ChangeLog.1   [plain text]

1986-05-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* isearch.el (isearch):
	Fix bug extending a search string in place
	in reverse regexp search.

1986-05-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* mh-e.el (mh-get-field): Make regexp accept values starting
	with non-letters.

1986-04-30  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rnews.el (news-get-new-news):
	Avoid lossage if a news group is subscribed to twice.

1986-04-29  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* page.el (count-lines-page):
	Fine end of page properly when it's at end of buffer with no newline.

1986-04-25  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* man.el (manual-entry):
	Pass more selective arg to file-name-all-completions.

1986-04-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* fill.el (fill-region-as-paragraph):
	Avoid infinite loop if have a too-wide word
	with a fill prefix containing a space.

1986-04-16  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* term/xterm.el (x-get-default-args):
	Handle `reversevideo' last.  Test switches with "on", not "On",
	since that is what X uses.

1986-04-14  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* compile.el (compile1): Try interrupt-process first
	when getting rid of old compilation process.

	* text-mode.el: Set up text-mode-abbrev-table at load time
	since all text-related modes use it.

	* loadup.el: Don't change the major mode.  Leave as fundamental.
	* startup.el: After init file, use initial-major-mode
	as major mode to select in *scratch*.
	This avoids problems when .emacs wants to set variables globally
	that are local in lisp-interaction-mode.

1986-04-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* replace.el (perform-replace):
	Save and restore the match-data around call to read-char.
	Mysterious bug of replacing the wrong characters
	was due to display-time-filter running inside read-char.
	Also make the C-w option set `replaced' to t, not `done'.

1986-04-11  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-nuke-pinhead-header):
	Deleted code to delete old Date: line, since new one is made
	only if had no old one.

1986-04-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rnews.el (news-set-current-certifiable):
	Follow symlinks before looking up the attributes.

	* time.el (display-time):
	Specify nil for process's buffer ab initio;
	avoid C-g timing error.

1986-04-07  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* compile.el (kill-{compilation,grep}):
	Use interrupt-process, not kill-process, so make can delete
	the output file being produced.

1986-04-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* paths.el (sendmail-program):
	Always use sendmail if bsd, even if it does not appear to exist.

1986-04-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* bytecomp.el (batch-byte-compile):
	Use batch-byte-compile-file, not byte-compile-file.

1986-04-04  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* files.el (set-auto-mode):
	Bind case-fold-search only over small pieces of code,
	not including the major mode function.

	* rmail.el (rmail-nuke-pinhead-header):
	Don't kill the line after Date: along with Date:.

1986-03-31  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* man.el: fix stupid error in arg to file-name-all-completions.

1986-03-28  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* info.el (Info-tagify):
	When restoring old restriction, bring it inside final buffer size.

1986-03-27  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rnews.el (news-mode): Run news-mode-hook.

	* rnews.el (news-get-pruned-list-of-files):
	Don't discard first two files; . and .. are not first on Apollo.

1986-03-26  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* indent.el (edit-tab-stops):
	Go to character 0 so editing happens in right place

1986-03-24  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* mail-utils.el (mail-strip-quoted-names):
	Don't strip "foo"@host.

1986-03-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* mail-utils.el (rmail-dont-reply-to):
	Default names to flush include all starting with "info-".
	For user's own name, match only if ends at end of word.

1986-03-21  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* paths.el (mh-progs, mh-lib): Try two alternatives for these.

	* paths.el (rmail-spool-directory): Say $LOGNAME for usg.

1986-03-20  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail):
	Move a forward-char so it isn't done if convert is t.

1986-03-18  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* paths.el (news-inews-program):
	Add new possibility /usr/lib/news/inews.

	* rmail.el (rmail):
	Detect Unix format messages added after last Babyl message
	and if so call rmail-convert-to-babyl-format.

	* mail-utils.el (rmail-dont-reply-to):
	Use LOGNAME if no USER env variable.

	* paths.el (news-inews-program):
	Try various pathnames and use the one that exists.

1986-03-17  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sendmail.el (mail-do-fc):
	Put a newline at front of the message written in the file.

1986-03-15  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rnews.el: Installed king@kestrel's changes:
	Correct reentrance bug, don't bother with groups that
	received no new traffic since last read completely, find out
	what traffic a group has available much more quickly when
	possible, do some completing reads for group names.

	Also adds the 'c' command to copy a message.

1986-03-15  Bill Rozas  (jinx@prep)

	* scheme.el: (scheme-zap-name) Uses expand-file-name to obtain an
	absolute pathname.

1986-03-15  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* replace.el (perform-replace):
	Hack for preventing loops matching null strings at same place
	was also preventing them at successive characters.  Fixed.

1986-03-13  Bill Rozas  (jinx@prep)

	* scheme.el: (scheme-zap-name) change it back to fromedit.zap
	since that is where scheme expects it and it is too much work to
	change scheme right now.  This interface is obsolete anyway, but
	some people (athena) still use it.

1986-03-13  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* mail-utils.el (mail-strip-quoted-names):
	Don't delete <...> and surroundings if there's a comma inside.

1986-03-12  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* shell.el (shell)
	If no environment variable SHELL, default to /bin/sh

1986-03-12  Leonard H. Tower Jr.  (tower@prep)

	* rnews.el (news-mail-reply):
	didn't work if point was not at (point-min).
	added (goto-line (point-min)).

1986-03-11  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* loadup.el: If CANNOT_DUMP, don't copy DOC
	to name with version number.

1986-03-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-reply): Delete "re: " only if at front of subject.

	* files.el (basic-save-buffer):
	Call expand-file-name; avoid setting default-directory to nil.

	* paths.el: Look for name `hpux', not `hp-ux'.

1986-03-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* scheme.el (scheme-zap-name):
	Change this to be a temp name in /tmp.

1986-03-07  Sundar Narasimhan  (sundar@prep)

	* rnews.el: fix bug in news-get-new-news. (news-current-news-group
	should be nil on startup).

1986-03-07  Bill Rozas  (jinx@prep)

	* scheme.el: autoloads from xscheme.el

	* xscheme.el: New file.  Implements inferior-scheme-mode and
	related commands.  Similar (almost a query replace of)
	inferior-lisp-mode in shell.el

1986-03-07  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* options.el: Replace real ctl chars with suitable escapes.

	* telnet.el: Replace real ctl chars with suitable escapes.
	Fill long line in a doc string.

1986-03-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* scheme.el: Considerable rewrite by jinx, already tested.

	* rmail.el (rmail-quit):
	Don't use the summary buffer as the buffer to select.

	* rmail.el (rmail-convert-to-babyl-format):
	1. Position point correctly at end of Unix-fmt message.
	2. Handle failure to find expected end of Babyl-format message.

1986-03-03  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* files.el (revert-buffer):
	Don't lock the file being reverted.

	* term/xterm.el:
	Install complete rewrite from Athena.
	Change it so that if Emacs is not compiled for X
	nothing is done except define a few functions.

1986-03-03  Leonard H. Tower Jr.  (tower@prep)

	* rnews.el (news-add-news-group)
        Fixed bug that was putting "/"'s in newsgroups names in .newsrc
	instead of "."'s.

1986-03-03  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* simple.el (kill-region):
	Add to doc string a cross-reference to M-w.

	* loaddefs.el (query-replace{,-regexp}):
	Improve documentation of use of Help.

	* emacsbug.el:
	Include machine name and system type in initial text.

1986-03-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* shell.el (shell-send-input):
	Ignore errors happening while trying to hack default-directory.

	* time.el (display-time-filter):
	Find start of an output message as NN:, not end as ],
	since the ] appears at the end only on 4.2.

	* paths.el:
	Make criterion for using sendmail be: if the file sendmail exists.

1986-03-01  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* loadup.el: Change DOCSTR to DOC.

1986-02-25  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* mail-utils.el (mail-strip-quoted-names):
	Supply missing brackets around some sets in regexps.

1986-02-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* abbrev.el (write-abbrev-file):
	Get value of abbrev-file-name from the correct buffer.

	* startup.el (command-line-1):
	Use unwind-protect to delete the startup-message
	from the buffer.

1986-02-21  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-parse-inbox-file, rmail-nuke-pinhead-header):
	Allow spaces within quotes in sender in unix-style From line.

1986-02-20  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* info.el (Info-validate):
	Node-names are case-insensitive, but assoc is case-sensitive
	Separate out function Info-validate-tags-table

1986-02-19  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* c-mode.el (indent-c-exp):
	Fix indentation of comments, both after text and on separate
	lines.  Fix indentation of first statement in a block when comment
	precedes it.

	* rmail.el (rmail-nuke-pinhead-header):
	Keep either the sender or the date or both, whichever is
	not otherwise mentioned in the header.

1986-02-18  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* loaddefs.el (auto-mode-alist): ".sty" -> TeX-mode.

1986-02-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-quit):
	It was burying the wrong buffer.

1986-02-09  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* lpr.el:
	Put "Emacs buffer" at end of job title, not beginning.

1986-02-07  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* paths.el: Add slashes at end of mh-lib and mh-progs.

	* mail-utils.el (rmail-dont-reply-to):
	If "foo" is in rmail-dont-reply-to-names,
	flush names like bar!foo.

	* simple.el (eval-expression):
	Remove the hack to remove `eval-expression from the command
	history.  It was not working before because of the bug in
	interactive-p.  Now that it works, it loses because without the
	explicit use of eval-expression, the value will not be printed
	when the command is redone.

	* info.el:
	(Info-goto-node): Use regexps to do all the blank stripping.
	(Info-edit-mode): Don't use \\[...] in the doc string.
	(Info-menu): Revert most changes in making completion list.
	 Also, restore original point before calling completing-read.
	(Info-find-node): Use new strategy, like the original one
	 except that if an error happens go back to the previous node.
	 Faster in the usual case (where no error), and simpler.
	 Do not allow abbreviations for node names.
	 If tag table, get immediate error on node not in it.

1986-02-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* text-mode.el (text-mode-syntax-table):
	Make " and \ punctuation, not whitespace.

1986-02-06  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* info.el (Info-find-node):
	Fix braino.
	Also, allow abbreviations for node names.
	Info-tagify:  insert tags in forward order so that
	an abbrev finds the textually first possibility rather than the

1986-02-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* paths.el: Conditionalize some filenames for hpux.

	* simple.el (backward-delete-char-untabify):
	Don't screw up value of point if hit beg of buffer.

1986-02-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* mh-e.el (mh-insert-prefix-string):
	Fix typo in arg to replace-regexp.

1986-02-05  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* info.el:
	Completely rewrite Info-find-node so that it doesn't
	blow out on nonexistent nodes/files

	Rewrite Info-goto-node through the Magic of Regular Expressions.

	Make interactive part of Info-menu be byte-compiled and speed up
	in various other ways.

1986-02-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* tags.el (find-tag):
	Push the buffer's old point as a mark.

1986-02-04  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmailout.el (rmail-output):
	Make sure message output is terminated with a newline.

	* rmailmsc.el (set-rmail-inbox-list):
	Update rmail-inbox-list with the new list of inbox files.

1986-02-03  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* info.el (Info-validate) Insert a missing space.

1986-02-03  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* texinfo.el:
	Define @smallexample as synonym for @example.

