hdxml2manxml.mxml   [plain text]

<docdate>August 28, 2002</docdate>
<doctitle>Document title</doctitle>
	<name>hdxml2manxml<desc>HeaderDoc XML to MPGL translator</desc></name>

	<flag optional="1">M<arg>man_section</arg><desc>the manual section for the output files</desc></flag>
	<arg>filename<desc>the filename(s) to be processed</desc></arg>
	<arg optional="1">...</arg>

	This tool was designed to translate from headerdoc's XML output to an mxml
	file for use with xml2man.  The tool takes a list of XML files generated
	with headerdoc2html (with the -X flag) and outputs a series of .mxml
	files (suitable for use with xml2man) in the current directory.

	<p>For more information on xml2man, see:</p>