ChangeLog   [plain text]

2002-06-02  Paul Eggert  <>

	* NEWS, (AC_INIT): Version 2.5.8 released.

	* inp.c (report_revision): Don't modify 'revision', since
	it gets freed later.  Bug reported by Mike Castle.

2002-05-30  Paul Eggert  <>

	* NEWS, (AC_INIT): Version 2.5.7 released.

	* (MISC): Remove README-alpha.
	(patchlevel.h): Depend on configure, not

	* INSTALL: Upgrade to Autoconf 2.53 version.

2002-05-28  Paul Eggert  <>

	* patch.c (end_defined, apply_hunk): Output #endif without
	the comment, as POSIX 1003.1-2001 requires.

	* pch.c (there_is_another_patch): Flush stderr after perror.

	* NEWS, (AC_INIT): Version 2.5.6 released.

	* strcasecmp.c, strncasecmp.c: New files, taken from fileutils.
	* config.guess, config.sub: Remove.
	* (LIBSRCS): Add strcasecmp.c, strncasecmp.c.
	(MISC): Remove config.guess, config.sub.

	The code already assumes C89 or better, so remove K&R stuff.
	* common.h (volatile): Remove.
	(GENERIC_OBJECT): Remove; all uses changed to 'void'.
	(PARAMS): Remove; all uses changed to prototypes.
	* (AC_PROG_CC_STDC): Add.
	* util.c (vararg_start): Remove.  All uses changed to va_start.
	Always include <stdarg.h>.
	(AC_REPLACE_FUNCS): Add strncasecmp.
	(AC_CHECK_DECLS): Add mktemp.
	* patch.c (main): Remove useless prototype decl.
	(mktemp): Don't declare if HAVE_DECL_MKTEMP || defined mktemp.
	(make_temp): Now accepts char, not int.
2002-05-26  Paul Eggert  <>

	* patch.c (not_defined): Prepend newline.  All uses changed.
	(apply_hunk): Fix bug: -D was outputting #ifdef when it should
	have been outputting #ifndef.  Bug report and partial fix by
	Jason Short.

	* pch.c (intuit_diff_type): When reading an ed diff, don't use
	indent and trailing-CR-ness of "." line; instead, use that of the
	command.  Bug reported by Anthony Towns; partial fix by Michael
	(intuit_diff_type): If the index line exists, don't report a
	missing header.  Fix by Chip Salzenberg.

2002-05-26  Alessandro Rubini  <>

	* patch.c (locate_hunk): Fixed updating of last_offset.

2002-05-25  Paul Eggert  <>

	* NEWS, README: Diffutils doc is up to date now.
	Bug reporting address is now <>.
	* README: Describe '--disable-largefile'.

	* NEWS-alpha, dirname.c, dirname.h, exitfail.c, exitfail.h,
	quote.c, quote.h, unlocked-io.h: New files, taken from diffutils
	and fileutils.

	* argmatch.c: [STDC_HEADERS]: Include stdlib.h, for 'exit'.

	* addext.c, argmatch.c, argmatch.h, backupfile.c, basename.c:
	Update from diffutils and fileutils.

	* ansi2knr.1, ansi2knr.c: Remove.

	* patch.c (usage): Likewise.
	* pch.c (open_patch_file): Likewise.

	* Renamed from  Add copyright notice.
	(AC_PREREQ): Bump to 2.53.
	(AC_INIT): Use 2.5x style.
	(AC_C_PROTOTYPES): Use this instead of AM_C_PROTOTYPES.
	(AC_CHECK_DECLS): Add free, getenv, malloc.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Remove setmode.
	(jm_CHECK_TYPE_STRUCT_DIRENT_D_INO): Use this instead of

	* (OBJEXT): New var.
	(PACKAGE_NAME): Renamed from PACKAGE.  All uses changed.
	(PACKAGE_VERSION): Renamed from VERSION.  All uses changed.
	(U): Remove.  All uses of "$U.o" changed to ".$(OBJEXT)".
	(LIBSRCS): REmove getopt.c getopt1.c.  Add mkdir.c, rmdir.c.
	(SRCS): Add dirname.c, exitfail.c, getopt.c, getopt1.c, quote.c.
	Remove mkdir.c.
	(OBJS): Keep in sync with SRCS.
	(HDRS): Remove basename.h.
	Add dirname.h, exitfail.h, quote.h, unlocked-io.h.
	(MISC, configure, config.hin, patchlevel.h): renamed from
	(MISC): Add README-alpha. Remove ansi2knr.1, ansi2knr.c.
	(.c.$(OBJEXT)): Renamed from .c.o.
	(ACINCLUDE_INPUTS): Add c-bs-a.m4, error.m4, jm-glibc-io.m4,
	mbstate_t.m4, mkdir.m4, mbrtowc.m4, prereq.m4, setmode.m4.
	Remove ccstdc.m4, inttypes_h.m4, largefile.m4, protos.m4.
	(mostlyclean): Don't clean ansi2knr.
	(ansi2knr.o, ansi2knr): Remove.
	Redo dependencies.

	* patch.c: Include <exitfail.h>.
	(main): Initialize exit_failure.

	* Update copyright notice.

	* pch.c, util.c: Include <dirname.h>, not <basename.h>.

	* version.c (copyright_string): Update copyright notice.

2002-02-17  Paul Eggert  <>

	* partime.c (parse_pattern_letter): Don't overrun buffer if it
	contains only alphanumerics.  Bug reported by Winni

2001-07-28  Paul Eggert  <>

	* util.c (fetchname), NEWS:
	Allow file names with internal spaces, so long as they
	don't contain tabs.

	* pch.c (intuit_diff_type): Do not allow Prereq with multiple words.

	* (AC_PREREQ): Bump to 2.50.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Remove fseeko.
	Remove largefile.m4; no longer needed with Autoconf 2.50.

2001-02-07  "Tony E. Bennett" <>

	* util.c (PERFORCE_CO): New var.
	(version_controller): Support Perforce.
	* Document this.

2000-06-30  Paul Eggert  <>

	* Ignore comment lines.

	* NEWS, pch.c: Ignore lines beginning with "#".

1999-10-24  Paul Eggert  <>

	* pch.c (another_hunk): Report a fatal error if a regular
	context hunk's pattern has a different number of unchanged
	lines than the replacement.

1999-10-18  Paul Eggert  <>

	* patch.c (main): If we skipped an ed patch, exit with nonzero status.

1999-10-17  Paul Eggert  <>

	* patch.c (main): Apply do_ed_script even if dry_run, because
	we need to make progress on the patch file.
	* pch.c (do_ed_script): If skip_rest_of_patch is nonzero,
	gobble up the patch without any other side effect.

1999-10-12  Paul Eggert  <>

	* NEWS, README: New bug reporting address.
	* NEWS: Report change in 2.5.4 that we forgot to document.
	* README: Document `configure --disable-largefile'.

	* basename.c, COPYING, getopt.c, getopt.h, getopt1.c, m4/largefile.m4:
	Update to latest version.
	* (basename$U.o): Depend on basename.h.
	(config.hin): Depend on $(srcdir)/aclocal.m4.

	* ansi2knr.c, maketime.c, mkinstalldirs, partime.c: Fix $Id.

	FreeBSD has an unrelated setmode function; work around this.
	* common.h (binary_transput): Don't declare unless O_BINARY.
	* patch.c (option_help, get_some_switches):
	Don't use setmode unless O_BINARY.
	* pch.c (open_patch_file): Don't invoke setmode unless O_BINARY.

	Fix incompatiblities with error.c.
	* common.h (program_name): Now XTERN char *, for compatibility
	with error.c.  All uses changed.
	(PROGRAM_NAME): New macro.
	(PARAMS): Use ANSI C version only if defined PROTOTYPES
	|| (defined __STDC__ && __STDC__), for compatibilty with error.c.
	* util.c (vararg_start): Likewise.
	* patch.c (program_name): Remove.
	(main): Initialize program_name.
	* version.c (version): Print PROGRAM_NAME, not program_name.

	Accommodate mingw32 port, which has one-argument mkdir (yuck!)
	and no geteuid.
	* m4/mkdir.m4: New file.
	* (ACINCLUDE_INPUTS): Add $(M4DIR)/mkdir.m4.
	* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add geteuid, getuid.
	* common.h (mkdir): Define if mkdir takes one arg.
	(geteuid): New macro, if not already defined.

1999-10-11  Christopher R. Gabriel  <>

	* patch.c (option_help): Updated bug report address
	* (VERSION): Version 2.5.5 released.

1999-09-01  Paul Eggert  <>

	* patch.c (main): Default simple_backup_suffix to ".orig".

1999-10-08  Paul Eggert  <>

	* Make it clear that `patch -o F' should not be
	used if F is one of the files to be patched.

1999-08-30  Paul Eggert  <>

	Version 2.5.4 fixes a few minor bugs, converts C sources to
	ANSI prototypes, and modernizes auxiliary sources and autoconf

	* (VERSION): Version 2.5.4 released.
	(AC_SYS_LARGEFILE): Add, replacing inline code.
	(AC_EXEEXT): Add.
	(jm_AC_HEADER_INTTYPES_H): Add, replacing inline code.
	(AC_TYPE_PID_T): Add.
	(jm_STRUCT_UTIMBUF): Add, replacing inline code.
	(HAVE_MEMCHR): Remove obsolescent test; nobody uses NetBSD 1.0 now.
	(getopt_long): Append $U to object file basenames.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add fseeko, setmode.  Remove mkdir.
	(AC_REPLACE_FUNCS): Add mkdir, rmdir.
	(jm_STRUCT_DIRENT_D_INO): Add, replacing inline code.

	* (EXEEXT): New macro.
	(mandir): New macro.
	(man1dir): Define in terms of mandir.
	(SRCS): Add mkdir.c, rmdir.c.
	(OBJS): Change .o to $U.o for addext, argmatch, backupfile, basename,
	error, inp, patch ,,pch, quotearg, util, version, xmalloc.
	(HDRS): Add basename.h, patchlevel.h.
	(MISC): Add ansi2knr.1, config.guess, config.sub.
	(MISC, config.hin): Remove acconfig.h; no longer needed.
	(DISTFILES_M4): New macro.
	(all): patch -> patch$(EXEEXT).
	(patch$(EXEEXT)): Renamed from patch.  All uses changed.
	(uninstall): Remove manual page.
	(configure): Depend on aclocal.m4.
	($(srcdir)/aclocal.m4): New rule.
	(patchlevel.h): Depend on, not Makefile,
	since we now distribute it.
	(distclean): Don't remove patchlevel.h.
	(dist): Distribute $(DISTFILES_M4).
	(addext_.c argmatch_.c backupfile_.c basename_.c error_.c
	getopt_.c getopt1_.c inp_.c malloc_.c mkdir_.c patch_.c pch_.c
	rename_.c util_.c version_.c xmalloc_.c): Depend on ansi2knr.
	Update dependencies to match sources.

