add SF_BUFSIZE
10-08-11 misc/conformance.c: conformance(0,0) => "standard"
10-08-11 misc/conformance.c: check ast_env_serial for dynamic astconf() changes
10-08-11 port/lcgen.c: remember to fudge Table_t.count for synthesized entries
10-08-04 include/ast.h,comp/setlocale.c: add { debug C.UTF-8 } mbalpha() mbwidth()
10-08-02 misc/translate.c: add NLSPATH message cache check 
10-07-29 string/fmtint.c: fix nasty bug that rendered "1000" as "1"
10-07-27 setlocale,lsgen,localeconv: handle C vs C_EU decimal thousands sep
10-07-26 misc/optget.c: fix interaction with nested plugin/builtin calls
10-06-29 string/strtoi.h: strton() multiplier 1 => power of two suffix
10-06-28 features/wchar: handle systems that require __va_list => va_list
10-06-28 comp/ another PID_MAX tweak -- default to 99999 for most
10-06-28 port/astconf.c: lone "CONFORMANCE = standard" => all defaults standard
10-06-25 misc/optget.c: avoid sfprints() call during initialization
10-06-01 features/api, ast_api.h: formalized forwards/backwards api compatibility
10-06-01 _AST_API=20100601: add size_t args for all path*() output buffers
10-06-01 comp/setlocale.c: handle C.UTF-8 test locale
10-06-01 include/mc.h: add size_t to mcfind() for result buffer (internal api)
10-06-01 use strlcpy() instead of strncpy()
10-05-28 include/ast_version.h: add AST_PLUGIN_VERSION for dllplugin()
10-05-28 include/shcmd.h: add SH_PLUGIN_VERSION for dllplugin()
10-05-28 misc/conformance.c: add conformance(3)
10-05-28 misc/optget.c: add [(id1|id2)...] conformance("id1|id2",0) conditionals
10-05-25 include/sfhdr.h: adjust SF_NMAP according to _ptr_bits
10-05-25 include/shcmd.h: add sh_builtin() macro for lib_init() table initialization
10-05-21 misc/optget.c: --html \bfoo::bar([[:digit:]][[:upper:]]*) => foo-bar.html
10-05-15 include/proc.h,misc/procopen.c: add PROC_ORPHAN
10-05-09 misc/optget.c: add --???MAN[section] --???SECTION
10-05-07 sfio,stdio: fix all snprintf() variants to handle buf==0 and/or n==0
10-05-04 string/fmtesc.c: add mb iswsoace() and iswcntrl() quoting checks
10-05-03 fix LC_MESSAGES catalog lookup bugs, check for $set==3, accept $set==1
10-04-30 string/chresc.c: add chrexp() for FMT_EXP_*
10-04-30 string/stresc.c: add strexp() for FMT_EXP_*
10-04-30 string/chresc.c: fix \uXXXXY bug that consumed Y
10-04-22 misc/optget.c: check for html entities in <A name="...">
10-04-22 misc/getcwd.c: add features/syscall check for SYSGETCWD() { linux solaris }
10-04-22 string/stresc.c: wide chars absent locale guidance default to UTF-8
10-04-12 port/mnt.c: favor bsd getfsstat() over getmntinfo()
10-04-11 string/strtoi.h: k (1000) and ki (1024) now differentiated
10-04-10 misc/recstr.c: fix 'd[delimiter]' parse
10-04-08 include/vmalloc.h,vmalloc/vmstat.c: add Vmstat_t.mode region mode bits
10-04-05 misc/fts.c: drop 1997-01-07 fts_open()=0 is one file and stat() fails
10-04-05 misc/optget.c,optlib.h: add Optpass_t.release for --nroff .TH
10-04-02 misc/optget.c: fix $'[-n?\n...]' --version bug
10-04-02 regex/regcomp.c: ~(X) => REG_EXTENDED|REG_AUGMENTED, ~(PU) instead of ~(U)
10-03-24 misc/procopen.c: add PROC_FD_CTTY(fd)
10-03-24 path/pathtemp.c: fix pointer => int casts
10-03-15 regex/regcache.c: fix 1 byte buffer overflow (didn't count trailing \0)
10-03-08 features/tvlib: fix utimensat probe to include all macros/structs
10-03-07 features/lib: change stream_peek to test pipes only
10-03-07 string/strelapsed.c: fix next char return overrun
10-03-06 tm/tvtouch.c: use runtime fallback if utimensat() fails with ENOSYS
10-03-05 path/pathtemp.c: add pfx /seed for regression testing
10-03-04 vmalloc/vmwalk.c: add user supplied handle arg
10-03-04 path/pathtemp.c: properly handle mktemp()-style *+(X) templates
10-03-03 include/ast_getopt.h: remove NULL guard - _AST_GETOPT_H now handles it
10-02-24 comp/getopt.h: fix ast_std.h interactions
10-02-24 vmalloc/malloc.c: empty { VMALLOC_OPTION VMDEBUG ... } => no debug!
10-02-02 string/base64.c: fix corner case output buffer overflow
10-02-02 features/fs: sys/mnttab.h requires stdio.h on some systems!!
10-02-01 misc/optget.c: uppercase --html heading -- doh
10-01-29 misc/optget.c: [+NAME?...] overrides for >= STYLE_man
10-01-25 vmalloc/vmprivate.c: fix seg ptr initialization bug (24 years old!!)
10-01-20 misc/optget.c: handle nested {...} rendering
10-01-20 misc/state.c: add ast.version for runtime api version
10-01-20 port/astconf.c: "_AST_VERSION" now returns ast.version
10-01-20 include/ast_std.h: add ast.version for runtime api version
10-01-19 astlicense.c: add epl
10-01-01 vmalloc: VMALLOC_OPTIONS env var for all runtime options
10-01-01 include: change some <ast.h> refs to less intrusive <ast_*.h>
10-01-01 setlocale.c,translate.c,fmterror.c: AST_LC_internal retains prev state
10-01-01 comp/setlocale.c: AST_LC_setenv defers to LC_ALL (for sh)
10-01-01 ast_std.h: add { AST_LC_internal AST_LC_setenv }
09-12-24 comp/setlocale.c: fix setlocale(LC_ALL,"") when already initialized
09-12-17 misc/optget.c: handle mixed solaris usage="x:f:(in)yo:(out)"
09-12-11 regex/regcomp.c: posix semantics for [z-a]
09-12-11 regex/regcomp.c: fix BRE/ERE ^^ logic
09-12-11 regex/regcomp.c: fix regcomb() for REG_LEFT|REG_RIGHT
09-12-11 regex/regcomp.c: bm complete=0 if REX_END
09-12-11 comp/sigflag.c: add with npt check in features/
09-12-11 tm/tminit.c: fix _tzset_environ logic
09-12-09 tm/tmlocale.c: include "ast_nl_types.h" to pull nl_langinfo in!
09-12-04 features/options: add "opt map-libc" check
09-12-03 tm/tmxdate.c: fix 'next month final day' for dec -> jan
09-11-21 misc/ add gimp XCF
09-11-20 vmalloc/vmtrace.c: add pid to assertion disgnostics
09-11-11 regex.h,regcomp.c: add REG_CLASS_ESCAPE, \ inside [...] literal by default
09-11-03 regex/regcache.c: change to variable length pattern strings
09-10-28 include/error.h: fix ERROR_translate() arg parens
09-10-26 port/lcgen.c,comp/setlocale.c: handle LANG init after LC_* already defined
09-10-05 _sfopen.c: add but ignore 'F' flags for stdio compatibility
09-09-28 fts.h,ftwalk.h,fts.c: promote { namelen pathlen level } to (s)size_t
09-09-28 locales: add AST_LC_LANG for $LANG
09-09-28 setlocale.c: fix logic for dynamic { LANG LC_ALL LC_* } changes
09-09-17 include/sfio.h,sfio/sfwalk.c: add sfwalk()
09-09-09 sfio/sfputr.c: add SIGPIPE hang fix
09-08-24 sfio/sfreserve.c: fix SF_UNBOUND logic with pushed streams
09-08-18 include/ast_std.h,ast.h: add ast.mb_sync to sync mbchar() after error
09-08-17 comp/setlocale.c: add AST_LC_utf8 and { utf8_mbtowc() utf8_mblen() }
09-08-11 comp/setlocale.c: treat "en"/"en_US" AST_LC_MESSAGES as "C"/"POSIX"
09-08-10 vmalloc/vmhdr.h: add user-defined _AST_PAGESIZE and computed VMHEAPINCR
09-08-09 comp/ add NPROCESSORS_MAX
09-07-29 astlicense.c: fix first name=value logic error
09-07-22 string/fmtip6.c: don't drop trailing 0 in 44::1:0:0
09-06-30 port/astconf.c: standard PATH_RESOLVE is "physical" (not "metaphysical")
09-06-19 vmalloc: sync with kpv
09-06-19 include/shcmd.h: add sh_context(p) cast
09-06-11 misc/ differentiate pc 386 32/64 bit dll/exe/obj
09-06-06 port/astconf.c: fix look->name null pointer reference
09-06-05 port/astconf.c: fix 'UNIVERSE = value' synthesize logic
09-05-25 tm/tmxduration.c: add
09-05-08 comp/syslog.c: add _UWIN /var/log/syslog preference
09-05-01 comp/setlocale.c: fix _UWIN intercepts to return NiL on unknown locales
09-04-27 sfio/sfpool.c: fix bug that did not return pool on delete
09-04-22 include/regex.h,regex/regcomp.c: add REG_REGEXP <regexp.h> compatibility
09-04-15 tm/tmxdate.c: handle "4th thursday in november"
09-03-31 string/strvcmp.c,string/strnvcmp.c: add version strcmp(3)
09-03-31 string/strpcmp.c,string/strnpcmp.c: add path prefix strcmp(3)
09-03-29 misc/optget.c: clean up num = number casts
09-03-04 tm/tmxmake.c: add tmxtm() with zone override
09-03-03 tm/tmxfmt.c: add %(...)<c>, specifically %(...)z for output zone
09-02-22 tm/tmxdate.c: add iso P... durations
09-02-02 path/pathprog.c: add
09-02-02 misc/opthdr.h,optget.c: fix flags mixup, handle old '-' as option
09-02-02 sfio/sfprints.c: fix sfvaprints() return value to not count trailing '\0'
09-02-02 misc/cmdarg.c: handle !defined(ARG_MAX)
09-02-02 port/astconf.c: fix UNIVERSE overwrite of null[] value!
09-01-31 features/sys: drop header sys/localedef.h
09-01-28 include/fs3d.h,misc/fs3d.c: mount() => fs3d_mount() for diff std prototypes
09-01-14 misc/fts_open.c: delay top list reorder until first fts_read()
09-01-14 include/ls.h: LS_W_INUMBER => 9 to accomodate large st_ino
09-01-14 misc/optget.c: expand STYLE_usage input text
09-01-09 features/uwin,stdio/_stdfun.c: iffe for _p__iob and __p__iob
09-01-09 misc/ add ISO filesystem image entries
09-01-07 string/strtoi.c: strtol() etc. do not consume [lLuU] suffix -- thanks jkf
09-01-07 sfio/sfstrtof.h: strtod() etc. do not consume [fFlL] suffix -- thanks jkf
09-01-05 string/strlcat.c: fix logic to match docs (not that easy)
08-12-30 tm/tmxdate.c,include/tm.h: add TM_WORK { "workday" "working" "work" }
08-12-28 sfio/sfcvt.c: fix 'a' format rounding
08-12-21 tm/tmdata.c: add 2008-12-31+23:59:60-0000 leap second event
08-12-19 tm/tmxdate.c: check for dates near the epoch rolling back to the future
08-12-19 tm/tmxfmt.c: change %s for now==0 to be the epoch
08-12-07 include/ast_std.h,misc/getenv.c: no _ast_getenv for uwin ast54 compatibility
08-12-07 tm/tmxfmt.c: add %[_][EO]K for [space pad] [full|long] iso
08-12-07 sfio/sfvscanf.c: fix ok[] short by one allocation
08-12-07 comp/setlocale.c: fix off by one composite initialition loop test
08-12-07 path/pathkey.c: fix off by one loop test
08-12-04 vmalloc/vmbest.c: catch sbrk() wraparound
08-12-04 comp/spawnveg.c: clean up attrs on failure too
08-11-04 regex/regcomp.c: fix locale [!-...] and [^-...] re-initialization
08-11-04 stdio: add flockfile.c ftrylockfile.c funlockfile.c
08-10-24 port/astconf.c: handle multiple/trailing '/' in universe initialization
08-09-10 misc/magic.c: handle old vcodex() indices
08-09-10 sfio/sfvprintf.c: drop SF_WCWIDTH, use %Lc or %Ls instead
08-09-05 Makefile: ibm.risc joins the :NOOPTIMIZE: crowd
08-09-04 regex/regnexec.c: fix nested delimiter match beyond end of subject
08-08-20 misc/fts.c: fix st_nlink stat() optimization logic
08-08-19 sfio/sfpkrd.c: workaround macosx recv(PEEK) data consumption on non-socket
08-08-19 strn?tol?d: handle long double with smaller exponent range than double
08-08-18 sfio/sfcvt.c: eliminate excessive multiplies and integral overprecision
08-08-11 tm/tmxfmt.c: handle %10N and %010N
08-08-06 include/shcmd.h: add 'int invariant;' for builtin invariant arg count
08-08-05 features/ndbm: favor sleepycat ndbm compatibility
08-07-21 include/glob.h,misc/glob.c: GLOB_STARSTAR only forces lstat on chdir
08-07-17 sfio: sync with kpv
08-07-17 misc/optget.c: call astwinsize() each time terminal width required
08-07-16 sfio/sfvscanf.c: fix %% to skip leading space per posix
08-07-16 vmalloc/vmbest.c: add VMCHECK=m, VM_mmap to favor mmap() alloc
08-07-16 features/stdio,stdio/f(read|write).c: size_t return value!! ouch
08-06-24 tm/tmxfmt.c: fix %z to handle tm_isdst -- doh
08-06-24 misc/astintercept.c,misc/getenv.c: split from misc/setenviron.c
08-06-17 misc/setenviron.c: add { astintercept() getenv() }
08-06-09 tm/tmlocale.c: use _DATE_FMT if defined for TM_DEFAULT
08-06-06 misc/optget.c: handle sub-component about details
08-06-04 misc/optget.c: fix [-n?\n...\n] version parse
08-06-04 include/debug.h,misc/debug.c: merge with kpvdebug.h
08-06-02 features/ndbm: add to tame dbmlib.iffe replication
08-06-01 comp/resolvepath.c,realpath.c: fix resolvepath() return value type
08-05-22 tm/tmxdate.c: fix a few ordinal/last/this/next bugs
08-05-18 string/fmtre.c: fix omitted stack var initialization bug
08-05-14 regex/regcomp.c,regcoll.c: fix UTF-8 collation sequence logic
08-05-11 tm/tmxfmt.c: :NOOPTIMIZE:, otherwise %Q/../../ fails
08-05-01 tm/tmxdate.c: mon 1..12 => mon[13] -- doh
08-04-30 misc/glob.c,reegex/regcomp.c: ~(R) => ~(O) to avoid pcre clash
08-04-24 port/astconf.c: 'name = value' does assignment without system init
08-04-15 port/astconf.c: SC#N treated like 'SC(N)'
08-04-14 misc/optget.c: clean up nroff output
08-04-01 port/astconf.c: add RELEASE => /proc/version fallback
08-03-30 misc/optget.c: [-n]... to enable -number & +number options
08-03-06 misc/optget.c: ---* and +++* are now operands
08-03-06 misc/errorx.c: fix old error_info.translate workaround
08-02-05 regex/regcomp.c: allow REG_SHELL {,n}... => {0,n}...
08-02-27 misc/stk.c: top element during allocation relocated to top 
08-02-18 include/ip6.h,string/strtoip6.c,fmtip6.c: add ipv6 addr support
08-02-14 regex/regsubexec.c: fix null match (tricky)
08-02-14 regex/regsubcomp.c: fix SRE to match ksh
08-02-11 comp/spawnveg.c: return proper errno on [v]fork() failure
08-02-11 tm/tmxdate.c,tmdata.c: handle more ISO 8601:2000 forms
08-02-02 regex/reglib.h: add REGMULTIREF to REG_COMP
08-02-02 string/strmatch.c: fix str="" pat="" sub values
08-01-31 comp/, handle /bin/sh \ in read data, redir subshell
08-01-18 misc/ amd-x68, 64-bit => x86-64
08-01-18 string/strnton.c,strntonll.c: add
07-12-10 string/strelapsed.c: "0" is a valid elapsed time!
07-12-02 sfio/sfreserve.c: preserve SF_SHARE sfrd() via sfreserve(f,0,0)
07-11-21 comp/setlocale.c: add sjis_mbtowc() to work around [\~] translation
07-11-15 features/signal.c: RT(1) .. RT(MAX-1) => RTMIN+1 .. RTMAX-1
07-11-14 features/float: favor sscanf() due to gnu strto[l]d() nan bugs
07-10-31 regex/regcomp.c: fix REX_COLL_CLASS node allocation size
07-10-31 sfio/sfcvt.c: use signbit() if available
07-10-31 features/isoc99: _ISOC99_SOURCE tests
07-10-31 port/astmath.c: add -DN=8 for signbit()
07-10-31 sfio/sfstrtod.h: don't forget about -0.0
07-10-26 features/map.c: add { optopt optarg optind opterr }
07-10-26 features/stdio: add _filbuf => _ast__filbuf
07-10-26 comp/getsubopt.c: fix #undef that interfered with <ast_map.h>
07-10-26 regex/regcomp.c: fix bug that missed ')' in ~(F)...
