CHANGES   [plain text]

0.92		08/24/2000	Improved support for other Unix platforms.
				Now works on Solaris, AIX, True 64, and HP-UX.
				Hopefully resolved all big endian problems.
				Fixed bug in update which caused it to skip
				openning update file

0.90            12/06/1999      Fixed recursive archival bug.

0.86            10/12/1999      Applied patch to fix leading "./" problem.

0.85            5/10/1999       The -t and -x flags now work.  Hooray!  Those
                                took quite a long time to get working. 
                                Handling extraction/listing added quite a bit
                                of code, 500-1000 lines. ouch!

0.75            4/27/1999       Added support for -C flag, allowing you to
                                change directories before adding files.  See
                                fastjar's usage screen for more info.  Also
                                improved the total compression display, and
                                added install/uninstall targets to the

0.71            4/27/1999       Added -V flag to print version info.  Added
                                better error messages, and added configure
                                script for better portability.

0.70            4/25/1999       Added compression.  Only deflation is supported
                                at this time (only one jar supports) and is
                                enabled by default.  use the -0 flag to disable

0.60            4/21/1999       Added support for manifest files (-m, -M).
                                Fixed bug with mod time/date in central header.

0.50.1          4/20/1999       Added patch from John Bley. (Fixes bug with
                                not properly closing the file)

0.50            4/20/1999       First public release