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    @framework HeaderDoc Source Code Documentation
	This page documents the internals of the HeaderDoc family
        of tools.  For general user documentation, read the
	{@linkdoc //apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40001215 HeaderDoc User Guide}.

	The HeaderDoc suite consists of several tools:

		<dd>The main HeaderDoc tool.  Converts headers or source
		    code files to HTML or XML.</dd>
	        <dd>Gathers up HeaderDoc-generated HTML and generates
		    a master table of contents.</dd>
	        <dd>Links the HeaderDoc-generated HTML pages together.
		    (Called by <code>gatherHeaderDoc.pl</code>.)</dd>
	        <dd>Converts a dialect of XML into manual pages.</dd>
	        <dd>Converts HeaderDoc XML output into a form suitable
		    for use with <code>xml2man</code>.</dd>
	        <dd>Tool for filtering incoming content based on
		    C preprocessor directives.</dd>
	        <dd>Sample code demonstrating reuse of the HeaderDoc

	Some of these tools also use a number of Perl modules.  These
        modules are divided up into groups based on the role they serve.
     @frameworkuid TP40009579