07-10-12 port/astconf.c: fix CONF_ALLOC 16 bit overflow
07-10-12 misc/fts.c: fix fts_close() to free the handle -- doh
07-10-11 comp/setlocale.c: second and subsequent setlocale(*,"") reverts to previous
07-10-11 path/pathprobe.c: add vfs ST_NOSUID check
07-10-10 comp/ add a few more xpg6 deferrals
07-09-28 astsa: update to share with mainline src via _PACKAGE_astsa
07-09-25 sfio/sfgetr.c: no limit on string stream line size
07-09-25 sfio/sfextern.c: increase _Sfmaxr to 256*1024
07-09-18 misc/procopen.c: tighten up SIGCHLD logic between parent/child
07-09-18 misc/signal.c: unblock SIG_DFL after setting handler, sig<0 => don't unblock
07-09-13 misc/fs3d.c: no $LD_PRELOAD => no 3d and avoids invalid mount(2) call
07-09-11 vmalloc: vmstat(0,0)==1 => region in use, drop VM_primary|VM_secondary
07-09-05 misc/recstr.c: handle [lL] gobbled by strtol() -- ouch
07-08-17 path/pathprobe.c: handle '\r' in VERSION string
07-07-17 regex/regcache.c: regcache(0,n,0) extends cache to size n (no shrinking)
07-07-16 tm/tmdata.c: add 2005-12-31, drop 1999-12-31 (where did that come from?)
07-05-21 tm/tmxfmt.c,tmxscan.c: %F => %L (TM_DEFAULT); %F => %Y-%m-%d
07-05-15 sfio/sfvprintf.c: %h? and SFFMT_SHORT => raw bytes
07-05-09 features/signal.c,features/siglist: use kill -l & strsignal()
07-04-25 misc/optctx.c: add for opt_info switching
07-04-24 misc/cmdarg.c,include/cmdarg.h: add CMD_CHECKED, CMD_SILENT
07-04-24 misc/procopen.c,include/proc.h: add PROC_CHECK
07-04-24 misc/procrun.c: add flags arg (current use PROC_ARGMOD)
07-04-24 misc/cmdarg.c,include/cmdarg.h: move from src/cmd/tw
07-04-20 port/(lclang.h|lc.c|mc.c|lclib.h|lcgen.c): separate lctab.c
07-04-20 comp/ defer to systems without 'grep -q' -- sigh
07-04-20 comp/ probe for LL integer constant initializer suffix
07-04-20 include/syslog.h: <namval.h> => <ast_namval.h> for win32
07-04-20 ast_namval.h: add as copy of include/namval.h for win32
07-04-19 comp/ fix SVID SI entries to probe SI_* (not _SI_*)
07-04-13 tm/tmxdate.c,tm/tmzone.c: handle [-+]0000 UTC zone offset
07-04-11 sfio/sfvprintf.c: add %F, propagate SFFMT_UPPER
07-04-11 sfio/sfcvt.c: handle SFFMT_UPPER => nan/inf vs. NAN/INF
07-04-02 comp/,comp/ add C/POSIX <stdint.h> symbols
07-03-28 misc/optget.c: fix l10n --?-
07-03-25 features/common: fix { ast_std.h ast_map.h stdint.h } logic
07-03-21 error.h: move from error_info to (*_error_data_)
07-03-21 misc/error.c: add errorctx() for error_info switching
07-03-21 option.h: move from opt_info to (*_opt_data_)
07-03-19 regex/regdecomp.c: fix REX_ONECHAR escapes and add REX_KMP
07-03-11 tm/tmxscan.c,regex/regnexec.c: fix strict-alias transgressions
07-02-27 comp/ handle native getconf invalid numeric values
07-02-21 comp/,comp/ handle SSIZE_MAX vs _POSIX_SSIZE_MAX
07-02-20 sfio/sfvprintf.c: handle SF_WCWIDTH justification
07-02-14 features/common: cover <stdint.h>, move to int_(bits)_t
07-02-14 include/int.h: drop
07-02-14 include/sfio.h: add SF_WCWIDTH
07-02-12 comp/ fix CONF_LIMIT bug that missed ULONG_MAX etc.
07-02-12 comp/ *LONGLONG* => *LLONG* to match posix
07-02-12 features/float: *LONGLONG* => *LLONG* to match posix
07-02-12 port/astconf.c: handle CONF_LIMITS_DEF with no deferral
07-02-12 stdio/vasprintf.c: add trailing '\0' -- doh
07-02-04 string/fmtelapsed.c: fix naive multi month/year logic
07-02-02 misc/optget.c: add --??posix for getopts(1)/getopt(3)
07-01-26 string/chresc.c: use mbchar()
07-01-26 misc/optget.c: handle "o:-:" usage for old-style long options
07-01-22 sfio/sfdisc.c,sfpool.c: handle push on streams with pending peek
07-01-22 include/sfio.h: mv Sfieee_t to sfio/sfhdr.h
07-01-17 tm/tmxfmt.c: fix terminating nil logic which clobbered size-1
07-01-11 misc/stk.c: a 2 day marathon bug fix (can we release now dr ek?)
07-01-05 comp/spawnveg.c: posix_spawnattr_setflags(POSIX_SPAWN_SETPGROUP)
07-01-05 misc/error.c: fix multibyte vs. printable logic
07-01-01 comp/ LC_ALL=C
06-12-26 tm/tmxdate.c: handle nn*.nnnn* == sec.ns
06-12-20 features/ generalize sol.* LIBPATH patterns
06-12-18 comp/setlocale.c: include ast_standards.h and ast_wchar.h !
06-12-12 string/strperm.c: octal modes are absolute!
06-12-11 comp/ always defer ARG_MAX
06-12-07 Makefile: fix conftab.c generation CCFLAGS to match build - doh
06-12-04 sfio/sfcvt.c: fix (int) vs. (long) cast mismatches
06-12-01 comp/ add changes to cover solaris { bin xpg4 xpg6 }
06-12-01 regex/reginit.c: adjust { SRE KRE } escaped (){}*? inside [...]
06-12-01 sfio/sfcvt.c: add signbit/copysign tests
06-11-22 comp/spawnveg.c: fix _real_vfork logic to work with 3d
06-11-20 features/common: bias _ast_int8_t "long long" before "__int64"
06-11-20 string/strperm.c: fix X to work with all ops (not just +)
06-11-15 astconf.c, add CONF_DEFER_* for variable constants
06-11-11 port/astconf.c: validate path arg w.r.t. underlying calls
06-11-11 comp/ fix S CONF_STANDARD bug, add D to defer to native
06-11-11 comp/ add D to defer to native
06-11-01 include/vmalloc.h: avoid VM_FLAGS sys/v*.h clash
06-11-01 include/ast.h: add FMT_PARAM for fmtquote()
06-10-31 disc/sfdcseekable.c: add SFSK_DISCARD for seekable window control
06-10-31 comp/spawnveg.c,features/lib: handle posix_spawn exit status 127
06-10-30 features/lib: fix posix_spawn() fork() prototype conflicts
06-10-30 string/fmtscale.c: fix 1024 rounding bugs
06-10-27 disc/sfkeyprintf.c: handle 'i' (=='d') -- oops
06-10-26 sfio/sfvprintf.c: %#d => fmtscale(1000), %#i => fmtscale(1024)
06-10-26 features/map.c: _map_libc cleanup
06-10-26 features/fcntl: add to the circle of trust
06-10-26 features/sys: add <sys/socket.h> socklen_t
06-10-26 include/regex.h: handle include before <ast_map.h>
06-10-25 astconf "SHELL" => "SH" to avoid _POSIX_SHELL conflict
06-10-25 comp/conf.*: drop no-op duplicate conftab.c entries
06-10-18 string/fmtscale.c: 1000: n[.]n[n](kMGTPE), 1024: n[.]n[n](KMGTPE)i
06-10-11 ast_std.h: now implies <sys/stat.h> (did on most before anyway)
06-10-11 strtoi.h: ignore sign for 0, validate scale shift
06-10-11 strdup.c,vmstrdup.c: handle 0 arg
06-10-11 add sfstruse()/sfstropen() error checks
06-10-10 misc/procopen.c: envv==environ => don't modify environ
06-10-10 misc/procclose.c: return valid exit(1) status
06-10-06 port/astconf.c,comp/,comp/ play nice with getconf(1)
06-10-01 comp/ SHELL default checks { _CS_PATH } X { ksh ksh93 sh }
06-10-01 comp/ export CONF_getconf to shell actions
06-10-01 comp/putenv.c: always enable setenv() for procopen()
06-10-01 misc/procopen.c: use pathshell() or astconf("SHELL",0,0) if PARANOID
06-10-01 path/pathshell.c: localize the shell path patterns and accept ksh93
06-09-28 Makefile: avoid ast <stdio.h> vix iffe -X ast -- doh
06-09-27 regex/regdecomp.c: add
06-09-26 regex/regcomp.c: handle KRE ~(...)<invalid-kre>
06-09-25 reorganize to avoid native header intercepts
06-09-15 uwin/crypt.c: _UWIN only!
06-09-14 Makefile: tweak the ast_common.h bootstrap again (finally?)
06-09-14 misc/optget.c: noncommercial => OPT_proprietary
06-09-12 string/strelapsed.c: fix multi-char qualifier parse
06-09-12 string/strtoi.h: drop [cClLqQwW] multipliers
06-09-11 misc/optget.c: add numeric arg validity check
06-09-07 misc/optget.c,tm/tmfix.c: fix uninitialzed var refs
06-09-05 path/pathprobe.c: add version header verification
06-08-01 Makefile: handle iffe vs FEATURE/common vs ast_common.h
06-08-31 Makefile: add ast_map.h to the bootstrap list
06-08-30 misc/glob.c: fix ~(E)re bug that stripped ~(E) before regcomp
06-08-30 include/ast.h: add { integralof(x) pointerof(x) }
06-08-27 string/strelapsed.c: fix off-by-one (too little) parse bug
06-08-25 misc/optget.c: 0*<n>.* numeric option args => <n>.*
06-08-22 misc/glob.c: handle ~(...) pattern options
06-08-16 string/strelapsed.c: fix off-by-one (too far) parse bug
06-08-16 regex/regcomp.c: accept but ignore ~(N)
06-08-14 features/ add solaris LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64 check
06-08-05 sfio/sfpool.c: pool SF_READ|SF_WRITE loop fix
06-08-02 misc/fts.c: fix FTS_NOSTAT optimization to check for ..
06-07-28 include/glob.h: add gl_extra for user globlist_t expansion
06-07-27 features/common: #include "ast_map.h"
06-07-26 comp/fnmatch.[ch]: allow <ast_map.h> to map fnmatch()
06-07-22 cdt: snarf from kpv
06-07-17 string/strperm.c: perm==-1 skips umask(1)
06-07-17 sfio/sfvprintf.c: handle format invalid mb seq
06-07-17 regex/regcomp.c: inline REG_SHELL => anchored, otherwise not
06-07-17 regex/regcomp.c: inline B|G:basic E:REG_EXTENDED F|L:REG_LITERAL
06-07-17 regex/regcomp.c: inline l:REG_LEFT r:REG_RIGHT
06-07-17 regex/regcomp.c: inline a:REG_LEFT|REG_RIGHT p:~REG_LENIENT
06-07-17 string/chresc.c: add \Uxxxxxxxx
06-07-17 sfio/sfstrtof.h: ignore thousands sep after decimal
06-07-17 string/tokline.c: splice() => spliceline() for bsd
06-06-27 features/float,sfio/sfcvt.c: fix Nan logic
06-06-27 port/astmath.c: fix long double isnan() test
06-06-27 features/map.c: _map_libc for std => _ast_std
06-06-25 string/strperm.c: handle posix = w.r.t. umask
06-06-19 port/mnt.c,features/fs: handle netbsd getmntent api change
06-06-18 regex/regstat.c: add REG_LITERAL check
06-06-11 cdt/dtview.c: update from kpv
06-05-31 sfio/sfhdr.h: fix _SFOPEN() typo
06-05-09 comp/ add native getconf -a names to the mix
06-04-28 misc/optget.c: add solaris long option name compatibility
06-03-09 string/strmatch.c: add REG_ADVANCE => REG_* flags
06-02-14 comp/iconv.c: fix uwin iconv_list() /reg/ generator
06-02-10 port/astconf.c: relax standard prefix filter
06-02-08 sfrd.c,sfsync.c: lock logic bug fix
06-02-01 port/astlicense.c: add { parent incorporation }
06-01-26 port/astconf.c: fix { LIBPREFIX LIBSUFFIX } length
06-01-06 features/lib: change _UNIV_DEFAULT probe to use cross{...}
06-01-04 misc/stk.c: fix n**2 realloc behavior
06-01-01 include/sfio.h: export { _Sfi _Sfmaxr }
05-12-13 string/chresc.c: handle \C-X => control-X, \M- => ESC
05-11-22 regex/regcache.c: add, convert string/strmatch.c to regcache()
05-10-06 string/ccmap.c: update ebcdic-u to be idempotent
05-09-28 vmalloc: snarf from kpv; fixes large block brk() thrashing
05-09-26 misc/magic.c,misc/ handle latest vcodex header
05-09-12 misc/optget.c: reset opt_info.offset on error
	 string/strtoi.h: strton() '.' multiplier only if m>1
	 string/fmtesc.c: add unadvertized FMT_PARM for FMT_SHELL
05-09-09 string/fmtesc.c: fix FMT_SHELL logic w.r.t. [$`]
05-08-11 string/strerror.c: fix { sys_errlist sys_nerr } prototypes
05-08-03 sfio: snarf sfvaprints sfaprints
05-07-21 port/astconf.c: retain most recent synthesized lookup
05-07-20 sfio/sfsetbuf.c: default file io size now 64K on all systems
05-07-17 ccmap*: add microfocus cobol EBCDIC_U
05-06-29 regex/regcomp.c: fix the A & B inline flag logic
05-06-15 include/recfmt.h: add fs format flag to fmtrec()
05-06-14 error.c: add ERROR_OPTIONS { break count match }
05-06-07 features/stdio: drop FEATURE/limits to fix bootstrap circular dep
05-06-02 features/*,Makefile: drop vestigel iffeio.h bootstrap workaround
05-05-31 string/fmtbuf.c: unlock (spin) before each return -- doh
05-05-30 sfio/sfpkrd.c: work around macos 10.4 recv(MSG_PEEK) bug
05-05-27 regex: add REX_NEST (?%[S.][T.][OT]) ammend bsd db magic
05-05-23 regex: REX_NEST (?%[D.][E.][L.][Q.][oc]...)
05-05-21 regex: state.fold[] is now locale specific -- doh
05-05-19 regex: add REX_NEST (?%\\()<>[]""...) %(...) nested match
05-05-15 recfmt.h: add recstr() reclen() fmtrec()
05-05-13 optget.c: allow boolean options to take numeric values
05-05-12 recfmt.c: add to recfmt.h, adjust Recfmt_t encodings
05-04-30 sfio: add sfmaxr(), default 64K
05-04-22 comp/omitted.c: fix magic() logic for files < 512 bytes
05-04-20 cdt: snarf update from kpv; void* Dt_t.user added
	 misc/error.c: library => ERROR_LIBRARY
05-04-19 regex/regcomp.c: handle REG_SHELL [^...] == [!...]
05-04-11 tm/tmxscan.c: handle[-+.]