	* shell.el (make-shell):
	New &rest arg contains switch args to give the shell.
	(shell): Pass -i as a switch arg to make-shell.

	* shell.el: Don't use csh on HP-UX (it has sanity checking).

1986-02-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmailout.el (rmail-output-to-rmail-file):
	If target file is being visited, write msg into its buffer.

	* files.el (append-to-file):
	Don't require file to exist.

	* rmail.el (rmail-reformat-message):
	Insert new copy of header before the original, not after.
	Avoids trouble with marker at the end, if message is all header.

	* rmail.el (rmail-search):
	Simplify prompting and make it mention the default if any.
	Print message when starting and another when done.

1986-02-01  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-convert-to-babyl-format, rmail-nuke-pinhead-header):
	Accept and preserve a timezone in the Unix style From line.

1986-01-31  Sundar Narasimhan  (sundar@prep)

	* rnews.el (news-quit & news-get-new-news):
	remember to update .newsrc file.

1986-01-31  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* tex-mode.el (TeX-region):
	Use new variable TeX-command instead of "tex".

1986-01-30  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* mail-utils.el (mail-fetch-field):
	New 3rd arg ALL: t means find and concatenate all
	fields of the specified type.

	* rmail.el (rmail-reply):
	Pass 3rd arg t to mail-fetch-field for To and CC fields.

1986-01-28  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* yow.el (yow):
	Use remainder to get random in desired range.
	Needed on sysV where you only get 16 bits from random.
	Also randomize the seed when yow is loaded.

	* doctor.el (random-range):
	Use remainder; the same fix.

1986-01-27  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmail.el: Remove defvar for rmail-primary-inbox-list.

1986-01-25  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* mlsupport.el (line-to-top-of-window):
	Fix name of function `recenter'.

	* isearch.el (isearch-message):
	Don't display the ... when in slow-speed mode.

1986-01-23  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* compile.el (compilation-parse-errors):
	Fix several bugs in parsing lint line numbers.

	* mail-utils.el (mail-strip-quoted-names):
	Don't delete the comma before a <...> arg that is
	being taken out of the <...>.

1986-01-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* nroff-mode.el (forward-text-line):
	Negative args had several bugs; thorough rewrite fixed them
	and made function half as big and faster.

1986-01-22  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* files.el (set-auto-mode):
	Set mode correctly for .~i~ backup files.

	* shell.el (inferior-lisp-mode):
	Use \\{...} in doc.  Fix up initialization of inferior-lisp-mode-map

1986-01-21  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* startup.el (command-line):
	Set some `foo' variables to default-`foo' after loading user init

1986-01-21  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* lisp-mode.el (lisp-comment-indent):
	If at bol, don't insist on at least 1 col of indent.

	* texinfo.el (texinfo-format-setfilename):
	Don't mention directory name in the Info file introductory message.

	* c-mode.el (calculate-c-indent):
	Use new variable c-brace-imaginary-offset for statements
	inside a brace that isn't firstthing in its line.

	* startup.el (command-line):
	Catch errors in init file and continue.
	If term-file-prefix is nil, don't load a term file.

	* dired.el (dired-repeat-over-line, dired-get-filename):
	Barf right away on a "total" line.

1986-01-20  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmailedit.el (rmail-cease-edit):
	Set point-min correctly (after the original header).

1986-01-19  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* tags.el (visit-tag-table):
	If directory is specified, use file TAGS in that directory.

	* buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-select):
	Divide the entire screen hight to compute window sizes,
	since we are going to divide up the entire screen.

	* bytecomp.el (various):
	Fix severe errors in handling byte-compile-depth.
	Clarified when to use byte-compile-push-constant
	vs byte-compile-constant.

1986-01-18  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* doctor.el:  Fix typo "symtoms".

1986-01-10  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* mail-utils.el (mail-fetch-field)
	regexp-quote the argument.

1986-01-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* files.el:
	delete-auto-save-files = t.

1986-01-09  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* mail-utils.el (mail-strip-quoted-names):
	Handle multi-line address lists

1986-01-08  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* subr.el (copy-keymap):
	New function.

	* loaddefs.el:
	Autoload view-mode.

	* nroff.el (electric-nroff-newline):
	Clean up and avoid lossage on a line with < 3 chars.

1986-01-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* simple.el (transpose-lines):
	Create a newline (if nec) to terminate the line being transposed.

	* mailalias.el (expand-mail-aliases):
	Notice return within a continued header line as
	separating addresses.

1986-01-07  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* tags.el (visit-tags-table):
	Barf if given a directory

1986-01-06  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* nroff-mode.el (electric-nroff-mode):
	set-minor-mode correctly

1986-01-02  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* info.el (Info-validate):
	Catch only real footnote references by using stricter regexp
	Allow multiple nodes to have the same `next' pointer as long
	as the next's previous points back to one of them.

	* info.el (Info-tagify, Info-validate):
	(let ((case-fold-search t)) ...)
	for when these functions are used outside info mode

1985-12-30  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmailsum.el (rmail-new-summary):
	Avoid errors when there are zero messages to summarize.

	* startup.el:
	Make first line of greeting one character shorter.

	* chistory.el:
	command-history-map may not be sparse.

	* info.el (Info-extract-pointer, Info-previous):
	New optional 2nd arg to Info-extract-pointer is used instead
	of the 1st arg in any error message.

1985-12-30  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* files.el (backup-buffer):
	Don't backup `weird' (non-character or link) files

1985-12-28  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* mailalias.el (expand-mail-aliases):
	Go back to line beginning after finding a nonblank line-start
	that ends a header field.

	* info.el (Info-follow-reference):
	Match [ \n]* after *note when finding all refs.

1985-12-27  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* view.el:
	Various:  Fix cases of "view" => "View" which were missed.  Damn.

1985-12-27  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* simple.el (exchange-dot-and-mark):
	Define as an alias.

1985-12-26  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-mode):
	Run rmail-summary-mode-hook.

1985-12-20  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* files.el (after-find-file):
	If noninteractive, don't print message and don't
	turn on auto-saving.

	* simple.el (describe-no-warranty):
	Use describe-copying as subroutine so start search
	from beginning of buffer each time.

	* term/xterm.el:
	Select interrupt-driven input when talking to X.

1985-12-19  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* files.el:
	Provide dummy definitions of {un,}lock-buffer
	if they don't have definitions.

	Define a function  ignore.

1985-12-19  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* rnews.el (news-set-mode-line):
	Fix fencepost.

1985-12-19  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sendmail.el (mail-do-fcc):
	Insert a blank line after each message in the CC file.

	* fill.el (fill-region):
	It was not loking at the prefix arg!

	* loaddefs.el, nroff-mode.el:
	Add autoload for nroff-mode.  Change its doc string a little.

1985-12-18  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* texinfo.el (texinfo-format-buffer):
	Remove directory from Info file name as it appears in node

	* userlock.el (ask-user-about-lock):
	Handle `p' response properly.
	Was looping and asking again.

	* x-mouse.el (x-mouse-set-mark):
	Don't use save-excursion; save only point, not the mark.

	* bg-mouse.el:
	Some bug fixes from jr; some documentation cleanups.

	* doctor.el (doctor-desire):
	Was using nonexistent function list*.
	Make it use append instead.

	* rmail.el (rmail-expunge):
	Discard summary lines for messages that change numbers.

	* rmailsum.el (rmail-make-basic-summary-line):
	save-excursion around finding the From: line.

	* doctor.el (doctor-read-token):
	Don't use forward-to-word.

	* simple.el (describe-copying):
	Move point to beginning of the file.

1985-12-17  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* startup.el (command-line-1):
	Make startup message more concise; mention C-h t.

1985-12-17  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* simple.el (goto-line):
	Accept either prefix arg or prompt in minibuffer

1985-12-17  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* simple.el (help-for-help):
	Make help-for-help message be documentation of help-for-help
	so it goes into DOCSTR; gets rid of 1k of impure.
	Mention C-w and C-n in these messages.

	* mim-mode.el (mim-mode):
	Make mim-mode-map a sparse keymap.

	* shell.el:
	Make shell-mode-map a sparse keymap.

1985-12-16  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* info.el (Info-summary):
	Add scroll capability if user types Space.

	* files.el (set-visited-file-name):
	Work properly in case of arg = nil or = "".

	* debug.el (debugger-frame{,-clear})
	Bind off read-only flag to change buffer.

1985-12-14  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* various:
	Change uses of copy-sequence on keymaps to copy-alist.
	Use run-hooks for all hooks.

	* simple.el (variable-at-point):
	Strip leading singlequotes before variable name.

	* rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-undelete):
	Rename rmail-summary-undelete-backward to this
	and make it undelete current message if that's deleted.
	Also win if no message to undelete.

	Flush the M-u command.

	* outline.el (outline-mode):
	Make lines starting with * separate paragraphs.

1985-12-13  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* shell.el (run-lisp):
	Switch to the Lisp buffer that make-shell returns.

	* rmailedit.el (rmail-cease-edit):
	Make sure edited message text ends in a newline.
	Adjust the rmail-msgend pointer of the message to the new end.
	Make sure bfr isn't read-only while deleting old cached summary line.

	* rmail.el:
	Replace every real ^_ with a \ escape sequence.
	Make rmail-save always expunge.  Skipping it if
	buffer isn't modified was a good try, but I think
	it makes things unpredictable; whether buffer is
	modified in Rmail doesn't always correlate with
	what the user is thinking about.

	* abbrev.el (prepare-abbrev-list-buffer, list-abbrevs,
	Some cleanups.  prepare-... now does all the work and
	returns the buffer for the caller to select or display.

	* subr.el:
	Rename feep to beep, a more traditional name.

1985-12-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* abbrev.el (edit-abbrevs-mode):
	New function, used to make C-h m work right in that mode.

	* text-mode.el, c-mode.el, lisp-mode.el:
	Make major mode functions use run-hooks.

	* subr.el (run-hooks):
	New function; takes list of hook symbols and run each one.

	* simple.el (shell-command-on-region):
	Don't print message or display output if quit or error.

	* loadup.el:
	At end, on machines that cannot dump, eval top-level
	to run the normal command-line arg processing.

	* term/xterm.el:
	Set term-setup-hook.  Was using wrong name.
	Convert arg to x-set-border-width to an int before calling.

	* rmail.el (rmail-display-label, rmail-set-message-counters):
	save-excursion must go outside save-restriction.

	* rmail.el (rmail-reply):
	Do save-excursion.

1985-12-11  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* isearch.el (isearch-search):
	Don't feep after every single character added to a failing regexp

	* subr.el:
	(fset 'feep 'ding) to preserve purity of language.

1985-12-11  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* simple.el (set-variable):
	Must bind minibuffer-help-form, not help-form.
	Also arrange for most of code to be compiled.

1985-12-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail):
	If file already visited, don't disturb it,
	just select it.

	* simple.el, subr.el, unused.el:
	Move general purpose subroutines from simple.el
	to new file subr.el.  Some editing commands that
	are not on any keys and not otherwise used
	are moved to unused.el.

	* loadup.el:
	Load subr.elc first thing.

	* subr.el (copy-alist):
	New function, copies alist links and pairs.
	Many uses of copy-sequence should call this instead.

	* rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-exit):
	Bury the summary buffer.

	* rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-goto-msg):
	Erase the - in the summary line meaning message is unseen.

	* rmailout.el (rmail-output-to-rmail-file):
	Don't delete message if output was not done.

	* files.el (switch-to-buffer-other-window):
	Pass t as new second arg to pop-to-buffer.

        * indent.el (insert-tab):
        If indent-tabs-mode = nil, insert spaces instead.

	* debug.el (debug):
	Combine two unwind-protect's into one.
	Set debug-on-next-call at outermost level
	after the unwind-protect.
	The variable to request doing that is now called

1985-12-09  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-save):
	Don't do possibly lengthy expunge if buffer not modified

	* loaddefs.el:
	(fset 'TeX-mode 'tex-mode)

1985-12-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* files.el (normal-mode):
	New command to choose major mode automatically.

	* inc-vers.el:  Renamed from inc-version.el
	for file name length reasons.

	* term/*.el: terminal-specific files found here now.
	term-*.el have been renamed to term/*.el.
	Changed makedist to handle this subdirectory.

	* paths.el:
	New variable term-file-prefix which now is "term/".

	* startup.el (command_line):
	Use term-file-prefix to compute file name to load.

	* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-file):
	Put output-buffer into Emacs-Lisp mode.
	Fixes lossage observed for autoloads by people
	who have set default-major-mode.

1985-12-08  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* debug.el (debug):
	Bind debug-on-quit to nil within the debugger.

	* info.el (Info-find-node):
	Must search for "Node: Foo" not " Foo" or else would
	lose when there was a "Node: Bar Foo"

	* dired.el (dired-copy-file):
	interactive "F" not "s"

	* man.el (manual-entry):
	Allow user to specify "chdir(3)" to get entry from section
	3 of the manual.

1985-12-07  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* loaddefs.el:
	Remove duplicate autoload for convert-mocklisp-buffer.
	Add autoload for doctor.

	* simple.el (shell-command-on-region):
	Don't muck with the mark if called noninteractively.

	* tags.el (visit-tag-table):
	Really provide TAGS as default file name.

	* info.el:
	(Info-validate-node-name): Don't complain about nodes in other files.
	(Info-menu-sequence): fix typo in function name.

	* rmail.el:
	(rmail-save): new function; `s' and `q' commands now expunge.
	(rmail-set-attribute): Don't lose if buffer wasn't narrowed.
	  Try current message first, then back up till deleted msg
	  is found.
	M-u command removed as u now does its job.

	* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-file):
	Use get-buffer-create for making the temp buffers.  Really!

1985-12-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* simple.el (set-comment-column):
	Don't use this line's comment to set the comment column.

	* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-lambda):
	Don't treat (interactive) as having an expression be compiled.
	Recompile all 40 files affected; reduces Emacs pure code about 4k.

	* info.el:
	(Info-select-node): was searching unboundedly for "execute:".
	(Info-follow-reference): Was called Info-footnote.
	  Also, handle presence of spaces and newlines in ref names.
	(Info-extract-menu-node-name): Handle presence of spaces and
	 newlines in the node name.
	(Info-menu): Handle presence of spaces and newlines in item

	* texinfo.el:
	@ifinfo and @end ifinfo must use texinfo-discard-command.
	Handle @page (by ignoring it).

	* rmailkwd.el (rmail-next-labeled-message):
	Be consistent about `label' vs `labels'.

1985-12-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* mh-e.el:
	Eliminate region-around-match and region-string.

1985-12-05  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-search):
	Say if search failed.

	* compile.el (compile1):
	Rename compilation-error-format to compilation-error-message
	Add third arg (for mode-name) to compile1 and callers (grep)

	Use value of compilation-error-regexp from current buffer
	in the *compilation* buffer, thus allowing buffers to have local
	compilation-error-regexp variables.

	(provide 'compile)

1985-12-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* files.el (recover-file):
	New command.

	* isearch.el (isearch, isearch-search):
	Call isearch-message from isearch-search;
	do not call before the usual call to isearch-search.

1985-12-05  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* abbrev.el, chistory.el, debug.el, doctor.el, indent.el, info.el, sendmail.el:
	Fix initialization of mode-maps

	* sendmail.el (mail-position-on-field):
	Make this work

1985-12-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* dired.el:
	Change "mark" to "flag" in function names and documentation.

	* buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-buffer):
	End of buffer name marked by tab or two spaces.

1985-12-04  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* startup.el (normal-top-level):
	Run new hook term-setup-hook after doing command switches.

	* startup.el (command-line-1):
	Run the term-setup-hook now, if no switches,
	so it is done before the initial message.

	* term-xterm.el:
	Set term-setup-hook.
	x-extract-number: Subtract 1 from any negative arg.

	* x-mouse.el (x-mouse-mode):
	Change name from just mouse-mode.  Fix paren error.
	Change key for this to C-c C-m.

	* x-mouse.el (x-select-window):
	Was neglecting to actually select the window.

	* x-mouse.el:
	Define constant names for button keys:
	names like x-button-c-m-left.

	* rnews.el (news-mode):
	Don't make news-group-article-assoc buffer-local.
	Making it so causes rnews not to work; I don't know why.

	* outline.el (flag-lines-in-region):
	Pass fifth arg t to subst-char-in-region, for no undo.

1985-12-03  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* simple.el (prefix-arg-internal and callers):
	Regularize reading of negative prefix arguments.
	Do the right thing for each possible input digit or -
	with each kind of existing value of prefix-arg.

	* simple.el (repeat-complex-command):
	If command to be repeated does not match first elt of command
	history, add it to the command history.

1985-12-03  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-file-form):
	Reduce noninteractive message verbosity

	* ebuff-menu.el:
	Standardize initialization of Electric-buffer-menu-mode-map
	  make digits, meta-digits and "-" be numeric args
	(put 'Electric-buffer-menu-undefined 'suppress-keymap t)

	* electric.el (Electric-command-loop):
	Set up this-command and last-command-char in command loop

	* simple.el (prefix-arg-internal, negative-argument):
	Fix problem with negative-arguments and unreading

1985-12-03  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* texinfo.el (texinfo-format-buffer):
	Define @' and @` to convert to ' and `
	but suppressing conversion into ".

1985-11-28  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rnews.el:
	Remove stray "<" character introduced by mly.
	(news-move-to-group): give error message if no new group to move
	(news-next-message): with arg of 1 or -1, keep doing
	news-next-group or news-previous-group till reach nonempty group.

	* x-mouse.el:
	Change define-key args from chars to strings.

	* view.el:
	Fix bug in defvar of view-mode-map.

1985-11-27  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* files.el (find-file-no-select):
	Call find-file-not-found-hook if non nil
	when detect a file-error.

	* buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-buffer):
	Simplify finding end of buffer name;
	don't get confused if buffer name ends with digits.

1985-11-27  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* rnews.el: (news-mode, news-set-mode-line):
	Get rid of news-mode-group-string.

	* rnews.el (news-unsubscribe-internal):
	Fix confirmation message.

1985-11-26  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* view.el:
	Define c-x o
	Rename interactive functions from view-* to View-* to improve m-x
	defvar, rather than defconst, view-mode-map
	Take old-emacs-version-compatibility out of view-file

	* helper.el (Helper-describe-mode, Helper-describe-bindings)
	Fix bit-rot
	Hack C-l in Helper-help-scroller.

1985-11-25  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* isearch.el (isearch-search):
	Remove call to isearch-message.

	* rnews.el:
	Flush old news-next-message.
	Rename old news-forward-message to that name.

1985-11-24  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rnews.el:
	Turn off use of numeric backup versions in news mode.

1985-11-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rnews.el:
	Fix incorrect syntax for meta chars in define-key args.

1985-11-22  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* term-supdup.el:
	New file.
	Defines supdup-contol-map, supdup-control-meta-map
	for characters which don't exist in ascii.
	Uses 0237 (m-c-_) as control escape -- this is what the supdup server

1985-11-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* outline.el:
	Change text to body in function names and documentation.
	Rename M-H, M-S and M-s to C-c C-h, C-c C-s and C-c C-i.
	Goes with new manual chapter.

1985-11-21  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sendmail.el:
	Don't die in old Emacses that don't have

1985-11-21  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* abbrev.el (quietry-read-abbrev-file):
	Fix typo.  Fix documentation of edit-abbrevs.

	* options.el:
	Initialize Edit-options-map when loaded.
	Make edit-options-1 inline.

	* term-xterm.el:
	Fix documentation for x-switches

1985-11-20  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* files.el, sendmail.el:
	New function delete-auto-save-file-if-necessary
	Make basic-save-file, mail-send call it

	* startup.el (command-line-1):
	Reformat to make all extraneous bs fit in 80 columns

	* lisp-mode.el (calculate-lisp-indent):
	Check for boundp lisp-indent-hook, not fboundp.

	* lisp.el, lisp-mode.el
	Move eval-last-sexp, eval-defun from lisp.el to lisp-mode.el since
	all their usages occur in the latter file.

	* rnews.el
	Use `mail-header-separator'

	* term-xterm.el:
	Define x-handle-switch-1 to modularize discarding of
	args from command-line-args.

	* startup.el (command-line-1):
	Check for command-switch-alist before checking for builtin

	* bytecomp.el, term-xterm.el, tex-start.el
	Switches look for `command-line-args' rather than `args'

1985-11-20  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* x-mouse.el:
	Thorough rewrite and cleanup.

	* rnews.el:
	Install new version from sundar.
	Rename news-go-to-* to news-select-*.
	Rename news-move-to-message to news-forward-message.
	Make news-{next,previous}-message take argument.
	Rename news-unsubscribe-group to news-unsubscribe-current-group.
	Rename news-unsubscribe-any-group to news-unsubscribe-group.
	Rename N and P and J commands to M-n, M-p, M-j.
	Flush + and - commands.  Rename s command to o.

1985-11-19  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* texinfo.el:
	Fix all texinfo-end property functions to call
	texinfo-discard-command instead of texinfo-discard-line.
	Give @ the syntax of escape character.

	* rmail.el (rmail-mode):
	Turn off auto-saving for rmail files.

	* simple.el (describe-no-warranty):
	New function; C-h C-w.

	* startup.el:
	Mention existence of C-h C-w.

	* shell.el (make-shell):
	Don't select the buffer being created; return it as value.

1985-11-18  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

        * bytecomp.el (batch-byte-compile):
	Print a message for the log before terminating self.

	* simple.el (set-variable):
	Fix thinko in help-form, and include current value.

	* info.el (Info-find-node):
	If can't find node, say which node in error message

	* rmailedit.el (rmail-edit-mode):
	Improve documentation greatly, fix typo.

1985-11-15  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* c-mode.el (indent-c-exp):
	Handle case of several lines inside a set of parentheses.
	Handle case of continuation line following parentheses that span

	* replace.el (perform-replace):
	Reject match that is null string at end of previous replacement.

	* startup.el:
	Define command-switch-alist to provide hooks
	for X window system (or other things) to define new switches.

1985-11-14  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* info.el
	Make "." be beginning-of-buffer

1985-11-13  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-get-new-mail):
	Treat movemail case more like renaming case,
	so if rmail dies leaving a .newmail file
	the next use of rmail will read in and delete that .newmail.

