Syntax   [plain text]

This is the documentation for the xmlman manpage generation language.
The MPGL includes a subset of mdoc.  Text is assumed unjustified.

The "usage" section becomes the Synopsis and Description sections.
Any desc field may contain either a chunk of raw text or it may contain
a subset of XHTML:

	<p>         	Paragraph
	<blockquote>	indented block
	<tt>       	indented literal text or code
	<ul>		unordered (bullet) list
	<ol>		ordered (numbered) list
	<li>		list item (in a ul/ol)
	<code>   	Literal text

Also allowed are:

	<path>    	Path name
	<function>	Function name
	<command>	Command name
	<os>		Operating System
	<manpage>	Man page cross-reference *** SEE EXAMPLE ***

Here's an example:

<docdate>August 28, 2002</docdate>
<doctitle>Document title</doctitle>
	<name>foo<desc>this is a description</desc></name>
	<name>bar<desc>this is also a description</desc></name>

	<flag optional="1">a<arg>attributes</arg><desc>This is the atts flag</desc></flag>
	<flag>d<arg>date</arg><desc>This is the date flag</desc></flag>
	<flag>x<desc>This is the -x flag</desc></flag>
	<arg>filename<desc>This is the filename</desc></arg>

	<p>Returns kIONotANumber if you can't count.</p>
	<p>Returns kIOMoron if you REALLY can't count.</p>


	<file>/path/to/filename<desc>This is a waste of time</desc></file>
	<file>/path/to/another/filename<desc>This is also a waste of time</desc></file>




	<p>This is a text container, really, but generally contains
	lines like this:</p>
	<manpage>foo<section>1</section>, </manpage>

	<p>Here's a list of conformance:</p>
	    <li>Single UNIX Specification</li>

	This program should be history....

	<p>Here are some bugs:</p>
		<li>Bug one....</li>
		<li>Bug two....</li>
		<li>Bug three....</li>
	<p>I think that pretty much covers it.</p>

<topic><name>Some other heading</name>
	<p>Here is what goes under that heading.</p>