start_tests   [plain text]

#! /usr/bin/perl

use FindBin qw($Bin);
use lib "$Bin/lib";
use TestHelper;

my $how_to_use_me = 
    "\nstart_tests [--create|--configure] [--no_run] [-f <flavor>]*\n\n\t".
    "Creates or configures gdb testsuite directories and site.exp files\n\t".
    "using info from $config and runs the tests.\n\n\t".
    "Most common examples:\n\t".
    "start_tests\tStarts all tests that can be run on this machine\n\t".
    "start_tests -f powerpc -f powerpc64\tRun powerpc and powerpc64 tests\n\n\t".
    "--create is usually only required the first time after you run this\n\t".
    "after checking out the gdb sources and tests. \n\t".
    "--configure is rarely required but may need to be used after major\n\t". 
    "changes are made to the gdb test source base\n\n";

my $flavors;
my $dir = $gdb_dir;
my ($create_new_dirs, $configure, $no_run, $clean, $remove) = (0,0,0,0,0);

GetOptions ('group' => \$group,
	    'flavors=s' => \@selected_flavors,
	    'clean' => \$clean,
	    'remove' => \$remove,
	    'create_dirs' => \$create_new_dirs,
	    'configure' => \$configure,
	    'no_run' => \$no_run,
	    'help' => \$help,
	    'usage' => \$usage);

if ($usage || $help) { print $how_to_use_me; exit }
$flavors = @selected_flavors;
if (!$flavors) {
    @selected_flavors = lookup_info([$flavor_lists[$group]],@selected_flavors);
} else { @selected_flavors = lookup_info (\@flavor_lists, @selected_flavors); }

if ($remove) { 
    print "Removing all old testsuite directories\n";
    System ("rm -rf  $gdb_dir/testsuite*"); 

if ($create_new_dirs) {
    create_directories (@selected_flavors); 
    configure_directories (@selected_flavors);
    system "cd $gdb_dir/src/gdb/testsuite && $tools/ignore_tests";
    modify_site_files (@selected_flavors);
} elsif ($configure) {
    configure_directories (@selected_flavors);
} elsif ($clean) { clean_all (@selected_flavors); }
if (!$no_run && !$remove ) { start_tests (\@selected_flavors, \@ARGV); }