05-04-07 regex/regnexec.c: fix out of bounds boundary check -- ouch
	 features/align.c: add jmp_buf to the alignment mix (ia64)
	 vmalloc/vmhdr.h: add jmp_buf to the alignment mix (ia64)
05-03-31 misc/optget.c: fix option { - _ } separator matching
05-03-30 misc/glob.c: eliminate superfluous GLOB_NOMATCH stat() calls
05-03-24 port/astwinsize.c: include <sys/ioctl.h> if possible
05-03-23 string/ccmap.c: add ebcdic-m mvs cobol table
05-03-11 comp/omitted.c: handle utime[s](const,const)
	 comp/ fix linux PID_MAX probe
05-03-10 comp/setlocale.c: LC_* value "" => unset -- doh
	 misc/optget.c: reorder _PACKAGE_astsa code for msgcc
05-03-08 misc/optget.c: delete leading space in STYLE_nroff output
05-03-07 sfio/sfhdr.h: drop extern _sfdscan -- clashes with sfvscanf.c static
05-03-01 tm/tminit.c: add tmlocaltime() for tzset() getenv() override workaround
05-02-20 features/tvlib: tmsettimeofday only for systems that have settimeofday
	 features/float: fix mvs.s390 NaN tests
05-02-18 tm/tmxmake.c: fix <0 west of GMT bug that warped to 1800's -- wow
05-02-11 port/mnt.c: handle lynxos MOUNTED=/etc/fstab
05-02-08 features/float,sfio.h,sfcvt.c,sftable.c: add INF and fix NAN
05-02-04 features/lib: add _std_strtol (for lynxos)
	 include/ast_std.h: add _std_strtol tests
	 comp/strtod.c: #define S2F_function strtod
	 misc/signal.c: fix ancient bsd SV_INTERRUPT vs. SV_ABORT clash
05-01-11 sfio/sfmove.c: try to seek(fr) when fw==0
	 comp/omitted.c: intercept utimes() too
	 comp/omitted.c: add DOSPATHVARS env var path value conversions
	 features/tvlib,tm/tvtouch.c: check for utimets()
	 misc/optget.c: handle '-' or '_' option word separators
	 sfio/_sfopen.c: allow stream mode changes after initialization
	 sfio: sync with kpv: SF_SYNCED fix for ksh input loss bug
05-01-09 tm/tmxfmt.c: fix %6N for n<100000000
05-01-08 regex/regcomp.c: conj() => con() to avoid C99 clash
05-01-05 tm/*: fix { %U %V %W } logic -- my head hurts
04-12-30 tm/tmxtime.c: fix tm_isdst<0 loop
04-12-23 vmalloc/vmbest.c: fix vmresize bug that didn't 0 new data
04-12-19 misc/optget.c: broaden - long option match
04-12-09 string/strtoi.h: fix terabyte 't' suffix math
	 string/strmatch.c: flush cache on locale change
04-12-01 tm/tmsleep.c: add
	 tv.h,tv*.c,tv.3: move from pax
	 tmx.h,tmx*.c,tmx.3: add high resolution tm(3) counterparts
	 features/lib: add *another* sgi linux.ia64 memccpy bug check
04-10-31 Makefile: __OBSOLETE__ now computed <6 months ago year>0101
	 ccode.h,ccmapid.c: add ccmaplist(Ccmap_t*) iterator
	 option.h,optesc.c: add 3rd arg, 1 => quote '?' too
	 misc/magic.c: fix bug that terminated `string \0a' at \0
	 misc/magic.c: handle vcodex() via decompose()
	 misc/ add vcodex magic
	 features/stdio: handle _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE -- oops
	 stdio/(fseek|ftell|fseeko|fsetpos|fgetpos|ftello).c: oops^2
04-10-28 string/swapop.c: size==-4 => size=4 and extend op=3 to op=7
	 tm/tmfix.c: fix tm_mon<0 logic
04-10-22 tm/tmdate.c: handle 'final day feb 2004'
	 port/astlicense.c: add query=all|id|${...}${...}
	 port/astlicense.c: "free" => "mit"
	 comp/omitted.c: revert to the open source license
	 string/stropt.c: drop siz==0 => tab is hash table
	 include/sfio.h: incorporate <sfstr.h>
	 include/sfstr.h: drop
	 disc/sfstrtmp.c: drop -- use sfstrbuf()
04-10-20 misc/ update tar magic
04-10-18 ufc-crypt.h,crypt_util.c: drop GPL code
	 crypt.c: add BSD code
	 pathpath.c: disable { $0 $_ $PWD } related root search
04-10-01 normalize ident stamps
	 port/astlicense.c: add type=cpl -- yeah
04-09-25 string/swapop.c: return op < size -- duh
04-09-23 comp/spawnveg.c: :NOOPTIMIZE: -- volatile sometimes ignored
04-09-21 comp/spawnveg.c: exec_errno_ptr is volatile -- duh
04-09-14 tm/tmscan.c: add %| alternation and %& => tmdate()
04-09-08 misc/optget.c: add :!value: omitted optional arg value
	 misc/optget.c: fix --noNAME ambiguous option logic
04-08-26 string/strperm.c: add who^mode to propagate least restrictive up
	 astmath.c: add { frexpl ldexpl } checks for ast.req
	 port/astlicense.c: ignore first option if non-assignment
	 include/ast_dir.h: move d_fileno map before struct defs -- duh
04-08-24 vmalloc/vmbest.c: add {VM_region} VMCHECK=+r for region segment checks
	 misc/recfmt.c,include/recfmt.h: add
04-08-23 vmalloc/vmbest.c: add {VM_primary VM_secondary} VMCHECK=-s for primary
	 features/common: punt to <stdarg.h> for unknown va_list
04-08-11 vmalloc: sync _UWIN libposix hooks
04-07-27 features/common,features/limits.c: ULL suffix for unsigned _ast_int8_t
04-07-22 include/ast.h,comp/eaccess.c: add eaccess() for effective access()
04-07-19 comp/open.c,sfio/_sfopen.c: { O_RDONLY O_WRONLY O_RDWR } are values
04-06-28 misc/error.c: check level after error_info.auxilliary
04-06-24 string/strmatch.c: strgrpmatch() match[] now variable size array
04-06-17 features/common: change _DLL null define to (the standard ast) 1
04-06-11 misc/optget.c: allow optional [-|+|--|++] optstr() option prefix
	 misc/optget.c: reset optstr() state on 0 return
	 misc/optget.c: text()=>textout() linux.ppc symbol hijack workaround
04-05-31 sfio/sfreserve.c: no side buffer if user buffer is large enough
04-05-27 string/fmtbuf.c: handle one concurrent buf > sizeof(buf)
04-05-24 regcomp.c: fix no-advance initialization
04-05-05, update to align with standards ms suffix update
04-05-04 port/lcgen.c: fix territory initialization
04-04-15 tm/tmdate.c,include/tm.h: fix specific and ordinal days
04-04-08 astconf: retain { HOSTTYPE LIBPATH LIBPREFIX LIBSUFFIX } strict vals
04-04-07 vmalloc/vmbest.c: fix alpha tiny block bug
	 vmalloc/malloc.c: re-enable on alpha
04-03-30 tm/tminit.c: GMT => UCT only if tz.daylight not defined
04-03-25 vmalloc/malloc.c: _AST_std_malloc=1 for __alpha
	 path/pathprobe.c: per-user probe dir => $HOME/.probe/$HOSTTYPE
04-03-23 regex/reglib.h: fix isw*() redefines
04-03-17 features/stdio: no __FILE override for __CYGWIN_ (sys/reent.h clash)
	 sfio/sfhdr.h,sfio/sfsetbuf.c: lower sfmove() default buf size 4x
04-02-29 comp/omitted.c: move env trace after PATH fixup
	 comp/omitted.c: cygwin spawn _P_DETACH => _P_NOWAIT+setpgid(pid,0)
	 misc/optget.c: fix html mailto: match
	 port/astlicense.c: add type=test for fixed 2001 date
	 features/float: check local NaNQ first
	 vmalloc/vmhdr.h: fix _vmextern_ vm_truncate return type
	 misc/ add elf s390 index=22
04-02-26 vmalloc: VMCHECK a:assertions c:arena-check w:warn-instead-of-abort
	 sfio/sfvscanf.c: fix extf arg selection
04-02-24 features/dirent: set nodefine to avoid ast_std.h _typ_off64_t undef
	 disc/sfkeyprintf.c: only case pattern must be ()[] balanced
04-02-14 include/sfio_t.h: add SF_DCDOWN, SFDCNEXT(), SFDCPREV()
04-02-13 string/strmatch.c: fix bug that didn't save one-time sub[] size
	 vmalloc: -g: export VMCHECK=1 enable malloc/free checks
	 vmalloc: -g: free(0) to check and disable malloc/free checks
	 vmalloc: -g: free(1) to check and enable malloc/free checks
04-02-11 Makefile: add :P=A: to conf and lcgen exec for cross-compile
	 regex: use MBSIZE() instead of mbsize() to grab 1 char on err
	 vmalloc/vmbest.c: updated to do more comprehensive DEBUG tests
04-02-04 sfio/sfraise.c: add sfraise(0,a,b) to iterate over all streams
04-02-01 vmalloc/vmbest.c: _BLD_DEBUG free(0) checks the arena
04-01-31 features/vmalloc: fix typo that missed _mmap_zero
04-01-23 string/strerror.c: handle real strerror() return value overwrite
04-01-11 path/pathpath.c: fix size vs. sizeof(buf) typo
03-12-22 misc/ dos EXE tweaks
03-12-05 vmalloc: sync with kpv, adding exceptf announcements
03-12-04 port/astlicense.c: fix expand() loop sentinel bug
03-12-02 include/ast.h: mbchar() advances by 1 on mbtowc() error
	 misc/fts.c: increase MINNAME to 32
03-11-21 vmalloc/vmbest.c: export VMCHECK=1 to enable $(CC.DEBUG) vmcheck()
         vmalloc/vmbest.c: export VMCHECK=2 to disable KPVCOMPACT
	 misc/magic.c: add { cobol copybook pl1 } and suffix preference
03-11-12 features/stdio: drop cuserid,getopt for SUSV3
03-11-11 vmalloc/*: merge kpv update -- this should stomp the compaction bug
03-10-23 comp/iconv.c: fix sfreserve lock fallback
03-10-20 sfio/_sfopen.c: add to allow user sfopen() intercept
03-10-17 regnexec.c: fix exec time REG_LEFT, \x.... => wctomb()
03-10-12 string/strtoi.h: fix strton '.' overconsumption
03-10-12 comp/iconv.c: identity is always (iconv_t)0
03-10-09 string/fmtesc.c: fix FMT_SHELL to check for all shell magic chars
03-10-01 port/astlicense.c: unknown authors copied verbatim (instead of ignored)
03-09-30 string/chresc.c: handle \u..., \x... consumes all trailing hex digits
	 string/stresc.c: \u... and \x... > UCHAR_MAX => wctomb()
03-09-29 fnv.h: add
03-09-23 modedata.c: table is for external modes, so no arch specific hacks
	 optget.c: fix option prefix match translation bug
	 optget.c: add `<length> <name>=<value>\n' to optstr()
	 features/lib: add memcmp() test for sgi optimzation bug
03-09-22 regex.h,regcomp.c: add regncomp()
	 regclass.c: fix for loop dangling ; in regaddclass()
03-09-20 sftable.c,sfvprintf.c: fix SFFMT_CHAR handling to match extf api
03-09-19 sfmode.c: update release to kpv's
03-09-17 regcomp.c: add pedantic backref error checks
03-09-16 regnexec.c: exec time REG_LEFT => don't advance past initial position
	 regclass.c: add regaddclass() for user defined [:class:]
	 regexec.h: REG_VERSION_N2X, add redisc_t {re_map} ccode map
	 regstat.c: add regstat_t
03-09-11 optget.c: --n:=v sets opt_info.assign=':', opt_info.number enabled
03-09-09 disc/sfkeyprintf.c: *pn on lookup is arg separator; lookup "" arg too
03-09-05 optget.c: [f:l*?] preserves user long name past '*' in[]
03-09-03 sfstr.h: add sfstrpend() for #pending bytes in read buffer
03-08-25 regex: add REG_FIRST, optimize bm
	 features/lib: _AST_no_spawnveg==1 falls back to fork/exec
03-08-22 features/stdio,stdio/asprintf.c,stdio/vasprintf.c: add
03-08-21 path/pathnative.c,path/pathposix.c: interix updates
	 features/botched: add cygwin _stat => _stat64
03-08-15 include/ast.h: map out bsd strmode()
	 features/common: add interix _ast_intmax_t workarounds
	 misc/fs3d.c: 3d mount test now uses "" instead of NiL (or cygwin dumps)
03-08-11 string/fmtesc.c: fix optional quoting checks
	 tm/tmdate.c: fix > 1 year of seconds arithmetic
	 tm/tmfix.c: fix leap year adjustments
03-08-01 features/lib: beef up sock_peek test for interix
03-07-29 features/float: add -lm to frexp... test
	 Makefile: fix -lm astmath test sense
03-07-26 features/mem.c: favor _mem_sbrk over _mem_mmap_*
03-07-22 vmalloc/vmbest.c: fall back to sbrk() if mmap() fails
	 features/mem.c: _mem_sbrk means sbrk() and brk() work
03-07-17 regex/regcomp.c: fix bug that treated KRE X{n,m} like {n,m}(X)
	 misc/magic.c: check MAGIC_VERBOSE for all load() messages
03-07-14 misc/optget.c: handle [...]{[...]\f...\f...}
03-06-21 misc/sigcrit.c: block SIGCHLD if _lib_sigprocmask || _lib_sigsetmask
	 comp/spawnveg.c,sfio/sfmode.c: use sigcritical() SIG_REG_* macros
	 comp/spawnveg.c: drop ENOEXEC logic
	 vmalloc/*: snarf kpv KPVCOMPACT() fix
	 vmalloc/vmbest.c: export VMCHECK=2 to disable KPVCOMPACT (just in case)
	 string/strdup.c: drop __strdup() etc. intercepts -- malloc gets it
	 features/mem: define _mem_method and _mem_* possible values
	 vmalloc/malloc.c: _AST_mem_method==_mem_* to force mem get method
	 sfio/sfputr.c: __ia64 memccpy is bogus -- how many tries do they get?
	 path/pathshell.c: verify abs path and access(path,X_OK) -- duh
	 vmalloc/vmhdr.h: add private _Vmessage() for non-sfio ASSERT() 
	 port/astconf.c: fix bug that always returned the minmax value
03-06-11 comp/*.c: reorder macro hding for mvs.390 and <ast_map.h> 
	 features/vmalloc: add _lib_brk and _lib_sbrk verification
	 include/ast_std.h,etc.: add _map_malloc for malloc => _ast_malloc
	 comp/ fix SI_* and *_SI_* macro redefs
	 ast.h: VMDEBUG or _BLD_DEBUG enable <vmalloc.h> and VMFL tracing
	 vmalloc/vmtrace.c: _PACKAGE_ast __FUNCTION__ is a string
	 vmalloc/vmtrace.c: set trace file fd FD_CLOEXEC
	 vmalloc/vmbest.c: set /dev/zero mmap fd FD_CLOEXEC
	 features/mmap: fix ancient read() vs. mmap() time arithmetic typo
	 vmalloc/malloc.c: _AST_std_malloc==1 to force standard malloc
03-06-09 comp/omitted.c: add _imp__FUNCTION sybols for __CYGWIN__ static link
	 vmalloc/vmbest.c: handle systems with sbrk() but no brk()
03-06-04 port/astconf.c: drop non-standard diagnostics
03-06-03 comp/ rework symbol collision logic
03-05-30,,astconf.c: add <sys/systeminfo.h> sysinfo() SI_*
03-05-29 ccode.h: rework for extensibility, drop obsolete mematoe(), memetoa()
03-05-28 regex/*: recode to use isw*() directly when needed, is*() otherwise
03-05-27 features/vmalloc: fix _std_malloc test
03-05-25 misc/optget.c: fix optstr() ???* internal options
03-05-24 misc/optget.c: fix (ancient) argv null dereference
03-05-23 comp/getcwd.c: don't intercept on _WINIX -- unreliable st_ino
03-05-22 sfio/sfsprintf.c: n<0 => don't append '\0'
03-05-18 misc/fts.c: re-stat FTS_DP to update nlink/times 
	 misc/fts.c: add FTSENT.stack to eliminate getlist() recursion
	 regex/ucs_names.h: use "..." catenation to placate some cc's
03-05-11 string/strtoi.h: handle "-" "+" "0x" "11#"
03-05-09 vmalloc/vmbest.c: large memory allocation tweaks
03-05-06 misc/optget.c: fix getopt_long() prefix==1 bug that missed short flags
03-04-27 comp/system.c: handle <ast_map.h>
03-04-24 vmalloc/vmmopen.c: drop dup <unistd.h>
03-04-21 tm/tmdate.c: fix next hour/min logic
03-04-15 vmalloc/malloc.c: intercept __malloc() along with __libc_malloc()
	 string/strdup.c: intercept __strdup() along with __libc_strdup()
	 features/mmap: consolidate from features/(lib|sfio|vmalloc)
	 add _NO_MMAP==1 to disable all mmap()/munmap() calls
	 path/pathposix.c: add
03-04-14 comp/setlocale.c: fix debug_mbtowc() return value for *s==0 || n < 1
	 comp/iconv.c: fix error return errno values
03-04-11 misc/stk.c: fix stkgrow() realloc bug
03-04-05 string/tok.c: support readonly single token input strings
	 disc/sfdcdio.c: fix F_DIOINFO and FDIRECT #ifdef's
	 include/ast_std.h: allow _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE on __hppa
	 features/common: fix `tst _foo_' => `tst foo_' typo
	 features/float: fix `tst _foo_' => `tst foo_' typo
	 comp/omitted.c: fix pathconf => _pathconf => _ast_pathconf loop
03-04-03 features/float: add _ast_no_um2fm: no usinged intmax => floatmax cast
	 vmalloc/vmbest.c: add getenv("VMCHECK") to initialize Vmcheck
03-03-28 include/ast_dir.h: add D_TYPE; { D_FILENO D_TYPE } must be #ifdef'd
	 misc/fts.c|getcwd.c|glob.c,preroot/getpreroot.c: add D_FILENO #ifdef's
	 Makefile: make sure _BLD_ast is defined for all compiles
03-03-27 ast_vfork.h: generate from features/vfork to pick up headers/pragmas
03-03-25 comp/omitted.c: drop free() of live environ
	 path/pathshell.c: allow trailing .exe -- pox on that
	 string/strtoi.h: fix bug leading 3 digits before thousands sep bug
	 string/(fmt|str)[gu]id.c: we know root when we see it
03-03-24 misc/optget.c: handle : and ? in := default value
03-03-21 ast_std.h: drop all spawn*() but spawnveg()
	 obsolete/spawn.c: add for dropped spawn*()
	 features/lib: _use_spawnveg if spawnveg() is a win over fork()/exec()
	 features/lib: drop NutForkExecve() and _map_spawnve
	 features/lib: fix memccpy test to clean up /tmp droppings
	 comp/spawnveg.c: call posix_spawn() if implemented
	 comp/omitted.c: add spawnve() intercept
	 comp/getoptl.c: set getopt_long() optind even if no options
	 tm/tmfmt.c: add %Q<delim>recent<delim>distant<delim>
	 misc/optget.c: fix trailing '*' for option and option args
	 sfio/sfmode.c: getenv("_AST_SFIO_OPTIONS") [,]SF_LINE[,] for fd {0,1,2}
	 vmalloc/*: kpv sync for uwin build independent of libast
03-03-18 port/astconf.c: switch to dynamic string values (saves 7K data/bss)
	 string/strmatch.c: switch to dynamic regex cache (saves 3K data/bss)
	 regex/regcoll.c,ucs_names.h: initialize rw tables from smaller ro data
	 features/lib: add vfork test for passing SIG_IGN across exec
	 features/lib: add spawn test for passing SIG_IGN across spawn
03-03-17 comp/omitted.c: unlink() renames to .deleted dir in case file open
	 sfio/sfpopen.c: handle mode "" for spawn with no pipe
	 features/float,comp/frexp.c,comp/frexpl.c: add pow2() table alternative
03-03-12 features/lib: fix linux.ia64 memccpy() tests -- now its their turn
	 features/vmalloc: fix /dev/zero test
	 features/align: _ast_intmax_t and _ast_fltmax_t join the union
	 misc/stk.c: fix struct frame size to align data
	 disc/sfdcdos.c: change sfslen() => sfvalue(f)
03-03-10 misc/optget.c: handle [f\f:x:lll\f?ddd]
03-03-07 port/astconf.c: uninitialized CONFORMANCE + POSIXLY_CORRECT => standard
03-03-05 comp/omitted.c: make sure at least /bin is in PATH to find cygwin dlls
03-03-02 path/pathshell.c: write access to /bin is effectively root
03-02-28 features/float: add (FLT|DBL|LDBL)_U?(LONG|LONGLONG|INTMAX)_(MIN|MAX)
03-02-25 features/lib: change vfork() test to use _exit() instead of exit()
03-02-23 include/error.h: update ERROR_VERSION for error_info.number space
03-02-22 comp/ wrap ksh check in eval to avoid premature exit
03-02-21 misc/fts.c: verify chdir(..) to avoid malicious dir rename()
03-02-19 string/strtoip4.c: isspace() instead of ' '||'\t'
03-02-17 regex/regcomp.c: fix stats.l REX_REP logic that botched REX_BM
03-02-13 string/base64.c: handle catenated encodings
03-02-11 features/ change LIBPATH to <dir>[:<env>[:<pat>]][,...]