	* rmail.el (rmail-mode, rmail, rmail-quit):
	Eliminate rmail-buffer-save.  Make q go to the other-buffer.

1985-11-12  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* bytecomp.el (batch-byte-compile):
	Fix paren error.

	* files.el (after-find-file):
	Accurately report the case in which a file exists but is not

	* rmail.el (rmail-search):
	Rewrote this function.  Now only searches within messages -- will
	not match across message boundaries.

1985-11-08  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* startup.el (command-line):
	If noninteractive, don't load "term-*"
	noninteractive => -q [Change this if you think it is a bad
	 idea rms -- every use of -batch I make is followed by -q...]

1985-11-07  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* files.el (after-find-file):
	If get error hacking mode or local-vars, say what sort of error

1985-11-06  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-lambda):
	Compile non-string `interactive' frobs

1985-11-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sendmail.el (sendmail-send-it):
	Remove "n" that was randomly inserted.
	Use new variable sendmail-program as name of file to run
	(defined in paths.el).

1985-11-05  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* rmailsum.el (rmail-new-summary):
	Don't use create-file-buffer for summary buffer!

	* rmailsum.el (rmail-make-summary-line-1):
	Fix bug computing new summary line

	* debug.el (debug):
	Make recursive calls to the debugger work.
	Make debugger buffer read-only

	* sendmail.el (mail-send, sendmail-send-it):
	Move some stuff from sendmail-send-it to mail-send
	Delete auto-save #%*mail* file if `delete-auto-save-files'

	* electric.el (Electric-command-loop):
	condition-case for `beginning-of-buffer'

1985-11-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmail.el, rmailsum.el, rmailkwd.el:
	Move definition of rmail-last-multi-labels from rmailkwd to rmail.
	Make rmail-summary-by-labels use it as default and set it.

1985-11-04  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* yow.el, loaddefs.el:
	Function yow.  Depends on file emacs/etc/yow.lines

1985-11-04  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* texinfo.el:
	Remove definition of `@points'
	Make texinfo-parse-arg-discard on a command with a whole-line arg
	discard the whole line including the final newline.
	As a result, texinfo-discard-line no longer works after
	texinfo-parse-line-arg; make all such callers use

	* rmail.el:
	Rename rmail-find to rmail-search and put on M-s.
	Move `h' to C-M-h as well.
	Move `l' to C-M-l as well.
	Move old C-M-l to C-M-r.

	* rmailkwd.el:
	Make rmail-next-labeled-message keep its own default
	rmail-last-multi-labels, instead of using rmail-last-label.

1985-11-01  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-parse-file-inboxes):
	Must do save-excursion outside the save-restriction.

1985-10-31  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmail.el:
	(rmail-mode) don't default rmail-inbox-list here.
	(rmail): Default rmail-inbox-list to rmail-primary-inbox-list
	  only if primary Rmail file.
	rmail-primary-inbox-list now in loaddefs.el.

1985-10-31  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* rmailsum.el (rmail-make-summary-line-1):
	Fix case in which old summary line was being deleted.
	Some more bugs seem to remain in this code...

	* dired.el:
	Both "e" and "f" are `dired-find-file'

1985-10-30  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* bytecomp.el (batch-byte-compile):
	If an argument is a directory, then do a byte-recompile-directory
	on it.

	* abbrev.el (abbrev-mode):
	flag that abbrev-mode is on by set-minor-mode
	(automagic indication in src/xdisp.c flushed)

	Use interactive "f" and "F" to replace "s" in a couple places.

1985-10-29  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* debug.el (debug):
	Don't die in kill-buffer of *Backtrace* while exiting
	if it's already killed.

	* simple.el ({append,prepend,copy}-to-buffer):
	Use interactive type B, not s, for buffer name.

1985-10-29  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* startup.el (command-line-1):
	"-l" switch loads wrt load-path, rather than wrt default-directory

1985-10-29  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* isearch.el (isearch):
	Redisplay echo area with ... before searching,
	or without ... when about to wait for input.

	* simple.el (blink-matching-open):
	Don't ever complain that a math char is mismatched.

1985-10-28  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* rmail.el, rmailsum.el, rmailkwd.el, rmailmsc.el,
	  rmailout.el, rmailedit.el:
	Install thoroughly rewritten rmail with many new features.

	* debug.el (debug, debugger-mode):
	Avoid lossage with random default major mode:
	debugger-mode: use lisp-mode syntax table.
	debug: turn on debugger-mode before doing forward-sexp.

1985-10-26  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* simple.el:
	Define C-c globally as a prefix character.

	* files.el (backup-buffer):
	Catch errors in deleting old backup versions;
	one deletion failure does not stop other deletions.

	* files.el (hack-local-variables):
	Comparing against "end" was supposed to ignore case
	but it failed to do so.

1985-10-25  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* userlock.el:
	Change responses to "p" for "proceed" and "q" for "quit".

1985-10-23  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* mouseinit.el
	Delete this file.  Put its contents in files
	term-bg.el, term-bgnv.el, term-bgrv.el, term-bbn.el
	(Perhaps there should be a subdirectory emacs/lisp/term/ ??)

1985-10-23  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* time.el (display-time):
	Set up process with no associated buffer.

1985-10-22  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* debugger.el (debug):
	Bind variable `debugger-value' instead of `value'

	* userlock.el:
	Give `file-locked' error-conditions and error-message props

1985-10-21  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* c-mode.el (c-comment-indent):
	Since this is for indent-for-comment,
	it should use comment-column rather than indenting like code.

	* shell.el (shell-send-input):
	Detect when arg of cd or pushd is ended with a semicolon.

1985-10-21  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* sendmail.el (mail-do-fcc):
	Do cretinous unix ">" `quoting' of "\nFrom " strings
	(this isn't transparent, but it's what other stupid programs expect)

	* mailalias.el (expand-mail-aliases):
	Hack case-fold-search as appropriate

1985-10-21  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* sendmail.el (mail-do-fcc):
	New function that finds Fcc: fields and writes to spec'd files
	in Unix mail format.
	Var mail-archive-file-name holds nil or name to initialize
	every message with an Fcc to.  Defined here and in loaddefs.

	* sendmail.el (sendmail-send-it):
	Use a temp buffer to avoid hair in un-changing user's buffer.
	Kill temp and error buffers on exit, always.
	If any Fcc is present, call mail-do-fcc.

1985-10-20  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* mailalias.el:
	New file containing build-mail-aliases (called if nec
	from mail-setup) and expand-mail-aliases (called if nec
	from sendmail-send-it) that read ~/.mailrc, make an
	alist of mail aliases in mail-aliases, and expand them
	inside the buffer in a message being sent.

	* sendmail.el (mail-setup):
	Call build-mail-aliases if ~/.mailrc exists.

	* sendmail.el (sendmail-send-it):
	Call expand-mail-aliases if any aliases are defined.

	* loaddefs.el:
	Define mail-aliases: initially t, meaning ~/.mailrc
	has not been looked at yet.
	Define mail-header-separator.
	Make define-mail-alias autoload from mailaliases.
	Move rmail-delete-after-output from rmail.el.
	Flush rmail-mmdf-inbox-list and rmail-make-summary-line-function.

	* mail-utils.el (mail-strip-quoted-names):
	Delete leading and trailing whitespace.

1985-10-19  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* sendmail.el:
	Use new var mail-header-separator in place of constant --text...
	(mail-setup): fill the To and Cc text inserted.
	    Assume <...> constructs were handled by mail-strip-quoted-names.
	(mail-fill-yanked-message): Add this and put on C-c q.
	(mail-mode): Set up mail-mode-map when file is loaded.
	    Run text-mode-hook before mail-mode-hook.
	(mail-send-and-exit): Assume bury-buffer exists.
	(sendmail-send-it): Put in a Sender: if From: is specified.
	    If empty Subject: is removed, put it back in afterward.

	* debug.el (debug):
	Save match-data on entry, and do store-match-data on exit.

	* mail-utils:
	mail-string-delete: Make arg END exclusive.
	mail-strip-quoted-names: flush spaces before stuff being flushed.
	 Compensate for change to mail-string-delete.
	 Use fact that string-match sets match-end.
	rmail-dont-reply-to: flush extra spaces, comms after deleted name.
	 Compensate for change to mail-string-delete.
	 Use fact that string-match sets match-end.

1985-10-18  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* startup.el (command-line):
	load "term-$TERM" after loading user's init file, so that
	changes made to  load-path  will affect  load .

1985-10-18  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* mlsupport.el (move-dot-to-x-y):
	Add a definition of this.  Takes args in origin 1.

	* shell.el (shell-send-eof):
	Rename delete-char-or-send-eof to this,
	and make it always only send eof.

1985-10-17  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* replace.el (how-many):
	Start count at 0, not 1.  Ignore matches of null
	string that don't move point.

1985-10-17  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* rnews.el: (news-save-item-in-file)
	Append to file, rather than overwriting.

	* isearch.el
	Eliminate confused attempts at indicating that long isearch was
	`in progress'

1985-10-15  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* info.el:
	Use C-c C-c to exit Info-edit.

	* shell.el:
	Move the mode-specific commands onto C-c prefix.

	* picture.el:
	Move all C-c<letter> commands to other C-c subcommands.

	* echistory.el, ebuff-menu.el:
	Change C-c command to C-c C-c.

	* rmailedit.el:
	Move C-] command to C-c C-], C-c command to C-c C-c.

	* files.el (find-backup-file-name):
	Change termination of numeric backup file names back to `~'.

	* dired.el (dired-clean-directory & subroutines):
	Adapt for change from .NN to .~NN~ in numeric backup file names.

	* simple.el (suppress-keymap):
	Put negative-argument on '-'.
	Put non-nil suppress-keymap properties on the
	commands that are used in suppressing a keymap.

1985-10-15  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-find-vars-1)
	Fix paren error.

1985-10-15  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* paths.el:
	New file containing defs of vars containing names of
	files or directories that Emacs wants to refer to.
	Collected for convenience of customization.

	* rnews.el, mh-e.el, loaddefs.el:
	Comment out or remove stuff now in paths.el.

	* spell.el:
	Remove explicit directory names from programs run in subforks.

	* lpr.el (print-region-1):
	Remove explicit directory names from programs run in subforks.

1985-10-14  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-find-vars):
	Change many nested ifs to one cond.

	* mlsupport.el:
	Replace all uses of &quote with macros.

1985-10-13  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* texinfo.el:
	Define @dots{} and @copyright{}.
	Define indexing commands to generate each index as a menu
	sorted alphabetically.

1985-10-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* mh-e.el:
	Don't mess with track-eol.
	Define mh-insert-message-buffer, as C-c y while editing message.
	New reply option `i'.

1985-10-11  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* info.el (Info-edit-map):
	Use C-c to exit from editing, not C-z.

	* files.el (hack-local-variables):
	Ignore case in checking for End:.
	Allow backslashes to quote in local variable names.

1985-10-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* c-mode.el:
	Make require-final-newline  be t in C mode.

	* tex-mode.el (TeX-mode):
	Make comment-start-skip check that % is not quoted with \.

	* simple.el (indent-for-comment):
	Save result of first search for a comment starter,
	rather than searching again after reindenting.

