syslog.conf   [plain text]

*.notice;authpriv,remoteauth,ftp,install,internal.none	/var/log/system.log
kern.*							/var/log/kernel.log

# Send messages normally sent to the console also to the serial port.
# To stop messages from being sent out the serial port, comment out this line.
#*.err;kern.*;auth.notice;authpriv,remoteauth.none;mail.crit		/dev/tty.serial

# The authpriv log file should be restricted access; these
# messages shouldn't go to terminals or publically-readable
# files.;authpriv.*;remoteauth.crit			/var/log/secure.log						/var/log/lpr.log
mail.*							/var/log/mail.log
ftp.*							/var/log/ftp.log
install.*						/var/log/install.log
install.*						@
local0.*						/var/log/appfirewall.log
local1.*						/var/log/ipfw.log

*.emerg							*