TODO   [plain text]

* TODO file for GNU tar				-*- outline -*-

Tell <> if you feel like volunteering for any
of these ideas, listed more or less in decreasing order of priority.
Some TODO items are implicit from received email.  See file BACKLOG.
Significant contributions require written assignments and disclaimers.

.* create.c: diagnostics missing when `goto badfile'.
.* compare.c: confusion between stderr and stdlis, WARN and ERROR.
.* --ignore-failed-read might have been defeated.
.* Better clean sources for list.c, extract.c, create.c and buffer.c.
.* revise all NAMSIZ references, too often related to short buffers.
.* current_link_name, current_file_name not always quoted when printed.
.* Take over script maintenance, implement a `restore' script.
.* Make a debugging feature out of all `#if 0'.