1985-10-09  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* tags.el (find-tag):
	Make M-, find the next such tag, if used after M-.

	* files.el (find-backup-file-name):
	Make numeric backup names end in # rather than ~
	so they arenot automatically deleted when two days old.

	* nroff-mode.el (nroff-mode):
	Make all .-commands separate paragraphs.

	* dired.el (dired-rename-file):
	Use code F to read the file name.

	* shell.el (shell-send-input):
	Use three new variables shell-{cd,pushd,popd}-regexp
	to match the command names "cd", "pushd" and "popd".

	* tex-mode.el (TeX-flash-$):
	Don't look for "match" for a $ quoted with a \.

	* c-mode.el (indent-c-exp):
	Call c-backward-to-start-of-if only for statements
	and only when they start with "else".

1985-10-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* mlsupport.el:
	Define region-to-string and region-around-match.

	* simple.el ({beginning,end}-of-buffer):
	Warn people not to use in Lisp code.

1985-10-07  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* userlock.el:
	New file containing function ask-user-about-lock (autoloading),
	called when trying to modify a function another has locked.

	* files.el (find-alternate-file):
	Unlock the old file before finding new file.
	Relock the old one if old buffer is not killed.

	* files.el (set-visited-file-name):
	Unlock old name and relock new one (if should be locked).

	* replace.el (perform-replace):
	Do substitute-command-keys on the help message.

1985-10-07  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* simple.el (eval-expression):
	Put "(foo bar)" rather than "(eval-expression (quote (foo bar)))"
	on the command history if called interactively.

	* simple.el (repeat-complex-command):
	Define commands next-complex-command and previous-complex-command
	for use in repeat-complex-command editing.

1985-10-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* debug.el (debug):
	Bind debug-on-error to nil over entire invocation of debugger.

	* everywhere:
	Change dot to point.

	* Many major mode commands:
	Use \{..} in documentation string.
	Initialize the local map when the file is loaded,
	not when mode is invoked.

1985-10-04  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* indent.el (indent-relative-maybe):
	New function to do indent-relative but not if prev line
	has no indentation.  Used as the indent-line-function
	in indented-text-mode (text-mode.el).

	* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-cond):
	Correct handling of final cond-clause with only one element.

	* simple.el (read-quoted-char):
	Avoid clearing quit-flag if not 1st input char.
	No longer any reason to quit explicitly.

	* simple.el (quit):
	Flush this function.  Keep keyboard-quit.

	* view.el (view-scroll-lines-forward):
	Count screen lines.  Preserve overlap if scroll by full length
	of the window.

1985-10-03  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* simple.el
	Functions quit, keyboard-quit

	* isearch.el:
	"I-searching: foo..." in the middle of possibly lengthy

	* files.el (set-auto-mode):
	Don't hack auto-mode-alist at all if -*- mode -*- is specified.

1985-10-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* mh-e.el:
	Put *'s in doc of user option vars.
	New variable mh-use-mhl; in mh-show, causes mhl to be invoked.
	Fix some mode lines: add %-, remove %p, move %[ and %].
	Remove spurious setting of mark when saving a position will do
	 (in mh-get-new-mail, mh-make-mode-line, mh-pick-body, mh-exec-cmd)
	Flush erroneous & from some refs to command names.
	Define mh-exec-lib-cmd-output.

	* tex-mode.el:
	Rename TeX-make-barr into barrier-for-TeX, and remove it from M-$.
	Rename quotestartp to TeX-quotestartp.
	Rename count-$s to TeX-count-$-occurrences, and make it take
	two args (FROM and TO).

	* compile.el (compilation-find-errors):
	Search for compilation-error-regexp, which matches the
	ENTIRE filename/linenumber, not just the stuff between the two.
	The rest of the code had to change to fit.
	New subroutine compilation-grab-filename.

	* files.el (find-backup-file-name):
	Put ~ before and after version numbers of backup files.

	* files.el (backup-buffer):
	Ask only once, to delete all the excess backup versions.

1985-09-29  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* backquote.el:
	New file, containing a list constructor macro.

	* tex-mode.el:
	New file, containing TeX-mode.

1985-09-28  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* abbrev.el (add-abbrev, inverse-add-abbrev):
	Convert the abbrev to lower case before defining.

	* files.el (set-auto-modes):
	Strip backup suffix from file name before scanning auto-mode-list.
	Remove tilde-terminated entries from auto-mode-list.

	* dired.el:
	Add command `.', dired-clean-directory, plus subroutines.

	* files.el (backup-buffer, save-file):
	Replace backup-buffer with new version backup definition.
	Rename save-file as basic-save-file, and add a new save-file
	that calls the old one but also takes args to control backup.
	Several new variables to control making of backups.

1985-09-27  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* dired.el (dired-mode):
	Define n and p like C-n and C-p.

1985-09-24  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* loaddefs.el, text-mode.el:
	Use non-saved-text-mode for files on /tmp.

	* rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-goto-msg):
	Do check for msg # on line at beginning of line, not at point.

1985-09-21  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* files.el (find-file-noselect):
	Do erase-buffer in case reusing existing buffer.

1985-09-18  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* nroff-mode.el:
	New file, extensively rewritten from submission by N. Ziring.
	Not tested yet (I don't know how to use nroff).

1985-09-13  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* simple.el (what-cursor-position):
	Use single-key-description to show the character after point.

1985-09-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* text-mode.el, c-mode.el:
	No need to define syntax of [, ], {, } since fundamental mode
	now makes them paren-syntax.  Define C operators as punctuation
	rather than whitespace.

	* texinfo.el:
	Change syntax for @xref and @pxref to use braces.
	Change syntax for @node to read entire line
	(new function texinfo-format-parse-line-args for that).
	Change paragraph-separate, etc., so only directives without
	braces separate paragraphs.  When formatting, discard all of the
	file up to the @setfilename.

	* rmailedit.el (rmail-edit-mode):
	Remove spurious quote before text-mode-hook.

1985-09-11  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* dired.el (dired-do-deletions):
	Print a message reporting any deletion failures.

	* dired.el (dired-add-entry):
	Pass "-d" switch to "ls".

1985-09-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* text-mode.el, lisp-mode.el, c-mode.el, buff-menu.el:
	Initialize all keymaps at load time.
	Use new \{...} construct for documenting them.

	* simple.el (shell-command-on-region):
	Don't request redisplay during reading of output.
	That feature stimulates kernel bugs.

1985-09-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* simple.el (edit-and-eval-command):
	Assume arg is expression already, since now
	elements of command-history are expressions.

	* simple.el (error):
	Just keep signalling if user tries to continue.

1985-09-07  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* dired.el:
	Normally put cursor at beginning of filename.
	New functions dired-next-line and dired-previous-line
	to do vertical motion followed by positioning.
	dired-repeat-over-lines hacked likewise.
	Most action functions changed to work independent
	of and without effect on cursor position within line.

	* dired.el (dired-view-file):
	If file is directory, dired it.

	* dired.el (dired-other-window):
	Use switch-to-buffer-other-window if that exists.

	* files.el (switch-to-buffer-other-window):
	Define this function in Lisp.  All other
	"...-other-window" functions should use it to do selection.

	* fill.el (fill-region-as-paragraph):
	Convert newline to space before flushing excess spaces.

	* mlsupport.el:
	Deleted ml-forward-word and ml-backward-word
	since mlconvert no longer generates them.

1985-09-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* files.el (revert-buffer):
	Don't query for reverting read-only buffers.

	* time.el (display-time-filter):
	If we have lots of tims received at once, quickly discard all but
	last few.

	* files.el (after-find-file):
	Check for write permission there, and print messages there.
	after-find-file now expects an arg which is t if file does
	not actually exist; it prints (New file) messages too.

	* lisp-mode.el (indent-sexp):
	If skip a newline, clear quoted flag in the state.

1985-09-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* tags.el (visit-tag-table[-...]):
	Rename to visit-tags-table[-...].

1985-09-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* mh-e.el (mh-letter-mode):
	Have separate map mh-letter-mode-map so Don't clobber text-mode-map.
	Use C-c rather than C-x for local prefix commands.

	* simple.el (shell-command-on-region):
	If current buffer is *Shell Command Output*, avoid being confused
	by an old pair of region ends, since often region is empty
	and doesn't matter anyway.

1985-09-03  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* spell.el (spell-word):
	Check word before point, if point is not in or next to a word.

	* tags.el (find-tag):
	Don't read tag name if given prefix arg.

1985-09-03  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* macros.el (kbd-macro-query)
	Barf if not defining or executing keyboard macro.

1985-09-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-expunge):
	If all mesages thru current one get expunged, show message 1.

	* debug.el (debug):
	Bind debug-on-error and print-length to avoid various
	kinds of infinite loops or recursions.

1985-09-01  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* term-vt100.el:
	Always define ESC O so arrows work.  Eliminate ESC [ hacks

	* term-vt200.el:
	Always define ESC O so keypad works.  Rename the function
	to use for defining ESC [, and give it appropriate documentation.

	* lisp.el (move-past-close-and-reindent):
	Handle correctly case where ) passed is not at beg of line
	except indentation, or where there are white lines preceding it too.

1985-08-31  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* chistory.el (repeat-matching-complex-command):
	Arg to edit-and-eval-command is now a list, as it should be.

1985-08-31  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* simple.el (delete-indentation)
	Don't err if on first line of buffer.

1985-08-30  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* ledit.el (ledit-setup):
	Don't refer to lisp-mode-map in setting up ledit-mode-map.

1985-08-26  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* shell.el
	Sending empty line of input at the end of a buffer that is an
	interaction with a promptless shell program copied previous input
	rather than sending an empty line.
	(by silogic!eggert@ucla-cs)

1985-08-20  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* dired.el, files.el, sendmail.el, compile.el
	Make *-other-window really do other window even if pop-up-windows
	is set to nil.

1985-08-17  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* c-mode.el (c-indent-line)
	Make "^[ \t]*#" indent to 0 (if not in string or comment)

	* startup.el (command-line)
	(or (getenv "USER") (getenv "LOGNAME")) for USG compatibility
	 (consider it a standard)

	* lpr.el
	Typo (``format1'' for ``format'')

1985-08-12  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-buffer)
	Win more often on `too-long' buffer names.

1985-08-11  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* make narrow-to-page be disabled by default.

	* rmail.el (rmail-insert-inbox-text)
	Hack case that /usr/spool/mail/user is a directory

1985-08-10  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* isearch.el (isearch)
	Make isearch work in regexp case

1985-08-09  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* c-mode.el (c-comment-indent)
	Return a valid value when used within a comment.
	(such as when inenting when comment-multi-line is non-nil)
	Associated changes to
	 c-indent-line, c-calculate-indent-within-comment

	* debug.el (debug):
	Use buffer "*Backtrace*", not " *Backtrace*" so that users can
	reselect it trivially.
	Kill the buffer on exit so that users aren't tempted to lose
	Rename "args" "debugger-args" so that common var isn't lambda-bound.

	Make "-" be negative-argument in debugger-mode-map

	* rnews.el (news-convert-format):
	Don't lose on empty messages.