	* common.h (_LARGEFILE_SOURCE): Remove; now autoconfigured.
	(file_offset): Depend on HAVE_FSEEKO, not _LFS_LARGEFILE.

	* patch.c (version_control_context): New variable.
	Convert to ANSI prototypes.
	Adjust to new argmatch calling convention.
	Similarly for get_version.
	Complain about creating an existing file only if
	pch_says_nonexistent returns 2 (not merely nonzero).
	Similarly for time mismatch check.
	(get_some_switches): Adjust to new get_version calling convention.
	Similarly for argmatch.

	* pch.c (<basename.h>): Include.
	(intuit_diff_type): Improve quality of test for empty file.
	(another_hunk): Don't assume off_t is no longer than long.

	* util.h (backup_type): New decl.
	* util.c (<basename.h>): Include.
	(move_file): Adjust to new find_backup_file_name convention.
	(doprogram, mkdir, rmdir): Remove; now in separate files.
	(fetchame): Match "/dev/null", not NULL_DEVICE.
	Ignore names that don't have enough slashes to strip off.

	* version.c: Update copyright notice.

1998-03-20  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.5.3.
	* quotearg.h (quotearg_quoting_options):
	Remove; it ran afoul of the Borland C compiler.
	Its address is now represented by the null pointer.
	* quotearg.c (default_quoting_options):
	Renamed from quotearg_quoting_options,
	and now static instead of extern.
	(clone_quoting_options, get_quoting_style, set_quoting_style,
	set_char_quoting, quotearg_buffer):
	Use default_quoting_options when passed a null pointer.
	* patch.c (main, get_some_switches):
	Pass a null pointer instead of address of quotearg_quoting_options.

1998-03-17  Paul Eggert  <>

	* patch.c (option_help): Update bug reporting address to
	* Fix copyright and bug reporting address.

1998-03-16  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.5.2.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add strerror.

	* NEWS, patch.c (longopts, get_some_switches),
	Add --quoting-style, --posix options.

	* (LIBSRCS): Add malloc.c, realloc.c.
	(SRCS): Add error.c, quotesys.c, xmalloc.c.
	(OBJS): Likewise.
	(HDRS): Add error.h, quotesys.h, xalloc.h.
	(MISC): Add AUTHORS, aclocal.m4, ansi2knr.c.
	(clean): Use mostlyclean rule.
	(argmatch.o, inp.o, patch.o, pch.o): Now also depends on quotearg.h.
	(inp.o, patch.o, util.o): Now also depends on xalloc.h.
	(error.o, quotearg.o, quotesys.o, xmalloc.o,
	ansi2knr.o, ansi2knr, quotearg_.c, .c_.c): New rules.
	(U): New macro.
	(OBJS, quotearg$U.o): Rename quotearg.o to quotearg$U.o.
	(mostlyclean): Remove ansi2knr, *_.c.
	(.SUFFIXES): Add _.c.

	* acconfig.h (PROTOTYPES): New undef.

	* acconfig.h, (HAVE_INTTYPES_H, malloc, realloc):
	New macros.

	* aclocal.m4, error.c, error.h, malloc.c,
	quotearg.h, quotearg.c, realloc.c, xalloc.h, xmalloc.c: New files.

	* argmatch.c: Include <sys/types.h> before <argmatch.h>.
	Include <quotearg.h>.

	* argmatch.c (invalid_arg),
	inp.c (scan_input, report_revision, too_many_lines, get_input_file,
	patch.c (main, get_some_switches, numeric_string),
	pch.c (open_patch_file, intuit_diff_type, do_ed_script):
	util.c (move_file, create_file, copy_file, version_get, removedirs):
	Quote output operands properly.

	* common.h: Include <inttypes.h> if available.
	(TMPINNAME_needs_removal, TMPOUTNAME_needs_removal,
	TMPPATNAME_needs_removal): New variables.
	(xmalloc): Remove decl; now in xalloc.h.

	* inp.c: Include <quotearg.h>, <xalloc.h>.

	* inp.c (get_input_file),
	pch.c (intuit_diff_type),
	util.c (version_controller):
	Don't do diff operation if diffbuf is null; used by ClearCase support.

	* inp.c (plan_b),
	patch.c (init_reject),
	pch.c (open_patch_file, do_ed_script):
	Create temporary file with O_EXCL to avoid races.

	* patch.c: Include <quotearg.h>, <xalloc.h>.
	(create_output_file, init_output): New open_flags arg.
	All callers changed.
	(init_reject): No longer takes filename arg.  All callers changed.
	(remove_if_needed): New function.
	(cleanup): Use it to remove temporary files only if needed.
	(TMPREJNAME_needs_removal): New var.
	(main): Set xalloc_fail_func to memory_fatal; needed for xalloc.
	Initialize quoting style from QUOTING_STYLE.
	(longopts, get_some_switches): Offset longarg options by CHAR_MAX,
	not 128; this is needed for EBCDIC ports.

	* patch.c (main, locate_hunk, abort_hunk, spew_output),
	pch.c (there_is_another_patch, intuit_diff_type, malformed,
	The LINENUM type now might be longer than long,
	so print and read line numbers more carefully.

	* patch.c (main),
	pch.c (there_is_another_patch):
	util.c (fetchname):
	strippath now defaults to -1, so that we can distinguish unset
	value from largest possible.

	* Clarify how file name is chosen from candidates.

	* pch.c: Include <quotearg.h>.
	(p_strip_trailing_cr): New variable.
	(scan_linenum): New function.
	(pget_line, re_patch, there_is_another_patch, intuit_diff_type,
	get_line): Strip trailing CRs from context diffs that need this.
	(best_name): Use SIZE_MAX instead of (size_t) -1 for max size_t.

	* quotesys.c, quotearg.h: Renamed from quotearg.c and quotearg.h.
	All uses changed.
	* quotesys.h (__QUOTESYS_P): Renamed from __QUOTEARG_P.

	* util.c: Include <quotearg.h>, <xalloc.h>.
	(raise): Don't define if already defined.
	(move_file): New arg from_needs_removal.  All callers changed.
	(copy_file): New arg to_flags.  All callers changed.
	(CLEARTOOL_CO): New constant.
	(version_controller): Add ClearCase support.
	(format_linenum): New function.
	(fetchname): Allow any POSIX.1 time zone spec, which means
	any local time offset in the range -25:00 < offset < +26:00.
	Ignore the name if it doesn't have enough slashes to strip off.
	(xmalloc): Remove; now in xmalloc.c.

	* util.h (LINENUM_LENGTH_BOUND): New macro.
	(format_linenum): New decl.

	* version.c (copyright_string): Update years of copyrights.

1997-09-03  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.5.1.
	* inp.c (re_input): Don't free buffers twice when input is garbled.
	* patch.c (main): If skipping patch and Plan A fails, don't
	bother trying Plan B.

1997-08-31  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Version 2.5 released.

1997-07-21  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.4.4.
	* pch.c (there_is_another_patch), NEWS: Report an error if the patch
	input contains garbage but no patches.

	* pch.c (open_patch_file):
	Check for patch file too long (i.e., its size
	doesn't fit in a `long', and LFS isn't available).

	* inp.c (plan_a):
	Cast malloc return value, in case malloc returns char *.

1997-07-16  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.4.3.

	* NEWS,, pch.c (intuit_diff_type, get_line, pget_line):
	Now demangles RFC 934 encapsulation.
	* pch.c (p_rfc934_nesting): New var.

	* pch.c (intuit_diff_type): Don't bother to check file names carefully
	if we're going to return NO_DIFF.

	* inp.c (plan_a): Count the number of lines before allocating
	pointer-to-line buffer; this reduces memory requirements
	considerably (roughly by a factor of 5 on 32-bit hosts).
	Decrease `size' only when read unexpectedly reports EOF.
	(i_buffer): New var.
	(too_many_lines): New fn.
	(re_input): Free i_buffer if using plan A.
	Free buffers unconditionally; they can't be zero.

	* inp.c (plan_a, plan_b): Check for overflow of line counter.

	* pch.c (malformed), util.h (memory_fatal, read_fatal, write_fatal):
	Declare as noreturn.

1997-07-10  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.4.2.

	* util.c (ok_to_reverse), NEWS: The default answer is now `n';
	this is better for Emacs.

	* (dist): Use cp -p, not ln;
	some hosts do the wrong thing with ln if the source is a symbolic link.

	* Fix typo: -y -> -Y.

1997-07-05  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.4.1.

	* patch.c: (main, get_some_switches), NEWS,
	Version control is now independent of whether backups are made.
	* patch.c (option_help): Put version control options together.
	(get_some_switches): With CVS 1.9 hack, treat -b foo like -b -z foo,
	not just -z foo.  This change is needed due to recent change in -z.
	* backupfile.c (find_backup_file_name):
	backup_type == none causes undefined behavior;
	this undoes the previous change to this file.

	* patch.c (locate_hunk): Fix bug when locating context diff hunks
 	near end of file with nonzero fuzz.

	* util.c (move_file): Don't assume that ENOENT is reported when both
	ENOENT and EXDEV apply; this isn't true with DJGPP, and
	Posix doesn't require it.

	* pch.c (there_is_another_patch):
	Suggest -p when we can't intuit a file.

1997-06-19  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Version 2.4 released.
	* NEWS: Patch is now verbose when patches do not match exactly.

1997-06-17  Paul Eggert  <>

	* pc/djgpp/configure.sed (config.h): Remove redundant $(srcdir).

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.3.9.
	* patch.c (main): By default, warn about hunks that succeed
	with nonzero offset.
	* Add LC_ALL=C advice for making patches.
	* pc/djgpp/configure.sed (config.h): Fix paths to dependent files.

