CHANGES.Apple   [plain text]

APPLE LOCAL file maintenance

This files lists all of Apple's local changes, the people responsible
for them, and their current status.

List owners by email name.  Possible statuses:
    local      not accepted/able for FSF GCC, permanently local
    submit     should submit to FSF GCC at some point
    submitted  submitted to FSF GCC, awaiting approval/disapproval
    accepted   in FSF GCC, expected to appear in next import
    mixed      for large patches, parts could go into FSF GCC
    unknown    not known what to do with

Owner     Status     Name of change
-----     ------     --------------
dpatel    submitted  #import inode hack
shebs     local      #import not deprecated
mrs       unknown    %b/save-temps can clobber input file (radar 2871891)
dalej     unknown    'reg + index' reg case.
dalej     unknown    +2 (could be conditionalized)
dalej     unknown    , a temporary kludge
dalej     unknown    , for now, don't count pseudos
shebs     local      -ObjC
dpatel    unknown    -Werror
dpatel    unknown    -Wextra-tokens
shebs     local      -Wfour-char-constants
dpatel    unknown    -Wlong-double
dpatel    unknown    -Wmost
shebs     unknown    -Wnewline-eof
dpatel    local      -Wno-#warnings
zlaski    local      -Wno-altivec-long-deprecated
shebs     unknown    -Wpragma-once
dpatel    local      -dependency-file
austern   local      -fapple-kext
shebs     unknown    -ffppc
austern   unknown    -findirect-virtual-calls
stuart    local      -fobey-inline
austern   unknown    -fterminated-vtables
dpatel    local      -header-mapfile
dpatel    local      -header-mapfile bandaid for buffer overflows
dpatel    unknown    -inclusion-log-file
shebs     local      -malign-mac68k
stuart    unknown    -mlong-branch
dalej     submit     -pg fix
dpatel    local      -precomp-trustfile
dpatel    local      -precomp-trustfile, -arch
dpatel    unknown    . Use strtoq isntead of strtoll
dpatel    unknown    . Use strtoq, strtouq instead of strtoll, strtoull
austern   local      2.95-compatibility stuff
austern   local      2.95-ptmf-compatibility
dpatel    local      2920964
stuart    unknown    8-byte-struct hack
dalej     unknown    ?
shebs     unknown    Agree with <stdio.h> prototype
shebs     mixed      AltiVec
shebs     unknown    Altivec related
shebs     local      Apple banner
shebs     local      Apple version
shebs     submitted  C++ EH
shebs     unknown    CALL_ON_LOAD/CALL_ON_UNLOAD pragmas
mrs       unknown    CALL_ON_MODULE_BIND deprecated
dalej     unknown    CCUNS, CCFP, CCEQ patterns
mrs       unknown    Constructors return THIS
mrs       unknown    EH VALID_FDE_P
mrs       unknown    EH runtime
mrs       unknown    Enable $ in identifiers in assembly.
mrs       submit     FSF candidate
dalej     unknown    MEM_OFFSET setting
zlaski    local      MW compatibility
mrs       unknown    Mach time
shebs     local      Macintosh alignment
shebs     submit     OS pragma hook
zlaski    submit     Objective-C++
shebs     local      PPC_INTRINSICS
zlaski    local      Pascal strings
dalej     unknown    RTX_COST for multiply
dalej     unknown    Reduce code size / improve performance
stuart    submit     Stripped encodings ('!T_' and '!t_') should match.
dalej     unknown    accept hard R12 as target reg
zlaski    submit     add + for GNU runtime only
dalej     unknown    add mode change case
mrs       unknown    alignment
mrs       unknown    alloca
mrs       unknown    alloca not in std
austern   local      apple kext alignment
austern   local      apple-kext   Radar #2849864
shebs     submit     asm flags
mrs       unknown    assembly "abort" directive
dalej     unknown    avoid out-of-bounds refs
austern   unknown    be permissive by default
dalej     unknown    better induction variable selection
zlaski    submit     bitfield alignment
zlaski    submit     bool encoding
dalej     unknown    branch cost
shebs     local      build machinery
zlaski    submit     call super
stuart    unknown    callers_lr_already_saved
austern   unknown    cc1plus spec
zlaski    unknown    check ctype also
austern   unknown    coalescing
dalej     unknown    code size reduction / performance enhancement
dalej     unknown    combine hoisted consts
dalej     unknown    compare >= 0, not > 0.
stuart    submit     const_data
zlaski    local      constant cfstrings
zlaski    submit     constant strings
mrs       unknown    control opt level.
austern   unknown    correct constructor inlining
dpatel    submitted  cp_binding_level
shebs     local      darwin host
mrs       unknown    darwin mmap bug workaround
shebs     unknown    darwin native
shebs     unknown    darwin native (?)
shebs     unknown    darwin native, AltiVec
shebs     unknown    darwin-specific headers
shebs     unknown    darwin_set_section_for_var_p
dalej     unknown    dbj
austern   local      ddtor double destructor
shebs     local      debugging
mrs       unknown    declare string functions
stuart    submitted  decloning
stuart    submitted  decloning structors
stuart    unknown    default to ppro
shebs     unknown    direct-binding-refs
shebs     accepted   disable Dwarf 2 until assembler fixed
shebs     local      disable generic AltiVec patterns
dalej     unknown    disable strict aliasing; breaks too much existing code.
dalej     unknown    disallow (not (SYM))
dalej     unknown    div by const
shebs     unknown    do not extern fp save/restore
austern   unknown    do not forward reference anonymous enum
dalej     unknown    do not use float fieldmode
shebs     local      documentation
shebs     unknown    don't define SAVE_FP_PREFIX and friends
austern   local      double destructor
stuart    submit     dynamic-no-pic
mrs       unknown    eh in data segment
dpatel    unknown    error-colon
shebs     local      fat builds
shebs     local      fat builds readability
mrs       unknown    fde end extension