	* term-vt100.el, term-vt200.el
	Make "application mode" arrow keys ("\eOA"... "\eOD") do the right

1985-08-06  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* c-mode.el
	calculate-c-indent was ignoring parse-start arg

	Inserted's `else' indentation code
	Make C-j be reindent-then-newline-and-indent to take advantage
	of this.

	* simple.el
	Added function reindent-then-newline-and-indent

	* rnews.el
	Fix typo and supply function news-show-all-headers

	* startup.el
	Make the value of  args  be the remaining command-line
	arguments after the "-e" function name when the "-e" function
	is called.
	Make "-f" be the same as "-e" --- it's in the manual.

	* bytecomp.el
	Added batch-byte-compile written by

	* isearch.el
	Typing C-s/C-r at start of isearch wasn't displaying search
	string until it had completed the search.

	* indent.el (indent-relative)
	Losing when indentation point was beneath non-whitespace

	* c-mode.el (indent-c-exp):
	Replace "2" with "c-continued-statement-offset"
	Add (message "...")

	* mlsupport.el
	Fix typo in ml-current-indent
	Make kill-to-end-of-line work

	* mlconvert.el
	Hack "(forward-word)" => "(forward-word 1)"

1985-08-05  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* c-mode.el
	Variable "c-continued-statement-indent" should have been
	"c-continued-statement-offset" as in the documentation and manual

	* rmail.el (rmail-find):
	Hack default of last search string, hack reverse search
	(-ve prefix arg)
	Make "-" be negative-argument

1985-07-23  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* shell.el (shell-send-input):
	cd/pushd hackery wasn't substitute-in/expand-file-name'ing
	(ie "cd $es" was losing)

1985-07-16  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* view.el:
	Add "c-x ]" and "c-x [" page-movement commands
	"c-x /" "c-x j" register save/jump

	Speed up more losingly slow calls to substitute-command-keys by
	conditional substitution of constant string.
	(view-helpful-message, view-undefined, view-mode-command-loop)

	* mail-utils.el
	rmail-dont-reply-to was losing on multi-line fields.

	* simple.el
	delete-blank-lines was deleting too much if on an isolated blank line.

1985-07-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* mh-e.el:
	Replace C-h command with DEL so Help is still available.
	get-string was erroneously used for read-string.

1985-07-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* simple.el (function-called-at-dot):
	Don't scan more than 1000 characters back for containing

	* simple.el (goto-line):
	Read arg using minibuffer.

	* simple.el (zap-to-char):
	Don't leave dot on the far side of the terminating character.

1985-07-10  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* ebuff-menu.el (Electric-buffer-menu-undefined)
	Don't call substritute-command-keys if keybindings are default,
	with resultant couple-of-orders-of-magnitude speedup.
	RMS: this is what my changes to Fsubstitute_command_keys in doc.c
	were supposed to do.

1985-07-09  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* isearch.el (isearch):
	Do not preserve window-start if had switched to the small window.

	* dissociate.el:
	Pause after each screen.  Avoid forward-char past end of buffer.
	Make positive arg mean go by chars, negative mean by words.

	* lpr.el:
	Define lpr-region and print-region.  Autoload in loaddefs.

1985-07-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* compile.el (compile1):
	Put buffer in Fundamental mode, in case default-major-mode
	is something else.

	* mh-e.el:
	backup-before-writing -> make-backup-files.
	mh-clean-message-header: kill only one line, not 2.

	* ledit.el (ledit-from-lisp-mode):
	Call ledit-mode-hook.

	* rmail.el (rmail-mode-1):
	Include %M in the mode-line-format.

	* abbrev.el: Document meaning of negative arg to add-...-abbrev.

	* loaddefs.el: C-x - and C-x C-h had the wrong definitions.

	* debug.el: Document the `r' command.

1985-07-07  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* view.el, buff-menu.el, ebuff-menu.el, echistory.el:
	Do not redefine C-z.  Allow it to exit from Emacs.

1985-07-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* page.el (forward-page):
	Avoid setting the mark.

	* c-mode.el (calculate-c-indent, indent-c-exp):
	Don't subtract c-brace-offset when c-indent-level is used.

1985-07-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* indent.el:
	Put tab-to-tab-stop on Meta-i.

1985-07-04  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* files.el (hack-local-variables):
	Local variable list must start within last page of file
	and within last 3000 characters; there need not be a page
	boundary in the last 3000 characters, or anywhere near the
	end, however.

	* mlconvert.el:
	Convert backup-before-writing and unlink-checkpoint-files.

	* files.el:
	Rename backup-before-writing to make-backup-files.
	Rename auto-save-visited-filename to auto-save-visited-file-name.

1985-07-03  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* dired.el (dired-revert):
	Avoid error if point is at a non-file line.

	* abbrev.el (expand-region-abbrevs):
	Record end of region as distance from dot-max, so it
	remains correct as abbrevs are expanded.

	* startup.el (command-line-1):
	Quote the backslash in the regexp for line-number specs.

1985-07-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* c-mode.el (c-indent-line):
	* lisp-mode.el (indent-code-rigidly):
	C-u Tab in C mode: do indent lines starting
	in middle of a comment, but don't indent preprocessor lines.
	Involves new arg NOCHANGE-REGEXP to indent-code-rigidly.

	* rmail.el (rmail-show-message):
	Don't print a blank message, in case where no message to print.

	* c-mode.el (calculate-c-indent):
	Use new variable c-continued-statement-indent to determine
	extra indentation in lines not starting new statements.

1985-07-01  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* man.el: Catch the error if one of the directories searched
	does not exist.

1985-06-24  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* simple.el (help-map):
	Define C-h b as describe-bindings and C-h s as describe-syntax.
	Update documentation of help and help-for-help prompts for this.

1985-06-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* compile.el (compilation-sentinel):
	Advance dot if dot is at end of buffer.

1985-06-22  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* rmailedit.el:
	New file.  The guts of rmail edit mode.

	* rmailsum.el:
	New file.  The guts of rmail summary mode.

	* rmail.el:
	Massage it a bit to reduce the size.  Put edit, summary stuff in
	separate files and autoload from rmail.  (provide 'rmail).

	* helper.el (Helper-help-scroller):
	If there is already a *Help* window.  Don't make another.

1985-06-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* simple.el (set-variable):
	New function.

1985-06-18  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* rmail.el:
	Massively rehacked.  Better label support.  Message selection,
	deletion and expunging by dispatch.  Toggle rmail and original
	headers. etc...

1985-06-18  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* shell.el:
	Create variable explicit-shell-file-name that overrides
	ESHELL and SHELL environment vars.

	* isearch.el (isearch, nonincremental-search):
	Use explicit "%s" when calling message so %'s in message
	are not special.

	* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-file-form):
	Display name of function being compiled in echo area.
	* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-find-vars-1):
	Expand macros in order to find all the vars.

1985-06-17  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* compile.el (compile1.el):
	If *compilation* is current buffer, put point at end.

	* simple.el (indent-for-comment, kill-comment, set-comment-column,
	indent-new-comment-line): use comment-start-skip to find comments.
	Don't use find-comment-line any more.

	* lisp-mode.el, c-mode.el, scheme.el, mim-mode.el:
	Define comment-start-skip so it does not match the null string.

	* c-mode.el (electric-c-terminator):
	Don't use find-line-comment--use parse-partial-sexp to
	check for line ending in a comment.

	* startup.el (command-line-1):
	Define +nnn line-number specs.
	Use precomputed help string for speed instead of
	substitute-command-keys when the precomputed string is correct.

	* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-concat):
	concat with one arg is not a no-op.

1985-06-16  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* sendmail.el (mail-mode):
	Mention that C-c y will yank current message in rmail whether
	replying or not.

	* mail-utils.el (rmail-dont-reply-to):
	If rmail-dont-reply-to-names is nil, make it be (getenv "USER").

1985-06-15  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* simple.el, lisp-mode.el, c-mode.el, scheme.el:
	comment-indent-hook now called with no args, with point
	at beginning of existing comment or at end of line.
	mim-mode's comment-indent-hook seems to need no change.

1985-06-14  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* loaddefs.el (rmail-dont-reply-to-names):
	Misleading documentation said `list' of names.  Its really a
	regular expression.  Make it nil by default.  Also, add defconst
	for `rmail-spool-directory'.

	* mail-utils.el (rmail-dont-reply-to):
	Check for nilness of rmail-dont-reply-to-names and skip strip
	loop if so.

	* loaddefs.el: Elisp -> Emacs-Lisp.

	* echistory.el, chistory.el: Elisp -> Emacs-Lisp.

	* rmail.el:
	Various functions - If message counters aren't set, set them.
	Expunge unsets them.  Make expunge give running count in
	minibuffer messages.

1985-06-14  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* lisp-mode.el, startup.el, loadup.el:
	Avoid problem with term "elisp".
	Rename elisp-interaction-FOO to lisp-interaction-FOO,
	rename all other elisp-FOO to emacs-lisp-FOO.

1985-06-14  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-mode-1):
	Use %b instead of %17b in mode-line-format to leave more room for
	attributes (some of us like time in the modeline).

	* rmail.el:
	Make rmail-summary-goto-msg barf if the summary is invalid (e.g.
	after `e' or `g') and tell user to make a new one, leaving them in
	the rmail window which is right place to do it.

	* rmail.el:
	Add commands for user to set attributes.  rlk called these
	keywords and duplicated code (the only `attributes' were
	"deleted" and "answered").  I don't think the distinction is worth
	it.  Add command for summarizing by attribute.  Make
	`rmail-new-summary' support it.

	* rmail.el (rmail-show-message): search instead of re-search.

	* rmail.el (rmail-output-to-mail-file): Yechh.  Cleaned it up.

	* rmail.el (rmail-summary-mode):
	Add functions for scrolling current message from summary.  After
	rlk, only make them bullet proof.  Add quit from rmail.

	* rmail.el (rmail-new-summary):
	Reuse old summary buffers when possible.  After rlk, only his way
	of doing it was brain damaged.

	* rmail.el:
	rmail-last-message was off by 1.  Fix it and put it on key `>'.
	(bug noted by rlk).  Make rmail-edit run text-mode-hook.  rlk also
	had it run `rmail-edit-mode-hook' but this is silly because function
	claims to be like text-mode except for two keys.

	* rmail.el (rmail-insert-inbox-text):
	Chomper wasn't deleting ~/.newmail after moving mail from
	/usr/spool/mail/.  Make it do the right thing.  Use new variable
	rmail-spool-directory (default "/usr/spool/mail/") to determine
	if movemail should be called (some people use "/spool/mail/").
	Probably should move defvar to loaddefs when released.

	* simple.el: Flush `blink-matching-paren-ding' and code.

	* add-log.el: Flush `add-log-entry-to-log-in-buffer'.

	* loaddefs.el:
	Changes to reflect partitioning of command history stuff.
	Flush autoload of report-emacs-bug, leave the file emacsbug.el for
	arpanet sites to use if they want.

	* echistory.el: (require 'chistory)

	* chistory.el:
	Move list-command-history and command-history-mode here.  Purpose
	of this file is just to look at the history.  Also contains
	unrelated (to listing) but useful `repeat-matching-complex-command'.