1997-06-17  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.3.8.

	* pch.c (open_patch_file): Test stdin for fseekability.
	(intuit_diff_type): Missing context diff headers are now warnings,
	not errors; some people use patches with them (e.g. when retrying

	* patch.c (struct outstate):
	New type, collecting together some output state vars.
	(apply_hunk, copy_till, spew_output, init_output): Use it.
	Keep track of whether some output has been generated.
	(backup_if_mismatch): New var.
	(ofp): Remove, in favor of local struct outstate vars.
	(main): Use struct outstate.  Initialize backup_if_mismatch to
	be the inverse of posixly_correct.  Keep track of whether mismatches
	occur, and use this to implement backup_if_mismatch.
	Report files that are not empty after patching, but should be.
	(longopts, option_help, get_some_switches): New options
	--backup-if-mismatch, --no-backup-if-mismatch.
	(get_some_switches): -B, -Y, -z no longer set backup_type.
	* backupfile.c (find_backup_file_name):
	Treat backup_type == none like simple.

	Remove var; no longer needed by djgpp port.
	(DISTFILES_PC_DJGPP): Rename pc/djgpp/config.sed to
	pc/djgpp/configure.sed; remove pc/djgpp/config.h in favor of
	new file that edits it, called pc/djgpp/config.sed.
	* pc/djgpp/configure.bat: Rename config.sed to configure.sed.
	* pc/djgpp/configure.sed (CONFIG_HDRS): Remove.
	(config.h): Add rule to build this from config.hin and
	* pc/djgpp/config.sed:
	Convert from .h file to .sed script that generates .h file.

	* NEWS: Describe --backup-if-mismatch, --no-backup-if-mismatch.
	Describe new options --backup-if-mismatch, --no-backup-if-mismatch
	and their ramifications.  Use unreadable backup to represent
	nonexistent file.

1997-06-12  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.3.7.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add `raise'.

	* (inp.o): No longer depends on quotearg.h.

	* common.h (outfile): New decl (was private var named `output').
	(invc): New decl.
	(GENERIC_OBJECT): Renamed from VOID.

	* patch.c (output): Remove; renamed to `outfile' and moved to common.h.
	(main): `failed' is count, not boolean.
	Say "Skipping patch." when deciding to skip patch.
	(get_some_switches): Set invc when setting inname.

	* inp.c: Do not include <quotearg.h>.
	Move to util.c.
	(get_input_file): Invoke new functions version_controller and
	version_get to simplify this code.
	(plan_b): "/dev/tty" -> NULL_DEVICE

	* pch.h (pch_timestamp): New decl.
	* pch.c (p_timestamp): New var; takes over from global timestamp array.
	(pch_timestamp): New function to export p_timestamp.
	(there_is_another_patch): Use blander wording when you can't intuit
	the file name.
	Say "Skipping patch." when deciding to skip patch.
	(intuit_diff_type): Look for version-controlled but nonexistent files
	when intuiting file names; set invc accordingly.
	Ignore Index: line if either old or new line is present, and if
	POSIXLY_CORRECT is not set.
	(do_ed_script): Flush stdout before invoking popen, since it may
	send output to stdout.

	* util.h (version_controller, version_get): New decls.
	* util.c: Include <quotearg.h> earlier.
	(raise): New macro, if ! HAVE_RAISE.
	(move_file): Create empty unreadable file when backing up a nonexistent
	(DEV_NULL): New constant.
	(version_controller, version_get): New functions.
	(ask): Look only at /dev/tty for answers; and when standard output is
	not a terminal and ! posixly_correct, don't even look there.
	Remove unnecessary fflushes of stdout.
	(ok_to_reverse): Say "Skipping patch." when deciding to skip patch..
	(sigs): SIGPIPE might not be defined.
	(exit_with_signal): Use `raise' instead of `kill'.
	(systemic): fflush stdout before invoking subsidiary command.

	* Document recent changes.

	Changed verbosity when fuzz is found.
	File name intuition is changed, again.
	Backups are made unreadable when the file did not exist.

	* pc/djgpp/config.h (HAVE_STRUCT_UTIMBUF): Define.
	(HAVE_RAISE): New macro.
	(HAVE_UTIME_H): Define.
	(TZ_is_unset): Do not define; it's not a serious problem with `patch'
	to have TZ be unset in DOS.

1997-06-08  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.3.6.
	(AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add utime.h.
	* acconfig.h,, pc/djgpp/config.h (HAVE_STRUCT_UTIMBUF):
 	New macro.
	* pc/djgpp/config.h (HAVE_UTIME_H, TZ_is_unset): New macros.

	* NEWS, Describe new -Z, -T options, new numeric
 	option for -G, retired -G, and more verbose default behavior
 	with fuzz.

	* pch.c (intuit_diff_type): Record times reported for files in headers.
	Remove head_says_nonexistent[x], since it's now equivalent to
	* util.h (fetchname): Change argument head_says_nonexistent to
	* util.c: #include <partime.h> for TM_LOCAL_ZONE.
	Don't include <time.h> since common.h now includes it.
	(ok_to_reverse): noreverse and batch cases now output regardless of
	(fetchname): Change argument head_says_nonexistent to pstamp, and
	store header timestamp into *pstamp.
	If -T or -Z option is given, match time stamps more precisely.
	(ask): Remove unnecessary close of ttyfd.
	When there is no terminal at all, output a newline to make the
	output look nicer.  After reporting EOF, flush stdout;
	when an input error, report the error type.

	* inp.c (get_input_file):
	Ask user whether to get file if patch_get is negative.

	* (clean): Don't clean */*.o; clean core* and *core.

1997-06-04  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.3.5.

	* util.c (ok_to_reverse):
	Be less chatty if verbosity is SILENT and we don't
	have to ask the user.  If force is nonzero, apply the patch anyway.

	* pch.c (there_is_another_patch):
	Before skipping rest of patch, skip to
	the patch start, so that another_hunk can skip it properly.
	(intuit_diff_type): Slight wording change for missing headers, to
	regularize with other diagnostics.  Fix off-by-one error when setting
	p_input_line when scanning the first hunk to check for deleted files.

1997-06-03  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.3.4.

	* NEWS: Now matches more generously against nonexistent or empty files.

	* pch.c (there_is_another_patch): Move warning about not being
	able to intuit file names here from skip_to.
	(intuit_diff_type): Fatal error if we find a headless unified
	or context diff.

	* util.c (ask): Null-terminate buffer properly even if it grew.
	(fetchname): No need to test for null first argument.

1997-06-02  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.3.3.
	* pch.c (p_says_nonexistent, pch_says_nonexistent): Is now 1 for empty,
	2 for nonexistent.
	(intuit_diff_type): Set p_says_nonexistent according to new meaning.
	Treat empty files like nonexistent files when reversing.
	(skip_to): Output better diagnostic when we can't intuit a file name.
	* patch.c (main):
	Count bytes, not lines, when testing whether a file is empty,
	since it may contain only non-newline chars.
	pch_says_nonexistent now returns 2 for nonexistent files.

1997-06-01  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.3.2.
	* pch.c (open_patch_file):
	Fix bug when computing size of patch read from a pipe.

1997-05-30  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.3.1.

	* (transform, patch_name): New vars,
	for proper implementation of AC_ARG_PROGRAM.
	(install, uninstall): Use them.
	(install-strip): New rule.
	* pc/djgpp/config.sed (program_transform_name): Set to empty.

1997-05-30  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION), NEWS: Version 2.3 released.
	* Fix two font typos.
	* util.c (doprogram): Fix misspelled decl.

1997-05-26  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.2.93.

	* pch.c (open_patch_file):
	Fatal error if binary_transput and stdin is a tty.

	* pc/djgpp/config.sed (chdirsaf.c):
	Use sed instead of cp, since cp might not be installed.
	* pc/djgpp/configure.bat:
	Prepend %srcdir% to pathname of config.sed, for crosscompiles.

1997-05-25  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.2.92.
	(D_INO_IN_DIRENT): New macro.
	* pc/djgpp/config.h, acconfig.h (D_INO_IN_DIRENT): New macro.
	* backupfile.c (REAL_DIR_ENTRY):

	* addext.c (addext): Adjust slen when adjusting s for DOS 8.3 limit.
	Do not use xxx.h -> xxxh~ hack.

	* util.c: (move_file): Avoid makedirs test when possible even
 	if FILESYSTEM_PREFIX_LEN (p) is nonzero.  Don't play
 	case-changing tricks to come up with backup file name; it's
 	not portable to case-insensitive file systems.
	* common.h (ISLOWER): Remove.

	* inp.c (scan_input): Don't use Plan A if (debug & 16).

	* patch.c (shortopts): Add -g, -G.
	(longopts): --help now maps to 132, not 'h', to avoid confusion.
	(get_some_switches): Likewise.
	Don't invoke setmode on input if --binary; wait until needed.
	Don't ever invoke setmode on stdout.
	* pch.c (open_patch_file): Setmode stdin to binary if binary_transput.

	* Fix documentation of backup file name to match behavior.
	Add advice for ordering of patches of derived files.
	Add /dev/tty to list of files used.
	* README: Adjust instructions for building on DOS.
	* pc/djgpp/README: Remove tentative wording.
	* NEWS: The DOS port is now tested.
	Backup file names are no longer computed by switching case.

	* pc/chdirsaf.c (ERANGE): Include <errno.h> to define it.
	(restore_wd): chdir unconditionally.
	(chdir_safer): Invoke atexit successfully at most once.
	* pc/djgpp/config.sed: Use chdirsaf.o, not pc/chdirsaf.o.
	Replace CONFIG_HDRS, don't append.
	Use $(srcdir) in CONFIG_STATUS.
	Don't apply $(SHELL) to $(CONFIG_STATUS).
	Append rules for chdirsaf.o, chdirsaf.c; clean chdirsaf.c at the end.
	* pc/djgpp/configure.bat: Append CR to each line; DOS needs this.
	Don't use | as sed s delimiter; DOS can't handle it.

1997-05-21  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.2.91.

	* pch.c (another_hunk):
	Fix bug with computing size of prefix and suffix context
	with ordinary context diffs.  Report malformed patch if a unified diff
	has nothing but context.

