xml2man.mxml   [plain text]

<docdate>August 28, 2002</docdate>
	<name>xml2man<desc>MPGL to mdoc (man page) translator</desc></name>

	<flag optional="1">f<desc>Force destination file to be overwritten if it exists.</desc></flag>
	<arg>filename<desc>the file to be processed</desc></arg>
	<arg optional="1">output_filename<desc>the destination file</desc></arg>

	<p>This program was designed to convert Man Page Generation Language (MPGL) XML
	files into mdoc-based manual pages.  The MPGL is a fairly direct translation
	of mdoc to XML.</p>

	<p>For more information on hdxml2manxml, see</p>
	<manpage>hdxml2manxml<section>1</section>, </manpage>