	* simple.el (repeat-complex-command):
	Replaced its definition with `repeat-edit-nth-complex-command' from
	chistory.el, edit form in minibuffer instead of asking for
	confirmation.  Add new function `edit-and-eval-command' which it

1985-06-13  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-insert-inbox-text):
	Expand file name "movemail" in exec-directory for call-process.
	The only reason it worked here before is because exec-directory is
	in most people's shell paths.
	No, this directory is added automatically to the path
	used by call-process.  It should have worked before. - RMS

	* loaddefs.el:  C-z -> C-c in documentation for mail.
	autoload report-emacs-bug from emacsbug.el.

	* emacsbug.el:  New file.  Reports bugs with version info.

	* helper.el (Helper-describe-bindings):
	Make it describe local bindings faster by binding global map to
	nil so describe-bindings is faked out.

	* lisp-mode.el: First form of prog1 is distinguished.

	* loaddefs.el: autoload functions from chistory.el and echistory.el.

	* chistory.el:
	New file containing two alternatives to `repeat-complex-command'
	which put the form in the minibuffer instead of asking for

	* echistory.el:
	Finished it.  Split off two useful but unrelated commands into
	chistory.el.  Made command-history-mode unable to redo expressions
	because there is no sensible way to pick buffer to do it in: now
	its just for looking at the history produced by
	list-command-history or after electric-command-history throws.

	* electric.el: Allow specification of prompt to
	Electric-command-loop.  Interpret nil max-height argument to
	Electric-pop-up-window as license to grab as much of the screen as
	necessary if buffer wont fit; also fix fencepost neglect to
	account for modeline in height computations.

1985-06-12  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* rmail (rmail-insert-inbox-text)
	file-name-directory includes a trailing "/"

1985-06-12  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* shell.el (inferior-lisp-mode):
	Call lisp-mode-hook AFTER shell-mode-hook.

	* rmail.el (rmail-get-attribute-string):
	Did not account for empty attribute string.  Neglected to include
	leading `,' for rmail-display-message-attributes.  Unbound
	variable dot-max-save - I guessed that it was really supposed to
	be dot-min before the widen (the start of the user visible header)
	so I bound it and renamed it dot-min-save.

	* ebuff-menu.el:
	New variable  after-electric-buffer-menu  called after select if
	non-nil.  Bind goal-column to nil while running.

	* add-log.el:
	New function  add-log-entry-to-log-in-buffer.  Use when adding
	multiple entries to the ChangeLog.  Bound to ESC-*.  Made it share
	code with add-change-log-entry (former calls latter).

1985-06-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-get-attribute-string):
	Rewritten by rlk to be smaller and more general.

1985-06-11  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* ebuff-menu.el:  Make M-C-v scroll-other-window instead of
	scroll-down.  Make M-v scroll-down.

	* ebuff-menu.el, echistory.el:	Made them use electric.

	* electric.el:
	New module for packages that retain control until some event
	occurs.  Command loop and window maker.

1985-06-10  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* echistory.el:
	Made it use helper.el.  Remove kill-ring-save stuff pending use of
	new winning prin1-to-string for minibuffer hacking.

	* view.el:  Made it use helper.el.

	* helper.el:
	New module for packages which want to do help without giving up

1985-06-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* sendmail.el:
	Switch to C-c as prefix instead of C-z.

1985-06-09  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* simple.el:
	Rename kill-ring-save to copy-region-as-kill.
	Old name still works.

	* tags.el (visit-tag-table-buffer):
	Give error unless tag table starts with a formfeed
	as it should.

	* sendmail.el:
	Install C-z w as mail-signature.
	Fix bug of reinserting --text...-- in wrong place
	when a null subject was deleted.

	* macros.el (kbd-macro-query):
	Don't ask for input when macro is being defined.
	When macro is executing, make prompt really appear.
	In loaddefs, put this on C-x q.

1985-06-09  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* dired.el:
	Fix bugs in dired introduced by use of auto-save-file-name-p.  Dont
	call it if it isn't fbound (just look for `#').  Add second arg to
	dired-get-filename which says just return nil (no error) if there
	is no filename on line.  Rename dired-mark-backup-and-temp-files
	to be dired-mark-backup-and-auto-save-files.

1985-06-08  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* ebuff-menu.el (electric-buffer-list):
	Lost if # lines < window-min-height and there was only one window.
	Make it win!

	* echistory.el:
	New file - implements command history interface (electric and
	plain jane listing).  Waiting for opinions before I put it in

	* ebuff-menu.el (electric-buffer-list):
	Went to char select after Buffer-menu-execute, which can kill
	lines.  So set mark at select before execute and go to mark before
	select.  Winnage.

	* buff-menu.el:
	Stomp all kinds of roaches.  Buffer-menu-do-kills was doing re-search
	when it wanted to do search (no harm, but faster).  Fix fencepost
	error, when it killed a buffer line, it neglected to move back,
	thereby sitting on potential `K' which was missed. Wrap
	save-excursion around kill-buffer, it seems that kill-buffer changes
	something when it asks about mod file (dont ask me ...).
	Buffer-menu-do-saves was searching for "\n.S", it meant re-search.
	Teach Buffer-menu-unmark how to handle `%' and `*' at same time.

	* files.el (find-file-no-select):
	Don't run dired if value of new variable  find-file-run-dired  is
	nil.  t by default.

1985-06-07  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* options.el (list-options): Use substitute-command-keys.

	* loaddefs.el (view-file, view-buffer, electric-buffer-list):
	Mention view-hook.  Mention electric-buffer-menu-mode-hook.

	* ebuff-menu.el:
	Restrict dot to actual buffer description line.  Document some
	functions.  Make electric-buffer-menu-describe-mode interactive.
	Make C-g shutup when it exits, advertise it as exit char.
	Restrict help so that window configuration lossage is impossible
	(could lose if went into full blown help).  Add function for
	describing help options.  Add `v' command for viewing buffer and
	returning to the Electric Buffer List.

	* loaddefs.el: autoload edit-picture.

	* picture.el: New "Major" mode for editing pictures and tables.

	* view.el:
	Fix bug with non-file-buffer names.  Use buffer name instead in
	these cases.  New variable view-hook.

1985-06-06  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* view.el:
	(provide 'view)
	defined unadvertized c-m-a, c-m-e, c-m-b, c-m-f
	at end of buffer says how to exit.

1985-06-06  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* view.el:
	Restrict quit to q, C-c, C-z.  Fill keymaps with new function
	view-undefined which dings and tells you how to quit or get help.
	Add eval-expression but don't advertise it.

	* indent.el (edit-tab-stops-note-changes):
	Make *Tab Stops* buffer go away when changes are installed by
	switching to edit-tab-stops-buffer and burying *Tab Stops*.

1985-06-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* fill.el:
	New function fill-individual-paragraphs.

	* dired.el:
	Rename dired-mark-temp-files to dired-mark-auto-save-files,
	and make it use auto-save-file-name-p.

	* bytecode.el (byte-recompile-directory):
	Use auto-save-file-name-p.  Provide default definition of same.

	* files.el:
	Define auto-save-file-name-p.

1985-06-04  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* sendmail.el (sendmail-send-it):
	Somewhat gratuitously deleting empty subject lines.
	/usr/lib/sendmail seems smart enough (!) to hack this itself

1985-06-04  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* info.el (Info-find-node, Info-exit):
	Use expansion of filename in error message on file not found in
	Info-find-node.  Bury the current buffer in Info-exit because you
	can say C-h i if you want to look at it again.

	* simple.el (goal-column):
	Use \\[...] to refer to set-goal-column in variable documentation.

	* simple.el (function-called-at-dot, variable-at-dot):
	Eliminate redundant testing of nil'ness of obj in and clauses.

	* simple.el (describe-variable):
	Bind enable-recursive-minibuffers so can use C-h v.  It would be
	nice if instead could enable JUST C-h v (or C-h f for

	* aton.el (occur-menu):
	Bogus message in minibuffer claimed C-z expanded menu entry.
	Use substitute-command-keys to get the right key.  Move to the
	first line if rebuild-summary, else the next line.  Make the
	occur menu buffer read-only.

1985-06-03  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* mim-mode.el:
	Fix bugs related to moving across atoms in other packages (i.e.
	with trailers).

1985-06-03  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* c-mode.el (indent-c-exp, calculate-c-indent):
	Fix indentation of line following a #-directive in C-M-Q,
	by doing essentially what calculate-c-indent does.
	New subroutine c-backward-to-start-of-if.

	* isearch.el:
	Don't allow reverse search to match a string straddling the
	initial value of dot.

	* simple.el (read-quoted-char):
	Handle quitting correctly (really quit unless first input char).
	Echo with spaces between chars and dash after
	even if have prompt string.

1985-06-03  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* mim-mode.el, medit.el:
	Clean up the documentation, use \\[...] where appropriate.
	Change a few names.  Flush binding of uppercase letters in keymaps.

	* shell.el (run-lisp):
	Make it put the *lisp* buffer in inferior-lisp-mode as
	claimed in NEWS.

1985-06-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* rnews.el (news-get-pruned-list-of-files):
	Sort final list of files numerically.

	* simple.el, time.el, loadst.el (Info-directory):
	Process exec-directory using expand-file-name
	so as not to depend on whether it ends in /.

	* simple.el: define turn-on-auto-fill.

1985-06-01  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* loaddefs.el:  Update documentation for rmail.

	* lisp-mode.el (calculate-lisp-indent):
	Asked (fboundp 'lisp-indent-hook).  Right question is boundp.

	* scheme-mode.el (calculate-scheme-indent): Ditto.

	* compile.el (next-error): Missed a \\[...].

	* buff-menu.el:
	Use \\[...].  Disambiguate documentation of q command (read as if
	you marked buffers with > instead of m, now mention mark `>' and
	what command you use to make one).

	* loaddefs.el:
	Put \ in front of \[ where needed.  ' next-error in autoload
	definition.  Fix typo in electric-buffer-list documentation (also fix
	in ebuff-menu).

1985-06-01  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* Many files: put in \\[...] where appropriate.

1985-06-01  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* shell.el (run-lisp):
	Make it interactive since loaddefs claims it is.

1985-06-01  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* isearch.el:
	Fix quit logic since condition signaled is `quit' now.
	Don't reprint echo area if have buffered ^G to handle.

1985-05-31  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* c-mode.el (c-backward-to-noncomment):
	Still failed to terminate in some cases (after many #include's and
	#defines, comments at beginning of file).  Now stop if looking at #
	and dot <= lim.  It guarantees termination but does it leave dot
	at right place for indenter?

1985-05-31  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* simple.el (help-for-help):
	Lookup in help-map explicitly; calling help-command no longer works.

	* mlconvert.el (fixup-mlisp-syntax):
	Skip strings and comments properly.  Handle \ in char constants.

	* mlconvert.el (fixup-mlisp-symbols):
	Skip strings, comments, char constants.
	Find symbols even if they have no letters in them.

	* mlsupport.el:  Insert symbol-value call in use-local-map.
	Handle key codes > 127 in local-bind-to-key.
	Write ml-modify-syntax-entry.

1985-05-30  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* sendmail.el
	Typo made sendmail-send-it lose when mail-interactive

	* simple.el
	Aborting out of octal read in read-quoted-char restarts
	"from the top."