	* inp.c (get_input_file):
	Use patch_get, not backup_type, to decide whether to
	get from RCS or SCCS.  Use the word `get' in diagnostics.
	* patch.c (main): Initialize patch_get from PATCH_GET.
	Omit DEFAULT_VERSION_CONTROL hook; it just leads to nonstandarization.
	(longopts, option_help, get_some_switches): Add support for -g, -G.
	(option_help): Add bug report address.
	* common.h (patch_get): New decl.
	* Add -g and -G options; use `get' instead of `check out'.
	Add PATCH_GET.  Recommend -Naur instead of -raNU2 for diff.
	* NEWS: Describe -g, -G, PATCH_GET.

	* version.c (copyright_string): Use only most recent copyright year,
	as per GNU standards.

	* (DISTFILES_PC): Remove pc/quotearg.c.
	* pc/djgpp/config.sed: Remove unnecessary hooks for quotearg and SHELL.

1997-05-18  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Increase to 2.2.9.

	* pch.h (another_hunk): New parameter REV.
	* pch.c (hunkmax): Now of type LINENUM.
	(malformed): Add decl.
	(there_is_another_patch): Skip inname-detection if skip_rest_of_patch.
	(intuit_diff_type): To determine whether file appears to have been
	deleted, look at replacement, not pattern.
	If there is a mismatch between existence of file and whether the
	patch claims to change whether the file exists, ask whether to
	reverse the patch.
	(another_hunk): New parameter REV specifying whether to reverse the
	hunk.  All callers changed.
	(do_ed_script): Add assertion to ensure input file exists.

	* util.h (create_file): New function.
	(copy_file): Now takes mode, not struct stat.
	(makedirs): No longer exported.
	(move_file): Now takes mode, not struct stat.
	* util.c (makedirs): No longer exported.
	(move_file): Accept mode of destination, not struct stat.
	All callers changed.
	Quote file names in diagnostics.
	Create parent dir of destination if necessary.
	Don't use ENOTDIR.
	Don't unlink source; it will be unlinked later.
	Unlink destination if FROM is zero.
	(create_file): New function.
	(copy_file): Accept mode of destination, not struct stat.
	All callers changed.
	Use create_file to create file.
	(ok_to_reverse): Moved here from patch.c.  Now accepts format and args;
	all callers changed.
	(mkdir): 2nd arg is now mode_t, for better compatibility.
	(replace_slashes): Ignore slashes at the end of the filename.

	* common.h (noreverse): New decl.
	(ok_to_reverse): Remove decl.

	* patch.c (noreverse): Now extern.
	(main): New environment var PATCH_VERSION_CONTROL overrides VERSION_CONTROL.
	Don't assert(hunk) if we're skipping the patch; we may not have any hunks.
	When removing a file, back it up if backups are desired.
	Don't chmod output file if input file did not exist.
	chmod rej file to input file's mode minus executable bits.
	(locate_hunk): Go back to old way of a single fuzz parameter, but
	handle it more precisely: context diffs with partial contexts
	can only match file ends, since the partial context can occur
	only at the start or end of file.
	All callers changed.
	(create_output_file): Use create_file to create files.
	(ok_to_reverse): Move to util.c.

	* inp.c (scan_input, get_input_file): Quote file names in diagnostics.
	(get_input_file): Set inerrno if it's not already set.
	Don't create file; it's now the caller's responsibility.
	(plan_b): Use /dev/null if input size is zero, since it might not exist.
	Use create_file to create temporary file.

	* NEWS: Add PATCH_VERSION_CONTROL; DOS port is untested.

	* pc/djgpp/config.h: Add comment for mode_t.

	* pc/djgpp/README: Note that it's not tested.


1997-05-15  Paul Eggert  <>

	* Add AC_PREREQ(2.12).
	(VERSION): Bump to 2.2.8.
	(ed_PROGRAM): Rename from ED_PROGRAM.

	* pch.c (prefix_components): Support DOS file names better.
	Fix typo that caused fn to almost always yield 0.

	* util.c (<time.h>, <maketime.h>): Include.
	(move_file, copy_file): Add support for DOS filenames.
	Preserve mode of input files when creating temp files.
	Add binary file support.
	(doprogram, rmdir): New functions.
	(mkdir): Use doprogram.
	(replace_slashes): Add support for DOS filenames.
	(removedirs): New function.
	(init_time)): New function.
	(initial_time): New var.
	(fetchname): Add support for deleted files, DOS filenames.

	New macros, for DOS port.
	(base_name): Use them.

	* addext.c (HAVE_DOS_FILE_NAMES): New macro.
	<limits.h>: Include if HAVE_LIMITS_H.
	(addext): Handle hosts with DOS file name limits.

	* common.h (LONG_MIN): New macro.
	(FILESYSTEM_PREFIX_LEN, ISSLASH): New macros, for DOS port.
	(ok_to_create_file): Remove.
	(reverse): Now int.
	(ok_to_reverse): New function decl.
	(binary_transput): New var decl.

	* (ed_PROGRAM): Renamed from ED_PROGRAM.
	(SRCS): Add maketime.c, partime.c.
	(OBJS): Likewise.
	(HDRS): Add maketime.h, partime.h.
	(Makefile, config.status): Use CONFIG_STATUS, not config.status.
	(clean): Remove */*.o.
	(dist): Add pc and pc/djgpp subdirectories.
	($(OBJS)): Depend on $(CONFIG_HDRS) instead of config.h.
	(maketime.o, partime.o): New rules.
	(util.o): Depend on maketime.h.

	* patch.c (main):
	Call init_time.  Add DEFAULT_VERSION_CONTROL hook for people who
	prefer the old ways.  Build temp file names before we might invoke cleanup.
	Add support for deleted files and clean up the patch-swapping code a bit.
	Delete empty ancestors of deleted files.
	When creating temporaries, use file modes of original files.
	(longopts, get_some_switches): New option --binary.
	(get_some_switches): Report non-errno errors with `fatal', not `pfatal'.
	(create_output_file): New function, which preserves modes of original files
	and supports binary transput.
	(init_output, init_reject): Use it.
	(ok_to_reverse): New function.
	(TMPDIR): New macro.
	(make_temp): Use $TMPDIR, $TMP, $TEMP, or TMPDIR, whichever comes first.

	* pch.c (p_says_nonexistent): New var.
	(open_patch_file): Add binary transput support.
	Apply stat to file names retrieved from user.
	Reject them if they don't exist.
	(intuit_diff_type): Add support for deleting files.
	Don't treat trivial directories any differently.
	Avoid stating the same file twice in common case of context diffs.
	(prefix_components): Don't treat trivial directories any differently.
	Add support for DOS filenames.
	(pch_says_nonexistent): New function.
	(do_ed_script): Preserve mode of input files when creating temp files.
	Add support for binary transput.

	* pch.h (pch_says_nonexistent): New decl.

	* util.h (replace_slashes): No longer exported.
	(fetchname): Add support for deleted files.
	(copy_file, move_file): Add support for preserving file modes.
	(init_time, removedirs): New functions.

	* argmatch.c: Converge with fileutils.

	* backupfile.c: Converge with fileutils.
	(find_backup_file_name): Treat .~N~ suffix just like any other suffix
	when handling file names that are too long.

	* inp.c:
	In messages, put quotes around file names and spaces around "--".
	(get_input_file): Allow files to be deleted.  Do the expense of
	makedirs only if we can't create the file.
	(plan_a, plan_b): Add support for binary transput.

	* pc/chdirsaf.c, pc/djgpp/README, pc/djgpp/config.h, pc/djgpp/config.sed, pc/djgpp/configure.bat, pc/quotearg.c:
	New file.

	* NEWS:
	New methods for removing files; adjust file name intuition again.
	Add description of MS-DOS and MS-Windows ports.

	Simplify file name intuition slightly (no distinction for trivial dirs).
	Add --binary.  Describe how files and directories are deleted.
	Suggest diff -a.  Include caveats about what context diffs cannot represent.

1997-05-06  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Now 2.2.7.
	(CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS, LIBS): If the user has not set any of these vars,
	prefer support for large files if available.

	* common.h (_LARGEFILE_SOURCE): Define.
	(file_offset): New typedef.
	(file_seek, file_tell): New macros.

	* patch.c (main):
	Remove empty files by default unless POSIXLY_CORRECT is set.

	* util.c, util.h (Fseek):
	Use file_offset instead of long, for portability to large-file hosts.

	* pch.c: (p_base, p_start, next_intuit_at, skip_to, open_patch_file,
	intuit_diff_type, another_hunk, incomplete_line, do_ed_script):
	Use file_offset instead of long, for portability to large-file hosts.
	(prefix_components): Renamed from path_name_components; count only
	nontrivial prefix components, and take a 2nd EXISTING arg.
	(existing_prefix_components): Remove; subsumed by prefix_components.
	(intuit_diff_type): When creating files, try for the creation of the
	fewest directories.

	* (VERSION): Now 2.2.6.

	* pch.c (existing_prefix_components): New function.
	(intuit_diff_type): When creating a file, use a name whose existing
 	directory prefix contains the most nontrivial path name components.
	(best_name): Don't check for null 2nd arg.

	* util.h (replace_slashes): New decl.

	* util.c (replace_slashes): Now external.
	(fetchname): Don't assume chars are nonnegative.

	When creating a file, use a name whose existing directory prefix
	contains the most nontrivial path name components.
	Add advice for creating patches and applying them.

1997-05-06  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Now 2.2.6.

	* pch.c (existing_prefix_components): New function.
	(intuit_diff_type): When creating a file, use a name whose existing
 	directory prefix contains the most nontrivial path name components.
	(best_name): Don't check for null 2nd arg.

	* util.h (replace_slashes): New decl.
	* util.c (replace_slashes): Now external.
	(fetchname): Don't assume chars are nonnegative.

	*  Describe above change to pch.c.
	Add advice for creating patches and applying them.

1997-05-05  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Update to 2.2.5.

	* quotearg.h, quotearg.c: New files.
	* (SRCS, OBJS, HDRS): Mention new files.
	(inp.o, util.o): Now depends on quotearg.h.
	(quotearg.o): New makefile rule.

	* common.h (posixly_correct): New var.
	* patch.c (main): Initialize it.
	If ! posixly_correct, default backup type is now `existing'.
	SIMPLE_BACKUP_SUFFIX no longer affects backup type.
	(backup): Remove var.