03-02-07 path/pathfind.c: allow "/dev/null" to be PATH_REGULAR
03-02-06 include/ast.h,fmtquote.c: add FMT_ALWAYS|FMT_ESCAPED|FMT_SHELL|FMT_WIDE
03-02-05 tm/tmdate.c,tm/tmword.c,string/strelapsed.c: '_' treated like ' '
03-02-01 string/strelapsed.c: handle ps style [day-][hour:]min:sec
03-01-31 port/astlicense.c: fix author=* match
03-01-30 include/tm.h: add tmisleapyear() macro
03-01-29 comp/getopt.h,comp/getoptl.c: add gnu getopt_long(), getopt_long_only()
	 include/ast_getopt.h: for non-gnu part of comp/getopt.h
	 include/ast_std.h: include <ast_getopt.h> instead of <getopt.h>
03-01-28 ast.h,string/base64.c: add base64encode() and base64decode()
	 path/pathfind.c: verify S_ISREG()
03-01-24 path/pathexists.c: fix abs dir bug and deal with case ignorance
03-01-23 path/pathpath.c: honor PATH_ABSOLUTE for the easy case too
03-01-22 path/pathprobe.c: fix search to find both the probe script and command
03-01-17 misc/ application/zip => appplication/(gzip|pzip|zip)
03-01-14 misc/optget.c: change href="" to href="."
03-01-10 include/ast_std.h: strtold() import hackery for static __CYGWIN__
03-01-03 include/regex.h,regex/regcomp.h: add REG_SHELL_GROUP
	 include/ast.h,string/strmatch.c: add STR_GROUP for REG_SHELL_GROUP
02-12-15 include/error.h: errorcontext => Error_context_s (compatible til 2004)
02-12-06 misc/sigdata.c: add NoF(sigdadata) -- why nmake was uninterruptable!
02-12-03 comp/omitted.c,features/omitted: handle cygwin alarm() return botch
02-11-27 misc/swapop.c: op=3,size=4 => op=7
	 string/strlcat.c,strlcpy.c: fix uwin decl clash
02-11-26 sfio/sfvprintf.c: fix sfsprintf() '\0' termination bug
02-11-22 misc/glob.c: move static struniq() to libast extern
	 string/fmtversion.c,include/ast.h: add fmtversion
02-11-18 string/strncopy.c: add
	 misc/ list size for magicid.h magic
02-11-14 sfio/sfvprintf.c: add %#c for C escapes
	 include/error.h: add ERROR_NOTIFY context flag for builtin commands
02-11-11 string/strtoi.h: add S2I_size for strnto*() size_t 2nd arg
	 sfio/sfstrtof.h: add S2I_size for strnto*() size_t 2nd arg
	 comp/putenv.c: add setenv() and unsetenv() wrappers for setenviron()
02-10-31 path/pathfind.c: add dir of including file to the pathinclude() list
	 misc/optesc.c: add
02-10-30 string/strtoip4.c: set next char pointer even on error
02-10-29 comp/resolvepath.c: add (size_t version of realpath())
	 misc/mime.c: fix mimehead() to ignore null content values
02-10-28 misc/glob.c: add GLOB_STARSTAR for /**/ and GLOB_NOTDIR optimization
02-10-27 string/struniq.c: add
02-10-23 features/common: fix off-by-one loop check
02-10-18 include/ast_std.h: avoid off_t,ftruncate,lseek,truncate redefinitions
02-10-17 misc/mime.c: handle type/* match, fix bogus header parse
02-10-04 sfio/sfstrtof.h: S2F_static <0:export =0:private >0:static
02-10-02 features/common: don't define _WIN32; define _WINIX => unix on windows
	 features/tty: finally stomp the bsd _POSIX_VDISABLE redefinition
	 misc/fastfind.c: add more specific findwrite() error messages
	 comp/omitted.c: fix cygwin utime() to update st_ctime
	 comp/strtol.c,strtoul.c: __CYGWIN__ static link workaround XXX
	 string/fmtls.c,fmttime.c: tmform() => tmfmt()
02-09-22 port/astconf.c: return values in fmtbuf() buffer instead of stack
	 port/mnt.c: don't set MNT_REMOTE for win32 ?:\* paths
	 sfio/sfvscanf.c: _sfdscan() is library global (not static)
02-09-21 path/pathkey.c: add tool arg for mamake compatible hash
	 features/fcntl.c: handle iffe _hdr_lcl_* => _lcl_* change
02-09-15 comp/ fix enum vs. macro test
	 cdt: kpv sync
02-09-11 ast.h,features/common: move _WIN32 macro init to features/common
	 features/common: enable __EXTERN__ and __DEFINE__ for _WIN32&!_UWIN
	 features/float: add -lm to _ast_*_nan_init tests
	 vmalloc: kpv sync with vmresizef => vmgetmem
	 features/iconv: must have both <iconv.h> and iconv_open()!
	 features/vmalloc: alloca test must compile *and* link
	 sfio/sfvscanf.c,sfstrtof.h: add flag arg to char get, fix NaN loop
02-09-10 vmalloc/vmhdr.h: enable getpagesize() and sbrk() prototypes
	 features/fcntl.c: enable mmap64() prototype
	 include/ast_windows.h: windows.h wrapper with ast namespace workarounds
02-09-07 misc/mime.c: fix quoted value parse bug that ate the whole line
02-09-05 features/vmalloc: add free() to _std_malloc test
	 include/ast.h: NoF(x) now defines _DATA_x for !_BLD_DLL too
	 tm/tmlocale.c: { C POSIX en } == unix dadgummit
02-08-29 path/pathfind.c: initialize
02-08-28 uwin/rint.c: update
	 features/ "bin" is now the default value
02-08-22 vmtrace.h: add for debugging
02-08-20 misc/magic.c: convert to use <cdt.h>
	 vmalloc/vmresizef.c: add for generic discipline resizef default
	 string/strelapsed.c: allow long time component names
02-08-19 misc/optget.c: add `.fp 5 CW' to --nroff output
	 string/(fmtfs|fmtuid|fmtgid|strgid|struid).c: convert to use <cdt.h>
	 include/dt.h,cdt/dtnew.c: add for dtopen() in specific vm region
02-08-13 comp/omitted.c: fix bzero logic for e.g. unixware.i386
	 include/ast.h: add fmtbase->fmtbasell; swap in 2003-09-01
02-08-12 regex/regnexec.c: fix REG_MINIMAL REX_DOT mb bug
02-08-08 features/iconv: <ast_common.h> instead of <sys/types.h> <ast_common.h>
02-08-07 regex/regcomp.c: recognize anchors in BRE subexpressions
02-08-06 comp/iconv.c: handle win32 cpNNNN == windows-NNNN aliases
02-08-05 cdt/*: sync with kpv src
02-08-02 features/iconv: include sys/types.h for ast_types.h
02-08-01 misc/magic.c: magic file "." names the default
	 misc/magic.c: handle addr type (from irix string)
	 features/lib: move malloc tests to features/vmalloc
	 features/vmalloc: snarf tests from features/lib
	 vmalloc/*: sync with kpv src
	 comp/libc.c: dropped -- __libc_* intercepts moved to vmalloc/malloc.c
02-07-30 features/lib: handle __libc_malloc() in _std_malloc test
	 vmalloc/malloc.c: add gnu pvalloc()
	 features/vmalloc: fix alloca check
02-07-29 features/limits.c: handle netbsd guards
02-07-27 sfio/sfpoll.c: handle rw pipes
02-07-25 features/iconv: include ast_types.h for size_t in ast_iconv.h
02-07-18 apply LARGEFILE64 header prototype clash patches
	 misc/optget.c: __EXTERN__ _opt_info_ instead of opt_info
02-07-17 ast_std.h: memzero() now defaults to memset() instead of bzero()
02-07-16 ast_std.h: add ast.env_serial
	 misc/setenviron.c: increment ast.env_serial
	 include/tm.h: tmset() now calls tminit() directly
	 tm/tminit.c: check ast.env_serial for env change
	 tm/tmfix.c: speed up for large values of tm_mday
02-07-15 comp/fnmatch.c: fix memory leak caused by missing regfree()
	 comp/strstr.c: fix broken interpretation and implementation
	 comp/iconv.c: intercept (but no-op) null to and from buffer pointers
02-06-27 ast_std.h: map _sysconf => _ast_sysconf for sun
02-06-26 cdt,sfio,vmalloc: kpv sync -- is this ever easy?
02-06-24 sfio: kpv sync, vfwscanf(),fputw() fix (wcslen(x)*sizeof(wchar_t)!!)
	 misc/fts.c: fix symlink chdir() optimzation bug
02-06-11 sfio/sfwrite.c: string to file fix
	 Makefile: __OBSOLETE__==20020101
02-06-01 regex/regcomp.c: REG_DELIMITED now consumes the delimiter
02-05-31 regex/reglib.h,regcomp.c,regnexec.c: null subexpression fixes
02-05-24 misc/fts.c: disable dir link counts in 3d
	 misc/magic.c: fix "*(mkfile)" sh pattern to "*@(mkfile)"
02-05-20 regex.h,regex/regsubcomp.c,regex/regsubexec.c: add
	 regex/regsub.c: deprecate
02-05-16 tm/tmfix.c: fix '60+n min/sec ago' bug for n min/sec after the hour
02-05-14 regex/regsub.c: fix (^|x) null match early termination bug
02-05-13 dir/dirlib.h: drop errant extern==__EXPORT__
	 features/uwin: add uwin lib tests
	 uwin/*.c: check features/uwin for stubs
	 features/float: add nan representation generation
	 sfio/sftable.h: used _ast_*_nan_init for huge values
02-05-09 misc/fts.c: fix virtual top to force ``child'' stat()
	 features/common: define va_copy() only if not in <stdarg.h>
02-05-01 string/strtoip4.c: cisco inverted quad mask must have 4 parts
02-04-30 misc/ fix pzip version check
02-04-19 string/strtoip4.c: handle cisco inverted quad mask n.n.n.n/i.i.i.i
02-04-18 misc/fts.c: add chdir() verification stat() optimizations
	 path/pathkey.c: check PROBE_ATTRIBUTES for list of vars
02-04-12 port/astlicense.c: type=open tweak, fix author list spacing
02-04-11 regex/regcomp.c: check for pattern number overflow
02-04-05 tm/tmfmt.c: add %u
02-04-04 sfkeyprintf.c: fix %c numeric value
	 path/pathpath.c: check plain path first -- duh
02-04-03 misc/fts.c: fix (FTS_PHYSICAL|FTS_NOSTAT) stat optimizations
	 ftwalk.c: only clear FTW_DELAY if FTW_CHILDREN
	 ftwalk.h: add FTW_NSOK for FTW_DELAY
02-03-29 ast.h: drop strerror() prototype -- already in <ast_std.h>
	 features/stdio: check for _SFIO_H redundant _Sfstd* declarations
02-03-26 misc/glob.c: fix GLOB_LIST gl_flags values
02-03-24 port/mnt.c: update bsd fstype name and mount option logic
02-03-23 Makefile: add ast_wchar.h to the .check.hdr list (for mamake)
02-03-17 features/stdio: hack around g++ 3.* clashes
	 Makefile: add ast_nl_types.h to the .check.hdr list (for mamake)
	 string/strtoip4.c: fix validity check bug that only checked last part
02-03-14 misc/optget.c: fix --keys to not expand inline \f...\f
02-03-12 port/astlicense.c: add type=free
	 path/pathaccess.c: sibling ".." search ignores relative dirs
	 sfio/sfvscanf.c: sfstrtof get() must return 0 on eof
02-03-11 path/pathexists.c: check path by pairs checking {ENOTDIR,ENOENT}
02-02-14 features/float: copy local min/max macros to avoid printf roundoff
	 features/wchar: include <ast_common.h>, not <ast_std.h>
	 misc/magic.c: match[]=>matches[] to fix K&R match() macro conflict
	 include/vmalloc.h: include <stdlib.h> for !_PACKAGE_ast
	 uwin/mini.sym: add sprintf (now required by features/common)
	 regex/regnexec.c: truncate wide chars for <ctype.h> functions
	 Makefile: fix MAM ast_common.h sequencing bug by making it first
	 cdt/dthash.c: fix DT_DELETE memory leak (DT_DETACH typo)
	 cdt/dthash.c: fix DT_DELETE double free (dt->data->here typo)
	 regex/regcomp.c: fix recomb() to reject RE with backref
	 features/iffeio: explicitly generate stdio.lcl
	 stdio: add {fcloseall,f(get|put)s_unlocked,fmemopen,getdelim,getline}
	 tmmake,tmtime: allow negative time_t if native localtime/gmtime do
	 tmdate: allow years before 1969
	 fmtfmt: add
	 Makefile: add std/*.h for std header iffe overrides
	 comp/iconv.c: fix non-C win32 sfreserve() loop
02-02-11 features/common: separate long long / long double tests
	 features/common: verify printf handles long long / long double
02-02-02 include/ast_std.h,sfio/sfhdr.h: drop _hdr_locale tests -- always on now
	 include/ast_std.h: trust _UWIN <unistd.h>
02-01-31 port/mnt.c: add aix options field
02-01-30 comp/strstr.c: add for ancient s5
	 stdio/_flsbuf.c: only on systems that transfer to native (e.g., uwin)
	 string/strtoi.h: cat min/max error return values
02-01-28 features/tty: add cf[gs]et[io]speed macros for <termio.h>
	 comp/rename.c: punt to (ancient) /usr/lib/mv_dir on EISDIR
02-01-24 sigcrit.c: fix SIGCLD!=SIGCHLD interrupt loop
	 sfvprintf.c: convert fast io macros to functions for uts.390 cc
	 string/strtoi.h: drop #pragma prototyped for standalone sfio
	 sfdcsubstr.c: rename from sfdcsubstream.c for 14 char fs
02-01-22 execlp,execvp,execvpe,spawnlp,spawnvp,spawnvpe: fix __EXPORT__
	 spawnlp,spawnve,spawnvp,spawnvpe: handle ms mode arg -- barf
	 sftable.c: ifdef hacks for _WIN32&_ALPHA_ fp exception
	 _stdfun.c: add _UWIN&_ALPHA_ iob map
02-01-18 sfio/sfstrtof.h: drop #pragma prototyped for standalone sfio
02-01-17 features/hdr: don't include <stddef.h> after it doesn't check out!
