Release Notes

Author: Matt Morse (matt@apple.com)
Last modified: 09/14/2002

HeaderDoc 7.2

The intent of this release is to fix several long-standing bugs. The numbers in parentheses refer to bug numbers in Apple's internal bug tracking database.


Bugs fixed

More flexible handling of colons
HeaderDoc was confused by spaces around the C++ access control modifiers public:, private:, and protected:. Submitted by Stephane Sudre(2472454)
HeaderDoc should handle var args in function declaration
If you specify a parameter as a variable argument list by using '...', HeaderDoc ignores that parameter and its description in the HTML output. (2551202)
Fix for invalid HTML
The HTML for some tables was faulty, with the closing element being <tr> rather than </tr>. This submission also removed the space characters around the equals sign in HTML attribute/value pairs, so that 'name = "Foo"' is now 'name="Foo"'. Either is valid HTML. Fix submitted by Jonatan Lander. (2832476)
Extra (); after some typedefs
HeaderDoc was adding parens after the declaration of some simple typedefs, like typedef int FooInt; (2845591)
HeaderDoc2HTML: @enum does not allow more than one word after it.
HeaderDoc comments with @enum declarations like: @enum Beverage Categories were losing one of the words of the name. (2905256)
Improve formatting for function declarations
The full information for each parameter is now displayed on its own line. (2982025)
Enumerations missing from printable page version of output
They appeared properly in the Constants.html page, but weren't included in the CompositePage.html page. (3017250)
HeaderDoc not adding apple_refs to ObjC class names
HeaderDoc correctly adds "apple_ref" markup to class and instance methods, but not to the class name itself. This prevents Project Builder or other documentation indexers from finding these introductory pages. (See APIAnchors.html in the HeaderDoc documentation for more information about apple_ref markup.) (3042788)
HeaderDoc generating duplicate API markers
HeaderDoc adds "apple_ref" markup to every documented API symbol (see APIAnchors.html in the HeaderDoc documentation for more information). These markers must be unique so that Project Builder and other documentation indexers have one place to send readers for information. Because of the way the printable page (CompositePage.html) was derived from the standard documentation, the apple_refs were appearing twice, once in the primary page (say, Functions.html) and once in the composite page. Now, HeaderDoc prevents this markup from appearing in the composite page. (3050022)
HeaderDoc should add the 'generator' meta tag to HTML output
The element <meta name="generator" content="HeaderDoc"> is now added to all HTML pages. (2824759)


New Feature

Command line switch to make HeaderDoc run silently
The -q flag on the HeaderDoc command line makes HeaderDoc run silently. Feature was submitted by Ryan Wilcox (2817440).



Added more test cases to the ExampleHeaders folder. Added DOCTYPE declarations to top of HTML pages.