	* util.h: (countdirs): Remove.
	(systemic): New decl.
	* util.c (move_file): Try making the parent directory of TO
	if backup prefix or suffix contain a slash.
	(ask): Remove arbitrary limit on size of result.
	(systemic): New function.
	(mkdir): Work even if arg contains shell metacharacters.
	(replace_slashes): Return 0 if none were replaced.
	Don't replace slash after . or .. since it's redundant.
	(countdirs): Remove.
	(makedirs): Ignore mkdir failures.

	* NEWS, More POSIXLY_CORRECT adjustments.
	Describe new rules for how file names are intuited.

1997-04-17  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Version 2.2 released.

	* (config.hin):
	Remove before building; we always want the timestamp updated.

	* inp.c (get_input_file):
	Look for RCS files only if backup_type == numbered_existing.

	* NEWS,
	Remove mention of never-implemented -V rcs and -V sccs options.
	* `pathname' -> `file name'
	Correct the description of how file names are found in diff headers.
	Clarify the distinction between ordinary and unified context diffs.

1997-04-13  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Update to 2.1.7.

	* patch.c (numeric_optarg): New function.
	(get_some_switches): Use it.

	* pch.c (intuit_diff_type): When creating a file, prefer a name whose
	existing dir prefix is the longest.

	* util.h (countdirs): New function.
	* util.c (replace_slashes, countdirs): New functions.
	(makedirs): Use replace_slashes, to be more like countdirs.

	* Explain -pN vs -p N.  Recommend --new-file.
	Explain possible incompatibility with strip count.

1997-04-10  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (VERSION): Bump to 2.1.6.
	(AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Remove stdlib.h (i.e. remove HAVE_STDLIB_H).

	* (HDRS, patchlevel.h, TAGS, distclean, maintainer-clean):
	Don't distribute patchlevel.h; let the user do it.
	This works around some obscure (possibly nonexistent?) `make' bugs.

	* common.h (program_name): extern, not XTERN.
	(<stdlib.h>): Include if STDC_HEADERS, not if HAVE_STDLIB_H.
	(atol, getenv, malloc, realloc): Don't worry whether they're #defined.

	* patch.c (get_some_switches):
	Add special hack for backwards compatibility with CVS 1.9.
	(-B, -Y, -z): Now set backup_type = simple.

	* NEWS: Fix misspellings; minor reformatting.
	* README: Report POSIX.2 compliance.

1997-04-06  Paul Eggert  <>

	Move all old RCS $Log entries into ChangeLog.
	#include all files with < >, not " ".

	* addext.c, argmatch.c, argmatch.h, memchr.c, install-sh:
	New files.
	* EXTERN.h, INTERN.h: Removed.
	* config.hin: Renamed from

	* acconfig.h (NODIR): Remove.

	(AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Replaces obsolescent AC_HAVE_HEADERS.
	Add stdlib.h, string.h, unistd.h, varargs.h.
	Delete obsolete call to AC_UNISTD_H.
	(AC_CONFIG_HEADER): Rename to config.hin.
	(AC_C_CONST): Replaces obsolescent AC_CONST.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNC): Check for getopt_long; define LIBOBJS and substitute
	for it accordingly.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Replaces obsolescent AC_HAVE_FUNCS.
	Add _doprintf, isascii, mktemp, sigaction, sigprocmask, sigsetmask.
	Remove strerror.
	(AC_HEADER_DIRENT): Replaces obsolescent AC_DIR_HEADER.
	(AC_HEADER_STDC): Replaces obsolescent AC_STDC_HEADERS.
	(AC_TYPE_OFF_T): Replaces obsolescent AC_OFF_T.
	(AC_TYPE_SIGNAL): Replaces obsolescent AC_RETSIGTYPE.
	(AC_TYPE_SIZE_T): Replaces obsolescent AC_SIZE_T.
	(AC_XENIX_DIR): Remove.
	(ED_PROGRAM): New var.
	(NODIR): Remove.
	(PACKAGE, VERSION): New vars; substitute them with AC_SUBST.

	* Conform to current GNU build standards.
	Redo dependencies.  Use library getopt_long if available.
	Use `&&' instead of `;' inside shell commands where applicable;
	GNU make requires this.
	Use double-colon rules for actions that do not build files.
	(@SET_MAKE@): Added.
	(CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, prefix, exec_prefix): Base on @ versions of symbols.
	VERSION): New symbols.
	(SRCS, OBJS, HDRS, MISC): Add new files.
	(man1dir): Renamed from mandir.
	(man1ext): Renamed from manext.
	(patch): Put -o first.
	(install): Use $(transform) to allow program to be renamed by configure.
	(patchlevel.h): Build from $(VERSION).
	(dist): Get version number from $(VERSION) and package name from
	(TAGS): Scan $(HDRS).
	(maintainer-clean): Renamed from realclean.  Remove patchlevel.h.

	* backupfile.h (simple_backup_suffix): Now const *.
	(find_backup_file_name, base_name, get_version): Args are now const *.
	(base_name): New decl.
	* backupfile.c (<config.h>): Include only if HAVE_CONFIG_H.
	(<argmatch.h>): Include.
	(<string.h>): Include if HAVE_STRING_H, not if STDC_HEADERS.
	(<strings.h>): Include if !HAVE_STRING_H.
	(<unistd.h>): Do not include.
	(<dirent.h>): Redo include as per current autoconf standards.
	(<limits.h>): Include if HAVE_LIMITS_H. Define CHAR_BIT if not defined.
	(NLENGTH): Now returns size_t.
	(ISDIGIT): Use faster method.
	(find_backup_file_name): No longer depends on NODIR.
	Remove redundant code.
	(make_version_name): Remove; do it more portably.
	(max_backup_version): Args are now const *.
	(version_number): Simplify digit checking.
	(basename, concat, dirname): Remove.
	(argmatch, invalid_arg): Move to argmatch.c.  Simplify test for
	ambiguous args.  When reporting an error, use program_name not "patch".
	(addext): Move to addext.c.  Treat all negative values from pathconf
	like -1.  Always use long extension if it fits, even if the filesystem
	does not support long file names.
	(backup_types): Now const.

	* common.h, inp.h (XTERN): Renamed from EXT to avoid collision
	with errno.h reserved name space.

	* common.h (DEBUGGING): Now an integer; default is 1.
	(enum diff): New type.
	(diff_type): Use it instead of small integers.
	Now enumerated values instead of macros.
	(NO_DIFF): New enumerated value (used instead of 0).
	(volatile): Default to the empty string if __STDC__ is not defined.
	(<signal.h>): Do not include.
	(Chmod, Close, Fclose, Fflush, Fputc, Signal, Sprintf, Strcat,
	Strcpy, Unlink, Write): Remove these macros; casts to void are
	not needed for GNU coding standards.
	(INITHUNKMAX): Move to pch.c.
	(malloc, realloc, INT_MIN, MAXLINELEN, strNE, strnNE,
	Reg1, Reg2, Reg3, Reg4, Reg5, Reg6, Reg7, Reg8, Reg9, Reg10, Reg11,
	Reg12, Reg13, Reg14, Reg15, Reg16): Remove these macros.
	Define these macros, if not defined.
	(instat): Renamed from filestat; used for input file now.
	(bufsize, using_plan_a, debug, strippath): Not statically initialized.
	(debug): #define to 0 if not DEBUGGING, so that users of `debug'
	no longer need to be surrounded by `#if DEBUGGING'.
	(out_of_mem, filec, filearg, outname, toutkeep, trejkeep): Remove.
	(inname, inerrno, dry_run, origbase): New variables.
	(origprae): Now const*.
	(verbosity): New variable; subsumes `verbose'.
	(DEFAULT_VERBOSITY, SILENT, VERBOSE): Values in a new enum.
	(verbose): Removed.
	(VOID): Use `#ifdef __STDC__' instead of`#if __STDC__',
	for consistency elsewhere.
	(__attribute__): New macro (empty if not a recent GCC).
	(fatal_exit): Renamed from my_exit.
	(errno): Don't define if STDC_HEADERS.
	(<string.h>): Include if either STDC_HEADERS or HAVE_STRING_H.
	(memcmp, memcpy): Define if !STDC_HEADERS && !HAVE_STRING_H
	(<stdlib.h>): Include if HAVE_STDLIB_H, not if STDC_HEADERS.
	(atol, getenv, malloc, realloc, lseek): Declare only if not defined
	as a macro.
	(popen, strcpy, strcat, mktemp): Do not declare.
	(lseek): Declare to yield off_t, not long.
	(<fcntl.h>): Include only if HAVE_FCNTL_H.

	* inp.h (get_input_file): New decl.
	CHECKOUT_LOCKED, RCSDIFF): Moved here from common.h.
	(i_ptr): Now char const **.
	(i_size): Remove.
	(TIBUFSIZE_MINIMUM): Define only if not already defined.
	(plan_a, plan_b): Arg is now const *.
	(report_revision): Declare before use.  It's now the caller's
	responsibility to test whether revision is 0.
	(scan_input, report_revision, get_input_file):
	Be less chatty unless --verbose.
	(get_input_file): New function, split off from plan_a.
	Reuse file status gotten by pch if possible.  Allow for dry run.
	Use POSIX bits for creat, not number.  Check for creation and
	close failure, and use fstat not stat.  Use memcpy not strncpy.
	(plan_a): Rewrite for speed.
	Caller now assigns result to using_plan_a.
	Don't bother reading empty files; during dry runs they might not exist.
	Use ISSPACE, not isspace.
	(plan_b): Allow for dry runs.  Use ISSPACE, and handle sign extension
	correctly on arg.  Use POSIX symbol for open arg.