	* startup.el
	Catch another place where \\[..] was needed
	Don't insert copyright info if noninteractive

1985-05-30  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* lisp-mode.el (lisp-send-defun):
	Make it interactive since it's on a key.  Also, indent lambda like

	* view.el:
	Improve documentation.  Add isearch, previous and next
	line (useful in conjunction with recenter and argument).  Flush
	repeat last command because it really does not repeat all commands.
	Make space quit in help scrolling if no more to scroll.

1985-05-30  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* simple.el:
	Use \\[...] in doc strings when appropriate.

	* simple.el (blink-matching-paren):
	Avoid error when (dot) - (dot-min) < 2.

	* simple.el (help-command):
	Function help-command flushed.  C-h now defined as
	prefix character.

	* startup.el:
	Use substitute-command-keys in printing startup message.

	* simple.el:
	Define advertised-undo == undo, to force startup msg
	to say C-x u rather than C-_.

1985-05-29  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* rmail.el:
	Add C-r command (rmail-edit-current-message) and its commands.
	Separated out part of rmail-mode as rmail-mode-1.

	* Rename some files so all .el & .elc file names are <= 14 chars.
	syntax-check-mim.el => mim-syntax.el (change in mim-mode.el too).
	new-version-level.el => grow-vers.el.
	scheme-mode.el => scheme.el
	compare-windows.el => compare-w.el
	electric-buffer-list.el => ebuff-menu.el

1985-05-28  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* simple.el (describe-function)
	bind enable-recursive-minibuffers to read fn name
	(useful when typing c-h f after m-esc)

	* files.el
	made create-file-buffer a lisp function (was in src/buffer.c)

	* electric-buffer-menu-mode.el
	If the first character typed is a space then quit, ie return to
	previous window/buffer configuration

1985-05-27  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* fill.el (fill-region-as-paragraph):
	It was filling to width (1- fill-column)
	except on the last line of a paragraph.
	Also make it not delete excess spaces in paragraph indentation,
	delete fill prefixes before checking for excess spaces.

1985-05-25  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* c-mode.el:
	c-backward-to-noncomment failed to terminate on LF after #include
	at beginning of buffer.  Make it stop if it sees bobp in such cases.

	* isearch.el:
	isearch was doing (push-mark odot) inside save-window-excursion,
	which loses.  Move to outside of save-window-excursion.

1985-05-24  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* loaddefs.el:
	Update documentation strings for dired, byte-recompile-directory.
	Correct some typos and spelling errors.

1985-05-24  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* add-log.el:
	Don't make double blank line when adding to existing entry.

1985-05-23  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* sendmail.el (mail-yank-original):
	Arg other than C-u is # columns to indent.

	* lisp-mode.el:
	Provide default definition of lisp-send-defun, to just get an error.

	* shell.el: rename lisp to run-lisp.
	* loaddefs.el: make run-lisp autoloading.

1985-05-23  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* files.el
	FOO! Local-variables weren't working since hack-local-variables
	was searching for "\n^L" not "\n\^L"

	* lisp-mode.el, loadup.el, startup.el
	renamed lisp-interaction-mode to elisp-interaction-mode
	Made elisp-mode call elisp-mode-hook, elisp-interaction-mode call
	elisp-interaction-mode-hook.  This will break people's init files!

	* loaddefs.el
	made ".lisp" suffixes get lisp mode.  Toto, I don't think we're
	using fourteen-character filenames anymore.
	Autoload scheme-mode

	* scheme-mode.el
	installed scheme-mode, courtesy MIT scheme people.

	* lisp-mode.el
	made mode doc strings use \[...] substitute-command-keys technology

1985-05-23  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* lisp-mode.el:
	Renamed lisp-mode to elisp-mode and external-lisp-mode to lisp-mode.
	Renamed ...-map variables likewise.

	* loaddefs.el:
	Made ".el" files use elisp-mode; ".scm" files use scheme-mode.

1985-05-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* tags.el (visit-tag-table):
	If tags file has changed since last read in, offer to read it again.

1985-05-22  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* nrnews.el
	Foo.  A distinct lack of communication here.
	Fairly radical surgery --- many bug fixes and clarifications,
	quite different from rnews.el  Sigh

1985-05-22  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* view.el
	Add new flavor of help.  ?, h still give list of
	commands.  C-h understands m, c, k options.  Make
	help commands use pop up window with scroll on space.

	* loaddefs.el
	Minor change for documentation of view-file and
	view-buffer because C-h does not describe mode now.

1985-05-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* rnews.el:
	news-go-to-news-group: don't get confusing error if arg is nil.
	  Print messages describing change of groups here, not in callers.
	  Accept interactive string arg.
	news-next-group: combine with news-move-to-group.
	  Change so arg N means go forward N groups.
	  Don't print any messages.
	news-previous-group: call news-next-group.
	  Don't print any messages.
	news-move-to-message: simplify by using news-previous-group.
	  Also, most messages were spurious.
	news-goto-news-group: it had duplicate definitions.
	  Flushed both of them; use news-go-to-news-group instead.
	various: standardized elipses in messages.
	  Use error rather than message where appropriate.

1985-05-21  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* mlsupport.el:
	Fix assorted typos where variable "bufname" was changed to "name"

	* view.el
	Make M-<, M-> work.  Fix documentation strings to work with the
	combination of lisp quoting and substitute-command-keys quoting.

	* electric-buffer-list.el
	Call Buffer-menu-execute before selecting. (Why doesn't standard
	buffer-menu-mode do this?)  Flush "x", "1" and "2" commands

	* buff-menu.el:
	Call bury-buffer after selecting new buffer.
	Make things work when  pop-up-windows  is nil.

1985-05-21  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* view.el:
	Flush skip commands since they dont make much sense.  Make searches,
	goto-line's center display at point found with dot at beginning of
	line.  Use mark ring and provide mark manipulation commands.  C-l
	is recenter.  Improve documentation.

1985-05-21  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* loadup.el:
	Copy DOCSTR rather than renaming it.

	* sendmail.el (mail-yank-original):
	If have numeric arg, don't delete header fields and don't indent.

1985-05-20  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-get-new-mail):
	Pass the proper arg to delete-file.
	Don't always say "no new mail has arrived".

	* sendmail.el (mail-send-and-exit):
	Bury the *mail* buffer.

1985-05-19  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* view.el, dired.el
	typos in viewing stuff

	* simple.el, isearch.el
	Added prompt argument to read-quoted-char; improved isearch
	input echoing when reading quoted char.

	* sendmail.el, loaddefs.el
	added send-mail-function; initially sendmail-send-it
	(also, mail-yank-ignored-headers had a typo)

	* rmail.el (rmail-get-new-mail, convert-to-babyl-format, ...)
	Remodularize inbox parsing.  Add support(?) for mmdf inboxes.
	Note that I can't seem to define definitive documentation of
	what this format is; however the code installed seems to work
	for all cases encountered

1985-05-19  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* rmail.el (rmail-get-new-mail):
	Pass the proper arg to delete-file.

	* view.el:
	Change to use recursive-edit for its command loop.
	Define < and > commands.

	* files.el (backup-buffer):
	Get error if about to rename a directory.

1985-05-18  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* view.el, more-mode.el: Latter flushed in favor of former.
	view-mode preserves concept of more-mode but uses
	non-standard command loop so that viewed buffer is unchanged
	on exit from mode.

	* dired.el, loaddefs.el: Changed to use view.el.  Change
	documentation of dired-listing-switches to note importance of
	excluding 'F' option.

1985-05-17  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* isearch.el:
	Preserve window-start on exit from save-window-excursion

1985-05-16  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* rmail.el: correct read-only suppression in rmail-new-summary.

1985-05-16  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

        * loaddefs.el: Autoload more-mode, more-file, more-buffer.

	* more-mode.el: New tourist mode for files.

	* dired.el: Put more-file on v-iew in dired.
	Returns to dired when user quits more.

1985-05-16  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* simple.el: make <help> i run info

	* sundry changes to go with changes in src/fileio.c making
	copy-file, rename-file, add-name take an optional third argument.
	The only autoloaded system code this breaks is rmail ---
	a condition-case for wrong-number-of-arguments kludge was installed
	there in two places to make things work until everybody is running
	an emacs which takes the extra arg (marked "** KLUDGE **".) Remember
	to remove the kludge at that time!
	Mods to files.el, loadup.el, rmail.el

	* added autoloading function electic-buffer-list

	* buff-menu.el: make splitting screen between > 2 buffers work

1985-05-16  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* dired.el: Put dired-rename-file, dired-copy file-on keys.  Make
	them change buffer if appropriate.  Put	dired-mark-backup-files,
	dired-mark-temp-files on keys.  Eliminate possibility of looping
	at last line in dired-repeat-over-filenames.

1985-05-15  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-grape-nehi)

	* dired.el: Fix bug in dired-noselect which caused dired of / to
	get buffer name of /default/directory// with contents of /.

1985-05-13  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* isearch.el: Add crl's slow isearch code, plus changes:
	use variable isearch-slow-speed to control whether to use it.
	Also fix ^W inside reverse isearch with nonempty search string.

	* loadup.el: Flush the "inc" switch.

	* inc-version.el: Kill Emacs at the end.

	* simple.el: fixed overflow problem in what-cursor-position.

	* startup.el: Don't print a help message if noninteractive.

1985-05-13  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-ajax)

	* replace.el: Add ?^ to list of special characters in query
	replace loop so that replacing continues after moving back to

	* add-log.el: add prefix arg to add-change-log-entry so will
	prompt for information if desired.  If there is an entry for today,
	make sure login-name is same before using it, else make new entry.
	Use auto-fill-mode.

1985-05-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* lisp-mode.el: defined lisp-mode-commands, lisp-mode-variables.
	Added external-lisp-mode.
	Made doc strings mention mode hook variables.

	* shell.el: defined functions `lisp' and `inferior-lisp-mode'.
	Renamed shell-send-defun... to lisp-send-defun...
	and made them use process "lisp", buffer *lisp*.

	* text-mode.el: made indented-text-mode not call text-mode.
	Made doc strings mention mode hook variables.

	* c-mode.el: Made doc strings mention mode hook variables.

	* add-log.el
	Change format used for change log entries.
	Select indented-text-mode for the change log file.

1985-05-12  Shane  (shane@mit-ajax)
	simple.el: suppress matching close paren if preceded
		by char syntax \.
	mim-mode.el: flush private paren blinker in favor of default.
	add-log.el: change mode-string to mode-name so reflected in
		mode-line.  change \\W to \\sW when looking for place to add.

1985-05-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)
	simple.el: modified open-line to insert newlines before
		an existing one before dot.  This makes better redisplay.
	dired.el: Installed Shane's changes that allow user to choose
		switches to use.

1985-05-11  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)
	rmail.el: if given file name as argument,
		correctly displays one message of that file
		but does not try to get new mail.
	simple.el: Fix what-line bug: line # too high by 1 if not at bol.
		Put in blink-matching-paren-distance,
		and check for wrong kinds of parens matching.
	time.el: Put in display-time-day-and-date flag,
		to display day and date in addition to the time.
	startup.el: Call lisp-interaction-mode-hook if defined.
		Set current buffer variables from defaults
		in case user's init file has changed them.

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