02-01-16 misc/magic.c: add version type for YYYYMMDD or [a.][b.]c.d
	 misc/magic.c: recode mime %s parse -- sensible and no buffer overflow
02-01-15 misc/,magicid.h: add generic binary magic number and header
02-01-12 tm/tmlocale.c: override win32 default date for {C,POSIX,en} locales
	 comp/omitted.c: fix cygwin workaround logic bugs
02-01-09 stdio/fseeko.c,ftello.c: add from UNIX98
02-01-08 comp/ use $cc instead of cc
02-01-07 string/strlcat.c,string/strlcpy.c: add bsd api
01-12-18 comp/ fix LFS_CFLAGS default for sun _CS_LFS_CFLAGS botch
	 features/common: add hdr stdarg test
	 tm/tmdate.c: handle YYYY/MM/DD
01-12-10 misc/ add generic 0x00010203 binary magic
01-12-03 path/pathprobe.c: return HOME relative path if readonly/non-suid fs
01-11-30 misc/optget.c: add simple cache for repeat offenders (like ksh read)
	 sfio/sfhdr.h: preserve errno across SFMMSEQON-SFMMSEQOFF
01-11-29 fix GIF version number listing
01-11-28 string/fmtbase.c: p!=0 => base always included in output
01-11-26 misc/fts.c: empty path is an error
01-11-14 misc/optget.c: fix --?+SECTION queries to include paragraphs
01-11-20 regex/regnexec.c: fix REG_MINIMAL character class match bug
01-11-19 features/lib: retain _lib_confstr for all solaris releases
01-11-16 comp/setlocale.c: fix !_lib_setlocale typo
01-10-31 regex/ucs_names.h: add string catenation to keep line length low
	 misc/fastfind.c: handle gnu slocate db read
	 misc/optget.c: add --?+SECTION queries
	 comp/fnmatch.h: add FNM_NOSYS
01-10-30 tm/tmdate.c: fix cron specs when both wday and mday are specified
01-10-20 misc/glob.c: fix bug that called \ trim() twice on same path
	 misc/glob.c: fix \ trim() bug that restored / to wrong position
	 string/fmtre.c: fix { ^ . $ } translations
	 misc/optget.c: use original string if translation fails -- duh
	 sfio/sfhdr.h: assume <errno.h> assigns proper atttibutes to errno
	 comp/regcmp.c: __ia64 workaround fixed by proper CC.DLL probe
	 comp/getdate.c: __ia64 workaround fixed by proper CC.DLL probe
	 features/lib: add lib getdate
01-10-18 features/lib: check for strtod static link collision
	 features/float: add another signed cast for old bsd cc
	 features/wchar: add <stdlib.h> <stdio.h> before <wchar.h> for old bsd
01-10-17 sfio/sfcvt.c: limit max precision to { FLT_DIG DBL_DIG LDBL_DIG }
	 sfio/sfcvt.c: fix %[aA] format to always have leading 0[xX]1.
	 sfio/sfvprintf.c: handle %C %lc %S %ls for wchar_t args
	 sfio/sfvscanf.c: handle %C %lc %S %ls for wchar_t args
	 string/fmtmode.c: fix bug that omitted trailing '\0'
01-10-12 misc/optget.c: . => \&. for --??nroff
	 comp/wc.c: fix mbstate_t initialization typo
	 features/float: fix max integer / float loop termiation
	 features/float: fix LDBL_UINTMAX_MAX typo that did DBL_UINTMAX_MAX
01-10-11 include/sfio.h: fix _Sfstd* import/export
	 features/common: fix _UWIN __DYNAMIC__() definition
01-10-06 features/fcntl.c: { O_BINARY O_TEXT } default to 0
	 features/omitted: add for comp/omitted.c
	 sfio/sfopen.c: O_BINARY default for _WIN32&&!_UWIN
01-10-05 misc/glob.c: fix `\(x/*' GLOB_NOMATCH bug that returned `(x'
	 misc/optget.c: fix localization lookup that didn't drop doubled : ? ]
01-10-04 comp/setlocale.c: handle sizeof(wchar_t)!=4 in debug locale
	 comp/ handle sytems where _SC_* is both an enum and a macro
01-09-25 astconf: add LIBPREFIX
01-09-20 features/common: add __DYNAMIC__() for dll externs
01-09-19 cdt: kpv update
	 mb*() macros: update for ksh conversion, extend debug locale
01-09-16 tm/tmlocale.c: add compiled in defaults for C locale
	 misc/glob.c: add gl_nextdir callback for GLOB_COMPLETE
01-08-14 clarify _WIN32 vs. _UWIN vs. __CYGWIN__
	 tminit: fix standard & daylight initialization
01-09-11 pathnative.c: add for native fs representation
	 regex.h: fix regerror_t prototype
01-09-04 regex/regnexec.c: fix REG_ICASE for multi-char collating elements
	 tm/tmlocale.c: fix old ascii LC_TIME load
	 locale*: add new LC_* categories
	 comp/omitted.c: add CYGWIN workarounds
	 features/lib: add CYGWIN workarounds
01-08-11 features/common: some compilers have long long but no LL constants!
	 features/lib: add mmap64 implementation test (for linux.s390)
	 regex/regcomp.c: fix \ in [...] parse
	 setlocale: retain user locale spelling in setlocale() return value
	 features/limits.c: don't include ./limits.h -- duh
	 fmtesc: don't escape multibyte chars
	 tm/tmlocale.c: fix native C locale default
01-08-08 features/float: some compilers (msdev) forget long long vs. double
01-07-31 misc/optget.c: handle suboptions
01-07-27 cdt.h: add DTDISC()
01-07-17 iffeio.h: move to include for stdio bootstrap iffe workarounds
01-06-25 regex: perl extensions added and tested
01-06-21 misc/error: add ERROR_OPTIONS=prefix=string for message processing
01-06-15 string/chresc: only 2 hex digits max for \xxx
	 regex/regsub: handle REG_SHELL ~(nnn) rhs backrefs
01-06-11 regex: handle embedded \0 in pattern and subject string
	 regex: add (?nnn) for backrefs > 9
	 comp/fnmatch: add FNM_LEADING_DIR for gnu compatibility
	 features/float: _ast_flt_unsigned_max_t for bsd.i386 omission
01-06-06 misc/optget.c: add o option for old ps,ar,tar with optional leading -
	 regex/regcomp.c: REG_LENIENT|REG_DELIMITED \<newline> => <newline>
	 regex/regcomp.c: REG_LENIENT \000 => NUL
01-06-04 features/dirent: replace Makefile hack with iffe semi-hack
	 regex/regnexec.c: negation must also check REG_SHELL_DOT
01-06-03 sprintf.c: change buf size from SF_BUFSIZE to INT_MAX
01-05-31 glob: fix gl_fignore to ignore leading . by default
	 features/lib: add botch_d_ino_dirent64 for linux botch
01-05-25 port/ add a few missing language_territory's
01-05-23 string/chresc: \C[.collation-element.]
	 fmtmatch,fmtre: update for <regex.h> syntax extensions
01-05-21 regex: add perl extensions, unicode names for collation elements
01-05-11 string/chresc: \e == \E == escape, \cX == control X, \x{..} == \x..
01-05-09 path/pathtemp.c: pathtemp(0,0,0,"/private",0) for mode S_IRUSR|S_IWUSR
	 port/touch.c: handle utime(2) EPERM to fix bug that truncated
	 regex: change REG_MINIMAL to avoid negation -- much faster now
01-05-08 *.h: add some off_t macro guards for suse linux
01-05-03 regcomp.c: optimize ((x)!)* to ((x)!)
	 wchar: add <wchar.h> and stdio wchar routines
01-05-02 feaures/wchar: add <wchar.h> intercept, add stdio wchar functions
01-05-01 string/strtoi.h: signed strtoi accepts qualified unsigned constants
01-04-30 comp/setlocale.c: fix code that relied on 2 simultaneous getenv()'s
	 tm/tmlocale.c: check for UTF-8 encoded LC_TIME files
	 misc/ add utf-8 and utf-16 U+FEFF magic
01-04-26 features/common: some cc's have _ast_int8_t but not LL constants
01-04-24 features/lib: add _std_strtod for mac os X
01-04-23 ccode: add CC_sub for ms embedded EOF char on ebcdic -- no joke
01-04-20 iconv: handle ebcdic<=>utf
	 mc.h,mc.c: add mcindex()
	 ast_std.h: add AST_MESSAGE_SET
01-04-18 features/ fix mvs probe
	 *: sundry mvs fixes
	 glob: fix GLOB_NOCHECK to avoid stat() and properly trim patterns
01-04-01 strtod,strtold: add
	 strtol,strtoul,strtoll,strtoull,strton,strtonl: handle locale & ERANGE
	 sfvprintf,sfvscanf: handle locale decimal_point,thousands_sep
	 sfvprintf,sfvscanf: handle %a,%A
	 setlocale: add LC_NUMERIC decimal_point,thousands_sep init
	 ast_std.h: __OPTIMIZE_SIZE__==1 to disable non-std __GNUC__ inlines
	 pathexists: path cache to cut down pathpath() access(2) calls
	 features/stdio: __FILE_TAG == _sfio_s for solaris
01-03-23 iconv: fix iconv_move buffer boundary bug that stopped at 1 block
01-03-19 glob: add GLOB_AUGMENTED
	 regex: REG_SHELL syntax error implies REG_LITERAL match
	 strto[ln][ll]: add overflow checks
01-03-17 locale: reimplemented to provide canonical locale namespace
	 locale: add LC_ALL=local for local system user default
	 tm.h: TM_*_3 => TM_*_ABBREV
	 tmfmt: handle standard E and O format modifiers
	 tmlocale: consult nl_langinfo() if defined
	 fmtquote("\"",1) => shell quote
01-03-08 regex: handle multibyte chars and collation classes
	 strmatch,strgrpmatch: now a wrapper on regex
	 ast_std.h: add mb*() multibyte and collation support
	 sfvscanf: handle locale decimal and thousand
	 proc*,system: handle ignored SIGCHLD
	 sfkeyprintf: handle %*C
01-03-06 locale: add locale data cache for efficient multiple locale switching
	 optget: fix LC_MESSAGES!=C --man bug
01-03-01 Makefile: HEADEROPT is not optional for win32.*
	 comp/syslog.h: comply with the de factos
	 optget(): fix \f...\f stack bug that referenced data after pop
01-02-27 *locale*: a batch of fixes for native LC_MESSAGE&LC_TIME hooks
01-02-22 pathprobe: reprobe test now checks probe.ini too
	 sfio_s.h: advertize public Sfio_t members with _ prefix
	 sfio.h,features/stdio: add <sfio_s.h> reference
	 sfhdr.h: map <sfio_s.h> _foo to foo
01-02-14 comp/ probe <unistd.h> for _(CS|PC|SC)_* getconf symbols
	 stdio/*: update for uwin stdio.dll binary compatibility
	 sfread: finally fixed premature pipe read EOF bug
	 fmtscale: format tenths for number > 0 && number < 10
01-02-09 _sfmode(),_sftype(),_Sfextern: UWIN binary stdio compatibility exports
01-02-08 sfgetm,sfputm,_sfputm: fix max clash with k&r max() macro
	 setlocale: undef valid for sun4 k&r valid() macro
01-02-07 catopen.c: don't do native catopen for the debug locale
01-02-06 sfraise.c: add SF_FINAL check to avoid (posibly) freed disciplines
01-01-01 features/common: fix uwin __DEFINE__
	 sftable: initialize decimal and thousand add corel wordperfect document
	 syslog: add LOG_LEVEL, add '\n' only if needed
	 include/tm.h: #undef daylight for _WIN32
	 sfio.h: add _SF_APPEND and _SF_CLOSE for native namespace incursion
	 ast_std.h: add AST_LC_multibyte for MB_CUR_MAX>1
	 setlocale: set AST_LC_multibyte
	 strmatch: check AST_LC_multibyte
	 features/limits.c: add _BITS_POSIX1_LIM_H guard for linux
	 features/ fix for aix LIBPATH
	 procopen,procclose: block SIGCHLD if PROC_FOREGROUND (e.g., system(3))
	 optget.c: add enumerated option argument values
	 optget.c: add <!--INTERNAL--> for private --html
	 optget.c: fix memory leak that hit shell builtins hard
	 sfio: drop sfread small chunk logic
00-12-25 mnt.c: handle " and ' quoting for fstab
	 sftmp.c: let pathtemp() open the fd O_EXCL
00-12-15 add -v for verbose trace
	 features/(limits|unistd).c: no FEATURE/types because of _POSIX_SOURCE
	 features/time: add default for CLOCKS_PER_SEC
	 features/lib: std_malloc now handles NeXT
00-12-13 strton: recognize qualifier only if preceded by a digit
	 features/lib: change return in vfork() test to exit() for linux sparc
	 fmtquote: fix $'...' quote logic
00-12-11 tmdate: fix cron format bug that mishandled months
00-12-01 optget: handle $Id: ... $ in --?-version
	 features/fcntl.c: fix _STDPP_ mmap munmap
00-11-27 magic: drop dup sfclose() in load()
	 optget: handle
00-11-22 features/stdio: add _FILEDEFED for sol9.sun4
	 strton,stronll: handle [u|U][l|L][ll|LL] qualifiers
00-10-31 tmdate: add TM_DATESTYLE and mmddHHMM[cc]yy
	 astlicense.c: #include <hashkey.h> MAM workaround
	 astlicense.c: check for non-empty CONTRIBUTORS
00-10-26 features/stdio: add _FILE and __FILE for gnu
	 misc/stk.c: fix stack pointer check off-by-one (dgk does it too!)
00-10-23 syslog.h: sync with bsd values
00-10-18 _STUB_* now functions instead of common symbols
	 all extern data declared with definition to eliminate common symbols
	 fastfind: add mac/bsd /var/db/locate.database
00-10-17 features/lib: add apple osX (darwin.ppc) workarounds
00-10-12 add: fmtbuf(), fmtclock(), fmtip4(), strtoip4()
	 fmt*() now use fmtbuf() for tmp fmt buf allocation
00-10-05 regex: add REG_DISCIPLINE and regdisc_t for alloc/error disc
00-09-29 features/lib: pipe_rw==0 for sgi: boot rw == bin incompatibility
00-09-21 astlicense: handle \' and \" in license values
00-09-20 sfwrite: fix write() error in sfprintf() loop
00-08-11 hdr,vmhdr.h: check/hide { getpagesize sbrk } prototypes
	 astlicense: add noncommercial
00-07-31 fflush: don't seek on pipes
	 sfresize: add
	 setlocale: fix bad newof() call
00-06-01 strmatch: initialize match.current.beg[0] to avoid dump at line 670
	 sfio/stdio: a few more errno tweaks
	 astquery: sfstdin/sfstderr by default
00-05-26 sfmode: errno=EBADF for invalid stream use
00-05-22 rewind: fix for xopen test
00-05-18 mcfind: returns absolute path
00-05-16 optget: --keys must catch \f...\f too
	 translate,mc: errno cleanup
00-05-09 magic: add netbsd binary magic
	 ftwflags: call fts_flags()
	 astconf: astconf(0,0,0) re-syncs with _AST_FEATURES
00-05-08 optget: --usage & --keys for last -catalog group only
00-05-02 iconv.c: add; use codes[] in ccmapid() and ccmapname(); "" for native
00-05-01 pathtmp: copy env values (libshell or putenv may change)
00-04-01 optget: drop bar from [-foo?bar] for --??keys
	 sfvscanf: add %X -- duh
	 features/common: fix va_listval() for power pc
	 findopen: fix FIND_GENERATE codes file search
	 magic: add ERROR_translate() and msgcat.key
	 tmlocale: add for LC_TIME locale info
	 tmlex: check tm_info.format and tm_data.format
	 tmfix: fix for tm_wday special case (via nl_langinfo on LC_TIME fields)
	 strftime: fix for nl_langinfo special case
	 ast_std.h: provide LC_* defauls if not defined
	 sfnew: check ${_AST_sfio_bufsize} -- don't tell kpv
	 catopen,nl_types.h: add intercept to mc* routines add ast message catalog
	 strerror: add _ast_strerror intercept with ERROR_translate("errno")
	 fmtquote: escapes >0177 only if (flags&2)
00-03-17 feof: stdio macro functions only for _UWIN
	 optget: proper ERROR_translate() calls
	 astgetconf: add for thread safe error message control
	 astlicense: fix type=special but with non-null notice
	 errorx: add for ERROR_translate() support
	 ERROR_translate: add locale id args for alternate dictionary
	 option.h: move _OPT_PRIVATE_ to pointer to avoid dll size mismatch
	 ftwalk: fix FTW_CHILDREN bug that hit top level non-dirs twice
	 translate.c: default error_info.translate
	 astconf: fix dup loop thrash that never returns, add _AST_VERSION
00-03-10 ast_std.h: do _LARGEFILE_SOURCE initialization before std headers
	 fmtquote: handle $'...' quotes
00-03-07 optget: fix numeric option support test
	 sfkeyprintf: add %q for '...' quoting with ansi escapes
00-03-06 features/stdio: fix _sfflsbuf prototype (
00-02-14 pathtmp: fix pid cache bug that sometimes repeated after ~10 attempts
	 optget: "..." attribute quote
	 pathfind: eliminate *: prefix in lib, not type
	 proc: PROC_FOREGROUND for system(3) semantics (wait status return)
	 pathtmp: fix mktemp() logic
	 fts: fix FTS_NOSEEDOTDIR bug that botched ./* in top list
	 include/ast/prototyped.h includes include/prototyped.h
	 pathpath: fix strdup(0) bug
	 optget: --html <foo@bar> => ...mailto:foo@bar...
	 sscanf: fix sfsscanf => sfvsscanf typo strengthen tar recognition
00-02-08 fix ifdef for systems that think sysconf(FOO) is const
00-02-04 glob: fix globlist_t.gl_flags
00-02-02 vm*: add NoF() for data only files
00-01-27 fts: fix top level .==.. statp bug (thanks to dr. ek)
00-01-25 fix LFS*_*LAGS typo
00-01-24 astlicense: handle type=verbose, license.notice, author=*
00-01-11 pathprobe: generate info for first probe script on PATH - duh
	 ast.h: add NoF(x) for files that define no functions
	 tmpfile: fix implementation
	 global change for string ERROR_translate() dictionary names
	 optget: fix new way but no long names off by one
	 optget: handle [--dictionary?name]
99-11-19 comp/ `expr length XXX` is not universal
	 drop sfstdio; stdio via functions everywhere
	 drop Makefile conditionals (and follow our own advice for once)
	 sfio: new stream after atexit() bug fix
	 tm: Tm_zone_t.daylight=0 for standard time within zone
	 stdio: fopen => _ast_fopen: only way short of binary compatibility
	 Makefile: atmain.C falls back to atmain.c
	 optget: add --keys, s<section> option
	 stdio: _UWIN check for foreign stdio
99-11-11 astlicense: add
99-10-31 glob: fix regexec pattern; add PATH_ATTRIBUTES case check
	 pathpath: path==0 means malloc space
99-10-22 tmfmt: %C=2-digit-century, %k=date(1), %y=2-digit-year-in-century
99-10-18 fastfind: expanded default db lookup
99-08-11 magic: fix off by one registry malloc
	 features/fs: add __RENAME checks for stat familiy (netbsd)
	 features/fs: major()/minor() fixes for s5
	 features/ netbsd fix -- not in std places
	 misc/fastfind: fix codes path generation bug
	 optget: beef up --?* description, fix <TR>...</TR> nesting
	 pathprobe: check for override (writable key file) first
	 features/time: int tmtimeofday(struct timeval*);
	 optget: fix opt_info.num, even if opt_info.arg!=0
	 fastfind: init dir tab with logical and physical name
	 glob: add gnu GLOB_ALTDIRFUNC
99-07-17 sfio: kpv update and sfhdr.h sync!