	* patch.c (backup, output, patchname, program_name): New vars.
	(last_frozen_line): Moved here from inp.h.
	(TMPREJNAME): Moved here from common.h.
	(optind_last): Removed.
	(do_defines, if_defined, not_defined, else_defined, end_defined):
	Now char const.  Prepend with \n (except for not_defined) to
	allow for files ending in non-newline.
	(Argv): Now char*const*.
	(main, get_some_switches): Exit status 0 means success,
	1 means hunks were rejected, 2 means trouble.
	(main, locate_hunk, patch_match): Keep track of patch prefix context
	separately from suffix context; this fixes several bugs.
	(main): Initialize bufsize, strippath.
	Be less chatty unless --verbose.
	No more NODIR; always have version control available.
	Require environment variables to be nonempty to have effect.
	Add support for --dry-run, --output, --verbose.
	Invoke get_input_file first, before deciding among do_ed_script,
	plan_a, or plan_b.
	Clear ofp after closing it, to keep discipline that ofp is either
	0 or open, to avoid file descriptor leaks.  Conversely, rejfp doesn't
	need this trick since static analysis is enough to show when it
	needs to be closed.
	Don't allow file-creation patches to be applied to existing files.
	Misordered hunks are now not fatal errors; just go on to the next file.
	It's a fatal error to fall back on plan B when --output is given,
	since the moving hand has writ.
	Add support for binary files.
	Check for I/O errors.
	chmod output file ourselves, rather than letting move_file do it;
	this saves global state.
	Use better grammar when outputting hunks messages, e.g. avoid
	`1 hunks'.
	(main, reinitialize_almost_everything):
	Remove support for multiple file arguments.
	Move get_some_switches call from reinitialize_almost_everything
	to main.
	(reinitialize_almost_everything): No need to reinitialize things
	that are no longer global variables, e.g. outname.
	(shortopts): Remove leading "-"; it's no longer important to
	return options and arguments in order.  '-b' no longer takes operand.
	-p's operand is no longer optional.  Add -i, -Y, -z.  Remove -S.
	(longopts): --suffix is now pared with -z, not -b.  --backup now
	means -b.  Add --input, --basename-prefix, --dry-run, --verbose.
	Remove --skip.  --strip's operand is now required.
	(option_help): New variable.  Use style of current coding standards.
	Change to match current option set.
	(usage): Use it.
	(get_some_switches): Get all switches, since `+' is defunct.
	New options -i, -Y, -z, --verbose, --dry-run.
	Option -S removed.
	-b now means backup (backup_type == simple), not simple_backup_suffix.
	-B now implies backup, and requires nonempty operand.
	-D no longer requires first char of argument to be an identifier.
	`-o -' is now disallowed (formerly output to regular file named "-").
	-p operand is now required.
	-v no longer needs to cleanup (no temp files can exist at that point).
	-V now implies backup.
	Set inname, patchname from file name arguments, if any;
	do not set filearg.  It's now an error if extra operands are given.
	(abort_junk): Check for write errors in reject file.
	(apply_hunk, copy_till): Return error flag, so that failure to apply
	out-of-order hunk is no longer fatal.
	(apply_hunk): New arg after_newline,
	for patching files not ending in newline.
	Cache ofp for speed.  Check for write errors.
	(OUTSIDE, IN_IFNDEF, IN_IFDEF, IN_ELSE): Now part of an enumerated type
	instead of being #defined to small integers.
	Change while-do to do-while when copying !-part for R_do_defines,
	since condition is always true the first time through the loop.
	(init_output, init_reject): Arg is now const *.
	(copy_till, spew_output): Do not insert ``missing'' newlines;
	propagate them via new after_newline argument.
	(spew_output): Nothing to copy if last_frozen_line == input lines.
	Do not close (ofp) if it's null.
	(dump_line): Remove.
	(similar): Ignore presence or absence of trailing newlines.
	Check for only ' ' or '\t', not isspace (as per POSIX.2).
	(make_temp): Use tmpnam if mktemp is not available.
	(cleanup): New function.
	(fatal_exit): Use it.  Renamed from my_exit.
	Take signal to exit with, not exit status (which is now always 2).

	* pch.h, pch.c (pch_prefix_context, pch_suffix_context):
	New fns replacing pch_context.
	(another_hunk): Now yields int, not bool; -1 means out of memory.
	Now takes difftype as argument.
	(pch_write_line): Now returns boolean indicating whether we're after
	a newline just after the write, for supporting non-text files.
	* pch.c (isdigit): Remove; use ISDIGIT instead.
	(INITHUNKMAX): Moved here from common.h.
	(p_context): Removed.  We need to keep track of the pre- and post-
	context separately, in:
	(p_prefix_context, p_suffix_context): New variables.
	(bestguess): Remove.
	(open_patch_file): Arg is now char const *.
	Copy file a buffer at a time, not a char at a time, for speed.
	(grow_hunkmax): Now returns success indicator.
	(there_is_another_patch, skip_to, another_hunk, do_ed_script):
	Be less chatty unless --verbose.
	Avoid infinite loop if user input keeps yielding EOF.
	(intuit_diff_type): New returns enum diff, not int.
	Strip paths as they're being fetched.
	Set ok_to_create_file correctly even if patch is reversed.
	Set up file names correctly with unidiff output.
	Use algorithm specified by POSIX 1003.2b/D11 to deduce
	name of file to patch, with the exception of patches
	that can create files.
	(skip_to): Be verbose if !inname, since we're about to ask the
	user for a file name and the context will help the user choose.
	(another_hunk): Keep context as LINENUM, not int.
	If the replacement is missing, calculate its context correctly.
	Don't assume input ends in newline.
	Keep track of patch prefix context separately from suffix context;
	this fixes several bugs.
	Don't assume blank lines got chopped if the replacement is missing.
	Report poorly-formed hunks instead of aborting.
	Do not use strcpy on overlapping strings; it's not portable.
	Work even if lines are incomplete.
	Fix bugs associated with context-less context hunks,
	particularly when patching in reverse.
	(pget_line): Now takes just 1 arg; instead of second arg,
	just examine using_plan_a global.  Return -1 if we ran out
	of memory.
	(do_ed_script): Now takes output FILE * argument.
	Take name of editor from ED_PROGRAM instead of hardwiring /bin/ed.
	Don't bother unlinking TMPOUTNAME.
	Check for popen failure.
	Flush pipe to check for output errors.
	If ofp is nonzero, copy result to it, instead of trying to
	move the result.

	* util.h, util.c (say1, say2, say3, say4, fatal1, fatal2, fatal3,
	fatal4, pfatal1, pfatal2, pfatal3, pfatal4, ask1, ask2, ask3, ask4):
	Remove; replaced with following.
	(ask, say, fatal, pfatal): New stdarg functions.
	(fetchname): Remove last, `assume_exists' parameter.
	(savebuf, savestr, move_file, copy_file): Args are now const *.
	(exit_with_signal): New function, for proper process status if
	a signal is received as per POSIX.2.
	(basename): Rename to `base_name' and move to backupfile.
	* util.c (<signal.h>): Include here, not in common.h.
	(vararg_start): New macro.
	(va_dcl, va_start, va_arg, va_end): Define if neither <stdarg.h>
	nor <varargs.h> are available.
	(SIGCHLD): Define to SIGCLD if SIGCLD is defined and
	SIGCHLD isn't.
	(private_strerror): Remove.
	(move_file): Remove option of moving to stdout.
	Add support for -Y, -z.
	Don't assume chars in file name are nonnegative.
	Use copy_file if rename fails due to EXDEV;
	report failure if rename fails for any other reason.
	(copy_file, makedirs): Use POSIX symbols for permissions.
	(copy_file): Open source before destination.
	(remove_prefix): New function.
	(vfprintf): New function, if !HAVE_VPRINTF.
	(afatal, apfatal, zfatal, zpfatal, errnum): Remove.
	(fatal, pfatal, say): New functions that use stdarg.
	All callers changed.
	(zask): Renamed from `ask'.  Now uses stdarg.  Output to stdout,
	and read from /dev/tty, or if that cannot be opened, from
	stderr, stdout, stdin, whichever is first a tty.
	Print "EOF" when an EOF is read.  Do not echo input.
	(sigs): New array.
	(sigset_t, sigemptyset, sigmask, sigaddset, sigismember, SIG_BLOCK,
	SIG_UNBLOCK, SIG_SETMASK, sigprocmask, sigblock, sigsetmask):
	Define substitutes if not available.
	(initial_signal_mask, signals_to_block): New vars.
	(fatal_exit_handler): New function, if !HAVE_SIGACTION.
	(set_signals, ignore_signals): Use sigaction and sigprocmask style
	signal-handling if possible; it doesn't lose signals.
	(set_signals): Default SIGCHLD to work around SysV fork+wait bug.
	(mkdir): First arg is now const *.
	(makedirs): Handle multiple adjacent slashes correctly.
	(fetchname): Do not worry about whether the file exists
	(that is now the caller's responsibility).
	Treat a sequence of one or more slashes like one slash.
	Do not unstrip leading directories if they all exist and if
	no -p option was given; POSIX doesn't allow this.
	(memcmp): Remove (now a macro in common.h).

	* version.c (copyright_string, free_software_msgid, authorship_msgid):
	New constants.
	(version): Use them.  Use program_name instead of hardwiring it.

	* Generate date from RCS Id.
	Rewrite to match the above changes.

Fri Jul 30 02:02:51 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* (AC_HAVE_FUNCS): Add mkdir.

	* common.h (Chmod, Fputc, Write, VOID): New macros.
	(malloc, realloc): Yield `VOID *', not `char *'.

	* util.h (makedirs): Omit `striplast' argument.  Remove `aask'.

	* inp.c (plan_a): Remove fixed internal buffer.  Remove lint.

	* util.c (set_signals, ignore_signals): Trap SIGTERM, too.
	(makedirs): Removed fixed internal buffer.  Omit `striplast' argument.
	(mkdir): New function, if !HAVE_MKDIR.
	(fetchname): Remove fixed internal buffer.
	Remove lint from various functions.

	* patch.c, pch.c: Remove lint.

Thu Jul 29 20:52:07 1993  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* (config.status): Run config.status --recheck, not
	configure, to get the right args passed.

Thu Jul 29 07:46:16 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* The following changes remove all remaining fixed limits on memory,
	and fix bugs in patch's handling of null bytes and files that do not
	end in newline.  `Patch' now works on binary files.

	* backupfile.c (find_backup_file_name): Don't dump core if malloc fails.

	* EXTERN.h, INTERN.h (EXITING): New macro.
	* backupfile.[ch], patch.c, pch.c: Add PARAMS to function declarations.