zlaski    submit     finish file hook
dalej     unknown    fix 2857104
dalej     unknown    fix 2866661
zlaski    submit     fix OBJC codegen
shebs     unknown    fix prototypes
shebs     unknown    fix redundant add?
shebs     unknown    flag translation
zlaski    unknown    flag_objc
dalej     unknown    for TRUNC_DIV_EXPR
dalej     unknown    for now
dpatel    local      framework headers
dalej     local      fused multiply-add
mrs       unknown    gdb only used symbols
dpatel    unknown    handle -Wno-system-headers (2910306)
shebs     submit     handle ~ in pathnames
dalej     unknown    improve performance
shebs     submit     include guard for darwin.h
dpatel    local      indexing
dalej     unknown    indirect calls in R12
stuart    local      indirect sibcalls
mrs       submit     insert assembly ".abort" directive on fatal error
mrs       unknown    interrupt signal handler (radar 2941633)
zlaski    submit     ivar access
zlaski    local      keep tables in sync comment
mrs       unknown    keymgr
austern   unknown    libcc_kext
austern   unknown    libm
zlaski    submit     libobjc
shebs     unknown    linker flags
dpatel    unknown    long double warning
stuart    unknown    long-branch
shebs     local      maintenance
shebs     unknown    make easy_vector_constant globally visible (rs6000-protos.h)
austern   unknown    make libstdc++ more fine-grained
shebs     local      man pages
shebs     local      manual
zlaski    submit     method encoding
shebs     unknown    more orphaned code
dalej     unknown    move '<' case down?
zlaski    submit     move is_class_name to stub-objc.c
dalej     unknown    move loads out of loops
zlaski    submit     move lookup_interface to stub-objc.c
zlaski    submit     move lookup_objc_ivar to stub-objc.c
zlaski    submit     msg send super
dalej     unknown    multiply cost pulled into function
dalej     unknown    multiply-add
zlaski    submit     mystery binfo
zlaski    submit     nested functions
dpatel    unknown    new tree dump
shebs     unknown    no soft-float multilibs
stuart    local      obey inline
zlaski    submit     objc bug fix
zlaski    submit     objc finish file
shebs     submit     objc stret methods
dalej     unknown    optimization
shebs     local      order files
mrs       unknown    parsedir
shebs     unknown    pass reload addr by address
shebs     unknown    performance enhancement
shebs     unknown    performance improvement
shebs     local      preprocess .s files
dalej     unknown    preserve CR2 for save_world prologues
austern   unknown    private extern
austern   unknown    private extern  Radar 2872481
zlaski    submit     protocol qual
shebs     unknown    prototypes
shebs     local      prune man page
dalej     unknown    put this insn after the loop in all cases
mrs       submit     radar 2466994 - -no-c++filt
mrs       submit     radar 2466994 - pass linker output through c++filt
dpatel    local      radar 2866081: Env. variable -O override
dpatel    local      radar 2866081: Env. variable override
mrs       unknown    radar 2871891 - %b/%B & -save-temps can clobber input file
dalej     unknown    recompute PIC register use
dalej     unknown    record that float extend is a copy
dalej     unknown    reduce code size
austern   unknown    reduce emergency buffer size
dalej     submit     reenable some lost combines
shebs     unknown    remove a stub tweak
dalej     unknown    remove invalid delete
austern   unknown    remove machopic_output_possible_stub_label
dalej     unknown    remove this so combine doesn't generate it
shebs     unknown    remove vasprintf prototype
shebs     submit     rename for HFS
shebs     local      report bugs to Apple
dalej     unknown    restoration of inmode/outmode
dalej     unknown    rewrite weight computation
dalej     unknown    save and restore LR
dalej     unknown    separate cl into c,*l; switch and attr's expanded to match
zlaski    unknown    separate outputdir
mrs       submit     setrlimit
shebs     unknown    setting of all callee-saved regs removed
stuart    submit     sibcall
stuart    submit     sibcall 3007352
stuart    submit     sibcall patterns
shebs     unknown    size of bool
dalej     unknown    special ObjC method use of R12
shebs     unknown    static const members
shebs     unknown    static structors in __StaticInit section
stuart    submitted  structor decloning
stuart    submitted  structor thunks
dalej     unknown    subtract 1
shebs     local      supply missing ctype.h decls
zlaski    submit     suppress method inlining
shebs     unknown    temporary pragmas
austern   local      terminated-vtables
stuart    unknown    test for flag_pic deleted deliberately
shebs     unknown    testsuite
shebs     local      testsuite OS flush bug workaround
shebs     unknown    testsuite multiply defined
stuart    unknown    thunks
shebs     unknown    time formatting
dalej     unknown    try destroyed input
shebs     unknown    try to improve ggc
dalej     unknown    tweak default optimizations
dpatel    unknown    unavailable
dpatel    unknown    unavailable (Radar 2809697)
shebs     unknown    unnecessary test?
dalej     unknown    use R12 as register for indirect calls.  This improves
dalej     unknown    use new pseudo for temp; reusing reg confuses PRE
dalej     unknown    use r12 for indirect calls
dpatel    unknown    use strtoq instead of strtoll
dpatel    unknown    use strtouq instead of strtoull
dalej     unknown    volatile pic base reg in leaves
austern   unknown    weak definition
austern   unknown    weak import
austern   unknown    weak_import (Radar 2809704)
shebs     unknown    what is this for?
shebs     unknown    why is this needed?
mrs       unknown    work around Radar 2844245.
shebs     local      work around a makeinfo complaint
shebs     unknown    world save/restore
austern   unknown    write used class statics
shebs     submit     zerofill