99-06-24 stdio: fix fflush() to ignore sfseek(0) return value
99-06-23 magic: '\r' is text not control to placate m$
99-06-08 stdio: fix fseek,ftell semantics
	 uwin stdio: fflush() => _doflsh() to avoid __cplusplus clash
	 getopt: call liberror() to avoid error() conflict
	 tmfmt,tmscan: %N zone type (nation code), %z zone minutes west offset
	 tmfmt: - no pad _ space pad 0 leading 0 pad
99-05-28 magic: fix 'x' == '*' for any number, tweaks
	 features/lib: verify that stat64 really works
99-05-21 tm*: add TM_WINDOW==69 for consistent century windowing guard year
99-05-18 tmtime: add century leap year calc anticipating unsigned time_t
99-05-17 sfkeyprintf: handle %o and %x!!
99-05-09 pathprobe: $HOME/.probe if not suid and st_uid!=geteuid()
99-04-28 magic, add registry()
99-04-24 regcomp: fix ksh pattern +! parse
	 regfatalpat: add
	 optget: make : ? ] double escape consistent in all contexts
99-04-01 features: drop iffeio.h and stdio.h when only printf() used
	 regex: fix stats() .l and .k count
	 fmtquote: added; most general fmtesc() form
99-03-22 fmtesc.c,ast.h: add fmtnesq()
	 optget: --?x works for -x option flag
99-03-17 features/limits.c: workaround solaris __EXTENSIONS__ _timespec bug
	 workaround limits.h circular prereq with ignore stdio.h
	 sfvprintf: %04e left-pad zero fixed
99-03-03 fts: uncle already: add FTS_SEEDOTDIR to retain leading ./
	 regex: REG_MULTIPLE, BM for fixed string alternation
	 optget: embedded `-' optional in long options, prefix={0,1,2}
99-02-14 fastfind: fix dir format bug that emitted wrong paths
	 astconf: fix redef off by one bug
99-02-11 pathcanon(): don't cache astconf("PATH_LEADING_SLASHES", NiL, NiL)
99-01-23 optget: move <old_opt.h> back into <option.h>, no open-close
	 optget: add "[index:long-name:description]" for --long-name
	 comp/gross: add weak __libc_attr for irix < 6.5 compatibility
	 features/limits.c: tweak the guards again
99-01-11 fastfind: handle old format count byte order fix elf to use real phdr offset
	 magic.c, fix | to act like switch/case
	 comp/fross.c,features/hack: for gross hacks
	 features/stdio: avoid sfio namespace pollution
98-12-25 tmdate:
	 pathprobe: fix procrun() cmd path bug
	 fmtesq: add
	 features/common: win32.alpha va_list
	 magic: add pc alpha object
98-11-11 strmatch: add STR_ICASE
	 pathprobe: punt to $HOME/.probe/<key+HOSTTYPE> if not S_ISUID
	 tmzone,tmdate: handle +-minutes, nn/MMM/yyyy
	 stropt: fix nested quote pop
	 tmfmt: add %K => %Y-%m-%d/%H:%M:%S
	 sfio/stdio: fix fseek() SF_PUBLIC omissions
	 fmtesc: catch '\\' (duh)
	 vmalloc: vmbest round bug fix
98-11-01 fts.c: no pathcanon() if (fts_flags & FTS_PHYSICAL)
98-10-01 features/stdio prototype fixes
	 optget: strton() instead of strtol() for #
98-09-22 regcomp: add REG_DELIMITED and REG_ESCAPE delimited re support
98-09-15 fix _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE stuff
	 ast_std.h: provide mmap() prototype
98-08-11 fix sfpopen() to ignore SIGPIPE by ignoresig() for sfio but not stdio
	 fix procopen() to ignore SIGPIPE by ignoresig() for PROC_IGNORE
	 sfio sfpopen/popen update
	 magic.src: fix ustar entry
98-07-17 fix ftwalk() short by one malloc()
	 add fts_notify()
98-06-25 sfdcmore,sfdcprefix: add
98-06-19 tokscan: add %f %g
98-06-01 disc/sf*.c: memset(0) after disc malloc()
98-05-11 strelapsed: y==Y
	 fts: pathcanon() top list 
98-04-01 error: error_info.time for all msgs, just after cmd id
	 error: no sfsync(sfstdin)
	 sfio: sfpool, Sffmt_t update sgi core dumps -- why aren't these elf?
	 stropt: (v+n) for unknown option is option value if n!=0
	 procopen: fix setsid() for spawnveg() only
98-03-19 malloc: add realloc foreign region check
	 sfdisc.h: rename to match kpv disciplines
	 fastfind: fix strcasecmp/strcmp directory prefix mixup
98-03-17 features/fcntl.c,pathtmp,sftmp: add O_TEMPORARY
98-03-01 pathcanon: fix PATH_LEADING_SLASHES to stat() both slashes
	 pathcanon: add PATH_VERIFIED
	 tmdate: add skip[] to expand separator char set
	 fastfind: FIND_OLD for old 7 bit db, FIND_TYPE for new 8 bit typed db
	 fastfind: default generates gnu LOCATE02 8 bit db
	 magic: handle %s in mime description
	 cdt: kpv update
	 sfio: kpv update
	 stdio: fpos64_t fseek64(), ftell64(), fgetpos64(), fsetpos64()
	 stdio: fseek() => sfseek(SF_PUBLIC) to avoid locking
	 fts: initialize parent stat[bp] from top level *after* statf done
	 astmath: add -lm requirement test
	 *: Astlong_t => _ast_*_t
	 regex: simplify regcollate() (from doug)
	 tmtime: preserve Tm_t*tm when calling tminit()
	 astconf: add readonly PATH_ATTRIBUTES=[cirw]
98-02-14 fastfind: add FIND_ICASE to ignore case
	 tmdate,tmgoff: handle (+|-)hh[[:]mm[[:]ss]] absolute timezone
	 tmdate: `<n> <part>' now assumes `next <n> <part>' instead of `this'
	 tmfix: fix leap year bug that forgot to add 1900
	 proc: add PROC_ZOMBIE
98-02-06 strmatch() char class range bug fix
	 regex char class range bug fix
98-01-23 _WIN32: changed the #if logic again to accomodate _GNUC_
	 mnt: grab the mount options too
	 ast_std.h: hide getopt,getsubopt from stdlib.h
	 features/limits.c: add gnu guard macros to avoid limits.h recursion
	 features/mode.c: include "limits.h" instead of "FEATURE/limits.lcl"
98-01-11 sfio.h: use Astlong_t, move Sfio_t Sfdisc_t typedef to top for stdio.h
	 sfhdr.h: #undef SETLOCAL for hpux
	 sfvprintf,sfvscanf: %I*x for sizeof(int_arg)
	 handle ftruncate64 and truncate64
	 dtopen.c: __hppa dll needs Dtset Dtlist Dttree refs here
97-12-18 fmtnum: add
97-12-11 magic: handle sgi 64 bit core dumps
97-12-07 pathtmp: add override for TMPPATH,TMPDIR and cycling
97-11-11 tm: handle 0 return from gmtime(),localtime() (dos negative time_t)
	 features/stdio: fix fflush() macro to do physical sync
97-10-31 astconf PATH_RESOLVE is logical if 3d&&!std, metaphysical otherwise
	 magic: fix #! mime bug
	 tm: tmtime() now calls tmfix() and adjusts tm_isdst too=>mtime() works
97-10-11 dllfind,dlfcn: move to separate -ldll so -last can link static, duh
	 Makefile,state.c: move forced header generation state.c => Makefile
	 sfio: update including SF_WHOLE
97-10-01 sfdostext: add \r\n => \n sfio discipline
	 stropt: NiL table => p=name for all name=value
97-08-11 pathtmp: check pid to note forks
	 procopen: FD_CLOEXEC rfd && wfd
	 fts: fts_close() after fts_children() with no fts_read() now works
97-07-17 error: sfsync(sfstdin,sfstdout,sfstderr) instead of sfsync(NiL)
	 _sfcvinit: add sfio internal interface to base conversion tables
	 strton: use _Sfcv* base conversion tables instead of sfsscanf()
	 sfvscanf: use _Sfcv* base conversion tables
	 mime: x- permutations now matched if exact fails
	 mime: original- stripped from content-* headers
	 tmdate: add yyyy-jjj, yyyy-mm-dd
	 dllfind: add
	 ccmapid: fix buf copy loop limit
	 ccmapname,ccmapcpy: add
	 sfstrtmp: add
97-05-09 streval: fix up casts for pseudo-ansi cc
	 features/types: use _ast_int_8 vars to verify support
	 string/modedata: check for mvs.390 S_IFMT
	 include/ast(_std).h: add #define __FILE_typedef
	 magic: add ccode text check
	 include/ftwalk.h: FTW_PATH=>FTS_NOCHDIR to avoid FTS_AGAIN (duh)
	 fts: clear status for FTS_AGAIN (fixes rm -r bug)
	 mnt: add mvs openedition w_getmntent()
	 sfhdr: _hdr_float && <float.h> for correct MAXDOUBLE
	 vmalloc/vmbest: if _std_malloc then use malloc()/free() not sbrk()
	 remove: check _std_remove
	 procopen: handle pio[{0,1}]=={0,1}
	 setenviron,features/uinstd: test for mvs.390 dll environ hacks
96-12-25 <sfio_p.h> -> <ast_common.h>
	 magic: check strings in !CC_NATIVE code set too
	 system: cmd==0 means check for shell access (xopen)
	 sfhdr.h: fix sfrsrv prototype
	 add __libc_malloc etc for gnu/linux
	 astconf(NiL,path,name) == astconf(name,path,NiL) + no liberror
	 fts_open: if toplist() stat fails return 0
	 ftwalk: handle fts_open()==0 via one phony userf() call
	 sfmode: S_ISFIFO default is SF_SHARE=0
	 features/lib: _WIN32 _lib_vfork=1 by default
	 unsigned<0 comparison and other fixes via sgi.mips4 cc
	 stk.c: use <align.h> ALIGN_BOUND for stkalloc()
	 features/lib,vfork: uwin fix
	 ast_std.h: fix strto[u]ll prototypes with features/types _ast_int_8
	 getsubopt: add for xopen 4.2 compatibility
	 drop function __IMPORT__
	 magic: more magic
	 change #define FILE from Sfio_t to struct _sfio_s
	 state.c: add generated includes that may be hit by std for MAM
	 bytesex: forgot about sizeof(long)=>7; could we fix the name too?
	 vmalloc.h: fix vmnewof() definition
	 sfio.h,stdio.h,ast_common.h: pollution cleanup
	 magic.c: add | op for switch
	 Makefile: stdio.h was on both HEADERSRC and HEADERGEN -- don't do that
	 drop pp:notice to get <sfio.h> ... <ast.h> to work 
	 regex: add [[:<:]]==\< and [[:>:]]==\> for bsd compat
	 mime.c: ignore X-* headers while scanning for Content-*
	 magic.c: check for negative indirect offsets fix dos entry that generated negative indirect offsets
	 vmalloc.h: add vmstrdup() prototype
	 hash.h: add hashgetbucket() macro
	 magic.c: MAGIFILE is now a : file list
	 mnt.c: another 4.4 bsd fix -- users must include <sys/crap.h>
	 common: fix _WIN32 chicken&egg with va_copy
	 sfio: forgot to set f->val along with _Sfi in sfexcept() 
	 Makefile: add mini target for uwin libmini.a
	 sfcvt.c: workaround for flaky long double optimizers
	 features/common: fix to work with va_list==void*
	 regexec.c: fix REG_STARTEND subexpression offsets
	 strmatch.c: don't forget <wctype.h>
	 regrexec.c: fix REG_INVERT end boundary bug that missed last record
	 astconf.c: notify(0,0,"a=b") called for each setenviron("a=b")
	 pathcanon.c: check astconf(PATH_LEADING_SLASHES) to preserve //*
96-11-28 _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE by default if possible: NOTE: assumes xopen
	 regerror: fix for xopen
	 getopt: fix for xopen
	 magic: add ciao virtual database
	 astconf: posix/strict/xopen implies "standard" conformance
	 fs3d.h: hide mount prototype
	 ast_std.h,mnt.c,features/fs: ncr port tweaks
96-10-31 version 5.0
	 add strtoll() strtoull()
	 sfkeyprintf: upgrade to int_max args
	 ast.h: add ssizeof() to work around unsigned botch add shell actions to
	 _DLL*: drop for _BLD_<lib> + __EXPORT__ + __IMPORT__
	 sfio,cdt,vmalloc: kpv update
96-10-11 <ccode.h>: add character code map support
	 procclose: return shell style exit status
	 features/fs: pun statvfs.f_basetype to statvfs.f_reserved7 for mvs
	 uwin: add subdir for uwin additions
	 ast_std.h: swab() is from <stdlib.h>
	 sfio.h: <ast_std.h> if _PACKAGE_ast add mips[1-4], 64-bit
	 port tweaks for sol.sun4 and sun4
96-09-06 strerror: add
	 fmterror: uses strerror
	 str*search: use sfiso646() order
	 strpsearch: add
	 magic: add Magic_t.mime mime type return for magictype()
	 mime.h: add
	 strton: use sfsscanf()
	 strperm: factor in umask() if no who
	 pathtmp: add TMPPATH check
	 libevent: add
	 magic: add discipline to magicopen()
	 mime: add discipline to mimeopen()
96-08-31 regex: fix BM fail table generator
96-08-11 mntread: fix mnt.type for SCO variant add SCO KERNEL_* sysconf() vars
	 fastfind: add findwrite(), fix findread() FF_OFF omission
	 ftwalk: reimplement on top of fts
	 fnmatch,re_comp,regexp: reimplement on top of regex
	 basename,dirname,fmtmsg,fts,ftw,getdate,getsubopt,glob: add
	 hsearch,nftw,realpath,strftime,strptime,swab,tempnam: add
	 tsearch,wordexp: add
	 getcwd: cache last path for easy test
96-07-17 error: sfsync(NiL) ... write ... sfsync(sfstderr)
	 astconf: handle readonly *(DEV|DIR) vars
96-04-01 swapop: fix stupid return value bug
	 features/int.c: fix int_swap generation bug
	 regnexec,regrexec: fix unsigned underflow init error
	 ls.h: fix iblocks() to be in units of LS_BLOCKSIZE
96-02-29 magic: space before function is definition with no call
	 hash: drop hash_info from public interface
	 hash: OBSOLETE hashlast()
	 hash: add Hash_root_t.Hash_last_t to public interface
	 add strsearch() and strnsearch() to complement strlook()
	 add hashkey.h for keyword->long hash
	 pathpath: pathpath(0,0,"",0) disables $0 $_ $PWD relative search
	 sfio: sfstrtod+sfhdr update
	 regex: fix REG_LENIENT to map BRE \[+?|] to ERE [+?|]
	 change _std_malloc iffe test so it doesn't hang on alpha
	 sfhdr.h: features/sfio generates _lib_cvt instead of _i386_cvt
	 ast_hdr.h: add va_copy(a,b) to copy va_list b to a
	 getopt: fix stupid getopt() -> optget() bug
	 sfvprintf: %h? now downcasts
	 regex: handle strto?l() errno in regcomp()
	 sfstrtod: _Sfstrtod_already_defined -> _STUB_sfstrtod
	 ast_std.h: hide valloc() and ignore <strings.h>
	 sfkeyprintf: pass phony va_list for '2'
	 regex: change HIT var type from int to size_t in special()
	 ast.h: add EXIT_STATUS(x) to convert wait() status to sh exit status
96-02-14 regex: add _ to \<...\> isalnum test
	 regex: fix BM inner loop breakout
	 features/types: size_t is signed on some systems! => _ast_size_t
	 sfio: sfrd discipline peek optimization
	 vmalloc: vmalloc.h malloc family macro upgrade
	 tokopen: fix newline bug for non-restore open
	 sfio: no inline for gcc until it emits for -g too
96-02-12 sfio: internal upgrade
96-02-09 regex: Boyer-Moore boundary fix
	 vmalloc: snarf latest
96-02-06 regex: add regrecord() and regrexec() for Boyer-Moore record filtering
	 regex: rearrange regnexec() args to match buffer,count arg style
96-01-31 stk: add STK_NULL to stk.h and stk.c
	 regex: privatize regex.h and fix min re length computation
	 workaround lazy strdup() implementations in features/lib _std_malloc
	 fix stkclose() to free(stream) -- purify missed because of sfio links
	 unused var cleanup
	 port/mnt.c must include <ls.h> to get <ast_fs.h>
	 add SF_FINAL to sfio and stk
	 sfio reads now on natural block boundaries
	 add #!!! <level> <message> !!! to tokline()
	 add REX_BM pre-filter to regcomp/regnexec
96-01-22 add regcomp env.paren overflow checks
96-01-11 add Doug McIlroy's regex (converted to C from C++ by gsf)
	 AT&T Research now
	 sfgetr optimization
	 regex buglets
96-01-05 tweak for win32
95-12-25 add !(...) -> (...)! to fmtre()
	 nt tweaks -- functions with no header proto must be defined extern
95-11-24 version 4.1
	 add mnt.h mntopen mntread mntclose
	 convert fmtfs to mnt.h
	 gcc inlines must also have global library function instantiation!