	* common.h (bool): Change to int, so ANSI C prototype promotion works.
	(CANVARARG): Remove varargs hack; it wasn't portable.
	(filearg): Now a pointer, not an array, so that it can be reallocated.
	(GET*, SCCSDIFF, CHECKOUT*, RCSDIFF): Quote operands to commands.
	(my_exit): Declare here.
	(BUFFERSIZE, Ctl, filemode, Fseek, Fstat, Lseek, MAXFILEC, MAXHUNKSIZE,
	Mktemp, myuid, Null, Nullch, Nullfp, Nulline, Pclose, VOIDUSED): Remove.
	All invokers changed.
	(Argc, Argv, *define[sd], last_offset, maxfuzz, noreverse, ofp,
	optind_last, rejfp, rejname): No longer externally visible; all
	definers changed.
	(INT_MAX, INT_MIN, STD*_FILENO, SEEK_SET): Define if the underlying
	system doesn't.  Include <limits.h> for this.

	* Add limits.h, memcmp.  Delete getline.

	* inp.c (tibufsize): New variable; buffers grow as needed.
	(report_revision): New function.
	(plan_a): Do not search patch as a big string, since that fails
	if it contains null bytes.
	Prepend `./' to filenames starting with `-', for RCS and SCCS.
	If file does not match default RCS/SCCS version, go ahead and patch
	it anyway; warn about the problem but do not report a fatal error.
	(plan_b): Do not use a fixed buffer to read lines; read byte by byte
	instead, so that the lines can be arbitrarily long.  Do not search
	lines as strings, since they may contain null bytes.
	(plan_a, plan_b): Report I/O errors.

	* inp.c, inp.h (rev_in_string): Remove.
	(ifetch): Yield size of line too, since strlen no longer applies.
	(plan_a, plan_b): No longer exported.

	* patch.c (abort_hunk, apply_hunk, patch_match, similar):
	Lines may contain NUL and need not end in newline.
	(copy_till, dump_line): Insert newline if appending after partial line.
	All invokers changed.
	(main, get_some_switches, apply_hunk): Allocate *_define[ds], filearg,
	rejname dynamically.
	(make_temp): New function.
	(main): Use it.
	(main, spew_output, dump_line) Check for I/O errors.

	* pch.c (open_patch_file): Don't copy stdin to a temporary file if
	it's a regular file, since we can seek on it directly.
	(open_patch_file, skip_to, another_hunk): The patch file may contain
	(another_hunk): The patch file may contain lines starting with '\',
	which means the preceding line lacked a trailing newline.
	(pgetline): Rename to pget_line.
	(get_line, incomplete_line, pch_write_line): New functions.
	(pch_line_len): Return size_t, not short; lines may be very long.
	(do_ed_script): Check for I/O errors.  Allow scripts to contain
	'i' and 's' commands, too.

	* pch.h (pfp, grow_hunkmax, intuit_diff_type, next_intuit_at, skip_to,
	pfetch, pgetline): No longer exported.
	(pch_write_line): New declaration.
	(getline): Removed.

	* util.c (move_file, fetchname): Use private stat buffer, so that
	filestat isn't lost.  Check for I/O errors.
	(savestr): Use savebuf.
	(zask): Use STD*_FILENO instead of 0, 1, 2.
	(fetchname): strip_leading defaults to INT_MAX instead of 957 (!).
	(memcmp): Define if !HAVE_MEMCMP.

	* util.c, util.h (say*, fatal*, pfatal*, ask*): Delete; these
	pseudo-varargs functions weren't ANSI C.  Replace by macros
	that invoke [fs]printf directly, and invoke new functions
	[az]{say,fatal,pfatal,ask} before and after.
	(savebuf, read_fatal, write_fatal, memory_fatal, Fseek): New functions.
	(fatal*): Output trailing newline after message.  All invokers changed.

	* version.c (version): Don't exit.

	* (SRCS): Remove getline.c.

Thu Jul 22 15:24:24 1993  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* EXTERN.h, INTERN.h (PARAMS): Define.
	* backupfile.h, common.h, inp.h, pch.h, util.h: Use.
	* backupfile.c: Include EXTERN.h.

Wed Jul 21 13:14:05 1993  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* getline.c: New file.
	* Check for getline (GNU libc has it).
	* pch.c: Use it instead of fgets.
	(pgetline): Renamed from pgets.  Change callers.
	* pch.h: Change decl.

	* pch.c (pgets): Tab adjusts by 8 - (indent % 8), not % 7.
	Be consistent with similar code in pch.c::intuit_diff_type.

	* common.h (MEM): Typedef removed.
	inp.c, pch.c, util.c: Use size_t instead of MEM.
	inp.c, pch.c: Use off_t. Add AC_SIZE_T and AC_OFF_T.

	* common.h: Make buf a pointer and add a bufsize variable.
	* util.c, pch.c, inp.c: Replace sizeof buf with bufsize.
	* patch.c: malloc buf to bufsize bytes.

Tue Jul 20 20:40:03 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* common.h (BUFFERSIZE): Grow it to 8k too, just in case.
	(buf): Turn `buf' back into an array; making it a pointer broke
	things seriously.
	* patch.c (main): Likewise.

Tue Jul 20 20:02:40 1993  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* Move Reg[1-16] and CANVARARG decls from to common.h.
	* acconfig.h: New file.
	* Makefile (HDRS): Add it.

Tue Jul 20 16:35:27 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* Remove alloca.[co]; getopt no longer needs it.
	* (AC_ALLOCA): Remove.

	* util.c (set_signals, ignore_signals): Do nothing if SIGHUP
	and SIGINT aren't defined.

Tue Jul 20 17:59:56 1993  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* patch.c (main): Call xmalloc, not malloc.  xmalloc buf.
	* common.h: Declare xmalloc.  Make buf a pointer, not an array.

	* util.c (xmalloc): Call fatal1, not fatal.

	* common.h [MAXLINELEN]: Bump from 1k to 8k.

Thu Jul  8 19:56:16 1993  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* (installdirs): New target.
	(install): Use it.
	(Makefile, config.status, configure): New targets.

Wed Jul  7 13:25:40 1993  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* patch.c (get_some_switches, longopts): Recognize --help
	option, and call usage.
	(usage): New function.

Fri Jun 25 07:49:45 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* backupfile.c (find_backup_file_name): Don't use .orig if
	numbered_existing with no existing numbered backup.
	(addext):  Don't use ext if !HAVE_LONG_FILE_NAMES,
	even if it would fit.  This matches patch's historical behavior.
	(simple_backup_suffix): Default to ".orig".
	* patch.c (main): Just use that default.

Tue Jun 15 22:32:14 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* (HAVE_ALLOCA_H): This #undef was missing.
	* (info, check, installcheck): New rules.

Sun Jun 13 14:31:29 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* (index, rindex): Remove unused macro
	definitions; they get in the way when porting to AIX.
	*, (HAVE_STRING_H): Remove unused defn.

Thu Jun 10 21:13:47 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* patchlevel.h: PATCH_VERSION 2.1.
	(The name `patch-2.0.12g12' is too long for traditional Unix.)

	* patchlevel.h (PATCH_VERSION): Renamed from PATCHLEVEL.
	Now contains the entire patch version number.
	* version.c (version): Use it.

Wed Jun  9 21:43:23 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* common.h: Remove declarations of index and rindex.
	* backupfile.c: Likewise.
	(addext, basename, dirname): Avoid rindex.

Tue Jun  8 15:24:14 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* inp.c (plan_a): Check that RCS and working files are not the
	same.  This check is needed on hosts that do not report file
	name length limits and have short limits.

Sat Jun  5 22:56:07 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* (.c.o): Put $(CFLAGS) after other options.
	(dist): Switch from .z to .gz.

Wed Jun  2 10:37:15 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* backupfile.c (find_backup_file_name): Initialize copy of
	file name properly.

Mon May 31 21:55:21 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* patchlevel.h: Patch level 12g11.

	* pch.c (p_Char): Renamed from p_char, which is a system type
	in Tex XD88's <sys/types.h>.

	* backupfile.c: Include "config.h" first, so that `const' is
	treated consistently in system headers.

Mon May 31 16:06:23 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* patchlevel.h: Patch level 12g10.

	* Add AC_CONST.
	* Add `const'.
	* (.c.o): Add -DHAVE_CONFIG_H.
	(getopt.o getopt1.o): Depend on config.h.

	* util.c (xmalloc): New function; alloca.c needs this.

Mon May 31 00:49:40 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12g9.

	* backupfile.c, backupfile.h (addext): New function.
	It uses pathconf(), if available, to determine maximum file
	name length.
	* patch.c (main): Use it for reject file name.
	* common.h (ORIGEXT): Moved to patch.c.
	* (HAVE_PATHCONF): New macro.
	* Define it.

	* (dist): Use gzip, not compress.

Sat May 29 09:42:18 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* patch.c (main): Use pathconf to decide reject file name.
	* common.h (REJEXT): Remove.

	* inp.c (plan_a): Don't lock the checked-out file if `patch -o'
	redirected the output elsewhere.
	* common.h (CHECKOUT_LOCKED, GET_LOCKED): New macros.  GET and
	CHECKOUT now just checkout unlocked copies.

Fri May 28 08:44:50 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* backupfile.c (basename): Define even if NODIR isn't defined.
	* patch.c (main): Ask just once to apply a reversed patch.

Tue Nov 24 08:09:04 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	*, common.h: Use HAVE_FCNTL_H and HAVE_STRING_H
	instead of USG.

	* backupfile.c: Use SYSDIR and NDIR instead of USG.
	Define direct as dirent, not vice-versa.

Wed Sep 16 17:11:48 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* patch.c (get_some_switches): optc should be int, not char.

Tue Sep 15 00:36:46 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12g8.

Mon Sep 14 22:01:23 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* Add uninstall target.

	* util.c (fatal, pfatal): Add some asterisks to make fatal
	messages stand out more.

Tue Aug 25 22:13:36 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* patch.c (main, get_some_switches), common.h, inp.c (plan_a,
	plan_b), pch.c (there_is_another_patch): Add -t --batch
	option, similar to -f --force.

Mon Jul 27 11:27:07 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* common.h: Define SCCSDIFF and RCSDIFF.
	* inp.c (plan_a): Use them to make sure it's safe to check out
	the default RCS or SCCS version.
	From Paul Eggert.

Mon Jul 20 14:10:32 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* util.h: Declare basename.
	* inp.c (plan_a), util.c (fetchname): Use it to isolate the
	leading path when testing for RCS and SCCS files.