	 add hashview()
	 fix strtape() internal buffer flow
	 fix mntread() fs/dir transposition for uts mnttab
95-10-31 change features/unistd.c includes to break limits-param cycle
	 add cdt from kpv
	 sfio snarf from kpv
	 add [ht]search for _WIN32
95-10-11 clarify PARANOID pathcheck() warning
	 fix procopen() LIB_SPAWN environ bug with setenviron() cache
	 fix setenviron() bug that forgot to reset environ if == 0
	 add %Z '\0' output format to sfkeyprintf()
	 sfio snarf for sfvprintf fix
	 allow multiple hashscan() with scope caveat
	 add comp/fakelink.h to synthesize a few symlink text patterns
	 add !<xxx> magic to misc/
	 add FTW_TOP to inhibit recursion (for ftw side effects on top level)
	 add memfatal() common malloc fatal exception message
	 add dos \r\n test to misc/magic.c/cklang()
	 sftmp() O_EXCL+random to avoid collisions
	 pathtemp() uses sftmp() randomizing
	 features/fs uses SF_APPENDWR
	 sftmp() uses pathtemp() -- don't worry, its not circular
	 a few more _WIN32 compatibility additions
	 realloc fixed to use VM_RSCOPY|VM_RSMOVE instead of obsolete 1
	 add hashlook(tab, oldname, HASH_RENAME, newname)
	 a few more tweaks to satisfy port warnings
	 add _SFIO_INLINE_PRIVATE to provide real function too
	 fix <dirent.h> installation test
	 oops object / shared library compat with _sfgetl2 _sfgetu2
95-09-11 add getopt() compatibility
	 add fstat,lstat,mknod,stat fixes for _x versions in sys/stat.h
	 add getconf CONFORMANCE - posix for things that aren't ast default
	 sfio_t.h: #ifndef _SFIO_H #include "sfio.h" #endif
	 snarf vmalloc from kpv
95-08-11 fix malloc bug in magic
	 update linux and bsd 386 magic entries
	 error_info.auxilliary returns new level, |=ERROR_OUTPUT if msg done
	 drop fnmatch from strmatch for sparc (solaris) until it collates
95-07-17 fix port/astconf universe initialization
	 fix misc/optget opt_info.nopt initialization
	 drop tmset() TZ=... because it only worked when TZ=... was ignored
95-05-09 mongo <ast.h> namespace cleanup
	 drop > 2 year old obsolete interfaces
	 sfvprintf.c fix for (char:8 short:16 int:32 long:64) architectures
	 TMP_MAX back into
	 pathbin() and pathshell() now use astconf()
	 fix pathtemp() to not cache getenv("TMPDIR")
	 fix ftwalk() metaphysical to handle non-dirs too
	 initialize *_info = { 0 }; for ancient ld semantics (NeXT)
	 fix magic() to do vmfree()
	 astconf(X_OK) must prefix lines with "getconf"
	 use <wchar.h> and wctype in strmatch() if available
	 _lib_utime_now checks utime(path,0)
	 _lib_poll_notimer checks poll(x,0,timeout)
	 add another _lib_utime_now check to port/touch.c
	 fix dd_buf cast in dir/opendir.c
	 split getconf.h into conftab.h and conftab.c for :READONLY:
	 use mbtowc() only if MB_LEN_MAX>1
	 sfio char* -> Void_t* cleanup
	 handle old syntax in misc/magic.c
	 sigdata.c holds readonly signal strings
	 pathcheck() does AT&T checks for tools matching PARANOID - yuk
	 unused var cleanup
	 deprecate hash_info in favor of hashlast()
	 fix bad ksh integer interactions
	 dll cleanup
	 magic.c falls back to malloc for now
	 add environ to <ast.h> -- C library global data syms are *RESERVED*
	 sfhdr.h memccpy(1,2,3,size_t) prototype
95-04-01 version 4.0
	 convert to vmalloc
	 allow sigcritical() nesting mismatch to work around vfork() bug
	 add strexpr() primitive for streval() with user handle (like ftwalk)
	 add <magic.h> and magic.c file command magic interface
	 update magic mail message entry
	 fix keyprintf() invisible char count nesting bug
	 add sfstrnew(SF_READ|SF_WRITE) for alternate sfstropen() modes
	 sfstrnew(SF_READ) but reading requires sfseek(), sfreserve()
	 add and to nail C/POSIX limits/unistd macros
	 add getconf() string interface to *conf*
	 _DLL_INTERMEDIATE_DATA for systems that require indirect globals
	 _DLL for building shared libraries with _DLL_INTERMEDIATE_DATA
	 vecfile() restricted to S_ISREG()
	 add spawnveg() for job control
	 convert procopen() PROC_PGRP(id) to spawnveg()
	 fmterror() returns error text given errno (strerror() does same)
	 fmtsignal() returns signal text given errno (strsignal() does same)
	 {sig_name,sig_text,SIG_MAX} -> sig_info.{name,text,sigmax}
	 liberror("",...) omits [%s library] prefix
	 update features/signal.c table
	 add vmdisc() and change vmnewof() to use vmresize()
	 fix to allow refs to previously defined limits
	 fix undefined entries in getconf()
	 magic data in
	 fix stropt() pointer cast
	 vmalloc() exception handler replaces nomalloc()
	 merge sigdata.c into fmtsignal.c -- sun link needs function w/ data!
	 sftmp() bug fix
	 drop local <unistd.h> even with _POSIX_SOURCE
	 fix vmstrdup() macro arg miscount
	 fix to handle enum'd symbolic constants in unistd.h
	 drop malloc() prototypes from vmalloc.h
	 fix sfvprintf() %d argument reference
	 add OSF/1 AES symbol(s) to
	 determine standards prefix from
	 add _CS_SHELL to
	 getpath() default is confstr(_CS_PATH)
	 getshell() default is confstr(_CS_SHELL)
	 unify keyprintf user function args (should have learned by now!)
	 add quad type to magic
	 add astfeature() to unify universe style dynamic features
	 add ftwflags() to determine FTW_* flags from astfeature()
95-03-11 fix stropt() to not modify its *const* arg
	 handle "'\ quotes and chresc() in stropt() values
	 , treated like :space: between stropt() options
	 fix procopen() fd dup to ignore self-dups
	 add library id[] to misc/state.c
	 add ftwalk(FTW_METAPHYSICAL) for posix -H
	 sfvprintf() now handles balanced () in %()
	 add tmfmt() with buffer size check to replace tmform()
	 add fmttime() calling tmfmt() to fit fmt*() mold
	 add <keyprintf.h> and keyprintf() to support %(...)? in commands
	 add Hash_table_t for size==0 in stropt()
	 add EXTTYPE extended header to tar.h
95-02-14 sfmove() buffer size overflow fix
	 add _SFSTDIO_H to sfio.h
	 rename setenv() to setenviron() -- posix finally decided
	 rename <option.h> opt_* to opt_info.*
	 update features/unistd.c for _SC_* and _PC_* posix additions
95-01-19 (char*)uchar cast in fmtesc()
	 fix hash bucket memory leak in hashlook() [via John Mocenigo]
	 update strings/strtape()
	 fix optget()/optjoin() to handle leading +
	 add ALIGN_ prefix to <align.h> identifiers
95-01-11 change tm/*.c tmset(0) to tmset( to keep user setting
	 fix tmform() %Z null pointer dereference
95-01-01 add this RELEASE file
	 fix strperm() to properly handle "644 file"
	 fix tokline() to return last '\0' terminated line in string
	 fix tokscan() to properly handle \\n splice
	 add fmtesc() to complement stresc()
	 add LS_NUMBER to fmtls()
	 drop spurious optusage() ' '

:::::::: libcmd ::::::::

11-01-27 date: add { -R, --rfc-2822, -T, --rfc-3339=type }
11-01-03 chgrp.c: --symlink => --physical
10-12-10 rm.c: fix not-writable logic
10-12-01 tee.c: add iterrupt logic for slow open(1) -- needs to be generalized
10-11-30 chgrp.c: add -N,--numeric to bypass name lookup
10-10-20 cp: add --timestamps (preserv timestamps and permissions)
10-10-20 ln: fix 'cannot replace existing file' logic
10-10-10 cp,mv: add --remove-destination
10-08-11 cp.c,expr.c: use conformance("standard",0) test
10-08-11 cut.c: use mbnsize() instead of mblen() (for ast C.UTF-8)
10-07-28 chgrp.c,chmod.c,cksum.c: fts_path for diagnostics, not fts_accpath!
10-06-14 rm.c: fix -rfu logic
10-06-12 paste.c: repeat after me: do not modify argv[i]
10-06-01 sync with ast api 20100601
10-05-09 tail.c: fix -0f bug that inially listed the entire file
10-05-06 basename.c: add { -a,--all -s,--suffux=suffix } from BSD
10-04-12 cat.c: fix -v bug that dumped core and make consistent with cmp --print-chars
10-04-11 cmp.c: add --print-bytes, --count=n, --differences=n
10-04-08 vmstate.c: add { method flags } vars for Vmstat_t.mode
10-04-08 mkdir.c: fix check for { S_ISUID S_ISGID S_ISVTX } after successful mkdir(2)
10-04-01 stty.c: add --fd=fd option
10-03-23 tail.c: fix -f large initial offset bug that didn't copy all data
10-03-07 tail.c: sfsync(sfstdout) after all -f done, fix -f partial line
10-03-05 mktemp.c: add --regress=seed for testing
10-03-05 vmstate.c: add
10-01-26 tail.c: -f sleep(1) only if no progress from last round of checks
10-01-20 fts_fix.[ch]: use <fts_fix.h> instead of <fts.h> (see fts_fix.c)
10-01-20 cp.c: free(state) if called from old shell
09-12-10 join.c: <wctype.h> for iswspace()!
09-12-04 cmd.h: fix CMD_DYNAMIC logic
09-12-04 cut.c: handle -d mb
09-12-03 mkdir.c: add --verbose
09-11-30 cat.c,date.c,cksum.c: drop setlocale() call already done by optget()
09-11-30 join.c: handle -t mb
09-11-28 wclib.c: { -w -L } mb independent of -m
09-11-28 paste.c: handle -d mb
09-11-28 uniq.c: handle -s mb
09-11-28 cksum.c: FTS_SEEDOTDIR by default
09-09-09 fds.c: add --unit=fd
09-08-25 tail.c: initialize Tail_t.fifo=0 !!
09-08-15 tail.c: fix fifo logic
09-08-11 wc.c: add setlocale(LC_CTYPE,"C") cleanup, add utf8 optimzations
09-08-10 uniq.c: replace -c 1..9999 sfsprintf() with inline conversion
09-08-01 join.c: fix empty field null pointer deref
09-07-23 pathchk.c: add -P,--path and -a,--all
09-07-02 chgrp.c,chmod.c,cksum.c: fts_flags() default only if not --recursive
09-06-19 cmd.h,cmdinit.c: add ERROR_CALLBACK for ERROR_NOTIFY main() callback
09-06-19 mktemp.c: --unsafe now checks and prints path but does create
09-06-19 tee.c: add ERROR_CALLBACK for tee_cleanup() sfio discipline pop
09-06-18 rm.c: handle interrupts during interactive query
09-06-18 cp.c: handle interrupts during interactive query
09-05-25 tail.c: fix old style option logic to handle --invalid-long-option
09-05-24 tail.c: -r == +1r
09-05-01 mktemp.c: handle foo/prefix, add -p dir and -u
09-03-31 cat.c: handle --no* options
09-03-15 tail.c: fix --timeout termination logic
09-03-03 tee.c: clean up sfio disciplines on error
09-03-03 cat.c: fix -v|-e|-n|-B interaction bugs
09-02-14 tail.c: fix VSC failures
09-02-14 join.c: fix VSC failure
09-02-02 uniq.c: document -number == -fnumber, +number == -snumber
09-02-02 tail.c: fix usage[] for negative offsets, add sun -b
09-02-02 mktemp.c: add
09-02-02 features/utsname: UWIN _UNAME_os_DEFAULT => UWIN
09-01-31 dirname.c: add experimental { -f -r -x } for pathpath(3)
09-01-05 cmp.c: fix EOF diagnostic to conform to posix
09-01-03 mkfifo.c: fix --mode=mode logic
08-12-07 date.c: add %[_][EO]K for [space pad] [full|long] iso docs
08-11-10 stty.c: check for -t grouping so -tostop != -t -ostop
08-10-15 rm.c: handle 'rm -f x x' => exit 0
08-09-08 stty.c: #ifdef guard TAB[012] -- freebsd: damn the posix, full speed ahead
08-06-17 shcmd.h: move to libast
08-04-24 uniq.c: add optget() 'n' option for -1 => -f1
08-04-24 getconf.c: clarify diffs between "name - value" and "name = value"
08-04-01 cut.c: add write error check
08-04-01 paste.c: fix --noserial stream vector access bug
08-04-01 pids.c: add ls/ps style --format=format
08-04-01 stty.c: fix off2 unitialized reference
08-03-28 chgrp.c: add --before=file
08-03-14 pids.c: add
08-03-11 chgrp.c: fix -m to use uid:gid as lookup key
08-02-11 Makefile: add -lmd possibly required by sumlib.o -- hack alert
08-01-30 expr.c: fix <=0 type that broke substr * 1 * -- wow
07-12-13 cp.c: fix builtin state reinitialization
07-11-29 rev.c: honor multibyte locales
07-11-27 cp.c: open non-existent destination with O_EXCL
07-11-27 stty.c: add -t,--terminal-group to list tty pgrp
07-11-27 cksum.c: --silent -s => -S, -s == -x sys5 for gnu compatibility
07-11-11 tee.c: drop ancient bsd compatibility "-" operand => SIGINT
07-10-29 cksum.c: add SUM_LEGACY for -r
07-10-12 cp.c: plug usage string memory leak by using per-builtin state
07-09-21 cksum.c: add sumprint() default scale arg, --scale, --bsd for solaris
07-09-10 chmod.c: add --show,-n
07-07-27 wclib.c: bias <wchar.h> checks for modern unix
07-07-17 cat.c: fix --squeeze-blank to reduce multiple blank lines to *one*
07-05-20 cmd.h: handle msvc's balk at if(0)0=0;
07-05-20 cksum.c: #include <modex.h>
07-05-11 cmd.h: add _CMD_CONTEXT_OK() to verify >= 20070511 context
07-05-09 fds.c: handle ipv6 sockets
07-05-09 cmd.h: <shbltin.h> : cmdquit() => sh_checksig(context)
07-04-25 mkdir.c: force (S_ISVTX|S_ISUID|S_ISGID) after mkdir(2)
07-04-24 procrun.c: add -last intercept => sh_run() and whence -q
07-04-19 uname.c: name operands first checked for CS_NAME, then NAME
07-03-28 date.c: add --unelapsed=scale, -U: fmtelapsed() => strelapsed()
07-03-25 wclib.h: iswspace() requires <wctype.h>!
07-03-11 tty.c: add sysV --line-number, -l
07-02-26 Makefile: sumlib.o: direct extract from +lsum (vcodex someday)
07-02-24 Makefile: tweak cmdext.h action for --mam bootstrap
07-02-09 Makefile: { cmdext.h cmdlist.h } depend on *.c list!
07-02-09 Makefile: +lsum to bring in static -lsum (no dynamic right now)
07-02-07 cksum.c: move from src/cmd/std with ftwalk => fts
07-02-07 getconf.c: handle /bin == /usr/bin in defer logic
07-01-26 chmod.c: don't FTS_FOLLOW if !FTS_PHYSICAL
07-01-23 cut.c: Cut_t variable dimension list[] must be last member
07-01-22 uname.c: fix -h typo that clobbered astconf() state -- ouch
07-01-02 fmt.c: fix buffer splice off by one bug -- what else
06-11-23 cmd.h: because of proto cmdinit cannot be a function like macro
06-11-21 cp.c: fix 06-10-31 const dot[] readonly assignment
06-11-15 cp.c: fix 06-10-31 ln -s enoent bug
06-11-11 getconf.c: let astconf() handle "undefined" vs. ""
06-11-11 getconf.c: fix deferred getconf path search
06-11-11 fmt.c: handle two char { \t \n } in --usage ouput
06-10-31 global edit to eliminate most non-const static data0
06-10-31 use <cmd.h> for all b_*() implementations; drop <cmdlib.h> 
06-10-31 cmd.h: add CMD_ prefix to { BUILTIN DYNAMIC STANDALONE } 
06-10-31 join.c: tone down /tmp usage vi SFSK_DISCARD
06-10-31 cp.c,rm.c: update to <fts.h> to accomodate non-static data
06-10-29 date.c: "...%H%..." => "...%H" "%..." to avoid SCCS conflict
06-10-26 fds.c: handle sctp
06-10-18 tail.c: fix invalid suffix infinite loop
06-10-11 chgrp.c,cp.c: add sfstruse() error checks
06-10-10 tee.c: add --linebuffer, -l
06-10-06 getconf.c: preserve native getconf(1) known variable behavior
06-10-04 sync.c: add (thanks to Roland Mainz)
06-10-04 getconf.c: add -v specification => run native getconf(1)
06-09-28 stty.c: static setmode() => set() for darwin.i386
06-09-27 head.c: handle -1c => -c1
06-09-19 pathchk.c: pathconf() => astconf()
06-09-11 tail.c: handle compatibility corner cases
06-09-08 date.c: add output write error diagnostic
06-09-04 tail.c: fix initial position for -n0, no args => no -f
06-08-28 uniq.c: add -D,--all-repeated
06-08-25 wc.c,wclib.c: add -L,--longest-line,WC_LONGEST
06-08-24 wc.c,wclib.c: implement -m and WC_MBYTE
06-08-24 rmdir.c: -sp applies to every message, add gnu -e
06-08-23 rmdir.c: add solaris --suppress, -s
06-08-23 mkdir.c: don't add 0300 to -p final dir mode
06-07-17 cut.c: handle last line with no newline
06-07-17 cut.c: --output-delimiter == --line-delimiter
06-06-25 chmod.c: mask -c output with S_IPERM
06-05-09 uname.c: add -o; change -a to match linux
06-05-03 date.c: add --last -L to list last of multiple time args
06-02-14 tail.c: fix -f bug that lost fast stream data
06-02-11 getconf.c: exit 1 if name invalid -- duh
06-01-28 cp.c,rm.c: fix astquery() 'q' to return and not exit()
05-08-11 fmt.c: fix -o to handle raw --usage strings
05-05-17 cat.c,head.c: disable EPIPE error messages
05-04-14 chgrp.c: -f means all non-syntax error messages
05-04-11 fds.c: add from old internal open(1)
05-04-09 cmdext.h,cmdlist.h: generate from source -- about time
05-03-24 features/symlink: verify { lchmod lchown } implementations
05-03-07 date.c: add --listzones to list the time zone table
05-02-14 chmod.c: add --reference=file
05-01-11 cat.c: restore output stream to binary mode on exit
04-12-15 cp.c: add --preserve high resolution time support
04-12-08 date.c: add high resolution time support
04-12-01 cmp.c: fix %6I*ld => %6I*d -- doh
	 fmt.c: handle "\n\n operands \n\n"
	 head.c: handle -cN -nN, N > 4Gb
04-11-22 cmp.c: handle >2G chars/lines
04-11-18 fold.c: add --prepend=text, --append=text
04-10-31 tail.c: use SF_LOCKR macro
04-10-28 tail.c: use strtol() for old stype [+-]number[suffix] -- doh
04-10-22 cp.c: check rename() errno==ENOENT to retain destination
04-10-11 fmt.c: fix -o,--optget sublist bugs
	 tail.c: use strton() for number conversion
04-10-08 pathchk.c: add empty path and -p - first component char
04-10-01 fmt.c: add -o,--optget concatenated usage string format
	 stty.c: context is ERROR_INTERCATIVE
	 rm.c: restore 3d before exit
04-09-24 pathchk.c: fix docs
04-09-14 date.c: add %| and %& --parse docs
04-08-27 cp.c: add FTW_DC check -- duh
04-08-01 fmt.c: handle last char != '\n'
04-07-22 date.c,uname.c: access() => eaccess()
04-07-01 fmt.c: handle large input lines -- ouch
04-06-11 id.c: fix -r to output something!
04-05-27 expr.c: fix `:' op subexpression output
04-04-15 chmod.c: follow symlink for relative mode
04-04-12 Makefile: add STDCHMOD (for osf.alpha)
04-03-19 tail.c: handle -f sfreserve() large chunk failure
04-02-29 cp.c: decouple -f and -i for standard CONFORMANCE
	 cp.c: mv now attempts rename() before remove()+rename()
	 date.c: -f format or +format disables system clock set
04-02-14 cp.c: add -F --fsync to call fsync(2) for each copied file
04-01-05 head.c: -s now uses opt_info.number for >2Gb skip
03-09-18 tail.c: add --log
03-09-11 rm.c: add --unconditional
03-08-11 fold.c: add --delimiter=c to break at c
03-07-28 features/time: change settimeofday() test to 2nd arg of (void*)0
	 expr.c: add {match,substr,index,length,quote}
03-07-15 fmt.c: fix trailing space bug
03-06-20 uname.c: fix -p constant string overwrite
03-06-04 stty.c: add undef to control assignment docs
03-05-31 uname.c: add -f and sysinfo()/confstr() compatibility via astconf()
03-05-27 rm.c: fix inappropriate "/.." append path overflow
	 cut.c: snarf from dgk
03-05-18 rm.c: check st_nlink to verify progress w.r.t. ftwalk/fts
03-05-15 join.c: fix stealth -v2 bug (thanks ahs)
03-05-04 wc.c: drop trailing space for `wc -l < file'
03-03-21 date.c: add %Q/recent/distant/ docs
03-02-19 date.c: fix %+|!flag docs
02-11-14 update for cmdinit() 4th arg and ERROR_NOTIFY for interrupt cleanup
02-10-02 date.c: tmform() => tmfmt()
02-09-30 date.c,uname.c: change execv() calls to procrun(): exec|exit => bad
02-09-06 wclib.c: fix 1 char-at-a-time miscount bug
02-08-19 chgrp.c: convert to use <cdt.h>
02-07-23 join.c: fix comm snarf typo
02-04-05 date.c: add %u
02-01-24 stty.c: ifdef a few more macros for uts (yes, its still running)
01-12-14 date.c: clarify %z doc
01-10-31 mkdir.c: mkdir() on existing dir could fail with errno!=EEXIST
	 uname.c: add execve() loop check for unknown options
01-10-29 tail.c: SF_SHARE on only if not reading through EOF
01-10-11 getconf.c: fix usage typos
01-09-11 cp.c,cmd.h: handle . in argv[0]
	 cp.c: add O_BINARY to all open() calls
01-09-06 tail: input streams must be SF_SHARE -- duh
01-07-16 stty: fix cntl() macro for CC_NATIVE!=CC_ASCII
01-05-31 date: fix /bin/date fallback logic
	 stty: fix a few mismatched flags, -a and -g option logic
	 stty: tone down sane to modify current settings rather than from zero
01-05-01 uname: -i => -h, add sol.sun4 -i, add sgi -R, punt to /usr/bin/uname
01-04-17 date,rm: add
01-03-07 cp: fix readonly string mod on "."
01-01-23 cp: `cp foo' => `cp foo .' only for CONFORMANCE!=standard
00-12-01 cut: multibyte support
00-10-31 mkdir: handle races by checking EEXIST
00-09-20 cp: copy argv to stack before modifying in place
00-05-18 add setlocale(LC_ALL,"")
00-04-30 join: drop weird opt_info.argv reference
00-03-17 expr: add == operator -- duh
	 cp,ln,mv: delay pathcanon() on destination to verify `cp a b/.'
	 getconf: use astgetconf for proper message control
	 ERROR_translate: dictionary update
00-03-08 tail: handle multiple -f files
00-03-07 fmt: add
00-03-07 dirname: handle PATH_LEADING_SLASHES as documented
	 tail: accept + options
00-02-14 chmod: --ignore-umask to ignore umask(2) in symbolic expressions
	 chmod,chgrp,cp: use FTS_NOSEEDOTDIR for correct path construction
	 cat: fix -n (was ignored, wow)
00-01-27 getconf: add "-a" and "-v spec" for sol7.* compatibility
99-09-09 join: fix -j1 vs. -j 1, add --ignorecase
99-06-22 paste: defualt delim in writable string
99-06-16 cat: fix --dos-ouput typo
99-06-11 cp: tighten chown() diagnostics
99-06-08 expr: nothing for NULL string bug fix
99-05-21 paste: fix missing newline columnize bug
99-05-20 mv: do not check for `mv foo foo' since rename() handles it
99-05-01 cmp,comm,cp/mv/ln,expr,fold,getconf,head: long options
	 join,logname,paste,pathchk,tail,tee: long options
99-04-10 uname: long options, stdize -a
	 chmod,head,tail,rev: long options
	 cut: long options, pass regression test 02
99-04-07 cat: long options, fix O_TEXT modes
99-01-11 tail: fix +n
	 join: another ggs/psm bug
	 join: all 1 and/or 2 to be unseekable
99-01-01 cp: fix -p
	 chmod: drop -l option because of clash with l (lock) mode
98-12-25 cat: add -T to sfopen(,,"rt")
98-11-11 chgrp,chmod: cannot open file stream => not found
	 join: fix another ggs/psm bug; thanks guys
98-10-20 cp: fix cp -rp to update dir times too
98-09-22 join: fix ggs null field bug
98-08-11 join: fix last regression test bug
98-05-29 join: add jp->common to handle boundary conditions
98-03-11 cat,cp,rev,tee: fix sfmove() error checks
98-03-01 join: fix bug that emitted records more than once after eof
	 cp: fix sfmove() error check
98-02-14 cp: -R physical, -[HLP], -r getconf(PATH_RESOLVE)
98-01-11 cp: check sfclose() return value
98-01-07 chown,chgrp,chmod: use fts for -R
	 mkdir: fix -p default mode
97-12-07 mkdir: fix umask() reset
97-11-11 chown,chgrp: proper interpretation of -h,-l for lchown()
	 chown,chgrp: only chown() if uid or gid change
97-10-31 mkdir: do umask right
97-08-11 cmdinit: clear opt_info.index to allow multiple calls
	 cp,ln,mv: add
97-07-17 join: fix a few more -a bugs
97-05-31 expr: optget() only if CONFORMANCE==standard
97-04-01 join: fix a few bugs that make it work!
96-12-25 head: sfset(sfstdin,SF_SHARE,1)
	 Makefile: add -last to cmd lib list
	 drop function __IMPORT__
96-08-11 tail: check for truncated file and rewind for -f
96-04-08 update <cmd.h>
96-02-29 uname: -a like std, -l for everything
	 id: add -a (default)
96-02-14 wc: speed up inner loop newline breakout
96-01-30 unused var cleanup
96-01-01 AT&T Research now
	 pathchk: handle getcwd(0,0) error
	 expr: switch to <regex.h>
95-11-11 add expr.c
	 fix cut exit code and -s optimization
95-10-11 add extern b_* to cmd.h
	 add void* context 3rd arg to b_main()
95-05-09 add getconf
	 cat -u avoids mmap
	 add chown|chgrp -m uid|gid map file
	 add chown|chgrp -P for systems with lchown(2)
	 chown|chgrp -P => lstat() too!
	 chmod|chown|chgrp -HLP
95-04-01 version 1.2
	 add rmdir
95-02-14 fix mkdir -p symlink bug
	 fix mkdir '/' skip bug that went one too far

:::::::: libcoshell ::::::::

10-08-11 coinit.c: force _BLD_DLL for environ intercept
10-06-01 sync with ast api 20100601
10-05-19 cokill.c: do cowait(co,co,0) to drain pending messages
10-05-15 coshell.h,coopen.c: add CO_ORPHAN for PROC_ORPHAN
10-05-11 coopen.c: add PROC_ORPHAN for CO_SHELL
10-05-10 coopen.c: no atexit() for CO_SHELL
10-04-15 first ksh93u local job pool tests work (service daemon tbd)
10-04-14 cowait.c: add 3rd cowait() arg timeout; 0 Coshell_t* operates on all open coshells
10-04-10 coshell.h: add CO_SHELL for shell using coshell!
09-12-09 coexport.c: add runtime CO_ENV_EXPORT hook that avoids changing environ
08-10-28 coopen.c: close write side of parent msgfd -- doh
08-04-28 coexec.c: check for fd 1,2 equivalence before CO_SERIALIZE 2>&1
07-10-29 coshell.h,coexec.c: fix procrun()/system() intercept logic
07-08-15 add CO_SEPARATE,CO_MODE_SEPARATE for separate shell+wait per action
07-04-09 Makefile: $(CC.PIC) to allow archive to be pulled into other dlls
06-08-22 coshell.h: procrun => coprocrun, system => cosystem
06-08-09 coshell.h: export CO_ENV_MSGFD for COSHELL=coshell
06-08-02 coexec.c: Cojob_t.flags&CO_SERVICE for service requests
06-08-02 cokill.c: cokill() signal==0 => kill CO_SERVICE jobs
06-07-27 coexec.c: drop server cowait() that bypassed caller
06-06-21 coexec.c: add non-block cowait() to drain responses
06-06-11 fix service intercept cleanup
06-05-24 add service=name:init lightweight service intercepts
05-04-19 cowait.c: beef up invalid message tests and diagnostics
05-04-11 drop fixed CO_MSGFD for $_coshell_msgfd
05-04-07 coexec.c: fix !_lib_fork&&_map_spawnve close-on-exec redirection
04-09-22 cowait.c: remove CO_SERIALIZE temporaries after listing -- duh
04-09-01 co*: add CO_SERIALIZE
04-07-22 system.c: access() => eaccess()
04-02-11 coinit.c: fix CO_CROSS PATH initialization
02-10-30 coclose.c: fix reference-after-free bug in coclose()
02-01-31 codata.c,coopen.c: fix CO_MSGFD parameterization
02-01-24 coopen.c: fix small memory leak
01-10-26 coopen.c: hung sfclose(fp) -> close(sffileno(fp)) -- wow
01-09-11 coinit.c: fix coident[] for ancient bsh that die on `test == 1'
	 coinit.c: and fix coident[] to weed out buggy ksh88i trap on exit
01-05-31 co*: add CO_CROSS, expose CO_DEVFD
01-04-23 coquote: add state.type to avoid getenv() overwrite on some systems
01-01-01 cokill: killjob => cokilljob, killshell => cokillshell
00-12-18 coinit: CO_OSH ? "${!-$$}" : "${!:-$$}"
00-10-25 codata: $ZSH_VERSION is not ksh
00-02-14 procrun,system: system(3) returns wait() status (not shell status)
99-11-19 co*: add CO_OSH for bsdi lack of times(1)
	 coexec: CO_IGNORE for all but real ksh
98-06-22 coinit: quote cd path arg

:::::::: libsum ::::::::

09-09-28 sumlib.c: use simple (faster) method name match function
08-06-05 sum-lmd.c: align context to largest int
08-05-01 sumlib.c: add some -lmd verification checks
08-02-11 sum-lmd.c,features/sum: add wrapper for solaris -lmd
07-10-29 sum.h,sumlib.c: add SUM_LEGACY for legacy output format
07-09-21 sum-sha1.c: reinstate Steve Reid's public domain implementation
07-07-26 sumlib.c: drop GPL sum-sha1.c
05-02-14 sumlib.c: split into sum-*.c
05-02-14 sum-sha2.c: add SHA { 256 384 512 }
04-02-29 Makefile: compile with $(CC.PIC) for codexlib/sum $(CC.DLL)
03-12-16 add { crc prng } generic methods and maps[] to these methods
03-12-16 sum.h,sumlib.c: add sumdata()
03-09-29 sumlib.c: fix FNV to use ^ instead of +
03-04-28 sumlib.c: drop md5 `zeroize' for performance
	 sumlib.c: add FIPS 180-1 SHA-1

:::::::: libdll ::::::::

10-10-20 dllscan.c: version arg "-" => 0
10-10-19 dllplug.c: fix bug that wiped out dlopen() error message
10-10-19 dllplug.c: un-localize lookup names (happens with cut and paste)
10-10-19 dllscan.c: still no code for implicit libs missed by dlopen()
10-08-02 dllplug.c: fix local path dllcheck() call
10-05-28 dllplug.c: add dllplugin() with dllcheck() version check
10-05-28 dllcheck.c: add dllcheck() to do plugin_version() checks
10-05-28 dllerror.c: add dllerror(int retain) for dll*() and dl*() messages
09-11-17 dllscan.c: handle name[-.]version in dlsopen()
09-04-15 dllopen.c: add, use dllopen() internally to wrap dlopen()
08-05-12 dllscan.c: LIBSUFFIX==.dylib => default plugin version match 0.0
06-10-11 dllscan.c: check sfstruse() return values -- doh
06-01-25 dllplug.c: add errorf() library message for dlopen() error
05-02-14 dllscan.c: "" || "-" => NiL
04-10-01 dllfind.c: drop ksh "builtin" workaround
	 dllscan.c: directory prefix in name limits search to dir and siblings
04-07-22 dllscan.c: access() => eaccess()
04-01-30 dllfind.c: dllplug( then dllplug(0)
04-01-28 dllscan.c: update for new plugin scheme: lib/foo/
	 dllplug.c: add dllplug() for plugin dllfind()
03-03-12 dllfind.c: dlopen() with RTLD_GLOBAL|RTLD_PARENT defaults
03-02-11 dllscan.c: change LIBPATH to <dir>[:<env>[:<pat>]][,...]
03-01-08 dllscan.c: hack version logic again -- is consistency rocket science?
03-01-07 dlfcn.c: fix darwin.ppc dlopen/dlsym/dlclose
02-11-18 dllfind.c: add path,size args (with backwards compatibility checks)
02-11-15 dllfind.c: check for ./path if '.' in path but no '/'
02-08-30 dllfind.c: fix a bug that returned uninitialized value on not found
02-08-28 dllscan.c: handle and display bin as a sibling dir
02-07-31 dllscan.c: add dllsopen,dllsread,dllsclose
	 dllfind.c: use dllsopen,dllsread,dllsclose
02-07-26 dllfind.c: add dllinfo()
02-06-27 dllnext.c: define _GNU_SOURCE to enable RTLD_NEXT
02-03-17 dllfind.c: fix dll prefix search (for cygwin)
02-01-11 features/dll: include <dlfcn.h> only if _hdr_dlfcn&&_lib_dlopen
01-10-31 dlfcn.c: change dlopen() prototype (<dlfcn.h> but no -ldl!)
01-09-25 dllfind: add LIBSUFFIX
01-07-17 dllfind: do at least one dlopen() to prime dlerror()
01-05-29 dlopen: fix dlopen(0,0) for HP
01-04-20 dllfind: use getconf HOSTTYPE LIBPATH LIBSUFFIX
01-02-14 features/dll: fix unbalanced ' quote and ancient hostinfo reference
00-01-26 dlllook: add -- dlsym() with `_' weak prefix fallback
99-04-01 features/dll: drop <stdio.h> -- iffe protos printf
99-03-19 static=1 for all but win32.*
98-06-01 dllfind: fix version search
98-03-11 features/dll: probe for _DLL_RLD_SYM
98-03-01 dllnext: fix to work!
98-01-23 -ldl test moved to lib0ast
98-01-11 update for astconf("LIBPATH")
	 add dllnext(flags) to uncover next layer
	 dllfind() and dllnext() in separate files (for 3d)
97-10-11 move from libast so libast can link static