Fri Jul 10 16:03:23 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* util.c (makedirs): Only make the directories that don't exist.
	From (Chip Salzenberg).

Wed Jul  8 01:20:56 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* patch.c (main): Open ofp after checking for ed script.
	Close ofp and rejfp before trying plan B.
	From (Eugene Pang).

	* util.c (fatal, pfatal): Print "patch: " before message.
	* pch.c, inp.c, patch.c, util.c: Remove "patch: " from the
	callers that had it.

	* common.h (myuid): New variable.
	* patch.c (main): Initialize it.
	* inp.c (myuid): Function removed.
	(plan_a): Use the variable, not the function.

	* patch.c: Add back -E --remove-empty-files option.

Tue Jul  7 23:19:28 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* inp.c (myuid): New function.
	(plan_a): Call it.  Optimize stat calls.  Be smarter about
	detecting checked out RCS and SCCS files.
	From Paul Eggert (

	* inp.c, util.c, patch.c: Don't bother checking for stat() > 0.

Mon Jul  6 13:01:52 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* util.c (move_file): Use rename instead of link and copying.

	* util.c (pfatal): New function.
	* util.h: Declare it and pfatal[1-4] macros.
	* various files: Use it instead of fatal where appropriate.

	* common.h, patch.c: Replace Arg[cv]_last with optind_last.

	* patch.c (main, get_some_switches): Use getopt_long.  Update
	usage message.
	(nextarg): Function removed.


	* backupfile.c, common.h: Use STDC header files if available.
	backupfile.h: Declare get_version.

	* COPYING, COPYING.LIB, INSTALL,, alloca.c,, configure,, getopt.[ch], getopt1.c,
	rename.c: New files.
	* Configure, MANIFEST, Makefile.SH, config.H, config.h.SH,
	malloc.c: Files removed.

	* version.c (version): Don't print the RCS stuff, since we're
	not updating it regularly.

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12u7.

	* Makefile.SH (dist): New target.
	Makedist: File removed.

	* inp.c (plan_a): Check whether the user can write to the
	file, not whether anyone can write to the file.

Sat Jul  4 00:06:58 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* inp.c (plan_a): Try to check out read-only files from RCS or SCCS.

	* util.c (move_file): If backing up by linking fails, try copying.
	From (Conrad Kimball).

	* patch.c (get_some_switches): Eliminate -E option; always
	remove empty output files.

	* util.c (fetchname): Only undo slash removal for relative
	paths if -p was not given.

	* Add mostlyclean target.

Fri Jul  3 23:48:14 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* util.c (fetchname): Accept whitespace between `Index:' and filename.
	Also plug a small memory leak for diffs against /dev/null.
	From (Paul Eggert).

	* common.h: Don't define TRUE and FALSE if already defined.
	From (Poul-Henning Kamp).

Wed Apr 29 10:19:33 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* backupfile.c (get_version): Exit if given a bad backup type.

Fri Mar 27 09:57:14 1992  Karl Berry  (karl at hayley)

	* common.h (S_ISDIR, S_ISREG): define these.
	* inp.c (plan_a): use S_ISREG, not S_IFREG.
	* util.c (fetchname): use S_ISDIR, not S_IFDIR.

Mon Mar 16 14:10:42 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12u6.

Sat Mar 14 13:13:29 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* Configure, config.h.SH: Check for directory header and unistd.h.

	* patch.c (main): If -E was given and output file is empty after
	patching, remove it.
	(get_some_switches): Recognize -E option.

	* patch.c (copy_till): Make garbled output an error, not a warning
	that doesn't change the exit status.

	* common.h: Protect against system declarations of malloc and realloc.

	* Makedist: Add backupfile.[ch].

	* Configure: Look for C library where NeXT and SVR4 put it.
	Look in /usr/ucb after /bin and /usr/bin for utilities,
	and look in /usr/ccs/bin, to make SVR4 happier.
	Recognize m68k predefine.

	* util.c (fetchname): Test of stat return value was backward.

	* version.c (version): Exit with status 0, not 1.

	* Makefile.SH: Add backupfile.[cho].
	* patch.c (main): Initialize backup file generation.
	(get_some_switches): Add -V option.
	* common.h, util,c, patch.c: Replace origext with simple_backup_suffix.
	* util.c (move_file): Use find_backup_file_name.

Tue Dec  3 11:27:16 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12u5.

	* Makefile.SH: Change clean, distclean, and realclean targets a
	little so they agree with the GNU coding standards.
	Add Makefile to addedbyconf, so distclean removes it.

	* Configure: Recognize Domain/OS C library in /lib/libc.
	From (Michael S. Muegel).

	* pch.c: Fixes from Wayne Davison:
	Patch now accepts no-context context diffs that are
	specified with an assumed one line hunk (e.g.  "*** 10 ****").
	Fixed a bug in both context and unified diff processing that would
	put a zero-context hunk in the wrong place (one line too soon).
	Fixed a minor problem with p_max in unified diffs where it would
	set p_max to hunkmax unnecessarily (the only adverse effect was to
	not supply empty lines at eof by assuming they were truncated).

Tue Jul  2 03:25:51 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* Configure: Check for signal declaration in
	/usr/include/sys/signal.h as well as /usr/include/signal.h.

	* Configure, common.h, config.h.SH: Comment out the sprintf
	declaration and tests to determine its return value type.  It
	conflicts with ANSI C systems' prototypes in stdio.h and the
	return value of sprintf is never used anyway -- it's always cast
	to void.

Thu Jun 27 13:05:32 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12u4.

Thu Feb 21 15:18:14 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* pch.c (another_hunk): Fix off by 1 error.  From (Tim Iverson).

Sun Jan 20 20:18:58 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* Makefile.SH (all): Don't make a dummy `all' file.

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12u3.

	* patch.c (nextarg): New function.
	(get_some_switches): Use it, to prevent dereferencing a null
	pointer if an option that takes an arg is not given one (is last
	on the command line).  From Paul Eggert.

	* pch.c (another_hunk): Fix from Wayne Davison to recognize
	single-line hunks in unified diffs (with a single line number
	instead of a range).

	* inp.c (rev_in_string): Don't use `s' before defining it.  From
	Wayne Davison.

Mon Jan  7 06:25:11 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12u2.

	* pch.c (intuit_diff_type): Recognize `+++' in diff headers, for
	unified diff format.  From unidiff patch 1.

Mon Dec  3 00:14:25 1990  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* patch.c (get_some_switches): Make the usage message more

Sun Dec  2 23:20:18 1990  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* Configure: When checking for C preprocessor, look for 'abc.*xyz'
	instead of '', so ANSI C preprocessors work.

	* Apply fix for -D from (Kevin Braunsdorf).

1990-05-01  Wayne Davison  <>
	* patch.c, pch.c: unidiff support added

Wed Mar  7 23:47:25 1990  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* pch.c: Call malformed instead of goto malformed
	(just allows easier debugging).

Tue Jan 23 21:27:00 1990  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* common.h (TMP*NAME): Make these char *, not char [].
	patch.c (main): Use TMPDIR (if present) to set TMP*NAME.
	common.h: Declare getenv.

Sun Dec 17 17:29:48 1989  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* patch.c (reverse_flag_specified): New variable.
	(get_some_switches, reinitialize_almost_everything): Use it.

1988-06-22  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* common.h: sprintf was declared wrong
	* patch.c: rindex() wasn't declared
	* now avoids Bell System Logo

1988-06-03  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* common.h: support for shorter extensions.
	* inp.c: made a little smarter about sccs files
	* patch.c: exit code improved.
	better support for non-flexfilenames.
	* -B switch was contributed.
	* pch.c: Can now find patches in shar scripts.
	Hunks that swapped and then swapped back could core dump.

1987-06-04  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* pch.c: pch_swap didn't swap p_bfake and p_efake.

1987-02-16  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* patch.c: Short replacement caused spurious "Out of sync" message.

1987-01-30  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* patch.c: Improved diagnostic on sync error.
	Moved do_ed_script() to pch.c.
	* pch.c: Improved responses to mangled patches.
	* pch.h: Added do_ed_script().

1987-01-05  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* pch.c: New-style context diffs caused double call to free().

1986-11-21  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* patch.c: Fuzz factor caused offset of installed lines.

1986-11-14  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* pch.c: Fixed problem where a long pattern wouldn't grow the hunk.
	Also restored p_input_line when backtracking so error messages are

1986-11-03  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* pch.c: New-style delete triggers spurious assertion error.

1986-10-29  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* patch.c: Backwards search could terminate prematurely.
	* pch.c: Could falsely report new-style context diff.

1986-09-17  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* common.h, inp.c, inp.h, patch.c,, pch.c, pch.h,
	util.h, version.c, version.h:  Baseline for netwide release.

1986-08-01  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* patch.c: Fixes for machines that can't vararg.
	Added fuzz factor.  Generalized -p.  General cleanup.
	Changed some %d's to %ld's.  Linted.
	* Documented -v, -p, -F.
	Added notes to patch senders.

1985-08-15  van%ucbmonet@berkeley
	Changes for 4.3bsd diff -c.

1985-03-26  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* patch.c: Frozen.
	* Frozen.

1985-03-12  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* patch.c: Now checks for normalness of file to patch.
	Check i_ptr and i_womp to make sure they aren't null before freeing.
	Also allow ed output to be suppressed.
	Changed pfp->_file to fileno(pfp).
	Added -p option from jromine@uci-750a.
	Added -D (#ifdef) option from joe@fluke.
	* Documented -p, -D.

1984-12-06  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* patch.c: Made smarter about SCCS subdirectories.

1984-12-05  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* patch.c: Added -l switch to do loose string comparison.
	* Added -l switch, and noted bistability bug.

1984-12-04  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	Branch for sdcrdcf changes.
	* patch.c: Failed hunk count not reset on multiple patch file.
	* Baseline version.

1984-11-29  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* patch.c: Linted.  Identifiers uniquified.  Fixed i_ptr malloc() bug.
	Fixed multiple calls to mktemp().  Will now work on machines that can
	only read 32767 chars.  Added -R option for diffs with new and old
	swapped.  Various cosmetic changes.

1984-11-09  Larry Wall  <sdcrdcf!lwall>
	* patch.c: Initial revision

Copyright (C) 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 Larry Wall.

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